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					                                  Nurse Daily Log User’s Guide

This user’s guide is designed for users of the Nurse monthly log who want to track numbers and notes
on a daily basis. We have created two tools to help you log your daily activities (an Excel Daily Log
workbook and a Weekly Calendar). Our hope is that these tools provide you a place where you are able
to track daily activities and notes that you might refer to when you are completing your monthly Nurse
log. You are not required to use these daily tools, and you are welcome to use another method to
track numbers.

You may use the Excel Daily Log and Weekly Calendar on the computer OR you can easily print out the
tools and use paper versions to record your daily activities.

If you choose to write student names in the tools, please be aware of confidentiality issues. If you use
electronic versions of the Excel Daily Log or Weekly Calendar, please password protect the documents.
Additionally, if you are using a shared computer, please make sure that the documents are closed before
you step away from the computer. If you write in student names on hard-copy versions of the tools,
please take precaution to ensure that your documents are secure when they are not in your hands.

There are two daily log tools available for your use:
   1. Excel Daily Log workbook
   2. Weekly Calendar template

Instructions for the Excel Daily Log:
        Each month, you will need to save a new daily log workbook for each school.
        There are tabs along the bottom of the Excel Daily Log workbook that allow you to move
        between the different sections of the log (these sections correspond to sections in the monthly
        log). You can switch back and forth between tabs as much as you like while you have the file
        open. Note: If you are printing the Excel Daily Log, please go to each tab and print out each
        page. You should print out one copy of the entire workbook for each school site.

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Once you have selected a tab within the worksheet you can enter information accordingly.
To find a selected activity, you may need to scroll up and down within a worksheet.

Note: If you print out this sheet, you will have to calculate your own totals. Also note, if you
are using the Excel Daily Log on your computer and would like the program to calculate totals
for you, you need to use numbers (and update these numbers daily), not tallies.
As you enter data you will notice that rows marked “Total #.....” will change. The spreadsheet
cells have formulas embedded into them, so when you enter data, the program will calculate a
running total for that section.
     o For example, if you provided academic support to a student in a crisis situation, you
         would log the activity under Direct Student Support Services(see figure below - the
         logged activity is indicated by purple circle in the figure below, and the total, which is
         circled in orange, is automatically imputed by Excel):

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Before closing the worksheet, be sure to save your work!

      Important things to remember with the Excel Daily Log Workbook

         Each month you will need to use a blank template, and you will need to
         use a separate workbook for each school site.
         If you cannot find a specific item from the monthly log, be sure you are in
         the correct worksheet (indicated by tabs at the bottom of the page), and
         that you have scrolled from top to bottom (scroll bar is on right of the
         computer screen).
         Do not alter the formulas that are embedded in the “Total” rows.

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Weekly Calendar:
The Weekly Calendar is another tool that can help you track daily activities. The calendar does not
contain embedded formulas like the Excel Daily Log. It is a simpler tool with spaces to tally some
activities. However, the calendar provides you with space to keep track of appointments, activities, and
notes, and it gives the option to code activities that you may perform frequently. Note: the calendar
does not contain every item that you are required to report on the monthly log.

You can customize the calendar to your liking. You can change the tally options so that your calendar
includes only specific activities. If you would like, you may alter the student coding options to codes
that you prefer using.

Similar to the Excel Daily Log workbook, you can use the calendar on the computer, or you can print out
a copy of the calendar for each week of the month.

The weekly calendar provides the following (see figure below):
       Monday – Friday workweek view from 8:00am to 5:00pm
       A section for student notes
       A section for Other Notes
       Student coding legend
       A section to tally specific counts for monthly log item

     Contact Lisa O’Connor at ETR Associates (lisao@etr.org) with any questions or problems
                     you may encounter with either of these daily log tools.

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