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                                                                                                  VOLUME 2

                                                                                                  OCTOBER 2002

                                                                                                  INSIDE THIS ISSUE:

Unrest in Cote d’Ivoire                                                                            ICA Evacuates              4

                                                                 By Chris Bastow                    DA Staff Retreat          5
                                                                      The Ivory Coast, in
                                                                 recent years, has been            ICA Arrives                6
                                                                 known for its unstable
                                                                                                   Uncle Evans Talks          7
                                                                 government and strained
                                                                 relations between the             ICA at DA                  8
                                                                 government and its
                                                                 military. There have been         Dear Wilson              12
                                                                 three uprisings in recent
                                                                                                   Harvest Fest             13
                                                                 years: a military coup in
                                                                 1999 putting Robert Guei          Weather                  13
                                                                 (general of the military) in
                                                                 power, an uprising after the      MS work at Deaf School 14
                                                                 2000 elections putting            Under the Shelter        14
                                                                 Laurent Gbagbo in power,
                                                                 and an attempted coup in          HS Youth Group           15
                                                                 2001. The most recent
                                                                                                   Sports                   16
                                                                 uprising on the 19th of
                                                                 September, 2002 has been          Veteran Teachers         18
                                                                 called a coup by the
                                                                                                   Honor Roll               19
                                                                 PLEASE SEE COUP, PAGE 2
                                                                                                   November Calendar        20

Le Joola Capsizes off Coast of The Gambia
By Kara Aisenbrey and           vacation. Le Joola had a         grab hold of anything floating
Jamie Owens                     reputation for overcrowding      on the water. “It was horrible
     Le Joola, a Senegalese     passengers, especially           because we could hear                  Bodies recovered from Le
ferry capsized on September     children under five years old,   people screaming from                      Joola were buried in
                                who did not need tickets to                                            unmarked graves in Dakar,
26 and this terrible tragedy                                     underneath,” said survivor
                                board.                                                                       the Cassamance, and
has hit countless families                                       PLEASE SEE TRIBUTE, PAGE 3                         The Gambia.
across Senegal.                       Just over a month ago,
     Le Joola docked in         Le Joola ran into a fierce
Ziguinchor, in the              storm at sea, which some say
Cassamance region of            lasted for only about fifteen
Senegal south of The            minutes. Shortly after this,
Gambia, and regularly           the boat began taking in
traveled up the coast of        water and within a few
Senegal to Dakar. Many          minutes had capsized.
people depended on the          Survivors tell stories of
ferry for transportation.This   smashing and crawling
particular trip included        through windows to escape
workers and students            the sinking ship, and of
returning to Dakar after        fighting huge, cold waves to
PAGE 2                                                                                                    OCTOBER ISSUE

Attempted Coup in Cote d’Ivoire
Ivorean government but is denied
by the opposition rebels who say
they have support from within the
country. The government accuses
the rebels of having outside
support and lays the blame on their
neighboring country, Burkina Faso.
This, too, the rebels deny.
     The main question that comes
to mind is, “Why is there fighting?”
To answer this question one must
understand Ivory Coast’s history. In
2000, when Robert Guei was still
in power, he recruited nearly 1000
extra soldiers. The new president of     tion of the Ivorian government, that        are not promoting violence,
Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo,             the rebels were mercenaries con-            though there has been reported
recently decided, however, that          trolled by another state. Because of        looting. They have signed a
these soldiers were a surplus. Later,    the accusations laid on Burkina Faso,       ceasefire in Bouake and there is no
a quote was taken from Corporal          those Burkinabes who live in Ivory          curfew. The public very much
Kwasi who said the rebellion was         Coast fear for their lives.                 supports them in the north and
started “because the current regime            The result of all this is a country   their ranks have swelled with new
was a dictatorship.” He adds, “They      divided. The more Mulsim north is           recruits. They are intent on
used us (in the army) for three years    controlled mostly by the rebels and         removing president Laurent
and now they want to sack us.”           the Christian south by those who            Gbagbo from office. Commander
     Alassane Oattara is the main        remain loyal to the government.             Cone who has been authorized to
opposition leader in the Ivory                 The instability of the country has    speak to the press states, “He can
Coast. He is a Muslim and has been       caused withdrawal of many                   go peacefully with honor, or he
accused by the government of being       internationals though others may still      can refuse, but he will go.” It is still
a Berkinabe (born in Burkina Faso),      be trapped inside. Many nationals           unsure whether they have support
which means that he could not run        fear for their lives as well. The media     from the outside though they still
for any major political office. He       has been limited by the government,         deny these accusations.
was thought to be involved with the      and, though the
rebels but, according to the BBC, it     Ivorian military fights
is unlikely. He was in his unpro-        the rebels alone for
tected home when the uprising            now, the French army
started. This would suggest that he      stands by.
did not anticipate the coup.                   Since these
     General Robert Guei was also        reports were taken
thought to be involved until his         almost a month
body was found in the streets of         earlier it is important
Abidjan after the revolt had been        to fill in additional
put down there.                          information. At
     Pascal N’Guessan, the prime         present the rebels
minister of Ivory Coast, said that the   have successfully
rebels spoke both English and            taken over many
French. This would imply that a          towns and roads in
portion of the rebel force were          the north. Though
mercenaries from other regions.          there has been much
This, as said before, was an accusa-     fighting, the rebels
THE BUZZ                                                                                                                          PAGE 3

Left: Le Joola docked in Cassamance.                                                   Right:The capsized Le Joola with a raft by its hull.

DA Pays Tribute to Lives Lost on Le Joola
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                          nothing. I can’t go back home and tell        they knew the condition of the boat
Moussa Ndong.                                  this woman’s family there is simply no        and still let it make the voyage anyway,
      The survivors were tossed about          news. I’ll wait, because what else am I       just wanting to make the extra money.
and buffeted by waves and wind for             to do?”                                       We offer them our condolences.
four to five hours after the ship had                Among the people of Senegal                   Many have made efforts to honor
capsized. Rescue attempts had to wait          there has been a great deal of                these deaths in various ways.The
until the storm had died down                  heartache, and naturally, a great deal of     government immediately decreed a
somewhat. Heroic Senegalese                    questioning as to why this calamity           three-day period of national mourning.
fishermen rescued many from the                occurred. Many have echoed Cheikh             There was a citywide memorial
wreck. “They rescued us in very                Niang, a freight worker on the boat –         service on Friday, October 11. Dakar
difficult conditions, risking death,” said     “No one is to blame.This was an act of        Academy held a small memorial
one survivor.                                  God.” However, with the progressive           service in the library on Thursday,
      The boat is presently trapped            release of information as to the              October 10, to comfort and encourage
under seventy-five feet of water with          circumstances of the capsizing, more          DA staff and national workers who lost
many bodies still inside. It is difficult to   and more people are calling it a result       loved ones. During this service, school
know exactly how many lives were               of negligence. Jean-Marie Diatta, who         board member Mr.Vern Finck and
lost.There were sixty-four survivors           was among those waiting for news at           director Dr. Bruce Evans each spoke;
and 970 bodies have been retrieved.            the port in the aftermath of the              their words were translated into
      The sinking of the Joola has             catastrophe, stated, “What we are             French by Mr. Glover, and successively
profoundly affected the nation of              seeing now is the result of                   into Woolof by Mme. Bineta Mbaye.
Senegal. In an online discussion page, it      irresponsibility...You can have a             Throughout the service, comfort and
was stated: “This might be Africa’s            month’s national mourning. It’s not           the Christian’s victory over death
worst at-sea disaster, and is certainly a      going to bring our loved ones back.”          were emphasized. Mr. Finck declared
horrific tragedy by any definition.”           For many, the idea that these deaths          that these deaths have taught us
      As the news of Le Joola rapidly          were purposeless, and possibly                something valuable that we should
reached the people of Senegal,                 avoidable, is almost beyond bearable.         never forget – that we must do our
hundreds rushed to the port in Dakar                 Just within the D.A. community,         best to prepare ourselves for death
to seek information on the status of           beloved friends and family were lost.         because we never know when death
their missing loved ones. Many were            National workers Laurent Sagna,               will come.
called to identify pictures of the dead,       Mathurin Senghor, and Vincent Correa                The sinking of Le Joola has
dreading to recognize a familiar face,         lost family members, as well as French        affected everyone: there are holes in
yet also craving the certainty of              teacher Mr. Badji, who lost over thirty       every village, every family, every
knowing the truth of what happened.            members of his family.When asked,             individual. Now is the time to come
Families and friends waited for hours          these men did not blame God as the            together and bear each other up.
for any scrap of news, but it was slow         cause for the accident but said that it       Perhaps Senegal can learn from the
in coming. As one man said, “I’m here          was caused by negligence. Mr. Badji           errors and misjudgments made.With
because one of my neighbors was on             stated that the ministers and com-            the prayer and support of those around
the Joola.We have been told absolutely         manders in charge are at fault because        them, the people of Senegal will be
                                                                                             able to move on and grow in adversity.
PAGE 4                                                                                                                  OCTOBER ISSUE

French Military Arrives to Evacuate ICA
                                                     prove to be very helpful in the events       The entire school then moved to a
                                                     that followed, possibly saving lives.        dorm where they sweated it out for a
                                                           The school year started very well,     while. Everyone was assigned to
                                                     but on September 18, ICA lost one of         specific dorms for safety reasons.
                                                     their dorm dads,Mr.Dave Golding.             Students and staff were not allowed to
                                                     Uncle Dave passed away suddenly              go to certain parts of the campus and
                                                     while jogging around the track. He was       remained in touch through the use of
                                                     44-years-old. He and his wife, Denise,       hand held radios.
                                                     had been dorm parents at ICA the                  During the weekend, prepara-
                                                     year before.                                 tions for a memorial service for Uncle
                                                           The day after Mr. Golding died,        Dave began. Sunday was a day for
                                                     the red flag went up.The red flag is a       remembering; there was a service for
                                                     precaution used to warn of unrest in         Uncle Dave that lasted two hours in
French military arrives in Bouake to evacuate        the area.The administration heard            spite of continued firing.
ICA staff and students.                              radio reports of unhappy troops                   Monday,soon after supper,
                                                     revolting against possible immobiliza-       Bouake was bombarded with sudden
By Chris Bastow
                                                     tion.The red flag had been up in the         and intense firing directly over the
        Imagine what it would be like to
                                                     past due to instability in the country.      ICA campus.The rebels and military
have only a short time to put your
                                                     The school administration was ready to       were on opposite sides of the school.
life’s belongings into a small backpack.
                                                     just sit it out, and planned for school to   There was an immediate lockdown.
What would it be like: to leave most
                                                     continue as usual, but around 11:45 on       Older students grabbed younger
of what is special to you behind—not
                                                     Friday, September 20, the alarm went         students as they ran for cover. Students
knowing what is to become of you or
                                                     off.Three blasts of a siren warned           in the dining hall turned over tables to
them; to not know where you’re
                                                     everyone to get to the nearest               hide behind, and students in the dorms
going or what is going to happen next?
                                                     building.There were armed men                hid under their beds.The director, Dan
Not many of us know what it is like to
                                                     approaching the campus, and it was           Grudda, remained calm as he went to
leave our homes behind.
                                                     impossible to distinguish between the        the command center to monitor the
        The students and staff of the
                                                     rebels and the military.There was a          situation.Thankfully no students were
International ChristianAcademy in
Bouake, Ivory Coast now know what                    meeting in the chapel for a role call.
                                                                                          PLEASE SEE ICA, PAGE 5
it is like.They had to make the tough
decisions of what to take with them
and what to leave behind when they
evacuated their school and homes on
September 25.This evacuation
marked the third traumatic event to
hit ICA since July 17.
        On July 17, before school
started, seven armed robbers
entered the ICA campus.After
beating up two staff members and
fatally shooting a guard, the robbers
left taking Business Manager Mike
Cousineau with them.Mr.Cousineau
later ran when they told him they
were going to shoot him. In response
to this break-in, a new lockdown
procedure was implemented to keep
students safe should anything like this
happen again.When school started
the new security precautions would ICA staff Mike Coussineau and Dan Grudd and students Sam Parham and Dave Grudda greet the Feench
                                                troops with the French flag and a chicken.
THE BUZZ                                                                                                                  PAGE 5

ICA Evacuates Bouake Campus                                                                     Are you interested in what
                                                                                           some people put in their backpacks
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                      thought they would be evacuated by              as they were being evacuated? Most
missing.                                   helicopter, they each packed what they          people packed clothes and pictures
      The week that followed was           could into a backpack. Because the              that couldn’t be replaced. Other
somewhat calm though people                school had enough vehicles to transport         students packed more unusual
remained jumpy.A group of rebels           everyone out, they instead left in a            items. Susan Crickmore, James
advanced up the road toward the            convoy guarded by the French troops.            Roedding, David Haun,Jillian
school onTuesday morning.The rebels        It took them ten hours to drive to              Arnett, and Kevin Klay actually
scattered into the area before reaching    Yamoussoukro.Along the way,the                  brought their AP History textbooks.
the school.That evening was quiet.         French had to transport fuel in by              Devin Otto put in his computer
French troops arrived onWednesday,         helicopter.                                     harddrive and video card. Laura
and they were greeted with a French              InYamoussoukro they stopped at            Beth Sikes packed all her bouncy
flag,aWorld Cup t-shirt, and a chicken     the NewTribes Mission School being              balls and three toothbrushes… in
for the colonel.They immediately set       guarded by U.S.Special Ops troops.              case her friends forgot theirs. Ariel
watch and guards around the campus.        OnThursday a special flight was                 stuffed her pillowcase full of
      It was decided that complete         arranged for some of the students.The           clothes. Amber Faulk brought
evacuation of all staff and students was   rest went toAbidjan and scattered               Brownie Toughie Junior Baby, her
necessary.They were given only a           from there, returning to their home             stuffed animal that she’s had for a
short time to prepare. Since they          countries.                                      very long time.

                                           find these out for ourselves as none     know that God will provide for us.
DA Staff Retreats                          were willing to share. Many of the             The teachers feel that the
By Kara Aisenbrey                          teachers admitted to spending a lot      weekend of togetherness and unity
      If you had wandered on               of time in the dining hall, the          helped them to return to school
campus the weekend of October              wonderful food being one of the          refreshed and ready to take on new
4–6, you would have found none of          highlights of Aldiana. The beach and     challenges. It was a successful
the usual activity. Why? The staff had     the pool were also favorites, but the    weekend (except for Ms. Jackson’s
all escaped. Well, not really. They        informal times to just be together       incident with the monkey, but
were all on the Staff Retreat, an          were what they enjoyed the most          you’ll have to ask her about that
annual event, this year to Aldiana, a      about the weekend.                       yourself). Anything unpleasant
beachfront resort a few hours south              Mr. Motsinger spoke to the         about the retreat? It was too short.
of Dakar.                                  group during their discussion
      The retreat had less structure       time on Sunday about having
this year than most. In light of all       firm Biblical foundations and
the impending changes with the             the importance of having a
arrival of ICA kids, Mr. Evans knew        Christ-guided worldview. Mrs.
that the teachers just needed a time       Olsen also spoke, taking her
to get away and relax. The staff spent     message from Psalm 23. She
time together talking about our new        talked about the idea that God
school purpose, to truly blend with        is our Shepherd, our own
and bless the ICA community. Away          personal Caregiver. Having
from the stress of school, it was a        many sheep in and around
time of encouragement and                  Dakar, this picture of God is
fellowship for all.                        especially relevant. The sheep
      The weekend brought the staff        will lie down and rest, even on
closer together as they got to know        the side of the road, if they
more about each other outside of a         know that they are safe, that
work-related setting. Apparently           they are provided for. In the
they learned some interesting facts        same way, Mrs. Olsen said, we
about each other that they had not         should rest in peace even in a Miss Michelle Birch, 1st grade teacher, and Mr. Dave
known before, but we will have to          difficult situation because we McCarthy, business manager, duke it out in the thumb war
                                                                               finals at the staff retreat.
PAGE 6                                                                                                       OCTOBER ISSUE

ICA Arrives at Dakar Academy
What to do                                 many students would be coming, they        GodThings
      Now for the big question, “What      began looking for homes that would              Most of the ICA staff and students
are we going to do with all these kids?”   hold at least 15 kids plus the boarding    will admit that they have been running
ICA had 168 students enrolled this         home parents’ family.They also             on adrenaline for the past six weeks.
year.They can’t all be home schooled.      needed them to be close enough to          There have been many situations that
They can’t all go to the States.Their      the school so they wouldn’t need           have been out of their control, and
parents still have jobs to do here [in     transportation. If you’ve ever tried to    they have had to rely on God to carry
West Africa].What’s going to happen        find housing in the neighborhood           them through. Over and over again,
to them?                                   surrounding Dakar Academy, you             they will testify to how He has
      Mr. Evan Evans (Uncle Evan)          would know that it is difficult to find.   faithfully prepared a way for them.
contacted DA’s director, Dr. Bruce         However, nothing is impossible for
Evans, with this question. Dr. Evans’      God.The weekend prior to the ICA           At Press Time
immediate response was, “We’ll take        staff’s arrival in Dakar, school board           As this paper goes to press, ICA
them.”                                     member Jean Mahoney heard of four          staff has received word that the French
      To further explore the possibili-    possible homes in the neighborhood         military will remain on their campus in
ties of merging with Dakar Academy,        directly south of the school, within       Bouake untilTuesday, November 5.
ICA sent a team of six staff members       walking distance.                          After they pull out, the campus will be
to DA: Evan and Jewel Evans, J.P. and            Within a few days, the team had      open to looters. Mr. Grudda, ICA’s
Judy Schultz, and Jim and Sherry           secured three houses and four              Director, is traveling back to Bouake
Timberlake.With them came ICA’s            apartments. However, there was still       with a French military escort to try to
Director, Dan Grudda, and CMA’S            the arduous task of equipping and          retrieve some other things from the
Vice President of International            furnishing these homes before              ICA campus.
Ministries, Dave Kennedy.This ICA          students began arriving the weekend
team arrived in Dakar on Thursday,         of October 18—less than two weeks.         Yet to Come
October 3 and met with DA’s                One can’t even begin to estimate the              This transition is not over.
transition team to begin to discuss all    number of man-hours that went into         Although most of the students have
the logistics of such a venture. After     plumbing, wiring, listing, finding,        arrived, the new staff members are
the decision was made to come to           negotiating, purchasing, designing,        still arriving. As the staff and students
Dakar Academy, the ICA administra-         ordering, delivering, and installing all   begin to settle into a routine and things
tion began the laborious process of        of the necessities for running three       begin to feel more normal, the let-
communicating that decision to the         boarding homes, as well as re-             down will come.There will almost
student body, offering them the            equipping the original DA boarding         certainly come a time when they will
opportunity to come to DA.                 home to hold more students.                need to grieve their losses: losses of
      Originally, the ICA administra-            Believe it or not, most of these     school, home, and belongings; and
tion estimated that about 30 of their      items were purchased and ready to go       separation from friends and all things
168 students would come.The rest           before the 78 students began arriving      that are familiar.
would either be home schooled,             the week of October 14.                           One ICA student, Amber Evans,
return to the States to attend school,           Housing this many students was       summed up their feelings well when
attend the embassy school in Abidjan,      one issue, but what about fitting them     she said, “I feel like we’ve been on a
or seek other options. As word of the      into DA’s current facility and schedule?   vacation—a great adventure.We’ve
decision got out, though, the number       Brad Mashburn and Deb Aisenbrey,           had fun, we’ve met new people, and it
of students wanting to come to DA          DA’s Assistant Director and Guidance       has been exciting, but I’m ready to go
escalated to more than 90, until some      Counselor, worked diligently to place      home now.”We all know how it feels to
actually had to be turned away.            students in classes, place classes in      be on a vacation and have a great time,
                                           classrooms large enough to hold these      but we’re always glad to get home and
Transition                                 students, find furniture to seat them,     sleep in our own bed. Except Amber,
    First things first—the transition      order textbooks to resource them, and      like other ICA staff and students,
team needed to find houses for             then rearrange staff schedules to teach    cannot go home. But DA is trying and
boarding homes. Not yet knowing how        them.                                      will continue to try its best to make
                                                                                      ICA feel at home here in Dakar.
THE BUZZ                                                                                                     PAGE 7

Uncle Evan Talks with The Buzz Reporters
                                       Where are you from and where do you    What was the hardest thing about
                                       call “home”?                           coming to DA from ICA?
                                       My parents were missionaries in        The change of environment was the
                                       Vietnam, so that’s where I grew up,    hardest. The main difference is that
                                       but when we went back for              ICA was a full boarding school
                                       furlough we’d go to Pensacola,         whereas DA isn’t. So we need to
                                       Florida.                               find housing off campus. The
                                       Are you married and how many kids do   campus at DA is much smaller than
                                       you have?                              that of ICA; at ICA we had two
                                       Yes, I am married; my wife’s name is   soccer fields and an indoor gym.
                                       Jewel. We have two daughters here:     What is the main thing about the
                                       Amber in 9th grade and D’Evan in       people at DA that stands out to you?
                                       6th grade, and we have two daugh-      Everyone here is so gracious and
                                       ters in college.                       helpful, and [they have] really
                                       How long have you been working at      received us with open arms.
By Kristen McCarthy and Du
Jae Lee                                ICA? And what was your role there?     How do you like Senegal? How is it
     Along with the many new           Well, I began working at ICA in        different from Cote D’Ivoire?
students from the International        July 1982, so that will be about 20    Senegalese people are friendlier, but
Christian Academy (ICA) arriving       years. I’ve worked as a dorm parent    they are quite blunt about what
from Ivory Coast, many new staff       for the elementary and middle          they’re saying. The climate in Senegal
have also arrived. Several families    school kids for about six years.       is drier than in Cote D’Ivoire; in the
came early just to get ready for all   Later I became the dorm adminis-       Ivory Coast things are very green.
the students who will be boarding      trator in which I supervised eight     And, of course, the crazy traffic here
at DA now. Mr. Evan Evans is the       dorms.                                 is a change. Also, foods and fruits
dorm supervisor from ICA, and he       What will your role be here at DA?     are more expensive here. Apart
was kind enough to answer a few        My wife and I are both part of the     from that, Senegal and Cote
questions for us.                      dorm administrators team.              D’Ivoire are very similar; they are
                                                                              both strongly influenced by the
                                                                              French. I like the fact that it’s easier
                                                                              now to go downtown and to go to
                                                                              the beach. And Senegal is much
                                                                              safer than Ivory Coast.
           Shopping List
               10 Refrigerators                                               How many teachers and staff will be
               6 Stoves                                                       coming from ICA?
               3 Freezers                                                     I’m not sure but right now I know
                                                                              that there will be about nine
               10 Couches
                                                                              boarding staff, the director and his
               6 Chairs
                                                                              wife, and eight or more teachers.
               4 Dining room tables                                           The teachers coming include a
               6 Benches                                                      middle school teacher, English
               40 Dining room chairs                                          teacher, Bible teacher, social studies
               87 twin mattresses                                             teacher and an art teacher.
               4 queen mattresses                                             What do you hope to accomplish
               12 Wardrobes                                                   through the blending of ICA and DA?
               78 Pillows                                                     I want the students from both
               72 Sets of twin sheets                                         schools to make new friends and be
               84 Towels                                                      able to say that this was a good
               75 Beds, bunks, and trundles                                   experience for them. Our main goal
               15 Desks                                                       is to “Blend and Bless!”
PAGE 8                                                                                                     OCTOBER ISSUE

ICA at DA: Personal Perspectives of a Few
By Kristin Cortimilia, Kristina           changes, and most of them are ones         be coming. I was also thinking about
Cousineau, and Laura Beth                 that no one knows how they will            our sports teams and how well we
Sikes                                     work out.                                  could win against other teams! I
     Due to the recent tragedies          What is your advice for the ICA students   also was eager to know what the
occurring in Cote d’Ivoire, many of       joining DA?                                kids were going to be like.
the students attending ICA and staff      Don’t be afraid to ask “stupid”            What were your first impressions of the
working there have chosen to              questions… people are willing to           ICA kids?
relocate to Dakar Academy to              answer.                                    I thought they were pretty nice and
continue their roles. The 85                                                         there were definitely a lot of them!
students and the 17 or more staff                              David Bailey,
that joined DA have brought about                              10th Grade            How has this recent change effected
many changes within the commu-                                                       your life?
nity. Here is what a few of the                               What was your          It hasn’t effected me much but I am
students and staff have to say about                          initial reaction       looking forward to having more
their privilege to blend and bless                            when you heard         friends.
through this transition:                                      about ICA students     What has been the most difficult part?
                                                              joining our school?    The number of kids in each class
                                          Cool! I thought it sounded interest-       has been interesting.
                    Shandra               ing, but I had no idea of the number
                    Penney,               of people coming…                                               Tetu Shani,
                    12th Grade                                                                            11th Grade
                                          What were your first impressions of the
                    What was your         ICA kids?                                                       What was your
                    initial reaction      I was amazed. There were so many                                initial reaction
                    when you heard        of them! And, they were really open                             when you heard
                    about ICA students    to getting to know those of us from                             about ICA students
joining our school?                       DA. I expected a lot more “cliques”                             joining our school?
Yay!! I was excited about having          and really that hasn’t been a              Whoa!
more kids cause this is my fourth         problem.
year at DA, and life was getting                                                     What were your first impressions of the
                                          How has this recent change effected        ICA kids?
boring. A lot of students have left,      your life?
and we were in great need of more                                                    They looked like nice kids.
                                          I am more in shock than anything. I
guys to help run our class events.        have gone to DA all my life and            How has this recent change effected
What were your first impressions of the   never before have there been this          your life?
ICA kids?                                 many students. Having so many              I feel like the new kid.
I found them all really sportive.         more kids is something I will have         What has been the most difficult part?
They also seemed really eager to          to get used to.                            Not knowing everyone.
meet new people – especially those        What has been the most difficult part?                          Ashley
of the opposite gender.                   Lack of space and materials has not                             Herriott,
How has this recent change effected       been easy.                                                      9th Grade
your life?                                                     Drew
I live in the dorm, and our entire                             Mashburn,                                  What was your
way of life has changed. There are so                          8th Grade                                  initial reaction
many unfamiliar faces, and that                                                                           when you heard
obviously has never been a problem                             What was your                              about ICA students
in the past.                                                   initial reaction      joining our school?
What has been the most difficult part?                         when you heard        I wanted to know how many were
Having so many unanswered                                      about ICA students    coming and then, when I found out,
questions and uncertain changes has       joining our school?                        I thought it was too many.
not been easy. There are constant         I was wondering how many would             What were your first impressions of the
THE BUZZ                                                                                                            PAGE 9

ICA kids?                                  another school.                           lenient and others are stricter.
Wow! There are a ton of them…              What were your first impressions of the   What is your advice for the DA
How has this recent change effected        ICA kids?                                                     students?
your life?                                 Tidal wave!!                                                  Be patient with
I have way more brothers and               How has this recent change effected                           us.
sisters in the dorm.                       your life?                                                    Jamie Tjosvold,
What has been the most difficult part?     I feel like way behind the eight                              11th grade
Adjusting to the big dorm.                 ball…
What is your advice for the ICA students   What has been the most difficult part?                        What was your
joining DA?                                Figuring out who needs to be in                               initial reaction
Feel free to be yourself.                  what French class and finding                                 about coming to
                                           enough books.                             Dakar Acadamey?
                      Mr. Penney,                                                    I was really excited!
                      High School                                Evan Evans,
                      Bible and                                  Dorm Ad-            What were your first impressions of DA?
                      Elementary                                 ministrator         That the campus is smaller than
                      Computer                                                       ICA’s and that the kids are really
                      Teacher                                    What was your       nice.
                                                                 initial reaction    Oh! And there is a lot of sand here!
                      What was your                              of hearing about    How did this recent change effect your
initial reaction when you heard about                            joining Dakar       life?
ICA students joining our school?           Academy?                                  I suddenly don’t have my clothes.
I felt a bit of apprehension but also      I was excited to hear about our           And I miss my guitar.
some anticipation.                         schools joining together. And I am
                                           really excited to see what God has        What has been the most difficult part?
What were your first impressions of the                                              Leaving my friends and my guitar.
ICA kids?                                  planned for the rest of this year.
I think they are good kids, very           What were your first impressions of       What are some differences between ICA
bright, and I think they will add a        Dakar Academy?                            and DA?
lot to DA.                                 The staff are all very gracious and       DA has a lot of sand where as ICA is
                                           kind; the location and size of the        really green.
How has this recent change effected
your life?                                 school.                                   Advice to DA kids?
I have some stress and more work.          How has this recent change effected       Be patient with us.
This has caused me to stretch some         your life?                                                      Judy Shultz,
outside of my usual routine.               My role has changed. At ICA I was                               Dorm Parent
What has been the most difficult part?     known as “Uncle Evan”, but here I
Going from small classes to large          am still waiting to see what role                             What was your
ones in small rooms has not been           God wants me to play. Just like all                           initial reaction
easy.                                      the ICA kids, I am still trying to find                       about joining up
                                           my place in God’s will.                                       with Dakar
What is your advice for the ICA students                                                                 Academy?
joining DA?                                What has been the most difficult part?
                                           Having to leave ICA as a family and       I was thrilled that we could still
Be open!                                                                             keep the ICA dream alive. DA has
                                           ICA as a campus. Not knowing
                      Mrs. Monn,           what the future holds. Even               been a real answer to prayer. Thank
                      French 1             through all the loss that was             you!
                      Teacher              suffered, I can look back and see         What were your first impressions of DA?
                                           how God was preparing us for what         It is HOT!!! And there is a lot of
                       What was your       happened. God is good all the time,       sand.
                       initial reaction    and all the time God is good.
                       when you heard                                                How has this recent change effected
                       about ICA           What are some of the differences          your life?
students joining our school?               between ICA and DA?                       I have really learned to live one day
Cool! I am glad that we can help           The rules are different, some more        at a time and to trust God with my
PAGE 10                                                                                                   OCTOBER ISSUE

future.                                   How has this recent change effected       really have a reaction.
What has been the most difficult part?    your life?
                                                                                    What were your first impressions of DA?
Not knowing what the future               This change hasn’t really effected
                                                                                    I have been here before, so I didn’t
holds.                                    my life.
                                                                                    have any new first impressions.
What are some differences about ICA       What has been the most difficult part?
                                                                                    How has this recent change effected
and DA?                                   The most difficult part is sleeping at
                                                                                    your life?
The location is different. ICA was        night because it is so hot here.
                                                                                    This recent change has effected my
on the edge of town, where DA is in       What are some differences about ICA       life because I had to say good bye to
the middle of it.                         and DA?                                   a lot of my friends, move to a new
                    Eric Bill,            Some differences are that the rules       place, and lost a lot of my stuff.
                    7th grade             are not quite as strict, middle
                                                                                    What has been the most difficult part?
                                          schoolers have doors in the dorm,
                                                                                    The most difficult part has been
                   What was your          and we are allowed off campus.
                                                                                    leaving friends.
                   initial reaction                           Bobby
                                                                                    What are some differences about ICA
                   about joining up                           Parham,
                                                                                    and DA?
                   with Dakar                                 9th Grade
                                                                                    Some of the major differences are
                                                                                    the study periods here. At ICA, we
I thought it would be cool.                                   What was your
                                                                                    were allowed to talk quietly.
What were your first impressions of DA?                       initial reaction
                                                                                    Another difference is the tardy
My first impressions were that the                            about joining up
school was fairly small.                                      with Dakar
                                          Academy?                                  What is your advice to DA students?
How has this recent change effected       When I heard ICA and DA were              My advice would be to branch out.
your life?                                joining up together, I was shocked.
Because of this change, I’ve lost
                                          What were your first impressions of DA?
many of my friends.
                                          My first impression was that the          By Laura Ujereh
What has been the most difficult part?    rules were cool and there wasn’t a             One day in the middle of
The most difficult part for me has        whole lot of grass; the area is           second period, DuJae Lee came
been leaving friends.                     mostly brown.                             stumbling into American Literature
What are some differences about ICA                                                 class. We asked why she was late
                                          How has this recent change effected
and DA?                                                                             and with a streak of laughter she
                                          your life?
DA’s tardy policy is different from                                                 exclaimed, “I got my hairbrush
                                          This change didn’t really effect me,
ICA’s.                                                                              stuck in my hair.” Apparently that
                                          except for the fact that I changed
                                                                                    morning while she was preparing to
What is your advice to DA students?       schools.
                                                                                    go to school, she got her hairbrush
I would say, don’t always believe         What are some differences about ICA       caught in her hair and could not get
first impressions.                        and DA?                                   it loose. Her brother left for school
                    Caitlin Cobb,         The campus is smaller than ICA’s.         laughing, while her mother tried to
                    8th Grade             What is your advice to DA students?       untangle the brush. After much
                                          Give us time to adjust and don’t          struggle, her mother threatened to
                   What was your          believe the first impressions we          cut her hair, but her father came to
                   initial reaction       give.                                     her rescue by insisting that they
                   about joining up                                                 could untangle it. They finally did
                   with Dakar                                 Ruth Fort,            manage to detach the brush from
                   Academy?                                   10th Grade            DuJae’s hair. The whole ordeal took
I was kind of excited about the                                                     over an hour (the reason for her
possibilities.                                                 What was your        late entry).
                                                               initial reaction
What were your first impressions of DA?                        about joining up     Trauma-rama is a new monthly feature
I thought it was located in a                                  with Dakar           in The Buzz. If you know of a traumatic
beautiful area, and the dorm is                                Academy?             experience and would like to share it,
huge!                                     I am still in shock and so didn’t         please contact Laura Ujereh.
THE BUZZ                                                                                                                PAGE 11

                                                                   Mr s. R u
                                                                             th Van R
                                                                   and raise            eken is a

         th Van
                                                                              d in Nige            n Americ
                                                                                         ria. As a            an MK, b
                                                                  back to                           n adult,           orn
                                                                            the miss

                                                                                       ion field              she wen
                                                                  young f a                       with her             t
                                                                            mily and                          husband
                                                                                       spent nin                        a nd
                                                                 Since le a                        e ye ars
                                                                                                             in Liberia

                                                                           ving the                                    .
                                                                 stayed in             mission f
                                                                           volved w                ield, Rut
                                                                                      ith issue              h has
                                                                to TCKs                          s which
                                                                          (Third C                          matter m
                                                                                     ulture Kid

                                                                parents .                         s) and th           os t
                                                                          She has                            eir
                                                               ex tensiv             writte n
                                                                                                and spok

                                                                         ely all ov                        en
                                                               aspects              er the w
                                                                        of living              orld on v
                                                                                   cross cu               arious
                                                              author o                        lturally.
                                                                       f severa                          She is th
                                                              Culture K           l books,                         e
                                                                        ids: The             including
                                                                                   Experienc             Third
                                                             Amo ng W                       e o f Gr o
                                                                     or    lds (co-a                   wing Up
                                                             Pollack).               uth  ored wit
                                                                                                  h Dave
                                                            Mrs. Van
                                                                        Reken w
                                                           Academy                ill be com
                                                                        to speak             ing to D
                                                                                   to s tude           akar
                                                           staff d u                         nts, pare
                                                                      ring the                          nts, and
                                                          Novemb                firs t tw
                                                                     er. The              o weeks
                                                                             following             of
                                                          she is sc                       are the
                                                                     heduled                       ti mes th
                                                         will also             to speak                       at
                                                                   be speak               in the ev
                                                                              ing at ch             ening. S
                                                         mee ti ngs                      ape l and            he
                                                                    .                              youth gr

                                Childhood Matters
           Why a Cross-Cultural
                                                       0 pm
                                 mber 11 , 7:00 – 8:3
           Date: Monday, Nove
                                    (for teens and adults)
           Place: DA Auditorium                                               the positive
                                                     a discussion regarding
           Focus: During thi  s time, Ruth will lead                                w these
                                                              living overseas and ho
                                    our lives because of our
           things that come into                          s created us to be.
           ar e used to build us  into the person God ha

                                                                       s Us
                                                  ss and How it Effect
            “Good Grief!” Looking at Missionary Lo
                                                          0 pm
                                   mber 12 , 7:00 – 8:3
            Date: Tuesday, Nove
                                     (for teens and adults)
            Place: DA Auditorium                                              n) loss that
                                                       den (and not so hidde
            Focus: Ruth wi  ll help us look at the hid              h this loss so that we
                                             le, and how to deal wit
            comes fr  om our global lifesty                                   t THE biggest)
                                                      e of the biggest (if no
             don’t get stuck in unresolved grief; on
                                      ls adult MKs for.
             issues that she counse
                                                                                 year ago. With the cur
                                                        Dakar was given over a
             Mrs. Van Reken   ’s invitation to come to                                      ignty in the perfect
                                                                     me to see God’s sovere
                                        going throug h, it is aw eso             can request time with her
             transitions that we are                      counseling, and people
                            visit. She is available for
             tim ing of her                               ,
                                         or emailing her at chapla
             calling Kim Olsen at DA
PAGE 12                                                                                                                    OCTOBER ISSUE

Dear Wilson                                                                                            Fun Facts
                                                Problems With Parsley                                  By Kristin Cortimilia and Chris
                                                Dear Wilson,
                                                      There is this one guy that I really                    The newest feature in The Buzz
                                                like—he is sweet, and funny, and                       is all about the things you never
                                                charming. He asked me out last weekend,                knew about your classmates and
                                                and he’s a really nice guy, but as soon as he          teachers. Did you know…
                                                ate a bite of his salad, he got this
                                                enormous piece of parsley stuck in his
                                                teeth. It was so disgusting! He didn’t                 “I love country music.”
                                                realize it, so I mentioned it, and he spent                               - Jillian Arnett
                                                the next five minutes trying to dig it out
                                                of his teeth. He was so embarrassed.                   “I was a boy scout for one year.”
                                                Anyway, once he got it out, we began our
                                                meal again, but with the very next bite,                                    - Fran Morris
                                                his teeth were full of roughage again. I’m
                                                having nightmares about giant, attacking               “My cousin, John Rocker, plays
Due to an unexpected Philosophy                 parsley men! He’s asked me out again, but              baseball for the Texas Rangers.”
Conference, Wilson Wilson was unable to         I can’t say yes—I can’t get his parsley-
                                                                                                                        - Kyle Timberlake
answer your letters personally. He begs         encrusted teeth out of my mind! HELP!
your pardon, and has asked his good                                    Problems with Parsley
friend and neighbor, Tim Taylor to relay                                                               “I rap.”
                                                Dear Parsley,                                                                - John Afrik
his advice to you.
                                                      Watch out, you won’t get any dates
                                                with that kind of attitude. Look at it from
                                                the male point of view: here he is, trying
                                                to impress you with a fancy restaurant and
Dear Wilson,
                                                probably the Salad Du Jour, spending
      I need help. There is this girl who is
                                                money right and left, and all you can see
always around the Score store downtown,
                                                is parsley in his teeth! Give the guy a
who is the most beautiful woman I have
                                                break! The second date I had with my
ever seen. Except she isn’t a woman—
                                                wife, she spilled ketchup all down the
she’s a mannequin. Sadly, she’s missing an
                                                front of her blouse. I had nightmares about
arm, and her nose is slightly chipped, but
                                                boiling vats of ketchup for weeks! But,
it only serves to emphasize her beautifully
                                                did I let that stop me? No, I married her,
sorrowful expression. Every time I go to
                                                and we have three semi-normal kids.
see her, I feel her pain. I’m spending all
                                                Don’t let parsley stand in the way of what
my time at Score, gazing into her beautiful
                                                might be a beautiful future together: a
eyes, which hold such strength of
character. I can’t get away from her
                                                house, a tool show, and a garage. It                   Attention
                                                doesn’t get much better than that. Give
haunting stare. What can I do? Is there any
hope for me?
                                                the guy a second chance and order the
                                                parsley salad yourself so that you can have
                                                                                                       All Writers
                              Dummy-struck                                                                  The Buzz staff is announcing a
                                                green teeth together. Make it a bonding
Dear Dummy,
                                                experience.                                            short story contest for grades 9-12!
                                                                                  Tim Taylor                There are four easy Rules:
      Wilson told me to tell you about
some mythology guy; a sculptor—or was                                                                       1. 750-1000 words
                                                PS: Oh, by the way, Wilson said don’t
it a pig-herder? Well, he fell in love with                                                                 2. Typed and double-spaced
                                                order the salad and buy your date a
this statue, and then the statue came alive.
                                                toothpick.                                                  3. Legible font: no curlicues!
I don’t know how that is supposed to
help. In fact, I think you are a dummy.                                                                     4. DA friendly content--no
                                                Tim Taylor, also known as Tim the Tool Man                      inappropriate subjects or
Most guys tend to go after unattainable
                                                Taylor, is the beloved husband of Jill Taylor, and
women—like movie stars, or Miss Tool
                                                three boys Brad, Randy, and Mark. Tim is the                    themes
2002, but not mannequins at Score. Her                                                                      Deadline for the contest is
                                                host/owner of a hit Cable TV show, Tool Time.
eyes are haunting you? She doesn’t even
have eyes! She’s made of plaster. If my son
                                                His hobbies include contact sports, cars, and tools.   FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2002. A
                                                Tim’s wife is a psychiatrist, which, he believes,      box will be provided at the Front
ever had a problem like yours, I’d send
                                                gives him the expertise to counsel you.
him to a shrink. In my expert opinion,                                                                 Desk for stories. No late entries
you have some issues to work out.                                                                      will be permitted so turn them in
                                   Tim Taylor    Next Month’s Therapist:
                                                       Harvey the Great White Rabbit will              on time or early!
                                                 joining us next month as our esteemed                      The winning story will appear
                                                 Guest Therapist.                                      in the December issue of the Buzz!
THE BUZZ                                                                                                                                 PAGE 13

Harvest Fest
Senior Class’
By Michelle Mignano
      Friday evening, October 18, DA
campus was filled with gleeful screams of
people hitting each other, throwing
balloons at one another, as well as
people flying through the air on the zip-
wire at the annual Senior Class Harvest          With her hands behind her back, Sarah Penney slurps up the pie to win the pie eating contest.
Fest. “All in all, it was a big success,” says
Senior Class President Laura Ujereh.             ages enjoyed. Du Jae Lee and Kristen                 thank those who generously offered their
      The night began with the DA                McCarthy created masterpieces of lions,              time to help out with this event, as well
campus and surrounding neighborhood              flowers, hearts, and butterflies.                    as the entire DA community for their
losing power. This, however, did not                   What is an event without food?                 support.They were able to raise
trouble the determined seniors or bother         Danielle Bowers, who was in charge of                559,000cfa for the Senior Sneak.
the guests.Their teacher-advisor, Mr.            the pie-eating contest, held five different
                                                 contests, in which the Penney family                 Jordan Monn gets his face painted at Harvest
Penney, and a fellow member of the DA                                                                 Fest by Du Jae Lee.
staff worked hard in finding a solution. A       seemed to dominate.
few lights, powered by the generator,                  Though there were plenty of pies to
were eventually placed in the auditorium         be eaten, the senior class sold pizza, and
and cars were parked around the field            a variety of desserts and soda. Before the
with their headlights shining on the             end of the food was sold out.
outdoor events.                                        This year’s event also saw the
      The trampoline was the most                introduction of a new system of
popular event.There was never a time             ticketing. “I was actually a little worried
when the waiting line was less than half         when our Class Secretary, Michelle
an hour long . The shooting range was            Mignano, came to me the day before the
held in the dark until cars lighted up the       event with a new way to handle
area. This was a popular event for the           ticketing,” says Laura Ujereh. After a
male population of the school. The               week of cutting up little pieces of paper
sumo-wrestling event was said to be              and stapling them together, Michelle
dirty and sweaty. However, all that              proposed and designed a new ticket
participated enjoyed themselves. Face            system that debuted at the Harvest Fest.
painting was something that people of all              The senior class would like to

Senegal Experiences Unusual Weather Patterns
By Nicole Ketcham and Kristin                    than 20 inches (50 centimeters) near the             were late and September rainfall was
Cortimilia                                       Senegal River.The rest of the year is dry            reportedly 50% of normal, resulting in
     This year Senegal has experienced           and moderately cool, although March                  crops drying up in many areas of Senegal.
some unusual weather patterns.                   through June can be dry and warm.                    The main crops affected by this drought
     The weather in Senegal is generally               In January of 2002 Senegal                     include peanuts, watermelon, millet, and
composed of two seasons: dry and wet.            experienced three days of unseasonal                 corn.Without these staples, the
During the rainy season of July through          rain. Due to this unforeseen rain, the               Senegalese are anxious about an
September, high temperatures, rains and          country underwent harsher conditions                 impending economic crash.
humidity are normal.The greatest                 than most dry seasons.The wet and                         The people of Senegal are still
amount of rainfall occurs in the                 colder than usual weather affected                   recovering from these conditions. Only
Cassamance, which receives about 60 to           animals and plants sensitive to cooler               one-fifth of the normal production of
70 inches (150 to 180 centimeters)               temperatures.                                        crops has been harvested, which leads to
annually.The amount of rainfall gradually              Increasing the general uneasiness of           concerns about a possible food shortage.
decreases farther north, averaging less          the Senegalese people, the summer rains
PAGE 14                                                                                                           OCTOBER ISSUE

                                                                                                      Under the
                                                                                              By Shandra Penney and
                                                                                              Nicole Ketcham
                                                                                                  If God was going to change the
                                                                                              color of the sky, what do you think
                                                                                              He should change it to?

                                                                                                               Byron Penner,


                                                                                                               Mashburn, 3rd
Seung Min Choi, Darren Creech, and Drew Mashburn work together to clear construction rubble
outside the Ephatra School for the Deaf and Mute.
                                                                                                               ...dark blue
MS Youth Group Visits Deaf School
By Shandra Penney                                possible.
      On October 2, 27 middle                          The middle schoolers, along with                        Jordana
schoolers in the Middle SchoolYouth              their sponsors, worked hard for an                            Schultz, 5th
Group reached out to minister to the             afternoon to clean up and clear out all
children and staff of the Ephata School          the scrap construction materials left by
for the Deaf and Mute.                           the workers who were building the                   
      The Ephata School is the only              new dormitory.They spent the entire
institution in Senegal for totally deaf          time digging, lifting, filling wheel-
and mute children. It has approxi-               barrels, and dumping buckets of rocks                         Ruthanne
mately 150 students and is backed by             and other junk out of the way. Aside                          Bowers, 7tj
Christian organizations abroad. For the          from encounters with a rat and
last few years the children have been            centipede, the time of hard labor was a
living in a small, crowded, unkept               great success. Although the girls were                        ... red
building nearTemple Evangelique and              bribed to out-work the guys, everyone
are hoping to move into their new six-           worked together surprisingly well and
bedroom dormitory near the SOS                   did what needed to be done.                                   Supriya Verma,
school in Sacre Coeur, as soon as                      Kendall Herriott, a youth group                         3 rd
                                                 leader, said, “I am very proud of how
                                                 all the kids worked together, especially
                                                 the girls.” Anna Leeger felt the                              ...white
                                                 afternoon went very well. She said,
                                                 “Everyone worked well together, and
                                                 there was lots of obvious progress.”
                                                 Ruthanne Bowers commented, “I had
                                                 fun and, if asked, I would do it again.”                      Kindergarten
                                                       The middle school youth group
                                                 plans to return to Ephata School for                          ...light orange
                                                 the Deaf and Mute in the near future
                                                 to actually spend time interacting with
                                                 the kids.
Leah Evans loads rocks into a wheel barrow.
THE BUZZ                                                                                      PAGE 15

Shelter                  High School Youth Group
      Michelle           By Anna Wentzell                        has happened was the Hang Out
  Mignano, 12th                The youth group is definitely     Night. It was a night of food, fun,
                         off to a vivacious start. So many       and electricity blackouts. It was a
... It is perfect the    things have happened and there is       good time for ICA and DA students
            way it is!   much more planned. Read on to           to get to know each other.
                         find out what’s going on with DA’s           One thing that the youth group
                         lively youth group.                     really wants to do this year is to
 Rebecah Fort,                 This year DA’s youth group,       reach out to others. An idea that has
           7th           along with many other things, has       begun taking shape is to work with
                         experienced a change. Last year our     the Talibe ministry. Mrs. Jane
                         chaplain was Mr. Phillip Glover.        Penney has been working with this
          ...purple      This year Mrs. Olsen has dared to       ministry since it’s very beginning.
                         rise up to the challenge of trying to   She says that the youth group could
                         control the wild DA youth group.        help by “visiting the center and by
 Mr. Motsinger,                If you ask Mrs. Olsen what her    ministering in various ways accord-
     PE/Health           goals are for this crazy group she      ing to their [spiritual gifts], whether
                         will tell you that she has three main   it be preparing and serving food or
   ...light blue all     goals. Her first goal is to keep our    presenting a message in song or
           the time      discussions practical and Biblically    drama.” Mrs. Penney says that it
                         based. Her desire is that through       could benefit the youth group by
                         this kids would “grow in their love     “giving them an opportunity to
Becah Krueger,
                         for the Word as they see how much       share their lives with young people
                         it speaks to what matters most in       who have so many needs and to
                         life.” Her second goal is for the       open their eyes to another world.”
                         youth group to be a time when                Mrs. Olsen says that she plans
     ...light green
                         youth have fun, but also are able to    to have hang out nights at her house
                         ask and discuss tough questions,        or bonfires at Ebett’s field every
                         and through this they may be            month. She is also thinking about
Mrs. McCarthy,           furthered along in developing and       doing a Meet and Eat sometime. She
  receptionist           owning their faith. Her final goal is   would also like to start forming
                         for the youth group to be learning      small groups in the youth group.
                         and experiencing together the value     She plans on training leaders to lead
          ...yellow      of living and growing as authentic      these small groups.
                         Christians; real with are own                Mrs. Olsen would like to
    Silalei Shani,       weakness, and dependent on a            remind the students that it is their
             10th        loving, strong God. Matt Statler and    youth group and ideas that they may
                         Michelle Penney both agree that so      have would be welcome. Jamie
                         far these goals have been accom-        Owens, Nicole Ketcham, Tetu Shani,
    ...light orange      plished pretty well.                    Joel Schaa, the Coterello’s, and
                               So far, the youth group has       Miss Austin are on the youth group
                         been very privileged to have Mr.        team. So if you have any questions
 Brandon Falk,           Doug West join them a few times.        or ideas you can go see anyone on
          10th           He has been there to lead the youth     the youth group team or her
                         group in some rousing games. The        personally.
                         winner, of course, gets a prize. One         Anyone in high school who
       ...light blue     prize was a coveted Mountain Dew        wants to come is more than
                         won by Paul Loftice. Currently,         welcome.Youth group meets every
                         Mrs. Shani is taking a few weeks to     Wednesday from 6:30-8:30 pm in
                         teach the youth group about             the DA library. Come and join the
                         spiritual warfare and living a          fun!
                         victorious life. Another thing that
PAGE 16                                                                                                                                        OCTOBER ISSUE

Mad Dogs Undefeated in Regular Season Play
                                                                 the runner tagging up at               Mad Dogs 2002-03 Roster
                                                                 first base. Also out fielder            Player               Grade         Position
                                                                 Joel Schaa hit a great line
                                                                                                         Chris Basto w        Se nio r      Pitche r
                                                                                                         Zhe n Che n          Se nio r      Rig ht-Ce nte r Fie ld e r
                                                                       Fortunately, the game
                                                                 against Japan was only an               Nico le Ke tcham     Se nio r      2nd Base man

                                                                 exhibition game and does                Jo e l Schaa         Se nio r      Le ft-Ce nte r Fie ld e r
                                                                 not count on the Mad                    Matt Statle r        Se nio r      Utility (Anywhe re )
                                                                 Dogs’ record. The Mad                   Kara Aise nb re y    Junio r       2nd Base man
                                                                 Dogs’ record so far is 3-0.
                                                                                                         Miche lle Pe nne y Junio r         Rig ht Fie ld e r
                                                                 The first game of the season
                                                                 was against the Baobab                  Be kah Ge ro         So p ho mo re Catche r

                                                                 Bashers, whom they beat                 Se an Ho p kins      So p ho mo re 3rd Base man

                                                                 17-7; and the second was                Danie l Aise nb re y Fre shman     Rig ht Fie ld e r
                                                                 against Senegal 2, whom                 Ashle y He rrio tt   Fre shman     Re lie f Pitche r
                                                                 they barely defeated with a
                                                                                                         Je ssica Ke tcham Fre shman        Re lie f Pitche r
                                                                 score of 10-9. The third
                                                                 game was won with a score               Mo Olse n            Fre shman     Le ft Fie ld e r

                                                                 of 13-12 against the                    Laina Pe nne y       Fre shman     Rig ht-Ce nte r Fie ld e r

Pitcher, Chris Bastow has a 3-0 record in regular season play.   Gungomamas. Chris                       Jo sh Schaa          Fre shman     1st Base man
                                                     Bastow is the winning pitcher for                   And re w Maho ne y 8th g rad e r   Re lie f Pitche r
By Nicole Ketcham                                    these games and has one of the top
                                                                                                         Fo d ay Mashb urn 8th g rad e r    Sho rtsto p
      The Dakar softball league has                  batting averages, second only to Mo
begun the 2002-03 season with two                    Olsen. Joel Schaa, the clean-up                    record is 3-0, with the exception of
leagues: a competitive league, for                   hitter, has batted in 9 runs leading               the exhibition game against Japan.
those who want to play to win, and                   the team in RBIs. These last three                 They are doing very well and
a social league, for those who want                  games have really boosted the                      improving with every practice. I
to play for fun. The Mad Dogs are                    confidence of the team and helped                  expect them to win all their games.”
playing on the social league this year               them unite.                                        He also added, “I am very excited
instead of the competitive one since                        Ron Herriott is the Mad Dogs’               about all the new ICA kids coming.”
the Mad Dog team is made up of                       coach and has high hopes for his                   The Mad Dogs themselves are
primarily underclassmen girls and                    team. In his words: “I’m excited                   enjoying the sport, pleased with
guys (except for three returning                     about their numbers and their                      their improvement, and looking
players: Joel Schaa, Nicole                          enthusiasm for the game. Their                     forward to the rest of the season.
Ketcham, and Edgar Sindler) as
opposed to last year’s senior guy
      The Mad Dogs met Japan in
their first game. The Japanese team
used to be considered an easy win,
but these new Mad Dogs were
getting creamed. Please take into
account that the Mad Dogs had only
four practices before this game and
were still trying to learn how to play
as a team. Although the team
looked pretty shoddy, there were
still some moments of glory. There
was a double play by shortstop
Foday Mashburn in the 4th inning.
He caught a fly ball and threw out                   Left fielder Mo Olsen leads the Mad Dogs with a .800 batting average.
THE BUZZ                                                                                                                                            PAGE 17

                                                                                         At                                          Home
                                                                    Player                     Runs   Hits       2x         3x                  RBIs        Avg
                                                                                        Bats                                         Runs

                                                                    Ols e n               10      4      8            0          0        0             0    .800

                                                                    Bas to w              12      4      9            2          0        0             5    .750

                                                                    Ho p k ins             8      6      5            1          0        0             0    .625

                                                                    Sc haa, J o e l       14      7      8            3          2        0             9    .571

                                                                    Pe nne y, M.           2      2          1        0          0        0             1    .500

                                                                    Pe nne y, L.           7      2      3            1          0        0             0    .429

                                                                    Mas hb urn            12      6      5            2          0        0             2    .417

                                                                    Statle r               4      1          1        0          0        0             1    .250

                                                                    Ke tc ham, N.          4      1          1        0          0        0             1    .250

                                                                    Ge ro                  5      0          1        1          0        0             1    .200

                                                                    Ais e nb re y, K.      5      1          1        0          0        0             0    .200

                                                                    He rrio tt             7      1          1        0          0        0             1    .143

                                                                    Sc haa, J o s h       10      2          1        1          0        0             0    .100

                                                                    Maho ne y              2      0      0            0          0        0             0
Coach Herriott shows a little excitement as he coaches his
players from 3rd base.                                              Ais e nb re y, D.      6      2      0            0          0        0             0

                                                                    Ke tc ham, J .         3      1      0            0          0        0             0

                                                                    Che n                  1      1      0            0          0        0             0

DA Staff Softball Team Off to a Slow Start
By Nicole Ketcham                                     may divide the Mad Dogs and the
                                                                                                        Player                       Position
      The Dakar Academy staff/adult                   new ICA players into two teams:
team has a strong history of solid                    one in the competitive league and                 Brad Mashb urn               Sho rtsto p
players. It has won the West African                  one in the social league, depending
Invitational Softball Tournament                      on their skill and experience. If this            Ro n He rrio tt              Le ft Fie ld e r
(WAIST) twice and has had many                        happens, the staff team may disband,
homerun hitters in the past. That                     giving the Mad Dogs their spot in                 Do nny Co rtimilia           Pitche r
may not be the case this year.                        the competitive league. Another
Although they did not participate in                  option is to keep the staff team and              Ro d ne y Duttwe ile r       Le ft-Ce nte r Fie ld e r
last year’s league games, the team                    divide the Mad Dogs into two
                                                                                                        Je ff Schaa                  1st Base man
still has several good players, but                   recreational teams. According to
also has quite a few new, inexperi-                   Coach Herriott, he would prefer
                                                                                                        Guy Pe nne y                 3rd Base man
enced players.                                        two social league Mad Dog teams
      The season has been underway                    and a competitive staff team.                     Lo is Clark                  2nd Base man
for more than a month, but the staff                  However, this can only take place if
team has yet to play a game against                   there is room for another team in                 Mara Alle n                  Rig ht Fie ld e r
anyone. Their first three scheduled                   the social league.
games were canceled for various                             At the time this paper goes to              Rud y Klaas                  Catche r
reasons.                                              print, this team is uncertain of its
      Now there is even a question of                 future. No matter what the decision               And y Co te re lo            Utility
whether or not this team will even                    is, these players plan to compete as
                                                                                                        David McCarthy               Utility
remain in the league. If enough of                    a team in the West African Invita-
the incoming ICA students want to                     tional Softball Tournament (WAIST)                Tad So mme rs                Utility
play softball, Coach Ron Herriott                     in March.
PAGE 18                                                                                                 OCTOBER ISSUE

The Buzz Takes a Closer Look at DA’s Veteran Teachers
By Laura Ujereh and Anna                 speak French and Spanish, she              Miss Austin returned to the states to
Wentzell                                 speaks Portuguese, Wolof, Creole           attend high school in New Orleans;
     Have you ever sat back in your      (Cape Verde style and Casamance            she attended Davidson College in
chair and thought “Does my teacher       style), and a little bit of English. She   North Carolina where she majored
have a life outside of school?” Well     took Russian for a while but               in sociology and political science
in this monthly issue we will give       stopped because it was too difficult.      with a minor in English and French
you some information about DA’s          She has been able to use all these         literature.
returning teachers so that you may       languages while living and traveling             After college Miss Austin
better know them. This month our         in Cape Verde, Senegal, Morocco,           began working for the International
feature teachers are Madame Dia          Canary Islands, Ivory Coast, USA,          Missions Board in Richmond,
and Miss Austin.                         Portugal, Spain (this is where she         Virginia, where she recruited
                                         earned her masters degree),                college students to go on mission
Madame Cecelia Dia                       Belgium, and Holland. She is a well-       trips. She later took a position in
                                 Ma-     traveled lady.                             Guinea Conakry for two years
                           dame Dia           Madame Dia says that the most         tutoring children. She moved to
                           was born      important thing to her is her              Senegal in 1999 and worked for the
                           in Cape       relationship to Christ. She says that      Southern Baptists as an ethno-
                           Verde on      one thing that she really appreciates      graphic researcher and did adminis-
                           the island    about Dakar Academy is the                 trative work before coming to
                           of Maio.      Christian environment. None of the         Dakar Academy as a teacher.
                           She lived     other schools were Christian, this is            Miss Austin’s parents have been
                           there until   a nice change.                             missionaries since she was ten years
she was twenty years old. She still,                                                old. They have worked in The
however, enjoys visiting her native      Miss J.Virginia Austin                     Gambia for the Southern Baptist
country. She now lives in Dakar                                        Miss J.      Mission in public health and
with her mother and husband. She                                  Virginia          evangelical work. They are in
has four children—three sons and                                  Austin,           transition and will soon be moving
one daughter (two of these being                                  otherwise         to the Cassamance to continue their
twins). Her children are all grown                                known to          work. You may know Miss Austin’s
and have left to build their lives.                               students          siblings, Gabe and Eryn, who both
One of her sons now lives in the                                  and staff as      graduated from Dakar Academy a
USA. Her other three children are                                 Miss Ginny        few years ago. Gabe is now 23 and is
in France.                                                        Austin, has       a Second Lieutenant in the Armor
     Madame Dia has worked at DA                                  been a            Division in the U.S. Army. Eryn is 19
for eight years. Through some            teacher at Dakar Academy for a little      and a sophomore at Houghton
families whose children she was          over a year now. She is the high           College in New York.
tutoring, she heard about DA’s need      school English teacher. Last year                Miss Austin has many things
for a French and Spanish teacher.        she started as a part time teacher,        that seem to greatly contradict her.
When she first started working at        but by January 2002 she was                Such as the fact that she is an
DA she taught only French, but           teaching English and Bible full time.      English teacher yet hates public
later she also took on Spanish. DA is         Miss Austin was born in               speaking. She adores nature but
not the first school to benefit from     Virginia. She soon moved to New            manages to “kill every living thing
Madame Dia’s teaching abilities. She     Orleans where she lived with her           she gets near.” She is able to read
taught at Ste Marie (a Catholic          family for seven years. She is a           and write French yet can’t speak it.
School nearby) and a French              missionary kid and moved to The            Miss Austin will eat ketchup on just
school. She also taught Spanish          Gambia when she was ten and                about every thing but cringes when
part-time for the Spanish embassy.       resided there for five years. While        she sees a raw tomato. She enjoys
     You may be reading this and         there, she met the Mashburns, wh           talking to people, speaks English
thinking “Wow, Madame Dia speaks         are now at DA as our principal and         and French, and has spoken
French and Spanish!” Well, it gets       computer teacher . Mrs. Mashburn           Mandinka (Gambia) and Susu
even better. Not only does she           was Miss Austin’s 7th grade teacher.       (Guinea) at some points in life;
THE BUZZ                                                                                                 PAGE 19

                                          DA Releases 1st Q Honor Roll
however, she really values her            Excel Honor Roll
solitude. If she could visit any place
                                          3rd Grade                8th Grade                   Lawrence Povoas
in the world, she would choose to
                                              Michael Pawly            Jasmine Carvalho        Silalei Shani
visit “a really cold place.” Something
                                                                       Seung-Min Choi          Moses Sun
that you might not guess about her,
                                          4th Grade                    Lani Finck
though, is that she really likes math
                                              Annio Klaas              Sarah Herriott      11th Grade
as well as English.
                                              Kathryn Harmon           Michael Kleine           Kara Aisenbrey
      Miss Austin has a real fear of
                                              Mo-Eun Sun               Drew Mashburn            Kristin Cortimilia
fire. When she was young, it was
                                                                       Cheralyn McKee           Nkemba Ndjungu
her responsibility to burn the trash.
                                          5th Grade                                             Amie Sabally
She had to tend the fire, and she
                                              Laura Penney         9th Grade                    Tetu Shani
detested it. After experiencing many
                                                                       Daniel Aisenbrey         Gayatri Shetty
traumatic out-of-control bush fires,
                                          6th Grade                    Jonathan Bailey
she acquired a great fear for it.
                                              Ethan Sindler            Melissa Carvalho    12th Grade
Other traumatic experiences
                                                                       Ashley Herriott          Danielle Bowers
include the time when Mr.
                                          7th Grade                    Eric Ketcham             Kerri Evans
Mashburn gave her a crash course
                                              Caleb Duttweiler         Jessica Ketcham          Nicole Ketcham
in Biology when she was 11 years
                                              Leah Evans               Melanie Mahoney          Du Jae Lee
old. He sat on her porch and
                                              Brock Mashburn                                    Kristen McCarthy
skinned a dead rabbit and pro-
                                              Sarah Penney         10th Grade                   Jamie Owens
ceeded to show her each organ as
                                              Marcella Statler          David Bailey            Shandra Penney
he extracted it from the rabbit. They
                                                                        Rebekah Gero            Joel Schaa
later ate the rabbit for dinner. (Well,
                                                                        Sean Hopkins            Laura Ujereh
at least he did.)
                                                                        Emily Mahoney           Zoe Williams
      Miss Austin’s favorite job has
been teaching at Dakar Academy,
although she does not view it as          Honor Roll
simply a job but a calling. Her pet       3rd Grade                6th Grade               9th Grade
peeves are the fact that she has no           Misbah Haq               Joice Berto             Kyle McCarthy
curtains in her classrooms. Miss              Esther Sindler           Marijke Everts          Laina Penney
Austin adores reading and if given            Jesse Schaa              Herbert Jones           Joshua Schaa
the chance, would love to spend an            Iyanatou Niang           Mohsin Manzoor
entire semester on Shakespeare.               Supriya Verma                                10th Grade
      Miss Austin is very fond of her         Joshua Penney         th
                                                                   7 Grade                      Garima Gariola
classes. However, she is also the                                    Dhruraj Baznath            Edgar Sindler
Student Senate advisor as well as         4th Grade                  Oseias Berto
part of the Youth Group team. She             Paulo Bechara          Ruthanne Bowers       11th Grade
lives alone on campus, which she              David Forsyth          Michael Cortimilia         Ozilia Berto
enjoys because although she enjoys            Alex Lewis                                        Hannah Jackson
people she also really enjoys and             Erik Olsen           8th Grade                    Mufuka Ndjungu
needs her private solitude. She is an                                  Aline Bechara            Michelle Penney
amateur pianist and plays it for her      5th Grade                    Paul Evans
own personal enjoyment when she               Andrew Bradford          Christine Forsyth   12th Grade
is alone.                                     Jessica Duttweiler       Anna Leeger              Bamike John Afrik
      She hopes that she will be able         Mehreen Manzoor          Andrew Mahoney           Ahmed Arezki
to continue teaching at Dakar                 Massaly Mashburn         Foday Mashburn           Christopher Bastow
Academy for the next couple of                Nathanael Packard        Margaret McIntire        Michelle Mignano
years. She is not too sure what she           Jessica Pawly                                     Matthew Statler
will do after that, but she will go                                                             Anna Wentzell
with whatever God has planned for
her life.
 The Buzz Staff                    November 2002
         Kara Aisenbrey            Su n d ay       Mo n d ay       Tu esd ay       Wednesday Th u rsd ay    Frid ay       Satu rd ay
           Chris Bastow
       Danielle Bowers                                                                                                1            2
      Kristin Cortimilia                                                                                      Fall Play     Fall Play
     Kristina Cousineau                                                                                                      SAT test
       Nicole Ketcham
             Du-Jae Lee                        3               4               5             6         7              8            9
     Kristen McCarthy                                                                                        Women's        Women's
     Michelle Mignano                                                                                         Retreat        Retreat
             Devin Otto
           Jamie Owens                     10              11             12                13        14            15            16
        Shandra Penney               Women's
                                                         7: 00          7: 00
                                                                                                           Movie Night
       Laura Beth Sikes                             Van Reken      Van Reken
                                                      Seminar        Seminar
           Laura Ujereh
         Anna Wentzell                     17              18             19                20        21            22            23
Mrs. Mashburn, Advisor
                                                      Progress                                                               ACT Test
                                                   Reports Due

                                           24              25             26                27        28            29            30

                                                                                   Turkey Bowl    Thanks giving             Break
                                                                                     (half day)

                                                                                         DA will host a series of football
                                    Turkey Bowl                                          games. Come and join a team
                                                                                         (staff, student, parent, or other).
                                                                                         The senior class will be selling a
                                                                                         variety of delicious lunch foods:
                                                                                         Ba r -B-Q t urk ey b u r ge r s,
                                                                                         hotdogs, desserts, pops, and
                                                                                         ice cream! All are welcome to
        Dakar Academy                                                                    come and participate or simply
                                                                                         sit and enjoy the fun. Please
     69 Route des Maristes
          B.P. 3189                                                                      come and support the senior
        Dakar, Senegal                                                                   class!
        Phone: 832.06.82
          Fax: 832.17.21
Email: office
                                    12:00, Wednesday, November 27

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