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The Secret to a Toned Body! by theolduni



   TO I N C R E A S E M U S C L E TO N E
                               SPECIAL REPORT
                    By Andy Clark CSCS, NASM, ISSA

    Let’s begin by defining muscle “tone”. Muscle tone is an involuntary
 contraction in the muscle brought on by muscular work. Through consistent and
 repetitive movements your muscles become trained to maintain a state of
 tautness. Essentially your muscles maintain a state of ‘readiness’ for locomotion
 (movement) or protective purposes. Knowing the definition would also lead you
 to believe that anyone can develop muscle tone- even someone who is
 overweight. This is true. However, the less body fat you have the more you will
 be able to see your tone. This report will tell you why weight training is best at
 developing muscle tone and also at losing body fat to see it!

    Your body is built to adapt to the stress you place upon it. Different types of
 exercise will have a dramatic difference when it comes to sculpting your body.
 Please keep in mind for the purpose of this report we are only focusing on
 increasing muscle tone.


    For our purposes we will define cardiovascular exercise as any type of
 exercise that allows you to maintain an elevated heart rate for an extended
 period of time. Examples of this would be jogging, biking, spinning classes,

walking, or some group exercise classes. There are really countless ways to get
your cardio in, but these are a few popular examples.

    When you perform cardio your body recognizes the need to move
consistently for a long period of time. Your body is both efficient and smart. It
recognizes that it does not want to pack around a lot of weight to perform cardio
types of exercise. It also knows that it does not need a lot of muscle tissue to
perform these types of activities. If the only types of exercise you perform are
cardio based you are almost begging your body to lose valuable muscle tissue.
Cardiovascular exercise will help you get smaller, but it is not an effective form of
exercise to help you get more toned and defined. If a bulk of the weight you lose
is muscle tissue you will develop a condition in the fitness industry known as
“skinny fat”. “Skinny fat” essentially means you look good with your clothes on,
but when they come off you reveal you have no muscle tone and appear very

   Enough knocking cardio. You must do cardio as well to maximize fat loss
which will help bring out your tone. However, if you came to me and said I want
to get more toned but I can only do one type of exercise, I would tell you to do
weight training without even thinking twice about it!


   Weight training is the best type of exercise to create enough stress on the
muscle to cause damage. Yes, you heard me right. You want to break your muscle
down and damage it. This happens when you place more stress on the muscle or
ask it to do more work than it can handle. With proper nutrition and rest the

muscle will repair itself. The act of causing damage will help teach your muscle
that it needs to be better prepared for next time you decide to break it down.
This phenomenon is known as the S.A.I.D. principle. S.A.I.D. stands for Specific
Adaption to Imposed Demands. Your muscle will become more neurologically
prepared, increase in diameter, and get stronger. It will also tighten up. All of
these effects take place because of damage caused by weight training. This
sequence of events will lead to the muscle tone you so desperately seek.

    The trick is though you have to do it over and over again. Generally
speaking, most muscles can be broken down two to three times per week. A
good rule of thumb though is to never train the same muscle group two days in
a row. Rest is just as valuable as the workout itself. If you train a muscle too
frequently it can lead to overtraining. Overtraining means you breakdown a
muscle over and over again and don’t give it a chance to repair itself. This will
illicit the exact opposite effect you are looking to achieve. Overtraining will lead
to consistent soreness, tiredness, irritability, loss of strength, and worst of all...
muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy is loss of muscle tissue. This will not help your
pursuit of increased tone.

    Now on to why weight training will help you lose fat to see your muscle
tone. As I stated earlier, the less body fat you have the more visible your tone
will be. To lose any type of body mass you need to burn more calories than you
consume. Creating a caloric deficit through exercise is the most effective way to
tell your body to get rid of stored fat. Both cardio and and weight training are
effective ways to burn calories in order to create a deficit. However, weight
training has more distinct advantages.

   When you exercise your body’s metabolic rate rises. In other words, if you
are performing 30 minutes of cardio or weight training you will burn more
calories during those 30 minutes than during normal activity. You will also
continue to burn more calories after exercise as your body returns to a normal
pre-exercise state. The more intense the activity the more calories your body
will continue to burn as the body makes this transition. Assuming you are not
wasting your time in the gym, the intensity and stress of a weight training routine
will allow the body to burn a significantly higher amount of calories post-exercise
than cardio.

   Weight training is also necessary to maintain and perhaps add a little lean
muscle tissue. Adding lean muscle will not only also help bring out your muscle
tone, but it will also help you burn more calories throughout the day. This will
help you get rid of unwanted body fat more quickly and make it easier to
maintain the changes you make.

   In summary, weight training is a must to get the lean, toned looked you want.
Weight training causing damage to the muscle that allows the necessary changes
to take place to increase tone. Typically, muscles can be training two to three
times per week, but be sure to never train the same muscle group two days in a

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