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					John A. Pappalardo, Esq.
200 East Post Road
White Plains, NY 10601

I. Profession           Accrediting Agency or Jurisdiction                         Date of Admission
   -------------        ------------------------------------------                 ----------------------
     Attorney                  Massachusetts                                       12/86
                               New York                                            02/87
                               New Jersey                                          12/88

II. Professional Organization         Date of Admission                   Active/Inactive
   -------------------------------         -----------------------               ------------------
    American Arbitration Association      5/99                                   Active
    American Bar Association              2/87                                   Active
    Westchester County Bar Association        2/87                               Active
    New York State Council on
    Divorce Mediation                     10/96                                    Active
    Academy of Matrimonial Mediators          10/96                                Active
    Westchester County Civil Arbitration
    Panel                                     02/88                                Active
    New Rochelle Bar Association
    Corporate Officer                         02/88                                Inactive
    New York City Arbitration Panel           02/88                                Inactive
    Rockland County Arbitration Panel         02/88                                Inactive
    New Rochelle Arbitration Panel            02/88                                Inactive

III. General professional experience:

     I have been actively engaged in commercial and civil litigation in private practice for approximately
thirteen years.

IV. General pertinent experience:

    I am certified as a Neutral for the American Arbitration Associations Commercial Panel and have
been handling commercial matters for them since May of 1999. I am a member of the Westchester
County Civil and Real Estate Assessment Arbitration panels and have been handling these arbitrations
since approximately February 1988. I handle private Domestic Relations Mediation cases.
V. Mediation training:

   1) American Arbitration Association Neutral Commercial Training Program. This was an eight
hour program sponsored by the American Arbitration Association. 2) Divorce Mediation Training
Program. This was a forty hour program sponsored by The Center for Family and Divorce Mediation.

VI. Pertinent bankruptcy training:

    Representation of business clients as Judgment Creditors in bankruptcy proceedings.

VII. General pertinent business or legal experience:

   My law practice consists, to a large extent, of the representation of small to mid size businesses.
Additionally, I serve as liaison between the Westchester County Bar Association and the Westchester
Business Community.

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