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                                                      The University of Washington
The Administration

                            Founded in 1861, the University of Washington is one of the foremost
                     institutions of higher education in the nation, richly combining its research,
                     instructional and public service missions.
                            Its internationally acclaimed faculty includes five Nobel laureates and the
                     winner of the 1990 National Book Award for fiction. Washington is part of an elite
                     group of research universities whose contributions to American life are unique
                     because they generate the basic knowledge upon which practical innovations are
                            The UW student body on the Seattle campus totals about 39,000, with an
                     undergraduate enrollment of approximately 28,000. The UW also has campuses
                     in Bothell and Tacoma, designed primarily for upper division (junior and senior)
                     undergraduates and master’s level graduate programs. Total enrollment at these
                     campuses is about 3,600.
                            For more than 30 years, the university has been among the country’s top five
                     institutions in the dollar value of federal research grants and contracts awarded to
                     its faculty. In 2002, the most recent year for which these data have been collected,
                     the UW ranked second overall and first among public universities. Total grant and
                     contract activity for 2003 exceeded $930 million. More than 75 percent of the
                     university’s grant and contract funds come from federal agencies. Research
                     contributes directly to the educational goals of graduate and professional students,
                     as well as to those of undergraduates.
                            Instruction and research at Washington are supported by a library system
                     that is one of the most extensive in the nation, consisting of five major units and
                     18 branches, as well as libraries at UW Tacoma and UW Bothell, together housing
                     more than five million volumes. UW Libraries received the 2004 Excellence in
                     Academic Libraries Award from the Association of College and Research Libraries,
                     the highest honor a library in North American can receive. In addition to offering
                     instruction in more than 100 academic
                     disciplines, the university offers a
                     spectrum of continuing education                                                              UW Quick Facts
                     courses that advance technical and                                                       Founded: November 4, 1861
                     professional skills and provide
                     opportunities for personal growth and                                                    Type: Public research university with
                     enrichment.                                                                                campuses in Seattle, Tacoma, Bothell
                            Washington has 17 major                                                           Acreage (Seattle campus): 703 acres in
                     schools and colleges: Architecture                                                         north-central Seattle
                     and Urban Planning, Arts and
                     Sciences, Business Administration,                                                       Buildings (Seattle campus): 222 (160
                     Dentistry, Education, Engineering,                                                         permanent, 62 temporary)
                     Forest Resources, The Graduate                                                           Governance: 10-member board of regents
                     School, The Information School, Law,                                                     First Graduating Class: 1876
                     Medicine, Nursing, Ocean and
                     Fishery Sciences, Pharmacy, Public                                                       No. of Students in First Graduating
                     Affairs, Public Health and Community                                                     Class: 1 (Clara McCarty)
                     Medicine, and Social Work.                                                               Faculty: About 3,300 non-research and
                            About 87 percent of the
                                                                                                                more than 600 research faculty
                     University’s undergraduate students
                     are state residents, although                                                            Staff: Approx. 13,000
                     instructional programs draw students                                                     Alumni: Over 200,000
                     from every region of the country and overseas.
                            Most freshmen entering Washington are in the top quarter of their high
                     school graduating classes. In 2003, the average incoming freshman boasted a
                     3.67 high school grade-point average and a combined 1,180 SAT I score.
                            Beyond its academic and service missions, the UW has a strong economic
                     impact on Washington and the Pacific Northwest. With about 25,500 employees,
                     Washington is the second-largest employer in King County. Washington operates
                     the University of Washington Medical Center and Harborview Medical Center,
                     which annually provide more than 200,000 days of patient care and record more
                     than 300,000 visits to their outpatient clinics.
                            Washington also plays a critical role in attracting new business to the region.
                     It provides these, and established businesses, with a steady stream of well-
                     educated graduates and with highly skilled faculty members who assist business
                     and industry in a variety of ways.
                            The University of Washington in Seattle is located on 703 acres in the city's
                     northeast residential area, a beautiful setting on the shores of Lake Washington
                     and Portage Bay. The majestic Cascade Mountains can be seen to the east and
                     the Olympics loom to the west, while the southern view includes downtown Seattle
                     and Lake Union. The combination of this spectacular setting with buildings in both
                     neo-Gothic and modern styles gives the campus a distinctive aura.

                     90 • 2004 Husky Football
                                           President Mark Emmert

                                                                                                                                                                             The Administration
        Mark Emmert became the 30th president              universities in the United States, and to support
  of the University of Washington on June 14,              the state of Louisiana’s economic development.
  2004. Emmert, 51, had been chancellor of                      At UConn, Emmert played a critical role in
  Louisiana State University since April 1999.             implementing the university’s strategic plan,
  Before that, he served five years as chancellor          which included enhancing the institution’s
  and provost at the University of Connecticut.            academic standing, increasing endowment
        Emmert holds doctoral and master’s                 support and strengthening education.
  degrees in public administration from the                     Before assuming the chancellorship at
  Maxwell School of Syracuse University, and a             UConn, Emmert served as provost and vice
  bachelor’s degree in political science from the          president for academic affairs at Montana State
  University of Washington. He is a native of              University. He also held faculty and administrative
  Fife.                                                    positions at the University of Colorado.
        At LSU, Emmert developed the National                   Emmert has been an American Council on
  Flagship Agenda: 2003-2010, which aims to                Education Fellow and a J.W. Fulbright
  increase the University's research and scholarly         Administrative Fellow. He also participated in a
  productivity while enhancing the quality and             J.W. Fulbright Administrative Seminar in the
  competitiveness of undergraduate and                     former East Germany in 1994.
  graduate students. The strategy was designed                  He is married to DeLaine S. Emmert. They
  to place LSU among the finest public                     have two children, Jennifer, 18, and Steve, 24.

      UW's Special Facilities and Campus Landmarks
Central Plaza
The well-traveled crossroads of the University, known on campus as “Red Square”
because of its red brick paving, has at its borders the Administration Building,
Suzzallo Library, Odegaard Undergraduate Library, Kane Hall and Meany Hall. The
red brick expanse forms the roof of a 1,000-car underground parking garage.

Denny Hall
Built in 1895 and the first building on the present campus, it now houses classrooms
and offices. Its cupola features the Varsity Bell, brought from the original downtown
campus and rung only during Homecoming and selected special events.

Frosh Pond and Drumheller Fountain
Designed in 1909 for the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition, rebuilt in the 1930’s;
fountain added for the University centennial in 1961; leads to Rainier Vista mall.

Liberal Arts Quadrangle
“The Quad”, a traditional campus cluster of buildings and open space; architecture
is collegiate Gothic; trees, lawns, and brick paths, as designed in the University’s
1915 campus plan.

Campus Observatory
Features a vintage six-inch refracting telescope, which is available for free public
showings on selected clear nights. Located since 1895 near the north entrance to        Sylvan Theater
campus.                                                                                 Site of early-day graduation ceremonies; an outdoor area featuring a grass “stage”
                                                                                        with the four columns from the administration-classroom building constructed in
South Campus Center                                                                     1861 on the original campus in downtown Seattle.
Student union facilities with dining and meeting rooms, bank branch, lounges, and
University Book Store branch; completed in 1975 and located on Portage Bay south        University Libraries
of the Health Sciences complex.                                                         Suzzallo & Allen, Odegaard Undergraduate, Health Sciences, K.K. Sherwood, East
                                                                                        Asia, UW, Bothell Library, UW, Tacoma Library, and 15 other branches; more than
Husky Union Building                                                                    5 million volumes, plus archival materials and manuscripts, maps, newspapers,
“The HUB,” a social, cultural, recreational, and service center for students and the    microforms, research reports, media materials and government publications.
University community with dining facilities, University Book Store branch, audito-
rium, bank branch, ticket office, offices for student organizations, barber shop,       Waterfront Activities Center
meeting rooms, lounges, microcomputer laboratory, ballroom, and game rooms;             Boating facility located behind Husky Stadium on Union Bay; variety of activities
first occupied in 1949 with subsequent additions and renovations.                       available, including canoe and rowboat rentals and private boat storage.

                                                                                                                                        2004 Husky Football • 91
The Administration

                     The Emerald City
                          First-time visitors are astonished at the wealth of natural beauty in and
                     around Seattle. Literally touching the city’s boundaries are thousands of
                     square miles of evergreen forest and hundreds of miles of salt and
                     freshwater shoreline. With this wealth of nature at their doorstep, both
                     residents and visitors concentrate much of their recreation in the outdoors.
                          Bracketed to the east by freshwater Lake Washington and to the west
                     by saltwater Puget Sound, the city occupies a north-south corridor, slender
                     at the waist and embracing numerous hills. On a clear day, the views of the
                     mountains and water are spectacular.
                          Most of Seattle’s attractions are clustered in pedestrian-scale sections,
                     and are best savored on foot. Central business district buses are free and
                     the Monorail speeds quickly between downtown and the Seattle Center.
                          The crown jewel of Seattle’s attractions is the Seattle Center, the 74-
                     acre legacy of the 1962 World’s Fair. Its distinctive 605-foot Space Needle

                                                                                                                                                                 photo by Seattle-King County Convention & Visitors Bureau
                     is the city’s leading landmark and eight million people visit annually. From
                     its lofty observation deck, there’s a 360-degree view of the city and Puget
                     Sound, backdropped by the snowcapped Cascade Range to the east and
                     the Olympic Mountains to the west.
                          Seattle Center is enjoyable in any season, but on weekends and
                     fairweather days between April and October, it is a beehive of activity with
                     outdoor concerts, amusement park attractions, impromptu performances
                     and special events. It is also home to the world-famous Experience Music
                     Project, a unique multi-million dollar rock n' roll museum that allows visitors
                     to jam with Jimi Hendrix, or sing a duet with Bob Dylan.
                          Downtown, just two blocks uphill from the water, Pike Place Market is
                     one of the last authentic farmer’s markets in the country. A walk through the
                     colorful old market becomes truly a sensory experience as vendors hawk
                     their wares in a dozen different languages; coffee, tea and spice shops             The Space Needle is the most famous Seattle landmark.
                     assail you with their pungent odors; and seemingly limitless heaps of fresh
                     fruit, vegetables and seafood stretch away on every hand.
                          Pioneer Square, the city’s preserved historic district, lies adjacent to the
                     southern end of the downtown waterfront. Here the city has its roots,
                     centered around the original Skid Road (Yesler Way), a road originally used
                     to skid timber down from the hills to the Denny Sawmill on Elliott Bay.
                          Many of the fine old brick and sandstone buildings have been painstak-
                     ingly restored in recent years and a half-dozen square blocks of the district
                     offer excellent shopping and dining as well as historic ambience. The
                     Underground Tours that go beneath the current-day Pioneer Square
                     cobblestones provide a glimpse of Seattle, circa 1890. Just south of Pioneer
                     Square is the historic SoDo District, home to Starbucks corporate head-
                     quarters, the Seattle Mariners' SAFECO Field, and the Seahawks' Qwest
                     Field, a state-of-the-art outdoor football/soccer stadium that opened in 2002.
                          Seattle’s strong maritime environment comes into sharp focus at
                     Fisherman’s Terminal, home of hundreds of purse seiners and gill net
                     boats. Residents often take time to stroll along the piers, watch fishermen
                     mending their nets and admire the sturdy boats that take these men to sea.
                                                                                                                                                                 photo by Seattle-King County Convention & Visitors Bureau

                          Getting out on the water is easy; just board one of the big green and
                     white Washington State Ferries for a ride across the Sound to Bremerton
                     (55 minutes each way) or Bainbridge Island (30 minutes each way). Both
                     ferries move through the bustling harbor traffic, offer a look at the islands
                     and residential shorelines across Puget Sound and provide stunning views
                     of the city skyline and waterfront from Elliott Bay.
                          Seattle is famous for its fresh seafood, especially local clams, oysters,
                     salmon, halibut and crab. The best seafood restaurants also have water
                     views where you can sit beside Puget Sound, Lake Union or Lake Wash-
                     ington and watch the marine traffic. Large Scandinavian and Asian popu-
                     lations add exotic fares of those regions to Seattle menus. Whatever your
                     tastes, Seattle's the place!
                                                                                                         The downtown district on beautiful Elliot Bay.

                     92 • 2004 Husky Football
                                                   Seattle Trivia

                                                                                                                 The Administration
                                      • While Seattle's skies are rarely cloudless, the city ’s annual
                                      precipitation is just 36 inches — less than that of Miami, Houston,
                                      Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Cincinnati,
                                      Indianapolis, Memphis or Washington, D.C.

                                      • The Space Needle, built for the 1962 World’s Fair, is 605 feet tall
                                      and can only be painted in Space Needle White, a special type and
                                      color of paint.

                                      • The modern phenomena of UFOs and “flying saucers” began in
                                      Washington state on June 24, 1947, when Kenneth Arnold spotted
                                      nine mysterious, high-speed objects “flying like a saucer would”
                                      along the crest of the Cascade Range. His report made international
                                      headlines and triggered hundreds of similar accounts of flying
                                      saucers locally and across the nation.

                                      • Seattle’s Lake Washington floating bridge, which crosses Lake
                                      Washington from the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle across
                                      Mercer Island to the eastside community of Bellevue, is the largest
                                      floating structure built by the human race. The floating bridge,
                                      including its approaches, is 3,387 feet long including 25 floating
                                      pontoons 350 feet long by 59 feet wide which are kept in place by 65-
                                      ton anchors.

                                      • Seattle was founded on November 13, 1851 by Arthur and David
                                      Denny, on Alki Beach in West Seattle. The following spring, the 24
                                      original settlers relocated to the eastern shore of Elliott Bay, where
                                      the city sits today.

                                      • The term “Skid Row” or “Skid Road,” now used to describe a city’s
                                      low-rent district, was coined in Seattle around 1860 in reference to
                                      Yesler Way, down which the city’s pioneers slid fresh-cut logs to be
                                      processed at a paper mill on the waterfront.

                                      • At the same time, the citizens of Seattle fixed a chronic plumbing
                                      problem by elevating the downtown streets a full story. The remain-
                                      ing first-floor storefronts, now ten feet below street level, were
                                      sealed, creating “Underground Seattle” which can be toured today.

                                      • Seattle’s first speeding ticket was issued in July 1879 to two men
                                      racing horses downtown.

                                       • In the Summer of 1876, Miss Clara McCarthy became the first
                                      graduate of the University of Washington. At the time, the University
                                      was located downtown on the current site of the Westin Hotel. The
                                      pillars that decorated the front of the original building were preserved
                                      and can be seen in Sylvan Theater, an open-air grove on the current
                                      campus, often used for concerts and weddings.

                                      • Seattle’s Pike Place Market was founded on August 17, 1907, as
                                      a city experiment to bring farmers and consumers together without
                                      price-gouging middlemen.

                                      • As an 11-year-old, Bill Gates, founder of Redmond, Wash.-based
                                      Microsoft, won a free dinner in Seattle’s Space Needle by reciting
                                      correctly all three chapters of the Bible known as the “Sermon on the
          courtesy Seattle Mariners


                                      • Seattle was littered with ash; in 1889 when a fire spread from
                                      downtown’s Pioneer Square and engulfed the city. In 1980 the city
                                      was dusted with ash again after the eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

                                                                                2004 Husky Football • 93
                     Todd Turner
The Administration

                     Director of Athletics
                             William "Todd” Turner was named director of           academic requirements and eligibility
                     intercollegiate athletics at the University of Washington     restrictions aimed at improving
                     on June 19, 2004. The 53-year-old Turner is the 15th          graduation rates among student-
                     athletic director in Washington’s history.                    athletes. This spring the Incentives/
                             A veteran of 28 years as a college athletic           Disincentives Working Group
                     administrator, Washington is the fourth university            completed work on an academic
                     where Turner has served as athletic director. He joins        reform proposal that includes raised
                     the Husky staff after directing Vanderbilt’s athletic         initial and continuing academic
                     program for the past seven years. His position was            eligibility requirements. That group
                     dissolved last September when the athletic department         developed an ambitious proposal to
                     was restructured and placed under the direction of            penalize schools based on poor
                     the newly-created Office of Student Athletics,                academic performance.
                     Recreation and Wellness.                                             The welfare of student-athletes
                             Turner previously held the position of athletic       is at the heart of Turner’s philosophy.
                     director at North Carolina State University and               His goals emphasize academic
                     University of Connecticut. He worked in athletic              achievement and athletic success.
                     administration at the University of Virginia in a number             “It is essential that we make use
                     of different capacities.                                      of all of our resources to provide
                             Turner was chosen after a national search by a        enrichment opportunities for our
                     15-person search committee chaired by Michael                 student-athletes,” said Turner. “To
                     Eisenberg, dean of the University’s Information School.       accomplish that, we must be
                     The committee was assisted by the executive search            structured and well managed. The
                     firm of Barker, Parker and Associates, Inc. of Atlanta.       world of collegiate athletics is
                             “Todd Turner is one of the nation’s most              constantly changing and evolving. It
                     experienced and respected athletic directors,” said           is important for our department to
                     Washington president Dr. Mark Emmert. “His values             understand our mission and
                     for intercollegiate sports align exceptionally well with      objectives and be accountable for them. Working as        YMCA of Middle Tennessee and Tennessee Sports
                     the University of Washington’s, namely a program              a team, with everyone taking ownership in our             Hall of Fame.
                     committed to high ethical standards and competitive           commitments, we can accomplish great things.”                   During his years at N.C. State (1990-1996), the
                     success across all sports. We are very excited about                 An accomplished fundraiser, at Vanderbilt Turner   football team went to five bowls, women’s basketball
                     his coming to Washington and bringing his                     was responsible for the most ambitious facilities         made the Sweet 16 and the men’s soccer team
                     considerable leadership skills to one of the nation’s         enhancement in the program’s history. Under his           played in the Final Four. Eleven Wolfpack teams won
                     foremost intercollegiate athletic programs.”                  direction, nearly every one of the Commodore athletic     ACC titles. He implemented a $45 million fundraising
                             As the athletic director at Washington, Turner        programs upgraded their practice facilities and the       project, the Wolfpack PRIDE Campaign, to upgrade
                     oversees one of the most successful athletic programs         baseball, soccer, track and field and lacrosse teams      athletic facilities that had become outdated. He was
                     in the nation. The Husky athletic program finished            moved into new competition sites.                         involved in the planning and fundraising efforts for
                     eighth in the 2003-04 United States Sports Academy’s                 Thanks to Turner’s direction, in recent years      Raleigh’s Entertainment and Sports Complex (RBC
                     Directors’ Cup rankings. It includes 23 sport programs        Vanderbilt has enjoyed tremendous athletic success        Center) that is now the home for Wolfpack men’s
                     with a $39.5 million annual budget. Approximately             while remaining among the nation’s upper echelon in       basketball.
                     650 student-athletes competed for Washington’s                graduation rates and academic achievement.                      While at Connecticut (1987-1990), he supervised
                     athletic teams. The department includes a staff of                   The Commodores are currently ranked 31st in        construction of the Gampel Pavilion, an on-campus
                     160. In the most recent NCAA graduation report,               the Directors’ Cup standings. This year both the          home for Huskie men’s and women’s basketball. His
                     Washington student-athletes graduated at 70 percent,          men’s and women’s basketball teams advanced to            fundraising efforts helped the Huskies surpass the $1
                     a figure above the national average for other Division        the Sweet 16. The Vandy women’s lacrosse team             million mark in annual giving for the first time in 1990.
                     I institutions and equal to the graduation rate for all       competed in the Final Four, the baseball team reached           During his 11 years at Virginia, Turner worked
                     UW students.                                                  the NCAA Super Regional for the first time, both the      as an associate athletic director for Dick Schultz, who
                             “I am very excited to be coming to the University     men’s and women’s tennis teams posted top-five            went on to be the executive director of the NCAA and
                     of Washington,” Turner said at the time of his hiring.        finishes and the women’s golf program placed fifth at     executive director of the U.S. Olympic Committee,
                     “It is one of this nation’s great public universities, with   the NCAA Championships.                                   and was hired at Virginia by Gene Corrigan, who
                     one of the strongest athletic departments in the                     Twice in the last eight years, the Vanderbilt      became the commissioner of the Atlantic Coast
                     country. I am eager to work with President Emmert in          football program earned national recognition by the       Conference and was the president of the NCAA. At
                     creating the best possible environment for our student-       American Football Coaches Association by achieving        Virginia he worked as the associate director of
                     athletes to advance both their academic and athletic          100 percent graduation rates.                             athletics, director of sports promotions, sports
                     goals, and to work with a highly-respected group of                  Turner has been involved in a number of NCAA,      information director and athletic ticket manager.
                     coaches and a dedicated support staff.”                       conference and community efforts. He is on the                  A 1976 graduate of the Ohio University Sports
                             Turner comes to Washington with the reputation        executive committee and a past president (1996-97)        Administration program, Turner received a Bachelor
                     of being highly respected by his peers and a leading          of the Division I-A Director of Athletics Association.    of Arts degree in religion from the University of North
                     advocate in the movement to bring academic reform             He formerly served as Chair of the NCAA Division I        Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1973. He earned the Ohio
                     to NCAA member institutions. Since leaving Vanderbilt         Men’s Golf Committee. Turner served a three-year          University Graduate School’s Distinguished Alumni
                     he has continued to serve the NCAA as chair of the            term on the Southeastern Conference’s Executive           Award in 1993.
                     NCAA Management Council’s Working Group on                    Committee. He was once on the board of directors for            Turner, a native of Raleigh, N.C., is married to
                     Incentives and Disincentives tied to academic                 the College Football Association.                         the former Sara Newbold, also of Raleigh. They have
                     performance.                                                         Turner assisted several Nashville area causes.     four children: Kate, 24; Allison, 20; Molly, 17; and
                             This past year his efforts on academic reform         He was a member of the Nashville Sports Council           Drew, 14.
                     were felt when the NCAA implemented changes in                executive committee, and a board member of the

                     94 • 2004 Husky Football
                      Senior Athletic Administrative Staff

                                                                                                                                                                               The Administration
Marie Tuite                                                                             Paul King
Senior Associate                                                                        Senior Associate Athletic
Athletic Director                                                                       Director for Business and
      Marie Tuite enters her 11th year as Senior Asso-
ciate Athletic Director for Sports Programs and Stu-
dent Services in 2004. She is also Washington’s                                              Paul King is in his 10th year overseeing the
Senior Women's Administrator. During her first 10                                       business and financial affairs of the athletic depart-
years at Washington, the Huskies have enjoyed a                                         ment. He is responsible for the overall financial man-
tremendous amount of success.                                                           agement of all athletic programs, involving policy
      Since her arrival at Washington, the Huskies                                      making, strategic planning, financial management,
have steadily improved in postseason appearances.                                       staff and organizational development. He is the
In 1994-95, 15 of Washington’s teams were represented in postseason competition.        department’s chief operating officer and chief financial officer.
That number rose to 17 in 1995-96. In 1996-97 all 23 programs qualified or sent              King supervises the business office, personnel and payroll, travel, and com-
representatives to postseason play, and in 2000, five Husky teams earned Pac-10         puter systems, and handles all contract and insurance matters for the department.
Championships.                                                                               Beginning his 21st year overall at Washington, King previously worked as the
      Last year the Huskies hosted the NCAA Women's Basketball West Regional            department’s business manager. King originally joined the Husky staff as an
Championship, and saw 22 of 23 teams represented in the postseason.                     accountant in the business office.
      Tuite oversees 19 of Washington's athletic programs, and directly supervises           King’s prior business experience is in the airfreight and woodstove industries.
Dave Burton, associate athletic director, and Karen Flor, the assistant director for         A 51-year old native of Minneapolis, Minn., King received his bachelor’s degree
Olympic Sports.                                                                         in accounting from the University of Minnesota. He and his wife, Deborah, have four
      Tuite, a native of Livonia, Mich., joined the Husky staff after serving as the    children, April, Andrea, Benjamin and Clayton.
Assistant Director of Championships for the National Collegiate Athletic Association
since 1989. She was a liaison for the NCAA’s sports committees in the administra-
tion and conduct of various championships. Her duties included working with host
                                                                                        Ken Winstead
institutions, coordinating corporate sponsor programs, merchandising and promo-         Associate Athletic Director
tions.                                                                                        Ken Winstead enters his seventh year as the
      During her tenure at the NCAA, Tuite oversaw the administration of the Division   Huskies' Associate Athletic Director for Fund Devel-
I men’s soccer championship, the Division I men’s volleyball championship, the          opment.
Division I women’s gymnastics championship, the Division I women’s softball                   As associate director, Winstead oversees op-
College World Series and the 40-team Division III men’s basketball championship.        erations of the Tyee Development Office, Big "W"
She also worked with the NCAA Division I women’s lacrosse championship and the          Club, marketing and ticket offices, and the UW soft-
Division I swimming and diving championship.                                            ball program. He also assists in fundraising opportu-
      Tuite is no stranger to the Pac-10 Conference. She served as the assistant        nities and capital development, and helped to direct
women’s athletic director at California from 1984-89. Her responsibilities included     Washington's "Campaign for the Student-Athlete,"
managing, developing and controlling fiscal policies for the department; supervising    which included a $100 million upgrade of five athletic facilities.
capital construction projects; management of home athletic events; supervision of             Before coming to Washington, Winstead was the Director of Development for
the business office and support staff and insuring department compliance with           USA Wrestling, where he coordinated a $10 million major gift campaign. He was
university, NCAA and conference policies and procedures.                                associate athletics director at the University of Houston from 1994 to 1997, and
      In 2003, Tuite began her five-year term of service as a member of the NCAA        oversaw the department’s development, marketing, broadcasting and sports infor-
Division I Women's Basketball Committee. In addition, Tuite will serve in the coming    mation departments.
year as a Vice President of the Pac-10 Conference Officers. She is also responsible           Winstead was an associate athletics director at Oregon from 1986 to 1993 and
for the organization and administration of the Pac-10 Conference Women's Basket-        oversaw external operations. He created the Oregon Sports Network as well as
ball Tournament, and serves on the Senior Women's Television Committee.                 working with capital improvements and fundraising efforts. Winstead was also an
      As Director of Athletic Programs and Activities at Alma College (Mich.) from      assistant athletics director for development at Georgia Southern from 1982 to 1986.
1981-84, Tuite coordinated 18 intercollegiate programs for men and women. Prior               The 46-year old Winstead and his wife, Robin, have two children, Alex (11) and
to entering the administrative side of intercollegiate athletics, Tuite held several    Sydney (4).
coaching and teaching positions.
      A 1975 graduate of Central Michigan with a bachelor of science in physical
education, Tuite lettered for the Chippewas in basketball and field hockey. In 1981
she earned her master of arts degree in athletic administration from Central
Michigan. Tuite was inducted into the Central Michigan Hall of Fame in 1990.
      Marie has two sons, Josh (11) and Jake (9).

                                                                                                                                         2004 Husky Football • 95
                                            Senior Athletic Administrative Staff
The Administration

                     Dave Burton                                                                                Jim Daves
                     Associate Athletic Director                                                                Assistant Athletic Director
                     of Sports Medicine,                                                                        for Media Relations
                     Wellness and Student                                                                             Jim Daves is in his 13th year as assistant athletic
                                                                                                                director for media relations at Washington, oversee-
                     Services                                                                                   ing a full-time staff of five assistants. His responsibili-
                                                                                                                ties include oversight of the broadcast portion of the
                          Dave Burton enters his fifth year as Washington's                                     department's radio and television contracts and over-
                     associate athletic director in charge of student sup-                                      all manager of the Huskies' athletic Internet website.
                     port services and sports medicine. Burton joined the                                             During his tenure at Washington, Daves has
                     UW staff in July of 2000 and immediately assumed                                           served as the media coordinator for the 2002 NCAA
                     control over the operations of the Husky training room, equipment room, strength           Women's Golf Championships, 1999 and 2004 Men's Basketball First and Second
                     and conditioning and video services programs.                                              Rounds, the 1995 Final Four in Seattle and the 1993 NCAA Men’s Basketball West
                          Burton has worked for over 30 years in collegiate sports settings, including a        Regional. The past six years he has served as a member of the NCAA Communi-
                     tenure as the associate athletic director for student services and Olympic sports at       cations Committee for the Division I Men’s Basketball Final Four.
                     the University of Colorado from 1992-2000, and 14 seasons as the Buffaloes'                      Prior to joining the Husky staff, Daves was an associate sports information
                     director of sports medicine.                                                               director at Notre Dame from 1986-92. In addition to his responsibilities with football
                          Burton, 49, has been active in the National Athletic Trainers' Association, and       and men’s basketball media relations, he edited both the football and basketball
                     was chairman of the national convention and symposium from 1990-1998. He was               game programs, the former of which earned best in the nation citations five-straight
                     the recipient of the National Athletic Trainers' Association's "Athletic Trainer Service   years from the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA). Daves
                     Award" in both 1997 and 1999.                                                              has also received several CoSIDA national writing awards. He served as the director
                          Prior to joining the staff at Colorado in 1985, Burton served eight seasons as        of communications for the Midwestern Collegiate Conference from 1985-86.
                     the head trainer at Northern Iowa. Burton earned his master's degree from Northern               A 42-year-old native of Greensboro, N.C., he received a degree in business
                     Iowa in physical education in 1977, having graduated from Fort Hays State in 1976.         administration from North Carolina Charlotte in 1984. He spent four years as a
                                                                                                                student assistant in the UNCC sports information office, two years as student sports
                          In addition to his work in Husky athletics, Burton is also a member of the UW
                                                                                                                promotions director for UNCC, and his senior year as sports editor of The 49er
                     Extension Faculty, and was a member of the faculty during tenures at Northern Iowa         Times, UNCC’s student newspaper.
                     and Colorado. Burton has also served on the advisory board for Washington's                      Daves co-authored a book on the history of the Husky athletic program, “The
                     Sports Medicine and Human Performance Certificate Program, and is the athletic             Glory of Washington,” that was published in 2001.
                     department liaison for the Huskies' 2004-05 NCAA re-certification process.                       His wife, Patti, is special events coordinator for the department of athletics.
                          Burton and his wife, Marti, have three sons, Clark (22), Clay (20) and Curt (18).     They have a chocolate lab named Bo, who is the most spoiled dog in the world.

                     Chip Lydum                                                                                 Leslie Wurzberger
                     Associate Athletic                                                                         Assistant Athletic
                     Director for Facilities                                                                    Director for Marketing
                     and Events                                                                                 and Promotions
                           The 2004-05 season will be Chip Lydum's 20th                                              Leslie Wurzberger is in her eighth year as
                     at Washington, and 11th in his current post as the                                         Washington’s assistant athletic director of marketing
                     Huskies' director of facilities and event management,                                      and promotions. She took over the position in Decem-
                     having been promoted from assistant director to                                            ber of 1996 after working for five years as the Assis-
                     associate director in 2004. In addition to overseeing                                      tant Director of Olympic Sports at Washington.
                     the day-to-day operation of Washington’s athletic                                               Wurzberger oversees all of UW''s marketing,
                     facilites, Lydum helps to coordinate the department’s capital projects planning,           advertising, promotions and ticket and corporate partnership sales efforts. She also
                     maintenance and facilities scheduling.                                                     oversees the Husky band and cheer squad, and is resposnsible for all gameday
                           He has played an integral role in the planning and construction of the five          events and promotions, including the HuskyTron, contests, premium giveaways and
                     projects included in the Campaign for the Student-Athlete, including the Bank of           presentations. Her responsibilities also include oversight of the promotional portion
                     America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion, Dempsey Indoor, the Conibear                      of the UW's radio and television contracts and website e-commerce and promotions.
                     Shellhouse renovation, and the upcoming baseball and soccer complexes. Among                    She helps to manage the department's relationship with its multi-media rights
                                                                                                                holder and directs the Husky Mascot Team and the Washington Sports Marketing
                     the previous projects Lydum oversaw was the award-winning Husky Softball
                                                                                                                Internship Program. Wurzberger also oversees operations of the Husky Team Shop
                     Stadium.                                                                                   and serves as the department liaison with the UW trademarks and licensing office.
                           Prior to his appointment to his current position in 1994, Lydum served three              Wurzberger graduated from Washington in 1990 with bachelor’s degrees in
                     years as the assistant to the athletic director, and was an assistant sports informa-      speech communication and business administration. As a student, she served as
                     tion director at Washington from 1984-91.                                                  chairman of the Washington Student Athletic Board and worked for two years as a
                           Lydum has been honored several times by the College Sports Information               student assistant in the media relations office. She received her master’s of science
                     Directors of America (CoSIDA) for his writing, winning Best in the District honors in      degree in sport management in 1992 from the University of Massachusetts at
                     1985 and 1986.                                                                             Amherst, where she worked as a graduate assistant in sports information. Wurzberger
                           The 46-year-old Seattle native received his bachelor’s degree in journalism          also interned for one year in the NCAA's public affairs office before returning to UW.
                     from Washington in 1984 after serving in the United States Marine Corps. He is a                Wurzberger currently serves as the first vice president of the National Associa-
                     member of the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics and is a           tion of Collegiate Marketing Administrators and is a member of the National
                     graduate of the Sports Management Institute.                                               Association of Collegiate Directors for Athletics.
                           Lydum and his wife, Cynthia, have one son, Nicholas.                                      She is married to Dean Wurzberger, Washington’s men’s soccer coach. They
                                                                                                                have two daughters, Whitney (4) and Avery (2).

                     96 • 2004 Husky Football
                     Senior Athletic Administrative Staff
Wendy Brown

                                                                                                                                                                               The Administration
Assistant Athletic Direc-                                                              Greg Lewis
tor for Ticket Operations                                                              Big "W" Alumni Club
      Wendy Brown is in her third year as                                              Executive Director
Washington’s assistant athletic director for ticket                                          Former Husky Greg Lewis is in his fourth year as the
operations. She joined the Husky staff in October of                                   staff liasion to the Big "W" Alumni Club, and added
2002.                                                                                  Special Assistant to the Athletic Director to his title in
      Brown had spent the previous six years as the                                    2004. Lewis is responsible for the development and
assistant athletic director for ticket operations at                                   implementation of programs and services engaging former
Maryland. She managed a department with annual                                         student athletes, including the Huskies' Legends Pro-
ticket sales of more than $4 million. During her                                       gram, which recognizes former Husky greats at UW
tenure she supervised the ticket operations for the                                    home football games.
2002 Orange Bowl and the 2001 and 2002 Final Fours. She helped to implement                  Lewis made a name for himself as a star tailback at Washington from 1987 to
the new seating policy for Maryland’s 18,000-seat Comcast Center that opened           1990. As a senior, he rushed for 1,279 yards, a school record at the time, and earned
this year.                                                                             Pac-10 Conference Offensive Player of the Year honors. Lewis was also lauded with
      Brown was the associate ticket manager at the University of Miami from           the inaugural Doak Walker Award, given to the nation's top junior or senior running
1995-89 and was the ticket manager at University of The Pacific from 1993 to           back, and finished seventh in the Heisman Trophy voting, the highest finish ever for
1995.                                                                                  a Husky offensive player.
      She earned her bachelor of arts degree in communications at Colorado in                After he finished his college career, Lewis spent two seasons with the Denver
1989 and continued her studies in business administration at Miami (Fla.) from         Broncos before returning to complete his degree in political science from UW in 1993.
1990-96. Brown’s first full-time job was as the assistant ticket manager at Colorado
from 1989-90. She held the same position at Miami from 1990-93.
                                                                                       Pamela Robenolt
Dr. J. Patrick Dobel                                                                   Interim Director of Student-
Faculty Athletics                                                                      Athlete Academic Services
                                                                                            Pamela Robenolt is entering her sixth year of
Representative                                                                         employment in Student-Athlete Academic Services.
      University of Washington Professor of Public                                     As director of SAAS, she oversees academic sup-
Affairs Dr. J. Patrick Dobel enters his first year as                                  port programs including Advising, Academic Coor-
the Huskies' Faculty Athletics Representative,                                         dination, Tutorial Programs, and the Autumn Bridge
responsible for overseeing the relationship between                                    course for incoming student-athletes. She has been
the University and the athletic department.                                            dedicated to issues of diversity and individual learn-
      While new to the position, Dobel is a fixture on                                 ing needs since beginning her career in the field of
the UW campus, having worked in Washington's                                           education.
Evans School of Public Affairs since 1985.                                                 Robenolt earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration from
      Dobel's interests encompass the intersection of politics and institutions with   Lakeland College in Madison, Wis., in 1989, and a Master’s degree in Education
personal ethics, interests reflected in courses he teaches in public management,       and Human Development from George Washington University in 1994. She is
leadership, administrative ethics, and ethics and public policy.                       currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Washington, in Educa-
       He has chaired the King County Ethics Board and has served as a                 tional Leadership and Policy Studies.
consultant on management, leadership and ethics issues to numerous public and              Robenolt was born and raised in Wisconsin. She has studied in the South
nonprofit agencies.                                                                    Pacific and was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Central Africa. Prior to moving to
      Dobel earned his Ph.D. in Politics and Political Philosophy from Princeton       Seattle in 1997, she taught in the Washington D.C. area for six years.
University in 1976, before teaching for the next decade at the University of
      He has published several articles in academic journals, and is the author of
the books, "Compromise and Political Action: Political Morality in Liberal and
Democratic Life" and "Public Integrity."

                                                                                                                                        2004 Husky Football • 97
                                                                     Football Support Staff
The Administration

                     Scott Baebler                                                                            Patti Daves
                     Event Manager                                                                            Director of Special Events/
                           Scott Baebler enters his sixth year in event
                     management for Washington and his third year serv-                                       Fund Development Officer
                     ing as event manager coordinating gameday staff                                               Patti Daves is in her sixth year supervising the
                     operations. Baebler manages a gameday staff of                                           planning and development of the athletic department's
                     over 400 security, audio and first aid personnel. In                                     special events. Daves oversees major aspects of
                     2001 and 2002, Baebler also worked as a liaison                                          events, including the Kickoff Luncheon and Husky
                     between the Husky athletic department and the Se-                                        Picture Day, as well as gameday events such as the
                     attle Seahawks, helping coordinate all gameday op-                                       Husky Huddles and Fifth Quarter. She is also in-
                     erations for Seahawks games in Husky Stadium.                                            volved in bowl game operations, serves as the liaison
                           In addition to football, Baebler and his staff                                     for the Tyee Sports Council, and assists in fund
                     manage over 300 athletic and other events at Washington each year.                       raising for facilities, scholarships and Husky athletics.
                           Baebler, 34, resides in Seattle.                                                        She earned her undergraduate degree at Utah in political science in 1988.
                                                                                                                   Daves is married to media relations director Jim Daves, and lives in Edmonds
                                                                                                              with their chocolate lab, Bo.
                     Trevor Baglien
                     Info. Systems Manager                                                                    Steve Emtman
                           Trevor Baglien enters his sixth year as
                     Washington’s information systems manager, and his                                        Strength and
                     eighth overall at UW. Baglien oversees the opera-
                     tions of the more than 300 personal computers used
                                                                                                              Conditioning Coach
                     daily by the department of intercollegiate athletics.                                           Steve Emtman, probably the greatest defen-
                           Proficient in dozens of word processing, spread-                                   sive player ever at the University of Washington,
                     sheet, programming and communications programs,                                          enters his second year as a strength and conditioning
                     Baglien provides end-user support for staff and stu-                                     coach for his alma mater, working alongside former
                     dents, installs and maintains computer hardware and                                      Husky teammate Pete Kaligis, the head strength
                     software, supervises network operations for all of                                       coach.
                     intercollegiate athletics, and directs a full-time computing and communications staff.          Emtman, who won both the Lombardi Award
                           A graduate of Central Washington, Baglien earned a bachelor of science in          and the Outland Trophy and finished fourth in the
                     administrative office management, with a minor in computer applications. After           Heisman Trophy voting, led the 1991 Huskies to the National Championship before
                     working in corporate communications for two years, Baglien joined the ICA staff in       departing for the NFL after his junior year. He was the No. 1 overall pick in the 1992
                     July of 1997 as a computer support technician, and was named information systems         draft, selected by the Indianapolis Colts.
                     manager in September of 1999.                                                                   Emtman went on to play a total of six seasons in the NFL, spending time on
                           Baglien, 33, and his wife Barbara live in Federal Way with their three children,   the Colts, Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins, though his career was cut
                     Whitney (5), Max (2) and five-month old Daniel.                                          short by a series of serious knee injuries.
                                                                                                                     Aside from the numerous awards he garnered while at the UW, Emtman was
                                                                                                              also named to many of the various “All-Century” football teams that were compiled
                     Jeff Bechthold                                                                           at the end of the 20th century, marking him as one of the greatest college defensive
                                                                                                              linemen ever.
                     Assistant Media                                                                                 Along with his duties in the Husky weight room, Emtman, a native of Cheney,
                                                                                                              Wash., is involved in several business ventures.
                     Relations Director
                           Jeff Bechthold enters his 13th year as an assis-
                     tant media relations director at Washington. Bechthold                                   Bart Fullmer
                     assists Jim Daves with day-to-day operations of the
                     media relations office, handles the bulk of football                                     Assistant Equipment
                     player interview requests and writes the weekly press
                           Bechthold also serves as the media relations                                             Bart Fullmer begins his 15th year as
                     contact for the Husky baseball team, which he has                                        Washington's assistant equipment manager, working
                     done for the last 12 seasons. Additionally, Bechthold acts as the publications           closely with equipment manager Tony Piro to coordi-
                     coordinator for the media relations office and is the director of baseball operations.   nate all of the day-to-day operations of the Husky
                           A former media relations assistant at the Pac-10 Conference office and             equipment room. Fullmer's primary duties include
                     Stanford, Bechthold earned a degree in sports information from USC in 1990.              traveling to road games ahead of the team to handle
                           Bechtold, 36, is a native of Livonia, Mich. He and his wife, Meghan — the          equipment delivery, field preparation, and gear distri-
                     program coordinator for UW's Olympic Sports department — reside in Mill Creek.           bution. He also coordinates all of the sideline commu-
                                                                                                              nications for the Husky coaching staff on gamedays.
                                                                                                                    Fullmer, 42, resides in Everett.

                     98 • 2004 Husky Football
Dr. John R. (Trey)                                                                     Pete Kaligis
Green, III                                                                             Strength and

                                                                                                                                                                               The Administration
Team Orthopaedist                                                                      Conditioning Coach
      Dr. Trey Green is in his third year as a team                                          Former Husky Pete Kaligis enters his fifth year
orthopaedic surgeon for Washington’s department of                                     as a strength and conditioning coach at Washington.
intercollegiate athletics. In addition to working with                                 Kaligis' responsibilities including designing and imple-
Washington’s many athletic teams, Dr. Green is the                                     menting training plans for Husky football, and super-
chief of the University of Washington Sports Medicine                                  vising the design and implementation of training
Clinic at Bank of America Arena, where he special-                                     plans for Washington's other 22 sports.
izes in the treatment of sports injuries.                                                    Kaligis earned a national championship ring in
      Dr. Green completed his internship and resi-                                     1991 as an offensive guard for the Huskies, earning
dency training in orthopaedic surgery at Michigan State University’s McLaren           the prestigious Guy Flaherty Award as the team's most inspirational player in 1993.
Regional Medical Center, and finished his sports medicine fellowship training at the   Kaligis also excelled in the shot put, earning All-America honors at the 1994 NCAA
Minneapolis Sports Medicine Center. In 1997, he was recruited to begin a sports        Championships.
medicine program at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in                 Kaligis and his wife, Kristine, have one daughter, Harlie Grace. They reside in
Shreveport, La.                                                                        Seattle.
      Dr. Green is a Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery, a
Fellow of the American College of Surgery, a member of the Arthroscopic Associa-
tion of America, the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, the
                                                                                       Dr. Roger Larson
American College of Sports Medicine and the Orthopaedic Research Society.
      Dr. Green earned both his bachelor’s degree in bio-psychology, and a medical
                                                                                       Team Physician
degree from the University of Cincinnati, where he was a four-year letterwinner in          Roger Larson is in his eighth year as a team
football.                                                                              physician for Washington’s department of intercolle-
                                                                                       giate athletics. Dr. Larson serves as an associate
                                                                                       professor in the University’s department of Orthope-
Dr. Kim Harmon                                                                         dic Surgery and was the Clinical Director of the UW
                                                                                       Sports Medicine Clinic from 1982 to 1998. From 1987
Team Physician                                                                         to 1997 Dr. Larson served as the Director of the
      Dr. Kim Harmon enters her seventh year as a                                      Orthopedic Residency Training Program in the
team physician at Washington, providing primary                                        University's School of Medicine.
care to the Huskies’ football, women’s basketball,                                          Dr. Larson currently serves on the editorial board
track and field and cross-country teams.                                               of several medical publications, including the American Journal of Knee Surgery,
      Dr. Harmon came to Washington in 1998 after                                      Operative Techniques in Sports Medicine and Orthopedics Today. He is currently
completing her fellowship at Ball State. After earning                                 a member of the American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM)
her B.S. in pre-professional studies from Notre Dame                                   Research Committee and has previously served on the Education Committee and
in 1989, Harmon attended medical school at Indiana,                                    Board of Directors of the Arthroscopy Association of North America. Dr. Larson
earning her M.D. in 1993. Immediately upon earning                                     completed the University of Washington Executive Management Program in 1994.
her degree, she began her residency in South Bend,                                          Dr. Larson maintains his orthopedic practice at the UW Sports Medicine Clinic
Ind., before moving on to Ball State.                                                  located in Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion. He specializes in
      She is a board member of the American College of Sports Medicine and a           orthoscopic knee surgery.
member of the American Academy of Family Practice.
      Dr. Harmon and her husband, Michael, reside in Seattle with their four sons,
Ryan, Jack and Patrick and Sean.
                                                                                       Dr. Brad McDavid
                                                                                       Band Director
Bruce Hilliard                                                                              Brad McDavid begins his 11th year as director of
                                                                                       the renowned 240-member University of Washing-
Football Academic Coach                                                                ton Husky Marching Band. His duties with the band
      Bruce Hilliard is in his ninth year of coordinating                              include principal field conductor, show coordinator,
academic services for the Husky football program. In                                   and administrator of all athletic bands as well as the
addition, he is also the campus liaison in the area of                                 Husky Cheer Squad. He is in demand as a clinician,
student services for the football team.                                                adjudicator and guest conductor throughout the United
      Hilliard earned a Bachelor of Science degree in                                  States. Dr. McDavid also holds a faculty position
electrical engineering from Washington in 1985.                                        within the UW School of Music and is principal
Upon graduation, he worked nine years as an engi-                                      conductor of the University’s Symphonic Band.
neering project manager and as a cellular engineer                                          A native of Centerburg, Ohio, McDavid received his bachelor's degree in music
for two of the nation’s leading telecommunication                                      education from Ohio State University in 1985 and Ph.D. in 1999. Highlights in his
firms.                                                                                 musical career include dotting the "I" in the Ohio State Marching Band's famed Script
      In 2002, he received a Master of Education degree in Educational Leadership      Ohio formation and performing at the 1984 Summer Olympics as a member of the
and Policy Studies from Washington, and he is currently a Ph.D. candidate in the UW    Olympic All-American Marching Band.
College of Education.                                                                       Brad and his wife, Janie, who is also a music teacher, reside with their son,
                                                                                       Skylar, in Bothell.

                                                                                                                                        2004 Husky Football • 99
                     Kevin Messick                                                                                Jose Naguit
                     Head Athletic Trainer                                                                        Equipment Technician
The Administration

                           Kevin Messick, MS, ATC is the head athletic                                                 Now in his 17th year with the Huskies, Naguit is
                     trainer for Husky Intercollegiate Athleics. Messick is                                       primarily responsible for the setup of the Husky
                     beginning his fifth year with the University of Wash-                                        football locker room, as well as equipment mainte-
                     ington. He is responsible for the coordination of                                            nance and laundry operations.
                     athletic training services for all of Husky athletics,
                     overseeing nine full-time and part-time Certified Ath-
                     letic Trainers and approximately 20 undergraduate
                     student interns participating in the UW Sports Medi-
                     cine Internship program. Messick also coordinates
                     the health care and rehabilitation of the Husky football team.
                           Messick received his bachelor's of science degree in kinesiology from the
                     University of Colorado, Boulder, while serving as a student athletic trainer. He             Dr. John O’Kane
                     earned his Master's of Science degree at Kansas State University in kinesiology,
                     working primarily with the Wildcats football program. Before arriving at the University      Head Team Physician
                     of Washington, Messick was an assistant athletic trainer at Colorado, working with                Dr. John O’Kane is in his ninth year as a team
                     the Buffaloes' football, women's soccer, women's basketball and nordic and alpine            physician for Washington’s department of intercolle-
                     skiing squads.                                                                               giate athletics. Dr. O’Kane received his M.D. from the
                           Messick is a certified member of the National Athletic Trainers' Association           University of Vermont’s College of Medicine in 1993.
                     and serves on the Board of Directors for the Washington State Athletic Trainers'             He currently serves as an assistant professor in the
                     Association.                                                                                 University of Washington’s Department of Orthope-
                           Kevin, 33, was born in Seattle and raised in Anthony, Kan. He and his wife,            dics and Sports Medicine and is an adjunct assistant
                     Chrissy, reside in Seattle. During his free time, Messick enjoys fly-fishing and hiking.     professor in Family Medicine.
                                                                                                                       Dr. O’Kane graduated from Dartmouth in 1989
                                                                                                                  with a B.A. in biology. He lettered as a running back
                     Ben Mikla                                                                                    and special teams player on the Big Green’s football
                                                                                                                  team from 1985-88. He graduated magna cum laude with honors for his thesis work
                     Assistant Athletic Trainer                                                                   in neurophysiology.
                                                                                                                       Dr. O’Kane chairs the Pac-10 Student-Athlete Health Conference and is a
                           Ben Mikla, in his third year as an assistant
                     athletic trainer at the UW, enters his second season                                         member of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, the American College
                                                                                                                  of Sports Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians.
                     working with the Husky football team this fall.
                                                                                                                       He maintains his primary care sports medicine practice at the UW Sports
                           Mikla also serves as trainer for Washington's                                          Medicine Clinic located in Bank of America Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion.
                     men's and women's rowing teams, and was the
                     trainer for both rowing and women's soccer in 2002.
                           Mikla received his bachelor’s degree in kinesi-
                     ology from Wisconsin and earned his master’s at the                                          Mike Ortiz
                     University of Texas. He also served as an intern with
                     the San Francisco 49ers.
                                                                                                                  Assistant Video Director
                           Mikla and his wife, Amy, were married in July 2003.                                          Mike Ortiz is in his fifth year as assistant video
                                                                                                                  director at Washington. Before joining the Husky staff
                                                                                                                  in 2000, he held the same position at the University
                     Rick Mulcahy                                                                                 of Colorado for three years.
                                                                                                                        Ortiz is primarily responsible for shooting game
                     Assistant Director of SAAS                                                                   highlights from the sidelines, and compiling scouting
                            Rick Mulcahy enters his eighth year in Student-                                       breakdowns of opponent's game tapes for the Husky
                     Athlete Academic Services in 2004, and his 13th                                              coaching staff.
                     overall at the University.                                                                         Ortiz, 29, is originally from Denver, and gradu-
                            As Assistant Director of Coordination, Mulcahy                                        ated from the University of Colorado with a degree in
                     oversees a staff of academic coordinators, who meet                                          broadcast journalism. He currently resides in Bellevue.
                     with athletes on a regular basis to assess academic
                     skills, work on study skills and time management,
                     determine and monitor tutoring needs, and monitor                                            Carol Parrish
                     academic progress. In addition to his supervisory
                     responsibilities, Mulcahy works directly with Washington's football, softball, tennis,
                                                                                                                  Assistant Director for
                     golf, women's soccer and men's crew teams, providing the coaches with weekly
                     progress reports on those students receiving tutoring from SAAS.
                                                                                                                  Marketing and Promotions
                            Prior to his arrival in intercollegiate athletics, Mulcahy worked for five years on        Carol Parrish is in her ninth year as Washington's
                     upper campus as a teaching assistant and lecturer in the UW Department of                    assistant director of marketing and promotions. Parrish
                     Communications.                                                                              is primarily responsible for coordinating gameday
                            Mulcahy's academic background covers a wide range of interests, including             promotional activities and overseeing a staff of stu-
                     a bachelor's degree in biology from Colby College in 1980, a Master's in Asian               dent interns.
                     studies from the University of Hawaii-Manoa in 1988, and a PhD in communications                  Parrish graduated from the University of Wash-
                     from Washington in 1997.                                                                     ington in 1995 with a degree in accounting, before
                            A native of South Yarmouth, Mass., Mulcahy currently resides in Wallingford           receiving her Master's in sports management at The
                     with his wife, Annie.                                                                        Ohio State University in 1996.
                                                                                                                       Parrish and her husband, Kirk, reside in Redmond.

                     100 • 2004 Husky Football
Tony Piro                                                                            Dr. Suzanne Steen
Head Equipment Manager                                                               Director of Sports Nutrition

                                                                                                                                                                               The Administration
       Tony Piro begins his 23rd year in the Husky                                        Now in her seventh year as the Huskies’ sports
equipment room, and his 17th as the head equipment                                   nutritionist, Dr. Suzanne Nelson Steen provides indi-
manager, coordinating equipment needs for                                            vidual nutrition counseling to athletes, gives team
Washington’s 23-sport program. Piro’s responsibili-                                  presentations on nutrition and achieving peak athletic
ties include the management of three equipment                                       performance and designs training table meals. She
rooms, laundry needs and overseeing a staff of seven                                 also chairs the UW Health and Performance Team
full-time assistants and a staff of students.                                        and the Dietary Supplement Committee. Dr. Steen is
       The 46-year-old Seattle native and his wife, Sherry,                          a registered dietitian of the American Dietetic Asso-
have two children, Jennifer (18) and Matthew (15).                                   ciation, and serves on the editorial board of the
                                                                                     International Journal of Sports Nutrition.
                                                                                          She earned her master’s degree in clinical nutrition from Drexel University
Rob Post                                                                             before completing her collegiate education with a doctorate in nutrition science from
                                                                                     Boston University. Dr. Steen has co-authored or co-edited many books on sports
Assistant Director of SAAS                                                           nutrition, including "Nutrition for Sport and Exercise," "Play Hard Eat Right," and
      Rob Post is now in his 14th year as assistant                                  "The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Handbook."
director of Student-Athlete Academic Services, de-
signing tutoring programs for athletes from
Washington's 23 intercollegiate athletic teams. Post                                 Dean Suddath
works as an academic and career counselor for
student-athletes, assisting in scheduling, mentoring
                                                                                     Asst. Director of Development
and degree planning.                                                                      Dean Suddath enters her 20th year as
      The 49-year-old Post, a native of Seattle, earned                              Washington's assistant director of athletic develop-
                                                                                     ment. Her duties include managing the Don James
both his bachelor's and master's degrees from the
                                                                                     Center during home football games, working with
University of Washington in communications.                                          donor football seating, coordinating the Don James
                                                                                     Center advisory board, providing stewardship for
Mary Ryles                                                                           Tyees, and assisting with fundraising for facilities,
                                                                                     scholarships, and Husky sports.
Travel Manager                                                                            A native of Ardmore, Okla., she graduated from
      Mary Ryles is in her 10th year as travel manager                               the University of Oklahoma with a degree in journalism.
for the Husky athletic department. Ryles coordinates
all aspects of travel for both Husky football and the
UW's other 22 intercollegiate athletic teams. Besides
                                                                                     Larry White
setting up "home game" accomodations, Ryles also                                     Facilities/Operations Mgr.
plans all road trips, a job which includes arranging for                                     Entering his 29th year overall at Washington,
football air charters, hotel accomodations and ground                                Larry White is in his third year as the Huskies’ facilities/
transportation for the members of Washington's trav-                                 operations manager. In his duties directing the opera-
eling party, including players, coaches, administra-                                 tions and maintenance of Washington’s sprawling
tive staff and guests.                                                               athletic complex, White oversees event setup for games,
      Ryles attended both the University of Minne-                                   practices, and other activities in UW’s 13 athletic
sota and Purdue, and lives in Magnolia with her husband, Mike, and their three       facilities, manages a full- and part-time staff and coor-
Newfoundland dogs: Cinder, "the old lady," and the puppies, Oscar and Morgan.        dinates the maintenance department budget.
Mike has two daughters: Aly, who lives locally, and Pepper, who resides in Dallas.           Prior to accepting the position in March of 2002,
                                                                                     White served for eight years as supervisor of
                                                                                     Washington’s utility workers, directing all temporary staff in game-day setup for
Genesis Steele                                                                       Huskies and Seahawks games at Husky Stadium. Since joining the Washington staff
                                                                                     as a custodian at the UW Medical Center in 1976, White has also worked as an athletic
Community Relations                                                                  department maintenance custodian, and as a lead utility worker at Husky Stadium.
Coordinator                                                                                  A graduate of Seattle’s Blanchet High School, White served six years in the Air
                                                                                     Force as an aerospace ground equipment technician, achieving the rank of sergeant.
      Genesis Steele is in her seventh year as the                                           White and his wife, Nancy, have two sons, Chris and Alex.
community relations coordinator of Washington’s ath-
letic department. Steele’s responsibilities include lead-
ing all community outreach involving the UW’s stu-                                   Bill Wong
dent-athletes, including the Husky speakers bureau,
the Verizon Reads with the Huskies reading program,                                  Video Operations Manager
the Partners in the Community Grant program with                                          Bill Wong begins his sixth year as the Huskies’
Starbucks, and the KJR Summer Sports Camp Schol-                                     video operations manager. Wong is responsible for
arship program.                                                                      the video operations of the entire athletic department,
      Steele also coordinates the Lucky Dawg program and departmental tours.         which serves every intercollegiate sport and support
      Steele, 28, received a bachelor's degree in communications from UW in 1998     service.
with a minor in music, and is currently pursuing a Masters in Education and               Born in Hong Kong, Wong graduated from
Leadership Policy Studies.                                                           Casa Grande Union High School in 1981. The two-
                                                                                     time national collegiate powerlifting champion still
                                                                                     holds American and national powerlifting records
                                                                                     established while attending ASU.
                                                                                          Wong resides in Lynnwood.

                                                                                                                                       2004 Husky Football • 101
                                          Student-Athlete Academic Services
The Administration

                                                                                                                                      cialist recognize that a student-athlete's aca-
                                                                                                                                      demic performance is influenced by a number of
                                                                                                                                      factors, including individual learning styles; satis-
                                                                                                                                      faction with his or her choice of major; personal
                                                                                                                                      and social life; as well as athletic standing.
                                                                                                                                            Because of these various influences, SAAS
                                                                                                                                      directly assists student-athletes with matters per-
                                                                                                                                      taining to:
                                                                                                                                           • Academic Planning and Advising
                                                                                                                                           • Tutorial and Specialized
                                                                                                                                                 Classroom Support
                                                                                                                                           • Personal Counseling
                                                                                                                                           • Admissions
                                                                                                                                           • Financial Aid
                                                                                                                                            In addition to these services, SAAS houses
                                                                                                                                      and computing center for student-athlete use.
                                                                                                                                            In the spring of 2005, Student-Athlete Aca-
                     When it opens in 2005, the state-of-the-art Conibear Shellhouse and Student Services Building
                     will house Washington's academic tutoring offices, as well as study and dining halls.                            demic Services will be moving its operations into
                                                                                                                                      the new academic center being built on the site of
                                                                                                                                      the former Conibear Shellhouse. The new build-
                          The University of Washington is committed              coaches, student services and University admin-
                                                                                                                                      ing, in addition to housing the new crew house
                     to promoting student athletic achievement as a              istration to help student-athletes balance the
                                                                                                                                      and student dining facilities, will feature state-of-
                     complement to the greater academic mission of               demands of academics and athletics.
                                                                                                                                      the-art computer lab facilities, large study table
                     the University. Recognizing this commitment, the                  In addition to its role as a direct academic
                                                                                                                                      and small-group tutoring spaces, a student lounge,
                     staff of Student-Athlete Academic Services                  service provider, Student-Athlete Academic Ser-
                                                                                                                                      and staff offices.
                     (SAAS) assists student-athletes through a vari-             vices also strives to make student-athletes aware
                                                                                                                                            With its central location in the UW athletic
                     ety of academic and life-skills programs that               of the various services and resources available to
                                                                                                                                      department, close to all of Washington's athletic
                     address the needs of a diverse population.                  them at the University, and to help them make the
                                                                                                                                      practice facilities, the new academic center will
                          The primary goal of SAAS is to help student-           best use of these resources.
                                                                                                                                      be an outstanding resource for student-athletes,
                     athletes develop their academic potential and                     In addition to classroom effort, the SAAS
                                                                                                                                      helping them reach for the same standard of
                     achieve success in reaching their academic goals.           staff of Academic Advisors, Academic Coordina-
                                                                                                                                      excellence in academics as is sought in athletics.
                     The staff of SAAS works closely with faculty,               tors, a Tutorial Coordinator and a Learning Spe-

                               Student-Athlete Academic Services
                          Interim Director, Student-Athlete Academic Services: Pam Robenolt (6th year)
                                  Office Phone: (206) 616-2351 Email:
                          Assistant Director for Academic Counselors: Rob Post (14th year)
                                  Office Phone: (206) 543-0610 Email:
                          Assistant Director for Coordination: Rick Mulcahy (8th year)
                                  Office Phone: (206) 616-2407 Email:
                          Administrative Assistant: Suzanne Anderson (13th year)
                                  Office Phone: (206) 543-0611 Email:
                      `   Academic Coach, Football: Bruce Hilliard (9th year)
                                  Office Phone: (206) 616-8446 Email:
                          Financial Aid Counselor: MaryAnn Emery (5th year)
                                  Office Phone: (206) 543-2290 Email:
                          Tutorial Coordinator: Alafiani Washington (3rd year)
                                  Office Phone: (206) 543-2427 Email:
                          Admissions, Housing, Compliance Coordinator: Shawn Farrell (1st year)
                                  Office Phone: (206) 543-6468 Email:
                          Community Relations: Genesis Steele (6th year)
                                  Office Phone: (206) 616-9227 Email:
                          Director of Sports Nutrition: Suzanne Steen (5th year)
                                  Office Phone: (206) 616-2416 Email:
                          Academic Advisors: Shona Reid McLaughlin, Eric Davis, Ashlee Anderson                Washington's tutors and other academic services employees are
                          Academic Coordinators: Savanna Jamerson, Rod Jones, Carrie Bayless, Ink Aleaga
                                                                                                               committed to providing student-athletes the learning tools with
                                         Visit Student-Athlete Academic Services online at:                    which to build success in their academic and post-collegiate
                                                                    employment careers.

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