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Sale For A Vehicle


									Notice for sale of Bank’s vehicle
It has been decided to dispose of Bank’s vehicle (details given below) on “as is
where is” basis under the process of tender i.e. vehicle will be sold off to the
highest bidder. Accordingly sealed offers are invited from interested parties.
Vehicle Details
Make\Model Vehicle Registration No. Year of purchase Version
Maruti 800 Saloon GJ-01-HE-9469 August 2000 Petrol (AC fitted)
The vehicle is available for inspection at our Zonal office, Ahmedabad Zone,
Bank of India Building, Bhadra, Ahmedabad-380001 between 3 P.M and 4 P.M
from Friday (31/07/09) to Tuesday(04/08/09). The interested party should contact
Security staff and hand over sealed tender at the main gate.
For bidding purpose, following terms/conditions should be noted meticulously :-

i) Offers in sealed envelopes, subscribed “Tender for Vehicle”, alongwith EMD
(Earnest Money Deposit) of Rs. 5000/- in the form of Demand Draft favouring
Bank of India should be submitted at our Zonal office address given above.

ii) EMD shall be forfeited if the successful bidder fails to take delivery of vehicle
within one week’s time from the date of intimation.

iii) Pay order/Bank Draft of EMD of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned within
one week of completion of the process of sale .

iv) The vehicle shall be sold on “as is where is basis”.

v) Bank shall reject conditional/ambiguous/incomplete offer.

vi) Vehicle will be transferred in the name of the highest bidder, only upon full
payment and after the vehicle is transferred to the name of bidder/buyer. It is to
be noted importantly that EMD in case of successful bidder will be released only
after receipt of Xerox copy of RC Book wherein the bidder will have to show that
the vehicle has been transferred to his name.
(vii) The Insurance policy will not be given to the successful bidder /buyer.
However, the buyer will have to take insurance as soon as the vehicle is
transferred to his name.

viii) Bank reserves the right to reject/ accept any/ all offer/s without assigning any
reason thereof . Also Bank reserves the right to sell the vehicle subject to the
highest bid amount meeting the criteria of floor price as fixed by Bank.

The last date of submission of bid is 04/08/09.

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