The Secret Heart

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					The Secret Heart                                Review and Assess
Robert P. Tristram Coffin                          1. Whose memory is described in
        Across the years he could recall
                                                      the poem?
        His father one way best of all.

        In the stillest hour of night
        The boy awakened to a light.

5       Half in dreams, he saw his sire
                                                   2. What event is recalled in the
        With his great hands full of fire.            poem?

        The man had struck a match to see
        If his son slept peacefully.

        He held his palms each side the spark
10      His love had kindled in the dark.          3. What quality do both the speaker
                                                      and the son recognize in the
        His two hands were curved apart               father?
        In the semblance of a heart.

        He wore, it seemed to his small son,
        A bare heart on his hidden one.

15      A heart that gave out such a glow          4. The boy is “half in dreams”
        No son awake could bear to know.              during the incident. How might
        It should a look upon a face
                                                      being half asleep affect his
        Too tender for the day to trace.              impressions?

        One instant, it lit all about,
20      And then the secret heart went out.

        But it shone long enough for one
        To know that hands held up the sun.        5. What does the boy discover
                                                      about his father?