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Basics of Mechanics’ Liens
and Verified Claims
A review of the basics of mechanics’ liens
and updates on the law, featuring the
“Colorado Liens and Claims Handbook”

 LIVE PROGRAM:                     VIDEO REPLAY:
 JUNE 1, 2007                      JUNE 20, 2007
 CBA-CLE Classroom                 Denver
 1900 Grant St., Suite 300         Colorado Springs
 Denver, Colorado                  Grand Junction


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  Basics of Mechanics’ Liens
  and Verified Claims
  A review of the basics of mechanics’ liens and updates on the
  law, featuring the “Colorado Liens and Claims Handbook”

    LIVE PROGRAM:                               VIDEO REPLAY:      PRESENTED BY:
    JUNE 1, 2007                                JUNE 20, 2007      Gilbert R. Egle, Esq.
    CBA-CLE Classroom                           Denver             Preeo Silverman Green & Egle PC
    1900 Grant St., Suite 300                   Colorado Springs   Denver, Colorado
    Denver, Colorado                            Grand Junction
                                                                      SUBMITTED FOR 5 GENERAL CREDITS

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                  The nonprofit educational arm of the Colorado Bar Association and the Denver Bar Association

Basics of Mechanics’ Liens and Verified Claims
 A review of the basics of mechanics’ liens and updates on the law, featuring the “Colorado Liens and Claims Handbook”

WHEN AND WHERE:                                                                    CREDITS:
Live Program: JUNE 1, 2007                                                         Submitted for 5 General CLE Credits
At the CBA-CLE Classroom, 1900 Grant Street, Suite 300, Denver, CO
                                                                                   PROGRAM AGENDA:
Video Replays: JUNE 20, 2007                                                       8:30 - 9:00 a.m. ........................Registration
In Denver, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction                                    9:00 - 10:15 a.m.......................Programming
                                                                                   10:15 - 10:30 a.m.....................Break
COURSE MATERIALS:                                                                  10:30 - 11:45 a.m.....................Programming
Every attendee will receive the recently                                           11:45 - 1:00 p.m.......................Lunch Break (on your own)
updated Colorado Liens and Claims                                                  1:00 - 2:15 p.m. ........................Programming
Handbook - a $165 value!                                                           2:15 p.m.....................................Adjourn

ABOUT THE PRESENTER / UPDATE AUTHOR: Gilbert R. Egle, Esq., Preeo Silverman Green & Egle PC, Denver, Colorado
Gilbert Egle is admitted to practice in Colorado federal and state courts, including the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. Mr. Egle earned his law
degree from the University of Wyoming and has practiced law in Denver since 1984, working primarily in the field of commercial litigation. His practice
emphasizes construction-related work with many cases involving mechanic's liens. He has authored construction-related articles, including recent updates
to Jack Greenwald's Colorado Liens and Claims Handbook and given seminars on various construction topics.

Mr. Egle is a member of the Denver and Colorado Bar Associations, and a section member of the CBA Litigation and Construction Law Sections. He is
actively involved in the American Subcontractors Association and has participated in ASA's government relations committee. Mr. Egle represents clients in
a wide range of business planning, construction, and litigation matters.

                                                             TOPICS TO BE COVERED:

 I. MECHANICS’ LIENS                                                                • The Lawsuit to Foreclose
        - Mechanics’ lien history and purpose                                       • Time to File
        - Who can claim a lien                                                      • Impact of Arbitration Clause
    • Contractors, Subcontractors, and Suppliers                                    • Interest
        - What may be liened                                                        • Attorney Fees
    • Commercial Property                                                           • Enforcement - Sale of the Property
    • Residential Property                                                              - Mechanic’s lien defenses
    • Blanket Liens and Apportionment                                               • Homeowner’s Defense
        - Preparation of lien statements                                            • Posting Notice (Landlord/Tenant)
    • Notice of Intent                                                              • Excessive Liens – Possible Penalties
    • Content of the Lien Statement
    • Sources of Information                                                     II. STATE PUBLIC CONSTRUCTION -
    • Common Lien Form Errors                                                        Verified Claim Statutes
    • Amendments                                                                        - State public works claims – when does the statute apply
        - Time to file                                                                  - Important time frames
    • Important Deadlines, Extensions and Their Impact                                  - The verified claim
        - Other tools of the trade                                                      - Foreclosure/enforcement lawsuits
    • Disburser’s Notice                                                                - Bonds and bond claims on public works projects
    • Joint Check Agreements
    • Bonds – Performance, Payment, and Lien Release                             III.TRUST FUNDS AND BANKRUPTCY ISSUES
        - The benefit of a lien – getting paid                                         - What are trust funds
    • How Liens Affect Title                                                           - Trust fund remedies
    • When and Why are Liens Paid                                                      - Trust fund defenses
    • Lien Waivers                                                                     - Theft and treble damages
        - Lien foreclosure process                                                     - Bankruptcy – discharge issues
                                               “COLORADO LIENS AND CLAIMS HANDBOOK”

ABOUT THE BOOK:                    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jack Greenwald, Esq. (Retired)
This is the fourth edition of      Mr. Greenwald received his Bachelor of Science of Law from the University of Denver in 1950 and a J.D. from the
the Colorado Liens and             University of Denver College of Law in 1952. He practiced law in Denver continuously from 1952 to 2005, specializing
Claims Handbook by the             in the area of mechanics' liens and public works projects claims in the State of Colorado. Mr. Greenwald acted as a
well-known author and              consultant to many attorneys with problems in this field throughout Colorado, and has testified as an expert in the
lecturer on this subject,          area of mechanics' liens. He has lectured at law seminars and has spoken to many construction trade groups on the
Jack Greenwald, updated            subject of mechanics' liens and public works project matters.
by Gilbert Egle. The
Handbook includes over             Mr. Greenwald is the author of the Colorado Liens and Claims Handbook (2nd, 3rd, & 4th editions), initially
25 sample forms, a handy           published by CBA-CLE in 1985. He also authored the "Liens" section in CBA-CLE's The Practitioners Guide to
checklist, and excerpts            Colorado Construction Law. In addition, he has written several articles on the subject for The Colorado Lawyer.
from relevant statutes.            Mr. Greenwald also authored Liens and Claims, published in 1978 by Broadway Legal Publishing Company, as well
                                   as three update supplements

                                                            SUMMARY OF CONTENTS:

Chapter 1       Introduction
                New Laws Cause Revisions in Forms; Constitutionality of the Colorado Lien Law; Liberal Construction of Mechanics' Liens; Unjust
                Enrichment; Privity

Chapter 2       Liens on Private Construction Projects
                Parties Who Can Claim a Lien; Financial Composition of Lien Statement; Mechanic’s Lien as Encumbrance; Relationship with Contractor
                and Owner; Lien Problems on Job Site; Establishing Lien for Materialman; Notice of Intent to File Lien and Time Limits; Lien Statement
                and Time Limits; Blanket Liens and Apportionment; Extension of Time and Time Limits; Abandonment and Time Limits; Payments, Waiver,
                and Release; Leased Real Estate; Trust Fund Statute; Priority of Liens and Rank

Chapter 3       Special Rules for One- and Two-Family Homes
                Special Rules and Restrictions; Time Limits; Conveyance to Bona Fide Purchaser; Special Notice; Special Rescission Rights

Chapter 4       Surety Bonds
                Performance Bond; Labor and Materials Payment Bond; Notice of Filing; Rights of Involved Parties; When to File a Bond; Payment From
                Surety; Time Limits; Obtaining a Surety Bond

Chapter 5       Notices by the Claimant and Disburser
                Notice Prior to Filing Mechanic’s Lien Statement; Notice by Disburser; Claimant's Notice

Chapter 6       The Lien Foreclosure Lawsuit
                When, Where, and Whether to File a Foreclosure; Pleadings; Pre-trial Matters; Trial, Execution, and Appeals

Chapter 7       Satisfying the Mechanic’s Lien Foreclosure Judgment
                Historical Perspective: Entry of Judgment and Sale of Property; Application of Proceeds; Enforcing Personal Judgment;
                Redemption; Rights Pending Appeal

Chapter 8       Arbitration and Bankruptcy
                Arbitration; Bankruptcy; Receivership

Chapter 9       Positions of the Various Parties
                Owner; General Contractor; Subcontractor and Materialman; Attorney; Written Confirmations

Chapter 10 Public Construction Projects
           State and Local Government; Claim Statement; Suing the Bonding Company; Pleadings and Trial

Chapter 11 Public Construction Projects: The United States of America
           Federal Government Projects; Suing on Payment Bonds; Special Protection for Laborers and Materialmen

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