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					                               Read the following instructions carefully before proceeding to enter the Investor De

Important Note

Steps to follow to fill details in the 'Investor Details' tab.

Enable Macros

Enter the CIN

Add Investor Details

Save the Excel file

Upload the Excel file

Upload the Investor Detail Excel
the following instructions carefully before proceeding to enter the Investor Details:
            (i)Install the pre-requisite softwares to proceed. The path for the same is as follows:
            MCA Portal >> Investor Services >> IEPF >> IEPF Application >> Prerequisite Software
            (ii) Upload the excel file in the format xls (97-2003) or .xlsm(2007) only
            (iii) Do not make any changes in the excel format/sheet name. Also do not delete any tab/sheet in the file
n the 'Investor Details' tab.
            It is important that you Enable Macro using following instructions :
            a) Excel 2000 and 2003: Tools-->Macro-->Security-->Select 'Low'-->OK
            b) Excel 2007: Office Button-->Excel Options-->Trust Center-->Trust Center Settings--Macro Settings-->Enable all Macros-->OK
            Pl Note : Close the Excel Sheet and re-open it after enabling Macro to start.
            (i) Enter the CIN in the excel (cell C2)
            (ii) Click on "Prefill" button
            (iii) Company Name will be automatically filled on click of prefill button . User need not enter it.
            (i) Fill in the required details in Columns A to O for Investor Details (row 15 onwards)
            (ii) Follow the below mentioned validations for filling in the details.
            First Name -> Mandatory if 'Last Name' is blank and Length should be less or equal to 35 characters.
            Middle Name -> Length should be less or equal to 35 characters.
            Investor Last Name -> Mandatory if 'First Name' is blank and Length should be less or equal to 35 characters.
            Father/Husband First Name -> Mandatory if 'Father/Husband Last Name' is blank and Length should be less or equal to 35
            Father/Husband Middle Name -> Length should be less or equal to 35 characters.
            Father/Husband Last Name -> Mandatory if 'Father/Husband First Name' is blank and Length should be less or equal to 35
            Address -> Mandatory and Length should be less or equal to 300 characters.
            Country -> Mandatory and Select value from the dropdown.
            State -> Mandatory and Select value from the dropdown.
            (1)If the Country is “INDIA”, the state should Indian state
            (2)If the Country is other than INDIA state should be “NA”.
            District -> Select value from the dropdown.
            (1)If the Country is “INDIA”, the district should be Indian districts corresponding to the State selected in dropdown.
            (2)If the Country is other than INDIA district will be “NA”.
            Pin code -> Alphanumeric and Length should be greater than 6 and less than 12.
            Folio Number -> Mandatory and Length should be equal to 20 characters.
            Investment Type -> Select value from the dropdown.
            Amount Due -> Mandatory and should be greater than zero.
            Proposed Date of transfer to IEPF-> should be in DD-MON-YYYY format where 'MON' implies first three letters of Month.
            (iii) Click on "Validate" button
            If you have multiple excels for the same CIN and SRN; use the below nomenclature:
            (ABC_1.xls, ABC_2.xls,ABC_3.xls ...) where ABC represents the CIN of the Company
            Path to upload the excel file is MCA Portal -> Investor Services -> IEPF -> IEPF Application -> Upload Investor details.
            (i) Validate investor deatils for correctness [till Error Sheet is blank]
            (ii)Log onto MCA Portal -> Investor Services -> IEPF -> IEPF Application -> Upload
            Investor-wise details of unclaimed and unpaid amounts
           CIN           L26942AP1974PLC001693

Sum of unpaid and unclaimed dividend                 3848470                                    Sum of interest on unp

Sum of matured deposit                               0                                          Sum of interest on ma

Sum of matured debentures                            0                                          Sum of interest on ma

Sum of application money due for refund              0                                          Sum of interest on app

First Name Middle        Last Name        Father/H   Father/Hus Father/Husba Address            Country
           Name                           usband     band       nd Last Name
                                          First      Middle
                                          Name       Name

SWAPAN     KUMAR         MAJUMDAR         S          C           MAJUMDAR                      INDIA
                                                                              C 5A/128 JANAKPURI NEW DELHI
PREM       NATH                           LATE       SHRI        DEVI DAYAL                    INDIA
                                                                              44C-5B/18B JANAKPURI NEW DELHI
INDIRA     BHATIA                         JAGDISH    BHATIA                                    INDIA
                                                                              C-2-D-50A JANAKPURI NEW DELHI
OM         PARKASH       KHURANA          L          ATHAR       MAL                           INDIA
                                                                              B3/5 JANAKPURI NEW DELHI
DOLLY      MAJUMDAR                       S          K           MAJUMDAR                        NEW
                                                                              C5A/128 JANAKPURI INDIADELHI
JYOTI      TREHAN                         SH         P           J TREHAN                      INDIA
                                                                              ANAND SAI NIWAS, B 1/626 JANAK PURI, NE
JYOTI      TREHAN                         NOT        AVAILABLE                                   NEW DELHI NEW DELH
                                                                              B-1/626 JANAK PURI INDIA
RAMNI      KHATRI                         KIRAN      RAI         KHATRI                           NEW
                                                                              A-1/288 JANAK PURI,INDIA DELHI
SHOBHA     RANI          SHARMA           DR         B           D SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                              285/BLOCK C 4B/POCKET 13 JANAKPURI NEW
SUNITA     MAJUMDAR                       SWAPAN     MAJUMDAR                                  INDIA
                                                                              C5A/128 JANAKPURI, NEW DELHI
D          R             SETH             LATE       R           K SETH                        INDIA
                                                                              C2D/60-C JANAK PURI NEW DELHI
           SUBRAMANIAM                    A          R                                          INDIA
                                                                 SUBRAMANIAM C - 1/8 SAHYADRI APARTMENTS SECTOR 12
ASHOK      KUMAR         SWAMI            OM         PAKASH      SWAMI                          INDIA
                                                                              C/O SH. TEJRAM SHARMA NEAR ALLAHABA
HARISH     CHANDER       BHANOT           NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                              C-6 RAM DUTT ENCLAVE EAST UTTAM NAG
YASH       PAL           SHARMA           S          K           SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                              G-1/9A UTTAM NAGAR OPP STATE BANK OF
SUNIL      KHOSLA                         R          K           KHOSLA                       INDIA
                                                                              G-1/9 UTTAM NAGAR OPP STATE BANK OF IN
DHARMENDRA                                MALARAM                                              INDIA
                                                                              C/O DR SHASHI DHAR SINGH HASTSAL UTTA
RAHUL      MALIK                          NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                              15/8 OLD RAJINDER NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW
LAKSHMANAMURTHY          BHAGAVATULA      NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                              FLAT NO 9 INDIAN OIL COLONY DELHI TERM
RAJNI      RASTOGI                        GRISH      KUMAR                                      INDIA
                                                                              B-23/1 RAJU PARK DEOLI ROAD KHANPUR N
KAISAR     ALAM                           MOHD       SULAIMAN                                 INDIA
                                                                              C/O MOHD SULAIMAN B II 226 MADANGIR N
SHIKHA     ABROL                          JANAKRAJ                                              INDIA
                                                                              A 2/192,PASCHIM VIHAR, NEW DELHI
MAHENDAR SINGH           RAWAT            SHYAM      SINGH       RAWAT                          INDIA
                                                                              BG-5A/29 D PASCHIM VIHAR NEW DELHI
CHANDRA    SAWLANI                        SH         MANIKRAM                                  INDIA
                                                                              CD/1D,DDA,CIG FLATS HARINAGAR NEW DE
BALRAM     MADAYALA                       M          BAGAIAH                                     INDIA
                                                                              EA-238 S E S FLATS G8-AREA PO HARINAGAR
PUNEET     SINGH         KOCHAR           NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                              C-11/B,G-8 AREA, MAYA PURI,NEW DELHI
SAPNA      SAWLANI                        RAMESH     SAWALNI                                   INDIA
                                                                              CD/1D,DDA LIG FLATS HARI NAGAR NEW DE
FILATEX    INDIA         LIMITED          N                                                   INDIA
                                                                              42 COMMUNITY CENTRE NEW FRIENDS COL
STEPHEN    M                              J          MANUEL                                      INDIA
                                                                              B-139/1 EAST OF KAILASH NEW DELHI
SUNANDINI BAGCHI                    NIRANJAN BAGCHI                                    INDIA
                                                                      128 KAILAHSH HILLS NEW DELHI NEW DEL
KIRPAL     SINGH                    S          HARBANS     SINGH                           NIWAS
                                                                      L-11 J J COLONY SRI INDIA PURI NEW DELH
VINOD      KUMAR      MIDHA         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      223, SANT NAGAR NEW DELHI
PRAMOD     KUMAR      SAHU          B          SAHU                                      MAHARANI BAGH NEW
                                                                      C/O GRUP INDIA C-9 INDIA
ANIL       KUMAR      NAYYAR        K          L           NAYYAR                      INDIA
                                                                      BB-9C DDA FLATS MUNIRKA NEW DELHI
VIRENDER   KUMAR      BATRA         BANSILAL BATRA                                    INDIA
                                                                      C-4/D MUNTRKA DDA FLATS, NEW DELHI
RICHA      BATRA                    VIVEK      VASUDEV     NAIK                       INDIA
                                                                      C-4/D,MUNIRKA,DDA FLATS, NEW DELHI
HARJINDER KAUR        BEDI          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      SECTOR A POCKET - C FLAT NO 344 VASAN
ATUL       R          DALWADI       RAMANBHAI                                           INDIA
                                                                      C-9/9305 VASANT KUNJ NEW DELHI NEW DE
RAMESH     SINGH                    DESH       RAJ         SINGH                       INDIA
                                                                      C/O K M CHACKO 1027 C-I VASANT KUNJ NE
PRIYA      MONGA                    NA                                                  APARTMENTS PLOT NO
                                                                      A-55 SARVE SANJHI INDIA
KAMLESH    MONGA                    VIPIN      KUMAR                                    APARTMENTS PLOT NO
                                                                      A-55 SARVE SANJHI INDIA
SITA       RANI                     D          D           MONGA                        APARTMENTS PLOT NO
                                                                      A-55 SARVE SANJHI INDIA
SUMAN      MONGA                    SH         D           D MONGA                      APARTMENTS PLOT NO
                                                                      A-55 SARVE SANJHI INDIA
PRANAYA    VERMA                    ANAND      P           VERMA                       INDIA
                                                                      1149 SECTOR-B POCKET 1 VASANT KUNJ NE
ISHWAR     SINGH      NIRWAL        DANI       RAM                                        INDIA
                                                                      E-1/7/34 SECTOR 15 ROHINI DELHI DELHI
SHARDA     AGGARWAL                 RATTAN     LAL         AGGARWAL                     PLOT
                                                                      A-203 KEDAR APPTSINDIA NO 15 SECTOR NO
KRISHNA    HUKKU                    BRIJ       ENDRANATH                               INDIA
                                                                      C/O DR S HUKKU RAJIV GNADHI CANCER IN
KUSUM      GUPTA                    NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                      H NO 26 POCKET H-32 SECTOR-3 ROHINI DEL
RAMNIVAS GOYAL                      LATE       HAR         DAYAL                         INDIA
                                                                      A 2/12 SECTOR 111 ROHINI NEW DELHI
SUDIP      DAHYALAL   SHAH          DAJYALAL                                           INDIA
                                                                      802/803 ARPAN APARTMENT KAKADERSHA
RAMAKUMARI                          GOPALA     KRIAHANA                              INDIA
                                                                      33 ASHOKNAGAR SOCIETY ATHWALINES SU
JAYANTI    MANGALDAS PATEL                 H
                                    MANGALDAS              PATEL                      INDIA
                                                                      12-B SWAMI GUNATITNAGAR S NEAR RUPA
NAREN      MANHARLAL VAJANI         MANHARLAL                                            SURAT
                                                                      9/1646 BALAJI ROADINDIA SURAT
GAYTRI     DEVI       AGARWAL               AGARWAL
                                    KISHNALAL                                         INDIA
                                                                      BHAWANI SILK MILLS K-3286 2ND FLR RING
                                    GAMANLAL               KAPADIA                    INDIA
                                                                      SURATWALA-8/325 MANI NIWAS,BAMBA GA
MADAN      GOPAL      SIKAWAT       RAM        KUMAR       S                            INDIA
                                                                      7/728 AJANTA SHOPPING CENTRE RING ROA
RAMESH     M          JAIN          M          JAIN                                  INDIA
                                                                      MANGALAM I&M CONSULTANTS 1095,GROU
INDIRA     UTTAMRAM KADIWALA        UTTAMRAM                                           INDIA
                                                                      2/1693 LUNDA STREET SABRAM PURA SURA
RAJKUMARI BAJAJ                     NOT        AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                      503 L B APPARTMENT RING ROAD SURAT
RAKASHA    BHATT                    PRAVINCHANDRA                                    INDIA
                                                                      NEAR KADIWALA SCHOOL, RING ROAD, SUR
ARUN       RATILAL    SHAH          NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                      774-775 ABOVE JYOT FARSAN MART OPP B O
                                    ISHVARLUL                                         APARTMENT PANDOL-N
                                                                      M/2 MERUSHIKHAR INDIA
CHAULA     JARIWALA                 OJASH      NATUARLAL JARIWALA                      KHANGAD ST MOTORC
                                                                      4/4488 BEGUMPURA INDIA
JAYSHREEBEN           PATEL         PARSOTAMPATEL                                        TAPI
                                                                      37 B MASKATI PLOT INDIADARSHAN APTS 3R
NARESH     S          SABOO         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      GUJARAT YARN & TEXTILES A 227 SUPER Y
NARAYAN    S          SABOO         SITARAM SABOO                                     INDIA
                                                                      GUJARAT YARN & TEX AGENTS 227-228 SUP
VIJUBEN    MOHANLAL                 NOT        AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                      3/28 BARUNPURI BHAGAL HAFERJI GALI SU
VIJAYKUMAR                          BACHUBHAI                                         INDIA
                                                                      C/O B CHAMPAKLAL 9/1095 AMBAJI ROAD C
AMINA      ESMAIL                   ESMAIL                                             ESMAIL
                                                                      C/O ESMAIL CASAM INDIA 3/132 VARIA OL
RAVJIBHAI PATEL                     CHHAGAN BAHI           PATEL                      INDIA
                                                                      A-114 VITHALNAGAR SOCIETY HIRA BAG VA
MOHANBHAIPATEL                      NOT        AVAILABLE                              INDIA
                                                                      A-114 VITHALNAGAR SOCIETY HIRA BAG VA
CHANDRAKANT                         L          SHAH                                   INDIA
                                                                      401 AMARVIEW APARTMENT NEAR MUNI CO
JITUBHAI   N          VALA          N          BHAI                                  INDIA
                                                                      44 ARYANARAYAN ROWHOUSE (NO 27) NEA
KIRTI      M          MEHTA         MANILAL                                            APTS
                                                                      701-B MEGH MAYURINDIA OPP LOURD S CO
NAYNA      D          GANDHI        DINESH                                            INDIA
                                                                      601 SAMARTH SARTHI ATHWA LINES PARLE
GOPAL      KRISHNAN   K             KE         RAM         CHANDRA                     INDIA
                                                                      A-5/9 TIRUMALA COMPLEX OPP PANCHARA
RAMESHCHANDRA      M                  J        DAHYABHAI                             INDIA
                                                                     61/62 SATYAM COWASJEE NAGAR OLD ADA
SAJEDA     HAJI        YOUNAS         HAJI     YOUNAS                                 INDIA
                                                                     PLOT NO 20 DENA-VIHAR SOCIETY ADAJAN
JAGDISHCHANDRA                        H        TRIVEDI                               INDIA
                                                                     32, VAIBHAV NAGAR HOUSING SOCIETY PA
GULAB      DEVI        BUCHA          TIKAM    CHAND       BUCHA                        521 GOOD LUCK TEXTI
                                                                     C/O VIJAY PLASTICSINDIA
ARJUN      KARANTH                    M        KARANATH                                749 GIDC 40 SHED AREA
                                                                     VICO FORE PVT LTDINDIA
GOPINATHAN             A              AYYAPPANNAIR                                     DEPARTMENT DAMAN
                                                                     JR ENGINEER ELECTINDIA
SURENDRA I             PAREKH         NOT      AVAILBLE                              INDIA
                                                                     SONIWAD CHIKHLI DIST VALSAD GUJARAT
ANNAYA     K           JATHAN         KANTHU   RAMA                                    INDIA
                                                                     5TH FLOOR 8/10 BORA BAZAR STREET FORT
DHAN       SINGH       VARMA          H        SINGH       VARMA                      INDIA
                                                                     C/O LOTUS INVESTMENTS 97 BORA BAZAR S
BIPIN      M           SHAH           MANHARLAL                                       PRESS
                                                                     PRAKASH PRINTINGINDIA 73 APOLLO ST M
BIPIN      LALJI       GOKANI         LALJI    MANJI       GOKANI                       INDIA
                                                                     BLDG NO 32/4 IST FLR RAJA BAHADUR MAN
ANIL       SADASHIV    CHITALE        SADASHIV D           CHITALE                     INDIA
                                                                     10/307 NIRLN COOP HSG SOC SIDHARTHA NA
ANU        K           LAKHANI        K        K           LAXHANI                     INDIA
                                                                     40/42 MINT ROAD 2ND FLOOR FORT MUMBA
MEETA      K           SHAH           K        N           SHAH                       INDIA
                                                                     59 B BAY MUTUAL BLDG., I FL.ABOVE CITY
MADHUKAR SHETH                        CHIMANLAL                                       INDIA
                                                                     3 BANSILAL BUILDING 13 HOMI MODI STREE
SAROJ      SINGLA                     S        R           SINGLA                       INDIA
                                                                     C/O S R SINGLA INDIAN BANK FORT MUMBA
RAJENDRA J             SARAIYA        JAMNADASS                                       INDIA
                                                                     4/6 BORABAZAR STREET LAXMI BHUVAN 6T
RAJENDRA J             SARAIYA        JAMNADASS                                       INDIA
                                                                     4/8 BORABAZAR ST LAXMI BHUVAN 6TH FL
                                      KANAIYALAL                                      N ROAD
                                                                     OCEAN HOUSE 81 D INDIA MUMBAI MUMB
SATISH     BACHUBHAI AMLANI           B        AMLANI                                INDIA
                                                                     SAMAY FINANCE CONSULTANTS ACHAL BH
ZAINAB     KAPADIA                    NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     39 5TH FLOOR HANDLOOM HOUSE FORT JIJ
OSWALD     CLEMENT     D COSTA        NOT      AVAILABLE                              INDIA
                                                                     5/7 RAZAK CHAWL BEHIND GAS CO KALINA
IQBAL      BIKANERI                           B
                                      SALFUODENIKANBRI                                INDIA
                                                                     39 JEJIBHOY DADABHOY LANE 5TH FLOOR H
JAGDISH    DESHPANDE NARAYAN          MARAYAN DESHPANDE                               INDIA
                                                                     C/O TRADE-WINGS TOURS LTD 30, K DUBAS
DHUN       DADI        BATLIWALLA     DADI                                           INDIA
                                                                     PATEL CHAMBERS 3RD FLOOR 9 GUNBOW S
VIMLABEN VIRJI         DEDHIA         V        DEDHIA                                  INDIA
                                                                     64/72, MODY STREET 51, MOHAN TERRACE F
CANARA     BANK                       NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     FUNDS & INVESTMENT SECTION FIRST FLOO
NARINDER SINGH                        AJIT     SINGH                                   INDIA
                                                                     INS DUNAGIRI C/O FLEET MAIL OFFICE MUM
KALPRAJ    DHARAMSHI                  DAMJI    DHARAMSHI                              INDIA
                                                                     18 BORA BAZAR STREET 4TH FLOOR ABOVE
ASIAN      FINANCE                     LTD
                       INVESTMENT CORP NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     C/O CASTODIANS ININDIA IIT CORPORATE
BINDU      BIYANI                     VINOD    BIYANI                                 INDIA
                                                                     C/O CENTURY SILK MILLS 265 GROUND FLO
DILIP      L           PANCHMATIA     L        KESHAVJI                                LANE
                                                                     15-B SHANKER BARIINDIA 2ND FLR, R NO 24
BHAWAR     LAL         D SHAH         DHARAM CHAND                                    INDIA
                                                                     87, 3RD BHOIWADA 3RD FLOOR, ROOM NO 3
KALPESH    D           SHAH           NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     C/O HEMANT M SHETH 113/115 BHULESHWA
PRATHIBA   P           SHAH                  SHAH
                                      CHAMPAKLAL                                      INDIA
                                                                     618 ANUNT DUELI NAGER NIWAS I FLOOR M
AZMAT      HIKMAT      KHAN           HIKMAT                                        INDIA
                                                                     YUSUF SAVDAGAR BLDG R NO 24 2ND FLOO
PONAMCHAND             VORA           N        F           JILLA                     INDIA
                                                                     C/O SHAMJI DHARSHI 27 KALE HOUSE ZAAB
SANJAY     G           ROHIRA                 P
                                      GOPALADAS            ROHIRA                    INDIA
                                                                     389/91 MAHENDRA MANSION, A BLOCK 5TH
AMISH      H           KAPADIA                S
                                      HIMMATLAL            KAPADIA                    INDIA
                                                                     217 PRINCESS STREET 4/42 ANANT BUILDIN
SAWSUDDIN UNDNE                       BADRUDDIN                                         6/8 ANANTWADI, IST FL
                                                                     E P S INVESTMENTS INDIA
MADHUVDAS              ASOMULL               TILOCKCHAND
                                      GANGARAM                                       INDIA
                                                                     62M GANGARAM 50-B DAHENURKER BLDG
MANGILAL PUKHRAJ       JAIN           PUKHRAJ JAIN                                    INDIA
                                                                     2081/83 OLD HANUMAN LANE 2ND FLOOR R
FARIDA     HATIMBHAI   COLOMBAWALA    NA                                               INDIA
                                                                     72/74 KARIM BLDG 3RD FLOOR SUTAR CHAW
S          K           MULAY          LATE     BHAGADASANJI                          INDIA
                                                                     316/B HWMRAJ WADI 3RD 45 THAKURDWAR
PREMANARAIN                           NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     SWADESHI MARKET,R NO 80 2ND FLOOR KA
MADHUBALAM             PARMAR                D
                                      MUTCHAND                                         NO 9,
                                                                     191A CAVEL X LANEINDIA 3RD FLOOR,DR V
KANTA      AGARWAL                    GOPAL    AGARWAL                               INDIA
                                                                     95-A OLD HANUMAN LANE SHOP NO 4 GROU
PRANAYA      P          BAJAJ          P         H          BAJAJ                         INDIA
                                                                         206-C NEELKANTH 98 MARINE DRIVE MUMB
SANGEETA SHAMLAL        HINDUJA        SHAMLAL B            HINDUJA                     INDIA
                                                                         C/O SURATRAM RAMDAS, SHANKERSETH B
MADHURI      P          GOENKA         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         C/O CHOKHANI BROTHERS 2ND FLOOR KAL
PRASHANT KOTHARI                               P
                                       OMPRAKASH            KOTHARI                      INDIA
                                                                         C/O MAHAVIR INVESTMENTS 404 GOLD MOH
PRADEEP      KUMAR      BANERJEE       PABITRA   KUMAR      BANERJEE                     INDIA
                                                                         THACKER VEG RESTAURANT 116-118 1ST MA
CLEMENTINA                             BONNY     PINTO                                    INDIA
                                                                         M/S SHRUTI SYNTHETICS LTD SILK HOUSE 4
HAMIDA       BEGUWALA                  TAHER     BEGUWALA                                  2ND FLOOR, MUMBAI
                                                                         48 SARANG STREET,INDIA
JUNG         BAHADUR    RANA           BAHADUR                                              INDIA
                                                                         13, ISSAGI STREET KHIMJI MEGJI HOUSE 2ND
BABU         JOSE                      A         A          KHOT                           2ND FLOOR MUMBAI M
                                                                         161 BAPU KHOTE STINDIA
BIPIN        J          BAGADIA        JIVRAJ                                           INDIA
                                                                         BAGADIA & COMPANY 13 KAZI SAYED STR
ALIASGAR     YUSUFALI   BALDIWALA      NA                                               INDIA
                                                                         CRESCENT HARDWARE STORES 236 NAGDE
SAVRIN       A          SHAH           ASVIN                                              INDIA
                                                                         K LEKHRAJ BUILDING 4TH FLOOR 20 CARNA
YACOOB       M          MIRZA          MAHMOODMIRZA                                       INDIA
                                                                         54/9 MOHD ALI ROAD MUMBAI
HUSNA        ATIQUE     KHOT           A         A          KHOT                           2ND FLOOR MUMBAI M
                                                                         161 BAPU KHOTE STINDIA
JIGNESH      N          SHAH           NAVIN     P          SHAH                           66 MIRZA STREET IST F
                                                                         C/O RASIKLAL & COINDIA
CHANDRAKANT             PANDYA         DAHYALALHIRALAL      PANDYA                         INDIA
                                                                         81/83 C P TANK ROAD 4TH FLOOR 1ST PANJA
MICHEL       DHODADE                           DHODADE
                                       AUGUSTINE                                            INDIA
                                                                         43/45 KIKA STREET, GULALWADI, MUMBAI
SANJEEV                MEHTA
             RAMESHCHANDRA             RAMESH    SHANKAR    MEHTA                       INDIA
                                                                         KAPOLE HITWARDHAK MANDAL, 2ND FLOO
PARAG        MEHTA                            MEHTA
                                       NATWARLAL                                          INDIA
                                                                         22 DR WILSON STREET V P ROAD MUMBAI
HOMI         IRANI                            IRANI
                                       KHODABUX                                          INDIA
                                                                         1/A SAGAR SANGEET 58 S RAGHAT SINGH RO
MANJU        PATHAK                            PATHAK
                                       CHANDRADHAR                                       INDIA
                                                                         QN-AA-19,NAVY NAGAR, COLABA, MUMBAI
PARVEEN      GOEL                      RAM       MOUR                                      INDIA
                                                                         Q-4 PALN SPRINGS CUFFE PAIADE MUMBAI
SUJATA       NARULA                           NARULA
                                       DHARAMVIR                                           APARTMENTS NO 1 CU
                                                                         111/B JOLLY MAKERINDIA
BALAJITBAL                             VIS       BAL                                      NAGAR
                                                                         30K 3 NOFRA NAVY INDIA COLABA MUMB
MAHESH       THAKKAR                   AMRUTLALTHUKKAR                                 INDIA
                                                                         SATHWARA COLONY SECTOR-5 BUNGALOW
RAJINDER     GANDHI                    NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         188 DAYA NAND NAGAR GHAZIABAD GHAZ
PARAYIL      SAMUEL     KURIEN         PARAYIL PHILIPOSE    SAMUEL                        KUWAIT
                                                                         MSRYB EST P BOX 5729 SAFAT KUWAIT KUW
RAJNI        KOTHARI                   FOJALAL JNRAJ        KOTHARI                        INDIA
                                                                         G-1/10 LAJPAT NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW DEL
RATAN        RAJIV      NAGPAL         BALDEV    RAJ        NAGPAL                         INDIA
                                                                         J-50 LAJPAT NAGAR-IIIRD NEW DELHI
ARUN         KUMAR      SINGH          MAHAVIR SINGH                                       DELHI
                                                                         C 493 BHAJAN PURAINDIA
PANCHU       GOPAL      CHAKRAVARTTY   NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         BB/26-A JANAK PURI NEW DELHI NEW DELH
ASHOK        TANEJA                    SURENDRAKUMAR        TANEJA                       INDIA
                                                                         BC-1 MIANWALI NAGAR PASCHIM VIHAR NE
HUKAMCHAND                             GIANCHAND                                          INDIA
                                                                         HOUSE NO 78 SECTOR 9 CHANDIGARH
HAPPY        GREWAL                    H         P          SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                         HI-TIDE INVESTMENTS P LTD FRONTIER CH
VANITA       KRIRE                     RAM       LUBHAYA    KRIRE                         INDIA
                                                                         131 SECTOR 37 ARUN VIHAR NOIDA U P U P
DINESH                 A
             KEDARPRASAD GRAWAL        KEDARPRASAD                                        INDIA
                                                                         28 DELUX SOCIETY NIZAMPURA ROAD BAR
PRAKASH      PARTHASARATHY             S         R                      PEREGRINE CAPITAL LTD 15/17 KUMTHA ST
                                                            PARTHASARATHY               INDIA
CHAMPA       LAL        CHOPRA         MANMAL CHOPRA                                      INDIA
                                                                         22/24 KAPADIA BLDG MATKAGALI III FLOOR
SUNIL                  SHAH
             CHANDRAKANT               C         R          SHAH                          INDIA
                                                                         51, KRISHNA BAUG 2ND PARSIWADA V P RO
SHAILESH               SHAH
             VARAJIVANDAS                      CHIMANLAL SHAH
                                       VARAJIVANDS                                        INDIA
                                                                         51/52 EKADASHI APARTMENT 27-29 PAREKH
MOHAN        R          HEMMADY        HEMMADYRAGHURAM                                   INDIA
                                                                         5 SATYABHAMA NIVAS OPP CONGRESS HOU
SHIRISH      D          KHATRI         DALPAT                                              INDIA
                                                                         1B JIWAN 11 L D RUPAREL MARG MALABAR
TEHMI        NAVAL      MISTRY         NAVAL     MISTARY                                 INDIA
                                                                         BATLIWALA BLDG 275 P TARDEO RD MUMB
JWENCCO      DESQUZA                   JOAO      DESOUZA                                   INDIA
                                                                         26/2 KHILCHI TERRACE GRANT ROAD MUM
SAFDAR       ABUBAKER   MERCHANT       ABUBAKER                                          INDIA
                                                                         CENTRAL COURT 5TH FLOOR, FLAT NO 20 18
JARDINE      FLEMING    MUTUAL FUND    NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         HDFC BANK LTD CUSTODY SERVICE SANDO
                                                                         DEPT OF CHEMICALINDIA
MAKRAND M                MOGHE         NOT        AVAILABLE                                  STOCK
                                                                           C/O AJIT C KAMDARINDIA EXCHANGE TOW
RUBY        ESOOFI       NASRULLA      ESOOFI                                               INDIA
                                                                           207 FORT FOUNDATION 26/30 MAHARASHTR
USHA        S            SUREKA        NOT        AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                           L - 3 PRATHMESH NO 2 VEER SWARKAR MA
VENKATRAMMER                           NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                           25 REKHA,83 KIDWAI ROAD, WADALA,MUM
V           TIRUMALESH                 NOT        AVAILABLE                                  II TYPE
                                                                           QTR NO 666,SECTORINDIA III,C.G.S.QTRS A
MANMOHANKAUR             OBEROI        NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                           PLOT 41 JUHUDEVI CHSG SOC GULMOHAR R
VINOD       MODI                       D          M           NATH MODI                     INDIA
                                                                           60 SWASTIK PLAZA NR KALANIKETAN,V L M
MADHAVA MENO                           S
                         SHANKAR NARAYAN          MADHAVA     MENON                          INDIA
                                                                           42 ORCHID 73 G NARGIS DUTT MARG PALI H
PRIYADARSHINI                                 V
                                       HANUMANT AMAN          NAIK                          INDIA
                                                                           7 FARDOON APTS 6TH ROAD TPS P HINDUJA
HANUMANT NAIK                          VAMAN      PANDURANG C NAIK                          INDIA
                                                                           7 FARDOON APTS TPS III P O HANDUJA MAR
RAMAN       RAJARAMAN                  S          M           RAMAN                          INDIA
                                                                           144 SINDHI SOCIETY, CHEMBUR,MUMBAI
RAJENDRA PATANKAR                      RC         PATANKAR                                   INDIA
                                                                           B-16 JESSIKA BUILDING NATKWALA LANE B
M           DAYANANDA MALLYA           LATE       M                      55 USHA FLATNO 9 II FLR 191 GARODIA NAG
                                                              MADHAVA MALLYA               INDIA
SBI         CAPITAL      MARKETS LTD   NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                           S H CORPN OF INDIA LTD 44/1 KALICHARAN
I           C            ICI           NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                           STOCK HOLDING CORP(I) LTD 44/1 KALICHA
RATILAL     LAKHAMSHI SHAH             L          SHAH                                     INDIA
                                                                           404- F WARDHMAN NAGAR DR R P ROAD M
RAJESH      NISHAR                     NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                           201/202 JOLLY APARTMENT KIROL LANE GH
ATHHIYARATH        NAIR                K          KUNJARU     NAIR                          INDIA
                                                                           59 37 ATHIYARATH GREEN GARDEN APTS C
VEENA       S            KABRA         SANTOSH KABRA                                        INDIA
                                                                           A-35 YOGINAGAR FLAT NO 403 ESKAR RD B
VIRENDRA R               PATEL         RAMESH     M           PATEL                        INDIA
                                                                           PATEL SADAN VASANTRAO ROAD BABHAI N
KALIM       AHMED        KHAN          NOOR       MOHAMMED                                 INDIA
                                                                           22 PUSHPA PARK MALAD MUMBAI MUMBAI
TUSHAR      ERANDOLE                   NAMDED ERANDOLE                                       INDIA
                                                                           FLAT 1105 11TH FLOOR CHALLENGER-3 THA
SHALINI     RAJU         GAGNANI       RAJU       M           GAGNANI                       INDIA
                                                                           H 702 GOKUL RESIDENCY THAKUR VILLAGE
KIRIT       K            DOSHI         KANTILAL                                            INDIA
                                                                           1004 GAUTAM SINDHU OPP ARADHANA TAL
DARSHANA R               JANI          RAJENDRAKUMAR          JANI                          INDIA
                                                                           2B BRIDGE VIEW COOP HSG DIWANMAN AM
ANTHONY     D            COSTA         NRE        AC                       ROYAL BLUE APTS F-1 1ST FLR B/H: MUSAF
                                                              CLOSED IND ADD               INDIA
LIOYD       FERNANDES                  ANTHONY J              FERNANDES                      INDIA
                                                                           C/O ARVIND D PAI ARGLE T-1 GOLDER HILL
RAMILA      BABULAL      SHAH          BABULAL                                              INDIA
                                                                           B/5 VANDANA 3RD FLOOR SUBHAS LANE M
NITIN       VITHALDAS    ASHAR         V          ASHAR                                     INDIA
                                                                           302-A VISHNU APARTMENT LOKMANYA TIL
ALKA        P            TANNA         P          A           TANNA                         INDIA
                                                                           B-3/2 PUNITNAGAR PLOT NO 1 NEAR POISAR
POORANMALRANDER                               R
                                       MADAMLAL ANDER                                      INDIA
                                                                           B-1 DREAMLAND BLDG LINKING ROAD BOR
RANGANATHAN                            T          K           SWAMY                         INDIA
                                                                           B-6, PRASHANT APTS BABHAI NAKA, EKSAR
RASIK       JAYANTILAL SHAH            NOT        AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                           C/O KISHORE M SHAH 7/8 NEEL KAMAL ROS
KESHAVEN B               KHARVI        RABUBHAIB              KHARVI                        INDIA
                                                                           36 MR BABUBHAI B KHARVI SADKHHA BLD
BANWARILAL               DIXIT         SURAMAL DIXIT                                        INDIA
                                                                           RATHANS B NO 206 RAKADIA LANE BORIVL
HITENDRA G               SHUKLA                P
                                       GOVINDBHAI             SHUKLA                        INDIA
                                                                           C-7 RAJESHWARI 3RD FLR RAMNAGAR S V R
MORESHWAR                MHATRE        YADAV      V           MHATRE                       INDIA
                                                                           25JIVANPRABHA SOCIETY, CHANDAVARKA
HEMANT      M            GALA                 GOLA
                                       MANGALDAS                                             INDIA
                                                                           12/B ESTEE GEEJAY SOC SAIBABA NAGAR B
DIPIKA      RASIK        VORA          RASIK      B           VORA                         INDIA
                                                                           19-C MADHU COOP HSG SOC IST FLOOR ROK
PRISCILLA   LESLIE       CRASTO        NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                           A/2 PHILJOY COOP HSG SOC 3RD,OPP:MAND
VIRBALA     SURENDER     DESAI         SURESH     D           DESAI                        INDIA
                                                                           307 RAJHANS ROKADIA LANE BORIVLI WES
SUNETRA     MORESHWAR MHATRE           M          Y           MHATRE                        INDIA
                                                                           25 JIVANPRABHA SOCIETY, CHANDAVARKA
KUSUM       C            VITHLANI      C          O           VITHLANI                       PLOT
                                                                           B-2/9 PUNIT NAGAR INDIANO 1 S V ROAD BO
MAYUR       JARIWALA                   NOT        AVAILBLE                                  INDIA
                                                                           203/E RAJESH NAGAR SAIBABA NAGAR ROA
PARESH      RATILAL      CHEDA         RATIN                                                INDIA
                                                                           C/O HARISH GADA 2ND FLOOR LAXMI NIWA
PIYUSH      R            SHAH          RAMNIKLAL                                            INDIA
                                                                           4 MANJULA NIVAS JAMBLIGALLI S V ROAD
SATYANARAYANA            KARRI         KRISHNA REDDY                                       APARTMENTS S V ROAD
                                                                           A-43 VASUNDHARA INDIA
JATINDER   SINGH        PATPATIA       NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                            FLAT 5 PLOT 103 SUDHIR SHERE PUNJAB SO
RANI       ARUMUGAM                    S          ARUMUGAM                                    INDIA
                                                                            OA-1/603, ONGC COLONY POONAM NAGAR A
ZAKIUDDIN KHWAJA                       NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                            C/O HORN IMPEX SHANTI NAGAR ST 12 MID
YOGESH     DESAI                       NOT        AVAILBLE                                    INDIA
                                                                            C/O J K ENTERPRISES 13 NEW NANDU-IND.E
NIRMALAL MANDHAR        MIRPURI        MANDHAR                                                INDIA
                                                                            403 E WING 4TH FLOOR MAHESHWARI NAGA
KAMAL      SRIVASTAVA                         SRIVASTAVA
                                       RAMPRAKASH                                            INDIA
                                                                            SHIVALAYA,7/1 SHER E PUNJAB COOP HSG S
MANOHAR PARSRAM         MIRPURI        PARSRAM                                                INDIA
                                                                            403 E WING 4TH FLOOR MAHESHWARI NAGA
MANOJ      KUMAR        SONI           OM         PRAKASH      SONI                        INDIA
                                                                            BRINDABAN TOWERS 2A F NO 504 OFF MAH
NIRMAL     TANDON                              TANDON
                                       BALDEVRAJ                                            INDIA
                                                                            143 JANAK CHHAYA SHER-E-PUNJAB COLO
S          K            GULATI         N          D            GULATI                        (THDC)
                                                                            C/O TATA HOUSING INDIA MELCO BUILDIN
DILIP      KUMAR        LAHIRI         BHUPENDRANATH                                         INDIA
                                                                            13-F UDAYAGIRI ANUSHAKTHINAGAR MUM
ASHA       G            KAIKI                 GAIKI
                                       GANGADHAR                                            INDIA
                                                                            13 MUSSOORIE ANUSHAKTI NAGAR MUMBA
ANURADHA S              CHITAMBAR      S          CHITAMBAR                                 INDIA
                                                                            A-8 EVEREST ANUSHAKTINAGAR MUMBAI M
VIDYA      ASHOK        MANKAR         NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                            C/O A G MANKAR 4-B KANCHEN JUNGA AN
HARISH     M            SHETTY         NOT        AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                            2/C/49 BAF-HIRA NGR OPP MALVANMUN CO
BHARAT     VASANJIBHAI SHAH            V          K            SHAH                         INDIA
                                                                            17/A ISHWAR BHAWAN PODAR ROAD MALA
KALIM      AHMED        KHAN           N          MOHAMMED                                   INDIA
                                                                            22, PHSHPA PARK DAFTARY ROAD MALAD M
MANISH     P            SINHA          P          N            SINHA                         INDIA
                                                                            302 GOMTI,SHUCHIDHAM FILMCITY ROAD D
VIMAL      CHAND        MUNOT          PYARELAL                                                INDIA
                                                                            C/O RK JAIN A-103 GAUTAM NAGAR DATTA
VINOD      MOHANSINGHBHANDARI                  M
                                       MOHANSINGH              BHANDARI                    R NO
                                                                            DATTARAM CHAWLINDIA13 DHANJIWADI M
PIYUSH     D            SHAH           NOT        AVAILABLE                                  HSG
                                                                            D/6 VANDANA COOPINDIASOC SUBASH LAN
POONAM     B            SHINDE         B          SHINDE                                   INDIA
                                                                            CHARAN GOVIND KARMANI RANI SATI MAR
SANTOSH    T            BOHRA          TULSI      DAS                                        INDIA
                                                                            12/3 ELEPHANTS BLDG GHASHAL LANE MA
                                       MURLIDHAR               TENDULKAR                     INDIA
                                                                            FL N0 709 SUNDARAM 2/C RAHEJA CMPX WE
IYKARA     GOVINDA      MENON          V          K            MENON                          INDIA
                                                                            2 AIR NIKETAN 313 VIDYA NAGARI MARG K
VINAYAK    S            MORYE          SHANTARAM                                             INDIA
                                                                            3/70 NEW SUNDAR NAGAR, MHB KALINA SA
RAJU       V            NAGULA         VENKIAH                                                 INDIA
                                                                            C/O S A S ANIL 5 ANWAR RAZAK OLD KALIN
SHANTHI    R                           M          RAJENDIRAN                                  INDIA
                                                                            B-16/2 NEAR AIRPORT COLONY SAHAR ROA
VIJAYA     S                           S          S            R RAJU                         INDIA
                                                                            C/O P SUBBA RAJU LIG-45 DHARMA REDDY
P                    BOSE
           SUBHASCHANDRA               P          SATYANARAYAN                                INDIA
                                                                            PLOT NO 36 H M T SATAVAHANA NAGAR KU
SAILAJA    GUDIPALLI                   G          V                                          INDIA
                                                               SRINIVASA RAOFLAT NO 1303 BLOCK 1 SRILA TOWERS HYD
NANDIKESWARA            J              SURYA      PRAKASA      RAO J                          INDIA
                                                                            22-1-43/303 BHASKAR NILAYAM APTS BHAG
AMARAPRABHU                            LATE       A                                             INDIA
                                                               V KRISHNA RAOMIG 11 770 K P H B COLONY HYDERABAD
JHANSI     UDDAVOLU                    RAMANA RAO              S                            INDIA
                                                                            LIG 28 DHARMAREDDY COLONY NEAR K P H
RAMANA     RAO          SADASIVUNI     S          V            APPA RAO                     INDIA
                                                                            LIG 28 DHARMAREDDY COLONY NEAR K P H
P          S            MURTHY         P          V            K MURTY                         COMPLEX SRINAGAR C
                                                                            A-53 STEEL & MINESINDIA
P          S            MURTY          RAM                                                     COMPLEX SRINGAR CO
                                                                            A-53 STEEL & MINESINDIA
K          V            S S NARAYANA   K          N            RAJU                         INDIA
                                                                            F-201 NAGARJUNANAGAR SRI RAMAKRISHN
K          BHANU        PRAKASH        K          RAMA         RAO                              INDIA
                                                                            H NO 8-3-319/8/12 MCH NO 1316 BACK AT SA
ANNAPURNESWARA          K              SINGAIAH                                               INDIA
                                                                            8-3-682/1-B NAVAODAYA COLONY SRINAGA
CHALLAPALLI             RAO            NA                                                      INDIA
                                                                            8-3-903/4/5 NAGARJUNA NAGAR YELLAREDD
V          RAMESH                      NOT        AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                            PLOT NO 262 KAMALAPURI COLONY HYDER
VEMURI     NALINI                      V          RAMESH                                       INDIA
                                                                            8-3-903/4/5 NAGARJUNA NAGAR HYDERABA
P          VISVESWAR                   P          S            MURTY                           COMPLEX SRINAGAR C
                                                                            A-53 STEEL & MINESINDIA
DARBHA              RAO
           MADHUSUDANA                 D          VENKAIAH                                  INDIA
                                                                            PLOT NO 85 KAMALAPURI COLONY HYDERA
K          JANARDHAN                   NARASIMHA                                            INDIA
                                                                            S/O NARASIMHA PLOT NO 38 SRI NAGER CO
SRINIVAS   MOVVA                       M          SATYANARAYANA                              MOUNT
                                                                            FLAT 111 MY HOME INDIA VIEW APTS H N
RAMANA     REDDY      B             B         NARAYAN     REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                       504 CAPRI TOWER SRINAGAR COLONY HYD
I          G          K RAJU                RAJU
                                    SURYANARAYANA                                       INDIA
                                                                       407 VIJAYASREE APTS NAGARJUNA NAGAR
S          SRIDHAR    REDDY         S         VENKU       REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                       FLAT NO 101 PADMAJA COURTS 1 PLOT NO 7
K          MADHAVI                  A         SUDHEER     REDDY                        INDIA
                                                                       W/O A SUDHEER REDDY FLAT 403 UDAYKIR
SWAMY      B          NUS           B         SATYANARAYANA                             NO 144
                                                                       C/O N VEERANNA H INDIA S B H COLONY L
J          S                                  MURTY
                      SRINIVASA PRASADSURYANARAYANA                                      INDIA
                                                                       HNO 26-108/3 BALRAM NAGAR SAFILGUDA M
K          M          VISWANATHAN   NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       16 TIMMALA COLONY L B NAGAR HYDERAB
CHISHTI    HUSSAIN    SYED          SYED      AHMED                                      INDIA
                                                                       SH NO 1-94 OSMAN SAGAR ROAD NARSINGI
SABER      SYED                     SYED      AHMED                                      INDIA
                                                                       SH NO 1-94 OSMAN SAGAR ROAD NARSINGI
KUSUMA     MARY       V             VIJAY     KUMAR       REDDY                            INDIA
                                                                       H NO 1-4-886/1/9 PLOT NO 33 GANDHI NAGAR
SUBBA      RAO        GEETHA        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       C-16 BALAJI TOWERS GANDHI NAGAR HYDE
SRINIVAS   G                        LATE               RAO
                                              VENKATESWARA                               INDIA
                                                                       1-1-563/B NEAR SURABHI APTS GANDHI NAG
KALYANI    GEETHA                   NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       C-16 BALAJI TOWERS GANDHI NAGAR HYDE
RAVINDRANATH          T             T         NARASIMHA RAO                              INDIA
                                                                       C/O SRI VISHNU CEMENT LTD 6-3-883/1 PAN
V          ASHOK                    V         PURNAIAH                                  INDIA
                                                                       813 NAGARJUNA HILLS PUNJAGUTTA HYDE
SURAPANENI                          KESHAVANARAYANA                                     INDIA
                                                                       203 SHIBAS GLEN KAPADIA LANE SOMAJIGU
RAJA       GOPAL      LAKKARAJU             S
                                    LAKKARAJURINIVASARAO                                 INDIA
                                                                       PLOT NO 43 O U T COLONY SAINIKPURI HYD
AMIT       AGARWAL    SONS HUF      AGARWAL                                               INDIA
                                                                       5-3-992 J N ROAD HYDERABAD HYDERABAD
SHOBHA     B                        V         B                                        INDIA
                                                          SUBRAMANIAN STATE BANK OF INDIA LHO COMMERCIAL B
J          MOHAN      KUMAR MUNDADA JAI       KISHAN      MUNDADA                        INDIA
                                                                       4-5-105 KOTHI SULTANBAZAR HYDERABAD
JYOTHI     MURARKA                  HARI      OM          MURARKA                      INDIA
                                                                       D/O HARI OM MURARKA 4-2-153 BADI CHO
M          RAMULU                   M         DURGAIAH                                   HYDERABAD HYDERAB
                                                                       5-77 IDA KATTEDANINDIA
P          NAGARAJ                  P         B           MOORTHY                         INDIA
                                                                       11-4-322/20/4 MARKENDEYA NAGAR SEETHA
KALPANA    MAHENDERKAR              NOT       AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                       12-10-46, SITHAFALMANDI, SECUNDERABAD
G          SHOBA                    NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                       C/O G SUNDARA RAO 11-3-384 SIANIKETAN S
RAJENDRAN CUPALA                    C         B           SRINIVASAN                    INDIA
                                                                       1-1-742 GANDHINAGAR HYDERABAD HYDER
NARASIMHAM                                  PATTI
                                    SURYANARAYANA                                      INDIA
                                                                       C/O K SHYAM SUNDAR RAO 1-1-385 GANDHI
RAMACHANDRA           B             B         SHYAM       RAO                               INDIA
                                                                       B&F C S, 10-3-311/5-2-6 CASTLE HILLS, ROAD
RAMAKRISHNA                         M         KOTESWARA RAO                             INDIA
                                                                       141-3RT VIJAYANAGAR COLONY HYDERABA
SAI        KUMAR      DVV           D         POLISETTY                                   INDIA
                                                                       12/2 RT (OLD) VIJAYA NAGAR COLONY HYD
HARBHAJANSINGH                      S         CHANAN      SINGH                         OFFICERS FLATS COLA
                                                                       14 BHARANI NAVALINDIA
L          SATYANARAYANA            P         H                       NO              INDIA
                                                          LAKSHMINARAYAN54 GANGOTRI,14TH FLOOR NEAR AFGHA
RODRIEKS                            NOT       AVAILABLE                                  INDIA
                                                                       44,GITANJALI 4TH FLOOR BEHIND RADIO CL
DEEPALI    BAHL                     ALOK      BAHL                                      INDIA
                                                                       C/O ARATI BAHAL F-76 LILAC ASHIANA GA
JAYANT     MURTY                    NARAHARIKESHAV        MURTY                          RIDGE
                                                                       FLAT 13A,PURNIMA,INDIA ROAD, MALABA
RANJAN     B          SANGHAVI      B         S           CHUSBAND                        INDIA
                                                                       102 JOGANI APTS 29-B DOONGARSI ROAD W
SANJAY     KOHLI                    R         D           KOHLI                         INDIA
                                                                       7 BAY VIEW BLDG 15A RIDGE ROAD MALAB
SANJAY     KOHLI                    R         D           KOHLI                         INDIA
                                                                       7 BAY VIEW BLDG 15-A RIDGE ROAD MALAB
KAMAL      AHUJA                    BIHARILALAHUJA                                      INDIA
                                                                       6 SANGAM 16 LITTLE GIBBS ROAD HANGING
NAVSER     KERSI      DADINA        KERSI     DADINA                                    INDIA
                                                                       5-2 SPENTA APARTMENTS LITTLE SIBBS RO
JAYSHREE   P          VERMA         PRADEEP VERMA                                        INDIA
                                                                       C/O MR V SHAH 401 MANJU APARTMENTS 1
SURESH     LALVANI    KUNDANMAL                                                     INDIA
KUSHAL     MERCHANT                 JAYANT    MERCHANT                                   68F NEPEANSEA ROAD
                                                                       10TH A SUVAS APTSINDIA
PUSHPA     S          TIWARI        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       19 MOTIWALA BUILDING JUBILEE BAUG 1ST
MADHUSUDAN                                 MADHAUJI
                                    BHAGWANDAS            K                           INDIA
                                                                       48COOVER MANSION II FLOOR 12 P RAMBAI
KAMLESH    BAXI                     RAJMAL    BAXI                                      INDIA
                                                                       29/A SINGHANIA BLDG, BALARAM STREET,
VAMANA     UPADHYA                  SRINIVASAUPADHYA                                      INDIA
                                                                       8/170,J K BLDG, GAMDEVI,MUMBAI
DHUN       MERWANJI     POONAWALLA                                                    INDIA
SARJU      SHAH                                 SHAH
                                        CHHOTALAL                                           INDIA
                                                                            4 SUMAN HOUSE MORVI CROSS LANE CHOW
GULAMKADAR                              IBRAHIM BAGWAN                                      INDIA
                                                                            NAGPADA POLICE STN BLDG 1ST FLOOR NA
TRIVEDI    KIRTI        BHANUSHANKER    B          TRIVEDI                                 83 SOFIAZUBAIR ROAD
                                                                            HANUMAN MANDIRINDIA
ABDHULHUSEIEN                           NA                                                   3RD FLR ROOM NO 41 M
                                                                            57 RAMANBAI BLDGINDIA
GULBANOO M              BHIMANI         MANSUL                                               INDIA
                                                                            ISMAILIA CO-OP HSG SOC 802 SILVER TOWE
RATNAKAR RANADE                                 VAMAN
                                        DATTATREYA             RANDE                         INDIA
                                                                            C/O DR P C CHAMPANERI TRIMURTI BLDG 3
ALIM       FARIDI                       A          AHAFEEZ     FARIDI                         INDIA
                                                                            1/9 LEHRI HOUSE FLR-2 ROOM NO 23 NEW N
KANTILAL   MOHANLAL     RATHOD          MOHANLAL                                             2ND FLOOR P D MELLO
                                                                            223, LOHA BHAVAN INDIA
RATAN      SHANTILAL    LODAYA          SHANTILAL                                           INDIA
                                                                            36 PRABODH MANSION FLR-2 NANDLAL JAN
SUNIL      CHOUDHARY                    B          D           CHOUDHARY                   INDIA
                                                                            43 BHAGWAN BHUVAN 4TH FLOOR 196/198 S
NIRMAL     AGARWAL                              AGARWAL
                                        VIJAYAKUMAR                                          INDIA
                                                                            37503C STEEL CHAMBERS BROACH STREET
                                        MOHAMMED                                           INDIA
                                                                            229 DOST MOHAMMED BLDG 3RD FLOOR RO
SALIM      HASANALI     VENKANI         HASANI                                              INDIA
                                                                            42,M A SARANGMARG, IST FLOOR,RNO11, M
KETAN      R            SHETH           RASIKLAL K             SHETH                         INDIA
                                                                            195 SAMUEL STREET 3RD FLOOR BOMBAY
IFTEKHAR   AHMED        HUSAIN SHAIKH   HUSAIN     G           SHAIKH                         INDIA
                                                                            205, DILIP APARTMENT 2ND GUNPOWDER X
ZAKIRA     IFTERKHER    SHAIKH          I          A           SHAIKH                        INDIA
                                                                            205 DILIP APARTMENT 2ND GUNPOWDER X
JOSEPH     DASON        FERNANDEZ       ESTHOW     SANTHIAH    FERNANDEZ                   INDIA
                                                                            KHODADAD BLDG.102,1ST FLR NO.2 DLIMA
DATTARAM K              CHOKSI          KISAN      RAO         CHOKSI                         TARABAUG SETH MOTI
                                                                            1101 SWAPNA BLDG INDIA
BASANTI    RATHOD                               RATHOD
                                        OMPRAKASH                                            INDIA
                                                                            1/17 NIRMALA NIWAS B AL MAI MERWANJI
YAZDI      PIR                          MANECK PIR                                           INDIA
                                                                            FLAT NO 203 MAITRI BLDG S L MARG GOLA
ANAND      KUMAR        JAIN            PARASMALJAIN                                        INDIA
                                                                            36 K B MARG SOMAN NAGAR A/3 GROUND F
CHANDRU    B            MIRCHNADANI     NOT        AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                            SHIVAJI NAGAR CO-OP HSG SOCIETY LTD, F
S          S                            NA
                        KANTILAL ISHWARLAL SEC                                               INDIA
                                                                            A-206 2ND FLOOR PHOENIX HOUSE SENAPA
CHTRA      DUTT                         DIPTESH    DUTT                                      INDIA
                                                                            708 PARSI COLONY 4TH ROAD DADAR MUM
V          RAMACHANDRAN                 E          S                      163-F INDIRA KUNJ HINDU COLONY DADAR
                                                               VENKATARAMAN                 INDIA
ALBERT     REBELLO                      REMEDIOS J             REBELLO                       INDIA
                                                                            F25 PEARL HOUSING SOCIETY DR AMBEDKA
KAVERI     K                            C          BHASKAR                                  INDIA
                                                                            FLAT NO 302 BULLET GAZETTED POLICE O
MADANLAL JAIN                                   JETHMALJI
                                        CHAMPALAL                                            INDIA
                                                                            25 IST FLOOR MAHABALESHWAR BLDG ST,
ROSTOMI    BAMANJEE     DARUWALA        BAMANJEE                                             INDIA
                                                                            666 NEW ORIANT HOUSES, LADY JAHANGER
PAUL       RODRIGUES                    NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                            3/84 VIRCHAND NIWAS, ACHARYA PONDE M
ALICK      V            D SOUZA         DSOUZA     V           J                            INDIA
                                                                            MAY FLOWER E/67 GRD FLR GABRIEL ROAD
MAMTA      SHRIMAL                      HIMANSHU                                                INDIA
                                                                            C/O SHRI T S JAIN 7 SHANTINAGAR,MANORA
CHANDERKALA                             R          K           GOEL                       INDIA
                                                                            MAHENDRA WARE HSG CORP SURYA TOWE
R          K            GOEL            B          L           GOEL                         INDIA
                                                                            ASSOCIATED ESTATE ENT.PRS SURYA TOWE
M          L            GOPICHANDER     M          R                                     INDIA
                                                               LOGANATHAN 31MANAGER,ANDHRA BANK, JAYANAGAR B
PRAKASH    CHAND        BANSAL          SHANKARLAL                                            INDIA
                                                                            15-7-185 BEGUM BAZAR HYDERABAD HYDE
M          RAGALATHA                    M          SUDHEERANJAN                              INDIA
                                                                            PLOT NO 43 FLAT NO 205 LEELADHAR ENC
R          S            RAYUDU          R          S           RAJU                          INDIA
                                                                            SAI SAKTHI ENCLAVE PLOT 107 FLAT NO 50
D          LAKSHMI      MURTHY          WO         D           G K MURTHY                     INDIA
                                                                            603 SARITHA APTS BANJARA HILLS HYDERA
VIVEKANANDA                             K          VEERIAH                                  INDIA
                                                                            C/O CH SUBBARAO H.NO.B11 F11MIG BAGHL
VIJAYA     LAXMI        V               V          K           K REDDY                        MIG OG
                                                                            FLAT NO 5 BLOCK 4 INDIA BAGHLINGAM P
M          SHYAM        PRASAD          M          NAGENDRA RAO                                 NO 4 MADURA NAGAR C
                                                                            H NO 37-93/109/1 RD INDIA
B          SANKAR       REDDY           M          S           GUPTA                         INDIA
                                                                            FLAT NO 101 PADMAJA COURTS-I PLOT NO 7
SURESH     POLAVARAPU                           RAO
                                        VENKATESWARA                                           INDIA
                                                                            FLAT NO 2, IST FLOOR SRINIVASA TOWERS
NARSAIAH PADIGELA                       GANPATHI                                           INDIA
                                                                            47CLOTH MERCHANT GANDHI CHOWK ADIL
GIRIJA     SHANKER      KOMARRAJU       NOT        AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                            C/O S SWAMY H NO 6-2-9 KAKAJI COLONY H
V          SUBBA        RAIDU          NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         12/201/3 POTTI SRIRAMULU STREET CUDDAP
S          SREENIVAS                   S         SEETARAMAIAH                            INDIA
                                                                         C/OINDWELL CONSTRUCTIONS LTD 40-9-94
JYOTHISHMATHI                          D         S           RAO                        INDIA
                                                                         SAKUNTALA BHAVAN 46-9/11-35 MUNICIPAL
RAJARAJESWARI                          G         SUBRAHMANYAM                           INDIA
                                                                         C/O G SUBRAHMANYAM Q NO B-6/4 APPM C
D          A                            NOT
                        PETER RODRIGUES PRABHU   AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                         03 MINOR BY GUARDIAN MR P J R PRABHU
G                   REDDY
           HANUMANTHA                  G         V           REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                         NO 3 FIRST FLOOR 60FT ROAD AMAR JOYTH
T          V            SRINIVASAMURTHYT         S           V NAIDU                       INDIA
                                                                         25 TSV NAIDU NO 105/6 2ND CROSS IIIRD BL
ASHA       VALECHA                     GOPAL     K           VALECHA                       INDIA
                                                                         NO 64 17TH MAIN 3RD CROSS IIND BLOCK K
MADHUKANTH              TM             T         R           N REDDY                       INDIA
                                                                         128, 5TH MAIN ROAD JAYAMAHAL EXTENSI
MEENA      KUMARI       J              J         JANNARDHANAN                            INDIA
                                                                         17 PANCHAJANYA BANK OFFICERS HSG CLN
C          N            NATARAJAN      NOT       AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                         NO 2760 4TH MAIN 4TH CROSS OPP TO MURU
REVATHI    M                           S         MAHENDRAN                              INDIA
                                                                         JAYAM INVESTMENTS 87, VARADHAMUTHI
KR         SADAYAPPAN                  KARUPPANCHETTIAR                                  INDIA
                                                                         24 MASILAMANI ROAD BALAJI NAGAR CHEN
MURALI     KRISHNA      BANDARU        B         VENKATESWARLU                              INDIA
                                                                         B-4, NO 75, LDG ROAD LITTLE MOUNT SAIDA
ANANDA     VALLI        T              N         THIRUNAVUKARASU                          2ND LANE TEYNAMPE
                                                                         11 CENATAPH ROADINDIA
G          RAGHUNATH                   GANESA    IYER                                      CHENNAI CHENNAI
                                                                         53 MC RICOLS ROADINDIA
L          NARAYAN                     PREM      NARAYAN                                   INDIA
                                                                         34 SIEMENS INDIA LTD 144 N H RD CHENNA
T          K            RAMADAS        M         GANGADHARAN                                 INDIA
                                                                         C-5/15 3:1 SECTOR 4 CBD BELAPUR NAVI MU
P          SENTHIL      KUMAR          T         PONNUSAMY                                INDIA
                                                                         INDIA CEMENTS INVST SER LTD STATUS QU
SUMAN      SAPRA                       ANIL      SAPRA                                   INDIA
                                                                         C/O VIKRAM KR BAGRI J-71 ANNA NAGAR E
RAJESH     KUMAR        JAIN K         KISHAN    CHAND       JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                         61 CHOOLAI HIGH ROAD CHENNAI CHENNA
TARA       CHAND        JAIN K         KISHAN    CHAND                                    INDIA
                                                                         61 CHOOLAI HIGH ROAD CHENNAI CHENNA
INDRANI    G                           C         G           KRISHNAN                     INDIA
                                                                         62/B GANDHI ROAD KALLAKURICHI POST V
VINOD      SAGAR        SS             T         P                       C-43 I MAIN ROAD RAMALINGA NAGAR TIR
                                                             SHUNMUGA SUNDARAM             INDIA
PASUMAI    K                           G         KATHINESAN                              INDIA
                                                                         2/5A GANESAN NAGAR TUTICORIN TUTICOR
VARGHESE P              K              NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         C/O DR MATHAI JOSEPH P O BOX 19 KANNU
DWARKANATH                             DR        BAHRI                                  INDIA
                                                                         27B ROWLAND ROAD 6TH FLOOR CALCUTTA
SAMARENDRA              BANERJEE       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         40/5 NARENDRA VILLAGE BECHARAM CHAT
THULASIRAMAN                                   N
                                       CHINASWAMI            CERUKOOR                      NO-2A
                                                                         FD-BLOCK-461 FLATINDIA SALTLAKE SECT
KAUSTAV    DEY                         KAMAL     KUMAR       DEY                            INDIA
                                                                         VIVEK VILL P O G I P COLONY HOWRAH HO
BHOPINDAR SINGH                        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         C1/12 NORTH COLONY PO KANSBAHAL DIST
RAJIB      DHAR                        KRISHNA CH            DHAR                          DIRECTOR, OF SCHOOL
                                                                         C/O K C DHAR ASST INDIA
K          C            CHACKO         CHACKO    KOCHU       CHACKO                       QATAR
                                                                         P BOX 2036 DOHA QATAR
MOHD       FAROOQ       ALI            NA                                                 UNITED STATES OF ILL
                                                                         2915 CORNELIA W AVE WAUKEGAN ILL AME
                                       GIRISHBHAI                                         ZAMBIA
                                                                         PO BOX 71065 NDOLA ZAMBIA ZAMBIA
LEENA      L            RAGHI          LAXMIKANT                                         INDIA
                                                                         UNITED MANSION NO 1 R NO 2,1ST FLR,PAR
JAGDISH    M            OZA            MANILAL M             OZA                          INDIA
                                                                         NR SHIV SENA OFFICE ROAD NO 2 RAMJI CH
VIKAS      ARORA                       D         P           ARORA                        INDIA
                                                                         A-404 SENATE LOKHANDWALA COMPLEX K
ZARINA     REMTULLA                    REMTULLA                                        INDIA
                                                                         DIAMOND APARTMENTS C-WING 7TH FLOO
A          THIYAGARAJAN                NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         21/61 SAGAR APARTMENT ADARSH NAGAR
ANTO       PETER        FERNANDEZ      PETER     FERNANDEZ                             INDIA
                                                                         ATHMARAM CHAWL I C COLONY MOUNT PO
JAYANA     RAVISHAKAR NAVADA           RAVISHANKAR                                       INDIA
                                                                         103 KRISHNACHHAYA SAINATH NAGAR EKS
VINODINI   R            MENON          R         MENON                                       INDIA
                                                                         A-6/2, FLAT NO 29 TARUN APTS, J B NAGAR B
SUNIL      GOYAL                       NA                                                   OPP KARNATAKA BANK
                                                                         201 ORIENTAL APTS INDIA
OLVIN      ARUN         DSOUZA         B         F           DSOUZA                      INDIA
                                                                         103-NARMADA IC COLONY BORIVLI(W) MUM
USHA       SHIVKUMAR                   SHIVKUMAR                                          INDIA
                                                                         C/O R G NVADA,NAGAR EKSAR 103 KRISHNA
MANOHAR G               MOHITE                B
                                       GANGARAM              MOHITE                        INDIA
                                                                         A-6-4/9, AMRAVAN COOP HSG SOC JEEVAN V
KETAN      RAMESH      THAKER       THAKER     RAMESH                                     INDIA
                                                           RAVI SHANKER MILAN N DESAI 404 NEELDHARA APT 4TH F
DILIP      P           ASBE         PRATAP     M           ASBE                          INDIA
                                                                        B 2 DIVINE HOME COLONEY L M ROAD BOR
NIKESH     K           SHAH         K          SHAH                                      SVP
                                                                        B/3 CHANDRA APTS INDIAROAD BORIVLI WE
DINAZ      SOHRAB      MEHERHOMJI   SOHRAB     J           MEHERHOMJI                   INDIA
                                                                        AHUNA (CREATIONS) B/204, 2ND FLOOR EDU
ANAND      HARIKRISHNAN             R          HARIKRISHNAN                               OFF POKHRAN ROAD N
                                                                        A-4 401 LOK UPVANINDIA
PRAKASH    SONAR                    PANDURANG                                          INDIA
                                                                        SHREE SIDDHARUDH BHAVAN CHENDENI L
PREMA      RANGANATHAN              RANGANATHAN                                          INDIA
                                                                        68B/42 BRINDABAN THANE THANE
GOPAL      P           SHETTY       PIJINA     SHETTY                                  INDIA
                                                                        RM NOG5 RAMDASPATEL CHAWL SHASTRIN
MAHENDRA KAPADIA                    MANEKLALKPADIA                                       BLDG,
                                                                        DR BEDEKARS NEW INDIA KARVE ROAD,NA
ALAKA      AVINASH     LIMAYE       NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        33B6 SUNEETA VARSHA CO OP HSG SOCIETY
PARESH     SHAH                     SHANTILALSHAH                                       INDIA
                                                                        ATLANTA 17TH FLOOR 209 NARIMAN POINT
AVINASH    PRABHAKAR LIMAYE         NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                        B 6 SUNEETA VARSHA COOP HSG SOCIETY H
HEMANT     D           SAYKHEDKAR   DATTATRAY                                          INDIA
                                                                        5 LALBAUG DR MOOSE ROAD JAYANTILAL
SAROJ      KUMAR                             BANDOPADYAN
                       BANDYOPADHYAY ABHAYPADA                                            INDIA
                                                                        3/205 AMARJYOTI SOCIETY, THANA,MAHAR
SIDHARTH   MAHAPATRA                S          K           MAHAPATRA                   INDIA
                                                                        102 KALPAVRUKSHA 84 VASANT VIHAR PO
SHRIKANT   H           THAKKAR      H          S           THAKKAR                        INDIA
                                                                        B-25 SUNITA SOCIETY OPP NAKHVA SCHOO
NARAYAN    P           K            NOT        AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                        D2 SUNIL RAI APARTMENT KOPRI COLONY
RAVINDRA NARAYAN       KOLI         NARAYAN KRISHNA        KOLI                        INDIA
                                                                        PARISHRAM CHENDANI KOLIWADA CEMEN
GEETA      S           THAKKAR      SHRIKANT H             THAKKAR                        INDIA
                                                                        B 25 SUNITA SOCIETY OPP: NAKHVA SCHOO
SWAPNA     MADHAV      OAK          MADHAV OAK                                          INDIA
                                                                        15 GAUTAM SOCIETY PANCHAPAKHADI NR
CHETAN     K           RAO          K          KESHAVA     RAO                           INDIA
                                                                        101, MAITRI DARSHAN FARRONAGAR LOUIS
K          K           MALHOTRA     N          K           MALHOTRA                     INDIA
                                                                        18-A HIGHWAY DARSHAN COOP HOUSING S
UTTAMSINGH                          UMRA       O           CHAVAN                      INDIA
                                                                        SARDAR HOUSE,ROOM NO E 7, ROAD NO 28,
MAYA       U           CHAVAN               CHAVAN
                                    UTTAMSING                                          INDIA
                                                                        SARDAR HOUSE ROOM NO 7, ROAD NO 28,W
MANJKRAO NATHU         PATIL        NATHU      DAULAT      PATIL                      INDIA
                                                                        MANJKRAONATHU PATIL 3/8,SUDAMA APAR
JITENDRA   V           KOTIAN       T          VENKAPPA                                  INDIA
                                                                        203 KUNAL APT NO 2 NEAR MUNICIPAL GAR
DILIP      KUMAR       J CHAUHAN    JAGUBHAI                                           INDIA
                                                                        PANCH SAIDHAM CHSGS LTD YASHODHAN
SHAIKH     MANSUR      ALI          SHAIKH     SUKUR       ALI                         INDIA
                                                                        VINAYAK APARTMENT,FLAT 23 VINAYAK C
SATYANARAYANA                       NOT        AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                        C5/4/2 3 SECTOR 4 CBD KONKAN BHAVAN N
SHYAMLAL KANTI         SARKAR       RAKHAL     CHANDRA     SARKAR                           CBD PO
                                                                        C-5/10/1-1 SECTOR 4 INDIA KONKANBHAVA
RADHA      RAMAN                    K          RAMAN                                      INDIA
                                                                        C-3/12/35 ONGC FLATS SECTOR-I, CBD NEW M
PIKKILI    LAKSHMINARAYANA          PIKKILI    NAGAIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                        J.E.400KV RS(O&M)DIVSN-I MSEB AT AIROL
SHYAM      PATIL                    BALU       PATIL                                     INDIA
                                                                        234 GHANSOLI KOLIWADA THANE BELAPUR
LALITA     H           SHARMA       HARSH      VARDHAN     SHARMA                          INDIA
                                                                        JN2/31-B-3 SECTOR 10 VASHI NEW MUMBAI
GANESH     JAIN        B            BRIJALAL                                            INDIA
                                                                        A-10 ALAKNANDA SECTOR 14 VASHI NEW B
NITIN      JAIN                     TEJ        PAL         JAIN                            INDIA
                                                                        A-1/15 JAI JAWAN SOCIETY SECTOR 17 VASH
MANISH     KANJI       GALA         KUNJI      GALA                                       HSG SOC PLOT NO.24-C
                                                                        A-11 POORNA CO OPINDIA
HARGOBIND G            VASVANI      GHANSHAMDAS                                            WORLI
                                                                        47-45/D VENUS APTSINDIA SEA FACE(S) MU
RANG       RAICHUR                  NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                        FLAT 301 7A PATEL APPT COMDA COLA COM
BHULESHWAR             PATHAK               PATHAK
                                    SHIVNARAYAN                                          INDIA
                                                                        RNO 3 SHRINIWAS BUILDING TELANG ROAD
NEHA       BHATT                    SUKETU     BHATT                                    INDIA
                                                                        361-C CHANDAVARKAR ROAD MATUNGA M
SHUBHRA    KUMAR                    SUSHIL     KUMAR                                    INDIA
                                                                        14 GREYLANDS NEW MARINE LINES MUMBA
CHERYL     DSOUZA                   NA                                                  CONSTRUCTION INDIA
                                                                        TRAFALGAR HOUSEINDIA
HAJOO      ASLAM       EBRAHIM      E          D           HAJOO                        INDIA
                                                                        BUSINESS WORLD 145 ATLANTA 14TH FLOO
BABU       NALLUR                   T          K           K NAIR                          INDIA
                                                                        BRITE INIL P LTD 612 A EMBASSY CENTRE N
                                                           DAMODARAN PILLAI            INDIA
MAHESH     A           TALREJA      AWATRAM                                            INDIA
                                                                        BOMBAY PHARNA PRODUCTS 45 MITTAL C
SAMPATHKUMAR                           L          S           SRINIVASAN                  INDIA
                                                                           108 MAKER CHAMBERS V I FLOOR NARIMAN
SHAH       PARESH                      SHANTILALSHAH                                       INDIA
                                                                           ATLANTA 17TH FLOOR 209 NARIMAN POINT
CONCRETE INVESTMENTSLTD                NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                           106 MAKER CHAMBERS NO III NARIMAN PO
JASBIR     GILL                        SANTOSH SINGH          GILL                           INDIA
                                                                           C/O D BAJAJ 34 ADVENT BUILDING 12-A POR
RADHIKA    SETHI                       NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                           94B SEALORD CUFFE PARADE MUMBAI
RAHUL      SINHA                       A          K           SINHA                         INDIA
                                                                           C/O J P MORGAN CHASE BANK 9TH FLOOR M
CHUNILAL   JAMNADAS    SHAH            JAMNADASNEMCHAND SHAH                              INDIA
                                                                           AVANTI APPARTMENT 7TH FLOOR BLOCK N
ATUL       BABULAL     VORA            B          S           VORA                           INDIA
                                                                           82/2 SHREYAS 25TH ROAD SION WEST MUM
RAMCHAND CHHABRA                       K          CHHABRA                                    INDIA
                                                                           23/211 BEAS BLDG 2ND FLOOR, SION (E) MUM
B                    VYAS
           SATYANARAYAN                NOT        AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                           MS/RB/III 5-7 CENTRAL RLY FLATS NEAR KO
DHARMISTHA             SHAH            SHIRISH    K           SHAH                          INDIA
                                                                           304 SIDHIVINAYAK TOWERS DUMCAM CAU
RAKESH     D           PAREKH          NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                           C/O SHREE JAIN DAIRY 12/201 BANSARI BHU
RADHA      SAJNANI                             J
                                       NARAINDAS              SAJNANI                      INDIA
                                                                           3A SANJIV APARTMENTS DUNCAN CAUSEW
RANEE      BHATIA                      MAHESH     BHATIA                                   INDIA
                                                                           2/82 SARDAR NAGAR-1 M H B COLONY SION
MAHESH     BHATIA                      R          BHATIA                                   INDIA
                                                                           2/82 SARDAR NAGAR-1 M H B COLONY SION
MANISHA    DOSHI                       RATHIN                                                INDIA
                                                                           137-A SMRUTI 2ND FLOOR BLOCK NO 5 ROA
JAGMOHAN SINGH         SODI            S          GURBAX      SINGH SODI                     MANYA THE MOGUL L
                                                                           ELECT OFF M V LOKINDIA
                                       MOHANLAL               PUROHIT                      INDIA
                                                                           M/S JAYANTHALAL PATEL 605,STOCK EXCH
SUDIP      KUMAR       GHOSE                    GHOSE
                                       SISIRKUMAR                                          INDIA
                                                                           RESEARCH OFFICER, DEAP 7TH FLOOR,NCO
ASHISH     GUHA                        DEB                                               INDIA
                                                                           MERWANJEE BOMANJEE DALAL ALLAHABA
AFFLUENT   FIN         SERVICES PVT LTD NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                           1116 STOCK EXCHNG TOWER DALAL STREE
MAHESH     RATILAL     SHAH            RATILAL    SHAH                                      INDIA
                                                                           POOJA INV.&FIN.MANAGEMENT HASIM BLD
PRAKASH    KACHOLIA                           KACHOLIA
                                       RAMSWAROOP                                          INDIA
                                                                           EMKAY SHARE & STOCK BROK P LTD 4TH F
SANJAY     SHAH                        CHUNILAL                                          INDIA
                                                                           KHANDWALA SHAH&ASSOCIATES 7/10 BOT
MAHESH     CHANDRA     GUPTA           P          L           GUPTA                         INDIA
                                                                           C/O H S GUPTA ROOM NO A/19 IIND FLOOR N
SHANTADEVINDOREWALA                    SANTOSH KUMAR                                        INDIA
                                                                           A 41 TECHNOCRAT SOCIETY MUMBAI DYEIN
UDAY       RANADIVE                            RANADIVE
                                       BHALCHANDRA                                          INDIA
                                                                           B-7 CHARAK CO-OP HSG SOC PRABHADEVI
LEENA      A           KAPADIA         ARVIND     KAPADIA                                     INDIA
                                                                           C/O S D JHAVERI,239/10 HIMACHAL HOUSE,
JAYANT     KUMAR       BANERJEE        LATE       SRI                     10A           INDIA
                                                              SHAMBOO NATH B MARLOW POCHKHANWALLA ROAD OPP
RAMESH     ENGINEER                    GANAPATRAM                                          INDIA
                                                                           JAYBARAT ICC FACTORY, NEW PRABHADEV
P          ANURADHA                    P          J           V SARMA                          ICICI
                                                                           C/O P J V SARMA A-5INDIA APARTMENTS OP
PUSHKARAJ GUMASTE                              KESHAV
                                       CHANDRAKANT            GUMASTE                       INDIA
                                                                           901-B CHAITANYA TOWER APPASAHEB MAR
RAJEEV     JAGATRAI                    MANOJ      JAGATRAI                                     DESAI
                                                                           SEA-VIEW 100 A A B INDIA ROAD MUMBAI M
AKTHER     ZAIN        RANGOONWALA     ZAIN                                                 INDIA
                                                                           52 NEELAMBER 37 PEDDAR ROAD MUMBAI
SANJAY     MEHTA                       NAGINDAS B             MEHTA                          INDIA
                                                                           701 TIRUPATI APTS,AMAR, B DESAI ROAD, M
PURVI      BHASKAR     SANGHAVI        B          SANGHAVI                                  BHULABHAI DESAI ROA
                                                                           38 VASUNDHARA 17INDIA
AJITHA     SUBHASH     KULKARNI        SUBHASH                                              INDIA
                                                                           65-A SHANTA PRASAD S K BOLE RD DADAR
PARMESHWARI            KHEMANI         H          KHEMANI                                    INDIA
                                                                           148 RAOJI SOJPAL BLDG 4 TH FLR S K BOLE
M          E           RANGADURAI      M          E           SRIRANGAN                     INDIA
                                                                           15 P&T,TRANSIT QUARTERS, 5TH FLOOR,RO
SATCHIDANAND                           KHANDER RAO                                        INDIA
                                                                           POPULAR INVESTMENTS GR FLR, BAPAT BL
PRAKASH    RASKAR                      NA                                                   BHAWAN ISHANKAR R
GHANSHAMDAS            TALREJA         TOTARAM                                               INDIA
                                                                           STALL NO A-R-18 JANATA CLOTH MARKET D
KESHAV     PRABHUZANTYE                NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                           G3 SAHAKAR NIWAS PROF V S AGASHE ROA
MOHAN      ACHAREKAR                   TUKARAM BABAJI                                        INDIA
                                                                           3/12 HARI VENU APTS, KAKASAHEB,GADGIL
SHUBHALAXMI                            K                                G                INDIA
                                                  SHRIKRISHNAPRABHUZANTYE 3 SAHAKAR NIWAS PROF V S AGASHE RD G
ALKA       K           KAKDE           KISHOR                                               INDIA
                                                                           3/16 KHANDKE BUILDING N C KELKAR ROA
WINNIBALD JERORDINE    D COSTA         FRANCIS    D           COSTA                         BEHIND
                                                                           5/7 RAWAK CHAWL, INDIA GAS CO., KALIN
ESWARA    REDDY       YARASI       ESWARA                                               INDIA
                                                                      2A/20 KALINA INDIAN AIRLINES COLONY SA
RABIA     SHAIKH                   ABDUL     LATIF       SHAIKH                         INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO 15 3RD FLOOR CENTRAL GOVT QU
VISWANATHPRASAD                    NARAYANASWAMY                                      INDIA
                                                                      2/93 ARADHANA WADALA MUMBAI MUMBA
SUJATA    VILASRAO    BANSODE      V         BANSADE                                  NO 27
                                                                      MHB COLONY,BLDGINDIA R NO 1873, ABHU
SHRIMANT V            RATHOD       V         RATHOD                                    INDIA
                                                                      D-2 NAIK NAGAR C H S S G BARVE MARG KU
USHA      A           GAVAND       ANIL                                                 INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO 27 B M C BLDG NO 6 COLONY ROA
MONAZ     WADIA                    PHIROZE   H           WADIA                        INDIA
                                                                      A/7,SATYABHAMA NIWAS, KASINATH ROAD
NARESH    RATILAL     PUJARA       RATILAL   N           PUJALA                        INDIA
                                                                      49/50 VELLARD VIEW 10/B HAJIALLI CIRCLE
BABU      KHANDEKAR                GANPAT    KHANDEKAR                                INDIA
                                                                      RATTAN MANSION FORJETT STREET BOMBA
GEETA     SAKHARE                  SHIVASHARAN                                             INDIA
                                                                      105/12,SECTOR III, C.G.S QTRS,KINGS CIRCLE
KRISHNAKUMAR          S            N         SIVARAMA    KURAUP                           INDIA
                                                                      220/3137/SEC 1 CGS COLONY ANTOPHTLL PO
PRABHAKARSHANKAR      BORKAR       NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                      FLAT 45,BLOCK 6, SECTOR III,CGOS QTRS AN
ASHA      RANI        GANDHI       HARIRAM                                             INDIA
                                                                      BLDG NO 18 FLAT NO 860 KOLIWADA PUNJA
MEENAKSHI KAUSHIK                  DINESH    KAUSHIK                                   INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO 2437 BLOCK-202, SECTOR-6 C G S C
RAMKISHORE                         NANHKUMPAL                                           INDIA
                                                                      C/O B R TAILORS KORBAMIT NGR,M PHULEW
NARAYAN   SHETTY                   SIDDU     SHETTY                                     INDIA
                                                                      32/636 B PT NEW COLONY NADKARNI PARK
SREEDHARAN                         C         CHANDRASHEKARAN                            INDIA
                                                                      F2 ADINATH S M D ROAD ANTOPHILL BOMB
ICICI     TRUST       LIMITED      N                                                    INDIA
                                                                      SHANTI , NO 13 WALCHAND HIRACHAND MA
SIYARAM   SAHU        SUMAN        J         SAHU        SUMAN                        CHGS
                                                                      NAV-YASHODHARA INDIA SOC B-26, BHAND
HARISH    CHANDRA                  KAHAYALAL                                          INDIA
                                                                      41 ANKUR 10TH GULMOHAR X ROAD J V P D
AVNISH    GUPTA                    NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                      7 JUHU APSARA CO-OP SOC KISHORE KUMA
MENON     V           K            M         V           N K MENON                    INDIA
                                                                      PALM LANDS JUHU ROAD MUMBAI MUMBA
SULOCHANAC            MODI         NOT       AVAILBLE                                INDIA
                                                                      NEW SAURSHTRA CHSC LTD BLOCK 2 PLOT
SHOBHA    KISHAN      TALREJA      K         TALREJA                                    GULMOHAR X ROAD NO
                                                                      9/52, JUHU GAURAV INDIA
SANYUKTA GUPTA                     NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                      7 JUHU APSARA CO-OP SOC KISHORE KUMA
SARYUBEN MANIAR                           MANIAR
                                   MAHENDRA                                            INDIA
                                                                      442B/C CHANDRA VILLA APTS,GULMOHAR G
NAVAL     MAKWANEY                 SEOOMAL MAKWANEY                                    INDIA
                                                                      6TH FLR BASERA APPTS B/H JEWEL NURSIN
KEWAL     T           AGGARWAL     TILAKRAJ M            AGGARWAL                    INDIA
                                                                      SUKHMANI,BLOCK NO A1, RD NO 10,JUHU, M
VIRENDRA KUMAR        JAIN                JAIN
                                   MOOLCHAND                                            INDIA
                                                                      14/267 MHB JUHU SCHEME, SAMARTH RAMD
DILSHAD   IRANI                    NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                      7 JUHU APSARA CO-OP SOC KISHORE KUMA
ANOOPAM   SRIVASTVA                ASHOKE    KUMAR       SRIVASTAVA                   INDIA
                                                                      F 22 MAKER KUNDAN GARDEN JUHU ROAD
JOE       CARDOZA                  GAJETAN U             CARDOZA                      INDIA
                                                                      23 WARODA ROAD BANDRA MUMBAI MUMB
JAGDISH   S           MANSUKHANI   S         M                                       INDIA
                                                         MANSUKHANI 701-A GEORGINA RIZVI COMPLEX BANDRA
ANTHONY   FERNANDES                C         FERNANDES                               INDIA
                                                                      MOUNT MARYS CHURUCH BANDRA MUMBA
N         P           BADKAR       PRABHAKAR                                          - 249 MASTER VINAYAK
                                                                      4-B-MAKER MAHAL INDIA
MASUMA    R           THAVER       RIAZ      K           T                            INDIA
                                                                      NAWAZ BLDG 1ST FLOOR FLAT NO 102 72 P
R         K           AGASHE       KESHAV                                             SOCIETY 1 CARTER RO
                                                                      3-A DHAVALGANGAINDIA
SANDEEP   VIJAY       GHOSALKAR    VIJAY     S           G                           INDIA
                                                                      BAITULKARIM BLDG 4TH FL BLOCK NO-9 BO
UMAR      ALI         SAADAN       ALIMIYAN SAADAN                                      INDIA
                                                                      PLOT NO 379C R NO 11 R A R C OFFICERS AP
TRUSHA    ARVND       SHAH         ARVIND    S           SHAH                         INDIA
                                                                      91 BAZAR ROAD BANDRA OPP BAZAR POST
VIDYA     BHATIA                           BHATIA
                                   SHRICHAND                                            INDIA
                                                                      NL 6/7 ROOM NO 14 SECTOR 9 NERUL NAVI M
CHANDRAKANT           LAD                 M
                                   RAMCHANDRA            LAD                           INDIA
                                                                      SECTOR 17 EKTA APT BLDG NO 24 ROOM NO
                                   GORDHANDAS                                           INDIA
                                                                      6 JAIBHARATI OPP.SHASTRI NAGAR BHAYU
NILA      GARDHANDASSHAH                   SHAH
                                   GORDHEENDAS                                         INDIA
                                                                      G6 JAI BHARATI BHAYNDER (WEST) MUMBA
HASMUKH             SHAH
          GABHARUCHAND                     SHAH
                                   GAGHARUCHAND                                        INDIA
                                                                      SONA APPTS NO 2 BLOCK 301 DEVCHAND N
PADMA     N                        K         VENKATARAMANAN                             INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO 11, SECTOR-2 MITHUN SHRISHTI CO
MAYA      BANGARI                  DEVSINGH BANGARI                                    INDIA
                                                                      302 SILVER PARK B-11 MIRA ROAD EAST TH
VIRENDRA PRATAP        SINGH TOMAR    NARSINGH TOMAR                                       FLOOR
                                                                         FLAT NO 2, GROUNDINDIA A WING, MAGH
JAYANTIBHAI            PATEL          S         PATEL                                   INDIA
                                                                         KESHAV SHREE RAM NIVAS R NO 4,GR FLR,
RAM        BILAS       SHARMA         GANPAT    RAM         SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                         SAI RATNAM BUILDING A ROOM NO 201,B P
VEENA      RAJPUT                     I         S           RAJPUT                         INDIA
                                                                         A - 13 WESTERN RAILWAY OFFICERS FLAT O
PRAVIN     MEHRA                      PALIRAM MEHRA                                      INDIA
                                                                         C/O MR G K KHANNA GANGA C WING FLAT
S          E           KASMANI        EBRAHIM                                              A WING 701 NAYA NAG
                                                                         ASMITA REGENCY IIINDIA
                                      KASHINATH                                         INDIA
                                                                         KOKANI BHAVAN 3RD FLOOR NR GRAM PAN
TATARAO    SHETTY                     VEMLATA SHETTY                                     INDIA
                                                                         B-101 SHANTA SMRUTI SAI NAGAR VASAI R
KASHINATH MAHADEO      DHURI          MAHADED DHURI                                     INDIA
                                                                         KOKANI BHAVAN 3RD FLOOR NR GRAM PAN
BHARTI     C           SETHIA         C         P           SETHIA                        INDIA
                                                                         201/2 CHANCHAL TOWER B WING A 2ND FL
RAJESH     WASUDEO     BHIWAPURE      NA                                                 18/5,VASAI ROAD EAST,
                                                                         MSEB COLONY BLD INDIA
SUDHIR     KASHINATH DHURI                    DHURI
                                      KASHINATH                                         INDIA
                                                                         KOKANI BHAVAN 3RD FLOOR NR GRAM PAN
AJIT       K                          K         T                                        INDIA
                                                            BALAKRISHNANA 102 SANGHVI APARTMENTS OPP SHRI KRI
         RAMCHANDRA                          P
                                      RAMCHANDRA            BILAY                       INDIA
                                                                         SAMVEDI BRAHMINSANGH CHWL TULINJ T
MEENA      PANDIT                             PANDIT
                                      MEENANATH                                         INDIA
                                                                         MEENANATH PANDIT MORESWAR RAMES
VINOD                SANKHE
           HARISHCHANDRA              H         M           SANRNE                        INDIA
                                                                         E/12 NARSHIVA APPARTMENT MANVELPAD
RAJENDRA MANOHAR       CHAUDHARY      MANOHAR CHAUDHARY                                  INDIA
                                                                         A-2 GULMOHAR BULESHWARI ROAD BOLIN
SAROJ      NANDLAL     KAMDAR         NANDLAL R             KAMDAR                       INDIA
                                                                         8 PANCHRATNA APPARTMENT GAWADWAD
SHRUTI     SHIVALKAR                  S         SHIVALKAR                                  INDIA
                                                                         TYPE A-2-20 TAPS COLONY PO: TAPP THANE
TEJPAL     SINGH                      MANJU     SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                         TYPE C-5-3 TAPS COLONY P O TAPP DIST TH
CHANDRAKANT                           MAHADEO                                            INDIA
                                                                         C/O TATA POWER CO LTD, BHIRA-MANGAON
ROWENA     VAZ                        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         A/2 YASHODHAN APTS BEHIND BABU NAIK
MADHURI    MALSE                      MOHAN     W           MALSE                        INDIA
                                                                         165-B NOFRA NANDUIHAR VASCO DA GAMA
BELA       M           KAMAT          M         S           KAMAT                          INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO 1 JOSHI BLDG F L GOMES ROAD VA
NAINMAL    T           PALRECHA               PALRECHA
                                      TRILOKCHAND                                         INDIA
                                                                         F-48 NEW BAZAR LONAVLA DIST PUNE DIST
MANJU      N           PALRECHA       NAINMAL T             PALRECHA                      INDIA
                                                                         F-48 NEW BAZAR LONAVLA DIST PUNE DIST
ARUN       PATHAK                     MANOHAR GAJANAN       RAO                           INDIA
                                                                         1 INDRAYANI SOC NAMDEO NIVAS TALEGA
SADASHIV   VISHNU      GOMARKAR       VISHNU    GOMADKAR                                  CHAKAN ROAD, TALEG
                                                                         102 ANAND NAGAR, INDIA
HARIRAM    C           GOPWANI        C         GOPALAN                                   INDIA
                                                                         FLAT -11 JASHAN MAHAL 2 NYLAR ROAD PU
DEEPAK     INDRU       PARWANI        INDRU     C           PARWANI                        INDIA
                                                                         3/57 TULSIDAS APARTMENT 826-B DASTUR M
KUL        BHUSHAN     PURI                    PURJ
                                      KASHMIRILAL                                         INDIA
                                                                         E ASHOK SOCIETY 2ND FLOOR 3 NAYLOR R
AGA        RASOOL      MIRKHUSHAL     MIRKHUSHAL                                          INDIA
                                                                         B-43 AASHIYANA PALACE COOPERATIVE HI
SADHANA    CHAUDHARY                  RAVIRAJ                                            INDIA
                                                                         C/O R CHAUDHARY JOINT DIRECTOR SOCIA
KRISHAN    CHANDER     SHARMA         SHIVLAL   SHARMA                                    INDIA
                                                                         61 GEETANJALI KUNJ OPP NEHRU MEMORIA
VIRENDRA KIRAD                        GOKULDASKIRAD                                       INDIA
                                                                         HARMES PARK, A-7 OPP TO BUNGARDEN, PU
RANDHIR    M           PARDESHI       NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         507 NALINI COOP HSG SOC, 2 SOLAPUR ROA
KEDAR      R           MUNSHI         RAJANEEKANT                                         INDIA
                                                                         401-A KALPATARU GARDENS 9/A BOAT CLU
BABY       BAI         M GUNDECHA     M         L           GUNDECHA                     INDIA
                                                                         134/2 SHWKARWAR PETH PUNE PUNE
SHABBIR    K           MOHAMED                A
                                      KUTBUDDIN             RANGWALA                      INDIA
                                                                         1009 RAVIWAR PETH 2ND FLOOR PUNE PUN
SATISH     B           AGARWAL        BHIMSEN                                            INDIA
                                                                         C/O RAM MEDICAL&GEN STORE 407/5 QUAR
MALATI     MADHAV      PHADKE         M         H           PHADKE                       INDIA
                                                                         752 BHUDHAWAR PETH PUNE PUNE
SUNITA     NILKANTH    PETKAR         NILKANTH R            PETKAR                       INDIA
                                                                         1212 SHUKRAWAR PETH SUBHASHNAGAR L
INACIO     FRANCISCO                  PEOPRO
                       NAZARENO CARDOSO         ANTINIO     CARDOSO                      OMAN
                                                                         HEAD QUARTERS SOLF PO BOX 6802 MUSCA
LALIT                RAUT
           PANDHARINATH                       K
                                      PANDHARINATH          RAUT                         CANADA
                                                                         59 WINTERTON DRIVE TORONTO ONTARIO M
DHANAPALAN ADHAVAN                           S
                                      MADHAVANHANKARAN                                     UAEUAE
                                                                         P O BOX 1350 DUBAIUNITED ARAB EMIRATE
SANTOSH    S           TALWAR         NOT       AVAILABLE                                OMAN
                                                                         ZUBAIR ENTERPRISES P O BOX 287 SOHAR
NIRMAL     TEJ         SINGH CHOPRA   S         JHANDA      SINGH                          SINGAPORE
                                                                         KATONG P O BOX 82SINGAPORE - 914303 SIN
RAMESH     C            JAIN          SH       CHAND       MAL JAIN                        IMPERIAL P A-15126 U
                                                                        3537 FOX CHASE DR.UNITED STATES OF AME
PRABHAS    NARAIN       MISRA         LATE     S           N MISRA                        SANTA CLARA OF AME
                                                                        2058 EUCAYPTUS CTUNITED STATESCA 9505
                                                           VENKATA REDDY               OMAN
MATHEW     PARAKKAL     MATHAI        P        M           MATHAI                          KUWAIT
                                                                        P O BOX 3950 32070 HAWALLY KUWAIT KUW
SHAHID     FAHEEM                     MOHD     ABDUL       KARIM                         UNITED
                                                                        PB NO 1970 SHARJAH U A E ARAB EMIRATE
SHANKAR    M            SETTY                N
                                      MUDDANNA             SHETTY                       BAHRAIN
                                                                        Y K ALMAYYED & SONS P BOX 143 MANAM
MOHAMMEDABDUL           HAMEED               ZAHOOR
                                      MOHAMMED                                          SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                        ARAMCO P BOX 4896 ALMUNIRAH DHAHRA
MOHAMMEDAHMEDULLA SIDDIQUI            M        A                        PO               SAUDI ARABIA
                                                           RAHEEM SIDDIQUI BOX 5804 JEDDAH SAUDI ARABIA
MOHAMMEDZAHEER          AHMED BAIG    MOHD     ABDUL       HYE BAIG                     SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                        SAUDI ARABIAN MONETARY AGENCY P BO
AYESHA     RAOOF                      NA                                                 UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                        C/O S M ABDUL RAOOF ACCOUNTANT DEC
MOHD       FATAHULLAHKHAN             MOHD     ASADULLAH KHAN                           OMAN
                                                                        SOGEX OMAN CO L L C P O BOX 1170 RUWI (
SUBIR      SENGUPTA                   LATE     B           N SENGUPTA                    UNITED STATES CIRCL
                                                                        MITALI SENGUPTA 242 HAWTHORNEOF AME
SYED       MOHAMED      ABUDL RAOOF   SYED     MASOOD      ABBAS                        UNITED ARAB P O BOX
                                                                        ACCOUTN DUBAI ELECTRICITY COEMIRATE
                                      DEVIDAYALJI                                      INDIA
                                                                        GOVT HGR SECONDARY SCHOOL TIBBI DT G
LAXMNAN    YADAV                      NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        R NO 10-C HNO.2 KALATALAV,12TH ROAD K
GULSHAN    LAL          AUL           SH       RUR         CHAND AVL                     INDIA
                                                                        H NO BM 15/3 BAGACHI GOLCHIAN FEROZE
AMAR       NATH         GOYAL         SH       KHUSHI      RAM                           STREET FEROZEPUR C
                                                                        299 GOULDS BURRYINDIA
AMRINDER KAUR           HUNDAL        MOHINDERPARTAP       SINGH                           INDIA
                                                                        NO MPS/PF/92/188 5 BATTALION B S F C/O 56
HIRA       LAL          SWERNKAR      NA                                                   WING
                                                                        SIGNAL SECTION 16 INDIA A F C/O 99 A P O C
CHACKO     M            JOSE          M        C           JOSE                        INDIA
                                                                        M6-109 CHANGAMPUZHA NAGAR PO S KALA
DILIP      DEVIDAS      JOSHI         D        VISHNU      JOSHI                        BLDG
                                                                        SHIVAM COMPLEX, INDIA NO 3 A/14 RAJAJI
DINESH     P            SHETH         POPATLAL SHETH                                         VASHI
                                                                        C2/B2/0.4 SECTOR - 2INDIA NEW MUMBAI N
BIRENDRA KUMAR          GOYAL         BIRENDRA KUMAR       GOYAL                        INDIA
                                                                        14C MAHARSHI DEBENDRA RD CALCUTTA
D          J            WILSON        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        SRT 627 SANATH NAGAR HYDERABAD HYD
ATUL       AGARWAL                    GP       AGARWAL                                   INDIA
                                                                        BQ-21 SHALIMAR BAGH DELHI
RUPA       KHARA                      AVTAR    SINGH       KHARA                          INDIA
                                                                        H NO 618 SECTOR 16-D CHANDIGARH
KUSUMBEN RAMESHCHANDRA                RAMESHCHANDRA                                      INDIA
                                                                        11/547 NANAVT TALAWALA NI POLE SURAT
NIRMAL     NARULA                     COL      V           K NARULA                      INDIA
                                                                        W/O COL V K NARULA 224 MEDIUM REGT C/
AWANT      KUMAR        JAIN          T        C           JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                        # 7 NEW MODEL TOWN OPP BUS STAND LUD
ABAN       R            DAMANIA       P        F           DAMANIA                     INDIA
                                                                        LARSEN&TURBO CANCER SOC. BANDRA-KU
ANIL       KUMAR                      M        CHAND                                    INDIA
                                                                        747-B PAKHOWAL ROAD LUDHIANA LUDHIA
PANNALAL VYAS                         AMBALAL VYAS                                     INDIA
                                                                        TULSHIDHAM, MAUYAR PANKH NAGHAR R
RAJKUMARI GUPTA                               GUPTA
                                      RAMPRATAP                                           INDIA
                                                                        H NO 404 TULSI NAGAR JALON (U P) JALON (
PARVATIBENC             PATEL         CHHAGANBHAI                                         AROHI
                                                                        C/O KIRAN C PATEL INDIA APT,OPP HIMSON
PRITIBEN   ASHISH       KAPADIA       ASHISH                                            INDIA
                                                                        BUNGLOW NO 49 KOTYARK NGR SOC,RAND
SUSHILA    KASHINATH DHURI            NOT      AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                        KOKANI BHAVAN 3RD FLOOR NR GRAM PAN
ASHA       DANIEL                     R        K           DANIEL                        INDIA
                                                                        PRINCIPAL HOLLY TRINITY CHURCH SCHOO
MANGESH    GANPAT       THAKUR        GANPAT   K           THAKUR                       INDIA
                                                                        A-4 SURYAKIRAN CHSG SOC MANVELPADA
MOHIT      SRIVASTAVA                 C        B           SRIVASTAVA                     1ST FLOOR INDRA KAR
                                                                        C/O SANJIVE GUPTAINDIA
ALKA       PANT                       RAJIV    PANT                                      INDIA
                                                                        302A SHETRUNJI APTS SAHKAR GRAM ASH
M          P            CHANDRA       K        B           D CHANDRA                      INDIA
                                                                        V-259 IST FLOOR SECTOR-12 NOIDA DIST GA
PRADEEP    KUMAR                      M        D           MAURYA                       INDIA
                                                                        PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK KALPNIDHI SANJA
RAJESH     K            MEHTA         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        2/701, RIVERA TOWER ADAJAN ROAD BEHIN
RAJ        RANI         THAPAR        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        H NO 3004 PREMJIT ROAD GURDEV NAGAR L
A          ABIDHA       BEEVI         V        K           KAPADIA                        INDIA
                                                                        PLOT NO 740 59TH STREET 10TH SECTOR K K
SULOCHANAG                            K        S                        477, 4TH SECTOR 19TH STREET K K NAGAR C
                                                           SGOPALA KRISHNAN                INDIA
PADMANABHAN                           NOT      AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                        PLOT NO 349 II FLOOR DR A L MUDALIAR RD
MANOHAR R              P              R        P           MUTHU                         INDIA
                                                                        798-E PANNEERSELVAM ROAD K K NAGAR C
BHIKHI     BAI                        RAMGOPALJHAVER                                     INDIA
                                                                        354 MINT STREET CHENNAI
CHANDRASEKARAN                        VAITHIANATHAN                                      INDIA
                                                                        INDIAN BANK 169 MINT STREET CHENNAI C
B          GOUTAM      CHAND          B        C           KANKARIA                      INDIA
                                                                        GURU KRIPA 18 VAIKUNDA THIYAR ST SOW
KESARICHAND                                  SOWCAR
                                      BHAWARLAL                                          INDIA
                                                                        NO 165 MINT STREET CHENNAI CHENNAI
R          RAJENDRA    KUMAR          S        BALARAMAN                                 INDIA
                                                                        C/O SHAH ELECTRICALS 341-MINT STREET C
SAYAJI     MARUTHI     SALUKHE        MARUTHI SALUKHE                                  INDIA
                                                                        63 PERUMAL MUDALI ST CHENNAI CHENNA
MANGILAL BETALA                       NA                                               INDIA
                                                                        25 KANDAPPA MUDALI STREET SOWCARPET
SOHAN      DEVI        BETALA         SAYARMALBETALA                                    INDIA
                                                                        17 ERULAPPAN STREET SOWCARPET CHENN
SUMIL      KUMAR       JAIN                  JAIN
                                      CHANDMAL                                         INDIA
                                                                        MEHTA EMPORIUM 7-E THOLASINGAM STRE
KRISHNASWAMY           KB             K        B           RAO                            INDIA
                                                                        ASHOK FLATS 28-B,10TH AVENUE ASHOK N
MOHAMBAL K                            N        K           MURTHY                       INDIA
                                                                        C/O SARASWATHI RAMJEE 2/C JAIDURGA FL
MEENA      BAI         K              K        B                      ASHOK             INDIA
                                                           KRISHNASWAMY RAO FLATS 28-B, 10TH AVENUE ASHOK N
MOHAMED ALI            AE             A        S                       C/O              4 44TH
                                                           N MOHAMED ESOOBM H NASSER NOINDIA STREET ASHOK
TIRUVARASAN                           N        V                       GALAXY FTS, FLAT NO B30 I FLOOR 42 PERU
                                                           ANANDA NATESAN               INDIA
S          VIJAYAKRISHNAN             K        SANKARAN THAMPI                            INDIA
                                                                        25/11 4TH MAIN ROAD EXTENSION KOTTUR
MS         SOUTH                       NA
                       POINT HOLDINGS MADRS                                              INDIA
                                                                        MIDDLBURY NO 6 (NEW) RAGAVAVEERA AV
K          V           RAJENDRAN      K        VARADIAH                                 INDIA
                                                                        C/O THE VYSYA BANK LTD 147 ARCOT ROA
VENKATANARAYANAN                      RADHAKRISHNAN                                        INDIA
                                                                        15/2 C.P.W.D. QUARTERS, BESAMT NAGAR ,
M                    MURTHY
           SATHYANARAYANA             M        S                       M                 INDIA
                                                           K VASUDEVA RAO6/1 NEW NO 9 IVTH MAIN ROAD BESANT N
NANDHINI   SRIDHAR                    SRIDAR                                             INDIA
                                                                        70 STATE BANK COLONY STREET-II VIRUGA
MANOJ      KUMAR       R                      PILLAI
                                      RAMAKRISHNA          G                            INDIA
                                                                        23, ANNAMALAI COLONY VIRUGAMBAKKA
M          GANESH                     K        MAHALINGAM                                INDIA
                                                                        4 VALMIKI STREET GANDHI NAGAR SALIGR
L          MEENAKSHI                  R        LAKSHMANAN                                INDIA
                                                                        91, DURAI ARASAM ST. SALIGRAMMAMA CH
NAGABHUSHAN            M              NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        59-C BLOCK MAGESTIC PARK 48 ARCOT RO
LALITHA    S                          K        K           SATHASIVAN                    INDIA
                                                                        W/O K K SATHASIVAM 133/1 VANNIER STRE
K          SUNDHARAM                  K        SADASIVAN                                    INDIA
                                                                        NO 14 (P NO 176) VINOBAJI STREET 1ST FLOO
A          PUSHPA      LATHA          A        ARJUN       RAJA                          INDIA
                                                                        FLAT NO 1 ANAND SQUARE 146 CHOOLAIME
KARUPPIAH M                           M        MUTHIAH                                   INDIA
                                                                        40 AMEER JOHN STREET CHOOLAIMEDU CH
SURIYAKUMARI                          NOT      AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                        9 SHUNMUGANAR SALAI SAKTHI NAGAR IS
SINGH      I           P              LATE     S                                         INDIA
                                                           KARTAR SINGH 20,RAJAVEETHI STREET, CHOOLAIMEDU CH
M          MUTHUMAHESWARAN            NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        G F 5 VASANTH APPARTMENTS 102 VANNIA
PADMAVATHI                            V        VAIDYANADAN                              INDIA
                                                                        PLOT NO 10 KUMARANKA OKKIAMTHARAI
SANTHI     VIJAYAN                    C        VIJAYAN                                  INDIA
                                                                        7 ORCHARD APMTS W223 POST OFFICE RD A
C          VIJAYAN                    S                 NADAR
                                               CHIDAMBARA                               INDIA
                                                                        7 ORCHARD APMTS W223 POST OFFICE RD A
                                      VENUGOPAL                                          INDIA
                                                                        F 62 ANNA NAGAR EAST, CHENNAI
GANESAN    P                          R        PALANIVEI                                INDIA
                                                                        46-A PANCHALIAMMAN KOIL ST ARUM BAK
CHANDRA    SEKAR       MR                    M
                                      RAMBADRARAJU                                        RAIL
                                                                        PLOT NO 6 P BLOCK INDIANAGAR KOYEMBE
MUNIRATHINAM                          VENKATACHALAM                                      INDIA
                                                                        PLOT NO 164 A-BLOCK SWAMY RAMALINGA
K          RAJESH      KUMAR JAIN     K        CHAND       JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                        61 CHOOLAI HIGH ROAD CHENNAI CHENNA
K          JYOTHI      JAIN           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        61 CHOOLAI HIGH ROAD CHENNAI CHENNA
SAROJ      JAIN        T              K        T           CHAND JAIN                     INDIA
                                                                        61, CHOOLAI HIGH ROAD CHENNAI CHENNA
SAROJ      JAIN        T              K        TARACHAND JAIN                            INDIA
                                                                        61 CHOOLAI HIGH ROAD CHENNAI CHENNA
CHANDRA    KALA        JAIN K         G        KISHAN      CHAND JAIN                    INDIA
                                                                        116 CHOOLAI HIGH ROAD 3RD FLOOR CHEN
SANGEETHA JAIN         K              KRISHAN CHAND        JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                        61 CHOOLAI HIGH ROAD CHENNAI
MANI       K                          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        25 KALATHIAPPA MUDALI ST. CHOOLAI PO,
G                    NAIR
           SIVASANKARAN               NA                                               INDIA
                                                                        BHAGAVATHI VILAS KANJIRAM PARA TRIV
A          RATNAIAH                     NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                           ADDI DT MDCL & HEALTH OFR18-8-412/A HU
E                   LAKSHMANAN
           RAMACHANDRAN                 E         V                      M/S            SAUDI ARABIA
                                                              RAMACHANDRAN INTERLINK TRAVEL P O BOX 88139 RIYA
WARRIER    M           VC               LATE      E           R WARRIER                     UNITED ARAB
                                                                           PO BOX 23040 BAHRAIN ARABIAN EMIRATE
D          SOUZA       DONALD ASIAN     ELIAS     D           SOUZA                           SOUZA
                                                                           C/O MRS. PHOEBE D INDIA P O BOX 4311 DU
LAL                 SIRWANI
           BHAGWANDAS                          SIRWANI
                                        BHAGWANDAS                                         HONG KONG
                                                                           NO1 HIGH STREET 3RD FLOOR G P O BOX 1
IGANTIUS   D           SOUZA            JEROME    D           SOUZA                           (O) LTD POST EMIRATE
                                                                           PLANT OFFICE J & P UNITED ARABBOX 1944
ZARINA     MEHTA                        MEHTA                                               UNITED ARAB
                                                                           P O BOX 28384 DUBAI U A E U A E EMIRATE
A          MURALIDHARAN                 NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                           17 EB NAGAR PHASE 3 SATHUVACHARI VEL
IMTIAZ     ABDULLA     MUKADAM          ABDULLA KASIM         MUKADAM                        INDIA
                                                                           315 SHARIF BUILDING 3RD FLOOR BARRISTE
K          DAVINDER    SINGH KATHURIA   LATE      DR                                        ZAMBIA
                                                              GURBAX SINGH BOX NO 33432 LUSAKA ZAMBIA ZAMBIA
BABULAL    KUNJUKRISHNAN                NA                                                    BAHRAIN
                                                                           M C L F P O BOX 22284 MUHARRAO BAHRAI
C          V           GANAPATHY        LATE      C                       KUWAIT PETROLEUM CORPN. P O BOX 2656
                                                              R VENKATNARAYAN            KUWAIT
S          RAMALINGAM                   A         SUBBARAYAN                             QATAR
                                                                           MMD DOHA W POWER STATION P B 59009 D
UMESH      SHANTRARAMREGE                       S
                                        SHANTARAM             REGE                         INDIA
                                                                           CHIRANTAN CO-OP HSG SOCTY SHIV-SRUSH
GEEVARGHESE            G                T         C                                           CODE
                                                                           T C 11/887 NANTHENINDIA TRIVANDRUM TR
EDWARD     FERNANDEZ                    VINCENT SIMON         FERNANDEZ                       BAHRAIN
                                                                           P O BOX 32442 ISA TOWN BAHRAIN A GULF
TARIQ      IQBAL       SIDDIQUI         NOT       AVAILABLE                                   KHAIMAH U A E U A E
                                                                           P O BOX 687 RAS AL UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
HARI       GIDWANI                      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                           B/204 VEENA NAGAR OPP SBI S V ROAD MA
SADASHIV   SHETTY                       DEJU      SHETTY                                    INDIA
                                                                           2/35 B MAHESH APTS SASTRI NAGAR DOMB
FRANCIS    XAVIER      FERNANDES        NA                                                 SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                           DYWIDAR SAUDI ARABIA LTD PO BOX 2737
NAINA      A           MEHTA            NOT       AVAILABLE                                  UNITED STATES OF AME
                                                                           39-56 64ST WOODSIDE NEWYORK
DAYALAL    JAMANDAS    AJMERA           JAMNADAS                                             MALAYSIA
                                                                           E/16 MUNICIPAL FLATS JALLAN BENDAHAR
NACHIKETA REWASHANKER                   NOT       AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                           FLAT NO 11 4TH FLOOR BHAKTHIDHAM SH
THANDAYMPARAMBIL       BHARATHAN        T         RAMAN                                       13134 KUWAIT KUWAIT
                                                                           P B NO 27322 SAFAT KUWAIT
DABBARA    NARAYANA                     NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                           S/O D ASWARTHA KANPLI KOTTALA,HOSPE
ISAAC      REGINALD    RODRIGUES        ANSELM    RODRIGUES                                 SINGAPORE
                                                                           16 SCIENCE PARK DRIVE # 01-01 THE PASTU
VIR        CHAND       JAIN             MOOL      CHAND       JAIN                           INDIA
                                                                           39198/1 DETENTION BARRACKS SECUNDERA
ABDUL      KHADER      SAARI            NA                                                  QATAR
                                                                           P BOX NO 9056 DOHA QATAR QATAR
RAGHUNATHAN                             PURUSHOTAMAN                                        INDIA
                                                                           C/O SAVITHA KRISHNAN 4TH FLR BLOCK NO
EASWARAMANGALATH                        NOT       AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                           C/O E N MOHAN EASWARAMANGALATH HO
DEREK      ANTHONY     FULGADO          PATRICK   GEORGE      FULGADO                      KUWAIT
                                                                           C/O KUWAIT ENGG OFFICE P O BOX 3679 KU
CHANDRA    MOHAN       GARG             KRISHNA MOHAN         GARG                        UNITED & DISTRIBUTIO
                                                                           O&M ENGINEER POWER TRAARAB EMIRATE
CHANDRA    SAXENA                       S         K           SAXENA                         UNITED STATES MARY
                                                                           APT 301 8721 CONTEE ROAD LAURELOF AME
ASHA       RAOSAHEB    PALWE            RAOSAHEB                                            INDIA
                                                                           18, SONA NAGAR BHIST BAUG ORAD SARED
LIN        MARIYA      PHILIP           GEORGE    PHILIP                                    UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                           C/O GEOREGE PHILIP WATSON JAWKSELY P
CHANDRA    SHEKHAR     BABU SHETTIGAR NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                           ROOM NO 7 BLOCK NO 12A YELLAPA CHAW
G          S           RAMAIAH          NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                           5-163, APPARAO STREET KODANDAPALLI CH
                                                                           RASNA APARTMENT NEAR LAVANYA SOCIE
RAJARAMANSUBRAMANIAN                    R         RAJARAMAN                                  INDIA
                                                                           33/8 FIRST MAIN ROAD GANDHI NAGAR ADA
LOUIS      SANTANA     FERNANDES        NOT       AVAILABLE                               UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                           SCHLUMBERGER P BOX 21 ABUDHABI U A E
G          MUNISWAMY NAIDU              NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                           55 NAGELLAVARI PALLI CHITTOOR DIST CH
MAHADEO    HARI        MHATRE           HARI      PARSU       MHATRE                        INDIA
                                                                           6/200 SUBHASH NAGAR GOVANDI ROAD CH
NARAYANASWAMI                           NARAYANASWAMY                                     SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                           MAWARID SERVICES LTD PB NO 1011 RIYAD
BENNEKUDRURISHNAYA SHETTY               NA                                                   DUBAI ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                           POST BOX NO 52630 UNITEDU A E U A E
G          V           P SHYAM SUNDAR NA                                                   STREET
                                                                           49 MALAYAPERMALINDIA CHENNAI
PARIMALAMBALADHANDAPANI                 P         BALADHANDAPANI                            UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                           A G M (TECH) EASTERN INTERNATIONAL PO
D          K           JINDAL           H         R           JINDAL                        INDIA
                                                                           HOUSE NO 3008 SECTOR 20-D CHANDIGARH
VENKAT     RAJAM       POTU           NOT        AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                         3-4-252 SOMAMANSION LINGAMPALLY HYD
JAYALAKSHMI                           MUTHUSWAMY                                          INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO 2 GANESH PRATAP SOCIETY 31 AU
ABHIJEET   S           VISHWARUP      S          D           VISHWARUP                    INDIA
                                                                         SAMADHAN 39/28 LANE-9 PRABHAT ROAD P
MILIND     VITTHAL     KULKARNI       VITTHAL R              KULKARNI                    INDIA
                                                                         BHAVARTH 16/2 SWAPNAMANDIR HSG SOC
                                      BANDOPANT                                         INDIA
                                                                         GURUPRASAD LAW COLLEGE ROAD PUNE M
                                      PARASHURAM                                           INDIA
                                                                         25280/A SHIVAJI NAGAR PANCHARATNA BE
V          G           TALELE         G          TALDE                                   INDIA
                                                                         KRISHNAMAI APTS MAHAVIR PARK SANEW
SANJAY     PANDURANG WADEKAR          PANDURANGA                                            NATIONAL CHEMICAL
                                                                         S A 64, NCL COLONYINDIA
                                      KRISHNARAO             CHITNIS                      INDIA
                                                                         A-7 SARASNAGAR SIDDHI VINAYAK COOP H
                                                                         26,KAMALDEEP HOUSING SOC FLAT NO 12 T
RAMCHANDRA                            NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         MITRAMANDAL COLONY PARVATI PETH PU
VIJAYA              BOKIL
           MADHUSUDAN                        MALHAR
                                      MADHUSUDAN             BOKIL                        INDIA
                                                                         3 KRANTI SOCIETY SAHAKAR NAGAR 2 PUN
ANJALI     RAJESH      BOKIL          RAJESH              BOKIL
                                                 MADHUSUDAN                               INDIA
                                                                         3 KRANTI SOCIETY SAHAKAR NAGAR 2 PUN
KALPANA    TUKARAM     HAVAL          TUKARAM B              HAVAL                        INDIA
                                                                         512 RASTA PETH PATANGE BUILDING PUNE
MEENA      AHLUWALIA                  K          S           AHLUWALIA                    INDIA
                                                                         C/O COL S S AHLUWALIA 39 ST PATRICK S T
KUMUDINI BODKE                        SHRIKANT BODKE                                     INDIA
                                                                         107 MI MHB COLONY JANAWADI GOKHALE
DAYALDAS POKARDAS      MULCHANDANI    POKARDAS                                            INDIA
                                                                         B BLOCK 29,ROOM NO 14, PIMPRI COLONY,P
GOPINATH   HARI        DESHMUKH       HARI                                               INDIA
                                                                         C/O SANJAY JAYAWANT 19 SAGAR APTS NE
SAVITRI    VERNEKAR                   PUNDLIK VERNEKAR                                   INDIA
                                                                         PROFILE RESIDENCY 108 MAYUR COLONY K
ARVIND     ACHARYA                            ACHARYA
                                      VISHWANATH                                         INDIA
                                                                         810 DATTAWADI PUNE
SUNITA     KHASNIS                    U          V           KHASNIS                      NAGAR
                                                                         44/697 LOKMANYANINDIA PUNE
SURESH     PORWAL                     KACHARDAS                                            INDIA
                                                                         1294-B SADASHIV PETH BILWA PURI,OPP CH
MAHADEO    SAWABA      PATIL          SWABA      D           PATIL                        INDIA
                                                                         5 EKOPA CO-OP HOUSIN NG SOY LTD S NO 5
KALPANA    K           SHAH           KUMAR                                               OPP LAXMI NARAYAN
                                                                         812 SANGHAR APTSINDIA
T          V           VIVEK CHANDRAN V          P                       BLDG FLAT 4 PRAKASH COLONY SALISBUR
                                                             PRAPHULLA CHANDRAN           INDIA
MANJUSHA MILIND        VAIDYA         MILIND     PRABHAKAR VAIDYA                         INDIA
                                                                         10 TIRUPATI APARTMENTS 58 MODERN COL
                                                                         PRIYANKIT APPTTS FLAT NO 14 LOKAMANY
SULUR      KRISHNAN                  KRISHNA LATE
                       NARASIMHAMURTHY                                                   INDIA
                                                                         D3/34 CENTURYENKA RESI QUAR COLONY N
SUPRIYA    NIGADE                     SUNIL      N                                        INDIA
                                                                         PLOT NO 56,SURVEY NO 29 SHIVRAJ SOC, KA
YOGESH     SURESH      DESHPANDE              S
                                      DESHPANDEURESH         V                             HILL TOP, TALJAI DHAN
                                                                         3/9 TRIMOORTI SOC INDIA
CHANDU     P           S              P          R                                       INDIA
                                                             SUBRAMANIAN 26 GULAB NAGAR DHANKWADI PUNE
VIJAY      PANDEY                     K          N           PANDEY                     INDIA
                                                                         MARIYA UDYAN SANTNAGAR LOHEGAON P
ABASAHEB NAMDEO        THITE          NAMDEO THITE                                          GANESHNAGAR A/P AK
                                                                         C/O PROF N N THIREINDIA
                                      VIJAYAKUMAR            GAND                        INDIA
                                                                         29KUMAR STORES BAZAR- PETH WALCHAN
SANGEETA SOMANI                              SOMANI
                                      ARUNKUMAR                                          INDIA
                                                                         86 NEW ADARSH COLONY AUSA ROAD LATU
VISHNU     PALWE                      P          PALWE                                    INDIA
                                                                         129/3 MANALI MANIK NAGAR STATION RD A
CHANDRAKANT                           NENSUKH                                             INDIA
                                                                         MRS SASHIKALA C CHORDIYA NAYAN SUKH
MANDAKINI RAMLING      BANGLE         RAMLING NARAYAN        BANGLE                       INDIA
                                                                         2 OM SAI SONA NAGAR SAVEDI ROAD AHME
RAJENDRA DHOKRIA                      GHASIMAL                                           INDIA
                                                                         26 KHANDELWAL STEELFURNITURE MALIW
VISHNU     P           PALWE          PANDHARINATH                                        INDIA
                                                                         129/3 MANALI MANIK NAGAR STATION RD A
VAISHALI   V           KULKARNI       V          VASANTRAO                              INDIA
                                                                         DOCTORS COLONY BUNGALOW NO 1 BURU
RAVINDRA GANPATDAS SHETH              GANPATDAS                                         INDIA
                                                                         103 MANGALWAR PETH SATARA SATARA
SADASHIV   KADAM                              K
                                      DHONDIRAMADAM                                      INDIA
                                                                         SBI COLONY NEAR ADHIKAR GRIHA PHALT
PRATAP     KRISHNARAO GHATAGE         KRISHNA RAO                                        INDIA
                                                                         486,D WARD GANGAWESH KOLHAPUR
HANMANT    K           PUJARI         KRISHNAJ PUJARI                                      INDIA
                                                                         VISHNU GALLI A/P TASGAON TAL TASGAON
PATIL               S
           ABHAYKUMAR                 SHRIDHAR                                          INDIA
                                                                         OLD CHOUGULE HOSPITAL NEAR ASHA TAL
VIMAL      HAMBAR                            V
                                      GANGADHAR              HAMBAR                      INDIA
                                                                         KAWERI APPT SARASWATI CLY OPP DUTTA
VASANT     PARASHRAM SHINDE            P        M           SHINDE                       MARKET YARD SANGLI
                                                                         KAMALA KUNJ OPP INDIA
ZUBAIR     AHMED        KHALIL         N                                                   INDIA
                                                                         113/2 BORIVALI PADGHA TAL. BHIWANDI DI
ASHALATA MURLIDHAR NIJAI               NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         AT-POST-NIJAI HOSPITAL, PADGHA,TAL-BHI
SHAILENDRAJAIN                         SANT     KUMAR       JAIN                             PWD,
                                                                         C/O MR S K JAIN S E INDIA53RD CIRCLE HAL
SYED       HASAN                       NOT      AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                         88/152 CHAMANGANJ, KANPUR
RAJU       K            L              JAYA     RAO                                       INDIA
                                                                         C/O UNION BANK OF INDIA ANNAMBOTLAV
RAMA       B                           B        NARASINGHARAO                               INDIA
                                                                         18-1-403/A UPSTAIR BHAVANINAGAR TIRUP
SUBRATA    DUTTA        CHOWDHURY      SD       CHOUDHRY                                  INDIA
                                                                         C/O SANTI DUTTA CHOWDHURY VIL-KAMA
RAKESH     KHANNA                      J        C           KHANNA                        INDIA
                                                                         C-42 RAJOURI GARDEN NEW DELHI NEW DE
RANJEET    SINGH                       S        BACHAN      SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                         76 PROFFESSOR COLONY BEREWAL ROAD L
RAJEEV     AGARWAL                     BRIJ     MOHAN       AGARWAL                       INDIA
                                                                         112/212-A SWARUP NAGAR KANPUR (U P) K
RUKMINI    BHATLAD                             BHATLAD
                                       GOVERDHAN                                         INDIA
                                                                         NEW BRIGHT ENECTRONICS 4-4-314/2/8 GIRI
SHEEL      JAIN                        NAVEEN   JAIN                                       INDIA
                                                                         C/O NAVEEN JAIN JAILWELL NEAR TYAGI V
S          S            SHARMA         B        S           SHARMA                         INDIA
                                                                         H NO 913 SECTOR 41-A CHANDIGHARH CHA
S          PANDIT                      S        K           SHARMA                         INDIA
                                                                         S/O S K SHARMA 51 ARMD REGT C/O 56 APO
SHREEYA    SHAH                        RAJENDRASHAH                                       INDIA
                                                                         501, PLEASANT VIEW PLOT NO 56/57 SECTOR
SAI        BABA         A              NAGI     SETTY                                    INDIA
                                                                         OPP: ANDHRA BANK SRISAILAM (POST) KUR
SHANTI     GUPTA                       S        GUPTA                                       INDIA
                                                                         C-54, SECTOR -J ALIGANJ LUCKNOW (U P) LU
SRIKANTH   K                           K        VENUGOPAL REDDY                           INDIA
                                                                         S/O K VENUGOPAL REDDY GUNAPADU POST
SUNIL      KUMAR        MAJI           ASHWINI MAJI                                       INDIA
                                                                         VILL+P O BAIKUNTHAPUR P S PURSURAH H
SURYANARAYANA           VVS            V        R           K S MURTHY                      INDIA
                                                                         H NO 5-49/1 NR: KOTHA BHAVI SANGHI NAG
SUNDER     MUNDADA                     JUGAL    KISHORE                                    INDIA
                                                                         14-5-204 CHUDI BAZAR NEAR JAIN MANDIR
A          PRABHAKARARAO               NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         S P (ELECTRICALDEPT) RAILWAY POWER H
BHARAT     MULJI        SHAH           MULJI    SHAH                                      INDIA
                                                                         30TIRUPATI APARTMENT B BLDG,II FLR,RNO
CHELLA     SATYAVATHI                  NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         W/O A SANKARA RAO KRISHNA NAGAR GUN
D          JAGANMOHANRAO               NA                                               INDIA
                                                                         M/S D VENKATESWARLU & CO TENALI AND
C          KISTAMMA                    C        KASIREDDY                                  INDIA
                                                                         50 FLOT NO 41 KANTI SHIKARA COMPLEX P
G                    SETTY
           SATYANARAYANA               NA                                               INDIA
                                                                         CLOTH MERCHANT MAIN BAZAR GOOTY AN
AHMAD      BASHA                       ABDUL    AJEEM                                     INDIA
                                                                         32PRIYADARSHINI SPG MILLS LTD SADASIV
J          P                           J
                        CHANDRA MOULISWARA                SASTRY
                                                RAJARAJESWARA                               INDIA
                                                                         20 SASTRY S/O JRR SASTRY 15/207 GUDIVAD
KALLUMMAL               AHAMMED        K        C           ABDULLA                     INDIA
                                                                         PADIYENTAVIDA HOUSE TELLICHERRY (VIA
K          ABDUL        RASHEED        NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         SUGUNA FERTILIZERS DHARMAVARAM
K          LAKSHMAIAH                  NA                                                 MATHUR HINDUPUR AN
                                                                         MERCHANTS CHILA INDIA
KAKARLA    OBULAPPA                    NA                                               INDIA
                                                                         HUSSAINPURAM ALURU POST TADPATRI AN
L          AMEENUDDIN                  NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         IRON MERCHANTS CAR STREET BALLARY K
M          ANNAIAH                     NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         LORRY OWNER 14-301 EAST KOTHAPET MAD
ASHWANI    PURI                        K        C           DASS PURI                       INDIA
                                                                         24 37 SQNAF C/O 56 APO
VIMALA     HARISH       DHUTIA         HARISH   T           DHUTIA                        KUWAIT
                                                                         C/O.KPC.POBOX.23158 SAFAT KUWAIT KUW
RAMAPPA    SONS                        NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         MAIN BAZAR HOSPET KARNATAKA
N                    SETTY
           SUBRAMANYAM                 NA                                              INDIA
                                                                         GENERAL MERCHANT MAIN BAZAR GOOTY
O          BASIAH                      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         1/235 STATION ROAD KADIRI
P          ACHUTA       LAKSHMI        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         D/O P MALLIKARJUNA RAO 12TH LANE ARU
P          ASWARTHA     NARAYANAIAH    NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         5-3-3, NANAPPANAGAR HINDUPUR POST AN
URMIL                                  K        J           SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                         CIVIL VETY HOSPITAL V&PO MIRANKOT KA
SREE       RAMA                        GANTI
                        CHANDRA MURTY GANTI     SUBBA       RAO                              INDIA
                                                                         H NO 13-6-433/114 NETAJI NAGAR NR: RING R
TAMMA      TATI         REDDY          NA                                                GUNTUR ANDHRA PRA
                                                                         MODUBURU TENALIINDIA
V          VENKATA      RATNAM         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                         MAIN BAZAR GOOTY ANANTAPUR ANDHRA
INDIRA    MEHTA                             MEHTA
                                    SHASHIKANT                                        INDIA
                                                                     16 GULAB HAUS DIAMOND GARDEN MUMBA
Y         JAYA        RAMA MURTHY   NA                                                INDIA
                                                                     14/284 KAMALA NAGAR ANANTAPUR ANDH
Y         MUNI        REDDY         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                     BRAHMANA PALLI PULIVENDLA CUDDAPAH
KRISHNAM RAJU         ALLURI        NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     ANTERVEDIPALEM RAZOLE TQ AP AP
VERRAPPAGADA                        NOT      AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                     S.R.T.796, SANATHNAGAR, HYDERABAD HY
SOMNATH   DUTTA                     SATYA    BRATA       DUTTA                       INDIA
                                                                     BAGH KUTIR BARA BAZAR CHANDAN NAGA
BANWARI   LAL         JOSHI                JOSHI
                                    BHANWARLAL                                        MILL
                                                                     GONDAL PARA JUTEINDIA PO GONDALPARA
GHISA     LAL         SHARMA        LATE     LODURANJI SHARMA                        INDIA
                                                                     HINDUSTAN NATIONAL GLASS & INDS LTD
ASIMKUMARBHATTACHARY                K        C                      8/2             INDIA
                                                         BHATTACHARYA N K BANERJEE STREET P O RISHRA HOOG
VIMALA    DEVI                      RANJIT   SINGH       GAULAM                        RAYON
                                                                     C/O R S G KESORAMINDIA PO NAYASARA
RAMAWATAR                           FULCHANDSONTHALIA                                 INDIA
                                                                     G T ROAD RUNDIA MORE P O PANAGAR BAZ
PURNIMA   SINHA                     NA                                                INDIA
                                                                     C/O P KUMAR SR DME PDRM OFFICE ASANS
VALSA     LAWREN                    D        R           LAWRENCE                     INDIA
                                                                     OFFICERS QTR NO 39/1 AIR FORCE KHARAG
BINOD     AGARWAL                   R        S           AGARWAL                      INDIA
                                                                     MAIN ROAD P O JAYGAON DIST JALPAIGUR
KAMALKANTI                          PURAN    CHANDRA     SAHA                          INDIA
                                                                     73 WEST FIRST FLOOR PARK PO ISHAPORE N
SANDHYA   SAHA                      KAMAL    KANTHI      SAHA                         INDIA
                                                                     73 WEST FIRST FLOOR PARK PO ISHAPORE-
M         K           BASU ROY      P        K           BASU ROY                     INDIA
                                                                     27 ISWAR CHATTERJEE ROAD PO SUKCHAR
PRASANNA KU           MOHANTY       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS 5 JANPATH BA
A         JANAKI                    NOT      AVAILABLE                                ROY DNO 26113 RETANG
                                                                     C/O A K PARAMESH INDIA
MRIDULA   MEDIRATTA                 J        K           MEDIRATTA                   INDIA
                                                                     MC 64,MADHUBAN PARADIP PORT ORISSA O
JANSI     LAXMI       SURAPANI      NOT      AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                     W/O RAMA KRISHNA RAO CENTRAL BANK O
SURENDRA NATH         SINGH         RAM      JANAM       SINGH                        INDIA
                                                                     ASSAM ISPAT LIMITED HB RAOAD MACHKH
RAJA      GOPALA      RAO MEKA      M        SEETHA      RAMAIAH                         GAUHATI REFINARY NO
                                                                     PNE K R V (02 UNIT) INDIA
RITA      MEDHI                             KUMAR
                                    DHANANJOY            MEDHI                       INDIA
                                                                     C/O DHANANJOY K MEDHI O/O THE DIG(B) A
MADAJI    A                         K        V           ANGUSAMY                      INDIA
                                                                     B-37 O N G C NEW COLONY NAZIRA ASSAM
SUBBULAKSHMI                        D        DURAI                                     INDIA
                                                                     B-37 O N G C NEW COLONY NAZIRA ASSAM
ASHIT     CHANDRA     SEN           NARENDRASEN                                       INDIA
                                                                     VICTOR HOUSE PO LAITUMKHRAH SHILLON
AJAY      KUMAR       GUPTA         OM       PRAKASH                                  INDIA
                                                                     207 NANDI RAM LANE MAIDAN LABAN SHIL
SUSMITA   MAITI                     GAUTAM M                                           INDIA
                                                                     C-37 O N G C COLONY BADHARGHAT COMP
HARI      PRASAD      BHANDARI      LATE     KALYANBUXBHANDARI                        P LTD
                                                                     VINAY MARKETING INDIA 105 ASHIANA TOW
SURESH    CHAND       GUPTA         NOT      AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                     C/O M/S KRISHNA AGENCIES NEW MARKET
PRAKASH   OM                        LATE     K           NARAIN                      INDIA
                                                                     C/O ANIL KUMAR ROOM NO 2 JAGARNATH K
PUNAM     SHARAN                    NA                                               INDIA
                                                                     NCC DIRECTRATE RAJENDRA PATH PATNA
RAM       PRASAD      SHARMA        D        D           MEHTA                       INDIA
                                                                     33G PARSONAGE ROAD BHIKHANPUR BHAG
PRABHAT   CHANDRA     GUPTA         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                     C/O SHIVNARAIN GUPTA GUPTA CYCLE STO
SANJAY    KUMAR                     SHAMBHU NATH         VERMA                        INDIA
                                                                     C/O A K VERMA SYNDICATE BANK KATRAS
PIYALI    DE                        HARI     PRASAD      DE                           INDIA
                                                                     QR NO-7143 SECTOR-4/F B S CITY BIHER BIH
SAILESH   YADAVALLY                 Y        J           RAO                          NO 3 SONARY WEST LA
                                                                     HOUSE NO 49 ROAD INDIA
PRANAB    RAY                       RADHA    BINODE      RAY                          INDIA
                                                                     C/O H N BASU ANKUR COMPLEX FLAT NO H
VIKASH    KUMAR       SINGH         I        P           SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                     C/O SRI DEVI PRASAD I P S SHEOPUR KANKE
HIRJI     PREMJI      RABADIA       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     RABADIA PATEL&ASSOCIATES LENTIN CHA
SHASHIKANTRAMBHAI     PATEL         RAMBHAI R            PATEL                        KUWAIT
                                                                     K N P C MINA ABDULLA I O B ENGG DEPT PO
SHYAMLAL P            MENGHANI              D
                                    PHIRANDMAL           MENGHANI                     KUWAIT
                                                                     P O BOX 2504 SALMIYA KUWAIT 22026 KUW
MOHAMMEDSAEED         HUSSAIN       HUSSAIN DAMUDI                                     AE
                                                                     P BOX 2157 DUBAI UUNITED ARAB EMIRATE
SHAKTI    KUMAR       LAROIYA       SRIRAM   LAROIYA                                   INDIA
                                                                     484 SECTOR 15-A CHANDIGARH
ANKUR     KRISHNA                   P        K           ASTHANA                     INDIA
                                                                     4C-2071 VASUNDHARA GHAZIABAD GHAZIA
RENU      GOVIL                     S        K           GOVIL                       INDIA
                                                                     43 ASHA NAGAR HARDOI HARDOI
MEETA      APURVA      TALATI        B           H           GANDHI                       INDIA
                                                                         21 GANESH SOCIETY CHITTLE ROAD AMREL
ASHWIN     R           SMITH         RATILAL                                             INDIA
                                                                         BHARAT R SHAH AKSHAR MOTEL 1ST FLOO
DILIP      DHOKA                     PUKHRAJJI                                           INDIA
                                                                         12/1 HARHARWALA BLDG 2ND FLOOR, ROOM
T          S           KARANJIA      S           K           KARANJIA                      DINSHAW VACHHA RO
                                                                         2 RAKHI MAHAL 209INDIA
ADITYA     KARANI                    VIRENDRA                                             INDIA
                                                                         147/3 MAHAVIR KRUPA JAIN SOCIETY SION
VINOD      KUMAR       SHAH                  SHATI
                                     SHEESULAL                                             INDIA
                                                                         1403 DEEPAK JYOTI TOWER PARK TANK RO
PUKHARAJ DANMAL        JAIN          DANMAL                                              INDIA
                                                                         3/1 GAJANAN COLONY JAWAHAR NAGAR GO
KEWAL      THARUMAL    ISRANI        NA                                                   36-B TURNER RD, BAND
                                                                         6-B,NAR-NARAYAN, INDIA
JOAN       ANNE        D SOUZA       EDGAR       D           SOUZA                      INDIA
                                                                         SYLVA CONDOR FLAT NO 9 3RD FLOOR PLO
PRADIP     SAHA                      NA                                                    NO 501
                                                                         77 HILL ROAD FLAT INDIA DEJAVU BANDR
DEVI       G           CHANDANANI            C
                                     GIANCHANDHANDANANI                                   INDIA
                                                                         5 SMRUTI SUNDER APARTMENT PLOT NO 72
RAJ        AGNIHOTRI                 SURENDR AGNIHOTRI                                     INDIA
                                                                         DEEPIKA 1-A PALI-HILL, BANDRA-MUMBAI
SHARMILA SAHA                        PRADIP      SAHA                                      NO 24
                                                                         SEABIRD APTS FLATINDIA 12TH FLOOR 114
KHAN                K
           MAHAMADRAFI M SHARIF             ABHULLA
                                     MAHAMADSHARI            KHAN                          20/157
                                                                         C/O PROF A K MARGINDIA TRANSIT COMP B
SELVA      KUMAR       S             NA                                                    QUARTS. KHERWADIRO
                                                                         121/7 WESTERN RLYINDIA
SHREEKUMAR             MENDON        S           R           HADKAR                       INDIA
                                                                         C/O Y R SHRIVASTAVA ONGC 612 VASUDHA
SUDHA      G           KAMAT         GIRISH      N           KAMAT                        INDIA
                                                                         C/O GIRISH N KAMAT L & T LTD METROPOL
SANDEEP    BANDEKAR                  MAHADEV BANDEKAR                                     INDIA
                                                                         17 LAXMI NIWAS SAIBABA ROAD JAWAHAR
           BHAGWANDAS                BHAGWAN DAS                                          INDIA
                                                                         4 SHRI PANT NIKETAN 33RD ROAD KHAR M
           BHAGWANDAS                BHAGWAN DAS                                          INDIA
                                                                         4 SHRI PANT NIKETAN 33RD ROAD KHAR M
AMITA      D           MARFATIA      DHANIL      K           MARFATIA                    INDIA
                                                                         KALPANA EXTN FLAT 3 11TH ROAD KHAR M
WARREN     RAYMOND     ROW           JOHN        FRANCIS     ROW                           INDIA
                                                                         30PLOT NO 613B, GULL-NAAZ,15TH RD, KHA
LACHMI     MANI                      NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         C/O MR ARJUNA B PUNJABI FLAT NO 1 MAD
SAMPATH    KUMAR       S             P           K                      12,              INDIA
                                                             SUNDARAMURTHI RAJ MAYUR 19TH ROAD KHAR WEST MU
KISHINDAS MATHRADAS HINDUJA          MATHRA DAS                                             INDIA
                                                                         C/O 101 RAJ KUTIR 1ST FLR,301-302 LINKING
RADHA      KRISHNA     K             GURURAJ RAO                                         INDIA
                                                                         A-2 KHAR TELEPHONE EXCH QTRS BEHIND
ASHOK      KAPADIA                   VIMAE                                               INDIA
                                                                         PREMGEET 2ND FLOOR 19TH ROAD KHAR D
POONGUZHALI                          R           M           SIVARAJA                     INDIA
                                                                         B-501 KARTHIK LOKHANDWALA COMPLEX
NAGESH     PAI                       BHANDE      ANNAPPA     PAI                            INDIA
                                                                         6/203 TULIP CO-OP HOUSING SOC NEAR TAR
NITI       SHARMA                    H           D           BHALLA                       INDIA
                                                                         64 AMIT ESTATE CROSS ROAD NO 3 SWAMI
SAVITA     BHOJWANI                  RAJKUMARBHOJWANI                                     INDIA
                                                                         A/203-4 DENZIL LOKHANDWALA COMPLEX
MONICA     BHATIA                    NAVEEN      BHATIA                                   INDIA
                                                                         704-A BENHUR OLD LOKHANDWALA COMPL
RAMA       C           DOSHI                 P
                                     CHANDRAKANT             DOSHI                         INDIA
                                                                         14/B 55 MANISH NAGAR FOUR BUNGLOWS A
RAJIV      C           DOSHI                 P
                                     CHANDRAKANT             DOSHI                         INDIA
                                                                         14/B 55 MANISH NAGAR FOUR BUNGLOWS A
BENEDICTA MENEZES                    CYRIL       MENEZES                                 INDIA
                                                                         1ST GOUTHAN LANE HOUSE NO 14 SANTA C
M          M           MEHTA         MOHAN       LAL         MEHTA                        INDIA
                                                                         24-E JUHU ROAD SANTACRUZ (W) MUMBAI
SHANTI     BAREH                     LATE        MDANSINGH                                 II HASNABAD LANE SAN
                                                                         702 NEW STERLING, INDIA
SUGNYA     P           MEHTA         PANKAJBHAI                                           INDIA
                                                                         FALT NO 5 AVANTI BLDG., S V ROAD SANTA
SUSHMA     R           MEHRA                 D
                                     RAVIKUMAR               MEHRA                        INDIA
                                                                         286 A MAHESH APT ST ROAD 2ND FLOOR SA
JAIJEET    GUPTA                     LATE        HEMEN       GUPTA                           HASNABAD LANE SANT
                                                                         702 NEW STELING, IIINDIA
NARENDRA L             GUPTA                GUPTA
                                     LACHMANDAS                                            INDIA
                                                                         396/7 LAXMI BLDG NORTH AVENUE RD, D P
RAJAN      BULCHAND    RAMCHANDANI   BULCHAND                                             INDIA
                                                                         206,BALAJI APARTMENT, VALLABHAI PATE
DENISE     MARIA       TULLY         DONALD                                                INDIA
                                                                         A/8 VIJAYA KUNJ VAKOLA MASJID SANTA C
ARTI       CHANDRA                   MAHESH      CHANDRA                                 INDIA
                                                                         C-101 SULOCHANA YASHWANT NAGAR SAN
ABUSAHEB MAQBOOL       SHAIKH        M           A           SHAIKH                     INDIA
                                                                         DARGAH CHAWI NEAR GALOBAR DARGAH
SURYAKUMAR                           NOT         AVAILABLE                                 B K CHHABRA INDUST.
                                                                         ELITE ENTERPRISESINDIA
SRIKANTH   ACHARYA     C             C           A           K CHARYA                   INDIA
                                                                         137 MADHVA BHAVAN PRABHAT COLONY
JAYESH     L           SHAH           NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         SANTACRUZ WEST MUMBAI
BELA       SHAH                       PRASIN    SHAH                                     INDIA
                                                                         NUTAN JEEVAN COOP HGS SOC C-2/2 GR FLR
BAKULESH VENILAL       DALAL          VENILAL                                              INDIA
                                                                         SUHERA N S RD-6 JUHU VILE PARLE MUMBA
VISHWAS    HARISH      PATIL          H         D          PATIL                         INDIA
                                                                         ANUPAM APTS, BLOCK NO 4 NEAR NANAVA
KATAN      M           GANDHI         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         1,KALYANI BLDG 61-SWA SOC J V P D SCHEM
KEYUR      D           SANGHVI        DINESH    R          S                               INDIA
                                                                         2ND VAIBHAV, IST FLR V P ROAD VILE PARL
ARUN       PATEL                      RATILAL   PATEL                                     INDIA
                                                                         59 BAJAJ ROAD NEAR RASMI GAS VILE PARL
TEJAL      SANGHVI                    KEYUR     SANGHVI                                    INDIA
                                                                         2ND VAIBHAV, IST FLR V P ROAD VILE PARL
NIMISHA    RAKESH      PARIKH                 S
                                      KRISHNAKANT          SONAWANE                      INDIA
                                                                         202 SARKAR RACHANA 93-B V P ROAD VILE
ALLURI     LAKSHMANA KUMAR            ALLURI    RAMA       RAO                              INDIA
                                                                         32 329/2RT P S NAGAR HYDERABAD HYDER
C          SRINIVASARAO               NARASAIAH                                            INDIA
                                                                         A A O(DEPOSITS) C/O ACCOUNTANT GENER
I          HYMAVATHI                  I         V                       G-1            INDIA
                                                           SREENIVASA RAO TULIPS APARTMENTS 6-3-655 SOMAJI GU
G          DIWAKAR     REDDY          G         S          REDDY                          INDIA
                                                                         504 LUMIBINI ENCLAVE PUNJAGUTTA HYDE
MANOHAR REDDY          S              S         R          R REDDY                       INDIA
                                                                         503, EMERALD AMRUTHA HILLS PANJAGUT
KIRON      CH                         RAMOJIRAO                                         INDIA
                                                                         EENADU COMPLEX 6-3-570 SOMAJIGUDA HY
CHIDANANDAEDDY         KALLURU        SHOWRY REDDY         KALLURU                        INDIA
                                                                         6-3-348/12 DWARAKAPURI COLONY PANJAG
JAYASHRI   VISWANATHAN                K         I                                         BHAVAN ROAD SOMAJ
                                                           VISWANATHAN 105 GULREZ 499 RAJINDIA
P          ALIVELMMA                  P                  REDDY
                                                RAMACHANDRA                             INDIA
                                                                         W/O P RAMACHANDRA REDDY PLOT NO 48
CH         V                         CH
                       V LAKSHMAN KUMAR         KESAVA     RAO                              INDIA
                                                                         E W S H - 63 NEW SANTOSHNAGAR CLNY HY
K          NAGESHWAR RAO              K         V          RAO                             INDIA
                                                                         H NO 106/C OLD SANTOSHNAGAR COLONY H
SIVA       PRASAD      B              B         ADISESHAIAH                                 INDIA
                                                                         H NO 16-2-836/D/A MADAVANAGAR COLONY
TUMMALAPALLY                          J         JANARDHAN REDDY                            INDIA
                                                                         H NO 182/2RT SAIDABAD COLONY HYDERAB
MANOHAR NARLANKA                      NARLANKAMANOHAR                                     INDIA
                                                                         2311-B SAIDABAD COLONY HYDERABAD H
NARAYANA REDDY         VC             V         BALI       REDDY                             INDIA
                                                                         H NO 17-1-210/2/O BEHIND PETROL PUMP SA
DANIEL     CHARLES     PILLI          LATE      PROF       P A JAMES                      INDIA
                                                                         31/3RT SAIDABAD COLONY HYDERABAD
KAMALA     CAROL       PITTA          DANIEL    CHARLES                                   INDIA
                                                                         31/3RT SAIDABAD COLONY HYDERABAD
CHANDRA    SEKHAR      P              P         K          MURTHY                        INDIA
                                                                         3-77/D HANUMAN NAGAR COLONY DILSHUK
GURIJALA   SUBBA       RAO            G         RAGHAVAIAH                               INDIA
                                                                         PLOT NO 30 ABHYUDAYANAGAR COLONY C
SUVARNA    M           JOSHI          M         M          JOSHI                             INDIA
                                                                         NO 17/1/382/B/19 OPPOSITE NAGARJUNA COL
J          ANNA        PURNA          J         L                                       INDIA
                                                           SUBBA REDDY 9-75 LALITHA NAGAR G PULLA REDDY QUA
P                   MAHALAKSHMI
           KANAKADURGA                NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         PLOT NO 184 KAMALANAGAR COLONY VAN
PANKAJA    YOGENDRA                   C         ANAND                                     NGO
                                                                         C/O K V YOGENDRAINDIA S COLONY VANA
ANJANEYULU                            NATHMAL SHARMA                                       INDIA
                                                                         MIG-42 APIIC COLONY EC KUSHAIGUDA HY
RELANGI    HYMAVATHI                  R         N          RAO                            ECIL
                                                                         H NO 69 ANUPURAMINDIAPOST HYDERABA
P          ATCHAMAMBA                 P         S                                         INDIA
                                                           R KRISHNAIAH H NO 1-7-170/1 KAMALA NAGAR ECIL (PO) H
P          SIVA        RAMA KRISHNAIAHP         V          SUBBA RAO                       INDIA
                                                                         H NO 1-7-170/1 KAMALA NAGAR ECIL (PO) H
RELANGI    NAGESWARA RAO              R         SOMARAJU                                  ECIL
                                                                         H NO 69 ANUPURAMINDIAPOST HYDERABA
VIJAYANIRMALA                                RAO
                                      SUBRAHMANYESWARA C H                                   INDIA
                                                                         H.NO.E.W.S 629, K.P.H.B.COLONY KUKATPAL
L          V           K R SAYYAPA    NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                         H NO 63/4 M I G H FLATS K P H B COLONY HY
S          N                          NA
                       RAVINDRANATH TADINADA                                               INDIA
                                                                         MIG 29/2 IVTH PHASE KPHB COLONY KUKAT
JYOTIRAJESWARI                                M
                                      JAVANGULA ANMOHAN RAO                                 INDIA
                                                                         8-3-977/8/3 SRINAGAR COLONY YELLAREDD
M          V           RAO            M         N          RAO                            INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO 302 NIRMAL NIKETAN APARTMENT
VIJAYA     KUMAR       MUKKAMALA      M         VEERARAGHAVAIAH                         INDIA
                                                                         B-33&34 MADHURANAGAR VENGALRAONA
MADHAVA REDDY          B              B         SIVA       REDDY                           INDIA
                                                                         H NO 4-9-75 ALAMPALLY POST: VIKARABAD
C          NARAYANA                   C         JAGANATHAM                                 INDIA
                                                                         H NO 6-77 STATION ROAD VIKARABAD VIKA
INDIRA     MURTY       DESIRAJU               DESIRAJU
                                      KRISHNAMURTHY                                          INDIA
                                                                         H NO B-1-381 N F C NAGAR GHATKESAR HYD
VEERA      REDDY       RAMABI         R         DAMMA      REDDY                           INDIA
                                                                         H NO 1-133 MAIN ROAD KEESARAS KEESAR
G          SREEDHAR    REDDY          G         KRISHNA     REDDY                         TEMPLE H M T NAGAR
                                                                        9-7/1 OPP HANUMANINDIA
G          NARENDRA                   G         VENKAIAH                                  TEMPLE H M T NAGAR
                                                                        9-7/1 OPP HANUMANINDIA
YADAGIRI   KOLLURI                    NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        H NO 1-124 MAIN ROAD YACHARAM RANGA
PRANEETH VUDAYAGIRI SOWRI             V         PRASANNA KUMAR                          INDIA
                                                                        HIG 311A MADHAVANAGAR PHASE-I BHEL
RANGA      RAO         ATLURI         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        PLOT NO 93 SITAPURAM COLONY PORANKI
MOHAN      KALVA                      NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        C/O MAHESHWARI HARDWARE & PAINTS M
AMDHUSUDAN                            KANAIAHLAL                                        INDIA
                                                                        C/O NATIONAL AUTOMOBILES DEVI ROAD N
NARASHIMLU                            BOJAIAH                                              INDIA
                                                                        H NO 1-5-17 SIRCILLA ROAD KAMAREDDY N
NITIN      TIKKA                      NARAYANRAO                                          INDIA
                                                                        32 MIG A P HOUSING BOARD COLONY ADILA
P          PADMAJA     RANI           P         MOHAN       PRASAD                       INDIA
                                                                        Q NO A-56 CCI TOWN SHIP ADILABAD A P
VENKATA    SIVA                                ENGINEER
                       NAGESWARA RAO GELECTRICAL                                        INDIA
                                                                        ELECTRICAL ENGINEER ORIENT CEMENT D
NUTAN      PATIL                      HARISH    DAMODAR     PATIL                     INDIA
                                                                        ANUPAM APARTMENTS BLOCK NO 4 NR:NA
KIRAN      P           TOLIA                  D
                                      RAVITKARAY            TOLIA                        INDIA
                                                                        B/7 MADHU DURAJ 3RD FLOOR 69 SWASTIK
ABHAY      GARG                              GARG
                                      RAMASHARAY                                         INDIA
                                                                        28 HARISHVILLA NEHRU ROAD VILE PARLE
ANTHONY    MENDONCA                   XAVIER    MENDONCA                                INDIA
                                                                        SHOP NO 9 GODAWALA CHAWL SHRADHAN
ASHISH     BHAILAL     SHAH           NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        14 SOOR ANAND SOCIETY 3RD FLOOR NARI
SHALINI    THAKUR                             T
                                      JAGANNATHHAKUR                                    INDIA
                                                                        C/36 RAJAT DHAWALGIRI NEW MG ROAD, V
TANUJA     ARUN        GADRE          ARUN      HARI        GADRE                        INDIA
                                                                        B/20 ICHHAPURTI NANDA PATKAR ROAD VI
LILAVATI   RATILAL     SHAH           RATILAL                                            INDIA
                                                                        23 VASANT NIVAS 60 NEHRU ROAD VILE PA
RAJESHBHAISHETH                               R
                                      NAVNITBHAI            SHETH                          BEHD:VISHNU BAG SOC
                                                                        B-11,PARADISE APT,INDIA
MAHENDRA MEHTA                        B         S           MEHTA                        INDIA
                                                                        301 SHRI SAI MARTAND 56 HANUMAN ROA
SRICHAND THADHANI                     SOBHRAJ THADHANI                                    INDIA
                                                                        A/12 PUSHPANJALI SHAHJI RAJE MARG COL
MEENAKSHI CHOPRA                      LAKSHMANEASWARAN                                    INDIA
                                                                        1/2 VILE PARLE COOP HSG SOC MAHANT RO
BHAGWANDAS             TALREJA        NOT       AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                        BLDG 25/26A FLAT 501 MANISH NAGAR 4 BU
MADHURI    AMBEKAR                    JAYANT    AMBEKAR                                  INDIA
                                                                        A/3,JAY VIEW SAHKAR NAGAR, J P ROAD AN
ASHOK      SANKARAN                   D         SANKARAN                                 INDIA
                                                                        A/14/2 SHREE RAMNAGAR ANDHERI WEST M
ARORA      S           RAJENDRA       S         RAJENDRA                                  INDIA
                                                                        102 SHIV TRISHUL BUILDING LINK ROAD N
RASHMI     SHAH                       S         SHAH                                    INDIA
                                                                        3 MADHU KUNJ LARAM CENTRE 24 S V ROA
SNEHAL     S           DESHMUKH       NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        53 DEV PRAYAG VEERA DESAI ROAD ANDH
SURENDRA CHHAJER                      HANUMANMAL                                        INDIA
                                                                        605 PEARL APARTMENTS LOKHANDWALA C
SAMPUSTI   INVESTMENTSPRIVATE LIMITED NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        L-399 TARAPORE TOWERS NEW-LINK ROAD
ZAHIDA     AYUB        SAYED          NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        B/5 BLUE HAVEN VEERA DESAI ROAD ANDH
RODNEY     FERNANDES                  FRANCIS   A           FERNANDES                     INDIA
                                                                        31 PRASHANTI B/35 1ST FLOOR DAWOOD BA
LAKSHMI    SANKARAN                   NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        A-14/2 SHREE NAGAR ANDHERI WEST MUMB
POONAM     SURESH      MALKANI        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        PRIME ROSE A WING 704 FOUR BUNGALOWS
SEETARAM HEGDE                        SHAMBHU                                                JUHU
                                                                        201,SEA-BIRD 37/161 INDIA VERSOVA,LINK R
MUNEER     SHAIKH                     ABDUL     REHMAN                                  INDIA
                                                                        F5 NEW AMBOLI COOP SOC. VIRA DESAI RD
ARMAITY    ASIF        NOOR           ASIF      ALI         NOOR                          INDIA
                                                                        C/O EM MISTRY 304 C BLOCK SWATI APART
BHAMINI    KOTHARI                    VIJAY     KOTHARI                                   INDIA
                                                                        B 1/44 PANCHVATI JUHU LANE ANDHERI WE
KISHINDAS HINDUJA                     NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        1/7 BELL HAVEN 11 BHAWANI NAGAR MARO
BUDHRANI HOLDING       LTD            XX                                                  INDIA
                                                                        IIT CORP SERVICES LTD IIT HOUSE J B NAGA
VIJAYA     RAJE        MEHTA          S         MEHTA                                    INDIA
                                                                        504 2B N G COMPLEX OPPOSITE ASHOK NAG
SUNITA     VARMA                      DINESH    R           V                           INDIA
                                                                        45/6 AROGYA SADAN J B NAGAR ANDHERI E
LAKSHMI    GHOTAGE                    NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        17 VISAWA 10 SARASWATI BAUG JOGESHWA
VINOD      BABULAL     JAIN           BABULAL T             JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                        D/7 PARAS NAGAR MAJASWADI, THAKUR RO
ANTHONY    GORDIAN     PEREIRA        D         J           PEREIRA                       1 VARSHA GR FLR OFF J
                                                                        C/O NIGEL PEREIRA INDIA
PRAMOD              WASNIKAR
           MAHADEORAO                 NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        B-305 AAKANKSHA TOWERS KALYAN COMP
SALIM     ALIMOHAMEDLAKHAMSEY       ALI        MD          LAKHAMSEY                      INDIA
                                                                        B-301 AMIT APTS YARI ROAD VERSOVA AND
NARAYAN   D          NIRGUDKAR      DATTA      TRAYA       NIRGUDKAR                     INDIA
                                                                        1-A/25 PIRAMAL NAGAR, S.V.ROAD,GOREGA
PRABHA    V          PATIL          VITHAL     PATIL                                    INDIA
                                                                        FLAT NO 9 GANESHKRIPA HSG SOC J P ROAD
RASHMITA N           SHAH           NATVARLAL                                             INDIA
                                                                        237/15, JAWAHAR NAGAR ROAD NO 15, 3RD
JAYANTILALS          AJMERA                 M
                                    SWARUPCHAND            AJMEA                        INDIA
                                                                        49PARIVARTAN BLOCK 13 SHRINAGAR SOC
MUKESH    JANI                             JANI
                                    RAMANKANT                                            INDIA
                                                                        299/33 YESHWANT NAGAR GOREGAON WES
IYER      SHIVRAM    KRISHNAN       T          N           KRISHNAN                      INDIA
                                                                        5/170 JAWAHAR NAGAR GOREGAON W MUM
SHARAD    DHRUVARAO MIRJI           D          N           MIRJI                           SBI COOP HSG SOCIETY
                                                                        16/34-35 SUBURBINAINDIA
MANISHA   J          LOPEZ          JUSTIN     LOPEZ                                    INDIA
                                                                        A/15 YASHODHAN SOCIETY 5TH ROAD J P N
SUDHAKAR MORESHWAR PATEL            M          HARI        PATEL                         INDIA
                                                                        KSHITIJ GAS AGENCY NANDOLIA NIKETAN
SUJATA    NAYAK                     S          NAYAK                                      INDIA
                                                                        FLAT NO 101/A-60 ONGC COLONY,GOKULDH
CHATHANATHALATHIL                    A
                     UNNIKRISHNAN NAIR         KESAVAN     NAIR                            INDIA
                                                                        FLAT NO.3, B 17 ANAND A WING GOKULDHA
BHARATHA KRISHNAN    TN             NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                        FLAT NO 705 7TH FLOOR MEENAXI TOWERS
S         EASWARI    DEVI           M          R                                         INDIA
                                                           SUBRAMANIAM 31 231-A PALANI ANDAVAR KOLE STREET B
JASWANT   SINGH      CHAHL          SH         PALSINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                        HQ 785 (I) AD BDE C/O 56 APO C/O 56 APO
IRA       YADAV                     VS         YADAV                                     INDIA
                                                                        C/O MAJ GEN VS YADAV GENERAL OFFICER
JAMILA    SHIRIN                    NA                                                   SUPDT
                                                                        C/O A B KHANDKER INDIA OF POLICE DARR
KRISHAN   KUMAR      GUPTA          LATE       MURUILAL    GUPTA                          INDIA
                                                                        9/1/5 BANI MADHO MUKHERJEE LANE HOWR
JANARDHANKALYANAPU                          YELLAIAH
                                    KALYANAPU                                           INDIA
                                                                        DY EXECUTIVE ENGINEER H NO 7-2-338 NEW
KRIPA     NARAYAN    PALIWAL        MOHAN      LAL                                      INDIA
                                                                        LECTURER IN LAW GOVT COL JHALANWAR
INDU      DHAWAN                    MADAN      MOHAN       DHAWAN                         INDIA
                                                                        1676 HIG FLATS SECTOR 31 GURGAON HARY
KIRAN     SOOD                      RANVIR     SODD                                    INDIA
                                                                        PARTAP COLDSTORAGE TARN TARAN PUNJ
KUNWAR    SINGH      BAFILA         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        439 FIELD AMBULANCE C/O 56 A P O C/O 56
MANJIT    KAUR                      NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                        NO MPS/PF/92/188 5 BATTALION B S F C/O 56
VIJAY     KUMAR      BANSAL         OM         PRAKASH     BANSAL                        INDIA
                                                                        93/23,GRAIN MARKET, GANESH GUNJ, LUCK
RAJESHWAR SINGH      HUNDAL         MOHINDERPRATAP         SINGH                           INDIA
                                                                        NO MPS/PF/92/188 5 BATTALION B S F C/O 56
VIJAY     PAL        SINGH          NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                        HOUSE NO 289 VIJAY RATTAN VIHAR SECTO
DAMODAR GUPTA                       UMRAO      LAL                                       INDIA
                                                                        C/O NILAGIRI AGENCIES KHAIRATHAL 301-4
VIJAI     BAJPAI                    B          C           BAJPAI                        PATHAK DISTT SUPPLY
                                                                        C\O DINESH KUMARINDIA
MAJOR     EPPEN      JACOB KOCHEKKANK          K           JACOB                             INDIA
                                                                        1/5 GR (F F) C/O 99 APO C/O 99 APO
SANJEEV   KUMAR                     NOT        AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                        712,VISHWA MITTER STREET, CIVIL LINE,LU
GEETA     GULATI                    CAPT       RPGULATI                                    OC 503
                                                                        C/O MAJ R P GULATIINDIA ESSTC, GREF C/O
RAGHAVAN T           I              T          K           ITTAMAN                    INDIA
                                                                        THOZHUTHUMPARAMBIL HOUSE P.O.VALA
RAJESH    KUMAR      SINGH                  SINGH
                                    KASHINATH                                               INDIA
                                                                        B-37/204-A-1-K GIRINAGAR EXTENSION BIRD
SUBHASH   CHANDERSHARMA             KANT       RAJ         SHARMA                      INDIA
                                                                        MAN NAGAR,BATALA
CHIDAMBARAM          L              T          PALANIAPPAN                             INDIA
                                                                        BANK OF MADURA LTD BHADRA AHMEDAB
JAYANT    KUMAR      SEN            SUNIL      KUMAR       SEN                         INDIA
                                                                        32 GOVINDA MUKHARJEE LANE PO BAIDYA
RAM       KUMAR      PATHAK         H          N           PATHAK                        PATHAK DISTT SUPPLY
                                                                        C\O DINESH KUMARINDIA
NAMIREDDYKRUPAKAR    REDDY          M          B           PETER                        INDIA
                                                                        KONDRAPOLE P O MIRYALAGUDA NALGON
JAY       ASHER                     HEMCHANDER                                          INDIA
                                                                        C/O VANDANA C KULKARNI 1528,SADASHIV
DURGA     PRASAD     BS             B          H           RAO                          INDIA
                                                                        SURYAVANSHI FIN.& INV LTD 6TH FLOOR, S
NARAYANCHAND         RAJPUT         S          CHAND                                    INDIA
                                                                        1/4 GYANESHWAR APARTMENT GHANEKAR
PUSHPA    DIXIT                     NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                        C/O SQULDR D K DIXIT NO 2202 SQN AIR FO
VISHWA    KUMAR      VERMA          RAJKUMARVERMA                                       INDIA
                                                                        22, VENUS APARTMENT NEAR PRESIENT HO
GAYATRI   R          SHARMA         RADHE      SHYAM       SHARMA                        INDIA
                                                                        302-B PANCHVATI GARDENS UPPER GOVIN
NILESH    BANSILAL   MAVAWALA       BANSILAL                                             INDIA
                                                                        B-12 SHANTINIKETAN ROW HOUSING BHUL
DILIP     VISHRAM    ACHAREKAR      VISHRAM SOMA           ACHAREKAR                   INDIA
                                                                        312 CONDONMENT NO 3 ARTIST VILLAGE S
J         T            R DOSS          T         JAGANNATHAN                             INDIA
                                                                           SUBRAMANIAPURAM VILLAGE SIVAKASI T
VINAY     THATTE                       WASNDEO THATTE                                         INDIA
                                                                           C/O D A BHIDE 11 CHAITALI COOP HSG SOC
RAJKUMAR SHARMA                        RAMNIVASSHARMA                                      PD &
                                                                           SITARAM MAHABIR INDIACO 16 INDIA EXCH
MAULIK    BHIMANI                      RAMESH    BHIMANI                                     INDIA
                                                                           C\O BHIMANI C-10\QTR NO 111 PRADARSHA
KIRIT     D            MODIA           DEMAJ     PREMJI                                    INDIA
                                                                           C/O NATWARLAL KESHAVJI BUS STAND RO
BIJOY     KUMAR        MOHAPATRA              M
                                       MUKTEKANTA                                          INDIA
                                                                           AT/PO PAKHAR BALASONE DIST ORISSA OR
RASESH    MAFATBHAI PATEL              MAFATLALG             PATEL                           POLE
                                                                           JOGIDAS VITHAL NI INDIA PATEL NIKHADKI
RAJENDRA PIMPALE                       RAVINDRAPIMPALE                                     INDIA
                                                                           AT&POST-SHIROL DHTRICT-KOLHAPUR MA
KARTAR    KAUR                         GURDIAL SINGH                                         INDIA
                                                                           183 COL GURDIAL SINGH ROAD CIVIL LINES
RAM       DULAREY      TRIPATHI        R         A           TRIPATHI                        INDIA
                                                                           R D TRIPATHI VILLAGE JAMAUPUR BASKHA
KRISHNAKUMARI          JADEJA          K         JADEJA                                     INDIA
                                                                           MAHIPATSINH J RANA SRADDHA STATION
VENKAT    NARSING      RAO M           NARAYAN RAO           M                                MANDI
                                                                           5-4-680 OLD KATTALINDIA NAMPALLY HY
PARVINDER KAUR         AHLUWALIA       J         S           AHLUWALIA                        INDIA
                                                                           H NO B-XIII/1358 SUKHRAM NAGAR LUDHIA
KRISHNA   RAJ          B               M         K           DHANRAJ                        INDIA
                                                                           FLAT NO 302 VISHNU COMPLEX 1-7-175/1 BA
SURENDRA KUMAR         MAHESHWARI      MURALIDHAR                                           INDIA
                                                                           85 LAXMI BAI COLONY GWALIOR M P
KUMARI    CHEMJONG                     AGENDA    CHEMJONG                                     GANDHI ROAD ROCK V
                                                                           VAISHALI HOTEL 49 INDIA
MADHURI   MISHRA                       A         K           MISHRA                         INDIA
                                                                           G M OFFICE KALINGA AREA SOUTH BALAND
PRASANNA KUMAR                                 NAIR
                                       GOPINATHAN                                           KONNI-P O PATHANAM
                                                                           KURATTIYIL HOUSEINDIA
RAMNIWAS SINGH                                SINGH
                                       RAMBADAN                                           INDIA
                                                                           C/O SHYAM SUNDARSETH KAPOOR GALI 48
PREMALATHA                             VEERESH                                                INDIA
                                                                           H NO 13-6-429/8 KANAKADURGA COLONY JA
RENU      SINHA                        B         K           PRASAD                           NEW
                                                                           A4C/137 JANAKPURI INDIADELHI NEW DELH
SURENDRA KUMAR         KHANNA                  K
                                       CHIMANLAL HANNA                                     INDIA
                                                                           B-1/3 KANAYA NAGAR KOPRI COLONY, THA
RAJU      VYAS                         ASHOK                                                  INDIA
                                                                           H NO 14-7-207/3 CHUDDI BAZAR HYDERABA
PULIGILLA SHOBHARANI                   PULIGILLAMALLESHAM                                  INDIA
                                                                           C/O SHOBHA STORES 37/36 JAGATHGIRIG MA
NAIDU     SUBBARAMI REDDY              NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                           H NO.205, IIND FLOOR PAVANI ENCLAVE, M
PUNNA     RAO          VESANGI         VESANGI KUTUMBA       RAO                             C/O 56
                                                                           333 MISSILE GROUP INDIA APO
PADMAJA   RAO          VESANGI         PUNNA     RAO         VESANGI                         C/O 56
                                                                           333 MISSILE GROUP INDIA APO
BHASKAR   DATT         PATNI           L         D           PATNI                         INDIA
                                                                           KULOMANI NIWAS 10 HERA NAGAR HALDW
PRAMOD    KUMAR                        RAJ                                                  INDIA
                                                                           B/1 INCOM TAX COLONY PEDDER ROAD MU
BRIJ      BHUSHAN                      RAM       KRISHAN                                    INDIA
                                                                           2812/10 GALI MADHA PENJA KATRA DULLO
RAJENDRA KU            SHRIVASTAVA     R         S                                        INDIA
                                                             SHRIVASTAVA 202/10/C BHAVANI PALACE INDRAPURI BH
SUNIL     KUMAR        KOTHARI         LATE      RANCHOD     LAL KOTHARI                   INDIA
                                                                           128-A RAMSADAN VIJAY BARI PATH NO 7 SI
G         S            GOWRI SHANKAR   G         V                      D-210 VYSALI GARDEN TARNAKA SECUNDE
                                                             SUNDARESHAVAN               INDIA
SIDDHARTH KAPOOR                       J         C           KAPOOR                         INDIA
                                                                           11- INDER ROAD DEHRA DUN
MANOHARLAL             MENGHANI        NA                                                   KUWAIT
                                                                           PO BOX 2504 SALMIYA 22026 KUWAIT KUWA
SABIDA    BEEGUM                       V         K                                        INDIA
                                                             ABDULA RAHIMINS. ASST COMMISSIONER AGRL INCOME TA
BIDYA     SAGAR        JAISWAL         MAHADEO CHOUDHARY                                     INDIA
                                                                           QR NO B/1633/2 RANCHI BIHAR
KHATANA   D                                    SINGH
                                       SURAJBHAN                                           INDIA
                                                                           65 BHAGWATI NAGAR-I KARTARPURA RAJA
SURENDRA SHUKLA                        NOT       AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                           FLAT NO 5/8 UNIVERSITY COLONY BARIATU
AJAI      PRATAP       SINGH           V         K           CHAUHAN                          INDIA
                                                                           175 MIG BARRA - 1 SECTOR4 KANPUR KANP
NORONHA   J            V               TARQUATONORONHA                                    INDIA
                                                                           34SARAH APARTMENT FLAT NO 1 DIVYANA
KODANDARAM                             D         KRISHNA     RAO                             INDIA
                                                                           2-2-1136/9 NEW NALLAKUNTA HYDERABAD
SHIVSHANKARAN                          NOT       AVAILABLE                                  INDIA
                                                                           KUNATIDATIL S/O SIVARAMAN FLAT NO 16
RAJ       TILAK        KRISHNAN        L         L           KRISHNAN                      INDIA
                                                                           SYNDICATE BANK CONTONMENT BRANCH
RAJESH    CHOUDHURY                    LAKHAN    LAL         CHOUDHURY                      & CHEMICALS CO 27 R
                                                                           C/O PETRO CARBONINDIA
SURAJ     PARKASH      CHANANA         CHUNI     LAL         CHANANA                        INDIA
                                                                           83,SANSAD VIHAR PITAMPURA (WEST ENCL
HARPAL    SINGH                        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                           24 SHANKAR MARKET CON CIRCUS NEW DE
SANTOSH    KUMAR        BHATTACHARYYA LT        S                      F                 INDIA
                                                            BHATTACHARYA 1/4 HAUZ KHAS ENCLAVE
SAROJ      SHARMA                     K         L           SHARMA                         NO 21,
                                                                         FLAT NO 3-C BLOCKINDIA PESHWAROAD,G
SANTOSH    KUMAR        BHATTACHARYYA S         KUMAR                  F                 INDIA
                                                            BHATTACHARYA 1/4 HAUZ KHAS ENCLAVE
KASHMIRI   LAL          SHARMA        B         S           SHARMA                         INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO 3-C, BLOCK NO 21 PESHWA ROAD,
MUSHTAQ    AHMED                      GULAM     HASAN                                   INDIA
                                                                         K-5 COMMAUGHT CIRCUS NEW DELHI
SHYAMAL    DEBNATH                    NIROD     DEBNATH                                    INDIA
                                                                         INDIAN OIL CORP LTD PROJ DEPT SCOPE CO
GURJEET    KAUR         BRAR          B         S           BRAR                          NEW DELHI
                                                                         31/3 ASHOKA ROAD INDIA
SETU       VASHISHTH                  JAGDISH   PRASAD      SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                         7 B ARUNACHAL BUILDING 19 BARAKHAMB
KHANJAN    GUPTA                      SATISH    GUPTA                                     ROAD
                                                                         21/4709 DAYANAND INDIA DARYA GANJ NEW
CHITTA     RANJAN       DAS           CHINTA    HARANDAS                                  INDIA
                                                                         M-71/B, MET COMPOUND, LODI ROAD,NEW D
DOLLY      DHAWAN                     NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         C-8 PALIKA NIVAS 5TH AVENUE LODHI COL
SUNIL      KUMAR        DHAWAN        NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         C-8 PALIKA NIVAS NDMC HOUSING COMPLE
PRITI      DAS                        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         M-71/B, OBSERVATORY COMPOUND LODI R
KOMALA     DESIKAMANI                 NOT       AVAILABLE                                  INDIA
                                                                         B-205 PRAGATI VIHAR HOSTEL LODI ROAD N
HARJIT     SINGH        AHUJA         SARDAR    SINGH       AHUJA                        INDIA
                                                                         952-A KOTLA MUBARAKPUR ARJUN NAGAR
INDERPAL   SINGH        KHANIYA       JIVAN     LAL                                        14B/7
                                                                         JIVEN SINGH &SONSINDIA DEV NAGAR NEW
TARVINDER JIT           SINGH         LATE      S           SRWANSINGH                     INDIA
                                                                         HNO 2283 GALI NO 69 NAIWALA GURDWAR
VASUDEVAND              B             BALA      PILLAI                                   INDIA
                                                                         25 KALATHIYAPPA MUDALI ST. CHOOLAI PO
M          PONKODI                    MADASAMI                                            INDIA
                                                                         4/87 ARCOT ROAD RAJESWARI NAGAR PORU
A          MOHAN                      V                  NADAR
                                                ARUNACHALA                                INDIA
                                                                         4/87 ARCOT ROAD RAJESWARI NAGAR PORU
ANASUYA    M                          MUNI      RAJU                                     INDIA
                                                                         C/O K VENKATA RAJU EGUVARPALAYAM G
VASUNDHARA                            RAJENDRARAJU          R                          INDIA
                                                                         EGUVARPALAYAM PO VIA GUMMIDIPUNDI
VENKATA    RAJU         K             NA                                               INDIA
                                                                         EGUVARPALAYAM PO VIA GUMMIDIPUNDI
PULLAMMA K                            K         VENKATA     RAJU                       INDIA
                                                                         EGUVARPALAYAM PO VIA GUMMIDIPUNDI
VENKATESHWARULU                       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         C/O K VENKATA RAJU BEGUVARPALAYAM
ASHA       B                          BHAUSAHEB                                           INDIA
                                                                         JAIHIND 3-E GAMMA FLAT FIRST FLOOR VIL
GOPINATHAN              V             K         VIJAYARANGAM                             INDIA
                                                                         15 CHAIRMAN EKAMBARAANAR ST VEDHA
ESWARAMMA                             ACR       SUBBA       REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                         28 52ND AVENUE SADARSWEST KALPAKKA
KANNAN     T                          L         THAKHSNA MOORTHY                          INDIA
                                                                         77 GST ROAD SENKUNTAR PETTAI MADURA
BIPIN      RANANAWARE                 RANSING RANANAWARE                                   PONDICHERRY PONDIC
                                                                         27 RANGAPILLAI ST INDIA
MURALIKRISHNA           K             P         S                      NO              INDIA
                                                            KRISHNAMOORTHY11 SUBRAMANIYASWAMY KOIL ST KAD
DEVA       SIVAKUMAR V                M         VENU                                       5 NEYVELI TAMILNADU
                                                                         NO 254-D BLOCK NOINDIA
MOHAMED ABDUL           KADER M       M         MOHD        HUSSAIN                         INDIA
                                                                         315-D, TYPE II QUARTERS BLOCK NO 6 NEYV
NATARAJAN K             S                    VENKATA
                                      SAMBASWARAO           K                            INDIA
                                                                         C/O M NARAYAN SWAMY 18-A, BANADURAI
SWAMINATHAN                           NARAYANASWAMY                                    INDIA
                                                                         ARASAVANGADU POST SEMBENGUDI KUDA
MANICKAM K                            KALIMUTHU                                         INDIA
                                                                         CANARA BANK AYYAPET THANJAUUR DIST
RAJAM      SUBRAMANIAN                        IYER
                                      SUBRAMANIA                                            TIRUTURAIPUNDI THA
                                                                         5 RICE MILL STREETINDIA
SARASWATHIRAJAM                       S         RAJAMIYER                                   TIRUTURAIPUNDI TAN
                                                                         5 RICE MILL STREETINDIA
VASUDEVANS                            SUNDARA RAGHAVAM                                     INDIA
                                                                         3 FIFTH STREET SRINIVAS NAGAR POST T V
K          KRISHNAN                   KRISHNA IYENGAR                                      INDIA
                                                                         19,RAJAJI STREET RANGANAGAR SRERANGA
ISHRAQ     THAMEEM                    AMA       MAJEED                                   LTD E
                                                                         HINDUSTAN LEVER INDIA PUDUR TRICHI TR
BALASUBRAMANIAN                       B         MUTHUKRISHNAN                             INDIA
                                                                         PLOT NO 49 SECOND CROSS STREET RAMAL
R          SARASWATHI RAMAN           S         V           S RAMAN                        INDIA
                                                                         NO 2 6TH CROSS 7TH MAIN ROAD SRINIVAS
GANESH     N                          K         V           NAGARAJAN                       INDIA
                                                                         C-105, 11TH CROSS THILLAI NAGAR TRICHY
GOVINDAN K                            G         KRISHNA     REDDY                          INDIA
                                                                         7/1 FOURTH CROSS SUNDAR NAGAR TIRUCH
A          PALANIAPPAN                RM        AVADAIAPPAN                             INDIA
                                                                         NK RMA HOUSE KALANIVASAL KILANILAI K
RAMASREENIVASAN                              CHETTIAR
                                      RAMASAMY                                            INDIA
                                                                         PUDUMANAI II STREET, PUDUKKOTTAI DIST
SRIDHAR    K                         R         KRISHNAMACHARI                          INDIA
                                                                        DEVELOPMENT OFFICER, LIC OF INDIA THIR
AHAMED     KOYA        K             K         ALAVI                                     INDIA
                                                                        SHOP NO 12 HABEEBA STORE CENTRAL BUS
RAMA       MOORTHY     P             S         PITCHAI     MANI                         INDIA
                                                                        28 KAMALA THOUPPU STREET MADURAI M
B          ARAVINDAR                 N         BALA        KRISHNAN                      INDIA
                                                                        4 METTA KARA ST NEAR EAST MASI ST MAD
NANCY      THILAKA     RAJ           NOT       AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                        PLOT NO II NO 6 JAWAHAR ROAD PERIACHO
SHANTHI    D                         M         DHANABALAN                              INDIA
                                                                        C/O V SHANMUGAVELU NO 5 INDIRA COLON
ANETA      B                         G         BALASUBRAMANIAN                          PLOT
                                                                        MEENAKSHI KRUPAINDIA NO 25 DOAK NAG
SEKAR               MUTHU
           KUPPUSWAMY                K         MUTHU                                     INDIA
                                                                        62 DR KENNET HOSPITAL RD. ELLISNAGAR
K          R           SUBRAMANIAN   K         A           R MOORHTY                     MAIN
                                                                        94-4 ARUPPUKOHAI INDIA ROAD VILLAPURA
M          D           EBENEZER      S         MUKHIAH                                   MADURAI MADURAI
                                                                        34 SHANTHI NAGARINDIA
A          VEERAPPAN                 VR        ANNAMALAI                                   INDIA
                                                                        B-179 H I G FLATS ANNA NAGAR MADURAI M
ANAND      YELIYUR                    YKN
                       NARASIMHAIYENGAR        IYENGAR                                 INDIA
                                                                        SENIOR CONSULTANT IMAGING SCI MEENA
GEETHA     LAKSHMI     V             R         B                      D-29/W-8 MAIN BAZZAR GUDALUR THENI D
                                                           VENKATACHALAM               INDIA
NAGARAJANT                           THANGAVELU                                          INDIA
                                                                        OFFICER,INDIAN BANK, RAJAPALAYAM
BALAKRISHNAN                         M         RAMIAH                                      INDIA
                                                                        PLOT NO C/144/1 30TH STREET NORTH RAGU
KHADIR     MOHAIDEEN SULTAN          A         SULTAN      SAHIB                         INDIA
                                                                        47 PERUMAL EAST CAR ST TIRUNELVELI TO
SARGUNAR D             D             J         G           SARGUNAR                     INDIA
                                                                        B-31 PERUMALPURAM TIRUNELVELY TIRUN
MENAKA     SARGUNAR                  D         D           SARGUNAR                     INDIA
                                                                        B-31 PERUMALPURAM TIRUNELVELY TIRUN
MANI       S           S             M         S                       2              INDIA
                                                           SENTHIVELSAMY64 SHUNMUGAPURAM PROPER STREET TU
VILAS      GAIKWAD                   PANDURANG                                           MHATRE CHAWL SAGA
                                                                        ROOM NO 16 ARJUN INDIA
VAISHALI   G           KETKAR        GAJANAN                                            INDIA
                                                                        6 KAUSTUBH COOP H S L SAVARKAR RD DO
SADANAND EKNATH        VIRKAR        E         M           VIRKAR                        INDIA
                                                                        25 VIJAYALAXMI COOP HSG SCTY OPP DOM
G                   NAGARHALLI
           HANUMANTACHARYA           H         S           NAGARHALLI                   INDIA
                                                                        KRISHNA SADAN,NO 8,II FLR BEHIND SARGA
ANURADHA P             BAGWE         PRAMOD D              BAGWE                         INDIA
                                                                        A-9 SUMITRA APARTMENT OPP DR NEMADE
RAMESH     R           A             R         P           ANANTHA                      INDIA
                                                                        B-11 FEMINA APARTMENTS GHANSHYAM G
VIMALA     DEVI        JAJODIA       DEEN      DAYAL       J                             INDIA
                                                                        306 HAREKRISHNA BLDG OLD CHUNGI NAK
ARUN       PRABUBHAI PATEL           P         P           PATEL                        INDIA
                                                                        2 MEHERVILA RAMBAUG LANE NO 2 KALYA
SUSAMMA    MATHEW                    N         P           MATHEW                       INDIA
                                                                        8 SHARADA APARTMENTS RAMBAUG LANE
MUKHTAR    AHMAD       MOMIN         M         H           MOMIN                          STORES
                                                                        C/O SUPREME GENE INDIA 48/49 KESAR BA
JOSHILA    SHASHIKANT ALSHI          S         ALSHI                                      INDIA
                                                                        390/6 KASARALI KRISHNA NIWAS 2ND FLOO
SANDEEP    JAGANNATH PRADHAN         J         S           PRADHAM                       420 SAI
                                                                        MANISHA, PLOT NO INDIA SECTION AMBE
RAJALAKSHMY                                  TL
                                     GOPALAKRISHNAN                                       INDIA
                                                                        G-2/G-3, NATRAJ A BLDG. SHIV-DHAM HSG
NIRMALA    YASHAWANT DALAVI          NOT       AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                        ASHIRWAD OPP WATER SUPPLY OFFICE AT
VIJENDRA   KUMAR       NAIR          K         S                      J1301 WIMCO NEW QTRS AMBERNATH PO TH
                                                           PUSRUSHOTHAMAN NAIR         INDIA
MEENA      SUBHASH     KASHIKAR      NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                        9 NARINAYA COOP HOG SOC, KATHE GALLI
VIJAY      KESHAVRAO DALVI           KESHAVRAO                                          INDIA
                                                                        404 GHANAKAR LANE RAVIWAR PETH NASH
SANJIVANI D            NAZARE        DEEPAK                                              INDIA
                                                                        C/O KHEDKAR RISHIKESH SOC UNIT B OPP M
MAHESH     KATARIYA                  SIRUMAL KATARIYA                                      SOC OPP CANTONMENT
                                                                        318, SUKH SINDHRU INDIA
SUNITA     RAJENDRA    LOYA          R         S           LOYA                         INDIA
                                                                        AGRA ROAD IGATPURI D NASIK
SUNITA     RAJENDRA    LOYA          RAJENDRALOYA                                       INDIA
                                                                        AGRA ROAD AT POST IGATPURI DIST NASIK
DAMODAR T              PAWAR         TAPIRAM                                           INDIA
                                                                        C/O ARCHANA EMPORIUM 964 S P ROAD MA
DIGAMBER JAGANNATH MALI              JAGANNATH                                          INDIA
                                                                        VIJAY KIRANA GANDHI CHOWK NANDGAON
RAMESHCHANDRA                        LAXMINARAYANA                                     INDIA
                                                                        INDRYANI COMMUNICATION NANKAR PLAZ
VEENA      VIJAY       PATIL         VIJAY     S           PATIL                          INDIA
                                                                        SUPER D 6/6 AT & PT DEEP NAGAR TQ BHU
KASHINATH BHANDARKAR                 RAMCHANDRA                                         INDIA
                                                                        JAPAN GIN AMALNER, DT JALGAON, MAHAR
NARSIDAS   SHAH                      CHHAGANLAL                                         INDIA
                                                                        SHIRISH MEHTA ROAD GOKUL MINAS MAND
SHASHIKALASHAH                       NARSIDAS SHAH                                      INDIA
                                                                        SHIRISH MEHTA ROAD GOKUL NIWAS NAND
DATTATRAMMAHAJAN                  SHANTARAM                                           BARUDGARNALA AURA
                                                                    3-1-47 GURU KRUPA INDIA
SHANTIMAL LODHA                   NA                                                INDIA
                                                                    SATISH MOTORS PVT LTD, MUMBAI JALNA
UJWAL      KULKARNI               VASUDEO                                           INDIA
                                                                    FLAT 9 AMEY-AKSHAY APTS RAJ NAGAR ST
SATWANT    KAUR       SANDHU      SARUP     SINGH       SANDHU                     INDIA
                                                                    MAHARASHTRA DISTILLERIES CHIBALTHAN
UMA        MRINAL                 DR                  M
                                            NIHARRANJAN RINAL                        INDIA
                                                                    C/O N R MRINAL WARDENS BUNGALOW B/H
INDER      CHAND      BHATTAD     CHHAGANLALJI                                      INDIA
                                                                    43A GENERAL MKT GANDI BAUG FAWARA C
SANJAY     KUMAR      RUNGTA      KUNJ      BEHARI      RUNGTA                     INDIA
                                                                    172 WARDHMAN NAGAR NAGPUR NAGPUR
VIJAY      PUGALIA                        PUGALIA
                                  NEMICHAND                                        INDIA
                                                                    112 NEMINDRA WARDHAMAN NAGAR NAG
GIRISH     D          DHARASKAR   D         N           DHAROOKAR                    INDIA
                                                                    156 NEELAIVI RAMDASPETH NAGPUR NAGP
RAJESH     THACKER                V         P           THACKER                     INDIA
                                                                    C/O MR PRAKASH VERMA 17 DANDIGE LAY
HARI       KUMAR                  B         NAIR                                     INDIA
                                                                    VIMAL KUNJ 23 BUTY LAYOURT RAJNAGAR
RAJESH     LALWANI                NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                    27 SINDHU NAGAR JAIN PATKA NAGPUR NA
LATA       B          BHOYAR      NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                    NEAR ITARSI LINE OLD JARIPATKA NAGPUR
VIJAY      TRIMBAK    BULDEO                       BULDEO
                                  TRIMBAK RAGHUNATHRAO                              INDIA
                                                                    15 SUYOG NAGER BEHIND TUKARAM SABH
DHIRAJ     RAJPUT                 LATE               J
                                            DIWANCHAND RAJPUT                        INDIA
                                                                    401 FRONTIER APARTMENTS KASHMIRI GAL
JAMEEL     AHMAD                  TALIB     BHAJ                                      PRESS
                                                                    IMPERIAL PRINTINGINDIA GANJAKHET NA
VINOD      KUMAR      SHARMA      LATE      H           S SHARMA                        INDIA
                                                                    Q R NO 7/69/1 TYPE II ORDNANCE FACTORY
SANJAY     I          KASHYAP     LATE      I           L KASHYAP                    INDIA
                                                                    Q R NO TYPE 1 ORDNANCE FACTORY AMBA
VIMLA      AYDE                   SHIVAJI   ROA         AYDE                        INDIA
                                                                    C/O MR SARVESH RAO DD PETS CAMPUS GO
RAKESH     KESHAO     TIDKE       KESHAD    TIDKE                                    INDIA
                                                                    C/O KESHAO TIDKE TIDKE NEWAS NARKESA
MANGALA    ARUN       WANKAR      ARUN      M           WAMKAR                     INDIA
                                                                    C/O ARUN M WANKAR BANK OF INDIA SAHO
ASHA       JAIN                           JAIN
                                  DHANENDER                                           ROAD
                                                                    2C-27 NEW ROHTAK INDIA NEW DELHI
SHANKAR    LAL        GUPTA       BANKE     LAL                                       11263
                                                                    C/O PARKASH WATI,INDIA KELA KOTI GAUS
SHASHI     DAMAN      JAIN        AJIT      JAIN                                     ROAD,
                                                                    5C/65,NEW ROHTAK INDIA NEW DELHI
VED        RHHWAL                 BHAGWAN DAS           RAWAL                        INDIA
                                                                    6011263 KELA KOTHI NEW ROHTAK GAUSHA
JAI        DAYAL      SHARMA      NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                    407/ X THANSINGH NAGAR MARG NO-2 ANA
PARKASHWATI                       NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                    11263,KELA KOTHI GANSHALA MARG KARO
RAMESH     SAHGAL                 LATE      J           M SAHGAL                     INDIA
                                                                    22/2744 BEADON PURA KAROL BAGH NEW D
ARVIND     KUMAR                  R         K           GUPTA                       INDIA
                                                                    69 NEW QUTAB ROAD DELHI
SANDEEP    CHHOKRA                JAGDISH   CHANDER                                  BHAVAN, KHARI BAOLI
                                                                    536,KATRA ISHWER INDIA
SADIA      PARVEEN    KAZIMI      NOT       AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                    1175,H H H BALLIMARU ST, CH CHOWK OLD
                                  MOHAMMED                                          INDIA
                                                                    LECTURER ELECTRICAL ENGG DELHI COLL
VEENA      GOLCHHA                       GOLACHHA
                                  BHANWARLAL                                        INDIA
                                                                    C/O KUMAR TEXTILES, 18/895 KUCHA KABIL
VIJAY      KUMARI     DOSI        DINESH    CHAND                                   INDIA
                                                                    1304 BAZDWARA STREET DELHI
PUSHPADEVI                        NA                                              INDIA
                                                                    MANAKCHAND NARAINDASS, 1836 KATRAK
KAMAL      KANTA                  JAGADISH CHANDER                                   OUTER
                                                                    B-427 MEERA BAGH INDIA RING ROAD PAS
SRI        GOPAL      KAPOOR      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                    519 KATRA NEEL CHANDURI CHOWK DELHI
SUSHIL     KUMAR                  R         K           GUPTA                       INDIA
                                                                    69 NEW QUTAB ROAD DELHI
RADHE      SHYAM      JHANWAR     SHANKAR LAL           JHANWAR                    INDIA
                                                                    ASSAM ELECTRONICS SHOP NO 66A C MKT
ANJULA     JHANWAR                RADHE     SHYAM       JHANWAR                    INDIA
                                                                    ASSAM ELECTRONICS SHOP NO 66 AC MKT
ANJULA     JHANWAR                RADHE     SHYAM       JHANWAR                    INDIA
                                                                    ASSAM ELECTRONICS SHOP NO 66 AC MKT
KRISHAN    LAL        CHITKARA    BHAWAN DAS                                        INDIA
                                                                    23H MALKA GANJ COLONY, SUBZI MANDI, D
MEENA      MEHTA                  J         C           MEHTA                        INDIA
                                                                    12/20 SHAKTI NAGAR DELHI
PARAMJIT   SINGH      CHADHA      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                    C-2/12 RANA PRATAP BAGH DELHI
PAWAN      CHADHA                 NA                                                INDIA
                                                                    50/1 BUNGLOW ROAD,DELHI
RAJENDER   KUMAR      NAGPAL      NA                                                INDIA
                                                                    HNO 734 GALISHORA KOTHI SUBZI MANDI C
SUSHILADEVI                              JHUNJHUNWALA
                                  NAGARMAL                                         INDIA
                                                                    11B ROSHAMARA BUILDING SHAKTI NAGAR
RAJNI      JAIN                     N         C           JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                       7675 SINGH SABHA ROAD SUBZI MANDI CLO
SANDEEP    MITTAL                   RAM       CHANDER     MITTAL                          INDIA
                                                                       3754 XII PRAG ICE FACTGORY OLD SUBZI M
VINOD      KUMAR       GUPTA        SH        LAKMI       RAM GUPTA                     INDIA
                                                                       2253/E GURU NANAK NAGAR, SHADI KHAM
RANJANA    ARORA                    R         K           ARORA                           INDIA
                                                                       3072/2IC/A-8 GALI NO 10 RANJEET NAGAR NE
VIJAY      KUMAR       SUKHEJA      HARISH    CHAND                                      INDIA
                                                                       8/3 EAST PATEL NAGAR NEW DELHI
KRISHNA    MALHOTRA                 DAVINDERKUMAR                                        INDIA
                                                                       34/52 WEST PATEL NAGAR, NEW DELHI
ROHIT                               SANTOSH                                             INDIA
                                                                       53-54 RAJENDRA BHAWAN RAJENDRA PLAC
MEENAKSHI AHUJA                     ARUN      AHUJA                                    INDIA
                                                                       54 RAJENDRA BHAWAN RAJENDRA PLACE N
HEMA       RAO         MS           M         S           S CHOWDARY                     WEST
                                                                       B-129 PATEL NAGARINDIA NEW DELHI
BHARATKUMAR            SHAH         TARA      CHAND       RATHI                         INDIA
                                                                       SURYA ROSHINI LTD PADMA TOWER-1 IIND
AGYA       KAUR        BHASIN       S         TORLACHAN SINGH                           INDIA
                                                                       764 DR RUKERJEE NAGAR DELHI DELHI
JAIMAL     SINGH       KATHURIA     LATE      SUNDER      SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                       D-15 DOCTORS FLATS R B T B HOSPITAL G T
DEVINDER SINGH         KATHURIA     JAIMAL    SINGH       KATHURIA                      INDIA
                                                                       D-15 DOCTORS FLATS R B T B HOSPITAL G T
USHA       CHOUDHARY                NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       C-1/10 MODEL TOWN DELHI DELHI
MADAN      GUPTA                    L         SH          HARIRAMJI                     INDIA
                                                                       253 TAGORE PARK MODEL TOWN DELHI DE
MADAN      LAL         GUPTA        SH        HARI        RAMJI                         INDIA
                                                                       253, TAGORE PARK MODEL TOWN DELHI DE
RAJIV      ARORA                    NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       150 DR MUKERJI NAGAR WEST DELHI
HARJEET    KAUR                     AMARJIT SINGH                                       INDIA
                                                                       C-24 VIJAY NAGAR NEW DELHI
SANTOSH    SHAHRAWAT                LT        CUL                                      INDIA
                                                          RS SHAHRAWT C/O MAJ GEN RS SHAHRAWAT ROOM NO 79
HIRAN      KUMAR       ROY          LATE      HRISHIKESH ROY                           INDIA
                                                                       NAVAL GROUP INSURANCE FUND NAVAL H
SUBHASH    CHANDER                  NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                       C-77 INDER PURI NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
TEJ        PALSINGH                 LAL       SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                       HNO 42 W C(DOUBLE STOREY) IARI PUSA NE
ARUN       KUMAR       KHANNA       RAM       NARAIN                                    INDIA
                                                                       PACE CAPITAL INVESTORS LTD A-44 NIZAM
KA         JANARDHANAKUTTY KARTHA   N         DIVAKARA    MENON                        INDIA
                                                                       A-19 YASHODHAM GEN VAIDYA MARG GOR
GOVIND     VASUDEO     KARANDIKAR   VASUDEO SADASHIV      K                               INDIA
                                                                       A-1 SAI NIWAS SAI BABA COMPLEX GOREGA
VIRENDRA DALAL                      BABUBHAIM             DALAL                       INDIA
                                                                       6A BHASKAR NAIK WADI AAREY ROAD GO
ROQUE      D           OUNHA        J         D           CUNHA                          INDIA
                                                                       A1-7/202 BEST VEW OPP DINDOSHI BUS DEP
HARINDRER KAUR         LUGGANI      H         S           LUGGAMI                       INDIA
                                                                       C-7 NEW EMPIRE COLONY ROAD-1 DOMNIC
DINESH     BUBNA                    KISHAN    LAL         BUBNA                         INDIA
                                                                       E/403 NEEL KAMAL NR CHINCHELI PHATELE
JITENDRA   MITTAL                   NA                                                  STATION ROAD MALAD
                                                                       30-31 MUKTA BAUG INDIA
ASHOK      S           THAWANI      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       S P APARTMENT 3RD FLOOR FLAT NO 11 LIB
MADHUBEN ANANTRAI      MEHTA        ANANTRAI MEHTA                                     INDIA
                                                                       602, ANAND ASHRAM MARVE ROAD MALAD
WAGHMARE SS                         J         S           SAXENA                      INDIA
                                                                       CIGARETWALA BLDG FLAT 19 CANARA BAN
LETITIA    JANE        GOVERS       NOT       AVAILABLE                                  F2 SUNDER NAGAR MA
                                                                       FLAT NO 5,BLDG NOINDIA
VIJAY      KUMAR       K            K         V           RAO                           INDIA
                                                                       13, VELANI APARTMENTS LIBERTY GARDEN
GOPALAKRISHNAN                      N         MADHAVAN PILLAI                          INDIA
                                                                       BLOCK NO 3 MATHRUCHAYA ROAD NO 9 DA
CHETNA                RAJPUT
           PRANJIVANDAS             NOT       AVAILBLE                                  INDIA
                                                                       C-9 TULSHI BHUVAN IST FLOOR, CARTER RD
                                                                       C-15 MAHESHWARI BHUVAN, DATTAPADA R
NARAYANLAL                          LAXMINARYANJI                                        NO 7
                                                                       11 DIVYA JYOTI RDINDIADAULAT NAGAR B
RAMESH     KUMAR       N SAGAR      NAGDAN BHAI                                        INDIA
                                                                       2,CHANDRAJIT DATTAPADA RD NEAR RAMM
RAJENDRA S             WANZARE      SHANKAR BABURAO       WANZARE                       INDIA
                                                                       215/79,RAJENDRA NAGAR, DAHAPADA ROAD
KRISHNA    KAUTIK      CHAUDHARI    KAUTIK    PILA        CHAUDHARI                    INDIA
                                                                       C-15 MAHESHWARI BHUVAN, DATTAPADA R
PRAKASH    MESTRY                   EAKNATH D             MESTRY                     INDIA
                                                                       UPPADHAY COMPOUND SAISIDDHI RAHIWA
SUDARSHANMEHROTRA                   N         L           MEHROTRA                      INDIA
                                                                       A-10 DEVYANI APARTMENT 26 M G ROAD B
ABHAY      AMRITE                   ARVIND    AMRITE                                     INDIA
                                                                       H NO 704 A WING RAHEJA ESTATE KULUPW
BABITA     RAJESH                   RAJESH                                               COMPLEX DALVI ROAD
                                                                       31 SUPER SHOPPINGINDIA
PARIN      C           PARIKH               T
                                    CHIMANLAL             PARIKH                         INDIA
                                                                       F/204 SHANTI APARTMENTS NO 1 MATHURA
JAYSHREE   KANANI                   KANTILAL KANARI                                     INDIA
                                                                      29-LEELARAJ, PLOT-52 GOKHLE ROAD, DAH
PRAMOD     R          RAVAL         RAMSHANKAR                                         INDIA
                                                                      B4,SUNDARAM, SV ROAD,KANDIVALI WEST
MADHUR     K          SINAI         KESHAVJI N                                         INDIA
                                                                      22 G K SANATORIUM KHAJURIA ROAD KAND
KETAN      KULKARNI                 NISHIKANTKULKARNI                                 INDIA
                                                                      103 MANORATH RDP 1 SEC 2 CHARKOP KAN
APARNA     KULKARNI                 KETAN     KULKARNI                                INDIA
                                                                      103 MANORATH RDP 1 SEC 2 CHARKOP KAN
JANAKRAJ   PURI                     N         A           PURI                         INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO 12 HIGHLAND CORNER CHARKOP V
SHAILESH   HIMATLAL   MEHTA         H         M           MEHTA                        INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO 16 SANKALP 4TH FLOOR PLOT NO
RAJENDRA J            KAPDI         JAYNTILALV            KAPELI                        INDIA
                                                                      602, PARK UNIQUE BAGLI PADA, DAHISAR (E
SANTOSH    D          PARAB         D         KRISHNA     PARAB                        INDIA
                                                                      A-15, VISHWAVIHANG OPP MISQUTTA NAGA
TUSHIT     S          SHAH          SANMUKHLAL                                         INDIA
                                                                      A/601 BHAKTI COMPLEX LINK ROAD KANDA
RAJEEVA    R          NAIK          RAMA      NAIK                                     INDIA
                                                                      7A/228 GROUND FLOOR GREENWAYS BUILD
YOGESH     A          BENDRE        ANANT     V           BENDRE                        INDIA
                                                                      C-2 C WING FLAT NO 009 GROUND FLOOR V
PARAG      K          SHAH          KUNJVIHARI                                         INDIA
                                                                      C/O PARUL MEHTA 501 SAIALATA COOP HSG
SANTOSH    KUMAR                    A         L           SAXANA                        INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO D-1 STC SOCIETY WESTERN EXPRE
CHANDRA    KUMAR                    SANTOSH KUMAR                                        INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO D-1 S T C SOCIETY WESTERN EXPR
NAGIN      N          SOLANKI       NARAYAN V             SOLANKI                        KOLDONGRI S N MARG
                                                                      15 GANDHI JYOT ISTINDIA
SHRIRAM    BHAGWAN    SARANG        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      7, VIJAY APARTMENT 282, S G BARVE MARG
ANANT      G          GORE          GAJANAN                                              S T ROAD CHEMBUR M
                                                                      A-21 AJINKYFARA C INDIA
SANJAY     SAIGAL                   RAJKUMARSAIGHAL                                      INDIA
                                                                      35/17 SINDHI SOCIETY CHEMBUR MUMBAI M
S          V          GOPALAN       M         S                      21             INDIA
                                                          VENKATARAMAN SHANKAR NIKETAN 403A CENTRAL AVEN
SAJIDA     T          VORA          TARIQ     M           VORA                        INDIA
                                                                      496 LUCKY HOUSE 13 ROAD CHEMBUR MUM
URMILA     SAIGAL                   RAJKUMARSAIGAL                                       INDIA
                                                                      35/17 SINDHI SOCIETY CHEMBUR MUMBAI M
JITENDRA   G          MEHTA                 MEHTA
                                    GHALICHAND                                        INDIA
                                                                      C/16 GULMARG COOP HSG SOCIETY R C MA
BRENDA     PERPETUA   PINTO         CAJETAN LEO                                        INDIA
                                                                      24/RITZ CONVENT VIEW SOCY BEHIND ATU
LALIT      A          MEHTA         ARJUN     LAL         MEHTA                        INDIA
                                                                      27/89 JAWAHAR SADAN 21 S T ROAD CHEMB
OMPRAKASHKOTHARI                            KOTHARI
                                    BALAKRISHNA                                         INDIA
                                                                      101/102,B BLDG ANSA INDUSTRLAL ESTATE
PRATIBHA   NILKANTH   SAWANT        NILKANTH BALKRISHNA                                 INDIA
                                                                      11 B/305 SAFALYA MHADA COLONY CHAND
BHIMRAO    K          PATIL         KESHAO    H           PATIL                            INDIA
                                                                      TYPE 2/12/264 R.P.F.COLONY CHEMBUR MUM
VIJAYALAKSHMI         DIXIT         RAMPRAKASH                                         INDIA
                                                                      23 MANISH VIJAY COMMERCIAL COMPLEX
RAJINDER   NATH       KHANNA        G         N           KHANNA                      INDIA
                                                                      101 MYSORE COLONY CHEMBUR MUMBAI M
MUKUND     MEHTA                    MANILAL MEHTA                                      INDIA
                                                                      210/43 SUNDRAM R NARKAR ROAD GHATKO
KANAIYALAL            KATAKIA       CHHAGANLAL                                         INDIA
                                                                      A-105 KAILASH TOWER OPP ODEON CINEMA
DEEPAWALI KUMARI      VERMA         ATUL      KUMAR       VERMA                        NO 17D
                                                                      501 YAMUNA BLDG INDIA CUSTOMS COL
DIGANT     TULSIDAS   CHOTHANI      TULSIDAS VIRJI                                    INDIA
                                                                      601 SHATRUNJAY 7TH ROAD RAJAWADI GH
GOPALACHARI                         RANGACHARI                                          INDIA
                                                                      B/5 INDRALOK R B MEHTA MARG GHATKOP
JAMANADASJAGAD                      AMRUTLALLAXMIDAS                                   INDIA
                                                                      61 VINOD KUNJ VALLABHBAUG X LANE TIL
ANITA      RAO        BADANAHATTI           RAO
                                    RAGHAVENDRA           B                            INDIA
                                                                      VANI FLAT NO-9 VALLABAUGHA LANE GHA
KAMALA     GOPALACHARIKANDALA       GOPALACHARI                                         INDIA
                                                                      B/5 INDRALOK R B MEHTA MARG GHATKOP
REKHA      JAGAD                    AMRUTLALLAXMIDAS                                   INDIA
                                                                      6 VINOD KUNJ VALLABH BAUG X LANE TILA
AMRITLAL R            SONI H U      RATILAL   T           SONI                            ROAD
                                                                      1 PRACHI BR TH PAI INDIA GHATKOPAR (E)
SHIVJI     L          GANGAR HUF    ALDHUBHAI                                             B MEHTA MARG GHATK
                                                                      B-11 RAJESH SOC., RINDIA
S                     REDDIAR
           MUTHUSRINIVASAN          M         RAANUJAM REDDIAR                            NO 109
                                                                      26 FLAT NO 11 PLOT INDIA VISHAL BHAVA
LILADHAR   HIRALAL    BHOJANI       HIRALAL                                            INDIA
                                                                      T-4 DEV KRUPA NATH PAI NAGAR GHATKOP
MEGHJI     N          BHANUSHALI    NARAYANJI                                         BLDG
                                                                      BHANUSHALI WADI INDIA NO 2 ROOM NO 30
BAPU       CHANDRAPPAPATIL          C         V           PATIL                      INDIA
                                                                      DOLCY COTTAGE ROOM NO 16 ASHOK NAG
UMESH      R          DAYMA         NOT       AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                      RNO 31 RAMBABU KI CHAWL JANGAAL MAN
VALERIAN   EDWARD     CASTELINO     LEO       CASTELINO                                INDIA
                                                                      C/O LIBERTY STORES, J M ROAD SARVODAY
SHIV       CHANDRA    R SOMANI             R
                                   SHIVCHANDRA            SOMANI                       INDIA
                                                                       R NO 34,RAMBABU KI CHAWL J M ROAD BH
CHANDRAKANT           PARAB        YESHWANTPARAB                                       INDIA
                                                                       ASHIRWAD NIWAS CHAWL HOUSE NO 2 R N
KASHMIRA RUMY         MERCHANT     RUMY       MEHERWAN MERCHANT                          INDIA
                                                                       38/4 GODREJ HILLSIDE QUARTERS VIKHROL
DILIP      THOMAS                  GEORGE     THOMAS                                     INDIA
                                                                       C/O LENA PEREIRA 4TH FLOOR PEREIRA AP
GANESH     SUBRAMANIAN             G          SUBRAMANIAN                               INDIA
                                                                       23,KARIANIVAS,S BOSE RD, MULUND WEST
ASHWIN     C          SHAH         CHIMANLAL                                            INDIA
                                                                       3 MOCHI BUILDING N S ROADS MULUND WE
SURESH     A          PILLAI       ACHUTAN                                               AGENCY 2 GARDENVIE
                                                                       INTOURIST TRAVEL INDIA
SURESH     A          PILLAI       ACHUTTAN                                              AGENCY 2 GARDEN VIE
                                                                       INTOURIST TRAVEL INDIA
YAMINI     A          SEJPAL       ASHOK      SEJPAL                                    N S ROAD MULUND (W)
                                                                       11 GAYATRI KRUPA INDIA
SHAIKH     ABDULRAJJAKSAHEBMIYA    S          S           AHEMAD                          INDIA
                                                                       11, VATSALY G V S ROAD MULUND EAST MU
SUSHMA     SUNIL      WAINGANKAR   S          B                                         P RD
                                                          WAINGANKAR 602 SARGAM,60 FT DINDIA BEHIND NEELAM
PRATIBHA   PRAKASH    KSHIRE       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       10 DYANESHWAR DARSHAN MAHATMA PHO
SUNIL      KOLATH                  ABRAHAM KOLATH                                       INDIA
                                                                       C2/202 HIGHLAND PARK SHASTRI NAGAR M
THOMAS     VARGHESE                NOT        AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                       233/9124,KANNAMWAR NAGAR, VIKHROLI (
CHANDRAKANT           SHAH         H          D           SHAH                             INDIA
                                                                       A - 604 D N S VILLA NEAR BHATT SHOBHA B
PUNDALIK   BALA       JADHAV       NA                                                    R NO
                                                                       J S BHATCHAW NO 1INDIA 8 RB KADAM MAR
MRUDULA    DESAI                   HARENDRAP              DESAI                           INDIA
                                                                       BLDG 2 II D WING FLAT 103 IST FLOOR DAM
                                   CHIMANLAL ULJI                                      INDIA
                                                                       13/17 MUNIDARSHAN COOP HS JAGDUSHA N
JYOTI      S          PAI          K          S           PAI                           INDIA
                                                                       B-9, TARA APARTMENTS SAINATH NAGAR, L
SHYAM      VIJAY      PARTHE       VIJAY      PARTHE                                       INDIA
                                                                       C/O S S RAJ (JR) OFFICE NO 20 BLDG NO 2 UN
CHANDRASEKHAR         P            KPG        NAIR                                      INDIA
                                                                       13 MEERA OM SAI COOP HSG SCTY CHHEDA
CHANDRASHEKAR                      Y          MUDDU       DEVADIGA                     INDIA
                                                                       108,SHAKUNTALA PESTOM SAGAR CHEMBU
UNNIKRISHNAN                       T          C                       58,          INDIA
                                                          GOPALA MENON HEMA, NARAYANAGURU LOKHANDE MA
NAGRAJ     SADANAND   ADVE         DR         SADANAND LOW SHETTY                      2, CHEMBUR (W) MUMB
                                                                       A-2,MUNJALNAGAR INDIA
KUNJUR     SRIDHAR    RAO          KUNJUR     VASUDEVA RAO                             INDIA
                                                                       2,MUNTAL NAGAR 2A CHEMBUR WEST MUM
KAMAL      M          SINGHAVI     MANCHAND                                              INDIA
                                                                       F9/6,HARI NIKETAN SO BANGUR NAGAR GO
NITA       MITTAL                  KAILASH CHAND          MITTAL                         INDIA
                                                                       AP 25 SECTOR 2 SHATABDI NAGAR MEERUT
HUSSIAN    ALI        DOBANI       HUSSAIN ALI            DOBANI                       INDIA
                                                                       SUPER KIRANA STORES MANI ROAD ICHOD
AZIZ       DOBANI                  HUSSAIN ALI                                         INDIA
                                                                       SUPER KIRANA STORES MANI ROAD ICHOD
AMINA      DOBANI                  HUSSAIN ALI            DOBANI                       INDIA
                                                                       SUPER KIRANA STORES MANI ROAD ICHOD
KASHIMALI DOBANI                   HUSSAIN ALI            DOBANI                       INDIA
                                                                       SUPER KIRANA STORES MANI ROAD ICHOD
PRAMOD     JADAV                   BABARAO JADAV                                        INDIA
                                                                       SRI SAI KIRANA MAIN ROAD JEHODAV ADIL
VENUGOPALREDDY        THOGARU      THOGARU NARAYAN        REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                       H NO 7-2-484 MANKAMMA THOTA KARIM NA
T          RADHA      KRISHNAN     NA                                                        INDIA
                                                                       C 1/23 P T S N T P C JYOTHINAGAR POST
ACHANTA    RAVINDRA                KRISHNA MURTHY                                       INDIA
                                                                       C-7/22 NTPC TOWNSHIP PO JYOTHINAGAR D
MANOHAR RAO           BATTULA      KISTAIAH                                              INDIA
                                                                       H NO 4-5-26 VIDYANAGAR SIRCILLA KARIM
SHAKEEL    UR         REHMAAN      M          A           RAHMAN                         INDIA
                                                                       4-4-99 GUNJ ROAD JAGTIAL JAGTIAL
M          SHAKEEL    UR RAHMAN    M          A           RAHMAN                          INDIA
                                                                       H NO 4-4-99 GUNJ ROAD JAGTIAL AP AP
                                   PULAKURTHY        REDDY                                INDIA
                                                                       H NO 1-7-1237 STREET NO 3 ADVOCATES CO
SUDHEER    REGIDI                  R          APPADU                                     GEN MGR P&D ANDHRA
                                                                       C/O R APPADU ASSTINDIA
VENKAT     RAO        P            P          RAMA        RAO                            INDIA
                                                                       H NO 1-1-900 SIDDHARTHA NAGAR KAZIPET
C          SUBHA      SREE         C          APPA        RAO                            INDIA
                                                                       D E E APSIDC LTD SUBEDARI SUBEDARI
LAXMI      NARAYANA   KODIRIPAKA   NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                       H NO 2-10- 697 TEACHERS COLONY PHASE I
KESHAVA    RAO        GADE                 RAO
                                   RAMAKRISHNA                                            INDIA
                                                                       11-11-120/8 NSLCS NEW CAMPUS OPP: RAMA
SAMBASIVA REDDY       MALIREDDY    NA                                                     YELANDU CROSS ROAD
                                                                       HOUSE NO 5-1-163/1 INDIA
HARI       LAL        PATEL        NAGJI                                                TIMBER
                                                                       PATEL SAW MILL & INDIA MERCHANT TIM
RAMA       RAO        GADEELA      G          NARYANA                                   INDIA
                                                                       C/O T DURGA PRASAD H NO 2-4-98 DABALE
S          R                          SANYASIRAJU
                       GOPALAKISHNA GRANDHI                                                INDIA
                                                                          ASST RADIO EXEC ENGINEER I &P R DEPT JU
SIVARAM    KRISHNA     KANCHERLA      K         R            M RAO                          INDIA
                                                                          C/O PROF K R M ROA KOTHAGUDEM SCHOO
T          KULDEEP     CHOWDARY       T         C            BALAPPA                        INDIA
                                                                          32QR NO BE 152, HOSPITAL COLONY, NEW P
SURYAKANTHAO                                  RAO
                                      RAGHUNATH                                           INDIA
                                                                          SR DE ARCA STORES THE S C CO LTD PO YE
SRINIVAS   POTLURI                            RAO
                                      VENKATESWARA           P                             INDIA
                                                                          A-10 NAVA NAGAR SILCAMPUS PO PALONC
VIJAYALAKSHIMI                        RAMULU JANGITI                                        INDIA
                                                                          H NO 2-11-1 NEHRU ROAD BHONGIR DT NAL
KUNDHAVARAPU           NAIDU                 RAMA
                                      KUNDHAVARAPU           NAIDU                         INDIA
                                                                          C/O V N S TRANSPORT RAMAPURAM X ROA
SRINIVASU BETHAPUDI                   NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          S/O NAGALINGALAHARI C/O RAVI CLINICAL
CHANDRA    REDDY       CHINTHA                REDDY
                                      PEDAHANUMA                                        INDIA
                                                                          PEDHANUMAREDDY,GUDIBANDA, KODAD,D
NAKKA      RAMUDU                     SIMAIAH                                               INDIA
                                                                          H NO 4-54/8 KMM CROSS ROAD KODAD KOD
                                      THIRUPATHI                                         INDIA
                                                             KUNDAVARAPUC/O V N S TRANSPORT RAMAPURAM X ROA
V          R                           KOTESWARA
                       S PRASAD KUNAPULI       SHARMA        KV                            PRIYADARSHINI CEME
                                                                          TRANSPORT OFFICEINDIA
SAMBI      REDDY       KALLI          SUBBA     REDDY        KALLI                         INDIA
                                                                          C/O SHIV KESHAV TRANSPORT N B GUDEM
SUBHASHINIMANDAPATI                   M         K            REDDY                       INDIA
                                                                          PADMAVATHI NURSING HOME OPP BUS STA
SURESH     M                          M         YADAGIRI                                  INDIA
                                                                          S/O MEELA YADAGIRI H NO 1-2-228 OPP IND
MURALI     PAREPALLI                  NA                                                    DEALER NEAR KRISHN
                                                                          C/O M KOTAIAH IOCINDIA
SHAMBAIAHLAKKARAJU                    RAMANARSAIAH                                         INDIA
                                                                          RETIRED DEPUTY INSPECTOR OF SCHOOLS,
VIJAYA     KUMAR       C                     CHARY
                                      PADMANABHA                                         INDIA
                                                                          GOVT POLYTECHNIC FOR WOMEN SURYAP
K                    VAKULADAVI
           SATYANARAYANA              KALAHA    SINGARAIAH                                 INDIA
                                                                          23FITTER SAGAR CEMENT LTD MATTAMPAL
VENKATRATNAM                          RAGHAVAIAH                                          INDIA
                                                                          48M/S SAGAR CEMENT LTD MATHAMPALLY
LAKSHMIKANTHAM                        DABARA    RAMANNA                                   INDIA
                                                                          34M/S SAGAR CEMENTSLTD MATAMPALLI
NARENDER REDDY         S              S         NAGIREDDY                                     INDIA
                                                                          H NO 1-7-90/1/B VIVEKANANDA NAGAR CLN
VIMALA     DEVI                       KRISHNA KUMAR          REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                          SRI RAMA TALKIES WANAPARTHY DT MAH
KRISHNA    KUMAR       REDDY                  REDDY
                                      PURSHOTHAM                                           INDIA
                                                                          SRI RAMA TALKIES WANAPARTHY DT MAH
SYED       IBRAHIM                    SYED      RAHAMAN                                  INDIA
                                                                          CEMENT DEALER ROYAL LODGE BUILDING
BABA       VENKATA                    VENKATA RATNAM
                       NARAYANA PULIKONDA                                                   HYDERABAD ATMAKU
                                                                          C/O STATE BANK OFINDIA
K          SUSEELA                    NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                          D NO 11/442-A NAIKANAGAR ANANTAPUR A
KULLAYA    SWAMY                      NA                                                     ARAVINDA NAGAR ANA
                                                                          11-1-167 2ND CROSS INDIA
K          V           DEEPA          K         V            CHALAPATHI                     INDIA
                                                                          D NO 4-7-43A MUNICIPAL OFFICE ROAD HIN
RAM        VINOD       SINGH          JAY       NARAYAN      SINGH                           INDIA
                                                                          G 27/49 SECTOR 3 ROHINI DELHI
GIAN       CHAND       SHARMA         VISHWA    MITTER                                     INDIA
                                                                          127 AKASH KUNJ PLOT NO 14 SEC NO 9 ROH
PREETI     LAKHANPAL                  GIAN      CHAND        SHARMA                        INDIA
                                                                          127 AKASH KUNJ PLOT NO 14 SECTOR NO 9 R
SHUBHANGI R            KHANDEKAR      R         S            KHANDEKAR                      INDIA
                                                                          296 POCKET G-26 SECTOR 3 ROHINI NEW DE
RAMESH     KUMAR       RASTOGI        RAM       SARAN                                     INDIA
                                                                          152 LUXMI APARTMENTS PLOT NO 24/3 SECT
SATISH     CHOUDHARY                  CH        SARUP        SINGH                          INDIA
                                                                          A-217, POCKET-OO SECTOR-2, ROHINI DELH
ANIL       KUMAR       JIAN           LATE      SH           B N JAIN                         SECTOR
                                                                          C 7 G VIJETA VIHAR INDIA 13 ROHINI DEL
TARA       MANGAR                     NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                          C-109 SHIV VIHAR POOJARI APARTMENTS R
BANARSI    LAL         MANGAR         KALI      RAM          MANGAR                         INDIA
                                                                          C-109 SHIV VIHAR POOJARI APARTMENTS R
GANAPATHYS                            SH        V            SUBBA IYER                    INDIA
                                                                          161-E 2ND FLOOR POCKET-4 PHASE-I MAY
HARBANSLAL AHRI                       NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                          207-E PHASE II MAYUR VIHAR DELHI
UPENDRANATH                           BALDED    NARAIN                                    INDIA
                                                                          402 POCKET E MAYUR VIHAR PHASE II DEL
VENU       GOPALAN     MANNIL         ACHUTHANNAIR                                         80-B POCKET-A PHASE
                                                                          C/O UNNIKRISHNANINDIA
PRASANNA VENUGOPALAN                  NA                                                   80-B POCKET-A PHASE
                                                                          C/O UNNIKRISHNANINDIA
RAJ        KUMAR       GANDHI         THAKUR    DASS                                      INDIA
                                                                          194 AKASHADARSHINI APTS MAYUR VIHAR
SATISH     KUMAR       SHARM          SH        ROSHANLAL SHARMA                           INDIA
                                                                          78-C POCKET A MAYUR VIHAR PHASE II DEL
MATHRA     DASS        ANAND          DAMODAR DASS           ANAND                         INDIA
                                                                          131 AMAR JYOTI KUNJ MAYUR VIHAR PHAS
SRINIVASA RAO          PARCHURI       P         POTHARAJU                                   VIHAR
                                                                          170-C PKT B MAYURINDIA PH II DELHI
PARKASH    CHAND                  NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                     B-50 TAKSHSHILA APT PLOT NO 57 1-P EXTN
BHATNAGARK             N          L        N                                         INDIA
                                                        BHATANAGAR 155 CHITRA VIHAR DELHI
JOGINDER   SINGH       BAHL       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                     E 87,PANDAVNAGER, PATPAR GANJ, DELHI
RAJ        KUMAR                  ANUP     SINGH                                        SHASTRI NAGAR MEER
                                                                     1328/3 SCHEME NO 7INDIA
NARENDAR PAL                      VIDYA    SAGAR        BANSAL                         INDIA
                                                                     117 IST FLOOR SRESHTHA VIHAR DELHI
P          RAJASEKHARAN           S        PAZHANIAPPAN                               INDIA
                                                                     C/O DEEPA RAJASEKHARAN 403,FIRST FLOO
RITA       KHANNA                 VERINDER KUMAR        KHANNA                        FLATS
                                                                     C-2 MOTHER DAIRY INDIA PATPARGANJ DE
SANDHYA    MATHUR                 MANOJ    KUMAR        MATHUR                        INDIA
                                                                     B-205 PRIYADARSHINI VIHAR NEW DELHI
PRERNA     KOHLI                  VIVEK    KOHLI                                      INDIA
                                                                     142 PUSHPANJALI VIKAS MARG DELHI
PANKAJ     AGRAWAL                LATE     DR                                        INDIA
                                                        Y N AGRAWAL FLAT NO-170 ENGINEERS SOCIETY 21 I P EX
CHHAVI     KUMAR       JAIN       SH       SUSHIL       KUMAR JAIN                    INDIA
                                                                     1449-176 DURGA PURI LONI ROAD SHAHDAR
RAKESH     KUMAR       AMBASTA    VIRENDRA PRASAD       AMBASTA                        INDIA
                                                                     1/4649/55-B NEW MODERN SHAHDARA GALI
SANGEETA WAHI                     CHANDER MOHAN         WAHI                            INDIA
                                                                     16-C POCKET J & K DILSHAD GARDEN DELH
CHANDER    MOHAN       WAHI       RAM      PARKASH      WAHI                            INDIA
                                                                     16-C POCKET J & K DILSHAD GARDEN DELH
RAM        PARKASH     WAHI       NARSINGHDASS                                          INDIA
                                                                     16-C POCKET J & K DILSHAD GARDEN DELH
RAM        CHANDRA     KHANNA     UMA      SHANKER                                     INDIA
                                                                     C/O S C SAHGAL 66 ANEKANT APARTMENTS
RAMESH     CHANDER     TIKOO      D        N            TIKOO                         INDIA
                                                                     318 PARIYATAN VIHAR B-4 VASUNDRA ENC
RAJANI     RAINA                  R        S            RAINA                         INDIA
                                                                     610 NEW DELHI APARTMENTS 7 VASUNDHR
VIKRAM     JEET        SINGH      V        J            SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                     316 B-4 PARYATAN VIHAR VASUNDHRA ENC
KRISHNA    KUMARI                 HUKAM    CHAND                                      INDIA
                                                                     5N/9 NIT FARIDABAD DIST FARIDABAD HAR
JIWAN      DASS                   MOHAN    LAL                                        INDIA
                                                                     5N/9 NIT FARIDABAD DIST FARIDABAD HAR
MEENA      AGGARWAL               ARUN     KUMAR        AGARWAL                         INDIA
                                                                     661,SECTOR 22, FARIDABAD
ANIL       MANGLA                 NA                                                INDIA
                                                                     DALCHAND TRILOKCHAND DARWAR KUAN
RAKESH     BATRA                  P        D            BATRA                         INDIA
                                                                     155/7 URBAN ESTATE GURGAON HARYANA
PARVEEN    YADAV                  MURARI   LAL                                        INDIA
                                                                     778 SARASWATI VIHAR CHAKKARPUR GURG
RAJENDRA VIRMANI                          V
                                  GOVINDLAL IRMANI                                      GURGAON
                                                                     5/52 SHIVAJI NAGARINDIA
SURESH     KUMAR                  LATE     WAZIR        CHAND                         INDIA
                                                                     H NO 409 SECTOR URBAN ESTATE GURGAON
RITESH     NATH                   SURENDRANATH                                        INDIA
                                                                     C\O RAKESH NATH 181 SECTOR-17 GURGAO
SUKH       VISHIN                 LATE     MANO         MAL                           INDIA
                                                                     607-B HAMILTON COURT DLF CITY-IV GURG
ASHISH     SONAL                  ASHISH   SONAL                                       COURT
                                                                     HOUSE NO 01 BIRCHINDIA NIRVANA COUN
GYANENDRANATH          SINGH              S
                                  CHANDRIKAINGH                                        INDIA
                                                                     C-22, IDPL TOWN SHIP DUNDAHERA GORGA
SUNITA     C           GADGIL             GADGIL
                                  CHANDRASHEKHAR                                      INDIA
                                                                     D-56/4 CTPS COLONY URJANAGAR CHANDR
RADHA      GUPTA                  KALIKA   PRASAD                                   INDIA
                                                                     GANDHI CHOWK BALLARPUR CHANDRAPU
SONIKA     GUPTA                  SANJAY                                             INDIA
                                                                     GUPTA TRADERS GANDHI CHOWK BALLARP
                                  CHAMPATRAO            JADHAO                       INDIA
                                                                     SHIVAJI WARD WARORA DIST CHANDRAPU
MADHUBEN P             PATEL      PRADEEP KUMAR         PATEL                         INDIA
                                                                     20, NAVRANG SOCIETY HARIKRIPA AKOLA
SUSHIL     MUNDADA                OMPRAKASH                                           INDIA
                                                                     SHREE SADAN IN FRONT MATRUBHUMI PRE
ANIL       RATANLALJI MUNDHADA    R        M            MUNDHADA                    INDIA
                                                                     PANNALAL NAGAR OPP BANARASE BLDG A
RAJESH     H           LOTIYA     HARILAL LOTIYA                                    INDIA
                                                                     NEAR RAM NAGAR SCHOOL BALAJI PLOT A
FAKARUDDIN                        MOHADDINSAHEB                                      INDIA
                                                                     OPP HAJI BUNGALOW CAMP JAIL ROAD AM
SAMIR      SHRIRAM     DHARMALE   SHRIRAM DHARMALE                                   INDIA
                                                                     AT PO BORGAON DHARMALE TALUKA DIST
RAMRATAN DHUNNARAM GUPTA          NOT      AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                     SADAR BAZAR PARATWADA, DT AMRAVAT
                                  SHALIGRAM             KSHIRSAGAR                  INDIA
                                                                     C/O MAYUR GENERAL STORES AT LONI TQ W
ANAND      SINGH       MEHTA      HULASMALMEHTA                                      INDIA
                                                                     1 JOY COLONY SAKET ABOVE ST BANK OF I
QURESH     MATKAWALA              YUSUF    FIDAHUSEIN                                INDIA
                                                                     C/O MALWA STATIONERY MART 66, BARWA
LALIT      KUMAR       CHANDAK    NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                     73,HARDIA COMPOUND, INDORE
MARIYAM    MATKAWALA              QURESH   MATKAWALA                                 INDIA
                                                                     C/O MALWA STATIONERY MART 66,BARWA
KUSUM      PATNI                     NARNDRA PATNI                                         INDIA
                                                                        3,L I G II,NANDA NAGAR, ROAD NO 1,INDOR
NARENDRA KUMAR         PATNI                 PATNI
                                     PREMCHAND                                             INDIA
                                                                        3,L I G II,NANDA NAGAR ROAD NO 1,INDORE
NILIMA     BANERJI                   ANIL      BANERJI                                   INDIA
                                                                        E-38 CAT COLONY POST CAT INDORE M P IN
DILIP      KAKANI                    S         N           KOKANI                        INDIA
                                                                        LUNI TEH-ALOTE POST RATLAM DIST RATL
ANWAR      IBNE        HAIDER        QAZI      HAIDER      MOHAMMED                       INDIA
                                                                        161-C B D A COLONY KOH-E-FIZE BHOPAL B
S          S           VERMA         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        U 21 THADARAM COMPLEX 209 A ZONE I MA
RAVINDRA KUMAR         ARYA          JAGDISH   PRASAD      GUPTA                        INDIA
                                                                        B-10 AWAS SANGH FLATS KALPANA NAGAR
HARIMAHADEO                          NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                        F 132 GUTAM NAGAR GOVINDPURA BHOPAL
SATYENDRAKUMAR         SONI          RAM       KRISHNA     SONI                        INDIA
                                                                        ABHUSHAN KALA MANDIR SANCHI ROAD S
MOHMMAD MUKHTAR        ZAKI          NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                        BAZARIA NO 1 DAMOH M P M P
LAXMAN     PRASAD      ARELA         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        SHEKH KI BAGIA JANAKGANJ GWALIOR (MP
KRISHNA    KUMAR       SHARMA        MUKTA     PRASAD      SHARMA                         SINGH
                                                                        C/O SHRI GANAPATIINDIA 2 WAGLE KA BA
MADAN      MOHAN       AGARWAL       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        C/O ADARSH TRADING CO OPP BANK OF IND
NAMITA     SHIVHARE                  HARI      SHANKER                                    INDIA
                                                                        C/O H S SHIVHARE 772 MLB ROAD ABOVE C
KISHAN     LAL         VERMA         RAJA      RAM         VERMA                         INDIA
                                                                        146 VIKAS NIWAS OMTI WARD JABALPUR
SATPAL     SINGH                     KARTAR    SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                        1393/A MADAN MAHAL JABALPUR
GOKUL      PRASAD      VYAS          NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        32 PATRAKAR COLONY RANITAL JABALPUR
DAMODAR R              BAGRI         R         K           BAGRI                          INDIA
                                                                        49-50 INDUSTRIAL AREA SATNA (M P) SATN
RAM        GYANENDRA SINGH           R         P           SINGH                          INDIA
                                                                        C/O DR P SINGH NAHAR NURSING HOME NE
KIRAN      KUMAR       BHALLA        S         K           BHALLA                        FRONT
                                                                        CHANAKYA PURI ININDIA OF J P SHARMA
SUKHNANDAN                           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        C/O MAIHAR CEMENT SARLANAGAR DIST S
GUPTA      V           K             NOT       AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                        QRT 6-E ST NO 27 SECTOR I BHILAI PO DURG
SUKHJINDERSINGH                      VEDROOP SINGH                                     INDIA
                                                                        C/O MANKAMAL TRANSPORT STATION ROA
TARUNENDRA             TRIVEDI               P
                                     JAGANNATHRASAD        TRIVEDI                      INDIA
                                                                        26/549,MAHAMAYEEPARA, PURANI BASTI,R
DEEPALI    PARGANIHA                 R         K           PARGANIHA                   INDIA
                                                                        CURRENCY INFOSYS SAMVAD C-286 ROHIN
MAHESH     GUPTA                     RISHI     LAL         GUPTA                          BILASPUR M P
                                                                        A 14 NEHRU NAGAR INDIA
JAISHREE   KABRA                     VINOD     K                                        INDIA
                                                                        C/O M V HANDLOOMS MUNSHI GALLI OLD S
ANNIE      MAREQUINHADSOUZA          FELIX     B           DSOUZA                        INDIA
                                                                        5-9-302 GUNFOUNDRY HYDERABAD HYDER
VENKATA    NARSINGA    RAO M         NOT       AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                        H NO 5-4-680 OLD KATTAL MANDI HYDERAB
AZMAT      ALI         KHAN          ISHRAT    ALI         KHAN                          INDIA
                                                                        386 SPL B AGHAPURA HYDERABAD HYDERA
RAHUL      D           SHAH          DHIRAJLALJAYCHAND     SHAH                         INDIA
                                                                        305 VAIBHAV APARTMENTS H NO 4-2-1069 3
S          P           RAMANATHAN    NA                                                  BHAVAN 4-3-596/A, TILA
                                                                        CMC LTD, POSNETT INDIA
SHUJAUDDINMD                         MD        GHOUSUDDIN                                 INDIA
                                                                        NO 5-6-629 NEW AGHA PURA NAMPALLY HY
S          SAI         KUMAR         S         P                                         INDIA
                                                           R VITTAL RAO C/O S RAMA RAO BANK OF INDIA NAMPALL
VENKATAREDDY                         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        OFFICE OF THE COMMISIONER OF INDUSTR
LAKHA      RANI                      KARAN     PRASAD                                     INDIA
                                                                        5-8-322/2/A UMABAGH NAMPALLY HYDERAB
N          V           M LAKSHMI     N         RAMAGOPAL                                INDIA
                                                                        THE VYSYA BANK LTD 4-1-3/7-3/9 2ND FLOO
B          NARA        SINGH RAO     B         ANTHAIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                        HOUSE NO 1-121/49 PLOT NO 83A VST COLON
RAGHURAMAIAH                         M         L           RAGHVAIAH                     INDIA
                                                                        41S/O M L RAGHAVAIAH 22-105,BAKJI NAGA
KAUSHALYABAI           CHOKDA               CHOKDA
                                     BHAGWANDAS                                           INDIA
                                                                        20-1-280/3 KOKABAZAR HYDERABAD HYDER
LEELA      ABRAHAM                   NA                                                 AWHO
                                                                        PROJECT MANAGERINDIA MUDFORT (MES
ANANTHA    LAKSHMI     RAVULA        R         MAHESH                  A               C/O BANK OF INDIA SE
                                                           CHANDER REDDYNANTHA LAKSHMIINDIA
KRISHNA    MOHAN                     K
                       SHARMA KOTAMRAJU        S           K SUNDARAM                      INDIA
                                                                        5-3-317 LALJI MEGHJI COMPOUND MAHATM
POORNACHANDER          KODARAPU      K         VEERAIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                        8-1-219/3 SHIVAZI NAGAR SECUNDERABAD
AKASH      RATHI                     P         RATHI                                      INDIA
                                                                        2-2-57/16 2ND FLOOR PAN BAZAR JAIN TEM
ANAKSHI    RATHI                     P         RATHI                                      INDIA
                                                                        2-2-57/16 2ND FLOOR PAN BAZAR JAIN TEM
M          SURESH                    M         DURGAIAH                                  INDIA
                                                                        185 1ST FLOOR CHENOY TRADE CENTRNE P
R         K             GOEL           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          ASSOCIATED ESTATE ENTER SURYA TOWER
SRIKAKULAPU             MOHAN          S          L           N MURTHY                      INDIA
                                                                          PLOT NO 65 H SOC SC P COL ONY OPP VIKRA
D         S             CHAKRABORTY    T          P                                        INDIA
                                                              CHAKRABORTY 36 8 JEERA SECUNDRABAD
CHANDRA   MOHAN         KATTA          K          NARSIAH                                  INDIA
                                                                          H NO 8-2-341 KUMMERGUDA SECUNDERAB
VINODKUMAR                             NARAYAN RAO            M                                JAIL,
                                                                          7-2-685, OPP TO OLD INDIASECUNDERABAD
VASUDHA   DEVI          PRODDATOORI    P          MURALI      KRISHNA                      INDIA
                                                                          5-2-356 ANNAPOORNA NILAYAM SATYANAR
GUGAM     QASIMUDDIN IRFAN             MIR        SHAMSUDDINAHMED                           INDIA
                                                                          6-2-30/C PARBAT LAKDI-KA-PUL HYDERABA
S         J             M PRASAD       VENKATAKRISHNAIAH                                       SARDAR APARTMENTS
                                                                          6-2-656, FLAT NO 105INDIA
SUDHARSANRAO            P              RAMA       RAO                                       INDIA
                                                                          303 VIJAYA HILLS BLOCK B 11-4-646 A C GU
SABITHA   SHAMAGATLA                   M          SHAMAGATLA                                INDIA
                                                                          H NO 10-1-225 VEERNAGAR KHAIRATABAD H
SHUBHA    AHUJA                        SUNIL      KUMAR       AHUJA                         6-2-11/1
                                                                          502 SURABHI PLAZAINDIA LAKDI KA POO
SHANTI    DEVI                         BANSI      LAL                                     INDIA
                                                                          607 BUNDAVAN APARTMENT RED HILLS HY
NASIR     HUSSAIN                      KHURSHID HUSSAIN                                       INDIA
                                                                          11-8-334/1/B HILL PARK ROAD RED HILLS HY
VEERA               P
          PRABHAVATHI AYILA            SUDARSAN                                              WING,
                                                                          303 VIJAYA HILLS B INDIA 11-4-646 A C GUA
P         SUDHARSAN RAO                RAMA       RAO                                         BLOCK
                                                                          303 VIJAYA HILLS B INDIA 11-4-646 AC GUA
PURNACHANDRA            YV             RAMAIAH                                           INDIA
                                                                          C/O SATYANARAYANA Y FUNDS-22 ACCOUN
SATYAVANI CHITTAJALLU                  GOPALA     KRISHNA                                    INDIA
                                                                          FLAT NO 11 SRI SAI KRISHNA APTS KHAIRA
S         VEENA         VALLI          RAO                                                    INDIA
                                                                          6-1-1059 507 TAJ ENCLAVE HYDERABAD
SUDHAKARARAO            BANDI          B          RAMANNA     LATE                           INDIA
                                                                          H NO 18-9-41/2 STREET NO 4 HOUSE SL NO 28
VENKAT    RAM           REDDY MARRI    VENKAT     REDDY       MARRI                         NEAR
                                                                          H NO 2-96 BALAPUR INDIA KESHAVA GIRI H
SHAM      RAO                          NOT        AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                          13-2-806,RAHEEMPURA PO, KARWAN SAHU,
G         MOHAN         SINGH          GOPAL      SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                          HNO 13-3-596/1 BESIDE SCHOLAR HIGH SCHO
MANOHAR GUTTIKONDA                             G
                                       BIKSHAPATHI                                           INDIA
                                                                          1-7-13/2 STREET NO 8 OPP I S I HABSIGUDA H
P         SHANTHI       KIRAN REDDY    X                                                   INDIA
                                                                          F NO 103 HARSHA APTS 8-3-320/1/12 YELLA R
KRISHNA   REDDY         M              M          M           REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                          H NO 94 SHAIKPET NALA LAXMI NAGAR CO
P         V             BHASKARA RAO   NA                                                 PVT LTD 8-1-366/A TOLI
                                                                          KAKATIYA ALLOYS INDIA
RAMAN     KUMAR         SEHGAL         KEDAR      NATH        SEHGAL                         HYDERABAD
                                                                          8-1-39 TOLI CHOWKIINDIA
RAO       B             SP             B          BHASKARA RAO                               O COLONY SECUNDER
                                                                          198 SECTOR A A W HINDIA
K         ANAND         SWARUP BORA    KEWAL      CHAND       BORA                         INDIA
                                                                          652 SADAR BAZAR BOLARUM SECUNDERAB
SHYAMALSHREE                           D          K           DATTA                           MALLIKARJUNA NAGA
                                                                          H NO 24, ROAD NO 2 INDIA
MADHAVA RAO             M              NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          C/O G VENKATESHAM H NO 160/A COMSARY
K         RAJAMANI                     MEGH       NATH        GOYAL                         INDIA
                                                                          1-1-6 RAJA GEN STORES COMSARI BAZAR BO
GIRIRAJ   JOSHI                        J          JOSHI                                     INDIA
                                                                          H NO 14-2-443 CHAKANAWADI GOSHAMAHA
SARITHA   MANTRI                               MANTRI
                                       SURYAPRAKASH                                            INDIA
                                                                          15/7/32/33, FIRST FLOOR KOLSAWADI BEGUM
HARINARAYAN                            BANSILAL                                             INDIA
                                                                          15-7-522 BEGUM BAZAR HYDERABAD HYDE
AMBRISH   MOHAN                        BASDEO     SAHAR                                    INDIA
                                                                          C/O MRS.PUSHPA GOEL 168 B POCKET -C SI
SAMIR     MEHRA                                M
                                       SULAKSHAN EHRA                                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O S L MEHRA 10 BIRBAL ROAD JANGPURA
SURESHTA MEHRA                                 M
                                       SULAKSHAN EHRA                                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O S L MEHRA 10 BIRBAL ROAD JANGPURA
SULAKSHANMEHRA                         SHADI      LAL         MEHRA                         INDIA
                                                                          C/O S L MEHRA 10 BIRBAL ROAD JANGPURA
SHELLY    MEHRA                                M
                                       SULAKSHAN EHRA                                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O S L MEHRA 10 BIRBAL ROAD JANGPURA
NINU      KHANNA                       BAL        RAM         KHANNA                        INDIA
                                                                          C/O S L MEHRA 10 BIRBAL ROAD JANGPURA
BAL       RAM           KHANNA         RAJA       RAM         KHANNA                        INDIA
                                                                          C/O S L MEHRA 10 BIRBAL ROAD JANGPURA
VARUN     KAPUR                        VERINDER KAPUR                                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O S L MEHRA 10 BIRBAL ROAD JANGPURA
SHILPI    KAPUR                        VERINDER KAPUR                                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O S L MEHRA 10 BIRBAL ROAD JANGPURA
SAVITRI   MEHRA                        SHADILAL MEHRA                                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O S L MEHRA 10 BIRBAL ROAD JANGPURA
SHADI     LAL           MEHRA          RALLIA     RAM         MEHRA                         INDIA
                                                                          C/O S L MEHRA 10 BIRBAL ROAD JANGPURA
NIDHI     BHATNAGAR                    VIRAJ      BHATNAGAR                                 INDIA
                                                                          171-C POCKET C SIDDHARTHA EXTN NEW D
VIRAJ      BHATNAGAR               YOGENDRAKUMAR         BHATNAGAR                     INDIA
                                                                     171-C POCKET C SIDHARTHA EXTENSION NE
                                                                     171-C POCKET C SIDHARTHA EXTENSION NE
                                                                     171-C POCKET C SIDHARTHA EXTENSION NE
RAKESH     VIRMANI                 HARNAM DASS           VIRMANI                      INDIA
                                                                     A5/54 MOTI NAGAR NEW DELHI
TARLOK     ANAND                   LATE      SRI         CHAND                          INDIA
                                                                     8A-T-5315/2 W E A KAROL NEW DELHI
K          PRABHAKAR RAO           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                     C/7/229 SAFDARJUNG DEVELOPMENT AREA
USHA       GOEL                    BRIJ      MOHAN       GOEL                         INDIA
                                                                     S/23A GREEN PARK MAIN MARKET NEW DEL
BRIJMOHAN GOEL                     NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                     S/23A GREEN PARK MAIN MARKET NEW DEL
SARITA     SHARMA                  RAVINDRAKUAMR                                      INDIA
                                                                     W/O R K SHARMA T-32 JIA SARAI (I.I.T.) NEW
NIKHIL     BANSAL                  SHIV      PRAKASH                                  INDIA
                                                                     A-1/239 SAFDARJUNG ENCLAVE NEW DELHI
AWATRAI    HIRANANDANI             MILKI     RAM                                       INDIA
                                                                     H.NO.G-3/18 MALVIYA NAGAR NEW DELHI
ARUN       KUMAR       CHOUDHARY   B         P           CHOUDHARY                      INDIA
                                                                     L-27F PHASE II SHEIKHSARAI N DELHI
SUBBAIAH   PUGAZHENTHI             RATHNAM SUBBIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                     80/1-B MALVIA NAGAR NEW DELHI
RAJEEV     TANWAR                  RAJENDRASINGH         TANWAR                      INDIA
                                                                     E-35 EKTA APARTMENTS (DDA FLATS) SAKE
SEEMA      TANWAR                  RAJENDRASINGH         TANWAR                      INDIA
                                                                     E-35 EKTA APARTMENTS (DDA FLATS) SAKE
SANTHOSH P             CHALY       PAUL      CHALY                                      INDIA
                                                                     F 10C SES FLATS, SAKET,NEW DELHI
UMARANI    PUGAZHENTHI             SUBBIAH PUGAZHENTHI                                INDIA
                                                                     801-1-B MALVIA NAGAR NEW DELHI
UMA        RAJAN                   NOT       AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                     E-35 EKTA APARTMENTS (DDA FLATS) SAKE
JYOTIRMAY CHAKRABARTI              ASIT      CHAKRABARTI                                II POCKET K NEW DELH
                                                                     100 D SHEIKH SARAIINDIA
PRAMODINI M                        M         MOHAN       REDDY                        INDIA
                                                                     131/10 CPWO QUARTERS SAKET SECTOR-I N
NARESH     K           AGGARWALA   CHANDRAKANT                                       INDIA
                                                                     E-118 LOWER GROUND FLOOR SAKET NEW D
                                   RAMDAYAL                                          INDIA
                                                                     E-35 EKTA APARTMENTS (DDA FLATS) SAKE
PARMOD     KOHLI                           KOHLI
                                   KRISHANLAL                                           INDIA
                                                                     KOHIL & CO 4/69-D SAKET NEW DELHI NEW
SAKSHI     TANWAR                  RAJENDRASINGH         TANWAR                      INDIA
                                                                     E-35 EKTA APARTMENTS (DDA FLATS) SAKE
K          R           KUMRA       MUNSHIRAM                                            INDIA
                                                                     H NO 55/7 SECTOR I PUSHAP VIHAR NEW DE
S          B           JHAMB       N         R           JHAMB                        INDIA
                                                                     M-79 SAKET NEW DELHI
AARTI      SHARMA                  ANIL      K           SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                     H-11B SAKET NEW DELHI
BAL        RAJ         SIKKA              SIKKA
                                   RAMCHANDER                                          INDIA
                                                                     J-60 VIKASPURI NEW DELHI
BALBIR     SINGH       CHAWLA      H         R           CHAWLA                         INDIA
                                                                     DG-II/163-C VIKAS PURI NEW DELHI NEW DE
ARVIND     KUMAR       SINGH       NOT       AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                     57 LOKVIHAR APARTMENTS PLOT NO 7 BOD
ANAND      PRAKASH     MAHAJAN     M         L           GUPTA                       INDIA
                                                                     ADVOCATE WZ-2A PLOT NO A-134 OLD MAH
BIMLA      KUCKREJA                S         BAGHRAJ                                  INDIA
                                                                     F-78 VIKASPURI NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
RAGHURAM S                         V         R           SIVARAM                     INDIA
                                                                     NO 29 MAYA APARTMENT VIKAS PURI NEW
VIPIN      KUMAR                   SH        D           MONGA                        INDIA
                                                                     F-99/A,VISHNU GARDEN, NEW DELHI
POONAM     SAXENA                  NA                                                INDIA
                                                                     57 LOKVIHAR APARTMENTS PLOT NO 7 BOD
PUNAM      SARDANA                 NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                     FLAT NO-24,OLD MARKET, TILAK NAGAR,NE
RAM        VIR         SINGH       DIGVJAI   SINGH                                     INDIA
                                                                     183A/GG I VIKASPURI, NEW DELHI
BHAGAT     NARAIN      SHARMA      ML        SHARMA                                  INDIA
                                                                     K 344 KANGRANIKETAN K BLOCK VIKASPU
PRAMOD     LAMORIA                 NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                     DG-3/161-162 VIKASPURI NEW DELHI NEW D
BHARAT     BHUSHAN                 NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                     DG-1/51-D VIKAS PURI NEW DELHI NEW DEL
RASHMI     SHARMA                  NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                     K 344 KANGRA NIKETAN K BLOCK VIKAS PU
SAVYA      SACHI       SHARMA      B         N           SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                     K 344 KANGRA NIKETAN K BLOCK VIKASPU
SHANTI     DEVI                    N         NADKARNI                                 INDIA
                                                                     K 344 KANGRA NIKETAN K BLOCK VIKASPU
AVTAR      SINGH                   LATE      BUDH        SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                     W Z 6/1 S P MUKERJEE PARK PO TILAK NAG
KAVITA     GUSAIN                  S         S           GUSHAIN                        INDIA
                                                                     J6 11/198 VIKASH PURI NEWDELHI
V          M           SHAHANI     M         N           SHAHANI                       INDIA
                                                                     DGII/88C SFS VIKASPURI NEW DELHI
GOVIND     KRISHNA     DIXIT       RAM       KRISHNA     DIXIT                        INDIA
                                                                     L-42,KALKAJEE, NEW DELHI
G          R           GUPTA           RAMKALA                                              INDIA
                                                                          J 143 KALKAJI NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
RAJESH     AGGARWAL                    SH        KANAM       CHAND                          DELHI
                                                                          A-311 KALKAJI NEWINDIA
JOGINDER   SINGH       BARNIAL         SH        SANT        RAM THAKUR                    INDIA
                                                                          C/O CHADHA & CO 112A MANSAROVER 90 N
NEEL       SHANKAR     HARLALKA        P         R           HARLALKA                      INDIA
                                                                          S K CARBON LTD 510 SHAKUNTALA APARTM
SANGHAMITRA                                    CHAKRABARTI
                                       JYOTIRAMY                                           INDIA
                                                                          B 275 CHITTARANJAN PARK NEW DELHI
RAGHU      JIBAN       NAYAK           GOLAK     BIHARI      NAYAK                       INDIA
                                                                          PROBATIONARY OFFICER S B M NEHRU PLA
VIJAY      KANT        BHATNAGAR       LATE      M                                        INDIA
                                                             S BHATNAGAR DVB SUB STATION FLAT OPP SHIVMANDIR
NEELAM     BHATNAGAR                   VIJAY     KANT        BHATNAGAR                     INDIA
                                                                          DVB SUB STATION FLAT OPP SHIVMANDIR
RAJNEESH   GUGLANI                     HARISH    CHANDRA     GUGLANI                       INDIA
                                                                          M-40 2ND FLOOR CHITRANJAN PARK NEW D
AMARNATH KAPUR                         RAM       SINGH       KAPUR                        INDIA
                                                                          44 MODEL TOWN SONEPAT
RAJASEKHAR                             M         S                       STATE BANK OF MYSORE 3 4 & 5 DDA BUILD
                                                             JAGANNATHA RAO              INDIA
ASHA       MALHOTRA                    KAMAL     KUMAR                                      INDIA
                                                                          36-III NW MOTI BAGH NEW DELHI
ASHOKA     BUILDERS    PVT LTD         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          C-102 ANAND NIKETAN NEW DELHI NEW DE
G          R           SINGHAL         K         S           SINGHAL                        INDIA
                                                                          H NO 801 SECTOR 4 R K PURAM NEW DELHI
HARBANS    LAL         DEWAN           NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                          J-23 SAROJINI NAGAR NEW DELHI
ASHOK      KUMAR                       SH        B           LAL                            INDIA
                                                                          DG-941 SAROJINI NAGAR NEW DELHI
DWARKA     PRASAD      BHARGAVA        BALA      PRASAD      BHARGAVA                      INDIA
                                                                          B-49, KIDWAI NAGAR, NEW DELHI
ASHOK      KUMAR       RUSTAGI         SH        MAHINDRA PAL RUSTAGI                       INDIA
                                                                          L-166 SAROJINI NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW DE
GEETHA     K                           P         KARUPASAMY                                INDIA
                                                                          681, LAXMIBAI NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW DE
UDAY       CHANDER                     HARISH    CHANDER     SHARMA                         INDIA
                                                                          B-632 SAROJINI NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW DE
MUKESH     GAUTAM                      SH        C           D GAUTAM                      INDIA
                                                                          1764,LAXMI BAI NAGAR, NEW DELHI
HARISH     PRAKASH                     K         S           PRABHAKAR                     INDIA
                                                                          640 LAXMI BAI NAGAR NEW DELHI
SUNIL      NAGAR                       HANS      RAJ         NAGAR                         INDIA
                                                                          L/79 SAROJANI NAGAR NEW DELHI
NAWAL      KISHORE     KALRA           DEVKI     NANDAN      KALRA                          INDIA
                                                                          L-44RBI FLATS SAROJINI NAGAR NEW DELH
RAM        LAL         CHAWLA          SH        BELA                                   INDIA
                                                             RAM CHAWLA C/O SH PYAR CHAND A 1 54 LAJPAT NAGAR
MOHAN      NOTANI                      LATE      PRIBHDAS    NOTANI                          INDIA
                                                                          II-A/72, LAJPAT NAGAR NEW DELHI
RAJAN      A           MALIK           ANA       MALIK                                     INDIA
                                                                          C-95 DEFENCE COLONY NEW DELHI NEW DE
THAKAR     DAS         CHAWLA                 CHAWLA
                                       MULCHAND                                              INDIA
                                                                          H 1/87 88 LAJPAT NAGAR, NEW DELHI
V          RAJA                        R         VAIDYANATHAN                              INDIA
                                                                          A-29,DEFENCE COLONY, NEWDELHI
VINAY      KUMAR       KEDIA           L         N           KEDIA                          1 NEW
                                                                          G-39 LAJPAT NAGARINDIA DELHI NEW DEL
SREEKANTH T                            LATE      V                       VLS FINANCE LTD IBD ULS HOUSE C/489 DE
                                                             THANKAPPAN PILLAI            INDIA
ANURADHA TARNEJA                       PRAMOD TARNEJA                                     INDIA
                                                                          C/O MR SURENDER AHUJA AHUJA SURI & TA
PRAMOD     TARNEJA     HUF             TULSI     DASS        TARNEJA                      INDIA
                                                                          C/O MR SURENDER AHUJA AHUJA SURI & TA
PRAMOD     TARNEJA                     TULSI     DASS        TARNEJA                      INDIA
                                                                          C/O MR SURENDER AHUJA AHUJA SURI & TA
SEHDEV     VASUDEVA                    NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                          158 SUKHADEV VIHAR NEW DELHI
S          A           H RIZIVI        SBH       RAZVI                                      INDIA
                                                                          H NO 640 STREET NO-9 ZAKIR NAGAR NEW D
V          K           MURTHY          R         K           MURTHY                       INDIA
                                                                          134,SUKHDEV VIHAR, NEW DELHI
ALKA       SETHI                       SOHAN     SINGH       SETHI                        INDIA
                                                                          32-B NORTH AVENUE PUNJABI BAGH NEW D
SHASHI     ARORA                       GULSHAN KUMAR                                       INDIA
                                                                          3/49 WEST AVENUE BACK SIDE PUNJABI BA
SANTOSH    GUPTA                       GUPTA     A           K                              INDIA
                                                                          2/48 WEST PUNJABI BAGH NEW DELHI
SHASHI     SINGH                       MAJOR     MOHINDER SINGH                            INDIA
                                                                          C/O SURENDER SINGH ADVOCATE NEAR DA
RAVINDER KUMAR         JAIN            RAJ       KUMAR       JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                          HNO 520,PATHAR GATI, MAHAVIR MARG,RE
RAVINDER KUMAR                         HARI      CHAND                                     INDIA
                                                                          ALLIED SAFE & TRUNK HOUSE RAILWAY RO
RENU       RUSTAGI                     HARI      CHAND                                     INDIA
                                                                          ALLIED SAFE & TRUNK HOUSE RAILWAY RO
RAM        KUMAR       SINGH CHAUHAN           S
                                       SHSALEHDI INGH                                       INDIA
                                                                          S/O SH SALEHDI SINGH VILL&PO JATAULI, D
KAILASHARORA                           NOT       AVAILABLE                                  INDIA
                                                                          165/21 JAGDISH COLONY, ROHTAK
PURSHOTAMDASS                          NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          M/S AGRICULTURE STORE NAYA BAZAR, BH
HANUMANDASS                        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                      C/O RAJINDRA TRACTOR, BEGU ROAD,SIRSA
SUDESH     S          P S GAUTAM   S         P           S GAUTAM                      INDIA
                                                                      C/O INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK SADAR BAZAR
ANIL       KUMAR      MEHTA        JAGAN     NATH                                     INDIA
                                                                      C/O RAJ KUMAR BHANDARI C-123 EDUCATI
PARVESH    BALA                    NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      PURAN CINEMA COLONY NEAR GOYAL ATT
PUSHPA     UPRETI                  NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      48-L MODEL TOWN SONEPAT HARYANA
ASHOK      CHAWLA                  SH        CHARAN                                   INDIA
                                                         DASS CHAWLA C/O CHARAN JEET BAJAJ H NO 797 SECTOR
SANJAY     SINGLA                  SH        BALAK                                   SUPPLIERS NR WEST BA
                                                         RAM SINGHAL THE BHARAT WOOLINDIA
BRIJ       MOHAN                   R         DASS                                      INDIA
                                                                      237 LAL KURTI BAZAR AMBALA CANTT AM
SEHDEV     BANSAL                  B         R           BANSAL                        INDIA
                                                                      H NO 6274/7 AHATAKIDAR NATH OPP SAINIK
PUSHPA     RANI                    NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                      70 INDER NAGAR, CIVIL LINES, AMBALA CIT
ANIL       KUMAR                   VIJAY     SINGH                                       INDIA
                                                                      S/O SHRI VIJAY SINGH HOUSE NO 21 SUBAS
RAMNIK     MAND                    G         SINGH       M                              INDIA
                                                                      C/O LT COL G S MAND MED BR. HQ WEST CO
CHANDER    PRABHA     SHARMA               K
                                   SUDERSHANUMAR         SHARMA                        INDIA
                                                                      C/O SUDERSHAN K SHARMA HOUSE NO 1195
AMAR       CHANDEL                 MOHAN     SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                      C/O MR MOHAN SINGH PO RAMGARH VIA PA
SANJAY     GARG                    SH        OM          PRAKASH                      INDIA
                                                                      S/O OM PRAKASH V&P.O.SOHANA, DIST ROP
GOYAL      R          K            BABU      RAM                                        INDIA
                                                                      OFFICE OF CIVIL SURGEON LUDHIANA
BHAGWANT KAUR         BEHL         NOT       AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                      49-J SARABHA NAGAR LUDHIANA (PUNJAB)
AMRIK      SINGH      BEHL         SUJAN     SINGH       BEHL                          INDIA
                                                                      49-J SARABHA NAGAR LUDHIANA (PUNJAB)
DIVYA      GUPTA                   SUNIL     GUPTA                                     INDIA
                                                                      8-C UDHAM SINGH NAGAR CIVIL LINES LUD
JASJIT     SINGH      GREWAL       SHAMIR    SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                      740-1 BHAI RANDHIR SINGH NAGAR LUDHIA
KAMALJIT                           SL        B           K PATHAK                       INDIA
                                                                      OFFICE OF CIVIL SURGEON LUDHIANA
SHALU      K          SHARMA       R         L           SHARMA                         INDIA
                                                                      881 STREET NO 32 PREET NAGAR NEW SHIM
INDERJIT   ARORA                   DR        B           R ARORA                        INDIA
                                                                      10/56 PUNJAB AGRI UNIVERSTY LUDHIANA
RAJEEV     SINGH                   SUKHDEV SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                      10-C RAILWAY COLONY NO 1, LUDHIANA
CHAND      JAIN                    PARMOD JAIN                                          INDIA
                                                                      M/S CHUNILAL J K JAIN PO RAE-KOT DT LUD
CHATTAR    SINGH                   S         SARWAN      SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                      333/9 SUBASH BAZAR KHANNA
SURAJ      PARKASH                 MATHRA DASS                                       INDIA
                                                                      GEETA COLONY NEAR SATSANG GHAR JAG
JAGIR      SINGH                   SHINGARA SINGH                                       INDIA
                                                                      1399/8 GALI SALAMAT SINGH CHOWK JAI SI
ASHOK      KUMAR      BHANDARI     R         L           BHANDARI                       SHASTRI MARKET AMR
                                                                      C/O ASHOK & CO 30 INDIA
OM         PARKASH    TALWAR       JAMNA     DASS                                        INDIA
                                                                      LIC OF INDIA, DAB 29 DHARAM SINGH STRE
PRITAM     SINGH                   SH        AMAR        SINGH                           NO 2
                                                                      HNO 1046/12 STREETINDIAISLAMABAD AMR
RAM        LABHAYA    KAPUR                KAPUR
                                   BBAKSHIRAM                                          INDIA
                                                                      JAIN TEXTILE INDUSTRY SETH JAGAT BAND
S          S          MATHAROO     PURAN     SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                      STATE BANK OF PATIALA PATTI DISTT AMR
DEEPIKA    AGGARWAL                PUNEET    AGGARWAL                                   AMRITSAR
                                                                      249 GREEN AVENUE INDIA
BHUPINDER KOUR                     KIRPAL    SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                      GREEN FIELD BHOTAN PURA PO KHANNAN
RAVINDER SOOD                      NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                      C/O M/S RAM LAL PARTAP SINGH B P C DEA
NEELAM                             ASHOK     KUMAR                                    INDIA
                                                                      W/O SH ASHOK CHAWLA R/O H NO 7/28 GAL
RANJIT     SINGH                   PRATAP    SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                      PARTAP COLD STORAGE TARN TARAN PUNJ
SURINDER   MOHAN      SOI          SH        YASH        PAL SOI                     INDIA
                                                                      MAHALAXMI MEDICAL HALL PATTI (ASR)
TARVINDER KUMAR                    NANDLAL                                            INDIA
                                                                      94/3 DHARAMPURA COLONY NEAR WATER T
ANIL       KUMAR                   SH        PURSHOTAM DASS                            INDIA
                                                                      N K 189 BAZAR CHARATSINGH NEAR IMAM
HARINDERPAL                                 MIGLANI
                                   GURDIPSINGH                                         INDIA
                                                                      HOUSE NO 291 STREET NO 6A CENTRAL TOW
                                   PARMANAD                                            INDIA
                                                                      185 LAJPAT NAGAR JALANDHAR CITY
MANJU      VOHRA                   NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                      N K VOHRA HN DEC-406 QA21 MOHALLA JA
BALRAJ     KRISHAN    GHAI         SH        OM                                        INDIA
                                                         PRAKASH GHAI STREET NO 26 HOUSE NO 35 JALANDHAR CA
DES        RAJ        DHUNNA       CHARAN    DASS        DHUNNA                       INDIA
                                                                      58-B MODEL TOWN,PHAGWARA
GOPALAKRISHNA                      N         GOVINDA     PILLAI                       INDIA
                                                                      WO GGK PILLAI SMQ NO P-87/4 AF STATION
SATINDER   BHALLA                   M        SATHAPPAN                                INDIA
                                                                     M/S TIRATH SNGH CO&SONS OPPSITE NEW
URMIL      SHARMA                   TARSEM   CHAND                                   INDIA
                                                                     ARJAN NAGAR STREET NO 5, H.NO.141/2,PAT
GOPAL      KRISHAN   KHANNA         L        N           KHANNA                        INDIA
                                                                     2444/5 TASHKENT STREET THE MALL PATIA
GURBINDER KAUR                      NARINDER SINGH                                     INDIA
                                                                     C/O SHRI BALDEV SINGH 5-RAGHBIR COLON
NARINDER PAUL        SINGH KAPOOR   SH       B           S KAPOOR                      INDIA
                                                                     1069/3 GALILAL MASJID SHERANWALE GAT
NARESH     KUMAR     SHARMA         HARBANS LAL          SHARMA                      INDIA
                                                                     16-B POWER COLONY NEW PATIALA
NARESH     KUMAR     SHARMA         HARBANS LAL          SHARMA                      INDIA
                                                                     16-B POWER COLONY NEW PATIALA
NARESHKUMAR                         HARBANS LAL          SHARMA                      INDIA
                                                                     16-B POWER COLONY NO I MODEL TOWN NE
NARESH     KUMAR     SHARMA         HARBANS LAL          SHARMA                        16-B POWER COLONY, N
                                                                     TRAINING OFFICER, INDIA
MURARILAL GAMBHIR                   NAUBAT   RAM         GAMBHIR                      INDIA
                                                                     80 NEW MAJITHIA ENCLAVE PHASE-2 PATIA
NARESH     KUMAR     SHARMA                 SHARMA
                                    HARBANSLAL                                         16-B POWER COLONY, N
                                                                     TRAINING OFFICER, INDIA
NARESH     KUMAR     SHARMA                 SHARMA
                                    HARBANSLAL                                         16-B POWER COLONY, N
                                                                     TRAINING OFFICER, INDIA
SOVINDER   SINGH                    JAGAT    SINGH                                   INDIA
                                                                     EXECUTIVE ENGINEER (RETD) 536 GHUMAN
MANJIT     KAUR                     M        I           SINGH                        OFFICERS COLONY PAT
                                                                     KOTHI NO 23 ARMY INDIA
RAVINDER KUMAR       GARG           GIAN     CHAND       GRAG                        INDIA
                                                                     C/O SONU MODEL SCHOOL INSIDE OSWAL C
URMIL      RAI                      SUBASH   RAI                                      INDIA
                                                                     C/O DURGA DASS BIMAL KUMAR ANAJ MAN
NIRMAL     GARG                     KRISHAN GOPAL                                    INDIA
                                                                     SHREE KRISHNA TEXTILES WHOLE SALE CL
DARSHANA GOYAL                      RAMESH   GOYAL                                  INDIA
                                                                     PARDEEP EMPORIUM,SHERPUR
RAMESH     KUMAR     GOYAL          CHARAM DASS                                     INDIA
                                                                     PARDEEP EMPORIUM,SHERPUR
RAM        GOPAL                    B        RAM                                    INDIA
                                                                     OLD GRAIN MARKET NEAR S B I SUNAM SA
SHEELA     DEVI                     DARSHANMITWA                                     INDIA
                                                                     C/O DASHAN MITWA CINEMA ROAD MANSA
SARWAN     KUMAR                    KUNDAN LAL                                       INDIA
                                                                     144 DASHMESH NAGAR FERUZE PUR CITY P
GURCHARAMKAUR        BRAR           JIT      SINGH       BRAR                         INDIA
                                                                     C/O JOGINDER SINGH MANN NEAR TEL EXC
RAKESH     KUMAR     CHABBA         SH       RAM                     PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK SECTOR 16D CHA
                                                         PARKASH CHABBA              INDIA
GURMINDERSINGH       SAHNI                  SAHNI
                                    AMRIKSINGGH                                       INDIA
                                                                     STATE BANK OF INDIA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE
GOPIKA     KOHLI                    B        K           KOHLI                        INDIA
                                                                     HOUSE NO 148 SECTOR 28-A CHANDIGARH
RAMESH     KUMAR     JHINGAN        HARBANS LAL          JHINGAN                      INDIA
                                                                     334 SECTOR 9 D CHANDIGARH
JAI        DEV       VARMA          SHAM     DASS                                     INDIA
                                                                     283/10A CHANDIGARH
SUKHBIR    SINGH     GREWAL         GURNAM SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                     286 SECTOR 10 CHANDIGARH
KAMNI      KHANNA                   K        B           KHANNA                       INDIA
                                                                     696/40-A CHANDIGARH CHANDIGARH
JOGINDER   PALL                     SH       HANS        RAJ                           INDIA
                                                                     H NO C-126 SECTOR-14 PUNJAB UNIVERSITY
SUBHASH    CHANDER   SHARMA         NOT      AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                     T-II 31 SECTOR 25 PUNJAB UNIVERSITY CAM
TARA       CHAND     DUHAN          MOHAN    LAL         DUHAN                       INDIA
                                                                     C/O BANK OF BARODA, RGNL OFFICE BANK
HARVINDER JEET       SINGH          KARAM    SINGH                                     S.C.O-129-30 SECTOR 17
                                                                     C/O BHEL-SERVICESINDIA
HEMA       BANSAL                   BANSAL   SH          AK                            INDIA
                                                                     H.NO.129 SECTOR 20-A CHANDIGARH
ANJU       GUPTA                    RAGHUBIRCHANDER                                   INDIA
                                                                     HOUSE NO 1222 SECTOR 22-B CHANDIGARH
MALVINDER KAUR                      PAUL     VARINDER    SINGH                         CHANDIGARH
                                                                     HNO.321 SECTOR 21 INDIA
MITRA      SUNANDA                  DR       SAUMEN                                   INDIA
                                                         KUMAR MITRA HOUSE NO 90 SECTOR 24A CHANDIGARH
SAUMEN     KUMAR     MITRA          SR       SAROJ                                    INDIA
                                                         KUMRAR MITRAHOUSE NO 90 SECTOR 24A CHANDIGARH
KANTA      JAIN                     S        L           JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                     3009 SECTOR 35-D CHANDIGARH CHANDIGA
DHARMENDRA                          RAM      NARAIN      CHOTANI                       INDIA
                                                                     H.NO.618/1,SECTOR 41-A, CHANDIGARH
MAYA       DOOD                     SATYABIR SINGH       DODD                          INDIA
                                                                     949 SECTOR 41-A CHANDIGARH CHANDIGAR
SUMITRA    MALIK                    M        S           MALIK                         INDIA
                                                                     H NO 3032 SECTOR 38-D CHANDIGARH
                                    MAHAVLAL                                          OMAN
                                                                     P O BOX 1149 MUTTRAH PIN CODE -114 SULT
DINUBHAI   M         PATEL          MAHIJI   BHAI                                     UNITED STATES OF AME
                                                                     4548 OAKIEY PIRKLE ROAD MARTINEZ G A -
                                                                     C/O KHAJA BAHANDDIN AHMED P O BOX NO
GOPE       GIDWANI                  NA                                               INDIA
                                                                     B/204 VEENA NAGAR OPP SBI S V ROAD MA
K          ANJANEYULU                   NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          11/245 READING ROOM ST MADANAPALLI C
K          CHENNAPPA                    NA                                             INDIA
                                                                          DHARMAVARAM ANDHRA PRADESH ANDH
DIVAKARN SATYADOSS DANIEL               D         M           DANIEL                        STREET
                                                                          110 PILLAYAR KOIL INDIA CRAWFORD TIR
                                        RAMAKRISHNA                                         INDIA
                                                                          H NO 283 ROAD NO 17 WESTMAREDPALLI SE
SUKHDEV    SINGH        BHEKHOWALIA     JODINDER SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                              BHEKHOWALI 2337 SQUADRON AIRFORCE C/O 56 APO
KANAYALALKEWALRAM                              MOTWANI
                                        KEWALRAM                                           HONG BOX 1564 HONGK
                                                                          NO 1 HIGH ST 3RD FL GPOKONG
MAMMEN     JOHNSON      JOHN            K         M           JOHN                          UNITED
                                                                          P O BOX 34191 DUBAI U A E ARAB EMIRATE
GOVINDASAMY                             NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          12 14TH STREET NANDANAM EXTENSION CH
K          RAMAIAH                      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          29 ANDHRA B N NCC CUDDAPAH ANDHRA P
SARASWATHI AMAKRISHNAN                  RAMA      KRISHNAN                               UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                          BUILDERS MERCHANTS & GENERAL AGENC
K          SUBBA        RAYUDU SETTY    NA                                              INDIA
                                                                          MERCHANT CEMENT NAGAR KURNOOL AND
SAROJ      BAIJANATH    BRAHMA BHATT    BAIJANATH                                          UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                          P O BOX 1656 AJMAN UNITED ARAB EMIRAT
SAROJ      CHANGULANI                   OME       DEWANDAS CHANGULANI                      UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                          C/O M/S ALTHOM ALTANTOQUE P O BOX 66
RAMA       DEVI         NAMIREEY        N         AMRUTHA     REDDY                       INDIA
                                                                          25C/O A NARASIMHAREDDY DE/ELEC NALG
SAROJ      GUPTA                        JAI       NARAIN      GUPTA                        UNITED ABU EMIRATE
                                                                          SAROJ GUPTA P O BOX 27144ARABDHABI U
RAMAKRISHNAN                            P         V           KRISHNAN                   UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                          BUILDERS MERCHANTS & GENERAL AGENC
KONAKI     MADHU        MURTHY          NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          3-5-170/A/A/O NARAYANGUDA HYDERABAD
ALI        AKBAR        ANSARI          NA                                                  BAHRAIN
                                                                          P O BOX # 20399 BAHRAIN BAHRAIN
KARIPEL    JOSEPH                       KARIPEL   JOSEPH                                  INDIA
                                                                          KARIPAL HOUSE KOOVAPADAM COCHIN KE
KARIPEL    XAVIER       JOSEPH          KARIPEL   XAVIER                                   FORT
                                                                          1/1733 YMCA ROAD INDIA COCHIN KERALA
NIRANJAN   THAKUR                       MANGHANDAS                                          INDIA
                                                                          54 BELLE VIEW 85 BHULABHAI DESAI ROAD
JOSEPH     IGNATIUS     D MELLO         MANUEL    AGUSTINE    DMELLO                        INDIA
                                                                          11 FLAT NO 3 SHOLAPUR ROAD PUNE PUNE
ALOKA      GUHA                         NA                                                  DELHI
                                                                          G-117 KALKAJI NEWINDIA NEW DELHI
M          RAJESWARI                    NA                                               INDIA
                                                                          W/O M RAMACHANDAR RANIPET GUNTUR A
KESHAV     LAL          GULIANI         KHUSHI    RAM         GULIANI                       SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                          AR I DESIGN ENGR(SALES) P BOX 294 DHAH
MURALI     KRISHNA      PALAPARTI       P         DAKSHINA    MURTHY                      INDIA
                                                                          27 DCM DATA PRODUCTS LTD,66-RASTRAPA
SATISH     CHANDER      JOSHI           HARIOM    PRAKASH     JOSHI                         SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                          K T A P BOX 4 ALKHAFJI 31971 SAUDI ARAB
M          V            SAMANTAKA MANI NA                                                   D NO
                                                                          C/O M S VYASA RAOINDIA 1-337-26-F2 R K N
M          V            SRIHARI         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          21/204 OLD TOWN ANANTAPUR
VINOD      BIHAR        LAL             SHYAM     LAL                                       INDIA
                                                                          4/106 ONCE FL BANDRA EAST MUMBAI MUM
AMAL       KANTI        ROY             N         A                                        KUWAIT
                                                                          P O BOX 2599 HAWALLY KUWAIT KUWAIT
AMARJIT    SINGH        ANAND           NA                                                OMAN
                                                                          SUHAIL SAUD BAHWAN TOYOTA DIU P B 61
PRAKASH    BHATE                        MANOHAR BHATE                                     INDIA
                                                                          DR KKG MENON 3 ALHAMBRA CARMICHAE
RUPINDER   SINGH                        S         HARNAM      SINGH                        INDIA
                                                                          165 FIELD REGIMENT C/O 56 A P O
KIRTIDA    KIRIT        MEHTA           KIRIT     JAMNADAS MEHTA                            DJIBOUTI
                                                                          19 PLACE DU 27 JUIN P O BOX 514 DJIBOUTI
MATHEW     GEORGE                       LATE      K           J GEORGE                     DUBAI PETROLEUM CO
                                                                          SECURITY OFFICER UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
ANAND      RAO                         NA
                        SHANKERLAL BAROT                                                   UNITED
                                                                          P O BOX 1656 AJMAN U A E ARAB EMIRATE
S          ARUMUGAM                     K         SUBRAMAIAM                                INDIA
                                                                          35 SR ASST MINES MANAGER PRIYADARSHI
RAMI       REDDI                        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          13/332 RAM CHANDRAPPA CIRCLE RAMCHA
B          S            RAJU            B         P           MRAJU                      INDIA
                                                                          MEDICITY SAROVAR COMPLEX NEAR SECR
S          PADMAJA                      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          W/O S V GUPTA,SUPERVISOR PANCHAYAT S
                                        PUNNAKKATHADATHIL                               INDIA
                                                                          PUNNAKKATHADATHIL HOUSE VELLOOR P
ANTHONY    D            COSTA           NA                                                  BAHRAIN
                                                                          P O BOX 26690 ADLIYA BAHRAIN BAHRAIN
OM         PRAKASH      RAI             NOT       AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                          502 POSTAL UNIT BR C/O 56 A P O C/O 56 A P
MIHIR      LAL          CHANDRA         MAKHAN LAL            CHANDRA                       INDIA
                                                                          C\O STATE BANK OFINDIA DIAMOND BRAN
RATTENJIT SINGH         ARORA           DHARAM SINGH                                        INDIA
                                                                          3246/2 37 D CHANDIGARH
BHARI      LAL                          SH        GHAGA       RAM                         INDIA
                                                                          C/O A C SANDIL HNO 600 1AS/1PS SOCIETY
KAUSHALYADEVI                      BHARI    LAL                                     INDIA
                                                                   C/O A C SANDIL HNO 600 1AS/1PS SOCIETY
A         C          SANDIL        SH       NANKU     RAM          HNO 600,           INDIA
                                                                              IAS/IPS SOCIETY SECTOR 49 A C
RASHMI    JINDAL                   RAJESH   KUMAR     JINDAL                        INDIA
                                                                   669-PHASE 6,SECTOR 56, S A S NAGAR, DIST
CHARAN    SINGH                    NATTHU   SINGH                                   INDIA
                                                                   B 1134 ASHOK NAGAR GHAZIABAD
RAJKUMARI D          CHAUHAN       D        B         CHAUHAN                      INDIA
                                                                   C/O MR D B CHAUHAN KM 113 NEW KAVINA
RAVINDER PRAKASH                   HARSARANDAS                                     INDIA
                                                                   SHIVAJI BHAWAN MOHALLA KANHYALAL G
SUNIL     KUMAR      GOYAL         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                   K C 31 OLD KAVI NAGAR GHAZIABAD U P
ANITA     SHARMA                   ANIL     KUMAR     SHARMA                          NAGAR
                                                                   R/O SE 282 SHASTRI INDIA GHAZIABAD
ALKA      BHUSHAN                  G        BHUSHAN                                 R 2/8
                                                                   CARE S P AGARWALINDIANEW RAJNAGAR G
S         P          DHAWAN        J        R         DHAWAN                          INDIA
                                                                   8/241 SECTOR-3 RAJINDER NAGAR SAHIBAB
RAJ       BAHADUR    JAIN          N        L         JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                   H-249 A MIG PRATAP VIHAR SEC - 12 GHAZ
ANJALI    GUPTA                    PRADEEP KUMAR      GUPTA                       103 G
                                                                   BAGH BHONDUMALINDIA T ROAD GHAZIAB
VENKATARAM                         K        IYER                                    INDIA
                                                                   II C/30 AASHEERWAAD VAISHAALI SAIHBAB
SARLA     SHARMA                   AMRIT    RAM       SHRMA                         INDIA
                                                                   A-79 G-3 RAM ENCLAVE (RAMPURI) GHAZIA
SARLA     SHARMA                   AMRIT    RAM       SHARMA                         APARTMENTS G-9 PLOT
                                                                   ADITYA EAST PARK INDIA
MOHANLAL DAMALE                    SWAMIDINDAMELE                                   INDIA
                                                                   C/O VISHAL GUPTA FLAT NO 61 G BLOCK GA
VERMA     Y          S             VIJAY    SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                   B-300, SECTOR-20 NOIDA DIST GHAZIABAD U
ANSHUL                             R        K         SINGHAL                        INDIA
                                                                   N-191 SECTOR 25 NOIDA
ARUNA     PANESAR                  GOPAL    DUTT      PANESAR                       INDIA
                                                                   C/O SH HANS DEV E-28 SECTOR 30 NOIDA (U
RAM       LUBHAYA    KRIRE         SADHU    RAM                                     INDIA
                                                                   131 SECTOR 37 ARUN VIHAR NOIDA U P U P
VIJAY     GOVIND                   P        R         GOVIND                        INDIA
                                                                   962 SECTOR 29 NODIA
C         P          SINGH KAKRA   CHARANSINGH                                      DIGASARI GONDA ALIG
                                                                   S/O CHARAN SINGH INDIA
GYANESHWARI                        S        HANDRA    VARSHNEY                      INDIA
                                                                   C/O SC VARSHNEY, SAURABH DEEP OFFICE
VEENA     MISRA                    RAMGOPALMISRA                                   BHONGAON DIST MAIN
                                                                   JAGATNAGAR POST INDIA
RAJESH    KUMAR      SAXENA        PREM     SHANKAR   S                            BHONGAON MANIPUR
                                                                   MOH JAGAR NAGARINDIA
RAMGOPAL MISRA                     BABURAM MISRA                                   BHONGAON DIST MAIN
                                                                   JAGATNAGAR POST INDIA
KRISHAN   MURARI     AGRAWAL       O        P         AGRAWAL                     INDIA
                                                                   AGRAWAL TRADING COMPANY BHAGWATI
GEETA     TEWARI                   G        G         TIWARI                       INDIA
                                                                   68/29 LOKMAN MOHAL CANAL ROAD KANPU
BALRAM    SINGH                    RAJJU    SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                   III/21 VIDYUT COLONY GOVIND NAGAR KAN
NEELAM    KUMARI                   KASTURI LAL                                      INDIA
                                                                   C/O BATA SHOE STORE, MOOLGANJ, KANPU
AMIT      TONDON                   R        P         TONDON                      INDIA
                                                                   UNNED STATIONERS 24/67 BIRHANA ROAD K
MADAN     GOPAL                    A        P         AGARWAL                       INDIA
                                                                   C/O R K AGARWAL 15/96 CIVIL LINES KANPU
GIRISH    TRIVEDI                  C        M         P TRIVEDI                     INDIA
                                                                   T-45 HUDCO PLACE ANDREWS GUNJ NEW D
PRATAP    NARAIN     TANDON        NA                                                INDIA
                                                                   FLAT 3,SRI KRISHNA BHAWAN 62/173 HARBA
RAM       KUMAR      OMAR          BADRI    PD        GUPTA                         INDIA
                                                                   C/O BADRI PRASAD GUPTA 20/201 CHATAI M
                                   SHAMBHOO           PANDEY                        INDIA
                                                                   64/228,GADARIA MOHAL, KANPUR UP
SURESH    CHANDRA    GUPTA         BADRRI   PRASAD    GUPTA                            C/O ASHOKA STEEL KA
                                                                   76/20 COOLI BAZAR, INDIA
NARESH    CHANDRA    JAIN          NEMI     CHANDRA   JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                   NEW PAPER AGENCIES 49/27 SINHA MARKE
SAWALIA   RAI                      MATHURA RAI                                      COLONY PO WEST CAM
                                                                   4/1,KESA WORKERS INDIA
KRISHNA   KUMAR      THAKUR        LATE     KESHAV               112/296,SWAROOP NAGAR, KANPUR,UP
                                                      KUMAR THAKUR                INDIA
RAJKUMARI GUPTA                            GUPTA
                                   GOPICHANDRA                                      KANPUR
                                                                   2A/29 AZADNAGAR, INDIA
RAJ       KUMARI     MALIK                 M
                                   OMPRAKASH                                        INDIA
                                                                   87/270 ACHARYA NAGAR KANPUR
SAVITA    MALHOTRA                          M
                                   TRILOKINATH                                      INDIA
                                                                   87/270 ACHARYA NAGAR KANPUR
CHANDRA   KANTA      BAIJAL        RAGHUBARSHYAM      NIGAM                          INDIA
                                                                   129 FAITH FUL GANJ, KANPUR UP
SATISH    CHANDER    BHAGAT        LAJPAT   RAI       BHAGAT                        INDIA
                                                                   117H2/30 PANDU NAGAR KANPUR U P
RADHEY    SHYAM      SRIVASTAVA    G        P         SRIVASTAVA                    INDIA
                                                                   DRAWING OFFICE, SMALL ARMS FACTORY,
KAILASH   NATH       GUPTA         RAM      GUPTA                                   INDIA
                                                                   1/6,KAILASH NAGAR, TIWARI PUR,PO JAJMA
INDIRA     BAJAJ                        KAMLESH KUMAR                                      INDIA
                                                                          15-7-256 BEGUMBAZAR HYDERABAD HYDER
T          VEERA        PRABHAKAR       T        ADINARAYANA                              INDIA
                                                                          THE VYSYA BANK LTD SIDDIAMBER BAZAR
PURSHOTTAM                              KARSAN   PATEL                                      INDIA
                                                                          15-4-115 OSMAN SHAHI ROAD HYDERABAD
UMA        GADUPUDI                     GODUPUDIVENKATA      RATHNAM                          INDIA
                                                                          H NO 1/4/5-25/2 PARTHASARATHI ST SRUNGE
N          N            HARI RAO        N        A                                          INDIA
                                                             RAMA SASTRY 2-2-185/56/D, SOMASUNDARAM NAGAR, BAG
JANAPA     REDDY        P               NARSI    REDDY       P                               INDIA
                                                                          2-2-647/A/74 SAIBABA NAGAR HYDERABAD
BALAJI     JANAMANCHI                   J        K                      2-2-647/158  INDIA
                                                             RAMA SUBRAHMANYAM CENTRAL EXCISE COLONY HYDE
ROHINI     JANAMANCHI                   J        BALAJI                                     INDIA
                                                                          2-2-647/158 CENTRAL EXCISE COLONY HYDE
UMA        DEVI         ALLAIAH GARI    A        B                                        INDIA
                                                             GANGAREDDY H NO 160-1-12 DURGAMMA BHAVAN OPP TH
G          ARUNA        DEVI            N        GANESAN                                  INDIA
                                                                          N/O NB/SUB N GANESAN 6/2 ROBERT CENTR
VENKATA    SESHAMMA     K               K        C           SEKHAR                           INDIA
                                                                          7-1-35/10 1,SRIDEVI APTS FLAT NO 303,UMAK
RAMANA     REDDY        YV              Y        S                       7-1-53/1 SAI KIRAN APARTMENTS FLAT NO 3
                                                             RAGHAVA REDDY                   INDIA
JYOTHI     VEMA                                 VEMA
                                        VIJAYKUMAR                                           INDIA
                                                                          25H NO 1-11-196, BEGUMPET,HYDERABAD
DEEPALA    VENKATA      SUBRAHMANYAM D           B           K MURTHY                      INDIA
                                                                          C/O M/S DEVI CEMENTS LTD 6-3-865 4TH FLO
JITHARAM   INVESTMENTSLTD               NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          7-1-61-7/1 DHARAM KARAN ROAD HYDERAB
MAHADEV    VEMA                         VEMA     HANMANTHARAO                                INDIA
                                                                          29 H NO 1-11-196 BEGUMPET HYDERABAD H
SUBRAMANIAN             S               P        S                                          APARTMENTS SHAMLA
                                                             SANKARA IYER FLAT NO 212 PEARL INDIA
JITHARAM   INVESTMENTSLTD               NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          REGD OFFICE 7-1-61-7/1 DHARAM KARAN RO
V          VIJAY        KUMAR           V        HANUMANTHRAO                               INDIA
                                                                          H NO 1-11-196 BEGUMPET HYDERABAD HYD
VENKATA    RAO          Y               V        RAO                                       INDIA
                                                                          3-503 DIVYA SHAKTHI APARTMENTS AMEER
K          N            V PRASAD REDDY K         R                                         INDIA
                                                             MOHAN REDDY 6-3-856/A/3 AMEERPET HYDERABAD
K          MANJULA                      P        S           V V RAO                     INDIA
                                                                          ANDHRA BANK AMEERPET HYDERABAD
SREENIVASARAO           B               LAKSHMANRAO          B                             INDIA
                                                                          C/O INDIAN BANK BEGUMPET BRANCH BEG
JYOTHI     VEMA                         VIJAY    KUMAR       VEMA                           INDIA
                                                                          H NO 1-11-195 BEGUMPET HYDERABAD
VEERA      RAGHAVARAOGOKINA             APPARAO GOKINA                                     INDIA
                                                                          3-503 DIVYA SHAKTI APARTMENTS AMEERP
PARIJATAM GOKINA                                G
                                        RAGHAVARAO           V                             INDIA
                                                                          3-503 DIVYA SHAKTI APARTMENTS AMEERP
V          S            R CH MURTHY     V        SUBBA       RAO                             INDIA
                                                                          PL NO 30 S B H COLONY BEHIND SURYA ENC
T          SRINATHA     REDDY           T        SRINIVASULUREDDY                           INDIA
                                                                          7-1-235/19 PRASHANT COLONY BALKAMPET
PURAM      NARENDER                     RAM      CHANDER                                     INDIA
                                                                          HNO 1-11-174 IST FLOOR SHAMLAL BUILDIN
BALAKISHORE                             P        N           SWAMY                         INDIA
                                                                          IMP B-2 APDDCF LTD LALAPETA HYDERABA
KISHAN     BARRE                        B        LAXMAIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                          H NO 12-14-261 VINOBA NAGAR LALAPET HY
PRANESH    MATHUR                       JAIRAJ   MATHUR                                    INDIA
                                                                          H NO 324 LANE NO 2 STREET NO 2 TARNAKA
MADHU      PRASAD       PARIDI          P        N           SWAMY                         INDIA
                                                                          IMP B-2 APDDCF QUARTERS LALAPETA HYD
SANDHYARANI                             NOT      AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                          12-13-774 PLOT NO.54 KIMTEE COLONY TAR
VEERAVALLI              KOTESWARARAO    V        PERRAYYA                                     INDIA
                                                                          12-13-1232 ST NO 9 TARANAKA SECUNDERA
SAMBAIAH GANDLA                         SANGAPPAGANDLA                                        INDIA
                                                                          H NO 12-13-829/54 AND 63 SHIRDI SAI NAGAR
NAGALINGAMMA                            P        N           SWAMY                         INDIA
                                                                          IMP B-2 APDDCF QUARTERS LALAPETA HYD
J          NAGESWARA RAO                RAMALINGAIAH                                       INDIA
                                                                          FLAT NO 1 COASTAL APARTMENTS MOTHI N
NARASIMHARAJU           PV              P        A           J RAJU                          INDIA
                                                                          S R T - 30 SANATH NAGAR COLONY HYDERA
N          SURENDRA     NADH            N        SAMBASIVA RAO                             INDIA
                                                                          C/O J NAGESWARA RAO FLAT NO 1 COASTA
P          SRINIVASA    RAO             P        RAMANJANEYULU                             INDIA
                                                                          C/O J NAGESWARA RAO FLAT NO 1 COASTA
RAM        BABU                         RAMALINGAIAH                                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O J NAGESWARA RAO FLAT NO 1 COASTA
KALAVATI PATEL                          DEEPAK   PATEL                                      INDIA
                                                                          PLOT NO 55 2ND FLOOR VIVEKANANDA NAG
P          MURALI       KRISHNA         P        RAMANJANEYULU                             INDIA
                                                                          C/O J NAGESWARA RAO FLAT NO 1 COASTA
RAGHU      RAMI         REDDY GONGAT    RAMA     GOVINDA     REDDY                        INDIA
                                                                          MIGH 36 BHARATH NAGAR COLONY HYDER
KAMESWARA               GANAPATHIRAJU   G        SUBBARAYUDU                               INDIA
                                                                          A-4/G MOTHI MANSION MOTHI NAGAR BOR
T          C            PALANI          T        V                      FLAT             INDIA
                                                             CHANDRASEKARAN NO 105 SREE LAKSHMI APTS BALAJI S
AVANCHA    SANKARA                     DR       A          S SARMA                      INDIA
                                                                       C/O K GANAPATHI RAO H NO 11-280/4 CHIKA
ANJANEYULU                             VENKATESWARLU                                    INDIA
                                                                       1-8-183 AMBEDKAR COLLEGE RD CHIKKADP
A                    RAO
           VENKATESHWAR                A        PURUSHOTHAM                              INDIA
                                                                       1-1-316/B BAPU NAGAR CHIKKADPALLY HY
SHEEBA     S                           V        S          RANJITH                        INDIA
                                                                       C/O V S RANJITH 1-1-61 NABARD, R O RTC X
MD         FAIZ       UR RAHMAN SUFI   M        A          R SUFI                         347 MUSHEERABAD HY
                                                                       H NO 1-7-458 MC NO INDIA
MD         AFZAL      UR RAHMAN        M        A          R SUFI                         INDIA
                                                                       H NO 1-7-458 2ND FLOOR MUSHEERABAD HY
MD         ANWARUR    RAHMAN SUFI      M        A          RAHMAN                        INDIA
                                                                       H NO 1-7-458 MUSHEERABAD HYDERABAD
VALLURI    SOBHA                       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       H NO 1-8-7/11 SARVODAYA COLONY CHIKAD
SUDHARANI GEETHA                       SUBBA    RAO        GEETHA                         INDIA
                                                                       1-1-563/B BESIDE PRIYA APARTMENTS GAND
DURGA      SARMA      GEETHA           G        SUBBA      RAO                            INDIA
                                                                       1-1-563/B BESIDE PRIYA APARTMENTS GAND
MD         WAHEEDUR   RAHMAN SUFI      M        A          R SUFI                         INDIA
                                                                       H NO 1-7-458 1ST FLOOR MUSHEERABAD HY
SHAIK      HABIB      AHMED            NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       H NO 17-2-1202/A/53 WAHAT COLONY YAKU
COCA       RADHA                       COCA               R
                                                HARIPRAKASHAO                           INDIA
                                                                       6-1-295/3 PADMARAO NAGAR SECUNDERAB
PRIYADARSHINI                          I        S          SARMA                           INDIA
                                                                       1-2-234/46/1/C/1 DOMALGUDA HYDERABAD H
PUSHPAVATHI                            A        N          MAHENDRAM                        INDIA
                                                                       42 3-2-5/1/6 VIJAY VILAS KACHIGUDA HYDE
ANNAMRAJUPRATURI                       LATE     P                      FLAT            INDIA
                                                           V SATYANARAYANA NO 207 SRIRAMA APARTMENTS BEHIN
VENKATA              P
           SIVARAMAKRISHNA             P        SATYANARAYANA                           INDIA
                                                                       FLAT NO 204 MAHESWARI COMPLEX MASAB
KASTURI                                R        S          PRABHU                          NAGAR
                                                                       12-2-830/12 ALOPATIINDIA HYDERABAD H
MURALI     KRISHNA    P                P        R          RAJU                        INDIA
                                                                       S/O RAMALINGARAJU H NO 127/3 R T VIJAYA
R          S          PRABHU           S        RAMA       PRABHU                          NAGAR
                                                                       12-2-830/12 ALAPATIINDIA HYDERABAD H
RAJENDRA PRASAD       MEDASANI         SUBBAIAHMEDASANI                                   INDIA
                                                                       12-1-331/108 DATTATREYA COLONY ASIF NA
V                   RAO
           MADHUSUDAN                  V                 R
                                                PADMANABHAAO                                INDIA
                                                                       H NO 12-2-717/1/10/1 SAPTHAGIRI NAGAR NA
KASTURI                                R        S          PRABHU                          NAGAR
                                                                       12-2-830/12 ALOPATIINDIA HYDERABAD H
R          S          PRABHU           S        RAMA       PRABHU                          NAGAR
                                                                       12-2-830/12 ALAPATIINDIA HYDERABAD H
NARAIN     RUPANI                             RUPANI
                                       THANWERDAS                                       INDIA
                                                                       10-3-14 HIMAYUN NAGAR HYDERABAD
ANEES      UR         RAHMAN SYED      ATAUR    RAHMAN     SYED                           60 2ND
                                                                       H NO 12-2-831 MIGH INDIA FLOOR FLAT NO
CH         GANDHI                      CH       JAGANNATHAN                            INDIA
                                                                       C/O NAMBURI PAWAN KUMAR 305 MAHESH
J          V          R SARMA          ANANTA   RAMAYYA                                  INDIA
                                                                       A P KHADI & V I BOARD (10-4-2) ACCOUNT O
DILIP      KUMAR      KOTHARI          LAXMI    CHAND                                     INDIA
                                                                       3-6-136/1/4 HIMAYATH NAGAR HYDERABAD
A          PRAVEEN    REDDY            NA                                                APRTS
                                                                       FLAT NO 203 SWETAINDIA 3-6-523 HIMAYA
A          PRAVEEN    REDDY            NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       203 SWETA APARTMENTS HIMAYAT NAGAR
HANUMANTH             GUNDELLI                  G
                                       BALAKISTIAH                                       INDIA
                                                                       35 3-5-316 VITTALWADI HYDERABAD HYDE
SANJEEVA   RAO        SEETHAM SETTY    S                 R
                                                PADMANABHAAO                            INDIA
                                                                       PLOT NO 1 VIJAYANAGAR COLONY PICKET
KANAKA     DURGA      CHIVKULA         KRISHNA PRASAD      CHIVKULA                      INDIA
                                                                       1-2-217/4/A DOMALGUDA HYDERABAD
KRISHNA    PRASAD     CHIVKULA         MADHAVARAO          CHIVKULA                      INDIA
                                                                       1-2-217/4/A DOMALGUDA HYDERABAD
DIWAKAR    SURATH                      SURATH   APPA       RAO                           INDIA
                                                                       3-5-911/A HIMAYATH NAGAR HYDERABAD
RAMACHANDRAN                           RAMA     CHANDRAM                                 INDIA
                                                                       1-2-234/9/2 DOMALGUDA HYDERAGAD
RAGHAVA    REDDY      POLI             POLI     VENKATA    REDDY                       V.C. BUNGALOW ANGR
                                                                       VICE CHANCELLOR INDIA
P                    KUMAR
           JAYAPRAKASH                 P        RAYAPPA                                     BHEL
                                                                       C/O V S NAIDU, B-21 INDIA AIE.RAMACHAND
MANOHAR KOSAGI                         K        R          RAO                        INDIA
                                                                       SWITCHGEAR COMMERCIAL 03 ANNEXE, BH
SREENIVASACHARYULU    N                S        R          MURTHY                         INDIA
                                                                       QR NO 646-C NH-4, BHEL T S R C PURAM HYD
CHANDRASHEKAR                          B        NARAYANA                                INDIA
                                                                       H NO 1-23 RAMACHANDRA PURAM HYDERA
ASHOK      REDDY      PEDDAMAIL        P        RAM        REDDY                        INDIA
                                                                       H NO 1-101 RAMACHANDRA PURAM B H E L
VENKATESHWAR                           K        KRISHNA    BHATT                          SHIP R
                                                                       138 C B H E L TOWN INDIA C PURAM HYDER
SIVASANKARA           Y                NAGA     BHUSHANAMY                            INDIA
                                                                       C/O K BHEMESWARA REDDY PLOT NO 330 R
P          VIKRAM     REDDY            P        CHALAMA    REDDY                       INDIA
                                                                       PLOT NO 242 NANDHINAGAR ROAD NO 14 B
SYAMALA    MUDALI                      NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       C/O D LAXMI MURTHY 603 SARITHA APTS B
N          DILIP      KUMAR          N         V         KUMAR                        INDIA
                                                                      HOTEL SREE KRISHNA LTD ROAD NO 1 BAN
K          BHASKARA   REDDY          LATE      K                     159/A FIRST FLOOR MLA S COLONY ROAD N
                                                         V SWAMY REDDY                 INDIA
PRAMOD     KUMAR      REDDY B        B         G         REDDY                          NO-63
                                                                      PLOT NO-1253 ROADINDIA JUBILEE HILLS H
KARVY      STOCK      BROKING LIMITED NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      KARVY HOUSE 46 AVENUE 4 STREET NO 1 B
ASHOK      KUMAR      DIXIT          RAM       NIWAS     DIXIT                          INDIA
                                                                      VILL PO- BARA DIXIT DEORIA
SHUCHITA                             DR        CHANDER   SHEKHAR                      HOME
                                                                      SHEKHAR NURSING INDIA PACHENDA ROA
DIVYA      PAL                       SHRI      SATYENDRA KUMAR                        INDIA
                                                                      163 PRABHAT NAGAR MEERUT UP
VEENA      AGARWAL                   NA                                               ROAD,
                                                                      SMARAN CIRCULARINDIA NEAR GANDHI A
MANISH     PRATAP     SINGH          SHYAM     BABU                                   INDIA
                                                                      SNEH SADAN HIRA NAGAR HALDWANI
AJEET      KUMAR      MEHRA          NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      ASHIYANA SAKET COLONY NEAR BY PASS
P          S          MEHRA          C         S         MEHRA                             HALDI
                                                                      G - 1 T.D.C. COLONY INDIA PANTNAGAR DIS
RAM        KUMAR                      NA
                      ROLLER FLOUR MILLS                                                INDIA
                                                                      VPO LALPUR, TEH. KICHHA DISTT. UDHAM
SUMAN      RANI                      RAJ       KUMAR                                   INDIA
                                                                      WARD NO.- 1 GADARPUR U.S. NAGAR
RAMAKISHAN                           DHARMANAND                                       INDIA
                                                                      RUDRA BIHAR COLONY RUDRAPUR UDHAM
SONU       MANDAL                    VISHNU    PAD       MANDAL                        INDIA
                                                                      WARD NO. 3 SANJAY NAGAR RUDRAPUR DI
PARMOD     KUMAR      GUPTA          RAM       SEWAK     GUPTA                          BALRAMPUR
                                                                      SBI MANDI BRANCHINDIA
KAMALA     TRIPATHI                  RAM       PRAKAT    TRIPATHI                       INDIA
                                                                      C/O R P TRIPATHI NORTH GATE ROAD OF SE
DEEPAK     KUMAR      SINGHAL        SHEO      PRASAD    AGRAWAL                         INDIA
                                                                      74 LIG JAN PRIYA VIHAR COLONY NORTH H
DINESH     CHANDRA    KASHYAP        SITA      RAM       KASHYAP                      INDIA
                                                                      187 PURUSARTH ANDHIYARI BAGH SOUTH
KESHAVA    PRASAD     AGRAWAL        SHRI      MAHABIR   AGRAWAL                       INDIA
                                                                      SHREE SECURITIES DCM KATRA, GITA PRES
ANIL       KUMAR      SRIVASTAVA     NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      118, AVAS VIKAS COLONY SHAHPUR-1, LAL
RAM        NAYAN      SINGH          LATE      BABOO                                   INDIA
                                                         NANDAN SINGH 15 D SAKET NAGAR NEW SHIOPURI COLONY
SHASHI     BHUSHAN    MISHRA         NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      MOH GARULPAR NAI BASTI EAST OF VIJAY
SURENDRA BAHADUR      SINGH          LATE      BRIJ      BHAN SINGH                    INDIA
                                                                      TYPE-4, QUARTER NO.- 22 OFFICER'S COLON
RASHMI     GUPTA                     MADAN     GOPAL     GUPTA                       INDIA
                                                                      NORTH OF HANUMAN MANDIR BHIKHAMPU
MANBODH KUMAR         TIWARI         KRISHNA KANT        TIWARI                       INDIA
                                                                      VILL-NONAPAR POST-NONAPAR DEORIA
ARJUN      PRASAD                    MALIK                                             INDIA
                                                                      VILL-BALLIA UTTEAR POST-BHAGALPUR D
VINOD      KUMAR      KHANDELWAL     CHAND     KHANDELWAL                             INDIA
                                                                      C/O ANURAG GENERAL STORE SAHADAT PU
ANSHU      VAISH                     MAHESH    VAISH                                    INDIA
                                                                      137, MONI BABA JHANSI, NABABAO, JHANSI
SANJAY     KUMAR      SINGH          COL       B         P SINGH                        INDIA
                                                                      T-71/664 ARMY AVIATION BASE GWALIOR R
ARUN       JAIN                      PRITAM    CHAND     JAIN                           INDIA
                                                                      H NO 183 SHANTI KUNJ BADA ROAD ALWAR
GOPAL      DAS        KOTHARI        NA                                               2nd FLOOR SANSAR CH
                                                                      RADHIKA COMPLEXINDIA
MANJU      YADAV                     RAJA      RAM       YADAV                         INDIA
                                                                      B 1/3 NABARD COLONY JAGATPURA ROAD M
NIRMALA    MAHESHWARI                YOGESH    MAHESHWARI                               INDIA
                                                                      5/ 4 , GOVIND MARG, BEHIND MOTI DOONGR
KAVITA     NAINANI                   S         K         NAINANI                        INDIA
                                                                      8/303, VIDYADHAR NAGAR JAIPUR RAJASTH
ASHISH     KAPOOR                    JAGDISH   CHANDRA   KAPOOR                        INDIA
                                                                      354 OFFICERS CAMPUS EXT BLOCK D NEAR
CHAMAN     JAIN                      NIRMAL    KUMAR     JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                      235 SURYA NAGAR GOPAL PURA BY PASS J
SANGEETA SHARMA                              SHARMA
                                     LAXMIKANT                                         INDIA
                                                                      B - 30 METAL COLONY AMBA BARI JAIPUR (
ROOP       MANI       RATHORE                KUMAR
                                     SHAILENDRA          SINGH                        INDIA
                                                                      C 8 VASHISHTHA MARG HANUMAN NAGAR
PUSHP      LATA       SHARMA         O         P         SHARMA                        INDIA
                                                                      249 HARI BHAU UPADHYAYA NAGAR EXTN
SHYAM      SINGH      BHATI          HARI      SINGH     BHATI                        INDIA
                                                                      25, JAYNARAYAN BYAS COLONY, PALI, RAJ
RAJESH     KHANDELWAL                MUKUT     BIHARI                                  NAGAR, BHAWANIMA
                                                         KHANDELWAL H.NO. 40, MUKHARJIINDIA
NIRMALA    DEVI                      JUGAL     KISHORE                                   SUNARONKI BADI GUW
                                                                      CHIRANJEE LAL 968,INDIA
GANGA      DHAR       SHARMA         BUDH      DEO       SHARMA                         INDIA
                                                                      MATA JI KI GALI KOT MOHALLA DIDWANA
PREM       LATA       SOLANKI        RAMESH    CHAND     SOLANKI                       INDIA
                                                                      HOUSE NO.2-D-1 PRATAP NAGAR JODHPUR
GAUTAM     CHAND      SINGHVI        FARAS     RAM                                      INDIA
                                                                      WARD NO. 2 OPP. ADARSH VIDYA MANDIR
                                     CHAMPAKLAL          JANI                          INDIA
                                                                      AUM E 9 SHANTINIKETAN PARK STREET 3 N
YATISHKUMAR            JOSHI                 N
                                     MULSHANKAR             JOSHI                       INDIA
                                                                         NEAR KANYASHALA BOKHIRA PORBANDA
HITESH     LALJIBHAI   PARMAR        NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                         C/O LALJIBHAI SAVJIBHAI PARMAR, DEVUB
LINA       J           ATARA         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         O/S KHAMBHALIA GATE KHIJDA MANDEER
MANISH     MALDEBHAI JADAV                   JADAV
                                     MALDEBHAI                                          INDIA
                                                                         MATRU CHHAYA, KUMBHAR PLOT, B/H. POL
KAMLESHKUMAR                         NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                         SHOP NO.02, HARI OM TRADERS, JAYSHREE
SINDHAL    HARESH      ARJANBHAI             T
                                     ARJANBHAI RTABHAI      SINDHAL                       INDIA
                                                                         203 SURYA APPT NAVA NAGARVADAJ VANZ
                                                                         JAYANTILAL AMARSHI, NAGALDEVI CHOW
KULDIP     SINGH                     CHARAN     SINGH                                       INDIA
                                                                         122/107 SAFOJINI NAGAR, KANPUR
ANITA      PANDEY                    S          S           PANDEY                        INDIA
                                                                         106/267 GANDHI NAGAR KANPUR KANPUR
OM         PRAKASH     BHATIA        PREMA      NAND        BHOLE                          INDIA
                                                                         HNO 118/298 D KAUSHAL PURI HANUMALI P
VIJENDRA   KUMAR       GUTA          LATE       KARORIMAL GUPTA                             INDIA
                                                                         122/207 SAROJINI NAGAR, KANPUR
JASMEET    SINGH                     INDER      SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                         118/401 KAUSHAL PURI, KANPUR
ASHOK      KUMAR       DIXIT         C          L           DIXIT                          INDIA
                                                                         127/128 U BLOCK NIRALA NAGAR KANPUR
KAILASH    CHANDRA     SEXENA        DAYA       SHANKER                                    W JUHI
                                                                         HNO 127/448 BLOCK INDIA KESHAVA NAGA
SHYAMNARAIN                          SH         L           M KORI                          INDIA
                                                                         C/O K K VATS 127/282,W-1- SAKET NAGAR JU
PERMATMA DIN                         NA                                                    HOUSE
                                                                         19/16 PANKI POWER INDIA COLONY PO PAN
DEO        DUTTA       GUPTA         SOM        CHANDRA     GUPTA                         INDIA
                                                                         73-ANAND PURI TP NAGAR, KANPUR
ANIL       KUMAR       GUPTA         DEO        DUTTA       GUPTA                         INDIA
                                                                         73-ANAND PURI TP NAGAR KANPUR
MADHU      GUPTA                     DEO        DUTTA       GUPTA                          INDIA
                                                                         73-ANAND PURI, TP NAGAR KANPUR
SADHU      SINGH                     JAGIR      SINGH                                      NAGAR
                                                                         133/193 TRANSPORT INDIA KANPUR KANPU
KAILASH    NATH                      BHOLA      NATH                                     INDIA
                                                                         3/2,BEGAM PURWA COLONY, KANPUR UP
MEENA      DEVI        GUPTA         DEO        DUSSA       GUPTA                          INDIA
                                                                         73-ANAND PURI, TP NAGAR KANPUR
BANDANA    NIGAM                     ATUL       NAGAM                                      INDIA
                                                                         117/Q/730 SHARDA NAGAR KANPUR
GOPI       KRISHAN     OMER          SOTARAM                                            INDIA
                                                                         OMER MARKET SUBHASH NAGAR PUKHRAY
VIJAY      KUMAR       GUPTA         LATE       RAM                                     INDIA
                                                            NARAIN GUPTA C/O CHANDAN AGENCIES PLACE & PO SHIV
AKBALL     SHANKER     BAJPAI        K          P           BAJPAI                         UNNAO
                                                                         551 SUBHAS NAGAR INDIA U P U P
PAWAN      KUMAR                     PARMANAND                                            INDIA
                                                                         14 LUKERGANJ G T ROAD ALLAHABAD
MANOJ      ANAND                     CHANDRA KUMAR          VERMA                        INDIA
                                                                         610 KRISHNA NAGAR, KACHI SARAK, ALLAH
SUBHASH    KHURANA                   LOKNATH KHURANA                                     INDIA
                                                                         24 A MEERAPUR ALLAHABAD ALLAHABAD
MOHAMMADAHMAD          KHAN          ISHTIAQ    AHMAD       KHAN                            ALLAHABAD U P
                                                                         200/180 RANI MANDIINDIA
AJAY       KUMAR       GUPTA         DASHRATHLAL            GUPTA                          INDIA
                                                                         842/507 DARAGANJ BESIDE NAGAR MAHA PA
INDER      KUMAR       BATRA         W          O           P BATRA                        INDIA
                                                                         C/O W O P BATRA 305 E CATC COLONY BAM
SNEH       KULSHRESTHA               A          R                                       INDIA
                                                            KULSHRESTHA C/O DR AK KULSHRESTHA 89 A B LOCO COL
DAYA       SHANKER                   LAXMI      NARAYAN                                    INDIA
                                                                         C 11/21 PITAR KUNDA VARANASI UP
DEENANATHVISHWAKARMA                 B          N                       TARANA BAZAR PO INDIA
                                                            P VISHWAKARMA               SHIVPUR CHAMAON DIS
DINESH     KUMAR                     CHOTELAL                                              INDIA
                                                                         C 11/21 PITAR KUNDA VARANASI UP
RADHEY     SINGH       CHAUHAN       MAHESH     SINGH       CHAUHAN                         INDIA
                                                                         LIC OF INDIA CITY BRANCH NO 1 B12/120 GA
KANTA      YADAV                     SH         NARESH                                   INDIA
                                                            KUMAR YADAV C/O N K YADAV SYNDICATE BANK HATHWA
VIJAYA     KUMARI      SINGH         NOT        AVAILABLE                                  INDIA
                                                                         K 52/9, HARATIRATH, VARANASI,UTTAR PRA
RAMAN      LAL         LADHA         CHAMPA     LAL         LADHA                          INDIA
                                                                         K-7/33,LALA SUR LANE, VARANASI
MADHU      LUNAWAT                   M          R           LUNAWAT                       INDIA
                                                                         M R LUNAWAT B-27/70 ANUPAM BLDG DURG
TILAK      DHARI       SINGH                 S
                                     HARISHWARINGH                                       INDIA
                                                                         23 AHILYABAI NAGAR COLONY OPP BHU HO
SAVITRI    DEVI        PRAHLADKA     BHAGWATIPRASAD                                     INDIA
                                                                         PRAHLADKA HOUSE 150A RAVINDRAPURI V
SUBODH     MEHROTRA                  S          D           MEBROTRA                      INDIA
                                                                         C/O SUBODH JYOTISH KENDRA FLAT NO 1 B
KANHAYA    SINGH                     NOT        AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                         PYARI AND COMPANY B-21/1 RATHYATRA C
VIJAY      VIKRAM      CHAKRAVARTI   NILMANICHAKRAVARTI                                   INDIA
                                                                         C/O.SHRI N. CHAKRAVARTI, SAI NIKETAN B
AMIT       PRAKASH     GUPTA         PREM       CHAND       GUPTA                        INDIA
                                                                         C\O SATYA PRAKASH GUPTA SIPAH IBRAHIM
ANIL      KUMAR                      DIWAN    CHAND                                     INDIA
                                                                       40/6 GOKHALE VIHAR MARG LUCKNOW
MALTI     BAHADUR                    SARTAJ   BAHADUR                                    INDIA
                                                                       2B B N ROY TRUST 25 KHANDARI BAZAR, LA
JAYA      SAHIJWANI                  RAJKUMARS                                         INDIA
                                                                       28 VIDHAN SABHA MARG NEAR DR TARACH
SUNIL     KUMAR       SINGH          S        P           S CHHONKAR                    INDIA
                                                                       21/3 CANAL COLONY LUCKNOW U P
GEETA     SINGH                      M        P           SINGH                        INDIA
                                                                       37 GUPTA MARKET MAWALYA LUCKNOW
SHANTI                                       S
                                     SUDERSHANINGH                                         INDIA
                                                                       C/O S B SINGH 6/1 TYPE III PWD COLONY JAI
RAMSNEHI DWIVEDI                     LATE     PT                      S                 INDIA
                                                          KUBER DWIVEDI CIENTIST & HEAD PL PHY & BIOCHEM DIV
RITA      MEHROTRA                   G        L           MEHROTRA                       INDIA
                                                                       325/128 SOUDHI TOLA CHOWK LUCKNOW LU
INDRA     CHAUDHARI                  ANIL     CHAUDHRI                                 INDIA
                                                                       74 NAZAR BAGH LUCKNOW LUCKNOW
PRADEEP   KUMAR       RASTOGI        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       325/157 SONDHI TOLA CHOWK LUCKNOW U
SHAHID    RASOOL      KHAN           MOHD     NASEER      KHAN                          INDIA
                                                                       387/18 KACCHA BAGH SAADATGUNJ LUCKN
RAJ       KUMARI                     SH       SANTRAM                                  INDIA
                                                                       14-B KRISHNANAGAR KANPUR ROAD LUCK
REKHA     MONDAL                     D        K           MONDAL                        INDIA
                                                                       557/30-A DURGA SADAN OM NAGAR ALAMB
POONAM    SHARMA                     NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       485/20 LAKAR MANDI MOHAN MEAKIN ROA
RATAN     SINGH                      NOT      AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                       18/448 SECTOR-18 INDIRA NAGAR LUCKNOW
YASEEN    MOHD                              HUSSAIN
                                     MOHAMMED                                           INDIA
                                                                       MANAS B-128 RAM SAGAR MISHRA NAGAR
SUMAN     MISRA                      DINESH   MISHRA                                       INDIA
                                                                       C/O SRI T N SINHA, B-181,INDIRA NAGAR, LU
POONAM    AGARWAL                    ANAND    AGARWAL                                 INDIA
                                                                       C/O AGARWAL BANDHU 11 SRI RAM ROAD L
SUPRITY   NANDI                      K        P           SRIVASTAVA                    INDIA
                                                                       C-54 NIRALA NAGAR LUCKNOW LUCKNOW
BALDEO    PRASAD      SINGH          GURDAYALSINGH                                      PANDEY TOLA ALIGAR
                                                                       PATEL POLYCLINIC INDIA
RUCHIR    GUPTA                      G        K           GUPTA                          LUCKNOW
                                                                       5/638 VIKAS NAGAR INDIA
GIRISH    NARAIN      PANDE          BHANA    NATH        PANDE                         INDIA
                                                                       SRIJAN DHAM B-19 SECTOR O ALIGANJ LUC
RITA      GIRISH      PANDE          GIRISH   NARAIN      PANDE                         INDIA
                                                                       SRIJAN DHAM B-19 SECTOR O ALIGANJ LUC
KULANGOTEVARGHESE     CHACKO         LATE     SRI                                     INDIA
                                                          K C VARGHESE ARADHANA-332 UDYAN-II ELDECO COLONY
MANJEET   SINGH                      SRI      SUJAN       SINGH                           INDIA
                                                                       C/O SHRI S P SINGH (LIC) 1290 INDRA NAGAR
SWANTRANJAN                          S        UPADHYAY                                 INDIA
                                                                       C/O SUDHAKER UPADHYAY SUNDARGHAY
S         K           PANSARI        C        L           PANSARI                      INDIA
                                                                       BIJOY KUMAR PANSARI HINDALCO INDUST
POONAM    ROONGTA                    NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       QTR NO D R 11 PO RENUSAGAR DIST SONEB
K         G           GEE VARGHESE   GEE      VARGHESE                                 INDIA
                                                                       3G1 OBRA COLONY OBRA MIRZAPUR UP
ALEYAMMA VARGHESE                    K        G                                        INDIA
                                                          GEE VARGHESE 3G1 OBRA COLONY OBRA MIRZAPUR UP
SHASHIKANTCHANANA                    A        CHANANA                                   INDIA
                                                                       35-D/14 RAMPUR GARDEN BAREILLY U P U P
BALJIT    SINGH                      S        PAKHER      SINGH                        INDIA
                                                                       JAT REGT CENTRE BAREILLY U P
SUDHIR    MISHRA                     YOGENDRAMOHAN                                      INDIA
                                                                       179 STATION ROAD CIVIL LINES BAREILLY
PRABHA    SAXENA                     SAXENA                                             INDIA
                                                                       50 SHASTRI NAGAR BAREILLY
SARAS     KUMAR                      CHANDRA MOHAN        SAXENA                       INDIA
                                                                       C/O SYNDICATE BANK SLATION ROAD BRAN
SHOBHA    BHATNAGAR                          B
                                     GAURASHANKER                                      INDIA
                                                                       C/O SYNDICATE BANK STATION RD BRANCH
GIRISH    CHANDRA     AGARWAL        RADHEYLAL                                         INDIA
                                                                       RADHEY NIVAS DIVL.ENG.TELECOM OFFICE
KHAN      MA                         NOT      AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                       MANAGER SYNDICATE BANK, CIVIL LINES,
RAJENDA   KUMAR       GUPTA          G        P           GUPTA                        INDIA
                                                                       9 PROFESSORS COLONY KHUSRO BAG RAM
RAJENDRA KUMAR                       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       LECTURER IN POLITICS GOVT RAZA PG COL
SHARAD    MOHAN       GUPTA          S        K           GUPTA                         INDIA
                                                                       C/O BILASPUR GAS SERVICE NAINITAL ROA
PARUL     GUPTA                      S        M           GUPTA                         INDIA
                                                                       C/O BILASPUR GAS SERVICE NANINITAL RO
SUMAN     SINGH                      J        SINGH                                       INDIA
                                                                       C/O J D SINGH INDIAN BANK RLY ROAD V P
VINEETA   BANSAL                     ASHOK    KUMAR       BANSAL                       INDIA
                                                                       C/O BANSAL MEDICINE AGENCIES KISHANP
RAJA      RAM         UNIYAL         S        R           UNIYAL                      INDIA
                                                                       132 THANDA MOHALLA DEHRADUN (UP)
BHATTACHARYYA                        MRITYUNJOY                                        INDIA
                                                                       MILITARY HOSPITAL DEHRADUN CANTT DE
RAMSARUP PURI                        SH       KISHAN      CHAND PURI                  INDIA
                                                                       ADDL GENERAL MANAGER ORDNANCE FAC
RAGHUBAR SINGH                      SUNDAR    SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                      C-7/10 ONGC COLONY KAULAGARH ROAD D
KRISHNA    SINGH                           KUMAR
                                    AWADHESH              SINGH                        INDIA
                                                                      C-7/10 ONGC COLONY KAULAGARH ROAD D
BALDEV     SINGH      PANWAR        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      VILL KANBUA PO SAHIYA DIST DEHRADUN
RAKESH     KUMAR                    DR        VIJAI       PAL                            INDIA
                                                                      S/O DR VIJAI PAL C M O TEHRI GARHWAL N
RAJESH     CHANDRA    RATHORE       G         P           RATHORE                     INDIA
                                                                      PANJAB NATIONAL BANK EXTN COUNTER M
VIJAYA     PANDEY                   D         M           PANDEY                       INDIA
                                                                      C-10 SHASTRI NAGAR MEERUT MEERUT
MUNNA      KHAN                     A         R           KHAN                         MEERUT U P MEERUT U
                                                                      AB-5/2 MODIPURAMINDIA
PHOOL      KUMAR                    LT        MANOHER     LAL                           INDIA
                                                                      H NO 0/100 PALLAU PURAM PHASE 2 MEERU
SUNIL      KUMAR      JAIN          SAWA      RAM         JAIN                        INDIA
                                                                      H NO 457 MUNNALAL VEER NAGAR MAWAN
VIJAYPAL                            RATI      RAM                                       INDIA
                                                                      SHIV SHAKTI BEEJ BHANDAR JHABBAR MA
SURJEET    SALUJA                   S         S           SALUJ                       INDIA
                                                                      C/OM/S NANDLALRADHEYSHYAM CLOTH M
VEENA      SINGH      GAUR          R         B           S GAUR                        INDIA
                                                                      CIVIL LINES BEHIND M G MEMORIAL HALL
A          D          TIWARI        KRIPA     RAM         TIWARI                         INDIA
                                                                      I/3 (7) PHOOLBAGH PANTNAGAR DIST NAINI
RAJESH     KUMAR      GANDHI        NA                                                PRAKASH KICHHA MAN
                                                                      CHARAN DASS RAMINDIA
S          M          DULI CHHAND   NOT       AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                      ARTY FARM TRUST PO RUDRAPUR DIST NA
KAMAL      JEET       JABBAL        SURINDER SINGH                                   INDIA
                                                                      NABBAN MASTER BUILDING, MAYA BAZAR
ADNAN      EL         AMAN          AMANUL HAQ                                       INDIA
                                                                      55 NEZAMPUR GORAKHPUR GORAKHPUR
MANJU      DEVI       SINHA         V         K           SINHA                         INDIA
                                                                      W/O V K SINHA QR NO 548 H BICHHIA RLY C
BRAHMA     DUTTA      TRIPATHI      YAMUNA PRASAD         TIWARI                      INDIA
                                                                      126-A MANAN PURAM COLONY OPP: JANAT
ASHOK      KUMAR      KHETAN        R         K           KHETAN                      INDIA
                                                                      M/S NEW KHETAN MDCL STORE CAPTAIN G
KAMLESH    KUMARI                   PRATAP    SINGH                                    UNION
                                                                      W/O PRATAP SINGH INDIA BANK OF INDIA
PRATAP     SINGH                    RAMJI     LAL                                      INDIA
                                                                      UNION BANK OF INDIA B/O LALGANJ AZAM
MANOJ      KUMAR      AGRAWAL       NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      RAJESH MEDICAL AGENCIES 10 PADMA MA
AAMIR      KHURSHID   AHMED         SHURSHID AHMED                                    INDIA
                                                                      KHALIL MANZIL MARRIS ROAD ALIGARH U
NEELAM     SANGAL                   AJAY      MOHAN                                    INDIA
                                                                      64 NORTH IDGAH COLONY AGRA
ANJU       RANI                     SANTOSH                                           INDIA
                                                                      11 A ABAHGARH HOUSE M G ROAD AGRA A
PUSHPA     GUPTA                    ASHOK     KUMAR       GUPTA                          INDIA
                                                                      24/97J BEHIND SRI RAM KRISHNA VIDYALAY
GEETA      GUPTA                    RAJESH    KUMAR       GUPTA                          INDIA
                                                                      24/97J BEHIND SRI RAM KRISHNA VIDYALAY
BHAGWATIDEVI                        BHAGWATSWARUPGUPTA                                   INDIA
                                                                      24/97J BEHIND SRI RAM KRISHNA VIDYALAY
ASHOAK     KUMAR      GUPTA         BHAGWAT SWARUP        GUPTA                          INDIA
                                                                      24/97J BEHIND SRI RAM KRISHNA VIDYALAY
RAJESH     KUMAR      GUPTA         BHAGWAT SWARUP        GUPTA                          INDIA
                                                                      24/97J BEHIND SRI RAM KRISHNA VIDYALAY
F          SHANTHI    KUMAR         H         FATHEY      CHAND                       INDIA
                                                                      CASH CHEMIST FOUNTAIN AGRA
RAVI       SHANKER    SHARMA        DAYA      SHANKER     SHARMA                        INDIA
                                                                      26/52 JEDNI MANDI AGRA
ANITA      MALHOTRA                 JAGDISH   CHAND       MALMOTRA                     INDIA
                                                                      B 60 PRATAP NAGAR JAIPUR HOUSE AGRA U
SUNITA     SACHDEV                  KEKOBAD VAZIFDAR                                  INDIA
                                                                      3-BANK COLONY SUBHASH PARK AGRA
ASHOK      KUMAR                    NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      C/O SUBHASH CHAND & BROS S N MARG FIR
SUBODH     AGARWAL                          JAIN
                                    OMPRAKASH                                          INDIA
                                                                      BAPU GALI FIROZABAD, AGRA.
SASHI      GUPTA                    SRI       L           L GUPTA                       INDIA
                                                                      265 AZAD GANJ SIPRI BAZAR JHANSI UTTAR
KIRAN      WADHWA                   SURESH    WADHWA                                 INDIA
                                                                      C/O SURESH WADHWA GANJ KI GALI ALWA
BABITA     RAWAT                    G         S           RAWAT                       INDIA
                                                                      BHAGAT NIWAS SARDAR PATEL MARG C SC
BABITA     RAWAT                    G         S           RAWAT                       INDIA
                                                                      BHAGAT NIWAS SARDAR PATEL MARG C-SC
SITARAM    SINGHI                   S         S           SINGHI                        INDIA
                                                                      C/O 729 MISAR RAJAJI KA RASTA NR: INDIRA
RAGHU      NANDAN     KHANDELWAL    JOHRI     LAL                                   INDIA
                                                          KHANDERLAL 77 DHULESHWAR GARDEN SARDAR PATEL M
ABDUL      SAMAD      KHAN                  KHAN
                                    NIZAMUDDIN                                         BRAHM
                                                                      8 RAJHANS COLONYINDIA PURI JAIPUR JA
OM         SINGH      BHARGAVA      MURALI    LALJI       BHARGAVA                      INDIA
                                                                      1022,DALIBA PAN, JAIPUR
BABOOLAL JAIN                               JAIN
                                    CHAMPALAL                                          INDIA
                                                                      2323 GHEE WALON KA RASTA JOHARI BAZA
ABHINANDAN                          PARAS     LAL         JAIN                          NAGAR
                                                                      2 KHA 18 JAWAHAR INDIA AJME JAIPUR (
AJAY      KUMAR        JAIN         PARAS     LAL       JAIN                          AGRASEN MARKET JOH
                                                                     SARAOGI BULLIONSINDIA
HARI      NARAYAN      MEENA        GANGA     RAM       MEENA                        INDIA
                                                                     PAVITRA PAN BHANDAR, NEAR ST BANK OF
NAVARATTAN AL          JAIN         CHAMPA    LAL       JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                     PRAVEEN PUBLICITY CHOORA RASTA JAIPU
GULAB     CHAND        JAIN         MOTILAL JAIN                                     INDIA
                                                                     SARAOGI BULLIONS, AGRASEN MARKET, JO
NARENDRA KUMAR         JAIN         MANAK     CHAND     JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                     SARAOGI BULLIONS, AGRASEN MARKET, JO
KRISHAN   JAISWAL                   BANSHI    DHAR                                    INDIA
                                                                     4765 SOTIYON KA MOHALLA KGB KA RASTA
KANAK     JAIN                      ASWANI    KUMAR                                  INDIA
                                                                     SARAOGI BULLIONS, AGRASEN MARKET, JO
PRITHVIRAJ BAFNA                    FUSHRAJ BAFNA                                      INDIA
                                                                     4451 K G B KA RASTA, JOHARI BAZAR, JAIPU
RAJ       KUMAR        JAIN         SH        UTTAM     CHAND JAIN                     INDIA
                                                                     H NO 2827 SONI BHAWAN, GHEE WALON KA
RAVINDRA KUMAR         TONGIA              T
                                    GUMANMALONGIA                                     INDIA
                                                                     2-KA-23 JAWAHAR NAGAR JAIPUR RAJASTH
UMA       SHARMA                    RAKESH    SHARMA                                   TANK,
                                                                     4-LA-39,OPP.WATER INDIA JAWAHAR NAGA
DAISY     GUPTA                     BABULAL MITTAL                                    INDIA
                                                                     C/O VIDYA SAGAR GUPTA, B 252,JANTA COL
PAVNEET   SINGH                     SH        JAGJIT    SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                     FLAT NO 223 SECTOR 2 JAWAHAR NAGAR JA
SURJIT    SETHI                     SH                  SETH
                                              PRITAMSINGH                              INDIA
                                                                     C-3/16 RAJOURI GARDEN, NEW DELHI
USHA      WADHWA                    I         S         WADHWA                        INDIA
                                                                     D-429,RAGHBIR NAGAR, TAGORE GARDEN E
MAYA      SHISHODIYA                S         K         SHISHODIYA                     INDIA
                                                                     177/B MIG FLAT RAJOURI GARDEN NEW DEL
MOHINDER PAULMAKKER                 SH        R         N MKKER                       INDIA
                                                                     B-181 JANTA COLONY, NEAR VISHAL ENCLA
MEENAKSHI MALHOTRA                  K         L         MALHOTRA                       INDIA
                                                                     J-6/28 2ND FLOOR RAJOURI GARDEN NEW D
DHARAM    DEV          GROVER       JASWANT RAM                                       INDIA
                                                                     C-82 NARAINA VIHAR, RESIDENTIAL AREA,
AMRIT     LAL                       KARAM     CHAND                                    INDIA
                                                                     FLAT NO B 87/1 NARAINA VIHAR NEW DELH
AJYA      ANAND                     Q         L         ANAND                         INDIA
                                                                     A53 NARAIN VIHAR NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
NIRMAL    MADAN                     K         L         MADAN                          INDIA
                                                                     I/14 NARAIN VIHAR NEW DELHI
KRISHAN   LAL          MADAN        S         L         MADAN                          INDIA
                                                                     I/14 NARAIN VIHAR NEW DELHI
ABHIJIT   GUPTA                     ANIL      GUPTA                                   INDIA
                                                                     A2/153 SAFDARJUNG ENCLAVE NEW DELHI
YAMENDRA POUDEL                     NA                                                INDIA
                                                                     A1/115 SAFDAR JUNG ENCLAVE NEW DELHI
HARSHAD   RATILAL      CHOKHAWALA   RATILAL   N                    1414           INDIA
                                                        CHOKHAWALALA POCKET I SECTOR D VASANT KUNJ NEW
CHARAN    JEET         SINGH        SARDOOL SINGH                                      DELHI
                                                                     14/3 GEETA COLONYINDIA
BHARAT    BHUSHAN      ARORA        KARAM     CHAND                                   INDIA
                                                                     1/5980 KABOOL NAGAR SHAHDARA DELHI D
ATUL      BHARADWAJ                 CHANDRA PRAKASH     B                              INDIA
                                                                     I/2705 FRIENDS HOME RAM NAGAR LONI RO
SHANTA    AGGARWAL                  JAGISH    RAI       AGARWAL                       INDIA
                                                                     C/O R K SHARMA HNO I/9451, GALI NO 7 ROH
RAKESH    KAPOOR                    CH        MOTI      LAL KAPOOR                      GARDEN CHAHDARA DE
                                                                     23B 41/T-1 DILSHAD INDIA
SURESH    CHANDER      SACHDEVA     LEKH      RAJ       SACHOEVA                      INDIA
                                                                     1/9290 WEST ROHTAS NAGAR SHADARA DEL
DEVKEE    NANDN        KEDIA        SH        KEDAR     MAL KEDIA                       INDIA
                                                                     H NO 1/5738 GALI NO 16 BALBIR NAGAR SAH
GOPAL     KRISHAN      KALRA        KALRA                                               INDIA
                                                                     1506 I/9270 W R MRK DELHI - SHAHDARA DE
BALDEV    RAJ          GROVER       HARI      CHAND     GROVER                        INDIA
                                                                     144 STATE BANK COLONY G T ROAD DELHI
ANIL      CHABRA                    UDHAV     DASS                                    INDIA
                                                                     A-248 NEW SABJIMANDI AZAD PUR NEW DE
KRISHNA   RANI                      SH        KEWAL                 C-375           INDIA
                                                        KRISHAN AGGARWAL SARASWATI VIHAR DELHI DELHI
MANJU     KHURANA                   SURENDRAKHURANA                                    INDIA
                                                                     Y-816 RISHI NAGAR SHAKUR BASTI DELHI
RATNESH                             RAJ       PARKASH                                 INDIA
                                                                     C-19 PUSHPANTALI ENCLAVE PITAMPURA N
KULWAN    KAUR                      B         S         SAINI                           SHAKUR BASTI RS DEL
                                                                     3536-B-1 RAJA PARKINDIA
SURJIT    SINGH        CHAWLA       S         RAM                                    PRITAM PURA DELHI
                                                        SINGH CHAWLA84 KOHAT ENCLAVEINDIA
SANG      RAM          DWIVEDI      LATE      JANKI     PRASAD                         INDIA
                                                                     TP 7 PITAM PURA NEW DELHI
RAM       DULARI                    SANG      RAM       DWIVEDI                        INDIA
                                                                     TP 7 PITAM PURA NEW DELHI
SUNITA    WALI                      DHIRAT    WALI                                   INDIA
                                                                     44 ANAND VIHAR RANIBAGH PITAMPURA N
CHETAN    DASS         SACHDEVA     MOHAN     RAM                                     INDIA
                                                                     C 5/165 LAWRENCE ROAD, DELHI
RAJ       KUMAR        GUPTA        KHUSHI    RAM                                     INDIA
                                                                     943,TRINAGAR, DELHI
SUKESH    KUMAR                     GOPAL     KRISHAN   KUMAR                          INDIA
                                                                     POCKET C-2 FLAT 3-B KESHAVPURAM DELH
GOPAL      KRISHAN      KUMAR         LATE      VISHAN                                    INDIA
                                                            NARAIN KUMARPOCKET C-2 FLAT 3-B KESHAVPURAM DELH
RAJIV      NIJHAWAN                   NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         R R MEDICAL STORES 27 OCHAMDHI ROAD
JAI        BHAN                       MAMAN     SINGH                                     INDIA
                                                                         925-A,BAWANA, DELHI
BRIJMOHAN LAL           JAIN                  LAL
                                      INDERMOHAN            JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                         JAIN RUBBER INDUSTRIES 487/18 PEERAGAR
TIRLOK     SUNDRI       JAIN          BRIJ      MOHAN       LAL JAIN                      INDIA
                                                                         JAIN RUBBER INDUSTRIES, 487/18 PEERAGA
CHITRA     LEKHA                      B         MOHAN                                      WEST
                                                                         306 AMBIKA VIHAR INDIA DELHI WEST DEL
MALAK      RAJ                        KISHAN    LAL                                       INDIA
                                                                         D-566 NANGLOI PHASE II DELHI DELHI
RIVJOT     SINGH        BEDI          H         S           BEDI                          SOCIETY BHAVANIPETH
                                                                         BUNGLOW NO-5 JAI INDIA
ANITA      MODI                       SARWANKUMAR                                      INDIA
                                                                         ANUPAM PRODUCTS P LTD 69 NAJAFGARH R
H          S            GUJRAL        NOT       AVAILABLE                                   NEW
                                                                         F-463 SARITA VIHARINDIA DELHI
RUDRA      MANI         KAUSHIK       KAUSHIK                                              INDIA
                                                                         HNO HR 78/5 PUL PAHLADPUR SURAJ KUND
OM         PARKASH      GROVER                DAS
                                      GHANSHYAM             GROVER                          INDIA
                                                                         WZ-300 ST.NO. 11 LAJWANTI GARDEN NEW D
ROSMAN     LAL          KOHLI         JAWANDA MAL           KOHLI                         INDIA
                                                                         M-23 GREATER KAILASH PART-2 NEW DELH
KHUSHWANT               SINGH ANAND   INDAR     SINGH       ANAND                         INDIA
                                                                         B-94 GREATER KAILASH I NEW DELHI
JASBIR     KAUR         ANAND                PAL
                                      KHUSHWANT                                          INDIA
                                                            SINGH ANAND B-94 GREATER KAILASH I NEW DELHI
JASMINE    KAUR         ANAND                PAL
                                      KHUSHWANT                                          INDIA
                                                            SINGH ANAND B-94 GREATER KAILASH I NEW DELHI
ANTARAA    VASUDEV                    SANJEEV VASUDEV                                    INDIA
                                                                         C/O SANJEEV VASUDEV S-154 GREATER KAI
VINOD      KUMAR        NAYYAR        Y         P           NAYYAR                        INDIA
                                                                         C-18,SOUTH EXTENSION, PART II,NEW DELH
VINAY      LAKHOTIA                   NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         L19A SOUTH EXTENSION PART-II NEW DELH
SACHIDA    NAND         NAND          SHANTHI SAROOP                                        NAGAR, NEW DELHI
BAL        KRISHNAN                   NOT       AVAILABLE                                   KRISHNA NAGAR DELH
                                                                         D-5/20 FIRST FLOORINDIA
AJAY       KUMAR        SHARMA        U         C           SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                         VANDANA VILLA C-6/6 KRISHAN NAGAR DE
NAND       KISHORE      SETHI         RADHI     SHAM        SETHI                         INDIA
                                                                         5/10 KRISHAN NAGAR DELHI
MANOHAR LAL             SWAMY         T         S           SWAMY                          COLONY, KRISHNA NA
                                                                         5-6 NEW LAYAL PURINDIA
JAGWANTI   DEVI                       TULSI     RAM                                       INDIA
                                                                         4 GIAN PARK KRISHANA NAGAR DELHI DEL
RUBY       KHANNA                     NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         E4/12 KHANNA BUILDING KRISHAN NAGAR
RADHA      KHANNA                     PRITHVI   RAJ         KHANNA                        INDIA
                                                                         E4/12 KHANNA BUILDING KRISHAN NAGAR
JAG        MOHANLAL     GOEL          LATE      SUKHBIR     SINGH GOEL                    INDIA
                                                                         E-16 RADHEY PURI DELHI
PARVESH    KHANNA                     PRITHVI   RAJ         KHANNA                        INDIA
                                                                         E4/12 KHANNA BUILDING KRISHAN NAGAR
PRITHVI    RAJ          KHANNA        LATE      KAHAN                  E                 INDIA
                                                            CHAND KHANNA 4/12 KHANNA BUILDING KRISHAN NAGAR
JAIDEV     SEHGAL                     SUNDER    DAS                                         PHASE
                                                                         F 104 ASHOK VIHAR INDIA 1 DELHI DELHI
NAND       KISHOR       SHARMA        R         D           SHARMA                         INDIA
                                                                         C/O J L SHARMA H NO B K II/64 (POORVI) SH
URMIL      GUPTA                      BRAHMA PRAKASH                                      INDIA
                                                                         AE-198 SHALIMAR BAGH DELHI
UMA        GOYAL                      GYAN      PRAKASH     GOYAL                          INDIA
                                                                         50-B MIG FLAT POCKET -C ASHOK VIHAR PH
LOVE       KUMAR        KALRA         NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         149 A AC-I SMALIMAR BAGH NEW DELHI
ANIL       KUMAR        MANGLA        MANGAT RAM                                           INDIA
                                                                         I-146 PHASE ONE ASHOK VIHAR DELHI
MAHENDRA KUMAR          SHARMA        SHOBHA    RAM                                         2 MAUJPUR DELHI
                                                                         191/8 KRISHNA GALIINDIA
SHANKER    DYAL         SINHA                 DYAL
                                      BISHAMBHER                                          INDIA
                                                                         B-4/119,YAMUNA VIHAR, DELHI
UMA        SHARMA                            KUMAR
                                      MAHENDRA                                             INDIA
                                                                         191/8 KRISHNA GALI-2 MAUJPUR DELHI
KALYANI    HALDER                             HALDER
                                      KALLIPADA                                           INDIA
                                                                         C-2/18 YAMUNA VIHAR DELHI DELHI
SAVITA     SRIVASTAVA                 L         R           SRIVASTAVA                    INDIA
                                                                         26 THE MALL APARTMENTS MALL ROAD DE
GEORGE     GEORGE                     A         J           GEORGE                        INDIA
                                                                         1303 TYPE TIMARPUR DELHI DELHI
ANIL       SHARMA                             SHARMA
                                      SATISHKUMAR                                         INDIA
                                                                         C/O MR S K SHARMA 1-Z CHITRAGUPTA ROA
SONAL      VAISH                      RAVI      VAISH                                      INDIA
                                                                         C/O CDR N C VAISH 90 BASANT ENCLAVE N
HARIVANSH SHARMA                      BIHARILALSHARMA                                      INDIA
                                                                         D-2/32 JANAK PURI NEW DELHI
JASWANT    SINGH        WAS           S         AMIR        SINGH                       INDIA
                                                                         24 NARANG COLONY JANAKPURI NEW DELH
AMARJEET KAUR                         SARDAR    S           S DHODY                         INDIA
                                                                         B I/519 JANAK PURI NEW DELHI
PRASHANT MAHAY                      NA                                                INDIA
                                                                    D-2/32 JANAK PURI NEW DELHI
MOON       MAJUMDAR                 A        K          MAJUMDAR                     INDIA
                                                                    C5A/128 JANAKPURI, NEW DELHI
                                                        KHAJASAB MORVE              INDIA
SAVITA     PREMNATH   DALVI         PREMNATHDAGDOBA     DALVI                          INDIA
                                                                    28/316 S R T COLONY AKASHWANI OSMANA
                                    NAMDEORAO           DARANDALE                       INDIA
                                                                    S NO 69 / 2 P NO 3 TAWALE NAGAR AKBAR N
PURUSHOTTAM           KHAIR         LAXMAN BALWANT      KHAIR                       INDIA
                                                                    287 SOMWAR PETH KHAIR WADA SATARA
HANUMANSING           PARDESHI      V        S          PARDESHI                    INDIA
                                                                    55, DATTACHAYYA HOU SOC, SATARA, MAH
CHINTAMANI AXMAN      DESHPANDE     LAXMAN DESHPANDE                                 INDIA
                                                                    361 B YADOGOPAL PETH GOL MARUTI MAN
UDAYKUMAR         JANGAM            NA                                             INDIA
                                                                    LONAND TAL KHANADALA DIST SATARA
USHA       SURESH     OSWAL         SURESH            OSWAL
                                             SAKALCHAND                             INDIA
                                                                    186/3 HREENKARWATIKA DUDHALI PAVILL
                                            SAKALCHAND                              INDIA
                                                                    186/3 HREENKARWATIKA DUDHALI PAVILL
SURESH     SOHANI                   NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                    1775 D TELI GALI SHUKRAWAR PETH KOLHA
                                                                    1385 SHRINIVAS LALE PLOTS TIMBER AREA
                                    JAYNARAYAN                                      INDIA
                                                                    177/B VAKHAR BHAG SANGLI SANGLI
SURESH     BHAU       KOLE          BHAU     PIRAPPA    KOLE                           INDIA
                                                                    S NO 5090 PLOT NO 11 RAJYOG BANGLOW SA
                                                                    701 A/P KUDAL BAZAR PETH TAL- KUDAL D
SUBRAMANYAM                                A
                                    NAGESHWARAM                                    INDIA
                                                                    MANGAL KALASH COMPLEX F/401 CHOLEG
RITA       SURESH     BAJAJ         SURESH   BAJAJ                                     INDIA
                                                                    4, RISHIKESH A, H.P.T. COLLEGE ROAD, OPP
                                             RAMEHANDTRA                            INDIA
                                                                    104 SUMADHUR HAPPY HOME COLONY GEN
VIJAY      FAKIRA     JADHAV        NA                                              INDIA
                                                                    BEHIND WATER TANK SHIVAJI CHOWK MAN
PATHAN     HAMID      Y                     P
                                    YASINKHANATHAN                                   INDIA
                                                                    A/P TAL RAHATA DIST AHMEDNAGAR RAH
VIJAYKUMAR            AGRAWAL              BANSILAL
                                    MADANLAL            AGRAWAL                     INDIA
                                                                    PRABHAT GALLI GHAT ROAD AP-CHALISGA
SHRIKANT   RANE                     SHRIDHAR RANE                                  INDIA
                                                                    SWAMI VIVEKANAND NAGAR PLOT NO. 48,
KATARIYA RENU         KISHORKUMAR   NA                                               INDIA
                                                                    31/A GANPATI NAGAR JALGAON
NAGESH     ZIPRU      SHIRORE       ZIPRU    SHIRORE                                    AURANGABAD
                                                                    N 9 M 2 72 1 HUDCO INDIA
GHARE                P
           CHANDRASHEKHAR                   R
                                    PRATAPRAOAMRAO      GHARE                     INDIA
                                                                    28 NAGESHWARWADI, SUNDARWADI, AURA
VIJAY      RAJ        JAIN          TEJRAJ            BDHRA
                                             SUGANCHAND                               INDIA
                                                                    PLOT NO 1-247 BALAJI NAGAR AURANGABA
ASHOKKUMAR                          VIJAYRAJ TEJRAJ     BOHRA                         INDIA
                                                                    PLOT NO 1/247 BALAJI NAGAR BEHIND MON
SUREKHA    KAMBLE                   ASHOK                                           INDIA
                                                                    C/O ASHOK K KAMBLE JEEVAN SARAL OFFI
BRIJ       RAJ                      SWARUP
                      SWARUP BHATNAGAR       SHIV       BHATNAGAR                      NP. PLOT NO. 6/A HOUS
                                                                    RETIRED G. M. WCL.INDIA
URMILA     H          PATEL         HITESH   PATEL                                   INDIA
                                                                    17 A VARDAYANI SARJU TOWN WATHODA N
RAJAN      TUKARAM    GADAM         TUKARAM GADAM                                     INDIA
                                                                    36 , SAHYADRI FLATS CEMENT ROAD SHIVA
                                                                    SIDDHARTH CHOWK SINDEWAHI DIST CHAN
KAPIL      GAUTAM     BADGE         GAUTAM F            BADGE                        INDIA
                                                                    LALPETH QTR NO 8/1 BEHIND UCO BANK, LA
ASHOK                R
           JAYANARAYANATHI                  RATHI
                                    JAYANARAYAN                                     CHALISBIGHA MALKA
                                                                    KOLTE APARTMENTINDIA
                                    MADANLAL                                  INDIA
                                                    KHANDELWAL ADARSHA COLONY NEAR HANUMAN TEMP
OMPRAKASHB            DUBEY         NA                                              INDIA
                                                                    SANT NAGAR SAINATH COLONY NR REGION
AYESHA     ARSHAD     MIRZA         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                    OPP S S BROTHERS NEAR TAJNA PETH POLI
ASHISH     SAMPAT     SHARMA        NA                                             INDIA
                                                                    SUBHASHISH PANNALAL NAGAR, INDRAPU
                                    DAMODHAR GARKAR                                  INDIA
                                                                    KESHARIYA 35 JAIBHAVANI NAGAR SHIVNE
                                                                    POST PUNVAT TQ WANI COLONY SUNDAR N
RAJA       AGRAWAL                  SHRI     RAM                    B-95           INDIA
                                                        KINKAR AGRAWAL LIG COLONY KHANDWA M P
AJEET      DARDA                    LATE     GENDA      LAL DARDA                    INDIA
                                                                    163 BRIJESHWARI NX B AHEAD OF ASHISH N
SURESH     SOMANI                   LATE     JAGDISH                178,           INDIA
                                                        CHANDRA SOMANI CHHTRAPATI NAGAR, INDORE (M.P.)
SHUBH      KARAN      SHARMA        NA                                                AIRPORT ROAD INDOR
                                                                    57 TIRUPATI NAGARINDIA
                                    HAKIMUDDIN                                      INDIA
                                                                    C/O BADSHAH STORES, 105, SAIFEE NAGAR,
ATULYA     DEEP       YADAV                 YADAV
                                    KULDEEPSINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                    DEEPVILLA 28 BHAGIRATH COLONY DHAR
D          SAMBATH                    RDESAP   PILLAI                   M H MHOW           INDIA
SHEELA     RANKA                      LALCHAND                                            INDIA
                                                                        B - 17 V D CLOTH MARKET UJJAIN MP
PUSHPA     TONGIA                     KUMAL    KUMAR                                   INDIA
                                                                        D2A VED NAGAR NANA KHEDA OPP MANGA
ALIASGAR   HAJRAT                     TAHER    ALI         HAJRAT                       INDIA
                                                                        29, ALANKAR APPARTMENT FLAT NO. 102, 1
VIKAS      KARANJIYA                         KARANJIYA
                                      KOMALCHAND                                         INDIA
                                                                        4 CHOPATI ROAD JAORA DIST-RATLAM
PUSHPA     KUKREJA                    NA                                                  KOH-E-FIZA BHOPAL
                                                                        D-25 B D A COLONY INDIA
Devendra   Sadho                      NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        MIG 12, MPMLA Quarters Old Jawahar Chowk T
VIMAL      KUMAR       JAIN           SHRI     ROOP        CHAND JAIN                    INDIA
                                                                        IN FRONT OF SHUBHAM SARI VIMAL PUSTA
MADHURI    JAIN                       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                        GARGA MADIKO GUNA (MP)
NAVIN      CHANDRA     GAUR           KAILASH CHANDRA      GAUR                         INDIA
                                                                        DISTRICT TREASURY COLLECTOTRATE CAM
VIJAY      SWAROOP     ANAND          ANAND    SWAROOP     ANAND                        INDIA
                                                                        57 TAYADE COLONY ASHOK NAGAR (M P)
GOVIND     PRASAD      GUPTA          NEMI     CHAND       GUPTA                      INDIA
                                                                        DHARAMSHALA ROAD SHIVPURI
RAMESH     CHANDRA     JAIN           LATE     SHRI                    JAIN              GWALIOR MP
                                                           RAJ MAHENDRAC 2 GANDHI NAGAR INDIA
ANJALI     GARG                       BHARAT   BHUSHAN     GARG                          INDIA
                                                                        STATE BANK OF INDIA, JIWAJI GANJ MANDI
NEERAJ     GUPTA                      MURARI   LAL         GUPTA                        INDIA
                                                                        NAGAR PALIKA COMPLEX AMBAH MOREN
SACHIN     KUMAR       JAIN           RAMESH   KUMAR       JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                        SONAL MEDICAL BUS STAND ROAD MANDL
VIMAL      KUMAR       SIHARE         MAJARI   LAL         SIHARE                        STORE
                                                                        VIMAL AUTO AND HINDIA LALIPUR MAND
JAYA       ISSRANI                    SURESH   SHAJWANI                                 INDIA
                                                                        ANIL NIWAS DR AMBEDKAR WARD MANDL
MOHAN      DAS         PAMNANI        BHIMAN   DAS         PAMNANI                   INDIA
                                                                        PADAW WARD MANDLA
VINOD      KUMAR       SINGOUR        LOCHAN   PRASAD      SINGOUR                        INDIA
                                                                        CIVIL LINE TILAK WARD MANDLA
RAVINDRANATHA          A              A        O           REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                        BURUJU PALLI TALUPULA MANDAL KADIRI
A          VENKATESH KUMAR            NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        5/73 M G ROAD KADIRI KADIRI
VAMSEE     KRISHNA     CHAKKA         C        RAJAGOPAL                                  INDIA
                                                                        S/O C RAJA GOPAL 4-111 TEMPLE STREET KA
UMA        DEVI        CHAKKA         C        RAJAGOPAL                                 INDIA
                                                                        C/O C RAJAGOPAL TEMPLE STREET KADIRI
RAMESHBABU                            G        VENKATA     RAMAIAH                       POSTAL
                                                                        C/O J VINODKUMARINDIA ASSITANT DHA
M                    PRASAD
           VENKATESWARA               M                             H                  INDIA
                                               SREERAMA CHANDRIAH LATENO 11/30B R T STREET GUNTAKAL ANANT
G          N                          G
                       PRABHAKAR SHARMA        V                        4/141 C        INDIA
                                                           N ANJANEYA SHARMA VARA LAKSHMI NILAYAM BESIDE T
P          PANDU       RANGAIAH       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        SRI LAXMI RANGA IRON MART OPP SLV THE
PULLAIAH   TAMMINENI                          VENKATAIAH
                                      TAMMINENI                                        INDIA
                                                                        BRAHMANAPALLI VIL REGADI PALLI POST
MALLIKARJUNA           DN             D        CHENARAYUDU                                 INDIA
                                                                        2/275-1-A BALAJI NAGAR POST RAVINDRA N
NARASIMHULU                           S        NARASAIAH                                INDIA
                                                                        GOVT JUNIOR COLLEGE PORUMAMILLA CU
RUKUNUDDINYED                         SYED     JALAL                                      INDIA
                                                                        D NO 18-4-76 PALAMANERU ROAD DARGA C
SREE       RAM                       S
                       BASKER CHOWDARY                  NAIDU
                                               KODHANDARAMA                               INDIA
                                                                        9-31-6 P N ROAD NEWPET CHANDRAGIRI
                                      DEVIREDDY                        18-1-308 BHAVANI NAGAR TIRUPATHI TIRUP
                                                           KRISHNA REDDY                 INDIA
SUMATHI    PULICAL                    P        ROOP        KUMAR                        INDIA
                                                                        C/O P NANDA GOPAL 19-11-9 SARADA NAGA
RAJENDRA KUMAR         PIDATHALA      P        HARINATHAN                                INDIA
                                                                        S/O P HARINATH PLOT NO 15 C/O PATTI CHA
K                     REDDY
           MALLIKARJUNA               K        RAMIREDDY                                      V NAGAR TIRUPATI
                                                                        H NO 19-6-55 A-II S TINDIA
SIVAKUMARAKKARI                       A        ADIKESAVULU                                INDIA
                                                                        395 1ST FLOOR TILAK ROAD TIRUPATI POST
K          VIJAYA      KUMAR          LATE     B                       11-150           INDIA
                                                           KUPPUSWAMY PILLAI SANTHINILAYAM S V NAGAR TIRUPA
ASWATHAREDDY           REDDY                 REDDY
                                      NARAYANA             TC                           INDIA
                                                                        S/O NARAYANA REDDY TC SUB JUDGE SRIK
K          CHANDRA     SEKHAR REDDY   M        K           REDDY                        INDIA
                                                                        6390 BABU AGRAHARAM SRIKALAHASTI CH
S          SUDHA                      S        CHINNA      RAJA                           NEAR
                                                                        C/O S CHINNA RAJA INDIA V M C THEATRE S
I          NAGA        SUHASINI       SUBBA    RAYUDU                                     BAZAR
                                                                        H NO 20-57 FLOWER INDIA PETA KURNOOL
RAMBABU    Y                          Y        SATYANARAYANA                              KURNOOL KURNOOL
                                                                        18/152 NEHRU ROADINDIA
RAJA       SEKHAR      K              K        N           CHARYULU                      INDIA
                                                                        C/O DHARANI & CO 52/172 FORT KURNOOL (
SREENIVASAREDDY                     M
                       MUDUMALAGURTHY          ANANTHA     REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                        C/O P V SUBBA REDDY H NO 50/798 DEVANA
ARCHANA    DEVI        PASULURI       NA                                                 BUGGAREDDY PETA BE
                                                                        ARUNA INDUSTRIESINDIA
GURU       SHANKAR    CHINTALA       C         GURAPPA                                  INDIA
                                                                        C/O DR Y SATYANANRAYANAN 46-/683-G BU
B          P          SUBBA REDDY    B         R          REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                        PHYSIOLOGY DEPT MEDICAL COLLEGE KUR
LEELA      KRISHNA                   K         BABU       PATEL                           NIRMAL
                                                                        H NO 6 SBI COLONY INDIA NAGAR BELLA
BABU       PATEL      KRISHNA        K         PATEL                                      NIRMAL
                                                                        H NO 6 SBI COLONY INDIA NAGAR BELLA
B          LAKSHMI                   B         A          V PRASAD                        INDIA
                                                                        H NO 40/822 CLUB ROAD KURNOOL
B          A          V PRASAD       K         VENKATARAMAIAH                             INDIA
                                                                        H NO 40/822 CLUB ROAD KURNOOL
ABEL       KRUPA      RAO MEDIDA     M         P          LUKE                           INDIA
                                                                        H NO 168 PRAKASH NAGAR KURNOOL
NAGAPULLAIAH                         K         NARAYANA                                   INDIA
                                                                        H NO 15/90 PATHAPETA DHONE POST KURN
VIJAYA     LAXMI      K              SURESH    KUMAR      K                                INDIA
                                                                        1-677/2-A-2 SREE RAGHAVENDRA NAGAR AA
H          DODDAPPA                  H         VENKATTAPPA                              INDIA
                                                                        C/O H PANDURANGAPPA KIRANA MERCHAN
K          CHANDRA    SEKHAR         K                  GOUD
                                               VEERABADRA                               MEDICAL STORE YEMM
                                                                        C/O MAHALAKSHMIINDIA
THALLAM    SAINATH                          S
                                     MUDDANNAETTY                                       INDIA
                                                                        PRIYA CEMENT DEALER IRON MERCHANT M
GUDURU               SETTY
           SUBRAMANYAM               G         GUNDIAH    SETTY                         INDIA
                                                                        C/O TIRUMALA TRADERS PRIYA CEMENT D
KRISHNAMURTHY                        M         SESHAMMA                                  INDIA
                                                                        H NO 14-30 ANNAKALAPETA NANDYAL PO K
PRASAD     REDDY      BAREDDY        B         MADDILETY REDDY                           INDIA
                                                                        C/O PRASAD IRON MART NOONEPALLY NAN
LAKSHMIDEVI                          M         KRISHNAMURTHY                             INDIA
                                                                        H NO 14-30 ANNAKALAPETA NANDYAL PO
SUBRAMANYAM                          N                   SETTY
                                               VASUDEVAIAH                                 INDIA
                                                                        17-66 C UPSTAIRS PARK ROAD NANDYAL
SUBRAMANYAM                          P         VENKATESWARLU                            INDIA
                                                                        C/O C SATYANARAYANA 4-1-20 MAIN BAZA
POLUKA     LAKSHMI    REDDY          VENKAT    REDDY      P                               INDIA
                                                                        D NO 6-4-2B SIVARAM TALKIES ROAD ALLA
VENKATA    RAMANAIAH SUNKU           SATYANARAYANA                                      INDIA
                                                                        S/O S SATYANARAYANA 8-109 MAIN BAZAR
KRISHNA    MURTHY     MADALLAPALLI   M         P          SESHAIAH                        INDIA
                                                                        S/O M P SESHAIAH 13/101 MAIN BAZAR CHA
V          GOPALAIAH SETTY           NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        C/O BALAJI MEDICAL STORES BETHAMCHE
GIRDHARI   LAL        MAKHIKJA       KARODHI MAL          MAKHIKJA                    INDIA
                                                                        SUBHASH WARD MANDLA M P
DHANWANTIDEVI         CHANDANI       JAGGU     MAL        PAMNANI                     INDIA
                                                                        SHUBHASH WARD MANDLA
NAVEEN     KUMAR      PAMNANI        KISHAN    CHAND      PAMNANI                     INDIA
                                                                        PADAW WARD MANDLA MANDLA
CHAITALI   BOSE                      AJIT      SARKAR                                    INDIA
                                                                        C/O PRIYRANJAN BOSE F NO 104 BHASIN AR
CHHAYA     KEWAT                     RAM       RATAN      RAIKWAR                      INDIA
                                                                        894 DWARKA NAGAR WARD RAHUL NIWAS
ANKUR      JAIN                      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        676 BHALDARPURA TAGORE SHISHU NIKET
DHIRENDRA PRASAD      VERMA          JAGDISH   PRASAD     VERMA                          INDIA
                                                                        128 SANJEEVNI NAGAR JABALPUR MADHY
KAVITA     KACKER                    RAJIV     KACKER                                     INDIA
                                                                        C/O LT COL RAJIV KACKER COMPANY DSC O
SUSHIL     PATEL                     B         D          PATEL                          INDIA
                                                                        UNIT 1/A BRINDAWAN PATEL NAGAR MAHA
SANTOSH    KUMAR      AGRAWAL        SHRI      MUKUT                  C/O             INDIA
                                                          BIHARI AGRAWAL SHRI MUKUT BIHARI AGRAWAL KISHAN
VARUNENDRA            THAKUR         KMS       THAKUR                                    INDIA
                                                                        H NO 87 K NARSINGH WARD TEHSIL NARSIN
SUGAM      CHAND      JAIN           NEMI      CHAND      JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                        C/O NAVRANG DRESSES MAIN ROAD KANDE
MANOJ      LUNAWAT                   NA                                                   KARELI
                                                                        GALLA MANDI P O - INDIA DT- NARSINGH
RADHA      DHARMAPALAN               WO        SHRI                   BHILAI TAILORS, SHOP NO.- 62, 'A' MARKET,
                                                          M C DHARMAPALAN               INDIA
AJAY       KUMAR      MANIKPURE      B         P          MANIKPURE                     INDIA
                                                                        QUATER 5/D STREET 11 SECTOR 1 BHILAI
R          K          DIWAKAR        RAJA      RAM        DIWAKAR                          INDIA
                                                                        QR NO 16 TYPE III TELECOM COLONY SECTO
DAKOR      RAI        TAUNK          NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        H NO 290 SUBHASH NAGAR DURG DURG
RAJENDRA PRASAD       KHANDELWAL     NARSINGH DAL                                      INDIA
                                                          KHANDELWAL 15/148 OPP KIRODIMAL DHARAMSALA JAWA
P          A          N KRISHNA      P         S          R MURTHY                       - 29 TATI BANDH RAIPU
                                                                        MPHB COLONY MIG INDIA
JYOTI      SHAH                      MUNISH    SHAH                                      INDIA
                                                                        C/O SALT TRADERS SHRINAGAR RD NEAR R
ARUNA      JAIN                      NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        H NO 185/2 RAVISHANKAR SHUKL WARD
NIRMAL     KUMAR      CHOPRA         SURESH    CHAND      CHOPRA                      INDIA
                                                                        COLLAGE ROAD MAHASAMUND
BHARTI     GAJENDRA                  NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        ANAND LAL GAJENDRA NAYAPARA RUDRI
RICHA      SHAHI                     NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        B 49 AGYEYA NAGAR NEAR CHILDREN PAR
DEEPAK     TRIPATHI                  NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        C-540, YAMUNA VIHAR NTPC TOWNSHIP JAM
GAURAV    MANGLANI                    GOPAL      MANGLANI                                INDIA
                                                                         BEHIND GOVT GIRLS SCHOOL AZAD CHOWK
BAJRANG   LAL         AGRAWAL         RAMSARANAGRAWAL                                    NEAR
                                                                         CHANDANIYA PARAINDIA NETAJI CHOWK J
DINESH    KUMAR       AGRAWAL         BAJARANGLAL           AGRAWAL                     INDIA
                                                                         CHAMPA ROAD JANJGIR DISTT JANJGIR CH
KHEMAN    LAL         DEWANGAN        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         SBI MAIN ROAD JANJGIR DISTT JANJGIR JAN
MANOHER   SINGH                       RAM                  SINGH
                                                 SIDDHESHWAR                             INDIA
                                                                         WARD NO 14 CHANDANIYA PARA JANJGIR D
RAGHUBIR SINGH        SISODIA         DIGVIJAY SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                         WARD NO 20 NEAR SADAR SCHOOL DAILY M
MOHD      ESA                         NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         20-4-209/A/2 HIMMATH PURA KHAAILWATH
SHANKER   LAL         LADDHA          RAJARAM LADDA                                         NAKA
                                                                         20/3/658 TAGARI KA INDIA LADDA MAHAL N
HEMALATABEN           SHAH            NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                         1 8 68 2ND FLOOR, JAWAHAR NAGAR COLON
K         SUDHA                       K          LAKSHMAN RAO                               SECUNDERABAD
                                                                         1-3-71 DHAN BAZAR INDIA
A         LAXMAN      RAO             LATE       A                     H                  INDIA
                                                            GURUCHARANAM NO 8 1 328 SHIVAJI NAGAR SECUNDERABA
MOHAMED WASIM         HANIF           MOHAMEDHANIF                                        INDIA
                                                                         H-NO-6-3-579 MOGHAL MASKON APT NO-104
GAMPALA   SANKARA     RAO             NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         402, PAVANI ESTATES NIRVANA RESIDENTI
GOPALAPURAM                           G          VENKATESWARLU                              INDIA
                                                                         9/4/86/256 SALARJUNG COLONY VIA GOLCON
SIVANNARAYANA                         NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         D 18 N R S A QUARTERS HASMATHPET MAN
NAGA      VENKATA     RAMANA                  R
                                      NARASIMHAAO                                        INDIA
                                                                         ING VYSYA BANK LTD, PLOT NO.E -9, 50 - 27
D         INDIRA      DEVI            D                                                     INDIA
                                                                         D NO 50/100/4 SEETHAMMADHARA VSP
BIDHAN    MOHAPATRA                   AJAY       KUMAR      MOHAPATRA                    INDIA
                                                                         CHETAK TECH FLIGHT 408 AIR FORCE STAT
V         KISHORE                             RAO
                                      KOTESWARA             VUTKURU                          8/3/250,
                                                                         FLAT NO. 201, H.NO. INDIA 1 A 2, SRI LAKSH
ALLURI    SRI         HARI RAJU       A          V          S RAJU                         INDIA
                                                                         BLOCK NO 7, FLAT NO 503 DIVYA SHAKTHI
K         NAGARANI                    K          NAGESHWARRAO                             INDIA
                                                                         12 1 1461/A TARNAKA WHITE HOUSE SECUN
NAVEEN    KUMAR       NUTI            MALLAIAHNUTI                                       INDIA
                                                                         INFOSYS TECHOLOGIES LTD 210 MANIKOND
A         SUGUNAKAR                   NA                                                      INDIA
                                                                         1-6-212/65/107/113 GANGAPUTRA COLONY, M
P         RAJALAKSHMI                 NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         401 JANAPRIYA PRADISE ST NO 1 ASHOKNA
A         RAMA        KRISHNA NEOGI   BAPIRAJU                                             INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO 101, PHASE-2 BELVERDE GARDENS
KRISHANCHANDRA                        R          A          CHORASIA                        INDIA
                                                                         544/6,RAJA PARK,JAIPUR
PRADEEP   KUMAR       GANDHI          PRANNATHGANDHI                                        RAJA
                                                                         199 RAM GALI NO. 1 INDIAPARK ADARSH NA
MANINDER KOUR                         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         116 GURU NANK PURA, ADRASH NAGAR,JAI
MEENA     KAPOOR                      NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         373-A,RAJA PARK, GALI NO 1,RAJA PARK, JA
SURESH    PARNAMI                     SURESH     PARNAMI                                  JAIPUR
                                                                         330 ADARSH NAGARINDIA
SURESH    CHANDRA     SHARMA          RAM        KISHORE                                   INDIA
                                                                         D-10,SHANTI PATH, TILAK NAGAR, JAIPUR
GEETA     KHATANA                     G          R          KHATANA                      INDIA
                                                                         65 BHAGAWATI NAGAR IST KARTARPURA JA
VIRENDRA SINHA                        BAHURAN SINHA                                       INDIA
                                                                         A-28 SANT VINOBABHAWE NGR NEAR VAIS
RAMCHANDRA                                    AGRAWAR
                                      SATYANARAYAN                                        INDIA
                                                                         SB-57 NAND MARG SUBHASH NAGAR JAIPU
JITENDERA RAI                         VIBHUTI    RAI                                      JAIPUR
                                                                         20\77 MANSAROVARINDIA (RAJ)
RAJENDRA BETALA                       SHIKHAR CHAND                                      INDIA
                                                                         RAJENDRA SALES CORPN F-268 ROAD NO 13
YOGESH    KUMAR       GODHA           JAIKUMAR JI           SH                            INDIA
                                                                         FARMAIESH DEPT. STORE 20 ARDASH BAST
DAYA      RAM                         RAMLAL                                               OFINDIA STAFF COLON
                                                                         6/66 RESERVE BANKINDIA
SANTOSH   BABU        SHARMA          CHANDAN LAL           SHARMA                        INDIA
                                                                         PLOT 1101,BARKAT COLONY TONK PHATAK
USHA      JAIN                               KUMAR
                                      MAHENDRA              JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                         D-175 MOTI MARG BAPUNAGAR JAIPUR
SABAL     G           R               LATE       SRI        M R SABAL                   INDIA
                                                                         941 RAMNAGAR NAHARIKANAKA JAIPUR
JOSHNA    BHANDARI                    N          M          BHANDARI                       INDIA
                                                                         II-104,BAJAJ NAGAR,JAIPUR
CHIRANJILAL                           GOPI       RAM                                      INDIA
                                                                         B-423 MALVIYA NAGAR JAIPUR JAIPUR
KAMAL     KUMAR       GADEOCK         BALWANT RAI           GADEOCK                       INDIA
                                                                         13/975 MALVIYA NAGAR JAIPUR
KAVITA    KHANDELWAL                  S          C                                     INDIA
                                                            KHANDELWAL 183 MUKTA NAND NAGAR GOPALPURA BYE
SANJAY    KOOLWAL                     S          R          KOOLWAL                      INDIA
                                                                         F-181 SHYAM NAGAR JAIPUR (RAJ) JAIPUR (
SNEHLATA SOMANI                       R          SOMANI                                  INDIA
                                                                         C/O NIRMALA SHARMA E-27 RAMNAGAR EX
OM         PRAKASH    SHARMA        SH        SHANTI     SWAROOP                     INDIA
                                                                      44 DAYANAND COLONY NEAR GLASS FACT
RAKESH     KUMAR      JAGGA                 LAL
                                    SUDARSHAN            JAGGA                       INDIA
                                                                      NAVRANG OIL COMPANY BEHARI GANJ AJM
IVO        GABRIEL    MANCIO DIAS   JOAQUIM M            M DIAS                      INDIA
                                                                      UNITED COMMERCIAL BANK DIVISIONAL O
DARA       SETHNA                   SHAPOOR P            SETHNA                       INDIA
                                                                      MILITARY HOSPITAL NASIRABAD RAJASTH
SUNITA     JAIN                     BHAG      CHAND      JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                      W/O BHAG CHAND JAIN 17 MUNOT NAGAR B
PRITHVI    RAJ        SINGHVI       NA                                                 PALI MARWAR
                                                                      78 ADARSH NAGAR, INDIA
MALLESWARARAO                       P         APPALA     RAMANNA                      INDIA
                                                                      SR MANAGER ( P&A) QUARTER NO C-1 ZINC
GIRI       RAJ        BHATT         SH        N          L BHATT                       INDIA
                                                                      B-23 ZINC NAGAR KAPASAN ROAD CHITTOR
SUNIL      BHANDARI                 B         BHANDARI                                INDIA
                                                                      CHARBHUJA INVESTMENTS B-6 MEERA MAR
SUBHASH    JAIN                     DULI      CHAND      JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                      C/O DR SUBHASH JAIN 24/6 KUMBHA NAGAR
LALIT      KUMAR      HIRAWAT       NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      6-JAGNATH MARG KARMANTRI KI KUIE CHA
PUSHKAR    RAJ                      B         L          WADHWANI                    INDIA
                                                                      UNITED COMMERCIAL BANK 126,BAPU BAZ
SUSHIL     KUMAR      JAIN          A         L          JAIN                             INDIA
                                                                      C/O A L JAIN 3/115 ASHOK NAGAR UDAIPUR
BHEEM      SEHAN      GUPTA         SH        GHISARAMGUPTA                           PO KAMALPURA VIA CH
                                                                      VILLAGE ULUPURA INDIA
KASTOORI   DEVI       OJHA          G         D          OJHA                            INDIA
                                                                      C/O PROF R C JHA 408 KIRSHNA NAGER BHA
KRISHNAN K            R             K         S                       A1/4           COLONY HEAVY ENGIN
                                                         RAMALINGA IYER CIMMCO STAFFINDIA
HARESH     KUMAR      GARG          DEVKI     NANDAN                                   INDIA
                                                                      V & P GULPARA TAQ NAGAR DIST BHARATP
RAMESH     CHAND      GUPTA         SH        R          S GUPTA                        STORE,
                                                                      C/O VIJAY GENERALINDIA HOSPITAL MAR
KASTOORI   DEVI       JAIN          SH        GULAB      CHANDJAIN                      & CO
                                                                      C/O SHALESH GARG INDIAKESHAVPURA HIN
PREM       DEVI       GUPTA         HAZARI    LAL        GUPTA                        INDIA
                                                                      C/O PYARELAL HAZARILAL, GANESH GANJ,
ISHWAR     TOSNIWAL                 DEVISHANKAR                                       INDIA
                                                                      GANPAT LAL GULAB CHAND CHOMUKHA B
PRAVEENATAILOR                      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      C/O PARADISE TAILORS RAWATBHATA VIA
SHASHI     AGARWAL                  NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      INDIA METAL INDUSTRIES 26, THALAWAR R
KRISHNA    KUMAR      AGARWAL       BANWARILAL                                        INDIA
                                                                      C/O KRISHNA KUMAR & CO. THARD MARG R
BHANWER    LAL        SONI          RAM       DHAN       SONI                           INDIA
                                                                      P O BAWDI DISTT SIKAR (RAJASTHAN)
ANURADHA SHARMA                     KANTHIVALAL          SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                      D/O KANHIYALAL SHARMA VISHNU BHAWA
GOPI       CHAND      NAHTA         ASKARAN JI           NAHTA                           NAHTA
                                                                      S/O SRI ASKARAN JI INDIA NAHTA KA CHO
INDER      SAIN       GUPTA         JAI       RAM        DASS                         INDIA
                                                                      SATISH AND COMPANY HOSPITAL ROAD BIK
HEERARAM CHOUDHARY                  JAIRAM    CHOUDHARY                               INDIA
                                                                      C/O ARJUNLAL MADAN T 49/F RAILWAY CO
BHARATI    VYAS                     NARESH    VYAS                                    INDIA
                                                                      W/O NARESH VYAS IN FRONT OF TIKAMJI K
ASHA       BHATIA                   SH        SHYAM      SUNDER BHATIA                   INDIA
                                                                      C/O S S BHATIA 197 MUKHERJEE NAGAR SRI
RAJESH     KUMAR                    HARI      RAM                                     INDIA
                                                                      C/O GOYAL & COMPANY 18 - PATEL MARKE
CHANDAN    SINGH                    SUKHDEV SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                      HOUSE NO 41 STREET NO 8 SETIA FARM SRI
INDERDEEP KAUR        MEHTA         SARDUL    SINGH      MEHTA                         INDIA
                                                                      148 AJEET COLONY NEAR BALNIKETAN RAT
SARABJEET SINGH       MEHTA         SARDUL    SINGH      MEHTA                          NEAR
                                                                      148,AJEET COLONY, INDIA BALNIKETAN, RA
MANAKLAL GUPTA                      NA                                                 NO 88,2ND A ROAD SIN
                                                                      C/O SARDARPURA HINDIA
ANIL       KUMAR      SINGH         AMITA                                            INDIA
                                                                      SHAMBHOO NIWAS 16 PAOTA C ROAD LAL M
BABITA     DHAWA                           DHAWA
                                    DEVANAND                                         INDIA
                                                                      C/O DEVANAND DHAWA 176-A BEHIND L B S
RAJESH     DAVE                     BUVINCHANDRA                                       INDIA
                                                                      TEJPAL HOUSE 1 PUNCHMATT PLOT RAJKOT
SHRUTI     KARTHA                   NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      704 STAR CHAMBERS HARIHAR CHOWK PAN
KRISHNA    KARTHA                   SHRUTI    KARTHA                                  INDIA
                                                                      704 STAR CHAMBERS HARIHAR CHOWK PAN
KUMUD      ADALJA                   BHARAT    B          ADALJA                        INDIA
                                                                      34 C.D. BHAKTINAGER INDUSTIEL ESTATE R
TRAMBAKLAL                          MANILAL                                            INDIA
                                                                      4 JIVAN NAGAR RAIYA ROAD RAJKOT
INDIRABAHEN                                H
                                    PRAMODRAI            JOSHI                          INDIA
                                                                      C/O P H JOSHI SHREE YOGI KRIPA DERA STR
                                                                      SHREE YOGIKARIPAINDIA ST, GONDAL DT R
MALTIBEN VAGHELA                    ARVINDBHAI                                       INDIA
                                                                      MUKESH KUMAR GANATRA LAKHAVALA D
KALPANA    NARESH     GANDHI        NARESH                                              INDIA
                                                                      A/1 S B STAFF COLONY NR CRICKET BUNGL
AJIT      C           PATEL        CHANDRAKANT                                    INDIA
                                                                  C/O KESHAV ENTERPRISES 3 LIMDA LANE J
I         SANTHANA    MARY         T         ISIDORE                                IND LTD
                                                                  M/S NATARAJ C & C INDIA 74 PANCHAVA
CHANDRAKANT                        HIRJI                                             INDIA
                                                                  M-13,FLAT NO 2659, SADHANA SOCIETY, JAM
PRATIMA   KANUBHAI    RAMANUJ      RAMANUJ K                                         INDIA
                                                                  DIPTI, II PATEL COLONY OPP.SURELIA FURN
NANDLAL   CHHAGANLALKOTHARI        CHHAGANLAL                                      INDIA
                                                                  C/O KOTHARI C G AND SONS KALAVAD SHIT
VIDYA     KAHANABHAIPATEL          KHANAN I              PATEL                    INDIA
                                                                  D/1,NEW GOVT BLOCK, NR KANYA CHHATR
CHHOTALALV            POPAT        VITHALDAS                                      INDIA
                                                                  KRISHNA NAGAR STREET NO 4 OLD RAM MA
HARSHA    Y           DHANESHA     YOGESH                                         INDIA
                                                                  FASHION SAMRAT ZAVERI BAZAR VERAVA
MANSHANKER            UPADYAY      CHHOTALAL                                      INDIA
                                                                  C/O JANTA MEDICAL STORES NAGALDEVI C
NANDKISHOR                         NA                                             INDIA
                                                                  CHAUHAN STREET NANI BAZAR MORBI
VRAJLAL   DOSHI       BHARTI       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                  C/O VRAJLAL GIRDHARLAL NUTAN NAGAA
BHARAT    RATILAL                  RATILAL                                        INDIA
                                                                  SANGHVI STREET GOL BAZAR MAHUVA PO
VINOD     RATILAL                  RATILAL                                        INDIA
                                                                  SANGHVI STREET GOL BAZAR MAHUVA PO
LALCHAND J            DESAI        LALCHANDJ             DESAI                     INDIA
                                                                  40MAIN BAZAR LILIYA MOTA
MANOJ              DAVE
          SUMANCHANDRA                    DAVE
                                   SUMANCHANDRA                                    BANK
                                                                  C/O KUTCH GRAMININDIA BHU - BRANCH S
LAL       KISHICHAND B                      BATHIJA
                                   KISHINCHAND                                     PRATAP
                                                                  B/124 LAL BHAWAN INDIA NAGAR GANDH
ISHWARI   LAKHWANI                 HARESH    KUMAR                                   INDIA
                                                                  HOUSE NO S I X 28 JANTA COLONY ADIPUR
PREETI    VIJAY       L            VIJAY                                            INDIA
                                                                  C/O N J LALWANI EXE ENGG KANDLA PORT
UMESH     PANDIT                   HARIPRASAD                                       INDIA
                                                                  15 JYOTILA PARK SOCIETY, OPP DSP OFFICE
CHANDUBHAI            BHATT        NOT       AVAILABLE                            INDIA
                                                                  JALBINDU COOP SOCIETY NEAR JAYAMALA
HARSHVADAN                         RAMAWTAR                                       INDIA
                                                                  1035 MAHALAXMI SOCIETY RAMANAGAR S
MANMOHANGUPTA                      P         D           GUPTA                    INDIA
                                                                  302 MAHAN INDUSTRIES LIMITED D K HOU
DARSHAN   RASIKLAL    VAKIL        RASIKLAL BHOGILAL                                INDIA
                                                                  FLAT NO 13 IST FLOOR MAHAVIR TOWER OP
SHREYA              VAKIL
          DARSHANKUMAR             DARSHANRASIKLAL                                  INDIA
                                                                  FLAT NO 13 IST FLOOR MAHAVIR TOWER OP
CHANDUBHAI            LAL BHATT    N         MOHANLAL M BHATT                      INDIA
                                                                  IJALBINDU CO SOCIETY NR JAYAMALA BUS
JAYANT    BHATT                    VIDYASHANKER                                   INDIA
                                                                  S RAMLAL NAGAR, OPP SHELAT BHUVAN M
                                   JORAVARSINH           JHALA                      INDIA
                                                                  12 D HARI PARK BEHIND ANKUR SOCIETY A
SACHIN    DILIPBHAI   PATEL        DILIPBHAI PATEL                                 INDIA
                                                                  904/2 NARANPURA AHMEDABAD AHMEDAB
VEER      A           GOPWANI      ATMARAM GOPWANI                                INDIA
                                                                  B/1 SINDHUNAGAR SOCIETY JUNA VADAJ A
DIPAK     MANGALDAS GANDHI                S
                                   MANGALDAS             GANDHI                     INDIA
                                                                  8 SATYA - DEEP APT OPP: JAIN TEMPLE NAR
RAJULA    POPAT                    MANOJ     POPAT                                  INDIA
                                                                  1/9 GURJAR FLATS, BHIMTIPURA NAVA VAD
VIJAY     CHUGH                    KRISHAN LAL                                      INDIA
                                                                  64/384 VIJAY NAGAR AHMEDABAD
CHITTARANJAN                       M         VORA                                  INDIA
                                                                  54 PARASKUNJ SOCIETY NO 2 AMBAWADI A
MANJULABEN            DESAI                 G
                                   DAYALJIBHAI           DESAI                     INDIA
                                                                  I-3 BIMAL APARTMENT NEAR: AZAD SOCIET
KAILASHBONPRABHUDAS SUROTIA        NOT       AVAILABLE                            INDIA
                                                                  104 SHIVSHYAM FLATS OPP: L D ENGINEER
K         A           ARAVINDAKSHAN K        ACHUTHAN                              INDIA
                                                                  G-722 SHABRI NEHRU PARK VASTRAPUR AH
VENKATA   RAMANAN                         NATESA
                      RAMACHANDRAN RAMACHANDRAN          IYER                       INDIA
                                                                  8 RAJIV PARK SEC NR KASHIRAM AGRAWAL
CHAMAN    KUMAR       SAFAYA       S         N           SAFAYA                      INDIA
                                                                  6/2 SHREE JI APTTS NEAR AZAD SOCIETY AM
HIMATBHAI RANGABHAI PATEL          RANABHAIPATEL                                  INDIA
                                                                  BLOCK NO 450 ROOM NO 2610 BAPUNAGAR
RANABHAI NIRJIBHAI    PATEL        H         H           PATEL                       2610 BAPUNAGAR NIKO
                                                                  BLOCK NO 450,R NO INDIA
BHARAT    GORDHANDASPATEL          GORDHANDAS                                      INDIA
                                                                  53/2 RANNA PARK SOCIETY RANNA PARK G
                                   MORARBHAI                                        INDIA
                                                                  C/O STATE BANK OFINDIA G I D C ELE EST B
                                   KHIMCHAND                                        INDIA
                                                                  BLOCK NO 167/1 SECTOR 17 GANDHINAGAR
MORANDMALADHWANI                   TOPANDAS                                       INDIA
                                                                  21 SHANTANU BUNGLOWS B/H SATLUJ HOT
GURJIT    KAHLON                   G         SG          KAHLON                    INDIA
                                                                  C/O CAPT G S KAHLON D-1404 SWEETY PARK
MAHESH    RATILAL     MEHTA        RATILAL   V           MEHTA                      CHANDKHEDA GANDH
                                                                  A-168 JANTA NAGARINDIA
                                   JOIYATARAM                                     INDIA
                                                                  65 17 KAMBOYNAGAR SOCIETY BEHIND S T
SWENKI     JITENDRA    PATEL          JITENDRA PATEL                                      INDIA
                                                                          C/O LAXMANBHAI MORARDAS 109 DHANJI M
VINABEN    J           SHAH           JANAKLAL N             SHAH                          INDIA
                                                                          C/O CEMENT PIPE MFG WORKS BEHIND S T
SHAKUNTLABEN                                 PATEL
                                      CHANDUBHAI                                          INDIA
                                                                          MOTIKHADKI,AT & PO BODAL, TQ-BORSAD,
MAHENDRAKUMAR                                PATEL
                                      CHANDUBHAI                                          INDIA
                                                                          IOMOTIKHADKI AT & PO BODAL TQ BORSAD
                                      JAYANTILAL                                          INDIA
                                                                          EXCELLENT CLASSES, OLD RTO OFFICE BLD
CHHAYA     M           SHAH           M          B           SHAH                         POLE
                                                                          MADHURIKA KAPDIINDIA RAOPURA BAROD
PANKAJ     RAMANLAL    SHAH           NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                          A-7/5 URMI APPARTMENT NEAR LADY PILLO
PUNIT      AHLUWALIA                  P          M           AHLUWALIA                     26 HARI
                                                                          4 SAMAPPAN FLATSINDIA BHAKTI COLON
RUBY       GOSWAMI                            GOSWAMY
                                      JYOTIRMOY                                            INDIA
                                                                          77, SEVA SAMAJ SOCIETY FATEHGUNJ BARO
RAJENDRA SHAH                         NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                          C/O DR.S.M.SHAH 13,ANURADHA SOCIETY N
CHANDUBHAI             PATEL          MOTIBHAI H             PATEL                          PARK
                                                                          40/245 NEW ELLORAINDIA RACE COURSE BA
SMITA      V           PATEL          VIJAYA     KUMAR       C PATEL                        PARK
                                                                          40/245 NEW ELLORAINDIA RACE COURSE BA
ARVINDCHANDRA                         NOT        AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                          D/123 APURVA SOCIETY NEAR MAHESH COM
PRIYAVANDNA            RANA           K          RANA                                      INDIA
                                                                          OPP PATEL WADI KUBHAR WADA NAKA CH
                                      NARESHBHAI             PATEL                         INDIA
                                                                          S-YAGNESH & CO F-108 A 1ST FLOOR PRITHV
NATVARBHAI             PATEL          MOTIBHAI PATEL                                       INDIA
                                                                          S-YAGNESH & CO F-108 A 1ST FLOOR PRITHV
REKHA      BEEN        ARUN PANDYA    ARUN                                                INDIA
                                                                          49 BRUGUPUR SOC BHARUCH BHARUCH
ARUN       JOSHI                      DINKER     BHAI                                      INDIA
                                                                          D39 ST NO 24 NARMADA NAGAR DIST BARU
CASSAM     EBRAHIM     FITTER         E          FITTER                                 INDIA
                                                                          MOTAVARACHHA POST SURAT DIST SURAT
PUSHPABEN KONDHIA                     CHUNILAL                                              INDIA
                                                                          C/O FOUJI INDUSTRIES, 10 M G ROAD,UDHN
SHAILESH   PATEL                              BHAI
                                      DEVACHAND                                           INDIA
                                                                          301 YOGESHWAR APPARTMENT BEHIND MA
HINABEN    KONOHIA                    CHUNILAL                                              INDIA
                                                                          C/O FOUJI INDUSTRIES, 10 M G ROAD, UDHN
JASHUMATIBEN                          NIRMALBHAI                                            INDIA
                                                                          D-3,NFI STAFF QTRS, AT & PO BHESTAN DT,
SANJAY     V                          NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                          25 R K STREET SESHADRIPURAM BANGALO
BHARATH    REDDY       K              PULLA      REDDY       KOTTALA                       INDIA
                                                                          NO 54 4TH MAIN ROAD MLA LAYOUT R T NA
RANJHITH   KUMAR                      KALISAMY                                            INDIA
                                                                          27, AYAPPA TEMPLE ROAD, 1ST CROSS OPP
KRISHNA    KUMAR       C              CHANDRANK                                            INDIA
                                                                          THE ANNEXE 118 3RD MAIN DEFENCE COLO
KAMALAKSHA             K                      SHETTY
                                      KRISHNAYYA             M                              INDIA
                                                                          NO 41/S 2ND MAIN ROAD 2ND PHASE CHAND
Prema      Khoday      V              R          VITTAL      KHODAY                            INDIA
                                                                          No 754 C 3 2nd Floor Austin Town Bangalore
SURYA      KIRAN       KARRI                  BAPUJI
                                      SATYANARAYANA          KARRI                          INDIA
                                                                          417 1ST FLOOR CHIKKAMARANAHALLI DEV
PANDURANGA             G              B          V           GANESH RAO                    INDIA
                                                                          C/O H L RAMAKRISHNA DIXIT BLDG, OPP. M
NILESH     H           SHAH                  P
                                      HASHMUKHLAL            SHAH                        INDIA
                                                                          NAVKAR INVESTMENT, GREEN CHOWK, DH
S          T           RAJAN          NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          JAYASHREE PLOT NO 213 SWAPNASHRUSHT
ASHOK      BABULAL     PANDYA         BABULAL                                                PRIMARY SCHOOL ANA
                                                                          OLD LIG NO 725 OPPINDIA
HEMANT     PUROHIT                           PUROHIT
                                      CHAMPAKLAL                                           INDIA
                                                                          C/O S N SHUKLA MIRA PLOT NO 1238/B17 PU
RAMESHCHANDRA          KOTAK                           KOTAK
                                      BABULAL KARSHANDAS                                 INDIA
                                                                          MANEK PARAK2 WORD 11, 719 ST 10, VILLA
SHEKH      MD          MAZAHIR ALAM   M          M           SHEKH                       INDIA
                                                                          NR KHASARA MAIDAN, SANJOG NAGAR, BH
RAMKARAN TIVARI                       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          OLD MODERN SCHOOL, B/H OLD COURT, GA
DEEPAK     CHELLARAM PARDASANI        CHELLARAM                                            INDIA
                                                                          SDX S / 61 GANDHIDHAM KUTCH
MAHENDRA M             PANCHAL        NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                          6 AALAP II BUNGLAWS B/H MAYUR PANKH
MEHTA      MAULIK      BHAVIKBHAI     NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                          F/14, GREEN VILLA APT NR.VISHRAMNAGAR
SHWETA     K           PARAKH                 PARAKH
                                      KAMALSINGH                                           INDIA
                                                                          B/91 SHAKTI ENCLAVE JUDGES BUNGLOWS
           JASAVANTLAL                                 SHIVLAL
                                      THEKADI VALLABHDAS                                    INDIA
                                                                          PLOT NO 1275/2 SECTOR NO 7/D GANDHINAG
DIXIT      VINODBHAI   SHAH                   S
                                      VINODBHAI HAH                                           NAGAR
                                                                          B - 47/703, KRISHNA INDIA GUJ HSG BO SAI
KANANI     PUNABHAI    RANABHAI       RANABHAI                                            INDIA
                                                                          C/3,ANUPAM COLONY,P.O T.B.NAGAR OPP.C
KIRITKUMARLALJIBHAI    PATEL          NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          AT BHATASAN ILLAGE BHATASAN KADI GU
                                                                          AT KHEDBRAHMA PO KHEDBRAHMA DIST S
                                    MADHAVLAL           PATEL                       INDIA
                                                                    B/47 UTSAV BUNGLOWS SUKHAPARA MEHS
PATEL     ANIL        KUMAR         NA                                            INDIA
                                                                    MOTOMADH AT DHANODHARADA TA CHAN
MODI      SAVITABEN   BABULAL       NA                                             INDIA
                                                                    MANIAR VADO NEAR PADAPOL DIST MEHS
DILIP     RAMBHAI     PATEL         RAMBHAI KALIDAS     PATEL                        INDIA
                                                                    12, RAMKUNJ SOCIETY, COLLEGE ROAD, AT
                                    HARMANBHAI          PATEL                         INDIA
                                                                    60 TH STREET AT. PO.- BHARODA TA. - UMR
NITINKUMARPATEL                     VINUBHAI PATEL                                      INDIA
                                                                    TYPE III 12/4 GEB COLONY WANAKBORI
HIRENDRAKUMAR     PATEL                    PATEL
                                    HASMUKHBHAI                                       INDIA
                                                                    OPP. POLICE STATION AT. PO. BHADRAN TA
RIKIN               S
          HARISHKUMARONI            NA                                               INDIA
                                                                    14, SHRADYAY SOCIETY NR. S P T ARTS AND
BHATT               M
          JAIMINKUMAR               M         M         BHATT                        INDIA
                                                                    FIRST AIDVETERINARY CENTRE RAMPURA
NARENDRAKUMAR         CHOKSI        G         H         CHOKSI                       SOCIETY ZADESHWAR
                                                                    C 5 PRAMUKH PARKINDIA
NARENDRA R            PATEL         RATILAL   SANKARBHAIPATEL                       INDIA
                                                                    38 SHIVAKRUPA SOCIETY GODADRA UDHNA
AATISH    S           KARATKAR      NA                                                INDIA
                                                                    264, HARINAGAR 2 UDHNA SURAT
SHAILESHKUMAR         PATEL         NA                                               NEAR
                                                                    55 GURUKRUPA SOCINDIA LAXMAN NAGAR
          PRABHUDAYAL                       D
                                    SATYANARAYAN        GARODIA                       ASHOK
                                                                    22 NAND NIVAS, NR INDIA NAGAR, ATHWA
                                    MADANLAL                                         SOCIETY OPP KAPADIA
                                                                    34 ANAND MANGAL INDIA
                                    VALIMOHAMED                                      INDIA
                                                                    2/2936, SAGRAMPURA, GOLKIWAD SURAT
RAJANIBEN PAWANKUMAR                NA                                               INDIA
                                                                    A/202, PANCHRATAN APPARTMENT PATVAT
BHARAT    VENILAL     THAKKAR       VENILAL KALIDAS                                 INDIA
                                                                    8/269 CHANDLAWAD GOPIPURA MAIN ROAD
TEJAL     DHARMESH    GOLWALA       NA                                               INDIA
                                                                    405 TRIMURTI FLATS R M STREET AMBAJI R
BHAGWANDAS                                  SINGAPURI
                                    CHHAGANLAL                                         INDIA
                                                                    3/2149 PIPERDI STREET NEAR BANK OF BAR
                                    RANCHHODBHAI                                    INDIA
                                                                    19,GANGOTRI NAGAR - 2 SINGANPOR CHAR
HIMMATBHAI            VADDORIYA     BABUBHAIT           VADDORIYA                      INDIA
                                                                    143, TIRUPATI SOCIETY - I L.H.ROAD SURAT
VITTHALBHAI                                 PUNABHAI
                                    BECHARBHAI          DHANANI                      INDIA
                                                                    30 JAL DARSHAN SOC NR SAVJIBHAI KORAT
ASHOK               RAJPURA
          PRAHALADBHAI                      RAJPURA
                                    PRAHLABHAI                                      INDIA
                                                                    6 M.J.HOUSE MOHANNI CHAWL VARACHHA
ASHVINBHAIGOVINDBHAI HIRPARA        NA                                               SOCI
                                                                    21/JAY MAHALAXMIINDIA OPP NEW CHOWP
SUNILKUMAR                          NA                                               INDIA
                                                                    B19/20 BHAGYA LAXMI SOCIETY 2 BEHIND L
ALKA      BIPINBHAI   PANWALA       BIPINBHAI N         PANWALA                       INDIA
                                                                    A/13 SHREENATHJI SOCIETY B/H BHAGYA L
USHA                PATEL
          PRAVINCHANDRA                     PATEL
                                    PRAVINCHANDRA                                      BUILDING - A, BEHIND
                                                                    A-S-2, AGAM FLATS,INDIA
SIMABEN   MANHARLAL PATEL                  M
                                    MANHARAL            PATEL                         INDIA
                                                                    122, JAY AMBE SOCIETY ADAJAN ROAD SUR
CHANDANBEN                          NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                    123, DIPANJALI SOCIETY PALANPUR PATIA
DALAL     SNEHAL      DINESHBHAI    NA                                              INDIA
                                                                    16, NEW GOKUL ROW HOUSE, OPP,MAHAVIR
                                                                    B/601 SHETRUNJAY INDIA NEAR NAVYUG
DEEPAKKUMAR           JAIN                 JAIN
                                    MAGANLAL                                         INDIA
                                                                    H/207,VATIKA TOWNSHIP B\H MAHAVIR NA
                                                                    PATEL FALIA PARVATGAM TAL-CHORYASI
C         NANDEESH                  CHIKKANNA                                          INDIA
                                                                    165 S F S 208 YELAHANKA UPANAGAR BANG
VINIT     GOSWAMI                   BRIJESH   KUMAR     GOSWAMI                    INDIA
                                                                    SRI BANKASHARAMNILAYA 868/B A BLOCK
ANCHAL    AGRAWAL                   NA                                               INDIA
                                                                    SB 23 VIJAYA ENCLAVE SRS NAGAR OFF BA
ARUNABHA PAL                        ANIL      CHANDRA   PAL                         INDIA
                                                                    B 30/5 KARUNAMOYEE HOUSING EST SALTL
VINAYKUMAR            MADPATHY      AYYAPPA MADPATHY                                  INDIA
                                                                    PLOT NO 39/4 TELKAR COLONY KHATIB LAY
VENKATASWAMY                                MUNISWAMY
                                    VENKATASWAMY                                     YELAPPA GARDEN BSK
                                                                    52 BANAGIRINAGARINDIA
KALPANA   SAKTHIVEL                         PAVALAM
                                    SAKTHIVEL                                       INDIA
                                                                    APARTMENT NO C 202 SOBHA SAPPHIRE NO
LAKSHMANAREDDY        RV                    REDDY
                                    VENKATARAMA         RG                           INDIA
                                                                    CLASSIK RETREAT APT NO. 163/1 FLAT NO.2
C         RAGHU       NATHA RAO     K         C         RAMA DAS                       MN BEML L/O 4TH STG
                                                                    NO 384,3RD CRS 3RDINDIA
RAMESH    PARAKKAT                  K         M         PARAKKAT                       INDIA
                                                                    491 (9/992) THUSHARA BINDU 7 CHANDRANA
MOHAMMADSHARIQ                      MAZHAR ALI                                       INDIA
                                                                    967/2 KRISHNA REDDY LYT NR GANESH TEM
VINOD     KUMAR                     NA                                                INDIA
                                                                    NO-373, 2ND TYPE BEML NAGAR P. O. BANG
I         VICTOR                    IRUTHAYANATHAN                                     INDIA
                                                                    NO. 544 EDGER' S UPSTAIRS BLOCK MARIKU
SYED       IRFANA      MOHAMMEDI     SYED     MOHAMMED                                  INDIA
                                                                      522 9TH CROSS N R MOHALLA MYSORE
VENKATESH SHARMA                     LATE     SRI        K N NAGESH                     INDIA
                                                                      10/1 4TH MAIN ROAD NEAR 9TH CROSS JAYA
KRISHNA    PRASAD      MV            LATE     VENKATARAMANAIAH                          INDIA
                                                                      NO 1052 15TH CROSS HEBBAL 2ND STAGE M
PRASHANTH MALLANNA                   MALLANNA                                        INDIA
                                                                      LARSEN AND TOUBRO LTD MYSORE WORKS
SANDEEP    CHANDU      SAVITHRI      K        C          CHANDU                        INDIA
                                                                      NO 350 EMFLOYEE ND 55800 INFOSYS TECH
S          NAGENDRA    PRASAD        L        SEETHARAMAIAH                              CROSS
                                                                      NO 13 22ND BLOCK IINDIA ROAD SBH COL
RADHAKRISHNA           V             KESHAVA UPADYA                                  INDIA
                                                                      PRASHANTH NILAYA KARIKKE VILLAGE AN
RAJENDRAPRASAD                       ANANTHA PADMANABHAN                              INDIA
                                                                      23/353 SHANKARAPURA OPP TO SRIRAMAM
NARASIMHAMURTHY                      DOLLE    GOWDA                                     INDIA
                                                                      D NO 123-C 6TH CROSS RAMANAHALLI STRE
KOPPA      SUBBA       RAO RAMESHA   KOPPA    SUBBA      RAO                         LTD PARVATHI TALKIE
                                                                      KARNATAKA BANK INDIA
KOPPA      SUBBA       RAO ROOPA     KOPPA    SUBBA      RAO                           INDIA
                                                                      C/O K S RAMESHA KARNATAKA BANK LTD
ILIYAS     PASHA                     NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      3786 MAHABOOB NAGAR RAMANAGARAM
N          SHIVARAMA SHETTY                  SHETTY
                                     BALAKRISHNA                                     INDIA
                                                                      MANJUNATHA NILAYA NEAR TOWN PLANN
B          N           MYLAR RAO     NARASING RAO                                     INDIA
                                                                      KUMBER BEEDE, S/O NARASING RAO BANA
JAYARAJ                              NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      DEPT. OF CIVIL ENGINEERING NMAM INSTIT
SHIVAPPA   MOOLYA                    BABU     MOOLYA                                   INDIA
                                                                      HOUSE NO.3-30 SAMPYA HOUSE ARYAPU PO
RAMAYYA KEKUDA                               KEKUDA
                                     SUBRAMANYA                                         INDIA
                                                                      SHREE KRIPA 4/262 A R V NAGAR MOODBID
BALAKRISHNA                          NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      AKKU COMPOUND, NEAR KADRI TEMPLE, M
SHRINIVAS M            PRABHU        SRI      M          M PRABHU                        INDIA
                                                                      DOOR NO.4/4/94, SHRINIVAS, KINNIMULKY B
MANGALA    V           KUDALKAR      VASUDEV G           KUDALKAR                    INDIA
                                                                      MAHIMA BEHIND HOTEL KARAVALI UDUPI
UDAYA      SHETTY                            SHETTY
                                     SHEENAPPA                                       INDIA
                                                                      HERANJE MANE HONEHAL VILLAGE PO BAR
BASAVARAJU             C             M        B                                       INDIA
                                                         CHANDRAPPA HOUSE NO 12-1 POLICE QUARTERS CHIKMA
SHAKUNTHALA                          K        E                                     INDIA
                                                         RAMAMURTHI A BLOCK 5TH CROSS GOPALA GOWDA EXT
RAMESWARA              GV            GOWDAR VEERANNA                                   INDIA
                                                                      NO.CB/3/D, NEW TOWN BHADRAVATHI SHIM
SUNDARA    S                         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      STAFF SYNDICATE BANK AGUMBE THIRTH
RANGA      REDDY       HB                                                         TURUVANUR ROAD CH
                       D NARAYANA SHETTY      SHETTY                                 HULIYAR ROAD HOSAD
                                                                      GANESHA BAKERY INDIA
G          VASUDEV                   G        K                                     INDIA
                                                         PUNDALIK RAO MAHENDRAKAR MENSWEAR SHIMOGA ROA
RAGHAVENDRA            DIXIT         NA                                                ONKARAMATH FORT H
                                                                      PITRU CHAYA NEARINDIA
SRINIVAS   V           MATHAD        VADIRAJACHARYA                                  INDIA
                                                                      MAHESH NAGAR 1ST MAIN HARIHAR HARIH
BHUJANG    ABHAY                     NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      KABBUR ROAD MALMADDI DHARWAD
NIRAV      SAVLA                     ARVIND                                           INDIA
                                                                      HOSMANI BUILDING NEAR WOODLANDS HO
RAMESH     MALLAPPA    METI                           METI
                                     MALLAPPAMAHADEVAPPA                               INDIA
                                                                      HOUSE NO.100 CENTRAL EXCISE COLONY G
ABDUL      SAMAD       AHMEDSAB TATTURAHMEDSAB                                        INDIA
                                                                      TEACHER TIPPU NAGAR RATTIHALLI
ANANT      S           SHASTRI       NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      LIC OF INDIA BRANCH OFFICE M G ROAD KA
Syed       Hasan       Danish        NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                      Danish Mension V T Road 94/B Bhatkal
MURALIDHAR ITHAL       PRABHU        NA                                             INDIA
                                                                      HOSAHERAWATTA KUMTA KARNATAKA KU
                                                                      A 12 TRIKAM NAGAR SOCIETY 1 L H ROAD S
RAVJIBHAI PATEL                              PATEL
                                     VASTABHAI                                        INDIA
                                                                      B 25 TRIKAM NAGAR NO 1 LAMBE HANUMA
                                     MAHENDRASINGH    C                               INDIA
                                                                      25 ROW HOUSE SHAKTI NAGAR SOCIETY OP
KRUNAL     HARISHBHAI SHAH           NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      DAMNI ZAPA, VEG MARKET NEAR MARUTI
K          JAYENDRA    PONMUDI       A        R                      PONMUDI           ) DAMAN AIRPORT NAN
                                                         KUMARARAJAN 841 SQUADRON (C GINDIA
LOKESHKUMAR                                  PANDAGARE
                                     YESHWANTRAO                                         ASHRAM IIND FLOOR N
                                                                      144 C 1 HARI NAGARINDIA
                                     MADHUBHAI                                        INDIA
                                                                      PLOAT 21 A1 AYODHYANAGAR 2 VIJALPOR
PERCY      HARVER                    NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      NEW SITARAM BUILDING 'A' BLOCK FIRST F
DR         NAVROZE     S KOTWAL      S        KOTWAL                                  INDIA
                                                                      704 EVEREST CHAMBERS MOUNT PLEASAN
ARSHAD     A                         A
                       HAMID CHAUDHARY        HAMID      CHAUDHARY                     INDIA
                                                                      VANJARA BLDG. 1ST FLOOR, R. NO. 8 67, ZA
LAURETTA MOHINI       FERNANDES      NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      18, TAMBAWALA BLDG MATHARPAKDI ROA
ZARINA     SHAFI      MALIM          SHAFI     A          MALIM                          INDIA
                                                                      705 3B, VAISHALI NAGAR, JACOB CIRCLE MA
SAFIA      KHAN                      FIROZ     ABDUL      SHAKOOR KHAN               INDIA
                                                                      KAMGAR CHAWL 3/13 RAMPANJWANI MARG
SHAH       SURESH                    JAYANTILAL                                          INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO 201, 2ND FLOOR CHINTAMANI CHS
VIVEKKUMARARAYAN      JAGTAP         NARAYAN K            JAGTAP                       INDIA
                                                                      BASF INDIA LTD RHONE POULENC HOUSE S
NITIN      N          NEHULKAR       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      02 3 LAXMI BAUG S K BOLE ROAD AGAR BA
SHYLESH    MURLIDHARAN               NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      506/A 5TH ARENA CHS LOKHANDWALA AND
VISHAL     TIKKU                     PURAN     PRAKASH    TIKKU                     INDIA
                                                                      MUNDHRA B BHAWAN L B PARK ANDHERI W
CHANDRAKANT           SUTAR                           SUTAR
                                     ATMARAM RAMCHANDRA                                INDIA
                                                                      107, ASHIRWAD CO OP HSG SOC PLOT NO 17
JENNIFER   CLARENCE   DSOUZA         CLARENCEDSOUZA                                     INDIA
                                                                      41, SILVER STREAK CHS, YARI ROAD, ANDH
RUPA       JAYKUMAR   SHAH           JAYKUMARSHAH                                       INDIA
                                                                      PLOT NO 188/7 JAWAHAR NAGAR ROAD NO
JAYESHKUMAR           SHAH           AMRATLALT            SHAH                           FLOOR
                                                                      A 10 HEM KUNJ 2ND INDIA MAMLATDAR W
VIVEKA     B          SAPALIGA       BHOJA     T          SAPALIGA                      INDIA
                                                                      11A 4/402, NEW VANASHRI CO OP HOS SOC,
SAUMIL     SHAH                      NARESH    KUMAR      M SHAH                       INDIA
                                                                      C/113 RAJ GARDEN MAHAVIR NAGAR KAND
DANALAKSHMI                          NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      2 B MAHALAKSHMI APARTMENTS MARIMM
KRISHNAJI VINAYAK     OJALE          VINAYAK V            OJALE                        INDIA
                                                                      12/412 SUBHASH NAGAR CHEMBUR MUMBA
RAMESH     VISHNU     DALVI          VISHNU    DALVI                                     DHANLAXMI CHS MOH
                                                                      301 C WING 3RD FLRINDIA
USHA                 SRIVASTAVA
           SHIVENDRANATH                     NATH
                                     SHIVENDRA                                        INDIA
                                                                      C/O SHIVENDRANATH FLAT NO 1402 YAMUN
SANTOSH    KUMAR      HULBA          BHAU      RAO                                    INDIA
                                                                      CAPGEMINI CONSULTING INDIA PVT LTD SE
MAHENDRA BALCHAND     SHAH           BALCHANDAMICHAND SHAH                            INDIA
                                                                      401/SUMATI SARVODAYA NAGAR NAHUR R
SANJEEV    KUMAR      SINHA          N         K          P SINHA                     INDIA
                                                                      SANJEEV KUMAR SINHA 101 NIRMAN DARS
Sanjay     M          Raut           MANOHAR RAUT                                            Malvani
                                                                      102, Apna Ghar C.H.S.,INDIA Nhada Gate 8, Ma
                                     PRABHAKAR        THOTE                            INDIA
                                                                      H-104 GOKUL RESIDENCY NEAR THAKUR CI
MUKUNDA MURARI                        SUDHIR
                      SUDHIR CHANDRA SASMAL    CHANDRA    SASMAL                        OP HSG
                                                                      66/604 AMALTAS COINDIA STY VASANT V
RAJESH     KUMAR      SINGH          R         P          SINGH                        INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO 604 KACHNAR BLDG 63 POKHRAN
CHAND      NATHANI                   NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      1/14 DAMANI ESTATE NAUPADA THANE WE
VINAY      DASHRATH   JAGTAP         DASHRATH                                           APARTMENTS MANISH
                                                                      B/403 DHANASHREE INDIA
D          VENKAT     RAO                    RAO
                                     PRABHAKAR                                        INDIA
                                                                      KALPATRU CO-OP SOC. B7/601, SECTOR-8B
                                     DAYANAND                                          INDIA
                                                                      205 BASERA PLOT NO 11 SECTOR 17 DBC VA
Ashish     Aggarwal                  RAMAN     KUMAR      AGGARWAL                           Plot No
                                                                      64, Progressives AmbarINDIA 36, Sec 5 Koparkh
RUKSHMANIMAHADEV      PATEL          HARIBHAI RAVJI       PATEL                          INDIA
                                                                      ROOM NO 906 SS III SECTOR 3 KOPARKHIAR
ANJALI     SANTOSH    MANJREKAR      LAXMAN                                           INDIA
                                                                      B 2/504 MANASANAND DONGRIPADA NEAR
GANESH     MODI                      NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      C/O MAHESH CHAND MODI, C-3/404, SECTOR
                                     DATTATRAYA                                        INDIA
                                                                      AT GASS SOPARA POST VASAI
DEEPAK     KUMAR      MISTRY         SURYADEVMISTRY                                   INDIA
                                                                      MISTRY HOUSE NO 1057 RANPADA RD NEAR
SHRADHA    S          KHANDELWAL     SUNIL     K                                      INDIA
                                                          KHANDELWAL C 403 TREEDOM PARK MAHSKE VASTI ALAN
                                                                      AT AND POST CHINCHANI MANGEL ALI TAL
SANTOSH    MADHAV     PRABHUDESAI    MADHAV KRISHNA                                    INDIA
                                                          PRABHUDESAI H NO 36/1 GANGANAGAR PONDA GOA
BINO       BALACHANDRAN                      NAIR
                                     BALACHANDRAN                                        INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO F 1 1ST FLOOR BLOCK A NEELTAR
ARVIND     KUMAR      SHARMA         RAJ       KISHORE    SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                      24B TRIMURTI NR SUYOG HSG CO SOCIETY
ABDUL      NAYEEM     MOHD           GAFOOR    ABDUL      MOHAMMED                     INDIA
                                                                      4-6-47 MOTHI MARKET ISAMIA BAZAR HYDE
AMIT       KUMAR      GARG           ROMESH    LAL        GARG                          INDIA
                                                                      H NO 602 STREET NO 11 GHUMAN NAGAR SI
KAMAYANI CHANDRA                     NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      FLAT S 1 PRUDENT PRANATI PLOT NO 74 AS
HARI       KRISHAN    DIWAN          RADHA     KRISHAN                                INDIA
                                                                      G 3 BLOCK A AMRUTHA ENCLAVE 14 BANJA
RANGASWAMY                           M         RANGASWAMY                             INDIA
                                                                      SAGAR CEMENTS LTD ROAD NO 1 8/2/472/B/
                                     KRISHNAMACHARY                                    INDIA
                                                                      HNO 1-9-33 ADARSHA NAGAR, METPALLY K
Y          RAJYA      LAKSHMI        Y         ADINARYANA                              INDIA
                                                                      11 6 108 SAROORNAGAR HYDERABAD A P
G          NAGA        RAJU                   RAO
                                      VENKATESWARA                                           INDIA
                                                                           148 A PRAJAY SAI GARDENS KUNDANPALLY
SATISH     POTLURI                    NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                           401 AND 402 NAGASURI PLAZA BEHIND HUD
V          H           V P NAGENDRA   LATE       V                       7 RAO               HYDERABAD, A P
                                                              VENKATESWARA 1 636/13 B K GUDA INDIA
SIVA       KIRAN       CHEKKA         C          SRINVASULU                                    INDIA
                                                                           FLAT NO 403, 10-4-771/5, SREEVEN ARCADE,
JOOTOORI   RAMAKANTH                  JOOTOORI CHANDRASEKHAR                                INDIA
                                                                           PLOT NO 57 NEW MARUTHI NAGAR MOULA
                                      RAMACHANDRAMURTY                                      INDIA
                                                                           FLAT NO 224 TIRUMALARESIDENTIALFLATS
P          KRISHNA     MURTHY         P          RAMA         RAGHAVUGU                        FLAT
                                                                           8-3-231/W/12 AND 13 INDIANO 201 BHARATH
SREENIVASARAO                         VENAKATA         CHUNDURI
                                              KOTESWARARAO                                  INDIA
                                                                           FLAT NO 101 BHAVYASAI NIVAS BANDARI L
M          SATISH      KUMAR          NA                                                     A SRIKALKI CHAMBER
                                                                           FLAT NO 403 BLCOKINDIA
AMITAVA    ROY                        NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                           108 PRIYAM RESIDENCY ROAD NO 6 DURG
G          SUBBA       LAKSHMI        G          PARDHA       SARADHI                     INDIA
                                                                           W/O G PARDHASARADHI INDIAN BANK FAL
KESARLA    VASUDEVA    RAO            K          V            R CHETTY                        INDIA
                                                                           H. NO. 5-26, MARUTHINAGAR HYDERABAD A
SRIRAMA    MURTHY      SRIGIRI        S                   RAO
                                                 VENKATESWARA                                INDIA
                                                                           12-11-272 WARASIGUDA SECUNDERABAD
DAMODAR KALANTRI                      NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                           C/O BALAJI AGENCIES H NO 11 2 448 FIRST
BHASKAR    VARMA       MVK                    RAJU
                                      SATYANARAYANA           M                             INDIA
                                                                           PLOT NO 43,GEETA NAGAR, VENKATESWAR
GAYATRI    KASULADEV                  HARAGOPAL                                           INDIA
                                                                           W/O MR HARAGOPAL KASULADEV FLAT NO
M          VISWANADHARAJU             NA                                                      INDIA
                                                                           343 / B SOUTH END PARK MANSOORABAD H
GEETHIKA                              D          V            R K PRASAD                     INDIA
                                                                           PLOT NO 7, SRICHAKRA RESIDENCY, ALLAP
MUNNA      LURI        PRAVEEN        RAM        MOHAN        RAO M                        INDIA
                                                                           SRI DATTA TRADERS SHOP NO 3, KPHB COL
                                      SURYANARAYANA                                           INDIA
                                                                           H NO 4 32 162/A PHASE 1 ALLWYN COLONY
RAVI       SUDHAKAR    RAO            VENKATA RATTIAH                                      INDIA
                                                                           PRAGATHI NAGAR OPP J N T U C     PLOT N
ANAND      NARAGANI                   N                   R
                                                 GANESHWARAAO                                  INDIA
                                                                           8-3-1027/102 Y R GUDA SRINAGAR COLONY H
RAIN                 LIMITED
           COMMODITIES                NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                           PLOT NO-34 GREEN TOWER SRINAGAR COLO
JAYAPRABHAKAR                                KEELAKARANDHAI
                                      KADARKARAI                                 INDIA
                                                      RAMASWAMY JUNO ONLINE SER DEVELOPMENT PVT LTD
K          RAJASRI                    K          TULASI       PRASAD                          INDIA
                                                                           6 3 667/4/21 MATHA NAGAR COLONY SOMAJ
D          SEENA       REDDY          D          V            S REDDY                       INDIA
                                                                           MIG 37 APHB COLONY VIKARABAD AP
P          SRILATHA                   P          RAMANA       REDDY                           INDIA
                                                                           H NO-11-1-8/127 KANTESHWAR NIZAMABAD
SUGUNAKARKONDAMEEDI                   K          PAPAIAH                                      NAGAR
                                                                           11-1-57/23 VIDYUTH INDIA KANTESHWAR N
VIJAYA     KUMAR       BASHETTY       BAPU       RAO          BASHETTY                          NIZAMABAD
                                                                           A.A.O,LIC OF INDIA, INDIA
VEERA      VENKATA                    RAMA
                       NAGAMANI BONAGIRI         RAO          BONAGIRI                     INDIA
                                                                           W/O B RAMA RAO SENIOR MANAGER PUNJA
TANKARI    RAJAIAH                    BHAGAIAH                                               INDIA
                                                                           H NO 5-3-732 VIDYANAGAR COLONY KAMAR
BRAMANDLAPALLY         LAXMIKANTHAM   SUDERSHAN                                              INDIA
                                                                           H.NO 5 4 62 VIVEKANANDA COLONY KAMA
R          CHANDRA     MOHAN          R          PRAKASH                                    INDIA
                                                                           HOUSE NO 4-24 NAVIPET NIZAMABAD
VIJAY      KUMAR       AGRAWAL        MOHAN      LAL                                           INDIA
                                                                           H NO 7-7-44/3 SAI NILAYAM NEAR HANUMA
GUNDAWAR VIJAY                        GAJANAN RAO                                        INDIA
                                                                           GUNDAWAR TRADERS M G ROAD ADILABA
BADDAM     KESHAVA     REDDY          BADDAM KONCHAA          REDDY                          INDIA
                                                                           H NO 4-3-326 HAMEED PURA DWARAKA NAG
SAPNA      AGARWAL                            AGARWAL
                                      ANILKUMAR                                                INDIA
                                                                           H NO 4/2/164-16-1 RANI SATI COLONY M G RO
A          NARAYAN     REDDY          NA                                   H NO              INDIA
                                                                                  6 91 MAIN ROAD BIJJUR BHAINSA
SUMATHI    GANTA                      NA                                                     CEMENT COLONY DEV
                                                                           D NO D 43 ORIENT INDIA
GADDAM     MANOHAR                    G          GATTAIAH                                  INDIA
                                                                           LAXMI CLOTH STORE MADARAM TOWN SH
LAKSHMI    RAJARATNAM                         N
                                      JAYANTHANABOODIRI                                       INDIA
                                                                           H NO-7-4-128/1 KASHMIRGADDA KARIMNAG
MUDHUBASHA                            MUNI       SWAMI        PAPANNA                         INDIA
                                                                           H NO 21 2 19/5 MARKANDEYA COLONY GOD
PALAKURTHI HANDRASHEKHAR              SHIVARAJAM                                            VILLAGE MALLAPUR M
                                                                           RAGHAV PET POST INDIA
V                   SUBRAMANYAM
           RAMACHANDRA                NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                           4-89 GEORGE STREET ANANTAPUR
OBANNA     BANGA                      B          SOMANNA                                      INDIA
                                                                           A D E A P S E B KALYANADURGAM ANANTA
KUNNATH    UNNIKRISHNAMENON           KRISHNA MENON                                         SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                           Y B A KANOD POB 37 DAMMAM 31411 SAUD
                                      THAYUMANAVAN                                         INDIA
                                                                           MR KASIRAJAN M28\4 25TH CROSS ST BESA
W         SREERAMAMURTHY            NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                        3/59 SECOND ROAD 7TH CROSS NEW TOWN
MOHAMMEDAIJAZ        AHMED                 AMMER
                                    MOHAMMED              AHMED                         SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                        UNITED SAUDI COMM BANK P BOX 3335 RIY
R         RAJU                      NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                        39 NETAJI ROAD BANGALORE
R         SURYA      PRAKASH        NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                        C/O MR R RAJU 39 NETAJI ROAD BANGALOR
RUPERT              SALDANHA
          BONOVENTURE               CHARLES A             SALDANHA                         UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                        POT LINE 2 P BOX 3627 DUBAL DUBAI U A E
ARVIND    KUMAR                     NA                                                   SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                        LCC_SIPOREX P O BOX 6230 RIYADH 11442 S
ARVINDBHAI           MISTRY         MANILAL DAHYA         BHAI MISTRY                      OMAN
                                                                        J P OMAN LIC P O BOX 1092 SEEB AIRPORT S
SARVOTTAMACHARYA                    NA                                                    4TH BLOCK RAJAJINAG
                                                                        796 3RD MAIN ROADINDIA
MOHAMMEDABDUL        HALEEM         M         A           GHANI                        SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                        MANAGER SAUDI AMERICAN BANK PO BOX
S         CHANDRA    SHEKAR NAIDU          NAIDU
                                    MUNISWAMY                                           INDIA
                                                                        23 NAGELLAVARI PALLI CHITTOOR DT
S         SRINIVASULUNAIDU                  N
                                    MINISWAMYAIDU                                        NAIDU
                                                                        50 S/O MUNISWAMYINDIA NAGELLAVARI
MOHAMED BIN          HASSAN         HASSAN                                                QATAR
                                                                        P O BOX NO 1055 DOHA QATAR QATAR
MOHAMMEDIMTIAZ       UDDIN          LATE      MOHD        SHARFUDDIN                    SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                        FAST CONTRACTING COMPANY P BOX 6014
SIMON     BRITTO                    PETER     PAUL        BRITTO                        KUWAIT
                                                                        C/O BASER AN MOLLA WILK P O BOX 177 SA
MOHAMMEDSADIQU                      LATE      BANDE       ALI                           BAHRAIN
                                                                        MINISTRY OF EDUCATION P BOX 43 MANAM
PRAHLAD   BHAI       M JOSHI        MAFATLALV             JOSHI                           INDIA
                                                                        B-35 IPCL TOWN SHIP PO JAWAHAR NAGAR
ANANDRAO SHANKERLALBAROT            SHANKERLAL                                            U A E U ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                        P O BOX 806 AJMAN UNITED A E
STANISLAUSJEFFREY    LUIZ           LATE      SILVESTER   LUIZ                          OMAN
                                                                        INDIAN CENTRAL SCHOOL P BOX 2470 RUW
MOINUDDIN SHAIKH                    MOHD      ALI         SHAIKH                        INDIA
                                                                        BALLOCH TOLA SIPAH JHANJHARI MASJID S
SUBRAMANIAM                         LATE      S                                       3 TILAK
                                                          SWAMINATHANC/O RAVI SHANKAR INDIA STREET T NAG
MPM       MUNAWAR                   ABDUL     KADER                                      INDIA
                                                                        1 VAISHALI APARTMENTS 60 FEET ROAD GH
SUMAN     MAHAJAN                   RAKESH    MAHAJAN                                   INDIA
                                                                        DP-222 MANRAYA ENCLAVE PITAMPURA DE
T         N          SUNDARARAJU    V         T                      NIRAIMATHI NEELAMANGALAM PO KALLA
                                                          NARAYANASAMY               INDIA
SURENDRA PRAKASH     KHARE          RADHA     SHARAN      KHARE                          UNITED OFFICE ABU DH
                                                                        PO.BOX 11853 RUWAIS POST ARAB EMIRATE
SURENDRA SHARMA                     M         SHARMA                                    DUBAL ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                        PROCESS CONTROL UNITEDP BOX 3627 DUB
                                              SALSUKHRAM                               INDIA
                                                                        AT SOKHADA KHURD TA PADRA PO DARAP
SYED      MAHMOOD    QUADRI         LATE      SYED                    8/23 UPSTAIRS CAMBRIDGE ROAD ULSOOR
                                                          MOHIUDDIN QUADRI             INDIA
SYED      PASHA                     A         SARDAR      ALI                               INDIA
                                                                        H NO 19-1-1052/19 BANDALGUDA KHAKI SHA
TARABAI   LALJI      PAHU           NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                        SHETH BUNGLOW OPP:D FLATS INDRADEEP
MANORANJAN           SIDHU          NA                                                    NO 2
                                                                        KOTHI NO 28 PHASEINDIADIST ROPAR MOH
CHOPRA    S          C              NOT       AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                        H NO 1071 SECTOR 43-B CHANDIGARH CHAN
RAJESH    GULATI                    SAT       PAL         GULATI                       INDIA
                                                                        HNO 227 GHUMARMANDI CIVIL STREET LUD
USHA      MODANI                    NAND      KISHORE     MODANI                            INDIA
                                                                        14-1-394 SPL 441 AGHAPURA HYDERABAD H
RAMESH    BAHL                              B
                                    CHUNNILAL AHL                                      INDIA
                                                                        AMRITSAR MEDICAL STORES KATRA SHER
RASIKBHAI NARANDAS   SHAH           NARANDAS                                              MOHINAGAR, AHMEDA
                                                                        54,JAGOBHAI PARK, INDIA
PRATIMA   AGRAWAL                   NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        C\O RAHUL GOEL GURU KRIPA BUILDING SE
PARTHA    PRATIM     MAKUR          NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                        C/O H C GHOSH S N BANERJEE ROAD BARRA
PARTHA    PRATIM     MAKUR          NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                        C/O H C GHOSH S N BANERJEE ROAD BARRA
RAMA      GUPTA                     KANHITYALAL           GUPTA                          INDIA
                                                                        W/O K L GUPTA ELECT.TEST.DIVISION UPSE
PRABIR    KUMAR      BASU           B         C           JAIN                          INDIA
                                                                        CHEMICAL DIVISION INDIAN ALUMINIUM C
RAGHUNATH                           LATE      DHANPAT     RAI                            INDIA
                                                                        B 254A, GREATER KAILASH I, NEW DELHI
JIJA      KANTHRAO   MALAKWADE      NA                                                     COLONY RAMBAG LAY
                                                                        FLAT NO 3/3A,M G GINDIA
DARSHAN   SINGH                     S         RAM         SINGH                             A S NAGAR (MOHALI) D
                                                                        HE-183 PHASE-1ST S INDIA
VISWA     KUMAR      VERMA          RAJ       KUMAR       VERMA                         INDIA
                                                                        22, VENUS APARTMENT NEAR PRESIENT HO
VINJAMURI CHANDRSEKHAR              V         NAGAIAH                                   INDIA
                                                                        FORENSIC MEDICINE DEPT GOVT GENERAL
GOPALAKRISHNAN       S              LATE      SRI         K R SRINIVASAN                INDIA
                                                                        AME INSTUMENTS M/S SPIC LTD TUTICORIN
NARAYANA SWAMY       VR             RANGA     SWAMY                                   INDIA
                                                                        COTTAN MERCHANT, OTTAMATHAM PO.
SANKARAN S                            T       S                       91 DEEP        INDIA
                                                          SANKARA NARAYANAN STREET VADIVEESWARAM NAGER
CAROLINE   JOHN                       MARIA   JOHN        JOSEPH                      INDIA
                                                                       DOCTOR S QUARTERS HOLY CROSS HOSPIT
NESAN      V            Y             J       VEDA        MANICKAM                       INDIA
                                                                       VEDA 2/4-D MISSION COMPOUND KOTTARA
SEKAR      RAJU         YV            Y       V           RAJU                           INDIA
                                                                       NO 25 POST OFFICE ST SHOLINGHUR NAAPT
CHANDRASEKARAN                        SEKAMBARAM                                         INDIA
                                                                       NO 122 BIG STREET KADAMBATHUR CHENG
KALPAKAM K              S             K       R                                       INDIA
                                                          SUBRAMANIAN 22 SOUTHMADA STREET, KANCHEEPURAM,
SHASHIKALAR                           S       RAGHURAMAN                               INDIA
                                                                       SRI ADHIPARASAKTHI PICTUR 13/B, KOSA S
JAYALAKSHMY                           NOT     AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                       NO 3, IST STREET LIC COLONY SANKARAN P
S          TAMILARASI                 A       A           SUNDAR                        INDIA
                                                                       397 ARNI ROAD VIRUPAKSHIPURAM VELLO
R          MEENA        KUMARI        A       RANGANATHAN                                INDIA
                                                                       C/O N SAMPATH 1/157 CHITHERI ROAD NEAR
RAMASESHANG                           SR      GOPALAN                                    INDIA
                                                                       6 A 6 B KALYANI PONNAPPAN AVENUE KOT
MOHD       OMER         BASHA A       A       MOHD        ISMAIL                       INDIA
                                                                       13-DANDUKAR STREET MELVISHARAM TAM
S          MALLIKA      VASSAN        R       SREENIVASAN                                INDIA
                                                                       W/O. R. SREENIVASAN,10, BDOS QUARTERS,
PURUSHOTHAMAN                         S       VEERASAMY                                   ILLAM
                                                                       8, 1ST FLOOR,MARY INDIA THAYAPPA THO
GANESMULLG                            KUMANMULL                                       INDIA
                                                                       119 ALANGAYAM ROAD TIRUPATTUR (VLR
M          SUNIL        KUMAR         D       MITHALAL                                  INDIA
                                                                       NO 9 A FLOWER BAZAR VANIYAMBADI N A
GNANA      SEKARAN      KG            K       G           GOPAL                        INDIA
                                                                       44 VANIVAMBADI ROAD JOLARPETTAI N A
P          LAKSHMI                    S       PICHAIMUTHU                               INDIA
                                                                       C 32/7 MOHAN NAGAR SALEM SALEM
NARASIMHAN                            N       GOPAL                                     INDIA
                                                                       S/O N GOPAL NATHAKKARAI THALAIVASAL
GANESAN    M                          A       MARAPPAN                                 INDIA
                                                                       1/9,BANGALORE MAIN ROAD MALLUPATTI P
ASHOK      M                                  M
                                      MARIKANNU           S                           INDIA
                                                                       RANGANATHEN STEEL CORPORATION OPP
ARUL       M                                  M
                                      MARIKANNU           S                           INDIA
                                                                       RANGANATHEN STEEL CORPORATION OPP
BOOPATHI   M            S             NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       M S COMPLEX NEAR S B I BYE PASS ROAD H
VENU       RAJU         H             K       HARI                                   INDIA
                                                          HARA RAMAN 6 URBAN BANK ROAD ERODE ERODE
SELVANAYAKI                           P       BALASUBRAMANIAM                            INDIA
                                                                       162 S G VALASU V CHATRAM ERODE ERODE
SENNIYA    PUNBA        PS            SENGODAM                                            INDIA
                                                                       E S R 30 A K K NAGAR COOD SUB REGISTRA
SELVA      KUMAR        KS            K       C           SONGAPPAN                      INDIA
                                                                       38-C K C P THOTTAM KUMALAN KUTTAI ER
SUKUMAR    P                          N       PONNUSAMY                                INDIA
                                                                       RAJAMANI TEXTILES EAST STREET CHENNI
SANTHOSAMVASANTHAKUMAR                J       VASANTHAKUMAR                             INDIA
                                                                       231 A PALANI ANDAVAR KOIL ST. BHAVANI
USHA       B                          G       V           KUMAR                          SATHY
                                                                       W/O G V KUMAR 249INDIA MAIN ROAD KA
PALANIVEL V             C             V       G                                      INDIA
                                                          CELLAMUTHU PARIYUR VELLALAPALAYAM PO GOBICHET
M          V            USHA          M       K           VENKATESAN                    INDIA
                                                                       393 JAWAHAR ZAR KARUR TAMIL NADU TA
M          RAMESH                     T       B           M CHETTIER                   INDIA
                                                                       NO 667 JAWAHAR BAZAR KARUR KARUR
PUSHPA     MOORTHY      K             R       KRISHNAMOORTY                              INDIA
                                                                       86, K V B NAGAR KARUR KARUR
NARAYANA SWAMY          K             KRISHNA IYER                                       INDIA
                                                                       2/95,WEST STREET MAHADANAPURAM,TRIC
CHRISTOJA STANLEY                     C       STANLEY                                   INDIA
                                                                       509 TNHB SINGANALLUR COIMBATORE
VALLIAMMAI R                          K       ARUMUGAM                                  KOVIL
                                                                       178-D GOPAL SAMY INDIA ST GANAPATHY
                                      RAMANATHAN                                       INDIA
                                                                       C/O R RAMAKRISHNAN THE DEN M/S STANE
S          BHASKARAN                  B       SANKARANARAYANA                          INDIA
                                                                       STEEL AUTHORITY OF INDIA LTD CHERAN T
B          M            JANAKIRAMAN   U       A                      60 NETHAJI MAIN ROAD UDAYAMPALAYAM
                                                          BALASHANMUGAM               INDIA
M          A            SWAMINATHAN   ARUNACHALAM                                       INDIA
                                                                       NO.17 SRINIVASA NAGAR KAVANDANPALA
NAGARAJANA                            M       S           AYYASAMY                     INDIA
                                                                       25, NEW DAMU NAGAR PULIAKULAM ROAD
GOPAAL     C            V             K       VENKATACHALAM                            INDIA
                                                                       PROP RAMANI STUDIO 196-C K COLONY SID
MAYA       B                          S       SAHASRANAMAN                             INDIA
                                                                       W/O S SAHASRANAMAN B-23 A COLONY AN
SANKAR     S                          S       SUBRAMANIAN                               INDIA
                                                                       B-23 A COLONY ANDAL STREET JOTHI NAGA
JANARTHANAN                           VENKATACHALA                                     INDIA
                                                                       8, BHAVANI SHANKAR ST POLLACHI COIMB
G                    N
           DEORUVASULUAIDU            M       K                       NAIDU             INDIA
                                                          GOVINDASAMY 3/158 B MIN NAGAR UDUMALAI ROAD POLL
GOURI                  B
             RAMAKRISHNAHAT                      BHAT
                                         RAMAKRISHNA                                         INDIA
                                                                              NADGEMANE P O.VANDOOR TQ,HONNAVAR
VIJAYKUMAR                 MANDALI       RAMESH    MALAPPA      MANDALI                     INDIA
                                                                              NEAR BASAVESHWAR SCHOOL SHIVANAND
JAGADISH     SHIRI                       VIRAPPA SHIRI                                        INDIA
                                                                              HOUSE NO 3042 MUNDARAGI P O GADAG, K
NARESH       KUMAR         SINGHANIA     GOPI      RAM          SINGHANIA                     INDIA
                                                                              C/O SAROJ KUMAR KEJIRIWL PROP HANUM
NIMBAGAL ANAND                           VIRUPAKSHAIAH                                            BLOCK
                                                                              4/10/148 WARD NO.4,INDIA NO.10 MANJUN
D            PARASHURAMAPPA              BAJJAPPA AYYAPPA       DANAPUR                         INDIA
                                                                              S O SANNA BAJJIAPPA DANAPUR, GANGAV
PRASAD       JASTI                       NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                              POST AYODHYA CAMP AYODHYA CAMP GA
S            JYOTHI        WARRIER       M         R                       B1               INDIA
                                                                MADHAV WARRIER11 JVSL TOWNSHIP VIDYANAGAR POST
RAVI         KUMAR         SM                    S
                                         MARISASALAIAH          R                            INDIA
                                                                              ASSISTANT MANAGER MARKETING ZUARI I
RASHMI       PATIL                               VENKAN
                                         SADASHIVANGOUDA        GOUDA PATIL                    INDIA
                                                                              DR S V PATIL ADARSHA COLONY SINDHNPU
RAMAPPA      N             METI          NAGAPPA                                              INDIA
                                                                              POST HALLUR TQ BAGALKOT HALLUR
SUHAS        RUNWAL                      NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                              H C RUNWAL AND SONS STATION ROAD STA
BHAVARLALN                 VARMA                 V
                                         NARAYANJI ARMA                                      INDIA
                                                                              BHAVARLAL N VARMA NEAR UCB ILKAL
VIJAY        V             PATIL         V         Y            PATIL                          INDIA
                                                                              NO 206 SHIVATHIRTH APPARTMENTS KANB
BHARATI      DEEPAK        GOUDAR        SH        DEEPAK       GOUDAR                       INDIA
                                                                              SHRI RENUKA COMMERCE INSTITUTE NEA
BHARGHAVI M                LALWANI MRS   NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                              A 11 INDIAN BANK OFFICERS QUARTERS NE
EKAMBARAM                                       M
                                         EKAMBARAM              V                              INDIA
                                                                              8 TALAYARI STREET ROYAPETTAH CHENN
T            MARGABANDHU                 M         THIYAGARAJAN                                 FLAT
                                                                              96/97 LIOYDS ROAD INDIA1 LAKSHMI APART
VAMSI        SAILAJA       A             AMMUSARMA                                               MURUGESAN STREET T
                                                                              OLD NO 7 NEW NO 7 INDIA
G            THAMARAI      SELVAN        NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                              NEW NO 40 OLD NO 21 2 SATHANGADU HIGH
GHOUSE       SHERIF                      MAHBUB SHERIF                                          LANE
                                                                              31 PENSIONERS 3RDINDIA WASHERMENPET
V            GANESAN                     LATE      P                       56,           INDIA
                                                                VAIDYANATHAN MAHALAKSHMI FLATS NO.40 ALAGAR PE
PANKAJAKSHAN               T             P         B            NAIR                          INDIA
                                                                              27/6 A MOHANAPURI 3RD STREET ADAMBAK
JAGAT        PRAKASH       DV                    D
                                         VENKATESWARLU                                          INDIA
                                                                              C/3 30 KRISH APARTMENTS THAMBIAH ROA
J            RAVI          SHANKER       K         JANAKIRAMAN                                  INDIA
                                                                              C 1 (2ND FLOOR) DECCANS DREAM NEW NO
V            GANESAN                     K         VEERARAGHVAN                                INDIA
                                                                              PLOT NO 31 3RD CROSE ST M K B NAGAR VY
KUMARASAMY                               DASAPPANSHANMUGAM                                      INDIA
                                                                              NO 23 F3 S S SELVAM APARTMENTS OLD TO
VINOD        KUMAR                       SOHANLALJI                                          INDIA
                                                                              NO 6 RAMANAN ROAD SOWCARPET CHENN
S            KARTHIKEYANI                NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                              NO 67 A RAM NAGAR 2nd MAIN ROAD CHEN
MAHESWARIS                               B         SRINIVASAN                                 INDIA
                                                                              PLOT NO 117 YAMUNA STREET PALANIAPPA
R            M             Kannan        R         M            RAMASAMY                              (New No
                                                                              A 2, Srinivas Apts, 101 INDIA 60) Bajanai Koil
V            SHANMUGA SUNDARAM                   VENKATESA PERUMAL
                                         SUBRAMANI                                              INDIA
                                                                              NO 2/98 3RD MAIN ROAD GANGA NAGAR MA
ANBARASU K                               KRISHNA M                                            INDIA
                                                                              NO. 1 SELLIYAMMAN KOIL STREET YASODA
D            PURUSHOTHAMAN               DHANARAJU                                            INDIA
                                                                              42 SUBRAMANIAR KOIL STREET MUTHIALP
GANESAN      RAMA          CHANDRAN      NA                                                      INDIA
                                                                              51 F TYPE I QTRS BLOCK 5 NEYVELI
VISWAKUMAR                               KUNNAMAREDDY           R                             INDIA
                                                                              57/2 RUWAYDHA RESIDENCES AROKKIASAM
DURGALAKSHMI                             RAMAN     M                                        INDIA
                                                                              PALAYAVALAM HOUSE 3 KALYANA RAMAN
Thenappan    RM                          RAMANATHAN                                                Karanthai Thanjavur
                                                                              27, Tamilsangam Road INDIA
Padmavathy   S                                   B
                                         THAMIZHARASAN                                              INDIA
                                                                              79 A/3, Taluk Office Road Mannargudi
JAYA         KUMAR         S             SAMY      KANNU                                        STREET
                                                                              NO 98, POOKKOLLAIINDIA MANNARGUDI
B            SUSITHRA                    BALASUBRAMANIAN                                          IYER LANE NORTH AND
                                                                              9 / B / 1 GANAPATHI INDIA
N                      KATTABOMMAN
             VEERAPANDIA                 NARAYANASAMY                                           INDIA
                                                                              A 85 JAI NAGAR THIRUVERUMBUR TRICHY
T            RAJINIKANTH                 NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                              NO 22 2ND CROSS JAYALAKSHMI NAGAR KK
ANIL         BAJAJ                       MISHRILAL                                            INDIA
                                                                              GRASIM CEMENT SOUTH REDDIPALAYAM A
S            ANNAMALAI                   SWAMINATHAN                                             INDIA
                                                                              283 V P L S STREET MELASIVAPURI PUDUK
PARAMASIVAN                              NAMBUPITCHAI                                           INDIA
                                                                              3/394.31K NEHRU NAGAR II STREET THELICH
J            JAYAPRAKASH                 P         JEYARAJU                                   INDIA
                                                                              DOOR NO 20-D ANNAI NAGAR DINDIGUL
ANTONY     ALBERT        AV                      A
                                         VELANGANNY                                         SUBANAGAR BACKSIDE
                                                                           6, MARUTHI NAGAR INDIA
K          PREMA                                 MEENAKSHYSUNDARAM
                                         RAMAKRISHNAN                                       INDIA
                                                                           30 SECOND STREET L I C COLONY MEENAM
R          JENAGARAJ                     G        RAJAGOPAL                                  INDIA
                                                                           PLOT NO-59 2ND STREET MARUTHUPANDIA
MUNEER     SYED                          SYED     BAJI        SAHEB                         INDIA
                                                                           C-105 INCOMETAX QUARTERS ROAD NO 12
KANDALA    RANI          NIRMALA         K        RAVI        KUMAR                          INDIA
                                                                           PLOT NO 110 SRIPURAM COLONY MALAKPE
SARITA     TALLAPRAGADA                  T        PRASADA     RAO                            INDIA
                                                                           PLOT-32 FLAT-114 HUDA COMPLEX SAROOR
I          V                            I
                         R S SUBRAHMANYAM         RAMACHANDRUDU                              INDIA
                                                                           36 5-65/6 MARUTINAGAR HYDERABAD HYDE
SUBRAHMANYA              PEDDIBHOTLA     KRISHNA MURTHY                                       INDIA
                                                                           67 PLOT NO 55-B INCOMETAX COLONY SRI R
D          S                            D
                         SATCHIDANANDA BABU       KANAKAYYA                                 INDIA
                                                                           PLOT NO A394, ROAD NO 7,GREENPARK COL
VENKATA    RAMANA        M               M        YUGANDHARREDDY                            REDDY
                                                                           C/O M YUGANDHAR INDIA PLOT NO 47/B/1
P          LAKSHMI       SAROJINI        P        VIDYA       SAGAR                        INDIA
                                                                           404 EXCELLANCY APARTMENTS JUDGES CO
PUTHENMADHOM                             S        NEELAKANTAMENON                            INDIA
                                                                           16-2-61/A/1 AKBARBAGH MALAKPET HYDER
MOHD       HAMID         ALI             MOHD     ROSHAN      ALI                              INDIA
                                                                           55 H NO 16-9-434/3 KAHKASHAN OLD MALAK
RAGHUNANDANRAO                           G        SESHGIRI    RAO                           INDIA
                                                                           B-35 B BLOCK MALAKPET COLONY HYDERA
SRI        PRAKASH       DABBIRU         D        RAMAKRISHNA                                 INDIA
                                                                           110 SBI OFFICERS H COLONY MOOSARAMBA
SRINIVAS                                 DR       K                      16-2-701/7 ANAND NAGAR MALAKPET HYDE
                                                              RAMACHANDRIAH                INDIA
G          SRINIVASULU                   G        SUBBAIAH                                   B COLONY OLD MALAK
                                                                           BLOCK-10 FLAT-3 H INDIA
CHALLA               RAO
           SURYANARAYAN                  SUBRAMANYAM                                          INDIA
                                                                           16-11-20/5/6 SALIMNAGAR COLONY MALAKP
K          V             NARASAMMA       K        S           RAJU                        INDIA
                                                                           D-77 MADHURANAGAR HYDERABAD HYDER
P          NARASIMHA MURTHY              P        S           SASTRY                          INDIA
                                                                           7-1-282 S R NAGAR HYDERABAD HYDERABA
M          VIJAYA        KUMAR           VEERA    RAGHAVAIAH                               INDIA
                                                                           B-56 MADHURA NAGAR HYDERABAD HYDE
SRINIVAS   M                             M        V           RAO                           INDIA
                                                                           C/O SPSR CONSULTANTS PLOT NO 13 SRINIV
SREELAKSHMI                              K        V           REDDY                          FLOOR
                                                                           FLAT NO 3, GROUNDINDIA KANCHANJUNG
SHREE      SAI           GARDENS PVT LTD NA                                                INDIA
                                                                           301 MANJEERA SQUARE OPP: MYTHRI HOSP
MUNIGANTI SAMMAIAH                       CHINNAMMA                                          INDIA
                                                                           PLOT NO 43 SANTOSH MANSION SRINIVASA
JYOTHI     BHAVANAM                              REDDY
                                         SEETHARAMI           BHAVANAM                     INDIA
                                                                           41-B SANJEEVAREDDY NAGAR HYDERABAD
SEETHARAMI EDDY          BHAVANAM        B        PULLA       REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                           41-B SANJEEVA REDDY NAGAR HYDERABA
VENKATA              BELLAM
           KRISHNAMURTHY                 BELLAM   CHENCHAIAH                                H NO
                                                                           304 VAMSI TOWERS INDIA8-3-222/1/12 MADH
B          SIVA          KUMAR REDDY     B        CHANDRA                                  INDIA
                                                              SEKHA REDDY SHOP NO 7 HUDA COMPLEX MAINTRIVANA
CH                  RAO
           HANUMANTHA                    RAGAVAIAH                                           INDIA
                                                                           C/O D HARI BABU H-61 MADHURA NAGAR H
P          VALLIDEVI                     P        S           RAJU                           INDIA
                                                                           29-107 MOULA ALI HYDERABAD HYDERABA
MAJJIGA    BAPU          REDDY           M        VENKATA     REDDY                          INDIA
                                                                           LIGH 376 H B COLONY MOULAALI HYDERAB
VIJAYA     RAJ           KUMAR REDDY S   S        MASTAN      REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                           B-157 RAILWAY QUARTERS MOULA ALI HYD
KALAVATI K                               NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                           12-13-1137/A TARNAKA HYDERABAD
SRINIVASA RAO            P               P        NAGESWARARAO                                INDIA
                                                                           H NO 10-148/6/3 PLOT NO 127, SAINAGAR BA
SUNDARESHA               S               S        SRIDHARA    PRABHU                        INDIA
                                                                           D-25 HAL TOWNSHIP HYDERABAD A P A P
C          PRABHAKAR RAO                 C        BHAGAWAN                                    INDIA
                                                                           1-9-1113/29/B DAYANAND NAGAR VIDHYAN
G          USHA                          G        N           RAO                           INDIA
                                                                           2-1-73/A NALLAKUNTA HYDERABAD HYDER
RAGHAVA    SARMA         A               A        RAMA                    1-9-277/35/1 LALITHA NAGAR RAM NAGAR G
                                                              KRISHANA SARMA                  INDIA
SRINIVAS   REDDY         P               P        ACHI        REDDY                            INDIA
                                                                           H NO 2-2-1121/1/S1 NEW NALLAKUNTA HYDE
V          H             P L BABU        B        V                        RAO             INDIA
                                                              V JAGANNADHAFLAT NO 19 MIGH APHB SATYANAGAR COL
V          G                            B       V
                         NAGESH KUMAR BHIMAVARAPU                          RAO             INDIA
                                                              V JAGANNADHAFLAT NO 19 MIGH APHB SATYANAGAR COL
CHAITHANYA               NS              N        R                       H NO             INDIA
                                                              N SUBBARAMAIAH 8-3-229/A/5 YOUSUF GUDA CHECK POS
MANTHA     RAMESH                        M        VENKATA                SHYAM 123 RAJEEV INDIA HYDERABAD
                                                              RAMANA MURTHY               NAGAR
VASANTHA VADDE                           K        D           REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                           H NO 10-252 VASANTHAPURI COLONY MALK
SRINIVASA RAJU           D               B        RAJU                                       MALKAJGIRI HYDERAB
                                                                           18-43 GOPAL NAGARINDIA
VENKATA    RAJU          KANKIPATI               RAJU
                                         ANJANEYULU           KANKIPATI                      INDIA
                                                                           H NO 18-20 GOPAL NAGAR MALAKAJGIRI HY
GEETA                               VINOD                                                INDIA
                                                                       1-7-145/L/7 BAKARAM HEDERABAD HEDERA
GOPAL     RAO         PAMUJULA      LAXMAN RAO            PAMUJULA                       INDIA
                                                                       EWS II 56 PARSIGUTTA WEST MCH COLONY
VANDANA                             VIRJI                                                INDIA
                                                                       1-7-145/C/4 BAKARAM HEDERABAD HEDERA
A         R           K PRASAD      NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                       8-3-231/A/24 SRI KRISHNANAGAR YOUSAFGU
AGORAM    MAHENDRAN                 G         AGORAM                                    INDIA
                                                                       5-131/1 CHANDA NAGAR HYDERABAD HYDE
K         Murugesan                 M         KANNAPPAN                                      INDIA
                                                                       61 Palami Enclave Narayanapuram Madurai Tamil
M         MURUGAN                           MAHALINGAM
                                    MARIMUTHU                                             INDIA
                                                                       49/1 T T K ROAD VIRUDHUNAGAR
RANJAN    B                         BENJAMIN S            P                               INDIA
                                                                       3 A, UPSTAIRS ST JOHNS COLLEGE ROAD BE
MAHESH    N                         NATESAN                                              INDIA
                                                                       35/7A2 1 OLD SBI COLONY, FIRST STREET R
SURYA     KALA        B                     S
                                    VENKATARAMAN                                     INDIA
                                                                       CHIDAMBARA NAGAR, NEW NO.2 OPP DVD
SELVI     ANTONY                    S         R                                       INDIA
                                                          ANTONY SAMY 15/3 ALAGAMMAI LAKSHMI ILLAM SUBRAM
PALANIAPPAN           T                     P
                                    THENAPPAN                                            NO 6,
                                                                       PL T PL HOUSE NEWINDIA HOSPITAL ROAD
PANNEER   SELVAM      A MR          NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                       62, III CROSS, VAIRAMUTHU STREET GOVIN
R         BHASKARAN                 SUBBAIAH RAJABATHER                                 INDIA
                                                                       H 26 MOUNT VIEW APARTMENT VELLORE E
SOWRIRAJANE           R                     E
                                    RAMALINGAM            P                             INDIA
                                                                       23, PERIYAPPU MUDALI STREET, DHARNAM
KUMARASAMY            PALANISAMY    NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       VEEDILLATHOOR SF NO 61, NEW HOUSE CO
G         MANIGANDAN                GOVINDAN                                            INDIA
                                                                       11/27 KRISHNA NAGAR 12TH CROSS HOSUR
G         BALASUNDARAM              GOPAL                                               INDIA
                                                                       NO 395515 CASE MACHINE SHOP TITAN WA
AALIYA    TAMKEEN     C             RIYAZ     AHMED       C                              INDIA
                                                                       6 / 195 MATTEKAR STREET MUSLIMPUR VAN
V         FAIZUL      HABEEB                SALEEM
                                    VANIYAMBADI           AHMED                         INDIA
                                                                       OLD NO 109 NEW NO 66 SMALL MOSQUE ST
RANI      T                                 M
                                    THIYAGARAJAN                                        INDIA
                                                                       A1, CHINTHAMANI APARTMENTS STATE BA
SHANMUGAM                           MOHAN     D                                        INDIA
                                                                       21, KUMARAN GARDEN NEAR PTS NAGAR K
R         SURESH                    RAMASAMY                                               SPR COLONY, KOMARA
                                                                       NO. 107/13, VINCENTINDIA
N         ARUNACHALAM               N         N                                       INDIA
                                                          M NARAYANAN T-1 SWARNA APARTMENTS THIRD FLOOR C
P         MUTHUSAMY                 N         M           PERIYASAMY                    INDIA
                                                                       NO 35/2A JOHNSONPET ITTERI ROAD PALAN
SARAVANANM                          MANI      M                                        INDIA
                                                                       510, UDAIYARPALAYAM GUDDALORE MAIN
K         SELVAM                    KAVERI                                              INDIA
                                                                       15 NETHAJI BYEPASS ROAD DHARMAPURI
M         RAJAMMAL                  K         C           MARAN                          INDIA
                                                                       5/520 MAIN ROAD PALACODE DHARMAPURI
THILLAIARASAN                               P
                                    NALLUSAMY                                           INDIA
                                                                       C K R ILLAM, VIRANA THEERTHAM POST O
A         S                                  SUBBA
                      RAMADHAS REDDY APPAVUREDDY          REDDY                           INDIA
                                                                       9 C III FLOOR CHINNA GOUNDER NAGARI ST
SARAVANANC                          CHIDAMBARAM                                         INDIA
                                                                       10/23, OA RAMASAMY STREET KANTHI NAG
K         R           VETRRIVELL    RANGARAJAN                                          INDIA
                                                                       OLD NO 29 NEW NO 29 CHANDHAIYA PALAY
S         NACHIMUTHU                SUBRAMANIAM                                       INDIA
                                                                       CHENNIMALAI GOUNDENPUDUR KOOTHAM
VANITHA   BALAKUMAR G R             BALA      KUMAR       V                            INDIA
                                                                       318, RANGASAMUDARAM (PO) SATHYAMA
VELRAJMANICKAM                      SENKOTTAIAN                                          INDIA
                                                                       D NO 2/30 KAVILIPALAYAM SATHYAMANGA
V         S           VEDACHALAM    SHANMUGAM                                         INDIA
                                                                       ALANKATTUKORAI PALAYA VALLIAM PALA
S         GOWTHA      RAMESH        SUBRAMANIAM                                       INDIA
                                                                       PERIYA KUMARAN PALAYAM NAGADEVAM
REVATHY   V                                PERUMAL
                                    VARADHARAJAP                                       INDIA
                                                                       13, GURUSAMY LANE KARUR
D         SIDDHARTHAN               S         DHAMODHARAN                                 INDIA
                                                                       554 D B ROAD R S PURAM COIMBATORE
SARASWATHI            N             A         SABESAN                                   INDIA
                                                                       86 COOPERATIVE COLONY UPPILIPALAYAM
RAM       KUMAR       P             SWARAN R              P                               INDIA
                                                                       K 12, I H F D APARTMENTS DR AMBEDKAR R
MEENA     S                         SAMPATHKUMAR                                         COTTAGE 4TH STREET K
                                                                       NO 492, RAJESWARI INDIA
SARAVANANK                          KRISHNAN S                                          INDIA
                                                                       10/338,PANCHAYAT UNION QUARTERS KAM
RANGANATHAN                                 A
                                    MARIMUTHU                                             DHARAPURAM ROAD U
                                                                       9/15, VELAN NAGAR INDIA
SARAVANANB                          NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                       7/53, SARAVANA ILLAM KOTHUMUDI
R         S           KUMAR         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       68 PANJU COTTAGE FERN HILL(PO) OOTY NI
RADHAKRISHNAN                       RADHAKRISHNAN                                       INDIA
                                                                       C2 HOUSING UNIT FINGER POST OOTY NILG
JAGANATHAN                          NA                                                SINGAPORE
                                                                     BLOCK 532 STREET 51 09/146 BUKIT BATOK
MANUAL     ROSHAN     DOUGLAS       DOGLAS   WALTER     ZACHAI                        INDIA
                                                                     V C QUATERS, PALLIKKUNNU P O, CANNAN
DINESAN                             K        P          G PODUVAL                    INDIA
                                                                     KANDOTH P O PAYYANUR VIA KANNUR KE
KRISHNAN T                          P        V                      K                INDIA
                                                        KRISHNA MARAR RISHNA VILLA CHELERI PO KANNADIPARA
SREEDHARA HOLLA       K             NARAYANA                                         INDIA
                                                                     SRI VIJAYA KAYYAR POST UPPALA KASARA
T          C          RAVEENDRAN    C        KANARAN                                INDIA
                                                                     THAZHE CHEEKKOLI HOUSE THATTOLIKKA
BESSILY    EAPEN                    K        EAPEN      ABRAHAM                         INDIA
                                                                     M F 10 1214 KSHB FLATS BILATHIKULAM CA
SUMESAN    N          K             SANKARANN           K                           INDIA
                                                                     NADUKKANDIYIL HOUSE MOKERI PO KAKK
ARUNA      KUMARI     NALUBOLU      N        RAM                                    INDIA
                                                        MOHAN REDDY B3/49 HUDA COLONY CHANDA NAGAR HYD
RAM        MOHAN      REDDY NALUBOLU N       RAMA                   B3/49 HUDA COLONY CHANDA NAGAR HYD
                                                        CHANDRA REDDY               INDIA
KANHAYALAL                                  S
                                    VISHNUDAS ARDA                                       INDIA
                                                                     18-4-472/473/5/A BESIDE BUMB BHAVAN SHA
RAJKANVARSARDA                             SARDA
                                    KANHAYALAL                                           INDIA
                                                                     18-4-472/473/5/A BESIDE BUMB BHAVAN SHA
J          RAJA       RAO           J        ANANDAM                                 INDIA
                                                                     108 PRABHATKAR APARTMENTS VIJAYANA
LAXMA      REDDY      T             T        RESHMA     REDDY                          INDIA
                                                                     C/O BAL REDDY 16-2-839/4/1 SAIDABAD HYD
BUSHRA     HAQ                      ABDUL    HAQ                                         INDIA
                                                                     H NO 16-2-836/9/B RAHMAT KEDA OPP FARA
UMA        SHEKHAR    N             N        VASUDEVA RAO                            INDIA
                                                                     EWSH 333 NEW SANTOSH NAGAR HYDERAB
RADHAKRISHNA                                M
                                    MONDAJIAH YDAM                                       INDIA
                                                                     16-2-752/21/23 TRIVENI NAGAR GADDIANNA
SHIVA      VARA       PRASAD S      S        LATCHIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                     12-10-627/6 INDIRA NAGAR ROAD NO 4 WAR
SRINIVAS   RAO        BOKKA         B        RAMA       SWAMY                          INDIA
                                                                     H NO 1-7-8/5 KAMALA NAGAR E C I L (POST)
BHARATHI BOKKA                      B        RAMASWAMY                               INDIA
                                                                     W/O SRI B RAMASWAMY (LATE) 1-7-8/5 KAM
PRANESH    KUMAR      BOKKA         B        RAMA       SWAMY                          INDIA
                                                                     H NO 1-7-8/5 KAMALA NAGAR E C I L (PO) R
ATCHAMAMBA                          P        S                                        INDIA
                                                        R KRISHNAIAH 1-7-170/1 KAMALANAGAR ECIL (POST) HYDE
G          SEETHA     REDDY         G        LAXMA      REDDY                            INDIA
                                                                     HNO 1-10-1/62/2 SAINAGAR COLONY KHUSH
MURTHY     G          VS            G        V          SWAMY                          INDIA
                                                                     H NO S2/C-290 SACHIVALAYA NAGAR VANA
RAMANATH GUPTA        MV            M        SESHAYYA                                  INDIA
                                                                     H NO C-813 SECTOR-6 N G O COLONY VANA
SILLA      VENKATA    RAO           SILLA    ABU        BABU                         INDIA
                                                                     KHASPA STREET BERHAMPUR GANJAM DIS
SESHAYYA MUTTA                      M        RAMANADHAM                                - 6 NGO
                                                                     H NO C-813 SECTOR INDIA COLONY VANA
MOHEMMADMOIZUDDIN                   M        MUNEERUDDIN                                INDIA
                                                                     6-1-86/37/1 NEAR COMPLEX VANASTHLIPUR
YADAGIRI   K                        K        JANAYYA                                   INDIA
                                                                     C/O SRI SAIBABA ENTERPRISES SHOP NO 4 C
RAMA       MURTHY     BANTU MILLI   B        VEERABHADRAYA                                 PHB
                                                                     LIG-50/6 III PHASE K INDIA COLONY KUKKAT
RAJU       G          LP                    RAJU
                                    VISWANADHA                                        INDIA
                                                                     FLAT 501 SUDHA TOWERS BHAGYANAGAR H
RAVINDRA PRASAD       A             A        VENKATESWARLU                            INDIA
                                                                     202 SRAVANTHI KALYAN APTS BHAGYANA
SANJAY     GOENKA                   SHANKAR LAL         GOENKA                        INDIA
                                                                     397 BIDANASI SHELTER CHHAK CUTTACK
PRABODHA KUMAR        DAS                  DAS
                                    HRUDANANDA                                        VIA RAHAMA NR RADH
                                                                     AT/PO ANOLIPATNAINDIA
ARUN       KUMAR      DAS           LATE              DAS
                                             RADHAKRUSHNA                              INDIA
                                                                     C/O J N DAS ADHIKARY AT SAHADEV KHUN
SURAMA     DASH                             CHARAN
                                    NRUSINGHA           DASH                        INDIA
                                                                     BEHIND TOWN HALL GOPALGAON BALASO
SAMBIT     MOHANTY                  RABI     NARAYAN    MOHANTY                      INDIA
                                                                     C/O SUSANTA KUMAR PATTANAYAK CONV
GHANA      SHYAM      ACHARYA       LATE     BANSHIDHARACHARYA                      INDIA
                                                                     (NEAR RAM MANDIR FRONT COLONY) JAGA
GATIKRUSHNA                         SADASIBA MISHRA                                  KEONJHAR BAZAR KE
                                                                     DHENKAPUR SASANINDIA
MAHESWAR PATTANIAK                  NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     GARHSAHI KEONJHAR BAZAR KEONJHAR
SUSHANTA KUMAR        NAYAK                 NAYAK
                                    RAGHUNATH                                       INDIA
                                                                     JOBRA CUTTACK ORISSA
NIRADA     KUMAR      BEHERA        SRIDHARA BEHERA                                    DIST
                                                                     AT/PO KASHIADIHI INDIADHENKANAL
TANMAYEE NANDA                      BIPIN    BEHARI     NANDA                       PADA
                                                                     AT MADAN MOHAN INDIA PO DIST ANGUL O
B          ESWAR      RAO PATNAIK   NA                                                INDIA
                                                                     QR NO 2 R K HOSTAL ROAD WOMENS COLLE
KALYANI    BEHERA                   SAMIRA   KUMAR      BEHERA                       INDIA
                                                                     C/O DR SAMIRA KUMAR BEHERA Q R NO D/1
K          MOHAN                    K        LOKANATH                                INDIA
                                                                     S/O K LOKANATH ASHOKNAGAR MAIN ROA
MAHESH     KUMAR      MUNDRA        RAM      GOPAL      MUNDRA                       INDIA
                                                                     C/O GOPAL AND COMPANY MAIN ROAD RAM
DAYA       NIDHI      SAHU            SAHA      DEB       SAHU                           INDIA
                                                                        QNO L/69 HAL TOWNSHIP SENABEDA KORA
HEMANTA    KUMAR      BISWAL          BISHNU    MOHAN     BISWAL                          INDIA
                                                                        Q NO RA/791 HAL TOWNSHIP P S SUNABEDA
HALDHAR    MAHTO                      PUSU      MAHTO                                    INDIA
                                                                        QNO A/454 SECTOR-II DAMANJODI
G          VENKATA    RAMANA          SUBBA     RAO       GEMBALI                        INDIA
                                                                        SANOTELI STREET JEYPORE SRI SAI SURYA
BIBHU      PRASAD     MOHANTY         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        LINGARAJ NAGAR JEYPORE KORAPUT ORIS
SAROJ      KUMAR      CHOUDHURY       MADHAB CHANDRA      CHOUDHURY                    INDIA
                                                                        COLLEGE ROAD RAYAGADA (K) PO/DT OR
ABDUL      SATTAR                            SATTAR
                                      MOHAMMED                                           INDIA
                                                                        OXEIA FOODS, MAIN ROAD, KANTABANJI O
SATYA      NARAYAN    SHARMA          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        AT UMA TALKIES RD PO/DT BARGARH BAR
PADMINI    PANDA                      SEBAKA    PANDA                                  INDIA
                                                                        W O SANTOSH KUMAR PANDA AT IN FRONT
JUGANTA    DAS                                 DAS
                                      JYOTINDRANATH                                     INDIA
                                                                        O/O EXECUTIVE ENGINEER ELEC RED ROUR
ASHOK      BEHL                       RAMLALL BEHL                                       INDIA
                                                                        KK 37 CIVIL TOWNSHIP ROURKELA
AJOY       AGARWALA                   KISHORI   CHAND     AGARWALA                       INDIA
                                                                        SAMPAT JAIN AND ASSOCIATES KANTI BED
VIJAY      SHANKAR    BORA            NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        BISHNUPALLY PO HOJAI DIST NAGAON ASS
RAJ        KUMAR      PRASAD                  PRASAD
                                      PASHUPATI                                          INDIA
                                                                        OIL PS3 CHENGALIGAON BYE PASS JORHAT
JAYANTA    KAMAL      DATTA           PROFULLA CHANDRA    DATTA                         INDIA
                                                                        BAHAR 5 NRL TOWNSHIP P O NRL COMPLEX
NILUTPAL   KONWAR                     NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        MANDIR PATH BOIRAGIMATH DIBRUGARH
INDRAJIT   PAUL                       ANIL      KRISHNA   PAUL                           INDIA
                                                                        C/O ANIL KRISHNA PAUL RADHA GOVIND R
NARAYANI DEVI                         RAMNIWAS                                         INDIA
                                                                        C/O HANUMAN AUTOMOBILES ENGG WORK
SUTAPA     CHAKRABORTY                        C
                                      BISWESWARHAKRABORTY                               INDIA
                                                                        BISHNU BHAVAN RLY COLONY HAFLONG
RAHUL      CHAKRABORTY                RATI      RANJAN                                INDIA
                                                          CHAKRABORTY CANARA BANK B K ROAD, BANAMALIPUR N
Prafulla   Debnath                    NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                        Banamalipur Ganaraj Chowmohani Opp Sphulinga
BINA       RANI       DAS             KAMAL     KANTI     DAS                            INDIA
                                                                        MILAN CHAKRA, LINK ROAD A D NAGAR AG
SANJEEV    KUMAR                      SRI       KAILASH   BIHARI LAL                     INDIA
                                                                        DCO OFFICE, PNB MUNGER BO         MUNGER B
PUSHPA     DEVI                       NA                                               INDIA
                                                                        CHANDA INVESTMENTS IST FLOOR SURYA
                                                          NARAYAN MISHRA              INDIA
RAGUNATH PRASAD                       NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        FLAT NO.201 MADHUSHREE COMPLEX YARP
BASHIR     UDDIN                      LATE      MD        NASIR UDDIN                  INDIA
                                                                        MOHALLA. GOLGHAR SHIV MANDIR GALI A
DR         SATISH     KUMAR           SHRI      PANCHANAN SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                        AMHARA HOUSE JAGAT NARAIN LAL ROAD
ROKHSANA YAHYA                        NA                                              INDIA
                                                                        SHAKRANWAN HOUSE BAQERGUNJ PATNA
ALOK       RANJAN                     O         R         P SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                        Q NO 86 NEW SBI COLONY DIGHA PATNA
SONU       SALOOJA                    YOGENDRASINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                        DURGA COLONY KHAGRI ROAD TAKIYAPUR
DR         AWADHESH   KUMAR OJHA      SRI       RAM       VINOD OJHA                     INDIA
                                                                        35 A PATLIPUTRA COLONY ROAD NO.3, PAT
BINOD      KUMAR                      SRI       SURESH    PRASAD                          INDIA
                                                                        S/O SRI SURESH PRASAD ROAD NO. 13,C RAJ
BINOD      KUMAR                      RAJENDRAPRASAD                                    INDIA
                                                                        N 1 PROFESSOR COLONY CHITRAGUPT NA
RAM        PRAKASH    SINGH                   P
                                      JAGADDHARRASAD      SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                        8 SK COLONY KANKARBAGH PATNA
R          K          JHA                    JHA
                                      KAMESHWAR                                          INDIA
                                                                        DY. MANAGER (F AND A) N.H.P.C LTD, IIND
PROMOD     KUMAR      KHEMANI         MOTI      LAL       KHEMANI                       INDIA
                                                                        91 BANDHAN TOLA TOWN ARRAH ANCHAL
Manoj      Kumar      Tiwari          SHAILJA   NAND      TIWARI                             INDIA
                                                                        AT-Tulsinagar Tikamanjhi H No. 82 Bhagalpur
                                                          JHUNJHUNWALA              INDIA
ASHOK      KUMAR      SAHA            DEEP      NARAYAN   PRASAD                        INDIA
                                                                        HOUSE NO-35 GHANTAGHAR CHOWK BHAG
SATISH     PRASAD                     SACHIDA NAND        PRASAD                       INDIA
                                                                        14 GURUDWARA ROAD BHAGALPUR BHAG
GOPAL      PRASAD     SARAWGI         SHRI      KRISHNA   SARAWGI                        SARAWGI AT PO PANJW
                                                                        C/O GOPAL PRASAD INDIA
ASHOK      PRASAD                     LATE      RADHA     PRASAD                        INDIA
                                                                        MAIN BAZAR AT P.O GARHWA DISTT GARH
BINITA     SINGH                      SARJU     SINGH                                   INDIA
                                                                        SARJU SINGH ADVOCATE DAKHIN DARWAJ
HUSSAIN    AHMAD      SIDDIQUEE       MD        HASHIM    SIDDIQUEE                       INDIA
                                                                        K. V. NO. 1 BAGESHWARI ROAD GAYA BIHA
BRITE      SHARE      INDIA PVT LTD   NA                                               INDIA
                                                                        DURGA MANDIR ROAD HIRAPUR DHANBAD
MOHAN      AGARWAL                    VED       PRAKASH   AGARWAL                       INDIA
                                                                        RATANJEE ROAD PURANA BAZAR DHANBA
SUMITRA    SINGH                      MUNIJI   SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                       C/O SRI MUNIJI SINGH NEAR CARMEL SCHO
BIMAL      KUMAR                      B        P           SINHA                       INDIA
                                                                       AKANSHA OPPOSIT DURGA MANDAP NEW C
ROHIT      GIRI                              GIRI
                                      DHARMENDRA                                         INDIA
                                                                       QR NO 3/266 SECTOR 2/A BOKARO STEEL CIT
RANJEET    RANJAN                             PRASAD
                                      BINDESHWARI          SINGH                        INDIA
                                                                       SECTOR 1B QR NO 1383 BOKARO JHARKHAN
DASHRATH RAI                          RADHE    KRISHNA     RAI                            BOKARD STEEL CITY JH
                                                                       Q NO 422/3E D TYPE INDIA
PREM       KUMAR      SINGH           RAJ      NARAIN      SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                       PLOT NO 11 BARI CO-OPERATIVE COLONY B
AMAR       NATH       JHA             LATE     MAUZE       JHA                           INDIA
                                                                       QR NO 369 SECTOR 3/A BOKARO STEEL CITY
NARENDRA KUMAR        GUPTA                  PRASAD
                                      MAHANGOO             GUPTA                         INDIA
                                                                       TISCO SIJUA COLLIERY P O BHELATAND DH
DILRUBA    KHATOON                           ASLAM
                                      MOHAMMAD             KHAN                       INDIA
                                                                       C/O ROOPAM GARMENTS DIGWADIH NO 10
NIRMALA    DEVI                       RADHA    AGARWAL                                INDIA
                                                                       PUSH BANGLOW BHAGA NEAR IBP PETROL
                                                           TRIPURNTHAKAM               JITPUR
NAKUL      KUMAR      SHARMA          NAKUL    RAM         DAYAL SHARMA               INDIA
                                                                       GOMOH LALUDIH RAJABAGAN ROAD DHAN
GOBARDHAN                             BUDHAN   RAM                                     INDIA
                                                                       RIVER SIDE BHURKUNDA RAMGARH CANTT
NAIK       GOPINATH   PANDURANG       NA                                                 OPP FIRE STATION MUN
                                                                       A 3 RUKMINI VIHARINDIA
ATUL       GUPTA                      RAMESH   GUPTA                                     INDIA
                                                                       E-517, NATIONAL PARADISE PLOT NO 290/1 T
ALWYN      PETER      RODRIGUES       BASIL    JOHN        RODRIGUES                    LTD
                                                                       MINDA INDUSTRIESINDIAB 6 MIDC CHAKA
SURYAJI    KASHINATH TAKAWALE         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       262, YESHWANT NAGAR , TALEGAON STATI
                                               RAHEMATULLA                             INDIA
                                                                       17 BUND GARDEN ROAD SAMEER APTS BLD
ABHITOSH   SHRIKANT   VANARASE        NA                                                BLDG
                                                                       15 QUEENS GARDENINDIA I/36 PUNE
TRIPTI     SHARMA                            PRASAD
                                      NAGESHWAR            SHARMA                      SOUTHING KANBAY 18
                                                                       MANIKCHAND ICONINDIA
ANIKET     KADU                       P        L           KADU                          NO 164/3 MADHAV BAU
                                                                       FLAT NO 25 SURVEYINDIA
SHANTILAL POPATLAL    LUNAWAT         NA                                                OPP.LAL MAHAL PUNE
                                                                       594 BUDHWAR PETHINDIA
MUTHUSWAMY                            NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       PL.NO.2 GANESH PRATAP SOC 31 AUNDH RD
BALWALLI LATHIKA      RAO             KISHORE RAO                                      3RD FLOOR SHAMRAO
                                                                       D/7 ANANDASHRAMINDIA
MAMATA     VIJAY      DOSHI           VIJAY    DOSHI                                    ROAD
                                                                       885/5 BHANDARKARINDIA DECCAN GYMKH
                                                                       10 VRINDAVAN SOCINDIA
KHOLE      SAMPADA    AJAYKUMAR       NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       C 15 ROHAN ENCLAVES DAPODI PUNE
SACHIN     BHAU       TIJORE          BHAU     DEVRAO      TIJORE                     INDIA
                                                                       NEAR TAPOVAN MANDIR SR NO 224 PIMPRI
PRAKASH    GANPAT     KHOT            NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       ANAND NAGAR H.NO.141 SANGVI PUNE
GIRISH     V          ADHAVALKAR              PURUSHOTTAM
                                      VIJAYKUMAR                                  INDIA
                                                        ADHAVALKAR AMDOCS DEVP CENTER PVT LTD 6 FLOOR T
DEEPAK     DEDHIA                     PADAMSHIDEDHIA                                     INDIA
                                                                       NO. 18, MILAN SOCIETY SURUEY NO. 133 KO
DHARAM     SINGH      KUSHWAH         PHOOL    SINGH       KUSHWAH                      INDIA
                                                                       SMQ 105/H NEW PROJECT AIR FORCE STATIO
ASHOK      SHRIDHAR   SUPANEKAR       SHRIDHAR SUPANEKAR                                 INDIA
                                                                       S.NO.707, NARALI BAUG, OPP. AHIRESHWAR
                                                                       SHUBHAMKAR PLOT NO 10 TRIMURTI PRAS
AJAY       MADHUKAR VAIDYA            NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       B / 02, MONT VERT BIARRITZ S NO 137/1/1, B
KAVITA     MANOJ      LODHA           MANOJ    S           LODHA                         INDIA
                                                                       S NO 2 7 2 LODHA COMPLEX PLOT NO 13 3 D
NEETA      ASHOK      CHHAJED         ASHOK             C
                                               UTTAMCHANDHHAJED                          INDIA
                                                                       A 1/31 NIRMAL PARK CHAVAN NAGAR DHAN
DUMBRE     SUJATA     SHRIKANT        DUMBRE   SHRIKANT    PRATAP                       INDIA
                                                                       A/05/401 MOHAN PARK KHADAKPADA KALY
KRISHNIER PADMANABHAN                 K        K           KRISHNIER                    INDIA
                                                                       10 C EXPRESS ESTATE KALOOR COCHIN
ANUJ       KUMAR      NAG             NARESH   NAG                                      INDIA
                                                                       INFOSYS TECH LTD PLOT NO I PHASE I RAJI
ABHISHEAK KUMAR                       ARUN     KUMAR       SINHA                     INDIA
                                                                       KANBAY SOFTWARE PVT LTD A 1 TECHNOL
MANIK      RANU       KAPRE           NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       B/ 35 MAHESH COLONY BHUTKAR WADI AH
JUGANU     BHIMRAO    KAMBLE          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       PLOT NO.88, LAVANGARE NAGAR, SATARA
VISHAL     UTTAM      JADHAV          NA                                                TAL/DIST-SATARA, SAT
                                                                       AT POST KANEHAR, INDIA
ASHOKKUMAR                            NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       2297 A NEAR RANKALA ST STAND GANGAV
ANITA      ASHOK      CHOUGULE        NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       MRUNMYEE APPT, NR GEETA MANDIR TARA
NITESH     A          NANWANI         NA                                                WATER
                                                                       SARGAM BUILDING,INDIA TANK, MIRAJ S
SANDEEP    VASANTRAO SHINDE           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        SHIVRAJ COLLEGE AT- PO - TAL- GADHINGL
PRADEEP                             NA
           RAGHUNATH PRABHU TENDOLKAR                                                   INDIA
                                                                        GAWADE WADI A/P ZARAP , HOUSE NO.309 A
VIJAY      RAJU        POOJARY        NA                                                   ROAD,
                                                                        GAURI NIWAS, H. N. INDIA NEAR ABIRUCHI
PRAVEENKUMAR                          NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        A 406 PURAB PASCHIM C H S KATE MANIVA
JANABAI    RAMDAS      PATIL          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        6, AMRUTVARSHA CHS, SNEH NAGAR DINDO
SURESH     SATRAMDAS SUNDRANI         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        FLAT NO. 3, SAFFALYA APP. TAGOR NAGAR
VANDANA    PRAKASH     CHAUDHARI      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        12 DYANDEEP APT. N/R BANK OF INDIA, KA
ANJANA     SANJAY      PATIL          NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        6 ARPAN APTS, SADGURU NAGAR, NEAR KJ
SUSHANT    SOWALAL     BHANDARI       NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        MAIN ROAD SHIVAJI NAGAR PIMPALGAON
ANAND      SATISH      DAHIHANDE      NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        C/O RANGANATH S.KIRTANE, HOTEL KINAR
SANTOSH    BANSODE                    NA                                               INDIA
                                                                        SWAMI SAMARTH MEDICAL & GENERAL ST
NILESH     TANSUKHRAI DOSHI           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        BLOCK NO. 6, GANESH BUILDING, OPP.DENA
ANJALI     AMOL        WANI           NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                        165, ZILHA PETH , GUJARATI LANE, JALGAO
VIJAYKUMAR             LOHADE         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                        BALAJI NAGAR AURANGABAD MAHARASH
PRAKASHCHAND           RAJ BOHRA      NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                        H NO I 247 BALAJI NAGAR AURANGABAD M
SHWETA     AMOL        BAHETI         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        P NO 7 MANJEET NAGAR AURANGABAD
ABDULKHADER                           ABDULLA V             P                         INDIA
                                                                        KUNNATH PARAMBA MOONNIYUR SOUTH P
MUHAMMADNIYAS                         AYAMU                                            INDIA
                                                                        KONDARATH KALPAKANCHERY P O ATHIRU
SHOUKATHALI                                   POCKER
                                      KONDARATH                                       INDIA
                                                                        KONDARATH THAVALANCHINA KALPAKAN
RAVI       L                          G          LINGAIAH                                INDIA
                                                                        NIZAR HOSPITAL VALANCHERY MALAPPUR
RADHAKRISHNAN                         KASU                                                INDIA
                                                                        NO 1-334 INDIRAPRIYAM KOTTEKKAD P O P
ASHARAF    ALI         E              SAIDALAVI                                        INDIA
                                                                        ERAKKINGAL HOUSE (NO 492) KALLADIPAT
NEETHUMERI AKKARIA                    SAKKARIA                                        INDIA
                                                                        KONNAKKAL HOUSE MANATHU MANGALA
SAVITHRI   E           M              LATE       SUBRAMANIAN                          INDIA
                                                                        PANDATH MANACKAL KULAKKAD P O CHE
I          T           JAYASREE       P          ACHUTHANKUTTY                          INDIA
                                                                        SREENIVASA NILAYAM AMBALAPARA PO V
KRISHNAN P             K              M          KELAN                                INDIA
                                                                        MOORKATTIL HOUSE KANNATTUPADAM P
ABRAHAM    JOSE        CHERUVATHOOR   C          I          JOSE                      INDIA
                                                                        CHERUVATHOOR HOUSE PENGAMUCK P O
M          K           ABDUL GAFOOR   M          K                     MALIYAKKAL HOUSE TALIKULAM P O THRI
                                                            KOCHU MOHAMED             INDIA
ABEESH     ANANTH      AA             ANANTHAN                                         INDIA
                                                                        ALUKKAL HOUSE CONVENT ROAD ARANAT
MOHAMED ADEEB                         T          V                                      INDIA
                                                            ABOOBACKER VII/43 A THERUVATH VEETTIL THRITHALLO
SHYVI      K           S                      K
                                      KRISHNAMOHAN                                    INDIA
                                                                        MAMPARAMBATH H KOORIKUZHI KAIPAMA
VINOD      PILLAI                     V          P          R PILLAI                   INDIA
                                                                        RAJA BHAVAN TEMPLE STREET KODAKARA
NANDAKUMAR                                   MENON
                                      NARAYANA                                           INDIA
                                                                        4/27, PAZHOOKARA ANNALUR P O ASHTAMI
KRISHNAN C                            M          C          MENON                        INDIA
                                                                        7C JOMER HAVEN ILLOM ROAD COCHIN
S          SRIKUMARI                  SUBRAMANIAN                                         INDIA
                                                                        VILLA NO 37, SKYLINE GREEN VALLEY THU
THOMAS     C           D              C          A          DEVASSY                     INDIA
                                                                        CHAKIATH HOUSE PUTHEBNPALLY VARAPU
MURUGAN K              V              NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        742, KARICKAL MAZHUVANOOR PERUMBAV
LISSY      VARGHESE                   N          C          JOSEPH                    INDIA
                                                                        KAKKATTUKUDY HOUSE PERUMBAVOOR P
SUSAN      PRASAD                     P          K                      MORNING STAR PUTHEN VEEDU KALADY P
                                                            PRASAD VAIDYAN              INDIA
PRASAD     VAIDYAN     PK             VAIDYAN P             K                           INDIA
                                                                        MORNING STAR PUTHENVEEDU KALADY ER
SONY       GEORGE                     GEORGE     T          V                          INDIA
                                                                        THURUTHIKKARA HOUSE KARIMANNOOR P
ANISH      ABRAHAM                    ABRAHAM MTHEW                                   INDIA
                                                            CHOARAPUZHA CHOORAPUZHA HOUSE ARIKUZHA PO THOD
SUJITHKUMAR                           SUBRAMANIAN                                        INDIA
                                                                        185 6/148 UNNAKKATTU KUDAVATHOOR TH
CHANDY     ANDREWS                    LATE       K          C ANDREWS                 INDIA
                                                                        NADUVILEPARAMBIL RUBBER BOARD PO K
GOPIKRISHNAN                          LATE       RAVEENDRAN                             INDIA
                                                                        MAVELIL BUILDINGS NO 21 PERUNNAI P O C
JERIN      K           PHILIP                 PHILIP
                                      KOLLAKUNNEL                                      INDIA
                                                                        KOLLAKUNNEL HOUSE MANNADISALA P O
RADHAMANIYAMMA         A              GOPALAN NAIR                                      INDIA
                                                                        KOTTAYIL HOUSE KOORALI P O ELANGULA
MATHEW    ABRAHAM                  NA                                              VAKATHANAM PO KOT
                                                                   POLACHIRA HOUSE INDIA
SEBASTIAN P           J            THOMAS   JOSEPH                                  INDIA
                                                                   889,PUTHUSSERYIL HOUSE ATHIRAMPUZHA
MERCY     NADUKUDIYIL              ANTONY   NADUKUDIYIL                           INDIA
                                                                   MEDACKEL HOUSE PALA P O KOTTAYAM, K
THOMAS    N           P            NA                                               INDIA
                                                                   N.T.P. CORPORATION N.T.P. BUILDING, CENT
GEORGE    KURIAN                   KURIAN   VARKEY     MANAVATHU                   INDIA
                                                                   MANAVATHU (H) PUNNATHURA WEST P.O E
THOMAS    MATHEW                   NA                                             INDIA
                                                                   C/O SUNNY THOMAS CHENAYAPPILLIL HOU
MUHAMMEDT             A            NA                                              PALLARIMANGALAM P
                                                                   THACHELAL HOUSEINDIA
PAUL      ANTONY                   P        K          ANTONY                     INDIA
                                                                   POTHANIKAT HOUSE KOTHAMANGALAM
MINNIE    PAUL                     PAUL     ANTONY                                INDIA
                                                                   POTHANIKAT HOUSE KOTHAMANGALAM
AJITHKUMAR            N                   PILLAI
                                   NARAYANA            KG                          INDIA
                                                                   AJITH BHAVAN KAITHAVANA ALLEPPEY
ANNIE                              VARGHESE                                       PUNNAPRA P O ALAPPU
                                                                   KANDAMATTATHIL INDIA
SUNNY     THARIYAN                 K        C          THARIYAN                      INDIA
                                                                   FLAT NO E 14 FEDERAL PARK EAST BLOCK
P         K           BALASUNDAR   NA                                            INDIA
                                                                   MUDOORMATTATHIL VARANAM P O CHERT
RAGHAVA   PANICKER    N                   PANICKER
                                   NARAYANA                                       INDIA
                                                                   PRASANTH THRICHATTUKULAM P.O CHERT
SHAJI     P           D            DEVASI                                         INDIA
                                                                   PALYATHARA VETTAKKAL P O CHERTHALA
ANIL      KUMAR       P                   PADMANABHAPILLAI
                                   NARAYANAN                                      INDIA
                                                                   KOYICKAL MUTHOOR P O PATHANAMTHITT
                                                                   KANDAMKULATHU INDIA ANGADICAL PO
HARIKUMARC            N                   PILLAI
                                   NARAYANAN                                      INDIA
                                                                   HARINIVAS KULANADA POST PATHANAMT
KURIAN    VARGHESE                 VARGHESEKURIAN                                INDIA
                                                                   KARIKOT RAYMOUNT ANJILITHANAM P.O. T
SANJAY    SHANTILAL   ABBAD        NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   D 7 VARDHMAN RESIDANCY KHIWANSARA
RAJENDRA BABURAO      SHIRPURKAR   NA                                             INDIA
                                                                   LAXMIBAG COLONY NR. GOVT. REST HOUS
RAVIKIRAN VISHWANATHKAPUSKARI      NA                                             AT TQ.
                                                                   MANGALWAR PETH INDIA BASMATH BASM
RATAN     DEVI        S FALOR      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                   PLOT No. 270, VATSALYA NAGAR NEAR IND
JEETENDRA RADHAKISHAN              NA                                                 CIDCO
                                                                   NO 6 BUIDLING NO 4INDIA NANDED NAND
Pushp     Vijay       Kohli        NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                   380, Old Pardi Naka, Opp H.B. Town Main Bhanda
VARUN     KIRAN       SAOJI        NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   44,DAGA LAYOUT N.A.ROAD NAGPUR
REKHA     VIJAYKUMAR CHANDAK       NA                                             INDIA
                                                                   BEHIND BABASWA MILL BAPAT NAGAR NA
PRASHANT BALARAM      KOTRANGE     NA                                             INDIA
                                                                   NEAR BHAGATSINGH PARIMARY SCHOOL IN
KIRAN     SHYAMLAL    GURBANI      NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   PARVATI NANDAN, FLAT NO 4, BALAJI NAG
VISHAL    NARENDRA    GODA         NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   10,MAHAVIR KRUPA,IIND FLOOR NAVRANG
BHAVIK             S
          PADAMKUMARHAH            NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   GUJARATHI PURA BALAPUR BALAPUR MS
PRITIBALA SURENDRA    SURANA       NA                                               INDIA
                                                                   L/35, VIDHARBHA HOUSING BOARD TIKAKW
Jayant    Hirji       Gosar        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                   Gulab Niwas Durgamata Chowk Digras
NIKHIL    S           GANDHEWAR    NA                                               INDIA
                                                                   AT SIDDIVINAYAK NAGAR DIGRAS DIGRAS
ANIL      BAPURAO     VYAWAHARE    NA                                               INDIA
                                                                   29, PUSAD CITY WARD (12) PUSAD MAHAR
SACHIN    KUMAR       JAIN         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                   FLAT NO 201 AHINSA TOWER 7 M G ROAD IN
AJAY      RATHI                    NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   572,SNEH NAGAR INDORE MP
SANJAY    GUPTA                    NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   37,SUDERSHAN NAGAR ANNAPURNA ROAD
PRASHANT SAMAIYA                   NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   BUNGLOW NO 21 C MANDAKINI MAHENDRA
RAJESH    K           SHARMA       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   HN 121 GERU BANGLA GWALIOR GWALIOR
SANJAY    LOKAKSHI                 NA                                                INDIA
                                                                   WARD NO. - 9, MATAKHEDI MOHALLA, LOD
PRAKASH             K
          KANHAIYALAL OCHAR        NA                                               INDIA
                                                                   WARD NO. 20 RAM GALI BALAGHAT BALAG
SUKUMAR   CHAKRABORTY              NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   PATEL NAGAR, NEAR DIPAK KIRANA STORE
BALLA     SATYANARAYANA            NA                                                INDIA
                                                                   C/O CC OFFICE, BOOKING LOBBY, S.E.C. RAI
JAY       KUMAR       GUPTA        NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   HNO.246 NAGAR-MOHANPURI(UMARIA) TEH
MEGHRAJ   MOTWANI                  NA                                              INDIA
                                                                   WARD NO 23 BEHIND MAHARISHI SCHOOL
ASHOK     KUMAR       DIXIT        NA                                               INDIA
                                                                   FLAT NO F 1 JHANDA PERMIT FORT ROAD R
SHARAD     AGRAWAL                    NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         FLATE NO-5 2ND FLOOR KANCHAN COMPLE
Sanjay     Kumar       Somani         NA                                                           Raipur
                                                                         57, Urla Industrial AreaINDIA
SAJAL      ROY                        NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                         C-1/6 SBI APTT. CIVIL LINES RAIPUR RAIPUR
SANTOSH    KUMAR       BHARDWAJ       NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         VILLAGE-AKHARAPALI POST OFFICE KUDU
SIRAM      SIVANANDA MURTY            NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         11-63-6 BRAHMIN STREET VIJAYAWADA HY
AMY        D           DUPATAWALLA    NA                                                   COMPOUND H NO 4-1-88
                                                                         PARSI FIRE TEMPLE INDIA
A          RATNAKAR    REDDY          NA                                                   RESIDENCY BOLARAM
                                                                         PLOT NO 101 POOJA INDIA
JAKKINAPALLI                          NA                                                    II SAKET KAPRA SECU
                                                                         PLOT NO 245 PHASE INDIA
KARUNAKARREDDY         MUSKU          NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         YAMAN 9 SAHARA STATE MANSOORABAD L
JYOTHI     KUMARI      SARDA          NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         C/O. OM AGENCIES 1/1/A, OPP: ING VYSYA B
POONAM     MURKYA                     NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         C/O. OM AGENCIES D.NO.1/1/A, OPP:ING VYS
OMPRAKASHSARDA                        NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         C/O. OM AGENCIES 1/1/A, OPP: ING VYSYA B
KALPANA    RADHAKRISHNAN              NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO 222 AMRUTHA VILLE APAR LEFT W
PARUPATI   UMAPATHI    REDDY          NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         H NO 1-138 MEDCHAL RANGAREDDY HYDER
KALLEM     SEVA        PRASAD REDDY   NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         HETERO DRUGS LTD BONTHAPALLY KAMA
RAMANNA SRI            RAMOJU         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         LABOUR OFFICER O/O LABOUR OFFICE NIZ
RAMAVATARDALIYA                       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         6-14-74 NAMDEVWADA NIZAMABAD AP
SUSILA     DEVI        DALIA          NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         HNO: 6-14-76 NAMDEV WADA NIZAMABAD
PULLORI    SUJATHA                    NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         MIG-II-100 NEW APHB COLONY VINAYAK NA
CHINTAGARIBHAIRAIAH                   NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                         H.NO.1-6-112 (OLD), GANDHI GUNJ, KAMARE
PRAKASH    REDDY       PV             NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         H NO 1-103 KOTARMUR ARMOOR NIZAMABA
BUNTY      S           CHANDRA                B
                                      SUNDERDAS            CHANDRA                         INDIA
                                                                         C-110 RAJESH APP BUILDING CHANDAVARK
ASHOK      SHELAR                     MAHADEO SAMBHAJI     SHELAR                       INDIA
                                                                         VENUMADHAV 38 PANMALA PARVATI PUN
                                      PAMANDAS             BHATIA                         INDIA
                                                                         BARRACK NO 1676 ROOM NO 12 SECTOR 25
                                      HASSANAND                                           INDIA
                                                                         BARRACK NO 1676 ROOM NO 12,SECTOR 25
MUKESH     HASSANAND BHATIA           NOT      AVAILABLE                                  INDIA
                                                                         BARRACK NO 1676 ROOM NO 12 SECTOR 25
K          SATYANARAYANA              K        SAMBA       MURTHY                          INDIA
                                                                         H NO 5-8-20 SURYA HOSPITAL FATEH SULTA
MD         WAHEED      UR RAHMAN      M        A           R SUFI                           INDIA
                                                                         H NO 1-7-458 1ST FLOOR MUSHEERABAD HY
N          SADANANDAM                 N        V           K SETTY                         INDIA
                                                                         307 SRI GANESH APARTMENTS ROAD NO 5,
N          VIJAYA      LAKSHMI        N        SADANANDAM                                  INDIA
                                                                         307 SRI GANESH APARTMENTS ROAD NO 5,
HEMALATHADANDAMUDI                    SEETHA   RAMAIAH                                     INDIA
                                                                         102 A1 RESIDENCY PLOT NO 63 NEAR MJM F
MUKESH     J           WADHWA         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         NO 2401 16TH A MAIN H A I 2ND STAGE B
M          NARASA      REDDY          VENKA    REDDY                                     INDIA
                                                                         NO 13 GUNDAPPA REDDY LAYOUT CHOLAN
K          B           V NARAYAN      K        NAGESWARARAO                               INDIA
                                                                         HOUSE NO 1255 SURYA 32-G CROSS 28TH M
PRAFULLA CHANDRA       K              DURGA    CH          KAKATI                          INDIA
                                                                         SMQ 35/1 AF STATION YELAHANKA BANGAL
PRATAP     K           MOWRI          M        SATYANARYANA                            INDIA
                                                                         GARDEN APARTMENTS II FLOOR BLOCK II F
S          V           RAJENDRA REDDY S        V                       H BLOCK A-4     INDIA
                                                           NAGENPRA PRASAD REDDY SRI DEVI APARTMENT 364/1 CH
BASKARAN K                            K        SAMY                                     INDIA
                                                                         18 SOMESWARAN KOIL ST, SAV DIST PANRU
KAKTHIKEYAN                                   MODALIYAR
                                      SAMBASIVA                                           INDIA
                                                                         57 SANNATHI STREET NELLOREPET GUDIYA
PRABADEVI V                           WO       G                       57             INDIA
                                                           VOLARVOBIRAN SANNATHI STREET NELLOREPET GUDIYA
PRATEEK    CHOWDHARI                  LATE              CHOWDHARI
                                               RAMESWARLAL                               CHOWDHARI 196 JAMU
                                                                         C/O RAMESWARLALINDIA
OMPRAKASHCHOWDHARI                    LATE                         C/O            CHOWDHARI 196 JAMU
                                               RAMESWAR LALLCHOWDHARI RAMESWARLALINDIA
MOTI       DEVI        MODI           P        L           MODI                            INDIA
                                                                         23/1 RUSTAMJI STREET KOLKOTA
DAKSHAJA RANJAN        SEN            LATE     DAKSHINA    RANJAN SEN                     INDIA
                                                                         2/C QUEENS PARK CALCUTTA
SAJJAN     KUMAR       SINGHANIA      NANDLAL SINGHANIA                                   INDIA
                                                                         C/O TOTCO 1A, SADANANDA ROAD CALCUT
NAKULESWAR                            LATE     AKSHAY                                       INDIA
                                                           KR CHATTERJEECF 378 SECTOR - I SALT LAKE CITY CALCUT
UTTAM      MITRA                      JAHARLAL MITRA                                    INDIA
                                                                         SAMAJ KALYAN ROAD POST NABAPALLY D
HARSHVADAN           PATEL           KANTILAL                                            INDIA
                                                                         AT & PO KURCHAN TA-AMOD DIST-BHARUC
BEENA     AGARWAL                    P          K           AGARWAL                       INDIA
                                                                         C/O SH V K AGARWAL ADVOCATE PRAGATI
ALPANA    BOHRA                      NA                                  NA                  INDIA
RENUKA    BHATIA                     NA                                  HARYANA             INDIA
RAJAKUMARI                           CHINNASAMY                                           INDIA
                                                                         INSPECTION CELL OFFICER COLLECTOR S O
SUNITA    RAWAT                      SITA       RAM         RAWAT                        INDIA
                                                                         403 SAHAKAR APARTMENT NARAYAN NAGA
SHARDA    AGRAWAL                    J          N           AGRAWAL                        INDIA
                                                                         205-B AVAS VIKAS INDIRA NAGAR RAE BAR
KHAJA     BASHIRUDDIN                NA                                                      INDIA
                                                                         H NO 10-3-293/3 VIJAYA NAGAR COLONY HY
N         K          SASI KUMAR      E          V           RAGHAVAN                    INDIA
                                                                         MANAGER NON RESIDENT INVESTMENT SE
B         VENKATA    RAMAIAH SETTY   NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         GENERAL MERCHANT GOOTY ANANTAPUR
MOHD      IBRAHIM    KHALEEL         NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                         H NO 24-B (CIB) BEHIND RLY STN KACHIGUD
S                   NAIR
          VIJAYACHANDRAN             V          SANKARA     PILLAI                        BLDG
                                                                         FLAT 404 KALPANAINDIA GODAVRI RHATR
LEELABEN NATUBHAI    PATEL           NATHBHAI CHATURBHAIPATEL                              31-33
                                                                         C/O PIYUSH H VORAINDIA AMBALAL DOSHI
                                                                         32 SHAMIKH CHURCH ROAD ANDHARI [EAS
LILY      NATH                       DR         RAGHUNATH                                  INDIA
                                                                         E-19 EAST OF KAILASH NEW DELHI
ISHWARSHAKTI         TRADERS LIMITED NOT        AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                         SEKSARIA CHAMBERS 5TH FLR 139 NAGIND
K         VENUGOALAN                        PILLAI
                                     KARUNAKARAN                                          INDIA
                                                                         SAGAR PRIYA 11/31A M VELOPPAR STREET
VENKATARAMAN                         VENKATA RAMAN                                         STREET
                                                                         51 IV TRUST CROSS INDIA MANDAVELIPA
RAKESH    MEHTA                      SH         KEWHAL                  C-1/81 JANAKPURI NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
                                                            KRISHNAN MEHTA                INDIA
GREGORY   JOHN       FERNANDES       NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         4/104 REKKALABA PALCE ST MARYS ROAD
M         A                        NA
                     VENKATACHALAPATHI                                                       HINDUPUR ANANTAPU
                                                                         18-1-139/1 M F ROADINDIA
RANJNA    DEWAN                      BHUJHAN KUMAN          DEWAN                           INDIA
                                                                         2-15 BL IST FLOOR NAVAL OFFICER S FL CO
VITHALDAS DEVCHAND   LAKHANI         DEVCHANDLAKHANI                                      INDIA
                                                                         C/O M K VITHALANT J2 EVEREST APARTME
                                     DHANESHWAR                                             ROAD
                                                                         25/H-6, FLOUR MILL INDIA SAKCHI JAMSHED
RANI      ROY                                ROY
                                     SHATRUGHAN                                              INDIA
                                                                         H. NO. E/27, VIKAS COLONY NAMDA BASTI P
RANBIR    SINGH                              SINGH
                                     HARCHARAN                                            INDIA
                                                                         H NO 216 YUVRAJ APARTMENT HURLUNG R
PAWAN     KUMAR      AGARWAL         B          K           AGARWAL                       INDIA
                                                                         C/O.- RAMESH STORE GIRLS SCHOOL ROAD
JAINENDRA KUMAR      JYOTI           NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         5 AADITYPUR HAUSING COLONY PO ADITYA
BHUPESHWAR                           TRILOKI    GIRI                                       INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO 29 SHIV NIRANJAN HOMES JOJOBE
JAIKISHAN JALAN                             JALAN
                                     RAMBHAGAT                                          INDIA
                                                                         SHIVSHANKER BHANDAR, WEST MARKET R
MANORMA JAIN                         NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         C/O SOHAN LAL JAIN MARMU ROAD CHOUD
MAHENDAR KUMAR       JAIN            NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         102 PARAS APARTMENTS KUTCHARY ROAD
MANISH    KUMAR                      SATYA      MURTI       PRASAD                          ARYA
                                                                         C/O DR S.M.PRASAD INDIA PURI, RATU ROA
SARITA    THAKUR                     SANJIB     KUMAR       THAKUR                           SHARMA AT- P. H. E. D.
                                                                         C/O SUB MAJR. S. R. INDIA
SUNITA    SINGH                      SURENDRAKUMAR          SINGH                          INDIA
                                                                         C/O M.L.SINGH SATYAWATI VILLA , SRINAG
JAHAR     DAS                        NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         EX-OFFICER- TATA-STEEL DAK-BUNGLOW R
BRIJ      NANDAN     SINGH           SRI                 SINGH
                                                SUKHANNADAN                              INDIA
                                                                         STATE BANK COLONY TELPA (NEAR HAWAI
RAM       VINAY      KUMAR           JAI        MANGAL                                     INDIA
                                                            PRASAD SINHA C/O SASHI SINHA SRI KRISHNA NAGAR MOT
VIJAY     KUMAR      SHARMA          LATE       KAMLA       SHARMA                         INDIA
                                                                         C/O SHRI KRISHNA ENTERPRISES I.M.A ROA
WIRESH    KUMAR                      RAM        KRISHNA     SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                         AT RATAULI PO BINODPUR BEGUSARAI NR
BRAJENDRA KUMAR                      ANUP       LAL         SAH                        INDIA
                                                                         BANGAON ROAD SAHARSA
S         C          GUPTA           LATE       SH          P L GUPTA                   INDIA
                                                                         C/O MAHIMA POWER CONTROL (P) LTD. 207
JENSON    JOHNNY     CABRAL          NA                                                  KUWAIT
                                                                         C/O BADER ALMULLA BROS CO P O BOX 17
SABTHER   ASKAR      HUSSAIN         SABTHER HUSSAIN                                      QATAR
                                                                         PO BOX 47 GAS PRODUCTION OFFSHORE NF
MOHAMED MUNAF        MOLVI           SAEED      GULAM       MOLVI                        SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                         GALLERIA CENTRE P O BOX 2489 THILA STR
VIJAY     KUMAR      SHARMA          NARAYAN SHARMA                                        INDIA
                                                                         W C 64 IARI COLONY, NEAR PHARMA HOSTE
Ashok     Saikia                     M          N           SAIKIA                              INDIA
                                                                         C - II/59 Satya Marg Chanakyapuri NEW DELHI
Amrik      Singh                       SWAGAT   SINGH                                          Hospital
                                                                         Sukhmani Above Indus INDIA Jakhoo Shimla
TUSHAR     RAJPARA                             RAJPARA
                                       VALLABHBHAI                                         CHANDAR NAGAR GUR
                                                                         ASIAN PPG IND LTD INDIA
DR         ALOK        JHA             DR       P           N JHA                         INDIA
                                                                         PROFESSOR INSTITUTE OF AGRICULTURAL
SWAPNA     SUNIL       SAPRE           SUNIL    BALAJI      SAPRE                         INDIA
                                                                         HOUSE NO C 39 PAPER MILLS COLONY YAM
NARINDER KUMAR                         RAVI     KUMAR                                     INDIA
                                                                         H NO 55 DASUYA DIST HOSHIARPUR
SHUBHANI GARG                          UMESH    GARG                                      INDIA
                                                                         274,B RAM NAGAR GHAZIABAD U.P
DEOKI      NANDAN      AGARWAL         LATE     SHRI                    26/52 BIRHANA ROAD KANPUR
                                                            SATYA NARAYAN                INDIA
DINESH     KUMAR       MISHRA          CHHEDI   LAL         MISHRA                        INDIA
                                                                         C O MISHRA AND ASSOCIATES 45 V N MARG
SAURABH    GUPTA                       N        N           GUPTA                          INDIA
                                                                         PEPSI CO INDIA HOLDING PVT LTD RAJCHA
VIKRANT    SINGH                       L        K           SINGH                           INDIA
                                                                         QR NO 1 / 336 REFINERY NAGAR MATHURA
NAVNEET    M           MAIRAL                  B
                                       MURLIDHAR            MAIRAL                        INDIA
                                                                         ICICI BANK LTD RATHOD NIWAS SOLARIUM
VALLABHBHAI            GHODASARA               G
                                       PANCHANBHAI          GHODASARA                    INDIA
                                                                         VALLABHBHAI P GHODASARA RAMKRISHN
NAVJYOTI   SINGH                       LEHMBAR SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                         E 501 SUKUN RESIDENCY 1 B/H SAKAR ENG
HITESH     D           JOBALIYA        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         17-18 ARYAVAT BUNGLOWS NR ROSE WOOD
HASUMATIBEN            THAKKAR         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         21, AVANI PARK SOCIETY NEAR H. K. HALL
A          ARUMUGAM                    S        AZHAGU                                    INDIA
                                                                         P AND A SECTION ONGC ANKLESHWAR
SURESH     DEVISINGH   PUROHIT         NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         680 C 73 SHRI RAM SOCIETY BEHIND GEB AN
N          RAJALAKSHMI                 KASTHURI IYENGAR                                  INDIA
                                                            NARASIMHAN 1/13 SANJEEVANI BLDG BRAHMANWADA RO
VARSHA     RAMESH      GANDHI          RAMESH   VASANTRAI GANDHI                           INDIA
                                                                         7/E,VAIBHAV APTS, OPP IRLA NURSING HOM
JAYA       SINGH                       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         B/5 33 CENTURY RAYON CLY MURBAD ROA
RAJENDRA KUMAR         SINGH           SETH     HIRALALJI                               INDIA
                                                                         KALYAN BHAWAN 582 M G ROAD INDORE M
ANAND      KUMAR       SAHU            BHARAT   LAL         SAHU                         INDIA
                                                                         C/O CHANDRA SHEKHAR GOURE HANUMAN
VAIBHAV    AGRAWAL                     SURESH   KUMAR       AGRAWAL                    INDIA
                                                                         GURUNANAK CHOWK M G ROAD RAIPUR RA
MUKESH     SHARMA                             SHARMA
                                       MADANLAL                                             INDIA
                                                                         G 18, IST FLOOR BHARANI COMPLEX MINIST
BUDARAJU SREERAMA      MURTY           B        V                                         INDIA
                                                            RAGHAVAIAH 6 3 240/4 FLAT NO 301 SANTHI SADAN APTS
PANDU      KUMAR       S               SHABAD   YADAIAH                                     INDIA
                                                                         H NO 3-1-74/10 RAMSHANKAR NAGAR RAMA
G          S           GOWRI SHANKAR   G        V                      D 210          INDIA
                                                            SUNDARESHWARAN VYSALI GARDEN APTS TARNAKA SEC
KALAKUNTLAUDHAKARA RAO                 LATE     K                                          INDIA
                                                            MADHAVA RAO 3-6-784/A STREET NO 14 HIMAYATNAGAR HY
C          VIJAYA      BHASKAR REDDY   C        VENKATA     RAMI REDDY                   INDIA
                                                                         503 GHARONDA MAITRI APTS 3-6-638/39/40 S
Y          MANOHAR     CHOUDARY        Y        S           CHANDARY                     INDIA
                                                                         601 MLA'S APARTMENTS PANJAGUTTA OFF
P          VENU        GOPAL SETTY     P        VENKATADRAPPA                                 INDIA
                                                                         11/13/1113/2/204 SRI THIRUMALA ARCADE DW
ABHISHEK   KUMAR       AGARWAL         ASHOK    KUMAR       AGARWAL                          INDIA
                                                                         H NO 16 2 740 32 KALYAN NAGAR GADDI AN
RAVI       SEKHAR      D                       RAO
                                       NAGESWARA            D                              INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO 102 SAI BHARGAVI RESIDENCY GA
SUNIL      KEDIA                       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         110 ROAD NO 2 BANJARA HILLS OPP MAYFA
GANDE      RAMULU                      VISHWANATHAM                                         INDIA
                                                                         H NO 1 5/19/3 SIRCILLA ROAD KAMAREDDY
AHMED      KHAN                        GAFOOR   KHAN                                       INDIA
                                                                         1-51/44/2,BANK COLONY, HYD ROAD, NIZAM
GOPANNA    K                           KASAPOGUNARAYANA                                 INDIA
                                                                         ANDHRA BANK K.M.C. BRANCH KAKATIYA
A          VIDHURA     SEKHAR REDDY    NA                                                    NAGAR ANANTAPUR
                                                                         11- 292- E1 ARAVINDINDIA
GOPI       CHAND       KARAMTHOT       G        LAKSHMAN NAIK            H NO 28 3         INDIA
                                                                                     322 SARADA NAGAR III MAIN, A
VASANTHA LAKSHMI       RAVIPATI        L                 NAIDU
                                                RAMACHANDRA                               INDIA
                                                                         C-TYPE-140 TTD QUARTERS TIRUPATHI
TIRUVEEDHULA           PRASAD          T        VENKATESWARLU                            INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO 12 CANARA TOWERS CHANDRAMO
                                       PEDDIREDDY                                       INDIA
                                                                         C/O COROMANDEL CEMENTS LIMITED 40 4
M          VAMSI       KRISHNA         M        KRISHNA     MOHAN RAO                    INDIA
                                                                         TF 3 ANNAPURNA APTS BRUNDAVAN COLO
KOMARANENI                             NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         HOUSE NO C-103 7TH CROSS ROAD SVN COL
INDIA      PORTFOLIO   LIMITED         NA                                D NO 3/85          INDIA
                                                                                          6TH LANE PANDARIPURA
HARSHA     VARDHAN     VEMURU                   REDDY
                                       SRINIVASULU          V                            INDIA
                                                                         120 SEETHAMMA DHARA N E LAYOUT VISA
TALLURI    MURALI      KRISHNA         SATYANARAYANA                                       1MV
                                                                         PLOT NO 61 SECTORINDIA P COLONY VISAK
LEELAMMA THOMAS                        P          O          THOMMY                        INDIA
                                                                          11/A KIRLAMPUDI LAYOUT BEACH ROAD V
                                                                                         2ND FLOOR AISHWARYA APAR
PILAKA     VENKATA     RAMANA          P          KASI                   W/o Sri P KASIVISWESWARA RAO Qr-NO-A-2
                                                             VISWESARA RAO                  INDIA
CHELIKANI SURYA        RAO             CHELIKANIVENKATA      RAO                            INDIA
                                                                          DOOR NO 4-23, SUNDER NAGAR PITHAPURA
PILAKA     SAILAJA                     P          KASI                   QR               INDIA
                                                             VISWESWARA RAO NO-A2 JUDGES QUARTERS BALAJI CHER
SUPRIYA    SEN         GUPTA           CHITTA     PRIYA                                     INDIA
                                                                          PLOT NO 62 D NO 69-29-3 LALACHERUVU RA
NIRANJAN   AVULA                               AVULA
                                       PARDHASARADHI                                        INDIA
                                                                          36 R M S COLONY 2ND STREET R R PETA WE
LAKSHMIKUMARI                          AJOYKUMAR                                          INDIA
                                                                          W/O AJOY KUMAR ADUSUMILLI D NO-2-133
VEMULAPALLI                                    RAO
                                       LOKESWARA                                          COLLEGE ROAD BRANC
                                                                          ANDHRABANK,DNR INDIA
J          K           CHALAM          NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                          D NO 50-22-11/1 TPT COLONY SEETHAMADH
VARALAKSHMI                            VENKATA S                                         INDIA
                                                             L PRASAD BABUC/O BH RAMACHARA RAJU D NO-34-100-1 BO
ADDEPALLI ALIVELU                      NA                                                     32/1 SATTIRAJU VARI S
                                                                          D NO28 12 31 OLD 28INDIA
CHARULATHA             SHETTY          JAYRAM     SHETTY                                     INDIA
                                                                          NO 152 (OLD65/2) SRIRANGAM COMPOUND 1
SANJAY     KUMAR       AGARWAL         NA                                                 B 303
                                                                          MANPHO PAVILION INDIA3RD FLOOR 20/5,R
PRAKASH    JANGAMA     JAGADISH        JAGADISH                                             INDIA
                                                                          23 I FLOOR 8TH MAIN 1ST CROSS BTM LAYO
T          R           SATHISH         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          NO.7 COLUMBIA SCHOOL ROAD KAVERI LA
VINOTH     K                                  PONNUSWAMY
                                       KANAGARAJ                                           INDIA
                                                                          17/3 EASUN REYROLLE LTD BANNERGHATT
SREENATH KRISHNAMURTHY                 K          N                      NO               INDIA
                                                             KRISHNAMURTHY 168, KASTURI NIVAS 13TH CROSS, 3RD P
SUVIDHA    SHARES                       NA
                       AND SECURITIES PRIVATE                                             INDIA
                                                                          NO 1458 DEVENDRAPPA COMPLEX 1ST FLR
NISHITHA   D           RAI             DERANNA RAI                                         INDIA
                                                                          QTS NO D KAVERI BLDG MOODANIDAMBOO
THILOTHAMA             V                      REDDY
                                       RAMESWARA             GV                            INDIA
                                                                          CB/3D, NEW TOWN BHADRAVATHI KARNAT
                                                                          NO.38, FLAT NO.1, SANTRUPTI APT 1ST FLOO
T          S                         NA
                       VENKATESH KUMAR                                                      INDIA
                                                                          PLOT NO 24 RAJAJINAGAR DEVANGPETH RO
M          VENKATARAMANA                        MARUVADA
                                       PATTABHIRAMAYYA                                   INDIA
                                                                          PRASHANTH NILAYA 2ND CROSS M J NAGAR
NUTHALAPATI            KRISHNA         N          V          SUBBAIAH                       INDIA
                                                                          NO 11/4 BALAJI AVENUE FIRST STREET T NA
A          ALBERT      SURESH          M          AMALANATHAN                              INDIA
                                                                          93 ELIZA NAGAR NO-1 VALLAM ROAD THAN
ASOKAN     R                                   P
                                       RATHINAVELU           S                             INDIA
                                                                          DOOR NO 84 A PALLIVASAL STREET PART P
CHITRA     KALA        N               NATARAJAMANICKAM T                                   INDIA
                                                                          D/122 7 TH CROSS WEST THILLAINAGAR TRI
MURALI     R                                  N
                                       RAMASAMY              R                            INDIA
                                                                          113 D APPAMASAMUTHIRAM PO ATTUR TK
MATHEW     V           S               NA                                                INDIA
                                                                          VALLIATHU KALAYIL KOTTATHOOR P.O AY
NIRUPAMA DEVI          P               NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          TC 9/244 MULLOOR HOUSE JAWAHAR NAGA
RAJASENAN NAIR         K               G          KUTTAN     PILLAI       ASWATHY             INDIA
                                                                                       TC 2/3049(1) MANGANNOORKON
GOPU       G           NAIR            GOPAKUMAR                                            INDIA
                                                                          TC 17/316 JAYANIVAS CHADIYARA, POOJAP
ASHOK      BINNY                       BINNY      ABRAHAM                                  INDIA
                                                                          QRTS NO 14 ENGG COLLEGE P O TRIVANDRU
KAVITA     KOTHARI                     PRADEEP KUMAR         KOTHARI                        AGENCIES 14/1/1A JACK
                                                                          C/O KOTHARI SALESINDIA
KUNTAL     CHOUDHURY                   LATE       KANAK                  28 P             INDIA
                                                             KANTI CHOUDHURY K GUHA LANE DUM DUM CANTT 24 PG
SAIBAL     KUMAR       DUTT                   KUMAR
                                       SOMYENDRA             DUTT                          INDIA
                                                                          181 RAMESH DUTT STREET KOLKATA
MRS        PREM        LATA DHANUKA    NA                                                  STREET CALCUTTA
                                                                          64 PATHURIA GHATINDIA
MEENA      DEVI        PODDAR          NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          30, SHIVTOLLA STREET KOLKATA
Tejkaran   Borar                       TILOK      CHAND      BORAR                               INDIA
                                                                          66, Nalini Seth Road 5th Floor KOLKATA
MANISH     BAHETI                      VIJAY      KUMAR      BAHETI                       INDIA
                                                                          96, HEMCHANDRA NASKAR ROAD, KOLKA
BISWARUP DUTTA                         NA                                                  STREET
                                                                          38 TALTALA BAZAR INDIA PRE NO 20 T0 E
ARUN       KUMAR       JAIN            NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                          41, ELGIN ROAD FLAT 4F, NEELKAMAL CAL
MANOHAR THOMAS                                 CHERIYAN
                                       PUTHENPARAMPIL        THOMAS                          INDIA
                                                                          249 A J C BOSE RD TURF VIEW 5TH 3 34 HAS
Shreya     Varghese                    SHAJI      VARGHESE                                     INDIA
                                                                          118, Southern Avenue Abhisarika Building Flat No
SAMIR      KUMAR       SAHA            NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                          31/C, SISIR BAGAN ROAD BEHALA SOUTH - 2
APRATIM    BHATTACHARYA                SWAPAN     BHATTACHARYYA                             BOSE
                                                                          64/1/22A KHUDIRAMINDIA SARANI KOLKAT
                                        PARAMANANDA                                         ROAD
                                                                          43/1 CHANDI GHOSHINDIA KOLKATA WEST
UTTAM     KUMAR        TATIA            MR       B           L TATIA                      INDIA
                                                                          BRIJDHAM HOUSING COMPLEX BLDG NO.12
RUPA      PAL                           HIRAN    PAL                                       INDIA
                                                                          52 JESSOR ROAD GOWALA BAGAN MORE PA
TANDRA    MUKHERJEE                     KALYAN   MUKHERJEE                                 INDIA
                                                                          51/1 JADAV GHOSH ROAD SARSUNA KOLKA
HARISH    CHANDE                        NA                                                INDIA
                                                                          C/O CHANDE ROAD CARRIER 29 , DEBENDRA
Anil      Chandra      Basak            RATI     RANJAN      BASAK                             INDIA
                                                                          76, Nandan Nagar Basak Para P O Belgharia KOLK
SMRITI    KANA         NANDI            KRISHNA PRASAD       MAHAJAN                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O TARITKANTI NANDI C 56/1 CHALANTIKA
PRABIR    KUMAR        MAULIK           UPENDRA NATH         MAULIK                        INDIA
                                                                          GC 15 SALTLAKE CITY BL GC KOLKATA WE
Usha      Agarwal                       PAWAN    KUMAR       AGARWAL                            INDIA
                                                                          14/2, Kailash Bose Lane 3rd. Byelane, Word No- 2
LAKSHMI   NARAYAN      RAY              LATE     JIBAN                                   INDIA
                                                             KRISHNA RAY DHARMOTALA P.O. SANTRAGACHI NEAR KA
PRABIR    MONDAL                        JHANTU   MONDAL                                   INDIA
                                                                          30 SREE RAM DHANG ROAD P O SALKIA P S
BINAY     CHAKRABORTY                   B        K                                      INDIA
                                                             CHAKRABORTY PODRAH 38 THANAMAKUA SANKRAIL SARD
SOMNATH   GHORHI                        SAROS    KANTI       GHORHI                       INDIA
                                                                          VILL PO DEHIBHURSUT PS UDAYNARAYAN
AMIT      KUMAR        DAS              LATE     KANAI       LAL DAS                       INDIA
                                                                          VILL- SOMESWAR P.O- SANTOSH NAGAR P.S
MONOHAR CHANDRA        DEY              NA                                               INDIA
                                                                          SHYAMBA BUS GHAT P.O CHINSURAH DIST.
KSHUDIRAMSAHA                           LATE     SURENDRA NATH SAHA                      INDIA
                                                                          LAXMIPUR COLLEGE MORE NEAR SAMEMA
DEEPA     KHANDELWAL                           KHANDELWAL
                                        MOHANLAL                                          INDIA
                                                                          C/O SARADA PHARMACY B B GHOSH RD TE
AMITAVA   GHOSH                         ARABINDAGHOSH                                    INDIA
                                                                          ANANDAPALLY PO-SRI PALLY DIST-BURDW
ISMILE    MONDAL                        JERMAN   MONDAL                                  INDIA
                                                                          VILL POKUSUMGRAM DIST BURDWAN BUR
MADHAB    CHANDRA      SAHA             TARAPADASAHA                                      INDIA
                                                                          2/27 SUKANTAPALLY DHANDABAG PO AMR
BHABANI   SHANKAR      RAY              NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          35/30, HARSHA BARDHAN ROAD, DURGAPUR
                                        SACHINDRANATH                                        INDIA
                                                                          32/F 14/A A ZONE HARSHA BARDHAN ROAD
MITA      NAG                           AMIT     NAG                                      INDIA
                                                                          4,RAJENDRA PROSAD ROAD C-ZONE, PO-DU
Neelam    Santoria                      NA                                                      INDIA
                                                                          32, Abdul Latif Lane Asansol Near Nayahat Asanso
GOBINDA   BHAGAT                               PRASAD
                                        MAHENDRA             BHAGAT                       INDIA
                                                                          SEN RALEIGH, AMBAGAN PARA, ASANSOL,
AMIT      MODI                          ASHOK    KUMAR       MODI                            INDIA
                                                                          150/1, TILAK ROAD BURNS PLOT P.O- RANIG
SANT      SINGH        CHAUDHARY        GHRSIRAMCHAUDHARY                                 INDIA
                                                                          KUMARDIHI A COLLIERY UKHRA
SUSANTA   KUMAR        GUCHAIT          NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                          VILL + P.O.- DEBRA BAZAR P.S.- DEBRA DIS
ANANYA    RAKSHIT                       DULAL    CHANDRA     CHOWDHURY                    INDIA
                                                                          TATA METALIK HOUSING COMPLEX WORD
TAPAN     SAMANTA                       BHAJA    HARI        SAMANTA                      INDIA
                                                                          TATA CHEMICALS LIMITED PO- DURGACHA
KABITA    HAZRA                         SISHIR   MAITY                                    INDIA
                                                                          VILL BASUDEVPUR PO KHANJANCHAK DIS
CHANDAN   CHATTERJEE                    PRABIR   KR          CHATTERJEE                    INDIA
                                                                          VILL AND POST- BHADUL, DIST.-BANKURA
SUDHAKAR P                                      P
                                        PURUSHOTHAMAN                                       INDIA
                                                                          DOOR NO 169/C, SAMPATH NAGR C TYPE VE
M         S            SENTHIL VADIVU   SIVAPRAKASAM                                       INDIA
                                                                          9 A RUKMANI ILLAM SUBBU NAGAR MODAC
A         PRABAGARAN                    S        M           ARUMUGAM                      INDIA
                                                                          20 SRI VASAVI NAGAR UDAMALPET UDAMA
SAWITRI   POTLIA                        SANT     SINGH       POTLIA                       INDIA
                                                                          KUMARDIHI A COLLIERY UKHRA
RAVI      KR           SANGHAI AGARWALMAHESH     KUMAR       SANGHAI                      INDIA
                                                                          JAMUNALAL BAJAJ STREET H NO 573 / 3 / 13
MANJU     BALA         SINGH                   SINGH
                                        RAMANAND                                           INDIA
                                                                          COLONY NO. 1, BUNGLOW NO.- 418 P.O- BAT
SALAN     BAGE                          ANAND    MASIH       BAGE                           INDIA
                                                                          SIGMA, 502, SAHARACITY, MANGO PO AZAD
BNB       INVESTMENTSPROPERTIES LTD     NA                                               INDIA
                                                                          70 HEMKUNT COLONY IIND FLOOR NEW DE
KARAN     MEHTA                         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                          KARAN MEHTA 22 FLAT NO 2 1ST FLOOR RA
ANURAG    AGARWAL                       NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          SHOP NO.18, D.D.PLAZA SONKH ADDA JUNC
JYOTSNA   ASHWIN       GAJARA           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          KRISHNA KUNJ NR. RAJ LAXMI APPT NR. NA
RAJESH              SHAH
          GABHARUCHAND HUF              NA                                                INDIA
                                                                          A/201 NANDANVAN APT, B/H SOUTH GUJRA
AMISH     DEVENDRA     SHAH             NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          6/N 2ND FLR JEEVAN PRASAD SOC C D BARF
DILIPKUMARGOVIND       SARAF            NA                                                INDIA
                                                                          1, ANANT APARTMENTS, BRAHMIN STY, NA
DEVULAPALLI            S S PRAKASH      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                          H.NO.167-B, ESWARA PURI COLONY, SAINIK
LAXMI                              NA
           NARASIMHA MURTHY DEVULAPALLI                      INDIA
                                            # 167/B ESWARAPURI CLY SAINIKPURI POST
AKKINENI   SUJANI                      NA                      INDIA
                                            FLAT NO .205, EASTPOINT COLONY D.NO.6-2
SANDEEP    KUMAR       JAIN AND SONS   NA                      INDIA
                                            FLAT NO. 105, GR -FLR, SWAMY TOWER NO.
SAROJA               PATIL
           SADHASHIVAGOUDA             NA                    INDIA
                                            A-12 STAFF QUARTERS KLES COLLEGE OF E
PRIYA      KUMARESAN                   NA                   INDIA
                                            OLD NO:NEW NO:61C/4 CAUVERY NAGAR K
BHIMAVARAPU            REDDY           NA                     INDIA
                                            1-75/8 NUNNA VIJAYAWADA KRISHNA DT A
KANIKI     REDDY                      NA
                       JAGAN MOHAN REDDY                    INDIA
                                            CHAGANTI VARI PALEM MUPPALLA(M) SAT
RAMU       KOLLI                       NA                     STREET, DHONE POST K
                                            H.NO.5-81A, MAKAMINDIA
PENMETSA RAMA          KRISHNAN RAJU   NA                    INDIA
                                            6-71, VISHNU PURAM, VADAPALLI, NALGON
RAJKUMARI LODHA                        NA                      APARTMENT INFRONT
                                            FLAT NO.201, MANSIINDIA
DIPIKABEN KETANKUMAR                   NA                   INDIA
                                            33,NAVPALLAV BUNGLOWS NR. SVR COLLE
ABHISHEK   KHANNA                      NA                     DELHI
                                            A 382 KALKAJI NEWINDIA
ASHISH     SHARMA                      NA                     INDIA
                                            DG 807 SAROJINI NAGAR NEW DELHI
BHARAT     SINGH                       NA                      INDIA
                                            Y 59 V APT SEC 5 PLOT 2 DWARKA 1 NEW D
PRAVEEN             HUF
           HIMMATRAMKA                 NA                       KRISHNA NAGAR DELH
                                            H NO 10 35 BLK F 10 INDIA
VINOD      CHANDRA     SAXENA          NA                     INDIA
                                            FLAT NO 542 AIRLINE APPTT PLOT NO 5 SEC
MADHU      BALA        BHALLA          NA                    INDIA
                                            AE 146 SHALIMAR BAGH DELHI
SANDEEP    JAIN                        NA                    INDIA
                                            S 18 S BLOCK PANDAV NAGAR DELHI
RAKHI      CHAUDHRY                    NA                    INDIA
                                            B-212, SECOND FLOOR, YOJANA VIHAR, DEL
ARUN       KUMAR       SHARMA          NA                   INDIA
                                            G II WEST KARAWAL NAGAR DELHI
KANWARLALIT            JAIN            NA                    INDIA
                                            H NO 273 SECTOR 29 FARIDABAD HARYAN
RASHMI     PAWAR                       NA                     INDIA
                                            1349 B 5 PATEL NAGAR GURGAON HARYAN
M          L           POPLI           NA                      INDIA
                                            681/24 D.L.F. COLONY ROHTAK HARYANA
PURSOTAM DASS                          NA                     INDIA
                                            DB-129/2, RAJANDRA COLONY UCHANA JIN
ANIL       JAIN                        NA                   PANIPAT HARYANA
                                            MAHABIR COLONY INDIA
SWAMI      KANWAL      NAIN            NA                     INDIA
                                            HOUSE NO. 69, SECTOR - 3, KURUKSHETRA
JASPAL     SINGH                       NA                      POST
                                            VILL CHOLTI KHERI INDIA OFFICE BARAS TE
KRISHAN    KUMAR                       NA                  INDIA
                                            KEHAR COLONY W NO 5 KHANNA PUNJAB
ASHOK      KUMAR       GUPTA           NA                    INDIA
                                            344 MASTER TARA SINGH NAGAR JALANDH
MOHIT      SHARMA                      NA                     INDIA
                                            H NO . 81 MO. AHORIA W NO . 27 NAGAR PAL
GURPREET SINGH                         NA                   INDIA
                                            HOUSE NO 298 CAMP CLONEY PATIALA DUK
SHANTI     GARG                        NA                    INDIA
                                            KOTHI NO.368, MODEL TOWN PHASE - I BAT
KUSUM                                  NA                      INDIA
                                            H. NO. 339, URBAN ESTATE, BATHINDA BAT
NIRMALA    DEVI                        NA                   INDIA
                                            KASHMIRI LAL SADHU RAM NEAR POLICE P
ANJANA     DEVI                        NA                   INDIA
                                            VILLAGE: SATIWALA TEHSIL: PAONTA SAHI
PRADEEP    JAGDISH     CHOPRA          NA                      INDIA
                                            H.NO 20, LANE-1 PATEL NAGAR JAMMU
RAKESH     WADHERA                     NA                     INDIA
                                            318, SHIVALIK PURAM SEC III, JANIPUR JAM
Gulzari    Lal         Gupta           NA                         Kathua
                                            W.no-4 Krishna ColonyINDIA Jammu
TASHI      PADMA                       NA                    INDIA
                                            IST FLOOR, SHACHWKUL GUMPA COMPLEX
MAHESH     JAIN                        NA                    INDIA
                                            M - 88 MAHAVIR PARK ALIGARH U. P.
ANKIT      BANSAL                      NA                   INDIA
                                            GOPAL BHAWAN PILI KOTHI KHURJA KHUR
KULDEEP    GUPTA                       NA                  INDIA
                                            GULAB BAGH MATHURA ROAD HATHRAS U
KAMLESH    GATTANI                     NA                    INDIA
                                            505 GALI CHURI WALI MENDU GATE HATHR
ANITA      PALIWAL                     NA                      INDIA
                                            H. NO. - 32 PROFESSOR COLONY SHIKOHAB
ANIL       KUMAR       SINGH SENGAR    NA                      BAG FRIENDS COLONY
                                            NO 209 169 C PATTA INDIA
ANJALI     AGARWAL                     NA                  INDIA
                                            C/O NARESH CHANDRA AGARWAL SARAFF
AMIT       KUMAR       PRADHAN         NA                   INDIA
                                            C/O ANAND PRAKASH RAI 336/226 A TULARA
MANJU      DEVI        MARU         NA                       VARANASI U.P.
                                         B- 37/121 VIRDOPUR INDIA
RAMESH     PRASAD      RASTOGI      NA                 INDIA
                                         RASMANDAL CHAUK JAUNPUR JAUNPUR U
HARISH     CHANDRA     MANCHANDA    NA                   INDIA
                                         H NO-262 MOHALLA-KHIRKI ALEEVEG PO ST
REKHA      GUPTA                    NA                     INDIA
                                         2 OFFICERS FLAT, RANI LAXMIBAI MARG, L
GYAN       PRAKASH     SRIVASTAVA   NA                    INDIA
                                         230, PARKINSGANJ SULTANPUR U.P.
VIVEK      KUMAR                    NA                   INDIA
                                         VILL-MOTIGARPUR PATHAKHAU MOTIGARP
AMIT       KUMAR                    NA                    INDIA
                                         E 126 HINDALCO COLONY RENUKOOT SONE
BHUPENDRANATH          TANDON       NA                  INDIA
                                         MAHESH GALI HARDOI U.P.
REKHA      RANI                     NA                   INDIA
                                         32 E MANSAROVER GARDEN BISALPUR ROA
RENU       AGNIHOTRI                NA                   INDIA
                                         81 MIG RAM GANGA VIHAR - II MORADABA
RAJEEV     RASTOGI                  NA                   INDIA
                                         NO 260 THER SAMBHAL MORADABAD Uttar
ANIL       KUMAR       GUPTA        NA                   INDIA
                                         HOUSE NO 28 BAZAR BAJAJA PILKHWA U P
KHURSHID ANWAR         SIDDIQUI     NA                   INDIA
                                         MOH- CHHIPIYAN VILL & PO RAJA KA TAJPU
SUMAN      SINGH                    NA                    INDIA
                                         T 25 SHIVALIK NAGAR BHEL HARDWAR UTT
LALIT      KUMAR       TANDON       NA                   INDIA
                                         KOTHARI NIWAS LAXMAN JHOOLA RISHIK
DEEPAK     KUMAR       TYAGI        NA                 INDIA
                                         HARDWAR DRYCLEANERS , DEEPAK BHAW
SURYA      PRAKASH     DUBEY        NA                        INDIA
                                         Shivanthpur Khajurgawan Campiarganj Gorakhpur
ARSHAD     HUSSAIN                  NA                  INDIA
                                         DURGA MANDIR ROAD BHATPAR RANI NEA
NEETU      CHOWKSEY                 NA                    INDIA
                                         554/6 ADARSH NAGAR SIPRI BAZAR JHANSI
MADHU      GUPTA                    NA                     INDIA
                                         40/177 OLD KATLA NEAR CITY DISPENSARY
CHANDRA    BHAN        KHANDELWAL   NA                    INDIA
                                         A-475, MALVIYA NAGAR, JAIPUR JAIPUR RA
SHARDA     DEVI        GHIYA        NA                   INDIA
                                         W/O JAGDISH NARAYAN GHIYA C/O GOPILA
SUNIL      GUPTA                    NA                     INDIA
                                         SUNIL GUPTA S O SHRI KAILASH CHANDRA
INDIRA     MATHUR                   NA                   INDIA
                                         10 B NR RAM BHAWAN LOHAGAL ROAD AJM
GIRDHAR    GOPAL       NAWAL        NA                  INDIA
                                         GIRDHAR BHAWAN MILL CHOWK . BIJAINA
HANUWANT SINGH         DEORA        NA                    INDIA
                                         SADALWA VIA - PINDWARA DIST. :-- SIROH
ANSHUL     JAIN                     NA                     INDIA
                                         1 M 7 R C VYAS COLONY BHILWARA RAJAS
ALEXANDERGEORGE                     NA                   INDIA
                                         C-18,RAGHUKUL COMPLEX SUBHASH NAGA
MOHAMMEDZAHEERUDDIN                 NA                    INDIA
                                         226 KHANJI PEER UDAIPUR RAJASTHAN
KAMLESH    BOLIA                    NA                     INDIA
                                         82-83,2nd FLOOR,BAPU BAZAR,UDA UDAIPU
SUNITA     KHABYA                   NA                    INDIA
                                         15 - KOTHARI BHAWAN KOTHARION KI GAL
SUNIL      JAIN                     NA                   INDIA
                                         372, CHANAKYA PURI SECTOR - 4 HIRAN MA
PREETI     BALA        JAIN         NA                    INDIA
                                         121, INDRA COLONY, SAWAI MADHOPUR
RAHUL      KUMAR       JAIN         NA                    INDIA
                                         3 E 3 TALWANDI KOTA RAJASTHAN
SATYA      PRAKASH     MITTAL       NA                   INDIA
                                         NEAR BATHEL SCHOOL, OLD GARI ADDA, B
UTTAM      KUMAR       JAIN         NA                     INDIA
                                         171/6 RATI TALAI BANSWARA RAJASTHAN
POTHARLA RAVI                       NA                     INDIA
                                         H.NO.26-3-155 RADAGAMBALA BASTHI BELL
VANGAVETI VISWA        PRASAD       NA                     INDIA
                                         H NO.SC2-77, SHARADANAGAR COLONY GO
NERELLA    LAKSHMI     KUMARI       NA                     INDIA
                                         Q NO: SC2 77 SHARDA NAGAR GODAVARIKH
SARANGAPANI                         NA                       INDIA
                                         HNO 20 5 32 D 567 SECTAR 1 GANDHI NAGAR
LAXMAN     BABU        SAYIRI       NA                     INDIA
                                         H.NO:B6/29 PTS,NTPC JYOTHINAGAR,RAMAG
SUJATHA    YAMAJALA                 NA                  INDIA
                                         ANDHRA BANK, HANAMKONDA BRANCH N
BAJAJ      GEETADEVI                NA                     INDIA
                                         8-3-77 OLD BEET BAZAR STATION ROAD,BLO
OBILISETTI SRINIVASA   RAO          NA                  INDIA
                                         MASEED ROAD SATHUPALLY KHAMMAM(D
CHITLURI   RAMA        RAO          NA                   INDIA
                                         SAI LAKSHMI GANERAL SOTRES MAIN ROA
DIVI       CHANDRA     SEKHAR RAO   NA                    INDIA
                                         H NO 6-105 RAMACHARY HOSPITAL ROAD S
KOTI       RAMA        MURTHY CH    NA                     INDIA
                                         H NO.6-7-76/2 GANDHI NAGAR RAMAGIRI NA
BASHAPAKAVIJAYA         LAXMI           NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     H NO 7-1-195 PANGAL NALGONDA NALGOND
MOHD       AMEER        SHAREEF         NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     H NO 18-1485 ASHOK NAGAR MIRYALAGUD
KESAGANI   SREE         RAMULU          NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     19-929 NAGARJUNA NAGAR MIRYALGUDA A
YADAIAH    SHEELA                       NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     H.NO 15-81 NEAR MRO OFFICE, DEVARAKON
BALA       SAIDAIAH                     NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     H.NO:1-71 THALLAVEERAPPAGUDEM DAMA
MOHAMMADYOUSUFF                         NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     Q.NO.MD-3, RAASI COLONY, VISHNUPURAM
G          RAMBHOOPALREDDY              NA                                               NAGAR
                                                                     H. NO. 12-241 VIDYAINDIA KALWAKURTH
N          RAVIKUMAR                    NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     H.NO.19-121, KALWAKURTHY MAHABUBNA
B          JAGADEESH                    NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     D.NO. 11/511 ARAVINDA NAGAR ANANTAPU
J          DEVANANDA RAO                NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     1-1980 BCC ROAD PAMIDI ANANTAPUR DIST
M          PRABHAKAR                    NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     1-175-F1 PAMIDI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PRA
KHAMITHKAR URALI        SUNDHAR RAO     NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     DNO 9-39 PAMIDI ANANTAPUR ANDHRA PR
BHIMA      REDDY        KARI            NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     DOOR NO 1 - 73 PULAKUNTA - VILLAGE GUM
SRINIVASULU             B               NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     D NO 4-515 M J KUNTA WARD-13 KADAPA AN
M          INDIRABALA                   NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     2/90-1, MARUTHI NAGAR. KADAPA ANDHRA
U          PALA         KONDAIAH        NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     D NO. 4/187 SANJEEV NAGAR AKKAYAPALL
RAMAKRISHNA             SAISETTYPALLI   NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     6/278 WATER TANK MYDUKUR KADAPA AP
K          NAGESWARA RAO                NA                                             CUDDAPAH RAYACHOT
                                                                     45/176 BOSE NAGAR INDIA
G          SHANTHAMMA                   NA                                               INDIA
                                                                     D-4, BHEL R.T.P.P.-V.V.REDDY NAGAR KAMA
SETTYPALLI SWANITH                      NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     2/526, BALAJI NAGAR, PRODDATUR, KADPA
E          VENKATA      RAMANA          NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     7A, KOLA STREET, TIRUPATHI
AMBATI     MAHESWARA REDDY              NA                                              KURNOOL AP
                                                                     43-101-A3 N R PETA INDIA
K          S            SIVA KUMAR      NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     12/371/A.B.N TALKIES ROAD DIST-KURNOOL
KAMALAY    SURESH                       NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     D NO 20/374 VENKANNA PET ADONI KURNO
MANIYAR    MOHAMMED SHOEB               NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     H NO 11-184 JAMKHANWADI STREET ADON
LAKSHMI    NARAYANA     K               NA                                           INDIA
                                                                     21-56 RAMACHANDRAPURAM PATTIKONDA
SRINIVASA REDDY         GHANTA          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                     D. NO. 41-20/4-6, REHAMAN ST KRISHNA LAN
T          MADHU        CHAKRAVARTHY    NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     D NO SF-2 SURYA SATHYA APARTMENTS M
VENKATA    SITA                        NA
                        RAMAKRISHNA KURAPATI                                              GUDIVADA RAMA RAO
                                                                     76-10-16, 1ST FLOOR,INDIA
BHIMAVARAPU             REDDY           NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     DOOR NO.5-107A NUNNA (PO) VIJAYAWADA
VANKADARIPARIMALA                       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     D.NO:3-3-21, NEAR JUTE MILL, GUNTUR
KOTI       REDDY        GODUGUNURI      NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     D NO:4-4-73 IST LANE EXTENSION CHANDRA
POPURI     SRINIVASA    RAO             NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     SHOP NO.101, M.G.C.MARKET, RAJA GARI KO
MEKA       SUNITHA                      NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     D NO 5-3-6, PALNADU ROAD, NARASARAO P
PAMURI     SRINIVASA    RAO             NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     D NO 11-13-18 RAMIREDDY PET NARASARAO
CHANDRA    SEKHARA      RAO POLISETTY   NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     H NO 4-1-66 OLD TOWN NARASARAOPET GU
M          V            M PRASAD        NA                                               INDIA
                                                                     20-4-7(14) BALAJI RAO PET NEAR SEMAN BA
KRISHNA    REDDY        DUMPA           NA                                             G.V.V.
                                                                     H NO 8-383 MASTER INDIA NILAYAM SUNDA
J                   REDDY
           RAMCHANDRA                           R
                                        THRUPATHI EDDY   JANKE                        INDIA
                                                                     H NO 1/36 LAXMIPOOR VILLAGE RAMADUG
SATYAMURTHY                                      R
                                        CHIRANJIVI AO                                  INDIA
                                                         JONNAVITHULAH NO-5-10-75 LASHKAR BAZAR HANAMKON
RAMCHANDER                              SATYANARAYANA                                  INDIA
                                                                     11-25-75 BANK COLONY VASAVI COLONY W
NARAHARI ALIVENI                        NARAHARIRAJ      KUMAR                           MARKET KAZIPET, WAR
                                                                     H NO 1 5 52 JUBILEE INDIA
SHAIK      BADIUZZAMA                   NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     H NO 3 4 76 SUDHANAGAR HANAMKONDA W
D          PANDU        RANGA           D         P      DONGALE                      INDIA
                                                                     S 20188 INDIRANAGAR B GUJULARAM RAON
PADMAJA    GEEBU                                NAIDU
                                        NARASIMHULU      GADEKARI                        INDIA
                                                                     H.NO.11-10-740/19 RAPARTHY, SRINIVASA R
SHAIK      BABU                         NA                                              QUARTERS CHERVU BA
                                                                     OPP Q NO 16/B LIGH INDIA
SAMINENI   SATYANARAYANA                RAMAIAH                                         INDIA
                                                                     H.NO.4-2-25 OPP-ROTARY NAGAR SRINAGAR
BALAREDDYGAYAM                         PAPIREDDYGAYAM                                     INDIA
                                                                      H NO 4-2-339/2, TEACHERS COLONY SRINIVA
BURLE      VASUNDHARA                  BURLE    VISWESWAR RAO                           INDIA
                                                                      H NO 4 3 65 ZAHEERPURA NETAJI ROAD KHA
LAKKIMSETTY         RAO                SYAMALA KRISHNA    MOHAN RAO                    OFFICERS COLONY BH
                                                                      B2 QUARTERS ITDA INDIA
PRABHAKARRAO            GONA                   RAO
                                       RAGHUPATHI         GONA                           INDIA
                                                                      B 394 Hwpm Colony Aspm Aswapuram
NUTHALAPATI                                    SITHARAMAIAH
                                       NUTHALAPATI                                      INDIA
                                                                      Q NO B 27 3/1 DOOR NO 13 KRISHNA HWP(
VECHA      NEELAVATHI                  NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      9-1-110 PILOT COLONY ROAD BANDARUGUD
DANDAMUDIGANESH                               VENKATESWARA
                                       DANDAMUDI       RAO                            INDIA
                                                                      Q NO NB-35 NAVANAGAR SIIL CAMPUS POS
ESUKAPALLINAGA          BABU                   RAO
                                       PURNACHANDRA                                     OFFICE
                                                                      C/O SUB-REGISTRERINDIA WYRA (PO) KH
NAGUBANDIRANGA                         RAMAMURTHY                                        INDIA
                                                                      H NO 12 98/5 SRINIVASA NAGAR KODAD NA
PALWAI     VINAYA       BABU           BALANARSAIAH                                      INDIA
                                                                      H NO 8-91 OPP VT THEATRE SEETHARAMPU
K          RAMI         REDDY          K                 REDDY
                                                HANUMANTHU                              INDIA
                                                                      DOOR NO 115 A P HOUSING BOARD COLONY
SAI        SEKHARA      REDDY C        NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      13/300 , B4 REVENUE COLONY ANANTAPUR
M          NOOR         JAHAN BEGUM    NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      H NO 13 2 381 C SRINIVASA NAGAR WARD 13
PILLA      SREENIVASA RAO              NA                                                  DRS COLLEGE ROAD M
                                                                      10 4 168/2 FLAT NO 4INDIA
G          BALAJI       PRASAD         G        RAMACHANDRAIAH                           KADIRI
                                                                      11 - 261 MAIN ROAD INDIA ANANTAPUR DI
N          S                          N
                        UMA MAHESWARA SETTY     C                     D NO-1-450      INDIA
                                                          SATYA NARAYANA SETTY A TEACHERS COLONY PAMIDI
S          SASI         DEVI           NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      2/370-K RAILWAY COLONY PRABHATH NAG
YERRI      SWAMY        YENUGULA       NA                                                   S COLONY RAYADURG
                                                                      D NO 9-5-635/39-1 J RINDIA
GANAPATHIREDDY    REDDY                G        NARAPA    REDDY                          INDIA
                                                                      D NO 2/295 BALAJI NAGAR KADAPA
SREEDHAR REDDY          LEVAKA         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      6/142 SIDE UPSTAIRS RAVINDRA NAGAR NE
SUBBARAYUDU                                    INTURU
                                       SUBBARAYUDU                                   INDIA
                                                                      AMMAVARI SALA STREET DOOR No. 3/85, RA
K          VENKATA      PRAVEEN KUMAR K                  SETTY
                                                PRABHAKARA                             INDIA
                                                                      60-48 GANDHI BAZAR RAYACHOTY POST KA
UMA        V                           SESHAIAH V         V                            INDIA
                                                                      W/O SESHAIAH V V 16-3-969/1 GOURI NILAY
D          SIVA         PRATHAP        D        CHENDRAYUDU                            INDIA
                                                                      6/830 COLLEGE ROAD PRODDATUR CUDDAP
PESALA     KISHORE      KUMAR          MURALI   MOHAN     PESALA                        INDIA
                                                                      5 501 5TH WARD PRODDATUR PRODDATUR
GANGAVARAM         REDDY               G        RAMI      REDDY                          INDIA
                                                                      H NO 3/921 Y M R COLONY PRODDATUR CUD
YAMMANURRAMANJULA REDDY                Y        RAMI      REDDY                     INDIA
                                                                      ANKALAMMA GUDUR V SIMHADRI PURAM
NAGARAJA B                             NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      14-378 PRAKASAM STREET MADANAPALLE
RAVI       KRISHNA      O                      O
                                       PANDURANGAIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                      NO 17/470 SESHA MAHAL AREA MADANAPA
V          RAMA         NATHA GUPTA    V        NARASIMHAIAH                            INDIA
                                                                      19-104 SANNIDHI STREET PALAMANER CHIT
G          S            ISHAR BEGUM    S        K         BASHA                          INDIA
                                                                      204 , 1ST FLOOR TILAK ROAD TIRUPATHI
POLAM      CHANDRA      SEKHAR REDDY   P        VENKATA                                INDIA
                                                          SUBBA REDDY FLAT NO 3K, VELMATHRE PLAZA PADMAVA
VASANTHA LAKSHMI        RAVIPATI       L                 NAIDU
                                                RAMACHANDRA                            INDIA
                                                                      C-TYPE-140 TTD QUARTERS VINAYAKA NAG
V          DEVENDRA     REDDY          NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      15-40-2-A PADMAVATHI NAGAR M R PALLI
JAYARAMUDU                             C        JAYARAMUDU                                INDIA
                                                                      18 1 32 C K T ROAD KHADI COLONY TIRUPA
ANCHANALASESHU          KUMAR          G        K                                       INDIA
                                                          R ANCHANALA D-46 18-3-60 SWARNA RESIDENCY RAMACH
RAJENDRA BABU           NATARAJ        N        R         NATARAJAN                      V NAGAR WARD NO 24,
                                                                      DOOR NO 24-11-36 S INDIA
KONANKI    RATNASRI                    B        ASHOK     KUMAR                         INDIA
                                                                      H NO 551 K C R APARTMENTS FLAT NO 301
S                    BAI
           BHAGYAVATHI                         SINGH
                                       PAKHEERSN                                         INDIA
                                                                      44/104, 1ST FLOOR,AMBIKA SISHU VIHAR GU
S          SREENIVASULU                        S
                                       BHEEMAIAHHARFF                                    INDIA
                                                                      H NO 7/111/20 NIRMAL NAGAR KURNOOL A
NAGELLA    SURESH       KUMAR          N        KRISHNA   MURTHY                        NEAR
                                                                      PLOT NO 28 NIRMALINDIA BELLARY CHOW
SURESH     KUMAR        TOSHNIWAL      NA                                             INDIA
                                                                      20, CHANDAK ROAD, SUJANGARH, WARD NO
PRAMOD     KUMAR        SHARMA         NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      510 LAMIYA ROAD NEAR SHYAMKUND KHA
MANOJ      KUAMR        JAJODIA        NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      206/JAJODIA BHAWAN KE PASS WARD NO16
AMAR       CHAND        CHODHARY       NA                                             INDIA
                                                                      PURA KI DHANI POST -SABALPURA SIKAR
VIJENDRA   SINGH                       NA                                           INDIA
                                                                      XEN PWD JHUNJHUNU RAJASTHAN
HARPHOOL SINGH                         NA                                             INDIA
                                                                      VILL PO. BAKARA DIST. JHUNJHUNU
PRADEEP   SINGH                       NA                  INDIA
                                           BHANGIWAD HOUSE SAGAR ROAD BIKANER
RAJESH    KUMAR       GARG HUF        NA                    GARG
                                           C/O RAJESH KUMARINDIA 1-D-139 J.N.V COL
SANDEEP   SINGH       RATHORE         NA                    INDIA
                                           S/O KHINW SINGH RATHORE BEHIND CHUR
MOHD      SALIM       MAMON           NA                    INDIA
                                           INSIDE KOTE GATE MEMON MARKET BIKA
ASHA      SONI                        NA                   INDIA
                                           PUGAL ROAD, BANGLA NAGAR OPP VISHAV
PANKAJ    JHANWAR                     NA                     INDIA
                                           S/O SHRI V.D. JHANWAR NEAR KOTHARI HO
CHAMPA    LAL         MAROTHI         NA                  INDIA
                                           MAROTHI CHOWK WARD NO -2 NOKHA BIK
DILIP     KUMAR       MAROTHI         NA                   INDIA
                                           C/O CHAMPA LAL MAROTHI 7, NOKHAMAND
MANISH    KUMAR       RATHI           NA                  INDIA
                                           MAROTHI CHOWK NOKHA BIKANER NOKHA
BANWARI   LAL         VERMA           NA                    INDIA
                                           CHAK 2 E CHHOTI V.P.O. 2 ML SRI GANGAN
SURENDRA KUMAR        GABA            NA                    INDIA
                                           S/O KAMAL NAIN C/O GUGI ICE FACTORY S
BUDHA     DEV         SHARMA          NA                  INDIA
                                           KOT MOHALLA MATA JI KI GALI DIDWANA
PUKHARAJ CHOWHAN                      NA                   INDIA
                                           PUKHARAJS/O DALAM CHAND 389, MALIYO
PUKH      RAJ         SHARMA          NA                   INDIA
                                           GAYATRI MANDIR ROAD GOREDI CHURAHA
LALITA    PORWAL                      NA                   INDIA
                                           W/O LALIT PORWAL,SIDHSHILLA- TOWER 70
ANSUYABENAMRATLAL     TANNA           NA                  INDIA
                                           ANJAL APPARTMENTS, 3RD FLOOR, 22, NEW
ASHOKBHAI GOVINDBHAI PATEL            NA                   INDIA
                                           "MAUNISHRI" NEHRUNAGAR SOCIETY,PLOT
DHWANI    KARTIKBHAI MEHTA            NA                   INDIA
                                           HEMANI' YOGI DARSHAN SOCIETY-1 KALAW
VARSHABENPRAMODKUMAR                  NA                   INDIA
                                           NAVKAR,1 ALKA PURI, RAIYA ROAD, RAJKO
JAYKUMAR NAVNIT       THAKRAR         NA                     SAURASHTRA UDHYOG
                                           C/O STATE BANK OFINDIA
HETAL     JASHRAJ     NANDANI         NA                    INDIA
                                           B-5 KAILASHPATI APT OPP RAMDEV PAR VA
VIMAL     ISHWARLAL RAITHATHA         NA                    INDIA
                                           BIRLA PLOT ACC ROAD NEAR GARBI CHOW
ALKABEN   PARASBHAI   DADHANIA        NA                   INDIA
                                           21 JEETENDRA COMPLEX KALWA CHOWK J
ILABEN    GIRISHBHAI BHEYALIYA        NA                    INDIA
                                           19 KASTURBA SOCIETY NEW JUNCTION ROA
ASHVINSINHCHHATRASINH                 NA                   INDIA
                                           PANJARAPOL STREET FLAT NO 8 VILLAGE T
MAHMADASHRAF          MEMAN           NA                    INDIA
                                           C/O SHARIBANU PL-3 ADAMJI NAGAR NARI
SHASHIKANTKUMAR                       NA                    INDIA
                                           C/O JAYANTBHAI V JADHAV 28, NARNARAY
NITIN     THAKARSHI SOLIA             NA                   INDIA
                                           16A BHAKTIDHAM APPT MUNDRA ROAD NE
RAMAN     BHIMAJI     NAGAR           NA                     INDIA
                                           1604, JATKAN POL KHADIA AHMEDABAD G
NISHITA   HITESH      SHAH            NA                     INDIA
                                           B-7, SADASHIV APPTS B/H., DHANANJAY BU
VIJAY     JAYANTILAL PATEL            NA                   INDIA
                                           A/558, BRAHMASATYA SOCIETY, NEAR ARJU
RAMKRISHNA         PATEL              NA                       PRANTIJ, DIST:- SABAR
                                           329, GHADKAN, TA-: INDIA
CHIRAGKUMAR                           NA                     INDIA
                                           21/A- PATEL SOCIETY, AT&POST&TA- KHED
RAMESHKUMAR                           NA                   INDIA
                                           AT&POST- LAXMIPURA, TA- KHEDBRAHMA
ANILKUMARDALPATBHAI MAKWANA           NA                      INDIA
                                           ASHOK STREET, . . SOJITRA GUJARAT
PUSHPABEN GHANSHYAMBHAI               NA                     INDIA
                                           SUTHAR POLE, PO.-SARSA, . SARSA GUJARA
SANJAY    MADHUKAR MANOHAR            NA                   INDIA
                                           SHANKARPOLE NR. KAPDIPOLE RAOPURA V
BHADRESH CHIMANLAL SHAH               NA                    INDIA
                                           F-210, MANJALPURTOWNSHIP NO.1 NEAR DA
MITABEN            PATEL
          MAHENDRABHAI                NA                  INDIA
                                           53 NUTAN MAHESHWAR SOCIETY SUBHANP
NILESHKUMAR           PATEL           NA                   INDIA
                                           AT POST MOLETHA TA SINOR DIST BARODA
YAKUBBHAI SULEMANBHAI                 NA                     INDIA
                                           AT. POST. VANSHI TAL & DIST. BHARUCH B
NARENDRA SHYAM        KUMAR TALREJA   NA                    INDIA
                                           K-1 AMI COLONY NEAR GATTU VIDYALAY G
DAMAYANTIJIVRAJ       HARIA           NA                    INDIA
                                           RDL/J-6 AMI COLONY G I D C ESTATE ANKL
K         MOHAN       RAO             NA                      INDIA
                                           H.NO.10-3-56, KOTAA REDDY NAGAR, WARD
PUTTAMRAJU                            NA                     INDIA
                                           DR NO 39-197 SAIABABA GUDI NORTH ADD
RAVELLA   VENKATESWARLU               NA                   INDIA
                                           S/O VENKATA RATTAIAH KATTAVARI PALE
RAMAMMA NELLORE                       NA                    INDIA
                                           23/1198 SODHAN NAGAR NELLORE NELLORE
SIVA       REDDY         PALCHURU       NA                                         BLDG,
                                                               H.NO.24-11-806, NEWINDIA UMMAREDDY G
VENKATA    VIJAY                        NA
                         KUMAR REDDY ANAPALLI                                   INDIA
                                                               C/O. A RAGHAVA REDDY D NO. 7-119 MITTA
SEGU       LAKSHMI       PRASANNA       NA                                      INDIA
                                                               PROVISION SHOP BAPUJI STREET SULLURP
BODIREDLA YELLAYYA       REDDY          NA                                      INDIA
                                                               52-2-24,RESAPUVANI PALEM VISAKHAPAT
PAVANI     NARRA                        NA                                        INDIA
                                                               50-105-2/1, BALAYYASASTRY LAYOUT SEET
K          R             REDDY          NA                                       INDIA
                                                               D/NO.10-07-23, RAMNAGAR, VISAKHAPATNA
MOSA       SANTHI                       NA                                         INDIA
                                                               2-4-8/2, M.V.P. COLONY, VISHAKHAPATNAM
ALANKA     NAGESH                       NA                                         INDIA
                                                               D. NO. 1-120 SALI STREET MUNAGAPAKA VI
RAM        BABU          PAMU           NA                                       INDIA
                                                               B-102 SRI DATTA APARTMENTS SWARAJYA
G          RAMA          MOHANA RAO     NA                                      INDIA
                                                               DY MANAGER(IT), ZONAL COMPUTER CENT
NAZIMUDDIN                              NA                                   INDIA
                                                               MAHATMA CONVENT ROAD SUBBARAO PET
PANTHAM    DIVYA         JYOTHI         NA                                       ROAD,
                                                               DOOR No.3-29,MAIN INDIA PENTAPADU MA
S          SITARATNAM                   NA                                    INDIA
                                                               W/O S HANUMANTHA RAO, ANDHRA BANK,
BULLI      RAJU          ACHANTA        NA                                        INDIA
                                                               6-95, CHAGALLU ( P.O& MANDAL), W-D-DIST
RATNAM     V             KONDREDDY      NA                                    INDIA
                                                               UNGUTURRU POST-MANDAL WEST GODAVA
KAMLESHBHAI                             NA                                     INDIA
                                                               42, ISRAMA ISRAMA GUJARAT
SIVAJI     RAJU          MUDUNURU       NA                                       INDIA
                                                               LIG-315, VUDA PHASE-II BABA METTA VIZIA
NAGARAJANA                              NA                                      INDIA
                                                               45 5TH A MAIN ARUNALAYA 8TH CROSS SIR
JOHNNY     P             D              NA                                     INDIA
                                                               59 CAUERY NAGAR 4 TH CROSS MURUGESH
KANNAN     ANNA          DORAI          NA                                    INDIA
                                                               42 MARISWAMY MUTT LANE 2ND CROSS CO
KISHORE    KUMAR         SURAPANENI     NA                                     INDIA
                                                               GATE NO1 2ND FLOOR 3RD MAIN JALADARS
GIREESH    K             S              NA                                      NO:347,VINAYAKA NAG
                                                               S/o SHIVARAMAIAH INDIA
ANUSOOYA                                NA                                    INDIA
                                                               W/O DAMODAR NAIK VISHAL NAGAR P.O. K
SUKUMAR    VASU          SHETTY         NA                                      INDIA
                                                               S/O LATE VASU SHETTY HOTEL SRI SHARAD
HAMZA      DENJIPPADY                   NA                                       INDIA
                                                               19-220 DENJIPPADY HOUSE ALADKA PANEM
SUPANNA                                 NA                                      INDIA
                                                               SRI DURGA NIVAS NEAR EXCISE OFFICE, KA
SUSHEELA G                              NA                                      INDIA
                                                               D/O LATE G BALAYYA VISHWABHARATHI C
PRASANNA VINAYAK         PAWAR          NA                                      INDIA
                                                               POST :- SHEJWAD KAIGA ROAD, KARWAR K
LAXMAN     ACHUT         PAI HUDIL      NA                                     INDIA
                                                               SHRI SATY DHAM VEER VITTAL ROAD BHA
M          GOPAL         RAO            NA                                      INDIA
                                                               NO 109 WARD NO 2 KAMALAMMA STREET B
K          CHIRANJEEVI                  NA                                     INDIA
                                                               S/O K RAGHAVENDRA RAO N/R SHANKARAM
GIRISH     R             BANARE         NA                                        INDIA
                                                               H.NO.7-7-48/108 SAVITRI COLONY RAICHUR
INDERCHAND                              NA                                       INDIA
                                                               H NO:11-2-29 LOHARWADI M G ROAD RAICH
RAJASHEKAR         FAKIRAPUR            NA                                      Q:-JAMAKHANDI BANH
                                                               NEAR BUS STAND T INDIA
RAVINDRA VASANT          VARPE          NA                                      INDIA
                                                               PLOT NO-446/B GANESHPUR ROAD SARASW
JYOTHI     VIJAY         SARAFF         NA                                      INDIA
                                                               11-15 SARAFF COLONY TILAKWADI BELGAU
SNEHA      ANAND         BHANDURGE      NA                                      INDIA
                                                               PLOT NO.249 AVINASH G.P.NAGAR MANDOL
LAXMAN     APPAJI        GAWADE         NA                                      INDIA
                                                               H NO 185 LAXMI GALI AT/PT BEKKINKERE B
AJJAPPA    BANGAREPPABANGARI            NA                                      TAL-SAUNDATTI BELGA
                                                               9 ALADAKATTI K M INDIA
GURAV      MAHADEV       RAMACHANDRA    NA                                    INDIA
                                                               KOCHARI TQ HUKKERI BELGAUM KARNAT
MOHIT      b             JAIN           NA                                     INDIA
                                                               289, PURUSWALKAM HIGH ROAD, WAIKIKI C
SRINIVASANG                             NA                                     INDIA
                                                               NO 4 KAMBAR STREET SRINIVASA NAGAR N
D          GUNASEKARAN                  NA                                      INDIA
                                                               OLD NO 40 NEW NO 13 SUBBULAKSHMI NAG
PRABHAKAR                               NA                                     INDIA
                                                               NO- 6 A SHANMUGANAR ROAD CHOOLAIME
RANGANATHAN                             NA                                      INDIA
                                                               No.A-40,ALAGESA NAGAR, CHENGLEPAT
G          K             DEVARAJ        G       K   KRISHNAN                   SINGARAMPALAYAM K
                                                               AUDITOR THOTTAMINDIA
R          N             PRITHIMALA     R       C   N KANTAN                    INDIA
                                                               20-A PASUDATHY STREET VDUMALPET VD
D         SASI        KUMAR           K         DAMODARAN                               INDIA
                                                                         STANMORE GROUP CENTRAL OFFICE VALPA
SAM       K           SAMUEL          K         P           SAMUEL                      INDIA
                                                                         DAVERASHOLA ESTATE DEVARSHOLA PO T
UTHUP     K           U               K         T           UTHUP                       INDIA
                                                                         KODUVIRACHIRA PALLIKUNNU ROAD TELL
P         KUNHAHAMED                  ABDO      P                                       INDIA
                                                                         PATTARKADAVAN HOUSE CHEMMENKADA
P         T                           P
                      KRISNA IYER RAMAN         L                                         INDIA
                                                            KRISHNA IYER 1/454 OLD KALPATHY PALGHAT DISTRICT K
APPUKUTTAN                            T         RAMAN                                    INDIA
                                                                         ANUGRAHA K T A NAGAR PUDUPARIYARAM
LAZAR     MP                          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         MORINGATHERY HOUSE P O CHOWANNUR
K                   CHANDRA MENON LATE
          PUTHIYADATH                           V                       42SHREYAS ITHOYAKKAVU PO TRICHUR DT
                                                            C MADHAVA MENON             INDIA
K         PUTHIYEDATHVASUDEVA MENONLATE         SRI                                     INDIA
                                                            C V MADHAVA 48PUTHIYEDATH HOUSE THOVAKKAVU DO
DANIEL    A           J               A         J           JOHN                          INDIA
                                                                         P O THOLUR (PARAPPUR) DISTT TRICHUR K
NALIN     D           SAMPAT          D         J           SAMPAT                          INDIA
                                                                         CC/VIII/2351 NEW ROAD MATTANCHERRRY
GEORGE    ANTHRAPER A C               CHANDY    ANTHRAPER                                INDIA
                                                                         ST MARTIN ROAD PALARIVATTOM COCHIN
SUDHAKARAN            N               P         NARAYANANNAIR                              KUTTIKKATUKARA POS
                                                                         IMDION AL. CO LTD INDIA
JAYAKRISHNAN                          BALAN                                             INDIA
                                                                         KIZHEKKADATHE HOUSE PAZHAMTHOTTAM
THOMAS              PT
          PUNNAMOOTTIL                        HOUSE
                                      VALANJATTIL                                        INDIA
                                                                         VALANJATTIL HOUSE KOTTAYAM KERALA
T         K           RAJENDRA BABU   NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                         AARBEES AGENCIES INVEST CONS & SHARE
SHANKARANKRISHNAN     K               K         A           SHANKRAN                    INDIA
                                                                         KUZHIYATHAN HOUSE MEENADOM PO KOT
SIBY      GEORGE                      P         S           GEORGE                     INDIA
                                                                         PONNEDUTHAKALLEL ELIKULAM (P O) KOT
JASMINE   YOOSAF                      M         IQBAL       A                               INDIA
                                                                         BAITH - AL - JAHAS VATTAYAL WARD ALAP
SONIA                                 S         BIMAL       KUMAR                       INDIA
                                                                         PUTHEN VEEDU MULLAKKAL PO ALAPUZH
FRANCIS   ABRAHAM                     ABRAHAM                                            CONTROLS AROOR KER
                                                                         SYSTEMS KELTRON INDIA
VARKEY    ABRAHAM                     LATE      N           M VARKEY                   INDIA
                                                                         KUNNNUMPURATH MELEPURAKAL THOTTA
GOPIKA    SREEKARAN                           P
                                      SREEKARANILLAI        VN                          INDIA
                                                                         VILACKATTU HOUSE KAIPPATTOOR POST O
GIRISH    KUMAR       R                      PILLAI
                                      RAMACHANDRAN                                      INDIA
                                                                         MANGALA NIVAS HARIPAD ALLUPHY DT KE
P         SANKARA     NARAYANAN       P         DAMODARANMOOSAD                          INDIA
                                                                         37 TAGORE GARDENS TRIVANDRUM TRIVA
SUJATHA   NARAYANAN                   NOT       AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                         SOWPARNIKA,TC 22/766/1, SINGLESTREET,K
SAI                 VITTALADEVUNI
          NAGALAKSHMI                 V         SATYANARAYANA                              INDIA
                                                                         22-712,PUSHPAK SASTHA NAGAR, KARAMAN
SUSY      THOMAS                      THOMAS                                              PILLAVEEDU LANE KES
                                                                         6-D YAMUNA FLATSINDIA
BIJU      MATHEWS                     K         GEORGE      MATHEW                          NAGAR
                                                                         T C 3/1240 LAKSHMI INDIA A/27 KESAVADA
R         SUBASH                      P         RADHAKRISHNAN                              INDIA
                                                                         24/1036 PARASU BHAVAN W & C HOSPITAL R
JEENU     R                           K         R           ASARI                         INDIA
                                                                         SCI/ENGR SD PHC DIVISION VSSC THIRUVA
SAJITHA   BEEVI       A               KASSIM    P           C                             INDIA
                                                                         QUARTER NO B 31 OBSERVATORY COMPOU
SUBRAMONIAN                           S         P           PILLAI                          INDIA
                                                                         S-43 P T P NAGAR TRIVANDRUM TRIVANDR
P         K           AMBILI          K                  NAIR
                                                PRAABHAKARAN                            KALTHIKA NADVVANV
                                                                         KANGIRAVILAKAM INDIA
KHIWKARANDUDHERIA                     JHUMARMALL                                           INDIA
                                                                         C/O P C GINDORIA P-16 BENTINCK STREET 4
CHERIYAN A                            N         C           ABRAHAM                        INDIA
                                                                         OFFICE OF CHIEF ENGINEER ORDNANCE FA
BINOY     KUMAR       SAHA            NITYA     GOPAL       SAHA                           INDIA
                                                                         LICI CITY BRANCH-10 ILACO HOUSE 143 BRA
ASHOK     KUMAR       SHARMA          RAM       GOPAL       SARMA                          INDIA
                                                                         C/O R G BASOTIA KUSUM PRODUCTS LTD 9
VIDYA     DEVI        BOTHRA          PRATAP    BOTHRA                                    BIPLABI
                                                                         CHOPRA HOUSE 133 INDIA DESH BEHARI
SANTOSH   DEVI        DAGA            MAHABIR PRASAD        DAGA                           3RD FLOOR CALCUTTA
                                                                         10 A JACKSON LANEINDIA
SATYA     BHUSHAN     KALANAURIA      G         B           KALANAURIA                  INDIA
                                                                         BHUSHAN ENTERPRISES 2 CLIVE GHAT STR
JHABAR    JAIN                                JAIN
                                      FATEHCHHAND                                       INDIA
                                                                         C/O SUMERMAL ROY CHAND, 143 COTTON S
RAM       GOPAL       SHARMA          JAMUNA    PRASAD      SHARMA                      INDIA
                                                                         C/O KUSUM PRODUCTS LTD, 9,BRABOURNE
RITU      CHOPRA                      ABHAY     KUMAR       CHOPRA                      INDIA
                                                                         A DAMIANO & COMPANY 133 CANNING STR
RAJESHWAR PRASAD      SHARMA          SHIH      CHARD       SHARMA                         INDIA
                                                                         C/O THISA IND PVT LTD, E 3/2 GILLANDERS
RATANLAL DOOGAR                              DOOGAR
                                      BHANWARLAL                                         INDIA
                                                                         24 BRABOURNE ROAD
VARSHA    PODDAR                      VINOD     PODDAR                                     FLOOR
                                                                         ROOM NO C-555 5THINDIA 71 CANNING ST
S         VENKATA      SUBRAMANIAN   NA                      INDIA
                                          No. 15-C/6, ANNA NAGAR, TNHB QUARTERS,
G         NIRMALARAJ                 NA                      INDIA
                                          NO. 11/3, JAVAN STREET, KANNAN NAGAR, T
CHAMPAKA KUBENDRAN                   NA                     INDIA
                                          5, SIVA SAKTHI TOWERS 3-H, NORTH ANDAR
S         RAGHAVAN                   NA                   INDIA
                                          7 H THIRUVALLUVAR STREET SRIRANGAM
WARUNKUMAR             R             NA                    INDIA
                                          16 C/A,RAJA RAMANATHA SETHU PATHI NA
THAMIZHSELVAM                        NA                     INDIA
                                          NO.3 L I C COLONY DINDIGUL
BHUVANESWARI                         NA                    INDIA
                                          14/1, VARATHARAJAPURAM STREET MELUR
S         H            MAIMOON       NA                      INDIA
                                          54 , CROSS STREET KAYALPATTINAM TIRUC
J         JEYAKUMAR                  NA                    INDIA
                                          82 A 1, BUNGALOW STREET KOVILPATTI TU
H         MOHANA                     NA                      INDIA
                                          45-C, BALAJI, WEST STREET EXTENSION KR
R         VISWANATHAN                NA                     INDIA
                                          2/1,SUMAI THANGI STREET, VADIVEESWAR
A         DEVANAI                    NA                      INDIA
                                          NO.45 (NEW NO.63), KALPADI KURUM THER
P         SADASIVAM                  NA                     INDIA
                                          DOOR NO. OLD 216, NEW 818, NEHRU NAGAR
VIJAYAN   P                          NA                 INDIA
                                          NO60 VADAMAMBAKKAM KANDIGAI ARAK
DEVENDER SINGH         MANN          NA                  INDIA
                                          89,BURDHWAN COMPOUND RANCHI RANCH
VADAMALAICHETTIAR                    NA                     INDIA
                                          20/30,TITAN TOWN SHIP, MATHIGIRI HOSUR
S         S            JAGADEESAN    NA                        PUDUPET ROAD, TIRU
                                          NO. 226-2, WARD -16,INDIA
G         SRINIVASAN                 NA                      INDIA
                                          4/189, INDIRANI NAGAR, NARASOTHY PATTY
DEIVASIGAMANI                        NA                      INDIA
                                          NO.11-G, RAJAJI ROAD, SALEM TAMILNADU
K         MUTHUSAMY                  NA                     INDIA
                                          OLD NO 15A, N NO:70, MALAIKAVALAR, KOV
PRAKASH   V            K             NA                    INDIA
                                          38 CAR STREET EDAYAR PALAYAM VELLAL
P         GANESH                     NA                    INDIA
                                          C/O GOLD KING EXPORTS NO 1, VAIKKOL TH
S         UMA                        NA                    INDIA
                                          D NO 126, SWARNAPURI AVENUE MAIN STR
A         GOWRISHANKAR               NA                    INDIA
                                          5/121 SAKTHI NAGAR M K PATTI POST CHIN
DILSHAD   P            C             NA                  INDIA
                                          CHATHOTH HOUSE MOORIYAD P. O KOOTH
ANEEZ     CHERKOT                    NA                  INDIA
                                          CHERKOT NEDUVA P O PARAPPANGADI MA
MOHAMED JABIR                        NA                 INDIA
                                          CHATHAMBADAN H KUMBAN KADAN ROA
ABDU      M            K             NA                  INDIA
                                          PARIYADATH HOUSE KARATHODE (PO) OOR
MARIYAMMA              A             NA                 INDIA
                                          THAZHUTHEKUDY HOUSE KALLA ELAVAM
SALOMI    STANE                      NA                   INDIA
                                          442,MANIYAKKU PUDUKKAD THRISSUR
K         A            SMITHA        NA                 INDIA
                                          KANIYAMPARAMBIL HOUSE P O PUZHAKKA
LUCKOSE   KURIAN                     NA                   INDIA
                                          INS DRONACHARY, FORTKOCHI KOCHI
JOSEPH    P            J             NA                  INDIA
                                          PUTHERACKAL HOUSE AMALABHAVAN RD
CHACKO    C            R             NA                 INDIA
                                          CHERIYAKUMAROTH VISHNUPURAM CHER
HARRIS    K            GEORGE        NA                   INDIA
                                          KANNETH(H),PUTHENCRUZ P O ERNAKULA
SANO      PAUL                       NA                  INDIA
                                          KUZHIKKATTU KUNNEL WEST VENGOLA P
THOMAS    V            C             NA                 INDIA
                                          VALOOKKARAN YORDHANAPURAM PO KA
VINOD     SUKUMARAN                  NA                 INDIA
                                          THEKKUMKAL HOUSE VELLIYAMATTOM PO
BYJU      JOHN                       NA                  INDIA
                                          NJANAMATTATHIL HOUSE VIMALAGIRI P O
KUMARI    K            R             NA                  INDIA
                                          PUTHENPARAMBU PANACHIKKAD KUZHIM
SIBI      SEBASTIAN                  NA                 INDIA
                                          THEKKEDATHU HOUSE SREEKANDA MANG
SANTHA    RAMAN        KARTHA        NA                   INDIA
                                          SANTHA NIVAS PINDIMANA KOTHAMANGA
PAUL      FRANCIS                    NA                  INDIA
                                          KANJOOPARAMBIL W CHENNAMKARY ALA
BOBEN     ALEX                       NA                 INDIA
                                          MANIMALATHRA HOUSE CHATHURTHYKAR
ABRAHAM   MATHEW                     NA                  INDIA
                                          PLAMOOTTIL MEDAYIL NADACAVU MAVEL
ANNIE     IYPE                       NA                   PRAIKARA MAVELIKAR
                                          SRAMBICAL HOUSE INDIA
K         RAJENDRAN                  NA                  INDIA
                                          ATHIRA PEROORKARAZHMA CHARUMMOO
DHANYA      G                           NA                                               INDIA
                                                                         ALUMMOTTIL(H) KUZHITHURA(PO) PARAYA
RAGIN       RAJENDRAN                   NA                                             INDIA
                                                                         RAGAM THATTAMALA KOLLAM KERALA
VISWESWARAAO            SOMU                    RAO
                                        VENKATESWARA        S                            INDIA
                                                                         C/O OM ELECTRICALS SHOP NO 6, BALAJI CO
SHRIKISHANFOMRA                         HARIKISHANFOMRA                                   INDIA
                                                                         12-15-5 NEHRU ROAD TARAPET VIJAYAWAD
UMAMAHESWARA            POTINENI        SUBBA    RAO        POTINENI                     INDIA
                                                                         P W D QUARTERS NO C-6 LABBIPET VETERN
NIRMALA     DEVI        DODDA           NA                                               INDIA
                                                                         W/O RAMALINGA REDDY DODDA 6-127/1 EN
NIRMALA     DEVI        DODDA           NA                                               INDIA
                                                                         W/O RAMALINGA REDDY DODDA 6-127/1 EN
            VENKATANAGA                 RADHAKRISHNAN                                    INDIA
                                                                         S/O RADHAKRISHNAIAH RADHA & CO GAND
BHAVANI     PRASAD      KASINADHUNI     K        K          M V PRASAD                     INDIA
                                                                         S/O K K M V PRASAD RAO RETD HEAD MAST
RAMISETTY SARASWATHI                            SESHAGIRI
                                        RAMISETTY           RAO                           INDIA
                                                                         H NO 31-6-7B MARUTHINAGAR VIJAYAWAD
RAMALINGAREDDY                          VEERA    REDDY      DODDA                         INDIA
                                                                         S/O VEERA REDDY ENDOWMENTS COLONY
RAMALINGAREDDY                          VEERA    REDDY      DODDA                        INDIA
                                                                         S/O VEERAREDDY ENDOWMENTS COLONY
RAMALINGAREDDY          DODDA           VEERA    REDDY      DODDA                        INDIA
                                                                         S/O VEERAREDDY ENDOWMENTS COLONY
ABDUL       MATHEEN                     ABDUL    KHALIEK                                  INDIA
                                                                         C/O M D INAYATULLA HNO 5-638 FAROOK N
RAZAVULLA                               INAYATULLA                                        NO 5-638 FAROOQ NAG
                                                                         M D INAYATULLA HINDIA
S           SREENIVAS                   S        SEETARAMAIAH                              INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO 10 VAHINI APARTMENTS GAYATRI
ARUNA       DAGGUMATI                   N        L          KESWANI      CENTRAL BANK OF INDIA BENZ CIRCLE BRA
SWARNALATHA                             U        G          K MURTHY                     INDIA
                                                                         S-1 C BLOCK BHANU APARTMENTS M R PU
KALI        CHOUDHURY                   GANGA    CHOWDHORY                                 CALCUTTA
                                                                         32 BAGH BAZAR ST, INDIA
VANKADARASANJEEV        KUMAR           V        RAMAJAN                                INDIA
                                                                         C/O M VENKATESWARA RAO G-2 RAHUL AP
KATRAGADDA                              K                 RAO
                                                 NAGAMALLESWARA                          INDIA
                                                                         STATE BANK COLONY-2 4TH ROAD SIDHARD
VENKATARATHNAM                          GADUPUDINARASAIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                         H NO 1/4/5-25/2 PARTHASARATHI ST SRUNGE
SATYANARAYANA                                   KAKARAPARTHI
                                        SEETHARAMANJANEYULU                               INDIA
                                                                         C/O SRI PURNA MEDICAL&FANCY STORES H
SURYAKUMARI        KANTETI              DHARMA RAJA         KANTHETI                     INDIA
                                                                         W/O K DHARMA RAJA 22/7 BACHUPETA MAC
KANTETY     VIJAYA      LAKSHMI         K        Y                     22/9           INDIA
                                                            SAMPATH KUMAR BATCHUPET MACHILIPATNAM
SURESH      B                           RAMA     RAO                                       INDIA
                                                                         D NO 19-305 CHILAKALAPUDI MACHILIPATN
RAJYALAKSHMAN                           SANAKA            RAO
                                                 VENKATESWARA                            INDIA
                                                                         S/O S VENKATESWARA RAO H NO 16/419 VA
BOGGARAPUNAVARATNA RANGA RAJA           NA                                              INDIA
                                                                         JAGGAYYAPET KRISHNA DIST AP AP
BRAHMA      BIKSHAM     PONNA           SUBBAIAH PONNA                                   INDIA
                                                                         C/O SUBBAIAH ANUMANCHIPALLI PO JAGG
VENKATESWARA            NALAMOTHU       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         C/O SRI RAJYA LAKSHMI TRANSPORT SITHA
P           UDAYA       PARIMALA        A        NAGESWARARAO                             INDIA
                                                                         C/O P RAMA RAO D NO 6-379 RTC COLONY J
DHANA       LAKSHMI     NARRA           KRISHNA RAO                                       CHOWDARY ZAMIGOLV
                                                                         C/O NSR ANJANEYA INDIA
LAXMINARSIMHA           ALURI           NA                                               INDIA
                                                                         C/O S RAGHURAMA MURTHY CA D.NO.6-2-7
MANJUSHA TIRUMALASETTY                          R
                                        NARASIMHAAO         T                              INDIA
                                                                         7-17-33 SRIHARSHA BHAVAN SRI NAGAR 6T
THUMMA      JOSEPH      REDDY           T        SLEEUR     REDDY                            INDIA
                                                                         D NO 6-21-44 15/2 ARUNDEL PET GUNTUR
THUMMA      MARY        SWAPNA          T        SLEEVA     REDDY                            INDIA
                                                                         D NO 6-21-44 15/2 ARUNDEL PET GUNTUR
RAMIREDDYBATHULA                        B        SINGARA    REDDY                           INDIA
                                                                         15TH LINE II CROSS ROAD GUNTUR
BATTULA     ASSUMTIA    RANI            B        RAMI       REDDI                            INDIA
                                                                         D NO 6-21-44 15/2 ARUNDEL PET GUNTUR
VUTUKURI VENKATA        SASIDHAR                         RAO
                                        VUTUKURIVENKATESWARA                              INDIA
                                                                         C/O PENDELLA VIJAYAKUMAR OLD BANK R
ADIRAJU     INDIRA      DEVI                    MURTHY
                                        SURYANARAYANA                                    INDIA
                                                                         C/O A SURYANARAYANA MURTHY NEAR OL
C           KRISHNA     MOHAN           C        HARANADH                                INDIA
                                                                         S/O DR HARANADH A-18 S V N COLONY GUN
CHEBROLU RAJENDRA       PRASAD          CHEBROLUHANUMAIAH                                 INDIA
                                                                         D NO 3-1-1 CHOWDARYPET GUNTUR GUNTU
GANAPATHI CH                            CH       V          G KRISHNA                      INDIA
                                                                         H NO 3-24-12 RAVINDRA NAGAR 5TH LINE G
C           KRISHNA     MOHAN           C        HARANADHARAO                              INDIA
                                                                         A-18 S V N COLONY GUNTUR AP
RAJA        V           V L NARASHIMA   NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         5-87-3 2ND LANE LAKSHMI PURAM GUNTUR
RAJA        V           V L NARASHIMA   NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         5-87-3 2ND LINE LAKSHMIPURAM GUNTUR G
R           V                           R
                        V LAKSHMI NARASIMHA      V          H H PRASAD                      INDIA
                                                                         5-87-3 2ND LINE LAKSHMIPURAM GUNTUR G
BOLLA     SAMBI       REDDY          SUBBA     REDDY                                      INDIA
                                                                      D-NO 4-14-191 SAI NILAYAM ANJANEYAPET
                                                                      PROP KUMAR MEDICALS G B C ROAD BAPA
VENKATARAMANA                        SURYANARAYANA                                      NIDUBROLU GUNTUR
                                                                      4-176 VIDYA NAGARINDIA
KOLLIPARA RAMA        KRISHNA PRASAD K         PANDU     RANGA RAO                   INDIA
                                                                      ANDHRA BANK GANDHI CHOWK TENALI TE
SUBHASHINID                          J         V         RAO                          INDIA
                                                                      W/O J VENKATESWARA RAO NEKKALLU PO
SHIVA     NATH        PRASAD         BHOLA     PRASAD                                 INDIA
                                                                      NEW CNTRL JUTE MILL CO L. 18A BRABOUR
AROON     KUMAR       SHARMA         LATE      G         R SHARMA                     INDIA
                                                                      MODY BUILDING 5TH FLOOR 27 SIR R N MU
AROON     KUMAR       SHARMA         LATE      G         R SHARMA                     INDIA
                                                                      MODY BUILDING 5TH FLOOR 27 SIR R N MU
MANICK    CHAND       DHAR           LATE      D         C DHAR                          INDIA
                                                                      D I L 31 N S ROAD CALCUTTA
MANJU     BAGLA                      J         P         BAGLA                        INDIA
                                                                      M/1 MADHU ENTERPRISES 138 CANNING STR
SANTOSH   BERA                       RADHYA    SHYAM     BERA                         INDIA
                                                                      22 RAJA WOOD MUNT STREET 2ND FLOOR C
NIMISH    BINANI                     SURESH    KUMAR     NAHATA                        CALCUTTA
                                                                      8 BISWAKOSH LANEINDIA
NIMISH    BINANI                     GIRDHAR LAL         BINANI                        BAGHBAZAR KOLKATA
                                                                      8 BISWAKOSH LANEINDIA
TAPAN     KUMAR       GHOSHAL        LATE      BANWARI                                 INDIA
                                                         LALL GHOSHAL 131 B BIDHAN SARANI CALCUTTA
DILIP     JAIN                       C         L         JAIN                           INDIA
                                                                      19 QILEEF STREET SHYAM BAZAR CALCUT
KAMAL     SONI                       MATA      DEEN      SONAR                         INDIA
                                                                      57-B ARABINDA SARANI CALCUTTA
ASISH     DECHOWDHURY                        DECHOWDHORY
                                     LAXMINARAYAN                                      INDIA
                                                                      22/1 GOABAGAN STREET PO BEADON STREE
ASHOK     KUMAR       PODDAR                 PODDAR
                                     SATYANARAYAN                                     INDIA
                                                                      83/B VIVEKANAND ROAD IST FLOOR CALCU
VIVEK     KUMAR       PARAKH                PARAKH
                                     BHANWARLAL                                       INDIA
                                                                      86 MAHARSHI SEBENHDRA RD FLAT-12 CAL
SHAKUNTALA                           ISHWAR    JHUNJHUNWALA                           INDIA
                                                                      C/O M L PARASRAMPURIA,86, MAHARSHI DE
ELIZABETH AHLUWALIA                  NARINDER SINGH      AHLUWALIA                   INDIA
                                                                      98 MAHATMA GANDHI ROAD POST BOX NO
                                     RAMAVTAR                                            SHIBTOLLA STREET CA
                                                                      B K ENTERPRISES 31INDIA
BIRENDRA KUMAR        SIHGH                 SINGHI
                                     MANOHARALAL                                      INDIA
                                                                      41 BURTOLLA STREET CALCUTTA CALCUTT
NAGESHWARI            GUPTA          HARIDAYARAM                                       INDIA
                                                                      123 COTTON STREET 2ND FLR CALCUTTA
BIJAY     KUMAR       DAGA           NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      196 RABINDRA SARANI 1ST FLOOR CALCUT
KARTIK    KUMAR       JAIN           NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      42 VIVEKANAND ROAD CALCUTTA CALCUT
SANGITA   NARSARIA                   S         L         NARSARIA                       INDIA
                                                                      C/O F C MODI 30,BANSTALLA LANE CALCUT
SHANTI    BAGAR                      PAWAN     KUMAR     BAGARIA                       INDIA
                                                                      C/O SAKTI PRODUCTS 4 BALLAV DAS STREE
SAROJ     DEVI        SHARMA         DEVKI     NANDAN                                  JANGIR
                                                                      C/O DEVKI NANDANINDIA 31 SHIV THAKU
RATTAN    SINGH       AHLUWALIA      S         RADHA     SINGH                        INDIA
                                                                      98, MAHATMA GANDHI ROAD, POST BOX NO
MAHABIR   PRASAD      AGARWALA       NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      C/O RELIABLE SALES CORP 114/1A COTTON
UMA       CHOUDHARY                  RAJ       KUMAR     CHOUDHARY                    INDIA
                                                                      C/O MR RK CHOUDHARY ROOM NO 69A 3RD
HRIDAYA   RAM                        MOTILAL             COTTON STREET                 INDIA
                                                                      123 COTTON STREET 2ND FLR CALCUTTA
NIRMALA   MODI                              MODI
                                     PAWANKUMAR                                       INDIA
                                                                      30 BANSTALLA LANE, CALCUTTA
KUSUM     DEVI        MOHATA         PRADEEP MOHATA                                   INDIA
                                                                      M/S MANISHA ENTERPRISES 20/1 MAHERSH
KIRAN     MODI                               MODI
                                     KISHANKUMAR                                      INDIA
                                                                      30 BANSTALLA LANE CALCUTTA
DAMODARLAL                           R         N                                    INDIA
                                                         MAHESHWARI S/O LATE RAMNARAYAN MAHESHWARI 7/2
RAWAN     KUMAR       TAPRIA         TARA      CHAND     TAPRIA                         LTD 3RD FLOOR 46 STR
                                                                      PERIWAL PLASTIC PINDIA
SIPRA     SEAL                               LALL
                                     SAILENDRA           SEAL                          INDIA
                                                                      44,SIKDARPARA STREET, CALCUTTA
SANJAY    NARSARIA                   S         L         MITRA                           INDIA
                                                                      C/O F C MODI,30, BANSTALLA LANE, CALCU
SARITA    NARSARIA                   S         L         NARSARIA                       INDIA
                                                                      C/O F C MODI 30,BANSTALLA LANE CALCUT
BIMAL     MIMANI                     J         K         MIMANI                          RAHUL
                                                                      201/B M G ROAD C/OINDIA TEXTILE SADAS
NARESH    CHANDRA     DINODIA        KIRPARAMDINODIA                                INDIA
                                                                      NARESHCHANDRA DINODIA, 110/IC,AMHER
SUBHADRA DEVI         JAISWAL        ADYA      PRASAD    JAISWAL                       INDIA
                                                                      81 E BECHU CHATTERJEE STREET CALCUTT
SUDHAN              B
          GSHUBHUSHAN                NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      NO 8 PATALDANGA STREET CALCUTTA
ARDHENDU SENGUPTA                    BIMAL     RANJAN    S                               IV M
                                                                      P 189-B CIT SCHEMEINDIASUREN SARKAR R
RAMNIRANJAN                                  AGRAWAL
                                     RAMBILASJI                                      INDIA
                                                                      40107B HEMCHANDRA NASKAR ROAD, CALC
GOVIND     KRISHNA     GUPTA          DT         T           S GUPTA                        INDIA
                                                                          11-A,BOW STREET, CALCUTTA
SHRADHA    VIMAL                      S          C           VIMAL                         INDIA
                                                                          C/O VIMAL PICTURES 183/2 DHARAMTALLA
ISHITA     DAS         GUPTA          R          D           GUPTA                         INDIA
                                                                          6/1 DR SURESH SARKER RD PURLASHREE SA
KSHETRA    MOHAN       BANIK          MADAN      MOHAN       BANIK                          INDIA
                                                                          35/D,S N BANERJEE ROAD, CALCUTTA
MOHAMMADASHFAQUL       HAQUE          MD         AMINUL      HUQUE                         INDIA
                                                                          11A TANTI BAGAN ROAD, FLAT NO 9, CALCU
AMIYA      RANJAN      ROY                   ROY
                                      MANORANJAN                                           INDIA
                                                                          C/O SANTI RANJAN DEY 5/1 SURI LANE CALC
SASANKA    MOHAN       BISWAS         LATE       KSHITIS     CH BISWAS                      INDIA
                                                                          20/6 SEAL LANE, CALCUTTA
PRAVEEN    KUMAR       GOYAL          R          S           GOYAL                        INDIA
                                                                          EM KAY TRADERS PODDAR POINT, BLOCK-N
HAROONUR RASHID                       ABDUR      RASHID                                    INDIA
                                                                          FENNER INDIA LIMITED 56 D MIRZA GHALIB
BABULAL    BOTHRA                     C          R           BOTHRA                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O GLOBAL EXPORTS & MKTG 10 CAMAC S
ABHIJIT    DATTA                      MANASA CHARAN          DATTA                        INDIA
                                                                          23 OLD BALLYGUNGE SECOND LANE CALCU
MANASA     CHARAN      DATTA          LATE       RAMESH                  23             INDIA
                                                             CHANDRA DATTA OLD BALLYGUNGE SECOND LANE CALCU
PRONAB     RAKSHIT                           RAKSHIT
                                      AMARESHWAR                                          INDIA
                                                                          7/C,ANANDA BANERJEE LANE, CALCUTTA
SUPRIO     BHATTACHARYAY              KALIPODA CHATTACHARYA                                 INDIA
                                                                          37/1A DR SUDHIR BOSE RAOD KIDDERPORE
SASWATI    PAL                        PRABIR     PAL                                        INDIA
                                                                          O-175, A/2 DEWAN BAGAN LANE GARDEN RE
INDERJEET KAUR         KWATRA         G          P           S KWATRA                      G R ROAD CALCUTTA
                                                                          KESORAM MILLS 42 INDIA
GURU       PRATAP      SINGH KWATRA   AS         KWATRA                                     G R ROAD CALCUTTA
                                                                          KESORAM MILLS 42,INDIA
R          MURALIDHAR                 NOT        AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                          C/O A K RAMAKRISHNA 21 MADHAB LANE C
TAPATI     BASU                       PRABIR     BASU                                      INDIA
                                                                          26 KABIR ROAD, CALCUTTA W BENGAL
SHANTI     MALHOTRA                   NOT        AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                          C/O RAJEEV CHOPRA 16 A MINTO PARK SYN
SHYAMALI SARKAR                              SARKAR
                                      SAMARKUMAR                                            INDIA
                                                                          12-H SABJI BAGAN LANE, 1ST FLR CHETLA C
BINA       GHOSH                      TARAPADOGHOSH                                       INDIA
                                                                          8 ISWAR GUPTA ROAD CALCUTTA
MANISH     GHOSH                      LATE       TARAPADO GHOSH                           INDIA
                                                                          8 ISHWAR GUPTA ROAD CALCUTTA
GOPESH     CHANDRA     GUHA           KUNJA      BEHARI                  190/1 RASH BEHARI AVENUE CALCUTTA
                                                             GIUHA THAKURT                 INDIA
DEBASISH   MUKHERJEE                  CHANDRA BHUSAN         MUKHERJEE                     INDIA
                                                                          P-12 BABU BAGAN LANE, DHAKURIA, CALC
BIDYUT     RANJAN      NAG            NIRMAL     RANJAN      NAG                            JADAVPUR UNIVERSITY
                                                                          9/24 BEJOYGARH POINDIA
JIBAN      KRISHNA     PAUL           MUKUND LAL             PAUL                          INDIA
                                                                          C/O CNTRLR OF EXAMINATNS JADAVPUR U
GAUTAM     KUMAR       SAHA                   CH
                                      SAILENDRA              SAHA                         INDIA
                                                                          13/2A KRISHNAMALLICK LANE BELGACHIA
DIPALI     SAHA                       BASU       DEB         SAHA                          INDIA
                                                                          3/2A KRISHNA MALLICK LANE BELGACHIA
BRAJA      GOPAL       SAHA                   CH
                                      SAILENDRA              SAHA                          INDIA
                                                                          3/2 A KRISHNA MALLICK LANE BELGACHIA
SAILENDRA CHANDRA      SAHA           NAGENDRASAHA                                         INDIA
                                                                          3/2A KRISHNA MALLICK LANE BELGACHIA
SIPRA      SAHA                       LAKSHMI NARAYANA SAHA                                INDIA
                                                                          3/2A KRISHNA MALLICK LANE BELGACHIA,
SUBHAS     CHANDRA     SAHA                   CH
                                      SAILENDRA              SHAH                          INDIA
                                                                          3/2A KRISHNA MALLICK LANE BELGACHIA,
K          NAGENDRA    NATHJANA       NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                          42/74 NEW BALLYGANGE RD CALCUTTA WE
HARIHAR    TEWARI                     RAMPYAR TEWARI                                       INDIA
                                                                          4/72 CHANDITALA LANE CALCUTTA
SHEFALI    SANYAL                     ABHJIT     SANYAL                                     INDIA
                                                                          164/C/12 LAKE GARDENS CALCUTTA
S          SAMPATH     KUMAR          K          SUBRAMANIAN                                INDIA
                                                                          162/C/516 LAKE GARDENS FIRST FLOOR KOL
DOLLY      ARYA                       ANIL       ARYA                                      INDIA
                                                                          40/1 BAISHNAB GHATA ROAD CALCUTTA
JHARNA     MAZUMDAR                   SANJIBEN MAZUMDAR                                     INDIA
                                                                          FLAT NO 5, BLOCK-D BANAPHOOL AVASHA
PRANAY     BACHHAWAT                  HASTIMAL                                            INDIA
                                                                          B-4B SNEHA GARDEN 28 RAI BAHADUR ROA
SMRITI     ROY         CHOUDHURY      S          K           R CHOUDARY                      FLAT
                                                                          P 270 CIT SHEME 6MINDIA 10 KANKURGACH
VIJAY      GUPTA                      TRILOKE    CHAND       GUPTA                         MAIN
                                                                          102,NARKEL DANGAINDIA ROAD, CALCUTT
MEENAKSHI NEVATIA                             NEVATIA
                                      CHATURBHUJ                                           MAIN
                                                                          102 NERKEL DANGAINDIA ROAD CALCUTTA
BENIRAM    PAROLIA                    JAMUNA     PRASAD                                   INDIA
                                                                          124 BANGUR AVENUE B BLOCK KOLKATA K
KANIKA     BANERJEE                   TAPAN      KR          BANERJEE                      INDIA
                                                                          1009,JESSORE ROAD, GREEN PARK,CALCUTT
SITA       SINHA                      RAMESH     CHANDRA                                    INDIA
                                                                          CE 171 SALT LAKE BIDHAN NAGAR CALCUT
RAVI       PODDAR                     THAKUR     PRASAD      PODDAR                         INDIA
                                                                          CE 224 SALT LAKE CITY SECTORE-1 CALCUT
PROKRITY   BHUSAN       CHAKRAVARTY   NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO B-1 VIDYASAGAR NIKETAN SECTO
BEJOY      KRISHNA      GOSWAMI              GOSWAMI
                                      PARAMANANDA                                         ROAD
                                                                         64 SUBHASH NAGARINDIA DUM DUM CANT
MITALI     CHAKRABARTY                TAPAN    CHAKRABARTY                                 BIRTHI
                                                                         FLAT NO A-5 BAKULINDIA CO OP HOUS SO
VIVEK      HIMATSINGKA                        HIMMATSINGKA
                                      SHISHANKAR                                          INDIA
                                                                         9 DACRES LANE SUITE 17 CALUTTA
BITHAL     DAS          TAPADIA       GOKUL    DAS          TAPADIA                      INDIA
                                                                         60 B RATAN SARKAR GARDEN STREET CALC
ASHOK      KUMAR        GADODIA       A        SHOW         REDDY                          INDIA
                                                                         53 NALINI SETTY ROAD CALCUTTA CALCUT
RAM        CHANDRA      GANGULY       NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         P-83 BANSDRONI PARK NERA JAYASHREE K
CHUNGATH DAVID          ANTHONY       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         SWAN TRAVELS P LTD 5/2 RUSSEL STREET C
ANUPAM     CHATTERJEE                 PRASAD   CHATTERJEE                                 INDIA
                                                                         ICI HOUSE FOURTH FLOOR EXPLOSIVES AC
NANDLAL    DADHICH                            DADHICH
                                      KISHANLAL                                           AVENUE, CALCUTTA
                                                                         112 CHITTARANJAN INDIA
PRASAD     KUMAR        GHOSH         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         17/4 MOTIJHEEL AVENUE CALCUTTA
RAMA       NANDI                      KARABI   KUMAR        NANDI                         INDIA
                                                                         A-41 PURBA DIGANTA NEAR SURVEY PARK
NALINIBEHARI                                  ROYCHOWDHRY
                                      BEINBEHARI                                          ROAD
                                                                         4 BELEGHATA MAININDIA CALCUTTA
SAILENDRA NATH          GUHA          SURENDRANATH          GUHA                           INDIA
                                                                         8 K C N ROY ROAD CALCUTTA
DERASHIS   CHAKRABORTY                        N
                                      SATYENDRA                        7/5/F NABIN DAS RD INDIA
                                                            CHAKRABORTHY                  CALCUTTA
NANDINI    BANERFEE                   PRODYUT BANERJEE                                     INDIA
                                                                         25/3/4 PRINCE GOLAM MOHD SHAH ROAD G
USHA       SARKAR                     BIJAN    K            SARKAR                         ROAD
                                                                         3/14 FIRINGIDANGA INDIA P O SERAMPORE
BIRDI      CHAND        SURANA               SURANA
                                      AMARCHAND                                            INDIA
                                                                         1/16 HAT LANE 5TH FLOOR HOWRAH HOWR
SIPRA      POLLEY                     SISIR    KUMAR        POLLEY                         MANDIR PATH NORTH
                                                                         25/2/1 RAMKRISHNAINDIA
PROBHAT    CHANDRA      DAS           NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         103,RAJBALLAV SAHA LANE, RAMKISHNA P
AMIYA      DUTTA                      BIRENDRA NATH         DUTTA                        INDIA
                                                                         73 ATINDRA MUKHERJEE LANE HOWRAH 2
SABITA     NANDY                      TANZ     IRANI        SHAPUR                        INDIA
                                                                         66/1 ABINASH BANERJEE LANE HOWRAH
PROSANTA ADHIKARY                     NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         55/5/1 SRI RAM DHANG ROAD SALKIA HOWR
PANCHU     SINGH                      NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         UTTAR PODRA NATUNPALLY NEAR KALI B
MAMATA     DEVI                       PANCHU   SINGH                                      UTTAR
                                                                         C/O PANCHU SINGH INDIA PODRA NATUN
MONDIRA    SASMAL                     NANURAM SASMAL                                     INDIA
                                                                         VILL PO GUTINAGORI VIA ULUBERIA DIST H
BIJAN      KUMAR        SARKAR        A        C            SARKAR                          ROAD
                                                                         3/14 FIRINGI DANGAINDIA PO SERAMPORE
KRISHNAN VISWANATH                    R        GOVINDA                                  INDIA
                                                            IYER KRISHNAN22STANDARD PHARMACEUTICALS,SERAMP
TAPAN      KUMAR        MUKHERJEE     SHIBA    RENU         MUKERJEE                        INDIA
                                                                         220 G T ROAD, PO BAIDYABATI DT HOOGHL
SUBHAS     JAIN                       SITAL    CHAND        SETT                          INDIA
                                                                         3R/62 H M COLONY PO HINDMOTOR DT HOO
LAXMI      DEVI         SOMANY        NA                                                 SOMANY, M/S HIND NA
                                                                         C/O ASHOK KUMAR INDIA
SUNIL      KHANDELWAL                 RAMDHAN KHANDELWAL                                   INDIA
                                                                         C/O SHRI HARI STORES 110, B L CHOUDHAR
MOUSUMI    MUKHERJEE                  BIJITENDU MUKHERJEE                                 INDIA
                                                                         RA-59, CUCULAR ROAD GORDON STREET CO
SHAHZADI   BEGUM                      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         C/O MOHD ASHRAF HUSAIN JIWAN SOAP CO
SUPARNA    SAHA                       SUBODH   CHANDRA      SHAH                         INDIA
                                                                         BRINDABON LANE OPP: SHIV MANDIR RAN
RAMDULARIDEVI           BHADANI       R        ONKARNATHBHADANI                          INDIA
                                                                         ARJUNA BHADANI & CO,45 SHIV MANDIR RO
SAWITRI    POTLIA                     SANT     SINGH        POTLIA                        INDIA
                                                                         C/O SANT SINGH POTLIA KUMARDIHI A COL
SUBRATA    SUMANTA                    B        SAMANTA                                   INDIA
                                                                         C/OLATE BIMALENDU SAMANTA VIVEKANA
JADAVLAL MUKHERJEE                            MUKHERJEE
                                      BRAJOGOPAL                                         INDIA
                                                                         C/O MRS B G MUKHERJEE CHAIBASSA ROAD
ANITA      SINGHANIA                  SHYAM    SUNDAR       SINGHANIA                      INDIA
                                                                         C/O SS SINGHANIA PO RAGHUNATHPUR DIS
ANITA      SINGHANIA                  S        S            SINGHANIA                      INDIA
                                                                         C/O S S SINGHANIA RAGHUNATHPUR POST P
SIB        NARAYAN      ACHARJEE              ACHARJEE
                                      TUSARKANTI                                        INDIA
                                                                         NANDUARA PO RAGHUNATHPUR PURULIA
RADHESHYAM                                    TAPARIA
                                      GOBINDRAM                                         INDIA
                                                                         MARWARIPATTY NEAR DHARMASALA PO K
VEDPRAKASH GARWAL                     RAM      KUMAR        AGARWAL                      INDIA
                                                                         SHREE PITA MARUTI STORES BIDHAN MARK
JOYTIRMOY BISWAS                      L        KHSATR       N BISWAS                      INDIA
                                                                         A-9/393 KALYANI NADIA KALYANI NADIA
DHRUBA     RANJAN       DAS           RADHA    KANTA        DAS                            INDIA
                                                                         HOUSE NO 764/1 PO ASHOK NAGAR 24 PARG
                                                                         NORTH UKIL PARA PO BARUIPUR DIST 24 PA
HARENDRA NATH          BASU         NOT      AVAILABLE                                 ROAD,
                                                                      11,BC PARAMANICKINDIA BUDGE BUDGE D
TAPAS      KUMAR       NASKAR       NARAYAN CH           NASKAR                      INDIA
                                                                      VILL&PO DAULATPUR, VIA MAHESHTALA,D
NUPUR      BANERJEE                 SUBHRESHBANERJEE                                    INDIA
                                                                      C/O S BANERJEE, 5TH FLR CMPDI R1-7, UNIT
BANSHIDHAR                          NOT      AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                      NALINI 3A BUDHESWARI AREA CUTTACKRO
                                    VENKATRAMAN                                       INDIA
                                                                      492 SHAHEED NAGAR, FIRST FLOOR BHUBA
V          NARASIMHA MURTHY KOMMOLAK         APPA        RAO                         INDIA
                                                                      PROBATIONARY OFFICER SYNDICATE BANK
HRUDAYA    KUMAR       PADHY        LATE     SAHADEV     PADHY                        INDIA
                                                                      LECTURER IN BOTANY NAYAGARH COLLEG
                                    MADHUSUDHAN                                        INDIA
                                                                      P.O. NIMAPADA, PURI DT ORISSA.
JITENDRA   KUMAR       NAYAK        MAGUNI   CHARAN      NAYAK                          INDIA
                                                                      QR NO A/10 JOBRA MUNICIPALITY COLONY
N          SUDHA                    N        B           REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                      W/O N B REDDY ISPAT ALLOYS LTD B G PUR
KURIEN     MATHES                   V        G           MATHAI                        KUWAIT
                                                                      UNITED FISHERIES KUWAIT P BOX 22044 SA
MOHAMMEDABDUL          MATEEN              ABDUL
                                    MOHAMMED             SALAM                       SAUDI FLOOR
                                                                      NCB HEADQUARTERS 10THARABIA P O BOX
ASHOK      B                        NA                                                   HOUSE
                                                                      505 BLOCK A SIMLA INDIA NEPEAN ROAD
JAGDISH    SINGH       DOGRA        TH       BIRBAL      SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                      C/O PRINCIPAL PAAWAN S VIDYALAYA DHO
VAJRALA    HANIMI      REDDY        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      S/O RAMI REDDY CHELLAGUNDLA MANDAL
SURESH     KUMAR       GUPTA        R        S           GUPTA                          UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                      PB NO 3880 DUBAI U A E
KULDIP     RAI                      LATE     CHARAN      DASS                         INDIA
                                                                      227-A NEW JAWAHAR NAGR JALANDHAR JA
PUSHAPINDER            SODHI        NOT      AVAILABLE                                DIST FEROZEPUR DIST
                                                                      V PO SODHINAGAR INDIA
NOEL       FRANCIS                  JOSPH    XAVIER                                     INDIA
                                                                      L9/115 SHASTRI NAGAR VARNASI-1 VARNAS
SHASHI     BALA        JOHRI        NOT      AVAILABLE                                INDIA
                                                                      848,AKARON KA RASTA, KISHAN POL BAZA
D          MASTAN      REDDY        D        GANGI       REDDY                          INDIA
                                                                      D NO 21/453 OPP MASJID 7 ROADS KADAPA C
VIJAY      AHLUWALIA                NARINDER PAUL        AHLUWALIA                     INDIA
                                                                      HOUSE NO 661 SECTOR 33B CHANDIGARH C
VENU       GOPAL       REDDY C      CH       V                      402 KAMESHWARI TOWERS OPP K P H B KU
                                                         RAMANA REDDY               INDIA
ALPESH     P           PATEL        PRAVIN   R           PATEL                         INDIA
                                                                      C/O PRAVIN R PATEL MUKAM POST KARELI
AARTI      P           PATEL        PRAVIN   PATEL                                     INDIA
                                                                      C/O PRAVIN R PATEL MUKAM POST KARELI
KUNDAN     ASNANI                   ISSARDAS ASSNANI                                   INDIA
                                                                      BLOCK NO 350 NEAR ADVOCATE NANKANI
SUSHILA    DEVI                     SRIKISHAN                                          INDIA
                                                                      CK 14/6 NANDAN SAHU LANE VARANASI
SHYAM      LAL         GUPTA        SH       JAINARANI                               INDIA
                                                                      817 KAMRA BANGASH DARYA GANI NEW DE
REKHA      BHARGAVA                 LATE     R           P BHARGAVA                    INDIA
                                                                      7/13 DARYA GANJ NEW DELHI
ARUNIMA    SAHGAL                   SURESH   CHANDRA     SAHGAL                       INDIA
                                                                      C/O SURESH CHANDRA SAHGAL 17 UNIVERS
PUNITA     KUKREJA                  NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      31,UB JAWAHAR NAGAR,DELHI
SUNJAY     NAGAR                    SHASHI   SHEKHAR     NAGAR                         INDIA
                                                                      1740 RAM GALI SOHAN GUNJ SUBZI MANDI
H          L           TICKOO       J        L           TICKOO                         INDIA
                                                                      261 S F S FLATS HAUZ KHAS NEW DELHI NE
SUBHAG     WANTI                    DHALU    RAM                                       INDIA
                                                                      65/3 ASHOK NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
O          P           CHAWLA       H        D           CHAWLA                        INDIA
                                                                      29/7 ASHOK NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
MANOHAR KOHLI                       H        R           KOHLI                          INDIA
                                                                      I-1651 FF CHITARANJAN PARK NEW DELHI N
ASHA       RANI        KALRA        RAM      NARAIN                                      INDIA
                                                                      I F 156 LAJPAT NAGAR NEW DELHI
SUDHA      MANDE                    O        D           MANDE                          INDIA
                                                                      H 255 DDA FLATS NARAINA NEW DELHI NEW
MANJU      LATA                     SH       KHEM        CHAND SHARMA                  INDIA
                                                                     10/125 A VISHNU GALI VISHWAS NAGAR SHA
JASBIR     SINGH                    NOT      AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                      C-162,GREATER KAILASH I, NEW DELHI
NARENDRA TYAGI                      SHOORVIR TYAGI                                    INDIA
                                                                      95/2 ANDREWS GANJ, NEW DELHI
NEENA      CHANDRA                  S        CHANDRA                                   INDIA
                                                                      HOUSE NO 566 SACHIN NAG BLOCK ASIAN G
SHASHI     GUPTA                    BRIJ     BHUSHAN     GUPTA                          B BHUSHAN J-42 SOUTH
                                                                      C/O LIEUT COLONELINDIA
INDRA      KUMAR       AGARWAL      RADHE    SHYAM       AGARWAL                        INDIA
                                                                      H-08 GALI NO 07 CHANDRA NAGAR DELHI D
MANJU      AGARWAL                  INDRA    KUMAR       AGARWAL                      AGARWAL H-08 GALI NO
                                                                      W/O INDRA KUMAR INDIA
ASHA       BAGARIA                  K        N           BAGARIA                      INDIA
                                                                      D-69 JHANDEWALAN FLATTED FACTORIES N
S          GEETA                    R        SURAYANARAYAN                            INDIA
                                                                      C6A/14A,JANAKPURI, NEW DELHI
BALHAN     SAGAR                       LATE      ARJUN        SAGAR                          INDIA
                                                                           A 2/22 JANAKPURI NEW DELHI
NEELU      JAIN                        M         K            JAIN                           INDIA
                                                                           3/67 OLD RAJINDER NAGAR NEW DELHI
MAHALINGAM                             V         RAMA         SWAMY                        INDIA
                                                                           EC-31 MAYA ENCLAVE NEW DELHI NEW DE
RAJESHKUMAR                            P         C            BANSAL                        INDIA
                                                                           F-249 PARSHANT VIHAR DELHI DELHI
SUSHIL     KUMAR       JAIN            NOT       AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                           B-190, YOJANA VIHAR DELHI DELHI
SHANKER    LAL         SINGHANIA       UDAY      CHAND        SINGHANIA                      INDIA
                                                                           B-4 PREET VIHAR VIKAS MARG DELHI DELH
BIRADAVOLU                             NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                           C/O B M RAO A-132 PRIYADARSHANI VIHAR
KABSHA     KHAN                        WALI      MOHD         KHAN                           MARG
                                                                           25 PARK END VIKASINDIA NEW DELHI
SUSHIL     KUMAR       RUSTAGI         SH        LAJ          PAT RAI                       INDIA
                                                                           J&K-104 USHA KUTIR, LAXMI NAGAR, DELH
MANJULA    LAMBA                       RAM       AWTAR        LAMBA                          INDIA
                                                                           751 F-12 GANESH NAGAR NO 2 SHAKARPUR
JAIKISHAN DASS                         LATE      NARANJAN     DASS                         INDIA
                                                                           186 GURU RAM DASS NAGAR LAXMI NAGAR
VED        PRAKASH     DASS            LATE      NARANJAN     DASS                         INDIA
                                                                           186 GURU RAM DASS NAGAR LAXMI NAGAR
DARBAR     RAMANAIDU                   DARBAR    VENKATAIAH                                  INDIA
                                                                           40/421-20 BHASKAR NAGAR KURNOOL
CHINNAKOTLA                            C         KRISHNAIAH                                 INDIA
                                                                           B/27 PRIYA NAGAR RAMAPURAM VILLAGE
V          SAILAJA     KUMARI          V         RAMA                     28/759 C NANDYALAINDIA
                                                              KRISHNA MURTHY                KURNOOL DIST
                                                              MURTHY NALLABOLU             INDIA
R          SREENIVASULU                RAVOOR    KRISHNA      MURTHY                       INDIA
                                                                           H NO 9 39 BETHAMCHERLA
PALLAPOTHU             CHINNA RAO      RAMA      PUNNAIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                           DOOR NO 11-64-63 3RD FLOOR OPP FISH MA
R          Srinivasa   Rao             R         NAGA         RAJU                              INDIA
                                                                           D No-9-70-19, Kothapet, Vijayawada
SATYANARAYANA          NV                     RAO
                                       PADMANABHA             V                             INDIA
                                                                           THE NEW INDIA ASSURANCE CO LTD I FLOO
KAATTA     RAVI        CHANDRA         KATTA     RAMBABU                                     INDIA
                                                                           D NO 42 4 8 RAMAKRISHNA PURAM AMMUL
KALAPALA UMAMAHESWARA                  KALAPALANAGESWARARAO                                  INDIA
                                                                           S/5 LOHIA RESIDENCY MEGA TOWNSHIP NE
VIKASH     KUMAR                       VEDPRAKASH                                            INDIA
                                                                           D NO 20 3 4L RAMAMANDIR STREET GURUN
REVATHI    DEVI        POKALA                  R
                                       PARANKUSAAO            KOKA                           SWARNA APARTMENT 1
                                                                           SRINIVASA RAO G 3 INDIA
KULWANT    KAUR                        CHARANJITSINGH                                         INDIA
                                                                           54/20/1-16/A GURU NANAK COLONY GUNDA
VAMSI      NUKALA                      NA                                                      INDIA
                                                                           59A 2 1 1 PLOT NO 1 VIDYUT COLONY 1ST LA
KAKARLA    KOTESWARA RAO               VENKATA KRISHNAYYAK                                  INDIA
                                                                           60/3/1/4 RAMACHANDRA NAGAR RAMACHA
BOPPANA    MOHANA                     KUMAR
                       VENKATA KRANTHINA                                                     INDIA
                                                                           A-2 - 2nd FLOOR KAILASH AVENUE MOGAL
VELLANKI   RAMDAS                      V                  RAO
                                                 VENKATESWARA                                 TOWERS, CHANDRA MO
                                                                           FLAT NO.5/2, MOULIINDIA
JAMPALA    VENKATA     APPA RAO        NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                           32-15-108/1 RAVICHETTU MOGALRAJPURAM
SUBBA      RAO         MV              PRASADA RAO            MPS                          INDIA
                                                                           204 CHANDRA TOWERS SIDE OF MADHIKAL
MAREMANDA              RAMAM                   M
                                       NARASIMHA URTY                                       INDIA
                                                                           F F 4 AWANTI APARTMENTS 14/18-2-18 BRIN
SANTA      KUMARI      UPPALAPATI      RAMA      KRISHNA                  W/O            INDIA
                                                              RAO UPPALAPATI U RAMA KRISHNA RAO FF1 D NO 40 9 19
V          B           S INVESTMENTS P NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                           PLOT NO 77 MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES COLON
NARAYANA RAO           ANANTHANENI              A
                                       KRISHNAIAH             V                              TOWERS MOGALRAJPU
                                                                           FLAT NO 225 LOTUS INDIA
K          RAMESH      BABU            K         V            SUBBA RAO                      INDIA
                                                                           DOOR NO 21-10-65 UPSTAIR SRI NAGAR COL
UMAMAHESWARA           NIDUMOLU        NA                                                     OFFICERS COLONY BH
                                                                           PLAT NO 215 POLICEINDIA
ANIL       KUMAR       PENTYALA        MOHANRAO                                              INDIA
                                                                           41-25-18 BYREDDI VARI ST KRISHNA LANKA
PERISETTY RAVINDRA     RAO             NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                           2-211 CHINTAGUNTAPAEM NEAR GADDI BA
DHIKOLLU VIJAYA        KUMAR           KOTAIAH                                              INDIA
                                                                           GOVT B C BOYS HOSTEL PALLERLAMUDI N
JAGAN      MOHAN       RAO GORREPATI   BULLIAH CHOWDARY                                     INDIA
                                                                           D NO 10-111 PATAMATA BAZAR GHANTASA
KARANGULAHEMALATHA                             MOHANA
                                       KARANGULA              RAO                            INDIA
                                                                           HOUSE NO 8-151A, SITAPURAM COLONY PO
KUNDLA     SUDARSANAM                          KUNDLA
                                       RAMANAIAH                                           INDIA
                                                                           VETERNERY ASST SURGEON 1-4-207/9 RAMA
BRAHMESWARA            CHERUKURI       KUTUMBARAO                                          INDIA
                                                                           D NO 1 5 RAVICHARLA NUZIVID KRISHNA
PHANI      KUMAR       MALLISHETTY             RAO
                                       VENKATESWARA                                         INDIA
                                                                           DOOR NO 17-184 BUS STAND ROAD BESIDE A
UPADRASTA KIRAN        KUMAR                  SASTRY
                                       RAMASWAMY              UPADRASTA                     INDIA
                                                                           1/2A MAIN ROAD CHINAOGIRALA VUYYURU
           KAKULASWAMY                 VENKATA SITA                      3/42 MAIN     INDIA
                                                              RAMARAO NANDIVADA ROAD MAIN VILLAGE TADANKI P
P           NAGESWARA RAO             SOBHANAMPALAGANI                                  INDIA
                                                                      DOOR NO 16/270B, C/O M APPA RAO OPP BUS
DODLA                 RAO
            CHANDRASHEKHARA           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      D NO 11/132-4 GUDIVADA KRISHNA DT GUD
BALASA      PRAKASH     KUMAR         SUBBA    RAO                                      VTPS
                                                                      QUARTER NO SG-57,INDIA B-COLONY KOND
CHIMATA     MURALI      MOHAN                 CHIMATA
                                      POORNAIAH                                         INDIA
                                                                      Q NO JE 378 SECURITY COLONY V T P S IBRA
SATISH      N                         NAMBURU SESHAVATHARAM                            INDIA
                                                                      13/1/57 GUNTURU VARI THOTA GUNTUR
RANGANAYAKULA           R             SWAMI    RANGA      RAJU                            INDIA
                                                                      5/54/87/B 6/18 BRODIPET GUNTUR
RAVIPATI    KAMESWARI                 GOPALA   RAO                                      INDIA
                                                                      D NO 11-349 4TH LANE PANDURANGA NAGA
MARUPUDI GOPALA         RAO           NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      DOOR NO 2-36 CHINTALAPUDI POST PONNU
A           V           KRISHNA SAI   NARAYANA                                           INDIA
                                                                      D NO 24-1-71 OPP RURAL POLICE STATION C
GOTTUMUKKALA            LAKSHMI       SATYA    SUDHAKAR                                 INDIA
                                                                      D NO.4-48-16 ALAPATI VARI STREET ITHANA
GOTTUMUKKALA                          MURALI   KRISHNA    PRASAD                        INDIA
                                                                      4-48-16 ALAPATIVARI STREET ITHANAGAR T
ORUGANTI KRISHNA        MURTHY        O                 RAO
                                               VENKATESWARA                              INDIA
                                                                      18-1-17 BESIDE TELEPHONE EXCHANGE SAL
TARAKANATHHUNDI                       C        MADHAVA    RAO                         INDIA
                                                                      GOVT JUNIOR COLLEGE VEMURU GUNTUR
BASANI      AROGYAMMA                 NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      3 21 SIRIPURAM MEDIKONDURU NEAR CENT
SHAIK       AKBAR                     NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      D NO 4 4 34 BEHIND S B I SATTENAPALLI GU
VIPULBHAI CHHAGANBHAI                 NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      51 KRISHNA PARK SOCIETY SAMADA-7 SAM
         V          DHANANI
RAMNIKBHAI ALLABHBHAI                 NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      56 SHREENATHJI BUNGLOWS MAIN ROAD M
KANJIBHAI NARANBHAI DHOLARIYA         NA                                               1, PUNAGAM, SURAT
                                                                      164-VIKRAM NAGARINDIA
PIYUSH      MAHENDRA JARIWALA         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      3/2228 SALABATPURA OPP POLIC STATION S
PARESHKUMAR             GADHIYA       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      50 DHARAMRAJ PARK SOCIETY AKAR SPOR
LALJIBHAI   K           VAVLIYA       NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      111, SARDAR SHOPPING CENTRE, JUNA BAR
SURESHBHAIVALLABHBHAI                 NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                      A-1, FLAT NO - 204, KRISHNA TOWN SHIP,MO
JAYANTILALD             JAGANI        NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      115, YOGESHVAR ROW-HOUSE, NR. SHYAMD
JAYSUKHBHAI             BHALALA       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      59 KUBER NAGAR SOCIETY OPP KRISHNA PA
SAMIR                  PAREKH
            SHAILESHBHAI              NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      DR FOXS STREET RAICHAND ROAD NAVSAR
ZARINA      HATIMBHAI   BOOTWALLA     NA                                                 MUMBAI MAHARASHT
                                                                      112, LOHAR CHAWL,INDIA
BAJRANG     J           KANKANI       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      BAJRANG J KANKANI/RAMANUJ J KANKANI
KIRTI       JAYANTILAL SHAH           NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      C/3 ,H-WING,FLAT NO - 81 MAHAVIR NAGAR
CHANDRA     HIMAT       LAKHANI       NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      802, RAMESHWAR, NEELKANTH VALLEY, 7t
NEETA       BIPIN       SHAH          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      B 14/205 VEENA SADAN 3 VEENANAGAR MU
KANAYA      CANESHDAS CHOTRANI        NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      A-602, VISHWAMITRA SAPTRISHI PARK BEH
SATYANARAYAN                          NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      C-1/1, THE INDIAN SMELTING AND REFINING
AMBIKAPRASAD            SHUKLA        NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      SHUKLA NIVAS, SHUKLA COMPOUND, MAH
CHIRMADE DIGAMBAR       V             NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      208, SAI LEELA APARTMENT, B WING, KESH
SAMRUDDHISANDEEP        MORE          NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      A/5 VIKRANT APARTMENT RAIKAR PARK DI
GANESH      KONDIBHAU WALUNJ          NA                                             INDIA
                                                                      NEHARU CHOWK TAL KHED PUNE MAHARA
SHAHIN      SHABBIR     SHAIKH        NA                                                 PUNE.
                                                                      873, BHAVANI PETH,INDIA PUNE MAHARA
HEMA        NARAYANDASKHATWANI        NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      A/P PIMPRI CAMP HB/3/8 PUNE PUNE MAHA
MANISHA     KISHIN      ASHHRA        NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                      C - BLOCK 4/3, PIMPRI, PUNE MAHARASHTR
PUSHPA      RAMESH      NANKANI       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      PRASUN PARK, FLAT NO. 5, C- WINGS, OPP D
DAYANAND B              UBALE         NA                                            INDIA
                                                                      PAVANANAGAR BEHIND ST COLONY SANGA
SANJAY      SADASHIV    ZULPE         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                      GIRISH APART B PLOT NO 1 SR NO 13 SHITO
MAHAJAN     RAJENDRA    BALIRAM       NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      AT ADINATH NAGAR INFRONT OF 82 CENTU
Amir        Fiddali     Bharmal       NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                      Kausarbaug Hsg.So. Kondhwa Khurd Pune Mahar
SHAKUNTALA ISHWANATHBIRADAR           NA                                              INDIA
                                                                      ISHWAR KUNJ SHUSILADEVI DESHMUKH NA
RAJESH      RAOSAHEB    SALUNKE       NA                                             INDIA
                                                                      BEHIND RAGHVENDRA COLONY DATTA MA
RAKESH      MATHUR                    LATE     MR         RAM SARAN                    INDIA
                                                                      A-405 SHAURYA APARTMENT B9/7B SECTOR
ABHISHEK   SINGH                      JAY        PRAKASH    SACHAN                        INDIA
                                                                         INTELLIGENT INFORMATION SYSTEM A 28 S
ANGAD      KUMAR       RAI                    RAI
                                      SINGHASON                                           INDIA
                                                                         D 456 YOGINAGAR GOTRIROAD VADODARA
ARUN       SINGH       CHAND          BHOPAL     SINGH      CHAND                         INDIA
                                                                         CHIEF ENGINEER H Q CENTRAL COMMAND
DEEPAK     BAID                       TEJ        KARAN                                     WARD
                                                                         B-114, SURYA MARGINDIA NO. 31 JAIPUR.
SUDARSHANPRASAD        JAIN           SEWA       RAM        JAIN                            MAIN
                                                                         31, SHASTRI NAGAR INDIA SECTOR BHILWA
MADHURANIGUPTA                        ASHOK      GUPTA                                    GANDHIDHAM
                                                                         E 52 SAPNA NAGAR INDIA
Mrs        JYOTI       R HINGWALA     RAVINDRAD             HINGWALA                    INDIA
                                                                         704 GAYATRI DHAM HANSRAJ MORARJI B
RASIKLAL   SHAMJI      DEDHIA         SHAMJI     BHIMSEE    DEDHIA                         INDIA
                                                                         D/4 206 SHREYAS APPT SARVODYANAGAR M
ABHAY                RACKVI
           GANESHCHANDRA              NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         FLAT NO.3, BUILDING NO.3, 2ND FLOOR ASM
AGGANNA    SASTRY      PAPPU          NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         PLOT NO.12, LALITHA NAGAR COLONY, WES
Rajendra   Kumar       Dugar          NA                                                        INDIA
                                                                         Ganpati Sugar Industries Ltd 8/2/438/5 Road No 4
RENU       MITTAL                     SUNDAR     LAL                                      SATELLITE TOWNSHIP
                                                                         506 SHANTASRIRAMINDIA
PAVAN      KRISHNA     CK             NA                                                     LAXMI
                                                                         F NO 203 SRI VIJAYAINDIA RESIDENCY R K
CHANDRA    SEKHAR      MACHARLA       RATNAM MACHARLA                                       INDIA
                                                                         53 1 372/C CHRISTURAJU PURAM KRISHNA D
AJAY       KUMAR       SHARMA         BASUDEV SHARMA                                     INDIA
                                                                         SMU V, NAVAL DOCKYARD, VISAKHAPATN
                                      CHANDRASEKARA         PASUPULETI                      INDIA
                                                                         D NO 31 33 90 2 DABAGARDENS VISAKHAP
JAGANNADHAM            KRISHNA RAO            RAO
                                      VENKATESWARA                                          INDIA
                                                                         D NO 15 2 7 WARD 20 KOPPINEEDIVARI STR
SURE       NARENDRA    KUMAR          RAMA       RAO                                       INDIA
                                                                         DOOR NO 16-1-19 BYEPASS ROAD SATTENA
MANDADAPU                             M          SEETHARAMAIAH                           INDIA
                                                                         STATE BANK OF HYDERABAD PIDUGURALL
A          VENKATESWARLU              NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         DHANALAKSHMI RICE MILL SATTINAPALLI
CH                    RAO
           MALLIKARJUNA               SURYANARAYANA                                        INDIA
                                                                         11\2\11\14 RAMIREDDY PETA NARASARAOPE
KOPPARAVURI                                   MURTHY
                                      GOPALAKRISHNA                                       CLOTH
                                                                         SRI LAKSHMI NATH INDIA CREATORS M G
K          VENKATA     KOTI REDDY     K          KOTESWARA REDDY                        INDIA
                                                                         MAIN ROAD GANDHI CHOWK NARASARAO
B          MOHAN       RAO            NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                         D NO 4-1-23/2 OLD TOWN NARASARAOPET
RATNAREDDYOYAPATI                             B
                                      INNAREDDYOYAPATI                                      INDIA
                                                                         H NO 11 14 2/3 RAMIREDDYPET NARASARAO
CHEKURI    SAMBA       SIVA RAO       VEERAIAH                                              INDIA
                                                                         D NO 6-1-271 KASI RAMARAO BLDGS MAIN R
GUNDA      KOTESWARA RAO                      GUNDA
                                      VENKATESWARLU                                    INDIA
                                                                         PEDAKODAMA GUNDLA (POST) KARAMPUD
CHILAMKURI UBRAHMANYAM                NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                         D. NO. 27 - 9/1 KOTHAPET VINUKONDA GUN
CHILAMKURI ENKATA      KOTESWARA RAO MUNEIAH                                              INDIA
                                                                         DOOR NO 27-9A KOTHAPETA VINUKONDA
DEVAKI     VIJAY       PAVAN KUMAR    NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         ANDHRABHUMI REPORTER NEAR SWAMY I
MACHAVARAPU            LAKSHMI        LATE       PUNNA      RAO                          INDIA
                                                                         VISHNU TOWERS D NO 2-38-6/2A PLOT NO 20
NIMMAGADDA             LAKSHMI        N          RAMA       RAO                           INDIA
                                                                         W/O N RAMA RAO, 407, 4 TH FLOOR GOLLAP
VENKATA    RAMIREDDY DUMPA            NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         6 -1-51 GODUGUPALEM ONGOLE PRAKASAM
CHALUVADI RAMAKRISHNA                 NA                                                INDIA
                                                                         CHINTHALAPALEM (VILL) KANIGIRI PRAKA
KANDAGATLA                            K          V          NARAYANA                     INDIA
                                                                         10-254-E RAMALAXMI STREET MARKAPUR
K          SREENIVAS                  K          P          VENU GOPAL                    INDIA
                                                                         4/492 CAR ST MARKAPUR
D          SRI         LAKSHMI        D          SRINIVAS                                 INDIA
                                                                         DOOR NO 21-22 KAMATI STREET NELLORE
JAFFER     SHARIFF     MD             NIZAM      SHARIFF    MD                            INDIA
                                                                         22/269 KUMMARI STREET NELLORE
GANGI      SUBBA       REDDY          AYYAPPA REDDY                                         INDIA
                                                                         27/I/922/55 RAGHU NIVAS PUTTAVEEDHI EN
GANGI      VARALAKSHMI                SUBBAREDDY                                            INDIA
                                                                         27/I/922/5 RAGHU NIVAS PUTTAVENHI END R
VADDI      SIVARAMA    KRISHNA                NAIDU
                                      LAKSHMAIAH            LATE                          INDIA
                                                                         RAMJI NAGAR 3RD LINE 27TH WARD OPP SA
MOHAN      KOTESWAR    RAO G          GOVINDAIAH                                          INDIA
                                                                         23/440 ARIGALAVARI STREET FATHEKHANP
S          MYDHILI                    S          MALLIKARJUNA                              INDIA
                                                                         20/684 MULA PET NELLORE
SUBBARAO GOTTI                        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         B-10121 MULAPET POLICE QUARTERS WARD
M          INDIRA      DEVI           M          THILAK     BABU                           INDIA
                                                                         DOOR NO. 8/186 VIGNESWARAPURAM (ST) G
ISSAC      PRASADA     RAO KUDUMULA   ISSAC      LUKE       KUDUMULA                        INDIA
                                                                         D NO 415, PHC 11 SHAR CENTRE SRIHARIKO
NUKARAJU V             KUMAAR         SADASIVA RAO          N                            INDIA
                                                                         VIRURU POST AND VG GANDIPALEM SO GA
PETA                  REDDY
           SREENIVASULU               NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         PATURIVARI KANDRIGA MUTTHUKUR PO S
D          SATYANARAYANA              D         ADISESHAIAH                              INDIA
                                                                         NORTH RAJU PALEM POST KODAVALURU M
SAROJ      DEVI       PINCHA          SURANDARKUMAR        PINCHA                          INDIA
                                                                         10-5-8/2/5 RAMNAGAR VISAKHAPATNAM
VENKATA    RAJA       SHEKAR BABU Y   Y                  RAO
                                                NAGAMUNESWARA                               C/OVIKAS EDUCATIONA
                                                                         10-1-28 ASILIMETTA INDIA
GUDIMETLA SRINIVASA   REDDY           G         BRAHMA                 D                INDIA
                                                           KRISHNA REDDY NO 401 HOTAS ANANDITA ENCLAVE A V A
MOHAMMEDABDUL         GAFFAR                 ABDUL
                                      MOHAMMED             JABBAR                          INDIA
                                                                         9-21-13/10 CBM COMPOUND OPP CBSE TIMA
SARAVANA KUMAR        NVS             SRIRAM    MURTHY     NV                            INDIA
                                                                         C/O ASRAMAM NO 54 VIVEKANANDA NAGA
ABHINANDAN AHTO                       DEO       NARAYAN    MAHTO                           INDIA
                                                                         QTR NO F 16 OLD NAUSENA BAUGH GANDH
VALIVETI   NAGESWARA RAO              NA                                                    DURGA
                                                                         FLAT NO F-2 VIJAYAINDIA RESIDENCY DO
K          V          VIPIN           K         G                     INS            INDIA
                                                           VISWAMBHARAN ELECTRICAL DEPT INS DEGA NAD POST
AMITAVA    SAMAL                      NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         INS DEGA NAD POST VISHAKHAPATNAM
V          SREENIVASA RAO             SANYASI                                              INDIA
                                                                         4-38 BHPC POST NATAYYAPALEM VIZAG
SUNIL      KURMANA                    K         SIMHACHALAM                               INDIA
                                                                         MIG B 92 SHEELANAGAR NEAR BHPV GAJUN
GUDLA      RAVI       KUMAR           G         SEETA                                  INDIA
                                                           RAMA SWAMY C/O JAYASIMHA NILAYAM D. NO. 55 - 43 - 19
AMDHRA     LAKSHMI    PRAYAGA                 LATE
                                      VENKATESAM                                           INDIA
                                                                         51-8-40/15 NAKKAVANIPALEM SITHAMMAD
BEELA      VENKATA    RADHA KUMARI    B         V                                        INDIA
                                                           RAMA SATYAM 50/50-27/7 SEETHAMMADHARA VISAKHAPA
M          B          RAMESH          M         B                                          INDIA
                                                           NARASIMHULU DR NO 50-121-54/31 SAI LAKSHMI APPT BALA
MEKA       VEERA                     SATYANARAYANA
                      VENKATA SATYANARAYANA CHOWDARY                                          INDIA
                                                                         54/15/6/6 B 3 RAJ RESIDENCY APARTMENTS
SATYAKRISHNAM         PENMATSA        RAMA                PENMATSA
                                                KRISHNAMRAJU                                  INDIA
                                                                         D NO 50 121 56/1 15 RAJ TOWERS APARTMEN
DHARMALINGAM                          BRAHMAMB             V                               INDIA
                                                                         44/37/1 SRINIVASANAGAR AKKAYYAPALEM
DEVENDRA KUMAR        JAIN            D         C          JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                         PURNA CHANDRA BEHERA MATHASAHI CH
GANAGAM VENU          GOPAL RAO       NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                         D NO 49-27-44 LAKSHMI NILAYAM FF3, MAD
RAJASEKHAR                            NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         IDEA CELLULAR LTD D NO 47 11 3 ESWAR H
PRASADARAO UKKALA                     LATE      SESHAIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                         D NO.-49-25-2, MADHURA NAGAR, MILKBOO
D          SRIDHAR                    D         PEDDARAMARAO                                INDIA
                                                                         DOOR NO 45-2-60/2/1/1 RAMACHANDRA NAG
PONNADA    VENKATA    RAMANA          NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         F-12, PALLAVA ENCLAVE ABID NAGAR AKK
GANTI      VENKATA    RAMANA MURTY    G         SREE       RAMAMURTY                        DODDANA KUNDI, OUT
                                                                         648 FERN PARADISE INDIA
G                    R
           VEERABHADRAAO              NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                         4-48-2 3, SRI RENUKA VIHAR, 2ND FLR PLOT
CHILAMKHURTY                                  CHILAMKHURTY
                                      VENKATARAMAIAH                                     INDIA
                                                                         RATNA RIVERIA APTS FLAT NO 302 59 KIRLA
JAMI       VENKATARAO                 CHINNA    PAIDISETTY JAMI                              INDIA
                                                                         HIG 64 B D NO 39 33 105/15/1 PHASE 1 EXTEN
VEMULAPALLI                           V         PARANDHA RAO                             INDIA
                                                                         M/S MILLENNIUM SECURITIES D NO 28/2/46
GUDIMETLA ANJANI      SIREESHA        G         GOPALA                 D NO             INDIA
                                                           KRISHNA MURTHY 22-53 A SRINIVASA NAGAR SIMHACHA
THIMMAPATHI           SATYAPRASAD     T         PARTHA     SARADHI                       INDIA
                                                                         11 89 DURGANAGAR R R V PURAM PO VISA
PRAGADA    LAKSHMI                    PRAGADA TRISESHU                                    INDIA
                                                                         4-314 SUNDARA NAGAR DAIRY FARM POST
B          VENKATA    RAMANA          B         V          RAMANAYYA                       INDIA
                                                                         D NO 11-4-35 CHINNA VEEDHI ANAKAPALLE
SRI        DEVI       ANUMALISETTY    KRISHNS   RAO        GUMPINA                          VEEDHI, ANAKAPALLE
                                                                         11-3-30, JAMPAVARI INDIA
KOTHAPALLITATABABU                    NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                         RAVADA VILLAGE PARAVADA MANDAL NT
P          V          B DEVARA        PSL       DEVARA                                    INDIA
                                                                         LIC OF INDIA YELAMANCHILI
KARRI      RAMAKRISHNA                KARRIAPPARAO                                        INDIA
                                                                         H NO 4 67 THIMMAPURAM S RAYAVARAM M
V          SRINIVAS   RAJU            NA                                                    VEEDHI
                                                                         D NO 7-8-3/1 KARRA INDIA SRIKAKULAM S
B          DHARMA     RAO             GANGAYYALATE                                           INDIA
                                                                         D.NO 2-2-83 SIRDI SAI SUPPLIYERS ILLISIPU
N          SUNIL      DATTU           N         SIVA       RAO                              INDIA
                                                                         D NO 7-8-5 FLAT NO-A3 SUBHA RESIDENCY
CHERUKURI NARASIMHA RAJU              V         S                      3-112          INDIA
                                                           S NARAYANA RAJU S ATCHUTHA PURAM SURYARAO PET
NAGI       REDDY      KARRI           NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                         3-24, RADEYAPALEM, RAJANAGARAM, AND
CHAMAKURISURYA        BASAVA SRINIVAS CH        SUBBA      RAO                               INDIA
                                                                         D. NO 54.9.11 FLAT NO F-6 SRI LAKSHMI SAI
K          RAJALAKSHMI                J         KALYANRAMAN                               INDIA
                                                                         F 1 HERITAGE REGENCY 79 20 12 MALLINA N
HEMALATHAMUDUNURI                     SRINIVASARAJU                                       INDIA
                                                                         12-3-25 SUNKARA VARI STREET SESHAYYAM
                                      SANTAMITRA                                            INDIA
                                                                          SE SELECT S 12 GODAVARI BHAVAN BASE C
GANJI     JANARDHAN                   BALAYYA                                               INDIA
                                                                          D NO 4-1-53 WARD NO 17 BHUPAIAH AGRAH
GANGISETTYVENKATA                           RAO
                      KOTESWARA RAO VENKATESWARA                                           INDIA
                                                                          SRI DEVI CLOTH SHOP MAIN ROAD RAMPAC
K         KASI        VISWANADHAM     K          MULAYYA                                     INDIA
                                                                          12-60-3 BC ROAD C/O RMC BAZAR NEW GAJU
GUNDABATHULA                          PAPA       RAO                                       INDIA
                                                                          D.NO.7.9 RCPM ROAD G.MAMIDADA EAST G
K                   REDDY
          SATYANARYANA                K          VENKATA                 D                INDIA
                                                             KRISHNA REDDY NO 7 16 G MAMIDADA PEDAPUDI MANDA
PAPPU     NAGASHRI                    NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                          DNO 9-12/1 G MAMIDADA
SRI       SAI                         NA
                      TEJA AGRO INDUSTRIES                                                    INDIA
                                                                          D NO 4 135 A, TOSSIPUDI, BICCAVOLU MAND
SAMPATH   KUMAR       KANDADAI                K
                                      VARAHACHARI            A                             INDIA
                                                                          2/5/11 SEETHAYYAGARI THOTA PITHAPURA
PASUPULETIVEERABABU                   P          B           APPARAO                        INDIA
                                                                          D NO 4-141 A KOLANKA KAJULURU MANDA
KANKIPATI CHAKRAVARTHY                       RAO
                                      RAMMOHANA                                             INDIA
                                                                          H.NO.3B/19/37 KANDAKAM STREET PADAMA
DEVULAPALLE                           D          CHANDRA                                  INDIA
                                                             MOHAN REDDY FLAT NO 201 BASARA WEST BLOCK CHANA
RAVURI    NAGA        SURESH          NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                          D NO 3/33 MAIN ROAD MANCHILI ATTILI MA
SANKU     SATISH      KUMAR           NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          S SAISH KUMAR CANAL ROAD ATTILI AP
                      SATYANARAYANA RAJU    RAJU                                            INDIA
                                                                          H NO 6 45A MAIN ROAD GANAPAVARAM WE
RUDDARRAJU            RAJU            SIVARAMARAJU                                         INDIA
                                                                          D NO 3.63 CHILUKURU UNID WEST GODAVA
CHINTA    RAJYA       LAKSHMI         KASI       VISWANADHAM                                 INDIA
                                                                          DOOR NO 4/47/5/1 P T COLONY TADEPALLIG
                                                 RAMAKRISHNA           3-66           INDIA
MANTHENA AMAR         KUMAR RAJU      RAJU       M           VS                            INDIA
                                                                          C/O BH KRISHNA KUMARI, KUMADAVALLI
NAGA      RAJU        MADDINAPUDI     CHINNA     NARASANNA                                 INDIA
                                                                          D NO 4-39 NIDADAVOLU VARI STREET OLD
TAMANAMPUDI           KUMARI          SRINIVASAREDDY                                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O DEVI SEA FOODS TANUKU WEST GODA
P         DHARMA      SEKHAR          SURYANARAYANA                                         INDIA
                                                                          D NO 33 93 2 RASHTRAPATHI ROAD SURYAL
AMBATI    VENKATESWARI                AMBATI     SATYANARAYANA                               ROAD
                                                                          D NO 15 1 14 3 MHS INDIA ROYAPETA NAR
N         SAMBASIVA RAO               BAPAIAH                                              INDIA
                                                                          C/O K LAKSHMI NARAYANA VULLIPALEM V
VENKATA   RAMI                       B
                      REDDY BHIME REDDY          H                       C               INDIA
                                                             PRAKASH REDDY/O RADHIKA ENTERPRISES NUTAKI GUNTU
VENKATARAMI           BHIME REDDY     B          H                       C               INDIA
                                                             PRAKASH REDDY/O RADHIKA ENTERPRISES NUTAKI GUNTU
          VENKATARAMI                         PRAKASH
                                      BHIMIREDDY             REDDY                        INDIA
                                                                          C/O RADHIKA ENTERPRISES NUTAKI GUNTU
GALI      ANJAYAIAH                   RAMAIAH                                            INDIA
                                                                          KANCHERLA PALEM POST TENALI TENALI
NAGA      SAIVARA                    NA
                      PRASAD REDDY EAMANI                                                  INDIA
                                                                          S/O SAMBI REDDY ISUNPUR POST & MANDA
MADHURIKAPOONAM       SAMUDRALA       S          SREENIVASA BABU                          INDIA
                                                                          D/O SREENIVASABABU OPP B C BOYS HOST
SARITHA   KOWMUDHI SAMUDRALA          S          SREENIVASA BABU                          INDIA
                                                                          D/O SREENIVASABABU OPP B C BOYS HOST
SUMAN     KUMAR       SAMUDRALA                SAMUDRALA
                                      SREENIVASABABU                                      INDIA
                                                                          S/O SREENIVASABABU OPP B C BOYS HOSTE
SAMBASIVA RAO         AMBATI          RAMAIAH                                             INDIA
                                                                          BEHIND STATE BANK OF INDIA STATE BANK
KISHORE   CHOWDARY M                          RAO
                                      SAMBASIVA              M                             INDIA
                                                                          S/O M SAMBASIVA RAO D NO 2-120 PHIRAM
                                      NAGESWARA                                             INDIA
                                                                          D NO 3-9-31 PATHURU NEAR SRINIVASA DEL
M         LAKSHMI     PADMA           M          MURALI      KRISHNA                      INDIA
                                                                          D/O A KOTESWARA RAO H NO 12-2-7/1 PRAK
RAMA      KRISHNA     REDDY DESIREDDI SAMBI      REDDY                                      NO 12/402-1 PATIMEED
                                                                          S/O SAMBI REDDY DINDIA
DADDALA   VENKATA     RAO             D          SUBBA       RAO                          INDIA
                                                                          C/O PRASANANJANEYA ENTERPRISES MARK
GANAPANENI EDDA       ANJAIAH         G          LAKSHMAIAH                                INDIA
                                                                          C/O SRI PRASANANJANEYA ENTERPRISES M
PABBISETTYJAYA        LALITHA         GOPINATH                                            INDIA
                                                                          W/O PABBISETTY GOPI NATH DOOR NO 26-1
VADDAMANIVENKATA      SUBBAIAH        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                          S/O V V RAMANAIAH MANAGER THE I D C C
ACHUTA    NARASAIAH                   KONDAIAH                                            INDIA
                                                                          SITY PLYWOOD CENTRE DOOR NO 18-1-73 P
T         V           SATYANARAYANA T            V           SUBBAIAH                       INDIA
                                                                          C/O T V N SIVA PRASAD 8-1-24 JAMMI CHETT
LAKSHMINARAYANA                       C          H                        SRI            INDIA
                                                             SHESHAGIRI RAO SATYASAI ASSOCIATES SRI LAKSHMI G
MOHANA    GAJAPATI                   R       RAJU
                      RAJU KAKARLAPUDI AMACHANDRA            K                            PO SINGARAYA KONDA
                                                                          SINGARAYA KONDAINDIA
SREENIVASARAO                         NAGA       LINGAM                                  INDIA
                                                                          JAVAHAR NAGAR PERALA PRAKASAM DIST
KARETI    RAMA        KRISHNA REDDI   K          LAKSHMA     REDDY                        INDIA
                                                                          34 ALAKURAPADU PO VIA JANGUTUR PRAK
P         T           PADMAJA         P           JAIN                                INDIA
                                                                       C/O D RAGHUNATHA RAO W16/50 THIPPARA
SURENDRA REDDY        PALAMREDDY      ADISESHA REDDY        P                           INDIA
                                                                       POTLAPUDI VILL POST THOTAPALLI GUDUR
                                      PEDDIREDDY            REDDY                           COLONY NELLORE
                                                                       H NO LIGH II 105 H BINDIA
B         V           SUBBA RAO       VENKATA NARASIMHAM                                INDIA
                                                                       18/205 SIKHARAMVARI ST NELLORE
A         RAMA        DEVI            A           V         SWSHAIAH                   INDIA
                                                                       C/O A PUNDARIKAKSHAM FCA, CHARTERED
SREENIVASULU                          S           VEMULAREDDY                            31/120
                                                                       C/O P L NARASIMHAINDIA BALAGI NAGAR
VENKATESWARLU                         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       4/154 NAVAB PET NELLORE DIST
JABBARBAIGMOGAL       ABDUL           LATE        M                                   INDIA
                                                            KHADER BASHAMANAGER PADMAVATHI THEATRE DARGAM
PRASANNA KUMAR        REDDY ISANAKA   NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       27/1 889 LAKSHMI NAGAR NELLORE DIST
VINODH    V           L               MANGILALSELOT                                        NAGAR
                                                                       25 II/164-1 KESUVALINDIA A K NAGAR PO
DAYAKAR   NELVOY                      K           V         MVR                        INDIA
                                                                       2/27 CHANDRA MOULI NAGAR DARGAMITTA
MYTHILI   BASIVI      REDDY           B           MANOHAR                               INDIA
                                                                       C/O MYTHILI ENGLISH MEDIUM HIGH SCHO
MANOHAR BASIVIREDDY                   LATE        PITCHI    REDDY                       INDIA
                                                                       C/O MYTHILI ENGLISH MEDIUM HIGH SCHO
GOWRI     BALIWADA                    B           VENKATA   RAO                          INDIA
                                                                       C/O S K SRINVIASA 2/C DHANA LAKSHMI PU
B         V           R NAIDU         B           LAKSHMAIAHNAIDU                         INDIA
                                                                       25-1-1763 NETHAJI NAGAR NELLORE
GAUTAM    KAYAL                       SANAT       KUMAR     KAYAL                       INDIA
                                                                       STATE BANK OF INDIA GUDUR NELLORE DI
MUNI                PATHRI
          MAHESWARAIAH                P           MUNIKRISHNAIAH                       INDIA
                                                                       NELLATUR POST VILL GUDUR NELLORE DIS
KRISHNA   MURTHY      P               P           SRINIVASULU                          INDIA
                                                                       C/O VATSALYA INVESTMENTTS STOCK&SH
M                   RAO
          HARIPURUSHOTHAMA            SUBBARAO                                         INDIA
                                                                       INDO NATIONAL LTD TADA NELLORE DIST
P         S           PRAKASH         P                    CHETTY
                                                  VENKATARAYA                          INDIA
                                                                       PARSAM ENTERPRISES DOOR NO 38/1 R V R
NARASINGA RAO         MACHAVARAPU     RASAPILLI                                       INDIA
                                                                       ATCHATHA PURAM MANDAL VIA DOSURU R
TANAKALA VEERABABU                           NAIDU
                                      MAHALAXMI                                            VISAKHAPATNAM
                                                                       26-32-31 R K STREETINDIA
GOLLA     KALPANA                     L           SUNDARA   RAO                        INDIA
                                                                       ASSISTANT ENGINEER OPERATION DIVISION
SUDHEER   REDDY       SANNA REDDY     NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       C/O Y SUDHAKAR 23-14-64 CHINNAM VARI S
SATYANARAYANA         RELANGI         R                    L
                                                  VEERASWAMYATE                         INDIA
                                                                       13-12-1,MAHARANIPETA, VISAKHAPATNAM
S         GOPAKUMAR                   NA                                               VEEDU,
                                                                       EDAYILAZHIKATHUINDIA ARACKAL,PER
R         ZEENATH     BEEVI           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       TC-39/1908,SREEPURAM ROAD POOJAPURA
RAYAZ     QUADER      KHAN            NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       P-19, NARKEL DANGA MAIN RD, KOLKATA
VASANT    SHAH                        NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       C/O, TRAKTO DIESEL ENT. 27, WESTON STRE
MANOJ     KUMAR       AGARWAL HUF     NA                                                  DELUXE CENTRE ROOM
                                                                       157C, LENIN SARANIINDIA
JAYANT    KUMAR       CHOWHAN         NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       16A NAGENDRANATH ROAD, SATGACHI . KO
BELA      MOHTA                       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       16/7/2B KEYATALA ROAD 1ST FLOOR KOLK
RANJIB    GUHA        ROY             NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       3/21 RAJENDRA PRASAD COLONY JADAVPU
SURENDRA DALMIA                       NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       341 S. K. DEB ROAD LAKE ROWN KOLKATA
MAHUA     NAG                         NA                                                 PALLY
                                                                       178/43 PARNASHREEINDIA NEAR SINHAS G
ANITA     GHOSH       CHOWDHURY       NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       A2/14 DIAMOND PARK KOLKATA WEST BEN
AMRITA    ROY                         NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       KALIKAMINI BHAVAN PASCHIMPARA, RAH
BISHNU    KUMAR       AGARWAL         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       1, MAHENDRA NATH RAY 1ST BYE LANE,DO
RINA      SAHA                        NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       SOUTH SANTINAGAR SAPUIPARA PS-BALLY
SK        ZIARAT      ALI             NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       4/1 TAGORE PLACE DURGAPUR DURGAPUR
MANOJ     KUMAR       GHOSH           NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       QR. NO. B1/3 UB BANK COLONY DAVID HAR
ASHOK     KUMAR       AGARWAL         NA                                                 PO-ASANSOL DIST-BUR
                                                                       ABDUL LATIF LANE,INDIA
BINOY     KUMAR       MISHRA          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       VILL- BICHALI DHOARA POST- KAJORA GRA
ARJUN     PRASAD      BHADANI         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       45 SHIV MANDIR ROAD RANIGANJ DIST BUR
DIPAK     BHOWMICK                    NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       JOGI PARA, DIST- BURDWAN KALNA WEST
MANOJ     KUMAR       SOMANI          NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       JUBILEE MARKET POST - JHARGRAM DIST -
TANMOY    DAS                         NA                                             INDIA
                                                                       BANESWARCHAK HALDIA PURBA MEDINIPU
ANANDAMAY                             NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       TILBARI PO-BISHNUPUR DIST-BANKURA BA
MANORANJAN                            NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       C/O SOUMIK AUTOMOBILE VII+PO GANGAJA
AVIJIT     DEY                        NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       PURBASHA APT., 1ST FLOOR BAGRAKOT RO
KOMAL      CHAND      SURANA          NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       RANJIT AUTOMOBILES N. N. ROAD COOCH
RAJANI     KANTA      PAL             NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       VILL & PO-GANGEDDA PS-BHARATPUR DIS
Manoj      Kumar      Sakunia         NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                       Marwari Para Jharsuguda Orissa
ARATI      DUBEY                      NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       MODERN GLASS & PLY HOUSE G.S. ROAD U
ANJAN      CHETIA                     NA                                              GOLAGHAT GOLAGHAT
                                                                       NEW AMOLAPATTY INDIA
RATAN      CHANDRA    PAUL            NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       BAGCHIPARA DIBRUGARH ASSAM
UTTAM      BARUAH                     NA                                                TINSUKIA
                                                                       DURGABARI ROAD, INDIA
SAROJ      SHARMA                     NA                                               MAKUM ROAD TINSUK
                                                                       KHEMANI QUARTERINDIA
SURENDRA AGARWAL                      NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       TIRUPATI AUTO MOBILES A.T. ROAD P.O. TI
PURUSHOTTAM                           NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       PRABHAT DAILY BAZAR P.O. & DIST. TINSU
DILIP      DEB                        NA                                                  SILCHAR U.P.
                                                                       C/O M. DEB SILDUBIINDIA
KUNDAN     KUMAR                      NA                                             INDIA
                                                                       KALYANPUR CEMENT LTD MAYURYA COM
SANJAY     KUMAR      GUPTA           NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       C O DIPANKAR GUPTA KALYANI COMPLEX
RITA       SINHA                      NA                                                APARTMENT ROSE BUD
                                                                       D-1,JAGAT BALRAM INDIA
SAMIR      CHANDRA    KHANNA          NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       KHANNA HOUSE REDMA INCOME TAX OFFI
ABHISHEK   SIKARIA                    NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       C/O SIKARIA BROTHERS 15/760 SHASTRINAG
INDU       SIKARIA                    NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       C/O SIKARIA BROTHERS 15/760 , SHASTRI NA
BINOD      KUMAR                      NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       37 NEW RAILWAY STATION COLONEY PO.DH
MRITUNJAY KUMAR       SRIVASTAVA      NA                                                  DIST
                                                                       100, BEKAR BANDH, INDIA- DHANBAD, DHAN
RAM        SAH                        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       SECTOR-2C/4-223, P.O.-HEAD PO, DIST-BOKA
SHARBANI   GHOSH                      NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       SEC I B QTR NO 251 B S CITY BOKARO JHAR
SANJEET    KUMAR      SINGH           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       B BLOCK QR No- 53 BHULI NAGAR DHANBA
SUBHASH    KUMAR      AGARWALLA       NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       C/O JAI MA KALI BHANDAR RAJ HOSPITAL R
ARVIND     KUMAR      SARAF           NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       C/O SHREE ARVIND TRADING CO MAIN ROA
BHUBAN     MOHAN      MOHANTA         NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       MADARANGAJODI PO MAUDI VIA JOSHIPUR
MOHAMMADASLAM                                ISHAQUE
                                      MAHAMMAD                                          INDIA
                                                                       QRTS NO TC/27 NALCO NAGAR ANGUL ODIS
K          SIVA       PRASAD PRUSTY   K         RAGHUNATHPRUSTY                         INDIA
                                                                       IN FRONT OF LABOUR OFFICE ASKA ROAD B
SARAT      CHANDRA    PANDA           GANESH    PANDE                                      BARINIPUT,PO JEYPORE
                                                                       ASST ENGR,P.P.D.-II INDIA
PRADEEPKUMAR                          S         S           AGARWAL                   INDIA
                                                                       MARWARI PARA SAMBALPUR ORISSA ORISS
JYOTSNA    TRIPATHI                   K         N           TRIPATHI                     INDIA
                                                                       D-74,JAGRITI VIHAR, M.C.L.COMPLEX BURL
MADAN      MOHAN      TALUKDAR        HARICHARAN                                          MESS,
                                                                       P & T ENGINEERING INDIA PAN BAZAR, GUW
NAND       LAL        CHAWLA          JASWANI RAM                                       INDIA
                                                                       STATE BNK OF INDIA BRULLUBARI GAUHAT
NARAYAN    AGARWALA                           AGARWALA
                                      BAJRANGLAL                                       INDIA
                                                                       GANGA BHAWAN J P AGARWALA ROAD, BH
ANJANA     BHATTACHERJEE              KANCHAN BHATTACHEJEE                              INDIA
                                                                       C/O RELIANCE SURGICALS BINOVA NAGAR
KALYAN     DIBYAJYOTI BHARATI         NOT       AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                       OFFICE OF THE D.I.G (B), ASSAM, GUWAHAT
JOGESH     CHANDRA    DHAR            NOT       AVAILABLE                             INDIA
                                                                       R/O KHAGESWAR ROAD P.O & P.S TINSUKIA
SITARAM    THIRANI                    D         P           THIRANI                   INDIA
                                                                       NATIONAL PLYWOOD INDUST. MAKUM ROA
UMESH                                 RAMNATH                                          INDIA
                                                                       BHARAT ENGINEERING COM STATION ROAD
JAWAHAR    DHARI      SINGH           B         D           SINGH                      INDIA
                                                                       SINHA LIBRARY ROAD PATNA PATNA
KUNTI      SHARMA                     R         P           SHARMA                    INDIA
                                                                       DURGAPUR HOUSE BORIND ROAD PATNA P
G          CHARLES    MOHANRAJ        D         GNAMANI                                INDIA
                                                                       CANARA BANK CIRCLE OFFICE P T G SEC EX
ANIRUDDHADASGUPTA                     AMAL      DAS         GUPTA                       INDIA
                                                                       B N RAI ROAD KADAMKUAN PATNA
ANIL       PANDYA                     A         R           PANDYA                     INDIA
                                                                       C/O TRIMURTY DECORATORS OPP JAHAJI K
SURESH     KR         LAKHOTIA        SITA      RAM         LAKHOTIA                  INDIA
                                                                       C/O MAA ANNAPURNA GARMENTS SANJIVA
YASHODA   PAUL                       VIDYA    NAND                                     INDIA
                                                                       C/O SRI LAKHANLAL MACHHUATOLI POWE
RAI       VIMAL       KRISHNA        RAI      UDAYA        KRISHNA                    INDIA
                                                                       MITTAN ANAND BAGH BEGUMA KI HAVELI
BISHWA    NATH        SINGH          DURGA    PRASAD                                  INDIA
                                                                       KASTURBA ROAD SECOND LANE NORTH SR
YAMUNA    DEVI                               SINGH
                                     SISHWANATH                                       INDIA
                                                                       KASTURBA ROAD SECOND LANE NORTH SR
RAM       LAKHAN      SINGH          G        SINGH                                     INDIA
                                                                       RD NO 1 B HOUSE NO 15 NEW PATLIPUTRA C
PAWAN     KUMAR       AGARWAL        NARSINGH DAS                                       INDIA
                                                                       PREM IRON & STEEL TRADERS KANKARBAG
ANITA     SINHA                      M        K            SINHA                        INDIA
                                                                       C/O MANOJ KR SINHA PANNA COLONY NAY
SHANTI    SINGH                      SINGH    SH           AK                           INDIA
                                                                       C/O SRI GANESH NARAIN SINGH RETD HEAD
RAJ       KUMAR       NISHAD         SAHBIR   MALLAH                                   INDIA
                                                                       C/O SARASWATI PUSTAK BHANDAR GHANO
ANJEEVKUMAR                          P        N            PANDEY                     INDIA
                                                                       C/O RAMAKAUL DUBEY RAIGANJ RD AT&PO
SHIV      RATAN       PRASAD         B        N            PRASAD                          ROAD
                                                                       C/O JAINEX SHIVAJI INDIA RAMGARH CANT
LEENA     SINGH                      BIJAY    KUMAR        SINGH                          INDIA
                                                                       C/O SRI B K SINGH MANAGER (SALES) LIC O
PRATIMA   DUTTA                      NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       JAMSHEDPUR WOMENS COLLEGE BISTUPUR
INDU      AGRAWAL                    ARUN     KUMAR        AGRAWAL                      INDIA
                                                                       H-12 TATA NAGAR GOVT COLONY NEAR SA
TRILOCHAN SINGH       SAGGU          DR       G            S SAGGU                       INDIA
                                                                       SAGGU S CLINIC, KADMA MARKET,JAMSHE
HARENDRA SINGH                       S        PUJANSINGH                                 INDIA
                                                                       C/194 ROAD NO 1 K E L ASHOK NAGAR RAN
MONALISA BHATTACHERYA                I        BHATTACHERYA                             INDIA
                                                                       C/O ALOK BHATTACHERYA VIDYAPATI NAG
PASHUPATI NATH        AGRAWAL        B        P            AGRAWAL                      INDIA
                                                                       C/O DILIP KUMAR GUPTA P O GUTHNI SIWA
HARIHAR   NATH        KAPOOR         B        KAPOOR                                   INDIA
                                                                       HARIHAR NATH KAPOOR AR PO MOTIPUR M
MANJEET   SINGH                      DHIRAJ   SINGH                                    CENTRE SHANKAR CHO
                                                                       PUNJAB REDYMADEINDIA
RAGHUNATHMALLIK       DMMS           DEO      NARAYAN      MALLIK                       INDIA
                                                                       QTR NO B/41 BARAUNI REFINERY TOWNSHI
GANESH    PARASAD     AGARWAL        TOLARAM AGARWAL                                  INDIA
                                                                       ANNPURNA MISHTHAN BHANDAR PO ARAR
MURLI     PRASAD      BHAGAT         HARIHAR PRASAD        BHAGAT                      INDIA
                                                                       C/O GUPTA PLYWOOD ZERO MILE ARARIA (
RK        SINGH       LT COL         S        P            SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                       HQ 21 CORPS (EME BRANCH) C/O 56 APO BH
ABDUL     LATIF                      NA                                                KUWAIT
                                                                       NATIONAL BANK OF KUWAIT P O BOX 95 C
G         MANOHARAN                  NA                                                 UNITED
                                                                       POST BOX 7675 DUBAI U A E ARAB EMIRATE
SYED      WASIF       HUSSAINI       NA                                                  SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                       PO BOX 503 JEDDAHSAUDI ARABIA SAUDI A
HABIBULLAHSHAIK                      NA                                                 SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                       10#140659 ARAMCO PB #1730 UDHAILIYAH 3
DAMIAO    ANTONTI     PEREIERA       CARLOS   PEREIRA                                  KUWAIT
                                                                       THE NAT BANK OF KUWAIT CABLES DEPT P
MILAN     MUKHERJEE                  GOLOK    BIHARI       MUKHERJEE                          INDIA
                                                                       Arabindo Pally, P.O. Suri Birbhum
SUSMITA   BHAKAT                     SANDEEP KR            BHAKAT                    INDIA
                                                                       SUKHNOGARH BHUBANDANGA BOLPUR PO
MOUSUMI   TAPADAR                    NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       SCHOOL BAGAN (NEAR JAIN MANDIR) P.O B
SOMA      ROY                        GADAI    CHANDRA      ROY                          INDIA
                                                                       SUROSREE PALLI BOLPUR WEST BENGAL
SUSMITA   BHAKAT                     SANDEEP KUMAR         BHAKAT                      INDIA
                                                                       SUKHNOGARH P O BOLPUR BHUBANDANGA
                                                           BHATTACHARYA              INDIA
SAMANWITASINHA                       JOYDEEP SINGHA                                   INDIA
                                                                       KUTUBPUR RSC ROAD DIST MALDA
DEBABRATACHAKRABARTY                         N
                                     JNANENDRAATH                                       MALDA
                                                           CHAKRABARTY R K PALLY MALDA INDIA WEST BENGAL
BENUGOPALDAS                         LATE               DAS
                                              NIKUNJABIHARI                           INDIA
                                                                       RAMKRISHNA NURSING HOME NEAR SEVOK
SANDEEP   KUMAR       PARAKH         S        L            PARAKH                     INDIA
                                                                       MANSINGKA BUILDING, 2nd FLOOR, MAHAB
SHANTI    LAL         PARAKH         SAJJAN   KUMAR        PARAKH                     INDIA
                                                                       MANSINGKA COMPLEX, 2nd FLOOR, MAHAB
SHYAMALI DATTA                               SEN
                                     SHIBAPADA                                         INDIA
                                                                       HAZRAPARA B S ROAD COOCH BEHAR
                                     MANOMOHAN                                         INDIA
                                                                       SARATPALLY PO DHUBULIA NADIA WEST B
ADITI     JAIN                       ANUJ     JAIN                                        INDIA
                                                                       H NO 14 GALI NO 4 KISHAN KUNJ EXTENSIO
AMARJIT   SINGH                      HARDEV   SINGH                                    OPP BANTA SINGH KAR
                                                                       BATTAM LAL ROAD INDIA
CENTURY             LTD
          CONSULTANTS                NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       22 BOMBAY MUTUAL CHAMBERS 19/21 AMB
SAJID     AHMED       AGHA           A        S            AR AGHA                      INDIA
                                                                       B2/404 ANDHERI GREEN FIELD C H S MAPKH
PREM      PRAKASH                    SHIV     SAGAR                                      INDIA
                                                                       F4 3/12 PRIYADARSHINI CHS LTD SPAGHETT
RAM        MAHADEO     TILLU         NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       B 7 VRAJ SPHURTI CO OP HOUSING SOC WA
AVINASH    S                         SESHASHAYI                                      INDIA
                                                                       SOUTHERN COMMAND COMPOSIT SIG REGT
REKHA      RAMESH      SOMANI        RAMESH                                            INDIA
                                                                       GANGOTARI APT, OPP ISHA PALACE, SALISB
ARCHANA    UJWAL       SHASTRAKAR    UJWAL    P           SHASTRAKAR                     174 SETU APTS RIGHT B
                                                                       FLAT NO 3 PLOT NO INDIA
RODE       SUBHASH     PRABHAKAR     NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       FLAT NO-301, PLOT NO-15/1-2-3, CTS -1237, SH
Rahul      Choudhary                 NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                       164 Chitwad Indore Madhya Pradesh
MADHUMITADASH                        PRADIPTA KUMAR       DASH                           TOWER
                                                                       FLAT NO 71 GODREJINDIA I FRONT OF GO
KARTIC     SWAMINATH                 NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       113 AWHD SECTOR A GAUTAM ENCLAVE SE
PURNACHANDRA           POTINENI      BAPAIAH POTINENI                                  INDIA
                                                                       SINDHUJA ENCLAVE G-1 12-5, J. J. NAGAR AL
NAGARAJ    R                         RAGHAVENDRA                                           RAMPURA, 2ND STAGE
                                                                       48, 23RD BLOCK, SRIINDIA
A          RAMA                              IYER
                                     VISHWANATH                                          INDIA
                                                                       NEW NO 34, 1ST AVENUE INDIRA NAGAR AD
SEETHA     RAMAN       RAVISHANKAR   NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       25/4,MM KARPAGAM FLATS 38TH STREET KO
I          K           KHANNA        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       FLAT GC, BLOCK 1 CEDAR PARK, 4TH MAIN
K          NALLATHAMBI               KARUPPA GOUNDAR                                     FLATS
                                                                       NO 20/1 SUNDHRAM INDIA SASTRI ROAD TE
RAMANATHAN                           NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       C/O MALABAR BUILDING PRODUCTS LTD 3/
VIJAYKUMAR                           MR       T                                       INDIA
                                                          KARUPPASAMY 210 SACHIYA PURAM ROAD THIRUTHANGAL
KALISWAMYPAZHANISAMY                 PAZHANISAMY                                          INDIA
                                                                       8 1346 1ST FLOOR CANARA BANK COLONY C
JAYASREE   D           PAI           DINESH   PAI                                      INDIA
                                                                       1490 KAKKANAM VEEDU 35 DIVISION KOCH
RAJESH     KRISHNA                   NA                                                 21/1036
                                                                       KRISHNA VIHAR TC INDIA NEDUMCAUD K
                                                                       5/1/1 B/C-JADUNATHINDIA
S          P           KUMAR         LATE     S           PICHUMANI                       WARD
                                                                       113/1 S N ROY ROADINDIA - 118 BEHALA SO
GOVIND     PRASAD      PANSARI       R        P           PANSARI                      INDIA
                                                                       8A/7 JOGODYAN LANE KOLKATA
PRODOSH    CHAKRABORTY               NA                                              INDIA
                                                                       RACHNA APARTMENTS, 707,5TH FLOOR, BLO
E          T           MANOJ         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       B-7 BAMLESHWARI NAGAR GUDIYARI RAIP
CHANDRA    SEKHAR      ALLAKA        NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       6 B NEAR COMMUNITY HALL S R NAGAR HY
SHILPA     DHANANIWAL                NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                       H.NO. 4-3-58/3D KAMALA FACTORY BHAINS
PADMAJA    PAGIDI                    NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                       NO 20 3 2 1 B SIVA JYOTHI NAGAR TIRUPAT
MANMAL     KANTHABAI BAFNA           NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       NO 520 2ND MAIN SAMPIGE ROAD MLLESW
SARITHA    B                         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       NO 33 2ND MAIN 3RD CROSS SRINIVASANAG
RAMAMOORTHY                          NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                       110/5, VANAVIL APARTMENTS, EAST MAIN R
P          SAKTHIVEL                 NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       213 KATHAYEE AMMAL NAGAR SALEM TAM
KAMALESH VASANTRAI SANGHAVI          NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       394, MADHURI KUNJ, 27, ELAMKULAM KOCH
INDUMATI   SHAH                      VIRENDRA SHAH                                       OMAN
                                                                       PO BOX 478 RUWI P C 112 SULTANATE OF OM
IQBAL      MAZHAR                    S        M           MAZHAR                         KUWAIT
                                                                       POST BOX NO 1436 SURRAH KUWAIT 13060-S
LAXMINARAYAN           BELLARE              PAI
                                     PADMANABHA           B                             INDIA
                                                                       FLAT NO #302 SOUMYA APARTMENTS 4 TH
HARSHAD    JAYANTILAL SHAH           NA                                               UNITED KINGDOM
                                                                       TARA 62 WAGGON ROAD HADLEY WOOD B
ABDUL      MAJEED      SHAIK         NA                                                AL FARHAH MAIL CENT
                                                                       ARAMCO BOX #2064SAUDI ARABIA
KAILASNATHBHATIA                             MAGANLAL
                                     UTTAMCHAND                                        UNITED ARAB AL AIN A
                                                                       KAILASNATH BHATIA PO BOX 1311EMIRATE
MAHAMMEDIBRAHIM                      ABDUL    SAMAD                                    SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                       ARAMCO P BOX 8179 DHAHRAN SAUDI ARA
JOHN       BAPTIST     NORONHA       IGNATIUS NORONHA                                   SAUDI DHAHRAN 31311
                                                                       C/O ARAMCO P O BOX 6016 ARABIA
SANKARNARAYAN          R             NOT      AVAILABLE                                OMAN
                                                                       MOHSIN HAIDER DARWISH P B 3880 RUWI S
KANEEZ     FATIMA                            SHARIEF
                                     NAIMATHULLAH                                        UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                       N SHARIEF M T O DEPT P O BOX 3098 DUBAI
NILESH               J
           MANSUKHLAL KAMANI         N                                                  MALAYSIA
                                                                       2390 MAIN ROAD MERLIMAN 77300 MELAKA
BLANY      VITUS       FERNANDES     NA                                                  UNITED ARAB
                                                                       P O BOX 15780 DUBAI U A E U A E EMIRATE
RAMANATHAN                           P        RAMANATHAN                                  O RUWAIS HOUSING C
                                                                       P B 11853 RUWAIS P UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
RAMDHANI                             MAGGAN                                            UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                       AL OUFOUK CO PB NO 2097 SHARSAH UAE
AMANULLA KHAN                        NA                                                SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                       DHIBA HOSPITAL DHIBA NORTH ZONE TA
VIRENDRAKUMAR                                  S
                                       KESHAVLALHAH                                           OMAN
                                                                            PO BOX 478 RUWI P C 112 SULTANATE OF OM
AMMAJI    MURALIDHARAN                 NA                                                    OMAN
                                                                            P O BOX NO 75 MULADHA 314 SULTANATE O
KISHOR    B            GAJRIA          B          T           GAJRIA                         BAHRAIN
                                                                            P HARIDAS & SONS P BOX 434 MANAMA BA
KITTANE   NAGARAJ                      LATE       K                      SPC                SAUDI ARABIA
                                                              ANANTHA RAMAIAH C P BOX 119 GIZAN K S A K S A
SHAKUNTALAHATIA                                U
                                       KAILASNATH             BHATIA                          ABU DHABI U A E U A E
                                                                            PO BOX 1311 AL AINUNITED ARAB EMIRATE
REVATHI   BALASUBRAMANIAN              R          BALASUBRAMANIAN                              O) ABU DHABI U A E U
                                                                            P B 11853 RUWAIS (PUNITED ARAB EMIRATE
RIZWANA   ALI          TARIQ           TARIQ      IQBAL       SIDDIQUI                         KHAIMAH U A E U A E
                                                                            P O BOX 687 RAS AL UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
MOHAMMEDABDUL          QADER MOHIUDDINMOHD        ABDUL       SALAM                           SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                            PO BOX 11894 JEDDAH 21463 SAUDI ARABIA
MOHD      BASITH       ALI             MOHD       MAHMOOD ALI                               UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                            SULTAN A C C WOOD WORKS BRANCH P O B
ARUN      MANDHANA                     G          C           MANDHANA                        BAHRAIN
                                                                            FS 3 FINANCIAL SUPPORT SERVICES P O BX
MOHD      SALEEM       HUSSAIN         MOHD       HUSSAIN                                   UNITED ARAB EMIRATE
                                                                            HABIB BANK AG ZURICH P BOX 1166 SHARJ
SUBHASH   CHANDRA                      RAM        PYARA       MAL                              OMAN
                                                                            C/O F H Q (DPC) ROYAL OMAN POLICE P O B
SUNIL     ANAND                        AMOLAK RAM             ANAND                          UNITED
                                                                            PO BOX 5320 SHARJAH UAE ARAB EMIRATE
SYED      GHOUSE                       SYED       ISMAIL                                    SAUDI ARABIA
                                                                            SAUDI ARABIAN MONTRY AGY HEAD OFFIC
SYED      MOHAMMED ABDUL RAHIM         NOT        AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                            11-3-934-4 MALLEPALLY NEAR TAJMAHAL C
MOHAMMEDRASHID         GHOUSE          NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                            HNO 16-11-315/7B MOOSARAM BAGH HYDER
MOHAMMEDSIRAJUDDIN                     NA                                                      INDIA
                                                                            H NO 23-1-954/A/2 MOGHALPURA HDERABAD
YOUSEF    DAWOOD       KAXI            DAWOOD Y               KAZI                          INDIA
                                                                            YOUSEF BUILDING NEHRU ROAD VAKOLA M
EDWIN     FERNANDEZ                    PETER      FERNANDEZ                                 INDIA
                                                                            16 NEELKAMAL ROAD ANDHERI MUMBAI M
HARMINDERSINGH         GILL            NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                            1373 SECTOR 33-C CHANDIGARH INDIA
GEORGE    WILLIAM      ENGINEER        NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                            CHECKALAYIL T C 4/888 KOWDIAR THIRUVA
                                       VELLARINGATTU          GEORGE                       INDIA
                                                                            MICROCOMPU DATA SYSTEMS KATTOOKAR
PARUL     KUMAR                                SHAH
                                       BALAKRISHNAN                                            JUHU
                                                                            103 MERMAID 931/11INDIA TARA ROAD NEA
SAMAR     JEET         SINGH           RAJ        KARAN       SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                            C/O MR SHIV MOHAN SINGH VILL & PO PITH
VASUMATI KISHOR        GAJRIA          KISHOR     B           GAJRIA                         INDIA
                                                                            NRE BANK A\C NO 0568500 ANZ GRINDLAYS
VED       PARKASH      SHARMA          SH         DEV         RAJ SHARMA                     INDIA
                                                                            169 URBAN ESTATE BATHINDA PUNJAB PUN
PEDRO     FRANCISCO    PINTO           N                                                   INDIA
                                                                            YAGNIKS NEW AHAWL R NO 9 KENVIPADA
AKKAMAHADEVI           KUNDGOL         NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                            ARUNODAYA KALGHATGI ROAD RAJATGIR
KAPILA    SANGWAN                      NA                                                    COMPLEX UTTAM NAG
                                                                            13 AMAR SHOPPINGINDIA
KHAJA     KARIMUDDIN                   NOT        AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                            C/O SHRI CHANDMIA DRIVER RTC H NO 3-2-
KHALID    WAHAB                        MOHAMEDGHOUSE                                        INDIA
                                                                            292 ROYAPETTAH HIGH ROAD CHENNAI CH
KIRTI     HIRALAL      MODY            HIRALAL PRANJIVANDAS                                 INDIA
                                                                            54 JALDARSHAN BUILDING NEPEAN SEA RO
PRERNA    GOEL                         BRIJ       BHUSHAN     GOEL                           INDIA
                                                                            C/O DR HARPRSAD GOEL 69 KANGMAL DAS
RIVNDER   KUMAR        JAITLY          N                                                     INDIA
                                                                            HOUSE NO 463 SECTOR -4 PANCHKULA HAR
DILIP     KUMAR        KOTECHA         NA                                                    BAZAR RAMGARH JHA
                                                                            GOLA ROAD CHATTIINDIA
SHANKAR   ROY                          NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                            H NO.-142 ZONE NO-1, TELCO BIRSA NAGAR
OM        PRAKASH                      NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                            JAI PRAKASH NAGAR RATU ROAD RANCHI R
DHANANJAYKUMAR         JHA             NA                                                      451, KISHORGANJ P.O- R
                                                                            C/O SUDHIR KR. JHAINDIA
NARENDRA KUMAR         JAIN            NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                            C/O, NIRMAL KUMAR JAIN MAIN ROAD RAN
TANUJA    JAISWAL                      NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                            H-NO-1 MOH,H.V.ROAD RANCHI
PIJUSH    KANTI        BANERJEE        NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                            3K/52, BARIATU HOUSING COLONY RANCH
SAROJ     KUMAR        SINGH           NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                            VIL-RAMPUR PO-BHAGWAN PUR HAT DIST-
URMILA    DEVI                         NA
                       KEJRIWAL URMILA KEJRIWAL                                               INDIA
                                                                            VIP SECURITIES SUTTAPATTY, MUZAFFARP
SHESHNATH KEJRIWAL                     NA                                                     INDIA
                                                                            C/0 ARISTO FINSEC SUTTAPATTY MUZAFFA
CHANDI    PRASAD       SARAF           NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                            INDIAN AGENCIES DURGA ASTHAN GOLA R
RAJESH    KUMAR                        NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                            C/O ANNU PRINTING SIKANDARPUR ROAD
PRAMOD    KUMAR        PODDAR          NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                            RAM NIWAS SITARAM SUTTAPATTY MUZA
ASHISH     KUMAR                      NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     SRI CHOUDHARY VASTRALYA SARAIYAGAN
SHITAL     SHARMA                     NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     KALIKOTHI DURGASTHAN MUZAFFARPUR
USHA       MISHRA                     NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     153, SHIVPURI TOWN/VILL. MUZAFFARPUR
ABHINAY    KUMAR       SHARAN         NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     32, MADDIPUR TOWN/VILL-MUZAFFARPUR
KUMAR      SHANTANU                   NA                                               INDIA
                                                                     C/O SRI D.N. MAHTO NEAR-HARIJAN SCHOO
AVNISH     KUMAR                      NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     VILL & P.O-MATIHANI DIH BEGUSARAI BEG
RASHMI     PATYAL                     NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     14 GORKHA TRAININI CENTRE . . C/O 56 APO
VIJAYA     KRISHNA                     NA
                       DAS RAJEEV CHANDRAN                                            INDIA
                                                                     VIJAY,WEST FORTSIDE, PADMANABHAPURA
NEELAM     BHATNAGAR                  NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     73, SHANKAR VIHAR, Ist FLOOR, NEAR BHAR
MANJU      GUPTA                      NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     HOUSE NO -267 WARD NO -7 MANDI GOBIND
PRAVEEN    KUMAR       SAHNI          NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     HOUSE NO A-1/11 WARD NO -4 WINSOME ST
NOPUR      AGARWAL                    NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     MINTO PARK HOUSE JAMUNA BANK ROAD
ASHOK      KUMAR                      NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     C/O JAWAHAR LAL SHEOPUR KASOGHAT GH
EXIM       MULTIMEDIA INDIA PVT LTD   NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     26 RATNAJYOT INDUSTRIAL ESTATE IRLA L
DIPTI      NIKHIL      MODI           NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     26 RATNAJYOT INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, IRLAL
GAUTAM     NIKHIL      MODI           NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     26 RATNAJYOT INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, IRLAL
KUNAL      NIKHIL      MODI           NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     26 RATNAJYOT INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, IRLAL
VIKRAM     SINGH                      NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     C-302, ONGC COLONY, NEAR S.T. BUS STAND
RAVINDRA RAJGOPAL      ASAWA          NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     CIVIL LINE MANGRULPIR MS
AJAY       LAKHAN      MASSAND        NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     COMMANDING OFFICER NO.1 (MP) AIR SQN
DEV        KUMAR       TONGIA         NA                                                INDIA
                                                                     GH-117 SCH NO, 54 VIJAY NAGAR INDORE M
SUMIT      KHANNA                     NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     C/O RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS LTD 1283
NITIN      KUMAR       PAREEK         NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     ES 201 SUMANGAL APPARTMENT LINK ROA
G          UDAY        KUMAR          NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     FLAT NO.303, ROYAL EMERALD APT VENKA
CHITTA     SEETHA      MAHALAKSHMI    NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     PLOT NO 671,SECRETARIAT COLONY PUPPA
V          GURUNATH    REDDY          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                     H NO. IV A-26 SARAPAKA VILLAGE BURGAM
B          SUBRAMANYAM                NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     8-58-A2 PRAKASH NAGAR CUDDAPAH CUDD
S          NAGABHUSHANAM              NA                                               INDIA
                                                                     BESIDE/ VASISTA SCHOOL POWER HOUSE R
P          YERRA       REDDY          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                     5.4.257 B VIJAYALAKSHMI STREET TIRUPAT
SATISH     CHELLURI                   NA                                               INDIA
                                                                     DNO 44 34 19 NANDAGIRI NGR NR CHEKKAD
DHAKSHINA MURTHY                      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                     F 2 70 2 148 9 VENUGOPALNIVAS SPCA ROAD
AVINASH                               NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     C/O. PRINCE BAKERY MARKET BUILDING K
PUSHPA     K           M              NA                                               CHOWKI PET DAVANAG
                                                                     # 98/3 MAHARAJPET INDIA
SOUMITRA MONDAL                       NA                                             INDIA
                                                                     C/O ANIL KUMAR BARMAN LICHUTALA, UK
PRADEEP    KUMAR       JAIN           NA                                              INDIA
                                                                     VARAITIES ITEMS TINSUKIA TINSUKIA ASS
SHEELA     NARENDRA    GOLECHHA       NA                                            INDIA
                                                                     CROSSBORDER INVEST. PVT. LTD. 14TH FLO
NAIB       SINGH                      NAIB    SINGH                                   AF C/O
                                                                     MET SECTION NACCINDIA 56 APO C/O 56 A
MOHINDER PAUL                         BANARSI DASS                                    INDIA
                                                                     C/O M/S BANARSI DASS SURINDERPAUR MA
           RANGAPRASAD                C       R         JALLIPALLE                    INDIA
                                                                     AGE B/R QUARTER NO T48-B CHIEF ENGINEE
KIRTIBEN   KESHARBHAI BHATOL          KESHARBHAI                                    ROAD
                                                                     1 UDHNAMAGALLA INDIA CHANDRAMANI C
NAND       KISHORE     MODANI                 M
                                      MURLIDHAR ODANI                                    INDIA
                                                                     14-1-394 SPL 441 AGHAPURA HYDERABAD H
K          MAHALINGAM                 KARUPPANNAN                    MINNAMPALLI       INDIA
PAWAN      K           MAHAJAN        RAM     RATTAN    MAHAJAN                        INDIA
                                                                     S CO 68-69 (BASEMENT) MADYA MARG SECT
SUBHASH    BHONSLE                    PRATAPRABHOHSLE                                  C/O 56
                                                                     1/3 GORKHA RIFLES INDIA APO
SURESH     KALE                              KALE
                                      RAMCHANDRA                                        INDIA
                                                                     COL SR KALE 6014 (I) ARMD WKSP C/O 56 AP
SHANTI     LAL         DAGA                   DAGA
                                      NARSINGHLAL                                      INDIA
                                                                     4-6-489 ESSAMIA BAZAR HYDERABAD HYDE
MALLIKA    K                          V       KOTHANDA RAMAN                           INDIA
                                                                     D S P OFFICE METTUR DAM SALAM (DT) SAL
GANGADHARA             GAVINI         NA                                                UNITED STATES OF AME
                                                                        4551 MILLSTONEWALK DRIVE BUFORD GA 3
V          PALLAVI     REDDY          V        MANOHAR     REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                        APT # 303 MITRALABH APTS D DESHMUKH C
KUSUM      JAIDKA                     R        K           JAIDKA                          INDIA
                                                                        H NO 137 ST NO 4 CENTRAL TOWN JALANDH
KAREEMULLA                            BASITH   M           A                             INDIA
                                                                        PLOT NO 74 TARA BUILDING AMBEDKER NA
C          RAGHUNATH REDDY            C        CHENGU      REDDY                         INDIA
                                                                        4-49/4 VASAVINUSUR TIRUPATI TIRUPATI
N          SAGAR                      GUPTA                                              INDIA
                                                                        SRI LAKSHMI FINANCE 27-32-21 1ST FLOOR
JOHNSON    KURUVILLA                  T        JOHN        KURUVILLA                    INDIA
                                                                        E-5 CHETAN APARTMENTS 47/1 AUNDH ROA
UMA        MAHESWARA RAO M                   RAO
                                      MADHUSUDHANA                                     INDIA
                                                                        S/O MADHUSUDHANA RAO 4-8-26,SAKETAPU
RAMACHANDRA            S              S        SUBBIREDDY                               INDIA
                                                                        169 ELDAMS ROAD ALWARPET CHENNAI CH
K          SUBRAMNAYAM                S        KRISHNA     SWAMY                        INDIA
                                                                        3577A WEST MARREDPALLY SECUNDERAB
MUKUNDAN P             M              M        VASU        NAIR                          INDIA
                                                                        NO 13 SRI RAMA NAGAR SRI DEVI KUPPAM
K          SELVANAYAGAM               S        KUNJITHAPATNAM                             INDIA
                                                                        B 2 229 4TH CROSS NATESAN NAGAR VIRUH
ANAND      C           RELWANI        NA                                                  INDIA
                                                                        2066 PARIS METZ ROAD CHATTANOOGA TN
SHONEY     D           M KHARE        BRIG     RICHARD     KHARE                        INDIA
                                                                        LT GEN RICHARD KHARE AVSM, SM, VSM 5K
SHYAM      SUNDER                     BALWANT SINGH                                      INDIA
                                                                        13,KALIBARI APARTMENTS, NEAR CORBRAL
RISHI      ARORA                      DHARAM PAL           ARORA                        INDIA
                                                                        C-34 CONNAUGHT PLACE NEW DELHI NEW D
LAL        SAHAB       SINGH          NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        C/O KHAITAN&PARTNERS B-72 HIMALAYA H
JAGDISH    PRASAD      AGARWAL        KESHAV   BHATIA                                    INDIA
                                                                        SECTOR II BLOCK NO 75 FLAT NO 4-C KALI B
VANDANA    TALWAR                     P        K           TALWAR                         NEW
                                                                        3020 READING LANEINDIA DELHI
V          PARTHA      SARATHY        C        S           VENKATESAN                     CULTURAL CENTRE BL
                                                                        C/O SPIC LTD YMCAINDIA
R          K           SHARMA         H        D           SHARMA                         INDIA
                                                                        54/1C DIZ AREA SECTOR II GOLE MARKET N
VED        PRAKASH     ANAND                  PRASAD
                                      BISHESHWAR           ANAND                         INDIA
                                                                        254/I-A RAILWAY OFFICERS COLONY PANC
DEWAL      G           S              NOT      AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                        C/O 109/3 THOMPSON ROAD, NEW DELHI
ANURADHA MALIK                        SRK      MALIK                                    INDIA
                                                                        44 KOTLA ROAD NEW DELHI
ASHOK      SARKAR                     ANIL     CHANDRA     SARKAR                       INDIA
                                                                        117 THOMPSON ROAD NEW DELHI
ASHOK      KUMAR       JASWAL         A        R           JASWAL                       INDIA
                                                                        C/O PANKAJ PRODUCTS 3106 SIR SAYED AH
MAHENDER KUMAR         JAIN           SH       K           LAL JAIN                          ANSARI
                                                                        C/O SH K C JAIN 2/33INDIA ROAD DARYAG
VINOD      PURI                       M        K           PURI                          INDIA
                                                                        4393 TULSIDASS STREET 4 ANSARI ROAD D
PRIYABRATAMAJUMDER                    NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        M-75/A MET QRS LODI ROAD NEW DELHI
PONNU      MONY        R              NA                                                INDIA
                                                                        88 LODHI ROAD COMPLEX NEW DELHI
ANUKUL     KUMAR       DEB GOSWAMI    HARENDRAGOSWAMI                                     INDIA
                                                                        S/O MR D SINGH 8 MIG DDA FLATS PRASAD
INDER      PAL         SINGH          JIVAN    LAL                                      INDIA
                                                                        JAVEN SINGH &SONS 14B/7 DEV NAGAR NEW
USHA       BAHL                       RAJ      KUMAR                                      INDIA
                                                                        11752/5 SAT NAGAR KAROL BAGH NEW DEL
UGAMRAJ    MEHTA                      RAM      LAL         MEHTA                          INDIA
                                                                        FLAT 14M 9 PUSA ROAD, NEW DELHI
CHUNI      LAL         KHANEJA        NATHU    RAM                                        INDIA
                                                                        11752/5 SAT NAGAR KAROL BAGH NEW DEL
VIPIN      KHANEJA                    CHUNI    LAL         KHANEJA                        INDIA
                                                                        11752/5 SAT NAGAR KAROL BAGH NEW DEL
MANMOHANNAGPAL                        HIRA     LAL                                        INDIA
                                                                        11752/5 SAT NAGAR KAROL BAGH NEW DEL
RAJ        KUMAR       BAHL           RK       BHAL                                       INDIA
                                                                        11752/5 SAT NAGAR KAROL BAGH NEW DEL
DHARAM     PRAKASH     BHATIA         DHARAM PRAKASH       BHATIA                         INDIA
                                                                        HOUSE - 631 SECTGOR - 9 FARIDABAD (HAR
VIMLA      REWARIA                    SH       T           C REWARIA                     INDIA
                                                                        971/4,URBAN ESTATE, GURGAON,HARYANA
VINOD      GARG                       RAJ      KUMAR       GARG                         INDIA
                                                                        RAJ KUMAR GARG PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK
RAJINI     SINGAL                     VIJAY    SINGHAL                                    #637 SECTOR - 8 KARNA
                                                                        C/O MR V K SINGAL INDIA
MANOJ      KUMAR       CHOWDHARY      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                        B-I-804 PREM NAGAR CIVIL LINES LUDHIAN
TRISHLA    JAIN                       T        C           JAIN                            10265
                                                                        C/O ANIL JAIN H NO INDIA RANJODH PARK H
RUPINDER   PAL         SINGH GREWAL   S        SHAMPURANSINGH                             INDIA
                                                                        227 DR HIRA SINGH ROAD CIVIL LINES LUDH
HEM        RAJ         SANI           RATTAN   CHAND       SAINI                         INDIA
                                                                        649 WAIT GANJ LUDHIANA LUDHIANA
KHUSHWANT                             HARBANS LAL                                          DRESSI
                                                                        B-2 1314 PREM GALI INDIA ROAD LUDHIAN
MINOO      PAL         SINGH      NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                    STATE BANK OF INDIA RAILWAY ROAD TAR
RAMAN      PAL         GROVER     SAT      AL          GROVER                        INDIA
                                                                    STATE BANK OF INDIA TARN TARAN PUNJA
VIRENDER   PRABHAKAR              DES      RAJ                                       JALANDHAR CITY
                                                                    179 ADARSH NAGARINDIA
MANJU      PRABHAKAR              PRAMOD PRABHAKAR                                   JALANDHAR CITY
                                                                    179 ADARSH NAGARINDIA
VIPAN      KUMAR                  PIARA    SINGH                                     INDIA
                                                                    SUN LIGHT AUTO INDUSTRIES RAILWAY RO
RAM        AVTAR       BANSAL     SH       DEWAN       CHAND                         INDIA
                                                                    INDIAN BANK DA HIGHER SCHOOL EXTN CO
MOHAN      LAL         KUNGRIA    GANGA    BISHAN                                   INDIA
                                                                    OLD ANAJ MANDI NABHA
GUNITA     HAZURIA                P        S           HAZURIA                        INDIA
                                                                    1502 SECTOR 11-D CHANDIGARH CHANDIGA
OMPARKASHVERMA                    SH       JODHA       RAMJI                          20A, CHANDIGARH
                                                                    KOTHI NO 7,SECTORINDIA
MOORTI     DEVI                   BANTA    RAM         BANSAL                        INDIA
                                                                    HOUSE NO 2642 SECTOR 37-C CHANDIGARH
A          K           MALHOTRA   SH       R           C MALHOTRA                      INDIA
                                                                    H NO 1019 SEC 38-B CHANDIGARH
ROSHAN     LAL         SAINI      NOT      AVAILABLE                                 INDIA
                                                                    HOUSE NO 405 SECTOR 37-A CHANDIGARH C
SATWANT    KAUR        KHURANA    S        SATNAM      SINGH                          INDIA
                                                                    H NO 2407 35C CHANDIGARH
MOORTI     DEVI                   BANTA    RAM         BANSAL                        INDIA
                                                                    H NO 2642 SECTOR 37-C CHANDIGARH CHA
RAKESH     KUMAR                  P        P           SHARMA                        INDIA
                                                                    DIVISIONAL FOREST OFFICER NACHAN FOR
MURARI     LAL         KOCHAR     B        L           KOCHAR                        JAMMU
                                                                    111 PURANI MANDI INDIA TAWI JAMMU T
INDRA      SINGHAL                ANIL     KUMAR       SINGHAL                        INDIA
                                                                    R 9/207 RAJNAGAR GHAZIABAD
REENA      AGARWAL                R        C           AGARWAL                       INDIA
                                                                    K B-120 KAVI-NAGAR GHAZIHBAD UP UP
NIGHAT     JAMAL                         HAQUE
                                  MAHAMOODUL                                          INDIA
                                                                    C/O DR ASIF ALI KHAN GULMARG COLONY
AMAR       CHAWLA                 S        NIDHAN      SINGH                         NAGAR
                                                                    117/13 SARVODAYA INDIA KANPUR KANPU
SUBHASH    CHAND       BANSAL     SURESH   CHAND       BANSAL                        INDIA
                                                                    C/O SC BANSAL,CASH DEPTT, RESERVE BAN
USHA       ARORA                  ASHOK    KUMAR       ARORA                        INDIA
                                                                    C/O ASHOK KUMAR,66/9, BLOCK NO 7,GOVIN
                                  HAZARILAL                                            INDIA
                                                                    16/48 CIVIL LINES KANPUR
RAJENDRA KUMAR         ANAND      KANCHI   LAL                                        INDIA
                                                                    H-1/16 KRISHNA PURAM PO KRISHNA NAGA
SUMITRA    DEVI        BHOTICA    GOVIND   PD          BHOTICA                     INDIA
                                                                    SUDARSHAN SHOPPING CENTRE D 13/27 BA
SWARANLATA                        VIDYA    SAGAR       GBUPTA                       INDIA
                                                                    C/O VIDYASAGAR GUPTA, EXECUTIVE ENGI
KRISHNA    MOHINI                 DIWAN    CHAND                                     INDIA
                                                                    40/6 GOKHALE VIHAR MARG LUCKNOW LUC
SONAL      ARORA                  V        K           ARORA                         INDIA
                                                                    40/6 GOKHALE VIHAR MARG LUCKNOW LUC
SUMAN      ARORA                  VIJAY    KUMAR       ARORA                         INDIA
                                                                    40/6 GOKHALE VIHAR MARG LUCKNOW LUC
ANOOP      KUMAR                  K        M           AGARWAL                    INDIA
                                                                    MADAN MOHAN KRISHAN MOHAN IRON ME
SOHAN      LAL         GOEL       BANSI    LAL         GOEL                       INDIA
                                                                    HARYANA AUTOMOBILES PATEL MARG KO
KISHAN     CHAND       MITTAL     LATE     T           RAM                           INDIA
                                                                    D-398 SHASTRI NAGAR MEERUT UP
HIRABALLABH                       G        D           PATHAK                      INDIA
                                                                    C/OHEERA GENERAL STORE CANAL ROAD B
AKHALESH KUMAR         GOYAL      BASUDEV PRASAD       GOYAL                        INDIA
                                                                    44 PRABHU NAGAR JAIPUR HOUSE AGRA (U
URMILA     MAHESWARI              RADHEY   SHYAM                                    INDIA
                                                                    81 LUCKY HOUSE GALI NO 19 ANAND NAGA
PARWAT     SINGH       JAIN       CHAMPA   LAL         JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                    GORAV STORE SUBZIMANDI BIJAI NAGAR D
TIKAMDAS SINDHI                   KALYANDAS                                           PALI
                                                                    147 SINDHI COLONYINDIAMARWAR (RAJ) PA
SUNIL      AGARWAL                B        L           AGARWAL                      BHOPALGANJ BHILWA
                                                                    SARKARI DARWAZAINDIA
VIRENDRA JAIN                     RAM      LAL         JAIN                         INDIA
                                                                    C/O SURESH PARAKH 1 VARION KI GHATT U
PUSPA      MITTAL                 S        MITTAL                                   INDIA
                                                                    C/O JUHAR MAL MUKHRAM PO SIDHMUKH
SANTOSH    KHANDEJA               CHUNI    LAL         KHANEJA                        INDIA
                                                                    11752/5 SAT NAGAR KAROL BAGH NEW DEL
SATISH     KUMAR       BAHL       RK       BAHL                                       INDIA
                                                                    11752/5 SAT NAGAR KAROL BAGH NEW DEL
SHASHI     NAGPAL                 NOT      AVAILABLE                                  INDIA
                                                                    11752/5 SAT NAGAR KAROL BAGH NEW DEL
ANIL       RAHEJA                 MUKAND LAL           RAHEJU                        INDIA
                                                                    3280 MORI GATE DELHI
SUMAN      SINGHAL                ANAND    SINGHAL                                    LINE
                                                                    C-256 DCM COLONY INDIANO 9 DISHAN GAN
PUSHPA     JAIN                   NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                    33-B PLEASURE GARDEN MARKET CHANDN
VINOD      KUMAR       SHARMA     SH       P           C SHARMA                      INDIA
                                                                    4156 GALI SHATHARA AJMERI GATE DELHI D
NOEL       MASSEY                     LATE     PRAKASH     MASSEY                       INDIA
                                                                       HELENLODGE, 8650 KISHAN GANJ ROAD, DE
PHYLLIS    MASSEY                     NA                                                 KISHANGANJ ROAD, DE
                                                                       HELEN LODGE, 8650 INDIA
PAWAN      KR          SINGHAL        NA                                                 LINE
                                                                       C-256 DCM COLONY INDIANO 9 KISHAN GAN
MAHENDRA KUMAR         SHARMA         MASUDDI LAL          SHARMA                       DARIBA KALAN DELHI
                                                                       166 KATRA MASHRUINDIA
SAVITRI    DEVI                       NA                                                WALI,
                                                                       122 GALI BANDOOK INDIA AJMERI GATE,DE
BAKULA     NAVNITBHAI PATEL                   M
                                      NAVNITBHAI           PATEL                        INDIA
                                                                       1644 DELHI ADMN FLATS GULABI BAGH DEL
KRISHAN    KUMAR       ARORA                 SHAH
                                      MADHUKANTA                                        INDIA
                                                                       C/O SHAN UTTREJA H NO 8636 GALIBAHR GA
NAVNITBHAIMANUBHAI     PATEL          MANUBHAIC            PATEL                        INDIA
                                                                       1644 DELHI ADMN FLATS GULABI BAGH DEL
RAMA       MEHTA                      NOT      AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                       58 VIVENKANAND PURI, DELHI
RAJINDER   PAL         CHAWLA         N        D           CHAWLA                       INDIA
                                                                       C/O SHRI SUBHASH CHANDRA COTTAGE 22
VIVEK      SHARMA                     P        N           SHARMA                      INDIA
                                                                       UPPER GROUND FLOOR 35/6 EAST PATEL NA
HEMENDRA AGARWAL                      K        L           AGARWAL                       INDIA
                                                                       4/29 WEST PATEL NAGAR NEW DELHI
INDERJEET SAINI                       S        S           SAINI                        INDIA
                                                                       2 CHARAN SINGH PARK D CANTT
BAL        RAM         SANGWAN        SUKHA    SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                       28 SUBROTO PARK EXTN, NEW DELHI
PUSHPA     AGARWAL                    NA                                                 DELHI
                                                                       7-B,KOTWALI ROAD,INDIA CANTT
SANDEEP    AGARWAL                    SHYAM    SUNDER                                    DELHI
                                                                       7-B,KOTWALI ROAD,INDIA CANTT
KRISHNA    KUMARI      BHATIA         U        C           BHATIA                        INDIA
                                                                       EC-11 INDERPURI, NEW DELHI
SUNIL      KUMAR       BHATIA         BATIA    U           C                            INDIA
                                                                       EC-11,INDERPURI,NEW DELHI
SUMITA     DUGGAL                     RAMESH   DUGGAL                                     (EAST),
                                                                       A-38,NIZAM-UD-DIN INDIA IIND FLOOR, NE
AJAY       KUMAR       SINGH          V        B           SINGH                         INDIA
                                                                       F-72 KIRTI NAGAR DELHI DELHI
SANJHI     RAM         ABROL          NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       F-84,BALI NAGAR, NEW DELHI
S          KAURPAL                    NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       9/58 RAMESH NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW DELH
SUMMIT     AGGARWAL                   NA                                                INDIA
                                                                       A-47 HAUZ KHAS NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
GULSHAN    ARORA                      DHARAM VIR           ARORA                        INDIA
                                                                       B-32 PANCHSHEEL ENCLAVE NEW DELHI
ASHISH     ARORA                      DHARAM VIR           ARORA                        INDIA
                                                                       B-32 PANCHSHEEL ENCLAVE NEW DELHI
ASHA       PATHAK                     SUBHASH PATHAK                                    INDIA
                                                                       L-46A SAKET NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
PADMA      RAMJI                      R        N           PATI                         INDIA
                                                                       A-2 ADCHINI NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
RICHA      SETHI                      N        K           SETHI                       INDIA
                                                                       HOUSE NO 21 BLOCK NO 12 MALVIYA NAGA
M          M           KALRA          R        C           KALRA                        INDIA
                                                                       C-5 SHIVALIK NEW DELHI NEW DELHI
DHARAMVIRARORA                                G
                                      GOBINDRAMULATI                                    INDIA
                                                                       B-32 PANCH SHEEL ENCLAVE NEW DELHI
NARINDAR KUMAR         MIDHA          HANS     RAJ         MIDHA                        INDIA
                                                                       52G 10 MALVIYA NAGAR TO NEW DELHI
ANIL       KUMAR       SHARMA         A        C           SHARMA                       INDIA
                                                                       H-11B SAKET NEW DELHI
INDER      JIT         SINGH BINDRA   R        S           BINDRA                      INDIA
                                                                       BLOCK NO 23 HOUSE NO 5 TILAK NAGAR NE
INDER      RAJ         GULATI         NA                                               INDIA
                                                                       WZ 76 RAM NAGAR PO TILAK NAGAR NEW D
BISWANATH BANERJEE                            BANERJEE
                                      CHITTARANJAN                                        INDIA
                                                                       15/10 KALKAJI 2ND FLOOR NEW DELHI
                                               UMAMAHESWAR                              INDIA
                                                                       CHAMBAL F & C LIMITED DEVIKA TOWER 6
AJAY       KUMAR       GARG           KULWANT RAI                                        INDIA
                                                                       L 2/85B DDA FLATS KALKAJI NEW DELHI NE
SUNIL      KUMAR       ARORA          LATE     SH          R C ARORA                   INDIA
                                                                       59 NEHRU APARTGMENTS OUTER RING ROA
BALBIR     SINGH                      DARBARA SINGH                                     INDIA
                                                                       D-I/177 SATYA MARG CHANAKYAPURI NEW
MOHANJIT   KAUR                       BALBIR   SINGH                                    INDIA
                                                                       D-I/177 SATYA MARG CHANAKYAPURI NEW
M          K           JAIN           B        M           JAIN                            INDIA
                                                                       C/O R K JINDAL D-II/A-33 NARIATHPUR NEW
GUPTA      V           K              H        C           GUPTA                         NEW
                                                                       H 212,NANAK PURA,INDIADELHI
DHARAM     DEV         VIRMANI               DASS
                                      LACHHMAN                                           INDIA
                                                                       S-1 N D M C HOSPITAL COMPLEX MOTI BAG
NIRMAL     CHAWLA                     NOT      AVAILABLE                               INDIA
                                                                       D-1/51 CHANAKYAPURI NEW DELHI NEW DE
VINOD      K           G              NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       C/O K GOVIND,C/O ILO 7, SARDAR PATEL MA
RAJINDER   KUMAR       CHAWLA                 CHAWLA
                                      KUNDANLAL                                        INDIA
                                                                       D-1/51 CHANAKYAPURI NEW DELHI NEW DE
HARISH     BHARADWAJ                  NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                       SECTOR-IV-1308,R.K.PURAM, NEW DELHI
BACHHETI   J          P            NOT      AVAILABLE                                    INDIA
                                                                      973 SECTOR-12 R K PURAM NEW DELHI NEW
ANILA      MATHUR                  B        S           MATHUR                         INDIA
                                                                      349 LAKSHMIBAI NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW
ANITA      BAINS                   CHARANJITSINGH                                       INDIA
                                                                      F-202 SOM VIHAR APARTMENTS R K PURAM
RAMESH     CHANDRA    GARG         GARG     N           C                                INDIA
                                                                      SECTOR IV/698, R.K.PURAM, NEW DELHI
VIKRAM     MATHUR                  B        S           MATHUR                         INDIA
                                                                      349 LAKSHMIBAI NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW
SHEELA     BHATTACHARJEE           R        BHATTACHARJEE                              INDIA
                                                                      650 LAXMIBAI NAGAR NEW DELHI NEW DE
INDER      JIT        BERI                 BERI
                                   YUDHISHTER                                            NAGAR
                                                                      QR NO D-807 NETAJIINDIA NEW DELHI
JAYRAO     GURURAJA                M        JAYRAOL                                      INDIA
                                                                      A-22(2718),NETAJI NAGAR, NEW DELHI
RAJESH     SOFAT                   HUKAM    CHAND       SOFAT                           INDIA
                                                                      X-225 SAROJINI NAGAR NEW DELHI
PUSHPA     PANETEY                 NA                                                    INDIA
                                                                      2793 M-53 NETAJI NAGAR NEW DELHI
VINEETA    SINGH                   VINOD    KUMAR       SINGH                             INDIA
                                                                      III/31 JAL VIHAR LAJPAT NAGAR NEW DELH
VINOD      BHASIN                  SH       K           BHASIN                          INDIA
                                                                      J-18 (OLD DOUBLE STOREY) LAJPAT NAGAR
MEENU      SACHDEVA                KRISHAN GOPAL        SACHDEVA                        INDIA
                                                                      13/54 PUNJABI BAGH NEW DELHI
ARVIND     KUMAR      NAGPAL       J        D           NAGPAL                          INDIA
                                                                      33/44 PUNJABI BAGH NEW DELHI
VEENA      SAKSENA                 NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                      B-5/16 RAJOURI GARDEN NEW DELHI NEW D
RAMAN      LAL        BHASIN       NA                                                   HRBR
                                                                      HOUSE 306 9E MAIN INDIA LAYOUT 1 BLOCK
RAKESH     ANAND                   K        L           ANAND                          INDIA
                                                                      F-C/96 TAGORE GARDEN NEW DELHI
PREM       KAPOOR                  NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                      14/493 SERVICES OFFICERS ENCLAVE,S P MA
SATISH     KUMAR      SHARMA       J        PRAKASH     SHARMA                       EAST
                                                                      DAMODAR BHAVANINDIA OLD SILAMPUR, D
MICHEL     DAVID      AREKATTIL    DAVID                                                  INDIA
                                                                      QRS NO 6 TYPE III, HMD RESIDENTIAL COLO
GUR        DAYAL      ARORA        SHTRILOK CHAND                                       O DELHI P O DELHI
                                                                      BO-74 PITAMPURA PINDIA
ANJALI     GUPTA                   G        L           GUPTA                           INDIA
                                                                      JD-19 A PITANIPUR DELHI
GIRRAJ     KISHORE    GOEL                 CHAWLA
                                   HARPRASHAD                                           ROAD
                                                                      C5/142A LAWRENCE INDIA KESHAV PURAM
SWARAN     DEVI                    NA                                                INDIA
                                                                      C/O SWARAN WATCH HOUSE SHOP NO 77 A
DALIP      KUMAR      DHAMEJA      HOT      CHAND       DHAMEJA                         INDIA
                                                                      L-452 SARIKA VIHAR NEW DELHI
RAVINDRANATHAN                     GOVINDANNAMBIAR                                      INDIA
                                                                      SMQ -86-A AIR FORCE STATION ARJANGARH
KRISHNA    KUMAR                   SUSHIL   KUMAR                                      INDIA
                                                                      C-4 GREATER KAILASH ENCLAVE-II NEW DE
RAMESH     JASUJA                  LATE     G           D JASUJA                      INDIA
                                                                      C/O MR SUSHANT MADAN 101 ANAND LOK N
JASPINDER SINGH       PURI                 S
                                   GURBACHAN            PURI                           INDIA
                                                                      C211/B,GREATER KAILASH I, NEW DELHI
BHUPINDER PURI                             S
                                   GURBACHAN            PURI                           INDIA
                                                                      C211/B GREATER KAILASH 1 NEW DELHI
TARA       RANI       KAYAL        BHAGWAT CHANDU       KAYAL                           INDIA
                                                                      FLAT NO 419 ASIAD VILLAGE NEW DELHI NE
UJWALA     GODBOLE                 DR       MADAN       M GODABOLE                    INDIA
                                                                      303 AYURVIGYAN NAGAR ANDREWS GANJ N
SUSHILA    DEVI       VERMA        B        L           VARMA                          INDIA
                                                                      P 4 SOUTH EXTENSION 2 NEW DELHI
NEERA      KOCHHAR                 ASHOK    KOCHHAR                                        NEW
                                                                      M-15 N D S E PART 2 INDIADELHI
PRADEEP    SAGAR      ARORA        NA                                                   PURA
                                                                      41-B/2 NEW GOVINDINDIA NEAR VIJAY BAN
SHIVI      GUPTA                   PRAKASH CHAND        GUPTA                           NAGAR
                                                                      C 25 EAST KRISHNA INDIA DELHI
GIRISH     KUKREJA                 HARISH   KUKREJA                                    INDIA
                                                                      A-40 WAZIR PUR(IND AREA) DELHI
ASHOK      UPPAL                   O        N           UPPAL                           INDIA
                                                                      B 131 PHASE I ASHOK VIHAR DELHI
ALKA       KUKREJA                 GIRISH   KUKREJA                                     INDIA
                                                                      A-40 WAZIR PUR IND AREA DELHI DELHI
USHA       UPPAL                   ASHOK    UPPAL                                       INDIA
                                                                      B 131 PHASE I ASHOK VIHAR DELHI
VINOD      KUMAR      MAKHIJA      LACHHMANDAS                                         INDIA
                                                                      PLOT NO D 68 ASHOK VIHAR PHASE I DELHI
RAJINDER   KUMAR      TANDON       INDER    JIT                                         INDIA
                                                        SINGH BINDRA J-78-D DDA FLATS LIG PHASE I ASHOK VIHA
VAISHALI   JAIN                    M        K           JAIN                            INDIA
                                                                      AF - 34 SHALIMAR BAGH DELHI DELHI
RAJENDER   SINGH                   SHRAM    GOPAL       SHARMA                          INDIA
                                                                      QR NO 138 - C SANDHORA KALAN DELHI AD
SHIVA      SHANKAR    K                    A
                                   KRISHNAPPA                                          INDIA
                                                                      203 ABHINAV APTS PANDURANGAPURAM V
JAYA       RAJU       BANDLAMUDI   B        SIMEON                                      INDIA
                                                                      DOOR NO.31-4-41 ALLIPURAM VISAKHAPAT
RANI       SINGH                   SARV     DAMAN                                       INDIA
                                                                      C/O AGE (E/M)I NAVSENABAG GANDHIGRAM
DEVARAKONDA             SESHU            D        SUBBAIA                                     INDIA
                                                                           D NO 39-25-12 SEETHANNA GARDENS MADH
ESWARA     VENKATA      SIVARAJU BOPPE   SANKARA RAO                                      INDIA
                                                                           RAMLINGESWAR NAGAR NEAR TAGUR CON
VIYYAPU    MUTHYALA     RAO              NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                           DOOR NO 64-1-43/1 MAIN ROAD SRICHARIPU
VIYYAPU    MUTHYALA     RAO              VIYYAPU DALAYYA                                      INDIA
                                                                           DOOR NO 64-1-43/1 MAIN ROAD SRIHARIPUR
HIMABINDU ADAPALA                        A        SRINIVASULUREDDY                            SEETAMMA DHARA VI
                                                                           50-25-7 TPT COLONYINDIA
BALLARAPU SATISH        PRASAD           NA                                                   INDIA
                                                                           50-25-7 T D T COLONY GANGA NILAYAM SEE
V          T            V G PRASADA      LATE     A           APPA RAO                      INDIA
                                                                           FLAT NO 9 GOOD WILL TOWERS BALAYYA S
LOLAKSHI   DUVURRU                       D        ESWARAN                                   INDIA
                                                                           301 VENU TOWERS PLOT NO 100 BALAYA SA
ESWARAN    DUVVURI                       LATE     D           L REDDY                       INDIA
                                                                           F NO 302 VENU TOWERS PLOT NO 100 BALA
RAMACHANDRA             CHATTI           LATE     C                                        INDIA
                                                              V ANANDA RAO50-228 GANDHI NAGAR T B H JN VISAKHAPA
LOLAKSHI   DUVURRU                       D        ESWARAN                                   INDIA
                                                                           301 VENU TOWERS PLOT NO 100 BALAYA SA
MARY       VASANTHA                             FRANCIS
                                         AYYASWAMY                                            INDIA
                                                                           50-42-17 P & T COLONY SEETHAMMADHARA
G          R            NAIDU            G        MAVULLU                                     INDIA
                                                                           D NO 49-54-11/3 BALAYYASHASTRI LAY OUT
GIRIJA     U            B                SURAJITH K           M                             INDIA
                                                                           NO 8 AMRITHA HILLS APTS OPP NRI HOSPIT
A          RAMESH       GOPAL            A        SATYANARAYANA                               INDIA
                                                                           D NO 49-54-14/4 PLOT 9 BALAJI HILLS VISAK
KORDE      R            R                R        V           KORDE                         INDIA
                                                                           INS KAKINADA C/O FLEET MAIL OFFICE VIS
O          P            DUA              SL       DUA                                      INDIA
                                                                           7 AKASH NAVAL PARK NAVAL BASE VISAK
HEMANT     KUMAR        S                S        KRISHNA     RAO                            INDIA
                                                                           49-11-20 LALITHANAGAR VISAKHAPATNAM
THAMMA     DHARMA       RAO              NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                           C/O V SAMBASIVA RAO 36,37 RAJENDRA NA
VENU       GOPAL        TULLURU          T        SAMBASIVA RAO                             INDIA
                                                                           S/O T SAMBASIVA RAO C/O SRI SURYA SUPP
APPAYYA    SASTRY       REGULAGEDDA      KESAVA   RAO                                      INDIA
                                                                           49-26-4 MADHURANAGAR VISAKHAPATNAM
SRINIVASA RAO           PV               P        V                                        AKKAYYAPALEM VISA
                                                              RAMANA RAO 45-51-7 ABIDNAGAR INDIA
ARJUNA     RAO          KORIMILLI        LATE     K                        49-15-1/2 LALITHA NAGAR VISAKHAPATNAM
                                                              V LAXMIPATHI RAO                INDIA
SESHUBAI   KORIMILLI                     K        ARJUNA      RAO                             INDIA
                                                                           49-15 1/2 LALITHA NAGAR VISAKHAPATNAM
LAKSHMIPATHI            KV               K        ARJUNA      RAO                             INDIA
                                                                           49-15-1/2 LALITHA NAGAR VISAKHAPATNAM
HIMA       BINDU        KORIMILLI        K        V                        RAJU               INDIA
                                                              LAKSHMIPATHI 49-15-1/2 LALITHA NAGAR VISAKHAPATNAM
TULLURU    VENUGOPAL                     T        SAMBASIVA RAO                             INDIA
                                                                           SRI SURYA SUPPLY CO OPP SANKAR MATAM
BINDU      MADHAV       KALWAD           NOT      AVAILABLE                                   INDIA
                                                                           H.NO. 4-71-1 2ND FLOOR LAWSONSBAY COL
USHA       REDDY        NELVOY           BYRAGI                                            INDIA
                                                                           203 SOUNDARYA ENCLAVE SECTOR III M V
VARUGHESEV              JOHN             JOHN     VARUGHESE                                     INDIA
                                                                           D NO 29-44-314 S B I COLONY VISAKHAPATN
NARASIMHAMURTHY         MULUKURI         APPARAO MULUKURI                                    INDIA
                                                                           54-4-6/2 RADHA NILAYAM ISUKATHOTA VIS
SIRAJUDDIN SYED                          SYED     D           THAHAR                           INDIA
                                                                           D NO 6-23-6/2 EAST POINT COLONY VISAKHA
VENKATA    RATNAMMA INENI                INENI             RAO
                                                  UMAMAHESWARA                                INDIA
                                                                           6-19-4/2 OPP SAIBABA TEMPLE EAST POINT
UMAMAHESWARARAO                          INENI    SAMBAIAH                                    INDIA
                                                                           6-19-4/2 OPP SAIBABA TEMPLE EAST POINT
KRISHNA    KATAPALLI                     K        SURYANARAYANA                              INDIA
                                                                           TYPE 1 31 BLACK D NO 943 PORT QUARTERS
VATHADA    DURGARAO                      PARASURAMUDU                                         INDIA
                                                                           DOOR NO TYPE III/9/93 S G PURAM VISAKHP
                                         BHAVANASI                                           INDIA
                                                                           2-18/1 PRASANTHI NAGAR GUNTHIVANI PAL
SWAPNA     GULIPALLI                     NA                                                 INDIA
                                                                           C/O S SATYA BABU DOOR NO 9-210 UPSTAIR
KASULU     SATYALA                       PAIDANNAS                                           INDIA