PSC SHIPPING & SERVICE POLICIES

Effective 1/01/09

PSC’s goal is to provide you with the highest level of customer service possible. Salon Relations is ready
to assist you during our business hours, Monday-Friday: 8:30AM-5:30PM.

How to place an order:
By Phone    800-343-5289                                              By Fax        815-744-6931
            815-744-3384                                              By E-mail

After hours: Our automated attendant will assist you in leaving a voicemail order. Please be sure to
leave your Name, Salon Name, Phone Number and items you wish to order. We will call to confirm
your order the next business day by 12:00PM. If you have not received confirmation from us by
12:00PM, please call us to verify that your order was recorded by our voicemail system.

Payment options:                                                  •    American Express
   •   COD                                                        •    Discover/Novus
   •   Visa                                                       •    ACH
   •   MasterCard

All orders will be charged actual freight at the time of the order.

Salon Freight Benefit Program:
Once you have accrued a minimum of $100 in freight costs, submit a rebate form for reimbursement. PSC will
reimburse you for half the shipping charges in take home products. (Example: $150 freight costs = $75 credit for
take home products, equaling a total retail value of $150). Reimbursement is available for 1 year after the invoice
date. Please note that C.O.D. orders will be eligible, however there is a $10 fee for the C.O.D. tag, which is non-
refundable. To avoid the C.O.D. fee, we have a new service available, ACH (electronic fund transfer). To obtain
reimbursement and ACH forms, please contact salon relations, your salon consultant, or access our website at All reimbursement forms must be filled out completely and a copy of each invoice must be
included in order to be eligible for reimbursement. All reimbursements are subject to approval.

Backorder Policy:
Any items that are out of stock that total over $50 will automatically be backordered and shipped to you when
they arrive in stock. If C.O.D., there will be no additional C.O.D. fee. We ask that you reorder any items under
$50 with your next order.

Same Day Shipping:
All orders placed before 3:00 pm (Central Standard Time) will be shipped the same business day. Orders placed
after 3:00 pm will be scheduled for shipment the following business day.
Return Policy:
Each return will be subject to a 5% processing fee.

       1. Defective products may be returned to PSC for full credit with no fee.
       2. Products may be returned to PSC within 6 months of purchase date.
       3. Products must be in re-sellable condition, in current packaging, and not have any price stickers,
          residue or damages from removal of stickers.
       4. Products returned with removable price stickers or salon labels will be charged a 15% clean up fee at
          the time credit is issued.
       5. Products returned with non-removable price stickers or salon labels will be returned to the salon with
          no credit due.
       6. Any products returned to a Space location over $50 will be sent to our corporate office for approval.
       7. All non-defective returns made at our Space locations will incur the return fee.

Non-Returnable Items:
      - Products with old or discontinued packaging
      - Products originally shipped at no charge as part of a promotion or opening order
      - Clothing (if clothing is defective it may be returned)
      - CD’s and DVD’s
      - Shears (see manufacturer’s warranty)
      - All Essie products
      - Special order items
      - PM Pro Tools purchased more than 1 year ago

[comfort zone]
A Merchandise Return Authorization form must be obtained from PSC’s Salon Relations department prior to
returning any comfort zone products. Overstock items are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Returned
merchandise will not be accepted after sixty days from the date of purchase. Please refer to MRA form for further

Fan Out
Fan Out shears are covered under a separate policy provided by the manufacturer. Please call PSC’s Salon
Relations department for details.

Paul Mitchell Pro Tools
If you should experience a challenge with your Paul Mitchell Pro Tool, please contact Salon Relations or your
PSC Salon Consultant. Please have the following information available: the Product Control Number (code
beginning with” EU” found on the cord) and a detailed description of the issue. All Pro Tools have a one year
limited warranty. After the warranty is up, if the tool should fail you may send it in for repair. Please call (888)
522-8622 and note that there will be a $35.00 charge to cover the repair.

Special Order Items
We are happy to special order items to accommodate your needs. Please note that after the initial order has been
placed you will receive a verification phone call. Once the special order has been confirmed it may not be
cancelled and the item(s) cannot be returned.

Returned Checks (NSF’s)
A $20 bank-processing fee will be automatically added to any checks that are returned to PSC due to non-
sufficient funds. Your account will be placed on hold and no orders will be shipped until the full amount has
been paid inclusive of the $20 bank fee. Non-sufficient funds checks need to be paid within 30 days otherwise a
finance charge will accrue at 3% of the total amount due. If more than one NSF occurs, PSC reserves the right to
require cash or credit card for all future purchases.

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