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13 colonies and Colonial NC Test by theolduni


									                                                         Name: _____________________ Date:________

                           13 colonies and Colonial NC Test
Part 1: Matching (match the Column A clue with the term in Column B)
                         Column A                                  Column B
____1. North Carolina Governor who angered citizens by demanding a            A. William Penn
       palace be built with tax money.                                        B. James Oglethorpe
____2. Cast away from Massachusetts for religious reasons, then settled       C. William Tryon
       Rhode Island.
                                                                              D. Thomas Cary
____3. Settled Pennsylvania as a colony of religious freedom.
                                                                              E. Roger Williams
____4. Settled Georgia as a debtor’s colony.
____5. Started a Carolina rebellion based on political power

                                 Column A                                               Column B
____6. Breadbasket of the Colonies                                            A. New England Colonies
____7. Consists of five colonies                                              B. Middle Colonies
____8. Consisted of mainly subsistence farming.                               C. Southern Colonies
____9. Massachusettes, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island               (above answers may be used
                                                                              more than once)
____10. Slavery was very economical

                                 Column A                                               Column B
____11. Group helped found Pennsylvania, was against slavery.                 A. Highland Scots
____12. German speaking people                                                B. Scots-Irish
____13. Traders of naval stores                                               C. Quakers
____14. Originated from Northern Ireland                                      D. Pennsylvania Dutch

                                 Column A                                               Column B
____15. Low class (unemployed)                                                A. Gentlefolk
____16. Slaves                                                                B. Bonded for life
____17. Middle Class (laborers)                                               C. People of a lesser sort
____18. Gentry                                                                (above answers may be used
                                                                              more than once)
Part 2: Multiple Choice
____19. Which statement correctly describes North Carolina’s Growth from 1670 to 1770?
         a. North Carolina’s early rapid growth slowed down after 1730.
         b. North Carolina’s slow growth finally picked up after 1730.
         c. North Carolina steadily lost population throughout the period.
____20. Choose the correct statement about North Carolina's first permanent colonists.
         a. They came south from Virginia and later Pennsylvania to settle available farmland.
         b. They came from England on voyages sponsored by Walter Raleigh.
         c. They came north from the failed farming experiments in Georgia.
____21. The sectional rivalries were primarily about
          a. political power.          b. land distribution           c. religion and slavery.
____22. Sectionalism grew in North Carolina because of
          a. its size and diversity.
          b. its lack of a permanent capital city.
          c. the dangers of pirates to the east and Native Americans to the west.
____23. Many of the specific sectional conflicts started over
         a. westward travel.                 b. taxes.                 c. King George II.
____24. Naval stores included _______.
         a. tobacco          b. corn                  c. rope                    d. pitch
____25. Which of the following was not a part of the early Albemarle government?
         a. President         b. Assembly            c. Cabinet       d. Governor
____26. Which of the following was a power of the Lords Proprietors?
         a. Build forts                             c. Establish towns and counties
         b. Collect taxes                           d. All the above
____27. What law led to Culpeper’s rebellion?
         a. Quitrent Act                              c. Vestry Act
         b. Navigation Acts                           d. Poll Tax
____28. What pirate is famous for hiding out and terrorizing shipping in the Outer Banks?
         a. Anne Bonny             b. Bluebeard         c. Blackbeard            d. Captain Kidd

Part 3: Chronological Order
Developing Carolina(Place the following events in order – 1st=A, 2nd=B, 3rd=C, 4th=D, 5th=E)
   ____29. A civil war in England leads to Charles II taking the royal crown.
   ____30. Carolina divides into North and South Carolina.
   ____31. Carolina is granted to the Lords Proprietors.
   ____32. Settlers from Virginia come to Carolana.
   ____33. Sir Robert Heath receives the land grant for Carolana.

Divisions within N. Carolina (Place the following events in order – 1st=A, 2nd=B, 3rd=C, 4th=D, 5th=E)
   ____34. A poll tax is enacted.
   ____35. William Tryon becomes governor of North Carolina.
   ____36. The Tryon Palace is ordered built.
   ____37. Battle of Alamance takes place.
   ____38. Regulator movement begin

Part 4: Mapping (Identify each southern colony)

                                                        ____39. North Carolina
                                                        ____40. Georgia

                          C                             ____41. South Carolina
                                                        ____42. Maryland
                      D                                 ____43. Virginia


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