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									 Bloated Betta Fish – What it is & How to Cure?

Bloated Betta Fish is a common issue with the betta fishes these days. But thankfully, there is
nothing much to worry about it. It is not as serious as people take it. So, today I would be
sharing some tips with you that you can implement if your betta fish gets bloated.

                                          Bloated Betta Fish

Some Symptoms of a Bloated Betta Fish:

1. It occurs mostly on the underside of the fish.

2. Bloated Betta Fish will not stop eating in most cases.

3. The fish will appear to be ill behaviorally.

4. Digestive trouble is one of the major symptoms.

5. The abdomen will be visibly distended.

6. The fish will be less active or even hide often.

Tips to Cure a Bloated Betta Fish

1. Use of small amount of Epsom Salts, in the form of a bath or adding it to the tank water. For
bath purposes: it should be used as 1 Tbsp per gallon. It can be added to the water tank as well
as 1/8 tsp per 5 gallons.
2. You can even try feeding the Betta fish with medicated foods but do ensure that medicated
food is treated well with antibiotic of a broad spectrum.

3. And at last, one of the best thing you can do is make the fish as comfortable as possible.
Making him comfortable will work like charm.

4. Give him some cooked green peas in small quantity. It will help for sure.

5. Keep the water level low so that the fish doesn’t have to work hard to get the air from the

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