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					                                                        Network Communications Simplified™

Transparency – Control – Choice

Use the Network you have to get the Network you Want.
Points of Interest

   IpTL Snapshot & Products
   What is AutoConnect
   Market Problem – Solved!
   How we do it
   FAQs
   Model Numbers/Ordering
Quick Snap Shot – About IpTL FastLane Gateways?
“Our appliances enable the interconnection of networks &
network devices anywhere in the world securely without any
recurring expenses.” -- AUTOMATICALLY

 We are TRA Type Approved
 We work with Dynamic IP – even on both ends of the link
 We can be installed behind a NAT
 Data always goes between your devices
          – NEVER does your data go through our Servers
 You can implement your own security & lock-down units
 You can deploy with 100% Touchless deployment
 Made in USA; Locally Supported
    Product Portfolio Overview – Feature Complete
                                                                           ▐ Unified Software Set ▐ Unified Compatibility ▐ Solution Scalability
                                        WAN Aggregation
     Performance and Services Density

                                          M79R Series

                                            Service Based
                                                                         End Points for PtP, PtMP, or Mesh Networking
                                             Access from
                                                25 – 1,000
                                             connections         M78 / M72
                                               Hi-Performance for Concurrent
                                         Network Services & Topologies up to 8            M75
                                                                 Hi-Performance Network Services,
                                         Redundancy, and agile network configurations, 1 connection           M71LW                 M71L
                                                             Host based access for secure end-points, mobility, and small networks, 1 Connection
                                                                                                               SMB            M2M, IP Cams,
                                          Head Office           Branch Office       Small Branch                              Voip Phones…
What is FastLane-AutoConnect™

        Totally Automatic Connectivity
            between IpTL devices.
What is AutoConnect?
AutoConnect™ is IpTL Session Boarder Controller (SBC)
technology that is placed closest to the user network for
maximum benefit.
It is IpTL created technology, is Patent Pending, & Exclusive.
AutoConnect Plug-and-Play
FastLane-AutoConnect™ delivers TOUCHLESS hardware
assisted LAN virtualization on any network…True Plug-&-Play

•   No   configuration of the IpTL FastLane appliance
•   No   configuration of routers or firewalls
•   No   configuration of port forwards
•   No   configuration of static IP’s
•   No   special router, devices, or connections

         User proof, application proof, network proof!
What Problems does AutoConnect Solve?

•   Dynamic IP – AutoConnect Works
•   NAT and Nested NAT – AutoConnect Works
•   Connectivity for ALL apps– AutoConnect Works
•   Existing Firewall – AutoConnect Works
•   Any network provider/service – AutoConnect Works
•   Ports and Multi site VPNs– AutoConnect Works
•   Data hangs MTU/Packet Size issues – AutoConnect Works
•   Dynamic Key Generation/Negotiation – AutoConnect Works
•   User Misconfiguration or misuse – AutoConnect Works
You won’t have these 22 IPSec issues with IpTL!
•   Enable NAT−Traversal (#1 RA VPN)             • Verify Idle/Session Timeout
•   Enable ISAKMP                                • Verify that ACLs are Correct and are Binded
•   Enable/Disable PFS                             to Crypto Map
•   Clear Old or Existing Security               • Verify the ISAKMP Policies
    Associations (Tunnels)                       • Verify that Routing is Correct
•   Verify ISAKMP Lifetime                       • Verify that Transform−Set is Correct
•   Enable or Disable ISAKMP Keepalives          • Verify Crypto Map Sequence Numbers and
•   Re−Enter or Recover Pre−Shared−Keys            Name
•   Mismatched Pre−shared Key                    • Verify the Peer IP Address is Correct
•   Verify the ISAKMP Identity                   • Verify the Tunnel Group and Group Names
•   Remove and Re−apply Crypto Maps              • Disable XAUTH for L2L Peers
•   Verify that sysopt Commands are              • VPN Pool Getting Exhausted
    Present (PIX/ASA Only)                       • Issues with latency for VPN client traffic
                            Source: Cisco TAC -
How does AutoConnect Work? 1-2-3!
 An AutoConnect enabled IpTL device is turned on…then…

 1. Locate the IpTL AutoConnect Server
    (FastLaneNBX™ Network Boarder Switch)

 2. Request the Peer device to be associated
 3. Define a suitable connection between devices

 Devices then start a tunnel, between each other, using the
 determined connection information from the boarder switch.
 (Same Tunnel with Same Security!)
How does it work 1 - Location

     M71LW                                 M71LW

 A                              B
How does it work 1 - Location

     M71LW                                 M71LW

 A                              B
How does it work – Determine Connectivity

     M71LW                                     M71LW

 A                                  B
How does it work – Normal Tunnel (no different than manual!)

                   Start TLS Tunnel (just as always!)

     M71LW                                                 M71LW

 A                                              B
How do I use AutoConnect?

 Just like the World’s Longest Ethernet Cable!
Where do I see about configuring AutoConnect?

  New Navigation Element
Control and Choice Options – Your Call at Any Time

• Enable Full AutoConnect
  -- Reachability & Connectivity

• Or you Can Specify your Peer
  -- Connectivity Only

• Disable – No Auto Peering
  Manual Config – Just as before

  IN ALL OPTIONS – Data between your units is NEVER routed or
          connected through ANY IpTL server – EVER.
 Q: What is FastLane-AutoConnect™?
 A: AutoConnect provides a means of automatically creating a point-to-point link
 between any two IpTL devices all without any configuration of any network

 Q: Does AutoConnect make a connection through my Dynamic IP and/or my
 A: Yes, it does. AutoConnect hides all the troubles of the WAN or Internet
 connections and works well with NAT and Dynamic IP’s.

 Q: What do I need to configure when using AutoConnect?
 A: Nothing. Plug power in and under 3 minutes you have the World’s Longest
 Ethernet Cable!
 Q: What system do you use for reachability?
 A: We primarily use DNS and our exclusive patent-pending technology
 implemented on our servers. These servers are implemented world-wide and
 provide redundancy.

 Q: Are there any charges or ongoing fees with AutoConnect?
 A: No. It is included in the firmware and there are no fees or charges.

 Q: Do I have to use or enable AutoConnect?
 A: No, you can enable or disable AutoConnect at anytime. One way to use AC is
 for a proof-of-concept or initial installation then switch it over to manual
 configuration later after all is running. In any case, it is up to you.
 Q: What appliances is AutoConnect available on?
 A: Initially AutoConnect is available on the Model 71 and Model 75 series. Model
 79R will follow in the next weeks.

 Q: I have a couple of Model 71’s, can I update and use AutoConnect?
 A: Yes! The Software is available the FastLane Forum at the IpTL web site

 Q: We need a private closed system but want the advantages of AutoConnect. Is
 the Network Boarder Switch system available for purchase?
 A: Yes! A complete system can be installed for your own private network for
 which you would have complete control and privacy.
 Q: What data about my network do you see?
 A: Only peer connectivity and IP address and NAT type.

 Q: When using AutoConnect can you ever see my data?
 A: No. All data is between units (a link) and is never routed through our network.
 All Tunnels are between your devices using your security to lock them down.

 Q: I want to use AutoConnect but how can I secure my data?
 A: Whether you use AC or not, the best way to secure your units is with the
 Tunnel Auth option under Tunnel Options. This will prevent ANY unit from
 connecting without the correct credentials.
How To Order
 Two Pack comes pre-associated:

 If you have units that need to be associated then email IpTL at to have your two units associated…
 OR … select MAC based peering and select your remote yourself!
Say Yes To your Applications, Customers, & Business with IPTL
                                The Network

                   Meet your customer’s
                 expectation for integration
           Services today Voice (VoIP), Video, VPN, Internet, Redundant &
           Assured Connectivity, Virtual Leased-Line over IP

           Services emerging Cloud, Collaboration, SmartGrid, XaaS

           Services tomorrow Any Device, Any Media, Any Anywhere
                      Network Communications Simplified™

       Thank You for your

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Olney MD 20832 USA
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