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									                                                                                    Friday, June 11, 2010

                                                                 El Rancho High School - Volume 58 - Issue 10

     District and                      Wlasick Calls Nine His Best Production
    Federation of                            By Brianna Morales
                                            el rodeo staff Writer
   Teachers Reach
      Tentative                               Thespian Troop #2164 and
                                       the choir department brought
     Agreement                         Nine to El Rancho’s Little The-
                                       atre under the tremendous direc-
                                       tion of Mr. Wlasick and meticu-
                                       lous vocal training of Ms. Dodd.
                                              According to Mr. Wla-
                                       sick, in his thirty years of direct-
                                       ing, Nine is the best production
                                       to hit the Little Theatre’s stage.
                                              “I think Nine is probably
                                       the best production I have ever
                                       done at El Rancho High School
                                       in my thirty years of teaching
                                       because it is very rare that stu-
                                       dents are consistent in their per-
                                       formance level, and all three
                                       nights were at the same superb
                                       level. It was an outstanding pro-
                                       duction,” said Mr. Wlasick.
     By reBecca GalleGos                      Led by David Hernan-
     el rodeo staff Writer             dez as Guido Contini, an Italian
                                       film director struggling to find
       A tentative agreement           an idea for his film while try-
has been reached between               ing to decide which woman he
the El Rancho Federation                                                      Faced by his nine year old self, Guido Contini decides he will spend his life with his wife.
                                       will spend his life with, the cast
of Teachers and the district.          was able to remain consistently        Desiree Martinez, and I’m really       actors that has ever gone through       deliver to the stage and to
       “It was a lengthy process       strong in their performances not       proud of her because she grew as       my program,” said Mr. Wlasick.          the hearts of the audiences.
that started a number of months        only on opening night, but dur-        an actress and as a singer. I really           However, Nine was not ini-            Mr. Wlasick said, “One
ago with basic understanding           ing each subsequent performance.       want to thank Nicolette Renteria       tially expected to be a huge success.   theme that I particularly wanted
of what the budget was. Then                  “Everyone stood at the          because I thought that she did                 “I’m     really     shocked.    to bring forward is that women
that budget changed because            top of their game every single         an outstanding job; for some-          During rehearsals, I nev-               are the greatest source of men’s
the governor of the state took         night. [The show] didn’t go            one who had not acted before to        er thought it would be this             inspiration because they are such
more money away from schools           downhill,”      said    Hernandez.     tackle on a role and take my di-       great,” said Carlos Figueroa.           nurturing beings. And women,
and we went from having a two                 The     supporting      roles   rection and really pull through, I             Despite the troubles that       ultimately, no matter what their
and a half million dollar defi-        also contributed to the im-            was very proud of her. I was re-       arose during the first stages of        size, are beautiful, beautiful be-
cit to having about a five and a       mense success of the show.             ally proud of Jennifer Ramirez         rehearsal, Nine turned out to be        ings, and they are very impor-
half million dollar deficit,” said            “I want to pay tribute to       because I know what a struggle it      “exactly what Mr. Wlasick want-         tant; they cause men conflict,
Tim McMullen, Chief Nego-              David Hernandez because his            was for her as far as the singing      ed,” according to Hernandez.            they cause men to misbehave,
tiator for the Bargaining Team.        level of performance and singing       was concerned. And of course,                  Ultimately, the actors ac-      they cause men to be in love,
“So we have to find a way to cut       was so outstanding that everyone       I’d like to recognize Carlos           curately conveyed the theme             and they cause men to create.”
five and a half million dollars.”      rose to that level. I really adored    Figueroa, who is one of the best       that Mr. Wlasick wished to
       “The El Rancho Federation
of Teachers president Rico Tamayo
went from campus to campus and
had conversations with the teach-
                                       Dons Donate Blood to Save Lives                                                                                        Inside
                                                                                                                     ple in need. The amount of blood I
ers at the schools and talked about
                                                                                                                     gave isn’t much when I know I’m                          Olvera Street
the situation and what people
                                                                                                                     going to be saving three lives.”                               Page 2
wanted to do,” added McMullen.
                                                                                                                            This feeling seemed to
       There will be no salary roll-
                                                                                                                     be mutual to all the other stu-
back, no cut to health benefits,
                                                                                                                     dents who were waiting for                      Teacher Retirements
eight elementary positions will be
                                                                                                                     their turn to give blood, read-                              Page 3
created along with one counselor
                                                                                                                     ing the information booklets,
position if union membership ap-                                                                                                                                               Senior Wills
                                                                                                                     or wearing their shirt and ban-
proves of this by a majority vote.
                                                                                                                     dage proudly around school.                                    Page 4
       The El Rancho Federa-
                                                                                                                            Coordinator Rob Torrez
tion of Teachers will vote on
whether or not to approve the
                                                                                                                     said, “This was a very successful                 Culinary Challenge
                                                                                                                     day. Three-hundred and twenty-                               Page 7
tentative agreement on Tues-
                                                                                                                     five people donated before lunch
day, June 15 at their school sites.
                                                                                                                     started.” He was glad that so many
       “I am happy in one sense                                                                                                                                           Football Preview
                                                                                                                     pints of blood were donated, and
that we have arrived at what
                                                                                                                     that there was such a big turn out.                            Page 7
I think a much better position
                                                                                                                            “Recruitment was incred-
than was originally available
                                                                                                                     ible. Both the students and co-                        Staff Farewells
to us. I am disappointed on the                                                                                                                                                     Page 8
                                                                                                                     ordinators did an amazing job!
impact that this will have on
                                                                                                                     We have been busy all day, and
the teacher that will be losing
                                                                                                                     have had great donors,” said An-
their jobs.”                           Jesus Hinajosa, Johnathan Jimenez, and Mario Cruz work at the blood drive.    gie Turner, Director of Nursing.
       “There are a couple big                                                      “Pepsters and A.S.B. joined             She described the “dou-
pluses, one is that we were able              By erika Morales                forces with the Red Cross to cre-      ble red” station, which was
to create some extra jobs so                el rodeo staff Writer             ate an event. We thought it would      for donors who were eli-
some people will continue to                                                  be a great opportunity for stu-        gible to donate more blood.
have jobs, secondly part of our              This past Wednesday’s            dents to get involved and partici-            The stations were full,
agreement is that the day the          blood drive was a success. Over        pate,” said Mario Cruz, member         therefore saving more lives
books close, August 15, to see if      three hundred and fifty people         of the Executive Commission            than normal donations alone.
there is any more money, and if        arrived to get their blood drawn       about how the event came to be.               Although there were nurs-
there is then we will bring some       at the event, making it one of               Jonathan Jimenez, A.S.B.         es, needles and bandages in the
teachers back and reduce fur-          the largest blood donations from       Chief Justice, said “I feel good be-   new gymnasium, there were also
lough days,” added McMullen.           Southern California high schools.      cause I know I was able to help peo-   many smiles, laughs, and heroes.
el rodeo, Pg       2                                                 El Rancho High School                                                                          June 11, 2010

Olvera Street Vendors Face Crisis                                                                             Gender-Neutral Dorms Challenge Conventional Ideas
                                                                                                                   By alyssa Mendoza                     The whole idea of stay-
                                                                                                                  el rodeo staff Writer            ing in a dorm with a person of
                                                                                                                                                   the opposite sex started with the
                                                                                                                    When thinking about liv-       LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual
                                                                                                              ing on campus your first year of     and/or transgender) commu-
                                                                                                              college, you imagine who your        nity. LGBT students wanted to
                                                                                                              new roommate will be. Will           be able to room with someone
                                                                                                              they be nice? Will they be clean?    they feel safe with because not
                                                                                                              Are they going to be the silent      many students feel comfortable
                                                                                                              type or the loud annoying type?      with a homosexual roommate.
                                                                                                                    Many have these same                 Schools have been discuss-
                                                                                                              questions in mind, however they      ing gender-neutral dorms since
                                                                                                              assume that they will be paired      2007 and have made little prog-
                                                                                                              up with someone of the same          ress. There are a few schools in
                                                                                                              gender. Traditionally, college       California and a few Ivy League
                                                                                                              dorms are assigned to two or         schools offering it with the ex-
                                                                                                              more people of the same gender,      ception of one Ivy League which
                                                                                                              but not anymore because of a new     only offers it to students who
                                                                                                              option, gender neutral dorms.        consider themselves transgender.
                                                                                                                    Gender-neutral dorms are             When picking a college,
                                                                                                              a new option for college housing     many students do not take in the
                                                                                                              that many opt for because they can   idea about this but I personally
                                                                                                              share a living space with some-      believe that this is another idea
    By reBecca GalleGos              up the differences in the deficit.   known. “There is a broad un-        one whom they are more com-          out of the genius book. I am all
    el rodeo staff Writer                  “With hard times and mis-      derstanding in this community       fortable with, versus someone the    for gay rights, and if rooming with
                                     management of money, they            that they do not want Olvera        school assigns as their roommate.    people of the opposite sex makes
      The El Pueblo Com-             are challenging [the vendors]        Street to be demolished.” Reed            Gender-neutral        dorms    them feel better then let them be.
mission through the city of          to come up with a ridiculous         added. “You don’t have to be        have been a small craze at many            I believe that students
Los Angeles is trying to in-         amount of money.” Added Reed.        Hispanic or even a Los Ange-        schools. Having read an article      have the right to pick who they
crease the rents of Olvera Street          A candle shop on Olvera        lino to appreciate Olvera Street.   about it, the whole idea started     want to room with and this is
Merchants from 200-900%.             Street is looking at a $60,000             “And now the issue is to      with one question, “Why should       one step closer to that goal.
      In 1992 a charter known as     rent increase, which is quite        challenge the city counsel to       I be a roommate with someone
Proposition H passed which was       impossible to meet in today’s        stop the effort at forcing this     of the same sex when I might
an agreement that negotiated long-   economic struggles.                  kind of rent increase and deal      feel uncomfortable with them?”
term leases with the Merchants             “The Olvera Street Mer-        with this economic issue in an-           Well, that is a great ques-
and the El Pueblo Commission.        chants have always been on top       other fashion.” Added Reed.         tion because students would
      Now however, “the city         of their situation, but this extra         A petition is in the front    rather dorm with someone they
with its mismanagement of funds      charge is too much and could wipe    office for faculty and stu-         know than dorm with someone
and negative spending,” said         out the whole culture.” Says Reed.   dents 18 years of age and older     of the same sex. That leaves
Mr. Reed, “are trying to over              Olvera Street is a land-       to sign and help save Olvera        many to wonder, can I room with
charge these merchants to make       mark that is internationally         Street and preserve this culture.   someone of the opposite sex?
June 11, 2010                                                                El Rancho High School                                                                             el rodeo, Pg         3

Parsons’ Ready to Tackle Bucket List
      By daniela aGuilar                                                                                                                                           want to see a little bit of Paris,
     el rodeo staff Writer                                                                                                                                         France, and the French Open.” He
                                                                                                                                                                   mentions too that his wife wants
       After 34 years of teaching                                                                                                                                  to see the tennis tournaments in
all over the El Rancho Unified                                                                                                                                     Europe and Australia, since his
School District, Mr. Gene Par-                                                                                                                                     wife met him when he was play-
sons says, “It’s time for me to go.”                                                                                                                               ing tennis. “We want to go the
Teaching in schools such as Selby                                                                                                                                  Australian Open too; I’m a beach
Grove, Durfee, Magee, Rivera El-                                                                                                                                   guy, so I’ll be going to the beach.”
ementary and Middle, North Park,                                                                                                                                   Also he loves to surf, and will
and lastly El Rancho, Parsons                                                                                                                                      start again during his retirement.
feels his years have caught up.                                                                                                                                           “I’m going to be very sad
       Starting off with second                                                                                                                                    to leave El Rancho; I’m going
graders as a math teacher at Dur-                                                                                                                                  to miss a lot of people, but I’ve
fee around 1976, Parsons came to                                                                                                                                   missed a lot of people who have
El Rancho and continued with the                                                                                                                                   already retired before me. Many
math curriculum in 1984. Besides                                                                                                                                   of my friends have already left
teaching math throughout his ca-                                                                                                                                   and I still have friends here too,”
reer, Parsons coached freshmen,                                                                                                                                    says Parsons. “There are too
JV, and varsity football, boys’                                                                                                                                    many to name, and I’m going to
and girls’ tennis, girls’ basket-                                                                                                                                  miss those people because they
ball, and golf. “Every place I’ve                                                                                                                                  make coming to work so much
been has been great, the people                                                                                                                                    fun.” Despite leaving his friends
are great. That’s what makes the                                                                                                                                   here, Parsons says he’ll golf
school pretty great,” says Par-                                                                                                                                    with his buddies or play tennis.
sons. He also adds his time here                                                                                                                                          “That’s what I’m go-
has been a positive experience.          pletes his duty, he will use his         Parsons. Since he is a tennis fa-       and himself] going to take for           ing to do: golf, tennis, fish in
       Before he can check off           leisure time to travel to sport-         natic, Parsons wants to see the         sure is going to be to the French        the high Sierras, and go to the
anything from his bucket list, he        ing events and other activities.         French Open, Australian Open,           Open. I’ve never been to Europe          beach every now and then,”
will help his wife take care of                “I’m going to be playing           and the English Open. “One of           and I don’t want to travel all over      says Parsons. “I’m looking
her sick mother. After he com-           golf, go fishing and travel,” says       the first trips that we are [his wife   Europe,” says Parsons, “I just           forward to the golden years.”

Dugas Looking Forward to New Adventures                                                                                      Cecilia Acevedo,
                                                                                                                           “The Enforcer” Says
     By reBecca GalleGos
     el rodeo staff Writer                                                                                                Farewell to El Rancho
                                                                                                                                  natalie ranGel
       After 20 years of working                                                                                               el rodeo staff Writer
as an El Rancho Administrative
Secretary, Maria Dugas is retir-                                                                                                 Just as we say good-bye to
ing. Working at El Rancho has                                                                                             the graduating senior class of 2010,
                                                                                                                          El Rancho will also say good-bye          courtesy of richard Munoz
been very rewarding to Dugas.
                                                                                                                          to Cecilia Acevedo, better known                 PhotoGraPhy
“Being able to see the progress
the students make from fresh-                                                                                             as Ceci, the spanglish speaking          and character to the Guidance Of-
man to graduating seniors is a                                                                                            secretary at the Guidance Office.        fice, Ceci brings order, something
great pleasure.” Said Dugas.                                                                                                     After twenty-one years at El      Principal Genis will definitely
       Dugas enjoyed working at                                                                                           Rancho, and thirty-three in total        miss. Ceci, as Mr. Genis explains,
a school because she loves to in-                                                                                         for the school district, Ceci is look-   has one tough job working in
teract with kids. “I am constantly                                                                                        ing forward to her well-earned re-       the busiest office on campus.
involved with anything that has                                                                                           tirement, spending her days sleep-              “She has to deal with the
to do with kids. Right now I vol-                                                                                         ing in and traveling to Nicaragua        counseling part of it, the disci-
unteer for the Ronald McDonald                                                                                            and Costa Rica instead of waking         pline part of it, and sometimes the
House and I am able to help [kids                                                                                         up at the crack of dawn to arrive        activities because everyone comes
of all ages] do a lot of things.”                                                                                         at a drama filled high school.           in through there,” says Genis.
       Dugas realized that she                                                                                                   Though visiting the scenes               “Cecilia has been the ser-
wanted to go into education while                                                                                         of Nicaragua and Costa Rica seem         geant of the guidance office,”
she was a student at El Rancho.                                                                                           like a fantastic alternative to the      Mr. Genis continues. He ad-
                                                                      courtesy of richard Munoz PhotoGraPhy               daily grind at school, Ceci admits       mires the work Ceci provides
“I am an El Rancho grad. When
I was attending school here, I           sense of home; this has been my          Dugas. She is a really good person,     that she will definitely miss every-     in the office. From her PR, or-
would pass by the office and             home for 20 years. It will be diffi-     and really good to work with.”          one she has befriended at El Ran-        ganization and decision making
see the secretary and think ‘I           cult to change, but change is inevi-            Although Dugas will miss         cho. And El Rancho can definite-         skills, Mr. Genis bestowed upon
want to do that job.’”                   table and usually it is for the best.”   El Rancho, she is looking forward       ly say they will miss her as well.       Ceci the title: “The Enforcer”.
       She started her career 20                Dugas is very important to        to the extra time that she will be             “Everything.” That is                    Even with so much work,
years ago at North Ranchito. From        the office. “Maria has been my           able to devote to other projects.       what Pauline Munoz, Reg-                 and the negativity that comes
there she went to North Park, Va-        right hand person. She keeps me          “I am looking forward to start-         istrar, will miss about Ceci.            with it, Ceci “doesn’t display it,
lencia, and then to El Rancho. “I        organized. She assists me with ap-       ing a new adventure. I intend to        “Don’t make me be specific or            as far as her actions and attitude,”
got to see a little bit of everything,   pointments, and information that         do a lot more for children’s hos-       I’ll start crying. Everything.”          Mr. Genis continued to explain.
and it was a good experience be-         I need to know. She is the person        pitals, the Ronald McDonald                    “I’m going to miss her,           Ceci even extends her help to
cause I got to see what happened         who will help direct parents where       House, and homeless shelters for        period,” says Mrs. Cruz, 12th            the student body, helping some
from the elementary to the middle        they need to go.” Said Mr. Genis.        battered and abused children.”          grade counselor. “I’m going to           of them with the daily troubles
school to the high school. I get                “She has really helped                   Along with helping children,     miss her being here, in the morn-        of school and life in general.
to see the transition and I really       me in the three years that I have        Dugas would also like to travel.        ings. Just hearing her yell at the              “I influence some of them.
enjoy seeing the students grow.”         been here; especially my first two       “I went to France with the Gad-         kids. She always had something           I talk to them and sometimes
       Working at El Rancho has          years when I needed some direc-          abouts and had a wonderful time.        funny to say to me. I’m going to         I see them on the streets [after
been great for Dugas. “Some              tion and assistance from Maria.”         Next, I would like to go to China.”     miss her; I think she’s going to         they graduate] and they come
of my best moments are when                     Mr. Llanes, a longtime                   Maria Dugas has enjoyed          be irreplaceable. Definitely go-         and hug me. [They tell me] that
everyone works together to get           friend of Dugas will be sad to           her time at El Rancho and will miss     ing to be a hard act to follow.”         because of me, they graduated.”
things done. So when it is the end       see her go. “I’ve known Maria            all the people she was able to meet.           “The office is more                      Whether she is helping the
of the week, we all feel like we         since before I was at El Rancho.         “They all bring a little something      alive when she’s here,” says             students or faculty, Ceci is not
accomplished something great.”           She was at the elementary school         to my life every day and makes          Ingrid Funes, Guidance Of-               just another ‘faculty member’,
       Leaving will be bittersweet       that I worked at before. I taught at     each day a different experience.”       fice Secretary. “When the stu-           or even a friend. She is family.
for Dugas, but it is time for her        Valencia when Maria still worked                Llanes      added,      “She     dents come in looking for her            And even if she will no longer be
to “find another adventure.”             there. So we made it to El Rancho        makes people feel at home.              and she’s not in here, they’re           among the El Rancho staff, she is
       “I will miss the friendships      at the same time. It has been a real-    Hopefully she will be re-               sad, really, really, really sad.”        still part of the El Rancho family
I have built and the feeling of a        ly good experience working with          ally happy in her retirement.”                 As well as bringing laughter      and will not be easily forgotten.
Pg 4, el rodeo                                                         El Rancho High School                                                                             June 11, 2010

                                                           SENIOR WILLS
       I, Olivia Garcia, being                     pecially the presi-     personality, Blue Pride, positions    the following: the ASB room            Rancho        High     School
of sound mind and body do                            dent, Paul Ochoa).    on the El Rodeo News Staff and        to Edith Vasquez and the morn-         as his      big brother did.
hereby bequeath the follow-                                                my everlasting memories here at       ing announcements to Alyssa
ing: My crazy personality                                    I, Robert     El Rancho to my young friends         Nunez           a.k.a. Pinky.                             I, Aisha Di-
to Candice, my mad edi-                                 Alba, being of     whom I will miss dearly. I love                                                              akite, being of
torial skills to Aurora, all                            sound mind and     you Peter, Best Friends Forever!                                                               sound mind and
my yearbook quotes                                     body do hereby                                                                                                       body, do here-
to Emily, and to the                                  bequeath the fol-           I, Edlyn Moreno, being of                                                                  by bequeath
rest of the yearbook                                lowing: Leave the      sound mind and body do here-                                                                       the follow-
staffers good luck.                                       “Tree”     to    by bequeath the following: My                                                                       ing: give my
And       Mike,                                                Omar or     stress, sweat and tears that went                                                                    amazing
don’t think                                                                into my work these past four                                                                          basketball
I forgot                                                                   years, my migraines, and my                                                                           skills to the
about                                                                      position in Choraleers. I shall                                                                      2010-2011
you,                                                                       now pass on my Blue Pride                                                                              girls bas-
                                                                           to my little ones in French                                                                             ketball
                                                                           2 and Choraleers.                                                                                         team
                                                                                  I, Ashley Najar,                                                                                        my
                                                                           being of sound mind
                                                                           and body, do hereby
                                                                           bequeath the follow-
                                                                           ing: my last Takis                                                                            won-
                                                                           bag to Danielle Medrano, my                       I, Erick Gonzalez,         derful     tree  of   four
                                                                           trips to Forever 21 to Erica                     being of sound mind         years    to them as well.
con-                                                                       Ramirez, my extensions                             and body, do hereby
                                                                 “Clum-                                                                                        I, Rosalba Castro, be-
tinue               to                                                     to Stephanie Esparza,                                bequeath the fol-
                                                             sy,”    my                                                                                 ing of sound mind and body,
be a killer editor, and keep                                               my fond memories                                      lowing: My left
                                      good               intentions                                                                                     do hereby bequeath the follow-
my memory alive, adios!                                                    and apple of my eye                                     kidney to Al-
                                      and rebellious spirit to my little                                                                                ing: My seat in French class
                                                                           to Alan Villon. And                                      berto Venegas,
                                      sister who will be sitting on this                                                                                to D.H, my hyper-ness to Luis
       I, Bryan Turner, being                                              my sunglasses to                                          my       apple
                                      field screaming for her class of                                                                                  and my happy skills to Steph.
of sound mind and body do                                                  Danielle Corrales!                                          crumble pie
                                      2018. And I would like to leave
hereby bequeath the following:        all the headaches I gave to ev-                                                                   to Raziel
My bench to the Junior Class                                                     I,                                                      Ruelas,
                                      ery one on campus to Ingrid and                                                                                         I,   Dominique    Porti-
of Jake, Jeromey, and Mo, all                                              Joseph                                                        my blue
                                      Pauline because they always                                                                                       llo, being of sound mind and
my skill to the football team of                                           Davis,                                                         suede
                                      found out a way to deal with me.                                                                                  body, do hereby bequeath
2011, and my greatness to Ka-                                              being                                                           shoes
                                      P.S. Rest In Peace “Big Red”                                                                                      the following: my coolness.
rissa, she is going to need it.                                            of                                                                to
                                            I, Gerry Goyenaga, being of                                                                                       I, Bianca Marentes, be-
      I, Sarrah Lopez, being of       sound mind and body do hereby
sound mind and body do hereby                                                                                                                           ing of sound mind and body, do
                                      bequeath the following: The De-                                                                                   hereby bequeath the following:
bequeath the following: I leave all   cathlon Room           to Patrick
my fashion tips to my best friend                                                                                                                       My Blue and Silver Pompoms
                                      and      my               “con-                                                                                   to the Varsity 2010-2011 Song-
in      the       whole world,        fidence”                   to
Rene                    Pineda; I                                                                                                                       leaders to go to competition and
                                      Danny                                                                                                             fight for first. I also leave my
will                       miss       Mar-
ev-                          ery-                                                                                                                       Blue Pride and school spirit, in
                                      quez                                                                                                              order to keep up spirit here at El
body                         here
at El                         Ran-                                             sound                                                                                Rancho High School!
                                              I,                           mind and
cho.                                  Bruce                                                                      Paul         Ochoa, and my
                                                                           body, do hereby bequeath the fol-                     hair gel to Ger-                                I, Bri-
                                                                           lowing: My shoes to John Olivas,                       mayne Castillo.                           anda Ortiz,
                                                                            my candy to Rolando Ruiz, and                                                                   being      of
                                                                            my cool key chain to Miguel Felix.                              I, Joey                         sound mind
                                                                                                                                       Santana, be-                         and     body,
                                                                                 I, Josh Perea, being of                              ing      of                          do      hereby
                                                                           sound mind and body, do hereby                             sound
                                                                           bequeath the follow- ing:
                                                                           My love and all the
                                                                           Blue Pride Spirit to
                                                                           my best friend in the
                                                                           whole wide world
                                                                           Gabriel “Micha” Rojas.
                                      Loza, being of sound mind and body
      I, Ms. Figueroa, being of       do hereby bequeath the follow-              I, Ignacio Padilla, be-
sound mind and body do hereby         ing: I leave my high tops to Ernie   ing of sound mind and body,
bequeath the following: A bucket      Padillia and my love to my ladies.   do hereby bequeath the follow-
of hair gel to Germayne Castillo,                                          ing: My common sense to Mr.
a translated copy of Hamlet to              I, Alyssa Mendoza, being       Salcido to whom I ask, “Who
Joel Guzman and Raziel Ruelas,        of sound mind and body do here-      does that?” My sense of Blue          mind and body, do hereby be-           bequeath the following: All
and The Best                          by             bequeath the fol-     Pride to Mrs. Garcia who has for-     queath the following: For the in-      my memories and good times
of Tupac and                                                 lowing:       gotten her El Rancho High his-        coming starting offense, defense       to my sister and my cousin’s.
Bone Thugs                                                      My         tory, and my style and indecency      left and right guards I leave to you          I, Stacie Vargas, being of
to my beloved                                                              of my              sagging pants      my passion, skill, ability and love    sound mind and body, do hereby
Music Club                                                                 to                  Mrs. Cruz, to     for the game of foot-                  bequeath the following: My love
members                                                                                         whom I say,      ball. I will leave my                  for reading to the incoming fresh-
of                                                                                               “Show       a   cleats to my little                    men and my sunburn as well. I
2010                                                                                               little more   brother,       Julian                  also         leave all my good
(es-                                                                                                leg.”        Santana, who will                                       memories to be
                                                                                                                 someday walk the                                         shared with my
                                                                                                        I,       halls of El                                               friends, whom I
                                                                                                   Chelsi                                                                   will miss dear-
                                                                                                   Serna, be-                                                               ly. Good luck
                                                                             ing                   of sound                                                                     to you all!
                                                                           mind                    and
                                                                           body,                   do
                                                                           hereby                  be-
June 11, 2010                                                            El Rancho High School                                                                      el rodeo, Pg         5

                                                             SENIOR WILLS
      I, Brandon Arrieta, being of    grateful for all the things you have   sunglasses to B, and all my riches    Nano, my Ovaltine to Carina, my      in H1, our home, and finally, my
sound mind and body, do hereby        taught me, thank you so much!          to all my friends. And along with     laptop, cell phone, and iPod to      notes and skills to Marlee Rangel.
bequeath the following: My lucky                                             that, everything else I own or        no one, and nothing for Amanda!      Enjoy your next two years in high
swim goggles to Gabby, my fa-               I, Joselyn Gonzalez, being       will own, which will have to be                                             school and good luck in your AP
mous black JanSport                   of sound mind and body, do             set with a “fight-to-the-death”              I, Erika Morales, being            classes. I love you little sis-
backpack to Eddie,                                         hereby be-        or until someone gives up, with       of sound mind and body, do                 ter! Each one of you will re-
and finally my fa-                                          queath           all my love, Cheeseburger.            hereby bequeath the fol-                              main in my heart
mous free style                                               the fol-                                             lowing: My schedule of                                  for making my
rapping to Josh.                                              lowing:                I, Tate Harshbarger, being    class, parties, friends, boy-                            senior     year
                                                                   My        of sound mind and body, do hereby     friend, work, and fam-                                    so    special!
       I, Sabina                                                             bequeath the following: The keys      ily to whoever can
Rangel, being                                                                to success to Daniel Moriel, the      take it on; and my                                               I,
of sound mind                                                                   football team, Patrick Rubalca-    willingness to try                                         Mariaelena
and body, do                                                                    va, the Decathlon team, Adrian     new things, for                                              Duenas,
hereby      be-                                                                Torres, and the Track team.         anyone who                                                   being of
queath the                                                                                                         is in search                                                 sound
following:        All                                                              I, Daisy Ortiz, being of        of an adven-                                                 mind and
of my amazing memories                                                        sound mind and body, do hereby       ture. Whoever                                               body, do
at the Ranch to my little                                                    bequeath the following: My joy        decides to use these                                       hereby be-
                                      uniform and snack cart to who-
brother, Fernando, who will begin                                            and pride for this school to all of   things will surely                                          queath the
                                      ever takes my job next year.
to enjoy what I enjoyed here and                                             those who feel the same as I do.      have as great of a                                           follow-
more next year. I hope you have                                                     And also, my funny times       time as I did these past                                     ing: To my
a memorable freshman year, just                                                       to all who laughed with      four years here at El Rancho!!       little cousin Cesar Garcia; I leave
as I did. Keep the Blue Pride                                                          me, and finally, I wish                                          you the strength and success that
alive, and enjoy your years                                                             great years to everyone,         I, Christina Perez, be-        I have carried with me throughout
here because they really fly                                                             I’ll miss you guys.       ing of sound mind and body, do       these past years. You are a great
by. To Patrick, my Decatha-                                                                                        hereby bequeath the following: I     person and I believe in you to
brother: enjoy your senior                                                                    I,      Michelle     leave my El Rodeo layout skills      fulfill your dreams and accom-
                                                      of sound
year! Live it up, and                                                                  Gonzalez, being of          to Naomi,     Dani, Bri-             plish your goals. I love you little
                                                     mind and
make us proud. I                                                                       sound mind and body,                                             man, you mean the world to me!
                                                 body, do hereby
know you will do                                                                        do hereby bequeath
                                               bequeath the fol-
a great job next                                                                         the following: The                                                    I, Jessica Yescas, being of
                                              lowing:      My
year in Decath. I’ll                                                                      crazy adventures                                                sound mind and body, do here-
                                      barbwired black heart
miss all of our funny mo-                                                                 with my past, lon-                                                 by        bequeath the fol-
                                      to Angie, my black and
ments. And to the teach- ers                                                 gest, and new friends, my high                                                               lowing: Swim
                                      gray heart to Ms.Q, my super sick
who have helped make                                                         school sweet heart (J.B.), and the                                                               googles
                                         dance moves and my tasty mu-
me into the student                                                          joyful memorable moments with                                                                    to Daisy
                                          sic to Mr.E, my timber wolf
and individual I am                                                          my classmates. I wish a great                                                                  Moreno,
                                                        coat to Louis. I
today, I leave you                                                           life ahead to everyone. Here’s                                                        Swimsuit to Jovita,
                                                         also leave all
my thanks and my                                                             to the best years of our lives.                                                      Sunblock to Sam and
                                                          my     poems
gratitude. I will                                                                                                                                              Mellie,     Breaststroking
                                                           to Miriam
forever                                                                            I, Nubia Martinez, being of                                                 to Jenn & my Lettermen
                                                             and all my
be                                                                           sound mind and body, do hereby be-                                                to Jerry Michael Huff
                                                              vests to
                                                               Gus, all      queath the following: my patience
                                                                             to all future seniors, good luck!     anna, and Amanda. I love each                    I, Michael Hidalgo,
                                                                                                                   one of you guys and good luck on     being of sound mind and body, do
                                                                                   I, Danielle Medrano, be-        next year’s paper! I also leave my   hereby bequeath the following: I
                                                                             ing of sound mind and body, do        poster-making skills to Gabbie,      will miss thee El Rancho High,
                                                                             hereby bequeath the following:        Elise, and Tina for next year’s      it’s so sad this is goodbye, we
                                                                             My obese cat, Harold, to Marissa      ASB. I wish you the best with ev-    shall raise our laurels to the sky,

Staff Farewells
                                                                             and Vanessa, my EDC tickets to        ery event and we always reunite      goodbye El Rancho High School.

       Graduation. The simple thought about                   One year in the Newspaper Staff was more than enough                    Last year, I remember signing up for the El Rodeo
it gives me the goose bumps, but then I sit and         to bond with every single member in the staff and Mr. Zeko.            staff of 2009-2010. In my mind, I was thinking “I don’t
think about how far I’ve made it and happiness          I wish I would have joined earlier in these four years of high         have a problem writing one little essay every month. I
begins to fulfill me. I remember my junior year         school. Being in Journalism class made me realize that put-            want an easy and fun class for my senior              year.”
when Mrs. Cruz pulled me out of class to set up         ting together a newspaper is not as easy as I thought it                      Then it came
my schedule for this year,          and when I          would be. I would like to thank to all the readers who ap-             to my first month             in                   class
chose     Jour- nalism I               was excited      preciate what we create from scratch to make El Rodeo.                 where Mr.Zeko                                      was
because I’ve                           always                 I will miss stressing out a day before deadline. Class           determining who,                                  “was
enjoyed writ-                         ing. I can’t      would be relaxed un-            til BAM! Deadline came and             here       to                                    write.” I
say I’ve gone                        through       a    then the class was                 full of chaos and drama! Mr.        thought                                         and
lot with the                          Journalism        Zeko is a great ad-                   visor who is hilarious with      thought,                                      finally de-
class, but those                             little     his jokes. He will                      come up with the most          ciding      I                                was commit-
memories      with                                      random and fun-                         niest comments. Let’s          ted to doing                                my best on
them      I     will                         re-        not forget about                         Evan and his lisp as          each issue,                       and improving my writ-
member. Mr.Zeko’s                         daily         well as Doug                             and his “specialness”.        ing through-                       out the year. It was
jokes and enter-                       tainment         I will miss                            walking into class and          one of the                         best decisions I could
never got old; he’s                     a    great      Dani yell-                             ing “Hey best friend!”          have made.
advisor and his                         honesty         and her play-                         ing the acoustic guitar.                From                        Mr.Zeko’s         never-
always      helped.                    Journal-         Emma is one                          of the most interesting           ending push-                      ing for us to think of the
ism has been a fun                     experi-          and mature ju-                         niors I have ever met and       others in this                    world, to losing an angel
ence for me, and                      it made my        is very genuine                         as well. I will miss her       like Manuel; it                 has all influenced me in
senior year a very                   relaxing one.      singing to us on our                     birthdays. Jose and his       the best way. If it           weren’t for my time here in
I might not have                    connected           crazy screaming will                      me missed! Mari, Erika,      the staff, I wouldn’t         have been introduced to
much with my staff                 members, but         and Allie always kept                      me entertained while        such new people,               and important topics.
each and every one                 of them have         typing our stories next                    to each other. Naomi               Every day here          was new and interesting,
a special gift that               they should be        Wyoming don’t think I                      won’t mention you.          whether it was happy,          somber, excited, full of
proud of. I wish all             of the seniors         Brianna you are crazy! I                   don’t know how you          work, or lazy. I con-           sider every person who
the best of luck in             life, and for the       manage to do a million                       things at once. You       has worked on                    the paper this year as a
rest of the mem-               bers who have            will do great next year;                        the paper has          friend. That goes                for the ones I just met,
a couple of years            ahead in this excel-       been and will be in great                        hands next year.      and those who                   I’ve known for years.
lent Journalism class, keep doing what you’re           Everybody else in the staff you                 know I love                   I           hope       we      all    keep      writ-

-Mari Duenas                                            -Joselyn Gonzalez
doing and stay recognized for your fine work!           you too! Pow Wow time!! & you will do great next year.                 ing, meeting deadlines, and keeping an eye on the

                                                                                                                               -Erika Morales
                                                                                                                               world more (or just as much) as we do on ourselves.
                                                                                                                                                                     Continued on page 8.
Pg 6, el rodeo                                                            El Rancho High School                                                                           June 11, 2010

                                                     SENIOR FEATURES
Jair Haro: Musician at Heart
       By naoMi orteGa                                                                                                                                   Brandon Flowers of The Killers,
     el rodeo staff Writer                                                                                                                               MGMT, The Cars, Devendra Ban-
                                                                                                                                                         hart, and Wolfmother,” said Haro.
       “Because I get to watch Mau-                                                                                                                             Although Haro feels like he
ry at eleven and sleep in,” jokes                                                                                                                        is in “an empty pool alone,” he has
senior, Jair Haro about why he is                                                                                                                        the support of his band members.
happy to finally leave high school.                                                                                                                      Lead singer of Suffer the Irony,
       After twelve years of home-                                                                                                                       Bobby Torres says, “I was excited
work, projects, and early morn-                                                                                                                          to hear how it would sound like
ings Haro will not be attending                                                                                                                          because of his different influenc-
college in the fall, but will contin-                                                                                                                    es” and the drummer of the band,
ue to pursue other career interests.                                                                                                                     Chris Zarate said, “It is cool that
       Haro has been playing gui-                                                                                                                        he is going solo because I got to
tar for a little over a year now and                                                                                                                     record him so in a way he helped
has been a member of Suffer the                                                                                                                          me with my studio dreams.”
Irony since they started back in                                                                                                                                Haro doesn’t see himself
early 2008. “[Suffer the Irony]                                                                                                                          abandoning his career as a mu-
came to be when the drummer                                                                                                                              sician and neither do friends
and I realized our future in skating                                                                                                                     Bobby Torres and Bruce Loza.
didn’t seem too bright,” said Haro.                                                                                                                             “He is very creative and he
       The band has played venues                                                                                                                        has a wide range of inspirations,”
such as Chain Reaction, Marina                                                                                                                           said Torres and Loza continued by
Concert Theatre, and the occa-                                                                                                                           saying, “He is a great musician.
sional backyard. Suffer the Irony                                                                                                                        He can express himself as a musi-
also played at Jimmie’s Restau-                                                                                                                          cian by having his voice be what
rant in Montebello. Music has                                                                                                                            he makes the guitar sound like.”
always been a part of his life and       Jair preparing to preform at The Little Theater with his Band Suffer The Irony.                                        Lastly, El Rancho alumni,
he is now stepping it up a notch.                                                                                                                        Allin De Leon said, “Jair is the
       Haro is currently in the          album under the name Just Air.       considered to be a part of the psy-   inspirations for the album were      man with the plan and with no
process of releasing his own solo        The album, Triangular Circles, is    chedelic wave rock genre. “My         Julian Casablancas of the Strokes,   doubt he will continue to jam out.”

                                                                                                                      Math Fanatic Picks Engineering
                                                                                                                         By Joselyn Gonzalez                    Sanchez, as of now, is plan-
                                                                                                                        el rodeo staff Writer            ning on majoring in Engineering.
                                                                                                                                                         “I am thinking of aerial or civil
                                                                                                                          After four agonizing years     Engineering. I really like math
                                                                                                                    in TEAM and AP classes, it’s         and solving problems. I took
                                                                                                                    time for senior Angel Sanchez to     calculus as a junior and after be-
                                                                                                                    get rewarded by moving to New        ing in Mr. Francics’ class it gave
                                                                                                                    York and attending to Rensselaer     me the encouragement to take
                                                                                                                    Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.   into engineering,” Sanchez said.
                                                                                                                          Sanchez got accepted to               Angel is ready to explore
                                                                                                                    Penn State, University of Pa-        a new state and meeting new
                                                                                                                    cific, Drexel, UC Riverside          people as well as developing new
                                                                                                                    and Merced. Out of his options,      friendships. “I am really look-
                                                                                                                    he picked Rensselaer Poly-           ing forward into exploring NYC
                                                                                                                    technic Institute in Troy, NY.       once I get to New York,” he says.
                                                                                                                          “One of the main reasons              “My parents can’t accept
                                                                                                                    I picked Rensselaer Polytech-        the fact of me leaving to another
                                                                                                                    nic Institute was because it of-     state, but they understand it’s for
                                                                                                                    fered more financial aid than the    my education,” Sanchez said.
                                                                                                                    other schools,” Sanchez says.               Angel will be departing to
                                                                                                                          Some students are scared of    Troy on August 18. Sanchez says,
Senteno Speaks Her Mind Through Her Art                                                                             applying out of state because they   “I don’t think I will miss High
       By Jonathon raya                                                                                             are going to face the real world     School because I am tired of hav-
     el rodeo staff Writer                                                                                          by themselves. Sanchez says, “ I     ing the same routine everyday, but
                                                                                                                    mainly applied out of state to get   I will miss my family and hang-
       “Practice makes perfect” is                                                                                  out of Pico Rivera and experience    ing out with my friends. I can’t
what they always say when you                                                                                       life on my own without having        wait, New York here I come!”
start something new; for Nicole                                                                                     someone telling me what to do.”
Senteno, this is true. For eight
years she has been drawing in her
own unique style, which is a com-
bination of “manga and fantasy.”
       “I started drawing in my
style when I found a ‘How to
Draw in Manga’ book at a book
fair when I was in Elementary
school,” said Senteno “And I used
that book to practice my art until I
was able to create my own style.”
       When she creates a char-          them in books or in a country’s      ter, my art skills could help me
acter, they tend to have unique          mythology, like the werewolf or a    stand out in college and when
fantasy characteristics. “Even           Tengu, “heavenly dogs” in Japa-      applying for jobs.” Said Senteno.
though I’m not entirely sure how         nese folklore and are said to take          “I will continue to work
to describe my art, I feel it has a      the form of birds of prey.           on my art and with the charac-
fantasy feel to it,” Senteno said.              “I do also believe that my    ters I have created. I would like
“All of my characters are some           skills have begun improving this     to make comics books with my
type of creature or inhuman be-          year because I have been draw-       own characters and hopefully get
ing. Also my art shows the emo-          ing more and practicing more.”       published or I would like to work
tions I have at the time I create it.”   Senteno plans to attend Mt. Si-      in video game illustration, mak-
       Her characters are also           erra College, where she will         ing up the characters and their
based off creatures from around          continue to practice her illustra-   back story and environments.”
                                                                                                                     Angel relaxing during lunch.
the world, whether she finds             tions. “Hopefully as I get bet-
June 11, 2010                                                             El Rancho High School                                                                       el rodeo, Pg       7

The Ultimate Test Challenge Excites Students
                                                                              a menu that included an appe-
                                                                              tizer, an entrée, a dessert, and a
                                                                                     Not     only    did     each
                                                                              group have to plan out a deli-
                                                                              cious menu for their judges,
                                                                              but they as well had to dress
                                                                              with the theme of their food.
                                                                                     “They had to dress alike
                                                                              in a formal and sophisticated
                                                                              way so they can add points to
                                                                              their final score,” said Luna.
                                                                                     This challenge was a red
                                                                              carpet event that class was filled
                                                                              with international decorations in
                                                                              each kitchen. Chef Luna had
                                                                              a full audience as parents of the
                                                                              contesters took numerous pho-
                                                                              tos and videos of the classroom.
                                                                                     On the first day, one of
                                                                              the main judges was Paul Mc-
                                                                              Cullough*, a chef who is apart
                                                                              of the Next Food Network Star.                  Another winner of the                 This test not only shows
                                                                                     “It was an honor to have him    food challenge had a theme A Night    the students how to present a
                                                                              come in and judge the event. Chef      in Tokyo. By modernizing their        creation of art and make food
                                                                              McCullough was very impressed          asian wraps and twisting their hair   they normally would not do on
                                                                              with the presentations of all the      in chop sticks, this group of girls   an ordinary day basis, but “the
                                                                              students since he had never seen       went to the extreme by making         class teaches them life skills
                                                                              anything like it. He noticed all the   an entrée of fresh sushi hand rolls   they will take with them for the
                                                                              hard work these students put into               “Sushi is very hard to       rest of their lives,” said Luna.
                                                                              it because they put their heart and    prepare and they were only giv-
                                                                              soul into their food, “ said Luna.     en one demo on how to make
                                                                                     One of the winning groups       sushi, but these girls received
                                                                              had theme which was Food is            a perfect score,” Chef Luna
                                                                              love. They had a Spanish appetiz-               “The ultimate test chal-
      By christina Perez                is take them through my journey       er, followed by an Italian entrée,     lenge was the greatest we had
     el rodeo staff Writer              of restaurant management, cater-      and had a sweet finale of a Greek      ever had to do in class. With                     Advisor
                                        ing, being a chef, having hospital-   dessert. The purpose of their          the great help and guidance of                   Paul Zeko
       After preparing for two          ity, which is every part of the cu-   menu was to explain the people         Chef Luna, it was easy to ac-
months, Chef Luna held his sec-         linary industry,” says Chef Luna.     have for each other, thus sharing      complish”, said Lily Gama.                    Editor-in-Chief
ond annual ultimate test challenge            Adding a fun, exciting twist    their food amongst one another.                 This challenge was                   Brianna Morales
on May 27th and 28th by having his      to the contest, Chef Luna had his            “It has been great experi-      a hectic and time consuming
students challenge themselves to        students create all their foods       ence and opportunity to work           for Chef Luna, but he said, “it                   Editors
prepare a menu for their judges.        from scratch. They were given         with my girls in my kitchen.           was all worth it.” Every dol-
       “I wanted to create a final      two to three weeks of planning        It was also an honor being             lar that was spent for this chal-                  News
test that was going to be fun and ex-   and one final day of prepara-         taught by a great chef like Chef       lenge was used in a creative                  Brianna Morales
citing. My goal with the challenge      tion. The students had to create      Luna,” said Carlos Figueroa.           way by making food into art.                  Alyssa Mendoza

Dons Looks Forward to Next Season                                                                                    coming into my 3rd year here, and
                                                                                                                                                                   Daniela Aguilar
                                                                                                                     we’re getting a lot done. A lot of
                                                                                                                     the guys are getting overwhelmed                Senior Wills
                                                                                                                     with the physical and mental                     Jose Reyes
                                                                                                                     toughness that is needed. We’ve
                                                                                                                     already seen a big drop in num-            Senior Features/Staff
                                                                                                                     bers from when we first began.”              Farewells
                                                                                                                            A big change from the pre-             Naomi Ortega
                                                                                                                     vious year’s team is obviously
                                                                                                                     the size, especially linemen wise.              Campus
                                                                                                                     The linemen are primarily the                  Emma Leal
                                                                                                                     toughest guys out there, and size            Rebecca Gallegos
                                                                                                                     always helps. Despite the size is-
                                                                                                                     sue, the coach of the defensive               Staff Farewells
                                                                                                                     line, Coach Vigil, is optimistic.              Chistina Perez
                                                                                                                            “As far as line wise, we’re
                                                                                                                     young, and we’re scrappy,”                          Staff
                                                                                                                     states Vigil. “We’re going to               Priscilla Amavizca
                                                                                                                     keep on working and outma-                    Guilliana Bravo
                                                                                                                     neuver people. It’s a battle of               Araceli Cabral
                                                                                                                     technique, and our linemen just                Maria Duenas
                                                                                                                     have to have the mentality that              Joselyn Gonzalez
       By aBel Martinez                 class. Along with weightlifting,      should be outstanding. I think we      ‘I’m going to beat you,’ no mat-            Amanda Hernandez
     el rodeo staff Writer              to strengthen their physique and      should be good enough to com-          ter the size of the other guy.”                Arlette Lopez
                                        build muscle, the players also        pete for a playoff spot this year.”           As the team’s spring prac-              Abel Martinez
      The coming of sum-                worked on exercises that focused            Spring practices for the         tices wrap up this Friday with the             Erika Morales
mer indicates the ending of             on expanding their flexibility.       players began on May 11. It is         annual Blue and Gray game, the                Natalie Rangel
the school year, but it also sig-              “I think that we will have     spring where the players get a taste   summer will present the final ob-             Jonathon Raya
nals another event: the 2010            the best athletes in the league       of what is in store for the summer     stacle before the season begins.                Lydia Raya
El Rancho Football Season.              (skill wise),” says Head Coach        and the season. They work on tech-     “I think our home opener against              Alejandra Vallin
      Little do people know that        Rick Zepeda. “Our overall team        nique, condition to develop endur-     Los Altos will be a big game,”
                                                                                                                                                                 El Rodeo is published
the season began a long time ago        speed will be faster than in the      ance, and compete with contact.        says Coach Zepeda. “The hard
                                                                                                                                                           once a month, except dur-
for the players. At the start of        past, best speed in a while. Our            “The practices have been         part right now is the academic is-
                                                                                                                                                           ing vacations, by the journal-
the 2nd semester, returning play-       interior (offensive and defensive     very positive,” says Coach Zepe-       sues. I’m hoping that by summer,
                                                                                                                                                           ism class of El Rancho High
ers and those that wanted to join       line) will be inexperienced, and      da. “The guys have been working        everyone will be eligible and if
                                                                                                                                                           School,     6501 S. Passons
were required to register for the       that will be a big question com-      hard. Coaches have put in a lot of     that happens, we’ll be a very ex-
                                                                                                                                                           Blvd., Pico Rivera, CA 90660.
zero period body conditioning           ing into the fall. Our kicking team   time. We’re much more organized        citing team to watch this year.”
June 11, 2010                                                                El Rancho High School                                                                       Pg 8, el rodeo

                                                     STAFF FAREWELLS
                                                                                                                        Christina Perez
Alyssa Mendoza
       Wow, I can’t believe this        thank you so much for letting me         singing in class was the best. I can
year is over. I have so many            be a part of journalism this year.       honestly say that being apart of                  It’s hard to explain my   the paper, but you were a leader
memories here at the ranch                    It has offered me new experi-      the El Rodeo Staff has been the        senior year in so many words.                   that committed herself
but first I’d like to                      ences that have helped me grow        best thing to happen to me next        This year there were so many                      to this newspaper. I
say that I will miss                        as a young adult and a person.       to coming to El Rancho of course.      new          adventures, new                       wish all of you the
the El Rodeo Staff.                                 I have learned much                 El Rancho has given             friends, new chal-                                 best for next year’s
       Thank you                             responsibility this year. You       me so much as an individual.           lenges, but most                                   paper. If you ever
so much for mak-                             letting me be in charge of                 I have met some of              importantly new                                           need me, I’m
ing my senior                                 advertisements and reviews         the weirdest, most unique,             memories.         As                                      just a couple
year so memo-                                  for the Moxie Company             and greatest people here.              the final week ap-                                        of cities away.
rable. I will                                   has helped me under-                    Although I have a few           proaches, I think                                                  I al-
never forget                                     stand responsibility and        cousins here that helped me get        of all the memories                                       ways thought
Brianna’s                                            for that I thank you.       situated to the school, my best        I created within                                         our staff’s en-
meltdowns                                                   Emma,        you     friends are the ones that have         X1.      I walked                                       ergy was brought
or Jonathon                                               have been there        made the experience even better.       into a classroom                                      from on extraordi-
blasting                                                     for me through             Pedro Lopez, Wendy Mejia,       with individuals I never                             nary individual. He
Lady Ga-                                                        thick and        and Emma Leal, I will miss you         spent time with through-             wasn’t           only our advisor;
ga’s “Bad                                                          thin. I’m     guys terribly when I leave to Holy     out these four years                                  he was the one who
Romance”                                                             glad to     Names University this August!          and now I’m resisting                                 kept us motivated
in      class                                                           say             To     all     my      other    tearing up and saying                                for each issue. He
and       try-                                                                   friends, I love you guys!              goodbye.         Journal-                           was the one who
ing to imi-                                                                             You were all great to           ism opened so many                                made all of us laugh
tate the moves                                                                   be around. I will always car-          doors for me. I nev-                             each day by his humor-
in     the     video.                   that                                      ry a piece of El Rancho               er knew the time it                            ous personality. He was
       I will also miss Jose’s          you                                          High School in my heart.           takes to make a paper!                         the one who brought us
crassness and his styling corner        are    my                                            Although      I     was            This class not                         nachos every time we
(he is the class’s official hairstyl-   best friend.                                  once a Roughrider fresh-          only taught me deadlines,                     stayed pasted the sun-
ist) and who can forget Mr. Zeko        Listening      to                            man year, I will AL-               dedication, and patience, but                set and laid out an issue.
or shall I say Evan. Mr. Zeko,          your beautiful and out of nowhere        WAYS be an El Rancho Don.              it taught so many life lessons               Mr. Zeko thanks for every

Rebecca Gallegos
                                                                                                                        I will take with me to col-                         thing that you have
                                                                                                                        lege. I will truly miss walk-                taught me in the past ten
                                                                                                                        ing into classroom and hearing               months. The newspaper
                                                                                                                        chaos. For those that are com-       would not be the same without
       My last year of high school      something I will never forget,           miss the business of the “news                                              your wacky sayings or cheesy
                                                                                                                        ing back to El Rodeo next year,
has been very memorable.                and has given me a great lesson          room,” last minute stories and                                              quotes of the day. X1 is filled
                                                                                                                        I’ll tell you one thing. MAKE
One of my best memo-                    about deadlines, diligent work,          lay out changes being thrown                                                with memories only we, as El
                                                                                                                        DEADLINES! I’m going to miss
ries was being a member                  multi-tasking and teamwork.             my way at last minute notice.                                               Rodeo’s Staff, will understand.
                                                                                                                        Naomi’s fun personality, Dani’s
of the El Rodeo staff.                            I will miss everyone, espe-           We all grew as Jour-                                                 I’m going to miss all of you guys!
                                                                                                                        energetic hellos, and Amanda’s
Editing,       proof                        cially my Spelling Snake, Jose.      nalists this past year and be-                                              Each one of you has left a mem-
                                                                                                                        sweet, awesome friendship.
reading, staying                                    Every good Gram-             came a family within X1.                                                    ory for my senior year. It is not
                                                                                                                                Brianna you have been
late, laying out                             mar Guru needs one ;)                      I will never forget the                                              goodbye rather just a farewell for
                                                                                                                        an incredible editor in chief be-
were all stress-                                     Natalie, our reluctant      great feeling of accomplish-                                                now. Thank you once again for
                                                                                                                        cause not only were you able to
ful at times, but                             hero, you helped so much           ment when we, as the layout                                                 the best laughs of my senior year.
                                                                                                                        handle all the stress and chaos of
worth it when                                 with editing, and I don’t know     team, put a very good paper out.
a good issue
was published.
                                         what I would have done if you
                                         hadn’t transferred in this semester.
                                                                                        I will truly miss El Rodeo
                                                                                 and all of its      staff members.
                                                                                                                        Mr. Zeko
       Mr. Zeko,                                 Emma, your optimism                                                             Best wishes to my grad-     our monthly publication to a
thank you for                           and great personality kept our                                                  uating seniors: Alyssa Mendoza,      higher level with your com-
pushing me to be                        news staff united and motivated.                                                Christina Perez, Joselyn Gon-        mitment to accuracy and style.
a better writer, and                           I      will     miss      your                                           zalez, Jose Reyes, Rebecca Gal-            I will miss your unique
genuinely       caring                  sunny                    disposition.                                           legos, Alejandra Vallin, Maria       personalities    and   talents.
about your students.                           Brianna, your determi-                                                   Duenas, Jonathan Raya, Erika                   Best of luck to all
       We couldn’t                      nation to put out a good paper                                                   Morales and Natalie Rangel.         of your in your future aca-
have      done      it                  never failed, and in the end we                                                          Thank you for your          demic and career pursuits.
without          you.                   all worked together to get it done.                                                  dedication and service to             It’s been a pleasure
       Being      on                           Working on news staff has                                                        El Rodeo. You elevated       to serve as your advisor.
news staff has been                     been a great experience. I will
                                                                                                                                  Jose Reyes
Jonathon Raya                                                                                                                            My final year
                                                                                                                                  here at El Ran-
                                                                                                                        cho has gone by too fast.
                                                                                                                                                             was perfect, and Naomi’s laugh.
                                                                                                                                                                    I will also miss making cop-
                                                                                                                                                             ies for you, Zeko, and well, just the
      It has been four years at El      ally goes into it. I will miss this      and her happy attitude on                    I still remem-                 whole El Rodeo staff in general.
Rancho and my journal here              class a lot when I am at college.        life. I will miss Mr. Zeko’s           ber my freshman                                You guys were really fun
is coming to an end.                                            To       next    jokes and his daily quotes.            year and from                              to be with and work with too.
      I am both ex-                                        year’s        staff         Another person I’m go-           there the years                                     I’ll always thank
cited and sadden to                                         I    do      wish    ing to miss is Dani even when          merged       and                              you though, Mr. Zeko,
move onto college.                                          them the best.       she muted my music in class            BAM! – Here’s                                 for inspiring me to want
      But over all, my                                            To the Ed-     when I was listening to it.            senior      year.                              to major in journalism.
high school experience                                    itor-in-chief, Bri-          Also, I will miss blasting             Most      of                                    And also, I promise
has been great and I will                                anna, I wish you        my music in class, listening to my     my fondest mem-                                              to come visit
miss the classes I have                                 the best of luck at      favorite songs like Single Ladies,     ories have been in                                                at least
had this year, journal-                               finding someone who        Bad Romance, Telephone, and            X-1, Mr. Zeko’s                                                    one or
ism being one of them.                              is good with Photoshop       Alejandro. (P.S. Lady Gaga rules!!)    Digital Photogra-                                                  twice
      I joined jour-                              so they can do cutouts               Even though this year is         phy class and his                                                  a week
nalism this year not                             of pictures and edit them.      coming to an end, I am excited to      Journalism class.                                                  and to
knowing what to ex-                                     I will miss the          move on, but I will try to come              I am truly go-                                            see how
pect and it is sad to ad-                      entire staff, even if at          back to see how the future El Ro-      ing to miss this class                                        the El Ro-
mit that I wish I could                       times they made me                 deo issues look and I hope they        and yelling at everyone                                     deo staff is
have taken it sooner.                         want to pull my hair out.          look even better than this year.       to shut up, our nacho runs,                                 doing. Also, I
      Journalism has                                I will miss the edi-               So with this, I say goodbye      and staying late to make                                       will miss
been such a wonderful                       tors: Jose, Rebecca, and             to El Rodeo staff and El Rancho.       sure the paper was perfect.                                    editing all
experience for me, it                       Natalie, who helped me                     This year has been the                 I will definitely miss                             night with Nata-
taught me how a news-                       when times where difficult           best out of my four years here         Brianna’s yelling, her melt-                            lie and Rebecca,
paper is composed                           with my writing, editing my          and I wish the whole staff good        downs, and especially her hugs.      the Grammar Guru, who dubbed
and published, also it                      stories, and also with help-         luck on what they will ad-                   I will miss Emma and           me the Spelling Snake. I’m go-
taught me how much                          ing me speak correctly.              vance to do in the next year.          signing moments, Brianna’s ef-       ing to miss Mr. Zeko and every-
time and effort actu-                             I will miss Emma                     Farewell      El    Rancho!      fort in making sure the paper        thing about this El Rodeo family.

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