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Law online from Oxford

                      Investment                                      Oxford                                             Max Planck
                      Claims                                          Reports on                                         Encyclopedia
                                                                      International                                      of Public
                                                OXFORD REPORTS ON
                                                                      Law                             MAX PLANCK
                                                                                                ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PUBLIC
                                                INTERNATIONAL LAW                                 INTERNATIONAL LAW      Law
The leading service providing primary          The full scope of international case            The new online edition of the
materials and expert commentary relating       law – available in one place for the            definitive reference work on public
to international investment disputes           first time                                      international law

Investment Claims is an invaluable             I Keep up to date with the entire body of       The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public
resource for lawyers, academics and jurists      international law jurisprudence               International Law is a comprehensive
with an interest in international investment                                                   analytical resource covering the entirety of
                                               I The broadest available coverage of
disputes. It brings together, in one                                                           public international law. Written and edited
                                                 international case law, with expert
searchable database, over 300 arbitral                                                         by an incomparable team of experts, this
                                                 analysis and commentary
awards and court decisions.                                                                    essential resource will be the first port of
                                               I Powerful linking between cases that           call for everyone with an interest in
Investment Claims also provides:                 cite each other, with authoritative           international law.
I Case headnotes containing detailed             information provided on each citation,
   summaries of the facts and findings,          provided by the Oxford Law Citator            I Written by over 800 scholars and
   together with expert commentary from                                                          practitioners from more than 70
   70 highly qualified contributors            Oxford Reports on International Law brings        countries
                                               together decisions on public international
I A collection of bilateral investment                                                         I Unique in size and scope, providing
                                               law from international courts and tribunals,
  treaties from key jurisdictions together                                                       comprehensive information on issues,
                                               domestic courts and ad hoc tribunals. New
  with expert commentaries on national                                                           instruments, institutions, and decisions
                                               cases are added fortnightly, making it the
  BIT programmes                                                                                 within international law
                                               first port of call for up-to-date information
I A collection of key instruments,             on international case law.                      I The Oxford Law Citator provides powerful
  including multilateral treaties and                                                            linking to and from related articles, and all
                                               Oxford Reports on International Law
  arbitral rules                                                                                 decisions, instruments, and scholarly
                                               contains modules in the following areas:
I Multiple search and browse functions                                                           writings mentioned in the text
                                               International Law in Domestic Courts;
  provide quick access                         International Criminal Law; International
I The Oxford Law Citator provides linking      Human Rights Law; International
  to and from all decisions and                Investment Claims, and International
  instruments                                  Courts of General Jurisdiction.                                                                                             1
Law online from Oxford
                        Oxford                     Other online law products from Oxford       Please contact us for further
                        Scholarship                                                            information, free trials, subscription
                                                   I Constitutions of the Countries of the
                                                                                               and/or purchase options and
                        Online                       World Online offers access to 188
                                                     country constitutions with extensive
       ONLINE                                        expert commentary from leading
                                                     scholars.                                 Customers outside North and South
‘A must-have online resource’                                                                  America
                                                   I Constitutions of Dependencies and
Library Journal’s NetConnect                                                                   Email:
                                                     Territories Online boasts expert
                                                                                               Telephone: +44 (0) 1865 353705
Oxford Scholarship Online is a vast and              English translations and commentary on
rapidly-expanding online research library.           the constitutions of 40 countries and
Now for the first time it includes key texts         their 170 dependencies and territories.   Customers in North and South America
from the leading publisher of scholarly law.                                                   Email:
                                                   I Constitutions of the United States:
With new titles being added every four                                                         Telephone: 1 800 624 0153
                                                     National and State Online consists of
months, OSO Law will rapidly become an               the most complete and up-to-date          Fax: 1 919 677 8877
essential research tool for all serious scholars     American constitutions.
of law.                                                                                        *Free  trials can also be requested by
                                                   I Treaties and International
                                                     Agreements Online contains current,
                        Blackstone’s                                                           *free trials are not available to individuals
  Blackstone’s                                       comprehensive text for over 18,000
                        Police                       treaties and international agreements.
  Police                Manuals
  Manuals                                          I New York Code of Professional
                        and Q&As                     Responsibility and Ethics Opinions
  Online                Online                       Online provides ethics guidelines and
The fully searchable, online version of the          expert analysis to enable lawyers
Blackstone’s Police Manuals, the only                around the world to meet the highest
official study texts for Ospre Part 1 Police         standards of ethical and professional
Promotion Examinations, offering:                    conduct.

I Fast, desktop access to all four
  manuals: Crime, Evidence & Procedure,
  Road Policing, and General Police Duties
I A database of 2000 multiple-choice
  questions with options to select subject
  areas and to create mock exams


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