ROLLER HOCKEY ...It's great for your ICE game! Roller by theolduni


									ROLLER HOCKEY ...It's great for your ICE game!

   Roller Hockey: the Secret is out….It's GREAT for your Ice game!

With so little practice time spent on individual skills and a lack of frozen ponds
where the kids can go a play for hours on end, the local hockey player is left
without much opportunity to improve their individual creativity on the ice.

One secret that is slowly emerging in North America to help you develop your
puck skills and creativity is….ROLLER HOCKEY!

Play is 4-on-4 with no offsides, no icing, and no body checking. These factors
give the player more room to dangle! More and more players are using roller
hockey as a complement to their ice hockey game. Whether its playing in the
Spring roller hockey league during the off-season or playing in the local house
league during their ice season, these players are getting a jump on their

Why are they gaining an advantage?

The rules and style of play for roller hockey are conducive to skill development
and confidence with the puck. There are no blue or red lines to restrict player
movement on the surface, thereby providing the player with much more open
space. This gives the player more time to get open, more decision making time
when stickhandling and more room to skate with the puck. Creativity and
confidence are allowed to develop in a fun and entertaining forum.

The roller hockey game is a possession game, very similar to basketball. If
you've got the puck - the other team can't score. In addition, if your team uses a
controlled attack you can catch the opposition out of position and find yourself
with an excellent scoring chance.

This style of play helps develop a player's stickhandling and passing skills while
developing a player's confidence to make a smart play with the puck. Translated
to ice hockey where the average player has the puck on his stick for split
seconds before the opposition is on top of him, added confidence and improved
stickhandling skills will make you a better player.

Has roller hockey helped anyone with their ice hockey? Check out this list of
players that played significant roller hockey growing up and are reaching some of
the highest levels in ice hockey:
                            National Hockey League
  Player Name                   Roller Team                     Ice Team
  Mike Van Ryn               Sarnia Roadrunners              Florida Panthers
   Noah Clarke                  Beach Boys                      LA Kings
  Jason Chimera              Edmonton Saronge               Edmonton Oilers
 Jamie Lundmark              Edmonton Saronge              New York Rangers
   Eric Messier             Montreal Roadrunners           Colorado Avalanche
  Ryan Holweg                  Team Suregrip               New York Rangers
   Ales Hemsky              Czech National Team             Edmonton Oilers
   Gilbert Brule              Team Mission BC             Columbus Blue Jackets
   Brad Boyes               Mississauga Rattlers              Boston Bruins
                          World Junior Championships
  Player Name                   Roller Team                    Ice Team
  Brett Sterling                Team Suregrip                  Team USA
  Bobby Ryan                    Tour USA 87                    Team USA

                    Major Junior Hockey (WHL, OHL, QMJHL)
   Player Name                   Roller Team                   Ice Team
   Kenton Smith               Edmonton Saronge               Calgary Hitmen
    Tim Kraus                     California                Vancouver Giants
 Andrew Davidson              Westcoast Warriors           Medicine Hat Tigers
   Cam Paddock              NS Zulu/WC Warriors             Kelowna Rockets
  Adam Cracknell            Island Pacific Panthers           Kootenay Ice
Tommy Tartaglione                 OC Blades                 Vancouver Giants

                               NCAA & Junior A
  Player Name                   Roller Team                      Ice Team
   Ben Walter                  Westcoast Heat          UMASS-Lowell/Boston Bruins
 Gabe Gauthier                  Team Suregrip                Denver University
 Micah Sandford             Las Vegas Tour Rebels            Chilliwack Chiefs
Brett Hemingway                 Stardust Stars         University of New Hamphshire
   Matt Pope                 Westcoast Blitzkrieg          Bemidji St. University
  Steve Sankey                North Shore Zulu               Coquitlam Express
  Matt Francis              Westcoast Bomb Squad          St. Cloud St. University

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