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Regarding: Heated Sample Line and Temperature Controller Quote
Quote No:

Thank you for your recent inquiry. We are pleased to submit the following quotation. Quotations
are guaranteed for 30 days and are shipped F.O.B. from our facility in Palatine IL. Please contact
me if you have any questions. Terms of payment are wire transfer or credit card for the first order.
For order placement, fax the Purchase Order to (847)991-8924 or mail to the address above.

  Part Number                   Item/Voltage                 Watts        Length/FT                                                     Price
     0723-10           10’ Heated Samp1e Line 120v             300            10                                                       $925.00
     0723-25           25’ Heated Samp1e Line 120v             750            25                                                      $1,350.00
     0723-50            50’ Heated Sample Line 120v           1500            50                                                      $1,830.00
    0723-100           100’ Heated Sample Line 120v           2500           100                                                      $3,195.00
  *0723-100HD          100’ Heated Sample Line 120v           3000           100                                                      $3,510.00
*HD series offers 3000w and triple insulation. Manufactured to have a continuous
operating temperature of 400°F at -20°F ambient temperature.

  Part Number                                             Item                                                                          Price
   0725RNT                  Universal Temperature Controller                                                                           $498.00

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    locations in the U.S. via FedEx Priority Overnight®. This service is provided free of charge to all Clean Air customers

Thank you,

Clean Air Engineering

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                                               Heated Sample Line

These flexible lines feature an electrically heat traced and insulated 3/8” Teflon sample line with
a stainless steel over braid and stainless steel tube ends, a !” Teflon calibration line, 3 pin
Amphenol power connector, and 2 type K thermocouples. Protected by a durable scuff resistant
extruded polyurethane jacket. *Temperature controller optional.

*Custom lengths, voltage, and configuration available
  Part Number          Voltage         Watts       Length/FT
     0723-10             120            300             10
     0723-25             120            750             25
     0723-50             120           1500             50
    0723-100             120           2500            100
  *0723-100HD            120           3000            100
    0725RNT               Universal Temperature Controller
*HD series offers 3000w and triple insulation. Manufactured to have a continuous
operating temperature of 400°F at -20°F ambient temperature.

                                    Universal Temperature Controller

 Part Number            0725RNT

The Universal Temperature Controller is used to
control heated sample lines, ovens, heated head
pumps, filters, and probes. This Controller can be
adapted to control almost any type of heating load.
The standard unit features a programmable digital
temperature controller, 25 amp circuit breaker, 25 amp
solid state relay output, type K thermocouple input,
and a 3 pin Amphenol electrical connector housed in a
compact aluminum enclosure.

*Call for options on thermocouple type, voltage, and power requirements

Weight: 3lbs
Dimensions: 8.5” x 5” x 3”

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