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 The Secret To Success         1
                                                    The Secret Revealed
                                     Okay everyone, I feel its time to     thing I have some questions.       good results while possessing
                                     reveal the secret to getting and                                         one or two of the seven, some of
     The Secret cont           2     staying in shape.                     1. Do you fill out your ac-        you get great results by putting
                                     I know we all want the instant        countability journal honestly      together four or five of them,
         FT Q&A                3     fix and now I’m going to tell you     and regularly?                     but if you have the total package
           FiTip               3     all how it’s done.                                                       there is no limit to what can be
   Client of the Month         3
                                                                           2. Do you make all your
                                     Sorry I have been keeping this to     scheduled sessions each week?      accomplished.
                                     myself all this time but I simply
                                     cannot live with myself anymore
                                                                           3. If you can’t make a sched-      This is why I have developed
     New Clients               4
   Client Birthdays            4     if I don’t come clean. I’ve been      uled session do you reschedule     the “K” Factor, it’s been time
  Healthy Recipe Idea          4     working on this for quite some        or do you just say “I’ll see you   tested and proven to be success-
                                     time now and it’s finally been        next time”.                        ful and it’s not available in
                                     perfected.                            4. Do you do any form of           stores, but if you act now not
Healthiest & Unhealthiest      5                                           exercise outside of your FT        only will you get the “K” Factor
                                     In keeping with other incredible      sessions?                          fitness program but I will also
      800 Calories             6
                                     fitness breakthroughs such as the     5. Do you complete your            throw in unlimited compliments
    Healthy Choices            7     PX 90 system, I even have a           cardio at FT on a consistent       from spouses, extraordinary
                                     catchy name to go along with my       basis?                             strength and energy, less stress
                                     phenomenal new system.                6. Do you resist so called well    more flexibility, increased self
                                                                           meaning friends and family         confidence and the ability to
                                     The secret is called the “K” Fac-     when they try to sabotage your     leap tall buildings in a single
                                     tor and when I am done explain-       hard work because you’re           bound.
          FITNESS                    ing it, you too will have all the     afraid they will give you a hard    All right so that last one is not
         TOGETHER                    tools to be in incredible shape. In   time or make fun of you?           gonna happen, but I was on a
  175 Littleton Road
                                     fact some of you already pos-         7. Do you come in for extra        roll there don’t you think?
  Westford, MA 01886
                                     sess the “K” Factor and you           cardio on your off days?
                                     may not even know it. Others                                          The point of all this is that what
  Phone: 978-392-5800                can ask themselves “Do I have      If you can answer yes to all       we do here is a system that
  Fax: 978-392-2142                  it”? “How do I get it”?            seven questions then you al-       works, I know it works because
  E-mail:                            “I knew there had to be an easier  ready have the secret my           I have done it myself and I see it   way”. He’s been holding out,       friends. You possess the “K”       every single day.
                                     that’s why I can’t get the results Factor                             Can you do well by not follow-
                                     I want.                            I know, I sucked you in with       ing the system? Maybe leave
                                                                        the latest “magic pill” but I fig- out a couple of steps?
       We’re on the web!             There are several things that      ured that would be the only way Yes you can, but by following a             make up the “K”Factor and as       to get your attention.             system you have all your bases
                                     promised I am going to reveal                                         covered, you know what area
                                     them to you here and now.          Don’t get me wrong I’m not         needs attention.
                                                                        calling anybody out . I’m
                                     I know you’re on the edge of       proud of how hard each and         Cont pg 2
                                     your seat awaiting this ground     every one of you works when
                                     breaking, earth shattering new     you’re here. Believe me I know
                                     program, but before I spill every- it’s not easy, some of you get
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     Here is an example.

     We follow systems each and every day of our lives, in fact our day is a system in itself filled with processes geared toward
     what we need to accomplish to finish our day.
     For the purpose of this article lets say we all have the same daily system, so don’t email me saying “Greg this won’t work for
     me that’s not how my day goes” I know that, but again for the purpose of making my point, please go with it.

     Every day you wake up, get out of bed, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast get in your car, go to work and so on throughout
     the day. All of this is a process in your daily system. In between there are other processes that make up the other systems.
     Let’s say you skip a step. You get up, shower, eat breakfast, get in the car and go to work.
      What’s missing here? What area needs some attention?

     Oh my god you’re naked!! You forgot to get dressed!!

     Now if this is an every day thing for you then great, you’re following your system. But for the rest of us clothes wearers out
     there this will probably throw a significant monkey wrench into our day. People will point and stare and in Lou’s case laugh
     Do you see how skipping a step can make things more difficult? Will you still get through the day? Hopefully yes, but walk-
     ing around naked just makes things uncomfortable for everyone.

                                                   What’s the moral of the story?
                                                    Don’t walk around naked.

     Obviously that was meant to be tongue in cheek but I wanted to show you the real magic pill, the workouts are a big part of
     what it takes to do well, but can you imagine what would happen with the total package, that’s right I’m talking about the
     “K” Factor. The seven things when done as a system, that’s your magic pill.

     This isn’t just for our present client’s. Even if you have ventured out on your own you need a system for success, so create

     Now you know what it is but “why is it called the “K” Factor Greg”?
     That’s a great question. You tell me.

     Here’s where it gets interesting, for anyone that can tell me why I named my system the “K” Factor, you get one week of
     training free. It’s as simple as that, figure it out and train for free, I don’t care how many people get it. Past or present, take a

     Let’s see who actually reads what I write.

     That’s my challenge to you. My only motive here is for each and every one of you to get unbelievable results and to be as
     healthy and happy as possible.

     Until next month
     Stay Strong
                         FT Q&A                                                                     Page 3

Q: What is the difference between cardio and aerobics?

Cardiovascular (cardio) exercise refers to exercise that strengthens the cardiovascular system.
Aerobic just means in the presence of oxygen, and aerobic exercise refers to exercise that lasts
long enough to require oxygen. The same type of exercise satisfies both of these qualifications,
and the terms cardio and aerobic exercise are used interchangeably. Aerobic/cardio exercise
uses large muscles, usually the legs, in a rhythmic fashion. Examples are running, walking, bi-
cycling, swimming, cross-country skiing, rowing, skating, and machines such as stair steppers
and elliptical trainers.

Pick one thing you have been putting off such as scheduling an appointment, running an errand, or re-
turning a phone call, and do it immediately. Taking care of one nagging responsibility can be revitaliz-
ing and can improve your overall attitude.

                                  Client of the month
                                          Ken Ballou
CONGRATULATIONS Ken!!! You’ve earned the title of August Client of the
  Month because of your effort, hard work and dedication to your program
  here. Here’s what Ken has accomplished so far:

- He has lost an amazing 57 pounds !!
- He improved his Pushups from 13 assisted to 33 standard !!
- He has lost over 46 total inches!!
- This summer Ken ran in his very first 5k road race!!

Ken is an amazing person. Not only does he push himself during his workouts,
  but you can often find him standing along side new clients, encouraging
  them through their efforts !!
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              New Clients                                  Client Birthdays
                  Ed Suleski                               Ellen Davin
                Yanna Schwab                               Ramon Benet
                Leslie Warner                             Leslie Warner
               Janet Tortora                            David Desroches
             Corinne Broderick                         Jessica Wieselquist
         Welcome Back David Forsyth                Margie O’Connor-Fitzpatrick

     Quote of          “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and
                                              hang on”
    the Month                             Thomas Jefferson

                                             Grilled Halibut
          Ingredients           Mix together grapefruit juice, olive oil, 2 teaspoons marjo-
                                ram, salt, and pepper, in a shallow glass dish. Add fish,
  1/2 cup fresh grapefruit      turn once to coat both sides, then cover dish. Refrigerate 1
  juice                         to 2 hours, turning once or twice. Preheat barbecue or gas
  1/4 cup olive oil             grill.
  2 teaspoons chopped           Reserve marinade, and place fish in lightly oiled wire bas-
  fresh marjoram                ket. Place fish 4 to 6 inches above hot coals. Grill for 10 to
  1/2 teaspoon salt             12 minutes, turning once and brushing twice with reserved
  1/8 teaspoon ground           marinade, until steaks are barely opaque in thickest part.
                                Arrange on a platter, scatter grapefruit sections around
  black pepper                  steaks, and garnish with sprigs of marjoram.
  4 (8 ounce) steaks halibut
  4 sprigs fresh marjoram,      Nutrition Facts: Calories: 1507
  for garnish                   Protein: 186
                                Fat: 74
                                Carbs: 11
                      Healthiest and unhealthiest options at a restaurant
1. Salads: Salads can be very healthy...and they can also be devastatingly unhealthy. Here's how to ensure
that they are the healthful meal you are looking for:


- Salads with fruit, veggies, beans and lean protein, such as grilled chicken or fish.
- Dressings that are vinaigrette based. Always have the waiter or waitress bring the dressing on the side. When
you get the dressing, use it sparingly.


- Salads containing cheese, sour cream, nuts, tortilla chips or strips, croutons, meats, fried chicken or fried fish.
However, if most of the salad doesn't contain these ingredients, there is nothing wrong with asking the waiter/
waitress to exclude the ingredient that isn't so healthy.
- Cream or mayo based dressings. (E.g., Ranch, Blue Cheese, Thousand Island, French)

2. Soups: Soups can be a healthy option, but often, they are loaded with butter, oil and highly saturated creams
or dairy (cheese).

BEST: Broth or stock based soups that contain fish or chicken, veggies and beans. (E.g., Manhattan Clam
Chowder, Gazpacho, Minestrone, Chicken Noodle))
WORST: Those with cream, cheese or milk. (E.g., Bisques, New England Clam Chowder, Broccoli Cheese)

3. Other Appetizers: Appetizers are a great way of eating light. You can order two appetizers (such as a salad
and a protein based appetizer) to keep your portion under control, and get a couple of things you like. That
said, a lot of appetizers are fried or greasy, so beware.


- Vegetable based appetizers (E.g., salads, grilled vegetables, veggie spring rolls)
- Those with grilled, boiled or seared lean meats (E.g., Chicken skewers)
- Fish appetizers that are cooked or sushi style (E.g., Shrimp Cocktail, tuna sushi roll)


- Those that are fried (E.g., fried shrimp, chicken fingers, dumplings, etc.)
- Those with cheese (E.g., artichoke/spinach dip, cheese fritters, etc.)
- Those that come with chips

4. Side Dishes: Many side dishes are vegetable based, which is great for getting in fiber and needed nutrients.

BEST: Opt for whole boiled or baked potatoes or sweet potatoes.
WORST: Stay away from mashed or fried potatoes.

BEST: Opt for steamed or grilled veggies. Be careful though, grilled vegetables can be very oily.
- Those mixed with milk, cream or cheese (E.g., creamed spinach, broccoli and cheese)
- Sauteed vegetables. They are cooked with a lot of oil and if they are cooked too much, they may not be as
nutrient dense as their steamed counterparts.
                                                                                                  Cont pg 6
5. Entrees:

Meats, Chicken and Fish:
BEST: Grilled chicken or fish. Grilled meats are okay if they are very lean.
- Breaded Fish or Chicken (E.g., Chicken Francese, Chicken Parmigiana)
- Stuffed Meats (E.g., Chicken Cordon Bleu, Stuffed Lobster)
- Avoid meats and fish that are fried (E.g., Fried Shrimp, Fried Chicken)
- Fatty meats or fatty pork (E.g., sausage)

- Those with tomato or broth based sauces (E.g., marinara, puttanesca, olive oil and garlic)
- Those with vegetables and grilled or lightly sauteed chicken or fish

WORST: Those with cream, cheese or meat based sauces (E.g., a la vodka, pesto, alfredo, bolognese)


Don’t worry, it isn’t true! If only every automated calorie counter new EXACTLY how to accurately calculate for each
and every potential user. Then, we would have caloric integrity in the gym. Although manufacturers have improved the
accuracy of such estimates, there are just too many factors at work to expect one machine to be able to get this number
right. In general, the newer and more expensive the machine, the more accurate that energy expenditure estimate will be.
Also, the more information the machine requires of the user, the more accurate the calorie count. Below see a list of the
complicating factors that simply cannot be addressed by an inanimate object:
• Muscle burns more calories per minute than fat does. This means that without an accurate body fat percentage a
COMPLETELY accurate caloric expenditure number is not possible.
• Men burn calories more quickly than do women. Meaning, if the machine does not account for your gender, all bets
are off!
• Older individuals have a slower basal metabolism than their younger counterparts. How much slower? Good ques-
tion and one that the treadmill cannot answer.
• Fitness levels vary greatly between members of the same height, weight, gender, and age. Therefore, it is IMPOSSI-
BLE to account for the athletic efficiency and/or biochemistry of one user over another.
Dehydration, chronic illness, and innumerable other factors can alter your ability to burn calories at any given time. Even
the most gifted mathematician with detailed information about an individual cannot correctly predict with 100% accu-
racy the rate at which calories will be burned during a specific activity.
So, why are they there? MOTIVATION. Exercisers like numbers, goals and measures. Anyone with a goal needs to es-
tablish parameters by which to define success. Utilize the calorie counter to help you track your improvement. If you
burned 250 calories in 30 minutes walking on zero incline at a rate of 3.8 miles per hour…see what adjusting the incline
does. You will find you can make minor adjustments that cause you to work significantly harder without inducing mis-
ery. These indicators can also give you a ball park figure by which to estimate your calories in versus calories out so that
you can reasonably establish an expected weight loss in a given period of time. Ultimately, what you eat is just as impor-
tant as what you do when it comes to your health.

Even with the inaccuracy issues, calorie counters on fitness equipment have a valid use. Just know that you cannot have
that pitcher of margaritas based solely on your 20 minute run in which you supposedly burned enough calories to “earn”
it! Moderation and estimation are key elements in your diet. Unfortunately, estimation is also the best you can hope for
when it comes to calorie counters on treadmills and other cardio machines at the gym!
                                Making Healthy Food Choices While On Vacation                           Contributed by Scott Cassa

Finding food to eat while on vacation is not really a problem for most people. No matter where you travel in this country food is
easy to find--quick and convenient the way Americans have learned to like it. However, for those of us who understand the impor-
tance of nourishing our bodies, finding healthy food to eat while on vacation can be quite a challenge--a challenge you've probably
faced before. So what do you do? Well, you basically have two choices--you can give in and say, "Who cares about eating healthy,
I'm on vacation." or you can try to eat the best you can with what's available to you.

If you decide to just throw in the towel and pig out on unnecessary junk food while on vacation, you may suffer the consequences,
especially if you are used to eating healthy. Almost all of my clients who really work hard at eliminating processed junk foods
from their diet are amazed at how sensitive they become to it when they haven't eaten it for a while. You may have experienced
this before, especially when it comes to eating sweets. Let's say for instance that you try your best to avoid sweets, but then give in
to the pressure of indulging in some cake and ice cream while celebrating a birthday with friends and family. You're likely to ex-
perience a reaction to the sugar that your body is no longer used to. Eating the innocent little piece of cake and ice cream may give
you a headache, possibly nausea or indigestion, it could even make you feel anxious, irritable or depressed, or most likely leave
you feeling completely wiped out for the rest of the evening.

Clients often wonder why they are now so sensitive to the junk that they got away with eating for so many years without any im-
mediate reaction. Well, it's similar to smoking. Let's say you smoked for 20 years and then after quitting for six months, you took a
puff of a cigarette. You'd probably cough, and maybe even feel a little light-headed or dizzy. This is your body's way of reacting to
the cigarette, in the same way it reacts to junk food. So for the typical American whose diet consists mainly of processed foods,
pigging out on junk food while on vacation probably won't make them feel any different from the way they normally do. But if you
usually try to avoid junk food, indulging in it while on vacation may leave you feeling miserable. Sure, a little bit won't kill you,
but it may ruin your vacation!

Remember that the purpose of food is to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to function properly. So if you want to
achieve your true health potential, you need to nourish your body and take care of it. This isn't just something you do for a while
and then quit, this is what you need to do everyday for the rest of your life--even when you're on vacation! Here are a few sugges-
tions that can help you make the best food choices while you're away from home.


When you're on the road you may have no other option but to eat out at a restaurant. This is an inevitable situation that most of us
will never be able to completely avoid. So don't stress over it! When we know the truth about where our food comes from and what
it has been through, it can certainly be difficult to swallow. But worrying about it only makes matters worse and also leads to poor
digestion. Try to relax and just do the best you can with what's available to you.
Here are a few tips to consider when dining out:

Avoid high carbohydrate breakfasts like pancakes, waffles, french toast, bagels or cereal. Too many carbs at one meal cause your
blood sugar to spike up and crash--leaving you feeling symptoms like fatigue, depression, irritability, or poor mental function. This
is not really a fun way to start your day, especially while you're on vacation. Instead, choose protein foods (anything from an ani-
mal) for breakfast, like eggs. Fried eggs are better than scrambled or omelets, because you never know what is in those packaged
egg mixes. Bacon is a better choice than sausage as it contains fewer additives and is unlikely to contain MSG. In some restaurants
you can get steak with your eggs. You can even think outside the box and order off the lunch or dinner menu. Best to avoid fruit
juices--they are loaded with sugar--and choose fresh fruit instead, such as a half grapefruit or stewed prunes. If constipation is a
problem for you when you travel, the latter is an excellent choice.
A big, green leafy salad loaded with vegetables and topped with grilled meat is a good choice for lunch. Ask for olive oil and vine-
gar for your dressing. If you're in the mood for a sandwich, avoid those made with white bread and processed luncheon meat. Also,
ordering off the dinner menu can expand your options for lunch.
A good choice for dinner would be a piece of meat, served with steamed veggies topped with real butter (ask for butter and put it
on yourself), and a green leafy salad on the side with olive oil and vinegar dressing. Your best choice for potato would be baked
potato with butter.

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