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Calendar Print


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									                                                                  Monash Messaging – Lotus Notes
Printing the Calendar                                                                      CA12
The Calendar can be printed to suit your information requirements. All options relating to the page set up
and the printing of your calendar are located under the File menu.

Page setup
     To change the page setup of your printed calendar, click on File > Page Setup.

Print preview
     To view your calendar before printing, click on the File > Print Preview.

Printing the Calendar (CA12)                                                                           1
                                                                   Monash Messaging – Lotus Notes
Print calendar
To print the calendar, click on the Print button on the toolbar. Your calendar will be printed using the
current view. You could also click Ctrl+P to view the Print Calendar dialog box.

     Whilst in the Print Calendar dialog box, you can change the Print Range by selecting a From and
     To date. You will also be able to preview your calendar before printing.

     In the section titled What to Print, you can change the Calendar style to any of the following styles.

Daily style                           Monthly style                          To do list

Weekly style                          Rolling style                          Trifold style

Work week style                       Calendars style

     Click the Preview button to see what each of these options looks like.

     The Print Calendar dialog box contains an additional two tabs.

Printing the Calendar (CA12)                                                                               2
                                                                   Monash Messaging – Lotus Notes

      Page Setup                                       Calendar style

     In the Calendar Style tab, you can change the page types to suit one of the many commercial
     paper organisers on the market.

     In the Style Options section, you’ll be able to hide private entries or print the three-month banner at
     the top of all pages.

Printing the Calendar (CA12)                                                                             3

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