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									The Secret Behind
     … and Why It

20 | SPEAKER | March 2009
                                                                                  BY JASON CAMPBELL

the Secret
Doesn’t Work
                         Achieve health, wealth and
                         happiness through visualization,
                         determination and hard work.

                         You probably have seen the popular movie, “The Secret,”
                         a remake of an Earl Nightingale recording from 1965
                         called “The Strangest Secret.” Its message is that you
                         become what you think about and attract what you focus
                         on. This is a very old teaching, which holds much truth.
                            The movie’s message, however, errs because it does
                         not explain that success also takes strategic planning and
                         hard work; for example, a garden will not grow if you just
                         “think” of a beautiful garden. It needs fertilizer and water,
                         and you’ll also have to get down on your knees and get

lise gagne/istockphoto                                                                   March 2009 | SPEAKER | 21
   There is a big difference
   between “picturing” money and
  “asking” for money, and a savvy
   entrepreneur does both daily.

          your hands dirty to pull some weeds.
          By the same token, you can’t simply
          imagine being a successful speaker
          without expending the time, energy,
          skill and frequent flier miles to get
             The movie inspired many of my
          clients, but they did not receive their
          desired results when they tried to apply
          the teachings to their business. To illus-
          trate, Tanya, who owns a yoga studio
          in New Jersey, applied for one of my
          mentoring programs. She would visu-
          alize full classes, and could even “feel”
          abundance flowing through her during
          her morning training and meditation/
          visualization routine. The bottom line:
          Her studio was losing money. “But I
          thought if I picture it (success), feel it
          and believe it, it will happen,” Tanya
          lamented. She is only half correct.
             It takes more than happy thoughts
          to run a professional program. In addi-
          tion to harnessing the universal laws of
          attraction, Tanya needed to create and
          implement a lead generation system,
          design and post a capture page on her
          Web site, write and distribute phone                        Mastering the Total Picture
          scripts among her employees, design a sales system for      What is the complete picture of true success?
          new members, create an ascension ladder to promote          Entrepreneurs often have a misunderstanding of how
          higher level programs, establish a system for filling the   to create total success and personal mastery beyond
          room for events, and devise a marketing plan for enroll-    visualization.
          ing students in her certification programs.                    There are five elements of personal mastery: men-
             The new program took about one year to fully             tal, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. This is
          develop and implement, but Tanya started getting results    based on the Taoist 5-Element Chi Gong system. Once
          the first week simply by having daily revenue goals. The    you clearly understand the teachings of the 5-Elements,
          fact is that when you’re in business for yourself, any      you can see patterns in nature, relationships and human
          day you don’t ask for money is a day you’re not truly       events. Wisdom comes from clearly seeing patterns, and
          working. There is a big difference between “picturing”      then making correct decisions based on “what’s coming
          money and “asking” for money, and a savvy entrepre-         next.” The wise man or woman is the one who can see
          neur does both daily.                                       what’s coming over the hill before everyone else.

22 | SPEAKER | March 2009                                                                                      lise gagne/istockphoto
     Mental                                                     ence. This is done by not attaching your “story” to the
                                                                vibration. What happens is that we have an event (story)
     You already know that you have to keep your                that creates a vibration (emotion). We then think they are
     mind sharp and active. There is an overlooked              the same thing. They are not. See if you can experience
     technique of not-thinking. Most people have a              an emotion without labeling it. If you can, you will feel it
     constant “voice in the head” that judges every-            more deeply and it will flow through you more rapidly.
     thing, clings to things, events and people and
     wastes energy wishing that things were different
     than they actually are.
        While you are reading this article, you are hav-        Financial alchemy is turning time and energy into
     ing a conversation with yourself. If so, see if you        money, which symbolizes energy. Being wise with money
     can stop it. It can be difficult to turn off your inner    is seeing its impermanence. Within time, Donald Trump,
     dialog. When you learn this, you free up a tre-            Bill Gates, and you and I will have the same bank
     mendous amount of physical energy that can be              account balance: zero.
     focused on things that will serve you much better.

     Physical vitality is based on energy level and organ
     strength. You need the right combination of move-
     ment, breathing, foods and herbs to maintain physi-
     cal vitality. Notice how I did not say go to the gym!
     There is nothing wrong with going to the gym, but
     history has not yet proven it is a good idea for vital-
     ity and longevity. The Taoist 5-Element Chi Gong
     system has 4,000 years of proof!

     Think of the spiritual element as “presence” or
     “Zen.” Presence occurs when you can turn off                  Think of money as something that flows through
     your “thinking mind” (or “monkey mind,” as the             you, yet you never really own. When you combine this
     Chinese call it) and be completely immersed in the         playful non-attachment to money and material things
     moment. You drop all attachments, judgments and            with a focused, deliberate business plan that includes
     resistance to the “is” of this moment. When you            daily revenue goals, then abundance will flow through
     do this, your mind and senses becomes clear and            you. You learn to give with the same joy as you receive,
     sharp, and you feel a deep sense of inner peace.           because giving and receiving are just opposite poles of
                                                                the same process.
Emotional                                                          Don’t ask yourself: “How much can I make?” Instead,
                                                                ask: “How much can I contribute?” By doing so, you
Emotion is just a temporary vibration that resides mostly       can truly add value to a person, company or situation. It
in the chest area, but will travel throughout your entire       gives you the “right” to ask for something in exchange.
body. Allow both good and not-so-good emotions to               Nature tends to eliminate that which does not contribute
“flow through you” and you will not be subject to the           to it. Always give more than you take so you can prosper
daily emotional ups and downs that most people experi-          as a professional speaker and in your daily life.

             Jason Campbell owns Zen Yoga, Kung Fu and Zen Wellness centers in Phoenix, Ariz. A 6th Degree Black Belt,
             he is known as the “Zen Master of Business.” He has consulted over 200 studio owners and entrepreneurs,
             teaching them how to apply modern, cutting-edge business systems that get real, measurable results, while
             staying true to their art and lineage. He can be reached at (623) 535-5517 or,
             or visit and

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