Joseph Conrad's The Secret Sharer by theolduni


									Joseph Conrad’s

The Secret Sharer

 an introduction…
The Early Life of Joseph Conrad
• Born in 1857 in the Polish
• Father a political writer
• Both parents died by age 11 and
  lived with Uncle
• Moved to Paris at 17 to escape
  being drafted in the Russian
• Moved to England at 21 to
  pursue a career as a naval officer
  – spent 20 years at sea
Conrad’s Writing Career
• Not fluent in English until
• Wrote first book in 1889
• Continued traveling
  around the world
• Most famous for Heart of
  Darkness and Lord Jim
Later Life’s Challenges
         • Suicide attempt at 17
         • After being spurned by two
           women he loved, he married
           Jessie George in 1896. They
           had two children together.
         • Didn’t experience financial
           success and fame until
           around 1914
         • Died in 1924
Literary Themes in
The Secret Sharer
• Dualities of self
• Coming into adulthood and
• Alienation and Forgiveness
• Cain and Abel
• ‘There but for the grace of God go I’

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