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Zend Framework ZF-11105 Make whitespace width configurable    Improvement         Open       Major    Unresolved

Zend Framework   ZF-11964 Some Zend_Barcode Object adapters   Bug                 Open       Major   Unresolved
                          denies correct length barcodes

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Zend Framework   ZF-10495 Background   Bug   In Progress Major   Unresolved

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Zend Framework   ZF-12294 Zend_Validate_Barcode custom adapter Bug   Open   Major   Unresolved

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Zend Framework   ZF-11673 Allow using Zend_Pdf_Font with   Improvement   Open   Minor   Unresolved
                          Zend_Barcode and PDF renderer

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Zend Framework   ZF-12056 ajout d'option pour le choix de codeset    Improvement   In Progress Minor     Unresolved
                          par intervalle de caracatères pour les
                          code barre 128

Zend Framework   ZF-8046   fix a todo in pgsql.php pdo code public   Patch         Reopened    Trivial   Unresolved
                           function listTables()

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Zend Framework   ZF-6473   Can not insert data in Oracle BLOB   Bug   Open   N/A   Unresolved

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Zend Framework   ZF-5758   Oracle error : '1000 ORA-01000:    Bug           Open   N/A   Unresolved
                           maximum open cursors exceeded
                           *SELECT S_CTO_PAC.NEXTVAL
                           FROM dual'

Zend Framework   ZF-10996 New barcode objects? (ISBN and/or   New Feature   Open   N/A   Unresolved

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Zend Framework   ZF-7427   Zend_Db_Adapter_Oracle-             Performance Improvement   Open   N/A   Unresolved
                           >describeTable() does not perform
                           acceptably on large databases

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Zend Framework           ZF-5759       Parse once, execute many time the   Improvement   Open   N/A   Unresolved
                                       same SQL statement

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   Assignee             Reporter       Created           Updated       Resolved Affects Version/s   Fix Version/s
Mickael Perraud Stefan Koopmanschap   2/22/2011 6:46   2/22/2011 12:47          1.11.3

Mickael Perraud Damien Nicolas        1/3/2012 10:35    2/26/2012 6:56          1.11.11

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Mickael Perraud Nicolas Renardet   9/24/2010 7:52   3/4/2012 17:34

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Mickael Perraud Yaroslav Zenin   6/20/2012 8:27   7/11/2012 11:07

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Mickael Perraud Mickael Perraud   8/16/2011 14:10   2/29/2012 18:57   1.11.10

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Mickael Perraud Hilly     2/13/2012 14:56    5/29/2012 14:01   1.11.11

Mickael Perraud Cedric   10/10/2009 18:10   12/18/2012 18:40             Next Mini Release

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Mickael Perraud Vik Paul   4/29/2009 13:27   12/27/2011 17:56

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Mickael Perraud Wilfried Loche   2/12/2009 5:53   1/25/2012 11:03   1.7.4

Mickael Perraud Sven Franke      1/25/2011 1:04   2/29/2012 18:57

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Mickael Perraud Adam George   7/30/2009 20:35   6/21/2012 20:39   1.8.4

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Mickael Perraud Wilfried Loche   2/12/2009 6:46   1/25/2012 10:56   1.7.4

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       Component/s   Due Date Votes Watchers Images Original Estimate   Remaining Estimate   Time Spent Work Ratio
Zend_Barcode                      0        0

Zend_Barcode                      0         1

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Zend_Captcha   0   1

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Zend_Barcode, Zend_Validate   0   1

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Zend_Barcode   0   0

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Zend_Barcode   0   0

Zend_Db        0   2

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Zend_Db_Adapter_Oracle   6   6

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Zend_Db_Table   0   2

Zend_Barcode    0   1

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Zend_Db_Adapter_Oracle   3   3

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Zend_Db_Adapter_Oracle   2   2

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Sub-Tasks     Linked Issues                   Description                  Security Level   Progress Σ Progress   Σ Time Spent
            ZF-11106          I don't dare call this a bug because
                              apparently, the whitespace is now always
                              the width of the thin bar, but the
                              whitespace between "bar characters"
                              should be configurable, as this may
                              actually be different from the thin bar
                              width. A seperate option
                              'whitespaceBarWidth or somesuch would
                              make sense.
                              Generating a barcode with a correct
                              length length (for example, a 13-chars
                              ean13 code) returns exception, saying
                              ""1234567890123" should have a length
                              of 13 characters". Even with a
                              "'withChecksum' => false" in the Object
                              options, the checksum is always
                              appended, because of the
                              "_mandatoryChecksum" default option in
                              most of the adapters. I don't understand
                              why this option is set, and I think I should
                              be able to pass a complete ean13 with
                              my own checksum. So, I just commented
                              out the "$this->_mandatoryChecksum =
                              true;" line in

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I had difficulties to understand the
startImage function.
For mean the goal is to use the
background of the placed picture
however the picture background will be
ever set on white value.

(Ligne 505 $bg_color =
imagecolorallocate($img2, 255, 255,
255); de Zend\Captcha\Image.php)

It's not possible to add transparency
without use the function
imagecolorallocatealpha() or fix this ?

Another problem, the render is set with
width and height size (getWidth() et
getHeight()). As attributes of classe have
default value, if I pass the image the
image will be displayed considering the
_width and _height values.

It's does make sense to let the width and
height dimension to original picture or it
could be more efficient to let only by
default the SRC picture url instead of use
HTML code. Zend can be use like

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Zend_Validate_Barcode should support
custom adapters which should be
possible to set ins constructor.
Adapter instance of class should be
supported and classes which are not
located in Zend/Validate/Barcode/

quick fix for that:
### Eclipse Workspace Patch 1.0
Index: library/Zend/Validate/Barcode.php
--- library/Zend/Validate/Barcode.php
(revision 20552)
+++ library/Zend/Validate/Barcode.php
(working copy)
@@ -131,17 +131,22 @@
public function setAdapter($adapter,
$options = null)
- $adapter = ucfirst(strtolower($adapter));
- require_once 'Zend/Loader.php';
- if

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It should be possible to use already
created Zend_Pdf_Font instead of this
mandatory setting when we use PDF
//a font is mandatory for Pdf
(__FILE__) .

External link:

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          L'encodage des code barre type 128 est
          optimisé de façon à utiliser le mix de
          codeset (A,B,C) qui permet de rendre le
          code barre le plus concis possible.
          Dans certains cas, les code barre doivent
          être générés non pas de façon optimale
          mais suivant des spécifications précises
          (par exemple les codes barres de suivi
          ou de prise en charge Colissimo).

          L'implémentation actuelle ne permet pas
          de définir que le code barre
          8V1722409000010860000037 devra être
          (moins bien ;) encodé ainsi :
          8 premiers caractères alphanumériques
          du jeu A ou B
          16 caractères numériques suivants du
          jeu C (8 blocs de 2 chiffres)

          $bc0ptionsObject = array('text' =>
          $bc0ptionsRender = array();
          $pdf = Zend_Barcode::factory('code128',
          'pdf', $bc0ptionsObject,
          $bc0ptionsRender )->setResource($pdf)-

          le code généré actuellement sera ainsi:
          2 premiers caractères alphanumériques
ZF-8455   Just a little imrovment as suggested in
          the code

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ZFINC-71   I have oracle 10g as backend database.
           We need to store user uploaded files in a
           table with BLOB column. I attempted to
           do so by passing form variable and then
           with using php global $_FILES array.
           Both cases oracle throws error
           identifying passed value as string.
           I did not see any documentation if Zend
           supports Oracle BLOB datatype
           management. We are using zend core
           2.5.0. Is this functionality supported?

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ZF-5759, ZF-5761   Hi,

                   I use thz ZF for a couple og years now
                   but only for some packages. I want to
                   use it dephly (and MVC + Zend_Db).

                   I got an issue with the Zend_Db_Table
                   as soon as I want to execute more SQL
                   than I/the DBA have/has authorized
                   cursors... even if they should be closed
                   by the ZF...

                   Here is my example:

                   CREATE TABLE "T_CTO_PAC2"
                   "ID_PAC" NUMBER(38,0),
                   "PAC" CHAR(6 BYTE),
                   "CID" VARCHAR2(64 BYTE),
                   "LABEL" VARCHAR2(128 BYTE),
                   "CREATED_ON" DATE DEFAULT
                   "UPDATED_ON" DATE,
                   CONSTRAINT "CK_CTO_PAC2_CID"
                   CHECK (CID is not null) ENABLE,
                   "CK_CTO_PAC2_LABEL" CHECK
                   Are the barcodetypes ISBN and GS1
                   going to be added in the framework?

                   Would be very, very nice ;)

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ZF-10415   The Zend_Db_Adapter_Oracle-
           >describeTable() function will not
           perform on large databases.

           The reason is that this function queries
           some large, key tables such as
           ALL_CONSTRAINTS, but the joins/filters
           are written in a way which they will
           tablescan the database rather than use
           any indexes efficiently.

           On smaller databases this would not
           even be noticeable. But we have large
           oracle databases at work, with many
           objects in them, and so these queries are
           table-scanning and will not finish
           executing for us.

           With some simple changes I was able to
           fix these performance issues. This is my
           re-written function:

           public function
           $schemaName = null)
           $version = $this->getServerVersion();

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ZF-5758   Hi,

          This proposal was announced here: [ZF-

          We have took a look on the SGA
          Trace/optimzer of TOAD, and saw that
          exactly the same query was parsed as
          many time as it was executed.
          This is not as optimized as our own
          framework (... that only support Oracle,
          this is a fact!), here is our simple
          proposal that caches allready prepared
          statements :

          * Adapter Oracle
          * @package Core
          * @subpackage Db
          class Cto_Core_Db_Adapter_Oracle
          extends Zend_Db_Adapter_Oracle

          /** @var array array of

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Σ Remaining Estimate   Σ Original Estimate   Labels                  Tags   Fix Version Priority

                                                      barcode, checksum

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               listTables, pgsql, todo

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blob, oracle

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11g, DRCP, ORA-01000, Oracle,
cursors, exceeded, maximum, open

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Optimization, once, parse

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