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					REV#2 – 3/17/10
UniSpec II                                                                                                       051009



1.1        SUMMARY

      A.   Section Includes:
           1.     Ceramic floor tile.
           2.     Ceramic tile base.
           3.     Ceramic wall tile.
           4.     Porcelain tile.

      B.   Related Sections:
           1.     Section 03312 - Cast-In-Place Concrete Slabs: Flooring substrate finish and preparation.
           2.     Section 07900 - Joint Sealers: Sealant at tile penetrations and control/construction joints.
           3.     Section 09250 - Gypsum Board Systems: Tile backer material for wall tile substrate.
           4.     Section 10260 – Wall and Corner Guards: Surface applied corner guards on tile.

      C.   Products Supplied by Wal-Mart Supplier and Installed by the Contractor Under This Section: Under Provisions of
           Section 01640, Wal-Mart's supplier will furnish the following to be installed by the Contractor:
           1.     Ceramic Tile CT-2 and CT-3 (cove base) including setting materials, additives, leveling compound,
                  transition strip, and accessories as required for the installation of CT-2 tile and CT-3 cove base.
           2.     Wal-Mart supplied products shall be as specified in the MATERIALS paragraph below.
           3.     Products will be supplied to the job site as a bundle complete and ready for installation.
           4.     Wal-Mart Supplier: Haines, Jones & Cadbury, Inc, (800) 459-7099.

1.2        REFERENCES

      A.   The publications listed below form a part of this specification to the extent referenced. Publications are referenced
           within the text by the basic designation only.

      B.   American National Standards Institute (ANSI):
           1.    ANSI A108.1 - Installation of Ceramic Tile (Includes ANSI A108.1A-C, 108.4 -.13, A118.1-.12, ANSI
           2.    ANSI A108.5 - Installation of Ceramic Tile with Dry-Set Portland Cement Mortar or Latex Portland
                 Cement Mortar.
           3.    ANSI A118.1 - Dry-Set Portland Cement Mortar.
           4.    ANSI A118.4 - Latex-Portland Cement Mortar.
           5.    ANSI A137.1 - Specifications for Ceramic Tile.

      C.   Tile Council of North America, Inc. (TCNA):
           1.     TCA Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation.


      A.   Conform to ANSI A137.1.


      A.   Section 01600 - Product Requirements: Transport, Handle, Store, and Protect Products.

      B.   Deliver and store packaged materials in original containers with seals unbroken and labels intact until time of use.

      C.   Prevent damage or contamination to materials by water, freezing, foreign matter, and other causes.
                                                       09310 - 1

Lincolnton, NC - 1209 - 0920039                                                                     October 15, 2009
REV#2 – 3/17/10
REV#2 – 3/17/10

      A.   Do not install adhesives in a closed, unventilated environment.

      B.   Maintain 50 degrees F during installation of mortar materials.

1.6        MAINTENANCE

      A.   Extra Materials: Provide one unopened box of wall and floor tile with label indicating store number and date.
           Submit to Wal-Mart Construction Manager at Date of Substantial Completion.



      A.   Products specified herein, except Wal-Mart furnished materials, shall be direct purchased by the General
           Contractor from a pre-negotiated supplier. Reference Section 01600 for additional information regarding Direct
           Purchase Products. Pre-negotiated supplier shall be as follows:
           1.    Haines, Jones & Cadbury, Inc, Contact: Customer Service, (800) 459-7099, fax (479) 756-8998, Email:


      A.   Ceramic Tile: Provide products by the following manufacturers as specified:
           1.    American Olean Tile Company, Dallas, TX.
           2.    Crossville Ceramics, Crossville, TN.
           3.    Dal-Tile Corporation, Dallas, TX.
           4.    StonePeak Ceramics, Chicago, IL.

      B.   Floor Leveling Compound: Provide products by any of the following as specified:
           1.     Laticrete International, Bethany, CT.
           2.     Mapei Corporation, Deerfield Beach, FL.

      C.   Mortar and Grout: Provide products by the following manufacturers as specified:
           1.    Laticrete International, Bethany, CT.

2.3        MATERIALS

      A.   Floor and wall tile: Provide tile and grout specified herein as applicable as shown on the drawings. Provide sizes
           specified or as shown on the drawings. Provide only products specified. Provide product of one of the
           manufacturers where more than one is specified. Provide matching inside and outside corners, and trim. Provide
           matching 2 inch cove base unless specified otherwise.
           1.      CT-1 (White)
                   a.    0100 Gloss White by Dal-Tile.
           2.      CT-2 (Red): (Wal-Mart furnished, Contractor installed)
                   a.    River Red, by StonePeak.
           3.      CT-3 (Red): Cove base (Wal-Mart furnished, Contractor installed).
                   a.    Same as CT-2.
           4.      CT-6 (Medium Tan):
                   a.     K174 Mexican Sand, by Dal-Tile.
                   b.    122 Kerton Brown, by American Olean.
           5.      CT-7 (Brown):
                   a.    Q181 Cotto, by Dal-Tile.
                   b.    107 Russet, by American Olean.
           6.      CT-8 (Dark Green):
                   a.    K112 Timberline, by Dal-Tile.
                                                      09310 - 2

Lincolnton, NC - 1209 - 0920039                                                                  October 15, 2009
REV#2 – 3/17/10
REV#2 – 3/17/10
                  b.     103 Hunter Green, by American Olean.
            7.    CT-9 (Light Brown) : Accent Tile.
                  a.     160022 Rialto Terra, Venetian Stone Collection Series, by Del Conca.
                  b.     TV0T06 Tuscan Valley Adobe Sunset, by Mannington.
            8.    CT-10 (Dark Blue):
                  a.     K189 Navy, by Dal-Tile.
                  b.     117 Navy, by American Olean.
        2   9.    CT-11 (Brown):
                  a.     TL1224 Extra Forrest, by StonePeak.
            10.   CT-12 (Lt. Tan):
                  a.     Semi-Gloss, D-0136 Fawn, by Dal-Tile.
                  b.     159 Taupe Mist, by American Olean.
            11.   CT-15 (Black):
                  a.     K111, Black, by Dal-Tile.
                  b.     49 Gloss Black, by American Olean.
            12.   CT-16 (Tan):
                  a.      Keystone Select, D175 Mexican Sand Speckle, by Dal-Tile.
                  b.     11633 Speckled Pecan, by Crossville.
            13.   CT-17 (Almond):
                  a.      Semi Gloss, 0135 Almond, by Dal-Tile.
                  b.     12 Gloss Almond, by American Olean.
            14.   CT-18 (Brown): Sanitary Floor Cove Molding
                  a.     Extra Forrest, by StonPeak.
            2            1)      Cove Base: TL212 by StonePeak.
                         2)      Cove Outside Corner: TL2OC by StonePeak.
            15.   CT-19 (Ivory):
                  a.     Ivory, Limestone Series, by StonePeak.
        2   16.   CT-20 (Brown) Accent Tile:
                  a.     TL0312 Extra Forrest, by StonePeak Ceramics.
            17.   CT-24 (Orange):
                  a.      Semi Gloss, Q090 Pumpkin Spice, by Dal-Tile.
            18.   CT-25 (Ivory): Desert, Terrain Series, by StonePeak.
                  a.     CT-25A: 12x12 field tile.
                  b.     CT-25B: 3x12 accent tile.
                  c.     CT-25C: 12x12 triangle tile.
                  d.     CT-25D: HWG0612020 6x12 field tile
            19.   CT-26 (Ivory): Same as CT-25
            20.   CT-27 (Deep Ivory):
                  a.     Dusty Trail, Terrain Series by StonePeak.
            21.   CT-31: 6 x 6 inch (Crossville) or 2 x 2 inch (Dal-Tile). If 2 x 2 inch tiles are used, 9 tiles shall be installed
                  for each 6 x 6 inch tile shown on the Drawings.
                  a.     A634 Terra Rosata, by Crossville Ceramics.
                  b.     6549 Matte Cotto, by Dal-Tile.
            22.   CT-32: 6 x 6 inch (Crossville) or 2 x 2 inch (Dal-Tile). If 2 x 2 inch tiles are used, 9 tiles shall be installed
                  for each 6 x 6 inch tile shown on the Drawings.
                  a.     A310 Bamboo, by Crossville.
                  b.     6536 Matte Spice, by Dal-Tile.
            23.   CT-33: 6 x 6 inch (Crossville) or 2 x 2 inch (Dal-Tile). If 2 x 2 inch tiles are used, 9 tiles shall be installed
                  for each 6 x 6 inch tile shown on the Drawings.
                  a.     B410 Doges Gold, by Crossville.
                  b.     6547 Matte Mustard, by Dal-Tile.
            24.   CT34: (Caramel):
                  a.      Carmamel, Crystal Stone, by Marazzi

   B.       Mortar:
            1.    Dry Set Portland Cement Mortar: ANSI A118.1.
            2.    Latex-Portland Cement Mortar: ANSI A118.4
                                                   09310 - 3

Lincolnton, NC - 1209 - 0920039                                                                       October 15, 2009
REV#2 – 3/17/10
REV#2 – 3/17/10
      C.   Grout: SpectraLOCK Grout by Laticrete.
           1.     G-1: (Dark Gray) Platnum #42 by Laticrete.
           2.     G-2: (Dark Gray) Platnum #42 by Laticrete. (Wal-Mart furnished, Contractor installed)
           3.     G-3: (Lt. Tan): Parchment #61, by Laticrete.
           4.     G-4: (Brown): Chestnut Brown #1266 by Laticrete.
           5.     G-5: (Ivory) Almond #85 by Laticrete.
           6.     G-6: (Tan) Mocha #35 by Laticrete.
           7.     G-10: Quarry Red #46, by Laticrete.
           8.     G-13: (Beige) Sand Beige #30, by Laticrete.
           9.     G-14: Mushroom #39, by Laticrete.
           10.    G-15: (Black) Raven #45, by Laticrete.

      D.   Grout Cleaning Additive: LATICRETE SpectraLOCK PRO Cleaning Additive.

      E.   Floor Leveling Compounds and Primer:
           1.     Ultraplan M20, by Mapei.
                  a.     Primer: Ultraprime L, by Mapei.
           2.     Laticrete 86 Latilevel Self Leveling Underlayment by Laticrete.
                  a.     Admix and Primer for Underlayment by Laticrete.

      F.   12 x 24 Tile Setting Materials: Use the following specifically for setting and sealing the 12 x 24 wall and floor tile
           and associated trim. 12 x 24 tiles are shown in the Schedule Finish Key on the drawings.
           1.     Mortar: 255 MultiMax Multipurpose Thin-set Mortar (floors and walls) by Laticrete.
           2.     Floor Leveling Compounds and Primer: As specified above.
           3.     Calking: Latasil Tile and Stone Silicone Sealant for use at cove base and interior corners.

      G.   Sealant: Specified in Section 07900.

      H.   Tile Backer Board: Specified Section 09250.

      I.   Transition Strips:
           1.     Transition Edge Strip Between Concrete Slab Or VCT And Ceramic Tile: Reno-Ramp AERP-125B90 by
                  Schluter Systems, Plattsburg NY, 3-1/2 x 1/2" anodized aluminum sloped transition ramp.

      J.   Stainless Steel Vertical Inside Corner Trim: EHK U11, stainless steel, by Schluter.

      K.   Stainless Steel Top and Corner Trim - C: Rondec-E, 3/8 x 1 1/4, stainless steel, by Schluter.

      L.   Stainless Steel Corner Trim - B: ECK-E, 1-1/2 x 1-1/2, E37 V2A110, stainless steel, by Schluter.

      M.   Tile Edge Transition - D: Schluter Schiene E110, stainless steel, by Schluter.

      N.   Stainless Steel Corner Guard - A: Corner guard by Schluter is specified in Section 10260.

      O.   Toilet Tile Installation Accessories: 1/2” notched trowel and drill bits (1/4”, 13/64”, 11/64, 3/16, and 1/8” for
           drilling tiles) for installation of tile in toilets.

      P.   Substitutions: Not permitted.


      A.   Mix mortars and grouts to comply with requirements of referenced standards and manufacturers for proportioning
           of materials, water or additive content; type of mixing equipment, selection of mixer speeds, mixing containers,
           and mixing time to produce mortars and grouts of uniform quality with optimum performance characteristics for
           application indicated.

                                                       09310 - 4

Lincolnton, NC - 1209 - 0920039                                                                     October 15, 2009
REV#2 – 3/17/10
REV#2 – 3/17/10


3.1        EXAMINATION

      A.   Examine surfaces and adjacent areas where products will be installed and verify that surfaces conform to product
           manufacturer's requirements for substrate conditions. Do not proceed until required substrate levelness is achieved
           and unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected.

      B.   Beginning of installation indicates acceptance of substrate conditions.

3.2        PREPARATION

      A.   Protect surrounding work from damage or disfiguration.

      B.   Vacuum clean existing substrate and damp clean.

      C.   Seal substrate surface cracks with filler.

      D.   Level existing substrate surfaces in accordance with TCA installation requirements and remove peaks or valleys
           using floor leveling compound specified. Prime, clean, and prepare concrete surface as required by manufacturer
           and apply leveling compound in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

      E.   Prepare substrate surfaces with sealers or conditioners as recommended by adhesive manufacturer.


      A.   Pre-Construction Training Meeting: Prior to tile installation, a training meeting shall be conducted by the
           Contractor with mandatory attendance by the General Contractor, tile installation contractor, Wal-Mart
           Construction Testing Laboratory, and the Wal-Mart Construction Manager. The meeting program shall include a
           viewing of the Latacrete Manufacturer’s Tile Installation Instruction Video. The video will be provided to the
           Contractor by the Wal-Mart pre-negotiated supplier with the Wal-Mart furnished products.

      B.   Attendance Verification: An attendance roster shall be prepared by the Contractor showing attendees and a
           statement attesting each attendee has completed the training. Roster shall be verified and signed by the
           Construction Manager.


      A.   ANSI Tile Installation Standards: Comply with parts of ANSI A108 Series "Specifications for Installation of
           Ceramic Tile" that apply to types of setting and grouting materials shown and specified.

      B.   TCA Installation Guidelines: TCA's "Handbook for Ceramic Tile Installation." Comply with applicable TCA
           installation methods.

      C.   Lay tile to pattern indicated. Do not interrupt tile pattern through openings.

      D.   Cut and fit tile tight to penetrations. Form corners and bases neatly.

      E.   Place tile joints uniform in width, subject to variance in tolerance allowed in tile size. Make joints watertight,
           without voids, cracks, excess mortar, or excess grout.

      F.   Sound tile after setting. Replace hollow sounding units.

      G.   Allow tile to set for a minimum of 48 hours prior to grouting.

                                                        09310 - 5

Lincolnton, NC - 1209 - 0920039                                                                   October 15, 2009
REV#2 – 3/17/10
REV#2 – 3/17/10

      H.   Grout tile joints: Grout space shall be 1/16-inch for all tile joints except the following:
           1.     Entry: 1/8 inch.
           2.     Recycle Center (when applicable): 1/8 inch.

      I.   Apply sealant to junction of tile and dissimilar materials, at tile penetrations, and at tile expansion joints.


      A.   Inspect ceramic tile installation, joints, grout line alignment, and attachment to substrate.

      B.   Correct deficiencies in Work which inspection indicates are not in compliance with Contract Documents.

3.6        CLEANING

      A.   Remove excess mortar and grout from floor, base, and wall surfaces without damage.

      B.   Clean tile with cleaning materials recommended by tile manufacturer one day prior to Date of Substantial


      A.   Cleaning: On completion of placement and grouting, clean all ceramic tile surfaces so they are free of foreign
           1.      Initially clean and remove grout residue from tile as soon as possible according to tile and grout
                   manufacturer's written instructions. Use cleaners recommended by tile and grout manufacturers and only
                   after determining that cleaners are safe to use by testing on samples of tile and other surfaces to be cleaned.
                   Protect metal surfaces and plumbing fixtures from effects of cleaning. Flush surfaces with clean water
                   before and after cleaning.
           2.      Begin final cleaning approximately 1 hour after initial cleaning of the grout. Mix cleaning additive to 2
                   gallons of clean, cool water. Use a white scrub pad to lightly scrub apart any of the leftover residue
                   remaining on the surface of the tile. Drag a clean, damp sponge diagonally over the scrubbed surfaces to
                   remove any froth and residue. Rinse sponge often and change water every 50 sq. ft.. Allow cleaned areas to
                   dry and inspect entire surface of tile. Repeat process if haze remains.
           3.      If haze remains 24 hours after installation, clean surfaces using straight white vinegar or bleaching type
                   cleanser by methods described in preceding paragraph.

      B.   Protection:
           1.     Protect installed tile work with cardboard, kraft paper, plywood, or other heavy covering during
                  construction period to prevent staining, damage, and wear. If recommended by tile manufacturer, apply
                  coat of neutral protective cleaner to completed tile walls and floors.
           2.     Prohibit traffic from floor finish for 72 hours after installation.


                                                        09310 - 6

Lincolnton, NC - 1209 - 0920039                                                                          October 15, 2009
REV#2 – 3/17/10

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