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    NIKE Corporation Executive Employment Contract Available from Online Legal Document

       By Real Deal Docs
       Dated: Apr 10, 2008 offers various sample legal documents from agreements to contracts for your
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       Washington County, Oregon –, America’s online legal document resource center, has
       just released the executive employment agreement for NIKE Vice President of Global Sports Marketing,
       Adam S. Helfant.

        An executive employment agreement stipulates the length and terms of the employment agreement
       between an employer and employee. The Adam S. Helfant executive employment agreement specifies the
       standard length and terms of employment including his general responsibilities, salary, stock options,
       bonuses and benefits. In light of the NIKE corporation’s competitive standing in the economy, the Adam S.
       Helfant executive employee agreement also includes a confidentiality agreement.

        Having served as an attorney for NHL Enterprises and a history of successful private practice, Mr. Helfant
       joined NIKE in the legal department in 1995 and quickly made his way up the corporate ladder. The Forbes
       online profile for Mr. Helfant was unable to publish details on the salary and stock options for the NIKE
       Executive. provides a wide variety of executive employment agreements from the Healthcare
       industry to insurance and the defense industry. offers over 10 million other legal
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