Virginia Homeowner's Association by AliceBegovich


                              P.O. BOX 2672
                       Fairfax, Virginia 22032-0672

                                             November 30, 2005

Dear Kingsberry Homeowner:

The annual meeting of the Kingsberry Homeowners Association, Inc., was held on
Tuesday, October 25, 2005. At this meeting the following individuals were elected as
the Directors of the Association:

       •   Don Feil
           4635 Luxberry Drive
           Telephone: 703-978-3148

       •   Ruta Sevo
           4652 Luxberry Drive
           Telephone: 703-978-2634

       •   Marisue Uhrich
           4636 Luxberry Drive
           Telephone: 703-425-4771

At the organizational meeting of the Board of Directors held on Tuesday, November 1,
2005, the following individuals were elected officers of the Kingsberry Homeowners
Association, Inc.:

       •   Marisue Uhrich, President
       •   Don Feil
       •   Ruta Sevo
       •   Erica Novak, Treasurer

We are very proud to be residents of Kingsberry and are here to serve the community!
As board members, our main responsibility is to administer the affairs of the Association.
This includes, but is not limited to, the care and maintenance of the common grounds,
establishment and collection of assessments, management of the budget, and creation
and enforcement of the rules and regulations that are critical to the appearance, property
values, safety, and general quality of life in our community.

The message we heard from the homeowners at the 2005 annual homeowners’ meeting
was clear – an endorsement to move towards greater enforcement of the governing
documents of the community. Expressed areas of greatest concern were exterior
property maintenance, parking, lighting, security, and general awareness of the rules
and regulations. Additionally, we heard concerns regarding our current legal counsel
and the possibility of employing a management company. We will be addressing all of
these items.

We currently have bylaws, rules, and regulations that address many of these areas.
However, many of these rules have not been consistently enforced. We will be
reviewing them to ensure they are clear and have an appropriate method of
enforcement, including notices, fines, and liens for non-compliance. As a board, our
intent is to develop a clear and consistent enforcement strategy for violations. We will
also be consulting with other homeowner associations and management companies
regarding their approaches and “best practices” for addressing these common
community issues.

First and foremost, we need to work as a community. Resolving these issues/concerns
will require your help and patience. It is important that all homeowners (and their
occupants) clearly understand the bylaws, rules, and regulations of the community and
abide by them. Please take some time to review our governing documents. Copies of
these documents are available at our community website,
If you do not have access to this site and would like printed copies of these documents,
please contact one of the board members.

Let’s start making a difference now! Simple things that each of us can do immediately to
improve our community and address several areas of concern are:

       ♦ Leave outdoor lights on throughout the night which will help illuminate dark
         areas and provide added security,
       ♦ Maintain your exterior property and landscaping and ensure you obtain
         appropriate approvals before making any exterior changes,
       ♦ Place trash and trash & recycle receptacles out only on the evening before or
         day of pickup. All trash & recycle receptacles must remain out-of-sight at all
         other times,
       ♦ Adhere to parking rules and regulations (do not park on yellow curbs, in
         another person’s reserved space or across sidewalks, and park “extra cars”
         on Tapestry Drive),
       ♦ Drive carefully and observe speed limits, and
       ♦ Show courtesy to your neighbors by respecting their rights to live in quiet,
         peaceful, safe, and attractive environment.

We are in need of volunteers for several of our committees. Specifically, we need help
with the Grounds Maintenance Committee and our new Welcoming Committee. Please
let us know if you can help. Your participation can and does make a difference!

Finally, we wanted to inform you that we have raised the 2006 annual assessment to
$990.00 to cover the increasing costs of maintaining our community and reserve funds.
You will be receiving an official assessment notice in December. As in the past, those
residents who pay the full amount by January 31, 2006, will receive a $40.00 discount.

Again, the Board of Directors would like to thank you for your continued cooperation and
support. Have a great and safe holiday season!


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