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									Account No.:

I wish to open a Current Account at your ___________________ Branch



                                    First Name                               Middle Name                                     Surname

Name Mr./Mrs./Ms.

DATE OF BIRTH                                           SEX      M       F                 PAN :
                                                                                                   *If PAN is not available, please attach Form 60.

EXISTING CUSTOMER            Yes       No         IF YES, CUSTOMER NO.                                    BRANCH

 NATURE OF BUSINESS                               Trading                Manufacturing               Services                    Others

Brief description of business :

Mention PAN


                                                                                                      City                  Pin Code


                                                                     Landmark                         City                  Pin Code

Telephone: Residence:                             Office:                          Fax:                    E-mail Id:

Cell No.:

Premises owned by            Self                       Rental                Parental                    Company Provided               Others

Permanent Address: ( If different from above):

                Landmark                         City                        Pin Code                                Telephone

Premises owned by            Self                       Rental                Parental                    Company Provided               Others

IndusInd Bank - A/c Opening form - Proprietorship - Page 1
           Current Account                              Fixed Deposit                                    Details of Term Deposit

        Current Regular                             Reinvestment
        Current Regular Plus                        Cluster
                                                                                       Monthly installment in case of RD
        Business                                    Unfixed
        Business Plus                               Recurring

        Business Premium                            Others


     Accept cash Rs. __________________

     Accept cheque* No.                                          drawn on                                      for Rs.

     Debit our existing account No.                                                      for Rs.

* The cheque should be crossed A/c Payee and drawn payable to “IndusInd Bank A/c (title)”

                                                                                                                           Initials of Customer
     Renew along with interest for the same period

     Renew principal and remit interest by pay order

    Remit proceeds by pay order to the mailing address

     Credit proceeds to existing account


                                                                                                                           Initials of Customer
     Credit my / our account with you (Monthly at discounted rates / quarterly)

     Issue Payorder / DD and mail to me / us at the mailing address (Monthly at discounted rates / quarterly)

     Reinvest with principal amount


  SWEEP IN INSTRUCTIONS                    ( *If applicable:       Yes           No)

In case of insufficient balance in my Current A/c No.                         Please clear cheques by transferring funds from

my / our other Current A/C No.                          or by breaking unit(s) of our FD A/c No.

(* Terms and conditions apply)

IndusInd Bank - A/c Opening form - Proprietorship - Page 2
                       Debit Card               Net Banking           Utilities Payment **        Phone Banking **            Mobile Banking **           Doorstep Banking **
Initials of
** Please check the availability of these services in your city      (Services Subject to terms and conditions and at the sole discretion of the Bank).

E-mail ID : _______________________________________________                              Service Provider __________________________________________

Primary A/c No.* :                                                                      Cell No. : ________________________________________________
* Primary account is the account where the customer wishes to link these services.
( Services subject to terms and conditions and at the sole discretion of the Bank)
Kindly send monthly statements through e-mail to the aforesaid e-mail ID. Statements by post may be sent to me at quarterly intervals. I / We agree that e-mail broadcasting of
statements is an electronic service provided by the Bank to its customers and am / are aware of the security risks involved in transmission of statements through internet.


     We declare that we do not enjoy any credit facilities with any other bank.

     We enjoy the following credit facilities with other banks at present.

                               Name of the Bank/Branch                                                         Name of facility                            Amount

Nomination under Section 45ZA of the Banking Regulations Act 1949, and Rule 2(1) of the Banking Companies (Nomination) Rules 1985 in respect of bank
I/We _________________________________________________________________________________________________________nominate the following
person to whom in the event of my/our/minor’s death the amount of deposit in the account may be returned by IndusInd Bank Ltd.__________________ Branch.

              Details of Deposit                                                                          Nominee
  Nature of Deposit &          Additional                                                                Relationship with                      If nominee is a minor,
  Distinguishing No.          details, if any              Name                      Address             Depositor, if any        Age
                                                                                                                                                  his/her date of birth

** As the nominee is a minor on this date, I/we appoint _________________________________________________________________________
to receive the amount of the deposit in the account on behalf of the nominee in the event of my/our/minor’s death during the minority of nominee.

                                                                                                                     *Signature/Thumb impression of the depositor

  Name                                                                                         Name
  Signature ***                                                                                Signature ***
  Address                                                                                      Address

     * Where deposit is made in the name of a minor, the nomination must be signed by a person lawfully entitled to act on behalf of the minor.
     ** Strike out if the nominee is not a minor.
     *** Thumb impression(s) shall be attested by two witnesses.

We acknowledge your nomination in form DA1 relating to Account No. ___________________________________________________ in the
name of _______________________________________________ held with us.

Ref. No.:_______________________________________________ Date of Registration _________________

Manager ______________________________________                                                                                                      Stamp / Seal

IndusInd Bank - A/c Opening form - Proprietorship - Page 3
I refer to the account opened by you in the name of M/s. ______________________________________________________ and declare as under:
I, the undersigned, am the sole-proprietor of the firm and am solely responsible for the liabilities thereof. I shall advise you in writing of any change that takes
place in the constitution of the firm and I will be liable to you for any obligation which may be standing in the firm's name in your books on the date of receipt of
such notice and until all such obligations shall have been liquidated. I further unconditionally and irrevocably authorise Induslnd Bank Ltd. to debit my account
with an amount equivalent to the fees and charges applicable for the services enjoyed by me/us.
I declare that I have an existing account with No. SB/CA/CC ___________________________with ___________________________Bank in the name of
___________________________for the last __________years.
I agree to indemnify and hold the Bank harmless in case of any loss suffered by the Bank, its customers or a third party or any claim or action brought by a third
party which is in any way the result of availing of services by me.
I agree that all the information disclosed in this document are correct and agree to inform you of any change in the information provided in this form or in related
I am not enjoying any credit facility with any other bank/any other branch of your bank and I undertake to inform you, in writing as soon as any credit facility is
availed of by me from any other bank/any other branch of your Bank.
I confirm having read the rules of the Bank regarding the conduct of the account as per deposit rules attached and the Citizen's Charter & Deposit policy of the
l/We confirm having read the rules of the Bank regarding the conduct of the account and the rules and regulations pertaining to Phone Banking, Debit Card,
Doorstep Banking, Anywhere Banking, Net Banking, Mobile Banking & Utilities Pay Facilities. I/We accept and agree to comply with the term and conditions or
any rules of the Bank that may be in force from time to time. l/We acknowledge that it is my/our responsibility to obtain a copy of and read the same.
We have received the deposit rules annexed to this account opening form and agree to abide by the same.
Yours faithfully,

______________ Signature

     ATM Facility              Mobile Banking             Net Banking                Phone Banking             Doorstep Banking           Utilities Payment

(Signature without rubber-stamp)

Name:                                                           Date:


      PAN                             /Form 60 in duplicate                2 Photographs (Signature on the face of the photograph)

      Verification from an existing bank who complies with KYC procedures


     Passport                  Driving Licence            Voter’s ID                 Electricity Bill          Bank Account Statement

     Ration Card               ID Card                    Telephone Bill             Letter from Employer

One document in support of identify and address is mandatory


     Introduction of reputed client to verify the identity of the proprietorship firm               Sales Tax Registration certificate
     Telephone bill in the name of firm                                                             Service Tax Registration certificate

     Importer Exporter Code if applicable                                                           Shops and establishment certificate

IndusInd Bank - A/c Opening form - Proprietorship - Page 4

We maintain current account                                              with your branch since

M/s                                                     desiring to open a new current account with your branch have approached us to introduce their account to you.

We know M/s                                               proprietor since

We are aware that based on our introduction you would be allowing Ms                                                           to open a new current account with you

Signature                                                              Verified                                         (sd)

                                                          SIGNATURE AND PHOTOGRAPH
Please paste your passport size photograph
and sign across it. (Please use black ink)


              Customer to sign
              accross his / her
                photograph                                Name


Signature of Official in whose presence signed                                                                 Account Opening Date

Branch :                                          MEC / Employee No.:                         Account number

A/c opened by:                                            Verified by:                                             Approved by:

Signature:                                                Signature:                                                Signature:

IndusInd Bank - A/c Opening form - Proprietorship - Page 5
                                 KYC CHECK LIST
Branch Name:                                                                                 Branch Code :

Customer No.:                                                                                Employee / MEC:

Customer Name:                                                                               Account Type :

    Business                      Chartered Accountant         Consullant                   Doctor                       Engineer

    Home Maker                    Information Technology       Lawyer                       Salaried                     Self Employed

    Trader                        Student                      Others

                                               EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION
    Non matric                                        Graduate / Post Graduate (Gen)                   Graduate / Post Graduate (Prof)

    Tenth / Twelfth / SSC / HSC                       Under Graduate                                   PhD


                                                           SOURCE OF FUNDS
    Salary                   Business                Investment             Gift                     Professional Fee      Others

                                                           MONTHLY INCOME
    Upto Rs.10,000                                    Rs. 10,001 to Rs. 25,000                         Rs. 25,001 to Rs. 50,000

    Rs. 50,001 to 1,00,000                            Above Rs. 1,00,000

    Upto Rs .5.00 lacs                                                      Above Rs. 25.00 lacs to Rs. 1.00 crore

    Above Rs. 5.00 lacs to Rs. 25.00 lacs                                   Above Rs. 1.00 crore

                                 DETAILS OF EXISTING LOANS WITH OTHER BANKS
                                                Loan Amount                                              EMI

    Car Loan                                   Rs.                                                       Rs.

    Home Loan                                  Rs.                                                       Rs.

    Consumer Loan                              Rs.                                                       Rs.

    Others                                     Rs.                                                       Rs.

Expected value of Transactions in a month                                                                Rs.

No. of Transactions in a month

Value of Cash Transactions in a month                                                                    Rs.

No. of Cash Transactions in a month

                 Customer’s Signature                                                                     Bank’s Official in whose
                                                                                                       presence the form is obtained

IndusInd Bank - A/c Opening form - Proprietorship - Page 6
                                          SIGNATURE CARD (To be sent to CPU)
Branch Name:                                                                                                 Branch Code :

Account No.:                                                                                              Employee / MEC:

Tel (O) :                               Tel (R) :                           Mobile No.:                             E-mail:

               Current Account                          Fixed Deposit                                         Details of Term Deposit

            Current Regular                         Reinvestment

            Current Regular Plus                                                          Amount

            Business                                Unfixed                               Monthly installment in case of RD
            Business Plus                           Recurring
            Business Premium                        Others



   Signature (using black ink)


   Designation :

   Please paste your passport size photograph
   and sign across it.(using black ink)

                                                                          Customer to sign
                                                                           across his / her


Signature of Official in whose presence signed                                                              Account Opening Date

Verified by:                                          Approved by :                                        Date :

Signature                                             Signature


     Debit Card                    Net Banking                Doorstep Banking      Utilities Payment         Mobile Banking            Phone Banking

IndusInd Bank - A/c Opening form - Proprietorship - Page 7
Dear Customer,
Welcome to the IndusInd Bank family.
It is a privilage to have you as our valued customer. Thank you for extending full support in completion of the
account opening formalities by submitting the required documents and information. This information is
being obtained by us to take care of your interests and to meet the regulatory compliance to the "Know Your
Customer (KYC)" guidelines. We assure you that the information so obtained will be kept confidential.
Please find below our deposit rules for your ready reference.

Current Accounts
1.      Minimum average quarterly balance required in current account is Rs. ________________.
2.      Business or trading concern, including sole-proprietorship whatever may be its constitution, is not
        allowed to open savings account.
3.      Cheques / dividend warrants drawn only in the name(s) of the account-holders will be collected
        through the account. Customers should in their own interest cross such cheques before depositing
        them with the Bank.
4.      Chequebook facilities are available for current account. Cheque books will be issued to depositor
        on requisition or by using a valid login to Phone Banking or Net Banking.
5.      The Cheque books, Phone Banking PINs, Net Banking Pass Words, Debit/ATM Cards and PINs will
        be dispatched by courier / post at customer's risk and consequence. The Bank will not be liable in
        any manner whatsoever in respect of such dispatch of these items. In case of non-receipt of the
        aforesaid deliverables within a reasonable time say a fortnight of the request being made it will be
        the responsibility of the customer to inform the Branch Manager concerned about such non-receipt.
6..     If the account is closed within six months from the date of its opening, an incidental fee as per
        Bank's rule will be charged.
7.      It is mandatory to furnish PAN / Form 60 while depositing cash of Rs. 50,000/- and above in the
8.      Cash withdrawals from customer's accounts are subject to Banking Cash Transaction Tax (BCTT)
        as per rates specified by Income tax authorities.
9.      To avoid inconvenience at a later stage, the customer should operate the account at least once in six
        months. Accounts which are not operated for a considerable period of time will be transferred to a
        separate dormant / inoperative account status in the interest of the depositor as well as the Bank.
        The depositor will be informed of charges, if any, which the Bank will levy on dormant/ inoperative
        account. The depositor can request the Bank to activate the account for operating it.
10.     Nomination facitily is available to sole proprietary concern account. Nomination can be made in
        favour of one individual only. Nomination so made can be cancelled or changed by the account
        holder any time. While making nomination, cancellation or change thereof, it is required to be
        witnessed by a third party. Nomination can be modified by the consent of account holders.
        Nomination can be made in favour of a minor also.
11.     Cheques drawn for amounts in excess of or equal to the balance in credit will not be honoured.
        Charges as may be fixed by the Bank from time to time will be recovered from the depositor for every
        dishonour of cheque for want of funds. Further, the Bank reserves the right to close all such
        accounts without notice to the depositors.
12.     Customer should avoid issuing cheques without adequate arrangement of funds. Bounced cheque
        can lead to prosecution under the Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 and the frequent returning of
        cheques may also lead to non-issuance of fresh cheque books and / or closure of account by the
13.     If a single cheque of Rs. 1 crore and above is dishonoured on account of insufficient funds on four
        occasions in a financial year, no fresh cheque book would be issued and the Bank may even
        consider closing of the account.
14.     Cheques / Withdrawal instructions should be drawn in such a way as to prevent unauthorised
        alterations or additions after issue. The amount must be stated on the cheque / withdrawal
        instructions both in words and figures. Writing should be clear and legible. All alterations made in
        writing of a cheque / withdrawal instruction should be authenticated by the drawer's full signature;
        otherwise, the cheque / withdrawal instruction will not be paid.
16.     Third party cheques endorsed in favour of the customer would not be accepted for collection / credit
        to the account.
16.     If the account remains overdrawn on account of unrecovered charges, if any. for a period of 3
        months and above, the account will be closed and the Bank will not be responsible for giving any
        advance intimation thereof.
17.     Whenever an account is closed, it will be the responsibility of the account holder to surrender the
        unused cheque leaves and the debit card. The Bank will not be responsible for any loss sustained
        by the customer on account of loss of such instruments                                       (P.T.O.)

IndusInd Bank - A/c Opening form - Proprietorship - Page 8
  Term Deposits

  1.     Interest on term deposits is payable at quarterly intervals, or monthly at discounted value, or on the
          date of maturity, at the option of the depositor. Under the reinvestment schemes the interest is
          compounded quarterly.

  2.     Remittance of interest earned on the fixed deposit to an account in the branch or at some other
         branch / bank shall attract service charges as per Bank's Rules.

  3.     On the request of the customer, Bank may allow premature withdrawal of the amount deposited
         along with interest payable. Payment of interest in such a case shall be at the appropriate rate
         applicable to the period for which deposit has remained with the Bank. No interest will be paid on
         premature withdrawals of deposit, which has remained with the Bank for less than 15 days.
         Premature withdrawals of deposits above Rs. 50.00 lacs are subject to penal interest.

  4.     Generally loans/overdrafts against term deposits are allowed. Such loans carry interest at rates as
         prescribed by the Bank from time to time, based on the RBI directives.

  5.     The Bank has a paramount lien on the deposit amount and it reserves the right to appropriate such
         sums towards any financial obligation of the depositor to the Bank in any capacity.

  6.     The Bank shall automatically renew FDR / act as mandated in the account opening form, unless
         instructed otherwise during the currency of fixed deposit.

  7.     Interest on overdue term deposit will be paid, if the deposit is renewed, within 15 days from the date
          of maturity.

  8.     Maturity value / part withdrawal is subject to the provision of taxation laws and further interest shall
         be payable on net amount after deduction of TDS. Presently, if the total interest on deposits, per
         depositor, per branch, per financial year exceeds Rs. 5,000/-, the same is subject to Tax Deduction
         at Source (TDS) at the rates stipulated by the Income Tax Authorities.

  9.     The depositor may furnish declaration in Form No. 15H/15G, preferably at the commencement of
         the Financial Year, for receiving interest on deposits without deduction of tax.

  10.    The customer shall deposit the agreed amount in the Recurring Deposit Account on or before the
         last working day of each month. The account holder shall receive the maturity amount, as per
         contract, on due date after depositing the agreed installments and expiry of fixed period.

  11.    In case the account holder does not deposit the installments, as per schedule, the Bank shall
          recover penal charges from him as per the prevailing rules. However, if a customer deposits the
          installments in advance, the Bank shall not levy any penal charges for corresponding number of
          installments deposited late subsequently in the same account.

  General Rules

  1.     The words "The Bank" refers to Induslnd Bank Ltd., a banking company incorporated in India under
         the Companies Act 1956 and having Corporate Office at 701/801, Solitaire Corporate Park, 167,
         Guru Hargovindji Marg, Andheri (E), Mumbai 400 093.

  2.     If at any point of time, the balances in all the accounts with the bank (taken together) exceeds
          Rupees Fifty Thousand (Rs. 50,000/-) or total credit in the account exceeds Rupees One Lac (Rs.
          1,00,000/-), completion of formalities pertaining to KYC Guidelines i.e. submission of stipulated
          document, information as per Customer Profile Form etc. is mandatory. No further transactions will
          be permitted until the full procedures pertaining to KYC are completed.

  3.     If, in the opinion of the Bank, the conduct of the account is considered unsatisfactory, the account
         may be closed and service charges may be levied.

  4.     Violation of anyone of these Rules will render the account liable to be closed and subjected to
         service charges.

  5.     The Bank reserves to itself the right to alter or add to these Rules at any time.

  6.     Rules pertaining to Internet Banking, Debit Cards are available separately.

IndusInd Bank - A/c Opening form - Proprietorship - Page 9

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