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					                                          $9.95; VEGETARIAN COOKING                  lost its way. 1998, 1 sheet/2 sides
    AVS/AHIMSA                            for 100, $24.95.                           8½x11" 25¢; $2.00/dozen.
   PUBLICATIONS:                                 Philosophy & Religion:              FEEDING VEGAN BABIES, $1.50.
                                                                                     [See Birth, Babies, and Children
                                          The COILED SERPENT, $11.95;
              BOOKS:                                                                 section]
                                          The DHAMMAPADA, $3.50.]
COMPASSION: THE ULTIMATE                                                             HANDWRITING ON THE
ETHIC: An Exploration of                                                             OPERATING ROOM WALL &
Veganism –Victoria Moran; intro:
                                             AHIMSA MAGAZINE:
                                          INDEX, AHIMSA 25 YEARS 1960-               FAT FOR THOUGHT –M. Klaper,
Michael Klaper, MD. Vegan                                                            MD. Health problems through using
                                          1984. 1500+ articles and items listed.
movement: background, what/how,                                                      typical diets (SAD). 1996, 12pp
                                          24pp 11x15" paper #26-03 $1.00.
vegan experience. 1997, 128pp 6x9"                                                   8½x11" $2.00.
$7.95; $17.00/3.                          INDEX, AHIMSA 15 YEARS 1985-
                                          1999. List: 100s of articles/items:        VEGAN ORGANIC GARDENING
HEALTH CAN BE HARMLESS                                                               & FARMING –David Phillips, ND,
                                          issue, topic, author, title. 28pp
–H. Jay Dinshah. Self-help:                                                          et al. Three articles on natural vegan
                                          8½x11" $1.00.
Harmlessness, Happiness, Habits,                                                     food-growing. 2000, 10pp 8½x11"
Health, Humor. 1987, 80pp 6x9"            30th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE                     $2.00.
$4.95.                                    April/June 1990: Pre-AVS Pioneers,
                                          early history. Many pix & articles.               FIVE ARTICLES
                                          64pp 8½x11" $4.00.                                  by H. Jay Dinshah:
Anthology –18 authors. Views on
harmless living plus dozens of quotes                                                "CRUELTY-FREE"=VEGAN
& pix; notables of past & present.           AHIMSA ISSUES/SETS:                     BEWARE Not-animal-tested does
1993, 96pp 6x9" $7.95; $17.00/3.          May 1960 #01-01-Dec. 1972. Set/146         not mean "no animal ingredients."
                                          8½x11" (mostly mimeo) originals or         1998, 4pp 8½x11" 50¢.
OUT OF THE JUNGLE –H. Jay                 copies. Approx. $122 value, $90.00.
Dinshah. His best book: personal                                                     GANDHIAN TRUTH-FORCE
development in veganism,                  1973-1989: 65 tabloids (11½x15")           AND NON-VIOLENT
harmlessness, selfless service. 1995,     nearly all originals. $70+ value,          PERSUASION On Mahatma
96pp 6x9" $7.95.                          $35.00.                                    Gandhi’s Satyagraha. The power of
                                          1990-2000: 3 tabloids, 20+ 8½x11"          truth and love; making friends of
                                          originals, incl. 30th Anniversary Issue.   opponents. 1999, 8pp 8½x11" $1.50.
Selected info: 7 BOOKS (above 4 plus
Vegan Kitchen, Vegan Nutrition: Pure      $60+ value, $30.00.                        MOSTLY ABOUT ALCOHOL
and Simple, The Non-Violent                 Or, order all 3 sets above, 1960-        Exposes alcohol’s "benefits"; the real
Revolution). Booklet: VEGANISM,           2000 (over $250 value) for $135.00.        lowdown on drinking, smoking, some
Getting Started. Ahimsa back issues,                                                 other drugs. 1994, 12pp 8½x11"
reprints, booklets of special interest.   FRUIT FOR THOUGHT –H. Jay                  $2.00.
Freya’s 59 min. Vegan Kitchen             Dinshah. 6 issues; series separates fact
                                          from fiction about "fruitarian &           OVERWEIGHT &
VIDEO. Reg. $87+, pay just $34.50.
                                          breatharian" concepts. $3.00.              UNDERWEIGHT Physical, mental,
SONG OF INDIA –H. Jay Dinshah.                                                       emotional factors. Helpful. 1999, 2pp
Four month speaking tour of India,        SPECIAL ISSUE ON PROTEIN                   8½x11" 25¢.
1967 World Veg. Congress.                 Abundance and quality of vegan
                                          protein. Reassuring. #32-02 24pp           WHY DON’T VEGANS USE
Interviews, facts, many pix. 1973,
                                          8½x11" $1.00.                              HONEY? Ethical, health,
104pp 5x8" $3.95.
                                                                                     environmental reasons against this
The LIFE OF A KARMA-YOGI –                H. JAY DINSHAH (1933-2000)                 insect product. Harm to human
Dr. Dinshah P. Ghadiali, color therapy    Articles by and about AVS founder, a       health; cruel beekeeping practices.
pioneer and vegetarian teacher. 1973,     vegan pioneer. #41-04 32 pp $5.00.         1996, 6pp 8½x11" $1.00.
32pp 7x10" $4.50.
                                               AHIMSA REPRINTS:                        TWO FINE BOOKLETS:
                                          ALTERNATIVES TO DAIRY                           by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton
See AVS items in other sections, viz:     PRODUCTS/EGGS. 1p 25¢.
         Vegan Cookbooks:                                                            MONTH OF MENUS Nutrition
                                          ENVIRONMENTALISM                           facts, simple meals. 16pp 7½x10½"
HEALTHY HEARTY HELPINGS,                  WITHOUT VEGETARIANISM                      $1.00.
$8.95; The VEGAN KITCHEN,                 –Merritt Clifton. How a movement
                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
SECOND-HAND FOODS                        Compassion –Joanne Stepaniak,             here. Engaging style makes this an
Health views on foods from the           MSEd. Answers questions about             easy read. 2003, 516pp 6x9” $17.95.
animal kingdom. 16pp 7x10" booklet.      bringing vegan ethics into everyday
                                                                                   PULLING THE WOOL -Christine
$1.00.                                   life; dynamic harmlessness and vegan
                                                                                   Townsend. Suffering/death in
                                         philosophy; maintaining the vegan
                                                                                   Australian sheep agribusiness. No
                                         relationship with others; food and
          AVS POSTER:                                                              wonder vegans don’t use wool. 1985,
                                         lifestyle choices. 2000, 240pp 6x9"
                                                                                   157pp 5½x8½" $9.95.
“LEAVE SOME FOR ME?”                     $16.95.
Neat, appealing sheet with thought-                                                VEGAN: The New Ethics of
                                         The BOOK of COMPASSION:
provoking theme—environmental                                                      Eating –Erik Marcus; fwd: Howard
                                         Reverence for All Life—Pramoda
waste/damage in animal products.                                                   Lyman. Why changing what you eat
                                         Chitrabhanu, Pravin K. Shah,
8½x11" 10¢; $1.00/dozen; $5.00/100.                                                can be so simple and yet so significant
                                         compilers. Articles on dairy, silk,
                                                                                   for your health, that of the earth and
                                         wool, health, slaughter-products.
                                                                                   its nonhuman inhabitants. Incl. many
                                         2006, 88pp 5½x8½” $5.00.
    THREE AVS LEAFLETS:                                                            writings by noted veggie and animal
[Attractively designed, neatly printed   DIET FOR A NEW AMERICA –                  rights activists. 2d ed. 2001, 211pp
  colorful 3½x8½" handy leaflets]        John Robbins. Going vegan: for            6x9" $16.95.
                                         ourselves, for animals, for the planet.
DON’T LET THEM PULL THE                                                            VEGAN & VEGETARIAN FAQ:
                                         1987, 1998, 424pp 5½x8¼" $15.95.
WOOL OVER YOUR EYES! –                                                             Answers to Your Frequently
Freya Dinshah. Reasons for               FOOD REVOLUTION, THE:                     Asked Questions –Davida Gypsy
abandoning the use of wool. 4pp 15¢;     How Your Diet Can Help Save               Breier; Nutrition Section: Reed
$2.50/20; $10.00/100.                    Your Life –John Robbins. "If every        Mangels, PhD, RD. A good source of
                                         patient in every doctor’s office read     information on daily aspects of living
NOW TRY VEGANISM! Brief                  this book, it would revolutionize the     for people newly interested in
introduction to health, ethical,         health of America."-Neal Barnard,         changing their diet as well as
economic, and ecological benefits of     MD, President, PCRM.                      established vegans and vegetarians.
veganism. 10¢; $1.75/20; $6.00/100.      "…thoughtful, penetrating,                Answers well the usual questions:
WHAT HAPPENS TO THE                      impeccably researched, it will make       How do I get started? Where can I
CALF? Excellent little leaflet           you laugh, then cry, then pass it on to   get enough B12? Where’s the
exposing modern dairy and veal           your loved ones." –Marianne               protein? Won’t I lose strength? Also
production. 10¢; $1.75/20; $6.00/100.    Williamson, author of A Return to         tackles the more remote requests: Is
                                         Love. 2001, 450pp 6x9" $17.95;            photographic film made with animal
                                         $39.00/3.                                 materials? Is there bone in bone
           AVS FLYER:                                                              china? 2001, 272pp 6x9" $15.00.
     [Good, inexpensive for tabling,     MAKING KIND CHOICES:
         outreach giveaways]             Everyday Ways to Enhance Your             The Complete Idiot’s Guide to
                                         Life Through Earth & Animal               VEGAN LIVING –Beverly Lynn
EASY VEGAN RECIPES 50+                   Friendly Living –Ingrid Newkirk,          Bennett and Ray Sammartano. This
simple but tasty & wholesome             Pres. PETA, fwd: Sir Paul                 powerful explanation of veganism
recipes, 2 weeks of menus. Neat mini-    McCartney. Stories of her personal        explores its many ramifications.
cookbook of tempting cuisine. [Also      growth, experiences, and of friends,      Menu and lifestyle choices; the
included in VEGANISM: Getting            are keys to imbuing readers with          decisions are yours and the resources
Started] 4 pp 8½x11" 25¢;                daily habits that pave way to happier     are here. 2005, 368pp 7½x9½
$2.50/dozen; $15.00/100.                 lives. 2005, 472pp 5½x8¼” $13.95.         $18.95.
                                         The MOST NOBLE DIET –George               The VEGAN SOURCEBOOK
        VEGANISM:                        Eisman, RD; fwd: Michael Klaper,          – Joanne Stepaniak, MSEd. Vegan
                                         MD. Ethical, world aspects of foods,      modern history; ethics & lifestyle
         [From other publishers]
                                         4th edition. 1994, 118pp 5½x8½"           choices; social, environmental
ANIMAL CONNECTION Agatha                $9.95.                                    aspects; household items; recipes, ;
M. Thrash, MD and Calvin L. Thrash,                                                rather orthodox nutrition section by
MD. Diseases borne by meat/dairy         PLANT ROOTS: 101 Reasons                  Virginia Messina, MS, RD. 2000,
products. 1983, 24pp 5½x8½" $6.95.       Why the Human Diet is Rooted              352pp 7½x9¼" $21.95.
                                         Exclusively in Plants –Rex Bowlby.
BEING VEGAN: Living with                 the wisdom of vegan eating emerges        VEGAN STORIES Rosenfield.
Conscience, Conviction, and              from supporting evidence gathered         Stories about everyday vegans in

                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
their own words. 2002, 329pp            BECOME A VEGETARIAN (In 5                The HERETIC’S FEAST: A
5x7¾” $12.95.                           Easy Steps) –Christina H. Beard.         History of Vegetarianism –Colin
                                        Easy to use plan. 1997, 160pp 5x8"       Spencer. Excellent coverage of many
                                        $11.95; $6.00.                           cultures’ movement remaining on or
Your Answer to Cancer, Heart
                                                                                 returning to plant-based diet. 1995,
Disease, Global Warming, and            The Complete Idiot’s Guide to
                                                                                 402pp 6x9" $19.95.
More Stewart Rose. Information on      BEING VEGETARIAN, Suzanne
how a vegan diet can improve your       Havala, RD. Nutrition, shopping,         HITLER: Neither Vegetarian Nor
health and the world you live in.       transition tips, travel, etc. Complete   Animal Lover –Rynn Berry; intro:
2007, 158pp 6x9” $12.95.                is the operative word. 1999, 344pp       Martin Rowe. Goebbels is famous
                                        7¼x9" $16.95.                            for the quote that if you tell a lie
The WAY WE EAT: Why Our
                                                                                 often enough and strongly enough, it
Food Choices Matter ─Peter Singer       The BLOODLESS REVOLUTION:
                                                                                 will be considered "truth" eventually.
and Jim Mason. Account of modern        A Cultural History of
                                                                                 The lie of Hitler’s vegetarianism is
food production that reviews meals      Vegetarianism from 1600 to
                                                                                 laid to rest here—with authority.
of three families (typical omnivore,    Modern Times ─Tristram Stuart.
                                                                                 2004, 90pp 5½x7½" $10.95.
natural & organic consumer, and         How Western Christianity and
vegan.) Issues include animal           Eastern philosophy merged to spawn       The JOY OF SOY –Vance
care/suffering, environmental           a movement that had the prohibition      Lehmkuhl. A cartoonist’s
concerns, and the state of health of    of animal flesh at its core. 2007,       lighthearted look at the veggie scene.
food animals and those who eat          628pp, hard 6×9¼” $29.95; soft           Enjoyable for vegetarian and non-
them. 2006, 328pp 6¼×9¼ hard            smaller type, 5½” x 8¼” $17.95.          vegetarian. 1997, 90pp 5x7" $8.95.
$25.95, SALE $15.00.
                                        DEEP VEGETARIANISM –                     LIVING AMONG MEAT
The WEANING OF AMERICA –                Michael A. Fox. Challenges basic         EATERS: The Vegetarian’s
Don Lutz. Case against dairy            assumptions of meat-eating society       Survival Handbook –Carol J.
products; essays on animal rights,      considering health, world hunger,        Adams. Real life advice to defuse
etc. 1997, 114pp 5½x8½" $7.95.          religion, and spirituality. Arguments    situations when dietary choices are
                                        from many perspectives. A unified        under attack. Recipes to win over
                                        theory proposed and discussed. 1999,     family and friends. 2003, 324pp 6x9"
Eating for Spiritual Health and
                                        234pp 5½x8¼" $19.95.                     $18.95.
Social Harmony –Will Tuttle, PhD.
Examines cultural traditions and has    EATING FOR LIFE –Nathaniel               The NEW VEGETARIANS –Rynn
vignettes of personal experience.       Altman. Vegetarian’s benefits:           Berry. Interviews with notable
Author is musician, philosopher, and    health, fitness, ethics, etc. 1986,      vegetarians. 1993, 190pp 6x9"
teacher. 2005, 318 pp 6x9” $20.00.      176pp 5x8¼" $6.95.                       $10.95.
Also available as Audio Book $20.00
                                        ETHICAL VEGETARIANISM –                  The PERFECTLY CONTENTED
(LIVING IN HARMONY WITH                 Walters and Portmess. Views,             MEAT-EATER’S GUIDE TO
ALL LIFE: A Discourse on the            ancient to present: Pythagoras,          VEGETARIANISM –Mark Warren
World Peace Diet --Companion CD         Gandhi, Salt, Schweitzer, Regan,         Reinhardt. Humorous introduction to
$5.00.)                                 Singer, etc. 1999, 287pp 6x9"            vegetarian living. 1999, 249pp 6x9"
                                        $19.95.                                  $17.95, SALE $15.00.
 VEGETARIANISM:                         The ETHICS OF DIET: A Catena             PETER BURWASH’S
101 REASONS WHY I’M A                   of Authorities Deprecatory of the        VEGETARIAN PRIMER Noted
VEGETARIAN –Pamela Rice.                Practice of Flesh-Eating –Harold         tennis star and trainer gives his
Evidence indicts animal husbandry,      Williams; modern intro: Carol J.         insights on the harm of meat. How to
its products, and their use. Ethical,   Adams. A reprint of a 19th century       break the habit. 1983, 227pp 5x9"
healthful, nutritional, and             volume of mini-biographies of            cloth $10.95.
environmental standpoints. 2005,        prominent persons of the ancient and
                                                                                 PLEASE DON’T EAT THE
254pp 6x9” $20.00.                      near past espousing the flesh-free
                                                                                 ANIMALS: All the Reasons You
                                        life. 1883, Appendix 1896, Intro
365 GOOD REASONS TO BE                                                           Need to Be a Vegetarian ─Jennifer
                                        2003, 396pp 6x9" $24.95.
VEGETARIAN –Victor Parachin.                                                     Horsman and Jaime Flowers. Pocket
Ideas, facts, humor, science. 1998,     GOING MEATLESS –Good                     guide for one new to vegetarianism.
157pp 6x9" $8.95.                       informative articles with many full-     Concise, authoritative. Health,
                                        color pix. [Reprint of Vibrant Life      environmental, animal welfare,
                                        issue] 1992, 8x10½" $2.50.
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
religious, spiritual info. 2007, 128pp    Newkirk. Nearly fifty personal          Booklet 2007, 16pp 5¼x8½”.
6×9” $12.95.                              stories of motivations, concerns, and
                                          life journeys of some who decided to         100% VEGAN
                                          be vegetarians. 2001, 176pp 5½x8½"
─Carol J. Adams. Traces history and                                                    COOKBOOKS:
correlation between the popular
culture of pornography (explicit and      WHY BE A VEGETARIAN? –Tej               20 MINUTES TO DINNER
mainstream advertising, alongside its     and Tarang Sheth. Introduction to       –Bryanna Clark Grogan. 300+ quick,
counterparts depicting meat).             vegetarian health, nutrition, ethics,   satisfying recipes. 1997, 192pp 7x8"
                                          etc. 1995, 141pp 5½x8½" $12.00,         $12.95.
                                          SALE $10.00                             The 30-DAY DIABETES
Scharffenberg, MD. Longtime
researcher in cause and effect of diet    WHY DO VEGETARIANS EAT                  MIRACLE COOKBOOK:
and disease shares findings. 1989,        LIKE THAT? –David A. Gabbe.             Stop Diabetes with an Easy-to-
111pp 6x9" $5.95, SALE $5.00.             1994, 276pp 6¼x8¼" $11.95, SALE         Follow Plant-Based, Carb-
                                          $7.95.                                  Counting Diet ─Bonnie House,
                                                                                  Diana Fleming, PhD, LDN, Linda
                                          NORTH AMERICAN                          Brinegar, Linda Kennedy, Ian Blake
Harris, MD. Nutrition, health and
                                                                                  Newman. The companion cookbook
disease. Graphs, charts, statistical      VEGETARIAN SOCIETY                      from the folks at the Lifestyle Center
studies. 1995, 216pp 5½x8½"               PUBLICATIONS:                           of America, who brought us the 30-
                                          CARE AND FEEDING OF                     Day Diabetes Miracle! 8pp full-color
SEXUAL POLITICS OF MEAT,                  VEGETARIANS –NAVS. Guide for            photos. 2008, 308pp 7½x9” $19.95.
THE –Carol J. Adams. 10th Anniv.          non-veggies. Leaflet 8pp 3½x8½"         125 BEST VEGAN RECIPES –
Edition, 2000, 272pp 6x9" $18.95.         25¢.                                    Maxine Effenson Chuck and Beth
VEGETARIAN AMERICA: A                     HOLIDAY RECIPES With A                  Gurney. For mainstream tastes. Wide
History –Karen Iacobbo and                Vegetarian Twist –NAVS. Leaflet         range of quick recipes with readily
Michael Iacobbo; fwd: Rev. Andrew         25¢.                                    available ingredients. Helpful tips for
Linzey. The rich history of the U.S.                                              stocking vegan kitchen; guide to
vegetarian movement. 2004, 269pp          HEART SMART –NAVS.                      cooking terms and techniques. 2005,
6½x9½" hard $39.95.                       Recipes/health tips. Leaflet 8pp 3x8"   189pp, 7x10” $19.95.
VEGETARIAN SOURCEBOOK,                                                            ABSOLUTELY VEGETARIAN: A
A –Keith Akers; intro: Peter Singer.      VEGETARIANISM: Answers To               Complete Guide to Maintaining a
Nutrition, ethics, ecology. A resource    Questions –NAVS. Health, anatomy,       Strict Vegetarian Lifestyle –Lorine
used by many later writers. 1993,         ecology, etc. Booklet 16pp 5¼x8½"       Tadej. Vegan style cooking from a
240pp 6x9" $10.95, SALE $6.95.            25¢; $2.50/dozen.                       Christian tradition. 1994, 160pp
                                                                                  5½x8½" $8.95.
Physicians Committee for healthier        VEGETARIAN/VEGAN                        ACCIDENTAL VEGAN –Devra
Responsible Medicine. Advice for a                                                Gartenstein. Lucid commentary and
diet, vegan recipes. 16pp 8½x11"          GROUPS:                                 great recipes. How vegan requests
$2.00.                                    One copy each may be requested          from clientele changed a catering
                                          with your book order. Thereafter,       service. 2000, 223pp 6x8" $14.95.
Health for You and Your Family –          obtain from the organization of         ALIVE IN 5: Raw Gourmet Meals
Virginia Messina, MPH, RD & Mark          origin (donations appreciated).         in Five Minutes Angela Elliott.
Messina, PhD. Nine step plan for          EASY VEGAN RECIPES:                     Easy to find ingredients. Use blender
beginners; late research on health        Delicious Animal-Friendly Fare          or food processor, mix and serve.
benefits; essential vitamins and          from Compassion Over Killing –          8pp full-color photos. 2007, 128pp
minerals; meal plan tips; special diets   COK. Booklet 2007, 16pp 5½x8½”.         7x8” $14.95.
for special conditions; much more.
                                          GUIDE TO CRUELTY-FREE                   ANGEL FOODS: Healthy Recipes
1996, 390pp 7x9" $24.00.
                                          EATING Vegan Outreach. Booklet         For Heavenly Bodies –Cherie Soria.
VOICES FROM THE GARDEN:                   2005, 32pp 5¼x8½”.                      Acquaint yourself with your own
Stories of Becoming a Vegetarian –                                                Guardian Angels and natural living.
Ed: Sharon and Daniel Towns; fwd:         WHY VEGAN?: BOYCOTT                     Most recipes raw. 2003, 229pp
Howard Lyman; pref: Ingrid                CRUELTY! Vegan Outreach.               8½x8½" $19.95.
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
The ARTFUL VEGAN: Fresh                    Potenza with Barbara Scott-Goodman.        COOKING WITH PETA 200+
Flavors from the Millennium                A treasure trove of fine vegan recipes     recipes. 1997, 224pp 7x8" $14.95.
Restaurant –Eric Tucker with Bruce         that satisfy choosy NY diners; with
                                                                                      CREATING PEACEFUL MEALS:
Enloe; desserts: Amy Pearce. A vegan       helpful tips on cooking beans and
                                                                                      A Vegetarian Cookbook –Karen
haute cuisine effort that hits the mark.   grains. 2003, 228pp many color
                                                                                      Deibel. Vegan meals in the
(Some wine use included). 2003, 32pp       photos 7¼x9" $18.00.
                                                                                      macrobiotic tradition. 1997, 196pp
glossy paper/full-color photos
                                           COCONUT CUISINE: Featuring                 5½x8½" ring $19.95.
8¼x10¼" $24.95.
                                           Stevia –Jan London. 2004, 160pp
                                                                                      DAIRY-FREE & DELICIOUS:
ASIAN VEGAN COOKING: A                     5½x8½” $15.95.
                                                                                      Over 100 tempting, easy recipes for
High-Energy Approach to Healthy
                                           The COMPASSIONATE COOK:                    managing milk allergy and lactose
Living –Kim Le, PhD. About ¼ of the
                                           or “Please Don’t Eat the                   intolerance –Nutrition: Brenda Davis,
book is devoted to transitional helps
                                           Animals"–PETA, Ingrid Newkirk.             RD; recipes: Bryanna Clark Grogan
and philosophy of the vegetarian
                                           200+ easy delicious vegan recipes.         and Joanne Stepaniak. Up-to-date
concept. Mostly easy recipes with
                                           1993, 244pp 5x8" $12.95.                   information on dairy-free diets. 2001,
relatively few ingredients. 2003,
                                                                                      160pp 7x8" $12.95.
256pp 6x9" $14.95.                         The Complete Idiot’s Guide to
                                           VEGAN COOKING –Beverly Lynn                DELICIOUS FOOD for a Healthy
                                           Bennett and Ray Sammartano. 240+           Heart –Joanne Stepaniak. 120 easy
Authentic and Appetizing Dishes
from a Continent of Rich                   healthy and compassionate recipes.         items for those at special risk. 1999,
FlavorsHema Parekh, For the               Beginner-friendly tips, simple             172pp 7x8" $12.95.
adventurous, Recipes from nine             substitutions, nutritional advice. 2008,
                                                                                      DINING WITH FRIENDS: The
countries. Glossary of exotic              328pp 7¼x9" $16.95.
                                                                                      Art of North American Vegan
ingredients. 32pp full-color photos.       CONVENIENTLY VEGAN –Debra                  Cuisine ─Priscilla Feral and Lee
2007, 192pp 7½x10” $19.95.                 Wasserman. 150 recipes: convenience        Hall; fwd: John Robbins. Recipes
AUTHENTIC CHINESE                          foods with fresh fruits/veggies. 1997,     from Friends of Animals cookbook
CUISINE –Bryanna Clark Grogan.             208pp 6x9" $15.00.                         authors and chefs for everyday
Excellent exploration of the art of                                                   cooking or festive holidays. 2005,
                                           COOKBOOK FOR PEOPLE
Chinese cooking; mostly easy                                                          164pp 8¾×8” $19.95.
recipes. Good instructions for             WHO LOVE ANIMALS –Gentle
"Chinese" procedures. 2002, 192pp          World. 300+ beginner to gourmet            DISTINCTIVE VEGETARIAN
7x8" $12.95.                               recipes interspersed with                  CUISINE –Sue M. Weir. 300+ tasty
                                           philosophical tidbits; section for         vegan recipes. 1995, 325pp 7x9"
The BEST of BLOODROOT VOL                  feeding dogs/cats. 2002, 192pp 7x10"       $14.95; $8.95.
II: Vegan Recipes —Selma Miriam            $9.95.
and Noel Furie with Lagusta                                                           EASY VEGAN COOKING –Leah
Yearwood. Recipes from Bridgeport          COOKING THE WHOLE                          Leneman. 350+ delicious recipes for
Connecticut’s “legendary” (NY              FOODS WAY: Your Complete,                  all occasions. 1998, 212pp 6¼x8½"
Times) feminist restaurant/bookstore       Everyday Guide to Healthy,                 $13.00.
(30 years in business), voted one of       Delicious Eating with 500 Vegan
the ten best vegetarian restaurants in                                                EAT DRINK AND BE VEGAN
                                           Recipes, Menus, Techniques, Meal
the nation (Vegetarian Times). 8pp                                                    Dreena Burton. Burton’s third
                                           Planning, Buying Tips, Wit, and
full-color photos. 2007, 432pp 6x9”                                                   cookbook (Everyday Vegan, Vive Le
                                           Wisdom Christina Pirello. 10th
$27.50.                                                                               Vegan) is imaginative, colorful, and
                                           anniversary edition, extensively
                                                                                      delectable, perfect for all kinds of
BUDDHA’S TABLE: Thai                       revised and updated, now totally
                                                                                      events. 150+ recipes, 16 pp full-color
Feasting Vegetarian Style –Chat            vegan! 2007, 354pp 7½x9” $18.95.
                                                                                      photos. 2007, 243pp 7½x10” $22.95.
Mingkwan. Showcases diversity/             COOKING WITH NATURAL
flavors of cuisine from four regions                                                  ECOLOGICAL COOKING:
                                           FOODS –Muriel Beltz. 100s of
of Thailand. Explore Asian markets                                                    Recipes To Save The Planet –
                                           recipes. 1996, 131pp 8½x11" ring
to find some of the ingredients. 2004,                                                Joanne Stepaniak and Kathy Hecker.
192 pp 7x8” $14.95.                                                                   Recipes specifically created to be
                                           COOKING WITH NATURAL                       "earth friendly" as well as "people
The CANDLE CAFÉ                            FOODS II –Muriel Beltz. New                friendly". Can we afford not to
COOKBOOK: More Than 150                    recipes—many for 6, 8, 24 portions.        change our diet? 1991, 228pp 6x9"
Enlightened Recipes From New               1992, 135pp 8½x11" ring $14.95.            $10.95
York's Renowned Vegan
Restaurant –Joy Pierson and Bart
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    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
EVA BATT’S VEGAN COOKING                  using flax oil and ground flaxseed.      GREAT CHEFS COOK
–by a pioneer in the Vegan                2000, 128pp 6x9" $9.95.                  VEGAN—Linda Long. Recipes
Movement. Fine recipes from                                                        from 25 award-winning chefs prove
                                          FOODS THAT DON'T BITE
England. 1985, 144pp 6¼x8½"                                                        you can eat haute and healthy too.
                                          BACK: Vegan Cooking Made
$14.00.                                                                            2008, 272pp 9x10¼”, 98 color
                                          Simple –Sue Donaldson. Includes 32
                                                                                   plates, hard $35.
EVERYDAY RAW ─Matthew                     page "preface" giving excellent
Kenney. Celebrity chef’s                  ethical vegan reasoning; many fine       GREAT GOOD DESSERTS—
straightforward and flavorful raw         "international" recipes. Four pages of   Naturally –Fran Costigan. Excellent
food book. 40pp full-color photos.        vegan dog and cat info. 2003, 160pp      vegan desserts. 1999, 144pp 8½x11"
2008, 144pp 7½x9¾” $19.99.                6x9" $16.95.                             lie-flat $15.95.
EVERYDAY VEGAN: 300 Recipes               FROM DAVID’S PURE                        The HEALTH PROMOTING
for Healthful Eating –Jeani-Rose          VEGETARIAN KITCHEN: Over                 COOKBOOK –Alan Goldhamer,
Atchison. "…sparkles with vital           175 Wholefoods Recipes David A          DC. Tasty vegan recipes with no
recipes and commonsense nutritional       Gabbe. Excellent primer on daily         added oil, fat, salt, sugar, or wheat.
guidelines". –Paul Pitchford.             healthy eating; menu planning; food      1997, 186pp 7x8" $12.95.
Especially good explanation of            for travel, office/school lunches;
                                                                                   HEALTHY HEARTY HELPINGS
vitamin B12. 2002, 314pp 6x9"             substitutions. Value of whole grains,
                                                                                   –Anne Dinshah. For vegan survival
$22.50.                                   beans, soy; sources of protein,
                                                                                   at college, for hearty eaters, for
                                          calcium, iron, etc. 2002, 192pp
The EVERYDAY VEGAN: Recipes                                                        people who don't like to cook but
                                          5½x8½” $14.95.
& Lessons for Living the Vegan                                                     love to eat. Nearly 100 very simple
Life –Dreena Burton. Examples of          The GARDEN OF EDEN –Phyllis              recipes. 1999, 128pp 6x9" Otabind
“taking the step”; discover the           Avery. Recipes using unfired foods.      lie-flat $8.95.
amazing flavors without having to         2000, 127pp 8x8" $11.95.
                                                                                   HEMPNUT COOKBOOK
resort to animal products; many fine
                                          The GARDEN OF VEGAN: How It              –Richard Rose and Brigitte Mars.
vegan recipes. 2003, 205pp 7½×10”
                                          All Vegan Again! –Tanya Barnard          Read the history and science behind
                                          and Sarah Kramer. [See: How It All       this drug-free plant, an excellent
EXPRESSLY VEGAN: 7 ways in 7              Vegan!] A "second helping" with          protein and oil source. Explore ways
days to go completely vegan! –            more sophisticated recipes and styling   to use hempnuts in vegan meals.
Rosemary Benedict and Michelle            from those Canadian kids. 2002,          Share the excitement of Editor
Johnson. Filled with ideas &              256pp 7½x9" $18.95.                      Christina Pirello for enhancing health
suggestions with a week's worth of                                                 deliciously. 2004, 180pp 8x9¼”
                                          GARY NULL’S POWER FOODS:
delicious, nutritious dishes & recipes.                                            $16.95.
                                          The 15 Best Foods for Your Health
Everything you need to go completely
                                          Gary Null, PhD. Over 300 recipes.       The HORIZONS COOKBOOK:
vegan. 2001, 52pp 5½x 8½" $5.00.
                                          The keys “power foods” hold to           Gourmet Meatless Cuisine –Rich
FAT-FREE AND EASY –Jennifer               optimum health. Rich in recipes for      Landau & Kate Jacoby. From all
Raymond. Great meals in minutes           raw foods. Guidelines for buying         walks of life, meat-eaters and
with no added fats. 1997, 152pp           whole and organic foods. 8pp full-       vegetarians love the food at this
7x10" $10.00.                             color photos. 2006, 327pp 6x9”           restaurant in Philadelphia PA. 2003,
The FIBER FOR LIFE                        $22.95.                                  174pp 7¼x9¼” $19.95.
COOKBOOK: Make Fiber Your                 The GLUTEN–FREE VEGAN:                   HOW IT ALL VEGAN!:
Choice For Life –Bryanna Clark            150 Delicious Gluten-Free,               Irresistible Recipes For An Animal-
Grogan. Make gourmet, fiber-rich          Animal-Free Recipes ─Susan               Free Diet –Tanya Barnard and Sarah
dishes that really work, that you'll be                                            Kramer. Teens and young adults
                                          O’Brien. If you have a gluten
proud to serve to those not in the                                                 relate to these Canadians who loved
know. 2002, 192pp 7x8" $12.95.
                                          sensitivity or food allergy,             punk rock shows; poor health was a
                                          overcome food difficulties               result of their eating and drinking
FLAX: The Super Food! –Barb               without feeling deprived.150             habits. They became energetic vegans,
Bloomfield, Judy Brown, Siegfried         recipes make it easy to get              expert in baking and catering, feeding
Gursche. Ideal balance of Omega-3 &       creative and healthy dinners on          kids, making cleansers and toiletries,
Omega-6 fatty acids in flax far
                                          the table. 2008, 190pp 7x9”              too. 1999, 224pp 7½x9" $18.95.
superior to any fish source for human
nutrition. Over 80 delicious recipes      $16.95.                                  HOW TO EAT LIKE A
                                                                                   VEGETARIAN Even If You Never
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    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
Want To Be One: More than 250             superstar is back, solo, to inspire      MORE FABULOUS BEANS
Shortcuts, Strategies, and Simple         young folk to switch to the healthier,   –Barb Bloomfield. So many kinds,
Solutions –Carol J. Adams and Patti       happier vegan way that works so          so many uses—salads, soups, dips &
Breitman. Proves you don’t need a lot     well for her. Bonus: jewelry and         spreads, main dishes, even desserts.
of time to create delicious, satisfying   fashion accessories to make. 2005,       Beans are beneficial crops, and
vegetarian meals. 2008, 214pp 7x8½”       334pp 7½x9” $19.95.                      healthful. 2004, 191pp 7x8” $14.95.
                                          LIGHTEN UP!: Tasty, Low-Fat,             MORE GREAT GOOD DAIRY-
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT                  Low-Calorie Vegetarian Cuisine –         FREE DESSERTS NATURALLY
MEAT: Make Your Favorite                  Louise Hagler. Over 130 easy-to-         –Fran Costigan. Select a recipe to
Recipes with Quick-Cooking SOY            prepare recipes. 1995, 160pp 7x8"        make, or use the book as a complete
Meat –Roger, Diana, and Monty             $11.95.                                  course in non-dairy, egg-free baking.
Kilburn. A good source of info on                                                  Acclaimed chef-instructor Fran
                                          LIVING IN THE RAW
feeding meatless meals to your hard-                                               bakes and teaches in New York City.
                                          DESSERTS Rose Lee Calabro.
to-please family. Especially good for                                              2006, 224pp, 8x9¼” $19.95.
                                          Third book in the Living in the Raw
those in transition who still have the
                                          series, this time around—desserts!       MUNCHIE MADNESS:
urge to have some of the "good old"
                                          Features fresh and dried fruits, nuts    Vegetarian Meals for Teens –
foods. 2000, 128pp 6x9" $9.95.
                                          and seeds. 8pp full-color photos.        Dorothy R. Bates, Bobbie Hinman,
INCREDIBLY DELICIOUS: The                 2007, 128pp 7x9” $16.95.                 Robert Oser; nutr. info: Suzanne
Vegan Paradigm Cookbook –Gentle                                                    Havala, MS, RD, FADA. Excellent
                                          LIVING WITH GREEN POWER:
World. 500+ vegan dishes, incl. 120+                                               info (particularly for non-vegetarian
                                          Use of the 'Green Power
"Rawsome" (unfired). [Limited                                                      parents of veggie teens). Let these
                                          Juicer/Processor/Grinder Machine'
availability, 1st ed/2000, 304pp                                                   knowledgeable pros show you how.
                                          –Elysa Markowitz. Unfired cuisine.
8½x11" Otabind lie-flat $22.50                                                     2001, 159pp 6x9" $9.95.
                                          Full color production. Glossy paper.
$12.00]; 2nd ed/2003, 312pp color
                                          1997, 167pp 8x10½" hard $24.95.          The NATIVE FOODS
photos 8x11" $22.95.
                                                                                   RESTAURANT COOKBOOK:
                                          LORNA SASS' COMPLETE
INSTEAD OF CHICKEN—                                                                Fresh, Fun, and Deliciously Vegan
                                          VEGETARIAN KITCHEN Tasty
INSTEAD OF TURKEY: A                                                               Recipes That Will Entice and
                                          recipes. 1995, 494pp 7x10" $24.95.
Poultryless "Poultry" Potpourri –                                                  Satisfy Vegetarians and Non-
Karen Davis, PhD. New edition of          The LOWFAT JEWISH                        Vegetarians Alike –Tanya Petrovna;
recipes replacing old-fashioned           VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK                      fwd: Deborah Madison. From her
poultry/egg dishes. 1999, 160pp 7x8"      –Debra Wasserman. Healthful              little "chain" of restaurants, really
$12.95.                                   international recipes from the Jewish    innovative dishes that have been able
                                          tradition, yet vegan. 1994, 224pp 6x9"   to capture members of the "Carnivore
                                          $15.00.                                  Culture Club". 2003, 328pp 7½x9"
Contemporary & Traditional –
                                          MEATLESS BURGERS –Louise                 $19.95.
Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner. Simple,
delicious, and vegan. 1999, 174pp         Hagler. Over 75 quick, easy vegan        The NEW FAVORITES:
7x8" lie-flat $12.95.                     recipes. 1999, 94pp 6x9" $9.95.          Redesigned Recipes for Your
                                          MEATLESS BURGERS,                        Health –Brook Katz. Cuisine master's
                                          TURNOVERS, AND TREATS –                  recreations of classic international
The Compassionate Cooks’
                                          Kay Bushnell. Easy, low-fat. 1993,       dishes that you have come to love—
Traditional Treats and Sinful
                                          70pp 5½x8½" comb $4.00.                  working them into the healthier and
Sweets Colleen Patrick-Goudreau.
                                                                                   guilt-free vegan pattern. 2000, 224pp
Favorites from cakes, cookies, and        The MEDITERRANEAN VEGAN                  5x8" $11.95; $10.00.
crepes; to pies, puddings, and            KITCHEN: Meat-Free, Egg-Free,
pastries. These recipes will bewitch      Dairy-Free Dishes from the               The NEW VEGAN COOKBOOK:
the sweet tooth, and seriously            Healthiest Region Under the Sun –        Innovative Vegetarian Recipes Free
undermine health if indulged in more      Donna Klein. Over 300 recipes which      of Dairy, Eggs, and Cholesterol –
than rarely (white sugar, white           are traditionally vegan and great.       Lorna Sass. Innovative is the
flour)! Lavish color throughout, 31pp     2001, 251pp 7½x9¼" $17.95.               operative word here; these are new
full-color photos. 2007, 288pp                                                     recipes deftly designed to celebrate
7½x9” $19.95.                             MISO COOKERY –Louise Hagler.             the flavors of plant-based products,
LA DOLCE VEGAN: Vegan                     Miso has many nutritional benefits;      not imitate animal-based dishes.
Livin’ Made Easy –Sarah Kramer.           savor over 70 tasty recipes. 2000,       Glossy paper and many full-page,
The tattoo artist and vegan-cooking       95pp 6x9” $10.95.
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
full-color pix. 2001, 120pp 8¾x8"          Robertson. From a prolific author of      SIMPLE TREATS: A Wheat-Free,
$18.95.                                    popular cookbooks. 2007, 210pp            Dairy-Free Guide to Scrumptious
                                           7½x9” $16.95.                             Baked Goods –Ellen Abraham. "If
                                                                                     you have tried vegan brownies and
RECIPES –Charles Stahler and               The RACE FOR LIFE
                                                                                     baked goods, you are probably
Debra Wasserman. Vegan replacers           COOKBOOK –Ruth Heidrich, PhD.
                                                                                     thinking, 'how could these be good?'
for the traditional dishes of the Jewish   Cancer survivor—now winning
                                                                                     But they are amazing." –famous
holy season. 1995, 96pp 5½x8½"             triathlete—shares over 100 vegan
                                                                                     veggie.com. 2003,128pp 8x9¼"
$8.95.                                     recipes. 1994, 100pp 5½x8½" $9.95.
                                                                                     SIMPLY VEGAN –Debra
Bryanna Clark Grogan. Delicious            or 2 People –Jennifer Cornbleet. A
                                                                                     Wasserman; nutr: Reed Mangels,
Italian home-style vegan cuisine.          highly regarded Chicago-based
                                                                                     PhD, RD. Good vegan recipes with
1998, 256pp 7x8" $14.95.                   cooking instructor shares favorite no-
                                                                                     nutrition guide. 224pp 6x9" 3rd ed.
                                           cook recipes in smaller quantities—a
The NUT GOURMET: Nourishing                                                          1999, $5/SALE. 4th ed. 2006, $14.95.
                                           big help for those beginning to
Nuts for Every Occasion, Delicious
                                           explore raw food preparation. 2005,       SINFULLY VEGAN: Over 140
Plant-Based Recipes ─Zel Allen.
                                           200pp 7¼ x9” color photos $16.95.         Decadent Desserts to Satisfy Every
As a focal point in any dish, nuts
                                           DVD with 11pp booklet, 2007, 120          Vegan's Sweet Tooth –Lois Dieterly.
contribute zesty flavors and essential
                                           mins. $19.95.                             Excellent—primarily baked goods
nutrients. Buying and storing nuts,
                                                                                     and smoothies. 2003, 230pp 7x9"
and how to make nut milk. 2006,            The RAW REVOLUTION DIET:
255pp 8×9” $19.95.                         Feast, Lose Weight, Gain Energy,
                                           Feel Younger –Cherie Soria, Brenda        SKINNY BITCH IN THE KITCH:
                                           Davis, RD, Vesanto Melina, MS,            Kick-Ass Recipes for Hungry Girls
COOKBOOK –Joanne Stepaniak.
                                           RD. Successful approach to                Who Want to Stop Cooking Crap
Recipes containing nutritional yeast.
                                           permanent weight loss centered on         (and Start Looking Hot!) Rory
1997, 144pp 6x9" $9.95.
                                           raw food recipes. It’s more than a        Freedman, Kim Barnouin.
The PEACEFUL PALATE –                      diet; it’s a lifestyle. 2008, 237pp       Companion to the mega bestseller
Jennifer Raymond. Professional             8x9” $21.95.                              Skinny Bitch. Loaded with easy, no-
caterer's book of fine vegan cuisine.                                                nonsense, wholesome recipes in the
                                           The REAL FOOD DAILY
1992, 125pp 8½x11" $15.00.                                                           style that made the authors famous.
                                           COOKBOOK: Really Fresh, Really
The PETA CELEBRITY                                                                   2007, 192pp 5¼x7” $14.95.
                                           Good, Really Vegetarian
COOKBOOK: Delicious                        –Ann Gentry. The most popular             SOUP’S ON!: Vegetarian Soups,
Vegetarian Recipes from Your               recipes from her 12-years-in-             Muffins & Accompaniments –Barb
Favorite Stars –Ed: Ingrid E.              business, vegan restaurant in Santa       Bloomfield. Quick-to-cook meals
Newkirk; intro: James Cromwell. Yes,       Monica. 2005, 240pp 8x9” $24.95.          with lots of flavor. 1997, 127pp 7x8”
celebrities eat, too! Here are favorites                                             $10.95.
                                           REFRESH: Contemporary Vegan
(vegan) from the likes of Candice
                                           Recipes from the Award-winning            SPEAKIN' VEGAN –Grace Semple.
Bergen, Jackie Chan, Alec Baldwin,
                                           Fresh Restaurants ─Ruth Tal with          Popular vegan recipes from a takeout
Sir Paul McCartney, Rue
                                           Jennifer Houston. A juice bar             counter serving a local factory's
McClanahan, Alicia Silverstone,
                                           morphed into 3 Toronto cafés that         employees with lunch and "fast"
Martina Navratilova, and many more.
                                           feed the mind, body, and soul.            snacks. 1992, 40pp 5½x8½" $3.50.
2002, 128pp full color/glossy paper
                                           Quality and variety in lunch and
9x10¼ " $20.00.                                                                      STUDENT’S GO VEGAN
                                           dinner menus, vital juices and elixirs.
                                                                                     COOKBOOK: Over 135 Quick,
PROFESSIONAL VEGETARIAN                    33pp full-color photos. 2007, 212pp
                                                                                     Easy, Cheap, and Tasty Vegan
COOKING –Chef Ken Bergeron.                8½x8½” $25.95.
                                                                                     Recipes —Carole Raymond. Recipes
Culinary Olympics Gold Medalist
                                           The SAUCY VEGETARIAN                      for full-days’ menus, guidance and
shares some of his vast expertise in
                                           −Joanne Stepaniak. Quick, healthful,      advice from a mother to the college
producing gourmet-style vegan meals.
                                           no-cook sauces, dressings. 2000,          crowd, and high schoolers too. 2006,
200 great recipes. 1999, 434pp 7x9"
                                           144pp 7x10" $12.95.                       225pp 5½x8¼” $13.95.
hard $44.95; $35.00.
                                           The SIMPLE LITTLE VEGAN                   TABLE FOR TWO –Joanne
                                           SLOW COOKER—Michelle Rivera.              Stepaniak. Oodles of quick vegan
Healthy, Home-Cooked Meals in
                                           Time saving international recipes.        recipes designed for just two happy
30 Minutes or Less Robin
                                           2005, 127pp 6x6” $9.95.                   diners. 1996, 191pp 7x8" $12.95.
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
THIS CRAZY VEGAN LIFE: A                   200+ vegan recipes, mostly food-          Toomay. 120+ innovative recipes for
Prescription for an Endangered             reform. British/U.S. measure. 1996,       everyday and occasional vegan cooks.
Species –Christina Pirello. Practical,     298pp 5¼x8½" $12.95.                      Nutritional analyses given. 1999,
authoritative, and fun. Rethinking                                                   296pp 5½x8½" $16.00.
                                           VEGAN DELI: Wholesome Ethnic
health and fitness, life and the world.
                                           Fast Food –Joanne Stepaniak. Make         The VEGAN HANDBOOK
Includes 100+ recipes. 2008, 318pp
                                           fast foods as found in old-fashioned      –Vegetarian Resource Group. 200+
6x9¼” $18.95.
                                           deli using only vegan ingredients.        fine recipes, meal plans, articles.
TOFU COOKERY: 25th                         2001, 191pp 7x9" $15.95.                  1998, 256pp 8x11" $19.95.
Anniversary Edition ─Louise
                                           VEGAN DELIGHTS –Jeanne Marie              VEGAN ITALIANO: Classic
Hagler. The updated and greatly
                                           Martin. 200+ recipes, with menus,         Italian, Vegan Style—with 225
expanded edition of this venerable
                                           nutritional guides. 1993/1999, 224pp      Savory, Nutritious Recipes, Meat-
classic! More than 30 intriguing new
                                           6x8" $12.95.                              Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Dishes
recipes. 42pp full-color photos. 2008,
                                                                                     from Sun-Drenched Italy ─Donna
188pp 8x9¼” $21.95.                        VEGAN DINNER PARTIES –
                                                                                     Klein. Authentic vegan dishes,
                                           Linda Majzlik, fwd: Juliet Gellatley.
The ULTIMATE UNCHEESE                                                                without substitute ingredients; no
                                           Festive vegan menus for each month
COOKBOOK –Joanne Stepaniak.                                                          tofu, soy milk, or other ingredients
                                           of the year, all consisting of starter,
+Uncheese vs. cheese: Vesanto                                                        that mimic meat, dairy, and eggs.
                                           main course and dessert. Ingredient
Melina, MS, RD. For a decade, the                                                    2006, 171pp 7½×9¼” $18.95.
                                           quantities in metric/imperial
best uncheese work available; vegan
                                           measurements. 2002, 85pp 6x9”             The VEGAN KITCHEN –Freya
"cheeses" substitute for the traditional
                                           $12.00.                                   Dinshah. Vegan food variety,
cheeses and dishes. Improved and
                                                                                     equipment, shopping, salads, main
expanded with more info. 2003,             VEGAN EXPRESS —Nava Atlas.
                                           160 recipes, from soups to sweet          dishes, vegetables, breads/crackers,
192pp 8x9" lie-flat $18.95.
                                           finales, with a grand array of            soups, desserts and party treats, etc.
VEGAN: Over 90 Mouthwatering               ethnically-inspired main dishes to        Vegan cheeses, milks, creams, ice
Recipes for All Occasions –Tony            satisfy hungry people with busy           creams, shakes, spreads; tofu items.
Weston and Yvonne Bishop.                  schedules. 8pp color photos. 2008,        300+ recipes; 4 weeks' menus—
Excellent nutritional information,         248pp 8x9” $18.95.                        simple to gourmet; 13th ed./2d
glossy paper and fine full color                                                     prtg.1997/2004, 96pp 8½x11"
                                           The VEGAN FAMILY
photos; pub. in association with The                                                 Otabind lie-flat $9.95; cookbook with
                                           FAVORITES: Tasty and
Vegan Society. (U.S. measure), 2004,                                                 #4 video $19.95.
                                           Satisfying Recipes Even Your Kids
128pp 7¾x10¼" $14.95.                      Will Love—Erin Pavlina. From the          VEGAN LUNCH BOX: Amazing
VEGAN BAKING –Linda Majzlik.               host of VegFamily.com and parents         Animal-Free Lunches that Kids and
Traditional British baking recreated in    networked around the world through        Grown-Ups Will Love! –Jennifer
vegan versions. Ingredient quantities      the site; 200 family-tested, easy-        McCann. “…won the 2006 Bloggie
in metric/imperial measurements.           prep-time recipes for every day and       Award for ‘Best Food Blog’ (not
2004, 74pp 6x9” $11.95.                    special occasions. 2006, 270pp            ‘Best Vegetarian Food Blog’, but
                                           $19.95.                                   ‘Best Food Blog’, period!)…” –Color
                                           VEGAN FIRE & SPICE: 200                   photo insert. 2006, 295pp 7x8”
BUFFETS –Linda Majzlik. A wide
                                           Sultry and Savory Global Recipes          $22.95.
selection of tasty delights. Ingredient
quantities in metric/imperial              ─Robin Robertson. Your culinary           VEGAN MEALS FOR ONE OR
measurements. 2005, 90pp 6x9”              passport to world cuisines ranging        TWO: Your Own Personal Recipes
$12.00.                                    from mildly spiced to nearly              –Nancy Berkoff, RD. Designed so
                                           incendiary. Explore food of the           that you can use ingredients the way
VEGAN BITES: Recipes for                   Americas, Mediterranean Europe, the       they come packaged. 2001, 216pp
Singles ─Beverly Lynn Bennett. Not         Middle East and Africa, India and         6x9" $15.00.
just quick, small quantity, vegan          East Asia. Make traditional dishes
recipes, but commentary opens each         using readily available ingredients.      VEGAN MICROWAVE
chapter and adds to each dish.             Best of all, you can adjust the heat      COOKBOOK from VRG —Chef
Glossary of less common                    yourself and enjoy these recipes hot      Nancy Berkoff, RD. Over 165 recipes
ingredients. 2008, 154pp 8x9¼”             —or not. 2008, 238pp 7½x9” 18.95.         plus advice for: converting traditional
$15.95.                                                                              recipes; baking; desserts; festive fare;
                                           VEGAN GOURMET: Delicious                  fast foods. 2003, 288pp 6x9" $16.95.
The VEGAN COOKBOOK –Alan                   and Imaginative Vegan Cuisine –
Wakeman and Gordon Baskerville.            Susann Geiskopf-Hadler and Mindy
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
VEGAN PLANET: 400 Irresistible             Moskowitz, Terry Hope Romano.            VEGETARIAN TASTES OF
Recipes with Fantastic Flavors from        The hip sassy authors have written a     TORONTO –Toronto Vegetarian
Home and Around the World –                mammoth master cookbook with             Association. Cosmopolitan variety of
Robin Robertson. Comprehensive,            ethnic cuisines, ingredients, and        tasty, healthful, and quick recipes.
best-selling work. 2003, 576pp 7x9"        flavors from around the world.           1996, 144pp 6x9" $6.00.
$21.95.                                    Includes a table of contents and two
                                                                                    The VEG-FEASTING
                                           indexes so you can find recipes
A VEGAN TASTE OF…series by –                                                        COOKBOOK: Favorite Recipes
                                           alphabetically or by categories
Linda Majzlik. Titles include:                                                      from Local Restaurants and
                                           marked by icons. Icons above recipes
The CARIBBEAN, CENTRAL                                                              Leading Chefs in the Pacific
                                           indicate which are gluten-free, low-
AMERICA, EAST AFRICA,                                                               Northwest. –Vegetarians of
                                           fat, under 45 minutes to prepare, soy-
EASTERN EUROPE, FRANCE,                                                             Washington. Gourmet vegetarian
                                           free, or made with supermarket-
ITALY, INDIA, GREECE,                                                               recipes from restaurants in
                                           friendly ingredients.16pp full-color
MEXICO, The MIDDLE EAST,                                                            Washington and Oregon. 2005, 256pp
                                           photos. 2007, 298pp 8½x10” $27.50.
NORTH AFRICA, THAILAND.                                                             8x9¼” $18.95.
Authentic recipes of the culture of        VEGETARIAN COOKING: For A
                                                                                    VEGGIE LOVERS' COOKBOOK
the land indicated by the title, altered   Better World –Muriel Dugan. Vegan
                                                                                    –Chef Morty Star; fwd: Michael
to fit a vegan lifestyle. British pub.     favorites. 1995, 32pp 5x8" $2.00.
                                                                                    Klaper, MD. Treat yourself to 200+
with U.S. and metric measurements.
                                           VEGETARIAN COOKING FOR                   delicious vegan recipes. 126pp
2001/2005, each volume 106/126pp
                                           PEOPLE WITH ALLERGIES:                   5½x8½" ring $9.95.
6x9” $11.95 each.
                                           Wheat- and Dairy-Free –Raphael
                                                                                    VENTURESOME VEGETARIAN
VEGAN VITTLES –Joanne                      Rettner, DC. Has helped many
                                                                                    COOKING: Bold Flavors for Meat-
Stepaniak and Suzanne Havala, MS,          patients identify and overcome
                                                                                    and Dairy-Free Meals –J. M. Hirsch
RD. 200 basic dishes with vegan            limitations of allergies. Recipes are
                                                                                    and Michelle Hirsch; fwd: John
substitutes for the traditional meat,      great alternatives to favorites—
                                                                                    Mackey, founder, Whole Foods
eggs, and dairy products. 1996, 175pp      without offending ingredients. 1997,
                                                                                    Market. Mother and son team uses
7x8" $6.00 SALE.                           144pp 7x8" $12.95.
                                                                                    flavors from around the world to put a
VEGAN VITTLES: Second                      VEGETARIAN MAGIC: At the                 new face on vegan cuisine. 2004,
Helpings/Down-Home Cooking for             Regency House Spa –John B.               210pp 8x9½"glossy paper/full-color
Everyone –Jo Stepaniak & the               Nowakowski, Executive Chef; fwd:         photos $21.95.
people and critters of Farm                Dr. Frank Sabatino. Within this book
                                                                                    VERY VEGETARIAN: Healthy
Sanctuary. 2007, 243pp 8x9” $19.95.        are many of the delicious recipes
                                                                                    Eating without Meat, Eggs, or
                                           experienced by guests at the spa; no
VEGAN WITH A VENGEANCE:                                                             Dairy Products –Jannequin Bennett,
                                           overwhelming difficulties in their
Over 150 Delicious, Cheap,                                                          intro: Olympic Gold Medalist Carl
                                           preparation. 2000, 256pp 7x8"
Animal-Free Recipes That Rock                                                       Lewis who recommends a vegan diet
                                           $19.95; $12.00.
─Isa Chandra Moskowitz, co-host of                                                  for best athletic performance and your
the smash hit vegan cooking show,          VEGETARIAN NO-                           good health. 300+ recipes. 2001,
The Post Punk Kitchen. Special             CHOLESTEROL FAMILY-                      340pp 16color photos 7½x9½" hard
appeal to teens and young adults.          STYLE COOKBOOK, THE –Kate                $24.99.
2005, 258pp (8pp color plates) 7×9”        Schumann and Virginia Messina,
                                                                                    VICE CREAM: Over 70 Sinfully
$17.95.                                    MPH, RD. Good variety, partly food-
                                                                                    Delicious Dairy-Free Delights –Jeff
                                           reform (has white flour, sugar). 1995,
*VEGAN WORLD FUSION                                                                 Rogers. "Now…you can make your
                                           148pp 5½x8¼" $9.95.
CUISINE: Healing Recipes and                                                        own gourmet frozen desserts without
Timeless Wisdom from Our Hearts            VEGETARIAN SOUPS for ALL                 dairy products. And they'll taste better
to Yours –Mark Reinfeld and Bo             SEASONS: Bountiful Vegan Soups           than Ben and Jerry's or Baskin-
Rinaldi. Innovative and exceptional,       and Stews for Every Time of Year         Robbins ever did!"–John Robbins.
The Blossoming Lotus restaurant in         ─Nava Atlas. Revised and updated         2004, 98pp 6x8" $12.95.
Kauai, Hawaii presents the beauty of       edition is dairy-free. Arranged in
                                                                                    VIETNAMESE FUSION
vegan dining. Endorsed by Dr. Jane         seasonal chapters; highlights the best
                                                                                    VEGETARIAN CUISINE ─Chat
Goodall. 2nd Ed 2004, 247pp 9x10¼”         produce for each time of year. 20
                                                                                    Mingkwan. Renowned Asian
hard $24.95.                               new recipes, plus a section of
                                                                                    culinary expert adapts Vietnamese
                                           accompaniments to make while
VEGANOMICON: The Ultimate                                                           cuisine to present time-honored
                                           soups are simmering. 2006, 168pp
Vegan Cookbook Isa Chandra                                                         favorites using completely vegan
                                           7½×9” $15.95.
                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
ingredients. 6pp full-color photos.        many people to feed well. 272pp          The AMERICAN VEGETARIAN
2007, 160pp 7x8” $14.95.                   8½x11" $19.95.                           COOKBOOK: from the Fit for Life
                                                                                    Kitchen –Marilyn Diamond. "World
VIVE LE VEGAN! Simple,                     VEGETARIAN COOKING FOR
                                                                                    class…cleverly disguised as a
Delectable Recipes for the                 100 –Freya Dinshah. Revised edition:
                                                                                    cookbook…really a doorway to a
Everyday Vegan Family –Dreena              127 recipes from Vegetarian
                                                                                    future of vibrant physical health for
Burton. This busy mother shares easy       Congresses, each for 100 portions.
                                                                                    you", Michael Klaper, MD. 1990,
ways of making wholesome                   Vegan and food reform: no sugar,
                                                                                    422pp 8½x11" hard $26.95.
nutritious meals kids will enjoy, and      spices, refined foods. 3x5" card
includes a baby-/toddler-feeding           system in handy file box. $24.95.        CELEBRATION OF WELLNESS,
guide. Recommended by Erik                                                          A: A Cookbook for Vibrant Living
                                           VEGETARIAN QUANTITY
Marcus. 2004, 190pp 7½x10” 19.95.                                                   –James Levin, MD and Natalie
                                           RECIPES –Debra Wasserman, Sally
                                                                                    Cederquist. An easy to use vegetarian
The VOLUPTUOUS VEGAN                       Clinton, and Reed Mangels, PhD, RD.
                                                                                    cookbook…with over 300 low-fat and
Myra Kornfeld with George Minot.          28 vegan recipes (batched: 25 and 50
                                                                                    non-fat Heart Healthy, no dairy, no
Over 200 "sinfully" delicious              portions). Source book, nutrition
                                                                                    cholesterol, inspired recipes. 1992,
gourmet-style vegan recipes by an          analysis, recipes on 5x8" cards in
                                                                                    307pp 8¼x10¾" $16.95.
NYC restaurant chef and cooking            8½x11" folder $15.00.
instructor at Natural Gourmet                                                       COOKIN' HEALTHY WITH ONE
                                           YOU WON’T BELIEVE IT’S
Cooking School. (A few seen                                                         FOOT OUT THE DOOR: Quick
                                           VEGAN: 200 Recipes for Simple
previously in Absolutely Tofu videos)                                               Meals For Fast Times –Polly
                                           and Delicious Animal-Free Cuisine
2000, 305pp 7¼x9¼" $18.00.                                                          Pitchford and Delia Quigley (The Bad
                                           –Lacey Sher and Gail Doherty. Earthy
                                                                                    Girls of Natural Foods). Over 140
WARMING UP TO LIVING                       to elegant user-friendly recipes from
                                                                                    creative ways to spend minimal time
FOODS –Elysa Markowitz. 50+                gourmet chefs and former
                                                                                    in the kitchen—most recipes under 15
updated, favorite unfired recipes in       restaurateurs. Tips for veganizing
                                                                                    minutes preparation time, with easy-
new format. 1998, 144pp 7x8" many          recipes and adding raw foods into
                                                                                    to-find ingredients; (honey). 1994,
color illus. $15.95.                       your meals, kid-friendly foods, easy
                                                                                    160pp 5½x8½" $8.95.
                                           live foods recipes. 2008, 224pp 7x9”
                                           $17.95.                                  COUNTRY KITCHEN
COOKBOOK –Patricia Bertron, RD,
                                                                                    COLLECTION: Fantastically
Michael Cook, and Patricia
Stevenson. Take the whole foods              NEARLY-VEGAN                           Delicious & Nutritious Vegetarian
                                                                                    Meals ─Phil and Eileen Brewer,
route to diabetes control. 2002, 159pp        COOKBOOKS:                            proprietors of the bed and breakfast,
7x8" $14.95.
                                           [Most recipes are vegan; some have       Silver Hills Guest House, British
  [See also: Easy Vegan Recipes and                                                 Columbia. Guests learn about the
                                           an animal ingredient (such as honey)
    Veganism: Getting Started in                                                    eight natural doctors: sunlight, rest,
                                                  to be easily replaced.]
  AVS/Ahimsa Publications section]                                                  exercise, water, good food,
                                           The (ALMOST) NO FAT                      temperance, fresh air, and trust in
                                           COOKBOOK: Everyday                       God. Menus/recipes typical of a 21-
       VEGAN IN                            Vegetarian Recipes –Bryanna Clark        day stay. 1992, 282pp 6×9” comb
       QUANTITY:                           Grogan. (Companion to book below);       $11.95.
                                           excellent low-fat—but still tasty—
      [For caterers, restaurants,          recipes; (honey). 1994, 192pp 7x8"       COUNTRY LIFE VEGETARIAN
    conventions, colleges, family          lie-flat $12.95.                         COOKBOOK: Delicious Recipes
gatherings, group events, etc. All the                                              from the Kitchens of the Country
                                           The (ALMOST) NO FAT                      Life Vegetarian Restaurants –Ed:
   recipes are completely vegan.]
                                           HOLIDAY COOKBOOK: Festive                Diana J. Fleming. Fine recipes from
VEGAN IN VOLUME –Chef Nancy                Vegetarian Recipes –Bryanna Clark        Seventh Day Adventists; (honey).
Berkoff, RD. New: Instruction, vegan       Grogan. (Companion to book above);       1990, 188pp 6x9" ring $9.95.
recipes for 25 portions. Nutrition info,   presents recipes to enhance "special"
elegant party dining for adults,           days in many traditions: Chinese,        EAT FOR STRENGTH –Agatha
feeding kids, food storage and shelf       Vietnamese, Christian, Indian, Baha'i,   Thrash, MD. Recipes/menus for
life, cooking for students, fast food,     Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Canadian,      regular or special needs. Written from
holidays/special occasions, etc. Useful    United States; (honey). 1995, 192pp      SDA standpoint. "… a priceless one
for the pro, local group, anyone with      7x8" lie-flat $12.95.                    for those who are…budding
                                                                                    vegetarians in search of
                                                                                    enlightenment", L. A. Times; (honey).
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
1983, 222pp (1978, oil free 225pp)       successful results. 2005, 144 pp            Rose Collins; illus: Gina Rowan.
7x9¾" $8.95. [Specify: regular or oil-   8½x11” wire $14.95.                         Healthful, non-dairy, eggless;
free edition]                                                                        (honey). 1997, 138pp 8½x11" $19.95;
                                         FRIENDLY FOODS: Gourmet
ECO-CUISINE: An Ecological               Vegetarian Cuisine –Chef Ron
Approach to Gourmet Vegetarian           Pickarski, Culinary Olympics Gold           LIVING IN THE RAW: Recipes
Cooking –Chef Ron Pickarski.             Medalist. Enticing recipes; "When it        for a Healthy Lifestyle –Rose Lee
"…one of the world's most gifted         comes to elegant, dairyless vegetarian      Calabro; fwd: Gabriel Cousens, MD
chefs … demonstrates that low-fat        cooking, Friendly Foods is one of the       (H). Learn: how raw living foods can
vegetarian food can be both delicious    best books available". –John Robbins.       heal; to create a more natural
and nutritious, and one need not         1991, 278pp 7¼x9" $16.95.                   lifestyle; to prepare nutritious
sacrifice enjoyment and pleasure for                                                 desserts; how to increase joy in your
                                         The HIGH ROAD TO HEALTH: A
healthful eating", Dean Ornish, MD;                                                  life. 1998, 314pp 7x9" $19.95.
                                         Vegetarian Cookbook –Lindsay
(honey). 1995, 278pp 7¼x9" $16.95.
                                         Wagner and Ariane Spade. Over 200           LIVING IN THE RAW
ETHNIC PRIDE IN                          delicious, healthful, satisfying recipes;   GOURMET –Rose Lee Calabro.
VEGETARIAN COOKING –                     includes entrees for meat eaters.           Raw food can be combined with love
Juanita Prince, BS, MA. Exciting,        1990, 288pp 7x9" hard $22.00; 1994          to create a fantastically varied
wholesome traditional tasting foods      ed. card $12.00.                            cuisine. That is the magic you will
from the African-, Asian-, Italian-,                                                 find in these pages; (honey). 2005,
                                         HOLIDAY DIET COOKBOOK –
and Mexican-American cultures;                                                       320pp 7x9” $19.95.
                                         Dorothy R. Bates, Ed: Neal D.
(honey). 1997, 8½x11" ring, plastic
                                         Barnard, MD. Festive recipes for the        LORNA SASS' SHORT-CUT
cover $24.00.
                                         U.S. and Christian holidays; menus          VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK:
FABULOUS BEANS –Barb                     for each special day; (yogurt,              Great Taste in No Time Over 100
Bloomfield. 100+ delicious legume        Worcestershire sauce). 1994, 96pp           quick vegan gourmet recipes; (several
recipes; excellent variety; (honey).     5¼x8¼" $9.95.                               with cheese). 1997, 162pp 8x8"
1994, 143pp 7x8" lie-flat $9.95.                                                     $16.00.
                                         INTUITIVE COOKING: From
FAMOUS VEGETARIANS &                     the School of Natural Cookery               The McDOUGALL HEALTH-
THEIR FAVORITE RECIPES:                  ─Joanne Saltzman. Director and              SUPPORTING COOKBOOK:
Lives & Lore from Buddha to the          founder (1983) of the School of             Volume One –Mary McDougall. 250
Beatles –Rynn Berry. "From Gandhi's      Natural Cookery (Boulder CO),               recipes/very lowfat; meals for special
chapattis to George Harrison's Dark      Food preparation relying on intuition       occasions; (honey). 2985, 122pp 6x9"
Horse Lentil Soup, this is a book that   and connection with food, rather than       $9.95.
stimulates your brain and your           recipes. Uses 70 different vegetables,
digestion". –Jack Kroll, Sr. Ed,         7 whole grains, and 12 plant proteins       The McDOUGALL HEALTH-
Newsweek. Bits of lives of               (gluten, beans, and nuts). Easy             SUPPORTING COOKBOOK:
past/present notable vegetarians and     instructions; (rare use of ghee). 2006,     Volume Two –Mary McDougall. 250
something of what they ate.1999,         216pp 8×9” $19.95.                          more recipes; party ideas; update on
239pp 6x9" $15.95.                                                                   ingredients; (honey, Worcestershire
                                         The JEWISH VEGETARIAN                       sauce). 1986, 157pp 6x9" $9.95.
The New FARM VEGETARIAN                  YEAR COOKBOOK –Roberta
COOKBOOK –Louise Hagler &                Kalechofsky and Rosa Rasiel. For            The MILLENNIUM
Dorothy Bates. This is a more health-    traditional Jewish holidays. Most           RESTAURANT COOKBOOK:
conscious version of the '70s Hippie     recipes are vegan; (honey). 1997,           Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine –
Cookbook from the folks in               214pp 7¼x9¼" $16.95.                        Eric Tucker & John Westerdahl,
Summertown, Tennessee. (Some                                                         MPH, RD, CNS; desserts: Sascha
                                         The JOY OF COOKING                          Weiss. "If there is a haute cuisine for
honey). 1989, 224pp 6x9” $10.95.
                                         NATURALLY –Peggy Dameron;                   vegans, this is it…creative elegant,
FAST COOKING IN A SLOW                   fwd: Phyllis V. Sanders, PhD,               and inspiring." –Mollie Katzen;
COOKER Every Day of the Year –           Nutritionist. Good recipes and              (honey). 1998, 258pp 7¼x10¼"
JoAnn Rachor. Use a slow cooker for      nutrition info; no refined fats or          glossy paper/color photos $19.95.
baked potatoes, beans, cooked            sugars; (honey). 1988, 156pp 5¼x9¼"
                                         comb $9.95.                                 The NATURAL LUNCHBOX:
cereals, breads, soups, lasagna, apple
                                                                                     Vegetarian Meals for School, Work,
crumble, brownies, and more.             The LIGHT BODY: A                           & Home –Judy Brown; fwd: "…very
Trusted cook shares techniques for       Transformational Cooking Guide to           best in showing the whys and hows of
                                         Health-Supportive Eating –Marita            eating for health without sacrificing
                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
convenience", Neal D. Barnard, MD.       Lavish full-color plates. (Near vegan.     collection of recipes with nutritional
320 quick/tasty recipes. 1996, 190pp     Some bee products.) 2005, 375pp            information, glossary, shopping tips;
7x8" $12.95.                             7¾x9½” hard $34.95.                        seasonal and special occasion menus.
                                                                                    Color plates; (some honey). 2005,
The NEW McDOUGALL                        SEVEN SECRETS COOKBOOK:                    348 pp 6×9” spiral $22.95.
COOKBOOK: 300 Delicious Ultra-           Healthy Cuisine Your Family Will
Low-Fat Recipes –John A.                 Love ─Neva and Jim Brackett. Over          The TEEN’S VEGETARIAN
McDougall, MD, and Mary                  200 recipes and variations, efficiency     COOKBOOK–Judy Krizmanic.
McDougall. Principles of good            tips, substitutions that won’t sacrifice   Gentle nutrition info, mostly very
nutrition understood and practiced       flavor, children’s favorites, menus        easy recipes, fun foods and fun
(honey). 1993, 405pp 6x9" $13.95.        for beginners. Lists and glossary;         format, step-by-step menus; good for
                                         color photos throughout; (some             beginning adults, too. 1999, 186pp
NEWSTART: Weimar Institute's
                                         honey). 2006, 124pp 8×10¾” spiral          6x9” $10.99.
Lifestyle Cookbook –Compiled and
edited: Sally J. Christensen and         $24.99.                                    TOFU: Quick & Easy –Louise
Frances Piper deVries. More than 260     The SHOSHONI COOKBOOK:                     Hagler. Tofu: this is what to do with
heart-healthy recipes featuring whole    Vegetarian Recipes from the                it. 120 new recipes. The weight
plant foods; (honey). 1997, 230pp        Shoshoni Yoga Retreat –Anne Saks           conscious, as well as the newcomer
6x9" ring or perfect $19.99.             and Faith Stone. About 180 fine            to vegetarianism will enjoy; (honey).
                                         recipes; (honey). 1993, 208pp 8x9¼"        1986, 96pp 5x9" color pix $11.95.
Gourmet Cuisine for the                  $14.95.                                    TOFU & SOYFOODS COOKERY:
Enlightened Palate –Miyoko               SOYFOOD RECIPES FOR THE                    Delicious Foods for a Healthy Life –
Nishimoto. In the Japanese Kaiseki       AMERICAN TABLE: Favorite                   Peter Golbitz. How to use tofu,
style—Elegance is the                    Dishes from the Folks at White             tempeh, soymilk, soy protein isolate,
keynote…Enjoyment is the result!         Wave. Variety of recipes featuring         textured soy protein, soy flour, miso,
(Honey). 1991, 250pp 8x9¼" $17.95.       tofu, soy yogurt, tempeh, etc.; (honey,    and green soybeans; (honey). 1998,
                                         cheese). 1998, 98pp 6x9" $9.95.            174pp 7x8" lie-flat $12.95.
Edyth Young Cottrell. Grains,            SOYFOODS COOKERY: Your                     The TOFU COOKBOOK –Leah
legumes, etc. 1994, 267pp 6x9"           Road To Better Health –Louise              Leneman. Over 150 quick and easy
$12.95.                                  Hagler; intro: Mark Messina, PhD and       recipes; (honey). 1998, 6¼x8½"
                                         Virginia Messina, MPH, RD. Great           $11.00.
EAT: A Vegetarian Cookbook               benefits and they enliven your meals,      TOFU COOKERY –Ed: Louise
─JoAnn Rachor. Over 250                  too; (honey). 1996, 160pp 5½x8½"           Hagler. 200 delicious, familiar and
cholesterol-free recipes; alternatives   $9.95.                                     easy-to-follow recipes featuring tofu;
for honey, cheese given. Revised         SOYFOODS COOKING FOR A                     (honey). 1991, 160pp 8x10¾" many
2005, 92pp 5½x8½" $2.95.                 POSITIVE MENOPAUSE –                       color photos/glossy paper $16.95.
The OPTIMAL DIET: The                    Bryanna Clark Grogan. Soy: one of          V CUISINE: The Art of New
Official CHIP (Coronary Health           the best sources of isoflavones—           Vegan Cooking Angeline
Improvement Project) Cookbook            natural plant compounds which are          Linardis. Fresh take on vegan
Darlene Clainey, MSc, NCP, Hans         protective in the human organism in        cooking, with new ways to introduce
Diehl, DrHSc, MPH, FACN. Recipes         many ways. 150+ recipes                    more fresh fruits and vegetables into
to Reverse and Prevent: Obesity,         incorporating soy. 1999, 192pp 6x9"        one’s diet. Optional honey. 16pp
High Blood Pressure, High                $12.95. (near-vegan?)                      full-color photos. 2007, 224pp 8x9”
Cholesterol, Diabetes, Heart Disease.    TASTE & SEE: Allergy Relief                $29.95.
Lavish use of color, big, easy to read   Cooking –Penny King. Kitchen tested
print. 18pp full-color photos. (some     recipes using NO meat, dairy               VEGAN HOMESTYLE: Simple
honey). 2007, 166pp 8x10½” spiral        products, vinegar, sugar, wheat,           Recipes for Healthy Living Kay
$24.99.                                  baking powder, eggs; minimal salt          Hansen; fwd: Richard A. Hansen,
*RAW FOOD Real World: 100                and fat; (some honey). 1992, 254pp         MD. From Oregon’s Emerald Valley
Recipes to Get the Glow –Matthew         6x9" comb $11.95.                          Wellness Center. 240+ recipes. 19pp
Kenney and Sarma Melngailis. From                                                   full color photos. Optional honey.
                                         TASTEFULLY VEGAN: Creative                 2006, 249pp 7x9¾” hard/spiral
Pure Food & Wine, successful young       Vegetarian Cooking ─Kathryn
New York City chefs enliven the                                                     $24.95.
                                         McLane, RN and Gerald McLane,
palate with delicately fresh food.       DrPH. Revised 4th Edition. Large
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
 VEGAN SUCCESS: Scrumptious,                                                     RD; fwd: Dean Ornish, MD. Great
Healthy Vegan Recipes for Busy                VEGETARIAN                         recipes with greatly reduced fat
People ─Susan C. Daffron and                  COOKBOOKS:                         content. 1994, 368pp 6x9" $14.95.
James H. Byrd. One of the Logical
                                                                                 SLIM THE VEGETARIAN WAY
Guides Series: Practical Solutions to    [Mostly vegan. Some recipes in these
                                                                                 –Leah Leneman. 1993, 144pp 5x7½"
Everyday Problems. Self-published           books that use dairy or eggs give
and highly-accessible with 120 short,     vegan alternatives, and thus provide
creative recipes for people who don’t      help in transitioning to veganism.]   VEGETARIAN MEAT &
want to eat Fast Food. Includes On                                               POTATOES COOKBOOK –Robin
                                         BURGERS 'N' FRIES 'N'
Being Vegan; Vegan Glossary;                                                     Robertson. 275 virtually vegan
                                         CINNAMON BUNS—Bobbie
Vegan Shopping List –Naming                                                      recipes (vegan alternatives given for
                                         Hinman Fast-food favorites. 1993,
Names, Reading Labels; and Faking                                                egg and dairy products). 2002, 356pp
                                         55pp 5¼x8½" $5.00.
It; dairy/egg substitutes. (some                                                 8x9" $20.95.
honey, but suggest using substitutes)    The CHICAGO DINER
2006, 214pp 6×9” $16.00.                 COOKBOOK: Vegan and
                                         Vegetarian –Chef Jo A. Kaucher.               NUTRITION:
VEGETARIAN COOKERY:                      Many variations for "international"
Energy! Efficiency! Endurance! –                                                 [AHIMSA –Special issue on protein;
                                         flavor. 2002, 160pp 7x8" lie-flat        REPRINT on honey. See listing in
Dr. Pietro Rotondi, DC. 400+ recipes     $12.95.
(mostly vegan). 1948, 156pp 5¼x8¼"                                                    AVS/Ahimsa section]
$7.95.                                   FLAVORS OF THE                          A BASIC COURSE in
                                         SOUTHWEST: Vegetarian Style             VEGETARIAN and VEGAN
VEGETARIAN PERSUASION: A                 ─Robert Oser. Substitutes tofu and
Handbook of Recipes for Healthful                                                NUTRITION, 9th Edition Revised
                                         tempeh to revamp traditional meat       ─George Eisman, MA, MSc, RD.
Living –Canadian Natural Hygiene         dishes. Suitable for vegans &
Society; fwd: Ron Cridland, MD.                                                  One of the foremost U.S. experts in
                                         vegetarians; alternatives given for     vegetarian nutrition, who created the
Attractive, simple (many raw), quick     dairy, eggs, and honey. 1998, 190pp
recipes; (a few egg, honey). 92pp                                                first secular credit program in
                                         7x8" lie-flat $12.95.                   vegetarian studies, instructs this
5¼x8½" $7.00.
                                         FRESH FROM THE                          course which may be used for home
VEGETARIAN'S ECSTASY: A                  VEGETARIAN SLOW COOKER:                 study to gain a certification of
Healthy Gourmet Celebration of           200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty      educational achievement in vegetarian
over 250 no cholesterol, no dairy,       One-Pot Meals That Are Ready            nutrition. 2006, 148pp 8½ x11”
lowfat recipes devoted to long life      When You Are –Robin Robertson.          $21.95.
and good taste –James Levin, MD.         Amazing repertoire of foods to make.
and Natalie Cederquist. Low-fat, zesty                                           BECOMING VEGAN: The
                                         (Alternatives given for eggs and        Complete Guide to Adopting a
recipes; (honey). 1990, 320pp            dairy). 2004, 275pp 7¼x9" $14.95.
8¼x10¾" $16.95.                                                                  Plant-Based Diet –Brenda Davis,
                                         GREAT VEGETARIAN                        RD and Vesanto Melina, RD, MS.
The VEGGIE QUEEN: Vegetables             COOKING UNDER PRESSURE –                More and more people are following
Get the Royal Treatment, With            Lorna Sass. 150+ pressure cooker        a vegan way of life. Explore the
More than 100 Seasonal Recipes           recipes. 1994, 272pp 7½x10¼" hard       benefits to health, the environment,
Jill Nussinow, MS, RD. Here,            $25.00.                                 the animals, and in alleviating world
vegetables truly get the royal                                                   hunger. The info is here to get
treatment, each chapter brimming         LUSCIOUS LOW-FAT                        enough protein and calcium, what
with seasonal recipes and author’s       DESSERTS –Marie Oser. Cakes,            fats and carbohydrates are superior,
vegetable adventures. A little           cookies, puddings, pies. 1994, 124pp    insuring sufficient vitamin needs
                                         7x8" $7.00.                             including B12. Appropriate vegan
honey, mayo. 2005, 132pp 7x10”
$19.95.                                  SIMPLE FOOD FOR THE GOOD                diets in pregnancy, for children,
                                         LIFE –Helen Nearing. Some               adults, athletes, and for later years
100% VEGETARIAN: Eating                  philosophy of simplified, natural       are included. 2000, 224pp 8x11"
Naturally from Your Grocery              lifestyle; easy recipes. 1980, 309pp    $17.95.
Store –120pp 5½x8¼" ring $6.95.          5¼x8" $11.95.                           BECOMING VEGETARIAN, The
                                         SIMPLE, LOWFAT &                        New –Vesanto Melina, MS, RD and
                                         VEGETARIAN –Suzanne Havala,             Brenda Davis, RD. Guide to making
                                         MS, RD; Recipes: Marie Clifford,        the big change safely. 2d ed. 2003,
                                                                                 372pp 7x10" $19.95.
                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
BEING VEGETARIAN –Suzanne                 for healing of cancer. 1950s, 65pp       www.pcrm.org/health/veginfo/vsk/fo
Havala, RD. American Dietetic             5¼x8¼" $2.95 $2.00.                      od_groups.html
Assn. publication on vegetarian
                                          PLANT BASED NUTRITION                    VEGAN FOOD GUIDE
nutrition. 1996, 85pp 5½x8¼" $6.95.
                                          AND HEALTH –Stephen Walsh,               PYRAMID –Melina/Davis.
The CALORIFFIC LIFESTYLE                  PhD. Scientific evaluation of            Full-color, laminated chart.
PROGRAM: Control Your Weight              vegetarian diets; recent nutrition       $5 Lg, $2 Sm.
Forever on a Fun, Vegan, Calorie-         studies; recommendations for
                                                                                   VEGAN NUTRITION WALL
Spending Program –Jayn                    vegans. 2003, 248pp 6x9" $17.95.
                                                                                   CHART –Liz Cook, BSc (Hons)
Meinhardt, MEd; pref: Neal D.
                                          The SPROUT GARDEN: The                   CM/N. Gives vegan sources for
Barnard, MD. Light-hearted look at
                                          Indoor Grower's Guide to                 protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, and
weight control and human nutritional
                                          Gourmet Sprouts –Mark M.                 fiber. Kids love it. Colorfully
and ethical needs. Includes packet of
                                          Braunstein. Growing your own.            illustrated, 34x7” thin laminate
"Calorie Dollars". 1996, 158pp
                                          Recipes. 1993, 128pp 6x9" $9.95.         $7.00.
5¾x8½" ring $8.95.
                                          The SPROUTING BOOK: How to
                                          Grow and Use Sprouts to
FOOD –Ford Heritage. Nutritional
                                          Maximize Your Health and                 NATURAL LIVING
values of vegan foods. Charts. 1968,
                                          Vitality–Dr. Ann Wigmore. 1986,           AND HEALTH:
121pp 8½x11" $14.50.
                                          116pp 6x9" $9.95.
EARTH VOICE FOOD CHOICE:                                                           The 30 DAY DIABETES
                                          The VEGAN DIET: As Chronic               MIRACLE: Lifestyle Center of
Getting Real About our Food
                                          Disease Prevention ─Kerrie K.            America’s Complete Program to
Choices–Todd Winant. A manual for
                                          Saunders, PhD. Overwhelming              Stop Diabetes, Restore Health, and
initiating healthy food education
                                          benefits; know and live by these         Build Natural Vitality —Franklin
projects in schools, homes, camps, or
                                          principles. 2003, 243pp 5¼x8¼"           House MD, Stuart A. Seale MD, Ian
institutions—introducing vegan
                                          $15.00.                                  Blake Newman. A wholesome vegan
options. Recipes batched for schools
                                          VEGAN NUTRITION: Survey of               diet, exercise, sunshine, and rest,
and institutions, and family-sized.
                                                                                   give hope, energy, and zest to life.
2006, 180pp 8½x11” $27.95.                Research –Gill Langley, MA, PhD.
                                                                                   Feel and look healthier than you ever
EARTH VOICE FOOD CHOICE:                  Vegan diet's scientifically proven
                                                                                   imagined. 2008, 333pp 6¼x9½”
Health. Environment. Global               advantages. 1995, (2d ed.) 208pp         $24.95.
Survival. What’s the Connection?          5¼x8" $19.95.
─Companion DVD. 2006, 39 min.                                                      ADDITIVES BOOK –Beatrice
$19.95.                                     NUTRITION CHARTS:                      Trum Hunter. Exposé of known
                                                                                   harmful substances being added to
                                                                                   foods. 1980, 136pp 4¼x7" $2.95.
Hands-on Curriculum For Young             Place Mat Full-color, laminated
Students –Antonia Demas, PhD.             chart; food combining practices for      BIRD FLU: A Virus of Our Own
Nutrition can be fun. Some lacto          optimum digestion, as in Dr.             Hatching Michael Greger, MD,
items; recipes vegan. Fine for home-      Shelton's concepts. 9x14" $3.95;         fwd: Kennedy Shortridge, PhD, DSc
schooling. 2001, 184pp 8½x11" ring        $12.00/4.                                (Hon), CBiol, FIBiol. Powerful
$25.00.                                                                            history of how humans’ intensive
                                          FOOD COMBINING MADE                      factory farming of poultry—from the
MAXIMIZING YOUR                           EASIER –Dr. Tosca A. Haag. Full-         20th century to today—has caused the
NUTRITION –Dennis Nelson.                 color, laminated chart by Dr. Shelton
                                                                                   threat of bird flu transmission to
1988, 4¼x5½" $3.50.                       protégé. 11x17" $5.95.
                                                                                   people. Meticulously researched and
MINI/MAX DIET AND                         NEW FOUR FOOD GROUPS                     written, Greger pens part history,
NUTRITION PROGRAM –Dr.                    PCRM's four basic vegan groups.          part science, part argument; a must
David A. Phillips. Maximum                Fanciful full-color examples;            read for gov’t/public health officials,
nutrition plan with the least calories.   servings. Chart/place mat; info on       poultry industry leaders, medical
Nutrition tables. 200 foods. 1988,        reverse. 11x17" laminated $3.95;         professionals, veterinarians, and the
159pp 6x9" $8.95.                         $12.00/4.                                general public. 2006, 483pp 6×9½”
FOODS –Kristine Nolfi, MD. Her            Another version from PCRM, as            BREAKING THE FOOD
personal history of natural regimen       handout or poster in pdf format, is at   SEDUCTION: The Hidden
                                                                                   Reasons Behind Food Cravings–

                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
and 7 Steps to End Them                  construct a diet and lifestyle that        disorders. 2006, 211pp 6×9” $19.95.
Naturally –Neal Barnard, MD;             works. 2003, 279pp 6x9" $14.95.
                                                                                    DR. NEAL BARNARD’S
menus: Joanne Stepaniak. Insights
                                         DIABETES & THE                             PROGRAM for REVERSING
into the chemical reasons behind
                                         HYPOGYLCEMIC SYNDROME:                     DIABETES: The Scientifically
cravings; simple steps to alleviate
                                         Facts, Findings, and Natural               Proven System for Reversing
them; special advice to handle kids'
                                         Treatments –Agatha M. Thrash,              Diabetes Without Drugs ─Neal D.
sugar cravings. 2003, 324pp 6x9"
                                         MD, FACP, and Calvin L. Thrash,            Barnard, MD, Bryanna Clark
card $14.95.
                                         MD, MPH. Natural Remedies for              Grogan. Paperback edition of this
CARBOPHOBIA!: The Scary                  Preventing and Controlling Diabetes        must-read book for anyone with
Truth About America’s Low-Carb           and Related Problems. 1993, 214pp          diabetes. Information for many other
Craze –Michael Greger, MD.               5½x8½" $14.95.                             major health conditions, as well.
Convincingly demonstrates why                                                       2007, 272pp 6x9” $15.95.
                                         DIET AGAINST CANCER:
high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets
                                         Lessons about Food and Nutrition           DON'T DRINK YOUR MILK!:
are harmful. 2005, 162pp 5x8"
                                         to Help Reduce your Risk ─George           New Frightening Facts About the
                                         Eisman, RD. In textbook-style: Part        World's Most Overrated Nutrient
CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME:                  I: The Relationships between Cancer        –Frank A. Oski, MD. Health
The Comprehensive Guide to               and Food, Part II: Nutrition and Diet      problems of milk; not best solutions,
Prevention, Treatment and                Basics, from proteins, carbohydrates,      but lots of good info. 1996, 115pp
Recovery –Tammy Crouch. A                fiber, lipids (fats & oils) to digestion   5¼x8¼" $7.95.
layperson's guide to repetitive stress   and adsorption, weight control,
                                                                                    EAT RIGHT, LIVE LONGER:
injuries. 1995, 163pp 7x9¼" $14.95.      vitamins, minerals and vegan foods.
                                                                                    Using the Natural Power of Foods
                                         Eisman spells out the pros of an
The CHINA STUDY: Startling                                                          to Age-Proof Your Body –Neal
                                         exclusively-plant diet vs the disease-
Implications for Diet, Weight Loss,                                                 Barnard, MD; recipes and menus:
                                         prone, meat-centric diet. 2006, 104pp
and Long-term Health –T. Colin                                                      Jennifer Raymond. 1995/1997,
                                         8½×11” $19.95.
Campbell, PhD, with Thomas M.                                                       388pp 5x8" $13.00.
Campbell II. Landmark, long-term         DISCOVERED SECRETS: A Self
                                                                                    FASTING AND EATING FOR
studies in China show unmistakable       Metamorphosis, Inspiration for
                                                                                    HEALTH: A Medical Doctor's
evidence of values of plant-based        Self-Healing Barbara Ann
                                                                                    Program for Conquering Disease –
human diet. A “must read” for            Ellicott, PhD. Story of how a woman
                                                                                    Joel Fuhrman, MD; fwd: Neal D.
anyone concerned about personal          (now vegan and in her 60s) with a
                                                                                    Barnard, MD. An alternative to
responsibility for own health. 2005,     passion for life, used exercise and
                                                                                    surgery and drugs. 1995, 255pp
417pp 6x9” $16.95.                       became a vegetarian to beat all the
                                                                                    5¾x8½" hard $23.95; 5½x8¼"card
                                         odds as a marathon runner. 2007,
COCONUT OIL for Health and                                                          $14.95.
                                         118pp 6x9” $15.00.
Beauty –Cynthia Holzapfel and Laura
                                                                                    FOOD ALLERGIES MADE
Holzapfel. Used in food preparation,     DR. DEAN ORNISH'S
                                                                                    SIMPLE: The Complete Manual
and as a beauty aid, coconut oil has a   PROGRAM FOR REVERSING
                                                                                    for Diagnosis, Treatment, and
long and beneficial history, and newly   HEART DISEASE: The Only
                                                                                    Prevention of Food Allergies –
recognized properties to praise.         System Scientifically Proven to
                                                                                    Phyllis Austin, Agatha Thrash, MD,
2004, 128pp 6x9” $9.95.                  Reverse Heart Disease Without
                                                                                    Calvin Thrash, MD. 1985, 80pp
                                         Drugs or Surgery –Recipes/menus
The DECLINE OF THE                                                                  5½x8½" $4.95.
                                         (200pp): Mollie Katzen, Deborah
MEDICAL PROFESSION IN                    Madison, Wolfgang Puck, Alice              FOOD ALLERGY SURVIVAL
PUBLIC ESTEEM –A classic;                Waters, Judy Gethers. 1992, 634pp          GUIDE: Delicious Recipes &
malpractice, fee-scams, etc. 1955,       6¼x9¼" $15.00.                             Complete Nutrition –Vesanto
64pp 6x9" $1.00.                                                                    Melina, MS, RD; Jo Stepaniak,
                                         DR. McDOUGALL’S
DEFEATING DIABETES: A No-                                                           MSEd; and Dina Aronson, MS, RD.
                                         DIGESTIVE TUNE-UP ─Dr. John
Nonsense Approach to Type 2                                                         Gives scientifically-based
                                         A. McDougall, MD, illus: Howard
Diabetes and the Diabesity                                                          information on food sensitivities,
                                         Bartner. Gives the reader a
Epidemic –Brenda Davis, RD and                                                      with vegan recipes that are entirely
                                         noninvasive approach to healing
Tom Barnard, MD; fwd: David J. A.                                                   free of the major allergens. 2004,
                                         intestinal conditions. Shows how a
Jenkins, MD; recipes: Barb                                                          384pp 7x10” $19.95.
                                         low-fat, plant-derived diet often
Bloomfield. Practical steps needed to    alleviates constipation, hemorrhoids,
                                         IBS, and other chronic intestinal
                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
FOOD FOR LIFE: How the New                DrHSc, MPH. Take responsibility for      reverse heart disease, lower your
Four Food Groups Can Save Your            your own health. Good health advice      risk of heart attack and cancer,
Life –Neal Barnard, MD; fwd: Dean         in short, easy-to-read, non-technical    reduce stress, and lose weight
Ornish, MD; recipes/menus (120pp):        form; with Biblical quotations, full     without hunger –Neal Pinckney,
Jennifer Raymond. Vegan-nutrition         color photos and graphics; includes      PhD. 1996, 306pp 5½x8¼" $11.95.
health-standard. 1993, 334pp 6x9"         work pages and spaces to check your
                                                                                   HEALTHY MARTIAL ARTS
$14.95.                                   own knowledge. 2005, 256 full-color
                                                                                   Jolie Bookspan, PhD, vegan, sports
                                          pp 8x10" $24.95.
FOODS THAT CAUSE YOU TO                                                            medicine specialist, military
LOSE WEIGHT: The Negative                 HEALTHY AT 100—The                       scientist, 4th degree Black Belt, and
Calorie Effect –Neal Barnard, MD;         Scientifically Proven Secrets of the     undefeated full contact fighter. Daily
recipes/menus: Jennifer Raymond.          World’s Healthiest and Longest-          practice for a healthy lifestyle, free
Outlines the natural foods, fruits and    Lived Peoples ─John Robbins.             from supplements, special weights,
vegetables, that melt down and drain      Examples of aging well in Abkhasia,      machines, equipment, or a gym.
weight away. Great, too, for lowering     Hunza, Vilcabamba, and Okinawa.          Photos throughout. 2006, 228pp
dangerous cholesterol levels. 2nd         Habits of these noted cultures           8x11” $24.95.
ed/1997, 192pp 5¼x8½" $12.95.             enhanced by scientific insight. 2006,    The HEALTHY VEGETARIAN –
FOODS THAT FIGHT PAIN:                    357pp 6¼x9½” hard $25.95.                Sri Swami Satchidananda; (Includes:
Revolutionary New Strategies for          HEALTHY EATING FOR                       Balanced Diet, Balanced Life –
Maximum Pain Relief –Neal                 LIFE—TO PREVENT AND                      Sandra McLanahan, MD.); fwd:
Barnard, MD; menus/recipes:               TREAT CANCER: With Over 80               Dean Ornish, MD. Guide to healthy
Jennifer Raymond. Scientific              Delicious Recipes –Physicians            life; vegan options. 1994, 115pp
rationales for nutritional therapies to   Committee for Responsible Medicine       5¼x8¼" $6.95.
help alleviate everyday pains 1998,       with Vesanto Melina, MS, RD; fwd:        LET THERE BE LIGHT –Darius
348pp 6x9" $14.95.                        Neal Barnard, MD; menus/recipes:         Dinshah. Theory and uses of colors
FRESH START, A: Accelerate Fat            Jennifer Raymond. "Cancer research       for health. Practical how-to-do-it
Loss & Restore Youthful Vitality –        has shown that what you eat is one of    manual. 2007, 128pp 7x10" hard
Susan Smith Jones, PhD. has created       the strongest factors in preventing      $12.00.
a total body/mind rejuvenation            cancer." 2002, 244pp 6x9" $14.95.
                                                                                   LOVE YOURSELF, so…Hate the
program just for you! This 3-month        HEALTHY EATING FOR                       Weight –Brother Craig. "100
program incorporates diet and             LIFE—TO PREVENT AND                      practical tips that really worked for
exercise with stress release and          TREAT DIABETES: With 98                  me. You, too, can feel better, look
positive attitudes. 2002, 486pp           delicious Recipes –PCRM with             better—even be better!" 1997, 127pp
(200+pp recipes) 6x9" $17.95.             Patricia Bertron, RD; fwd: Neal          7x5" $9.95.
GET THE FAT OUT: 501 Simple               Barnard, MD; recipes/menus:
                                          Jennifer Raymond. "You can help          MAD COWBOY: Plain Truth
Ways to Cut the Fat in Any Diet –
                                          prevent and control diabetes through     from the Cattle Rancher Who
Victoria Moran. "It's so scientifically
                                          simple diet and lifestyle changes that   Won't Eat Meat –Howard F. Lyman
accurate, well organized, and user-
                                          are a pleasure to make instead of a      with Glen Merzer. Oprah Winfrey/
friendly; I plan to recommend it to
                                          chore." 2002, 244pp 6x9" $14.95.         Texas Beef Defamation Suit. Meat's
the 6,000 patients in my clinic". –
                                                                                   health, economic, and environmental
Charles R. Attwood, MD. 1994,             HEALTHY EATING FOR                       hazards. 1998, 223pp 5½x8¾" hard,
186pp 5½x8¼" $11.00 SALE $6.00.           LIFE—FOR WOMEN: With Over                includes video $23.00; $55.00/3.
The HEALING POWER OF                      100 Delicious Recipes –PCRM with
                                          Kristina Kieswer; fwd: Neal Barnard,     McDOUGALL PLAN, THE –John
                                          MD; recipes/menus: Jennifer              A. McDougall, MD; recipes: Mary
Susan Smith Jones, MS, PhD. The
                                          Raymond. "…simple changes to your        A. McDougall, LPN; fwd: Nathan
latest research on the “HOT” 50
                                          diet can significantly improve your      Pritikin. "…The McDougall Plan is
superfoods that prevent the most
                                          health, from easing your menstrual       getting close to God's original diet
common age-related illnesses, plus
                                          and menopausal symptoms to               (Gen. 1:29; 3:18) and the closer we
easy-to-prepare recipes. 2007, 158pp
                                          strengthening your bones and             get to that the better health we will
7x9” $14.95.
                                          protecting your heart." 2002, 260pp      enjoy," John A. Scharffenberg, MD,
HEALTH POWER: Health by                   6x9" $14.95.                             MPH. 1983, 340pp 6x9" $11.95.
Choice Not Chance –Aileen
                                          HEALTHY HEART                            The McDOUGALL PROGRAM
Ludington, MD & Hans Diehl,
                                          HANDBOOK: How to prevent and             FOR A HEALTHY HEART: A
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
Lifesaving Approach to Preventing       PETER BURWASH'S AEROBIC                   6¾x9¾” $24.95.
and Treating Heart Disease –John        WORKOUT BOOK FOR MEN:
                                                                                  QUANTUM WELLNESS: A
A. McDougall, MD; recipes: Mary         An easy-to-follow daily 20-minute
                                                                                  Practical and Spiritual Guide to
A. McDougall. 1998, 430pp 6x9"          program that strengthens and
                                                                                  Health and Happiness —Kathy
$15.95.                                 tones the entire body –Peter
                                                                                  Freston (Fwd: Mehmet Oz, MD).
                                        Burwash and John Tullius. Aerobics
The McDOUGALL PROGRAM                                                             Presents a multi-dimensional
                                        physiologically and psychologically
FOR MAXIMUM WEIGHT                                                                experience of body, mind and spirit;
                                        designed to develop a man’s body
LOSS –John A. McDougall, MD;                                                      cultivates an awareness of self-
                                        and a man's fitness. 1984, 151pp
recipes: Mary McDougall. "You                                                     sustaining choices, including food
                                        7½x9¼" $11.95. SALE $6.00.
never have to be fat or hungry                                                    sources. Vegan, and featured on
again," Your Health. 1995, 324pp        PHYSICIAN'S SLIMMING                      “Oprah”. 2008, 282pp 6½x9¼” hard
6x9" $16.00.                            GUIDE, A: For Permanent Weight            $23.95.
                                        Control –Neal D. Barnard, MD. This
McDOUGALL'S MEDICINE—A                                                            QUIT FOR GOOD: How to Break
                                        program is more powerful than any
CHALLENGING SECOND                                                                a Bad Habit –Ralph C. Cinque, DC.
                                        diet! 1992, 80pp 5x8" $7.95.
OPINION –John A. McDougall,                                                       Are you committing suicide on the
MD. A Q & A critique of acceptable      The PLEASURE TRAP:                        installment plan? Five easy steps is
medical treatments relating to          Mastering the Hidden Force that           all it takes for you to conquer your
cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease,    Undermines Health & Happiness –           addictions and transform your
urinary disease, atherosclerosis,       Douglas J. Lisle, PhD. and Alan           behavior. 1994, 138pp 5½x8½"
diabetes, and hypertension. 1985,       Goldhamer, DC.; fwd: John                 $8.95.
308pp 6x9" $12.95.                      McDougall, MD. "…challenges
                                        conventional wisdom about sickness        RACE FOR LIFE: The Amazing
MEGA HEALTH: The famous                                                           Story of How One Woman
                                        and unhappiness in today's
National Institute of Fitness Health
                                        contemporary culture…offers               Survived Breast Cancer to Take
Plan –Marc Sorenson, EdD; pref:                                                   On the Toughest Races in the
                                        ground-breaking solutions for
Neal Barnard, MD; fwd: John A.                                                    World –Ruth E. Heidrich, PhD.
                                        change...hope for anyone stuck in a
McDougall, MD. Thorough and                                                       Triathlete and fitness-record holder.
                                        self-destructive rut." 2003, 226pp
clear. 1995, (rev.) 490pp 6x9" hard                                               2000, 171pp 5½x8½" $15.95.
                                        6¼x9¼" hard $24.95, soft $12.95.
$24.95; slightly marred: $6.50.
                                                                                  The RAVE DIET & LIFESTYLE:
                                        POISON WITH A CAPITAL C: A
MILK: A MESSAGE TO MY                                                             The Natural Foods Diet with Meals
                                        Case Against Coffee And Other
PATIENTS –Robert M. Kradjian,                                                     that Heal –Mike Anderson. Based on
                                        Brown Drinks –Agatha Thrash, MD
MD. Health dangers of non-human                                                   the guidelines used by doctors who
                                        and Calvin Thrash, MD. These
milk to humans. 10pp 8½x11" $2.00.                                                treat and reverse diseases, this
                                        substances are bewitching; their song
MILK A-Z –Robert Cohen.                                                           program excludes refined and animal
                                        is sweet, but the end is bitter indeed.
Designed in quasi-children's format                                               items from the diet. Expands on the
                                        2000, 61pp 5½x8½" $4.95.
but for adults as well. A referenced                                              popular DVD Eating –included. 2005,
                                        The POWER OF YOUR PLATE:                  266 pp 6x9” $19.95.
alphabet of reasons to shun cow
                                        A Plan for Better Living –Neal D.
milk. 2001, 63pp 7¼x9" hard $14.95.                                               RECLAIMING OUR HEALTH:
                                        Barnard, MD. Advice from twenty
MILK: The Deadly Poison –Robert         experts on the power of foods to          Exploding the Medical Myth and
Cohen; fwd: Jane Heimlich. Milk         work for you in controlling weight        Embracing the Source of True
implicated in more health crises than                                             Healing –John Robbins. Integrates
                                        and in the prevention and alleviation
meat. 1998, 317pp 6x9" hard $14.95.     of many diseases. 1995 (rev. ed.)         the best of conventional and
                                        255pp 5½x9" $12.95.                       alternative therapies. 1998, 420pp
NO MORE BULL! The Mad                                                             6x9" hard $24.00; card $15.95.
Cowboy Targets America’s Worst          PREVENT AND REVERSE                       SALE $14.95.
Enemy: Our Diet –Howard F.              HEART DISEASE: The
Lyman with Glen Merzer and Joanna                                                 SAVE YOURSELF FROM
                                        Revolutionary, Scientifically
Samorow-Merzer. Poor farming                                                      BREAST CANCER –Robert M.
                                        Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure
practices and the dangers of eating     Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD;          Kradjian, MD. Prevention in
meat. How the public is misled about                                              laypersons' language; section on
                                        fwd: T. Colin Campbell, PhD. Based
nutrition. What to eat and do now.                                                prostate cancer also. 1994, 22pp
                                        on findings of a now 20-year study,
2005, 274pp 5½x8½” $13.00.                                                        8½x11" $2.00.
                                        first published in The
                                        Journal of Cardiology. Includes           SENIOR FITNESS:
                                        helpful recipes. 2007, 308pp
                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
The Diet & Exercise Program for          Dean Ornish, MD. 2001, 350pp 6x9"      health. 2nd ed/1994, 645pp 5½x8½"
Maximum Health & Longevity –             card $14.00.                           $15.95.
Ruth Heidrich, PhD. At 70 Ruth
                                         UNLEASH THE POWER OF                   The SCIENCE AND FINE ART
shares the health habits that
                                         NATURE FOODS: 50 Revitalizing          OF FOOD & NUTRITION
empowered her success as a tri-
                                         Foods that Heal Your Body,             Hygienic System Vol. 2. 7th ed/1996,
athlete. She is an example of vibrant
                                         Promote Radiant Health &               593pp 5x7" $14.95.
living, holder of 3 age-group fitness
                                         Rejuvenate Your Life –Susan
world records, cancer survivor for                                              The SCIENCE AND FINE ART
                                         Smith Jones, MS, PhD. The fruits,
over 20 years, vegan. 2005, 219pp                                               OF NATURAL HYGIENE
                                         nuts, seeds and vegetables
6x9” $17.00.                                                                    Hygienic System Vol. 1. 3rd ed/1994,
                                         recommended are described
                                                                                420pp 5x7" $14.95.
SIX EXTRA YEARS, How You                 alphabetically. Value and benefit
Can Live –Lewis R. Walton, JD; Jo        from them by trying the recipes
Ellen Walton, MD; John A.                given. 2006, 176pp 7x9” $16.00.        N.H.A. (A. N. H. S.) ITEMS
Scharffenberg, MD. "…pinpoints                                                   BY OTHER AUTHORS:
                                         YOU DON'T NEED MEAT –Peter
precise factors that help to make this
                                         Cox; intro: Neal Barnard, MD. An       ARE YOU A CANDIDATE FOR
long and healthy life possible among
                                         evaluation of the role—and the true    CANCER? How to Know and
Seventh-day Adventists in
                                         costs—of traditional meat-centered     What to Do –Hannah Allen, (Former
particular." 1988, 161pp 5x8" $5.95.
                                         diets. 2002, 378pp 6x9" hard $24.95    president, A.N.H.S.) 1977, 28pp
SKINNY BITCH: Bun in the Oven            $18.00; card $14.95.                   5½x8" $2.95.
─Rory Freedman, Kim Barnouin.
                                         YOUR SIGHT AND HEARING –               DICTIONARY OF NATURAL
The smart and sassy SB girls are
                                         Merle A. Wilson; intro: Dr. Herbert    FOODS –Dr. William L. Esser.
back with their third book, another
                                         M. Shelton. How senses work;           Listing of natural vegan foods; food
no-nonsense guide, this time
                                         natural help. 1967, 135pp 5½x8½"       values. Illustrations. 1983, 166pp
dedicated to the pregnant vegan.
                                         comb $15.00.                           5½x8¼" $9.95.
2008, 329pp 5¼x7¼” $14.95.
SPECTRO-CHROME GUIDE                                                            The GREATEST HEALTH
─Darius Dinshah. Better health               NATURAL                            DISCOVERY –A.N.H.S. A history
through color therapy; condensed                                                and basic practice of Natural
from his Let There Be Light. 1997,        HYGIENE BOOKS:                        Hygiene. 1972, 241pp 4¼x7" $2.95.
104pp 7x10" hard $9.00.                  By Dr. Herbert M. Shelton (1895-       HOMEMAKERS' GUIDE TO
The THRIVE DIET: the Whole               1985). One of the foremost natural     FOODS FOR PLEASURE AND
Food Way to Lose Weight, Reduce          health teachers of the 20th (or any)   HEALTH and Handbook for
Stress, and Stay Healthy for Life        century; cofounder: American           Hygienic Living –Hannah Allen.
—Brendan Brazier. A vegan diet and       Natural Hygiene Society (now           Natural dining/living guide. 1976,
lifestyle program for achieving          National Health Association).          238pp 4¼x7" $3.50.
health, physical strength, and mental    FASTING CAN SAVE YOUR                  MEDICAL DRUGS ON TRIAL?
dexterity—developed by a champion        LIFE 2nd ed/1996 185pp 5½x8"           VERDICT "GUILTY!": An
ironman triathlete, for top              $10.95.                                Exposé of the Present Day Practice
performance. 2007, 309pp 6¼x9¼”                                                 of Medicine; the Drug Industry;
hard $24.00.                             FASTING FOR RENEWAL OF                 and Food Technology –Keki R.
                                         LIFE Fasting for health. 2nd           Sidhwa, ND, DO. 1976, 242pp
TODAY’S MEAT: How safe is it?            ed/1995, 314pp 5¼x8" $12.95.
–Katy Chamberlin. What meat                                                     4¼x7" $3.25.
buyers should know about meat, fish,     HEALTH FOR THE MILLIONS                The NATURAL HYGIENE DIET
and chicken. 1995, 76pp 4¼x7”            Excellent exposition of basis for      –A.N.H.S. Learn how to design a
$3.95.                                   better nutrition and health. 2nd       healthful vegan diet to meet your
                                         ed/1996, 316pp 5¼x8" $9.95.            individual needs! 1999, 126pp
The Revolutionary Guide To               An INTRODUCTION TO                     6x8¼" $10.95.
Losing Weight –Neal Barnard, MD,         NATURAL HYGIENE 1963                   The NATURAL HYGIENE
points out that the work of these        reprint, 92pp 6½x8½"comb $12.50.       HANDBOOK "will show you how
genes is influenced by nutrition and     NATURAL HYGIENE: The                   to live a healthier, happier life than
environment. With menus and              Pristine Way of Life Building          you ever thought possible!" 1996,
recipes by Jennifer Raymond; fwd:                                               125pp 6x8¼" $10.95.
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SELF CARE vs. MEDICAL                  The VACCINE GUIDE ─Dr.                 SACRED COWS and GOLDEN
CARE: How To Do Your Own               Randall Neustaedter. Poisonous         GEESE: The Human Cost of
Health Checkup –Hannah Allen.          ingredients, short/long term           Experiments on Animals –C. Ray
1984, 5½x8½" $2.95.                    reactions. Exemptions. 1996, 260pp     Greek, MD and Jean Swingle Greek,
                                       6x9" $18.95.                           DVM; fwd: Jane Goodall: "…(they)
                                                                              show that the use of live animal
     VACCINATION:                      VACCINES: Are They Really Safe
                                                                              research is unethical, not with
                                       & Effective? –Neil Z. Miller.
AHIMSA #36-02 – 35th                                                          relation to the suffering of the
                                       Documented record=vaccines a
Anniversary Special: Articles on                                              animals as more commonly held, but
                                       fiasco. 1999, 78pp 5½x8½" $8.95.
vaccination objections (ethical,                                              because faulty science underpins it."
religious, health); acute & chronic    WHAT EVERY PARENT                      2003, 256pp 6x9" $18.95.
diseases caused; traveling without     SHOULD KNOW About
                                                                              SCIENCE ON TRIAL: Human
shots. 32pp 8½x11" $2.00.              Childhood Immunization –Jamie
                                                                              Cost Of Animal Experiments –Dr.
                                       Murphy. Reactions are very often
IMMUNIZATION RESOURCE                                                         Robert Sharpe. Failures and false
                                       worse than admitted; disease from
GUIDE –Diane Rozario. Reviews,                                                results in vivisection. 1994, 156pp
                                       shots hidden for decades. 1998,
resources. 2002, 238pp 5¼x8½"                                                 5¾x8¼" $15.95.
                                       192pp 5½x8½" $13.95.
$13.95.                                                                       The SIXTH DAY OF
IMMUNIZATION: The Reality                                                     CREATION: A Discourse on Post
                                       [See in: Birth/Babies/Children
Behind The Myth –Walene James.                                                Biblical, Post Modern Thought –
                                       HOW TO RAISE A HEALTHY
Shots and cancer, brain damage,                                               Roberta Kalechofsky; illus: Barbara
                                       CHILD…IN SPITE OF YOUR
convulsions, etc. Pushes "mega dose"                                          Baine Goodsitt. A vivid poetic
                                       DOCTOR, $5.99]
cures, but vaccine info good. 1995,                                           interpretation of the devolution of
285pp 6x9" $19.95.                                                            humanity—apparent through its
                                           VIVISECTION:                       treatment of other species and, more
MASS IMMUNIZATION: A Point                                                    importantly, of itself. 1986, 19pp
In Question –Trevor Gunn.              ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION:
                                                                              5½x8½" hard SALE $3.95.
Statistical/diagnostic faking.         A Harvest Of Shame –Moneim A.
Infectious diseases sharply decline    Fadali, MD, FACS. Unscientific;        SPECIOUS SCIENCE: Why
with no shots. 1992, 32pp 5¾x8¼"       harms humans as well as animals.       Experiments on Animals Harm
$4.50.                                 1996, 234pp 5½x8½" $14.95.             Humans –C. Ray Greek, MD, and
                                                                              Jean Swingle Greek, DVM. How
                                                                              genetics and evolution reveal why
Coulter and Barbara Loe Fisher.        & HUMAN MEDICINE –
                                                                              medical research on animals harms
Why the "P" in DPT shots is            PRISM.1995, 38pp 5½x8½" $2.95.
                                                                              humans. 2003, 288pp 5¾x8¾"
hazardous. 1996, 246pp 6¼x9"           The CRUEL DECEPTION Dr.               $18.95.
$10.95.                                Robert Sharpe. Refutes myths of
                                                                              VIVISECTION: Science or
VACCINATIONS MAY BE                    vaccination wiping out diseases and
                                                                              Science Fiction? –PRISM. Health
HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH                 creating a healthier society.
                                                                              fiasco. 1990, 34pp 5½x8½" $1.95.
–Freedom of Health. 1995, 72pp         Illustrated. 1988, 288pp 5¼x8½"
4½x7¼” Ingredients and culture of      $12.95.                                VIVISECTION: Science Or
vaccines, principles of health                                                Sham? Roy Kupsinel, MD. 1990,
                                       The DARK FACE OF SCIENCE
maintenance. $3.95.                                                           16pp 5½x8½" 25¢.
                                       –John Vyvyan. Unmasking
VACCINATION, SOCIAL                    vivisection. 1989, 201pp 5½x8½"        VIVISECTION/DISSECTION IN
VIOLENCE, and                          $10.95.                                THE CLASSROOM –Prof. Gary L.
CRIMINALITY: The Medical                                                      Francione and Anna E. Charlton.
                                       IN PITY & IN ANGER –John
Assault on the Human Brain –                                                  Conscientious Objection. 1992,
                                       Vyvyan; intro: Prof. Tom Regan.
Harris L. Coulter. Promotes debate                                            136pp 6x9" $7.95.
                                       Science using animals—a failure.
about benefits and hidden costs of     1988, 167pp 5½x8½" $9.95.              [See also: ANIMAL OPPRESSION,
childhood vaccination programs.
                                       LETHAL LAWS –Alix Fano.                NATURAL HEALTH,
Indicts immunizations, medications
                                       Animal testing, health, environment,   VACCINATION,
and alcohol use as major factors in
                                       policy, Harm of animal tests. 1997,    PHILOSOPHY/RELIGION]
social, immunologic, and neurologic
disorders. 1990, 300pp 6x9” $14.95.    242pp 5½x8½" $19.95.

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                                        ANIMALS, NATURE, AND                    Expresses its stance against violent
      ANIMAL                            ALBERT SCHWEITZER -Ed.                  tactics. 2006, 162pp 7×9¼” $14.95.
    OPPRESSION:                         Ann Cottrell Free. Quotes about
                                                                                The CASE FOR ANIMAL
                                        animals, ethics, etc., in this
                                                                                RIGHTS –Prof. Tom Regan. The
ALL HEAVEN IN A RAGE –E.S.              humanitarian’s view. Many photos.
                                                                                classic argument for rights
Turner. Portrays the long British       1988, 81pp 6x9"$7.95.
                                                                                independent of utility. 2nd ed. 2004,
struggle for humane treatment of
                                        ANIMALS, PROPERTY, AND                  425pp 5½x8¼” $21.95
animals. 1992, 336pp 5½x8½"
                                        THE LAW –Prof. Gary L.
$18.95.                                                                         DEAD MEAT -Sue Coe and
                                        Francione; fwd: William. M.
                                                                                Alexander Cockburn; preface: Prof.
ANIMAL INSTINCT: A Novel                Kunstler, Esq. Rights of animals,
                                                                                Tom Regan. Artist visits feedlots,
Dorothy H. Hayes. Fast-paced           status in law, etc. 1995, 349pp 6x9"
                                                                                slaughterhouse. Many paintings.
narrative about generational            $24.95.
                                                                                1995, 136pp 8x10" $24.95.
organizational tyranny. A past
                                        ANIMALS’ RIGHTS –Henry Salt,
heroine of animal-welfare hinders the                                           DOMINION: The Power of Man,
                                        new preface: Peter Singer. This 1892
efforts of her ambitious young staff                                            the Suffering of Animals, and the
                                        classic is a landmark work in
member and grass-roots volunteers.                                              Call to Mercy –Matthew Scully.
                                        developing an understanding of the
New heroine advocates an improved                                               Presents the moral duty to respect the
                                        rights of non-humans. 1980, 240pp
way to rescue animals more                                                      animal world as God’s handiwork,
                                        5½x8" hard $9.95.
effectively. 2005, 232pp 6x8”                                                   with mercy. 2002, 434pp 5¼x8¼”
$15.95.                                 ANYTHING WITHIN REASON –                $15.00.
                                        Jon Wynne-Tyson. Satirical novel:
ANIMAL LIBERATION –Peter                                                        The DREADED COMPARISON:
                                        food, our place in the world. 1994,
Singer. The book that started a                                                 Human and Animal Slavery –
                                        191pp 6½x9" hard $16.95.
revolution. Unrhetorical and                                                    Marjorie Spiegel; fwd: Alice Walker.
unemotional, Singer bases his case      AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A                      Animals today are often treated as
on moral positions already widely       REVOLUTIONARY: Essays On                many humans were in the slave
accepted. 3rd Edition, 2002, 324pp      Animal And Human Rights –               condition. Revised edition, 1996,
5¼x8" $14.95.                           Roberta Kalechofsky. 1991, 189pp        128pp 5¼x8¼" $12.95.
                                        5½x8½" $11.95.
The ANIMAL RIGHTS DEBATE:                                                       The DUTY of MERCY –Humphry
Philosophers Debate                     BATTERED BIRDS – CRATED                 Primatt; Ed. Richard D. Ryder. Fine
Contemporary Issues –Prof. Carl         HERDS: How We Treat The                 18th century advocacy of animal
Cohen (Contra) and Prof. Tom            Animals We Eat –Gene Bauston.           rights. 1992, 127pp 5½x8½" $17.95.
Regan (Pro). 2001, 323pp 6x9"           Factual, well illustrated documentary
                                                                                EMPTY CAGES: Facing the
$21.95.                                 of farmed animals' miserable
                                                                                Challenges of Animal Rights –Prof.
                                        existence. 1996, 64pp 7x10" $6.95.
ANIMAL UNDERWORLD –Alan                                                         Tom Regan; fwd: Jeffrey Moussaieff
Green. Inside U.S. black market for     BEAUTY WITHOUT THE                      Masson. Unmasks the fraudulent
rare/exotic animals. 1999, 286pp        BEASTS: A Guide to Cruelty-Free         rhetoric of “humane treatment” for
6½x9½" hard $25.00.                     Personal Care –Heather Chase.           animals in laboratories, the food
                                        How to transform beauty rituals into    chain, etc. Uncompromising
                                        acts of compassion by choice of skin    argument on behalf of animals’ right
ANIMALS AS PERSONS: Essays              care, make-up, apparel, food, and       to live free of human exploitation.
on the Abolition of Animal              other aspects of living. 2001, 140pp    2004, 229pp 6x9" hard $21.95.
Exploitation ─Gary L. Francione.        5½x8½" $15.00.
Advocates a wholly consistent                                                   ETERNAL TREBLINKA: Our
animal rights position which is         CAPERS IN THE                           Treatment of Animals and the
uncompromisingly against any use        CHURCHYARD: Animal Rights               Holocaust –Charles Patterson; fwd:
and abuse of animals. Pro-vegan, and    Advocacy in the Age of Terror           Lucy Rosen Kaplan, Esq. The very
rigorously argued. 2008, 235pp          ─Lee Hall, fwd: Jeffrey Moussaieff      troubling comparison of animal
6¼x9¼” Hard $35.00.                     Masson. Presents a clear view of        exploitation by humans with Hitler’s
                                        animal welfare and militant animal      "final solution". 2002, 296pp 6x9"
ANIMALS IN SOCIETY –Zoe                 liberation campaigns. Animal            $20.00.
Weil. Animals in religion, education,   welfare is taken to task for ignoring
food/clothes, experiments. For HS,                                              ETHICS INTO ACTION: Henry
                                        idea that society should renounce
Jr.HS ages. Illus. 1991, 26pp 6x9"                                              Spira and the Animal Rights
                                        domination of other species.
$5.95.                                                                          Movement –Peter Singer. 1998,

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192pp 6¼x9¼" cloth $22.95; paper         Lewis Gompertz; ed: Peter Singer.        rights. 2000, 362pp 6¼x9½" hard
$17.95.                                  19th century work by a founder of the    $25.00.
                                         RSPCA (British). 1992, 160pp
FARM SANCTUARY: Changing                                                          SEALSKIN TROUSERS –Jon
                                         5½x8½" $15.75.
Hearts and Minds About Animals                                                    Wynne-Tyson. Tales of attitudes
and Food ─Gene Baur. Leading             MORE THAN A MEAL: The                    toward animals. 1994, 154pp 6x9"
animal rights activist examines the      Turkey in History, Myth, Ritual,         hard $18.95.
real cost of meat on our plates—for      and Reality –Karen Davis, PhD.
                                                                                  The SILENT ARK –Juliet Gellatley
humans and animals alike—in this         Paradox of how a bird, viewed as
                                                                                  and Tony Wardle. Exposé: meat—
provocative examination of the           epitome of failure or stupidity, came
                                                                                  the global killer, "mad cow" scandal,
modern farm industry. 2008, 287pp        to be centerpiece in celebration of
                                                                                  etc. 1996, 241pp 5x7¾" $12.95.
6½x9½” hard $25.00.                      all-American "Thanksgiving". 2001,
                                         192pp 6x9" $20.00.                       SLAUGHTERHOUSE: Shocking
                                                                                  Story of Greed, Neglect, &
CRUELTY: The History and                 The NON-VIOLENT
                                                                                  Inhumane Treatment Inside The
Legacy of Animal Rights in the           REVOLUTION –Nathaniel Altman.
                                                                                  U.S. Meat Industry –Gail Eisnitz.
United States ─Diane L. Beers.           Ahimsa (dynamic harmlessness ) in
                                                                                  Exposé of conditions for people as
Organized animal advocacy emerged        the context of environment, food,
                                                                                  well as animals; worker interviews;
in the U.S. after the Civil War. Beers   livelihood. 1988, 180pp 5½x8½"
                                                                                  massive cruelty; workplace filth;
reveals the powerful and lingering       $15.95 $9.95; with #5 Ahimsa video
                                                                                  government employee corruption;
bonds that connect the seemingly         $15.95.
                                                                                  worker and consumer health hazards.
disparate ASPCA of the 19th Century
                                         The PHILOSOPHY OF ANIMAL                 1997, 310pp 6x9" hard $25.00.
to the PETA of today. 2006, 312pp
                                         RIGHTS –Prof. Tom Regan.
6×9¼” $19.95.                                                                     SPEAKING OUT FOR
                                         Booklet sums it up: 10 reasons for
                                                                                  ANIMALS: True Stories About
IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS: The               animal rights; arguments/replies.
                                                                                  Real People Who Rescue Animals
Second Wave –Peter Singer, Editor.       28pp 5½x8½" heavy paper $1.75.
                                                                                  –Ed: Kim W. Stallwood; fwd: Jane
A collection of contemporary essays
                                         A PRIMER ON ANIMAL                       Goodall. Models ways for people to
on philosophical thought and animal
                                         RIGHTS: Leading Experts Write            stop injustice and cruelty; become
rights. 2005, 264pp 6x9”$21.95.
                                         about Animal Cruelty and                 actively involved in campaigns
INTRODUCTION TO ANIMAL                   Exploitation –Ed: Kim W.                 against violence, and promote
RIGHTS –Prof. Gary L. Francione.         Stallwood; fwd: Jeremy Rifkin.           compassionate ways of life. 2001,
Clearly written guide to examining       Wide-ranging anthology. 2002,            242pp 6x9" $18.00.
our treatment of non-human animals.      284pp 6x9" $20.00.
                                                                                  SPECIESISM –Joan Dunayer.
2000, 229pp 6x9" $19.95.
                                         PRISONED CHICKENS,                       Attitudes to animals, shown through
The LONGEST STRUGGLE:                    POISONED EGGS: An Inside                 language, legitimize their abuse.
Animal Advocacy from Pythagoras          Look At The Modern Poultry               When thoughts, words, and
to PETA Norm Phelps. Animal             Industry –Karen Davis, PhD.              behaviors change, an abolitionist
rights movements viewed in               Centuries of bird abuse, up to the       stance for the emancipation of all
historical perspective. Author           "free-range" farce. Give one to an       animals can arise to free them from
analyzes tactics and their               ovo-vegetarian friend. 1996, 176pp       tyranny. Only veganism respects
effectiveness. Helpful for activists.    5½x8½" $12.95.                           nonhuman rights. 2004, 204pp 6x9”
2007, 368pp 5½x8½” $20.00.                                                        $18.95.
                                         RAIN WITHOUT THUNDER:
MEAT MARKET: Animals,                    Ideology of the Animal Rights            STORIES RABBITS TELL: A
Ethics, and Money –Erik Marcus.          Movement –Prof. Gary L.                  Natural and Cultural History of a
The economics of animal agriculture      Francione. Controversial case for        Misunderstood Creature –Susan E.
and a view of the lives and slaughter    abolition—not reform—of animal           Davis & Margo DeMello; fwd:
of animals. This guide to effective      slavery. 1996, 366pp 6x9" $24.95.        Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson. "…takes
activism proposes strategies to                                                   a comprehensive look at the rabbit as
                                         RATTLING THE CAGE: Toward
reduce the demand for meat and                                                    a wild animal, ancient symbol, pop
                                         Legal Rights For Animals –Steven
dairy. Supplemental essays and                                                    culture icon, commercial "product,"
                                         M. Wise; fwd: Jane Goodall.
appendices. 2005, 273pp 6x9”                                                      pet and intelligent, feeling creature."
                                         Animals as "things" or living, feeling
$14.95.                                                                           2003, 358pp 6x9" $22.00.
                                         beings? The long road to now, and
MORAL INQUIRIES: On the                  beyond. Harvard professor argues         STROLLING WITH OUR KIN:
Situation of Man and Of Brutes –         that animals should be accorded legal    Speaking for and Respecting
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Voiceless Animals –Marc Bekoff;         toward spiritual growth. 2000, 168pp   YEAR OF THE GORILLA –
fwd: Jane Goodall. An examination       6x8½" hard $20.00.                     George Schaller. Study of gorillas in
of how we can live in harmony with                                             natural habitat; very little fruit,
                                        KINSHIP WITH ALL LIFE –J.
our fellow animals, written                                                    mostly vegan diet. 1988, 260pp
                                        Allen Boone. Communicating with
especially for young adults. 2000,                                             5¼x8" $16.95.
                                        our animal friends. 1976 edition,
128pp 6x9" $9.95.
                                        157pp 5¼x8" $12.00.
RIGHTS –Prof. Tom Regan; intro:
                                        LIVING IN HARMONY WITH                   ENVIRONMENT/
                                        ANIMALS: Practical Tips from
Colman McCarthy. What animal                                                       NATURAL
                                        Animal Rights Columnist –Carla
rights activists must do; where they
                                        Bennett. "…this intriguing, upbeat
must do it; and how they can
succeed. 1987, 197pp 5¼x8" $10.00.
                                        book makes a compassionate                GARDENING:
                                        lifestyle fun and rewarding" –
                                                                               From CRABGRASS MUFFINS to
The UNIVERSAL KINSHIP –J.               Candice Bergen. 1999, 160pp 6x9"
                                                                               PINE NEEDLE TEA: A National
Howard Moore; ed: Prof. Charles         $9.95.
                                                                               Wild Food Guide –Linda Runyon.
Magel. Fine 1906 animal rights
                                        NO ROOM, SAVE IN THE                   Great info about "wild" plant foods
advocacy, based on relationship to
                                        HEART: Poetry and Prose On             and recipes using them. 2002, 268pp
humans. 1992, 367pp 5x8" $18.95.
                                        Reverence for Life—Animals,            5x8" $33.95.
WHY ANIMALS MATTER: The                 Nature & Humankind –Ann C.
                                                                               The ESSENTIAL WILD FOOD
Case for Animal Protection Erin        Free. 1987, 120pp 6x9" $8.95.
                                                                               SURVIVAL GUIDE —Linda
E. Williams, Margo DeMello. How
                                        The PIG WHO SANG TO THE                Runyon; fwd: Joe Gang. Shows how
animals are exploited in our society:
                                        MOON: The Emotional World of           to identify, gather, and prepare edible
factory farming, sport hunting, the
                                        Farm Animals –Jeffrey Moussaieff       wild foods, wherever you live. 2007,
fur industry, experimentation,
                                        Masson. "… It will change the way      310pp 6x9” $22.00.
entertainment, and the pet industry.
                                        people think about the animals they
Actions you may take. 2007, 420pp                                              FOREST GARDENING:
                                        encounter every day—on their plate".
6x9” $20.00.                                                                   Cultivating An Edible Landscape –
                                        –Peter Singer. 2003, 288pp 6½x9½"
                                                                               Robert Hart. 1996, 234pp 6x9"
WITHOUT A TEAR: Our Tragic              $13.95.
Relationship with Animals –Mark
                                        PORTRAIT OF A BURGER AS A
H. Bernstein. "…a major                                                        The GOOD LIFE /CONTINUING
                                        YOUNG CALF: The Story of One
contribution to contemporary                                                   THE GOOD LIFE –Helen and
                                        Man, Two Calves, and the Feeding
philosophical discussions about the                                            Scott Nearing. Double classic by two
                                        of a Nation –Peter Lovenheim.
moral status of animals." –Rev.                                                veggie back-to-the-land pioneers.
                                        Author follows two calves from birth
Andrew Linzey. 2004, 208pp 6x9"                                                1989, 411pp 5¼x8" $15.00.
                                        to griddle. 2003, 272pp 5¼x8"
$25.00.                                                                        The GREEN BELT
                                                                               MOVEMENT: Sharing the
                                        The SOUL OF YOUR PET:
  ANIMALS/PETS:                         Evidence for the Survival of
                                                                               Approach and the Experience –
                                                                               Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize
250 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO                Animals After Death –Scott S.
                                                                               Laureate. Founder of movement tells
MAKE YOUR CAT ADORE YOU                 Smith. 2003, 120pp 6x9" $13.95.
                                                                               why it started, how it operates, where
–Ingrid Newkirk. For cat friends and    The SOULS OF ANIMALS –Gary             it's going. Offers ideas about a new
friends with cats. 1998, 208pp 6½x8"    Kowalski; fwd: John Robbins.           and hopeful future for Africa and the
$11.00.                                 Animals: living, thinking, feeling,    rest of the world. 2003, 117pp
ADVENTURES IN KINSHIP                   spiritual beings. 1999, 114pp          5½x8½" $15.00.
WITH ALL LIFE –J. Allen Boone           5½x8¼" $12.95.
                                                                               GREEN LIVING HANDBOOK: A
and Paul Herman Leonard. Trust of       WHEN ELEPHANTS WEEP –                  Six Step Program to Create an
human, animal. 1990, 128pp 6x9"         Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and          Environmentally Sustainable
$9.95.                                  Susan McCarthy. Landmark               Lifestyle. Saving the Planet …One
ANIMAL GRACE –Mary Lou                  exploration of emotions of non-        Household at a Time ─David
Randour. A call to develop              human animals. 1995, 291pp 6x9"        Gershon. With this program of
awareness and compassion for our        hard $23.95; smaller type, 5¼x8"       environmental action, you can make
fellow animals as part of a path        card $16.00.                           a difference over a two-week period.
                                                                               2008, 153pp 8½x11” $14.95.

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GREEN WEDDINGS: That Don’t               SUPER NUTRITION                           VICTORIES WITHOUT
Cost the Earth –Carol Reed Jones.        GARDENING: How To Grow                    VIOLENCE –A. Ruth Fry. Seventy-
Fine ideas, sources, vegan cakes,        Your Own Powercharged Foods –             six historic examples over the
other recipes for that special day.      Dr. William S. Peavy and Warren           centuries of winning the day by
1998, 164pp 5½x8½" $10.95.               Peary; fwd: John Robbins. How to          nonviolence. 1986, 88pp 5x7" $6.00.
                                         rebuild land for better nutrition (near
                                         vegan). 1993, 236pp 8½x11" $14.95.
of a Grassroots Activist—David                                                               TRAVEL:
Kidd. A call for renewed civic action    An UNNATURAL ORDER: Why
from “the tree man”. 2003, 294pp         We Are Destroying The Planet &            A GUIDE TO LATIN
6x9” S17.00.                             Each Other/A Manifesto For                AMERICAN VEGETARIAN
                                         Change –Jim Mason. 1998, 320pp            RESOURCES –Vegetarian
GROWING GREEN: Animal-Free                                                         Resource Group. Online guide at
                                         6x9" $17.95.
Organic Techniques ─Jenny Hall                                                     www.vrg.org
and Iain Tolhurst. Introduces the        WILD CARDS: Edible Wild Foods
concept of stock-free (animal-free)      –Linda Runyon. 1991, 52 cards             GUIDE TO VEGETARIAN
organic gardening. Shows how             2¼x3½” $10.                               RESTAURANTS IN ISRAEL
elimination of slaughterhouse by-                                                  Also health food stores, groups,
                                         WORLD WAR III: Population                 common terms. 1996, 88pp 6x9”
products, animal manures, chemicals,
                                         and the Biosphere at the End of           $9.95. SALE $5.
and genetically modified seed can
                                         the Millennium –Michael Tobias;
produce healthier crops, and fewer                                                 HEALTHY HIGHWAYS: The
                                         fwd: Jane Goodall. Food supplies for
weeds, pests, and diseases. This book                                              Traveler’s Guide –Nikki & David
                                         a burgeoning human population.
is for beginners and professional                                                  Goldbeck. Maps and local directions
                                         1998, 296pp 6x9" $19.95; $12.00.
market gardeners. 2007, 328pp 6x9"                                                 point your way to 1,900 eateries and
$35.00.                                  [See AVS Publications, #31-02 and         natural food stores in the U.S. Entries
                                         #29-01 issues of Ahimsa]                  include address, phone, hours, and
History, Culture and Symbolism –                                                   key features. 2004, 420pp $18.95.
Fred Hageneder. 2001, 191pp 7x9¾”,           GANDHIAN BOOKS:                       MEATLESS MEALS FOR
$25.00.                                  GANDHI’S SEVEN STEPS TO                   WORKING PEOPLE –Debra
HOW CAN ONE SELL THE AIR?                GLOBAL CHANGE –Guy                        Wasserman. Eating out and travel;
Chief Seattle’s Vision. The history of   deMallac. 1989, 96pp 5x9" $10.00.         airline food. Quick meals. 1998,
the Nez Perce includes many rare                                                   192pp 6x9” $12.00.
                                         GANDHI THE VEGETARIAN:
photographs of their 19th century        Gandhi’s Message of Non-                  Vegetarian Journal’s Guide to
village life. 2005, 96pp 8x6” $9.95.     Violence, Non-Abundance and               NATURAL FOODS
JUDAISM & GLOBAL                         Merciful Living —Holly Harlayne           RESTAURANTS —fwds: Moby
SURVIVAL –Richard H. Schwartz,           Roberts, PhD. Describes the moral,        and Lindsay Wagner. 2200+ places
PhD. The challenges facing               spiritual, and healthful vegetarian       to eat (phone ahead). Revised. 2005
humanity and the Jewish teachings        philosophy of this leader. 2007,          4th ed. 434pp 6x9” $17.95. Current
related to these challenges. 2002,       130pp 63/4x9¼” $14.95.                    listings online at www.vrg.org.
252pp 6x9” $20.00.                       Autographed.
                                                                                   VEGAN PASSPORT –The Vegan
LOSING PARADISE: The                     MOHAN MALA A short Gandhi                 Society, Ltd. Each language-page (56
Growing Threat to Our Animals,           saying for each day. 1949, 1993,          languages) is a vegan explanation,
Our Environment, and Ourselves –         32pp 4x6" $2.00.                          listing what one can and cannot eat.
Paul G. Irwin. Damage done by                                                      No pronouncing; just ask waiter to
                                         MY EXPERIMENTS WITH
shocking greed/recklessness; steps to                                              read message. Booking a hotel by
                                         TRUTH Gandhi’s autobiography.
building a humane society to reclaim                                               mail, send copy of specific page.
                                         Card: 584pp 4¾x7" $4.50; Hard:
world. 2000, 238pp 6x9" $14.95.                                                    Note: For dietary purposes only; this
                                         larger type & better paper 5¼x8¼"
                                                                                   Passport does not replace required
SUNFOOD LIVING: Resource                 $7.95.
                                                                                   travel documents. 2005, 80pp
Guide for Global Health ─John            INDIA’S SOCIAL MIRACLE –                  4¼x5¾” stapled $8.00.
McCabe; fwd: David Wolfe. The            Daniel P. Hoffman. Land reform by
new bible (reference book), on how                                                 VEG-FEASTING IN THE
                                         popular demand and volunteerism.
to live ecologically for Mother Earth,                                             PACIFIC NORTHWEST -
                                         1961, 68pp 5½x8¼" $4.00.
from a vegan’s point of view. 2007,                                                Vegetarians of Washington. Covers
562pp 6x9” $29.95.                                                                 Washington and Oregon vegetarian
                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
dining, shopping, and living. 2004,     England, Wales and Scotland,             $6.95.
192pp 6x9” $12.95.                      offering hospitality to the vegetarian
                                                                                 BENNY BRONTOSAURUS
                                        and vegan traveler, with cafes,
The VEGAN GUIDE TO                                                               GOES TO A PARTY! ─Rey Ortega
                                        restaurants and pubs serving
AMSTERDAM –Alex Bourke.                                                          and Lauren Everett Farnsworth, illus:
                                        vegetarian/vegan food. 2008, 110pp
1995, 42pp stapled 5x8¼” SALE                                                    Sarah Rudy. Benny educates his
                                        5¾x8¼” $5.95.
$1.00.                                                                           friends about why his family is
                                                                                 vegan. Shows little ones how they
YORK CITY –Rynn Berry. Shops,                  SHOPPING:                         can turn their friends onto foods like
                                                                                 veggie burgers and soy milk. 2005,
restaurants, etc. 2008, 116pp,          ANIMAL, VEGETABLE,                       49pp 8¾×6” $6.95.
5½x7¼” $9.95. 2005 ed., 77pp SALE       MINERAL? Ingredient list. $1.00.
$3.00.                                                                           A BOY, A CHICKEN, AND THE
                                        CRUELTY-FREE: Vegan Beware               LION OF JUDAH: How Ari
VEGETARIAN BRITAIN ─Alex                -Ahimsa reprint; see in AVS              Became a Vegetarian –Roberta
Bourke. Hotels, guesthouses; l00s of    Publications section. 50¢                Kalechofsky, PhD. A boy learns
restaurants & cafés—many noted for
                                        The COMPLETE GUIDE TO                    about meat; and it changes his life.
vegans. 2006, 528pp 5x7¾” $13.50.
                                        VEGETARIAN CONVENIENCE                   For 7-10 yrs. 1995, 50pp 5½x8½”
VEGETARIAN EUROPE: The                  FOODS –Gail Davis. Ready-made            $8.00.
Complete Day Trip Weekend and           foods available marked whether           CHOICES FOR OUR FUTURE –
Holiday Guide –Ed: Alex Bourke.         vegetarian or vegan.1999, l66pp          Ocean Robbins and Sol Solomon.
Detailed info on animal-, dairy-, and   5½x8½” $12.95. SALE $8.                  Preserving the environment; our
egg-free dishes and prices/hours at
                                        E IS FOR ADDITIVES (England).            dietary choices, etc. For teens. 1994,
300 center city eateries in Europe’s
                                        Info, sources, effects, many food        191pp 5½x8½” $9.95.
top 40 destinations in 23 countries.
2000, 288 pp 5x7¾” $16.95.              additives. 1988, 384pp 6x7¾”             CLAUDE and MEDEA: The
                                        $12.95; marred $8.95.                    Hellburn Dogs—Zoe Weil. A
                                        GUIDE TO FOOD INGREDIENTS                substitute teacher helps children
Bourke and Alan Todd. Places to eat
                                        275 ingredients and sources. 28pp        examine attitudes towards animals,
or stay in France. 1998, 128pp
                                        8½x11” paper/stapled $4.00.              and inspires good works. 2007,
5x7¾” $12.00.
                                                                                 105pp 5x8”$12.00.
                                        Leather caused environmental             EAT SMART Guide To Health
Bourke. Hundreds of eateries, shops.
                                        problems; vegan shoe sources. 8pp        For Kids –Dale Figtree, PhD.
Some guesthouses. 2006, 282pp
                                        8½x11” $4.00.                            Picture story about choosing foods;
4¼x6” $9.95.
                                                                                 nearly-vegan (honey). For 8-12 yrs.
VEGETARIAN MENU ITEMS –                 SHOPPING FOR HEALTH –                    1992, 102pp 8½x6” $10.95.
Jeanne Bartas. What to get at eatery    Suzanne Havala, MS, RD. Smart
                                        low-fat choices at the supermarket.      FRIENDS OF ALL CREATURES
chains across the U.S.A. 24pp
                                        1996, 309pp 4x7” $6.99.                  –Rose Evans; illus: Valeria Evans
8½x11” stapled $4.00.
                                                                                 Fwd: Dr. Catherine Roberts.
The VEGETARIAN TRAVELER:                                                         Inspiring stories of sages and
Where to stay if you’re Vegetarian,       BOOKS FOR THE                          teachers who cared about animals.
Vegan, or Environmentally                                                        Illustrated. For 8-12 yrs. 1984, 122pp
Sensitive –Jed and Susan Civic. 280          YOUNG:                              8½x11 $7.95.
inns and spas, B&Bs: North and          50 AWESOME WAYS KIDS CAN                 GREAT FIGURES IN HISTORY:
South America; Caribbean; Britain       HELP ANIMALS—Ingrid                      Gandhi (Mohandas Gandhi) –Y
and Europe; Mideast; Asia;              Newkirk. The ultimate guide for kids     Kids. An Educational Manga
Australia. Vegetarian/vegan meals       who want to make a difference.           Comic/Biography–in full color.
served at some. 1997, 303pp 5x8         2006, 304pp 5¼x8” 12.99.                 Learn how a timid boy and quiet man
$15.95. SALE $5.00.                                                              became a respected leader, his
                                        BENJI BEAN SPROUT DOESN’T
VEGETARIAN VISITOR 2008:                                                         vegetarian vow, and non-violent
                                        EAT MEAT! ─Sarah Rudy. Benji,
Where to stay and eat in Britain                                                 actions for Indian independence.
                                        an elementary school kid, being          2007, 151pp 7x10” $14.95.
Annemarie Weitzel, Editor. Vegan       raised vegetarian-vegan; a trip to an    Also Leonardo DaVinci $14.95;
Society (U.K.) award winning guide;     animal sanctuary. School bullies won     Albert Einstein $14.95.
more than 300 entries of guest          over to a healthier diet through
houses, hotels and private homes in     Benji’s efforts. 2004, 30pp 8¾×6”
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
HERB THE VEGETARIAN                    SAVING EMILY –Nicholas Read;              WE’RE ALL ANIMALS
DRAGON –Bass and Harter. A             illus: Ellen Klem. Kids try to rescue     COLORING BOOK –PETA.
fairy-tale of how an unusual dragon    a free-spirited heifer from death in      Pictures to color. Teaches about
brought peace to a far-off land. For   the slaughterhouse. 2001, 150pp           animals and to respect them. 4-12 yr.
3-10 yrs. 2002, 34pp 8½x11” $6.95.     6x9” $14.00.                              16pp 8½11” stapled $3.95.
I LOVE ANIMALS &                       The SNAK POSSE: Millions                  WHALE OF A TALE Barbara
BROCCOLI Activity Book –Debra          Doomed to Suffer and Die –ed:             Pearl; illus: Cathy Janson. The story
Wasserman and Charles Stahler.         Dolores and Robert Orchanian.             of a Magic Square that transforms
Fun-filled, veg/vegan info. For 8-12   Comic book suitable for coloring—         into different shapes: a kite, a whale
yrs. 1985, 48pp 8¼x11” stapled         depicts kids’ battle against smoking      and finally a penguin. Discover the
$5.00.                                 and junk food. 1997, 136pp 6½x10”         magic of paper folding. 2005, 30pp
                                       $9.95.                                    8x8¾” $14.95.
Coloring Book - For 5-10 yrs. 1990,
8pp 8½x11” paper/stapled 25¢           SO YOU LOVE ANIMALS –Zoe
Shopping basket - Food choices. For
                                       Weil. Fun-filled “playbook” teaches          BIRTH/BABIES
                                       kids 12 yrs + about animals. 1994,
5-10 yrs. 1990, 8pp 8½x11”                                                           CHILDREN:
                                       190pp 8½x11” $14.95.
paper/stapled 25¢
                                       SOUP TO NUTS COLORING                     ABOVE ALL, BE KIND: Raising
                                       BOOK –Spivak & Barlow.                    a Humane Child in Challenging
OTHER TALES –Vonnie Winslow
                                       Food/people to color; educational         Times –Zoe Weil. 2003, 260pp 6x9”
Crist, Recipes: Debra Wasserman.
                                       verse. Lacto/ovo veg. For 3-10 yrs.       $17.95.
40+ simple vegan recipes. For 6-14
                                       1983, 48pp 8½11” $2.95.
yrs. (Adult supervision needed).                                                 BABY MATTERS Linda Folden
1995, 128pp 6x9” $9.95.                A TEEN’S GUIDE TO GOING                   Palmer, DC. Provides the hard-to-
                                       VEGETARIAN –Judy Krizmanic;               find facts you need to make informed
MATH IN MOTION: Origami in
                                       fwd: T. Colin Campbell, PhD.              parenting choices for healthier,
the Classroom –Barbara Pearl. A
                                       Reasons; nutrition; anxious parents;      happier children with brighter
hands-on creative approach to
                                       social situations; easy recipes (lacto-   futures. Benefits of breastfeeding.
teaching mathematics and geometry.
                                       or vegan). 1994, 186pp 6x9” $9.99.        2007, 412pp 6x9” $17.95.
1994, 120pp 8½x11” ring $19.95.
                                       TENZIN’S DEER –Barbara Soros.             BREASTFEEDING YOUR BABY
Yoga for Parents and Kids–Baron        illust: Danuta Mayer. An original         –Sheila Kitzinger. Compassionate,
Baptiste and Sophie Fatus. Fun         Tibetan teaching in the lessons of        illus. guide by a vegetarian midwife.
introduction to yoga for children      compassion, selfless altruism, and        1989, 160pp 7½x9¼ $20.00.
from a father’s and son’s own unique   love. 2003, 29pp 10¼x9” $7.99.            BREASTFEEDING YOUR BABY
perspectives. 2004, 50pp 83/4x11”      VEGETABLE SOUP and THE                    Practical Guide –Boston Assn. for
$16.99.                                FRUIT BOWL = The Nutritional              Childbirth Education. Concise, illus.
NATURAL KIDS FUN                       ABCs and A Contest Among The              1989, 122pp 5½x8½” $4.95.
ACTIVITY & COLORING                    Fruit –Dianne Warren; Susan Smith         DISEASE-PROOF YOUR
BOOK ─Sun King Publishing.             Jones; Amy Sorvagg Lindman.               CHILD: Feeding Kids Right –Joel
Loaded with fill-in-the-blanks,        Delightfully educational, full-color      Fuhrman, MD. Reduce asthma, ear
crosswords, word searches and          vegan book gets fine message across:      infections, and allergies today;
picture/word association. All-vegan,   virtues and abilities of dozens of        protect against diabetes,
emphasizes organic vegetables,         veggie fruit friends. For 5-8yrs.         cardiovascular disease, and cancer
veggie burgers, and soy milk. 2004,    1996, 64 bright pages 8½x11”              tomorrow. This is an important guide
45pp 8½×11” $4.99.                     $14.95.                                   to feeding and caring for children
The RACE AGAINST JUNK                  VICTOR’S PICNIC With the                  wisely. Vegan best; animal products
FOOD, starring the Snak Posse:         Vegetarian Animals –Radha                 allowed. 2005, 254pp 6½x9½” hard
Adventures in Good Nutrition –Ed:      Vignola, Illus: Michelle N. Ary.          $24.95.
Dolores and Robert Orchanian.          1996, 54pp 8x9” $6.95.                    DR. ATTWOOD’S LOW-FAT
Suitable for reading to non-readers,   VICTOR, THE VEGETARIAN:                   PRESCRIPTION FOR KIDS
or by beginners to 8 yrs. 1997, 38pp   Saving the Little Lambs –Radha            –Charles R. Attwood, MD; fwd:
full-color 8x11” $9.95.                Vignola, Illus: Julia Bauer. 1994,        Benjamin Spock, MD. Preventive
                                       50pp 8¼x10¾” $6.95.

                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
nutrition for obesity in children. 1995,   RAISING VEGETARIAN                      Month Guide to Health &
286pp 5x7¾” $11.95.                        CHILDREN: A Guide to Good               Nutrition –Holly Roberts, DO,
                                           Health and Family Harmony –             FACOG. Board Certified Ob-Gyn.
                                           Joanne Stepaniak, MSEd and              shares a lifetime of expertise and
AVS Pres. Freya Dinshah, (mother
                                           Vesanto Melina, MS, RD. “Whether        wisdom that will help. Vegetarian
of two life-vegans (1967 & 1969). 4th
                                           vegetarian or not, you’ll find          and vegan diets expounded. 2003,
ed. Babies, children, breastfeeding,
                                           guidance for positive relationships,    378pp 6x9” $15.00.
foods, growth. 8pp 8½x11”
                                           good nutrition, and lifelong health
paper/stapled $1.50.
                                           for your family.” 2003, 381pp 7¼x9”
GOOD FOOD TODAY = GREAT                    $18.95.                                   PHILOSOPHY &
KIDS TOMORROW –Jay Gordon,                                                             RELIGION:
                                           RAISING YOUR FAMILY
MD. Things you can do to have
                                           NATURALLY (formerly The
healthier kids. 1994, 212pp 6x8¼”                                                  AFTER NOAH: Animals and
                                           Vegetarian Child) –Joy Gross with
$17.95.                                                                            Liberation Of Theology –Rev.
                                           Karen Freifeld. 1983, 224pp 6x9”
                                                                                   Andrew Linzey, Rabbi Cohn-
HEALTHY EATING FOR LIFE                    hard $12.95. SALE $6.00.
                                                                                   Sherbok. Compassionate views. xx,
FOR CHILDREN –Physicians
                                           VEGAN NUTRITION IN                      156pp 6x9¼” $17.95.
Committee for Responsible Medicine
                                           PREGNANCY AND
with Amy Lanou, PhD; fwd: Neal                                                     AHIMSA: Dynamic Compassion –
                                           CHILDHOOD –Reed Mangels,
Barnard, MD. Nourish your child for                                                Nathaniel Altman, 1980, 125pp
                                           PhD, RD and Katie Kavanagh-
optimum health and well-being.                                                     5¼x8¼” $4.95.
                                           Prochaska, Dietetic Intern. A well-
2002, 258pp 6x9” $14.95.
                                           planned vegan diet can easily be used   ANIMAL SACRIFICES –ed: Tom
HELP! MY CHILD STOPPED                     during pregnancy, breastfeeding, and    Regan. Religious views: vivisection,
EATING MEAT!: An A-Z Guide                 childhood. Leaflet, 12pp 3½x8½”         etc. 1986, 270pp 5¼x8¼” $18.95.
to Surviving a Conflict in Diets –         35¢.                                    ANIMAL THEOLOGY –Rev.
Carol J. Adams; nutrition: Virginia
                                           The VEGETARIAN CHILD: A                 Andrew Linzey. Study showing that
Messina, MPH, RD. Bridge the gap
                                           Complete Guide for Parents –Lucy        historical theology–creatively
between meat-eating parents and
                                           Moll. Good vegetarian dietary           defined–must reject
vegetarian/vegan children. 2004,
                                           advice—much of it adaptable for         humanocentricity; his theological
184pp 6x9” $16.95.
                                           vegans. 1997, 221pp 6x9” $12.00.        query explores realities of hunting,
HOW TO RAISE A HEALTHY                     SALE $6                                 animal experimentation, and genetic
CHILD IN SPITE OF YOUR                                                             engineering plus the abstract. 1994,
                                           VEGETARIAN CHILDREN–
DOCTOR –Robert Mendelsohn,                                                         214pp 5½x8½” $14.95.
                                           Sharon Yntema. Meet the challenge
MD. Hazards of vaccines, over-
                                           of raising a family as vegetarians.     The BIBLE ACCORDING TO
doctoring. 1984, 283pp 4x7” $6.99.
                                           1995, 169pp 5½x8½” $9.95.               NOAH: Theology as if Animals
NEW VEGETARIAN BABY–                                                               Mattered –Gary Kowalski. Creates a
                                           The VEGETARIAN
Sharon Yntema and Christine H.                                                     vision of scriptures that honors the
                                           MOTHER/BABY BOOK –Rose
Beard. 2000, 272pp 5½x8½” $15.95.                                                  sanctity and kinship of all living
                                           Elliott. Nutrition in pregnancy,
                                                                                   beings; uncovers the connections we
The POWER and PROMISE of                   motherhood, first two years’ care.
                                                                                   have with animals and those, such as
HUMANE EDUCATION –Zoe                      Menus/recipes. Vegetarian/vegan.
                                                                                   children, left in our care. 2001,
Weil. Explains the principles and          1996, 156pp 7½x9½” $17.95.
                                                                                   122pp 5½x8½” $14.00.
practice of humane education.
                                           VEGETARIAN PREGNANCY–
Provides activities and suggestions for                                            CHRISTIANITY AND THE
                                           Sharon Yntema. Healthy pregnancy
use within and outside the classroom.                                              RIGHTS OF ANIMALS –Rev.
                                           on a vegetarian diet. 1994, 335pp
Valuable tools for home schooling.                                                 Andrew Linzey. 1987, 197pp
                                           5½x8½” $15.95.
2004, 178pp 6x9” $15.95.                                                           5¼x8¼” $12.95.
                                           YOUR VEGETARIAN BABY –
RAISING VEGAN CHILDREN                                                             The COILED SERPENT–C.J. van
                                           Dr. Pietro Rotondi. A modern
IN A NON-VEGAN WORLD: A                                                            Vliet’s classic on sex and purity;
                                           pioneer’s helpful parenting info;
Complete Guide for Parents –Erin                                                   +Spirit Of New Age, much of
                                           some honey. 1953, 80pp 5½x8½”
Pavlina. “It’s much easier when you                                                Conquest Of the Serpent. 1998 ed.,
                                           stapled $4.95.
draw on others’ experiences.” 2003,                                                120pp 8½x11” $11.95.
206pp 5¼x8¼” $19.95.                       YOUR VEGETARIAN
                                                                                   CREATING A CHARMED LIFE:
                                           PREGNANCY: A Month By
                                                                                   Sensible Spiritual Secrets Every
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
Busy Woman Should Know                   vegetarian concepts. New insights.      scholarly and thoughtful style.
–Victoria Moran. 1999, 219pp             1990, 175pp 6x9” $15.95.                Whether “Jewish” or not, we live in
5½x6½” $12.95.                                                                   world deriving much ethical/moral
                                         FRUITS OF PARADISE –Rebecca
                                                                                 direction from Judaism.
The DHAMMAPADA– Gautama                  Hall. Daily quotes of
                                                                                 Vegetarianism is a large part of that
Buddha. Ahimsa, roots of suffering.      harmlessness/vegetarianism. 1993,
                                                                                 ethic. 2001, 230pp 6x9” 18.00.
Vegan quotes. 1973, 24pp 7¼x10½”         254pp 6x9¼” $14.95.
$3.50.                                                                           LIGHT ON AGING AND DYING
                                         GOD’S COVENANT WITH
                                                                                 –Helen Nearing. Passing in a
DIET DECISIONS for Latter-Day            ANIMALS: A Biblical Basis for
                                                                                 dignified, peaceful manner.
Saints –Joyce Kinmont. Dietary and       the Humane Treatment of All
                                                                                 Inspiring, comforting quotations;
lifestyle viewpoint as indicated in      Creatures –Rev. J. R. Hyland.
                                                                                 “death” as a phase of life. 1995,
Mormon scriptures. 1999, 192pp           Exposes the aberrant theology of
                                                                                 153pp 5x8” hard or soft $10.00.
5¼x8” $9.95.                             slaughter and sacrifice, which often
                                         obscures Bible’s authentic message      The LOST RELIGION OF
                                         of care and compassion for all living   JESUS: Simple Living and
Vegetarianism and the World
                                         creatures. 2000, 107pp 5½x8½”           Nonviolence in Early Christianity
Religions –Steven Rosen. (prev. pub.
                                         $14.00.                                 –Keith Akers. Well developed,
as “Food for the Spirit”) From wealth
                                                                                 scholarly history of Jewish
of original religious traditions and     GOOD NEWS FOR ALL
                                                                                 Christianity and its gentle, vegetarian
texts, we are given clarification of     CREATION: Vegetarianism as
                                                                                 character from origins in Essenes and
often misunderstood roots of world’s     Christian Stewardship –Stephen R.
                                                                                 John the Baptist, through Jesus;
major religions, finding                 Kaufman & Nathan Braun. “If you
                                                                                 finally theorizing its transition into
vegetarianism as a basis of              need a biblical mandate for changing
                                                                                 Islamic mysticism. 2000, 272pp 6x9”
philosophy and practice. 1997, 136pp     your diet, this book will meet that
6x9” $11.95.                             need.” –Tony Campolo, Prof. of
                                         Soc., Eastern College. 2004, 125pp      LOVING AND LEAVING THE
                                         5½x8½” $12.00.                          GOOD LIFE –Helen Nearing.
─Norm Phelps. Animal Rights
                                                                                 Aging gracefully. 1992, 197pp 6x9”
according to the Bible. 2002, 205pp      The GREAT COMPASSION:
5½x8½” $15.00.                           Buddhism and Animal Rights –
                                         Norm Phelps. Answers the central        METAMORPHOSIS:
                                         questions of whether Buddhism           Poems to Inspire Transformation
GOD: Compassion for Animals as
                                         demands vegetarianism and whether       —Vegan Poet. (Self-published by M.
Christian Spirituality ─Annika
                                         the Buddha ate meat. 2004, 212pp        Katz.) Thought-provoking poetry
Spalde, Pelle Strindlund. Spalde and
                                         5½x8½” $16.00.                          speaks of animal, environmental, and
Strindlund blend stories of
                                                                                 human rights. 50pp full-color photos.
compassion for animals from              The INNER ART OF
                                                                                 2008, 104pp 6x9” $20.00.
throughout religious history with        VEGETARIANISM: Spiritual
accounts of modern activism and          Practices for Body and Soul –Carol      ONE CAN MAKE A
their personal witness. Encourages       J. Adams; fwd Sharon Gannon.            DIFFERENCE: How Simple
Christians of all denominations to       “…how the reasons for becoming a        Actions Can Change the World
follow this powerful tradition. 2008,    vegetarian are deeply wedded to         ─Ingrid E. Newkirk, with Jane
162pp 6x9” $18.00.                       spiritual practice.” 2000, 176pp 6x9”
                                                                                 Ratcliffe. The founder of the
The EXTENDED CIRCLE ─Jon                                                         largest animal-rights organization
Wynne-Tyson. Anthology of                JUDAISM AND ANIMAL                      in the world has collected
Compassion, Reverence for Life.          RIGHTS: Classical and                   inspirational stories, wisdom and
Rev. ed. 1990, 650pp 5x8” $19.95.        Contemporary Responses –Edited          insight from fifty activists and
                                         by Roberta Kalechofsky, PhD.            world-changers who have proven
                                         Anthology: what the Jewish position
Berry. Vegetarianism and the                                                     the power a single person can
                                         on animal rights is and what kinds of
world’s great religions. 1998, 374pp                                             have. 2008, 256pp 5½x8½”
                                         confusion surround the tradition.
6x9” $19.95.                                                                     $16.95.
                                         1992, 356pp 6x9” $14.95.
                                         JUDAISM AND                             OUTLINES –Berry Benson. 175 life
                                         VEGETARIANISM –Richard H.               “morals” by U. S. Confederate war
                                         Schwartz, PhD. provides revised ed.     hero who became a vegetarian
Skriver. Early Christians’ pacific and
                                         of authoritative favorite praised for
                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
philosopher. 20pp 8½x11”                  THEY SHALL NOT HURT OR                  Mostly nonviolent. 1999, 243pp 6x9”
paper/stapled $2.00.                      DESTROY: Animal Rights and              $16.95.
                                          Vegetarianism in the Western
PARA-DESA –Prof. Henry Bailey                                                     WHAT SHALL WE EAT? –Dr.
                                          Religious Traditions ─Vasu Murti.
Stevens’ classic human epic. 1975,                                                Pietro Rotondi. Bible and health
                                          Murti explores the many Judeo-
107pp 5¼x8½” $7.95.                                                               recommendations. 30pp 5½x8½”
                                          Christian writers and leaders who
PEACE PILGRIM: Her Life and               have argued that God cares about all
Work in Her Own Words–                    Creation, and so should we. The core    The WORD OF WISDOM FOOD
Compiled by some of her friends.          values and teachings of these faiths,   PLAN: A Medical Review of the
“…Her words shine like brilliant          the author concludes, encourage         Mormon Doctrine –Kenneth E.
lights in my heart, and her life was as   plant-eating regimens. 2003, 139pp      Johnson, MD. “The choices made on
fine a statement of the Universal         8¼×11” $15.00.                          a day-to-day basis determine whether
Spirit as I have ever encountered.” –                                             one lives a long, healthy life or dies
                                          TO CHERISH ALL LIFE –Roshi
John Robbins. 2004, 208pp 5½x8½”                                                  prematurely from degenerative
                                          Philip Kapleau. A Buddhist case for
$14.00.                                                                           diseases.” James O. Mason, MD.
                                          vegetarian living. 1981, 104pp
                                                                                  Attitudes Toward Health:
PEACE PILGRIM’S WISDOM –                  5½x8” $7.95.
                                                                                  Encyclopedia of Mormonism, 1992.
More of this saintly traveler’s words
                                          VEGETARIAN CHRISTIAN                    1993, 145pp 6¼x9¼” $9.95.
as collected by some of her friends.
                                          SAINTS –Dr. Holly Roberts, MD.
1996, 198pp 5½x8½” $14.00.                                                        THE WORLD PEACE DIET:
                                          Lives of 150 sainted Christians who
                                                                                  Eating for Spiritual Health and
PEACE TO ALL BEINGS: Veggie               espoused reverence for life in
                                                                                  Social Harmony—Will Tuttle, PhD.
Soup for the Chicken’s Soul –Judy         nourishing their physical selves.
                                                                                  How food choices underlie many of
Carman. “A source of inspiration to       2004, 258pp 7½x9½” $20.00.
                                                                                  society’s problems. This rationale for
everyone who is looking for a word
                                          VEGETARIAN FOOD FOR                     vegan living examines cultural
of faith and hope in the face of
                                          THOUGHT –ed: Gail Davis.                traditions and is enriched by
overwhelming animal suffering.” –
                                          Quotations and inspirations. 1999,      vignettes of personal experience
Karen Davis. 2003, 286pp 5¼x7”
                                          130pp 7x7” $14.95.                      from Tuttle’s life. He is a musician,
                                                                                  philosopher, and teacher who has
                                          VEGETARIAN JUDAISM –
The PROPHET OF THE DEAD                                                           studied deeply and widely. 2005, 318
                                          Roberta Kalechofsky, PhD. History,
SEA SCROLLS –Rev. Upton Clary                                                     pp 6x9” $20.00.
                                          health, Reverence for Life.1998,
Ewing. Early Christians shown as                                                  LIVING IN HARMONY WITH
                                          246pp 5¼x8½” $15.95.
vegetarian and pacifist. 1993, 176pp                                              ALL LIFE: A Discourse on the
5¼x8¼” $11.95.                            The VEGETARIANISM OF                    World Peace Diet—Companion CD
                                          JESUS CHRIST –Dr. Charles               $5.00.
                                          Vaclavik. Evidence of Jesus/early
Make Your Home A Haven –
                                          Christians as nonviolent vegetarians
Victoria Moran; fwd: Thomas
                                          teaching against slavery, animal
Moore. Creative insights. 1997,
218pp hard 6x9¼” $20.00; soft
                                          sacrifice, alcohol, oath-taking,          BACK ISSUES
                                          amassing of wealth. 1996, 351pp 6x9”
5¼x8” $12.00.
                                                                                  AMERICAN VEGAN
The SLAUGHTER OF                                                                   (All issues include recipes, and
                                          The VEGETARIAN                                    book reviews)
                                          PHILOSOPHY OF INDIA: Hindu,
Hyland. Biblical basis for humane                                                 SPRING 2001 #1-1: Becoming
                                          Buddhist, & Jain Sacred teachings.
action toward non-human animals.                                                  Vegan; Heart Health; Health &
                                          –Dr. Holly Roberts, MD. Historic
1998, 86pp 5x7½” SALE $5.00.                                                      Fitness of Lifelong Vegetarians;
                                          relationship between
STEPS TOWARD INNER PEACE                  scriptures/doctrines and gentle         Plastics; Prisons. $2.00.
–Peace Pilgrim. 1993, pp x” $8.00.        lifestyles of peoples of the            FALL 2001 #1-2 Articles by &
TALES FROM A DREAM                        subcontinent. 2006, 146pp 7½x9¼”        about Buyukmihci Beaver Lady;
BEFORE IT HAPPENED –                      $20.00.                                 Cows, Milk, Hormones, Money &
Veronica Muñoz. A mind/dream              The WAY OF COMPASSION –                 Disease; Cut Breast Cancer Odds;
dialogue; vision of life lived without    Martin Rowe. Anthology:                 Overfishing; Chinese Plant Based
causing unnecessary pain. 2000,           philosophy/religion, vegetarian,        Nutrition & Cuisine Conference.
185pp 5½x8½” $18.00. SALE $10.00.         animal, rights, environment, etc.       $2.00.
                                                                                  SPRING 2002 #2-1 Coby & Hans
                             BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
    Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
Siegenthaler; Vegan Diets for Infants   Watson; Firefighters Go Vegan.         on My Life; Dating Vegans (series);
& Children; Maple Syrup; Jean           $3.00.                                 Let Nature Heal; Vegan Garden
Lamark. $2.00.                                                                 Party; Raw Food Center; Vegan
                                        SUMMER 2006 #6-1 Tale of Two
                                                                               Ethnic Dining; Advice to Teens;
FALL 2002 #2-2 Environmental            Elephants; Human Circus; Christians
                                                                               Vegetarian School Lunch Resolution
Impact of Meat Centered Diet;           Go Vegan; Indian Dishes Made
                                                                               Passes; World Vegan Day. $3.00.
Subsidies to the Meat Industry;         Vegan; Culinary Arts; Your Diet
Flaxseed Oil; Veganic Gardening;        Matters; G. B. Shaw; Diabetes;
Supplements; Pine Nuts, Politics &      Book & Cook Eric Tucker;. $3.00.
Public Lands. $2.00.
                                        WINTER 2007 #6-2: Vegan
SPRING 2003 #3-1 Fine Tuning            Marketplace. $3.00.
Our Diet; Compassionate Living;
                                        SUMMER 2007 #6-3: Food Choices
Fishes & the Flesh Industry; Colorful
                                        and the Environment; Vegan Diets
Palate; Coronary Health
                                        Safe for Infants; Dairy Critics;
Improvement Project. $2.00.
                                        Vegan Mamas; Vegan Bodybuilder
SUMMER 2003 #3-2 NJ Invests in          Kenneth Williams; World Vegan
Soy Milk; Maximizing Vegetarian         Celebrations; Veganic is New
Nutrition; Reversing Diabetes           Organic; John Wesley; Gretchen
Through Nutrition; Mad Cow              Wyler; Buddhism; Chinese Vegan
Madness; School Meals & Nutrition;      Buffet; Vegan Cycling team. $3.00.
Wild Food; Vegan in College; Kid-
                                        WINTER 2008 #7-1: The Deaf, and
Run Restaurant. $3.00.
                                        Animals; CSA Goes Veganic;
Winter 2004 #3-3 Kindness Key to        Children Explore Plant Foods; David
Health; School Lunches; Tiger           Gabbe Cooks; Prison Food; Food-
Preservation; World Vegan Day; Veg      Contamination Rules; Decline in
& Mortality; Soybeans Studies; Non-     Honeybee Population; New Image
Violence & AR Movement; Veg             for Vegans; Philadelphia’s Journeys
Bios: Bromberg Richter, Bashevis        to Health; Morbidly Obese to Vegan;
Singer. $3.00.                          From the Mouth of the River; Vegan
                                        Baseball Gloves; Killing Dogs in
SPRING 2004 #4-1: Vegan Hot
                                        Training of Doctors to End. $3.00.
Dogs; Veg Food in Ballparks;
                                        LATE WINTER 2008 #7-2: New
Healthful Choices Include Vegan
                                        Book Listings; Book Review:
Food in Schools; SE Asia Culinary
                                        Veganomicon; World Vegan Month
Tour; Dying to Lose Weight (Atkins
                                        Celebration; Einstein, Vegetarianism
Diet); Albert Schweitzer; Food
                                        & World Peace; They Vow to be
Warning. $3.00.
                                        Vegan; Isaac Pitman: The Precisional
FALL 2004 #4-2: Summer Camp;            Vegetarian; Exercise More Important
Entertaining Family & Friends; Raw      than Calcium Supplements; AVS
Vegan Chef; Benj. Franklin;             Annual Meeting. $3.00.
Learning w/o Killing (Vivisection);
                                        SUMMER 2008 #8-1: Veggie Pride
Chicago Dining; Greatest Diet on
                                        Parade; Eating in Maine; Beef
Earth. $3.00.
                                        Recall; Cooking Classes; Feeding the
SPRING 2005 #4-4: Children Can          Hungry; Dating Vegans (series);
Cook; Durham Thanksgiving; Los          Vegetarians of Washington; Peace
Angeles Vegan & Fashion News;           Pilgrim Centennial; Raw Lifestyle
World Veg Congress- Brazil Report;      Film Festival; Dairy Farmers Send
The Farm TN; John Howard; Arthur        Male Cows to be Killed; Eating As If
Ling. $3.00.                            The Climate Mattered; The
SPRING 2006 #5-1: TN Vegan              Environmental Consequences of
Conf Reports; Vegan Relief Work;        Leather; Great Chefs Cook Vegan
UnCheese; Vegan Health Study;           Book Review; Kids’ Shoes. $3.00.
Cows & Global Warming; Donald           FALL 2008 #8-2: Greatest Impact

                              BOOKS                Prices valid now thru April 2009
     Order from: American Vegan Society, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone: 856 694-2887, Fax: 856 694-2288
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