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          The Boston Tea Party

          After the French and Indian War (known in Europe as the "Seven
          Years War), England enacted a series of acts designed to raise
          revenue to help pay-off the expenses from this war and to increase the
          presence of British troops in the colonies to protect the colonists. The
          people in the colonies objected to these acts, stating that they limited
          their freedoms and were unfair. One of these acts placed a tax on tea,
          however, the Dutch East India Tea Company was exempt from this
          tariff. When their ships landed in Boston Harbor, a group of colonists
          dressed as Native Americans boarded the ship and dumped the tea
          overboard in protest of this act and the recent laws in general. This
          infuriated the British government and led to sanctions on Boston, which
          crippled their economy and served as a rallying point for all the
C   C     colonies as they gathered in support of the city.

          The Boston Tea Party; the event is important because it demonstrated
          the colonists feelings (or at least those of revolutionaries) of frustration
          regarding the taxes Britain was placing on tea from the East India
C   C     Trading Company
        The Boston Tea Party is the event depicted in the painting.

        It is important to U.S. history because the event encapsulates the
        general motion of events that led to the revolution (i.e. colonial
        opposition to various duties and other laws, tariffs, etc. deemed
C   C   unwarranted and unfair)

        The picture is portraying the Boston Tea Party. This event was one the
        preceded the Revolutionary War against Americans and the British;
        shows Americans disagreeing and rebelling against British laws and
A   C   taxes.

        Boston Tea Party
C   C   it was a protest against the tea act, and taxation without representation
C   C   The Boston Tea Party
C   A   The event portrayed in the photo is The Boston Tea Party.
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Pearl Harbor

Fact 1: Pearl Harbor is a harbor in Hawaii where much of the American
fleet was stationed in 1941.

Fact 2: On December 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

Fact 3: This bombing led to a declaration of war on Japan and the
United States' entrance into World War II.
                                                                          A      C        bdac   B
                                                                                 B- I'm
                                                                                 that the
                                                                                 was the
Pearl Harbor: Pearl Harbor was the US naval base in the Hawaiian                 one
islands that was attacked by the Japaese beginning world war two. The            where it
event itself took place on Dec. 7, 1941 and was seen by President                was an
Roosevelt as "a day that will live in infamy" because of the surprise            entire
nature of the attack. Though the US had fairly sophisticated radar               commun
technology, they believed it was an American squadron of planes and              ity of
not the Japanese. Though the Japanese and Nazis were allied forming              people
the Axis Powers, the US only declared war on the Japanese in the                 and
Pacific. It was not until some time later that the Germans declared war          therefor
on the United States. The attack itself was significant in bringing the          e would
US into WWII, but the Japanese attack failed to put the entire US naval          suggest
fleet in the Pacific out of commission. Instead, it angered the                  families
Americans and shortly afterward saw important, but hard-fought                   lived
American victories against the Japanese at Midway and elsewhere in               and
the Pacific.                                                                     worked
                                                                          A      there,   bdac   B
My famous place in American history is Pearl Harbor.

Fact 1: The Japanese reasoned that their military expansion throughout
the Pacific would eventually conflict with U.S. interests; therefore, the
Japanese chose to attack Pearl Harbor as a pre-emptive maneuver.

Fact 2: The Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor failed to disable the U.S.
Pacific fleet for more than several months, as the Battle of Midway aptly

Fact 3: Pearl Harbor became the catalyst for U.S. entry into WWII.            A   C   bdac   B

Pearl Harbor.

1: Pearl Harbor was an American Navy Base in Hawaii
2: The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor during World War II causing
mass destruction and outrage among the American public
3: The Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor was a main factor that
pushed the United States to enter World War II in 1941                        A   C   bdac   B

pearl harbor
Fact 1- pearl harbor was attacked on December 7 1941 by the Japanese
Fact 2-Pearl harbor is a large military base in Hawaii
Fact 3- the attack on the U.S soil was the final straw that brought us into
World War II
                                                                              A   C   bdac   B
Pearl Harbor                                                                  A   C   bdac   D
Pearl Harbor.                                                                 A   C   bdac   B
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Southern- and eastern-European immigration to
the U.S. greatly decreased between the first
decade of the 1900's (1901-1910) and the

In the early 1900's, the U.S. passed a series of
laws limiting immigration.                         D    A

                                                 I don't
In the early 20th century there were many        any of
millions of European immigrants who came to      the
the US for better opportunities, but also to     answe
escape political and economic hardships like the rs to
potatoes blights that left many with hardly any  this
food to survive. However, in subsequent          questi
decades, the number of immigrants decreased on . .
as the US (I believe) utilized quotas for the    .
number of immigrants would could enter the       maybe
country.                                           C?    A
The pattern of southern and eastern European
migration between 1901 and 1930 shows a
continued, substantial reduction of immigration.

This pattern occurred as a result of several anti-
immigration laws passed in the 1920s that
effectively curtailed the immigration of
south/east Europeans as well as several other
nationalities.                                     D   A
Between the years 1901 to 1930, immigration of
Southern and Eastern Europeans to the United
States declined greatly. Each decade during this
period saw a significant decrease in immigrants.

One reason this occurred was do to the rise of
Hitler and the Fascist movement in the early
20th century which placed tight controls on
these regions, specifically against the Jewish
population.                                        D   D

don't know                                     D       D
                                               D       A
Southern and Eastern European migration to he United States declined greatly between 1901 and 1930. The pattern occurred beca
?                                              C       D
                                                                er to
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In the mid-1930's, Hitler rose to power in Germany and
German troops began invading Czechlosovachia, Austria,
and other European nations. As Great Britain and other
European nations tried to stop them, the United States was
torn over what to do. On the one hand, they wanted to help
their allies (Great Britain, France) and the countries that
were being taken over by Germany. On the other hand,
memories of the horrors of World War I remained and many
were staunching against becoming involved in another
foreign war. Pearl Harbor resolved those questions by not
only making the decision for the U.S., but uniting both those
who had been for and who had been against the war.              D

Stimson probably felt relief because the US tried to remain
neutral in the conflict and the unprovoked attack by the
Japanese would give the American people and Congress
every motivation to enter WWII. The US had supplied the
British with weapons, supplies, and other materials for the
war effort, but desired to remain out of the conflict. The      C? I
surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, something which created a      really
space for all Americans to be outraged by Japan, an ally of     don't
Germany, to support a declaration of war against Japan and      know
thus enter into WWII.                                           ...
Stimson may have felt relief because the U.S. had been
excluding itself from a highly volatile global conflict.
Germany and Japan had emerged from the 1930s as highly
aggressive military powers; Japan was rapidly conquering
nations in the Pacific and Germany had abused
appeasement and finally invaded Poland in 1939, causing
France and Britain to declare war on Germany. Germany,
Italy, and Japan formed the Axis, and this colossal force was
bound to directly threaten the U.S. at some future point, as
Europe seemed on the verge of defeat. Political elements
(largely republicans) in congress continued to keep the U.S.
from providing anything more than token support for any
European or Pacific nations. In spite of this, many people,
including Roosevelt, thought the U.S. should join the war.    D

Stimson felt relief that the United States would now declare
war and finally enter World War II as a direct result of the
attack. He appears to be referring to his relief over the issue
of whether or not America should enter the war finally being
decided by the attack, and not the massive destruction and
loss of lives that resulted. The American people would now
be uniform in their support for America's entrance in the war. D

Americans were split on whether or not to enter into fighting
during WWII. Many wanted to remain outwardly neutral,
Stimson did not. Once Pearl Harbor was attacked, many
American who wanted to remain neutral changed their minds. C
The United States had multiple treaties with European nations D would urge them to enter the war, but there were fears the Amer
In this quote, Stimson was saying that his feeling of relief was not over the tragedy that happened at Pearl Harbor, but over the fact
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Sharecropping is a system in which tenants
work the land and in return receive a share
of the crop or money earned. After the Civil
War, African Americans in the South were
free but they owned no land and had few
other ways to earn a living, therefore, many
former slaves became sharecroppers on the
land of their former owners. Most
sharecroppers ended up in severe debt and
effectively became slaves again because of
this debt.                                   D    B      A

Sharecropping came about after the Civil
War and slavery was abolished. However,
as Frederick Douglass points out, the
reconstruction measures of the South failed
to give out land to ex-slaves to begin there
own independent farming plots.
Consequently, ex-slaves with little other
option for work and a place to live remained
largely on the same farms they worked on
as slaves. As payment for their labor to the
owner of the farm, slaves received a portion
of the harvest to sell and use as they saw
fought, and thus the term "sharecropping"    D?   B?     A
Sharecropping was the so-called "solution"
to slavery, whereby ex slaves farmed or
otherwise "worked" a piece of land for ex
slave owners, and were in return allocated
"an acre and a mule" to farm and support
themselves and their families. This land
given to the ex slaves was rented, and the
proceeds from the ex slaves' crops were
meant to finance the rent. This system
created a cycle of dependence that
effectively continued the institution of
slavery uninterrupted.                       D         B        A

Sharecropping is a system in which land is
divided among various laborers by the
owner. While such a system provided ex-
slaves with some land to work with, the
system did not give the laborer actual
ownership of the land, as Douglass states.   D         A        A

Sharecropping is when landowners allow
people to use their land to grow crops, but in
return are entitled to a portion of what they
grow. Sharecroppers did not really own their
land, and they often gave a large portion of
it away to the landowner.                      D      B       A
                                               D      owned by another for a small share of the profits that come from it. The farm
Sharecropping is where a farmer works a piece of land B       A
?                                              D      B       A
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Japan is located very close to the
junction of the Eurasian, Phillippine and
Pacific Tectonic Plates. The direction of
the Eurasian Plate causes it to hit the
Philippine and Pacific plates coming
from the opposite direction. This
pressure causes the plates to shake,
creating earthquakes in nearby Japan.     B

Tectonic plates converge toward one
another and the subsequent forces due
to the breaking, shifting, or movement of
the plates cause earthquakes              B
The process that causes earthquakes in
Japan stems from the existence of a
plate boundary located on Japan's
eastern flank. The Philippine Plate is
forced under the Eurasian plate, and this
shifting causes earthquakes and also
explains Japan's volcanic activity.       B
Earthquakes in Japan are a result of
Japan being surrounded by two other
plates: the Philippine plate and the
pacific Plate. The three plates move
against one another, resulting in a
border along Japan of mass tension and
placing Japan in a very vulnerable
location. When the colliding plates shift
along this border, earthquakes are
caused.                                   B

Three tectonic plates meet just off the
south eastern coast of Japan. The
Eurasian plate pushes south east, while
the Philippine plate and the pacific plate
push northwest. These plates are always
moving slightly, but as pressure builds
over time the plates can ‘jump’, which
causes an earthquake.                       B
There are three tectonic plates that meet right off the eastern coast of Japan. If all three plates shift it can cause intense earthquake
The shifting of tectonic plates cause earthquakes.
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In the cartoon, the man in the large car
represents developed countries. Although
this man is concerned about the
environment in that he doesn't want a tree
cut down, he is oblivious to the fact that his
large car is using fossil fuels and emitting
carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. The
man cutting down the tree, on the other
hand, uses a donkey for transportation
which is much better for the environment
than the car. The artist is pointing out that
sometimes people can become so centered
on one part of an issue (in this case,
preserving trees) that they lose sight of the
overall picture.                                 C                 C

The cartoon takes issue with the fact that
developed countries, which produce the
overwhelming majority of greenhouse gases
into the atmosphere with the burning of coal
and petroleum gasoline for cars are
criticizing a farmer for chopping down a tree.
 Suggests the bot is calling the kettle black,                     C - latitude being
and that the real issue shouldn't be these                         the horizontal lines
farmers chopping down trees, but rather the                        around the Earth
developed countries being the major                                with the equator
contributors to the problem                    B                   being at 0 degrees
Developing nations require a great amount
of natural resources to feed their
manufacturing, agriculture, and other
economic sectors. These nations do not
place as much value upon environmental
conservation, pollution reduction, etc.
because they curtail economic development.
 Developed nations, on the other hand, have
already experienced the adverse effects of
pollution and overuse of certain resources,
and no longer possess large scale
manufacturing industries that would be
hindered by environmental legislation.
Therefore, developed nations are much
more concerned with environmental issues
because they would not be negatively effect
to the extent that developing nations would. C                      C

The cartoon shows how one man is being
reprimanded for cutting down a tree, which
leads to more greenhouse gases being let
out, by another man, who is driving in a car
that is emitting gases that like wise
increases the greenhouse effect. It shows
how both men are committing actions that
increase the greenhouse effect and are bad
for the environment, but in different ways.    C                       C
The guy cutting down the tree seems to be
some kind of farmer (he represents
developing or underdeveloped countries),
while the guy in the car looks like a red-
blooded, gas guzzling American consumer
(he represents developed countries).
Environmentalists in the U.S. tend to worry
about deforestation and things like that
(which is important), but forget about all of
the other ways our lifestyles harm the
environment, which is really where the
problem lies.                                  B                       C
                                               C                       atmosphere and relying on the poor neighbor to keep their fore
The artist portrays the developing nations as emitting toxins into the A
Hypocrisy is the underlying concept in this    C                       C
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A                 Rainforest, Brazil   C

                                       Gosh . . . A? I
                                       know there's
                                       important about
                                       glaciers to the
                                       Midwest . . . I think.
                                       Embarrassing that I
                                       don't know this as a
A                 Rainforest           Midwesterner
    The vegetation
    would be called
    tropical. The region
A   may include Brazil. A

    Rain forest plants;
D   Costa Rica            C
    This would be a
    rainforest. The
    United States has
    rainforests in the
    pacific northwest
    (Washington state),
    but broad leafed
    trees would occur
    in tropical
    rainforests in
A   countries like Brazil A
A                          a
    The area described isC rainforest. They can be found throughout Central and South America. While most pe
A   The Amazon Rain A
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1. Environmentalist/someone who has studied the
weather: Can identify the changes taking place and where
they are heading.
2. Economicist: Can advise as to the economic
3. Someone who knows the people in the area and health
4. Someone in the govenment who has insight into
convincing governments to make the necessary changes. B                          D

Botanist - expert on plants: discuss how desertification
could be stopped by utilizing certain plants; identifiying
which plants would be best depending on region, climate
Ecologist - expert on earth ecology: discuss how
desertification occurs and its impacts on wildlife, animals,
and ecosystems and how to go about changing this
without harming the local ecosystems that are present
Zoologist - experts on animals: determine the animals that
live in a desert and what local animals could live/thrive if
the areas were changed
Can't think of a 4th . . .                                     Bq                D
I do not know what desertification is.                          B   D
1) Constructional Engineer- to aid in the construction of
any new land or water systems, or to fix and adapt older

2) Environmental Scientist- to provided relevant and
insightful information about the causation of desertification
and to assist in finding ways to prevent it.

3) Agricultural Technician- to help survey the land and
provide information about the specif regions being
analyzed                                                        B   D
Anthropologist- to study the effect that desertification has
had on populations living in the area, and ways people
have caused the desertification

Environmental scientist-to look at what environmental
factors are causing desertification to examine how it is
effecting wildlife in the area

Geologist-to examine how the earth is specifically being
effected, and how it has changed

Urban planner/engineer-to help think of ways to bring           B   D
Geologist- to study the composition of the land                 B   D
1) An expert in global warming - This expert, scientist,        B   D - It was written by women in the women's move
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                                                          In Lincoln's description of the
                                                          United States government, he
                                                          meant that the U.S. was formed
                                                          as a democracy, with everyday
                                                          citizens voting and leading the
1. Helping with a candidate's                             government rather than the army,
political campaign                                        a certain political party, or a ruling
2. Encouraging others to vote and                         family as in some forms of
to register to vote                  C                    government.

                                                          Of the people - meaning that the
Can serve on the candidate's staff                        government is made up of an
working for them                                          elected body of representatives of
Can be an advocate for a candidate                        the people who elect them; By the
by traveling around the                                   people - the government is
neighborhood making people aware                          created to govern the people
fo the candidate and their positions,                     because the people will it to exist;
organizing fund raising events, and                       For the people - the government
making phone calls encouraging                            is meant to protect and serve the
people to vote                        C                   people and their beliefs
                                            "of the people" means that the
                                            government consists of citizens
                                            that hold positions of authority;
                                            "by the people" means that the
                                            government was created at the
                                            behest and consent of the
                                            (majority of) citizens; and "for the
1. working for a PAC                        people" means that the
                                            government exists at the citizens'
2. working for a candidate as part of       pleasure to carry out and facilitate
his campaign staff                    C     the general will of the citizens.

1) Citizens can volunteer on
election day at the polls, assisting
those who are voting                        In my opinions, Lincoln meant that
                                            an ideal government is made up
2) Citizens can help promote a              of citizens of said government
specific candidate, party, or opinion       who are elected by other citizens
by distributing pamphlets, hosting          of that government, and its
rallies and conferences, or creating        function is to help protect and
fund raisers                            C   ensure the rights of those citizens.
                                            Of the people- American citizens
                                            can (and should) run for office if
                                            they think they can do the job
                                            better than the people who are
                                            currently doing it
they can work for their party, making
phone calls and campaigning for             By the people- citizens have the
their candidate                             right to vote for and elect the
                                            person that they think is best
They can volunteer to work at a             suited for the job. The people
polling place                               make the decisions, not the elite
                                        C   or those who are in government.
Volunteering for a campaign or          C   of the people- the people who run
1) Grass roots movements.               A   He meant that the people should rule - directly or indirectly - as the gove
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Legislative: Makes laws: The President
(executive branch) can veto the laws.

Executive: Enforces laws: The Supreme
Court (judicial branch) can declare the laws

Judicial: Evaluates the laws: The
President (executive branch) appoints
members of the court; the Senate (part of
the legislative branch) has to approve the
appointments.                                  D                 A

Branch: Legislative - Power: make laws -
Limitations: President can veto; Supreme
Court can declare legislation
Branch: Executive - Power: President/head
of state - Limitations: Legislative can
overturn Presidential veto and vote to
impeach the President; Supreme Court
rules over impeachment
Branch: Judicial - Power: Supreme Court -
Limitations - Judges can be impeached;
legislative elects new members of Supreme
Court                                     D                      A?
   Limit Power
Legislative     make laws
    Executive Veto

Executive administration of state
  Impeached by congress

Judicial      Judicial Review
  judges can be impeached                   D   A

Legislative: makes laws, executive branch
can veto law

Executive: power to declare war, approval
must be granted by congress

Judicial: overseas the federal courts,
judges can be impeached                     D   A

legislative makes laws president can
executive commands military congress
declares war
judicial    amedn the constitution judges
can be impeached                          D     A
Legislative: makes laws: president can    D     A
Legislative: makes laws: can reject/      D     D
          Answers to item #35                 Answer to item #36

1. Gerrymandering: Congressional
districts are sometimes drawn in such a
way to maximize the number of
representatives from a particular political

2. Traditional boundaries: Depending
on how and in what order towns sprung
up, congressional districts might take on
the shape of that order.                  A

Irregular shapes of the counties can be
made by two components: arbitrary
boundaries created by the state and
natural bodies, like rivers                   A
1. Districts are partially determined by
their population's demographic

2.                                         A

1) District boundaries were assigned by
town, not state

2) I have no idea.                         C

gerrymandering; to create districts with
predominantly republican or democratic
citizens                                   C
District boundaries may be based upon      A
1) Re-districting                          A
                Answers to item #37                               Answers to item #38

1. The United Nations decision on whether or not to
send military aid: While in reality the UN has a lot of   1. Public relations campaign:
biases, its theoretical role is make fair decisions       Getting the public on your side will
about what is best for the nations in the world as a      exhort greater pressure on those
whole.                                                    making the laws.

2. Goals of Corollia: Why did Corollia invade             2. Writing to / Talking with local
Teresia? Are they planning on developing nuclear          officials in a position to change the
weapons from the stores of uranium?                       laws.

Why Teresia was invaded in the first place - if the
invasion on the part of Corollia was due to
aggressions made by Teresia then Corollia would be
merely reacting to protect itself rather than acting as
an aggressor                                            Educate the population about alcohol
                                                        and the number of deaths due to
How much military aid would Teresia need and            drunk driving
information on Corollia forces - if the US were to aid
Teresia determining how much military support was Suggestions and alternatives for
needed would be important in bringing a swift end to when alcohol is consumed of
the Corollia invasion as well as what they were up      resources available if one needs to
against so as to ensure victory with a limited loss of get somewhere - ex. taxi, designated
life                                                    driver, etc.
                                                        1. Contact your local congressman.
                                                        This step is fundamental in order to
                                                        gauge local interest. Also, your
                                                        congressman has more to gain from
1. What circumstances caused Corollia to invade         at least listening to you, and is
Teresia? This is important because the U.S. should      usually predisposed to do so.
not intervene in regional conflicts were the invading
nation may have just cause.                              2. Organize an event with other
                                                        SADD groups that creates
2. Should Corollia be allowed to possess uranium?       awareness. Exposure in the
Armed with nuclear capabilities (if uranium provided    newspaper, or in general, may
such capabilities), would Corollia be a destabilizing   encourage other people to advocate
force within the region or a threat to the U.S.?        your views.
                                                        1) Create a committee to gain
1) Why did Corollia invade Teresia? Perhaps             support for your cause with others
Teresia was in the wrong or was exhibiting              who feel the same way. A large
threatening or inhuman practices, in which case         enough committee, with others
America should not defend Teresia.                      backing you up, will help spread the
                                                        word for your cause, raise money
2) What kind of relations exist between Corollia and    and awareness, and get attention.
the United States? For example, is Corollia also an
ally? The United States needs to consider the          2) Draft a petition and circulate if to
implications of an attack on Corollia based on this    friends and your community; after
information.                                           receiving adequate support and
                                                       1)You could start a petition in your
                                                       town to get stricter laws and send it
1) Is Corollia also an American ally? If it is, we may to city or state government. Individual
not want to lose them by helping Teresia. If they are letters can be ignored, but a petition
not, we may be more willing to help Teresia.           with many signatures carries a little
2) What natural or manmade resources does              more weight.
Corollia possess that may be of interest to us, and    2) work with a social studies teacher
where are these countries located? If Corollia’s       to create a Project Citizen research
resources are even more valuable right now, we         project and present your findings and
probably want to remain neutral. Also, depending on suggestions to local government
our other allies in the region, we may not have to get officials
What are the European countries Teresia supplies       Start a campaign to collect
1) Why has Teresia been living in exile?               1) Petition the government: Create a
Answer to item #39       Answers to item #40                     Answers to item #41

                                                      Mary has more money to spend in the
                     1. Tom should consider           short run than Leticia does.
                     whether or not interest rates
                     are going up or down.            In the long-term, Leticia will have more
                                                      money to spend than Mary.
                     2. Tom should consider
                     whether other investments        Mary might feel that she needs things now
                     such as stocks or mutual         or has bills that need to be paid now and
                     funds would be better places     that is more important than worrying about
B                    to invest.                       the future.

                     How quickly he needs access      In the short term, Leticia has less money
                     to the money - if he can't       to spend as she's saving a portion of it
                     withdraw for 2 years it's        while Mary has more to spend
                     effective $1,000 he has to be    Long term, Leticia will earn interest on her
                     able to go without for a while   savings and end up with more money than
                     The rate of interest that he     she started with when she began saving
                     gets on his money - if the       while Mary will have the amount she
                     interest rate isn't great it     started with/has left after spending it
                     might be better to hang onto     Financial needs of the individuals, age,
                     the money and use it rather      whether they have dependents, family
                     than save it to get a measly     members, etc. would influence their
A                    return                           choices to save or not
                                   Short-term: Leticia will have less money to
                                   use in her daily life (buy a house, pay bills,
                                   go on vacations, etc.) and Mary will have
                                   more money for these activities and enjoy
                                   a slightly higher standard of living.

                                   Long-term: Leticia's standard of living will
                                   increase or remain constant in retirement
                                   as she draws on her savings, but Mary will
                                   have no income or source of capital to
                                   maintain her standard of living, causing it
                                   to fall.

                                   Factors: Perhaps Mary has a family that
                                   requires her to spend more money in the
    1. Interest rate               present, while Leticia does not; Mary may
                                   be younger than Leticia and does not feel
A   2. Present value of investment the need to save for retirement at an early
                                   Short Term: Leticia has less money each
    1) Can Tom afford to not       week to spend; Mary has more money
    withdraw any of the money for each week to spend
    2 years? what is Tom's
    current financial status?      Long Term: Leticia will have a decent
                                   amount of money saved up for when she
    2) Tom should also consider retires; Mary will not have money saved up
    the current economic status    for retirement and may be forced to retire
    of the nation; will interest   later as a result.
    rates decrease during this
B   time?                          Maybe Mary has a family to support and
                                   Mary will seem to have more money,
                                   Leticia may struggle week to week
                                   When Leticia retires she will live
                                   comfortably, when Mary retires she will
                                   struggle to live on only social security
    1) what is the yearly interest Leticia may have had parents who saved,
    rate                           or may have struggled in her youth and
    2) does he have any big        wants to make sure she doesn’t in her old
    changes coming up in the       age. Mary may have not have had a good
    next two years that he may     economic example to look to, and may
    need the money for             have been used to living a certain type of
B                                  lifestyle.
B   Tom should consider whether Mary is contributing more to the local
A   ?                              Short-term: Leticia must spend less now
Answer to item #42 Answer to item #43         Answer to item #44          Answer to item #45

                                          Sandra will have more
                                          money in her college
                                          savings account than
                                          Miriam. First, Sandra's
                                          savings account has been
                                          earning 8% interest for 14
                                          more years than Miriam's.
                                          Second, this interest is
                                          compounded, so she has
                                          been earing not 8% on the
                                          $10,000, but 8% on $10,000
                                          plus the previous year's
C                 B                       interest.                  C

                                          Sandra will have more
                                            Sandra's $10,000 has had
                                          more time to earn interest
                                            Miriam's has only earned
                                          interest for 4 years by the
                                          time she's 18, therefore less
                                          time to earn interest as both
                  B or C . . . I really   accounts have earned the        D or B . . . I would
C                 don't know              same interest rates             assume D?
        Sandra will have more
        money in the account when
        she turns 18.

        1. The money has generated
        interest for 14 more years
        than Miriam's

C   C   2.                             D

        1) Each year, Sandra's total
        amount grows due to the
        added funds from interest
        rates, therefore, each year
        she receives a high amount
        of money for interest rates.

        2) Sandra's money was in
C   C   longer, therefore she has      D

        Sandra will have more
        money. Because Sandra’s
        $10,000 has been collecting
        interest for 14 more years
C   A   than Miriam’s $10,000       C
C   C   Sandra would have more      D
C   C                               B
        Sandra's would have more money because she has had a large sum of money in an acc
                                                            Answers to item
Answer to item #46 Answer to item #47 Answer to item #48         #49

                                                           1. The government
                                                           might be trying to
                                                           increase its

                                                           2. The government
                                                           might be trying to
                                                           protect American
                                                           companies and by
                                                           increasing the price
                                                           of foreign products
                                                           in order to
                                                           encourage people
                                                           to buy products
D                 C                  D                     made in the U.S.

                                                           1) to protect the
                                                           native country's
                                                           industry that
                                                           creates that product
                                                           2) Make the
                                                           imported product
                                                           more expensive to
                                                           sell than the local
A                 C                  D                     product
            1. Protect a
            fledgling industry
            (or industry that
            carries some
            importance such as
            national security)

            2. Protect workers
            from losing
            employment if an
            industry cannot
            compete with
            counterparts (the
            "keep jobs in the
D   C   D   U.S." argument)
            1) To discourage
            the product from
            being important

            2) To limit the
            quantity of the
            product being

C   A   D
            1)to force the sale
            price of the
            imported good to
            increase, making
            the domestic
            equivalent a better
            2)to encourage
            foreign companies
            to open
D   D   B   facilities and offices
D   C   C   Hey look, this question fried my brain.
C   D   D   1) To encourage
        Answers to item #50

As the unemployment rate rises,
spending will likely decrease because
more people are out of work.
However, if the rate of inflation falls,
their money will buy more than it did
before and people will buy more than
they did before.

If people spend more, then hopefully
companies can eventually hire more

I don't know.

Spending is likely to decrease slightly
as with unemployment more people
are less willing to spend money but
with inflation falling it means products
will cost less as well
As spending on products decreases,
output of production should also
The rising unemployment rate will
likely have a greater effect than
falling interest rates, and the effect
should be a decrease in overall

A decrease in consumer/business
spending results in diminished output

real GDP will fall
1) Spending is likely to decrease
because a decreasing rate of inflation
will cause prices to go up, and a rise
of unemployment means less people
have funds to allocate to spending.

2) Spending and output are directly
related; as output increases, so does

3) Real gross domestic product will
spending will drop. When
unemployment rates rise, people get
nervous that they will lose their job
and try to save money

When people do not spend, there is
lower demand for products.
production output rates drop and
people are laid off

Real gross domestic product drops
when spending, demand, and output
Based on the headline, it would seem
C       C       A       C       bdac       B       D
    1       1       1       1          1       1       1
    1       1       1       0          1       1       0
    1       1       1       1          1       1       1
    0       1       1       1          1       1       1
    1       1       1       1          1       1       1
    1       1       1       1          1       0       1
    1       0       1       1          1       1       0
A       D
    1       1
    1       0
    1       1
    0       1
    0       0
    1       1
    0       1
C       C       D       D       C       D
    1       0       0       1       1       1
    1       0       0       0       1       1
    1       1       1       1       1       1
    1       1       1       0       0       1
    1       0       0       1       0       0
    1       1       1       1       1       0
    1       1       0       0       0       1
         history     civics   geo   economics
Case 1           1                   0.714286
Case 2    0.666667                   0.428571
Case 3           1                   0.857143
Case 4    0.777778                   0.714286
Case 5    0.777778                   0.428571
Case 6    0.888889                   0.857143
Case 7    0.666667                   0.428571

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