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College showcases itself
2010 Information Fair a huge success
  By ALANNAH CAMPBELL                      The cost for putting on an event
and CHRISTOPHER FORTIER                 such as this is covered by the col-
            Staff Writers               lege, but the hopes are that the re-
  With the completion of some of        cruitment for the school will make
Niagara College’s new facilities,       the event a worthwhile one, like
the stage has been set to showcase      years before it.
the college on a much grander              “It’s [the Info Fair] all covered
scale.                                  by internal college costs. We have
  On Wednesday, the 2010 Info           internal budgets that we create for
Fair was held at the Welland cam-       each of our special initiatives every
pus’ new gymnasium with the first        year and they absorb the costs for
session going from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.     the event. There is no cost to come
and the second session from 4 p.m.      to the event, it is completely cov-
to 7 p.m.                               ered by the internal college com-
  For the first time, Welland was        munity,” said Root.
utilized, rather than the Niagara-         “We have had a successful event
on-the-Lake campus in years past.       in the past. The ratio of students
  The reason for the move was “to       visiting our event in comparison
show off new facilites,” and be-        to our population exceeds most
cause there is “more space for the      events in Ontario,” said Hayes.
event,” said Carly Root, recruit-          With the event at the Welland
ment co-ordinator and the main          campus, it gave prospective stu-
co-ordinator of the event.              dents the chance to see some of the
  “The Welland campus allows us         many programs that the college has
to expand our fair and provides the     to offer.
academic areas the opportunity to          Niagara was not the only college
make their booths larger and more       there. Eighteen other Ontario col-
engaging,” said Phil Hayes, associ-     leges, in addition to the University
ate registrar.                          of Guelph were represented at the
  As many high school students          fair along with Niagara College.
are “still in the exploratory stage,”      Among the interactive displays
Hayes said it is a “crucial event” to   on hand were members of the
recruit prospective students.           college’s Canadian Food and
  The college provided free busing      Wine Institute who were prepar-
for high school students from 26        ing appetizers for onlookers, the
high schools throughout the Niag-       Technology department which
ara and Hamilton regions, though        had its R2-D2-inspired droid
the event was open to anyone inter-     named Benny roaming the gym,
ested in an Ontario college.            manicures courtesy of the Spa and
  Prior to the event, there were        Salon Studies programs and the
1,300 students confirmed for the         Business Hospitality and Tourism
morning session and expected            program having a Who Wants to be
more than 1,000 people in the           a Millionaire game for everyone in
evening.                                attendance to play.
  “It’s the largest we’ve ever had.        All of the students who had the
This year we could see upwards of       chance to participate in the day’s
2,500 people or more. We’re hop-        events were given a chance not
ing for at least 2,000,” said Root      only to consider their choices for
during the event.                       their future, but a fun and interac-    Bryson Nault, 24, demonstrates immobilization techniques on Josh Wise, 18, both first-year students in the
  Final attendance numbers were         tive day as well.                       Primary Care Paramedic program at the Info Fair on Oct. 20.
unavailable before publication.                 See more photos on page 2                                                                                 Photo by Christopher Fortier

                                        Zombies and                                               Culinary
   Inside                               vampires and
                                        a crazy lady,
                                                                                                  students cook
                                                                                                  up diversity in
  Niagara                               oh my »                                                   dining room»                                           Win a $30
                                                                                                                                                         gift card »
    News                                SAC’s Halloween Haunt gives
                                        students a scare.

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                                                                                                  NOTL campus hosts dinners Tues-
                                                                                                  day nights with different themes.

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Page 2            NIAGARA NEWS                                                                       Oct. 22, 2010

            ON CAMPUS
Catching a glimpse of college life

             Niagara College’s new gymnasium was packed to the rafters with high school students checking out Niagara
             and 20 other colleges to see what they had to offer. Niagara had plenty of interactive displays for each
             program to entertain the masses.
                                                                                      Photos by Christopher Fortier
Oct. 22, 2010                                                                          NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                            Page 3

                                                                          ON CAMPUS
Studious students find their nest
      Library’s opening day arrives at Welland campus
  By STEPHANIE AZEVEDO                                                                                                                                              soon become a tutorial room. Ac-
             Staff Writer                                                                                                                                           cording to Gordana Vitez, Library
   The staff is friendly, the silence                                                                                                                               Services and Systems coordinator,
is deafening and the resources are                                                                                                                                  “Tutorials in English, math and
on hand.                                                                                                                                                            ESL [English as a Second Lan-
   At least, so say some of the                                                                                                                                     guage] will be run out of the room
students who visited the Welland                                                                                                                                    by faculty.”
campus library Oct. 18, it’s open-                                                                                                                                    “Previously, these tutorials were
ing day.                                                                                                                                                            run out of the library in the Library
   “You come in here and you can                                                                                                                                    Research Room.”
hear yourself think,” says Marla                                                                                                                                      The Welland campus library
Togeretz, a Pharmacy Technician                                                                                                                                     now includes 18 computers, a laser
student in her second year.                                                                                                                                         printer and photocopier, as well as
   “There was no place to sit and                                                                                                                                   a new lounge area surrounded by
study [when the library wasn’t                                                                                                                                      shelves of magazines and journals.
open]. I would walk around a lot                                                                                                                                      The four group study rooms will
and find a place to study.”                                                                                                                                          continue to be let out for two-hour
   “There’s a lot more open space,”                                                                                                                                 time blocks, but a silent study
she says. “It almost seems like you                                                                                                                                 room can be found outside the old
can put more tables and chairs in.”                                                                                                                                 entrance.
   A first-year Dental Hygiene stu-                                                                                                                                    “We have been transient for
dent who wished to not be named                                                                                                                                     quite awhile, albeit with very
says she “wanted quiet rooms for                                                                                                                                    good neighbours, and it always
studying.”                                                                                                                                                          feels so good to be home again,”
   “There was the cafeteria; [I]                                                                                                                                    says Vitez.
don’t like cafeterias. It didn’t take a                                                                                                                               “We’re looking forward to
long time [for the library to open],                                                                                                                                making the Library and Learning
so [I’m] happy about that.”                                                                                                                                         Commons a really friendly and
   Of the library now, she says, “It’s                                                                                                                              welcoming environment with all
good. It’s big. It’s got everything:      Anja Stenhouse, of the Early Childhood Education program, works in the library which opened Oct. 18.                      the spaces students have been
computers and study rooms.”                                                                                          Photo by Stephanie Azevedo                     asking for: quiet space, group
“Everything seems easy to find,                                                                                                                                      space and hang-out space,” says
and the staff are helpful,” noted         and Youth Worker student, says the      people beside me.”                       place that you can study.”               Vitez.
Anja Stenhouse, a first-year Early         best parts of the library are seclu-      “It’s nice that it’s finally open. It     A currently empty room in the            The Welland campus library is
Childhood Education student.              sion and comfort. “I can sit here       took a while, like the parking lot,      Learning Commons, one that is just       open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.
   Shaun Koepke, a first-year Child        and no one can see me except the        … but it’s definitely the quietest        up the steps from the library, will

Students’ tuition sits at an all-time high
     Higher education not available to many Canadians
        By SHAWN SMITH                                                            the Ontario Student Assistance           The Globe and Mail and Maclean’s         After unsuccessfully searching for
             Staff Writer                                                         Program (OSAP) which keeps               to convince students to attend the       employment for over a year, Gable
   In 1963, United States President       ‘All of us do not                       them in debt for up to 10 years after    school.                                  decided to return to school at the
John F. Kennedy spoke at the San                                                  the completion of school.                   Samantha Vanderleek, 20, of           University of Waterloo to receive
Diego State College. He discussed         have equal tal-                            Deanna Meade, 22, of Port Do-         Calgary, Alta. is a second-year          his master’s degree in Local Eco-
the state of education.                                                           ver, Ont., is a third-year student at    student at Niagara College in the        nomic Development. He currently
   “All of us do not have equal tal-      ent, but all of us                      Brock University in St. Catharines       Early Childhood Education pro-           owes $27,000 and expects it take
ent, but all of us should have an                                                 in the physical education program.       gram who, because of previous            him 10 years to pay the loan off. “I
equal opportunity to develop our          should have an                          She works upwards of 60 hours a          schooling, currently owes over           wasn’t aware [of the increased tu-
talent,” said Kennedy.                                                            week at multiple summer jobs and         $20,000 to the Alberta and Ontario       ition]. Inflation has not increased,
   In this time of increasing tuition     opportunity to                          is still in need of funds from her       governments. By the time she is          so I wonder how they justify this,”
rates, these words have never rung
more true. In most First-World
                                          develop our talent’                     parents and OSAP. She says her
                                                                                  tuition is nearly $3,000 a semester,
                                                                                                                           finished here, she will owe over
                                                                                                                           $30,000. She says without the
                                                                                                                                                                    says Gable.
                                                                                                                                                                       Aaron Clarke, 22, of Simcoe,
countries, including Canada, post-                                                and this does not include the many       provincial government’s financial         Ont., is a graduate of the Photogra-
secondary education is a right.                      — John F. Kennedy            other costs necessary for school,        assistance programs, she would not       phy program at Algonquin College
Everyone who has received a                                                       including $425 a month for rent          be able to afford post-secondary         in Ottawa, Ont. He currently owes
high-school diploma has the op-           Miraculously, neither Prince Ed-        and another $400 on books every          school.                                  OSAP $8,000; however, he feels
portunity to attend either a college      ward Island nor New Brunswick           semester.                                   To put this into perspective,         that it was money well spent.
or university if he or she please.        saw an increase in tuition for the         “My tuition raised as Brock           it will take over eight years for           “I think I got my money’s worth
Unfortunately, the tuition rates in       2010 school year, and Nova Scotia       started its multi-million dollar         Vanderleek to pay off her student        for a photography class. It was a
Ontario and across Canada may             lowered tuition rates by 4.5 per        Both Sides of the Brain campaign.        loan at $300 a month, a rather gen-      great location, great place for all
take this away.                           cent.                                   Thousands of dollars spent on larg-      erous monthly payment.                   kinds of photos. Our school had all
   If tuition continues to rise at the      This is significantly more than        er-than-life posters all over campus        “I do not think it [tuition] should   the Nikon equipment that Nikon
alarming rate it has over the past        the 4 per cent average increase         of random people. I am paying for        be raised unless they plan on giv-       has put out. We had amazing tools
20 years, university may become a         that took place across the country      posters,” says Meade. She says she       ing people more OSAP or student          and we had amazing teachers. Plus
dream for those who are not of the        in 2010 and much higher than the        does not think she is getting her        loan. Students can barely afford to      our course covered more than most
financially elite. Statistics Canada       Canadian average university cost        money’s worth out of her program.        pay for school as it is. They should     photography college courses out
stated that the $6,307 average tu-        of $4,706.                              “I will still need to go to college      not raise it because then there will     there,” says Clarke.
ition for Ontario students is the           This high tuition rate directly af-   after my degree.”                        be many people who do not attend            It is impossible to tell what the
highest rate in Canadian history.         fects students. Those not of the up-       Both Sides of the Brain was a         school and cannot get jobs,” says        impact of rising tuition will be on
In comparison, undergraduate stu-         per class often have to find a way to    marketing campaign developed             Vanderleek.                              student enrolment throughout the
dents in Quebec pay $2,400 for the        pay for school themselves. Many         by Brock University to attract              Zach Gable, 22, of Simcoe,            province. If the cost of schooling
same amount of schooling, a dif-          have to work multiple jobs, or take     students from across Ontario and         Ont., recently graduated from the        continues to rise at the rate it is,
ference of $3,900 or 263 per cent.        out thousands in dollars in bank        Canada to attend the university.         University of Western Ontario            those who come from less fortu-
   This is a 5.4 per-cent increase        loans just to attend university. Oth-   Advertisements were taken out in         in London, Ont., with degrees in         nate families will be unable to at-
from the 2009 average of $5,985.          ers receive interest-free loans from    many national publications such as       economics and political science.         tend post-secondary school.
Page 4                                                                         NIAGARA NEWS                                                                       Oct. 22, 2010

                                                                           Food banks depend on our

                     Editor: Nate Poortinga
                                                                           community’s contributions
                Associate Editor: Lindsay Costello
                Assistant Editor: Eden Armstrong                              Autumn is a time of comfort     on their shelves and available        This is the 20th year of the
                 Photo Editor: Sam Vandenberg                              and relaxation for most            for those who need it most.         Welland Food Drive.
                                                                           Canadians. With the season’s         The Welland Food Drive              “Unfortunately, it is as
                                                                           change comes a change of           is on Nov. 6. Volunteers will       necessary now as it was in
                   Publisher: Annette Hemerik                              lifestyle. Most people spend       be picking up donations from        the early 1990s, if not more
                Managing Editor: George Duma                               more time indoors with their       doorsteps around the city           so,” says Welland Food Bank
          Associate Managing Editor: Phyllis Barnatt                       families and mark major            that morning. You can help          Director Monique Finley.
           Design/Layout Consultant: Peter Conradi                         celebrations of food and spirit    by placing food outside your          “There are very few
         Editorial Consultant: Nancy Geddie, Gary Erb                      such as Thanksgiving and           home before 10 a.m. to spare        communites of this size that
          Photography Consultant: Dave Hanuschuk                           Christmas.                         volunteers from asking; or by       have such a wide-reaching food
                                                                              When you sat down to your       lending a hand (or car) to the      drive.”
              Technology Support: Kevin Romyn
                                                                           turkey and stuffing earlier this    collection effort. These small        More information on the
                                                                           month, did you think about         gestures could save someone         event, including its volunteer
                                                           BNC2009         those not fortunate enough to      else’s life this winter.            sign-up, can be found at www.
  2006 WINNER      B2, 300 Woodlawn Rd.,                                   get such a meal? What about          Organizations        like   the   wellandfooddrive.com.
                    Welland, Ont. L3C 7L3                                  the people in your town who        Welland          Food       Drive     Donations later this year can
                  Telephone: (905) 735-2211                                are literally starving?            Committee depend completely         be made at The Hope Centre
                                                                              Food banks across the country   on the kindness of residents and    at 179 East Main St., The
                     Fax: (905) 736-6003
                                                                           are preparing for another long     certain local businesses to help    Salvation Army at 115 Division
         Editorial email: gduma@niagaracollege.ca                          winter and need your support       people through these tough          St. or the Open Arms Mission
       Advertising email: retailsales@wellandtribune.ca                    keeping staple items such as       times. Anything you can do          at 22 Fifth St.
                                                                           cereal, peanut butter and pasta    will help.                                    NATE POORTINGA

Bullying continues to be a major problem
  Sticks and stones will break        Tyler Clementi of Ridewood,
my bones but words will never         NJ, committed suicide because
hurt me.                              his roommate allegedly secretly
  Every kid has heard these           filmed him engaging in sexual
words, but shouldn’t believe          activity with another man and
them.                                 posted it on the Internet.
  Although a bully may be               Sadly, Clementi’s suicide
depicted as someone who uses          is not the only incident of this
violence, a bully’s words can be      nature.
far more powerful than his or           It is tragic that the fear of
her physical attacks.                 being criticized for being
  According to the Canadian           oneself would drive someone to
Oxford dictionary, a bully is         take his or her own life.
“a person who uses strength or          How cruel do one’s comments
power to coerce others by fear.”      need to be to make someone
Unfortunately, these people           contemplate or commit suicide?
are part of everyday life and           More recently, cyber-bullying
can cause major psychological         has become prevalent because
damage,         especially       to   of the anonymity of the
impressionable people.                Internet. People can now hide
  Bullying affects people of          behind their computer screens
all ages, races and lifestyles.       as they insult their victims,
People may be attacked because        proving bullies are not just
of their appearance, personality,     found stealing lunch money in
views or sexual orientation.          schoolyards.
  According        to    statistics     The use of technology adds to
reported by ABC News, nearly          the growing epidemic.
30 per cent of students are either      Living in a country that
bullies or victims.                   emphasizes       tolerance    and
  If people could be more             freedom of choices, we
tolerant of others, they would        shouldn’t be made to feel
see these differences are what        inferior just for being ourselves.
make humans unique. No one              I think it’s about time people
should be made to suffer for          considered another familiar
personal lifestyle choices of         childhood phrase: treat others
preferences.                          the way you would like to be
  Bullying made headlines             treated.
recently when 18-year-old                     LINDSAY COSTELLO                                                                                          Illustration by Toni Karan
Oct. 22, 2010                                                                        NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                             Page 5

                                                                                                                        Halloween never gets
                                                                                                                        old, even if you do
                                                                                                                                                                 can assure you that they’re trick-
                                                                                                                                               CHRIS               I know that we’re in the middle
                                                                                                                                              FORTIER            of a recession here, but why is there
                                                                                                                                              Columnist          the need to not partake in one of
                                                                                                                                                                 the oldest traditions in our culture?
                                                                                                                                                                   When I was a child I don’t re-
                                                                                                                                                                 member a single house that wasn’t
                                                                                                                                                                 handing out candy.
                                                                                                                                                                   My brother Joel and I would
                                                                                                                           My favourite time of year is          be out until all hours of the night,
                                                                                                                        upon us: Halloween.                      filling up our pillow sacks to the
                                                                                                                           Even at the ripe old age of 33,       brim with chips and candy and
                                                                                                                        I still enjoy getting dressed up in      then going through our bounty at
                                                                                                                        a costume and enjoy a day when           the end of the evening. We’d have
                                                                                                                        I can eat as much candy as I want        enough candy to have in our school
                                                                                                                        and no one can say anything about        lunches until mid-December.
                                                                                                                        it. Of course, candy isn’t as much
                                                                                                                        of a priority now, what with the
                                                                                                                        diabetes and all, but I still enjoy      ‘My favourite time
                                                                                                                        getting dressed up.
                                                                                                                           Now that I have a child, it’s even    of year is upon us:
                                                                                                                        more fun. My daughter, Chloe, 4,
                                                                                                                        is going to be dressed up as a prin-     Halloween.’
                                                                                                                        cess this year, and she couldn’t be
                                                                                                                        more excited.                                            — Chris Fortier
                                                                                                                           There’s just something about the
                                                                                                                        day that fills me with excitement.          Now, Chloe barely fills a grocery
                                                                                                                           What I can’t understand is how        bag with candy after about 90 min-
                                                                                                                        so many more houses are not tak-         utes of going door-to-door.
                                                                                                                        ing part in the distribution of candy.     It’s a real sign of the times; how
                                                                                                                           I live in an area where there are     people are always ready and will-
                                                                                                                        homes in the range of $300,000           ing to take, but not give anything
                                                                                                                        and about one third of them don’t        in return.
                                                                                                                        give out candy.                            Why is it always the kids that
                                                                                                                           Most of them have kids, and I         feel the pinch in the end?

Spiders and snakes are some of the most common animal phobias among humans.
                                                                        Illustration By Toni Karan                      Eradicating homophobia
What gives you the goosebumps?                                                                                          one step at a time
                                       difficult; social phobia, which is the       Most phobias are harmless in the                                              opinion, but no one has the right
                                       fear of being watched or humiliated      sense most people stay away from                                                 to propagate hurtful opinions
                     KAYLA             (a good example is public speak-         what scares them. Nevertheless,                                ANTON             knowing they will offend. Such
                    CABRAL             ing); and specific phobia, which is       some unfortunate people some-                                 MWEWA              opinions are best kept to oneself.
                    Columnist          the fear of specific objects or situa-    times have to face their fears in                             Columnist            Life for gay teens trying to es-
                                       tions (the most common is the fear       order to move on in life.                                                        tablish their identities in a narrow-
                                       of animals).                                For example, if a businessman                                                 minded world is hard enough
                                          Slipper, slimy, slithering snakes     is afraid of flying but has business                                              without having the people who are
                                       would have to be my No. 1 phobia,        trips every month, he must find a                                                 expected to understand them most
                                       also known as ophidiophobia. I           way to overcome his fear.                                                        help them the least.
   You feel it on the back of your     remember as a child I went to the           Therapy and medication are two          Do you like purple? Yes? Did            If the world can’t immediately
neck first. Your hair starts to rise    Welland fair with my mother. There       methods offered in helping over-        you wear it this Wednesday?              show acceptance, something it
and you get a tingly sensation         was an exotic animal exhibit that        come phobias.                              Oct. 20 was the day to wear it as     should have done a long time ago,
throughout your body.                  included boa constrictors. Know-            Gradually facing the fear can help   part of a special event started and
   Goosebumps come next. You           ing my fear, my mother suggested I       someone overcome it, although, in       organized on Facebook to com-
can’t stop them. You start to panic,   overcome it by holding one.              extreme cases, some people go to        memorate the suicides caused by
and you become short of breath.           As I waited in line to hold a         great lengths to avoid their phobia,    homophobia.                              ‘Hate isn’t
   You can hear your heart beating     snake that was huge and looked           even if it is a major inconvenience.       By now, most people should
outside your chest and you can’t       evil (in my opinion), I started to be-      One of the weirdest fears I found    know the story of the most recent        something that
help but scream … SPIDER!
   Phobias seem too common.
                                       come more and more terrified that
                                       it would coil around me, squeezing
                                                                                most common among my friends
                                                                                was clown phobia. Most of my
                                                                                                                        suicide: Tyler Clementi, a gay Rut-
                                                                                                                        gers University, NJ, student who
                                                                                                                                                                 just happens, it’s
Ask your friends and they will tell
you something they are afraid of,
                                       me to death.
                                          A younger boy ahead of me held
                                                                                friends admitted to being terrified
                                                                                of clowns and I don’t blame them.
                                                                                                                        killed himself after his roommate
                                                                                                                        and an accomplice released a video
whether it be creepy crawlers or       this deadly creature. He loved ev-          When I researched clown phobia,      on the Internet of him engaging in
small, dark spaces.                    ery minute of it and was making his      most sites explained that it could be   gay sexual acts.                                       — Anton Mwewa
   Growing up, I used to love          parents take pictures as I watched       due to the permanent expressions           If not that, then maybe the
watching Are You Afraid of the         the snake curl around his entire         painted on the faces of clowns. All     incident in which Seth Walsh, a
Dark? and Goosebumps. I was            body. At this point I wanted to run      I know is that when I see a clown, I    13-year-old California middle            the least it can do is show toler-
obsessed with shows that made          away and cry.                            want to run away and hide.              school student, hung himself after       ance and understanding.
me jump. Today, I jump when the            I begged my mother to hold the          Unfortunately, some fears are        facing several years of bullying           Hate isn’t something that just
toaster goes off.                      snake with me. I made her hold the       harder to overcome than others.         and abuse because he was gay.            happens; it’s taught, and it’s time
   In the third Canadian edition of    head of it — there was no way I          People with arachnophobia (fear            Attitudes to homosexuality            we started teaching children in
Psychology Frontiers and Applica-      was letting it wind around me —          of spiders) and astraphobia (fear       may be changing, but clearly they        schools how to be accepting of
tions, phobias are defined as strong    and I held the tail.                     of thunder and lightning) will just     haven’t changed enough.                  homosexuality instead of brushing
and irrational fears of certain ob-       To this day I can tell you exactly    have to curl under their covers or         There are few things in this          the topic off and pretending it’s not
jects or situations.                   what the muscles on the snake felt       run into a different room to get        world sadder than suicide, but           an issue.
   There are three main categories     like as they slithered and moved-        away from their fears.                  suicide committed because of               One can only hope that there will
of phobia: agoraphobia, which is       within my tiny hands.                       As my nana used to say before        something so heinous as bullying         soon come a time when people are
the fear of being alone in a situa-       Needless to say, it didn’t cure       bed, sleep tight and don’t let those    is much worse.                           judged by their character and not
tion where a quick escape would be     me. I am still terrified of snakes.       bedbugs bite.                              People have the right to their        by their sexual orientation.
Page 6                                                                               NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                    Oct. 22, 2010

                                                                        ON CAMPUS
Niagara College’s Waters Spa treats everyone
 Relaxing treatments at NOTL campus open to public, offering right prices, great service
      By KIMBERLY SMITH                 These include facial treatments,
             Staff Writer               clinical treatments (such as micro-
   The thought of being pampered        dermabrasion), lash and brow tint-
for a day could put a dent in a         ing, hair removal, hand treatments,
college student’s budget. What if       foot treatments, and artificial nail
there’s a place where serenity can      applications. Spa packages are also
be found at a small price for high      available.
quality?                                   Debra Gavard-Haycox, of St.
   If ever there’s a time when a day    Catharines, a Niagara College
at a spa is a necessity, it’s during    employee, says she has been going
college.                                to the NOTL spa for roughly three
   Long hours sitting in class-         years.
rooms, stressing over assignments          “The spa is comparable to oth-
and getting limited hours of sleep      ers in the area and has reasonable
can make anyone look and feel           rates. I like the spa because you
exhausted.                              need to treat yourself and you are
   Niagara College’s Waters Spa         entrusting yourself to someone
holds the answers.                      else to take care of you.”
   Tucked away in the Niagara-             The spa is a win-win for the
on-the-Lake campus is a training        Esthetics program because it gives
lab. There are three main rooms         students a chance to practice pro-
painted a soft green with flower ar-     fessionalism and use proper tech-
rangements and soft music playing       niques on clients.
in the background, each focused on         Daniela Morocco, 23, of Niagara
different treatments.                   Falls, says she enjoys being able to
   The lab is unique in many ways.      work with different people before
During class time it is used to teach   getting into the industry. Morocco
esthetics students the proper proce-    is a graduate of the Graphic Design
dures for a variety of treatments us-   program at the Welland campus
ing industry-approved equipment.        but chose “to pursue a more artistic
   However, from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30      career.”
p.m. on Wednesdays and Thurs-              “The turnover of clients and get-
days, and 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.       ting into routine was difficult at the
on Fridays, Waters Spa is a fully       beginning,” says Morocco.
operational spa.                           Waxing and manicures are her
   Second-year students in the two-     favourite treatments to do. This
year Esthetician diploma program        semester Morocco works the Fri-
are required to complete 45 clinical    day evening shift. “It’s picking up
hours.                                  a bit.”
   Program Co-ordinator Lisa               For other students such as Kailee
Maurice says the spa is a great ad-     Brusdeilins, 21, of Niagara Falls,
dition to the program because “[in]     the spa is a relaxing atmosphere for
this day and age there is no human      clients and for herself.
contact, and going to the spa is a         “I heard good things about the
stress reliever.”                       program and wanted to stay close
                                                                                The Esthettician program at Niagara-on-the-Lake teaches students the latest procedures for health and
   Maurice says they are firm in         to home.” Brusdeilins says she is
                                                                                wellness. Instructor Susan Paone shows students how to apply artificial nails in the Niagara Waters Spa.
what they do and what the students      “really interested” in doing nails
                                                                                                                                                                  Photo by Kimberly Smith
are taught.                             and hopes to work in the Greater
   “There is a public interest in our   Toronto Area after graduation.          tacted by a former teacher. Mac-      lar with students and members of       sionals and taught how to act a
spa because the girls are good and         Lab Technologist Lorraine Mac-       Donald’s role at Waters Spa is to     the community because of the top-      certain way.”
the price is right.”                    Donald has been in the esthetics        supervise students “and make sure     notch services.                          Information on services and
   The services reflect what the stu-    industry for nine years and got         everything is being done properly.”      “The girls are taught how to be     prices is available at www. Niaga-
dents are taught during class time.     involved in the spa after being con-      MacDonald says the spa is popu-     professional, trained as profes-       raWaters.ca

It’s time to get your flu vaccination again
    By EDEN ARMSTRONG                                                           Nov. 4 and Nov. 9 from 9 a.m.         Organization declared a pandemic       the flu shot. Clinics will also be
            Staff Writer                                                        until 4 p.m. The Maid of the Mist     of the H1N1 flu virus, the number       held throughout the Niagara Re-
   A highly contagious infection of                                             campus in Niagara Falls clinic will   of flu shots given increased for        gion from Nov. 1to Nov. 17. No
the throat, nose and lungs, the flu                                              follow on Nov. 10 from 11 a.m.        the general public and health care     appointments are necessary. You
can be a serious illness for some                                               until 1 p.m.                          professionals.                         must have your Ontario health
people. The infection caused by the                                                Sara Petriello, 20, a student        Dr. Jane Nassif is manager of        card or your driver’s license with
influenza virus can spread rapidly                                               in the Business Administration        medical informatics for the Ni-        you. See the full clinic schedule at
through germs.                                                                  (Co-op) program, says it would        agara Regional Public Health de-       www.niagararegion.ca
   The most effective way to pre-                                               be “convenient” to get the flu shot    partment who dealt with the H1N1          The important thing to remem-
vent the flu from spreading is by                                                while at school.                      pandemic last year for the region.     ber is that, if you are feeling ill, the
covering your cough and wash-                                                      “I don’t normally get the shot,    She says, “In a typical seasonal in-   best way to stop the spread is to
ing your hands thoroughly and                                                   but if it was offered while I was     fluenza seasonal clinic, we [public     stay at home.
frequently. Alcohol-based hand          other common flu strains.                already on campus, it would cer-      health] administer about 8,000 to
sanitizers are also a great way to         Registered nurse Christine Phil-     tainly be easier than going to the    10,000 vaccines.”
stop the spread of germs.               brick, who runs the Niagara-on-         doctor.”                                Niagara Regional Public Health           Health Services at both cam-
   Symptoms of the flu range from        the-Lake campus health services,           Student Administrative Council     administered 4,918 seasonal influ-       puses provides many services for
fever and headaches to the chills,      says the college will offer clinics     (SAC) President Brian Costantini,     enza vaccines during the 2009/2010      students including healthy sexu-
nausea and dry coughs. Muscle           for students and staff. All three       24, says SAC understands the “im-     season; 52,289 H1N1 vaccinations        ality, body image issues, lifestyle
aches, extreme tiredness and a          campuses are offering flu vaccina-       portance of healthy living.”          were also administered as a result        choices and health resources.
runny noise can also be an indica-      tion clinics during November. The          “We encourage that all students    of the pandemic.
tion you are getting the flu.            Niagara-on-the-Lake campus will         make a conscious choice when            The Public Health website for                 NOTL Office W105
   This year’s flu vaccination will      hold a clinic Nov. 3 between 9          considering the flu shot and other     the Niagara Region says the vac-                 Extension 4449
provide protection against the          a.m. and 4 p.m. while the Welland       health-promoting initiatives.”        cine is “safe.” Everyone six months             Welland Office L20
H1N1 flu virus, in addition to two       campus will offer the shots on both        Last year when the World Health    or older can benefit from getting                 Extension 7635
Oct. 22, 2010                                                                        NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                            Page 7

                                                                      OFF CAMPUS
Helping others means helping yourself
   Steven Bewley peaks about yoga, travel, volunteering and living life freely
     By CAROLYN GOARD                   it challenging to overcome the sor-
            Staff Writer                rowful emotions this caused.
   Steven Bewley is living his life        Bewley says that he never really
flying by the seat of his pants.         got over hockey.
   “Accepting and appreciating             “It’s just the way life goes.”
things as they come” has certainly         “Hockey will still be a large part
enriched Bewley’s life.                 of my life. It has opened so many
   As a result, Bewley is very intui-   other doors for me.”
tive about what he needs and gives         Channeling his energies else-
himself that gift every day.            where, Bewley began writing and
   There is no doubt that the           performing music at the age of 26.
34-year-old has had his share of        Music and the guitar worked as
challenges.                             healing and therapy, Bewley says.
   In fact, the struggles have          His first musical performance was
framed his progression through          at the Hospital for Sick Children on
life and shaped him into the pas-       Herbie Day.
sionate, spiritual and spontaneous         Bewley has enjoyed writing
individual he is.                       music and performing as a hobby
   One trait that has truly benefitted   ever since.
his life is Bewley’s open-minded-          Hockey also sparked Bewley’s
ness toward new things and new          career in acting, which began at
experiences.                            age 27, because he often portrayed
   As a result, Bewley has a story-     athletic characters.
book full of inspirational life expe-      Bewley also performed stunt
riences to share with the world, and    work and worked on the TV show,
he is about to embark upon a new        The Playmakers.
life-changing journey.                     He scored his big break as a
   Bewley grew up in Georgetown,        hockey player in his first Hol-
Ont.,and developed a love for           lywood film, The Tooth Fairy, in
hockey at age four.                     2010, filmed in Vancouver.
   While working towards his busi-         Bewley has now developed a
ness degree at Ryerson University       love for yoga.
in Toronto, Ont., he played on the         He has looked to yoga to help
hockey team for four years.             him in times of struggle and to
   He was given the “greatest con-      shape new views on life.
tribution in athletics” award while        “Yoga has been a mechanism
at Ryerson. Bewley says he was          that has empowered, inspired and
excited to have that experience         enriched my life in many ways,”
because at the time the hockey pro-     Bewley says. His acting coach in-
gram had not quite taken off.           spired him to try yoga.                 Bewley enjoys an early morning yoga session in the Open Air Theatre behind the main village in Ios, Greece,
   “It was difficult and it required        In 2007 Bewley reached a point       during his journey through the Greek Islands in 2008.                                  Submitted photo
a lot of sacrifice and time to make      where he started to feel stuck.
the team what it was.”                     “I used yoga with the hopes that        He has used this experience             Bewley explored the Greek            things for the sake of doing them.
   Following university, Bewley         it would be an impetus for a new        to teach yoga all over the world,       Islands and flew to the United           He felt that this gives your life a
moved to the United States to pur-      change in my life.”                     including introducing yoga to chil-     Kingdom, where he was also able         unique “spark.”
sue a hockey career in Mississippi.        Bewley wanted to begin living        dren in Vancouver.                      to teach yoga.                             Bewley felt this was another
   He signed a contract as a “walk-     life spontaneously and began doing         Bewley says yoga has been               At that point, Bewley had            opportunity to explore life without
on tryout” in Mississippi and made      yoga intensely for six months.          extremely beneficial to his body         planned to travel Europe, but was       knowing what would come of it.
the team, despite an injury.               He says his yoga experience          because “one begins to form their       offered a role in the movie The            Just weeks ago, Bewley held a
   Hockey is one of Bewley’s            affected his mind and body differ-      own practice, develop their own         Tooth Fairy, so he travelled to Van-    fundraiser and raised $2,000 for
greatest accomplishments because        ently than weight lifting did, a pas-   unique meaning of yoga, and learn       couver instead.                         Habitat for Humanity and his trip.
he was the first player to sign a pro-   time he enjoyed for several years.      what each individual wants to get          “My travels were a beautiful life       Bewley says it was the result of a
fessional contract as a goaltender         The yoga student wanted to be-       out of their own practice.”             adventure,” Bewley says.                few key people who were helpful.
and defenseman at different points      come a yoga teacher.                       It is a special experience Bewley       Bewley is planning to embark            “Watching people step up to the
of his career. This is what drove his      Bewley received his yoga certifi-     describes because it is different for   upon a new experience.                  plate and help me put the fundrais-
passion for hockey, he says.            cation in Power Vinyasa, a specific      everyone. He compares the yoga             Travelling to Mozambique one         er together has helped me and has
   A difficult period arose after he     fast-paced type of yoga after 200       experience to a painting.               month from now for two weeks,           enriched my life in so many ways.”
was forced to stop playing because      hours of training in Hawaii in Feb-        “No two pictures are going to be     Bewley is volunteering with Habi-          Bewley says his dad played a
his injury had become very painful.     ruary of 2008. “It was a good way       the same.”                              tat for Humanity building houses        crucial role in helping put together
For quite some time, Bewley found       to start a nice journey.”                  One of Bewley’s greatest ac-         with a team of 14 other Canadians.      silent auction items. A friend’s hus-
                                                                                complishments was giving himself           “I felt I was reaching another       band’s band played throughout the
                                                                                the gift to take time and energy to     point in my life where I wanted         night, and the event hosted some
                                                                                travel for a year. He says it was a     to experience new growth,” says         other performers.
                                                                                great lesson because he could have      Bewley Excitedly.                          He says, “It was a kick-ass time.”
                                                                                shied away from his own desire to          The opportunity to live life spon-   Although the fundraiser has been
                                                                                experience travelling.                  taneously is one of the reasons he      extremely gratifying, the planning
                                                                                   Bewley began his travels in Ha-      got involved in the entertainment       and execution of the event have
                                                                                waii after he completed his yoga        industry, as well as the ability to     been overwhelming and exhaust-
                                                                                teacher training.                       have a flexible schedule.                ing, says Bewley.
                                                                                   He moved westward and trav-             He began planning this new op-          Bewley hopes to learn more
                                                                                elled through Japan, Singapore,         portunity when a friend of his, who     about life from the experience, and
                                                                                Thailand, Laos, Hong Kong and           belongs to a group called Volunteer     to be enlightened about the human
                                                                                Macau, where he experienced the         Builders, told him they needed an-      experience in a different part of the
                                                                                tallest bungee jump in the world.       other team member to join them on       world.
                                                                                   Bewley then flew to Jordan            their trip to Mozambique.                  He says he is interested in con-
                                                                                and travelled through Israel, back         Bewley impulsively said yes          necting people from Canada with
Steven Bewley helped out with an organization “Volunteer Builders” at           through Jordan to Egypt. He flew         because he did not have anything        those in Mozambique to gather
the Ontario Camp for the Deaf in May of 2007. Bewley has volunteered            to Turkey and stayed there for five      planned for the future. He was          new knowledge.
with the organization every spring for the past five years.                     weeks teaching yoga and perform-        taught by his acting instructor to         Following his volunteer work,
                                                      Submitted photo           ing music.                              make compelling choices and to do       he will stay to travel the coastline.
Page 8                                                                               NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                    Oct. 22, 2010

                                                                        ON CAMPUS
GradSmart networking builds success

Student representatives from this year’s GradSmart committee during their first meeting at Niagara-on-the-Lake campus.
                                                                                                                                                                      Photo by Shaylene Abbey

 Graduating students help you find your way into the working field
     By SHAYLENE ABBEY                  ment. To be a committee member,         tiatives.                               liaison and runs the program.           and the Business Development
            Staff Writer                one needs to be graduating student         “[GradSmart] is providing the           She says last year’s commit-         Centre to help students build resu-
  Graduation, for many college          from any program.                       tools students need to help them        tee helped design the Are You           més and portfolios.
students, is the reward for years         Catherine Rice, a student in the      transition into the workforce.”         Graduating? webpage on the Ni-            “GradSmart was a huge suc-
of hard work. However, once the         one-year Public Relations graduate         Kayci Priddle is in the one-year     agara College website and created       cess,” Auger says.
ceremony is over, graduates must        certificate program, says she is a       Event Management graduate cer-          a GradSmart Facebook group and a          This year’s events are in the
decide to go into their profession      part of the GradSmart committee         tificate program. Her reasons for        Linkedin networking group.              process of being planned by the
or continue their education.            because she “really likes helping       being part of GradSmart were put           She adds that the student survey     committee and will include similar
  In its second year and run            other people.”                          simply: “I want to help graduates       had over 100 responses last year        initiatives and one big event.
through the Alumni Relations              “I wanted to gain experience          succeed.”                               and there was “great participa-           For more information about the
department of Niagara College,          working with other people.”                The committee is developing          tion” in the events, which included     GradSmart program or its commit-
the GradSmart program involves            Amanda Lepkyj is in her final          a student survey to determine the       GradSmart vendor fairs at both the      tee, visit http://www.niagaracol-
a committee of about 15 graduat-        year of the four-year International     needs of this year’s graduating stu-    Niagara-on-the-Lake and Welland         lege.ca/Gradsmart/initiatives.htm,
ing students who meet monthly to        Commerce and Global Develop-            dents. It will be available online by   campuses, a bus trip to the National    or contact Auger at the Alumni
develop and co-ordinate initiatives     ment Bachelor Degree program.           November.                               Job Fair in Toronto to help students    Relations office at 905-735-2211
that will help other graduating stu-    She is on the committee and says           Elise Auger, a 2009 graduate of      network and meet employers and          ext. 7841 or by email eauger@
dents make choices to further their     students who are graduating can         the Public Relations graduate cer-      workshops provided by campus            niagaracollege.ca.
education or transition to employ-      benefit from GradSmart’s ini-           tificate program, is the GradSmart       departments such as the Job Centre

A strong reputation brings Niagara College a bigger community
           By YUKI KAJI                 region, the province and the rest       omy are making Niagara College          does a good job.” It visited foreign    Recreation Therapy, 40 students
             Staff Writer               of Canada.                              a school of choice for students,”       countries last summer and winter,       in Digital Photography and 20 in
   The college is getting bigger and       He says Niagara College has          he says.                                adding another reason is that more      Computer Systems Technician.
bigger.                                 received No. 1 student satisfaction         For international students, it      visas were opened to Canada.              Hann says the college had 8,000
   About 4,500 new students             ranking for six years in a row, there   is also the biggest enrolment on           Patterson says, “Last year we        students on Day 10 of the term.
walked through the doors at Niag-       are better facilities and “students     record. Shawna Luey, an interna-        reached capacity in most of our         Hann says, “Full-time students
ara College this September.             are looking forward to the finish       tional student adviser, says more       programs because of physical            enrolled at Niagara College’s four
   Dan Patterson, president of          of the new academic wings.” One         than 300 new students arrived           space limitations.”                     campuses as of the tenth day of
Niagara College, says, “I’m very        more big reason is graduates are                                                    “With our exciting new learn-       classes for 2010 fall is 7950. We
pleased that with our new facili-       coming back for new skills, he
ties coming online. Through our         adds.
                                                                                ‘ One more big                          ing facilities open this fall and the
                                                                                                                        launch of five new programs, we
                                                                                                                                                                also have 247 English as a Sec-
                                                                                                                                                                ond Language students enrolled in
$90-million redevelopment proj-
ect, we are able to serve more
                                           Patterson says with 70 per cent
                                        of future jobs requiring post-sec-
                                                                                reason is gradu-                        were able to accommodate more
                                                                                                                        students into our classrooms,” he
                                                                                                                                                                2010 fall and expect to have 700
                                                                                                                                                                students in this program in January
students.”                              ondary education, “It is important      ates are coming                         says.                                   2011.”
   Bob Hann, the college’s regis-       for Niagara College to be able to                                                  Five new programs also boosted         He expects the total of student
trar, says there are 300 more first-    support the economic redevelop-         back for new                            enrolment: Welding Technician,          number to be more than 9,000 next
year students compared with last        ment of the region and provide the                                              Brewmaster and Brewery Opera-           semester.
year, a seven per cent increase.        skills and training needed for the
                                                                                skills.’                                tion Management, Recreation               Patterson says, “With the
   “It’s exciting to see the number.”   jobs of tomorrow,” he says.                                                     Therapy, Digital Photography, and       Applied Health Institute opening
Some reasons for the increase, he           “Our strong reputation for stu-
                                                                                                    — Bob Hann          Computer Systems Technician.            next year, we plan to continue
says, are that more post-secondary      dent success and student satisfac-                                                 Enrolments were 25 students in       to expand our programming and
students applied to the college,        tion and the growing recognition        from about 60 countries.                Welding Technician, 24 students in      grow enrolment to meet the future
and the college’s reputation has        of the value of a college credential      She says one reason for this suc-     Brewmaster and Brewery Opera-           economic needs of the region and
gone up in the community, the           in today’s rapidly changing econ-       cess is that “our recruiting team       tion Management, 55 students in         the province.”
Oct. 22, 2010                                                                      NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                         Page 9

                                                                      ON CAMPUS
Money for educational fund                                                                                                                                   your college
 Facilities Management Services rally in honour of colleague                                                                                                 experience
                                                                                                                                                             through SAC
            Staff Writer                                                                                                                                           By KAYLA CABRAL
   Through tragedy comes a sense                                                                                                                                         Staff Writer
of community.                                                                                                                                                  Join a club, volunteer or come to
   Facilities Management Services                                                                                                                           an event. Be SAC Aware.
(FMS) held fundraisers Oct. 6 at                                                                                                                               Oct. 4 was SAC Awareness Day
Niagara College’s Niagara-on-the-                                                                                                                           at the Welland campus. SAC stands
Lake (NOTL) campus and Oct.                                                                                                                                 for Student Administrative Council.
7 at the Welland campus to raise                                                                                                                               Booths were set up outside the
money for the Frank Rubino Edu-                                                                                                                             cafeteria near the library for people
cational Fund.                                                                                                                                              who wanted to see what events were
   Rubino was a part-time general                                                                                                                           coming up in the next few months.
maintenance worker for FMS who                                                                                                                              Club booths and info packages were
died while working at the NOTL                                                                                                                              also available to students who were
campus on Aug. 12.                                                                                                                                          interested.
   The proceeds from the fundraisers                                                                                                                           David Miller, 20, director of
will go into a trust fund established                                                                                                                       clubs and volunteers at the Welland
for Rubino’s children to help cover                                                                                                                         campus, says the point of SAC
the cost of their post-secondary                                                                                                                            Awareness Day was to “try and get
education.                                                                                                                                                  all our events out there for the next
   Rubino left behind a wife and                                                                                                                            few months.”
three children.                                                                                                                                                October brings a lot of festivities
   Ange Bruni, operations manager                                                                                                                           for the college. Robert Perron, di-
for FMS, says the fundraisers were                                                                                                                          rector of social programming at the
organized by a FMS committee to                                                                                                                             Welland campus, listed some events
assist Rubino’s family as he was                                                                                                                            happening in October.
a part-time employee and did not                                                                                                                               Oct. 15 was a trip to Canada
have benefits.                                                                                                                                               Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt,
   “He [Rubino] was one of our                                                                                                                              followed by a pumpkin-carving
boys. We decided to spearhead the                                                                                                                           contest on Oct. 25 in The Core and a
thing.”                                 Facilities Management Services Planning and Development Technologist Bart Lanni serves a barbeque
                                        lunch to Jaclyn Bentley, an alumnus of Niagara College’s Paramedic program, during a fundraiser for the             Halloween-themed day on Oct. 27.
   Bruni says although Rubino was                                                                                                                           It will be a full day of events, free
only employed since April, he made      Frank Rubino Educational Fund on Oct. 7.
                                                                                                                           Photo by Lindsay Costello        BBQ, prizes and a pub night to end
an impact on others.                                                                                                                                        the festivities.
   “It’s amazing what a lot of people   were also on sale with more than the fundraiser. “It went better than I Uncle Frank who could do pretty                Nick Bedard, 20, director of
do in a short time.”                    $10,000 worth of prizes to be won think we all expected.”                   much anything.”                         student and community relations at
   He says the NOTL fundraiser          including two separate one-week        She says it is “very nice to see” so   He says he would see Rubino           the Welland campus mentions a free
“went really well” and it was “quite    stays at a condominium in Florida many people support the fundraiser. around the college but never said             trip to Toronto on Dec. 11.
pleasing” to see people donate and      and two sets of Jim Kelly Club seats “He was a really, really nice man anything to him. He recalls his                 “We do it every year and it is huge
support the cause.                      for a Buffalo Bills football game.   and he helped a lot of people. It’s friend telling him that his uncle          among the international students.”
   He says there was no fundraising        The raffle ended following the nice to see people doing something asked why he had ignored him.                      Sabine Dunac, 22, a volunteer
goal, only a hope to raise as much      fundraiser on Oct. 7, winners were for his family.”                           Folinazzo didn’t formally intro-      for SAC, says she loves helping out
money as possible for the Rubino        selected that day and the names        Giacomo Folinazzo, an English duce himself to Rubino until a few             during events.
family.                                 were posted on Blackboard.           as a Second Language professor, days before his death and says he is              “I was a volunteer for frosh week
   Bruni says the barbeque was             Alicia Esposito, a student in the performed at both fundraisers.         “honoured” to be a part of the fund-    and I had great time. I met really
chosen because of the nice weather      Public Relations graduate certificate   He has been singing profession- raising efforts.                             great people who are now my good
and because people would be likely      program, attended the NOTL fund- ally for five years and as an amateur         Anyone wishing to donate to the       friends.”
to buy a meal for a reasonable price.   raiser with Rubino’s son, Talon, prior to that.                             Frank Rubino Educational Fund              Dunac says for awareness day
   A $5 donation provided support-      whom she is dating.                    Folinazzo says he knew Rubino should contact Cathy Desimone,                 she informed people of events and
ers with a hamburger or a hotdog,          She says the Rubino family is as one of his good friend’s uncles.        secretary for FMS, by calling 905-      handed out raffle tickets and other
chips and a drink. Raffle tickets        “very happy” with the outcome of       “I always heard about this famous 735-2211 Ext. 7503.                        free things.
                                                                                                                                                               “SAC Awareness Day is about
                                                                                                                                                            informing students about the great

Pool expert amazes students at NC Core                                                                                                                      events SAC has put together for
                                                                                                                                                            the student body. We just want to
                                                                                                                                                            let students know there are actually
                                                                                       By TONI KARAN                wand this will be one of the 4, 000     things to do in Welland.”
                                                                                          Staff Writer              memorable for him.                         Miller says that although the
                                                                                 The eight-ball banks and rolls        Nick Christmas, 19, a student in     deadline to make a club was Oct. 8,
                                                                              into the corner pocket.               the Police Foundations program,         anyone can join a club at any time.
                                                                                 This was the case when pool        says, “I need to step my game up.”         The day was a success and Miller
                                                                              expert Gerry “The Ghost” Watson          He says playing against Watson       says, “ A lot of people were coming
                                                                              came to The Core at the Welland       was “pretty amazing,” and Watson        up and giving us suggestions.”
                                                                              campus Oct. 4 at 12:30 p.m.           let him know he did well.
                                                                                 Watson says he enjoys coming to       Robert Perron, Student Admin-
                                                                              Niagara College every year.           istrative Council director of social
                                                                                 The hour-long performance con-     programming at the Welland cam-
                                                                              sists of him demonstrating his bil-   pus, says the college brings Watson
                                                                              liards knowledge and doing tricks.    every year because a lot of people
                                                                              Afterwards, students lined up to      like to play pool in The Student
                                                                              compete against Watson and, in the    Centre.
                                                                              end, he remained undefeated.             Watson had to rush to the Niag-
                                                                                 “It was really nerve-racking.      ara-on-the-Lake campus after this
                                                                              He’s just way too good,” says         show to entertain more Niagara
                                                                              Stan Savoia, 18, a first-year Police   College students.
                                                                              Foundations program student, after       He says his favourite part about
                                                                              playing a game of pool against        playing pool for a living is “fooling
                                                                              Watson.                               around.”
Gerry “The Ghost” Watson plays a game of pool against Niagara College            Watson has done over 4,000 bil-       “I don’t know why more girls
student Stan Savoia in The Core.                                              liard shows. He says he has gone      aren’t playing pool,” he says with      Robert Perron and Sabine Dunac
                                                Photo by Toni Karan           all over the place doing shows,       a laugh.                                          Photo by Kayla Cabral
Page 10                                                                            NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                    Oct. 22, 2010

Service sector  Firefighters make it hot
now powering                                                                        By EMMA RUSSELL
                                                                                          Staff Writer

Niagara economy                                                                  The ladies of Welland felt the
                                                                              heat on Oct. 9 as the Welland Pro-
                                                                              fessional Firefighters Association(
                                                                              WPFFA) had its 2011 calendar
     By SAM VANDENBERG                 Niagara’s economy as dominated         kickoff party.
             Staff Writer              by relatively small number of large       The outdoor event took place at
   Manufacturing used to be the        businesses: this is no longer the      Club Richeilieu in Welland. Ad-
heart and soul of the Niagara          case,” say data provided by the Ni-    mission fee was $5 to get in and $6
region, but trends now show that       agara Workforce Planning Board.        for 20 tickets to spend on food or
this once labour-driven community      The electronic version of this brief   drinks.
is turning a new page into retail/     can be found at www.brocku.ca/            This was the fourth year for the
wholesale trade, health care and       nco/pb05.                              event. An expected 850 to 1,000
social assistance.                        Lauren Miller, president of the     people were to show up, says
   On Sept. 21 the Niagara com-        Economic Developers Council of         Laura Infantino and Cheryl Marr,
munity observatory and Niagara         Ontario, said, “This isn’t unique      wives of the firemen.
workplace planning board met           to Niagara. It’s a trend across the       “Other cities did it, like Toronto,
at the Legends of Niagara Golf         country.”                              and it turned out well, so Welland       Mr. June, Mr. November, Mr. October, Mr. December and Mr. March of
Complex to discuss the future of          With this major shift in industry   started,” says Infanino and Marr.        the calendar pose for the ladies after showing off their moves.
Niagara’s workforce.                   comes a great deal of change. “The        The band 351 Cleveland enter-
   Dave Siegel, director of the        demand for higher quality jobs is      tained the crowd of women while                                                        Photo by Emma Russell
Niagara Community Observatory          going up and a lot of “McJobs” are     they anxiously waited in line to get     of Welland agreed they like the        are really close. We all have each
and a professor of political sci-      no more,” said Paul Castel, director   the man of each month to sign their      firemen because they are “heroic,       other’s back.”
ence at Brock University, said,        of the regional commercialization      calendar, which were being sold          brave and manly.”                         Marr says even the wives are
“The change is good. We used to        group.                                 for $15. Marr and Infantine say            “Firemen are sexy, and we are        close. She says whenever they see
be purely industrial. Diversity is        The change hasn’t been good         all the proceeds go to the Welland       definitely getting a calendar.”         each other, they all give each other
good; that way we don’t have all       for everyone in the region. “As        Hospital Foundation.                       Karen Burger says her favourite      hugs and kisses.
our eggs in one basket.”               the dollar goes up, the competi-          A fire truck arrived with the          firefighter of the calendar is De-          “We are one big happy family.”
   “In the past five years the          tive edge goes away,” said Miller      sirens blaring, and moments              cember, better known as Adam,             Dempster says part of being a
manufacturing industry has seen a      “A lot of people have been hurt-       later smoke appeared all over the        while others say they can’t decide     fireman is putting his life on the
decline of $1.5 billion. During this   ing. The government could have         stage. The ladies quickly crowded        on just one guy.                       line to save people he doesn’t
same time period, construction,        looked at the numbers five to eight     around. The firemen then entered            Greg Dempster, firefighter and         know.
retail and wholesale trade have seen   years ago. We need to be better at     the stage to show off their choreo-      Mr. June, says the best part of the       “We risk a lot.”
a significant growth,” according to     crystal-balling. The government        graphed dance moves to a mix of          show was the energetic crowd.             The night ended with several
the Niagara Workforce Planning         is reacting now, rather than being     songs.                                   “They are what make this pos-          happy women dancing together
Board brief.                           proactive.”                               Women from ages 20 to 40              sible.” This is Dempster’s second      enjoying the sounds 351 Cleveland
   The night was based on the first        “The changing labour market         screamed and took pictures of the        year participating in the calendar     covering many popular songs.
of three briefs done on the changing   has become a significant chal-          firemen as the gents ripped their         event.                                    Janna Postill says, “Every girl
economic structure of Niagara.         lenge facing many communi-             T-shirts off. Jacqueline Shaver            “The best part of being a fire-       has that firefighter fantasy and, to-
   The first brief showed Niagara’s     ties across Ontario and beyond.        of St. Catharines and Tia Cinello        man is the guys you work with. We      night everyone got a preview of it.”
diversity in its economy. It has       The Niagara Workforce Plan-
proven that Niagara is changing,       ning Board (NWPB) works at
not only in its economic base but
also in its businesses. Niagara is
seeing more employment opportu-
                                       the grassroots level to identify
                                       workforce issues relating to the
                                       local economy and provides col-
                                                                              First and second chance for students
nities in smaller and medium-sized     laborative solutions by engaging             By KRISTEN SPRUIT                  Child and Youth Worker student,        authority is a challenge because
businesses rather than big compa-      stakeholders and working with                      Staff Writer                 is completing her field placement      they don’t really like or trust any-
nies.                                  partners,” said Employment On-             Not everyone gets a second           at the First Chance program in         one anyways, so it can be hard to
   Statistics show that half of all    tario.
businesses in Niagara are owner                                               chance, but a regional alternative       Welland.                               maintain a level of respect due to
                                          NWPB is an unbiased and neu-
operated, and more than 97 per         tral organization. The local boards    education program is giving high            Stanton says she helps the stu-     the closeness in age.”
cent have fewer than 50 employees.     are funded through the Ministry of     school students a first and second       dents with their schoolwork and          Stanton says she chose to become
“We have traditionally thought of      Training, College and Universities.    one.                                     supports them if they need to talk.    a child and youth worker because
                                                                                 The First and Second Chance              “We provide them with a safe        of a sometimes troubled past.
PR students conduct survey                                                    program, operated and funded by
                                                                              the District School Board of Niag-
                                                                                                                       environment. The students may
                                                                                                                       have problems with kids in school
                                                                                                                                                                “I have been through a lot of hard
                                                                                                                                                              times in my life and I had a lot of
                                                                              ara, provides an alternate learn-        or have family issues. Drugs, alco-    people who were there to help me,
  about Niagara News                                                          ing environment for high school
                                                                              students at risk of disengagement
                                                                                                                       hol and sex are common problems.
                                                                                                                         “The students need 100 per cent
                                                                                                                                                              so I want to be there to help kids
                                                                                                                                                              through hard situations.”
   By LINDSAY COSTELLO                 the survey online. A face-to-face      from school.                             structure, which they don’t have at
           Staff Writer                one will also be conducted in com-        Ania Jesionka, a teacher at the       home.”
  Survey says…                         mon areas of the college for those     First Chance program at Centenni-            Stanton says the students can
  Students of the Public Relations     who missed out.                        al High School in Welland, works         benefit greatly from the program,
Graduate Certificate program are           She says the survey is a “great     with youths aged 14 and 15 in an         but attendance and tardiness are
conducting a survey as part of their   learning tool” for Niagara News        effort to eventually integrate them      huge issues.
marketing research class.              and the marketing research class.      back into a regular high school set-       “A challenge working with older
  This year’s survey is centred on        Area newspapers will also look
                                                                              ting. Students with less than four       students is they are not as open
Niagara News and the best method       at the compiled data.
of delivering the news. The aim is        Camus says the survey is “so        credits are referred to this program     as younger students,” says Stan-
to answer the question, “What do       important.”                            from their regular high school.          ton. “You need to have a good
readers’ want?”                           She says methods of news deliv-       “This program provides kids that       rapport and to be able to relate to
  A survey is part of the curriculum   ery should be considered because       have attendance issues, medical          them.”
and is done each year. Previous        this generation is the “web gen-       issues or need an alternate setting       Kathie LeBlanc, program assistant
survey topics include the cafeteria    eration” and is likely to get their    a comfortable environment to learn       for the Child and Youth Worker
and the gym facilities.                news from the Internet or from         in.”                                     program here, says she places col-
  Linda Camus, who teaches the         social media.                            Jesionka says the program is self-     lege students in field placements at
class, says there are five surveys         “The whole landscape of news-       driven as students work at their         agencies where the students will       Brittany   Stanton,     21,   of
being conducted.                       papers has changed.”                   own pace in subjects for which                                                  Gananoque is a third-year
                                                                                                                       experience children at risk.
  One version will be distributed         Camus says the biggest obstacle                                                                                     student in the Child and Youth
                                                                              they risk not receiving credits.           “The students get experience w
to first-year students and another      is getting participation from the                                                                                      Worker program. She is doing her
will be given to returning students.   students. She says the surveys are       “There is such a diversity in the      orking with youth … and can apply
                                                                              program. There is a small number         the theories they have learned in      placement with the First Chance
Niagara College staff and faculty      short and will only take a few min-                                                                                    program at Centennial High
will receive a survey via email.       utes to complete.                      of students but a high level of          the classroom.
                                                                              need.”                                                                          School in Welland.
There will also be several focus          To take the online survey, visit                                                “Having the [First Chance] kids
groups and an opportunity to take      www.niagaracollege.ca/survey.            Brittany Stanton, 21, a third-year     look at the [college] students with             Photo by Kristen Spruit
Oct. 22, 2010                                                                      NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                       Page 11

                                                                    OFF CAMPUS

A Wonderland staff member terrifies passersby during the Halloween Haunt. The event is held during October at Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto.
                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Sabine Dunac

NC students terrified at Halloween Haunt
        By SABINE DUNAC                 Wonderland’s parking lot.             is awesome.” You get to the top         love amusement parks,” says Roth.     Wonderland passes. SAC funding
             Staff Writer                 Wonderland’s staff, dressed as      and then you go down and you’re,          Students paid $20 for the trip,     is the reason students receive such
   Students endured a night of ter-     night creatures, frightened stu-      like, ‘Why did I get on here? Oh        which is a “really good deal,” says   a great deal on the tickets.
ror at Canada’s Wonderland Haunt        dents. Roth says the actors were      my God.’”                               Glenn Murray, logistics manager          Roth says she would “defi-
in Toronto recently, all at the invi-   scary when they would “come up           “It’s such a adrenaline rush,”       of SAC. SAC funded the other half     nitely recommend” another trip
tation of the Student Administra-       to you and creep you out.             says Roth.                              of the trip for about $1,080. SAC     to the amusement park next
tive Council.                             “I love being scared and I just        “It was awesome. I would do it a     funding went towards the bus for      year when it reopens for a new
   Samantha Roth, 19, SAC direc-        had a great time.”                    million times again,” says Horrell.     students going to Wonderland and      season.
tor of campaigns and trip supervi-        Magdish says, “I don’t even            Roth says she received positive
sor, checked off 56 students on the     know where to begin. A vampire        feedback from students. She says
list as the bus left Niagara College    and a crazy woman cornered me         students “met up with people from
at 4:30 p.m. last Friday. Shortly       and I got attacked.”                  different schools and different cit-
afterwards, it picked up more stu-        Roth says it was her first time      ies. They had an all-around good
dents and Lindsay Maki, another         going to the haunted wonderland.      time.”
supervisor and SAC member, at           “I love any kind of ride. I will go      “I wanted to go every year but
the Niagara-on-the-Lake campus.         on anything.”                         I just hadn’t gotten around to it,
The full busload of students was          Magdish and Mark Horrell, 22,       and now I feel good about it,” says
chatting away in excitement about       in his last year of the Broadcast-    Magdish.
Wonderland’s rides.                     ing – Radio, Television and Film         “I was definitely the first one to
   Dakota Magdish, 19, who is in        program, agreed their favourite       raise my hand to supervise this trip.
Police Foundations, says students       was the Behemoth.                     It was me against another member
were excited as evidenced by the          “You go up and you’re all excit-    on SAC and I just really felt that I
chorus of “Yeah!” when the bus hit      ed. You’re, like, “Yeah, yeah, this   needed to go on this trip because I     Dawn of the Dead meets the Exorcist.
                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by Sabine Dunac

Haunted houses in Niagara region de-spooked
    By SARAH FERGUSON                   Tunnel, and the members also go       are angry, sad or depressed. You          Podvorac says the point of his         The psychic says there have
            Staff Writer                into private homes.                   just treat [the ghost] like a normal    group is to help people, not to       been a few instances where she
   We’ve all likely had feelings of        Podvorac says they “try to help    person, with respect.”                  take advantage.                       has “coached ghosts over to the
uneasiness, or our hair has stood       anyone who is concerned,” but             “We go in with a ton of equip-        “Charging money is a complete       light,” but has never encountered
up on the back of our necks.            there are no real ghost experts.      ment. A lot of the times the equip-     scam. If someone charges you          anything “too bad.”
   From Fort Erie to Welland and        “There is so much unknown. The        ment is ridiculous. We don’t know       100 dollars to walk through your         One thing the psychic medium
across the rest of the Niagara          biggest problem is fear drives        if it works. We try to use as much      house, and then another 100 to        and Podvorac agree on is that
region, there are places allegedly      [people] to do silly things.”         common sense as possible.”              make [the spirit] go away, they       there is a lot of local history in
haunted by ghosts. The question            The Shadows Project members           “A lot of it is trial and error.”    are lying to you.”                    the Niagara region, making it a
to ask is “Is it real?”                 will go into a home and “experi-      Podvorac uses voice recorders             Podvorac does not want to be        prime spot for possible haunting.
   Elvis Podvorac works with            ence what the homeowners expe-        to capture what he says might be        confused with a psychic. “We are         “Historically, [the Niagara re-
a group called The Shadows              rience,” and they tell them what      evidence. “Even this is not 100         not psychics. They’re very bogus      gion] is quite a battlefield.” The
Project based in the Thorold and        they think it might be, even if it    per cent concrete.”                     and it brings out bad imagery.”       psychic says some ghosts haven’t
Hamilton area. Podvorac says he         just a draft from a window.               “You have to be your own big-         A local psychic medium (who         fully transitioned yet, and some
became interested in investigat-           If there is something there,       gest sceptic. A lot of it you can’t     does not want her name known)         of them are happy just being here.
ing paranormal activity five years       Podvorac advises treating the         trust and you have to look at           says that spirits do exist, good         “A lot of times, hauntings are
ago when he came across a group         spirit as any other person, even      everything rationally. You can’t        and evil. “Psychic mediums act        exaggerated. It’s not enough some-
that later “folded.” He wanted to       by giving it a name “to help re-      impose and you can’t go in with a       as the intermediary between the       one is murdered. That makes a
continue investigating and that         move the fear.”                       preconception.”                         spirit world and ours.”               great ghost story.” Podvorac says
is when The Shadows Project                Podvorac says he has never en-        Podvorac says he can sense             The psychic describes what she      people just don’t know what is re-
began.                                  countered a malicious or demonic      a presence or have feelings that        does as having an openness to let     ally there.
   There are two types of inves-        spirit, but he can sense how the      someone is there.                       spirits in.                              For more information on The
tigations, says Podvorac. The           spirit might be feeling.                 “We’re capable of picking up           “During a psychic reading, by       Shadows Project and their inves-
Shadows Project investigates                “It’s like when you walk up to    on ghost energy. We trust our gut       raising our vibrations we are able    tigations, visit http://theshadow-
locations, like the Screaming           a person. You can sense if they       more than most people.”                 to channel their energy.”             sproject.com.
Page 12                                                                                                       NIAGARA NEWS - OCT. 22, 2010   Page 13

     Instutute hosts
     student dinners
                                                                By KIMBERLY SMITH
                                                                      Staff Writer
                                                         As you stroll the hallways of the hospi-
                                                       tality building at the Niagara-on-the-Lake
                                                       campus, your nose instantly recognizes
                                                       where you are: the Culinary Institute.
                                                         The busy labs are filled with students
                                                       in matching white chef jackets, which
                                                       are now laundered for them giving them
                                                       one less thing to worry about. They are
                                                       learning the proper techniques to use in
                                                       the industry.
                                                         New this year is an all stainless steel
                                                       multi-purpose lab that features a fridge
                                                       and oven at each station, a food dryer and
                                                       temperature control for the room. The lab
                                                       was built to keep moving forward with
                                                         The dining room was also revamped
                                                       and has been renamed Benchmark.
                                                         Each Tuesday night they will be offering
                                                       a $10 student dinner where a new theme is
                                                       chosen weekly for the three-course meal.
                                                       Pasta and Mexican were used in the past
                                                       weeks and the third in the series will be
                                                       Tuesday, Oct. 26, with a country chicken
                                                       barbeque theme.

  ABOVE: Chef professor Kyle Landry demonstrates for students how to cook that week’s assignment. Students
  follow along by watching him and the TV screens mounted on the front wall.

  BOTTOM RIGHT: First-year students work at two-person stations to complete their dish. Other than the food
  being cooked properly, presentation also plays an important role in grading.

  TOP RIGHT: Chef professor David Gibson samples his student's rice dishes. Grades are presented based on
  timing, taste and presentation.

                                                                                Photos by Kimberly Smith
Page 14                                                                             NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                   Oct. 22, 2010

                                                                    OFF CAMPUS
                                                                                                                                                               their work
                                                                                                                                                                     By KRISTEN SPRUIT
                                                                                                                                                                          Staff Writer
                                                                                                                                                                 Mayor Brian McMullan, Ma-
                                                                                                                                                               son Homes owner Gord Mason,
                                                                                                                                                               company sponsors and more than
                                                                                                                                                               70 volunteers attended the Spon-
                                                                                                                                                               sor and Volunteer Recognition
                                                                                                                                                               event Oct. 15 in celebration of the
                                                                                                                                                               completion of the Build for Kids
                                                                                                                                                               Sake home.
                                                                                                                                                                 The sales proceeds of this fund-
                                                                                                                                                               raising project will benefit the Big
                                                                                                                                                               Brothers Big Sisters agencies of
                                                                                                                                                               the Niagara region.
                                                                                                                                                                 On Chicory Crescent in St.
                                                                                                                                                               Catharines, the house is a three-
                                                                                                                                                               bedroom, three-bathroom, Green
                                                                                                                                                               for Life – Energy Star home with
                                                                                                                                                               hardwood floors, a gas fireplace
                                                                                                                                                               and a maple kitchen with granite

The Build for Kids Sake Home, on Chicory Crescent in St. Catharines, held its Volunteer and Sponsor Appreciation event Oct. 15 and showcased
the recently completed house.
                                                                                                                    Photos by Kristen Spruit
                                                                                                                                                                 ‘It feels
                                                                                                                                                                 great to
A house built full of love                                                                                                                                       have the
 New home to benefit Big Brothers Big Sisters                                                                                                                    house
      By KRISTEN SPRUIT                efit the Niagara-region agencies.          Sarah Stone, a first-year Police       ing because there was so much
           Staff Writer
  Build for Kids Sake would make
                                          The lot, on Chicory Crescent
                                       in St. Catharines, was donated
                                                                              Foundations student at Niagara
                                                                              College, has volunteered more than
                                                                                                                       work to be done in such a short
                                                                                                                       time, but it’s been incredible seeing
Ty Pennington proud.                   by Mason Homes, along with the         18 hours at the home in the past         the whole thing come together.”             — Frank VanDerHeyden
  A project initiated by Mason         plans. The foundation was poured       week and says she helps wherever            Margaret Ridler is the board
Homes, Build for Kids Sake will        and the building began on Sept. 24,    she is needed.                           director for the St. Catharines’ Big
benefit the three Big Brother Big       and work continued around-the-            “I figured it [the project] is some-   Brothers Big Sisters agency and
Sisters agencies of South Niagara:     clock until Oct. 3.                    thing to be a part of because you        she is also a volunteer at the build-      Frank VanDerHeyden, a site su-
St. Catharines-Thorold and district;      “Without people’s time and ser-     don’t usually get the opportunity to     ing site.                               perintendent with Mason Holmes
Greater Fort Erie; and Grimsby,        vices and companies donating ma-       build a house in 10 days.                   “It’s terrific to see walls go up     who oversaw the site and construc-
Lincoln and West Lincoln.              terials and supplies, this would not      “I like getting involved with the     and roofs go on. And, of course, it’s   tion, says 96 per cent of the house
  Mike Leone, chair of Build for       have been possible,” says Leone.       community and having the op-             for the community and to see this       was donated, including the lot,
Kids Sake and board director of           “The goal was to have the home      portunity to meet new people. And        all go back to the kids is amazing.”    which is the most expensive piece
the South Niagara Big Brother Big      built as close to completely do-       I guess I like giving back to your          The funds raised will support        of property in the subdivision.
Sisters agency, says the project       nated as possible.”                    community and teaching the next          youth mentoring programs, either           “It feels great to have the house
can be compared with the popular          The construction is being done      generation how important it is.”         to maintain existing relationships      finished. I’m tired. It is an exhaust-
Extreme Make-over Home Edition         by trained professionals who are          Pauline Wilts is a fund-developer     between “Bigs” and “Littles,” or to     ing procedure. For the time and the
TV show.                               volunteering their time and by         at the Grimsby Big Brothers Big          recruit and form new ones.              calibre of this project, it’s a first.”
  Instead of renovating a home,        more than 100 volunteers from          Sisters agency. She says everyone           “Our biggest thing is we want to        Mike Leone, chair member for
a new 2,200-square-foot Energy         the community who have worked          on the project has been really good      give back to the community.             the Build For Kids Sake project
Star, two-storey home will be built    in registration, construction clean-   about providing his or her different        “We are expecting this to be a       and Big Brothers Big Sisters board
in 10 days with 100 per cent of the    up, security and provision of food     talents and services.                    good fundraiser for us,” says Le-       member, says open houses will
proceeds of the sale going to ben-     services.                                 “At first the task seemed daunt-       one.                                    begin soon as they expect a 30- to
                                                                                                                                                               60-day closing on the sale.
                                                                                                                                                                  “We want to sell it at a fair mar-
                                                                                                                                                               ket value.”
                                                                                                                                                                  The house, being sold by the
                                                                                                                                                               Mason Home sales office, is worth
                                                                                                                                                               well over $360,000, but is priced
                                                                                                                                                               to sell at $320,000. Leone says the
                                                                                                                                                               project had about $15,000 worth
                                                                                                                                                               of out-of-pocket costs, including
                                                                                                                                                               about $11,000 worth of lumber,
                                                                                                                                                               which will be deducted from sale
                                                                                                                                                               monies. The rest of the proceeds
                                                                                                                                                               will go to the Big Brothers Big
                                                                                                                                                               Sisters agencies of Niagara.
                                                                                                                                                                  “I’m ecstatic as to what has been
                                                                                                                                                               accomplished. Everyone who has
                                                                                                                                                               been part of this project has made
                                                                                                                                                               it possible and has benefited chil-
                                                                                                                                                               dren in ways they don’t know they
Volunteers at the Build for Kids Sake project work at the site on Oct.        Volunteers and Big Brothers Big Sisters board members are excited                have.
3 doing construction clean-up. From left to right are Margaret Ridler,        about the completion of the Build for Kids Sake house in St. Catharines             “It’s not just a house, it’s a
Pauline Wilts and Sarah Stone.                                                and the prospect of selling it.                                                  home,” says Leone.
Oct. 22, 2010                                                                       NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                         Page 15

Flea market art comes to St. Catharines
     By SARAH FERGUSON                                                                                                                                        a lot of work, says Cosby. “The
             Staff Writer                                                                                                                                     women who did needlepoint were
   On a cold, rainy Sunday,                                                                                                                                   not given enough recognition.”
a mirror glance into a fancy                                                                                                                                  She says there is a lot of textiles
European art gallery opened                                                                                                                                   used today, such as in T-shirts or
in the least likely of places.                                                                                                                                punk rock that stem from needle-
Lights, cameras and two artists                                                                                                                               point.”
make it seem like a real art gallery                                                                                                                             “Art can be viewed as clutter,”
experience.                                                                                                                                                   says Elliott.
   In a little corner in the Fac-                                                                                                                                “Art’s usefulness is only useful
tory Outlet Flea Market at 46                                                                                                                                 in the eyes of the beholder.” He
Turner Cres. sits the Niagara                                                                                                                                 says art doesn’t need to be cre-
Hermitage, which opened Oct. 3.                                                                                                                               ated by a famous artist, but rather
Rob Elliott and Christine Cosby,                                                                                                                              it can be done by an average Joe
of Toronto, have set up a little art                                                                                                                          and still have the same effect on
gallery with yellow wallpaper,                                                                                                                                a person.
lights and cameras to resemble                                                                                                                                   Established by the Niagara Art-
the St. Petersburg Hermitage art                                                                                                                              ists Centre, the little art gallery in
gallery.                                                                                                                                                      the flea market will feature other
   The artwork on display is things                                                                                                                           local artists from the Niagara Re-
they have gathered through their                                                                                                                              gion.
travels or used in other art proj-                                                                                                                               “Rob and Christine were gra-
ects, such as needlepoint, serving                                                                                                                            cious enough to be the first guinea
trays and even a singing bass head.                                                                                                                           pigs,” says Stephen Remus,
   The point of the art gal-                                                                                                                                  NAC’s minister of energy, minds
lery, according to the pair, is                                                                                                                               and resources.The space for the
so people don’t have to travel                                                                                                                                Niagara Hermitage was donated
to big fancy art galleries to                                                                                                                                 by the flea market owners, Kelly
have an appreciation for art.                                                                                                                                 Foote and Scott Sweitzer.
Cosby says the gallery is                                                                                                                                        The exhibit will run every
meant       “to    explore     every-                                                                                                                         Sunday from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. until
day art people can afford.”             Christine Cosby and Rob Elliott are the first artists to display their work in a flea market in St. Catharines. The   Christmas.
People were very interested in the      art display is modeled after a famous museum in Russia.                                                                  Visit Cosby and Elliott’s web-
art in the Niagara Hermitage.                                                                                                  Photo by Sarah Ferguson        site at swzzlefoundations.ca/ to
   “Is that for sale?” one of the flea                                                                                                                         see the artwork that was on dis-
market goers asks, referring to a       but they are quick to reassure         galleries of Europe by simply           ably find in the flea market.”           play or visit The NAC at nac.org
large needlepoint poster of dogs        the fellow that he can find some-       walking into the flea market,”           There was a lot of needlework          to find out more information on
playing poker.                          thing similar in the flea market.       says Elliott because “anything          display by Cosby and Elliott.          the artists who will display their
   “No,” says Elliott and Cosby,        “You can experience the art            you see here you could prob-            Needlepoint is a fine art that takes    work in the flea market.

It’s never too late to go back Health programs most popular
  College is always there for those who need it                                                                              By GENESIS FALCON
                                                                                                                                    Staff Writer
                                                                                                                          Bob Hann, director of enrolment
                                                                                                                                                              says, “That is difficult to predict.
                                                                                                                                                              We are strict with all the programs
                                                                                                                                                              because sometimes some programs
       By KRISTEN SPRUIT                                                       works at a factory (Casco) in Port      and registration services knows        have other requirements like inter-
              Staff Writer                                                     Colborne and says she is upgrading      which are the most demanding           views or other tests. It depends on
   As the saying goes, it is never                                             her courses because she would like      programs at Niagara College.           the program. Admissions are really
too late to learn something new.                                               to become an educational assistant         Hann says most of the pro-          competitive in programs like Para-
   The Literacy and Basic Skills                                               in recreational therapy.                grams that began in fall are full      medic and Dental Hygiene.
program, offered at both of Ni-                                                   “I just want a different job be-     with the most demand being the            Hann says that having good
agara College’s campuses, is free                                              cause it’s [my current job] hard on     ones that have to do with health,      facilities is important because
for adults who do not have a high                                              your body and to be able do some-       in this case, Dental Hygiene           it builds a good reputation for
school diploma or who have been                                                thing different.”                       and Paramedic. Other programs          the college, which he hopes will
out of school for a long time and                                                 “I enjoy learning different things   that have high demand are all          bring more attention for the future
would like to upgrade their skills or                                          I haven’t done since high school in     those that have to do with media       students. The college receives
learn new ones.                                                                ‘93.”                                   studies, such as Broadcasting —        25,000 applications and 13,708
   Nancy Mozina, an instructor at                                                 The program is based on nine es-     Radio, Television and Film and         applicants, although students can
the college, says the program al-                                              sential skills developed by Human       Journalism. “Those are popular,”       apply for more than one program
lows for students to gain entrance                                             Resources Development Canada            says Hann.                             during the admission process.
into post-secondary school in a                                                in conjunction with the business           He says business graduate certif-      Emmanuel Songue, 20, from
program of their choice, or to train                                           community.                              icates are popular, too. Hann says     Toronto, is taking Business – Sales
for a new job.                                                                    The list includes nine skills        there are programs that fit people      and Marketing at the Niagara-on-
   Tuition fees and material costs                                             employees must have in order to         who want to return to school – in      the-Lake (NOTL) campus. He says
are paid for the Ministry of Train-                                            be successful in the workplace:         many cases, parents – and those are    he always wanted to work in the
ing, Colleges and Universities, and                                            problem solving, reading, writing,      pretty popular too.                    business field and have his own
support allowances can be made          Nancy Mozina, an instructor in the     thinking, communication, math,             As to why he thinks these pro-      business.
for adults needing assistance with      Literacy and Basic Skills program,     computer and document use skills,       grams are so attractive, he says          Songue chose Niagara College
transportation and child care costs.    has been teaching at the college       and the ability to work with others.    that health involves an aging          because he wanted to find a place
Students in the program also have       since 1988.                               Mozina says one of the great         population so health services and      away from his hometown. He says
access to textbooks and to the col-                                            things about the program is there       prevention services are always         he likes his program.
lege library and gym.                            Photo by Kristen Spruit       are different levels, so students       needed. The media studies are             “Yes, it gives me many perspec-
   “It’s a really beneficial [program]                                          don’t need to learn things they         traditionally popular.                 tives on what is expected in the
because it gets students who’ve            Jessi Kovats, 28, of Fort Erie,     already know or feel intimidated           “Programs like Journalism           business field.” Songue adds that
been out of school back into school     worked as a Personal Support           because they are behind.                have a public value,” says Hann.       it teaches him about other things
routines.                               Worker for eight years and says           Adults can enrol at any time as      “The programs that have to             that would put him ahead of the
   “And it’s free – that’s the magic    she is hoping to upgrade to either     the program is based on a continu-      do with environment are also           curve.
word.”                                  a registered nurse or a paramedic.     ous intake. Students can therefore      popular and get full, as do the           Songue says the admission pro-
   Jeffery Powe, 20, of Oakville,          “I have my Grade 12 but my          take only courses they need and         programs that have to do with          cess was pretty easy.
says he is taking the course to get     marks are poor, so I’m bringing my     work in a supportive environment        technology.”                              “My program is not so com-
credits in math and English so he       marks up so I have a better chance     at their own pace.                         Heading up the newer offerings,     petitive, compared to others like
can take the Landscape and Design       at entering school.”                      Applicants interested in the         he says is the Brewmaster and          Journalism.”
program.                                   Kovats says she wants to switch     program can contact the Literacy        Brewery Operations Management.            As for his program, he says, “Yes,
   “It is a great program for upgrad-   trades because she is curious about    and Basic Skills reception. Call           “It has high demand,” says Hann.    I would definitely recommend it.
ing in a non-threatening environ-       learning more in a new field.           905-641-2252 ext. 4418 for more            Academic requirements influ-         It’s a great thing to learn and be
ment.”                                     Carol Sider, 35, of Wainfleet,       information.                            ence the higher demand. Hann           aware of how business works.”
Page 16                                                                                 NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                Oct. 22, 2010

You should care about the Board of Governors
                                          be defined as the laws under which
        By JESSE CARTER                   an organization is governed and
             Staff Writer                 the decision-making structures it
   Who are the Niagara College            employs.
board of governors? What do they             “The authority to establish col-
do? How can they affect you? And,         leges of applied arts and technolo-
most important, why should you            gy is set out in the Ontario Colleges
care?                                     of Applied Arts and Technology
   “The board is made up of indi-         Act, 2002. The Act identifies each
viduals who are responsible for           college as a corporation without
defining the role and mission of           share capital and with a board of
the college and thereby setting the       governors under the authority of
strategic directions for the college      the Corporations Act. The board of
to achieve,” says Dan Patterson,          governors governs each college on
Niagara College President.                behalf of the public.”
   According to the Ontario Min-             The province of Ontario says the
istry of Training, Universities           board is set at no less than 12 and
and Colleges, this role includes          no more than 20 members to be ap-
approval of the plans for the new         pointed and the college president is
developments around campus and            still a voting member. The Niagara
what goes in to filling the facilities.    College Board was established in
   It states the board is a governing     1967 and is made up of 17 mem-
board, not a management board.            bers, which includes three internal
This means the board leaves the           staff members and student Grant
“day-to-day” to Patterson and only        Dalton, 28, of the Niagara-on-the-
focuses on the overall operation,         Lake campus, as the only student        During the first board meeting on Oct. 17 topics ranging from the Master Plan update to new funding
                                                                                  formulas were discussed. All took place after a tour of the new grounds.             Photo by Jesse Carter
just as a corporation leaves the          representative.
president to run the company, while          External governors are ap-           board members were nominated to the board is a positive guide for the and Salon Studies or Digital Pho-
the chief executive officer follows        pointed, whereas the internal gov-      the college for approval. Now, one- school.                              tography program, be sure to pass
up on the direction the company is        ernors are elected by their peers.      third of external Governors will be    “[The board is the] overarching on thanks through your president.
heading in.                               A support staff rep is elected by       appointed and two-thirds by each body for good governance,” says            Patterson, says that the key for
   The board of governors is a            all members of the support staff        college board of governors. The Len Crispino, chairman of Niagara students to understand is the board
group of individuals, unpaid, who         group. The academic staff rep is        term for both external and internal College’s board of governors.        assigns the staff of the college with
devote their “time, knowledge and         elected by all members of the aca-      is three years.                        Crispino also says the interests the jobs of ensuring quality of the
expertise” says Kim Rose, execu-          demic staff group. The admin staff         Each board will establish by- of the students are served even
                                                                                                                                                           programs and services that are
tive assistant to the president and       rep is elected by all members of the    laws setting out the total members though governors are not a day-
board of governors.                       admin staff group, and the student      of governors to be appointed. to-day force at the school. He says delivered to the students. He says
   Just as the board establishes the      rep is elected by students during       Roles in Ontario include approving they are totally committed to “ap- in this way the “main interface” is
goals for the college, its criteria are   the student administrative council      policy directions, hiring the presi- plied dreams” and that the needs of still between students and staff.
set by the province in the ministry’s     elections each year.                    dent, evaluating the president, col- the students are met.                  The board meets six times a
governance and accountability                The process for appointing ex-       lege budgets and representing the      According to Rose, all programs   year, including a two-day retreat.
framework legislation. The legisla-       ternal governors changed on Oct.        college to the community with a go through the board’s choice. The The meetings range from one hour
tion also states: “Governance may         1, 2010. Until recently, external       single and united voice; in a sense, next time you are enjoying the Spa to three, depending on the agenda.

 Civilian hopes to turn sheep into sheepdogs
           By SAM CINO                    mocracy or a republic such as ours.                                                He says he has some T-shirts          You can find Dungey on www.
            Staff Writer                     “Still, the sheepdog disturbs the                                             and Velcro patches coming in the     civiliansheepdog.com under the
   What is in your pockets right          sheep. He is a constant reminder                                                 near future and will possibly have   username “youonlywish.”
now to help you survive?                  that there are wolves in the land.                                               a free item giveaway once the site      “Preparation leads to preserva-
   Billy Dungey is looking to ad-         They would prefer that he didn’t                                                 reaches 100 members.                 tion.”
dress that question with his new          tell them where to go, or give them                                                THANK        YOU
website      www.civiliansheepdog.        traffic tickets. The sheep would
com. It is aimed at helping the           much rather have the sheepdog                                                      THANK        YOU
everyday person with survivability        cash in his fangs, spray paint                                                     THANK        YOU
                                                                                                                             THANK        YOU
topics. Those topics include CPR          himself white, and go, ‘Baa’ until
and first aid, building a “bug-out”        the wolf shows up. Then the entire
bag which would be used if you            flock tries desperately to hide be-                                                 THANK        YOU
have an extended power outage
and need your own supplies for
                                          hind one lonely sheepdog.”
                                             Dungey says civilian sheep-
                                                                                                    Photo courtesy of        THANK        YOU
a few days, among various other           dogs (CS) aren’t trouble seekers.
                                                                                              civiliansheepdog.com           THANK        YOU            supporting your
                                                                                                                             THANK        YOU
topics.                                   They’re only there to help.             does, I hope to be prepared, and if
   “I personally carry a small               “I think of it like a ‘prepared      it affects someone else, as long as
                                                                                  it is ethically, professionally and        THANK        YOU            Niagara College
200-lumen [very bright] flashlight         helper’ or those people who choose
all the time and I’m always looking       to help those in need. I hope to        legally right for me to do so, I hope      THANK        YOU          Community Paper
                                                                                  I can help. There is a difference be-
for more. I think it’s turning into a
sickness,” he says jokingly.
                                          never be confronted with a violent
                                          situation, local or regional disas-     tween preparedness and paranoia.”          THANK        YOU    For many years Avondale stores have
   Dungey, 24, of Brantford, Ont.,        ter or the like. However, I’m not          His wife, Amy, has been sup-            THANK        YOU             generously distributed
wants to bring the average person a       so jaded as to believe that these       portive through her husband’s new
                                                                                                                             THANK        YOU      2,400 copies of each Niagara News
degree of readiness in their lives, to    issues will never affect me. If it      project.                                                          issue across the Niagara Region.
become “sheepdogs.”                                                                  “She’s a big fan. We went to get        THANK        YOU
   Sheepdog is defined thus on             ‘I think of it like a                   our first aid certifications together.
                                                                                  She’s a lot like me. ‘Be the change
                                                                                                                             THANK        YOU         Avondale demonstrates how
                                                                                                                                                    good corporate citizens support
the website: “The sheep [general
                                                                                  you want to see in the world’ kind         THANK        YOU
people] generally do not like the
sheepdog. He looks a lot like the
                                          ‘prepared helper’                       of stuff.”                                 THANK        YOU
                                                                                                                                                            student learning.

                                          or those people                            On the business end of the web-                                  The staff of the Niagara News
wolf [evil person]. He has fangs
                                                                                  site, he says it’s been very low cost.     THANK        YOU        wish to thank Avondale for its
and the capacity for evil. The dif-
ference, though, is that the sheep-       who choose to                              “The web hosting will only              THANK        YOU      past, current and future assistance.
dog will not ever harm the sheep.                                                 cost me $20 per year since I’m
                                                                                                                             THANK        YOU
Any sheepdog that intentionally           help those in                           just starting out, which is great.
                                                                                  I also do my own web design so             THANK        YOU Please support Avondale Food Stores.
harms the lowliest little lamb will
be punished and removed. The              need.’                                  I don’t need to hire anyone, and           THANK        YOU For additional sale items, please check:
                                                                                  I’m working on my own graphic
world cannot work any other way,
                                                             -Bill Dungey         design as well.”                           THANK        YOU         www.avondalestores.com
at least not in a representative de-
                                                                                                                             THANK        YOU
Oct. 22, 2010                                                                       NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                         Page 17

Chandler collects faculty award of excellence
       By ANTON MWEWA                                                                                                                                            “I could cry at the thoughts of
            Staff Writer                                                                                                                                      getting it,” she says, tearing up
   Meeting someone truly re-                                                                                                                                  slightly.
markable doesn’t happen very                                                                                                                                     “It’s such a nice feeling … I
often. Meeting Betty Ann Chan-                                                                                                                                don’t know how they choose one
dler from the English as a Second                                                                                                                             person because there are so many
Language (ESL) department at                                                                                                                                  who deserve this.”
Niagara College is one of those                                                                                                                                  Vandeboom says she was thrilled
rare cases.                                                                                                                                                   about Chandler’s win.
   Finding a place to start describ-                                                                                                                             “She is so deserving of this
ing Chandler is a daunting task. For                                                                                                                          award, and we are all so pleased
those who may not know, Chandler                                                                                                                              for her.”
is a professor of ESL at Niagara                                                                                                                                 Along with a plaque to com-
College’s Welland campus.                                                                                                                                     memorate her achievement, Chan-
   She is the winner of this year’s                                                                                                                           dler received a reserved parking
faculty Award of Excellence,                                                                                                                                  spot for an entire year, a valuable
which is no mere feat.                                                                                                                                        commodity in the midst of the col-
   Chandler, 61, grew up on a farm                                                                                                                            lege’s parking crisis.
near the town of Jarvis, Ont.                                                                                                                                    However, Chandler auctioned
   She has been married to her hus-                                                                                                                           off the parking space and donated
band, Ricky, a paramedic, for 39                                                                                                                              the proceeds to the United Way,
years, and together they have two                                                                                                                             just another way she is helping the
children and four grandchildren.                                                                                                                              community.
   Had Chandler been just another                                                                                                                                Chandler says the award has
person here at the college, her de-                                                                                                                           been a crowning moment in her
scription would end there, but she                                                                                                                            life and emphasizes how much her
is hardly “just another person.”                                                                                                                              nominators and the entire Interna-
   In contrast to what she does to-                                                                                                                           tional Department mean to her.
day, Chandler started her career as                                                                                                                              “They are all so special to me –
a nurse at an intensive care unit in                                                                                                                          with or without the award!”
St. Catharines.                         Betty Ann Chandler poses with her reserved parking sign outside the International Department. She then                   With all she has achieved so far,
   It was during this period of         auctioned off the sign and all of the proceeds went the United Way.                                                   one would assume there is only
her life that she came to Niagara                                                                                           Photo by Anton Mwewa              more to come, and Chandler shows
College and taught nursing for 13          Staying true to that sentiment, the Middle East where she taught only ones who feel that way. Ear-                 no outward signs of slowing down.
years.                                  Chandler went back to school at a program at a Saudi hospital; Tai- lier last year, two other ESL profes-             In reality, though, she and her hus-
   When the nursing program that        Humber College in Toronto and wan, where she went on recruiting sors put in their nomination for the                  band have begun contemplating
employed her was shut down,             earned the Teaching English as a trips; and Germany and Korea, college’s Award of Excellence.                         the possibility of retiring.
Chandler found herself out of luck      Second Language (TESL) certifi- where she visited her past home-               Susan Vandenboom and Lynn                  “We haven’t made the definite
and out of a job.                       cation, a prerequisite to teach ESL. stay students.                        Otto wrote a nomination letter             decision to retire but we have to at
   “The closing of my nursing           She says the entire process wasn’t        “Students whom I’ve taught putting forth Chandler’s name and                some point,” she says. “I’d hate to
program was a bad thing for me,”        easy.                                  here helped me over there,” says outlining the reasons they felt she           leave but I have to make room for
she says of the experience. “I was         “It was not easy to walk through Chandler, showing just how many deserved the award.                               the young people to come in.”
really sad about that.”                 that door, but I’m really, really glad friends she has made in her 13         “Betty Ann is the kind of per-             Even if she retires, Chandler
   However, Chandler didn’t give        that I did.”                           years as an ESL professor.          son you’d want to have on your             doesn’t plan to do nothing. She
up. She says she had only two              Upon acquiring her TESL cer-           Joy Jia, 29, a former student of island,” they said in the letter.          says she hopes to get into volunteer
options: to go into the “depths of      tification, Chandler returned to Chandler and now in the employ “She is genuine and sincere in her                     work in the community and over-
depression” or look for another op-     Niagara College’s International of the International Department, praise of others and never lets the                  seas and to do some travelling.
portunity.                              Department as a professor of ESL, says her experiences with Chandler accomplishments of her colleagues                   Much has happened during
   She had been hosting interna-        a move that has clearly done her a were nothing but fun and interest- go unrecognized.”                               Chandler’s time at here. Nothing
tional students through the home-       lot of good.                           ing.                                   After 13 years of giving to her         has stayed constant except change,
stay program, and she says it was          In her time teaching ESL, Chan-        “As soon as she walked in the community, her students, and her              and Chandler says she is confident
only fitting that she move to the        dler has had the chance to not only classroom it was like, wow,” says college, Chandler received this                 the change will always be positive.
International Department.               interact with several students from Jia, recalling the first time she met year’s Award of Excellence in rec-              “Under the direction of Sean
   “When one door closes, watch         all around the world, but also visit Chandler. “She brightened every- ognition of her hard work.                      Coote [director of the International
for another one to open, and when       some of their countries.               thing up right away.”                  She compares it to the likes of         Department], I’m sure the depart-
it does, walk through it,” she says.       She has visited Saudi Arabia in        Chandler’s students are not the winning an Academy Award.                   ment will flourish.”

Teenage pregnancies draw several different reactions
      By BREANNE VARDY                  gest struggle must be their educa-     the right time for children is           Bethany Broadbridge, 19, of Brant-
            Staff Writer                tion and planning for their futures.   when you’re stable, financially,          ford, Ont., had her baby boy at age
  With shows on MTV such as 16             “If you find out you’re pregnant     mentally, and in a relationship.         19. Broadbridge says being preg-
& pregnant and Teen Mom, teen-          without planning it’s a different         Freda Agyekum,            18,    of   nant as a teenager wasn’t that bad.
agers may get the courage to have       situation, but I don’t approve of      Thorold, Ont., says teen preg-             “I had graduated high school
a child while they are still children   teenagers trying to get pregnant       nancy should not be some-                and I felt like I had a good head
themselves.                             at a young age,” says Wisdom.          thing a teenager goes through.           on my shoulders. I felt responsible
  Over the past six years, teen            She says young women need to           “At that point in life they should    enough to become a mother.”
pregnancy in the Niagara region         be financially stable and be able to    be focused on school and build-            She was in her first semester of
has consistently shown a higher         provide a stable home for a baby,      ing a future for themselves,” says       college when she got pregnant. “It
rate than the rest of the province.     and at such a young age it’s very      Agyekum adding that someday she          was one of the hardest things to
   Between 2002 and 2005, Niaga-        rare you will have that.               would like to have children.             deal with because I was pursuing
ra’s teen pregnancy rate decreased.        Wisdom says if a women                 However if she had them               my dreams and taking theatre in
In 2002, 34.5 teen p regnancies oc-     were pregnant at 18 she would          at this age she would have               college.”
cured per 1000 females from 15 to       be very upset because it would         no choice but to take full re-             “But I realized that my life
19. In 2005 it was to 29.7.             destroy her plans and goals.           sponsibility for her actions.            path had changed and I needed to
  The slight increase was to 30.6          “I would have to have the child        “I don’t think teen pregnancy         take responsibility of my actions
from 2005 to 2007. This is fol-         because it is against my religion      should be considered normal,             and work to support my baby.”
lowed by a slight decrease in           to have an abortion. The majority      because it isn’t something society         Broadbridge says, surprisingly,
2008 to 29.7. On the other hand,        of my friends are teen mothers.”       has accepted and it’s not sending        her aunts were the only people
Ontario rates had a steady decline         “In 2009-2010 teen pregnancy        a good message to the younger            to tell her that it wasn’t a good
from 2002 to 2008, from 30.6 to         rates are high, and it seems they      population,” says Agyekum.               idea to have a child at her age.
24.5 teen pregnancies per 1000          continue to rise,” says Wisdom.           She hopes that teen mothers can         “Close friends and family friends   Callan Kivell, 19, poses with her
females in the range are 15-19.            Although      teen    pregnancy     stay focused, finish their education,     and everyone else I had talked to     baby belly at seven months
   Tamika Wisdom, 18, of Welland,       in the community seems to be           and be responsible because they          were very supportive.”                pregnant.
Ont., says for teen moms the big-       accepted now, Wisdom says,             have another life to look out for now.               Continued on page 18                      Submitted photo
Page 18                                                                                NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                  Oct. 22, 2010

Teenage moms
face challenges                          What is a sexual health worker?
day to day                                   ‘I have a passion for public health and I really enjoy being a part of it’
Continuted from page 17                        By BREANNE VARDY
   Teen mothers can face a number                    Staff Writer
of issues throughout pregnancy              “Sexual health can be a contro-
making it hard to feel like they         versial topic, so my biggest chal-
made the right decision. For             lenge is trying to break down bar-
Broadbridge the hardest part was         riers and make it something people
not during the pregnancy but after       feel comfortable talking about. It is
the child was born.                      happening: people are having sex.
   “The hardest thing was endur-         As much as we don’t want to ad-
ing the 35 days that my baby was         mit that, it’s important to see it as
in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive          something that is happening,” says
Care Unit) after he was born, but        Chrissy Diadamo, a sexual health
that would be difficult for a parent      promoter for the Niagara Region.
at any age,” says Broadbridge.           “I want to make it an OK thing to
   Although she is a single mom          talk about, and help people protect
it’s difficult to think that the father   themselves.”
does not want to be in his life. “I         Diadamo, 30, of Beamsville,
took the time to work full time          Ont., was born in Niagara Falls
before I gave birth so I’ve been         where she attended St. Paul’s High
able to take care of myself and my       School.
child.”                                     Diadamo says she attended
   “I feel better about doing it on      Brock University for her bach-
my own because the other parent          elor of arts degree in Community
might not have the same views            Health Science.
and I know that myself and my son           She says she went to Australia
have a great support system behind       to do her master’s degree in Public
us,” she says.                           Health and Tropical Medicine.
   Broadbridge says she plans to            While there she tried to contact
return to college to study television    Public Health to see if they wanted
broadcast or become a child and          any students for placements.
youth worker.                            Diadamo got a reply saying the
   “I look forward to sending my         infectious disease program was
son off to school, him living a          interested in having students.
happy life and him one day saying           She worked for that program
that he is proud of his mom,” says       with the health promoter at the          Chrissy Diadamo, sexual health promoter for the Niagara Region, speaks out about her career.
Broadbridge.                             time and they worked on a project                                                                                                     Submitted photo
   Callan Kivell, 19, of Barrie,         together.                                came to apply for this position, she ted infections.”                          “I love what I am doing now, so
Ont., says it was very hard to be a         While she was in student place-       just jumped on it.                      “I participate in developing se- no regrets but, truthfully, I wanted
teen mother. “I was constantly be-       ment, a position came up in the            When asked who influenced her rious campaigns for HPV and the to be a doctor.”
ing judged and I had to work extra       Sexual Health program.                   childhood, she says she does not vaccines that are now available,             Diadamo describes herself as
hard,” says Kivell. “But people are          “What’s ironic about it all is I     think it was anyone in particular.   so pamphlet creation, posters, fact passionate.
always judging everything, so at a       took human sexuality while I was           “Throughout my childhood sheets, gathering the right infor-                  “When I commit to something,
point I just stopped caring,” says       at Brock,” says Diadamo.                 and adolescence, I got tapped mation for the community to be I try to follow through with it as
Kivell. She says she was 19 when            “I was a teaching assistant so        on the shoulder by a number of aware.”                                     strongly as I can.”
she had her baby, just out of high       I had the background for human           adults who engaged me in various       “I also establish a target audience    She says it makes her love her
school and working.                      sexuality.”                              things,” says Diadamo.               for a particular subject and develop job because she loves what she is
   “It was good to see that certain         She says she didn’t always want         She was involved in many sports information that is relevant to that trying to teach and promote.
people accepted I was pregnant           to be in sexual health. When she         camps and leadership camps and audience.”                                      In five years, she says she hopes
and were nice to me,” says Kivell.       finished her degree, she was not          “that really helped me find out         She says if her audience is at she is still working within public
“Teen pregnancy groups were nice         sure what she wanted to do.              who I was, along with my beliefs the university level, she partners health.
because everyone there could re-            “I was just trying to get my foot     and my values. I have a wonderful with another health promoter and            “I have a passion for public
late to each other.” She says she        in the door of public health and         family, a great upbringing. I am they work on a sex and alcohol health and I really enjoy being a
“got lucky” because she is not a         understand what public health was        very lucky.”                         campaign.                             part of it,” says Diadamo.
single mom.                              at the time.”                              “Oh gosh, my life. It’s not that     “Don’t wake up with more than a        She says she would like to have
   “I have a wonderful fiancé; I             “I just knew I loved health. I        exciting. I wake up. I walk my hangover” was one campaign that some kids and move ahead if the
can’t imagine how hard it would be       loved promoting people to live a         dog,” says Diadamo, laughing. was really fun.                              opportunity arises within public
without him.”                            healthy lifestyle, so it came down       She adds that work varies and ev-      “We know that university stu- health.
   “My whole world could be              to fitting in, even though I wasn’t a     ery day is a little bit different.   dents are going to participate in        “It’s hard to think that far ahead
crashing down, but the minute I          nurse or a doctor. How else can I fit       “Certain days I could be at a drinking and they are going to par- when I am thinking about what
see my daughter smile all the bad        into the health field?”                   community organization doing a ticipate in sex. We just want them I want to do in the next eight
things and worrying go away.”               She says when the opportunity         presentation on sexually transmit- to be responsible,” says Diadamo.       months.”

Don’t let yourself go because of the sleet and snow
      By TONY ALTOMARE                   many students who become less            should start a meal plan that is high   equipment that is up to date in the     possible. Cardiovascular exercises
             Staff Writer                active once the weather starts to        in protein, high in fibre and low in     new fitness centre. Everything is        are important to keep the heart
   It’s that time of year again. The     change.                                  fat. The most important thing is        very brand new and state of the         healthy, so going for a walk or light
leaves are beginning to turn, the                                                 staying active. It’s always tough       art and very professional,” says        jog, weather permitting, will do the
days are shorter, the wind is colder
and snow is on its way. It’s the per-
                                         ‘Now that winter                         in winter, but you can’t stay on the
                                                                                  couch. You need to hit the gym and
                                                                                                                          Vincent Filice, 22, also a student of
                                                                                                                          the Fitness and Health Promotion
                                                                                                                                                                  body good. Just remember to al-
                                                                                                                                                                  ways bundle up and layer clothing.
fect weather to just grab a blanket,
a few of your favourite snacks and
                                         is coming it’s even                      keep moving.”
                                                                                     Students attending the Welland
                                                                                                                            “They have everything from
                                                                                                                                                                     Ghaly and Filice say students
                                                                                                                                                                  should take advantage of the new
a movie or two and pack on some
pounds while you hibernate on the
                                         harder to stay in                        campus have a new and improved
                                                                                  facility to use during the winter
                                                                                                                          cardio machines such as ellipticals,
                                                                                                                          bikes and treadmills for those peo-
                                                                                                                                                                     “It is a lot tougher to focus on
   This season you might want
                                         shape ...’                               months.
                                                                                     The fitness facility and workout
                                                                                                                          ple looking to shed some pounds,
                                                                                                                          to weights for those students who
                                                                                                                                                                  working out when the weather
                                                                                                                                                                  starts getting colder. Students at the
to consider avoiding those extra                           — Chris Ghaly          area of the new athletic centre         hope to tone up before the next         college should really take advan-
unwanted Thanksgiving and other                                                   provides free access to enrolled        beach season,” says Ghaly.              tage of everything the new fitness
holiday dinner pounds by getting            Now that winter is coming, it         students.                                 For those who can’t make it to        room offers.
off the couch and staying active.        is even harder to stay in shape so          The new fitness room is nearly        the gym on a regular basis, there          “It’s free, so if you’re in between
   Chris Ghaly, 22, of Niagara Falls,    students need to focus on their          triple the size of the last and con-    are always fitness routines to do at     classes and just sitting around,
a Fitness and Health Promotion           diets. It’s time to lay off the barbe-   tains all new equipment readily         home.                                   don’t hesitate to head over and
student, says the winter months          cue food and start thinking about        available to students.                    Ghaly and Filice recommend do-        use the equipment instead of just
can be “cold and discouraging” for       everyday food decisions. Students           “There are all sorts of new          ing pushups, sit-ups and chin-ups if    lounging around.”
Oct. 22, 2010                                                                          NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                           Page 19


Controversy rose when the referee called a questionable free kick from inside the six-yard box. The Knights’ defence was confused allowing the Mohawk Mountaineers to tie the game.
The Mountaineers would go on to win by a score of 6-4 in extra time.
                                                                                                                                                          Photos by Nick Bedard

Knights sent home from playoffs
Mohawk steals tense game in overtime Lady Knights ousted in
        By NICK BEDARD
                                     first round of qualifier
                                         ered a dazzling shot that found the        In the second half, Niagara
            Staff Writer                 inside corner of the net.               wasted no time getting the                       By NICK BEDARD                 got a foot on it, but I was going in
   It was a rich start that eventually      Paterson says, “I wanted to come     go-ahead goal when a Patterson                       Staff Writer               the opposite way as she was,” says
elapsed into a poor ending for the       out strong, I felt like I owed the      cross found Komar Irandost for a            It was a match that could have      Russell.
Niagara Knights men’s soccer team        team something for getting that red     hard strike to the back of the net.      gone any way for the Niagara              Russell, 20, of the Tourism
Tuesday. The Knights squared off         card two weeks ago.”                       Controversy arose mid-way             Knights women’s soccer team.           Management – Business Develop-
against the Mohawk Mountaineers             Another tough break occurred         through the second half when                The Mohawk Mountaineers             ment program, says the team had
of Hamilton, in the first round of        as a Knights defender attempted to      Knights keeper James Draper              hosted the Knights Ontario             a good start to the season but fell
the Ontario College Athletic Asso-       clear the ball out of the penalty box   appeared to have controlled the          Colleges Athlectic Association         apart a little over the mid-way
ciation (OCAA) Western Confer-           using his head but it ricocheted off    ball, then tried to pick it up but was   soccer first round playoff action,      point of the season.
ence playoffs.                           his hand resulting in a Mountain-       stopped by referee Mike Winstanly.       Tuesday. The Mountaineers edged           “Our problem was that we
   After finishing regular time at a      eers goal via penalty kick. At the         “I went to block the ball with my     out the Knights by a 2-1 score.        couldn’t finish. We couldn’t score
4-4 draw, the game proceeded into        28-minute mark Jordan Arnott was        hands and then played it with my            The Knights got off to a great      goals. Without goals you can’t re-
silver goal that allows two extra        in the right place at the right time    feet then picked it up,” says Draper.    start. Knights forward Erin            ally win games. Now I will look
15-minute periods. Mohawk would          for the Knights as he buried a goal        “I have been doing this all           Jennison broke her scoring draught     keep the cardio up for the indoor
capitalize twice in the extra frame,     to even the score. Back from inju-      season and apparently now it’s not       by sniping a shot from just inside     soccer season.”
eliminating the Knights from the         ry, Knights captain Matt Miedema        allowed If I got away with it all        the 18-yard mark that found the           Scoring was the big issue all
OCAA playoffs with a 6-4 victory.        made his presence felt by serving a     year, I don’t know why they would        bottom left corner of the goal.        season for the Knights; in fact, in
   “We let this game get away from       splendid ball to Paterson allowing      wait until the second half of the last      It took only two minutes of play    eight games the Knights found the
us. It was a case where if we didn’t     him to score his second goal of the     game to call it. There is nothing we     for the Mountaineers to answer         back of the net six times.
have bad luck, we’d have no luck         night. A late own-goal in the dying     can do about it now.”                    back as Ashley Haden evened               First-year player Erin Jennison,
at all,” says Knights head coach         seconds of the first half allowed the       Winstanly awarded Mohawk              things up.                             18, of the Horticultural and Land-
Anthony Ventresca.                       Mountaineers to go into the half at     with an in-direct free kick six                                                 scape Technician program, says
   Bad luck was the case for
the Knights once again on
                                         three goals a-piece.                    yards away from Draper’s goal. A
                                                                                 shocked and un-organized Knights’
                                                                                                                          ‘Without goals                         despite the loss, she had a lot of fun
                                                                                                                                                                 with her new teammates through-
Tuesday afternoon, as they had one
unfortunate score on their own
                                                                                 defence watched the ball go past
                                                                                 them and into the goal tying the
                                                                                                                          you can’t really                       out the year.
                                                                                                                                                                    “Tonight we played very well,
goal and a disallowed goal involv-
ing a suspected offside call made
                                                                                 game. The remainder of regular
                                                                                 time solved nothing.
                                                                                                                          win games.’                            but there were times where we
                                                                                                                                                                 broke down a little bit and should
by linesman John Zetkic.                                                            In overtime Adam Bond and                         — Brittany Russell         have picked ourselves up. Other
   As the opening kick-off took                                                  Adam Petrina of the Mountaineers                                                than that, we should have shot
place, it didn’t take long for the                                               each had a goal to ensure the home         Late in the first half, the Knights   more on net but, really, what can
Mountaineers to find the back of                                                  team a victory.                          defenders were caught off guard        you do?”
the net. The Mountaineers took a                                                    Petrina finished the game with         by a bouncing ball that travelled         After starting the season with
1-0 lead within three minutes of                                                 three goals, Bond with two and           through four Knights defend-           three wins and no losses, the
play. Ten minutes later, the Knights                                             Sirwan Irandost chipped in with          ers and passed keeper Brittany         Knights took a turn for the worse
were awarded a free kick 25 yards                                                one goal for the Mountaineers.           Russell, allowing Haden to score       dropping four of their next five
out. Derek Paterson, eager for           Knights keeper James Draper                They now move on to play Al-          her second goal of the night.          games. The Knights close out the
redemption after a two game              rushes a Mountaineer forward to         gonquin College of Ottawa in the           “We had three players on one         2010 season with a record of three
suspension, stepped up and deliv-        make a save.                            next round of the OCAA playoffs.         of their players and she (Haden)       wins, five losses and one draw.

Disappointing end to regular season of soccer
         By BEN CLARKE                   the Mountaineers. Niagara was           but the shot went over the crossbar.        In the first few minutes a Mo-       Mohawk crossbar.
            Staff Writer                 playing a faster pace of soccer in         Mohawk would then score on a          hawk player collided with Knights        With no score at halftime, the
   The Niagara Knights women’s           the first half, which led to a goal      controversial offside play before        goalkeeper Mike Norsworthy, but        Knights and Mountaineers would
soccer team hit a rough patch as         by midfielder Alexandra Knox.            adding another to seal the game          there was no foul on the play.         exchange goals in the second half.
it concluded its regular season on       Strong play by forward Erin Jenni-      3-1.                                        “He was trying to get the ball,     Niagara’s goal came from defense-
Oct. 7 at Plymouth Park in Welland.      son gave Niagara several chances           “We stopped pressuring and let        and I thought our goalie could have    man Anthony Pesco.
   The Knights, who were facing          to increase their lead.                 them get the ball,” says DeChellis.      come out harder. Mohawk was              In a game that saw a lot of
the Mohawk Mountaineers of                  The Knights played a conser-         “Only having two substitutes also        actually asking for a penalty shot     emotion and trash talk from the
Hamilton, found themselves on the        vative game in the first half, not       hurt us.”                                while we were asking for a free        Mohawk team, the Knights head
wrong side of a 3-1 score.               allowing the Mountaineers any              The Niagara Knights men’s             kick the other way,” says Knights      coach was glad to see his team
   “It’s frustrating we gave away        quality opportunities to score.         soccer team found itself in an           head coach Anthony Ventresca. “I       didn’t take part in that style of play.
six points in the last two games,”       They took a 1-0 lead into halftime.     emotional battle to close out the        think the ref made the right call in     “I’m not a fan of verbal banter. I
said head coach Frank DeChellis.            The second half, however,            regular season.                          letting the play carry out with no     always stress to our players to have
“We need to play a full game the         was a different story. Lack of             The Knights played to a 1-1 tie       advantage either way.”                 short-term memory when it comes
way we did in the first 25 minutes.”      communication gave Mohawk               against Mohawk College Moun-                In a back and forth game,           to frustration and officiating on the
   Things looked promising for           an early equalizer. A free kick by      taineers of Hamilton on the after-       Niagara had key opportunities to       field. Concentrate on what you’re
the Knights in the early going as        defenceman Somer Tambeau gave           noon of Oct. 7 at Plymouth Park in       get on the scoreboard early with       going to do next, rather than what
they gave an offensive push to           Niagara a chance to take the lead,      Welland.                                 two free kicks that sailed over the    has just happened.”
Page 20                                                                              NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                   Oct. 22, 2010

Going all the way to the NHL
Welland’s own hockey star playing in the major league
        By MATT GIBSON                                                                                                                                           “It felt awesome. A good start to
             Staff Writer                                                                                                                                     life, it was a lot of money up front.
   For two promising 18-year-                                                                                                                                 It forces you to grow up faster.”
olds, this year’s National Hockey                                                                                                                                One thing he is not planning on
League (NHL) entry draft may                                                                                                                                  growing out of anytime soon is
have seemed like a fairytale.                                                                                                                                 fighting. His mother’s comment
   Being drafted into the NHL is a                                                                                                                            about her concern for her son’s
dream millions of kids across the                                                                                                                             on-ice fighting was brought to his
globe dream of achieving. The cul-                                                                                                                            attention. For him the role of the
ture of hockey in Canada is rich but                                                                                                                          enforcer is nothing more than a
rarely do we see a race to the top as                                                                                                                         support mechanism for him and his
we did this summer.                                                                                                                                           teammates.
   “Taylor or Tyler” is the slogan                                                                                                                               “I embrace the role. I like stick-
that defined the NHL this summer.                                                                                                                              ing up for teammates and I got to
Oilers President Daryl Katz may                                                                                                                               pay the bills.”
admit to the Taylor versus Tyler                                                                                                                                 Paul has not always been a tough
saga as a gift from God in relation                                                                                                                           guy. In junior he played defence.
to marketing. For a team that had                                                                                                                             When asked if he had a hockey
one of their worst seasons in fran-                                                                                                                           hero, he says, “I didn’t really have
chise history, nothing could pick                                                                                                                             one.” Despite not having a favou-
this team up more than the number                                                                                                                             rite player, all-star defencemen
1 pick in the entry draft.                                                                                                                                    Chris Pronger and Adam Foote
   “This rebuilding team needs an                                                                                                                             were two players he always had
enthusiastic poster boy as much                                                                                                                               his eye on. Not Tiger Williams, Tie
as it does a purging of the veteran                                                                                                                           Domi, or Claude Lemieux?
core. They don’t want him up there                                                                                                                               “I was a defenceman back then.”
on stage at the Staples Center in Los                                                                                                                            Many players have defining mo-
Angeles, towering over diminutive                                                                                                                             ments in their junior careers. Paul
owner Daryl Katz, wearing a smile                                                                                                                             is no different. “I won a gold medal
so transparent you can see clear                                                                                                                              with Team Canada at the Under
through it to the Bobby Orr posters                                                                                                                           18 World Hockey Championship
in his bedroom,” says Vancouver                                                                                                                               in Russia.” He mentioned how
Sun reporter Dan Barnes before                                                                                                                                Chicago Blackhawks defenceman
Hall was selected by the Edmonton                                                                                                                             Brent Seabrook was on the team,
Oilers in the 2010 NHL entry draft.     Paul Bissonnette is shown in action on the ice against the Edmonton Oilers.                                           now an Olympic gold medalist.
   Those who follow hockey know                                                                                                        Submitted photo           Paul did not go No.1 in the entry
how the draft turned out. Hall was                                                 “He was 11 and that is when he                                             draft but he understands the hype
selected first overall by one of                                                 became serious and focused.”                                                  behind the Hall versus Seguin saga
hockey’s most legendary teams,                                                     A draft day at any level repre-                                            that took place this summer.
the Edmonton Oilers. Seguin was         ‘It felt awesome. A                     senting any sport is an emotional      ‘Paul was in                              “There is not much to talk about
selected second overall by one of                                               roller coaster, a waiting game, and                                           so we’ve got to create drama.”
the original six teams, the Boston      good start to life, it                  to top that all off, a huge sense of   hockey at age six                      He says the NHL has been trying
Bruins.                                                                         relief.                                                                       to improve the public relations
   To get an idea of how important      was a lot of money                         “The first day of the draft was so   ... ’                                  department and this type of promo-
Hall is to the Oilers, Hall was pre-                                                                                                                          tion and hype assists with that.
sented with an Oilers jersey with       up front.’                              exciting. We had lots of family and
                                                                                friends there as well as his agent.”         — Yolande Bissonnette               He has a Twitter account under
No. 4 on the back. In a report done                                             According to The Hockey News,                                                 the name BizNasty2pointO. A
by edmontonoilers.com writer, Jen                   — Paul Bissonnette          Bissonnette was projected to be                                               teammate is responsible for him
Sharpe, Hall’s introduction was a                                               taken on the first day of the draft        Paul plays professionally in what   joining Twitter.
first.                                                                           in the second round, says Yolande.     may be the worst hockey market in         “Scotty Upshall [Coyotes team-
   “For the first time in team his-      complete. Paul Bissonntte of the           “However that did not happen.       North America, Phoenix. The team       mate] told me it was cool, a lot
tory, someone other than Kevin          Phoenix Coyotes is also a Welland-      That was a disappointment. It          has gone bankrupt and been sold to     of fun and to check it out. I pro-
Lowe will wear No. 4.”                  born NHL player. Drafted by the         made day two a bit more stressful.     the NHL.                               moted it on Facebook. I have 4,000
   Lowe has been an essential           Pittsburgh Penguins in the fourth       He got picked 121 overall in the          The bid to buy the Coyotes by       Facebook friends so a bunch of
part of the Oilers organization.        round (121st overall) in 2003, Bis-     fourth round. How do you spell         “BlackBerry Billionaire” Jim Bal-      them ended up following. It just
He spent 13 seasons with the club       sonnette, 25, is above the others for   relief hearing his name called?”       sillie was shut down by the NHL        kinda caught on fire. Within a few
combining for five Stanley Cup           one reason: No other NHL player            Unlike this year’s No. 1 and        because of Balsillie’s dedication to   weeks I had 6,000 followers. I have
victories. Lowe also brought the        has a stronger Niagara College          No. 2 overall NHL draft picks,         moving the team to Hamilton, Ont.      10,000 now.”
Oilers to the Stanley Cup finals         connection.                             Bissonnette will not be aiming for     Since the rejection of the proposal,      Many people around the league
in 2005 as the general manager of          Bissonnette’s mother, Yolande,       any scoring titles soon. The record    the Coyotes remain in major finan-      have been surprised with the popu-
the team against the Carolina Hur-      is a Niagara College professor          Bissonnette is chasing is a personal   cial trouble.                          larity of BizNasty on Twitter. He
ricanes. The Oilers went on to lose     currently on leave. She has been        one. The Coyotes’ tough guy is ap-        Paul doesn’t seem concerned         says he admits to not expecting the
the Stanley Cup in Game 7. Lowe         teaching for over 30 years.             proaching 1,000 penalty minutes in     about the Coyotes’ financial issues.    support and reception.
has since stepped down from that           “I was teaching at Niagara Col-      his playing career.                    Paul says he doesn’t seem to think        Yahoo sports writer Sean Leahy
position.                               lege for 30 years and received my          “Bissonnette had over 175 penal-    it has much of an impact on any of     recently conducted an interview
   For Hall and Seguin, this year is    30-year service award at Niagara        ty minutes in Wilkes Barrie [Pitts-    the players or the team itself.        with Paul. The lead is where one
a tryout. Every single eye across       Day. The college is the best place to   burgh Penguins American Hockey            “We don’t care. It doesn’t affect   may begin to realize He is not
the league, whether it is manage-       work. I taught in the Office Admin-      League Affiliate] so he knows how       us. It’s not out money and it’s not    your regular money making NHL
ment, players or fans are locked in.    istration Department and taught         to do this stuff,” says TSN colour     our problem. It’s an excuse for the    player.
   Hall and Seguin are not from the     Ethics and Customer Service,            analyst Pierre McGuire.                team to not do well.”                      “It’s been a frustrating hockey
Niagara region, but Welland, Ont.,      Customer Relation Management,              Any player who receives 175            Despite being an active member      summer for several reasons; but
has produced some NHL calibre           Document Formatting and Office           penalty minutes throughout one         of the Phoenix Coyotes’ roster,        the bright, shining distraction from
hockey players. Daniel Girardi          Environment.” Most parents get a        season is nothing shy of a classic     Paul was drafted 121 overall by the    it all was the Twitter rambling of
of the New York Rangers, Daniel         small taste, a sense of what their      tough guy, although fighting is not     Pittsburgh Penguins.                   Paul Bissonnnette of the Phoenix
Paille of the Boston Bruins, Nathan     children would like to do with their    always appealing to everyone.             “It was exciting, it was a big      Coyotes.”
Horton of the Boston Bruins and         careers. This case is no different.        “I am hoping that Paul fights        moment, and it’s the first step to         The Coyotes enforcer made
Matt Ellis of the Buffalo Sabres           “Paul was in hockey at age six       less this year, a mother’s wish, and   your career. At the time Pittsburgh    some comments regarding the
are all active NHL players who call     and played single A until 11.”          shows the type of hockey player he     had a very young team and I felt I     massive Ilya Kovalchuck contract
Welland their hometown.                 Yolande says that soon afterwards       is. Personally I do not like to see    had a really good chance.” He says     rejection via Twitter.
   Despite this, the list of active     Paul was selected to Play “AAA”         him fight as I am always worried        signing his first contract made him
                                                                                                                       realize how short life really is.                  Continued on page 21
NHL players from Welland is in-         for the Welland Tigers.                 he will get hurt,” Yolande says.
Oct. 22, 2010                                                                      NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                         Page 21

                                                                                                                                                               golf success
                                                                                                                                                                   By NICK BEDARD
                                                                                                                                                                      Staff Writer

                                                                                                                                                               It’s another hole-in-one season
                                                                                                                                                            for the Niagara Knights golf team.
                                                                                                                                                               The Knights championship
                                                                                                                                                            golf team took the cross-country
                                                                                                                                                            flight to Kamloops, B.C. for the
                                                                                                                                                            2010 Canadian Colleges Athletic
                                                                                                                                                            Association Ping National Cham-
                                                                                                                                                            pionships. The CCAA tournament
                                                                                                                                                            put a cap to the 2010 golf season
                                                                                                                                                            with 105 of Canada’s top collegiate
                                                                                                                                                            golfers. The dunes of Kamloops
                                                                                                                                                            was the host site for the event.
                                                                                                                                                               Niagara Knights golfer Chad
                                                                                                                                                            Currie finished his third and final
                                                                                                                                                            round at 76 (+4), earning him a
                                                                                                                                                            fourth place rank at the national
Niagara Knights player Lamar Grant goes hard into contact for a basket against Centennial College of Scarborough.                                           level. In his first two rounds, Cur-
                                                                                                                              Photo by Kristen Spruit       rie shot consecutive rounds of 70
                                                                                                                                                            (-2). Going into the final round,

Knights heading into season opener                                                                                                                          Currie was only two strokes back
                                                                                                                                                            of leader David Lang of Humber
                                                                                                                                                            College of Toronto, who earned the
                                                                                                                                                            gold medal.
       By NICK BEDARD                  will be; however, he’s allowing        Knights.                               Sitka and the 6’5” first-year player       It was a podium sweep for the
          Staff Writer                 his rookies to see some significant        Grant, 26, a student of the Cus-    Kahame Msiska, out of Zambia,          Humber Hawks team of Lang,
                                       floor time off the bench.               toms and Immigration program,          will be ready to bump bodies           Mark Hoffman and Adrian Cord,
   The Niagara Knights men’s             Atkin says, “They [rookies]          says, “We have been struggling         down low when their names are          finishing first, second and third
basketball team will wrap up its       seem to be making progress every       with turnovers, but coach is letting   called upon to do so.                  respectively.
pre-season schedule this week-         day. I think we have to be patient     us learn from our mistakes. If we        The Hamilton trio of Jimmy              Last year’s CCAA Men’s Golf
end at an invitational exhibi-         and support these fellows. They        make a mistake, coach is putting       Bilenga, Elvis Momat and Dan           Champion, Knights’ Chris Hargest
tion tournament hosted by St.          are learning a brand new system at     trust into us that we know what        MacAlonan showed a promising           finished tied for 26th place after
Lawrence College of Kingston.          a faster pace than they are used to    our mistake is and to play through     pre-season when they were on the       shooting three consecutive rounds
The Knights have six pre-season        seeing in high school.”                them, for now.”                        court together. Bilenga and Mo-        of 74 (+4).
games under their belt, having           The starting lineup of Alex             The issue for the Knights has       mat are still in the mix of adapting      Niagara’s Ryan Curran finished
won three games and lost three.        Shah, Matt Thomas, C.J. Smith,         been ball security. Turnovers have     to a new team and style of play,       third at the OCAA Golf Champi-
Five of the six games have been        captain Lamar Grant and the 6’8”       allowed opposing teams to go           however there has been some            onships in early October. He shot
played against opponents that are      freshman centre Dylan Pelissero        on key runs. If the Knights can        progress made in the last few pre-     rounds of 74 (+2), 77 (+5) and 78
outside of the Knights’ Western        have caused matchup nightmares         establish a solid backcourt press      season games.                          (+6) earning him a tie for 26th spot.
Conference.                            for opposing teams. Atkin also         break, it will eventually turn into      If MacAlonan can stay consis-           Also placing for the Knights
   St. Clair College, of Windsor,      showed glimpses of a run ‘n’ gun       easy buckets and frustrate other       tent with his three-point shot, he     was Chris Gardner of the Business
who finished last season with a         style where four guards are on         teams.                                 could become the go-to guy for         Administration – Professional Golf
record of six wins and 12 losses,      the floor at the same time running         Physicality is most certainly       Niagara.                               Management program. Gardner
upset the Knights 75-59 at the         opposing teams from baseline to        not an issue this year. If the duo       The Knights open their regular       finished the tournament tied for
Seneca Sting Invitational earlier      baseline.                              of Pelissero and Shah can stay out     season Oct. 27 against the Re-         56th place shooting a 78 (+6), 77
this month.                              With different players trying        of foul trouble, they could be the     deemer Royals. Tip-off for that        (+5) and 80 (+8).
   Head Coach Steve Atkin has          different things, Captain Grant        most dominant post players in the      game is at 8 p.m. at Welland cam-         The Niagara Knights finished
indicated early who his starters       says trust is a big thing for the      Western Conference. Veteran Jake       pus’ new athletic centre.              fifth in the country as a team.

Parents backed enforcer all the way
Continued from page 20                 know he is only out to make people     of life.
   “An Ilya Kovalchuk joke gone        laugh and to have a good time. Paul       “I know we are having money
wrong, after the Russian forward       says he has re-opened his Twitter      problems, but how are we all go-
had his original contract with the     account.                               ing to fit on that plane.” Almost
New Jersey Devils rejected by             Paul is clearly not your ste-       every professional hockey player
the NHL, prompted Bissonnette          reotypical NHL player. He has a        has something to say to those who
to shut things down on his Twitter     unique personality and his Twit-       have helped them achieve success.
feed,” says Leahy.                     ter account reflects that. Some of      If you could say one thing to all
   Paul had some words of his own      his wall postings include: “Oh,        the people who have contributed
regarding the comments on Twit-        remember this name. Oliver             to your success as a hockey player
ter.” He said his agent thought it     Ekman-Larson. This kid is a stud.      what would it be?
would be best if he shut down the      A Swedish d-man. Makes hockey             “I know it’s clichéd but I have
account after he became aware of       look easier than minute rice.”         to thank my parents. It isn’t cheap
the comments. His agent protect-          “Out to eat with @WojtekWolski      putting a kid through hockey. It’s a
ing him from any penalty or fine        and Taylor Pyatt aka soup of panty.    lot of money, it’s a lot of time and
distributed by the league, Paul        Pyatt got a veal chop the size of my   it’s a lot of effort.
says.                                  head. Biggie.”                            They have probably spent any-
   Paul says the whole thing was          If the previous tweets do not       where from $60,000 to $80,000
handled poorly. “People are look-      confirm Paul’s individuality not        on me just for hockey. They could
ing to screw up something ‘cause       only in the Coyotes’ locker room       have retired a lot earlier but they
they’re bored. Everyone else took      but throughout the league, then his    didn’t. They didn’t do it because
it as a joke because that is exactly   stab at the Coyotes’ financial situ-    they wanted me to make the NHL.
what it was, a joke” He says if        ation should confirm that he likes      They did it because they knew it’s
you have seen his tweets then you      to keep things on the lighter side     what I wanted to do.”
Page 22                                                                                                         NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                       Oct. 22, 2010

The Imax experience Theatre group
                                                                                                                                                   ready to stage
                                                                                                                                                   Tony winner
                                                                                                                                                    By CHRISTOPHER FORTIER                   or not you’d be called back to sing.
                                                                                                                                                                 Staff Writer                And after singing, you’d be called
                                                                                                                                                      Auditioning for a theatrical           back to read to see who was right
                                                                                                                                                   production can be a nerve-racking         for what part. It was brutal.”
                                                                                                                                                   experience.                                  The story, which follows a line of
                                                                                                                                                      How about acting in a produc-          17 actors who are all auditioning to
                                                                                                                                                   tion about auditioning for a theatri-     be part of the chorus line, has one
                                                                                                                                                   cal production?                           major change from the original.
                                                                                                                                                      That’s the premise of the Tony            The character of Richie, an Af-
                                                                                                                                                   award-winning production of A             rican-American male, was changed
                                                                                                                                                   Chorus Line, presented by Garden          to Ricki, a Caucasian female, be-
                                                                                                                                                   City Productions (GCP). It starts         cause no African-American men
                                                                                                                                                   a limited engagement of nine              auditioned, but the story remains
                                                                                                                                                   performances at Ridley College’s          true to its original premise.
                                                                                                                                                   Mandeville Theatre in St. Catha-             “The only thing that I wanted
                                                                                                                                                   rines from Oct. 23 to Nov. 7.             to stay true to was the opening
                                                                                                                                                      Directed and choreographed by          number because that was a classic.
                                                                                                                                                   Brian Vogt, himself an actor of           A lot of the stories [in A Chorus
Projectionist Ivan Plamondon cleans out the Imax projector in preparation for another show.                                                        many of Garden City Productions           Line] are true. It’s brutal, honest
                                                                            Photo by Christopher Fortier                                           previous casts, is at the helm of         and right to the point. It’s a little
                                                                                                                                                   one of their productions for the          blue once in a while, very different

The reason people prefer Imax                                                                                                                      first time.
                                                                                                                                                      This is not Vogt’s first foray into
                                                                                                                                                   directing, though, and he has held
                                                                                                                                                   many roles, including a profes-
                                                                                                                                                                                             for our audiences.”
                                                                                                                                                                                                Vogt says that he’s not nervous
                                                                                                                                                                                             about the production itself.
                                                                                                                                                                                                “I’m nervous for the kids [the
 By CHRISTOPHER FORTIER                 of about six kilometres.                                          better. It’s louder and clearer,” says   sional singer, dancer as well as an       cast]. I really want them to do well.
             Staff Writer                  “The film is so large, that if you                              Cameron Anderson, 17, an usher at        actor for many years.                     The show is brilliant, I am really
   Since the first Imax opened at        were to fit just the picture portion                               the Niagara Falls Imax.                     “It’s [directing] different stress     happy with what’s happening, and
Ontario Place in 1971 hundreds of       of a 35mm film strip on to an Imax                                   The screen at a typical Imax is        because I get to paint, and it’s up       I think that the audience is going to
Imax features have been played in       film, you can place nine images                                    also filled with millions of tiny         for me to convey what I am saying         go crazy. I really do. Their vocals
the over 500 theatres worldwide.        into the space that one Imax image                                holes, which allow the sound the         and for them to do it.                    are through the roof.”
But what is it about “the Imax ex-      would fit,” says Ellis.                                            sub-bass to travel through the              Coming on the other side as an ac-        Vogt is confident people who
perience” that makes it so popular?        “The reason why the Imax pic-                                  screen without interfering with the      tor, it’s a challenge to figure out what   come to see his show are not going
   “The image is so large you get       ture is so much better is there is                                picture. With all of the speakers        the director is saying,” says Vogt.       to be disappointed.
lost in it,” says Chris Ellis, 59, of   twice the amount of light getting                                 in the theatre, and the amount of           The process to bring A Chorus             “They’re going to be pleasantly
Niagara Falls, chief projectionist at   through, which makes for a better                                 power used to generate the sound,        Line to GCP took a little over a          surprised at how professional our
the Imax Theatre in Niagara Falls.      picture,” says Ivan Plamondon, 52,                                you are literally surrounded by          year, with the casting process            shows are. For those who have
“You are literally surrounded by        of Welland, another projectionist at                              sound, and the demo played be-           having been completed in Au-              never come out before, I want
the whole image.”                       Imax Niagara Falls. “The way the                                  fore the film demonstrates that           gust. Vogt says that he chose the         them to walk out of there and un-
   The Imax format differs from         projector is set up, you essentially                              definitively.                             actors.                                   derstand that they’ve seen a really
standard 35mm film used in tradi-        see the same frame twice with more                                  But it’s the films which make              “It was the hardest thing to do.       great show.”
tional movie theatres.                  light, and because of that more light,                            the Imax experience so popular.          Over three days, we casted in                A preview performance of A
   Ellis says one second of film in      you get a much clearer picture.”                                    “The reason why Imax films              August.Usually you’d book an ap-          Chorus Line will be shown on
Imax is six feet in length. This al-       The screen at a typical Imax                                   are superior is that they’ve taken       pointment to do a singing audition        Oct. 22. Tickets are $20 or $15 for
lows the image to be transferred to     theatre is about 80 feet by 60 feet.                              the cameras to places that you           for the director and the musical          students.
a larger screen with more clarity.      There are over 40 speakers within                                 can never been, and places you           director.                                    Performances are running Friday
   Imax Niagara Falls’ film, Ni-         the theatre, powered by over 12,000                               wouldn’t want to go. This way,              “Well, I said that the show could      to Sunday, from Oct. 23 to Nov. 7.
agara: Miracles, Myths and Magic,       watts of digital surround sound.                                  you can experience it, and it’s          not be done that way. I need to see       Tickets are $25 or $15 for students
from end to end, has a film length          “The audio experience is way                                   much safer,” says Plamondon.             dancers first. So, we did two what         for all shows.
                                                                                                                                                   we call cattle calls on a Friday             For more information or to order
                                                                                                                                                   night and immediately after each          tickets visit gcp.tix.com or call
People learn the magic of Niagara Falls                                                                                                            one I cut from the get-go whether         905-682-1353.

 By CHRISTOPHER FORTIER                                                                                   I’m on that screen every hour, on
            Staff Writer                                                                                  the most-watched Imax movie in
  For 34 years, Niagara Falls has                                                                         Canada.”
been home to one of the world’s                                                                             Niagara isn’t the only film the
500 Imax theatres.                                                                                        Imax plays. During the Christmas
                                                                           Photo by Christopher Fortier

  Built in 1976, the Niagara Falls                                                                        holidays, the theatre features the
Imax was the 15th to be construct-                                                                        computer-generated Imax movie
ed, showcasing documentary films                                                                           Santa vs. The Snowman, and from
shot in the Imax format until 1987,                                                                       time to time other Imax films are
when the film Niagara: Miracles,                                                                           featured. Nevertheless, it’s Niagara
Myths and Magic debuted.                                                                                  that people come to see.
  Since then, the film has played                                                                            “It’s the only place in Niagara
every day the theatre has operated              IRENE DUMELE                                              Falls people can be both entertained
and has become the most-watched                                                                           and educated,” says Manager of
Imax film in Canada. It has been         past nine years.                                                  Guest Services Clayton Doner, 25,
seen by over 16 million viewers           Dumele also has reason to be                                    of Niagara Falls.
worldwide.                              proud of the film. She was an extra                                  “People want to know about the
  “The film is unique, and most          for one of the movie’s key scenes,                                history of Niagara Falls and about
people are drawn to learn about         featuring daredevil                                               the daredevils.”                         Some of the stars of A Chorus Line are from left at front, Alicia
the history of the falls,” says Irene     “The Great Blondin,” who was                                      For more information on Imax           Arcangeletti, Rob Burke; at back, Charles Morris, Director Brian Vogt,
Dumele, 60, of Niagara Falls, who       the first to tightrope over the Ni-                                Niagara Falls, visit www.Imaxni-         Carrie Kirkpatrick, Georgia Schultz, Brady VanVaerenbergh and Stacie
has worked in the National Geo-         agara Gorge.                                                      agara.com or phone 1-866-405-            Primeau.
graphic Store at the Imax for the         “It’s absolutely amazing. Gosh,                                 Imax.                                                                            Photo by Christopher Fortier
Oct. 22, 2010                                                                      NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                           Page 23

Reba proves she’s still No. 1
        By TONI KARAN                  of good-looking southern men on        Haven’t I Heard From You.
           Staff Writer                the screens above the stage.              Just when you thought McEn-
   Reba McEntire, singer, actress         To slow things down McEntire        tire’s performance was over, she
and Broadway performer, showed         sang The Greatest Man I Never          came back to the stage riding in
the fans at the HSBC Arena, in         Knew, a hit song about her rela-       a miniature yellow taxi. Now
Buffalo, N.Y., why she is the ulti-    tionship with her father. This tear-   wearing a sparkling red dress, she
mate queen of country music.           jerker brought out her softer side     belts out an encore performance of
   Lee Ann Womack kicked the           and ended with her wiping the tears    Fancy.
show off on Oct. 16 with a half-       from her face with a tissue.              The acclaimed king of country,
hour performance of No. 1 hits            McEntire started her line-up of     George Strait, ended the show
from her albums Last Call and          duets by bringing Womack back to       with a mellower hour and a half
Call Me Crazy. Her signature           the stage with Does He Love You.       performance. Delivering multiple
song I Hope You Dance was a            The tension-building song about        hits, Strait made sure to use the
beautiful ballad that had everyone     a woman confronting her man’s          corners of the square stage while
singing along.                         mistress created a sing-off between    showing the audience the meaning
   McEntire’s 90-minute perfor-        the two.                               of honky-tonk.
mance was undoubtedly the most            For some comic relief, Melissa         Strait’s classic cowboy hat and
memorable part of the evening.         Peterman, co-star of the Reba sit-     Wrangler jeans and his Ace in
With her use of the entire stage and   com, came to the stage acting as       the Hole Band had the audience
her wide vocal range, McEntire got     if she had one too many drinks.        stomping their feet to the rhythm.
everyone out of their seats at one     She kept the audience laughing            Strait performed both old and
point or another.                      by somewhat singing along with         new songs including Run, Check
   She kept the audience enter-        McEntire in the show’s theme song      Yes Or No and The Breath You
tained by performing more than         Survivor.                              Take.
three decades’ worth of crowd-            She ended the duet segment with        Although all three perform-
pleasers. While singing I Want a       surprise guest Kelly Clarkson. The     ers sounded amazing, the night          Reba McEntire came back to the stage to sing Fancy as an encore
Cowboy, all of the ladies in the au-   two ladies did a couple of duets       belongs to the reigning queen of        performance at the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, N.Y.
dience got a kick out of the display   including Because Of You and Why       country music.                                                                         Photo by Toni Karan

 Canadian rock band Niagara-based hip-hop trio
tours across the border brings fresh beats to the table
    By LINDSAY COSTELLO                                                        By CHRISTOPHER FORTIER                    In this time, the group has de-      to his stuff and you can clearly tell
             Staff Writer                                                                  Staff Writer               veloped a following for its style of    the difference.”
   The Show Must Go … to Buf-                                                    The rapids of Niagara Falls are      music, which the members say is            “It’s crazy breath control. It’s
falo.                                                                         known for fast-moving waters.           about everyday life and problems        insane,” says Kirby.
   Vancouver-based band Hedley is                                                Unbeknownst to most, Niagara         or, as Collver says, “stuff that           The group is quite relaxed on
headed south of the border in sup-                                            Falls has something else that moves     people can relate to.”                  stage, and, in person, all are pas-
port of its latest release, The Show                                          rapidly, but it’s lyrical.                 “We take ourselves 100 per cent      sionate about their craft.
Must Go.                                                                         Kris “KaC Himself” Collver,          seriously, but serious in what we          They credit sites like Facebook
   Hedley, which consists of Jacob                                            33, of Niagara Falls, Luke “Pro-        do, as opposed to people who rap        as being one of the reasons for their
Hoggard (vocals), Dave Rosin                                                  Deuce” Archibald, 25, from              about money they want to spend.         success.
(lead guitar), Tom MacDonald                                                  Niagara Falls and John “K-Flip”         We rap about everyday things,”             “Facebook is the reason we’ve
(bass) and Chris Crippin (drums)                                              Kirby, 31, of Welland, make up the      says Collver.                           done at least 100 shows,” says
has been touring Canada off and on                                            hip-hop group The Rapidities.              “To describe ourselves would         Collver.
for the past five years and is bring-                                             “We didn’t even think about the      be like a really fast Bone Thugs           All three members use the so-
ing its high-energy live show south                                           meaning behind the name until we        [n-Harmony] type thing. We do ev-       cial media site to plug upcoming
of the border.                                                                got a lot of play,” says Archibald.     erything. It’s hard to put a finger on   shows, but the shows they put the
   The band drew more than 400                                                   The pair of Collver and Ar-          it,” says Archibald. “We rap really     most into are charity ones.
fans when it performed at the Town                                            chibald ended up together after         fast. Kris [Collver] has the fast-         “At least once or twice a month
Ballroom in Buffalo, N.Y., Oct. 8                                             Collver “purchased three beats,”        est rhymes in the Niagara region.       we do a charity show. People re-
as part of its The Show Must Go                                               from Archibald after Collver said,      He goes really fast, no egotistical     spect that. The charity ones are fun.
On The Road tour.                      Hedley front man Jacob Hoggard         “I loved what I heard.” They            sense about it. You can put any fast    No one expects rappers at a charity
   Although the venue was packed,      rocks out during the band’s Oct.       started a dialogue.                     person beside him and then listen       event,” says Archibald.
there were considerably fewer          8 show at the Town Ballroom in            At the time, Archibald was in                                                   The band prides itself on giving
bodies present compared with           Buffalo. The band is touring the       another group, Sound Syndicates,                                                a full effort in every show, espe-
the thousands of fans that packed      U.S in support of its most recent      but they started to do shows along-                                             cially for charity shows.
stadiums across the country on the     album, The Show Must Go.               side each another. After Collver’s                                                 “People ask us to be there, and
spring and fall legs of the tour.             Photo by Lindsay Costello       partner at the time, Souljan, left to                                           we’re there for a reason. So many
   Fans began lining up as early as    songs and acoustic songs pleased       pursue other interests, Archibald                                               bands will come in 10 minutes
noon for the 8 p.m. general admis-     fans of all ages.                      filled in a few times.                                                           before their set, do their set, wait
sion show.                               Although the show lacked the            “The vibe we had together was                                                10 minutes then have a [bottle of]
   New York natives Colors in the      usual set and wardrobe changes         incredible. After all the shows, the                                            water and then leave. It sucks,”
Air opened the show, performing        that fans are accustomed to, the       fans would approach us and be,                                                  says Collver.
a handful of songs before the main     audience didn’t seem to mind and       like, ‘Wow, you guys really feed                                                   What’s next for the Rapidities?
attraction hit the stage.              the show ran smoothly.                 off each other, eh?’” says Collver.                                             As they gain more of a following,
   The band members brought the          The group surprised the audience        “I just started doing his backups,                                           Archibald says the band plans
crowd to life with their on-stage      when it sang a new song, Colour        people recognized it as something                                               on moving outward, doing more
antics and ability to interact with    Outside the Lines, which will be       good, and we just started going                                                 shows in larger areas.
the audience. Fans eagerly clapped     included on the U.S. version of The    from there,” says Archibald.                                                       Collver says that it would be
and sang along during the hour-        Show Must Go, to be released on           Shortly afterwards they began                                                “cool” if they were able to expand
long set.                              Dec. 7 on Island Def Jam Records.      to write and perform as a duo, and                                              into the U.S.
   Hedley’s set consisted mainly of      The fan-friendly band took time      Kirby later joined as their DJ.                                                    “We would love to go out to the
songs from the 2009 release, The       after the show to sign autographs         Since then, the group has done                                               States, but we would watch who
Show Must Go, but also included        and pose for pictures with fans who    over 150 shows, 30 of them during                                               we handed deals to. We wouldn’t
familiar favourites such as On My      patiently waited.                      the summer of 2010.                                                             want to go for something that won’t
Own and Never Too Late.                  Hedley will take the tour further       “We were doing at least four         Kris “Kac Himself” Collver, of The      work for us,” says Archibald.
   Absent were hit singles Trip,       south when the band makes stops        shows a week for the longest time,      Rapidities, performs during a              “We just don’t want to get
Gunnin’ and 321, but the blend         in Nevada, Washington, Oregon,         some of them two a day,” says           recent concert in Niagara Falls.        stranded in somewhere like Ari-
of piano ballads, rock-influenced       Utah, Colorado and California.         Collver.                                   Photo by Christopher Fortier         zona,” says Kirby.
Page 24                                                                                NIAGARA NEWS                                                                                 Oct. 22, 2010

Yelawolf’s unique style and flow
             Up-and-coming Alabama artist hits Toronto
        By SABINE DUNAC                     Growing up, he was raised by a
             Staff Writer                16-year-old single mother. He says
   Yelawolf, an up-and-coming            it was a “long long road, she was
Alabama rapper, is living under the      real rock ‘n’ roll so it took us to a
stage lights.                            lot of different places. There were
   Yelawolf, whose birth name is         a lot of different dudes playing
Michael Wayne, performed at the          daddy and shit.”
Sound Academy on Sept. 26 in                Yelawolf says that living a life-
Toronto.                                 style of sex drugs and rock ‘n’ roll
   After reaching over one million       at a young age created who he is as
views on Youtube.com from his hit        a person.
track Pop the Truck, he received a          “Even though it was really hard
deal with Interscope.                    [and] it was really fucked up times,
   “Some videos just really click.       there was a lot of good. It helped
That was one video that changed          mould who I am now and created
my life. We did something that           the artist that I am.”
was from the heart, real and raw            His tattoos represent a piece of
and people was really diggin’ that       his culture and his story. His box
shit. G-a-d-s-d-e-n, Alabama—it’s        Chevy tattoo on his stomach is
a small town and it’s comin’ up.”        his “all time favourite vehicle”
   Zach Quillen and Joshua Dick          representing the first serious car
at The Agency Group have been            accident he experienced when he
booking shows and tours for many         was five years old.
years and teamed up Yelawolf and            Currently he owns two Chevy
Wiz Khalifa for the Waken and            vehicles and is going to purchase
Baken tour.                              another one.
   Yelawolf opened up for Wiz               “Chevrolet, in general, is an
Khalifa, who is also a known up          American, hard-working, 9-5 hus-
and coming rapper in hip-hop.            tler’s car. Chevy has been in my
“Wiz spent years building up this        family my whole life. My parents
fan base. I’m just happy to be a part    [and] grandparents own Chevys, so
of it. I thank him for life. I give it   it’s been, like, passed down.”
up for dude for the hard work he            The rapper says he’s inspired by
put in. It’s an honour.”                 artists who were inspired by their
   He says the tours are about learn-    own life. “They have a personal         Yelawolf posing in a photo shoot with Will Power.
ing how to be better and by the end      story that they share with people.”                                                                           Photo courtesy of GoodFellaMedia.com
of the tour he will know much more          “Everything that I do is just in-    to get where we’re at. We just              Chris ‘Linx’ Gutierrez, an artist Yelawolf says that there has been
about performing. “It‘s turning me       spired by life.”                        keep focus[ed] and keep this shit        and producer in Toronto, says, “He no such collaboration between the
into a beast.”                              He says the way an individual        in-line.”                                controlled the crowd, kept his vo- two artists.
   The artist carries a unique style     dresses is a reflection of how a            He says his fans really stick.        cals clean, [and has a] unique flow.    “If it happens, it will happen, but
both through his clothes and his         person was raised.                         “People don’t just like my music      After checking him out live I defi- I’m really focused on what’s hap-
tattoos.                                    “It tells a story about where you    just because someone else does.          nitely became a fan of his music. pening right now. We’ll see where
   “This is just the evolution of me.    been, who you hang with, what kind      My fans, at this point, are, like,       He was dope. He [got] the crowd destiny takes us.”
You know, I didn’t always dress          of people you were surrounded by,       Nah, you don’t know about this           hype before Wiz came out.”             After finishing the tour, Yela-
like this or look like this. This is     what kind of music you listen to.       Yelawolf shit, I’m telling you.’”           As for the haters, Yelawolf says, wolf is releasing his album Trunk
who I’ve grown to be.” Wayne says        You kinda see all of that.                 “They’re tryin’ to put people up      “They get no energy. I don’t enter- Muzik 0-60 and after that he says
two years ago he had his hair down          “I’ll always be a skateboarder. I    on it and that’s what’s so dope.”        tain my haters. I’m busy. Call me he is releasing another one in
to his waist and he decided to cut       love it. It’s what I do.”                  Noah Goodbam, 22, of Toronto,         later.”                              March.
his hair into a mullet hawk.                Yelawolf says he is thankful to      a fan of Yelawolf, says, “He’s kil-         Rumours on the Internet have        Check the artist on Yelfwolf.net
    “I was just over it and I wanted     his fans. “My crew has kept faith       lin’ it. He’s utterly unique. He has     sufaced that Yelawolf and Eminem or to follow Yelawolf on Twitter go
to do something else.”                   in me. We all worked really hard        ownership of the beat.”                  will be working on a track together. to twitter.com/yelawolf.

Student finds creative outlet through hip-hop
                                                   By JEFF BLAY                  “Eventually I added more equip-          go hand in hand because your           Tip, Busta Rhymes, J Dilla, and
                                                      Staff Writer               ment and got some friends to             creativity is limitless, and the flow   others from the East Coast hip-hop
                                            Third-year Niagara College           contribute either with vocals or         and rhythm used for both skills is     scene, Deek provides a unique, in-
                                         student Derek Veenhof doesn’t           instruments, and it kind of turned       similar.”                              ventive sound that stays true to the
                                         limit his creative outlet to graphic    into studio.”                               Earlier this year, Deek on the      underground artistic values.
                                         design.                                    The album is primarily instru-        Beat was named winner of one              Deek lends his beat production
                                            The 22-year-old St. Catharines       mental, with a few tracks featur-        of the 2010 Rap Battle TV Pro-         skills to a local hip-hop live band
                                         native, otherwise known as Deek         ing local hip-hop artists such as        ducer Battles held in downtown St.     called Grizzley Planet, also featur-
                                         on the Beat on stage, is set to         Moofeek, Stakes High, Ayedruw,           Catharines. The style of music, as     ing Moofeek.
                                         release a 19-song collection of         Ill Bread Versifier and many more.        described by Veenhof, is “glitch-         He performs live at local hip-hop
                                         hip-hop beats/collaborations that          Veenhof has always been into art      hop, electronical, hip-hop with a      shows around the Niagara region.
                                         he has produced over the past few       and music, and since entering the-       spacy, bass heavy, up-tempo sound         His music has been featured on
                                         years. It’s called Deekcomposed.        Graphic Design program, he gets          blending various musical genres.”      and can be heard on Brock Univer-
                                            As Veenhof enters his third and      the best of both worlds.                    “Deek’s beats are dope. He has      sity’s radio station, CFBU 103.7 FM.
                                         final year of Graphic Design at the         “I’m basically a computer nerd,       a whole different sound, and it’s         The Deekcompsed CD release
                                         Welland campus, what started as         so I have always messed around           right up my alley,” says local hip-    party is set for Saturday, Nov. 20,
                                         “a kid on a personal PC making          with different programs and liked        hop artist Moofeek, 24. “He sent       at 8 p.m. at City Lights, 67 St. Paul
                                         beats” has turned into an adult with    drawing and doing graffiti. Graphic       me some tracks and the one we          St., in downtown St. Catharines.
                                         a full-fledged studio of musical in-     Design seemed like a practical use       did together, Hell’s Yeah, was just    Tickets are $4 in advance and $6
                                         novation.                               for all my different art skills,” says   a banger right off the top, just an    at the door.
Derek Veenhof’s design of the               “I started making beats using        Veenhof.                                 ill track and I knew right away it        For more information, visit Deek
Deekcomposed CD cover.                   a program called Free Loops on             “As far as connecting that with       would be a great beat to write to.”    at www.facebook.com/deekmusic
  Submitted by Derek Veenhof             my personal PC,” says Veenhof.          my music, I think art and hip-hop           Influenced by artists such as Q-     or www.twitter.com/deekmusic.

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