Warning Letters To Employees by AshelyBritz


									                           SAMPLE LETTER OF WARNING

[Employee's Name]
[Campus Address]

Dear [Employee's Name]:

In accordance with Policy 62: Corrective Action, this is a letter of warning. This action is based
on your [list performance deficiencies and/or unacceptable behaviors].

On previous occasions detailed reviews of expectations regarding your [performance and/or
behavior] have been undertaken to ensure that you understand the requirements of your position.
They have been discussed with you orally [list dates, if available] and in writing [list dates of
performance appraisals, counseling memos, and previous related corrective actions; attach
copies]. However, you continue not to meet these expectations.

Your failure to adhere to the requirements of your job on an ongoing basis has a serious impact
on the operations of our department [work unit], and our ability to meet our goals. [Describe in
detail, e.g., interrupted service to clients, missed payroll deadlines, safety hazards, overtime for
other employees.]

Once again, you are expected to [reiterate performance/behavioral expectations, or attach copies
of written standards and/or rules]. Failure to meet these requirements will result in further
corrective action, up to and including termination.

You have a right to request review of this action under Policy 70: Complaint Resolution.


[Supervisor's Name]

Attachments: Policy 62
             [Documents referenced in letter]
             Proof of Service

cc:    Department Personnel File
       Department Head
       Department Personnel Manager
       Employee Relations Specialist
       Employee's Representative, if any

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