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					School - 2 - School
Visitation Program

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Elizabeth Burmaster, State Superintendent

             Berland Meyer
          Education Consultant
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

What is School-2-School?
   School-2-School (S2S) is a part of DPI’s
    statewide system of support to schools
    identified for improvement

   S2S offers opportunities for SIFI schools to visit
    schools that have been successful at addressing
    issues of student achievement

   S2S can provide materials, guidelines, planning
    assistance, and fiscal support to both visiting
    and host schools

If you are a Visiting School …

Visiting a School
   Define your purpose for your visitation

       Meet as a staff to review your school’s
        academic, instructional, and environmental
       Determine what it is you feel you need to
        change, infuse, or modify in your current
       Commit to your thinking by creating a purpose
        statement for your visit. Why are you going?
       What will you look for during the visit?
       Know before you go!
Visiting a School
   Select a visitation site

       Look on the DPI / S2S website for schools that
        meet the purpose of your visit and have similar
       New Wisconsin Promise Schools
       MPS High Achieving / High Attainment Schools
       What can the potential visitation site offer you?
       Selection of a host school may be determined
        by common demographics, grade level,
        instructional programs, or specific sub-groups
        of programming (i.e. ELL, SwD)

Visiting a School
   Define your visitation team

       The team may be composed of:
          Principal

          Lead Teachers – Reading and/or Math

          Special area instructors (ELL, SwD, etc.)

          Classroom teachers

          School Improvement team members

          Parent

          District curriculum leader

Visiting a School
   Determine when to make your visit

       The S2S visitation program is available during
        the second semester of 2005-06
       Consider the school year schedule in selecting
        dates - avoid vacation periods, testing days,
        and special event days at the host school
       Make sure that key host school staff are
        present for your visit

Visiting a School
   A Typical Visitation Schedule …

       8:30 AM - Arrive at the host school
       8:30–9:00 AM – Orientation
       9:00–11:30 AM – Visit instructional areas on
                          a 30 or 45 minute rotation
       11:30 AM–12:30 PM - Lunch
       12:30–2:00 PM – Continue visitation
       2:00–2:30 PM – Exit conference Principal
       2:30 PM – Departure for home school

Visiting a School
   What to look for during the visit?

       Use your defined purpose to help you to focus
        on specifics during the visit
       At large sites some staff may focus on one
        area while others might look at other areas
       Look at the entire environment as well as
        specific instructional and curricular activity
       Determine how various elements of the
        instructional program interact with one another
       Watch for key teacher behaviors that enhance
        the classroom environment, classroom
        instruction, and student achievement

Visiting a School
   The role of the principal

       Provide leadership
       Convene current staff and assess the status of
        education at your site
       Determine the area(s) of need with your staff
       Define with your staff those needs in writing as
        purpose statements
       Define with your staff in writing the “things to
        look for” during the visit
       Serve as the official representative for your

Visiting a School
   Final preparations

       Make transportation arrangements
       Confirm with the Host Site principal your final
        visit plans and schedules
       Make arrangements for lunch
       Discuss appropriate dress for the day
       Review with the school team the purpose of
        the visitation

Visiting a School
   After The Visit

       List those ideas you felt to be useful to your
        school for improving instruction and learning
       Determine which of those could/should be
        implemented by the staff
       Determine which could/should be implemented
        but would need additional staff development or
        curricular resources
       Establish a goal(s) that calls for staff action on
        certain identified issues – don’t let things slide
        from the table
       Communicate back to the host school

    Visiting a School
   Assistance from the DPI or MPS Coordinator

       Pre-planning assistance with the visiting staff
       Provision of sample schedules and effective school
       Help in selecting the visitation site
       Assistance in coordinating logistics
       Assistance with the debriefing session after the
       Financial support for transportation, meals,
        substitute teacher pay
       Website support materials are available at
        (www.dpi.wi.gov/sst/s2s) (under construction)
If you are a Host School …

Hosting a Visit
   Benefits of hosting a visit

       It allows you to share your school’s success
       It calls for you to look at your program and
        understand what makes it “work” for students
       It provides a meaningful forum for your
        teachers to dialogue with other teachers and
        staff about their work
       It encourages your staff to have a greater
        appreciation of their work

Hosting a Visit
   Understanding the purpose of the visit

       Understand why the school has chosen you for
        a visitation
       Be sure to understand the purpose your
        visitors have in mind
       Try to provide them with an experience that is
        relevant and meaningful toward their goal

    Hosting a Visit
   Preparing for the visitation

        Both principals should communicate with each
         other and have clear expectations about the
         purpose of the visitation
        Communicate those expectations to the host staff
        Try to provide the experiences your visitors are
        Attempt to hold to a “normal” class schedule
        Determine if there are any “off limits” areas for
         the visitors
        Discuss confidentially issues

Hosting a Visit
   Beginning the visitation

       The Role of the Host Principal …
          Greet the visitors and hold a short pre-
           visitation meeting
          Discuss your school and its academic,
           instructional, and demographic profile
          Discuss your understanding of the group’s
          Review the schedule for the day

Hosting a Visit

   The Host Staff should …

       Review the visitation schedule beforehand
       Alert the principal to any potential conflicts
       Stay on schedule
       Stay on topic
       Interact with the visitors as possible
       Join the visitors for lunch if possible

Hosting a Visit
   End of the visitation

       The principal should hold an exit conference
        prior to the visitors leaving
          Review the day

          Answer any questions

          Revisit their purpose and determine if it
           was achieved
          Determine if you need to provide
           additional information

Hosting a Visit

   Assistance from the DPI

       Provision of sample schedules and effective
        school materials
       Assistance in coordinating logistics
       Financial support for meals, substitute
        teacher (release time) pay
       Website support materials
        (www.dpi.wi.gov/sst/s2s) (under construction)

Visitation Site Selection
   Possible sites:
       New Wisconsin Promise Schools
       MPS - High Achievement / High Value
        Added Schools
       DPI highlighted schools

   Coordinated by DPI / MPS Coordinator

   S2S Visitation Request Form – online
       www.dpi.wi.gov/sst/s2s   (under construction)

Online S2S Visitation Request Form
 If you are interested in visiting another school as a part of the S2S program,
 please complete the following form and submit it to Berland Meyer,
 Educational Consultant for DPI, at berland.meyer@dpi.state.wi.us

 Name of your School:________________________________

 Address: _________________________________________

 Phone Number: ___________ Fax Number: _____________

 Principal’s Name: __________________________________

 Principal’s E-mail:___________________________________

 Define the focus of your visit: ____________________

 Select a school(s) from the list that meets your needs: ______________

 Determine a preferred visitation date and time: ____________________

 Determine if there are any logistical issues that need to be resolved: ___

 Contact DPI for final arrangements

Sample List of Visitation Sites
  School          Contact        Visitation       Visitation          AYP
                                   Days             Times            Focus
Newton          Mr. Thomas       M-W-F          8:00 AM to 3:00   Reading &
Elementary      Fisher                          PM                Math
Green Tree      Mr. Don          Tues or Thus   8:00 AM to        ELL Reading
Elementary      Tensen                          2:300 PM
Grand Ave.      Dr. Duane        Tues AM        8:30-11:30 AM     Graduation
High School     Kleiny           Wed PM         12:30 3:30 PM     Rate / SwD
Wm Pauls        Ms. Matty        Monday         8:00 AM to        Attendance,
Jr. High        Achee            through        3:00 PM           SwD, ELL
(7-8)                            Thursday

Warsaw          Dr. Theodore     TBD            8:30 AM to        Reading for
Middle School   Nicholson                       3:00 PM           Economically
(6-8)                                                             Disadvantaged

      (Note: these are fictitious sites)                                       27
S2S Resource Materials
   Video tours of selected New Wisconsin Promise

       Morse Middle School, Milwaukee
       Barton Elementary School, Milwaukee
       Zablocki Elementary School, Milwaukee
       Urban Middle School, Sheboygan
       Webster-Stanley Elementary, Oshkosh
       O’Keefe Middle School, Madison
       Jefferson Elementary, Stevens Point
       Birchwood K-12, Washburn
       Chetek, High School, Chetek
       Hayward Middle School, Hayward
       Longfellow Elementary School, Eau Claire

S2S Resource Materials
   Web Site links
       School improvement
       Effective schools
       School Climate Surveys
       Visitation questions

   PDF Documents
       School-2-School Executive Summary
       S2S Tri-Fold “quick look” brochure

Resources Continued
   Planning and facilitation support
       DPI Staff: Berland Meyer –
       MPS District Coordinator –

   Logistical support

   Financial support
       Transportation, meals, materials – Use DPI
        Claim Form 1135
       Substitute teacher reimbursement – submitted
        by the District by June 15th

Remember to be helpful ….

   For more information contact

Berland Meyer, DPI

Mary Kleusch, DPI

Now, your input is needed …….

   Can the S2S Program be of value to
    your staff and school?

   What changes, additions, or deletions
    would you suggest for the S2S
    program as it has been described?

More input ………….
   What new documents or resources
    would you suggest be added or
    referenced to make the list more
    helpful to you and your school?

   Are the choices and locations of the
    suggested visitation schools
    reasonable and viable?
    What is missing?

More input ………….
   Principals – Is the process DPI has
    suggested for filing reimbursement
    claims reasonable?
    Is there another way that would be

   Can the DPI S2S program interface
    with the “Learning Walks” effort
    development by MPS?

More input ………….
   Does the proposed Website appear
    to be of value to you and your
    What other resources should be
    added to this site?

   How can the DPI best assist you
    and your school if you decide to
    participate in the S2S program?

More input ………….

   What else do you want to tell us
    about this program and its value to
    you and your school?

Online Visitation Request Form
               S2S Visitation Request Form

    If you are interested in visiting another school as a part of the
    S2S program, please complete the following form and submit
    it to Berland Meyer, Educational Consultant for DPI at

    Name of your School:________________________________
    Address: _________________________________________
    Phone Number: ___________ Fax Number: _____________
    Principal: _________________________________________
    Principal’s E-mail:___________________________________

    Grade Range (choose one):
    ___ Elementary School; ___ Middle School; ___ High School
    What are you most interested in seeing?_________________
    When would you like to visit? (date and time) ___________
    What school or schools would you like to visit?____________

    Would you like assistance with planning this visit?_________

    Are there any logistical issues that need to be considered for
    this visit to be successful?___________________________

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