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									                                                      BERLIN        DAILY         FEBRUARY

                                                                                   11, 2011


                  Client Ad Area: 8.2677” in W x 9.3596” H
                                  210 mm W x 237.733 mm                    "...passionate
                           Add .125” (3.175mm) on Left, Right and   Bottom....charismatic
                                                                               ...the real-life
                                                                          horse whisperer,
                           w/BLEED 8.5177” W x 9.4846” H             received an extended
                                                                          standing ovation
                                216.35mm W x 240.908mm H                      in Sundance!"
                                                                                    - L.A. TIMES

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                 LINE-UP BERLINALE 2011                                               Contact in Berlin:
                                                                                      Martin-Gropius-Bau, Stand 12
                                                                                      Phone +49-30-498779-446
                                                                                      eMail efm11@

                 MARKET PREMIERE TODAY
                 13.30h          Cine Star 6

       In Competition                 Sat, Feb 12 20.00 h   Sat, Feb 12 09.00 h   Sat, Feb 12 13.15 h                      Sat, Feb 12 16.30 h
                                      International         CinemaxX 4            CineStar 1                               CineStar 6

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           FEBRUARY        ,

           Alliance                                                                                                                    Lewiston
           takes chance                                                                                                                serves up
           on Gambit                                                                                                                   Hot Potato
           By Borys Kit

                                                                                                                                       By Stuart Kemp

              N ONE OF THE FIRST
                                                                                                                                                    riter and
              major deals at Berlin’s
                                                                                                                                                    producer Tim
              EFM, Alliance Films
           has picked up the rights
                                                                                                                                       directorial debut, a er
           to the Colin Firth-Cam-
                                                                                                                                       being involved in various
           eron Diaz caper lm
                                                                                                                                       capacities on more than
           Gambit for three major
                                                                                                                                       40 lms over 38 years in
           territories from FilmNa-
                                                                                                                                       the industry, really is his
           tion Entertainment.
                                                                                                                                       very own Hot Potato.
              Alliance will release
                                                                                                                                          Lewiston’s Hot Potato,
           the lm in Canada via
                                                                                                                                       footage of which is being
           Alliance, in the UK via
                                                                                                                                       shown to buyers for the
           Momentum Pictures, and
                                                                                                                                         rst time in the EFM,
           in Spain via Aurum Prods.
                                                                                                                                       counts Ray Winstone,
              The movie features
                                                                                                                                       Lois Winstone, Jack
           a script by the Joel
                                                                                                                                       Huston, Colm Meaney
           and Ethan Coen and is
                                                                                                                                       and John Lynch. Ger-
           directed by Michael Ho -
                                                                                                                                       man TV star Maike
           man (The Last Station).
                                                                                                                                       Billitis, another among
              The movie is due to
                                                                                                                                       its ensemble cast, is on
           shoot May in London.
                                                      From left, Jeff Bridges, Josh Bro-                                                hand during Berlin to
              The lm centers on a                     lin and Hailee Steinfeld pose on
                                                      the red carpet at the Berlinale's
                                                                                                                                       support the project’s
           British thief (Firth) who
                                                      opening night gala for True Grit.                                                push to buyers.
                   C O N T I N U E D O N PAG E 3 5
                                                                                                                                          A late 1960s British

            Egypt halts production
                                                                                                                                       gangster romp about a
                                                                                                                                       large lump of uranium
                                                                                                                                       and the various attempts
                                                                                                                                       to sell it to the highest
                                                                                                                                       bidder, is being hawked
               Demonstrations disrupt film industry throughout Middle East                                                             here by Locomotive Dis-

                and stir debate about future By Alex Ben Block and Deborah Young                                                       tribution, run by former
                      HE POLITICAL                      Khoury supports the                   blankets and guessed who                 Miramax Films high ier
                    crisis in Egypt has              protesters and with her                  they were for. The whole                 Colleen Seldin.
                    had a devastat-                  company’s work shut down                 street attacked us with                     Lewiston told THR he
                    ing impact on the                decided recently to help                 unbelievable violence and                “loved every minute” as
           entertainment industry in                 in whatever way she could.               people started banging on                a director a er so many
           the country that has been                 She took a carload of blan-              the windows.”                            years as a producer,
           called the “Hollywood of                  kets to support the anti-                   She was pulled from her               writer and editor. “I
           the Middle East.”                         Murbarak demonstrators                   car by her hair before being                 C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 3 5
              “Everything is shut                    but her car was attacked by              rescued at the last second.
                                                                                                                                                                                    PHOTO BY SEAN GALLUP GETTY IMAGES

           down, life is at a standstill,”           “thugs paid by the govern-               “Finally,” recalled a shaken
           producer Marianne Khoury,                 ment,” she said.                         Khoury, “I was taken in a
                                                                                                                                        Wim Wenders Q&A .......... 4
           who runs MISR Interna-                       “It was an extremely                  truck to an army check-
                                                                                                                                        Reviews ............ 6, 14-21
           tional Films with her brother             traumatic experience,”                   point and sent home.”
                                                                                                                                        Hong Kong ................ 8-10
           Gabriel, told THR. “People                Khoury said. “People in the                 At a time of crisis making
                                                                                                                                        Screening Guides .... 27-32
           are glued to their TVs.”                  street saw the car full of                      C O N T I N U E D O N PAG E 3 4


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        THR News

            Jury members stand strong
           Jafar Panahi's
           sparks firm
           response from
           Berlin panel

           By Scott Roxborough
                        HERE WAS A SEAT
                    left empty when Isa-
                    bella Rossellini and
                    the other members
           of the Berlin Film Festival’s
           international jury took the
           stage Thursday for the open-
           ing day press conference.
              A chair for imprisoned Ira-                                                                                            Jury members Jan Chapman,
           nian director Jafar Panahi                                                                                                 Aamir Khan, Nina Hoss, Isa-
                                                                                                                                     bella Rosselini, Sandy Powell
           was vacant, a statement of                                                                                                 and Guy Maddin flank miss-
           protest against the Tehran                                                                                                   ing member Panahi's seat.
           regime. Panahi is officially
           a member of this year’s             “We knew, with Jafar                         freedom of the work. If we           again to his case.
           Berlin jury, even though          there was a possibility he                     were only allowed to make               “Censorship and state
           he is currently serving a         wouldn’t be allowed to join                    propaganda films approved            control is a constant
           six-year sentence                            us,” Rossellini                     by the state it would kill           threat, we saw this in the
           for making a film                            said. “So we                        the art. It is important that        U.S. during the McCarthy
           without official                             used this as an                     every voice be heard, every          era, or in India during the
           government sanc-                             opportunity                         kind of film be made.”               Emergency,” said Bolly-
           tion. Iran has also                          to take a very                        Panahi dominated the               wood star Aamir Khan. “It
           banned him from                              strong position                     press conference in his              is a constant struggle and
           making movies for                            on freedom of                       absence, with jury mem-              something we have to keep
           the next 20 years.             Panahi        speech and the                      bers returning again and                    C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 3 6

           The Works                                      Bening prepares                                                          Boll sues fest
                                                                                                                                   for “unfair
           credit line                                    for her Third Act                                                        competition”
                                                       Her first role after The Kids Are All Right reteams

                                                                                                                                   By Scott Roxborough
           By Stuart Kemp                              the Oscar nominee with Rob Reiner By Borys Kit

          U                                          I
                                                                                                                                           ERMAN SCANDAL
                      .K. SALES,                         N HER FIRST MOVE since        picture in Berlin.                                  director Uwe Boll
                  distribution and                      her Oscar nomination for         The inspirational script                          says he will file
                  finance house The                     The Kids Are All Right,        by Guy Thomas tells                         criminal charges against
           Works has restructured                    Annette Bening has signed         the story of a formerly                     the Berlin Film Festival
           and sealed a deal for a                   on to star in The                          famous western                     after the fest refused
           fresh $10 million credit                  Third Act, a Rob                           writer (Freeman)                   to consider his latest
           line from Theta Films                     Reiner-directed                            attempting to                      movie, Auschwitz, for its
           Financing.                                drama that will                            rediscover the tal-                official selection.
              The Works, a fixture                   also star Morgan                           ent that made him                    Boll, who will screen
                                                                                                                                                                                 JURY PHOTO: SEAN GALLUP/GETTY IMAGES

           on the global movie                       Freeman.                                   great in a small                   Auschwitz outside the
           sales scene for almost                       Voltage                                 rural town. In                     festival in Berlin’s Baby-
           25 years, said its par-                   Pictures, run by           Bening          doing so, he helps a               lon theater on Sunday,
           ent company Milcoz                        Nicolas Chart-                             young girl find her                accuses the Berlinale
           Films will use Theta’s                    ier, will finance and sell        wild imagination and helps                  of breach of trust and
                   C O N T I N U E D O N PAG E 3 6   international rights for the             C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 3 5          C O N T I N U E D O N PA G E 3 3


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Central Partnership D2 021111.indd 1   2/9/11 5:04 PM
                                             from the screening. I said,
           Wim Wenders

                                             ‘Now I know how.’ But soon
                   ERMAN AUTEUR Wim          it became obvious that
                   Wenders had been          the technology wasn’t far
                   planning a film on        enough along. Even when
           modern dance pioneer              you look at the gorgeous
           Pina Bausch for 25 years          Avatar, if you look at the
           but he had to wait until          original, real-life foot-
           3-D technology caught             age — not the stuff done in
           up with his vision. Then          computer — you realize it is
           in 2009, just as Wenders          less elegant, clunky. When
           began production, Bausch          people run there is shutter-
           suddenly died. Wenders            ing. They have three arms
           considered scrapping the          and four legs. Cameron
           project but Bausch’s danc-        cuts quickly so you don’t
           ers, and her army of fans         notice it. But for our film
           worldwide, pushed him             we had to capture natural
           to carry on. The result is        movement. And that only
           Pina, a cinematic memo-           became possible in 2009.
           rial to a dance revolution-
           ary. Wenders sat down with        Then, just before you could
           The Hollywood Reporter’s          start shooting, Pina Bausch
           German Bureau Chief               died. How did you find out?
           Scott Roxborough to talk          I had dinner with her eight
           about the challenges in           days before. She looked
           making the world’s first          tired. We all thought she
           3-D art film and why, in the      was exhausted, which with             Wim Wenders
           future, all documentaries         Pina was a constant state.
           will be three-dimensional.        She checked in to the hospi-         and movement. From that                appropriate for Pina. She
                                             tal for what we thought was          she would develop the play.            created the word Tanzthe-
           Why did you want to make a        a routine examination. Five          Making the film, I had to              ater — dance theater. She
           film about Pina Bausch?           days later, she was dead. I          find a substitute for Pina’s           does plays where the acting
           The why was never in doubt.       immediately cancelled the            presence. I realized it had            is done by dancers and can
           I saw the first piece of Pina’s   film. The entire idea, the           to be the people who knew              only be done by dancers.
           in 1984 and immediately           desire for 25 years, was to          her best. It had to be the             Her work is about what
           saw five more — I saw every-      do this film together. Weeks         dancers. All the questions             people tell about them-
           thing she did. Immediately I      later, it was the dancers            I would have asked Pina I              selves through movement.
           wanted to make a film about       who came to me. They said            would have to ask to danc-             She had an almost a sci-
           her. The problem wasn’t           Pina wouldn’t understand             ers. And they would have to            entific approach: How can
           the why, it was the how. I        why you aren’t doing this            answer with movement.                  we read who we are by how
           didn’t know how to shoot          film. You owe it to her. ... I                                              we move? What can you
           the movie. The more I got         realized the dancers were            What made Pina so excep-               tell about someone by the
           to know her work, the less I      right. I had to do this film.        tional, what did she mean for          way he lights a cigarette?
           thought I was able to shoot                                            modern dance?                          Most people think dance
           it in a way that was valid…       But you had lost your pro-           I think even the term                  is an aesthetic thing, it can
           It became a running joke          tagonist. How did that change        modern dance is not                    be beautiful but it doesn’t
           between us. She’d say, ‘Wim,      the film?                                                                   seem to relate to our lives.
           when are you doing that
           movie on me?’ and I’d say,
                                             The original idea was that
                                             I would have traveled with              V I TA L STATS                      But taking people into
                                                                                                                         Pina's plays was to watch
           ‘Pina, I don’t know how.’         Pina all over the world, to                                                 them melt. I hope this film
                                                                                   Festival Entry: Pina
                                             South America, to Asia.               Out Of Competition                    will be able to show Pina’s
           It was only with the advent       I would have filmed her               Selected Filmography:                 work to people who never
                                                                                   Palermo Shooting (2008),
           of 3-D technology that you        working with her dancers.             Don’t Come Knocking (2005),           had the chance to see it on
           figured out the how, after        She had a very unique way             Buena Vista Social Club (1999)        stage. I would have liked to
                                                                                   Faraway, So Close! (1993), Until
           watching U2 in 3D in Cannes       of working. When she was              the End of the World (1991), Wings    show it to Pina. I only hope
           back in 2006, correct?            developing a play, she’d ask          of Desire (1987), Paris, Texas        it’s a proper homage to her
                                                                                   (1984),The State of Things (1982),
           It was the first 3-D film,        her dancers questions and             The American Friend (1977), Alice     by the people who knew
           the first to use this new         they would answer not with            in the Cities (1974), Summer in the   and loved her best: Her
                                                                                   City (1970)
           technology. I called Pina         words but with gestures                                                     own dancers. THR


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                                                                         $100,000 main prize
                                                                         300 screenings
           April 8–17, 2011 Krakow, Poland
                                                                         150 filmmakers
                                                                         10 nights of parties
                                                                         10 potential hangovers

        It all happens here in Krakow.
        Enjoy 10 days of films, workshops, master classes and parties. Meet great independent filmmakers from all
        over the world. Take part in a film festival in perfect festival surroundings of the historic Krakow Old Town.
        For accreditations and festival info visit:
        Come and meet us at the European Film Market! 1st floor of the Marriott Hotel, Stand 112.

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                                                                                                                                  Heaven's Story

                                           Heaven's Story
                                                       declares on TV he’ll defy the law to              moods. A dilapidated, uninhabited

            By Maggie Lee
                                                       kill Mitsuo (Shugo Oshinari), the                 residential complex which looks like a
                        HE CRISSCROSSED FATES OF       juvenile murderer of his wife and                 bomb shelter haunts as a visual meta-
                    more than 20 characters who        infant. As Sato (Moeki Tsuruoka)                  phor for our corrupted, post-lapserian
                    live in the same residential       grows up envisioning how to force                 paradise. Gloomy images of suburban
                    estate and who are connected       their destinies to merge, Tomoki tries            life are interspersed with ghostly and
            by a series of murders in the 278-min-     to start a new life with a woman with             ritualistic dances by puppet troupe
            ute Heaven’s Story form a Japanese         a troubled history of male abuse.                 Yumehine and masked dance artist
            Decalogue that meditates on crime             The first two hours affectingly                Hyakkidondoro that draw on fables of
            and punishment — a theme that              conveys a sense of deep trauma while              monsters. Mesmerizing in their stylized
            underlines this anthology of murder,       rising to an apogee of suspense wor-              symbolism of good and evil, they instill
            avarice, adultery, revenge, atone-         thy of thrillers when teenaged Sato               an eerie, spiritual dimension to the
            ment, love and parenthood. Pink film       confronts Tomoki. The complexity of               human drama.
            master Takahisa Zeze’s opus may not        the situation deepens with a shift of                The last hour becomes quite a slog
            reach Kieslowski’s level of intellec-      focus on Mitsuo, whose coming-of-age              physically for audiences as the narra-
            tual or moral rigor, nevertheless, its     parallels Sato’s. His attempt to build            tive runs out of stamina. Spanning ten
            grandiose structure, vividly captured      a home from ruins with Kyoko (singer              years in nine episodes, much care has
            locations and some stunning visuals        Hako Yamasaki), an Alzheimer’s                    been taken to develop characters with
            compensate for the hazily rendered         inflicted doll-maker who wrote to him             vastly different predicaments and let
            social milieu and indifference toward      in prison, sheds new                                              their affinities emerge.
            characters’ motives and inner world.       light on connections           Forum                              However, what should
               Clearly a product with no com-          between wrongdoer and                                             jump out strongly as
            mercial inclinations, the film’s length    wronged.                       Sales: Stance Company              themes, that heaven
                                                                                      Production: Heaven’s Project,
            may nonetheless impress alternative           Shot over a year to         Tokio. Cast: Moeki Tsuruoka,       and hell is a place you
            cineastes with its trappings of artistic   capture the distinct           Tomoharu Hasegawa, Shugo           carry inside, are frit-
                                                                                      Oshinari, Jun Murakami, Hako
            integrity and audacity.                    changes of seasons,            Yamasaki, Hiroshi Sato, Akira      tered down not only by
               Although killings reach double          the glorious beauty of         Emoto Director: Takahisa           the long running time,
                                                                                      Zeze Screenwriter: Aki Sato,
            figures in Heaven, it is less concerned    nature contrasts starkly       Inspired by the writings of Akira  but becomes clouded
            with violence or death than survival,      against the monotonous         Ikegawa Planner: Hirotaka          by too many subplots,
                                                                                      Asano Producers: Daisuke
            exemplified by central figure Sato’s       estate in the austere          Asakura, Kazunao Sakaguchi         worst being the uncon-
            response to tragedy. Only eight when       northern climes of             Directors of photography:          vincing entanglements
                                                                                      Natsuhiro Nabeshima, Koichi
            her family is murdered, she (Kana          Yamagata, becoming             Saito, Yasushi Hanamura            of a policeman who
            Honda) hero-worships a man named           a manifestation of the         Editor: Toshihiro Imai             moonlights as a paid
                                                                                      No rating, 278 minutes
            Tomoki (Tomoharu Hasegawa) who             protagonists’ shifting                                            revenge enforcer. THR


day2_revheaven.indd 1                                                                                                                              2/10/11 4:44 PM
Dadi.indd 1   2/9/11 1:02 PM
           Year of the
           Rabbit Breeds
           Big Laughs
           Hong Kong filmmakers tap new Chinese
           mainland audience by targeting funny bone
           By Karen Chu

           HONG KONG — Comedy             filmmakers are more adept
           rises again in the year of     as to what appeals to the
           the rabbit, as local-lan-      mainland audience. We’ve
           guage Chinese New Year         tested the grounds with
           films return to their former   films specifically catered
           prominence. Lighthearted       to the Chinese New Year
           fare is thriving once more     period, and the season has
           during the beginning of        become more established
           the lunar calendar, and the    as a movie-going season
           trend is poised to continue    in China.”
           as filmmakers take advan-         Like Christmas in the
           tage of the lucrative Chi-     West, Chinese tradition
           nese market’s new-found        holds that families unite to
           love of laughs.                celebrate the new begin-
              “Comedy is now the          ning of the lunar calendar,
           mainstay of the Chinese-       called the Spring Festival
           language film industry,”       in the mainland. Before             New Year films will go        Clockwise from left: Louis Koo plays
           says producer, comedy          and during the Spring               head-to-head in theaters:     a makeup guru in All's Well Ends
                                                                                                            Well 2011; Louis Koo and Sandra Ng
           writer and actor Raymond       Festival, Chinese migrant           Wong’s All’s Well Ends        as Chinese superheroes in Mr. and
           Wong, who was behind           workers travel across               Well 2011 and I Love HK       Mrs. Incredible; Eric Tsang and Aarif
           many in the genre since        provinces to go home and            from Shaw Brothers/TVB.       Rahman star in I Love HK
                                                                              Meanwhile, the period
                                                                              superhero action comedy
                                                                              Mr. and Mrs. Incredible       Chinese New Year, but for a
                   We want to celebrate Hong                                  from producer-director        few years in the mid 2000s
           Kong people's sense of togetherness                                Peter Chan’s We Pictures is
                                                                              also in the running.
                                                                                                            the market share was lost to
                                                                                                            imported films even for this
           and unity in the face of adversity”                                  Beginning in the late       period,” Wong says.
                                                                              1970s, the Chinese New           Adds Mr. and Mrs. Incred-
                                            — CHUNG SHUE-KAI, DIRECTOR
                                                                              Year became one of the        ible helmer Vincent Kok:
                                                                              most prominent and profit-    “During the downturn,
           the 1980s, including some      spend as much time as               able periods of the year.     local filmmakers could
           of the highest-grossing        possible with their kin. In         But it all changed during     afford big stars for Chinese
           Chinese New Year com-          the past, the Chinese New           the 2000s, when audi-         New Year comedies, which
           edies. Wong is credited        Year timeslot was not seen          ences found themselves        is one of the main attrac-
           for re-launching the trend     as a strong box office sea-         greeted by violence, triads   tions of the genre.”
           with 2009’s All’s Well Ends    son in the mainland, but            and drugs in the 2007            Since Wong reignited the
           Well, a continuation of the    now comedies made with              Chinese New Year thanks       comedy genre, other 1980s
           successful 1990s series that   the Spring Festival release         to the Derek Yee-directed     veterans have followed suit.
           became the top Chinese-        date in mind are compet-            Protégé.                      Last year’s 72 Tenants of
           language film at the Hong      ing for a larger slice of the         “It’s part of the Hong      Prosperity, produced, co-
           Kong box office that year.     box office pie. Two bona            Kong culture to watch         directed and starring Eric
           “Hong Kong comedy              fide Hong Kong Chinese              seasonal comedies during      Tsang for Shaw Brothers/


day2_hongkong.indd 1                                                                                                                            2/10/11 4:50 PM
                                                                                                           of Hong Kong. “We want
                                                                                                           to celebrate Hong Kong
                                                                                                           people’s sense of together-
                                                                                                           ness and unity in the face
                                                                                                           of adversity,” says Chung,
                                                                                                           who has relocated primar-
                                                                                                           ily to Beijing in 2006. He
                                                                                                            adds that he hopes the
                                                                                                            sentiment might be shared
                                                                                                            by audiences in China,
                                                                                                            especially those who grew
                                                                                                            up in public housing. “It’s
                                                                                                            a distinctively Chinese
                                                                                                            characteristic, to band
                                                                                                            together in hard times,”
                                                                                                             he says. A happy ending
                                                                                                           is the prerequisite for films
           TVB, conquered the box         during Chinese New Year,          HK centers around a            in the Chinese New Year
           office last Chinese New        and we want to recapture          public housing commu-          genre, and true to form,
           Year with HK$27 million        that,” says Chung Shue-kai,       nity and reinforces such       the film winks at the audi-
           ($3.5 million). This year’s    who shared directing duties       local beliefs as rising from   ence through their sea-
           follow-up, I Love HK, once     with Tsang on 72 Tenants          defeat. Chung says the idea    sonal greetings, delivered
           again puts the Hong Kong       and took over on I Love HK.       for the film was borne out     by its cast of almost 200.
           audience front and center.       Shaw/TVB’s Chinese              of the Hong Kong tourist          Although I Love HK
           “It’s part of our collective   New Year outings favor            massacre in the Philip-        boast such a large group of
           memory for the whole fam-      a strong dose of Hong             pines in mid 2010, a trag-     actors, an ensemble cast of
           ily to see a seasonal comedy   Kong nostalgia. I Love            edy that unified the people    superstars has always been


day2_hongkong.indd 2                                                                                                                   2/10/11 4:50 PM

             Berlin winner, Echoes of the Rainbow,
             received funding from the HKFDC                                               HK Film Fund Fuels
                                                                                           Foray into Mainland
                                                                                           By Karen Chu

                                                                                           IN THE YEARS BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT-RUN HONG KONG FILM
                                                                                           Development Council (HKFDC) began its operation in 2007,
                                                                                           many filmmakers in Hong Kong faced the choice of leaving the
                                                                                           industry or leaving the territory. But as the 2010 Chinese box
                                                                                           office breaks the billion yuan mark, it’s a no-brainer.
                                                                                              Even the business-matching platform Hong Kong and Asia
                                                                                           Film Financing Forum is launching a Chinese language script
                                                                                           development award for young filmmakers to get a leg up on
                                                                                           entering the Chinese market.
                                                                                              “Hong Kong filmmakers have found a foothold in the
                                                                                           Chinese market,” says Wellington Fung, Secretary-General of
                                                                                           the Hong Kong Film Development Council. “Funding is much
                                                                                           easier to find compared with four to five years ago.”
                                                                                              It’s a sea change from the mid 2000s, when local productions,
           the main draw of Wong’s                   in the Chinese market,                and, more importantly, local financing, dropped to an all-time-
           All’s Well Ends Well films.               comedy helmers such as                low that forced filmmakers to ask the government for help.
           True to its starry roots,                 himself and Wong are now                 During its four-year operation, the HKFDC has won the
           All’s Well Ends Well 2011                 convinced that the cul-               appreciation of filmmakers. Its involvement has become a
           boasts A-list stars in its                tural gap in appreciating             “stamp of quality” of sorts, evident in the 2010 Berlin Crystal
           leads, including Wong’s                   humor between the Chinese             Bear winner Echoes of the Rainbow by director-producer-writer
           Ip Man series action star                 audience and Hong Kong                team Alex Law and Mabel Cheung, and last summer’s surprise
           Donnie Yen in his most                    filmmakers can now be                 indie hit The Breakup Club, both of which HKFDC-funded. The
           comedic role yet, and                     bridged. “Chinese audi-               publicity followed by Echoes’ Berlin accolade and subsequent
           the newly-crowned box                     ences, especially those in            HK$23 Million ($3 million) gross helped make HKFDC the focal
           office queen Carina Lau                   southern China, grew up on            point of local filmmakers as a means to attract other investors.
           of the blockbuster Let the                a steady diet of Hong Kong            And now it seems that many of the filmmakers, whether vet-
           Bullets Fly.                              comedies, some of which in            eran or young blood, do not even need the government’s help.
              The third installment of               the form of pirated VCDs,”               Since 2007, the Film Development Fund under the HKFDC
           the All’s Well series uses                Kok remarks.                          has invested almost HK$40 million ($5 million) in 14 film
           one-third of its HK$50 mil-                  With eyes on comedies,             projects out of the HK$300 million ($38.5 million) the govern-
           lion ($6.4 million) budget                Wong is also planning to              ment set aside for the film industry. Although projects with
           on its stars alone, and                   update for the mainland               more diversified subject matter are getting HKFDC investment
           could only get a maximum                  audience another one of his           approval, such as 80s hitmaker Wong Jing, whose new comedy
           of 10 days of shooting from               hit 1980s comedy fran-                Micro Sex Office received HK$1.7 million ($218,000) from the
           each lead. Even so, Koo                   chise, The Happy Ghost,               HKFDC, it’s clear that the organization’s main objective is not
           from All’s Well and Ng                    a series of campus-based              to co-financing local films. HK$104 million ($13.4 million) has
           from I Love HK also appear                teenage comedies which                been used to subsidize 54 film-related projects, such as the
           in Kok’s Mr. and Mrs.                     he wrote and starred in as            Hong Kong Film Awards, the Asian Film Awards, sponsorships
           Incredible.                               the title character. While            for filmmakers’ participation in overseas film festivals, and
              Incredible actually went               the Chinese censors’ ban              even short films representing Hong Kong to celebrate the 60th
           into production well before               on superstitious subject              anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China.
           its Chinese New year com-                 matter can be sticky, Wong               Fung estimates that the rest of the fund would be
           petitors, and Kok treats the              believes it can be renegoti-          exhausted in the next three years, and the HKFDC is open to
           issue of overlapping casts in             ated by downplaying the               the question of whether to get more from the government to
           a generous manner befit-                  ghostliness of the title char-        keep the ball rolling.
           ting the season. “I’m glad                acter, who was in essence                “What we need is a conceptual shift, from the investor’s
           that my cast is of such high              a mentor figure to young              point of view of gambling on a film’s box office, to creating
           demand,” he says. “It shows               people. “It’s not unseen for          revenue streams in a series of products,” Fung explains. “We
           that the Chinese New year                 youth-oriented films with             have to move from a vertical to a horizontal value chain. We
           comedy genre has returned                 supernatural elements to              can learn to generate revenue from ancillary products, as
           to its former glory.”                     be shown in China,” Wong              is the norm in the U.S. and Europe.” To that end, HKFDC is
              While Kok admits that                  points out, “just look at             organizing a symposium called Beyond Box Office to be held
           the real battleground is                  Harry Potter.” THR                    on March 22 and 23 alongside the Hong Kong Filmart. THR


day2_hongkong.indd 3                                                                                                                                      2/10/11 4:50 PM
Panadistribution D2 021111.indd 1   2/3/11 4:22 PM
Distribution Workshop D2 021111.indd 1   2/7/11 3:55 PM
Distribution Workshop D2 021111.indd 2   2/7/11 3:55 PM
            Reviews in Breif
                                                                                               Lost Kisses   monk’s robe.

                                                                                                             Lost Kisses
                                                                                                             Bottom line: Fun to look at
                                                                                                             and well-played, the film
                                                                                                             has too many loose threads
                                                                                                             in a threadbare plot.
                                                                                                             Roberta Torre returns to
                                                                                                             the Sicilian camp of her
                                                                                                             earlier work in a comedy
                                                                                                             drama that goes every-
                                                                                                             where and nowhere. Fun
                                                                                                             to look at and well-played,
                                                                                                             the visually splashy Lost
                                                                                                             Kisses has too many loose
                                                                                                             threads in a threadbare
                                                                                                             plot. When 13-year-old
                                                                                                             Manuela (Carla Mar-
                                                                                                             chese) claims to have been
                                                                                                             visited by the Madonna in
                                                                                                             a dream, the people of her
                                                                                                             rundown neighborhood
                                                                                                             in Catania, Sicily, flock to
                                                                                                             her for miracles — to get
                                                                                                             them on TV’s Big Brother,
                                                                                                             cure gambling, find jobs,
             The Guard                       specialized audiences look-     The idea of a Buddhist          even treat blindness. Her
             Bottom Line: A notable          ing for something bracing       monk who is a punk rocker       big-haired, big-mouthed
             directorial debut with good     and fresh. Perhaps not          seems impossibly incon-         mother (Donatella Finoc-
             specialized commercial          unexpectedly coming from        gruous, and that’s how his      chiaro) sets up visiting
             prospects.                      the screenwriter of the         parishioners in a small         hours for her overwhelmed
             Clearly sharing the same        recent Ned Kelly, Guard         Japanese town feel about        daughter, and the money
             artistic gene pool as           clearly has its roots in the    it. But Jonen is no ordinary    comes pouring in.
             younger brother Martin,         Western, which is under-        monk. He is a sensitive                —NATASHASENJANOVIC
             John Michael McDonagh           lined by McDonagh’s choice      and troubled soul trying
             makes a splashy directo-        of a Mexican-flavored           to silence the noise within.    Mad Bastards
             rial debut with The Guard.      trumpet-and-guitar score        Abraxas, Naoki Kato’s exqui-    Bottom line: A stirring sense
             Scabrous, profane, violent,     by Calexico that immedi-        sitely crafted debut feature,   of a place and its people
             verbally adroit and very        ately conveys a heightened      is that rare spiritual film     ripples through this moving
             often hilarious, this twisted   Leone-Morricone vibe. Fur-      that is funny and moving        story of men trying to take
             and exceptionally accom-        ther promoting the sense of     without being stuffy. Years     responsibility for their dam-
             plished variation on the        exaggerated nonrealism are      ago, it would have been the     aged and damaging lives.
             buddy-cop format is capped      the bright hues — green,        kind of film that played well   Like last year’s Sundance
             by a protean performance        purple and so on — with         in art houses, but today,       discovery from Australia,
             by Brendan Gleeson as a         which some interiors are        like Jonen, it will have to     Animal Kingdom, debuting
             defiantly iconoclastic Irish    backed and bathed, setting      search to find its place. At    director Brendan Fletcher’s
             West Country policeman.         the stage for displays of       the center of the film is a     Mad Bastards shapes tex-
             Even though the narrative       florid rhetoric and elocu-      wonderful and warm per-         tured relationships within a
             essentials and boisterous       tion that are magnificently     formance by Japanese rock       vividly drawn milieu, swap-
             humor come through loud         grandiose and obscene even      star Suneohair as Jonen. In     ping an inner-city crime
             and clear, Yank audiences       by high Irish standards.        his younger days, as we see     family for an Aboriginal
             will have some trouble with                 —TODDMCCARTHY    in the opening moments,         community in the remote
             the regional accents, mak-                                      Jonen thrashed around the       North-West. Set in the
             ing the addition of a few       Abraxas                         stage, violently swinging his   spectacular Kimberley
             subtitles possibly advisable.   Bottom line: Unlikely           guitar, falling over himself.   region of Western Australia
             But this cinematic equiva-      story of a punk-rock            But that was then; now, he      and reaping huge visual
             lent of a shot of fine single   Buddhist monk is                has a shaved head and has       benefits from its rugged
             malt will go down well with     playful and spiritual.          traded his torn T-shirt for a   locations and pristine light,


day2_revsbrief.indd 1                                                                                                                       2/10/11 1:08 PM
Imagination WW D1 021011.indd 1   2/7/11 11:07 AM
                        Reviews in brief

             Bastards departs in tone          bad news, The Salesman                Delicately made but                  the presidential elections in
             from recent screen forays         matches economic down-                hewing to a strange,                 Ghana in December 2008.
             into this world. It has neither   turn with the frozen-over             unsympathetic vision, the            Director Jarreth Merz
             the composed lyricism of          landscape of Northern                 psychological horror film            spent part of his childhood
             Samson and Delilah nor the        Quebec. Sensitivity to                Vampire is uncommercial              in Ghana, so he had a per-
             strained ebullience of Bran       its subjects and a superb             even in the current craze            sonal motivation for tack-
             Nue Dae. Instead it goes          performance by Gilbert                for bloodsuckers, though             ling the film. He sought to
             for and achieves unembel-         Sicotte offer some arthouse           it could find appreciative           see if democracy could take
             lished realism, remarkably        value, but this unrepentant           audiences in a limited               hold in a continent prey
             so considering most of the        downer will have a hard               niche run and on video.              to many oppressive dicta-
             unselfconscious actors are        time at the box office.               Surprisingly professional            tors. Merz’s access to both
             untrained locals. At its                        —JOHNDEFORE          looking for a movie on               candidates in the election
             center a father and son story,                                          which Japanese auteur Iwai           and to many other politi-
             the film deals in universal       Tyrannosaur                           Shunji did at least six jobs         cal insiders lends the film
             themes of social dysfunction      Bottom line: Propelled by             himself, it offers a coherent        credibility and immediacy.
             and constricting codes of         performances full of scald-           (if hermetic) aesthetic but          The picture is a natural
             masculinity that could apply      ing anger and pain, this is           suffers from uneven acting.          for public television, with
             to any marginalized commu-        a shattering drama about              Viewers won’t be surprised           limited theatrical potential,
             nity. If the basic ingredients    surviving violence, even              to learn this is the director’s      though it’s more involving
             seem familiar, the handling       when it comes from within.            first English-language film.         than many documentaries
             of them is distinctive thanks     Peter Mullan’s directing                                  —JOHNDEFORE   that do get released.
             to a gaze that’s both clear-      projects have kept him                                                                 —STEPHENFARBER
             eyed and forgiving.               offscreen for long stretches          An African Election
                           —DAVIDROONEY     at a time, but this gruffly           Bottom line: Fine doc shines         The Green Wave
                                               charismatic Scotsman gets             a light on Africa’s struggle         Bottom line: An arresting
             Restoration                       perhaps his best role since           for freedom from violence.           visual style cannot make up
             Bottom line: An old-fash-         Ken Loach’s My Name is                Among the many politically           for lack of new information or
             ioned slice of life from Israel   Joe, courtesy of another              charged documentaries                viewpoints about the Green
             more personal than political.     actor-turned-director,                showcased at this year’s             Revolution in 2009 Iran.
             An Israeli film more about        Paddy Considine. Best                 Sundance Film Festival,              The Green Wave, a docu-
             the internal state of its         known as the lead in Jim              one of the most gripping is          mentary about the “Green”
             characters than the state of      Sheridan’s In America,                An African Election, which           explosion following the
             the country, Restorationis        Considine expanded Tyran-             provides an inside look at           2009 presidential election
             the kind of small-scale,          nosaur  from characters
             well-crafted story that used      introduced in his 2007
             to be a staple of Euro-           short, Dog Altogether. The
             pean cinema and is rarely         film pulls no punches.
             seen nowadays, at least in        It opens with a scene of
             the U.S. It’s still a potent      such distressing ugliness
             formula in the hands of           — drunken Joseph (Mul-
             fine actors and a director        lan) bristling with rage and
             like Yossi Madmony who            spewing profanities before
             knows how to slowly build a       venting his fury on his
             story with small strokes and      dog – many audiences will
             telling details. This kind of     want to tune out immedi-
             quality, if somewhat som-         ately. But this is an intense
             ber, picture could find some      exploration of the corrosive
             success at what remains of        effects of human violence.
             art houses and enjoy a solid      And its eventual glimmer
             afterlife in home viewing.        of redemption is entirely
                        —JAMESGREENBERG     earned, not artificial or
             The Salesman                                     —DAVIDROONEY
             Bottom line:  A long, bleak
             slog eventually leads to          Vampire
             tragedy in well-made but          Bottom line: Artsy but alien-
             depressing character study.       ating quasi-horror film offers
             A slow slice of life in tough     a non-supernatural alterna-
                                                                                         The Green Wave
             times interrupted by very         tive to Count Dracula.


day2_revsbrief.indd 2                                                                                                                                  2/10/11 1:08 PM
Nikkatsu D2 021111.indd 1   2/4/11 1:36 PM
CMG 2 021111.indd 1   2/9/11 10:50 AM
CMG 2 021111.indd 2   2/9/11 10:50 AM
                        Reviews in brief
                                                                                                           film’s Sundance premiere,
                                                                                                           and should have no trouble
                                                                          Position Among the Stars
                                                                                                           securing partners for
                                                                          Bottom line: An eloquently
                                                                                                           theatrical and DVD release.
                                                                          shot and closely observed
                                                                                                           The British documentar-
                                                                          doc about a poor family in
                                                                                                           ian’s subject is a misguided
                                                                          modern-day Indonesia.
                                                                                                           animal experiment under-
                                                                          If the Loud family of Santa
                                                                                                           taken in the 1970s, when an
                                                                          Barbara, featured in the
                                                                                                           infant chimpanzee named
                                                                          landmark PBS documen-
                                                                                                           Nim was separated from its
                                                                          tary, “An American Fam-
                                                                                                           mother to be raised as part
                                                                          ily,” had lived instead in
                                                                                                           of a human family. The goal
                                                                          a shantytown in Jakarta,
                                                                                                           of this under-planned nur-
                                                                          Indonesia, the resulting
                                                                                                           ture vs. nature study was
                                                                          film would look something
                                                                                                           to teach the ape to commu-
                                                                          like a remarkable trilogy
                                                                                                           nicate by acquiring sign-
                                                                          of docs made by Dutch
                                                                                                           language skills. While this
                                                                          filmmaker Leonard Rentel
                                                                                                           is fascinating material, it’s
                                                                          Helmrich, which concludes
                                                                                                           the flawed human behavior
                                                                          with “Position Among
                                                                                                           it exposes that makes the
                                                                          the Stars.” Helmrich has
                                                                                                           story so compelling. And
                                                                          observed the Shamshuddin
                                                                                                           yet what elevates Marsh’s
                                                                          family living in a Jakarta
                                                                                                           film is the even-handedness
                                                                          slum for a dozen years to
                                                                                                           of his perspective.
                                                                          make his cinema verite saga.
                                                                          While the tumultuous
               Project Nim
                                                                          changes that have rocked
                                                                                                           Bobby Fischer Against the
                                                                          Indonesian society swirl
             in Iran and the govern-        Ahmadinejad.                                                   World
                                                                          around the family, of
             ment’s violent response, is              —KIRKHONEYCUTT                                    Bottom line: Compellingly
                                                                          course, more than anything
             intriguing but for the wrong                                                                  told rise and fall of chess
                                                                          Rentel Helmrich has inti-
             reasons. The film’s Iranian    The Flaw                                                       champion Bobby Fischer.
                                                                          mately captured a family
             writer-director Ali Samadi     Bottom line: Smart and                                         In his heyday in 1972, when
                                                                          in transition as they adjust
             Ahadi lives in Germany         entertaining documentary                                       he beat Russian Boris
                                                                          to bewildering gaps in
             and the Western media has      examines the roots of the                                      Spassky for the World
                                                                          education, outlook, religion
             been tossed out by Iran’s      recent economic collapse.                                      Championship, chess
                                                                          and even class among three
             hard-line Islamic regime       The old expression “the                                        prodigy Bobby Fischer was
                                                                          generations jammed into
             so the film is constructed     rich get richer” has never                                     like a rock star, as famous
                                                                          cramped quarters.
             not out of the news footage    seemed more true than                                          and revered as Muham-
             and on-the-spot reporting      in David Sington’s devas-                                      mad Ali. His rise from a
             but rather through anima-      tating documentary The                                         shabby Brooklyn apart-
                                                                          Project Nim
             tion, video posts, Facebook    Flaw about the causes of                                       ment to the heights of the
                                                                          Bottom line: This haunt-
             and Twitter messages. It’s     the 2007 economic melt-
                                                                          ing life story is an exquisite
             a scrappy, highly adventur-    down in the U.S. Talking
                                                                          example of non-fiction
             ous approach that for the      to an impressive array of
                                                                          filmmaking as full-bodied,
             most part works well. What     academics, bankers, and
                                                                          emotionally complex drama.
             is disappointing is how        victims, he comes to the
                                                                          After weaving an audacious
             little new information there   conclusion that the unequal
                                                                          high-wire stunt into an
             is here for anyone who         distribution of wealth was
                                                                          inspiring account of artistic
             has followed news reports      behind the collapse. Using
                                                                          endeavor in his Oscar-win-
             and, yes, various social       vintage cartoons to illus-
                                                                          ning Man on Wire, James
             networks in 2009. The          trate complicated concepts,
                                                                          Marsh again proves himself
             movie is more an illustra-     the film is informative,
                                                                          a storyteller of impeccable
             tion of what you already       humorous, and, at times,
                                                                          craftsmanship and deli-
             knew about the ground-         even entertaining. New
                                                                          cacy in the unsettling but
             swell of support garnered      Video picked up the film at
                                                                          equally enthralling “Project
             by presidential candidate      Sundance and has plans for
                                                                          Nim.” HBO Documentary
             Mir-Hossein Mousaviand         a small theatrical release
                                                                          Films acquired all U.S.
             the increasingly repressive    followed by thorough DVD
                                                                          rights on the eve of the
             dictatorship of Mahmoud        and digital distribution.


day2_revsbrief.indd 3                                                                                                                    2/10/11 1:08 PM
             chess world had caught
             the public’s imagination,
             and in Liz Garbus’ Bobby
             Fischer Against the World,
             the story is still compelling
             and powerful. It’s another
             quality picture for HBO
             Documentaries, which
             will air the film in July.
             Fischer’s life (he died in
             2008) has the trajectory
             of the American dream in
             reverse. Up from humble
             beginnings, he grabs the
             brass ring at 29, and then
             tumbles into madness and
             a tragic demise. Garbus
             and her team, aided by
             extensive archival footage          Life In A Day
             expertly put together by
             editors Karen Schmeer and       a few speed bumps along                  and You and Everyone We          Parade in Duisburg, Ger-
             Michael Levine, manage to       the way. Long in gestation               Know, but without nearly         many. Life in a Day rectifies
             reassemble the pieces of his    project from The Hangover                so much of the bracing           this. A giraffe was born,
             shattered life.                 co-writers Scott Moore and               outrageousness and sense         a cow was slaughtered,
                       —JAMESGREENBERG    Jon Lucas has moments                    of surprise. This quiet,         babies came into the world,
                                             of hilarity, but overall the             quirky look at a couple          weddings took place, a gay
             Flypaper                        script evinces neither the               haplessly trying to envi-        man in New York worked
             Bottom line: Although           inspired comedic mayhem                  sion and manipulate their        up the courage to call his
             tempting enough to initially    nor the intricately disci-               future will no doubt gather      grandmother to tell her
             attract audiences, this caper   plined structure of 2009’s               some ardent fans around          about his lifestyle, a Mos-
             comedy may have trouble         smash hit. The combination               it, but their numbers will       cow daredevil stole food,
             getting them to stick around,   of Minkoff ’s solid track                be small. Active in assorted     and a dignified Afghan
             despite a starry cast.          record, the A-list comedy                media, July has a rarified       man expressed concerns
             Rob Minkoff ’s first inde-      writers and stars Patrick                sensibility that’s hard to pin   that he might not return
             pendent production follow-      Dempsey and Ashley Judd                  down, as it’s both rigorous      home safely. Life in a Day
             ing a string of successful      will assure a favorable                  and massively whimsi-            is an experimental project
             family-oriented studio          opening, but the R-rated                 cal. Here, unfortunately,        driven by the Internet at
             pictures, heist comedy          material and mixed audi-                 the latter dominates in a        its best, where connectivity
             Flypaper represents a           ence response may combine                portrait of two 35-year-olds     among the planet’s popula-
             favorable transition,           to dampen box office after               whose intensely limited and      tion has become a reality.
             although it’s not without       initial playdates.                       selective way of examining       A collaboration between
                                                                —JUSTINLOWE        their position in life and the   YouTube and Ridley and
                                                                                      world suggests delusional        Tony Scott’s Scott Free
                                             The Future                               naivete and a decidedly          production company, the
                                             Bottom line: Overly precious             self-deceptive way of pre-       film was assembled from
                                             poetic examination of a                  paring for the eventuality       footage submitted to You-
                                             couple’s eccentric attempts              indicated by the title.          Tube from camerapeople
                                             to evolve their lives will                           —TODDMCCARTHY     in 192 countries, all shot
                                             appeal to a rarified few.                                                 on that Saturday last year.
                                             A film as fragile and                    Life In A Day                    Director Kevin Macdonald,
                                             miniaturist as its title is              Bottom line: This amazing        the Oscar-winning docu-
                                             grandiose, The Future is                 compilation of videos all        mentarian who made the
                                             just too terribly twee to                shot the same day around         2006 feature The Last King
                                             readily embrace. Miranda                 the globe is one for the ages.   of Scotland, and editor Joe
                                             July’s long-awaited second               A lot happened on July           Walker (Hunger) combed
                                             feature brandishes poetic                24, 2010, but little of it       through some 4,500 hours
                              Bobby Fisher   insights and imaginative                 made news other than the         of video to produce the
                               Against the   flights akin to those that               21 tragic deaths during          95-minute film.
                                             graced her 2005 debut Me                 a stampede at the Love                      —KIRKHONEYCUTT


day2_revsbrief.indd 4                                                                                                                              2/10/11 1:08 PM
Nu Image Millenium D1 021011.indd 1   2/4/11 12:38 PM
Nu Image Millenium D1 021011.indd 2   2/4/11 12:38 PM
Nu Image_Medallion D1 021011.indd 1   2/4/11 5:52 PM
NU IMAGE 2 021111.indd 1   2/9/11 5:23 PM
Nu Image_Spiders D1 021011.indd 1   2/4/11 5:50 PM
           Festival Screening Guide

                                                                                                                                Sleeping Sickness

            TODAY                             Generations and Maya               mins., Panorama, CineStar 3       20:15 Tomboy, France, 84
            9:00 Margin Call, U.S., 110       Deren’s Sink, Forum, Expanded                                        mins., Panorama, CineStar 3
            mins., Competition Press,         History Lessons Kino Arsenal 1     18:00 Elite Squad 2 - The
            Berlinale Palast                                                     Enemy Within, Brazil, 116         21:00 The Devil’s Double,
                                              15:30 Totally True Love            mins., Panorama Special,          Belgium, 108 mins., Panorama
            11:00 Heaven and Earth,           Generation, Kplus Haus der         Friedrichstadtpalast              Special, Friedrichstadtpalast
            Austria, 285 mins., Forum,        Kulturen der Welt Kino 1
            CineStar 8                                                           19:00 Whatsoeverly, Italy, 96     21:30 The Unjust, S. Korea,
                                              16:00 Berlinale Shorts Com-        mins., Panorama, CinemaxX 7;      120 mins., Panorama, Cin-
            12:00 The Prize, Mexico/          petition, Forest, The Unliving,    Follow Me, Austria, 109 mins.,    emaxX 7
            France/Poland/Germany, 115        Tomorrow Everything Will           Forum, Delphi Filmpalast
            mins., Competition Press,         Be Alright, Ashley/Amber,                                            21:45 Viva Riva!, Congo/
            Berlinale Palast; True Grit,      Woman Waiting, Seven Days          19:30 Margin Call, U.S., 110      France, 96 mins., Forum, Del-
            U.S., 111 mins., Competition,     in the Woods, CinemaxX 5           mins., Competition, Berlinale     phi Filmpalast
            Friedrichstadtpalast                                                 Palast; Hi-So, Thailand, 110
                                               16:30 Offside, Iran, 88 mins.,    mins., Forum, CineStar 8; Uto-    22:00 Berlinale Shorts
            12:30 The Magician, Sweden,       Competition Special Screen-        pia Ltd., Germany, 90 mins.,      Competition, The Shower,
            100 mins., Retrospective “Ing-    ing, Berlinale Palast; Under       Perspektive Deutsches Kino        Broken Night, Doctor Rao, 15
            mar Bergman,” CinemaxX 8          Control, German, 98 mins.,         CinemaxX 3; Heaven’s Story,       July, Back by 6, CinemaxX 3;
                                              Forum, Delphi Filmpalast           Japan, 278 mins., Forum, Cin-     Hour of the Wolf, Sweden, 89
            14:00 Utopia Ltd., Ger-                                              emaxX 4; Faithless, Sweden/       mins., Retrospective “Ingmar
            many, 90 mins., Perspektive       16:45 The House, Slovac Rep./      Norway/Finland/Germany/           Bergman,” CinemaxX 6; Shine,
            Deutsches Kino Press Cin-         Czech Rep., 97 mins., Forum,       Italy, 156 mins., Retrospective   Australia, 105 mins., Homage,
            emaxX 5; Doctor’s Day Off,        CineStar 8                         “Ingmar Bergman,” CinemaxX        Zeughauskino
            Japan, 97 mins., Forum,                                              8; Griff the Invisible, Aus-
            Delphi Filmpalast                 17:00 Barzakh, Finland/Lithu-      tralia, 93 mins., Generation      22:15 The Stool Pigeon, Hong
                                              ania, 59 mins., Panorama,          14plus, Haus der Kulturen der     Kong/China, 112 mins., Forum,
            14:30 Mondo Lux - The Visual      Dokumente CineStar 7               Welt Kino 1; Eastern Prom-        CineStar 8
            Worlds of Werner Schroeter,                                          ises, U.S./U.K./Canada, 100
            Germany, 97 mins., Panorama,      17:30 The Flight, GDR (1976),      mins., Homage, Zeughauskino       22:30 The Prize, Mexico/
            Dokumente CineStar 7              94 mins., Homage, CinemaxX                                           France/Poland/Germany, 115
                                              8; Run, If You Can, Germany,       20:00 We Were Here, U.S.,         mins., Competition, Berli-
            15:00 Retrospective Special       112 mins., German Cinema,          90 mins., Panorama, Doku-         nale Palast; From the Life of
            Screening, CinemaxX 8; True       CinemaxX 1                         mente CineStar 7; Familiar        the Marionettes, Germany,
            Grit, U.S., 111 mins., Competi-                                      Ground, Canada, 89 mins.,         103 mins., Retrospective
            tion, Friedrichstadtpalast;       17:45 Romeos, Germany, 94          Forum, Kino Arsenal 1             “Ingmar Bergman,” CinemaxX


day2festguide.indd 1                                                                                                                                2/10/11 1:35 PM
                       Festival Screening Guide

                                                                                  3; Life and Work, Sweden, 58      Crown, Israel, 85 mins., Pan-
                                                                                  mins., Retrospective “Ingmar      orama Dokumente, CineStar
                                                                                  Bergman”, CinemaxX 8; Mod-        7; The Mortician, U.K./U.S.,
                                                                                  ern People, Japan, 112 mins.,     91 mins., Panorama, Cubix
                                                                                  Forum, Delphi Filmpalast          9; Mama Africa, Germany/
                                                                                  A Girl Called Rosemarie,          South Africa/Finland, 91
                                                                                  Germany, 134 mins., Berlinale     mins., Panorama Dokumente,
                                                                                  Special, International            International

                                                                                  14:30 We Were Here, U.S., 90      17:30 Cries and Whispers,
                                                                                  mins., Panorama Dokumente,        Sweden, 91 mins., Retro-
                                                                                  CineStar 7; Suicide Room,         spective “Ingmar Bergman”,
                                                                                  Poland, 110 mins., Panorama       CinemaxX 8; How Are You,
                                                                                  Special, Cubix 9                  Demark, 70 mins., Panorama,
                                                                                                                    Dokumente, Cubix 7; West
                                                                                  15:00 The Prize, Mexico/          Is West, U.K., 102 mins.,
                                                                                  France/Poland/Germany, 115        Generation 14plus, Haus der
                                                                                  mins., Competition, Fried-        Kulturen der Welt Kino 1;
                                                                                  richstadtpalast; Guided           Cheonggyecheon Medley: A
                                                                                  Tour, Germany, 38 mins.,          Dream of Iron, S.Korea, 79
                                                                                  Forum Expanded, Kino Arsenal      mins., Forum, Kino Arsenal 1;
                                                                     Alamanya     1; Found Cuban Mounts,            Offside, Iran, 88 mins., Wet-
                                                                                  Germany/Costa Rica, 7 mins.,      tbewerb Sondervorführung /
            8; Utopians, U.S., 84 mins.,       Press, Berlinale Palast;           Forum Expanded, Kino Arsenal      Competition Special Screen-
            Forum, Kino Arsenal 1              Barzakh, Finland/Lithuania,        1; National Motives, France/      ing, Urania; Wild Straw-
                                               59 mins., Panorama, Doku-          Hungary, 28 mins., Forum          berries, Sweden, 90 mins.,
            22:45 Dance Town, S. Korea,        mente CineStar 7; Margin           Expanded, Kino Arsenal 1;         Retrospective “Ingmar Berg-
            95 mins., Panorama, CineStar 3     Call, U.S., 110 mins., Compe-      So Close to Life, Sweden, 85      man”, Zeughauskino; Three,
                                               tition, Friedrichstadtpalast       mins., Retrospective “Ingmar      Germany, 119 mins., German
            SATURDAY                                                              Bergman”, Zeughauskino            Cinema, CinemaxX 1
            9:00 Sleeping Sickness, Com-       12:30 Intimate Grammar,
            petition Press, Berlinale Palast   Israel, 110 mins., Generation      15:30 Plug & Pray, Germany,       17:45 Dance Town, S. Korea,
                                               Kplus, Haus der Kulturen der       92 mins., German Cinema,          95 mins., Panorama, CineStar 3
            10:00 On The Sly Generation,       Welt Kino 1; Follow Me, Austria,   CinemaxX 1; Five Cartridges,
            Belgium/France, 77 mins.,          109 mins., Forum, Kino Arsenal 1   German Democratic Republic,       18:00 Life In A Day, U.K.,
            Generation Kplus, Kplus Haus                                          88 mins., Homage CinemaxX 8;      95 mins., Panorama Special,
            der Kulturen der Welt Kino 1       13:00 Utopia Ltd., Ger-            The Bengali Detective, U.K./      Friedrichstadtpalast
                                               many, 90 mins., Perspektive        USA/ Austria, 91 mins., Pan-
            10:30 Elite Squad 2 - The          Deutsches Kino, Colosseum 1;       orama Dokumente, Colosseum 1      18:30 Familiar Ground,
            Enemy Within, Brazil, 116          Vergesst mir meine Traudel                                           Canada, 89 mins., Forum,
            mins., Panorama, Special           nicht, German Democratic           16:00 Berlinale Shorts            Die Kurbel
            CinemaxX 7                         Republic, 86 mins., Retros-        Competition, Stick Climbing,
                                               pektive Sondervorstellung /        Susya, Scenes From The Sub-       19:00 Here, U.S., 120 mins.,
            11:00 Crimson Gold, Iran, 95       Retrospective Special Screen-      urbs, Terribly Happy, Unty-       Panorama, CinemaxX 7; Swans,
            mins., Forum, Sondervorfüh-        ing, Zeughauskino                  ing the Knot, CinemaxX 5          Germany/Portugal, 126 mins.,
            rung /, Forum, Special Screen-                                                                          Forum, Delphi Filmpalast
            ing CineStar 8; The Magic          13:30 The Devil’s Double, Bel-     16:30 Sleeping Sickness, Ger-
            Flute, Sweden, 138 mins., Ret-     gium, 108 mins., Panorama Spe-     many/France/Netherlands, 91       19:15 Amnesty, Albania/
            rospective “Ingmar Bergman”,       cial, CinemaxX 7; The Day I Was    mins., Competition, Berlinale     Greece/France, 83 mins.,
            CinemaxX 8; The Marquis of         Not Born, Germany, 95 mins.,       Palast; The Kite, India/U.S.,     Forum, CineStar 8
            Grillo, Italy/France, 135 mins.,   German Cinema, CinemaxX1           105 mins., Forum, CineStar 8;
            Berlinale Special, International                                      Griff The Invisible, Australia,   19:30 Almanya, Germany, 97
                                               13:45 Familiar Ground,             93 mins., Generation 14plus,      mins., Competition, Berlinale
            11:30 In Search of the Perfect     Canada, 89 mins., Forum,           CinemaxX 3; Matchmaking           Palast; The Education, Ger-
            Sound, Germany/Austria,            CineStar 8                         Mayor, Czech Republic/Slovak      many, 85 mins., Perspektive
            93 mins., German Cinema,                                              Republic, 72 mins., Forum,        Deutsches Kino, CinemaxX 3;
            CinemaxX1                          14:00 Totally True Love,           Delphi Filmpalast                 Good Morning to the World!!,
                                               Norway/Germany, 80 mins.,                                            Japan, 81 mins., Forum,
            12:00 Almanya, Competition         Generation Kplus, CinemaxX         17:00 The Queen Has No            CinemaxX 4 THR


day2festguide.indd 2                                                                                                                                2/10/11 1:35 PM
                                    The Hollywood Reporter

                      2 0 1 1                  E F M      I N D U S T R Y         D E B A T E

                      SEPARATING THE HOPE FROM THE HYPE.

                                                     FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11
                                                          1:00 - 2:00 PM
                                                     SPIEGELZELT RESTAURANT

                                                      PANELISTS INCLUDE
                                             ■ Christian Gisy, CEO, CINEMAXX AG , Germany
                              ■ Sam Taylor, Producer,FILM & MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT UK
                                 ■ Erwin W. Schmidt, Producer, ROAD MOVIES, Germany
                               ■ Gareth Maxwell Roberts, Director of “The Mortician”, UK

                                                   MODERATOR: Scott Roxborough

EFM Industry Debate House Ad_Berlin.indd 1                                                      2/4/11 12:23 PM
           Market Screening Guide
                                                                                                                      100 mins., The Match Factory,
                                                                                                                      CinemaxX Studio 13

                                                                                                                      11:00 Atacama’s 33, Spain, 87
                                                                                                                      mins., America Video Films,
                                                                                                                      MGB-Kino; Films Distribution
                                                                                                                      Promo Reel, France, 90 mins.,
                                                                                                                      Films Distribution, CinemaxX
                                                                                                                      Studio 18; Hindenburg – The
                                                                                                                      Last Flight, Germany, 103
                                                                                                                      mins., Beta Cinema, dffb-Kino;
                                                                                                                      Meek’s Cutoff, U.S., 106 mins.,
                                                                                                                      Cinetic Media, CinemaxX
                                                                                                                      Studio 11; Pathé International
                                                                                                                      Promo Reel, France, 120 mins.,
                                                                                                                      Pathé International, CineStar
                                                                                                                      5; Silence Of Love, France,
                                                                                                                      105 mins., TF1 International,
                                                                                                                      CinemaxX 4; The Moon Child
                                                                                                                      France, Belgium, 110 mins.,
                                                                                                                      Wild Bunch, CineStar 1; The
                                                                                                   Brighton Rock      Revolution Of Juan Escopeta,
                                                                                                                      Mexico, 94 mins., Monoduo
            TODAY                              Reels, France, 60 mins., Wild       The Sky, Spain, 90 mins.,          Films Marriott 3; Unijapan
            8:45 The Piano In A Factory,       Bunch, CinemaxX 5                   Imagina International Sales,       Human Resources Develop-
            China, 105 mins., Golden Net-                                          CinemaxX Studio 12; Unijapan       ment Project Vol. 2, Japan, 75
            work Asia, CinemaxX 8; Tilva       9:15 Brighton Rock, U.K.,           Human Resources Develop-           mins., Unijapan, Parliament
            Rosh, Serbia, 99 mins., Visit      111 StudioCanal, CineStar 6; I      ment Project Vol. 1, Japan, 75
            Films, CinemaxX Studio 17          Phone You, Germany/China, 97        mins., Unijapan, Parliament;       11:15 Auf der Suche, Germany/
                                               mins., Reverse Angle Produc-        Wrecked, Canada, 91 mins.,         France, 89 mins., CinemaxX 6;
            9:00 Behind the Walls,             tion, dffb-Kino; In/Sight, U.S.,    Entertainment One, CinemaxX 2      Funkytown, Canada, 133 mins.,
            France, 90 mins., Roissy           92 mins., Highland Film Group,                                         Entertainment One, CinemaxX
            Films, CineStar 7; Dear Alice,     Marriott 3; Love, Wedding,          10:00 Oranges And Sunshine,        2; The Good Herbs, Mexico,
            Sweden, 105 mins., Non-            Marriage, U.S., 98 mins., Echo      Australia/U.K., 105 mins., Icon    120 mins., Latinofusion, Cin-
            Stop Sales, MGB-Kino; DiDi         Bridge Entertainment, CineStar      Group, Cubix 4; The Father-        emaxX Studio 16; Twigson Ties
            Hollywood, Spain, 94 mins.,        1; Somewhere Tonight, U.S.,         less, Austria, 105 mins., Aus-     The Knot, Norway, 78 mins.,
            DeAPlaneta, Kino Arsenal 2;        88 mins., Cinemavault, Cin-         trian Film Commission; Cubix 3     Sola Media, CinemaxX 9
            In Another Lifetime, Aus-          emaxX 4; The Violent Kind,
            tria/Hungary, 94 mins., Beta       U.S., 88 mins., Bleiberg Enter-     10:15 Silent House; U.S./          11:20 A Gang Story Promo
            Cinema, CinemaxX Studio 13;        tainment, CinemaxX Studio 18        France, 100 mins., Elle Driver,    Reel, France, 30 mins.,
            Lilly The Witch - The Journey                                          CinemaxX 5                         Gaumont, CineStar 6
            To Mandolan, Germany, 86           09:30 Ausente, Argentina, 87
            mins., Telepool, CineStar 4;       mins., Rendez-Vous Pictures,        10:30 American Translation,        11:30 Lullaby For Pi, France/
            Satin, U.S., 84 mins., New         CinemaxX 6; Hello Ghost, S.         France, 110 mins., Wide Man-       Canada, 102 mins., Kinology,
            Films International, Marriott 2;   Korea, 111 FINECUT, CinemaxX        agement, CinemaxX Studio 17;       CinemaxX Studio 14; MIN DÎT
            The Flowers Of Kirkuk, Italy/      Studio 14; If You Are The One II,   Hard Core Logo, 2, Canada,         - The Children of Diyarbakir,
            Switzerland/Iraq, 117 mins.,       China, 128 mins., Huayi Broth-      94 mins., Joker Films, Marriott    Germany, 102 mins., The Match
            Adriana Chiesa Enterprises,        ers Media Corp., Kino Arsenal 1;    2; The Forbidden Shadow            Factory, CinemaxX1; Salvation
            CinemaxX 10; The Match-            Off The Beaten Track, Ireland,      (The Valdemar Saga), Spain,        Boulevard, U.S., 95 mins.,
            maker, Israel, 117 mins., 6        90 mins., EastWest Filmdis-         98 mins., Imagina International    Arclight Films, CinemaxX 10;
            Sales, CineStar 5; The Sand-       tribution, CinemaxX Studio 16;      Sales, CinemaxX Studio 15          Villain & Widow, S. Korea,
            man And The Lost Sand Of           Sensation, Ireland, 107 mins.,                                         115 mins., Sidus FNH, Marriott
            Dreams, Germany/France, 83         Shoreline Entertainment, Marri-     10:45 Bleak Night, S. Korea,       1; Wasted On The Young,
            mins., Bac Films, CinemaxX 3;      ott 1; Skyscraper, Denmark, 85      116 mins., CJ Entertainment,       Australia, 97 mins., Fortissimo
            Vallanzasca, Italy, 120 mins.,     mins., TrustNordisk, CinemaxX       CinemaxX 3; Days To Come,          Films, CinemaxX Studio 12
            Fortissimo Films, CinemaxX         Studio 11; The Nutcracker In        Germany, 128 mins., Telepool,
            9; Vegetarian, S. Korea, 113       3D, U.K./Hungary, 108 mins.,        CineStar 4; JIG, U.K., 90 mins.,   11:50 The Straight Line,
            mins., Mirovision, CinemaxX        Central Partnership, Astor Film     Bankside Films, Kino Arsenal       France, 98 mins., Gaumont,
            Studio 19; Wild Bunch Promo        Lounge; Three Meters Above          2; The Edge, Germany/France,       CineStar 6


day2_marketscreen.indd 1                                                                                                                              2/10/11 2:12 PM
            12:00 Beastly, U.S., 100           Films International, CinemaxX         Night, Germany, 96 mins.,         96 mins., INDI Film GmbH,
            mins., Sierra/Affinity, Cubix      3; The Bait, Canada, 87 mins.,        Celluloid Dreams, CineStar 1      CinemaxX1; Plans For Tomor-
            3; Old Cats, U.S./Chile, 88        Delphis Films, CinemaxX Studio                                          row, Spain, 95 mins., DeA-
            mins., Elephant Eye Films, Cin-    18; White White World, Ser-           13:15 Black Bread, Spain, 108     Planeta, CinemaxX Studio 16;
            emaxX 5; Tyrannosaur, U.K.,        bia/Sweden/Germany, 121 Films         mins., Beta Cinema, CinemaxX      The Flood, Israel/Canada/
            91 Protagonist Pictures, Kino      Boutique, CinemaxX Studio 11          Studio 12; Paranormal Activ-      Germany/France, 101 mins.,
            Arsenal 1                                                                ity: Tokyo Night, Japan, 90       International, CinemaxX 10
                                               13:00 A Heartbeat Away,               mins., IM Global, CineStar 5
            12:30 Post Mortem, Chile/          Australia, 91 mins., Arclight                                           13:40 Perfect Sense, U.K./
            Mexico/Germany, 98 mins.,          Films, CinemaxX 9; Beautiful          13:30 2 Sunny Days, Croatia/      Denmark, 90 mins., TrustNor-
            Funny Balloons, CinemaxX           Lies, France, 105 mins., Wild         France, 78 mins., Croatian        disk, CinemaxX 2
            Studio 15; Urban Explorer,         Bunch, CineStar 4; Piercing 1,        Audiovisual Centre, CinemaxX
            Germany, 93 mins., The Little      Argentina, 75 mins., Film-            Studio 14; Above Us Only Sky,     14:00 Man Who Lived In
            Film Co., CinemaxX Studio 17;      sharks International, Marriott        Germany, 88 mins., Bavaria        Three-Dimensional Time,
            Venice, Poland, 110 mins.,         3; Prey, France, 80 mins.,            Film International, CineStar      Estonia/Lithuania, 65 mins.,
            Telewizja Polska, Kino Arsenal     Rezo, dffb-Kino; Retornos,            6; Free Hands, France, 100        Acuba Film Production, Astor
            2; What’s Wrong With Vir-          Spain/Portugal, 88 mins.,             mins., Films Boutique, Cin-       Film Lounge
            ginia, U.S., 116 mins., Inferno    Vértice Sales, Parliament; The        emaxX 6; Horrid Henry: The
            Entertainment, Marriott 2          Tiniest Place, Mexico, 100            Movie Promo Reel, U.K., 60        14:10 Hold Me Tight, Den-
                                               mins., IMCINE – Mexican Film          mins., Protagonist Pictures,      mark, 75 mins., NonStop
            12:45 Inside America, Aus-         Institute, CinemaxX Studio 19;        CineStar 2; Long Distance         Sales, CinemaxX Studio 17
            tralia, 107 mins., Austrian Film   Under The Hawthorn Tree,              Cuba, Venezuela, 93 mins.,
            Commission, CinemaxX Studio        China, 115 mins., Wild Bunch,         I.C.A.I.C., Marriott 1; Neu-      14:15 Blog, Spain, 90 mins.,
            13; Retreat, U.K., 90 mins., SC    CinemaxX 4; We Are The                kölln Unlimited, Germany,         Latido Films, CinemaxX Studio 15


                     Meet the Distributors Feb 12, 13, 14 and 15, 14:00–15:00                    INFO DESK & DOC SCREENING FACILITIES
                     Four leading documentary distributors will briefly introduce                MARRIOTT HOTEL, FIRST FLOOR, #122
                     themselves, the profiles of their companies and what kind of                T: + 49 30 22000-1133
                     documentaries they are looking for.
                                                                                                 DAILY INFORMATION SESSIONS
                     Meet the Makers February 12, 14 and 16, 11:00–12:00                         MARTIN-GROPIUS-BAU
                     The session series introduces producers, directors and other                EFM LOUNGE, SECOND FLOOR
                     film professionals, who have done a remarkable documentary.
                     The sessions will be based on case studies where “the makers”               For further information visit
                     will share their insights and insides about documentary           

day2_marketscreen.indd 2                                                                                                                              2/10/11 2:12 PM
                       Market Screening Guide

                                                               Position Among      International, MGB-Kino;          CinemaxX 2; Cheonggye-
                                                                      the Stars    Graveyard Keeper’s Daugh-         cheon Medley: A Dream
                                                                                   ter (working title), Estonia,     of Iron, S. Korea, 79 mins.,
                                                                                   100 mins., Estinfilm, CinemaxX    CinemaxX 6; Medianeras,
                                                                                   Studio 15; Hidden 3D, Canada/     Argentina/Germany/Spain,
                                                                                   Italy, 81 mins., Entertainment    91 mins., The Match Factory,
                                                                                   One, Astor Film Lounge            CinemaxX 10

                                                                                   16:15 My Grandpa, The             17:20 A Gang Story Promo
                                                                                   Bankrobber, Netherlands, 90       Reel, France, 30 mins.,
                                                                                   mins., Delphis Films, Cine-       Gaumont, CineStar 6
                                                                                   maxX Studio 17; The Elephant
                                                                                   In The Living Room, U.S., 94      17:30 Run, If You Can, Ger-
                                                                                   mins., North by Northwest         many, 112 mins., Wüste Film-
                                                                                   Entertainment, Marriott 3         produktion, CinemaxX1; She
                                                                                                                     Monkeys, Sweden, 83 mins.,
                                                                                   16:30 Desert, New Zealand,        The Yellow Affair, dffb-Kino
                                                                                   82 mins., NZ Film, Marriott 2;
                                                                                   Target, Russia, 154 mins., Beta   17:45 In Our Name, U.K., 90
                                                                                   Cinema, CineStar 1                mins., High Point Media Group,
                                                                                                                     CinemaxX Studio 18; The
                                                                                   16:35 I Want To Be A Soldier,     Christening, Poland, 86 mins.,
                                                                                   Spain, 88 mins., Epic Pictures    m-appeal, CinemaxX Studio 15;
            14:20 Little Sparrows,            Foresight Unlimited, CinemaxX        Group, CinemaxX Studio 19         X, Australia, 100 mins., Cellu-
            Australia, 88 mins., Umedia,      3; The Marquis, France, 88                                             loid Nightmares, MGB-Kino
            CinemaxX Studio 18                mins., Pathé International,          16:40 The Fifth Execution,
                                              CineStar 1; Yellow, Spain, 90        Russia, 112 mins., Vision Music   17:50 Position Among The
            14:30 Anuvahood, U.K., 87         mins., Filmax International,         Kino Arsenal 2                    Stars, Netherlands, 98 mins.,
            mins., AV Pictures, MGB-Kino;     Kino Arsenal 2                                                         Autlook Filmsales CinemaxX
            Black Venus, France, 159                                               16:45 Don’t Be Afraid Of The      Studio 17; Santa’s Appren-
            mins., MK2, dffb-Kino; Burn-      15:15 Going Our Way, Slove-          Dark, U.S., 98 mins., Pathé       tice, France/Ireland/Australia,
            ing Palms, U.S., 112 mins.,       nia, 97 mins., Slovenian Film        International CinemaxX 3; The     80 mins., Gaumont, CineStar 6
            New Films International,          Centre, CinemaxX Studio 16;          Zero Hour, Venezuela/U.S., 103    18:00 Drama, Chile, 80 mins.,
            Marriott 2; Inseparable, USA/     My Piece Of The Pie, France,         mins., Hollywood Studios Inter-   BF Distribution, Marriott 3
            China, 94 mins., Odin’s Eye       109 mins., StudioCanal,              national, CinemaxX Studio 13
            Entertainment, Marriott 3         CinemaxX 2; Seconds Apart,                                             18:15 Unresolved Sexual
                                              U.S., 92 mins., IM Global, Mar-      16:50 Pure, Sweden, 98 mins.,     Tension, Spain, 93 mins.,
            14:40 A Beginner’s Guide To       riott 1; The End Is My Begin-        TrustNordisk, CinemaxX            Filmsharks International, Cin-
            Endings, Canada, 92 mins.,        ning, Germany, 98 mins., Beta        Studio 11                         emaxX Studio 19
            Sierra/Affinity CinemaxX          Cinema, CinemaxX Studio 12
            Studio 13                                                              17:00 An Insignificant            18:30 Golf In the Kingdom,
                                              15:20 The Law Of Violence,           Harvey, Canada, 80 mins.,         U.S., 90 mins., Lightning
            14:45 Hatchet II, U.S., 90        France, 84 mins., TF1 Interna-       Shoreline Entertainment,          Entertainment, Marriott 1;
            mins., MPI Media Group            tional CineStar 2                    Marriott 1; Happy, Happy,         I Am Slave, U.K., 80 mins.,
            Parliament                                                             Norway, 88 mins., TrustNor-       ContentFilm International,
                                              15:30 Amnesty Albania,               disk, CinemaxX Studio 16;         CinemaxX Studio 13; The
            15:00 A Friend In Need, S.        Greece, France, 83 mins.,            Love Birds, New Zealand, 102      Guard, Ireland/U.K., 96 mins.,
            Korea, 87 mins., Mirovision,      m-appeal, CinemaxX 6; Corne-         mins., Icon Group, CineStar       Metropolis International Sales,
            CinemaxX Studio 19; A View        lis, Sweden, 101 mins., Svensk       2; Mud Flower, Mexico, 100        CinemaxX Studio 16; The
            Of Love, France, 103 mins.,       Filmindustri, CinemaxX 10;           mins., IMCINE – Mexican Film      Vanishing Of Patò, Italy, 107
            EuropaCorp, CinemaxX Studio       Forgetting Dad, Germany, 84          Institute, CinemaxX Studio 14;    mins., Rai Trade, CinemaxX
            11; Hanni & Nanni, Germany,       mins., Films Transit, CinemaxX1      Passione, Italy/U.S., 95 mins.,   Studio 11
            85 mins., Telepool, CineStar 4;                                        Beta Cinema, CinemaxX Studio
            Matching Jack, Australia, 103     15:35 Who? Film For The Little       12; The Day I Saw Your Heart,     18:40 Bail Enforcers, Canada,
            mins., ContentFilm Interna-       Ones, Sweden, 30 mins., Non-         France, 105 mins., TF1 Interna-   86 mins., Raven Banner
            tional, CinemaxX 4; The Father    Stop Sales, CinemaxX Studio 17       tional, CinemaxX 4                Entertainment, Kino Arsenal
            And The Foreigner, Italy, 113                                                                            2; Jimmy Rivière, France, 90
            mins., Intramovies, CinemaxX      16:00 Born To Race, U.S.,            17:15 Butterfly Kiss, France,     mins., Pyramide International,
            Studio 14; The Ledge, U.S., 101   100 mins., American Cinema           100 mins., EuropaCorp,            CinemaxX Studio 12 THR


day2_marketscreen.indd 3                                                                                                                              2/10/11 2:12 PM
        THR News
                                           Hailee Steinfeld
           Boll                            addresses a press
                                           conference for the
           C O NT I NU E D FRO M 2         movie "True Grit"

           unfair competition in its
           selection process. Boll
           told THR he would file
           criminal charges with
           Berlin’s state attorney
           early next week.
              At issue is the 125 entry
           fee all films are required
           to pay to be considered
           for the Berlin festival.
           Boll refused to pay the
           fee to submit Auschwitz,
           claiming the fest, and

                                             Grit gang gets loose
           director Dieter Kosslick,
           was acting in bad faith
           and would not judge the
           film on its merits.
              “Kosslick has been                  Bridges, Brolin and Steinfeld keep it light, while the Coen Brothers
           fighting me for the last 25

                                                  distance themselves from the John Wayne original By Stuart Kemp
           years, as Berlin festival
           director and before, when              OSH BROLIN LIVED         and had a curse pot for when       “We didn’t think of it as a
           he was head of (German                  up to his first name,   the other actor’s language         remake of the old movie.
           regional film board)                    Jeff Bridges played     got too salty. “I ran a tab        We were enthusiastic about
                          the NRW                  the dude and Hailee     with you,” Bridges smiled. “I      the novel that the film is
                          Filmstif-       Steinfeld held her own           still owe a lot of money.”         based on. The other film
                          tung,” Boll     amongst the men as the              Brolin didn’t miss out          version of the book was,
                          told THR. “I    True Grit wagon rolled in        either. “She [Steinfeld] made      to tell the truth, an irrel-
                Boll      don’t believe   ahead of its opening night       a whole lot more money from        evancy for us.”
           the Berlinale handles all      gala at the Berlinale.           that pot than she did from            Bridges said when the
           films fairly. Kosslick has        Brolin, joshing with the      the movie,” he said.               subject of his involvement
           his deals with the major       various members of the              But it wasn’t all jocular       first came up, he told the
           studios and invites his old    Berlinale press pack ahead       banter with writer/direc-          Coens he “didn’t want to
           pals from the Filmstif-        of Thursday night’s opening      tor team Joel and Ethan            have to impersonate John
           tung days. There isn’t fair    gala, lit up when a female       Coen spending much of the          Wayne.” They sent him
           competition.”                  journo from Brazil asked         afternoon presser insisting        the book and Bridges was
              Boll’s suit will claim      Steinfeld a lengthy ques-        that their big screen version      hooked, he said.
           that many films picked         tion about how it had felt       — which has 10 Oscar nomi-            The 1969 movie contin-
           to screen at the Berlinale     for her being surrounded by      nations including one for          ued to occupy journalists’
           – particularly prominent       so many men.                     best picture — was based           minds but the attempt
           Hollywood films – did not         “Sounds to me like you’re     on Charles Portis’ novel           to light the fuse on the
           pay that fee, making the       the one who wanted to be         and not the 1969 film of the       dynamic subject of whether
           festival criminally liable.    there. Surrounded by all         same name.                         or not anyone sided with
              The Berlinale says          those men," Brolin growled          Neither had paid any            Wayne’s right wing politics
           Boll has no case.              with a grin. “That question      attention to that version,         were quickly snuffed out.
              “The entry fee is only      seems to me to be more about     which starred John Wayne              Brolin took the opportu-
           required for films that        you than about Hailee.”          as the grizzled U.S. mar-          nity to lighten the mood: “I
           apply to the festival,”           Steinfeld, a study in         shall Rooster Cogburn and          did [meet and hang out with
                                                                                                                                                    TRUE GRIT PHOTO: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

           said Berlinale head of         confident charm, noted           corralled him an Oscar for         Wayne]. I spent a lot of time
           press Frauke Greiner.          that on set she had actually     his turn. Bridges is in the run-   with him. Great guy, I loved
           “(Our guidelines allow         been surrounded by women         ning to follow Wayne’s lead,       his politics,” Brolin joked.
           us to) waive the fee for       behind the scenes. “It wasn’t    Oscar nod wise. Yes, both             For Steinfeld and her
           films we invite to be sub-     bad. Or anything," she said      Coens had seen it back in the      age group, it was a much
           mitted, which is the case      with precise timing.             day as little boys but no they     simpler question to deal
           for many films we screen          Bridges jumped in, telling    had never considered their         with. “I didn’t know of him
           outside of Germany. It is      the room that Steinfeld had      movie a remake or an update.       before I did this film,” she
           all legal.” THR                actually kept them all in line      Ethan Cohen said:               said, succinctly. THR


day2_news.indd 3                                                                                                                          2/10/11 7:20 PM
        THR Ne s

           Egypt                           himself on re to protest
                                           the lack of freedom and
           CO NT I NU E D FRO M
                                           unemployment in Tuni-
           movies may pale in com-         sia, setting o the historic
           parison to the magnitude of     chain of events. It will be
           events but what is happen-        lmed in Tunisia beginning
           ing to the entertainment        later this year.
           industry remains important         The importance of Egypt
           to the region. That is true     as a media center isn’t
           even though Egypt is a          measured by the handful of
           minor market for American       western movies that make
           movies in terms of revenue      it past the local censors.
           (the UAE is the top market      While Egyptians watch a lot
           for western product in the      of American TV series most
           region due to the presence      of the movies they go to,
           of many foreign oil work-       as with others throughout
           ers). Even some movies          the booming Middle East,
           scheduled for that market       are made in Arabic for the
           have been pulled or held        regional market. And most
           back. For instance, Warner      of those are made in Egypt.         Egyptian anti-goverment
                                                                               demonstrators protest
           Bros. has put the release       That is why the industry            President Hosni Mubarak
           of Yogi Bear in Egypt on        based in Cairo holds a              at Cairo's Tahrir Square
                                                                               on February 10, 2011.
           inde nite hold.                 unique and premiere posi-
              There are no major           tion in the Middle East.
           English-language releases          For generations Cairo
           currently shooting in the       has been the epicenter of
           region. Mission Impossible —    Arabic-language movies.
           Ghost Protocol had com-         Egyptian actors are stars
           pleted shooting in Dubai        throughout the region, and
           before the crisis erupted in    their leading directors,
           Egypt. It has moved on to       writers and producers are
           Vancouver.                      among the most important
              There is a Disney            in that part of the world.
           production for the Arabic          Now those stars and lm-                                aled Abu Naga,
                                                                                Egyptian film star Kh r UN nuclear
           language market currently       makers are more likely to            left, stands by forme
                                                                                                    hamed ElBaradei
           in production in Jordan,        be protesting than emoting           watchdog chief Mo tion in Cairo.
                                                                                 during  a demonstra
           where the crisis has not        and creating. Among the
           shut down production. It        anti-government activists
           is one of the rst movies        regularly participating         to major movie companies                   They want to be a part of the
           Disney has made for the         in the protests in Cairo is     distributing or marketing                  world, not isolated from it.”
           Arabic-language market.         outspoken lmmaker Yousry        movies in the Middle East.                    Tousi believes this is
                                                                           Recent credits include Dis-                going to have a long-term
                                                                           ney’s Prince of Persia.                    impact: “There is no going
                   There is no going back for                                 Tousi said in an email that             back for this generation.
                                                                           the crisis has had a disrup-               They are awake and aware
           this generation. They are a ake                                 tive e ect. For instance his               thanks to technology, the
           and a are thanks to technology,                                 partner Aslan had to cancel                Internet and social media.”
                                                                           a trip to Cairo in late January               Not everyone agrees. One
           the Internet and social media.”                                 to attend the Cairo Book Fair.             of those on the other side
                                  MAHYAD TOUSI, BOOMGEN STUDIOS FOUNDER       However, Tousi believes                 is Egyptian actress Yousra,
                                                                           “what is transpiring in the                who said in a TV interview
              The crisis has even          Nasrallah, director of Sche-    region is ultimately a posi-               she fears “what comes next
           inspired one new produc-        herazade Tell Me A Story.       tive development” because                  will be worse” and “we will
           tion. Producer Tarak Ben           Mahyad Tousi, who            it speaks to the changing                  look back at this period and
           Ammar announced at the          founded BoomGen Studios         demographics. He said                      regret it.”
           end of January he will          with partner Reza Aslan,        young people make up “75                      She is among those who
           make a lm based on the          is based in New York and        percent of the population                  fear that there could be a
           life of Tunisian fruit vendor   L.A. but provides market-       and their desires are very                 more regressive, religious
           Mohamed Bouzizi, who set        ing and production services     di erent than their parents.               government which will censor


day2_news.indd 4                                                                                                                                  2/10/11 7:50 PM
                                                    Bening                             Hot Potato                     Burke And Hare.
                                                                                                                         Still in the early stages,
                                                    CONTINUED FROM 2                   CONTINUED FROM 1
                                                                                                                      Lewiston hopes Ray Win-
                                                                                                                      stone’s desire to work with
                                                    her mother (Bening) find           cried the first time I said,   him again, will see him
                                                    love once more.                    ‘cut,’” Lewiston said.         sign up for a role in the £5
                                                       A May start is scheduled.       “The shot didn’t even          million ($8 million) bud-
                                                       For Bening, Act is a            involve any actors, it was     geted tale about six broke
                                                    reunion with Reiner, who           just a safe box coming out     friends, a crooked accoun-
                                                    directed her in The Ameri-         of a wall.”                    tant and an attempt to fix
                                                    can President. Freeman,              Lewiston is also devel-      a horse race.
                                                    too, is a Reiner returnee,         oping what he aims to be          He hasn’t given up the
                                                    having worked with the             his sophomore directorial      producer day job either
                                                    helmer on The Bucket List.         outing. He is penning the      and, through his Wardour
                                                       CAA reps Bening,                script entitled Chelten-       Pictures production ban-
                                                    Freeman and Reiner. It             ham, a contemporary            ner plans to produce a
                                                    is also repping Third Act’s        romp set against the           John Henderson directed
                                                    domestic rights. THR               backdrop of the English        remake of the 1950s com-
                                                                                       town of the same name          edy Genevieve.
                                                    Gambit                             and its famous horse race.
                                                                                         Lewiston is adapt-
                                                                                                                         “The aim is to build a
                                                                                                                      company in London and
                                                    CONTINUED FROM 1
                                                                                       ing the script himself         make three pictures of a
                                                                                       from an original draft         reasonable budget each
                                                    comes up with a fool-proof
                                                                                       by Piers Ashworth, the         year. That would be £10
                                                    plan to steal an expensive
                                                                                       scribe behind various hits     million ($16 million) or
                                                    statue from one of the
                                                                                       including St. Trinians and     less and story driven. THR
                                                    richest men in the world.
           movies and TV even more.                    His strategy involves the
              Katayoun Beglari, a VOA               participation of a beautiful       Magnolia draws Blank
           reporter in Cairo predicted              woman (Diaz) who happens
           whatever the outcome the                 to be the spitting image of         for North America
           movie business will recover              the rich man’s late wife, but
                                                                                       By Borys Kit
           “because it’s a big busi-                nothing goes as planned.

                                                                                                                                                              NAGA PHOTO: KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/GETTY IMAGES, EGYPT
           ness.” That doesn’t mean                    Alliance and FilmNa-            Magnolia Pictures has acquired North American
           it won’t be changed, she                 tion collaborated on The           rightstoFrenchthriller Point Blank(A bout portant)from

                                                                                                                                                              PHOTO: PEDRO UGARTE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES
           added: “The new govern-                  King’s Speech, with Alli-
           ment may impose controls                 ance financing through its            ThemovieisdescribedasbeingintheveinofTaken and
           but it has always been con-              first-look deal with See-          Tell No One,andstarsGillesLelloucheasamanracing
           trolled by the authorities.”             Saw Films and distribut-           againsttimethroughParis’streetsandsubwaystosavehis
                  ALEXBENBLOCKREPORTEDFROM    ing in its territories, while      pregnant,kidnappedwife.FredCavayedirectedthepic.
                   LOSANGELES.DEBORAHYOUNG     FilmNation is handling                ThefilmwillbeproducedbyCyrilColbeau-Justinand
                         REPORTEDFROMROME.      international sales. THR           Jean-BaptisteDupont. THR


                                                               SHOOTING IN GERMANY?
                                                               TALK TO PINEWOOD,
                                                               WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE.
                                                               A production services company and co-producer
                                                               with access to Germany’s generous subsidies,
                                                               film incentives and modern studio facilities in
                                                               the heart of Berlin. A winning combination.
                                                               +44 (0)1753 656685 |

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day2_news.indd 5                                                                                                                                      2/10/11 8:41 PM
        THR News

           Mr. Smith goes to Berlin
           By Borys Kit
                                                                                                              Berlin Daily Edition

          K        EVIN SMITH IS
                  throwing his weight
                  behind the sale of Red
           State, his horror film, say-
           ing he is ready to work with
                                                                                                                Am Festungsgraben 1
                                                                                                                10117 Berlin, Germany
                                                                                                                    030 8145 6074
                                                                                                                    030 8145 6086

           buyers to make the movie a                                                                                 Janice Min
                                                                                                                   EDITORIAL DIRECTOR
              The filmmaker, dressed                                                                                 Owen Phillips
                                                                                                                      EXECUTIVE EDITOR
           in his usual hockey jersey,
           was on hand to introduce                                                         IM Global CEO            Dave Morgan
                                                                                               Stuart Ford             DEPUTY EDITOR
           a private screening of his                                                         thinks Kevin
           movie. Sales are being                                                             Smith rocks.           Kevin Cassidy
           handled by IM Global.                                                                                SENIOR EDITOR-INTERNATIONAL

              In the U.S., Red State        boom, sell those houses out,       Smith touted Red State as                 REPORTERS
           is being distributed by          start people talking.”          a return to his roots, giving     Stuart Kemp U.K. BUREAU CHIEF
           Smith himself, in a unique         He pointed to his 1.7         a summary of his 17-year          Borys Kit SENIOR FILM REPORTER
                                                                                                              Scott Roxborough REPORTER
           arrangement that will see        million Twitter followers       film career.
           him take the movie on            and his popular podcasts as        “In the beginning, I was                 FILM CRITICS
           the road in select cities,       indicators that fans would      all heart and passion,” he          Ray Bennett U.K. CRITIC
                                                                                                             Maggie Lee, Deborah Young
           making Q&A appearances,          show up.                        said, citing his early works
           and charging a premium.            “Just fly me over. But        such as Clerks to Jay and                        ART
                                                                                                             Emily Johnson SENIOR DESIGNER
           He wants to do the same          case in point, I might not be   Silent Bob Strike Back.
           for territories around the       allowed to fly on the plane     “After 10 years, I got pretty
           world, conducting a tour         sometimes, so you might         complacent and just made                 Lori Burgess
           in advance of a theatrical       have to boat me over,” he       movies like other people
           releases.                        said, a reference to his        would make. I used to make                  ADVERTISING
                                                                                                                   Craig Hitchcock
              “(If) you guys pick it up,    infamous incident where he      shit that nobody could                  ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER
           I will work with you,” Smith     was moved off a Southwest       make but me, and then for              Shelly Rapoport
           said. “I can come over, we       Airline flight allegedly for    a while I tried to do every-            ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER

           set up five or six key places,   being too heavy.                body else’s movies.” THR                 Alison Smith
                                                                                                                INTERNATIONAL SALES DIRECTOR

                                                                                                                       Matt Price
           The Works                           Mick Southworth will
                                            oversee production and
                                                                               Jury                           DIRECTOR, INDEPENDENT FILM/TECH.

                                                                                                              Ivy Lam ACCOUNT DIRECTOR, ASIA
           C O N T I N U E D F ROM 2                                           CONTINUED FROM 2
                                                                                                                 Tommaso Campione
                                            fresh business activities for                                        ACCOUNT DIRECTOR, EUROPE
           investment to bankroll           the group.                         trying to overcome every
           future acquisition of               Gornall said Milcoz’s           time it springs up.”                    OPERATION S + IT

           rights and its production        firm commitment “will                 The jury, which also               Maya Eslami
                                                                                                                  PRODUCTION COORDINATOR
           activities.                      enable the group to                includes Canadian direc-
                                                                                                                   Armen Sarkisian
              The company has also          advance significantly over         tor Guy Maddin, British            NETWORK ADMINISTRATOR

           put the finishing touches to     this year and beyond.”             costume designer Sandy
           its management reshuffle,           Works chairman and              Powell, German actress
           which kicked off in October      Theta Group board direc-           Nina Hoss and Austra-
           last year with the promo-        tor Costa Theo said: “The          lian producer Jan Chap-
           tion of Clare Crean to head      changes announced today,           man, said it hoped the
                                                                                                                Richard Beckman
           up its sales arm. Crean is in    together with The Works’           films they picked to win
                                                                                                                   CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
           Berlin alongside Laurence        enviable catalogue of inter-       Berlin’s Gold and Silver
           Gornall, who becomes CEO         national rights, provide us        Bears would be worthy
                                                                                                              James A. Finkelstein
                                                                                                                                                         PHOTO BY SEAN GALLUP/GETTY IMAGES

           of The Works Film Group          with a solid foundation as         of Panahi’s legacy.
           and managing director of         we enter our 25th year.”              The jury will an-
           its subsidiaries, The Works         The company’s sales             nounce the winners of
           International, The Works         slate includes Lucy Walk-          the 61st Berlin Interna-       The Hollywood Reporter
           UK Distribution and The          er’s hot doc Countdown             tional Film Festival on            Berlin office space
           Film Consortium.                 to Zero. THR                       Feb. 20. THR                   is courtesy of Mediapeers


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