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									HT   Hidden Treasures
        The Secret To Giving...
A Culinary Gift...                                                                                   Make Someone Smile,                                                                                                                HT
                                                                                                     Send a Gift Basket Today!
                                                                                                         We at HIDDEN TREASURES believe our customers deserve the best in gift quality,
                                                                                                         presentation and impeccable customer service. We take pride in creating unique baskets
                                                                                                         with your special occasion in mind, for your personal or business needs.
                                                     La Cucina $75.00
                                                                                                         HIDDEN TREASURES’ goal is to make our individual and corporate clients feel special, important and
                                                     Brickstone salad dressing, Kitchen                  appreciated when they order a gift basket from us.
                                                     Connoisseur sundried tomato sauce,
                                                     Marcy’s croutons, handmade pasta and more.
                                                                                                         Our business is all about caring and we show we care by offering you the following benefits:
                                                                                                                • HIDDEN TREASURES puts the same care and love into
                                                                                                                  designing our gift baskets as you would….
                                                                                                                • HIDDEN TREASURES succeeds by delivering a very personal gift basket
                                                                                                                  that precisely expresses your sentiment and saves you precious time!
                                                                                                                • Personal Touch Service that’s warm, friendly and courteous!
                                                                                                                • We Offer Convenient Corporate Invoicing and Billing!
                                                                                                                • We will hand deliver locally!

                                                                                                         “ We Are Committed To Make You Look Great!”

                                                                                                         Gift Baskets Ideas
 Bountiful Gourmet $40.00                                                                                       •   Thank You                                           •   For Men
 Our most popular design combines a generous                                                                    •   Birthday                                            •   Sympathy
 assortment of fine gourmet treats with a look                                                                  •   Corporate                                           •   Get Well
 that conveys your good taste and sincerity.                                                                    •   Wedding/Anniversary                                 •   Thinking of You
 Available in many sizes and overloaded with                                                                    •   Baby                                                •   Mother’s Day
 fine chocolates, cheeses, nuts, gourmet cookies,                                                               •   Sweetheart                                          •   Father’s Day
 crackers, jam and savory snacks. A versatile gift                                                              •   Spa                                                 •   Christmas and more…
                                                                                                                •   Housewarming
 for any occasion.

                                                                                                         “Received nothing but rave reviews from my clients upon receiving their basket. Thank You!!”
                                                                                                          Linda, Acura Mississauga
                                                                                                         “Beautiful baskets and excellent service.”
                                                                                                         Carl, ADT Mississauga

                                                     Hood River’s $80.00
                                                     The Hood River’s Choice Deluxe Gift Box
                                                     consists of 2 World Renowned Royal Comice           Contact Us
                                                     Pears, 2 Crisp Ruby Red Apples, 2 Ultra Sweet
                                                     Seckel Pears, 1 Juicy Navel Orange, Wild            Hidden Treasure’s Inc.
                                                     Pacific Northwest Smoked Salmon, Delectable         Louisa Capetola
                                                     Chocolate Covered Bing Cherries, Irresistible       40 Clarion Road                                                Anna Bellissimo
                                                     Chocolate Covered Blueberries, Deluxe Dried         Etobicoke, Ontario M9R 3Y5                           
                                                     Fruit Assortment, Effervescent Vanilla Pear         416 • 247 • 1375                                               647 • 889 • 8935
                                                     Cider, Marionberry Preserves, and
                                                     Seattle Chocolate Mint Truffles.
                                                                                                         Exact ingredients and baskets may differ from those pictured here. Prices may vary and are subject to change without notice.
A Day To Remember...                                                                                                                                   H

                                                                                                     Coffee Decadence
                                                                                                     sm. $59.99 lg. $79.99
                                                                                                     Surprise the coffee lovers in your life with
                                                                                                     this sensational gift set containing everything
                                                                                                     they need to enjoy a luxurious coffee break!
                                                                                                     In a beautiful mahogany trunk is a terrific

                            Add a touch of brilliance...                                             selection of gourmet treats, including three
                                                                                                     savory flavors of signature blend coffees,
                                                                                                     buttercrunch toffee, chocolate cappuccino
                                                                                                     biscotti, and Italian cookies. The Large trunk
                                                                                                     also includes chocolate pastry cookies, triple
                                                                                                     chocolate biscotti, chocolate wafers, caramel
                                                                                                     cappuccino coffee candy and a coffee scoop.
                                                                                                     An extraordinary gift for any home or office!

                                                           Coffee Time $45.00
                                                           For the coffee lover Italian espresso,

                                                           Lindt and Guylain dark chocolate,
                                                           Mocca Latte cookies, biscotti, designer
                                                           Bianca coffee cups and tea towel.

                                                                                                     Comfort Creations $30.00
                               ...and elegance with                                                  This authentic basket comes with a bright
                                                                                                     ceramic mug as a keepsake, dark chocolate mint

                               Hidden Treasures!
                                                                                                     delights, caramel walnut fudge cookies, vanilla
                                                                                                     almond tea cookies and gourmet biscotti to
                                                                                                     simply savor with the Picatea brand teas.


                                             Fall Festival Gift Pail $55.00
                                             The Fall Festival Gift Pail consists of Honey
                                             Grain Bread Loaf, Dry Roasted Peanuts,
                                             Harvest Blend Coffee,Creamy Artichoke                                           ...ambience...
                                             Spinach Dip, Tomato Basil Pretzels, Milk
                                             Chocolate Covered Shortbread cookies,
                                             Beef Salami and Pimento Stuffed Olives.

Maple Leaf $75.00
A mouth watering taste of Canada: pure

                                                                                               ... and festiveness...
maple syrup, chocolate maple sauce,
butter crunch toffee, maple leaf truffles,
maple glazed smoked salmon, chocolate
shortbread and wafers.

                                             A Lasting Impression $58.00
                                             The Gift Basket contains Chocolate Covered
                                             Cranberries, Chocolate covered almonds, crispy
                                             caramel corn covered in white chocolate w/
                                             almonds, 2 boxes of crisp Stone Wheat crackers,
                                                                                                                        ...with Hidden Treasures!
                                             Buckley’s Buttery Old Fashioned Almond
                                             Toffee, Parmesan Focaccia Bites, Creamy Swiss
                                             Cheese Triangles, Bellagio Caramel Cappuccino,
                                             Bellagio French Vanilla Cappucino,

Deck Your Halls...                                                                                                                                                   HT

                                                                                                                 Holiday Wishes $60.00
                                Dazzle your family with...                                                       This holiday basket is filled to the brim with
                                                                                                                 Gold Hinged Lid Gift Box, Bellagio White
                                                                                                                 Chocolate Cafe, Vanilla Caramels, Ghirardelli
                                                                                                                 chocolate bar, chocolate wafer cookies,
                                                                                                                 Cappuccino almond toffee, 9 oz. double
                                                                                                                 chocolate truffles, asst lindt cream truffles and
                                                                                                                 gourmet chocolate brownies.

                                                             Noel $85.00
                                                             A holiday keepsake, this wood and wrought iron

     ...a touch of sparkle...
                                                             sleigh is filled with Cookie It Up cookies, Lindt
                                                             truffles, handmade Le Feuvre’s candy, almond
                                                             crunch, chocolate cranberries and more.

                                                                                                                 The Fireside Snacks
                                      ...warmth...                                                               Holiday Gift $45.00
                                                                                                                 The Fireside Snacks Holiday Gift Basket
                                                                                                                 consists of wooden basket, butterfields old
                                                                                                                 fashioned candy, creamy vegetable dip, snack
                                                                                                                 tote with deluxe snack mix, holiday butter toffee
                                                                                                                 pretzels, christmas cranberry cinnamon tea.


                                          Salad Bowl $115.00                                                                                      Shot Glasses
                                          Exquisite wood salad bowl filled with delicious                                                         Give this beautiful 13 pc set of glass wear.
                                          savoury gourmet selection...makes an elegant                                                            Includes 6 shot glasses 6 stirring sticks and a
                                          gift, especially when our beautiful stainless                                                           glass tray. A wonderful gift!
                                          steel servers are added.

Interlude $40.00                                                                            Crystal Butter Dish
Assortment of Lindt chocolate, handmade                                                     This crystal piece is lovely and functional. Anyone
cookies, chocolate wafers, almond bark,                                                     would be proud to pull this out on any table!
nuts and candy.

                                          Dinner at Rao’s $75.00                                                                                  Contemporary Glass Vases
                                          Fusilli, marinara sauce and Italian                                                                     These contemporary styled vases are a new
                                          dressing, focaccia chips, beef salami                                                                   fresh look on a traditional gift item!
                                          and cappuccino in a woven wooden tote,
                                          with handles that can be reused to store
                                          magazines or collectibles.
                                          Mangia! Mangia!

An Everlasting Gift...                                                                                                                                                                         HT

                                             Fairy Dust Figurines                                                                            Get Well Wishes $36.30
                                             A beautiful bomboniere to give for any                                                          Send this uplifting gift to that special person
                                             function. A truly lovely piece.                                                                 that is sick or needs a boost of energy. Filled
                                              Prices will vary based on quantities.                                                          with our finest gourmet trail mix, white yogurt
                                                                                                                                             covered pretzels, biscotti to dip into the
                                                                                                                                             assorted gourmet coffees and a bright colored
                                                                                                                                             ceramic mug as a keepsake.

 Oil Burner
 A gift that will fill someone’s home with                                                   Season’s Bounty $125.00
 beautiful aromas. Many scents available.
                                                                                             This overflowing basket of goodies consists
                                                                                             of 6 World Renowned Royal Comice Pears, 5
                                                                                             Crisp Ruby Red Apples, 4 Juicy Navel Oranges,
                                                                                             2 Ultra Sweet Seckel Pears, 1 South African
                                                                                             Baby Pineapple, Wild Pacific Northwest
                                                                                             Smoked Salmon, Savory Beef Summer
                                                                                             Sausage, Rich Hand-Milled Garlic Cheddar
                                                                                             Cheese, Flaky Honey Wheat Crackers, Fresh
                                                                                             Roasted Mixed Nuts, Deluxe Dried Fruit
                                                                                             Assortment, Delectable Chocolate Covered
                                                                                             Bing Cherries, Smooth Milk Chocolate
                                                                                             Almonds, Alluring Chocolate Toffee Almonds,
                                                                                             Marionberry Preserves, Raspberry Preserves,
                                                                                             Phoenician Pastries, Cherry Salsa, Pecan
                                                                                             Popcorn, and Seattle Chocolate Mint Truffles.

                                             Mini Graters
                                             Our gifts are both attractive and functional.
                                             Give this Contemporary house hold item as a
                                             gift for any function!

A Day At The Spa...                                                                                                                                                                                      HT

                                                       Luxury Spa $95.00                                                                                 Margarita Bouquet
                                                       Invite her to unplug from the world and                                                           A gorgeous arrangement of summer flowers
                                                       unwind in her own personal spa. Indulgence                                                        and colours. Arranged in a large margarita glass.
                                                       comes in a sleek, ceramic basin filled with bath                                                  Margarita glass measures 10.5”H. Arrangement
                                                       salts, body scrub, fine lotions, bath elixirs and                                                 measures approximately 18”H x 13”D.
                                                       more. A truly sumptuous array guaranteed to
                                                       soothe and invigorate from head to toe, spa
                                                       towel and slippers.

 Pure Living $75.00                                                                                        Summer’s Bouquet
 Relax and enjoy with Pure Living Green Tea bath                                                           Give a gift of beautiful summer flowers
 and shower gel, hand cream and soap (in a caddy)                                                          with a stylish and colourful vase. Brighten
 complemented with home spa kit and votive set...                                                          up someone’s day with the georgeous
 pure pleasure and simply refreshing.                                                                      arrangement!

                                                    Chocolate Lovers Spa
                                                    $39.99, $59.99, $79.99
                                                    We’ve discovered the most decadent milk
                                                                                                                                                         Mini Rose Cube
                                                    chocolate body lotion, cocoa chocolate bath                                                          This sophisticated mini arrangement would
                                                    salts and bath gel, white chocolate bubble bath                                                      look lovely on any table. Select any colour
                                                    and mint chocolate foot scrub. Then we added                                                         roses that suit your own personal taste!
                                                    a wooden foot brush with a pumice stone, a
                                                    natural sisal loofah pad and delicious French
                                                    chocolate truffles. These luxurious gifts all
                                                    arrive inside a reusable elegant brown suede
                                                    hatbox. It’s a delicious way to relax alone…
                                                    or with one you love.

The Center Of Attention...                                                                                                                                                                               HT

                                                      Apple Martini Bouquet                                                                             Green Spa Tote $64.95
                                                      This gorgeous gathering of white lilies, roses                                                    Green is truly the color of relaxation when
                                                      and mini carnations, green button poms and                                                        you send our stylish emerald tote filled with
                                                      more is beautifully arranged and served up                                                        delicious gourmet sweets and soothing spa
                                                      fresh by our select florists in an oversized                                                      gifts! This fabulous fashion statement makes
                                                      martini glass, complete with straws and faux                                                      a great carry bag when they’re on the go, or
                                                      apples. What a great way to toast any special                                                     for storing magazines or mementos—but first
                                                      occasion! Our florists select the freshest flowers                                                they’ll enjoy the key lime cookies, green tea
                                                      available so colors and varieties may vary.                                                       sachets, green body terry sponge and green tea
                                                      Martini glass measures 10.5”H. Arrangement                                                        bath salts, body wash and body lotion.
                                                      measures approximately 18”H x 13”D.

 Candle and Roses                                                                                          Bath and Body Spa Caddy
 This beautiful and uniquely styled Candle and rose                                                        $50.00
 combination can be used for various occasions.                                                            The Wire handled bath caddy includes bath
                                                                                                           loofah, 6” Pillar Candle, Bath Oil Beads,
                                                                                                           Lavender potpourri, Relax and Read Bath
                                                                                                           Pillow, Heavenly moments 8 oz. lavender
                                                                                                           Moisturizing Bath Gel, Heavenly moments
                                                                                                           8 oz lavender Moisturizing Body Lotion and
                                                                                                           Exfoilating bath mitt.

                                                      Orchids                                                                                           Gentlemen’s Chest $ 54.99
                                                      This simple arrangement of the orchids with                                                       Help that special guy shed the stress of
                                                      glass wear is gorgeous and can add brilliance                                                     the workday world with our stunning
                                                      to any celebration. Use it as a 3 piece or select                                                 collection of bath products just for him,
                                                      any of the various sizes. Prices will vary.                                                       packaged in a handsome chest. These
                                                                                                                                                        revitalizing treats include white tea and
                                                                                                                                                        ginger scented bath soap, body wash and
                                                                                                                                                        body lotion, a boxed natural bath sponge, a
                                                                                                                                                        massage brush and scented candles.

A Sweet Escape...                                                                                                                                                                                                   HT

                                                          Tea Forte $50.00                                                                                         Our Precious Baby New Carrier
                                                          For the tea connoisseur a festive presentation of                                                        $125.00
                                                          the finest selection of whole-leaf teas and herbs.                                                       The Moses Baby Carrier (measures 20” long
                                                          This exquisite gift includes custom covered cup, tea                                                     by 10” deep) consists a baby’s first handprint
                                                          infusers, cookies, honey and tea bag trays.                                                              kit, 2 pairs baby booties, baby teether keys,
                                                                                                                                                                   Johnson & Johnson baby soap, 4 pc terry cloth
                                                                                                                                                                   baby washcloth set, 5 X 7 baby picture frame
                                                                                                                                                                   holds a 3 X 5 photo, baby Q-Tips in a reusable
                                                                                                                                                                   acrylic box, 2 100% cotton baby tee shirts, 9
                                                                                                                                                                   oz. Johnson & Johnson baby lotion, 2 baby
                                                                                                                                                                   receiving blankets, baby plush hippo pastel
                                                                                                                                                                   colors ( 8” X 4.5”).

   Godiva Sweet Delight $51.00                                                                                   Welcome Baby Bassinet $75.00
   Send them the best with this Godiva Sweet                                                                     If the baby has a bassinet to sleep in, why
   Delight. They will enjoy every bite of the                                                                    not send a matching one filled with gifts?
   delicious treats this ceramic pedestal holds. Basket                                                          Will arrive loaded with plush animal toy, 8oz.
   includes: Godiva Solid White Chocolate Bar                                                                    bottle, wash cloths, rocking horse candle, baby
   (1.5oz), Godiva Crème Brulée Dessert Chocolat                                                                 rattle, pink onesie outfit, comb & brush set,
   (1.25oz), Godiva Signature Biscuts (1.2oz),                                                                   cozy fleece blanket, This large wicker bassinet
   Godiva Hot Cocoa (1.1oz), Macadamia Nut                                                                       can be used to store or hold treasured toys
   Biscotti (.8oz) and a Ceramic Pedestal Container.                                                             long after the goodies are gone. Gift Size:
                                                                                                                 14x10.5x11 (4 lbs. –Box 12x12x12)

                                                          A Sweet Escape
                                                          Tantalize their tastebuds with a grand assortment
                                                          of sinfully delicious treats! Our Sweet Escape
                                                          basket features heavenly hazelnut cookies, roasted
                                                          gourmet coffee, buttercrunch toffee, pecan caramel
                                                          cookies, chocolate cream wafers, rich Tia Maria
                                                          liqueur chocolates, bite size butter wafers, gourmet
                                                          mocha caramel chocolate coffee and more!!


                                                    Diaper Cake $57.99                                                                                      Polka Dot espresso $44.00
                                                    Send this adorable Diaper cake to the new                                                               Fun loving espresso cups including handmade
                                                    parents! A truly unique gift. Includes one                                                              cookies, biscotti and candy.
                                                    package of new born diapers, booties, rattle,
                                                    stuffed bear, hair brush and comb, pacifier, nail
                                                    clippers, wash clothes and more!

Baby Welcome Bag $68.99
Send this wonderful assortment of baby treats                                                           Tasty Selection $32.00
to the new proud parents. Includes wonderful
children’s books, stuffed toys, rubber duckies,                                                         A sampling of delicious treats: Heavenly Sweets
baby hand print set, beautiful baby sleeper, bib,                                                       cookies, Ma’s pecan brittle bark, Lindt truffles,
bottle, large diaper bag and much much more!                                                            chocolate cranberries and shortbread cookies.

                                                    New Baby Starter $70.00
                                                    A wonderful layette gift for any new parent is
                                                    nestled in a gingham-lined willow basket and
                                                    includes: a soft washcloth, an adorable booty
                                                    and cap set, a burp cloth and bib, a snuggly
                                                    plush toy, a toasty hooded bath blanket,
                                                    a handy storage bin, 2 hangers and more.
                                                    Basket measures 14”H x 11”W x 18”L.

A Bundle Of Joy...                                                                                                                                                                                     HT

                                                 Baby Bathtime $150.00
                                                 Send them everything they’ll need for baby’s
                                                 bathtime—including the bathtub! Our                                                                 Deluxe Baby Time Capsule
                                                 sensational gift set features a deluxe baby                                                         $40.00
                                                 bathtub, which arrives filled with such bath
                                                                                                                                                     A unique gift to capture baby’s first year of
                                                 and after-bath essentials as a changing pad,
                                                                                                                                                     life! It is a perfect “New Baby” gift that will
                                                 booties, washcloths, and a hooded towel and
                                                                                                                                                     be treasured forever. This basket contains 10”
                                                 100% cotton sleep gown with matching cap,
                                                                                                                                                     Furry Tan bear, Baby Lullabyes CD/Cassette,
                                                 We also included burp pads, a wrist rattle, an
                                                                                                                                                     “Naptime” Door pillow hanger, 2 100% cotton
                                                 8oz. bottle, a pacifier, a comb and brush set
                                                                                                                                                     tee shirts, New Baby Picture Frame, Gel Baby
                                                 and 2 terry toys. Elegantly wrapped and ready
                                                                                                                                                     teether, baby rattle, baby brush and 21 pc baby
                                                 for gifting, it’s an extraordinary gift both baby
                                                                                                                                                     time capsule.
                                                 and parents will love! Measures 27”H x 16”W
                                                 x 14”L. Available in both pink and blue.

                                                                                                     Welcome Home $125.00
                                                                                                     The gift basket contains Plush Baby’s First
                                                                                                     Year wall hanging growth chart, Babies First
 Baby Einstein Water                                                                                 Teddy Bear Ultra Plush, Babies First Tooth
                                                                                                     Keepsake box, Babies First Haircut Keepsake
 Wagon $95.00                                                                                        box, Baby Lullabye CD, Babies First Handprint
 Water, Water Everywhere is the theme for this                                                       Kit, 5 X 7 Ceramic Baby Picture Frame, 5 pc
 wagon gift basket, comes complete with, wagon                                                       terry cloth wash cloth set, 2 100% Cotton
 Baby Neptune Activity Toy and Teether,                                                              Tee Shirts, 2 Baby Beannies, 2 Hooded Baby
 Water, Water Everywhere Bath Book,                                                                  Bath Towels, Baby Manicure Set, Baby Wipes,
 Baby Neptune Traveling Discovering Cards,                                                           Johnson & Johnson Baby Lotion 9 oz.,
 Octopus Bath Puppet, Baby Neptune Musical CD,                                                       Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash 9 oz., Johnson
 Ocean Bath Mural Book , and much much more!                                                         & Johnson Tearless Baby Shampoo 7 oz., My
                                                                                                     First Cookies Baby Shortbread Cookies, 2
                                                                                                     Baby Burp Cloths, 2 Sets Baby Booties and
                                                                                                     large laundry Basket w/ handles 24” long 16”

                                                 Bath Time Baby $90.00
                                                 The bath time baby large gift includes
                                                                                                                                                     Sweet Baby of Mine
                                                 Baby Wash Tub, Johnson & Johnson                                                                    New Baby Basket $55.00
                                                 Tearless Baby Shampoo 7 oz., 2 100%                                                                 The basket consists of Fabric lined storage
                                                 cotton Tee shirts, Hooded baby bath towel                                                           hamper, It’s a boy/It’s a girl baby teddy
                                                 (various designs), 2 baby caps, 4 terry                                                             bear with tee shirt, baby bear rattle, 3 pc
                                                 cloth wash cloths, 5 X 7 baby picture frame                                                         terry cloth baby washcloth, baby booties,
                                                 holds a 3 X 5 picture, 3 rubber ducks,                                                              baby beanie, baby tips for moms and dads
                                                 baby booties, baby brush & comb set,                                                                book, 5 X 7 baby picture frame holds a 3 X
                                                 baby, ultra soft satin edged baby duckling                                                          5 photo, 100% cotton baby tee shirt, 9 oz.
                                                 blanket baby duck doubles as a finger                                                               Johnson & Johnson baby lotion, Johnson &
                                                 puppet, Johnson & Johnson Baby lotion 9                                                             Johnson baby soap, baby burp cloth.
                                                 oz., Johnson & Johnson Baby wash 9 oz.


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