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									                    WINTER 2012

              5                                                                              6
                                                                                                                  VISIT THE

                                                                                                                Left Lane
                                              8                                    14                           The “Left Lane” is the name of
                                                                                                                the new Teamsters Local 25 Store,
In This Issue | Winter 2012                                                                                     which is housed in the Day Room at
                                                                                                                the headquarters at 544 Main Street,
                                                                                                                Charlestown, Massachusetts.
FEATURES                                      DEPARTMENTS
                                                                                                                The store features a select number of
5   On Strike! CertainTeed                      2       Business Agent Reports                                  different items offered on a seasonal
    Workers Take Action                                                                                         basis: shirts, hats, jackets and sweat-
                                              16        TeamstersCare
    Against Corporate Greed                                                                                     shirts. There will also be specialty
                                              18        Secretary-Treasurer’s Report                            items available throughout the year.
6    Sharing Ideas: 150 Stewards              20        Blood Bank                                              The store will be open from 8 a.m.
     Attend Annual Seminar                                                                                      to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday,
                                              22        Calendar                                                and one hour before and one
10   Local 25 Has Banner                                                                                        hour after the monthly meetings.
                                              24        Stewards Spotlight
     Year Raising Funds for                                                                                     The store accepts cash,
     Toys for Tots                            26        Pensioners                                              credit card or debit card.
                                                                                                                For more information call
                                              27        In Memoriam
14   O’Brien Wins! Local 25                                                                                     (617) 241-9687
     President Gets Most                      28        Retiree Chapter News
     Votes in the East

                      Mark A. Harrington
                                              Mark D. Lessard
                                              Recording Secretary/
                                                                         Sean M. O'Brien, President/Principal Officer
                                                                        John Jay Manley
                                                                                               George Slicis
                                                                                               Business Agent
                                                                                                                      Robert Fabrizio
                                                                                                                      Business Agent
                                                                                                                                               Steven J. South
                                                                                                                                               Business Agent
                      John A. Murphy          Asst. Business Agent      Andrew P. Walsh        Tom Mari               David A. Pietroforte     Steven R. Sullivan
                      Vice President/         Jackie Addison            Trustee                Business Agent         Business Agent           Organizer
                      Business Agent          Trustee

                      Statement of Ownership, Management & Circulation
                      Date of Filing:             Location of Office:           Ownership:                 Paid and/or requested         Total Distribution:
                      January 7, 2008             544 Main Street               Local 25 Teamsters Union   Circulation: None             15,000
                      Title of Publication:       Boston, MA 02129              544 Main Street Boston,    Free Distribution             Copies not Distributed:
                      The Spokesman               Total: 15,000                 MA 02129                   by Mail: 14,348               652 (office use..etc)
                      Frequency of Issue:         Editor & Managing             Total # Copies: 15,000     Free Distribution
                      Quarterly                   Editor: Sean M. O’Brien                                  Outside the Mail: 652
                           Message from the
                     Dear Brothers and Sisters:
                     As we begin the New Year, I want to wish you and your family members a happy, healthful and pros-
                     perous 2012. We have another busy, exciting and challenging year ahead.

                     I want to start off by welcoming the nearly 700 members from Local 82 into Local 25. (Local 82
                     merged with Local 25 on January 1, 2012.) The merger of our two locals will give all members more
                     power moving forward. Our leadership team looks forward to providing our members from Local
                     82 with the strong representation they deserve. On pages 24-25, please see the steward spotlights fea-
                     turing former Local 82 member/stewards.

    “We need to      We finished 2011 strong with a tremendously successful stewards conference on September 17,
  remain united      2011. About 150 Local 25 stewards from numerous employers attended this informative conference.
                     As I’ve said many times, our stewards are our workplace leaders and we appreciate that. Stewards are
  more than ever     on the front lines every day fighting for worker justice and the rights of their co-workers. This con-
and we all need to   ference was a great opportunity for our stewards to learn about important issues and to share their
                     success stories in the battles they face every day.
 fight to stand up
   for our rights    Another noteworthy success late in 2011 was our Toys for Tots effort, where once again our mem-
   as workers. “     bers’ generosity made a huge difference. We raised more than $25,000 and collected thousands of
                     toys for needy children. WCBV-TV’s Randy Price highlighted Local 25’s efforts on a segment that
 –SEAN M. O'BRIEN    aired December 12. Local 25 has been serving as a toy drop-off location for the past several years. We
    PRESIDENT/       all know times are tough for many Local 25 families, so we appreciate your donations to help put
PRINCIPAL OFFICER    smiles on children’s faces who otherwise may have gone without.

                     Of course there was the International Union election, where General President Jim Hoffa was re-elected to
                     another five-year term and Ken Hall was elected General Secretary-Treasurer, replacing Tom Keegel. I want
                     to thank you for helping me top the ticket in the East as International Union Vice President. I am honored
                     and proud to have this opportunity to serve in this new leadership position. Local 25 member turnout was
                     strong in the election and I thank you for participating. Exercising your right to vote is vital in having a
                     strong voice in your union. I urge everyone to continue to get involved in your Local 25 by attending mem-
                     bership meetings and taking part in other efforts.

                     It’s exciting to begin a new year, but I want to remind you of the challenges ahead. The 2012 elec-
                     tions will be very important for workers nationwide. We will need all hands on deck to re-elect
                     Barack Obama President and to elect Elizabeth Warren to the U.S. Senate.

                     Meanwhile, the War on Workers will continue as companies and employers try to take us on. We
                     need to remain united more than ever and we all need to fight to stand up for our rights as workers.
                     This is about defending what we have worked so hard to achieve in recent years. This is about pro-
                     tecting our futures. This is about protecting our families’ futures.


                     Sean M. O'Brien
                     President/Principal Officer
                              Business Agent
                              Dedicated to Our Local Union Members

                               Vice-President and Business Agent            and I look forward representing them. I would like to thank the
                               John Murphy                                  committee members, Joe Pascucci and Chris Demming, for their
                                                                            hard work and determination to get the group a good contract for
                               We are wrapping up contract negotia-         the next three years.
                               tions at Cambridge Offset Printing.              I have reached a tentative agreement with Cambridge Health
                               We will work hard to maintain the            Alliance. This is also a first-time Teamster contract and negotia-
                               Teamster pension as well as a wage           tions were very difficult. I hope to bring it back to the new mem-
                               increase. President O’Brien has given        bers to vote on it.
                               me some new assignments. I will be               I have been in negotiations with Certainteed (Bird) for sev-
   handling the Boston Globe, SAF Sales in Stoneham, and Gioioso            eral months and the company submitted a best final offer to us
   & Sons in Hyde Park.                                                     which the members voted down 68-2 and authorized us to strike
       In the Freight Division, a new ruling on restricting the use of      if necessary. We informed the company that it was voted down
   cellular phones while driving became effective January 3, 2012.          and we were willing to go back to the table. However, the com-
   The new rule restricts a CMV driver from holding a mobile tele-          pany was not willing to move on its last offer. The company
   phone to conduct a voice communication, dialing a mobile tele-           wants to take the members out of the Teamsters Health Care
   phone by pressing more than a single button, or reaching for a           plan and put them into a company health plan that has higher
   mobile phone in an unacceptable and unsafe manner. Only the              co-pays, higher deductibles and substandard coverage for our
   use of a hands-free phone located in close proximity to the driver       members. We put the members out on strike on December 19 at
   would be in compliance.                                                  3 p.m. and have had a 24-hour, daily picket line set up in front of
       At DHL, we held a special meeting with our members from              the plant. The courage of both the members employed there and
   DHL and AEI to ratify Local 25’s action regarding our contrac-           President Sean O’Brien has been huge during these tough times.
   tual language on pension.                                                Nobody wants to strike but sometimes that’s what it takes to pro-
       In the Airline Division, the United Airlines mechanics’ con-         tect benefits you have enjoyed for years and to show that you are
   tract was ratified by 69 percent of our membership. The contract         willing to fight for them.
   provides for significant wage increases, maintenance of health               Happy New Year to all.
   care benefits and enhanced job security for more than 5,000
   members nationwide. Local 25 members voted to ratify by a 94-
   percent margin, the highest in the country.                                                         Business Agent
       As always, don’t forget the Credit Union, run by Teamsters
                                                                                                       Tom Mari
   for Teamsters.
                                                                                                         I have ongoing negotiations with the
                                                                                                         city of Woburn department heads
                               Business Agent                                                            and have requested the Massachu-
                               George Slicis                                                             setts Labor Board to assign a media-
                                                                                                         tor due to the city’s unwillingness to
                                I have recently ratified a new three-year                                move on many issues. The members
                                deal with Angelica Textiles Services in     in Woburn are committed to obtaining a fair contract that
                                Somerville, Massachusetts. I would like     will protect and improve their working conditions.
                                to thank my steward, Jose Perez, for his        Also in 2012, as I have reported in the past we will be nego-
                                help in negotiating another good con-       tiating four out of five solid waste agreements where Local 25
                                tract for the members.                      inherited old Local 379 agreements that have numerous issues
       I have also recently ratified a new contract for the North Read-     that need to be addressed. I ask that all members who work in
   ing DPW workers. It was a first Teamster contract for this group         the solid waste industry come together, stand strong and let the

2 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
companies see that the Teamsters in Boston will not accept a             Stop & Shop hired an engineering firm this past fall to eval-
substandard agreement.                                               uate the time standards in the warehouse in Freetown. The
    This spring I will also be negotiating the Boston Sand and       company implemented the changes from this study in early
Gravel contract where we have 50 strong members who pro-             December. The Teamsters’ engineers will be at the distribution
duce and deliver concrete throughout the Boston area. Boston         center during the first week in February to validate the changes
Sand is expecting to have a busy spring and summer due to            that were implemented by the company.
numerous construction projects that are kicking off.                     I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and
    I have had many assignment changes effective January 1,          every one of you who donated to the 2011 Toys-For-Tots cam-
2012, and have been assigned the newly merged Trade Show             paign. Even during these trying times, we were able to raise
industry from Local 82. There are 28 contracts that all expire       more this year than in previous years. I am extremely pleased to
on March 31, 2012. This is a tremendous challenge that I             announce that, because of you, we were able to take care of
proudly accept and I look forward to making the former Local         every charity that reached out to us several times over, along
82 members proud to be members of the strongest local union          with taking care of all of our members who were in need this
in the country—Local 25.                                             year. I want to give a special thank you to each of our retirees,
    Lastly, I would like to thank all the members I have repre-      Joe Conti, Billy Grubbs and Kevin Lally, for their tireless com-
sented in the past and in the future for your continued support      mitment year after year in making this Toys-For-Tots campaign
and commitment to Teamsters Local 25.                                the success it is. They truly are our greatest asset.
                                                                         I hope you all had a safe and happy 2012, and I look for-
                                                                     ward to seeing you soon.
                          Business Agent
                          Robert Fabrizio
                                                                                                Business Agent
                            As of this writing, I am about to fin-                              Dave Pietroforte
                            ish negotiations with Vocell Bus. This
                            is a newly organized group in                                       Since my last report I have com-
                            Malden, Massachusetts with 84 new                                   pleted contract talks with xpedx. We
                            members. I am confident that I will                                 agreed on a one-year deal and main-
                            get a tentative agreement by January.                               tained pension and health benefits.
    I am also currently in negotiations with the security guards                                    At East Boston Health Center we
at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Brighton, Massachusetts, which is                                were successful in negotiating a new
also a newly organized group with 22 new members.                    three-year deal with increased wages, and all contract lan-
    I am happy to announce that I was able to ratify a one-year      guage remained the same.
extension for the drivers and mechanics at Peter Pan Bus Lines           At Paul Revere Transportation in Chelsea, I have reached a
in Chelsea, Massachusetts. I was able to get them a 2-percent        tentative agreement with the company on a new five-year deal
wage increase along with an additional paid personal day. I was      with additional vacation, sick days and increased wages. On
also successful in reducing the health care costs of workers who     January 7, members ratified the contract.
were paying at a higher rate.                                            At Ryerson Steel in Ayer, Massachusetts, we will resume
    I have two more contracts that are expiring this year. The       talks in early February. Also, at Sears, talks will begin on Feb-
first one is the Norwell Custodians, whose contract expires in       ruary 6, 7 and 8. I would like to thank my stewards for their
July. The second one is Kuehne & Nagel in Franklin, Massachu-        hard work on these negotiations.
setts. Their contract expires this coming August. I will be hav-         Since my last report I have settled all the remaining arbi-
ing proposal meetings with members of both of these compa-           tration issues. At East Boston Health, I was successful in
nies in the next several months.                                     securing 14 hours of back pay for a bidding issue. At Air Gas

                                                                                     www.teamsterslocal25.com | WINTER 2012 | The SPOKESMAN | 3
   Business Agent Reports
   in Hingham I was able to settle an hourly wage issue and the            On January 1, we assumed Teamsters Local 82 and Presi-
   member was awarded nine months hourly back pay and also             dent O’Brien assigned me to represent the Moving and Storage
   resulted in the member receiving an hourly wage increase.           industry. I look forward to working with all of the stewards and
       I have been assigned three additional companies to repre-       members who work in this industry to protect our work and
   sent. They are Waldo Brothers in Roxbury, Angelica Textile          organize the nonunion companies in Massachusetts. I was also
   Services in Somerville and Veterans Taxi in Newton. I have          assigned the city of Cambridge and also look forward to repre-
   met with the stewards and members and look forward to rep-          senting our brother and sister members working in the city.
   resenting them.                                                         Happy New Year to you and your families!
       I hope you and your family had a safe and enjoyable holi-
   day season.
                                                                                                  Recording Secretary,
                                                                                                  Assistant Business Agent
                               Business Agent                                                     Mark Lessard
                               Steve South
                                                                                                   I am currently in negotiations with
                               We have concluded the negotiations                                  the town of Acton, Massachusetts on
                               in the town of Watertown on behalf                                  behalf of the civilian 911 dispatchers.
                               of the DPW members. We signed a                                     I have several other 911 dispatch cen-
                               strong three-year contract that was                                 ters that I will begin to negotiate in
                               ratified unanimously and includes       early 2012, including the towns of Brookline, Concord, Sud-
                               many improvements in wages, bene-       bury and Saugus.
   fits and working conditions. Thank you to the negotiating               It is going to be a busy year for me in regards to negotiating
   committee who worked hard for more than a year to get the           contracts. I have several contracts that will expire during the
   deal done.                                                          first six months of 2012 including DSM Neoresins, Americold
        On January 1, the new South Shore Regional Emergency           Logistics, UMass Boston (patrolmen and sergeants), UMass
   Communication Center (SSRECC) opened in Hingham, Mass-              Lowell (police and security officers), town of Winthrop (cleri-
   achusetts. This new dispatch center employs 25 employees            cal) and First Student.
   from four different towns and has the most cutting-edge tech-           I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the
   nology available to dispatchers. On January 9, we filed petitions   stewards that I work with at all of my current assignments and I
   at the Massachusetts Division of Labor Relations to represent       looked forward to working with them in 2012.
   all dispatchers, call takers and supervisors who work at the            I have recently been assigned a few new groups that I will
   SSRECC. We look forward to negotiating a Teamster contract          begin to represent in 2012, which include Jet-A-Way, Melrose
   for our new and existing members that work there.                   School Administration, Mount Ida College (maintenance and
        We just finished peak season at UPS and it was one of the      bus drivers) and the members at St. Michael’s Cemetery. I look
   busiest on record. The stewards worked hard to enforce the          forward to meeting all of these members.
   contract while working 12 to 18 hours per day. I thank them for         At Hertz/Logan, I continue to work on the members’ griev-
   all of their efforts. We continue to have a significant amount of   ances and have been spending a lot of my time there getting to
   payroll discrepancies in our members’ paychecks. Be sure to         know all the members and helping them with their concerns.
   keep track of your hours and contact me or one of the stewards
   with any issues.
        We had a credit union sign-up day on November 10 at
   Chelmsford UPS with a very successful turnout. Thank you to
   Carol and Jack who always do a great job helping our members
   with their banking needs. Please keep in mind that the biennial
   bid will begin in February and the vacation picks will begin in

4 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
       CertainTeed Workers Take Action
           Against Corporate Greed

Several hundred Teamsters
Local 25 members and sup-
porters from Massachusetts
and southern New Hamp-
shire descended on the
work site of CertainTeed on
Thursday, January 5, 2012,
to bring attention to the
company’s repeated attacks
on its employees.
      Local 25 had been
negotiating with Certain-
Teed—a French-owned
maker of roofing products
and asphalt shingles—until          Congressman Stephen Lynch (D-MA)
                                    and Sean M. O’Brien, President and
the contract expired at             Principal Officer
12:01 a.m. on December 19,
2011. Despite their best
efforts, negotiators from Local 25 were unable to make any progress
toward resolving any of the outstanding issues with CertainTeed and
the company left the union no option but to strike.
     “The company has become the epitome of greed, treating its
workforce unfairly and without regard for health and welfare and job
security,” said Sean M. O’Brien, President and Principal Officer of
Teamsters Local 25. “CertainTeed is a prime example of what hap-
pens when a multimillion-dollar corporation buys out a local busi-
ness. Shortly after the French company acquired the locally owned
Bird Corporation in 1998, workers have seen the stark differences
between a local company that cares about its employees and a con-
glomerate only concerned with the bottom line. With no local ties,
they are able to bully their workforce and enough is enough.”
     The strike affects 90 members. CertainTeed wants to drastically
reduce the amount of health insurance they provide to workers and, in
return, give employees a one-time $1,000 bonus. These latest cuts come
on top of other concessions CertainTeed workers have made in the past.
     “We know that homeowners have a choice in what roofing mate-
rials and shingles they buy and are asking the public not to purchase
CertainTeed products at this time,” O’Brien said.
     CertainTeed, based in Valley Forge, Pa., is a subsidiary of Saint-
Gobain, one of the top-100 industrial companies in the world. They
have approximately 7,000 employees and 70 facilities throughout the
United States and Canada.

                     www.teamsterslocal25.com | WINTER 2012 | The SPOKESMAN | 5
                                                              I DEAS
                                                                                     I FEEL IT IS
      150                                                                            IMPORTANT
                                                                                     TO GATHER
   ATTEND                                                                            ALL OF OUR
  ANNUAL                                                                             STEWARDS
 SEMINAR                                                                             TOGETHER
                                                                                     ON A YEARLY
                                                                                     BASIS AND

                                                  SHARING                            IDEAS AND
                                                                                     OUR VISION

                                                                                     FOR THE
                                                                                      Teamsters Local 25’s annual Steward Seminar
                                                                                      was a huge success, with about 150 stewards
                                                                                      turning out to learn about issues important for
                                                                                      their jobs fighting for their co-workers.
                                                                                          The event was held on September 17, 2011,
                                                                                      at the Montvale Plaza in Stoneham. A big part
                                                               of the Teamsters is our stewards, who serve inside the operations day
                                                               in and day out. Our goal is to keep communication lines open at all
                                                               times and stewards have the most knowledge to fight for their co-
                                                               workers. Local 25 got a lot accomplished at the seminar with arbi-
                                                               tration role-playing, discussing DRIVE (our political action com-
                                                               mittee) and hazardous materials (HAZMAT) training.
                                                                   “Our stewards are the heart and soul of Local 25,” said Sean M.
                                                               O’Brien, Local 25 President and Principal Officer. “Without smart,
                                                               creative and empowered stewards, Local 25 would not be as successful
                                                               as we are in the workplace. I know what a steward has to go through
                                                               on a day-to-day basis because I have served as steward myself.”

                                                                   Local 25 was also privileged to have a special guest, U.S. Rep.
                                                               Ed Markey (D-Mass.), join us. Rep. Markey addressed the stew-
                         OUR                                   ards on the importance of voting. He spoke about his leadership
                                                               in Congress and promised to continue to fight for the working fam-
                   STEWARDS                                    ilies. It was great to see Rep. Markey with our Teamsters Local 25

                      ARE THE                                  steward shirt.
                                                                   President O’Brien wrapped up the seminar with thanks and
                   HEART AND                                   appreciation for all the stewards’ efforts to keep our union strong.
                                                                   “I feel it is important to gather all of our stewards together on a
                      SOUL OF                                  yearly basis and share ideas and our vision for the future. It is quite an
                                                               impressive group of leaders and I thank them everyday for what they
                     LOCAL 25                                  do for us,” O’Brien said.

 6 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
                                     LEFT: L to R: Stephanie
                                     DiMauro, James Paige
                                     and Flo Bailey from Hertz

                                              RIGHT: L to R: President
                                                Sean M. O’Brien with
                                                    Congressman Ed
                                                      Markey (D-MA)

              RIGHT: L to R: Katie
             MacDonald, Brenda
            Dionne, Trish DiSilva,
           and Jen Todd from the
             Local 25 office staff

BELOW: President Sean
M. O’Brien, President and
Principal Officer, Local 25

                                                                                 ABOVE: Jimmy Donovan,
                                                                                         UPS Somerville

                                                                         LEFT: L to R: Eric Morash,
                                                                         Wayne Maquire, Brian Reaney,
                                                                         Mike Lynch, Mike O’Brien, all
                                                                         from Massport; Bobby O’Brien,
                                                                         Saf Sales Handling Company;
                                                                         and Bob Elliott, Massport

                                                                                                             ABOVE: L to R: Ernie Cannon,
                                                                                                             Mystic Island Transportation;
                                                                                                               James “JT” Turner, Xpedx

                                                                                                          LEFT: L to R: IBT DRIVE
                                                                                                          Representatives Tim Dunn
                                                                                                          and Tom Curtin with Local 25
                                                                                                          Business Agent Steve South
 Ace in the Hole!
                2011 Charity Golf Outing Raises Nearly $40,000
                                          The Teamsters Local 25 Scholarship/Charity
                                           Golf Outing was held Saturday, Sept. 24,
                                           2011, and 128 golfers turned out to help
                                           raise close to $40,000.
                                               The golfers descended on the Wind-
                                            ham Country Club in southern New
                         Hampshire for a day of golf and fun. This was our most suc-
                 cessful tournament by raising close to $40,000. Each year we are
                 amazed by people’s generosity. The Golf Tournament supports the
                 Teamsters Local 25 scholarship program and charities.
                     The tournament was a 1 p.m. shotgun start with a
                 scramble/best ball style. Golfers had the chance to win a 2012 Ford
                 Fusion two-year lease or Sandals vacation with two hole-in-one
                 contests, as well as trying their swing at the longest drive, closest to
                 pin and 50/50 contests.
                     Congratulations to Secretary-Treasurer Mark Harrington and
                 his team for taking home first place in the tournament! We’d also
                 like to thank the many sponsors who continue to support the golf
                 tournament each year.

                                      Sponsors                                Delta Dental / Denta Quest
                                                                              DiSilva Transportation, Inc.
                                                                              First Union Promo LLC
                                                                                                              Michael W. Morrissey Committee
                                                                                                              Michael A. Sullivan Committee
                                                                                                              Melissa Hurley / MJH Communications
                                                                                                              New England Millwork , Inc.
                                       Admiral Metals                         Greater Boston Labor Council    New Penn Motor Express, Inc.
                                       Allied Waste Services-Boston           Halo Branded Solutions          Omni Ad Specialties
                                       All Bright Travel & Sandals            IBEW, Local 103                 OPEIU Local 6
                                       Arrow Paper Corporation                Jim Stover                      Raso's Grille - Medford, MA
                                       Boston Carmens Union Local 589         John Cerasuolo Co. Inc.         S. Strock & Co., Inc.
                                       Boston Police Patrolmen's Assn. Inc.   Loomis-Sayles & Company, LP     Segal Roitman, LLP
                                       Boston Sand & Gravel Company           M.S. Walker, Inc.               Segreve & Hall Insurance Associates,
                                       Brady Realty Group                     Mail Handlers Union Local 301   Inc.
                                       Charles P. Blouin, Inc.                Manfi Leasing Corp.             Sonet Electric Systems, LLC
                                       D'Arrigo Bros. Company                 Martignetti Companies           Sullivan Plumbing Corp.
                                       Dave Does Windows Plus                 Meketa Investment Group. Inc.   TeamstersCare Staff

8 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
                                                                                                              PICTURED TOP ROW:
                                                                                                              FAR LEFT: L to R: Local 25
                                                                                                              Secretary-Treasurer Mark
                                                                                                              Harrington; Brenda Dionne,
                                                                                                              Local 25 Office Staff; and John
                                                                                                              A. Murphy, Vice-
                                                                                                              President/Business Agent

                                                                                                              MIDDLE: L to R: Dennis Murray,
                                                                                                              George Kelly , Larry Davis, Mark
                                                                                                              Harrington, Secretary-Treasurer
                                                                                                              Local 25, Wayne Musgrove
                                                                                                              RIGHT: L to R: Local 633 members
                                                                                                              Tom Noonan,Larry Fluery, John
                                                                                                              Nacos, Mike O’Toole

                                                                                                              RIGHT: L to R: Jimmy Williams-
                                                                                                              Manfi/Stop & Shop, Bob
                                                                                                              Mcauphuin-Manfi/Stop & Shop,
                                                                                                              Marty Landry-Manfi/Stop &
                                                                                                              Shop, John Coppper-Manfi/Stop
                                                                                                              & Shop

                                                                                                              PICTURED BOTTOM ROW:
                                                                                                              FAR LEFT: L to R: John
                                                                                                              Capadona, Scott Hastings, both
                                                                                                              of UPS; George Slicis, Business
                                                                                                              Agent Local 25; Dan Gookin, UPS

                                                                                                              MIDDLE: L to R: John “Juice”
                                                                                                              Juszkiewicz-UPS, Walter
                                                                                                              Baciqalupo-UPS, Maurice
                                                                                                              Richards-UPS,Ken Koutamas-UPS

                                                                                                              RIGHT: L to R: Local 633 mem-
                                                                                                              bers Tom Noonan,Larry Fluery,
                                                                                                              John Nacos, Mike O’Toole

Teamsters Joint Council 10      Teamsters Local Union No. 701      Regan Associates, Chartered           Lord Abbett & Co., Inc.
New England                     Teamsters Local Union No. 1 50     Teamsters Local 25 Group Legal        National Retail Systems, Inc.
Teamsters Local Union No. 79    Teamsters Local 804 I.B.T.         Plan                                  Paul Revere Transportation LLC
Teamsters Local Union No. 82    The Office Supply People, Inc.     The Stop & Shop Supermarket           Petro. Oil
Teamsters Local Union No. 127   Vertifi Software LLC               Company,LLC                           Rothschild Asset. Management
Teamsters Local Union No. 170    (Use to be Eascorp)               Teamsterscare "Blood Pressure         Shaughnessy & Ahern Co.
Teamsters Local Union No. 191   Waltham Lumber Company             Screening Benefit"
                                                                   Teamsters Local Union No. 769         Sparta Asset Management
Teamsters Local Union No. 210   GOLD                                                                     Sunrise Scavenger
Teamsters Local Union No. 259                                      Teamsters Local 25
                                ABS Investment Management                                                Teamsters Local Union No. 42
Teamsters Local Union No. 404   Blue Cross/Blue Sheild of          SILVER                                Teamsters Local Union No. 251
Teamsters Local Union No. 443   Massachusetts                      Capital Waster Services, Inc.         Teamsters Local Union No. 299
Teamsters Local Union No. 493   DBR Group, Inc.                    Davis Vision Inc.                     Teamsters Local Union No. 707
Teamsters Local Union No. 633   Consolidated Service Corporation   JPD Management Trust, Inc.            Mark Lessard, Recording Secretary
Teamsters Local Union No. 641   Feinberg, Campbell & Zack          JP Morgan Asset Management
Teamsters Local Union No. 671   New England Teamsters FCU          Keches Law Group

                                                                                   www.teamsterslocal25.com | WINTER 2012 | The SPOKESMAN | 9
         T         hanks to the generosity of members, Local
                 25 raised $25,487 in cash for Toys for Tots in
         2011, up about $2,000 from 2010.
                                                                  “Everyone works so well together, from the stew-
                                                                  ards to the members to the retirees, to make this
                                                                  program so successful. We get a great deal done in
              Local 25’s Toys for Tots campaign officially        just a few weeks.”
         began in 2000. Local 25 has been raising money for           Over the 58 years of the U.S. Marine Corps
         the program since 2006 as a supplement to the toy        Reserve Toys for Tots Program, Marines have dis-
         donations. Local 25 can boast a six-year cash total of   tributed more than 351 million toys for 166
         $135,700. The funding is used to buy toys and fulfill    million needy children. This charitable
         the big-ticket requests like bicycles and highly         endeavor has made the U.S. Marines
         sought-after electronics and gift cards for disadvan-    the unchallenged leaders in look-
         taged families.                                          ing after needy children at Christ-
              Toys for Tots began in 1947 when Major Bill         mas. Over its 15-year lifespan, the
         Hendricks, the United States Marine Corps                Marine Toys for Tots Foundation
         Reserve and a group of Marine Reservists in Los          has supplemented local toy collec-
         Angeles collected and distributed 5,000 toys to          tions with more than 64.5 million
         needy children. The idea came from Hendricks’            toys valued at more than $344
         wife, Diane. In the fall of 1947, Diane handcrafted      million. It has provided promo-
         a Raggedy Ann doll and asked Bill to deliver the         tion and support materials valued
         doll to an organization, which would give it to a        at more than $3.9 million.
         needy child at Christmas. When Bill determined               “Local 25 is honored to be able to help the
         that no agency existed, Diane told him that he           needy in our community,” said Pietroforte, Co-
         should start one. He did. The 1947 pilot project         Chair of the Teamsters Local 25 Toys for Tots Com-
         was so successful that the Marine Corps adopted          mittee. “We have the most generous membership I
         Toys for Tots in 1948 and expanded it into a             have ever seen. The money and the toys keep coming
         nationwide campaign. That year, Marine Corps             regardless of how lousy the economy seems to be.”
         Reserve units across the nation conducted Toys
         for Tots campaigns in each community in which a
         Marine Reserve Center was located. Marines have
         conducted successful nationwide campaigns at
         Christmas each year since 1948.
              “Our Toys for Tots campaign continues to grow
         every year. I am so proud of our members who give
         their hard-earned money or come to our union hall
         in droves to drop off toys for the needy,” said Sean
         M. O’Brien, Local 25 President and Principal Officer.
              Each year around Thanksgiving, Local 25 asks
         its stewards to place a Toys for Tots box in the
         workplace and the membership never hesi-

         tates to fill the boxes with toys. Many
         times the boxes are filled two and
         three times before Christmas.
         Once the Toys for Tots boxes are
         filled up, the Local 25 van shows
         up with Retiree Chapter President
         Joe Conti behind the wheel, along

         with his elves Billy Grubbs and
         Kevin Lally, and they load up the
         van and bring the toys to the 40-
         foot container that sits in the Local 25
         parking lot.
              The Teamsters Local 25 Toys for Tots Campaign
         is spearheaded by Business Agents Robert E. Fabrizio
         and David A. Pietroforte.
              “We have a great Toys for Tots team in place at
         Local 25,” said Fabrizio, a former Marine himself.

10 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
a has lves
 u have eamsters
      Teamsters Local 25 Has Banner Year Raising Funds for Toys for Tots

     If you have a son or daughter
    that is a high school senior and                            Request your
   plans to attend college – request                          application today!
    a scholarship application today!

   The sons and daughters of Teamster members have
                                                                 To request applications,
   the opportunity to apply for the 2012 annual schol-
                                                                    please contact the
   arships offered by Teamsters Local Union No. 25,
                                                                Scholarship Department at
   Joint Council 10 New England and the International
   Brotherhood of Teamsters. High School Seniors                 617-241-8825 ext. 280
   that plan to attend an accredited college or univer-               or by e-mail at
   sity are eligible to apply for the scholarships.           tdisilva@teamsterslocal25.com

12 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
               e date!ate!
            save the da

             Gala f Autism
               la Autism
             G l for Auti
             SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 2012

                           8 pm to midnight

   A special room rate of $215 is available through March 8, 2012 at the
Intercontinental Hotel at 1-877-747-Boston. Reference “Teamsters Local 25
                Autism Gala” when making your reservation.

       For more information about the custom chopper ra e and
          the Gala, go to
               Sean M. O’Brien, President/Principal Officer, Teamsters Local 25

14 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
                                                 Local 25 President      country to mobilize our members to fight the right-wing attack
                                                 and Principal Offi-     on workers. Teamster members responded because they know it is
                                                 cer Sean M.             not workers who are to blame for the crisis facing America, it is
                                                 O’Brien was             the greed and corruption of big business and Wall Street and their
                                                 elected Eastern         bought-and-paid-for puppets in Congress.
                                                 Region Vice Presi-          “Now that this election is completed we will intensify our
                                                 dent of the Team-       efforts in the fight for all working families,” Hoffa added. “The
                                                 sters as part of the    Teamsters’ strength is in organizing the unorganized, fighting for
                                                 Jim Hoffa-Ken           strong health care, good wages, secure retirement, and holding
                                                                         employers and politicians accountable.”

                                                                             Hall told supporters that he was humbled by the overwhelm-
                                     THIS IS A GREAT                     ing support of the members and pledged to ramp up the cam-
                                     OPPORTUNITY FOR                     paign against corporate greed.
                                     ME AND I CONSIDER                       “We will never let up in the ongoing battle to provide good
                                                                         wages, benefits and working conditions for our 1.4 million mem-
                                     IT AN HONOR AND

                                                                         bers across North America, and organize tens of thousands of
                                     PRIVILEGE TO SERVE.                 unrepresented workers. The right-wing corporate interests that
                                                –SEAN M. O’BRIEN
                                                                         are trying to destroy America’s middle class will find an energized
Hall leadership team, and                                                and mobilized Teamsters Union that will fight to defend the prin-
O’Brien said he looks for-                                               ciples that made this country great.”
ward to serving all 1.4 million Teamsters in his new role.                   The Hoffa-Hall Slate swept all five regions of the union; the
    General President Hoffa, his running mate for General Secre-         East, Central, South, West and Canada.
tary-Treasurer, Ken Hall, and their entire slate were elected by a           Hoffa first took office following his victory in December 1998
wide margin this past fall. The Hoffa-Hall Slate defeated their two      and was re-elected in 2001 and 2006 by substantial margins. By
challengers with 60 percent of the vote, according to unofficial         winning this election, Hoffa is elected to another five-year term
results provided by the Office of the Election Supervisor.               that will begin in mid-March 2012.
    O’Brien received the most votes among nine Eastern Region
Vice Presidents, picking up 45,579 votes. In fact, he received more      Strong Legacy
votes than any other vice presidential candidate.                        Having held office for nearly 13 years, Hoffa is the third longest
    “I am honored and gratified to serve as International Union          serving General President in the 108-year history of the Teamsters
Vice President, and I want to thank all the Local 25 members who         Union. Only Dan Tobin, who served for 47 years, and James R.
took the time out to vote,” O’Brien said. “Local 25 members              Hoffa, who served for 14 years, have held office longer.
helped me receive the most votes among the nine Eastern Region               The country’s most recognized labor leader, Hoffa has been
Vice Presidents, and I am grateful for the overwhelming support          in the forefront in the fight to block anti-union legislation that
locally and throughout the Eastern region.”                              popped up in states across the country following the 2010 off-
    O’Brien said the union-wide position is an opportunity to            year elections. He dubbed the right-wing offensive the “War on
help 1.4 million Teamsters during the worst American economy             Workers” and has spent the last year leading rallies in Ohio, Cali-
since the Great Depression.                                              fornia, Wisconsin, Michigan and dozens of other states threat-
    “I will work closely with General President Hoffa, General Sec-      ened by the anti-union forces.
retary-Treasurer Ken Hall and the entire Executive Board to develop          Hoffa’s efforts culminated in the overwhelming victory for
and implement policies that will strengthen and assist our members       union members in Ohio in November when Ohio voters defeated
and their families,” O’Brien said. “This is a great opportunity for me   an anti-union measure that would have severely weakened collec-
and I consider it an honor and privilege to serve.”                      tive bargaining rights for more than 350,000 public employees.
    O’Brien said serving as International Union Vice President               “Ohio voters sent a wake-up call to American politicians: If
will in no way diminish his role at Local 25.                            you try to blame workers for problems caused by Wall Street you
    “I am first and foremost your President and Principal Officer        will pay a price. If you attack workers, you will lose. But if you
and I will continue to take on this job 110 percent to make sure         stand up and fight for the middle class, you can win,” Hoffa said.
Local 25 members’ interests are protected,” O’Brien said. “I am a            Hoffa, Hall and their slate pledged to continue the progress the
fourth-generation Teamster. I will never forget where I come from.”      Teamsters have made in national bargaining, organizing and
    O’Brien and the rest of the union’s leaders will be sworn in soon.   political action.
                                                                             “This year will be a watershed year for Teamsters and for this
‘Members Have Spoken’                                                    nation,” Hoffa said. “Under our leadership, the Teamsters Union
“The members have spoken,” Hoffa said. “This is not just our             will continue to be a force for change and will lead our nation in
slate’s victory but a victory for all working Americans who are          efforts to improve the lives of working families.”
fighting to save America’s middle class. We traveled across this             Vote totals can be viewed at www.ibtvote.org.

                                                                                   www.teamsterslocal25.com | WINTER 2012 | The SPOKESMAN | 15
 Board of Trustees
 Teamsters Union 25
  Health Services &
                            Manage Your Medications                                       Research suggests that the older we get the
                                                                                          more medications we take. This is good news
   Insurance Plan                                                                         as doctors have more options to treat a variety
                                                                                          of medical conditions. Unfortunately, this can
 Sean M. O’Brien                                                                          also make it harder to keep track of your
 Union Co-Chairman
                                                                                          medicine and may increase the risk of drug
Mark A. Harrington                                                                        interactions.
    Union Trustee                                                                         To help you manage your medications, keep a
                                                                                          list of everything you are taking, including
  John A. Murphy                                                                          prescription and over-the-counter medicines,
    Union Trustee
                                                                                          and any vitamins, herbs, or other supplements.
 Thomas G. Mari
                                                                                          This list should include the following:
    Union Trustee                                                                              • Name of the drug
                                                                                               • Dosage information (mg per pill; this is
 Charles F. Arbing                                                                                usually on the medicine bottle)
Employer Co-Chairman
                                                                                               • Schedule (day of the week and time of
                                                                                                  day it is taken)
  John Remillard
  Employer Trustee                                                                             • Reason for taking it
                                                                                               • Doctor who prescribed it
  Tom J. Ventura
  Employer Trustee          Don’t forget the medicines you take every now and then or “as needed”; for instance, drugs for pain,
                            common cold, fever, itching, or sleep.
 John D. O’Reilly
  Employer Trustee          Keep a copy of this list in your wallet or purse so that it’s there for each medical provider and in case of
                            emergency. Update it each time a medicine gets added, taken away, or if a dose changes.
                            Source: American Cancer Society

  Winter Weather Workouts for Your Health!
  If you’re an outdoor lover, you may not want to take your workout routine inside when
  the weather turns cold. To stay safe while exercising outside in winter:
       • Take extra time to warm up properly. When it’s cold out, muscles may be at
         greater risk of injury because they’re colder and tighter.
       • Dress in layers that you can remove as soon as you start to sweat and put back on
         as needed.
       • If it’s dark, wear reflective clothing or tape. Wear footwear with enough traction
         to prevent falls, especially if it’s icy.
       • Wind chill extremes can make outdoor exercise unsafe. If it’s well below zero out
         or the wind chill is extreme, you may want to choose an indoor activity until it
         warms up a bit.
       • Wear sunscreen on exposed skin. You can get sunburned even in winter.
  Almost everyone can do some kind of exercise safely during cold weather. But if you
  have health conditions, especially asthma or heart problems, ask your doctor first.
  Source: American Cancer Society/Healthy Living

TeamstersCare News
                                                                                                                                                       Charlestown Office

                                                                                                       TeamstersCare Directory www.teamsterscare.com
                                                                                                                                                       16 Sever St.
                                                                                                                                                       Charlestown, MA 02129
                                                                                                                                                       Administration • Audiology
                                                                                                                                                       Dental • Member Services
TeamstersCare to Partner with Blue Cross Blue Shield to                                                                                                Local Tel: 617-241-9220
provide Medical and Behavioral Health (mental health                                                                                                   Within MA: 800-442-9939
and substance abuse) coverage Effective January 1, 2012                                                                                                Out of State: 800-225-6135
                                                                                                                                                       Fax: 617-241-8168
President O’Brien and the TeamstersCare Trustees are always searching for ways to manage
the rising cost of health care benefits. To that end, the Trustees have decided to partner                                                             Charlestown Pharmacy
exclusively with Blue Cross Blue Shield for Medical and Behavioral Health (mental health and                                                           552 Main St.
substance abuse) services for Members and Early Retirees with TeamstersCare medical                                                                    Charlestown, MA 02129
coverage. The new TeamstersCare plan is called HMO Blue New England.                                                                                   Local Tel: 617-241-9024
                                                                                                                                                       Toll Free: 800-235-0760
                                                                                                                                                       Fax: 617-241-5025
You should have received an informational letter and a Summary of Benefits booklet. ID
cards were mailed in late December. You will need to use your new ID card when receiving
any medical or behavioral health services as of January 1, 2012. If you have not received a                                                            Stoughton Pharmacy
new ID card, contact Charlestown Member Services at 617-241-9220, ext. 2.                                                                              1214 Park St.
                                                                                                                                                       Stoughton, MA 02072
                                                                                                                                                       Tel: 781-297-9764
Based on the cost savings projected by our new relationship with Blue Cross Blue Shield, we                                                            Fax: 781-297-9370
can continue to provide quality health care without increasing costs to our members.

If you have questions or concerns about this change, feel free to contact Charlestown                                                                  Stoughton Dental Office
                                                                                                                                                       1214 Park St.
Member Services.                                                                                                                                       Stoughton, MA 02072
                                                                                                                                                       Tel: 781-297-7360
                                                                                                                                                       Toll Free: 877-326-1999
                                                                                                                                                       Fax: 781-297-7830
Important Changes to your TeamstersCare Mental Health Benefits for
Members and Retirees with TeamstersCare Medical Coverage Effective
January 1, 2012                                                                                                                                        Chelmsford Dental Office
                                                                                                                                                       4 Meeting House Rd.
                                                                                                                                                       Chelmsford, MA 01824
Effective January 1, 2012, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts will provide behavioral                                                             Tel: 978-256-9728
health (mental health and substance abuse) coverage for TeamstersCare members and their                                                                Toll Free: 800-258-2111
families for outpatient therapy, medication management and inpatient hospitalizations. No                                                              Fax: 978-256-9846
referral or pre-authorization is necessary; you simply make an appointment to see any
in-network provider and pay your copay when services are received. For more information or                                                             Employee Assistance
to search for Blue Cross providers go online to www.bcbsma.com or call 1-800-444-2426.                                                                 Program (EAP)
                                                                                                                                                       16 Sever St.
TeamstersCare in Charlestown will continue to provide Employee Assistance Program (EAP)                                                                Charlestown, MA 02129
                                                                                                                                                       Toll Free:800-851-8326
benefits to our eligible members and families. Our licensed clinicians will meet with you to                                                           Fax: 781-321-6501
discuss your concerns on a personal level. These confidential benefits are provided at no cost
or copay to you.

If you have questions or concerns, call 1-800-851-8326 to speak directly with your
TeamstersCare EAP staff.
                                                                              www.teamsterslocal25.com | WINTER 2012 | The SPOKESMAN | 17
                                                   A Message from Mark Harrington
                                                   Local 25 Secretary-Treasurer

                                                   I hope that all my brothers and sisters and family members enjoyed a great
                                                   holiday season. Once again, Local 25 has had a very eventful year.
                                                       I, along with the rest of Local 25’s delegates, traveled to the Teamsters
                                                   Convention where it seemed that Local 25 was on constant display. I had
                                                   the pleasure of nominating Sean O’Brien for Eastern Region Vice Presi-
                                                   dent. I also had the pleasure of witnessing firsthand his election in Wash-
                                                   ington, D.C. in November. This is a great accomplishment for Sean and also
                                                   for this local.
                                                       This year, Local 25 again finished in the black. We continue to be
                                                   resourceful with your dues money while providing as many services as we do.
                                                   Your business agents and representatives work very hard on your behalf and
                                                   are greatly aware of the role they play in your work life ensuring that you are
                                                   properly represented. We continue to be challenged on all fronts. As of this
                                                   writing we are engaged in a fight with Bird CertainTeed Company. Another
                                                   multi-national company that believes that America is a third-world nation
                                                   where people should just be happy to have a job and take whatever they are
                                                   given. They must be shocked when they see the resolve of our members. The
                                                   workers at Bird are truly a melting pot of the new America, diverse in every
                                                   way. These workers literally hail from all over the world—Africa, Southeast
                                                   Asia, Eastern Europe and Southern Europe. They have all come together as
                                                   one to stand for what they believe in—quality health care, a Teamster benefit.
                                                   They will not accept the company’s inferior plan.
                                                       Local 25 is supporting them in every way. We have a constant presence
                                                   of officers and agents on the line. They are receiving a strike benefit from
                                                   the International Union and the local, as well as being provided meals. In
                                                   turn these members are showing up in droves and are standing tall. Seeing
                                                   them in action makes you realize what Teamster power is all about.
                                                       I want to thank all my stewards for their outstanding service this past
                                                   year. I have been given some new assignments which include the rigging
                                                   division. I look forward to that challenge and working with the stewards
                                                   and members in that group.

18 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
   New England Teamsters Federal Credit Union

 DIRECTORS                        We Have the
  John A. Murphy
     Chairman                 BEST RATES
   Sean O'Brien
 1st Vice Chairman                    in Town!
Mark A. Harrington
                               New and Used As Low as
  Alice Riley-King

Ernest C. Sheehan, Jr.
    Joseph Conti
                                     2.49         % APR*
     Tom Mari
  David Pietroforte         Finance or Refinance your car or
   Steven J. South         truck with us and save thousands!
                                Apply Today, a Dependable
 COMMITTEE                       Safe New Ride tomorrow!
   George Slicis
Robert E. Bayusik
                           Call 1-800-343-7126 Option 7 for more details.
  Joseph J. Bairos       Apply Now by Phone or Online at www.netfcu.org!
Richard Laughton
 George Belanger
             Name                    Company                      Times/Gallons   Name                      Company                      Times/Gallons

             Paul Amoroso            Retired                       46    5.75     Elizabeth Fula           Retired                         10    1.25

             Bill Asaro, Jr.         Catalano Bros.                17    2.125    David Gartland           Manfi-Leasing/ Stop & Shop      51    6.375

             Irving P. Balkman       Retired                       175   21.875   Gregg Gigg               New Penn                        38    4.75

             Jeffrey Bamford         New England Theatrical        18    2.25     Helen Giglio             City of Everett                 15    1.875

             Alice Bavaro            Retired                       41    5.125    Edward Giglio            General Public                  15    1.875

             Mary Bewig              General Public                4     0.5      Robert Gregoire          Capital Waste                   31    3.875

             John Blanchard          Catalano Brothers             1     0.125    Natalie Griffin          General Public                  1     0.125

             Brendan Blanchard       General Public                1     0.125    Jason Hall               General Public                  2     0.25

             Warren Boisvert         Retired                       40    5        John W. Hannon           Retired                         77    9.625

             Pamela Boyden           General Public                2     0.25     Bob Harty                Retired                         48    6

             Leo Breen               Retired                       5     0.625    Don Haska                General Public                  5     0.625

             Karen Burns             General Public                18    2.25     Roger Hendrix            Manfi-Leasing/Stop & Shop       35    4.375

             Bob Burns               Retired                       97    12.125   Doug Henry               Manfi- Leasing/Stop & Shop      62    7.75

             Brendan Butler          General Public                15    1.875    Kathy Hickey             General Public                  16    2

             Anthony Caggiano        DHL                           15    1.875    Dennis Holland           New England Theatrical          8     1

             Jo Chaffee              General Public                3     0.375    Richard Johnson          New Penn Motor Express          1     0.125

             Katie Christianson      General Public                7     0.875    Charles Johnson          Retired                         35    4.375

             Margaret C. Clark       Retired                       4     0.5      Laura Johnson            UPS                             23    2.875
Blood Bank

             Robert Cook             Stop & Shop                   1     0.125    Dan Kakleas              New Penn Motor Express          47    5.875

             Kris Crawford           YRC, Inc.                     20    2.5      William T. Kelley, Jr.   United Liquor (Local 653)       38    4.75

             Eric Dawler             General Public                7     0.875    Gregory Kerwood          UPS- Somerville                 25    3.125

             Joe Destasio            Retired                       64    8        James F. Kessler         Manfi-Leasing/Stop & Shop       7     0.875

             John M. Dillon          Boston Globe                  1     0.125    Jen Keyes                General Public                  5     0.625

             Ian J. Dillon           Boston Globe                  1     0.125    Bill Kuttner             General Public                  19    2.375

             Janna Donohue           General Public                2     0.25     Paul Lacey               YRC, Inc.                       3     0.375

             Michael Downey          General Public                28    3.5      Kevin Lally              Retired                         78    9.75

             Stephen Drago           US Foodservice                57    7.125    Dave Langan              Retired                         155   19.375

             Jessica Drago           General Public                1     0.125    Joseph Lanza             Retired                         1     0.125

             Mike Erelli             YRC, Inc.                     43    5.375    Joseph Laplante          G.D. Matthews & Sons. Corp.     22    2.75

             Thomas D. Farnkoff      Retired                       52    6.5      Patti Lapointe           TeamstersCare                   73    9.125

             Doug Francey            Atlantic Plant Maintenance    39    4.875    Kathryn E. MacDonald     General Public                  1     0.125

             Dick Frank              City of Cambridge -DPW        50    6.25     Bill MacDougall          General Public                  5     0.625

  20 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
Name                   Company                       Times/Gallons   Name                 Company          Times/Gallons

Jim MacInnis           Xpedx                          21    2.625    Karen Salvato       NETFCU              31    3.875

Brian MacLeod          Shaughnessy & Ahern            18    2.25     Philip Savoy, Jr.   Coan, Inc.          45    5.625

Paul Mannix            Joint Venture                  2     0.25     Patrick Scarry      General Public      4     0.5

E. Al Marcotte         Retired                        7     0.875    Joe Sciuto          Retired             58    7.25

Bob McAllister         Manfi-Leasing/Stop & Shop      125   15.625   Anthony Scopa       Costa Fruit         4     0.5

Charlie McAskill       Atlas-Glenmore                 49    6.125    Paul Sharpe         Retired             101   12.625

Tom McGarty            New England Theatrical         14    1.75     T. Eddie Sheehan    Retired             10    1.25

Wanda McGarty          General Public                 8     1        Drew Smith          General Public      8     1

Michael McGrath        US Foodservice                 55    6.875    Dan Splaine         Retired             140   17.5

Richard McMurtry       UPS - Norwood                  29    3.625    Ryan Sullivan       General Public      4     0.5

Gail Michalski         Alliance Express (Clerical)    25    3.125    F. Dan Sullivan     Retired             12    1.5

Aaron Miller           General Public                 2     0.25     Tom Sullivan        Global- Chelsea     58    7.25

Robert Monteforte      UPS- Somerville                15    1.875    Thomas Sullivan     Retired             3     0.375

Ronnie Moran           Retired                        136   17       Fred Sutera         General Public      65    8.125

Tom Moskaluk           Arlington Coal & Lumber        15    1.875    Annabelle Torino    General Public      28    3.5

John J. Murphy         Retired                        182   22.75    Larry Tucker        Retired             1     0.125

Tommy Nasson           Global- Chelsea                109   13.625   Stephen Urguhart    Retired             8     1

Roger Newcomb, Jr.     M.S. Walker                    12    1.5      Bobby Valdario      DHL                 2     0.25

Maureen K. O'Brien     General Public                 3     0.375    Charlie Vaughn      Retired             49    6.125

John O'Connor          Admiral Metals                 22    2.75     Jack Ward           Retired             126   15.75

Michael Pagliaro       New Penn Motor Express         91    11.375   James W. Woods      Retired             52    6.5

Peter Pappas           Retired                        9     1.125    Mallory Woods       General Public      2     0.25

Joe Peluso             Atlas-Glenmore                 48    6

Edmund E. Petit, Jr.   Retired                        31    3.875

Edward Porter          Manfi-Leasing/Stop & Shop 9          1.125

Christine Quinn        General Public                 4     0.5

John Quinn             General Public                 5     0.625

David Radochia, Jr.    Boston Globe (Local 259)       3     0.375

Ron Raymond            UPS-Chelmsford                 51    6.375

Carol Rees             General Public                 2     0.25

Peter Rodliff          Marr Rigging                   1     0.125

Luis A. Rodriguez      Capitol Waste                  2     0.25
                                        Calendar of
                                                       January 15     General Membership Meeting 10:00 a.m.
                                                                      Union Hall, 544 Main Street Charlestown, MA 02129

            January 2012                               January 16     Martin Luther King Jr. Day

                                                       January 28       Blood Bank 9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.
                                                                      Union Hall, 544 Main Street Charlestown, MA 02129

                                                      February 12     Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

                                                      February 14     Valentine’s Day
                                                                      James Riddle Hoffa’s Birthday

                                                      February 19     General Membership Meeting 10:00 a.m.
          February 2012                                               Union Hall, 544 Main Street Charlestown, MA 02129

                                                      February 20     President’s Day

                                                      February 22     George Washington’s Birthday

                                                      February 25       Blood Bank 9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.
                                                                      Union Hall, 544 Main Street Charlestown, MA 02129

                                                         March 11     Daylight Savings Time Begins

                                                         March 17     St. Patrick’s Day

              March 2012                                 March 18     General Membership Meeting 10:00 a.m.
                                                                      Union Hall, 544 Main Street Charlestown, MA 02129

                                                         March 24       Blood Bank 9:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M.
                                                                      Union Hall, 544 Main Street Charlestown, MA 02129

                                                                    5th Annual Light Up The Night
                 SAVE THE DATE:                                     for Autism Gala – April 7, 2012

22 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
                              Stewards                                                   Spotlight

                              Mike Bates                                           Gaskell says he deals with the usual issues as steward for his 22 co-
                                                                              workers. “It is never a perfect day as steward. I deal with seniority
                              ABC Moving Company,                             problems, pay-discrepancy concerns, split-shifting and eight-hour
                              Somerville                                      guarantee battles, but I usually resolve all problems before they make
                                Michael Bates has been working at ABC         it to the formal grievance procedure,” Gaskell said.
                                Moving Company in Somerville, Mass.                Casey & Hayes has been doing business since 1925 and keeps
                                since 1993. In July of 1994 Bates helped to   the Teamsters Local 25 members very busy.
                                unionize ABC and since then he has been            “We move everything from laboratories to library books,”
   a member of Teamsters Local 82. (On January 1, 2012 Local 82               Gaskell said. “We are constantly in and out of commercial build-
   merged into Local 25.)                                                     ings, colleges and universities, law firms and museums. The largest
       Bates is the only steward for the 14 Teamsters on the list and         move I ever did was in 1988 at the law firm Ropes and Gray. We
   enjoys his role as steward. “I have a civil relationship with manage-      moved 15 floors in 20 days.”
   ment and I am not afraid to confront them when they are wrong,”                 Gaskell is very pleased with his recent move into Local 25
   Bates said. “I also have a good relationship with the members and          from Local 82. “We now have more resources and the ability to
   they understand when I tell them they are wrong and not the com-           chase the nonunion movers out of Boston. The leadership of
   pany in certain situations.”                                               Local 25, with President O’Brien at the helm, creates a better
       Bates is really excited about becoming a member of Local 25.           atmosphere and restores pride in the Local 82 membership. I am
       “We now have solid representation with Local 25, under the             excited for the future.”
   leadership of President O’Brien. I have known Sean my whole life
   and I know with him in charge we will become much stronger in
   the big buildings in Boston by stopping the nonunion companies
                                                                                                         Kenneth Healy
   from taking our work.”                                                                                Spry Moving and Storage
       ABC Moving has been in business since 1982. It has contracts                                      Company, Woburn
   with Verizon, Fidelity Investments, many law firms, bio-tech com-
   panies and the big hospitals in Boston.                                                              Ken Healy has been a Teamster since
       “The company is doing well,” Bates said. “We are two years into a                                1984 when he helped to unionize Global
   six-year contract and we want the company to remain busy so we can                                   Van Lines. In May of 1990, Healy moved
   get an even share at the bargaining table in 2015.”                                                  to Spry Moving and Storage Company,
       Bates hails from a long line of union members. His uncle Mark          where he has worked ever since.
   Bates is the steward for Local 25 at Boston Sand and Gravel. His uncle         Healy is in his third year as steward at Spry for his 16 fellow
   Billy Riley is a member of the Local 25 Movie Division. His uncle          Teamsters.
   Brian Bates is a member of Laborers Local 22 and his brother Shawn             “I like being steward. I feel good when I can solve a problem
   Bates was a member of the NHL Players Association as a professional        for one of the guys,” Healy said. “I don’t like having to bang heads
   hockey player for the Boston Bruins and New York Islanders.                with the ownership about an issue, but that is my role as steward
                                                                              and I accept it, and the guys appreciate me fighting for them.”
                                                                                  Healy is thrilled about the merger of Local 82 into Local 25.
                            Ralph Gaskell                                     “I now feel empowered as a Teamster. We can finally stick up for
                            Casey & Hayes Movers,                             ourselves and know that the leadership of Local 25 has our
                            South Boston                                      backs,” Healy said. “President O’Brien really impresses me with
                                                                              his vision for the future. The forecast with Local 25 looks good
                           Like his grandfather 50 years ago, Ralph           and promising.”
                           Gaskell is a Teamster at Casey & Hayes Movers          Spry Moving and Storage does mostly commercial work in
                           in South Boston, Massachusetts. He has been        Boston, at the large hospitals like Mass General, and pharmaceuti-
                           the Local 82—and now Local 25—steward              cal companies like Pfizer and others. Spry also has a household
   since 2001 and has worked at Casey & Hayes for 24 years.                   division and archive division.

24 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com
    “Spry is a family-owned business and they are generally fair to           collective bargaining agreements. “I get irritated when I have to inter-
us,” Healy said. “But there is always room for us to get along better.”       vene when a company doesn’t respect the collective bargaining agree-
                                                                              ment that they signed,” McNiff said. “Some of these vendors come
                                                                              into our convention centers and try to skirt the contracts we have in
                           Ed Welch                                           place. My job is to protect our work and to stop them.”
                           Global Experience Specialists,                         McNiff is looking forward to vast changes that promise to come
                           South Boston                                       with the merger of Local 82 into Local 25. “I am so excited to get the
                                                                              respect back that we lost in the past. There seems to be a rebirth in
                            Ed “Edso” Welch works at the Boston Con-          confidence in our membership as a result of the merger,” McNiff said.
                            vention Center for Global Experience Spe-         “We have been through a lot for the past 15 months and we are
                            cialists. He has worked in the Teamsters          impressed with the direction that President O’Brien and Business
                            Trade Show Division since 1994 and has            Agent Tom Mari are taking us.”
been a steward since 2010.                                                        McNiff believes that there are many new organizing opportu-
    “We have 24 Teamsters on the list, but when a big show comes to           nities within the Trade Show Division that Local 25 could take
town we can put on up to 200 Teamsters to work,” Welch said. “In              advantage of.
June 2011 we put 350 Teamsters to work at the National Association                “The sky is the limit in organizing in this division. Many compa-
of Chain Drug Store convention. It was by far our biggest show at the         nies and vendors come into our convention halls and they don’t pay
new convention center.”                                                       their workers fairly. Our members interact with them and we plan to
    The Teamster Trade Show members work very hard when they                  help them join Teamsters Local 25,” McNiff said.
work a show. “We do it all, from setting up display booths, pipe and
drape, podiums and risers, and also lay carpet in the 650,000-square-
foot facility,” Welch said.                                                                             Robert “Bob” Irvine
    “Our contract is up in April 2012, and we are glad that Local 25 will                               Freeman Companies—Braintree
be representing us at the table. The merger has brought a new sense of
confidence to the Local 82 membership. Sean O’Brien is a great leader                                      Bob Irvine is a 46-year, second-generation
and we are all excited to go to battle with him,” Welch said.                                              Teamster who has worked in the
                                                                                                           Tradeshow Division since the mid-1960s.
                                                                                                               Irvine has seen the tradeshow industry
                           Kevin McNiff                                                                    evolve into big business.
                           Freeman Companies, Braintree                           “I have witnessed the tradeshow industry really blossom from a
                                                                              small seasonal industry into big business with all of the bells and
                           Kevin McNiff has been a Teamster since             whistles,” Irvine said. “Back in the day we had to lug everything
                           1978. For 34 years, McNiff has worked in           around, now the technology has changed for the better where we are
                           the Teamsters Trade Show Division in               able to use pallet trucks, scissor lifts and other ergonomic technology.
                           Boston at either the World Trade Center,           The shows themselves are highly automated and are really more of a
                           Hynes Auditorium, and recently at the              major production than just the pipe and drape shows of the past.”
six-year-old MCCA Boston Convention and Exhibition Center in                      Tradeshows are in Irvine’s bloodline. His father, Tom Irvine,
South Boston. Kevin has 64 Teamsters on the full-time list, but               started in the Tradeshow Division in the 1940s and his brother Ron
can have up to 400 members working at the same time when a big                Irvine served for 50 years as a Teamster in the tradeshow industry. His
show comes to town.                                                           son, Rob, is a member of the Local 25 Tradeshow Division as well.
    McNiff has served as steward since 2005 and truly likes the experience.       “There is now light at the end of the tunnel,” Irvine said of the
    “I take pleasure in being steward because I like the gratification I      recent merger of Local 82 into Local 25. “We were strong at one
get when I can help one of our members with a workplace issue,” he            point, then we lost power. We are looking forward to the new lead-
said. “Most of the time I am interpreting the contract, dealing with          ership under President O’Brien.”
seniority issues and fighting for maintenance of standards.”
    McNiff has no problem taking on the companies that disregard

                                                                                               www.teamsterslocal25.com | WINTER 2012 | The SPOKESMAN | 25
                       Name                               Company                           Type                          Effective Date
                       Robert W. Carney                   Aggregate Industries              Disability Pension            09/2011
                       Paul J. Civetti                    Lechmere Inc.                     Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       John H. Connarton                  J T Ryerson & Son Inc.            Special Regular Pension       07/2011
                       Brian G. Cox                       U S Foodservice Inc.              Disability Pension            09/2011
                       Richard A. Curley                  DHL Express                       Disability Pension            07/2011
                       John M. Evans                      U S Foodservice Inc.              Year Special Service Plan C   08/2011
                       Robert J. Fitzpatrick              DHL Express (USA Inc.)            Disability Pension            08/2011
                       Vericio V. Fontes                  Stop & Shop Supermarket Co.       Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       Giovanni Gagliotta                 Costa Fruit & Produce Co.         Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       Ralph M. Giller                    Central Artery Tunnel Project     Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       Walter T. Hinkley                  Nonantum Lumber                   Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       Theodore W. Lampman                Alliance Energy Corp.             Regular Pension               09/2011
                       Ronald R. Masterson                G A F Materials Corp.             Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       Lawrence J. Milinazzo              Costa Fruit & Produce Co.         Early Retirement Pension      08/2011
                       Walter M. Mills                    Logan 2000                        Regular Pension               09/2011
                       Ronald P. Mott                     Petroleum Heat & Power Co. Inc.   Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       Kevin A. Satterthwaite             Marr Scaffolding Co.              Year Special Service Plan C   09/2011
                       Tyrone C. Shauan Sr.               Petroleum Heat & Power Co. Inc.   Statutory Pension             12/2010
                       Edward A. Shaw                     Sharp Air Freight Service Inc.    Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       Peter Taslakian                    Harsco Infrastructure Americas    Early Retirement Pension      09/2011
                       Clarence A. Turner                 Signal Delivery Service Inc.      Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       Linvan C. Young                    Purity Supreme Inc.               Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       Ernest J. Arseneau                 Eastern Metal Mill Prod. Co.      Statutory Pension             10/2011
                       William E. Chambers                Consolidated Freightways Corp.    Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       John A. Crosby                     U S Foodservice Inc.              Early Retirement Pension      10/2011
                       David M. Duggan                    Special Movie Shows               Early Retirement Pension      10/2011
                       William P. Dwyer                   U S Foodservice Inc.              Disability Pension            10/2011
                       Werner J. Fehmel                   Lily Truck Leasing Corp.          Statutory Pension             08/2011
                       Richard B. Lang                    Petroleum Heat & Power Co. Inc.   Early Retirement Pension      10/2011
                       Maureen A. McDonald                DHL Express, (USA Inc.)           Disability Pension            03/2010
                       Albert P. McKenney                 Browing-Ferris Ind. Inc.          Early Retirement Pension      08/2011
                       James P. O’Brien                   Central Artery Tunnel Project     Statutory Pension             10/2011
                       Carl R. Palanzi                    DHL Express, (USA Inc.)           Statutory Pension             10/2011
                       Kenneth J. Powers Sr.              DHL Express, (USA Inc.)           Disability Pension            10/2011
                       Jose M. Ribeiro                    James Ferrera & Sons Inc.         Statutory Pension             10/2011
                       Mary R. Rosati                     Jordan Marsh Co.                  Statutory Pension             10/2011
                       Ernest L. Spring                   U S Foodservice Inc.              Early Retirement Pension      10/2011

                       Leslie L. Trotman                  United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Statutory Pension             09/2011
                       Luther L. Washington               Buckley & Scott Whetton Inc.      Early Retirement Pension      10/2011
                       Peter Yeanacopolis                 Sharp Air Freight Service Inc.    Statutory Pension             10/2011
                       Leo W. Callahan                    Americold Logistics               Regular Pension               11/2011
                       Frank W. Colantonio                Millbrook Cold Storage Inc.       Thirty Year Full Service      09/2011
                       John A. Connolly                   Local 380 Merger                  Statutory Pension             11/2011
                       Robert D. Damigella                The 357 Corp.                     Statutory Pension             11/2011
                       Mary E. Dunn                       DHL Express (USA Inc.)            Statutory Pension             11/2011
                       Ian R. Griffin                     United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Early Retirement Pension      10/2011
                       David P. Hammond                   Bird & Son Inc.                   Statutory Pension             11/2011
                       Ernie G. Karelas                   DHL Express (USA Inc.)            Disability Pension            11/2011
                       Howard A. Kaufman                  United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Regular Pension               09/2011
                       Paul E. Nardi, Jr.                 Boston Sand & Gravel Co.          Regular Pension               09/2011
                       Daniel J. Newhall                  DHL Express (USA Inc.)            Disability Pension            11/2011
                       Robert A. Petit                    Manfi Leasing Corp.               Early Retirement Pension      10/2011
                       Karl M. Rasmussen                  United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Disability Pension            11/2011
                       Thomas A. Sarro                    DHL Express (USA Inc.)            Disability Pension            11/2011
                       Dennis Sayers                      BFI/Allied Wast Ind. Inc.         Disability Pension            10/2011
                       William E. Stens                   United Parcel Serv. Inc.          Statutory Pension             11/2011
                       Athanase C. Valentin               Morton Shoe Stores Inc.           Statutory Pension             11/2011
                       Fred Ward, Jr.                     A B F Freight System Inc.         Statutory Pension             11/2011
                       Robert W. Zachko, Jr.              U S Foodservice Inc.              Disability Pension            11/2011

  26 | The SPOKESMAN | WINTER 2012 | www.teamsterslocal25.com

Name                     Company                               Name                       Company
Neil Anderson            Consolidated Freightways              James F. Mason              Gate Gourmet, Inc.
Linn R. Aucoin           Purtiy Supreme                        Louis R. McAllister         Transit Services, Inc.
Roland J. Austin         Signal Delivery Service, Inc.         Patrick J. McCue            Boston Sand & Gravel
Roy I. Baker             G. H. Harnum, Inc.                    Hugh J. McDonald            Twin Trucking
Adele I. Bromberg        DHL Express                           Thomas E. McLaughlin        Austin Hastings Co., Inc.
Charles H. Brooks, Jr.   Robbie Fuels, Inc.                    Robert McLennon             United Parcel Service
Theresa Broussard        First National Stores                 John M. McNamara            Allied Waste Services
Thomas W. Carleton       Heating Oil Partners                  Jennie Mike                 Champion International Corp.
Ethel E. Carr            First National Stores                 Thomas R. Molloy            Airco Distribution Gases
Edwin R. Cassidy         Ferrera & Sons                        Edward G. Murdock           Airco Distribution Gases
Henry E. Chandler        L & R Truck Leasing, Inc.             Paul J. Nevero              The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company
Harold Cleveland         Tyler Co.                             Richard T. Nigro            Dudley Fuel Company
James F. Coppenrath      G.S.P Recycling                       James M. O'Brien            Browning-Ferris, Inc.
Arthur Courchaine        Boston & Taunton Trans. Co.           Joseph Ognibeni             Northern Terminals, Inc.
Edward L. Cuddy          Berman's Motor Express, Inc.          Frances A. Penza            Hoerner-Waldorf Corporation
Edward F. Dillon         G.T. Rodes, Inc.                      Dean S. Pevey               Brewer Petroleum Service, Inc.
James F. English         Harso Infastructure Americas          Robert E. Putnam            Westwood Cartage, Inc.
John A. Ferguson         Brinks, Inc.                          Robert M. Qualtieri         YRC, Inc.
Robert Fitzgerald        G.A. Climo & Son                      Samuel M. Ragusa            Browning- Ferris, Inc.
Vincent Giordano         C. Pappas Co., Inc.                   Albert L. Riva              Federal Warehouse, Inc.
William J. Hartnett      Texaco Refining & Marketing , Inc.    Bertrand H. Roy             Warehouse Transport, Inc.
John R. Herbert          ABF Freight System, Inc.              Charles A. Rund             Coan, Inc.
Michael J. King          The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company   Robert James Sciarra        357 Corp.
Thomas J. Loomis         Lily Truck Leasing Corp.              Pasquale Serio              First National Stores
Peter J. Loughlin        DHL Express                           Walter H. Songin            Keith Fulton & Sons, Inc.
Richard F. Lynch         Coan, Inc.                            Richard L. Snow             Plymouth Rock Transportation
                                                               James J. Stevens            Atlas Personnel, Inc.
                                                               Francis F. Thomas           The Carter's Ink Company
                                                               Mildred R. Toomey           TeamstersCare
                                                               Martin Vitkausas            Bird, Inc.
                                                               Paul W. Walsh               Consolidated Freightways
                                                               Norman Willwerth            The Delivery Corporation
                                                               John Yailaian               Rush Delivery Service, Inc.

                                                                           www.teamsterslocal25.com | WINTER 2012 | The SPOKESMAN | 27
                        Retiree                               Chapter News

                                                                                   Richie Reardon was introduced and we talked
                                 Retiree News                                  about the credit union. He said that even with the
  Teamsters                                                                    slow year we have had, we are making loans and we
                       Note: There are three breakfast meetings a year         have a great staff to handle your needs. Join the
   Local 25
                       held on the second Thursday of January, April and       credit union!
Retiree Chapter        October. We had another rainy day for our break-            President Conti announced that we will have
                       fast meeting, but in spite of the weather, 150 mem-     the Autism Gala on Saturday, April 7, 2012, at the
                       bers attended.                                          InterContinental Hotel. Tickets cost $60 each.
                           President Joe Conti introduced Local 25 Presi-      There will be a live auction. There is a custom
                       dent Sean O’Brien to say a few words. O’Brien           build chopper being raffled and the tickets are
                       thanked the retirees for all their help and commit-     $100 each. There will be food stations all around
                       ment while he was campaigning. He said that Toys        the room.
                       for Tots started slow but with the efforts of Conti,        Retirees that want to run for positions on the
                       we had a record collection. O’Brien also thanked        Executive Board can pick-up nomination papers at
                       Conti, Bill Grubbs, Kevin Lally and all those who       the April meeting. Anyone can run but the nomi-
                       helped. O’Brien said there is a lot going on in Local   nee must be a member in good standing for two
     Joe Conti         25 today and thanked everyone in the audience for       full years running.
                       making the local what it is today. “We have what we         Scholarship applications are available. To be
                       have today—pensions, health and welfare, good           eligible for grandchildren to receive retiree scholar-
                       wages—because of our prior members,” he said.           ship, you must up to date on dues.
                       He said Local 25 is growing and recently merged             The blood bank date is Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012.
                       with Local 82. He talked about the Day Room and         Some of these people have given 180 pints. Jack
                       the Executive Board Room and that they will stay        Murphy is one of them.
                       the same. He needs and appreciates the help of the          Conti thanked the rank and file for attending
                       Retiree Chapter.                                        and thanked Café Sorelli for an excellent breakfast.
                           Conti read the names of the deceased members            He thanked the servers who served the break-
  Chuck Durfee
 Secretary-Treasurer   since the last meeting and held a moment of silence.    fast: Frank Pagliaro, Tony Bruno, Tom Nasson, Bob
                           Chuck Durfee read the financial report. A           Ricciardi, Dick Allen, Lenny Hagen, Jerry Bolton,
                       motion to accept was made by Paul Walsh and             Paul McNeiley and Paul Sharpe.
                       seconded by Kenny Burgess.                                  Thanks to Joe Evans and Billy Briggs for han-
                           Johnny B. thanked everyone for coming despite       dling the 50-50 raffle.
                       the bad weather. He talked about Suffolk Downs              The next breakfast meeting is April 12.
                       and said that the races will be on Monday, June 4.          The Teamster clock was won by Dan DiGiacomo.
                       The price for the tickets and the lunch will be the         The four $25 prizes were won by: Mike Curley,
                       same, $17.                                              Charles Knecht, Bill Walsh and Tom Bullen.
 John "Johnny B"
   Vice President
                                       The next breakfast meeting is April 12.
                                                        WELCOME ABOARD!
                               Mourning                      John Boulten
                               a Big Loss                        Walsh

                                                            Richard Howe                                     Bill Burpee
                              We lost our good                 New Penn                                   Recording-Secretary
                              friend Joe Cuggino. He
                                                          William S. Falasar
                              died 10 days before his        Boston Herald
                              97th birthday. Roy
                                                            John P. Gibney
Herrick, Bobby Breau and Joe Cuggino started the             Stop and Shop
Retiree Chapter in 1985. Herrick was the first Presi-
dent and Cuggino was the first Secretary-Treasurer.      Clarence F. Hattuck Jr
                                                               357 Corp.
Cugino loved the Retiree Chapter and was a strong
                                                                                                               Kevin Lally
advocate for us. He was there for all our events            Louis LoGrippo                                      Trustee
                                                               P. Tavilla
through the years. He loved the Irish dinners and
made us laugh wearing the funny hats. We saw him           Joseph E. Meoli
at Suffolk Downs “at the races,” and he would enjoy          Airborne/DHL
talking to everyone and making us smile. We looked          Ronald P. Mott
for him at all our breakfast meetings. He didn’t             Fras Clew Mor
make the last one. He will be greatly missed. Joe
                                                          Thomas V. Nasson
Cuggino was truly a “Teamsters’ Teamster.”                     Global Oil                                    Herb Andrews
   President O’Brien offered the Teamsters’ van for                                                             Trustee
                                                            John C. O’Reilly
the funeral at the family’s request. President Conti              ABF
drove the van and delivered the Bible to the family.
The van was the second vehicle behind the hearse.
                                                            Michael D. Rae
The family was grateful to have the van in the pro-
cession. There was a sticker attached to his casket        Theodore Salviti
                                                          Manfi/Stop and Shop
that said, “Proud to be an American, Proud to be
a Teamster.”                                                Craig B. Wilcox                                   Dan Splaine
                                                          Manfi/Stop and Shop                                   Trustee

                                                                   www.teamsterslocal25.com | WINTER 2012 | The SPOKESMAN | 29
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