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Although having man boobs has in the past been quite an uncommon occurrence,
nowadays, with the influx of obesity cases, man boobs are part of us. Men appear to
resemble women and in some extreme cases, man boobs escalate into medical
complications. There is therefore an urgent need to lose man boobs amongst many guys.

First to understand is that man boobs can be as a result of a medical condition or simply
being overweight. It is therefore nothing to be celebratory about when having a fatty,
distended chest as a man and there are quite some terrible setbacks that are suffered by
men with man boobs. In fact, there are more valid reasons on why men should lose man

Effects of man boobs

It is not just stigma, frustration, low self esteem depression and self denial that come with
developing man boobs, but also medical implications. When you have man boobs, it could
be an indication of something wrong in your body system. Every man with man boobs has
lived a typically difficult situation trying to cope and live with others normally.

Teenagers and young boys are the how to lose man boobs when they develop man boobs
because at this young age, that is when they get to interact with others especially the
opposite sex and they might face some alienation if it gets hard to explain why ‘they look like
girls’. Studies have showed that in some situations, the alienation escalates to a point that a
man can suffer mentally due to ridicule and self denial.

In effect, theories and practices have been formulated about how to get rid of man boobs,
others even explaining how to get rid of them fast. However, before embracing any one
method to get rid of your man boobs, you ought to know the cause of growth for your man
boobs, whether it is medical reasons or natural causes like genetic make up or both.
Understand that different causes require different treatment methods.

There are basically two manboobs why men get man boobs. One is although less common
is medical - guynecomastia. The second is overweight. In the former, to lose man boobs
require medical attention but in the latter, you can do something actively about it.
Guynecomastia usually affect boys who are at puberty age and when the body produces
more estrogen than usual, reaction is development of man boobs.

A viable way to treat man boobs due to medical reasons is to see a doctor who can
prescribe an ant-estrogen or the surgery option to get rid of man boob tissues physically.
The surgery way can be quite expensive and costly; it can be applied in both the medical
causes and overweight cases.

The most viable option to get rid of man boobs caused by excess weight is shedding of
some weight. Enroll into a weight loss program, a gym or your routine physical exercises
while at the same time adopting to change your lifestyle of maybe excesses, inactivity and
extravagance that is a sure catalyst to uncontrolled weight gain.

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Description: Every man with man boobs has lived a typically difficult situation trying to cope and live with others normally.