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									                2012-2013 Minnetonka Gymnastics
    Head Coach: Samantha Howard,, 651-341-0289
  Assistant Coach: Samantha Adams,, 952-261-7688

                                      SAFETY FIRST
Coaches are here to provide the best and safest learning environment possible. Our
rules and policies may seem strict, but are necessary to maintain a safe and a positive
environment for the entire team. Safety in the gym must be the number one priority for
the gymnasts and for everyone else. Gymnastics is an activity which involves motion,
rotation, and height in a unique environment which carries with it the potential for severe
risk of a catastrophic injury, which could cause paralysis and even death. For this
reason never work out in the gym without a school authorized coach.

All participants must meet the eligibility requirements of the MSHSL and Minnetonka/
ISD 276. Forms and information can be found on the district website: Click on Activities, then Registration, and follow the steps
given. All Students participating in MSHSL sanctioned sports are required to have a
Sports Qualifying Physical on file with Minnetonka High School. This form is good for
THREE YEARS of participation from the date of the exam and must be current through
the end of your sport participation season. Middle schools students are allowed to
participate, dependent on numbers of season, as high school students are given
priority. Additional “Middle School Waiver” must be completed. No school is to be
missed for practices. If an athlete does not make the team or chooses to not participate
once the final team has been announced, a refund will be given. Annual participation
fee is $75 plus a gymnastics activity fee of $125.00.
If you need to check on your student(s) physical date, email your request to:

                                      PAC MEETING

The Parent-Athlete-Coach mandatory meeting is Monday, November 19th, 2012 at
6:00pm in the forum with the wrestling team. Following this 30-minute winter sport
meeting, the gymnastics team parent, athletes, and coaches will meet separately in the
gymnastics team room.

                                     TEAM POLICIES

Attendance is mandatory at all practices and meets for all members and managers.
Students must arrive at a time that allows them to be ready to go at the start of practice.
Students are required to stay the entire length of practice regardless of injury or if
assignments have been completed. Exceptions must be communicated with head
coach beforehand. Competitions and practices during school breaks/holidays (i.e.
holiday break) are mandatory except as communicated during the season. See the
team schedule/calendar for dates and times of practices and competitions, at

Sickness, Funerals, Confirmation, and other circumstances that cannot be avoided will
not count against the attendance policy. These situations must be communicated to the
head coach prior to the missed practice.

Each gymnast will have two personal days that may be used at any time before
February. Intent to use a personal day must be communicated to the head coach prior
to practice, and in advance if possible. They may not be used on consecutive days, and
may not be used the day before a meet.

Unverified absences or tardiness may result in but is not limited to: carrying equipment,
change in line-up, suspension from meet/events, meeting with parent/guardian, other
consequences deemed appropriate by the staff. Continued and/or severe problems
may result in dismissal from the program.

Cell phones
Cell phones are to be kept in backpacks during practice and not to be taken out.
Emergencies are an exception, but must be communicated with a coach beforehand.

All Lake Conference meets start at 6:00 and finish at about 8:30. Meeting times and
locations will be announced prior to competitions/events and students are responsible
for arriving on time in the appropriate location with all needed materials. In general, we
leave at 4:00 and return at 8:30. ALL team members must ride the bus to and from ALL
competitions; exceptions must be communicated beforehand and proper forms must be
completed. At competitions, gymnasts must wear the designated team warm-up and/or
competitive attire and have hair pulled up in a manner appropriate for a competition. It is
a MSHSL rule that no jewelry may be worn at any time.

Non-conference competitions information will be released as soon as information is

Athletes are responsible for purchasing the required competition leotard, the warm-up
leotard, and the warm-up jacket/pants suit. Order and payment information will be
provided, and is typically before the start of season to ensure timely delivery. Other
team purchases, such as team hoodies or meet t-shirts, are optional and to be paid for
by each athlete as well. Anything purchased is property of the athlete. Grips, braces and
other equipment are to be provided by each athlete as needed.
All relevant MHS and MSHSL policies will be followed. Athletes will complete grade
checks as requested by the coach.

Injuries should be brought to the immediate attention of a head coach and the school
trainer. Anyone that sees a doctor during the season must have written permission from
the doctor before resuming workouts.

The competitive lineup includes 8 Junior Varsity and 5 Varsity per event for conference
meets. Invites and other meets are subject to the host team’s choice and vary from
meet to meet. Lineup is made on a week-to-week basis and no spots are guaranteed.
Many factors go into creating lineup, and coaches make the lineup to create the
strongest team possible on that given day with given opponents. There is no clear line
between JV and Varsity. An athlete may compete some events JV and some Varsity
and move between teams on any given day. Coaches have the right to move athletes
from JV to Varsity and vice versa.

Gymnasts may letter by achieving one of the following set criteria:
        1. Perform at the varsity level in seven meets
        2. Perform at the Section Meet
        3. Be a senior with previous competition at the high school level
        4. Meet one of the following score standards, three times:
                Vault - 8:40; Bars - 8:20; Beam – 8.20; Floor - 8.40
        ** The coaching staff may award a letter due to extenuating circumstances
(illness, injury, etc.)
        ** Letters may be denied due to attitude problems or disciplinary action

All girls wishing to compete will be evaluated November 12th-15th. The final team will
be announced on November 16th. The team is envisioned to be made up of 18-20
athletes, and is not distinguished between JV and Varsity; cuts are made to keep
everyone safe. If there are more gymnasts that are qualified to compete, we may keep
additional team members provided that their skill level is high enough, and that we can
maintain a safe practice environment. All athletes are required to practice all events for
conditioning and organization purposes.

Gymnasts must demonstrate the following minimum skills, or comparable, in order to
           Vault: handspring
           Bars: kip and Flyaway
           Beam: superior level jump, cartwheel or back walkover and high
                  superior element
           Floor: front handspring, roundoff-2 back handspring
In addition, athletes should have a beam and floor routine choreographed before
season starts. Floor music must be approved by head coach.
                             CHARACTER EXPECTATIONS

It is expected that all team members will:
              Give 100% effort
              Work for the good of the team as a whole
              Treat others with respect
              Communicate with team members and coaching staff

In addition to the above, a gymnast’s standing on the team and position in lineup will be
affected by attitude, work ethic, coach ability and attendance as well as skill and prior

It is of the utmost importance that team members are good students and good citizens
at all times. The practice of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity is the responsibility of
all members our program. Everyone must follow all rules/policies established by the
MSHSL and Minnetonka/ISD 276.

Failure to follow the above policies may result in but is not limited to: assigned duties,
loss of practice privileges, other consequences deemed appropriate by the staff.
Continued and/or severe problems may result in dismissal from the program.

Questions/comments/concerns should be communicated as they arise.

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