Legal Letter Of Interest by AshelyBritz


									                                          LEGAL NOTICE

                                      LETTERS OF INTEREST

        The City of Farmington, New Mexico is seeking companies interested in receiving additional
funding to supplement existing services that provides a program, or similar program, to children in
need of temporary shelter that would directly benefit residents of Farmington. The services provide
an alternative temporary living situation to children from the age of birth to 17 years old, suffering
abuse, neglect, abandonment, and offering supervision and day care to those children in need. The
current service provider is Childhaven. It is anticipated that a competitive solicitation could be
released June 2006.

If your firm is interested in participating in the competitive solicitation process please submit your
letter of interest by 2:00p.m. on June 15, 2006. Interested firms shall send their notifications in
writing to the attention of Edward Smylie, Purchasing Supervisor, City of Farmington, Central
Purchasing, 800 Municipal Drive, Farmington, NM 87401

The City reserves the right to reject any and/or all Letters of Interest, to waive technicalities, to re-
advertise, to proceed otherwise when the best interest of said City will be realized hereby.

                                                City of Farmington, New Mexico

                                                BY /s/ Gina R. Morris
                                                       City Clerk

June 5, 2006
Publication Date

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Center Children.doc

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