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									Interoute Case Study The Mill

                       special effects*
 Interoute Case Study The Mill

* How we meet the most demanding creative
  needs, from one of the world’s most pioneering
  post production and special effects facilities.

 Imagine the scene. A group of work friends are gathered                         was busier in the first half of 2006 than
                                                                                 at any time in its 16 year history.
 in a bar to watch the Super Bowl. While others in the bar
 watch the game avidly, this group chat and buy drinks.                          Complexity simplified
                                                                                 As Roy Trosh, The Mill’s technical director,
 But at every commercial break, their attention is riveted
                                                                                 explains, coping with this workload
 to the screen and they cheer certain commercials as                             challenge revolves around being able
 wildly as if a touchdown had been scored. This group are                        to work in tandem on both sides of the
                                                                                 Atlantic. “After the experiences of file
 from The Mill, delighted to see their work featured in the                      delivery by planes and ISDN in the mid-90s,
 high point of the advertising industry’s year.                                  we were early adopters in our industry of
                                                                                 virtual private network technology, to get
                                 Creating commercials may appear                 the benefits of speed and reliability.”
                                 glamorous; but the geographic spread of         As creative demands grew, so too did
                                 the industry, the inherent creativity and the   the need for a network supplier that could
                                 fierce time pressures make it a very hard       measure up to The Mill’s requirements.
                                 place in which to survive, let alone succeed.
                                                                                 In July 2004, The Mill implemented a VPN
                                 The Mill is one of the leading post             from Interoute between London and New
                                 production and special effects facilities       York. “We had to find a supplier that
                                 in the world, having shot to fame with an       understands the intensity of our industry –
                                 Oscar for its work in ‘Gladiator’. The Mill     not to mention the demands of creatives –
                                 now specialises in commercials and is           and, at the same time, has real network
                                 based in both Soho, London and SoHo             quality at a fair price. Interoute has that
                                 (South of Houston), New York, the               combination.” The Mill added redundant
                                 advertising agency capitals of the world.       links in 2005 and is planning to upgrade
                                 |n the run-up to the other greatest show        the primary connection between London
                                 on earth (ie the World Cup), the company        and New York to 1Gb in the near future.
 Interoute Case Study The Mill

“We had to find a supplier that understands the intensity of
 our industry – not to mention the demands of creatives –
 and, at the same time, has real network quality at a fair
 price. Interoute has that combination.”
 Roy Trosh, Technical director, The Mill

 Commercials are shot on film and,             doing a lot of animation work, we need           The Interoute VPN provides
 following processing, are converted to        the capability to flex as and when               The Mill with:
 high quality video via telecine systems.      particular projects dictate.”
 Creatives in London and New York want to                                                      - A 100% MPLS cloud (ie with no SDH)
 see the playout from the telecine systems     The Mill now have a third render farm             for outstanding class and quality of
 at the same time. Using the Interoute         at Interoute’s managed hosting facility           service, delivering enhanced traffic
 service, The Mill provides remote telecine    in London’s Docklands, linked via a 1Gb           prioritisation.
 so that directors and creatives in New York   connection, enabling The Mill to increase       - Non-contended access across the
 can not only edit but even do grading         rendering throughput significantly without        all-fibre Interoute network.
 (colouring) in London and vice versa.         worrying about the environmental
                                                                                               - A fully managed service; 24 x 365
 “We’re doing 12Mb streaming of MPEG2          considerations. It also provides a convenient
                                                                                                 pro-active network management
 files. It’s undoubtedly leading edge video    route for off-site backup, an important
                                                                                                 and monitoring.
 post production yet I think we increasingly   benefit in terms of insurance and, equally
 see it as business-as-usual. It’s a           important to a growing company such             - Internet access over the same
 sophisticated solution that works very        as The Mill, corporate governance.                infrastructure.
 straightforwardly, particularly as far as
                                                                                                Interoute’s Managed Hosting
 the users are concerned,” adds Trosh.         With several major awards scooped
                                                                                                service offers:
                                               in 2006 and the commercials industry
 Growing success                               seemingly at its feet, what problems does
                                                                                               - Disaster-ready location with emergency
 The final stage of creating the video         The Mill have left to overcome? “Managing
                                                                                                 generators and back-up systems.
 output, known as rendering, is hugely         burgeoning client expectations is perhaps
 computer intensive and is another area        something of a growing issue,” comments         - Security for data – a virtual LAN
 that The Mill has turned to Interoute for.    Trosh. Directors, enamoured with remote           architecture keeps The Mill’s hosted
 “We were finding the power and air            telecine between New York and London,             environment totally separate from
                                                                                                 other customers’ environments.
 conditioning demands of the growing bank      would increasingly like to be able to have
 of computers at both locations increasingly   the facility wherever they happen to be.        - Full management and with a web-
 difficult to accommodate. We have more        “Directors are not noted for being overly         based interface for easy monitoring
 than 140 render licenses and, as we are       reasonable people,” he wryly observes.            by The Mill.
  Interoute Case Study The Mill

  Interoute network

  Five things about Interoute
- We own and operate Europe’s most advanced, densely connected voice and data network.

- We’re widely acknowledged as one of Europe’s fastest growing technology companies.
                                                                                         Walbrook Building
- Our network covers almost every major European business centre, (Central and Eastern   195 Marsh Wall
  Europe included) as well as the USA.                                                   London E14 9SG
                                                                                         Tel +44 20 7025 9000
- We handle more than €1 billion of e Commerce through our data centres every day,       Fax +44 20 7025 9854
  making Interoute a key part of Europe’s Digital Supply Chain.                          Email
                                                                                         July 2006
- We’re the choice of all key European operators, governments around the world           This information was correct
                                                                                         at the time of going to press.
  and 14,000 corporate customers including BMW, EMI and Deutsche Post.                   However, because of the rapid
                                                                                         growth of Interoute’s business,
                                                                                         details are likely to change.
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  Let’s talk. Call +44 20 7025 9000                                                      W1F 7JQ
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