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					Letter of Appeal to the UN Secretary-General
 H.E. Kofi A. Annan
 The United Nations

 Mr Secretary-General,


 As Your Excellency is no doubt aware, the National League for Democracy in Burma has recently
 announced that it is willing to extend de jure recognition to the ruling military council as a “transitional
 government”, the term of which is to be negotiated, if the Burmese generals agree to convene the Parliament
 in accordance with the results of the 1990 elections.

 We, the citizens of Burma, members of the Burmese communities overseas, and friends of Burma, warmly
 welcome the initiative by the National League for Democracy to restore peace, stability, and national
 reconciliation in Burma so that a genuine democratic society can be built in the country.

 We join the ethnic and political forces in the country in supporting the National League for Democracy’s
 call for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners, including Daw Aung San Suu
 Kyi, who, the party insists, must be part of all negotiations.

 The National League for Democracy has said a prominent leader from ASEAN can be named as a mediator
 should one be needed at the negotiations and that it will wait for a response until 17 April -- Burmese New
 Year Day.

 Given the flexibility shown by the National League for Democracy particularly at a time when the
 Burmese generals are unable to fix the problems that pose a threat to the region, we would like to urge
 Your Excellency to take appropriate steps to ensure the peace process initiated by the National League for
 Democracy proceeds as expected so that Burma can rejoin the community of peaceful nations.

 Should the military continue to ignore the peace gesture and proceeds with its Roadmap toward legitimizing
 military rule in Burma, we believe Burma’s problems are bound to worsen create havoc in the region.

 Under such a situation, we expect Your Excellency to act according to Article 99 of the UN Charter that
 says, “The Secretary General may bring to the attention of the Security Council any matter which in his
 opinion may threaten the maintenance of international peace and security.”

 We want the UN Security Council, with support from ASEAN countries, to initiate a national reconciliation
 process in Burma so that all national forces in Burma can become partners in the all-out efforts to resolve
 the socioeconomic and political crises which are proving to be beyond the capability of the Burmese


 The undersigned:

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