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Controversial News Publisher Software Gets Second Update for 2013


Press Release about the second update of News Publisher for 2013. Visit:

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									Controversial News Publisher Software Gets Second Update for 2013

This press release submission software gets another update to improve the quality of its

Clinton Township, Michigan – Once again, Soft Solutions Limited has issued another update
(version 2/11/2013) to its press release submission software called News Publisher.

The first update for this version is for posting to the press release hosting site News Publisher was updated to improve the formatting of the
resulting press release.

The second update is for the site This site was revised by its owners
after it was initially added to News Publisher. Because of that revision, News Publisher was
no longer posting press releases to the site. This update to News Publisher has it once again
posting to

The third update in this release of News Publisher is for the site Changes at
this site caused News Publisher to create a press release that looked like the entire press
release was collapsed in to one giant paragraph. News Publisher has been updated to
properly create well formatted paragraphs.

The fourth revision to News Publisher was for the press release site This
revision is similar to the revision for, to improve the formatting of the
resulting press release on the site.

Additionally, News Publisher has been updated to work with the most recent Microsoft
operating system, Windows 8.

To learn more about this Software for Automated Press Release Submission, please visit:

Wayne McDonald is ongoingly creating Imagine Something Worthy LLC. He is a former
Chrysler employee, current real estate investor, and a member of the local Internet
Marketing Club. He is using what he is learning at the local Internet Marketing Club to build
sites for himself and others. He is continuing to construct and market an online vitamin
store, a real estate site for himself and fellow investors, and new Internet marketing affiliate

Wayne McDonald
Imagine Something Worthy, LLC
42211 Garfield Road, PMB 123
Clinton Township, Michigan 48038

Submitted By: Imagine Something Worthy, LLC.

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