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    The Secret of Energy

            Healing Revealed

By David Mahen 2009
         Wouldn't it be amazing if you could do energy work and perform what some might

call a miracle? Have you ever wondered how Reiki Masters, Pranic Healers, or Healing

Touch Practitioners do their work? How would you feel about lightly touching an injured

person and reducing or removing their pain? Or, how would you feel if you applied energy

to a cancer patient who later told you that the tumors and every trace of cancer were gone?

         What is the secret to Energy Healing? Is it magic? Does it involve mysterious

potions, strange incantations, or dancing naked beneath the moon at the summer solstice?

No, thank goodness, it’s much simpler and more normal than that. A better comparison is

like driving an automobile. We learn how to operate the vehicle (our energy flow) and

then to navigate the roads (apply that flow to a condition of pain or illness).

         I used to be skeptical of anything and everything that smacked of supernatural or

metaphysical. That was all woo-woo to me. But after watching the movie What the

Bleep…, my left-brain discovered the quirky world of quantum physics where a particle

can be here, or there, or both places, or nowhere, all at the same time. No, I’m not a

physicist, but I trust folks like Albert Einstein and Max Plank because they “did the

math,” and their theories have been proved many times over. One of the most eye

opening experiments I read about is the famous 2-slit experiment. The experiment has

been done with light (little packets of energy) and electrons. IN both cases the results are

the same. As the particles pass through the two slits, they cease being particles and split

into waves. The waves form an interference patter on a collector plate, but do not simply

collect in two vertical lines as one might imagine.

By David Mahen 2009
         Here’s a graphic:

                                                       Particle source

                                                               The two slits

                                                               Interference pattern

         I first heard of Quantum-Touch® at the Victory of Light Psychic Festival where

this topic was offered as a free lecture. The name drew me in to the lecture and

demonstration. Here were a guy and gal talking about how this incredible work could be

learned by anyone. By Anyone! They offered the training with a money-back guarantee if

we did not experience and do the work during the training. I was hooked, and I had

nothing to lose. I had no idea how my life would forever change.

         During the lecture, the instructor helped several people. A young woman with a

painful, nearly frozen shoulder noticed a hefty reduction in pain after 10 minutes.

Another woman with a migraine reported that it disappeared completely.

By David Mahen 2009
         The class was more amazing than the lecture. Our first task after learning the

basic pattern of energy flow was to move an occipital ridge back into place. The occipital

ridge is at the base of the skull. It can be felt between the ear and the neck bones on both

sides at the back of the head. The reason was given that “the body wants to be in line.” I

moved an occipital ridge into place on my first try. Our second task was to align hips.

The same instruction was given for the hips. “The hips need to be in line.” Next I rolled

misaligned hips back into alignment in just a few seconds. I now check both the occipital

ridge and the hip alignment on everyone I work with. Now I was completely convinced.

This stuff worked, and it worked for me!

         One gentleman in our class had many plates and screws in an injured leg. That leg

was about an inch shorter than the other, and he walked with a noticeable limp. Three

students worked on that leg for about six combined hours. By the middle of the second

day, his leg had lengthened to nearly full length, and he walked without a limp. Seeing

this happen is amazing.

         The class continued to expand the techniques for the remainder of the 2-day class.

I initially said it was like learning to drive a car, and that is a very good analogy.

Remember when you first started to drive? First you would do the safety checks, set your

mirrors, fasten seat belt, start the engine, and check the lights and gages. Then, before

you pull away from the curb, you check the roadway for other vehicles. Next, you might

press down the clutch, feed the accelerator, let out the clutch and start moving. Whew!

That first driving experience seemed like a lot at first, but you learned. Quantum-Touch

or any energy work is like that. The work seems complicated at first, but becomes

automatic in time.

By David Mahen 2009
         And, that “Secret” I mentioned in the title?

         Here it is: Quantum-Touch® energy healing work consists of breathing patterns,

intention, attention to energy flow, letting go of outcome, an allowing space, and

visualizations. These raise the vibration of the practitioner. These higher vibrations are

offered to the person who is injured or ill. Their body resonates and entrains to the higher

vibration and allows their body intelligence to heal them.

         What is body intelligence? This is the combined resources within the body that

help it maintain or strive for perfect health and well-being. The body knows how to bring

itself back to 100% wholeness given the proper conditions, and it wants to be whole and

well. It wants to regenerative rather than degenerative.

         Quantum-Touch® raises the vibration within the body, and the life-force energy

of that body works to restore a healthy state.

         It may sound simple or it may sound complex, but the bottom line is that it works.

Every student who has attended one of our Quantum-Touch® workshops has learned this

technique. Through practice during the class, they have demonstrated excellent

understanding of this work. One student was a 73-year-old woman who was learning

Quantum-Touch® in order to ease the pain of her 75-year-old sister. During the class she

discovered she could run energy and perform healing as well as us younger folks. Age

doesn’t matter. Gender doesn’t matter. The only exception to that is that children learn

the work much faster. I suspect that this is because they don’t have to overcome as many

limiting beliefs as we adults do. Everyone can learn this work if they choose and I

recommend that most everyone should learn it.

By David Mahen 2009
         How does one learn Quantum-Touch? Simple! Sign up for a Quantum-Touch®

Video Workshop or Basic Training. In the Cincinnati/Dayton area you may consider

scheduling training with me, but there are instructors in many places. You can look for an

instructor or video workshop in your area by checking the Quantum-Touch® website at:

http:// www.quantumtouch.com.

         In this 12-hour class you will learn and practice the techniques of this

breakthrough energy work. A workshop will be scheduled soon, and you don’t want to

miss this opportunity. So get registered early because the class is limited to 12 people.

         There is one more benefit I need to mention to you about learning and practicing

Quantum-Touch®. Every time you run energy into a client, all that energy runs through

you. As your client is healed, so are you. You will receive a gentle and general

improvement every time you practice Quantum-Touch®.

Go to my website:
http://eft-qt.com to check schedules for classes and trainings in the Cincinnati/Dayton
Ohio area.

By David Mahen 2009

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