The MLM Marketing Fast Track

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					The MLM Marketing Fast Track
           The MLM Marketing Fast Track Solution
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           Welcome and congratulations on taking the first step to MLM marketing success. We know you
           realize this is no small commitment but it is one that will bring big returns in a period of time if
           you receive the best education possible. This is what this book is geared towards. Once you
           finish, you will have the best resources to take with you possible. The information in this book
           has been well-researched and written with the beginner in mind.

                                           WHAT YOU WILL LEARN FROM THIS BOOK

                 What MLM marketing really is.
                 Looking at the top MLM companies of 2010 and 2011.
                 What the best MLM marketing opportunities are now.
                 Where to find inexpensive MLM leads.
                 What the best MLM lead generators are.
                 Best MLM software.
                 A look at MLM Marketing reviews.
                 A look at MLM Marketing Scams.
                 What down line marketing is.
                 Then finally, a library of multi-media resources to use.
                         Table of Contents
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                                      Chapter One:

                                What is MLM Marketing?

                                      Chapter Two:

                                  Top MLM Companies

                                     Chapter Three:

                                     My Down Line

                                     Chapter Four:

                         The Importance of Qualified MLM Leads

                                      Chapter Five:

                            MLM Lead Generation Companies

                                      Chapter Six:

                                 MLM Marketing Scams

                                     Chapter Seven:

           How to get the most success from your MLM business from the experts

                                     Chapter Eight:

                                  Another Success Story

                   Recap and Introduction to the Multi-Media Training

                          How to use this Multi-Media Training

                                  Multi-Media Seminar

                                    Chapter One:
Page | 3                       What Is MLM Marketing?
           What is Multi-Level-Marketing?

           It’s a method businesses use, both traditional and on line, to reach potential clients and deal
           with existing clients that they normally would not be able to reach by traditional means.

           How do they do that? They use YOU! Now, you can take that either way, negative or positive; I
           suggest positive, of course: it is business and it is what it is. This is not to say there is no benefit
           for you. You must know there is if you are reading this book, right?

           Ok, so now that we have that perfectly clear we can move on to better explain the two roles
           you could play depending on where in this business you decide to engage yourself in.

           WHO ARE YOU GOING TO BE ?

           Let’s take a look at the two roles in MLM, shall we?

           The first role is that of the business-owner. Listed below are the tasks in your role:

                  Create a business name and logo.
                  Do all the footwork and legal stuff. Yes, you must LLC or incorporate; we will go into that
                  Build your website and purchase a domain. (Crying yet?) Don’t, you have to spend
                   money to make money.
                  Get a tax number. (Don’t tick off the IRS) They’ll find you.
                  Start searching for a product you believe in to market. This may take a while and it
Page | 4           should. Why? Because you can’t convince anyone else to buy or sell anything that they
                   don’t see a passion in you for! AND you are going to do both.
                  Start creating a down line. We will explain that later as well.

           The secondary role you can choose if you don’t want to deal with all of the above is that of a
           down line affiliate.

           Your role on this level is:

                  Find a MLM company you can trust. We will touch on that later too.
                  Get your own website as an affiliate and connect to the main MLM website as an
                   affiliate for them.
                  Start marketing.

           This SOUNDS simpler than that of the business-owner; however, it is a bit of an illusion. It also
           depends on your perspective in the situation but it is all work. You are essentially doing the
           same thing the business-owner is doing; you are just doing less on the business and product
           creation. You still need the basics, like a way to pay your taxes. You are still an independent
           contractor so your lead will not be taking care of that for you.

           The big difference between an independent sales person and a person who is an internet
           marketing affiliate in a down line is this: An independent sales person for a specific traditional
           company, let’s say an insurance company, may only be able to market to a territory. If you are a
           part of a MLM company, you are not bound by territory and can literally market to the globe!
           Certain international laws may limit some of the ways you can do business. China and other
           communist countries have certain stipulations but this doesn’t seem to bother most MLM
           businesses too much.

                So why are there companies that are willing to pay YOU to market for them?

           This is the first question to fall from people’s lips when they are first introduced to MLM. It is a
           polite way of saying: what’s the catch?
         They want to tap into your network! Your friends and families are your network and whomever
         else you can network away with. After people are told that, they tend to shy away, but if you
         understand that this is less about being a public nuisance and more about networking to share
         a viable product or service to people, you will see it in better terms. You see, most people fail
Page | 5 to see the cost of paying an affiliate compared to the cost of paying for advertising. You are a
         bar of gold to these people because you are doing the footwork and contacting more people
         than they ever could without you. You are the lifeblood of their network.

         So what skills do I have to have?

               The ability to deal with people.
               The ability to determine who to speak to, meaning the right types of people who would
                be responsive to what you are offering. This comes with time and practice. Some have it
                already but most don’t, so don’t let it discourage you.
               The ability to use basic computer programs.
               The ability to follow up and deliver what you promise on time and with quality.

         Let’s go into each one briefly, shall we?

               The ability to deal with people: The question to ask yourself here is: can I deal with all
                types of people? Am I an arrogant personality that can’t understand why another person
                would get annoyed that I am trying to introduce them to an amazing product? If you
                answered this question with a yes, it is time to reinvent your attitude. You must
                understand that you may have to explain yourself repeatedly to some, so the message is
                clear and you CAN’T get frustrated.

               Determining who would be interested and who would not be: This has all to do with
                feeling out different personalities. This also has to do with product knowledge and
                determining the needs of the potential client or customer. We will touch on the
                discovery process later to give you an idea.

               Computer Skills: You should have mastered a word processing program, chat and email.
                Other than that, the ability to send e mails with correct grammar, spelling and form. You
                are a business and should not be e mailing like you text to a friend.
              The ability to follow up and deliver what you promise in a timely manner: This is
               saving the best for last. This is the number one thing to have because, if you don’t, then
               nothing else will matter. Look at it this way; you have the responsibility to keep the
               positive image of your MLM business. It is already compared to pyramid scams; this
Page | 6       means that you can have the best product known to man but, if you are an unreliable
               vendor, you are out of the ballpark.

               The only difference between striking out with your MLM clients and a game of
               baseball is you don’t get three strikes with a customer.

               These are the essentials for an affiliate to a MLM company. So, what skills do you need
               to actually have a MLM business? You need all of the aforementioned with a few

              You must be able to be a mentor to your down line.

               Please, do NOT give them a two-minute training course and send them out like
               fledglings on their own. If you do that, they will go from fledging to lemming very
               quickly and fly off to their deaths along with your business!

               It is essential that you touch-base and follow up with your down line. You must also
               have an open-door policy. This is NOT a business to get lazy in and wait for your people
               to just go out and score you a million dollars on their own; it NEVER works that way!
                                     Chapter Two:
                                  Top MLM Companies
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           We won’t list the gamut here but, if you know who is on top, you’ll know what types of
           products you can promote or build your own MLM business on. I chose a few of the top ones
           that have a few things in common. This way, we can explore viable products that you can have
           a think about:

           Batch 1:

                 Amway
                 NuSkin
                 Herbalife
                 Avon

           Batch 2:

                 Pampered Chef
                 Tupperware
                 Lia Sophia

           Let’s take a look at Batch 1 for a moment, shall we?

           These four companies have things in common and do quite well, which I will show you later.
           Why they do well is what we need to deal with here.

           The all deal with plethora of home, beauty and health needs which they are able to both
           produce and ship in bulk at a great price, which converts to ‘value for the public’.
         Let’s use weight-loss as an example. A person may look at that possibility and state that they
         are not overweight. So how can they promote a product that promotes weight-loss? Well, you,
         like many others, may find yourself very surprised that you may not be as in-shape as you may
         think. Go on to a weight loss site and take your BMI rating. Otherwise, you can promote weight
Page | 8 loss by being in shape and teaching others how to be so!

        Batch 2 deals with beauty enhancement and home wares that save people money in the long
        run, like for instance Tupperware. The fact that the brand has been around for like a hundred
        years quite literally helps the situation. Some products just sell themselves and it is not difficult
        to find out who they are.

        So, now that you are familiar with the top companies and why they are on top and stay on top,
        we are going to go back to the skills you need to promote and recruit without sounding like that
        is what you are doing.


        Porch talk was a term used in my first sales class I ever had
        with a company called America on Line (AOL). I was in the
        retention and sales department so I had to take a lot of
        courses. Porch talk is the art of a certain type of
        conversation that is like you are talking on the porch of your
        home and discovering the needs and wants of the person
        you are speaking to.


        You may be talking about your friend’s lifestyle and he will mention how he needs to lose
        weight and he has tried this or that and is not so sure what to do. You can then tell him that you
        introduced a couple of friends in the same position to this product. After you converse for a
        while and discover his needs, likes and dislikes, you can tell him you know where to get it
        because you deal in it and give him a 30-day sample.

        Let me go over the point of what just came out of this simple technique:

        First, there was a process by which you allowed HIM to speak and very naturally tell you what
        his needs are. You discovered he had a weight issue that he has been combating for a while and
        tried a few things that apparently failed. You should let him go on a bit and ask him (open-
        ended) questions.

         In other words, you would not ask a question like “So you want to try these supplements?” That
         will get you a yes or a no and you don’t want to have to pray for a yes and knock out 50% of
Page | 9
         your chances in one blow. You want to be able to ask in a way that they answer but give you a
         more extensive answer so you can discover even more of their wants and needs.

        What you want is to try to find a FEATURE and a BENEFIT for your potential buyer.

        Now, when you are speaking to a potential recruit, the guidelines are the same. You are trying
        to DISCOVER what kind of person you have and what lifestyle they have. If they seem to fit the
        product the MLM company is selling, then viola! you have it. Now you can approach in the
        same fashion you do for the buyer.
                                      Chapter Three:
                                    The Fated Down Line
Page | 10

            Ok, so let’s look at the down line and go over the best way to develop it. There is so much
            argument over how you should develop your down line. There are a few choices that people
            seem to ponder and experiment with.

                  Should you recruit and recruit and just let your down line take care of them? Well,
                   remember we discussed that earlier and I told you the dangers of doing that. You
                   remember the fledgling and lemming analogy I used in chapter two? So, this is right off
                   the bat an unadvisable idea.

                  Should you recruit two or three people and let them recruit two or three people? I
                   would say NO! You will hire training reps just to have them quit a month or two later.

                  Don’t just go by your MLM company’s training ideas: Normally, the company you have
                   your MLM product line with has a vision of what you should be doing as a recruiting
                   person. Don’t follow it if it doesn’t work for you.

            Believe me, not to discourage you, but MLM can be very frustrating, especially on the recruiting
            end. Some will tell you that there are no real ‘right’ ways to recruit and some will tell you there
            absolutely is a right way to recruit. I will give an example or two of some ways to get recruits to
            you and how to develop it the best way possible. Then, YOU decide what’s best for YOU.
         Using systems that work and constant recruiting seems to be the best way so far. At least, the
         most recommended.

          If you have a system by where you recruit so many people a day, you will have to baby sit the
          whole bunch of them and that will suck up a huge percentage of your time from your selling
Page | 11
          and other administrative things you need to do to actually RUN the business.

         The idea of the automated training system seems to have taken root for a lot of people in this
         line of business. So, the concept is to continue to recruit people constantly, never stop
         recruiting people. People are strange in this business; it is not valued as a ‘real job’ somehow,
         and people jut up and quit after pulling 6 figure checks. I can speculate why but really it is a
         time waster, you are going to have to get used to people doing this, the turn-over rate is high.


         This is a no-brainer and I will gladly take you step-by-step in
         the process. There are several parts to this process.

         The basic order of things which does not change is as follows:

                Marketing
                The process of lead generation
                Your e mail list
                Relationship Building
                Recruiting New Reps
                Your Training Systems
                The Duplication Process

         This is the logical, natural flow of things and will be static at all times.

         You do this through none-other than multi media. YouTube is the best choice. I will talk you
         through some of it and then get you to look at the fantastic resource library I have researched
         and given the links to in the last five pages of the book after we recap what you have learned.
         It will go in order and play out like a little seminar if you watch them as I instruct you to.

                You get a YouTube channel; you will, as I stated earlier, watch a video in this book on
                 the step-by-step on how to do this from scratch.
                  You start with an introduction of yourself and your company; add graphics and your
                   website address with a subscription area.
                  You will have to do it all in parts as YouTube has a time restriction for each video.
                  You then begin with marketing and do a section on each topic I listed above.
Page | 12

            Now, roughly 5% of your down lines are going to bring you your paycheck. That’s right, the rest
            won’t do much and then quit; that’s the nature of the business, as I stated before. So, this is
            your master group, these are your aces in the hole. Once you determine who they are, you
            need to spend your energy with them and them alone.

            With these people, try to schedule as many face-to-face trainings as possible; webinars if they
            are not all local. These people you can waste time with answering questions and pondering
            schemes. Now you can understand the reason why I wanted you to get to the multi-media for
            the others. It may sound rude but business is the survival of the fittest and your master people
            are who are going to pull in the money for you so you waste your time with them and them
Page | 13

                             Chapter Four:
                    The Importance of Qualified Leads
            Ok, so you have chosen your role in the MLM game and you know
            how to coach a down line. Now, you will get a talk-through on your
            leads. There are so many companies and systems out there that will
            tell you how to generate a lead and claim to do it through a number
            of automated ways. Most of them are garbage but some are good, it
            is a matter of weeding out the weeds.

            However, the best lead is the one you get on your own through the proper channels and this is
            what you should be concentrating on.

            If you should go with a lead generation company, then you need to know a few qualifiers first. If
            they pass them all, then you can proceed with confidence.

               1. Lead Quality: The quality is number one, simply because it is the most important thing.
                  You can go to some websites and think wow this looks great and then get a crap-load of
                  bad, old and outdated leads. Yes, you must do research and it may take you months.

               2. Training: It does no good to get leads from a company that has no training. If you are no
                  good at working a lead, then you will ‘burn’ that lead. If you ‘burn’ a lead, you have just
                  set fire to a fist full of money. That’s right, every lead is money; you burn it and you lose
                  money you spent and money you could have made from that lead.
            What should the training include?

            When you are a recruit for a MLM business, you are, like it or not, a sales associate. The
            sooner you accept that, the better your skills will be because you are not fighting that fact,
            and the better your sales will be.
Page | 14
            What your sales training should include is listed below:

                  The discovery process which we outlined earlier and you will find in your resource
                   library and seminar in the last ten pages of this book.

                  Following Scripts.

                  How to close the deal.

                  Dealing with rebuttals.

                  Following up.

            They are all equally important and they are all parts of a collective whole. If the chain is broken,
            your success will falter and you will find it hard to continue in this business. Let me be clear; no,
            you do not have to be a seasoned sales person with twenty years’ experience.

            You do, however need to master the art of the FEATURE AND BENEFITS sales to be a
            productive part of this business whether you decide the role of business owner or affiliate.

            Again, as I stated before, you are catering to the NEEDS of your client or affiliate. If there is little
            or nothing in it for them, they won’t stay on board for very long. Remember this for your
            affiliates, especially because this is a fluctuating paycheck that comes with more stress than a
            regular job with a stable paycheck, even if it is less than what you would get doing this; there
            needs to be incentive and thorough training.

                  Make sure the lead company has lead support: This is important because should you
                   have trouble (and you may) with your leads, you don’t want a company with an attitude
                   of “the ladder is up and we are ok, so good luck, you are on your own”. You should
                   consider those who have some kind of live support.
                  Make sure your leads are targeted: Imagine you standing on the edge of the abyss and
                   throwing a fist full of money into it. Well, that is what you do every time you buy leads
                   that are not targeted. What do I mean by targeted? Well, you wouldn’t try to sell
                   snowballs to a man standing in a blizzard, would you? You would sell them to a guy on a
Page | 15          hot desert island. He wouldn’t be eating but he would at least be cool.

                  The pricing of your MLM leads: I’ll just say one thing; you get what you pay for. You
                   should treat al cheap leads as suspicious. Don’t look at buying your leads as a purchase,
                   look at it like an investment in your business. If you had a catering business, would you
                   purchase a child’s easy bake oven or the top of the line to serve your clients? Think about

            The top fifteen MLM companies which have a good reputation are listed in the resource library
            in the last ten pages of this book.
                                      Chapter Five:
                                   About MLM Software
Page | 16

            Another way to automate your leads among other things is using MLM software. You will hear a
            lot about this option as well so; we will touch on it as well.

            The experts say that most of the early entrepreneurs that had everything going for them, began
            to rely on the computer geek squad working from their college dorms to write these ridiculous
            programs to help with the MLM marketing and all other administrative functions.
            Unfortunately, they lost their shirts to these people who had no clue as to how this world
            worked. So this is a big point: don’t try to write your own program, or have some computer-
            nerd do it for you.

            What are the questions you should be asking yourself?

                  Does the size of your program really matter? Yes, in a way, size does matter. If you
                   start out with a cheap program that you can support a lemonade stand with, then that is
                where the size of your business will stay. If you want to serve thousands and keep
                growing, then you need a program that will sustain it.

Page | 17      How multitasking these octopuses need to be? That all depends on what type of MLM
                you are into. Is it party plan, or another type? Can it handle commissions, tracking,
                rebates and a slew of other administrative tracking duties?

               Third-Party Integration: How capable is the program you are buying of third-party

               Who are you attracting or repelling from coming to work for you by your technology?
                People that are seasoned in this industry are a little sensitive about working for nothing
                and wasting their time with bad back office technology. You will know a good one when
                they start grilling you about your back office functions and replication software.

               Should you outsource? The only trouble here is a trust and security issue. Be careful
                that, if you are going to outsource a data management company, they have a solid
                reputation, they are well-established and that they have a policy set in place that
                protects you from them holding your data hostage if you have a disagreement with

               So who do you call? Well, if you ask people who have been in the business and
                successful at it, they can provide the better names. Once you have three or four, you
                start to interview them.
                                    Chapter Six:
                                 MLM Marketing Scams
Page | 18

            This has been absolutely exhausting so far, hasn’t it?
            You haven’t even gotten to the seminar and resource
            library yet. Maybe a hot bath before you hit that and a
            hot meal would do ya good? Yes, this is agreeably by
            this point more that you had bargained for, but rest
            assured you can be confident once you have finished
            this book, done the workbook and seminar, you will
            have all the tools to be successful!

            I am going to take you through the pitfalls of falling under a MLM scam. This must be known,
            not to scare you or discourage you, but to forewarn you so as to fore arm you.

            So, how do you spot a MLM scam?

                  The product or service: If it doesn’t have one, then it is a scam. Simple as that for the
                   first one.

                  Quality of the product or service: If the quality of the product or service is shady, then
                   so is the company. Ask for a little history on what they are selling.

                  Compensation Plans: If you hear something like “I’ll build your down line for free” or this
                   oldie but goody “If you are lazy and don’t like to work, this is the program for you”:
                   anything that tells you that you can sit on your sweet assurance and just make money is
                   a company to steer clear of.

                  The Support System: If they don’t have any, then you don’t go near them. There should
                   be a family-like atmosphere in the way that you can come to them with any questions
                   about the leads and the products.
          Don’t get me wrong, there are many good companies out there but you have to again, weed
          through the weeds. You have to do you research on line but there is a proper way to do that
          too. Look for any scam notifications on the company in question; but you need to be aware of
Page | 19
          the ones that are from disgruntled customers, and the way you do that is if you see more than
          four or five, go to a forum or two and ask others! If you keep hearing how bad they are, then
          they probably are.
Page | 20                Chapter Seven:
             How to get the Most Success out of your
                MLM Business from the Experts
            Ok, so now that we have gone over all the scams and aggravating mishaps, I have compiled
            some advice from the experts that I have researched. I will cover what several of them have
            said. Although some may be a bit repetitive and some may be contradictory, I did this so you
            can decide for yourself what will work and what won’t for you. This way you will have a source
            of conversation to share with others in the business.

            The thing to get out of these ‘expert’ presentations is to see how
            many different systems there are, then watch companies like Organo
            Gold close the gap in what is missing in their training at the end of this
            e book.

            The first one from the first expert, from Dr. Picken of Get Smart Finish Rich:

                  How to use the internet to build your business.
                  How to stay ahead of your competition.
                  How to stay ahead of the cutting edge marketing techniques as they develop.
                  How to generate better targeted ads.
                  How to put more money in your pocket.
                  How to fund your business.
                  How to sponsor more people
            I chose this person simply because the techniques used are different than the old-school ways
            of teaching. She contends that people keep failing because they keep teaching what they were
            taught and what they were taught doesn’t work.
Page | 21
            She actively goes up against the going after your prospect attitude and the ‘some will. Some
            wont, who cares’ mantra of the old-school prospect approach and holds to the contention that
            it makes you look like a spammer and an amateur.

            She takes the new way of scientifically approaching your prospect and how to position yourself
            well and how to have a new market to tap into always. The successful marketer knows what
            they are marketing, who they are marketing to and why. She also contends that successful
            marketers never market their primary business opportunity. I found this very interesting and
            wanted to hear more as this was a new concept to me.

            She went on to say that most people are taught to recruit others into their primary business
            and you need to just brand yourself in a niche market. What is even more interesting is she
            teaches what the three groups to market to will be.

               1. People looking for a business opportunity.
               2. Existing marketers.
               3. People who said no to your primary company.

            Group one wants an opportunity due to the economic downturn and is stating that they want
            an alternative.

            Group two is full of those 97% of existing marketers that are failing because of the old-school
            training she talked about at the beginning.

            Group three are people who said no to your Primary company but are still looking for a
            company they are interested in so show them.

            This next gentleman is doing this classroom style. I am also including him in my video resource
            library because he shows a different style and perspective than that if the one above.

            He was interesting because he asked his class what network marketing was and no one could
            answer. As long as it has been around, people still are not familiar with all the names it falls
            under. He breaks up the three ways to market and explains each one.
                  Retail
                  Direct
                  Multi-level

Page | 22
            You will see it all in the video seminar but he really breaks things down quite easily and any
            novice can understand it. I like that because you are a beginner looking for an opportunity and
            the more information you have the better. Most people don’t understand what they are doing,
            all they are focused on is the money bit without proper training, how do you get the concept
            and if you don’t get the concept, how can you take the right approach?

            Now this last gentleman Bob Proctor whose video I have added to the mix, has some great
            things to say about the success secrets only an elite few know about. It is an interesting
            perspective about what we are all capable of doing and what he actually did to change his life.
            What he said and why I chose to add him was this;

             “Most people go through life thinking some people have it and some don’t, they go through
            their life like extras in their own movie; they make someone else the star and they are in the
            background never living up to their potential.”

            Now I do tell you he is the guy from ‘The Secret’ and it’s not religious bit spiritual with
            metaphysical concepts. I chose this because it will serve as an outside of the box way to think
            which will help you succeed. He goes on to say that by holding on to an idea will go into
            physical manifestation. He says “the results in your life are the result of the ideas that you get
            emotionally involved with” imagine what you can do with a business and how you can attract
            the right people with an outside the box concept such as this very powerful one.

            There is a lot to be said for attitude and belief when it is a direct factor in your success. It is an
            essential part of your success with sales and marketing as much as breathing is to the survival
            of the body!
                                     Chapter Eight:
                                  Another Success Story
Page | 23
            Now that you’ve heard what the other ‘experts’ are doing, there is another leader in this
            industry and I chose it because it deals with the number one drink in the country…coffee. It also
            deals with what people are doing on the cutting edge of health. Organo Gold and its products
            come from the extract of a mushroom that grows at the base of trees. This has health benefits
            that are used in the products because it is more than just coffee; it is supplements as well.
            What is great about this product and what makes it saleable on its own is that it is truly on the
            cutting edge of phototherapy products. This is an effective and popular trend among the
            everyday crowd, not just the health crowd. It is the treatment and prevention of diseases
            through a more natural plant extract approach.

            Now, some of the ‘experts’ above stated that it is not a good thing to try and sell your
            primary business to your recruit or purchaser. You could agree on some level, but there is one
            small gap here.

            When you choose a MLM company, you must ask yourself if the product is retail saleable on
            its own.

            It’s not that we are saying you have to introduce the ONE product and stick with it solely
            throughout. A lot of people do, and this is where a lot of them do go wrong; but you need to
            know that the product can and will stand on its own. It is like a test of strength more than
            anything else.

            Where I disagree with some of the experts is when they take out the prospect of being paid
            with the retail aspect. You see, in this business, your opportunities for income should be multi-
            dimensional. If you want to be successful, you have to be looking for income from every

            So, in the training and informational videos you will watch later on, you will take a lot away as
            far as what MLM is and the different ways to approach it, but there is always something missing
            you will notice. They seem to be in one arena or the other.
          With this company, I found that they encourage a broader vision as to how you earn your

          This is very important, because it will allow you to choose the way you approach others, how
          you advertise, and where you get recruits and customers from. If you limit your income and say
Page | 24
          no to either retail, residual or bonus, then you are seriously limiting your earning potential. This
          company pays in those three ways, and trains you to do it!

          A good earmark of the MLM companies like Organo Gold is the training seminars. They have
          literally saturated their webpage for those who have come on board with every resource and
          training tool available. They discourage nothing and make the system easy to follow. Most
          times, people get frustrated when they are left to their own devices to figure it all out after
          they have purchased whatever program at whatever level they decided to get into. It’s like
          being left at the side of the road with a load of products in your hand and not knowing what to
          do with it.

          It does you no good this way and, at the very least, you’ll unload it on people who are friends
          and family who may or may not contact you for more. This is precisely what happens when you
          do not learn how to properly speak to people and draw them in the right way much less what
          kind of person would use what kind of product. This brings me back to the ‘porch talk’ sessions I
          referred to in the beginning of the book.

          I would urge you to check out this company first before you go on to the seminar portion of the
          book, . I liked it for its technique and clarity
          and for the energy of the people in it. We will discuss some of the elements afterwards.

          Listen to the way they handle the coffee sales; it is a no brainer. The simple questions you
          would ask anyone on an average day:

               When was the last time someone sent you a check for drinking their coffee?
               Where do you usually buy your coffee?
               These are questions even the shyest person could ask and be successful. The issue is what
               you do after asking that stumps most people. Again, the discovery process takes place after
Page | 25

                    What makes you go back to _____brand for your coffee?
                    What makes you drink coffee?
                    Are you truly a coffee lover or do you do it during maybe a favorite activity?

            These are all questions you can incorporate into your pitch. This is not only the way you sell
            retail; you can use one interaction with one person to create your residual and your bonus pay
            as well. An excellent training program will tell you how you can make the most out of one

            Here is an example:

            Linda is your neighbor. You meet her out in the yard and you see she is always carrying a coffee
            mug with her. You see her a couple of times during the day and you finally approach her with a
            little ‘coffee talk’. You find out she loves coffee and manage to sell her on a subscription to the
            coffee auto ship.

                Now, do you stop there? Of course you don’t stop there!

                How do you get another one or two income streams out of her?

            Well, you could try this:

            Ask her about her hobbies and daily routine, again naturally, like you are inquiring for a reason.
            “I see you just bouncing back and forth all day! What do you do all day? I guess the coffee
            gives you the energy!”

            This will make her laugh and spark off a conversation. Just remember to do it when she has
            stopped flying back and forth and you know she is likely to stand and have a conversation with
            you for a bit. You need no more at the beginning than 15 minutes to do a quickie discovery on
            someone you know.
          Now, to get to the next stream of income, this will be the residual which will naturally bring on
          bonus. If your neighbor is an active gal, and she has kids, she probably belongs to organizations
          full of other moms and people that are at least ten people per organization.

Page | 26 This should have the smell of a down line all over it!

          How can you lose? You have one of the number one winning products; you have other popular
          and useful products that are attached to the ingredient that is in all of them as we discussed
          earlier, that has great health benefits. Now, we have to find a BENEFIT for your neighbor and
          her associations.

          This is why good companies say that the discovery process never stops. The more you know,
          the more powerful you are, and in the process will create a down line that will keep growing.

          OK, so now you have asked her what keeps her busy. You can now start to ask her (after she
          has tried the coffee) how she liked it and move right into getting a party started with that and
          the other products that are available.

          For example, if she does yoga or some health-related activity, then the coffee may not go down
          well, but the health supplements will because of the phototherapy quality they have.

          This is giving the people that you want in the down line (eventually) a FEATURE with a BENEFIT
          you can use. So, now you know why I hit you a bit hard at the beginning about being a sales
          person, like it or not! But this way is the way to do it; the natural way. After a while, you won’t
          even feel like you are selling anything and you’ll be a born winner, making money to talk to
              Recap and Introduction to Multi-Media
Page | 27
            Well, I think you know by now that this is no easy business. You have been shown the real deal
            and what it takes to survive doing this business. You also know that there is untapped potential
            in everything out there; you just need to know how to get to it.

            So, let’s recap a little here before we venture into our multi-media seminar, shall we?

            What you should have learned so far:

                  The basic meaning of what MLM is.
                  How it can fit into your life and what it can do for you.
                  What the various compensation plans are.
                  What the discovery process is.
                  What some of the experts have to say.
                  What are the better companies that are out there.
                  How important training is.
                  How to look for a scam and what the difference is.

                How to use the Training Effectively in
                             this Book
            In the last ten pages of this book, you will be instructed as to how to watch the videos and how
            to take notes. I encourage you NOT to skip around. Watch them in order. Even if there is one
            you wish not to watch in its entirety, just stop it and go on to the next one that comes right
            after it. You will have spaces and questions to answer so you can either print this part of the
            book out or use another sheet of paper.

            Some of them may cover the same subject, but give you a different perspective on each
            subject. This is because there are so many ways to approach MLM and each personality brings
            something to the table that is helpful in a fresh way.

            I think you will enjoy this process and you will have an even clearer vision of what MLM is and
            can do for you.
               Welcome to your Multi-Media Seminar
                      and Resources Page
Page | 28

            Video: What is MLM?

            This video is from the MLM University. It is a complete, easy-to-read breakdown of the
            structure of what it is. It is very clear and elementary but easy to follow. You can even calculate
            your own income in a simple way with a simple formula!



            What was the biggest point I learned from this video?

            What stood out to me the most from this video?


            What points can I use to apply to my own MLM business?


            Video: What Is MLM 2: This video covers what MLM is in a little different way to give you a
            fresh perspective. It is specifically covering an on line down line building system and what a
            good one should consist of.


        What is the biggest point that I learned from this video?

Page | 29 ______________________________________________________________________________

        What points stood out about this video?


        How can I apply these points to my MLM business?


        Video: How do I brand my MLM business?

        This is a video about how to get leads when your local market has run out.


        What is the biggest point that stood out in this video?

        What points stood out about this video?

            What points can I use to apply to my MLM business?
Page | 30

            Video: Millionaire training tips: This is about how to get duplication and leverage in you MLM

            I strongly urge you to go to this guy’s website that he shows on the video; he can arm you
            with some good ideas. It may change the way you think to being far more success-oriented.


            What is the biggest point that stood out about this video?

            What is the point that stood out about this video?

            What points can I use to apply to my MLM business?
         Video: The Secret

          Here is a look at how to change your thinking to produce manifestation in your business and
          life in general. You’ll see this pop up here and there because you need to understand that it
          doesn’t matter what philosophy you adopt, you need to have a philosophy that helps you get
Page | 31 what you want.


         What are the biggest points I learned from this video?

         What points stood out about this video?

         What points can I apply to my MLM?

         A quick side bar here after this video, the thing that stuck was, that:

         “You can never attract into your life that, which is not in harmony with you.”

         If you have the image in your mind that you have an infinite amount of wealth and prosperity,
         then you will attract according to your belief.
               OK, so you have a clearer picture of what MLM is and about some of the structures and a bit
               of how to change how you think and believe to help you succeed. Why do this? What does
               it have to do with my business? EVERYTHING! Yes, that’s right! It has everything to do with
Page | 32      it, it all starts with you. You are as you think and believe.

               So now we can get into the compensation structures and get some visuals going.

               First, I think a little clip on whether or not most people fail at MLM. The answer is not the
               typical one; it may surprise you. It is an awesome perspective that will raise an eyebrow and
               get you thinking about yourself.



            What do you agree and disagree with this video?

            Now to the MLM compensation plans:





            Now you have experienced a few of the top companies and their compensation structures and
            the differences between them.
            Instead of asking you the same series of questions that I did in the “What is MLM?” section, I
            would ask you to go back if you have to and note what you didn’t understand. This way, if you
            should make that decision to develop a MLM company, you will got training with some pre-
            formulated questions. I guarantee you will be ahead of the game and everyone there! The
            earmark of a real leader is one having done research ahead of time.
Page | 33

            What was a challenge to understand about which compensation plan?

            What did you understand and like about the compensation plan structures?

            Now, we will move into follow ups. This is more important than your initial contact. Good tips
            and tricks in these!


            I found this technique attractive; I think you will too! 70 percent of the population YOU DO NOT
            WANT??? WOW!


            A little more on drop cards…

            How to choose the right MLM Company: This is my favorite guy so far. He seems to know how
            to train.


Page | 34
            Just when do you make money in MLM?

            Now this one is extra valuable because there is something he mentions at the beginning that
            should strike you…I’ll leave it at that.

            Hint: “The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary” I LOVE IT!


            Uh Oh…isolating REJECTIONS!




            I was a little long on this because this is where we get lost and freeze up most times; to be a
            success in MLM, this is something you should become familiar with and attempt to understand
            and it will soon become less intimidating.

            Now, another way people fail is when they ask the close-ended question. In other words, they
            ask a question during the discovery process, but they ask it in a way that only gets them a yea
            or no answer.

            Questioning techniques for the discovery phase:


            Wow, this is great. So, you now know that instead of saying “Do you use health care products at
            home?”, you say “Who does? What Does? When do you? Where do you? Why do you? Describe
            to me” etc… Very clever, you can’t get a yes or no out of that, they are forced to speak!
            Ok so now you actually SEE how to approach your prospect for purchasing purposes. You have
            some mastery over the discovery process. You know how to have your mind set. Now, let’s see
            about approaching your prospects for a down line and building that.

Page | 35



            So, now we will go back to some questions to get your thinking more organized. I would like
            you to note what you learned about how to speak to people for purchasing and for down line;
            how you can use aspects of your personality to get talk to others about your business.

            What aspects of my personality can I use to enhance my ability to bring people into my

                       Your Vision and Treasure Map:
                         What will MLM do for ME?
Page | 36

            What can I get out of a MLM business? Here I want you to build a dream and make a treasure
            map. Tell yourself what you want as you make money in your MLM business.

            I want-

            I see myself in one year-

            I see myself in three years (come on, be bold-play a little)

            I see myself helping / owning
          Congratulations! You are Wiser and now
Page | 37
          you are Ready to Launch!
    I saved this part for last so you can feel empowered. ALL the things you listed are possible and
    you have the skills right now to make it a reality! You have the tools and the confidence to go
    head long into your own business. You didn’t feel it as it was going on, but through the stages
    of this very powerful e book, you changed your way of thinking, and you understand more
    about this business and what it can do for you. So don’t wait another minute! ACT NOW!

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