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Aarkstore.com - Biomarkers in Breast Cancer_ 2011


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									Aarkstore.com announces, a new market research report is available in its vast collection:

                         Biomarkers in Breast Cancer, 2011


This report provides a comprehensive and up-to-date review of breast cancer biomarkers. Recent
years have seen the discovery of significant numbers of new biomarkers and clinical data are now
available on previously discovered markers not yet in common use. Collectively, these are providing
insights, diagnostically and therapeutically, in key areas of breast cancer. These include diagnosis,
metastasis and spread, therapy direction, response to therapy, prognosis, predisposition, drug
discovery and clinical research. This report presents the studies and a utility-based classification of
more than 200 breast cancer markers, reported in studies between 2003 and 2010 inclusive.

Over the last decade, research has generated a wealth of biological data that characterise the changes
that occur in breast cancer. These findings have advanced the understanding of this disease, and
allowed the development of more discriminating diagnostic methods and treatments. Cancer embraces
multiple changes at the genetic, phenotypic, cellular and histological level and nowhere are these
changes more evident than in the field of cancer biomarkers, which now embraces many thousands of
studies: cells, animals and human. This report presents an up-to-date review of breast cancer
biomarkers, with particular focus on the research of candidate molecules in controlled clinical studies.

Biomarkers identified in this report include: proteins, peptides, metabolites, genes and mutations,
epigenetic species and other molecules. In particular, the report identifies molecules that offer
minimally invasive techniques. As part of this report, biomarkers are classified by their potential
utility. These areas include: diagnosis and staging (e.g. early detection); metastasis (e.g. to lymph
nodes, bone); therapy directing (e.g. single and multiple drugs); response to therapy (e.g. favourable,
resistance); prognosis (e.g. of relapse ); potential drug targets and diagnostic opportunities (e.g.
novel proteins up-regulated in breast cancer tissues or elevated in the circulation); biomarker source
(e.g. blood, tissue , urine); type (e.g. protein, gene); and function (e.g. of gene or protein).

This report presents findings on more than 200 proposed breast cancer biomarkers in a review that
includes studies over the last eight years, through to May 2010. The report is presented in pdf format
and provides the reader with an easy-to-read layout. Biomarkers are discussed and presented by their
potential utility in key breast cancer areas, including diagnosis, metastasis, response to therapy,
prognosis and disease predisposition.

The study of biomarkers is one of the most promising and dynamic areas of cancer research today, as
scientists seek to extend their understanding of the disease at the biological level. These advances are
giving rise to more discriminating diagnostic tools and therapies, as well as a providing a deeper
understanding of genetic and phenotypic differences at the patient level, as medicine moves ever
closer to more personalised therapies. While these developments create important opportunities, this
rapidly evolving field is also seeing uncertainty as interest shifts from past findings, to more promising
recent advances. This report provides a comprehensive review on current opportunities in this field. In
addition, through a six-monthly is provided (at no additional cost) with this report, helping readers to
remain current with new advances and opportunities. informed of future opportunities.

Table of Contents:
Report Index

Executive Summary p.7

1 Breast Cancer p17

1.1   Statistics
1.2   Diagnosis
1.3   Classification
1.4   Staging
1.5   Current Biomarkers
1.6   This Report

2 Biomarkers: Diagnosis p.30

Sections 2.1 – 2.40

3 Biomarkers: Metastasis p.43

Sections 3.1 – 3.39

4 Biomarkers : Therapy Directing p.82

Sections 4.1 – 4.26

5 Biomarkers: Response to Therapy p.101

Sections 5.1 – 5.28

6 Biomarkers: Prognosis p.125

Sections 6.1 - 6.42

7 Biomarkers: Predisposition p.167

Sections 7.1 – 7.39

8 Discussion p.170

9 Conclusions p. 185

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