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					WindSong              Community Meeting Minutes                                    Date 2008 07 04
Attending: Tricia Carpenter, Larry Saidman, Lorna Allan, Allan Skuce, Aimee Brown, Daniel
Lindenberger, Allan Laity, Jan Bulman, Susan McFee, Kayla, Ralph Perkins, Jenise Sidebotham,
Miriam Evers, Elaine Rutherford, Marjorie Stewart, Kurtis Conlinn, Patrick Meyer, Josh Keller, Vesanto
Melina, Ben Evers Staples, Alan Carpenter, Nancy Bean, Andrea Welling, Leslie Wood, Amber
Brownson, Magena Carlson-Rink, Keith Honeywell, Carolyn Johnston, Mike Gillan, Susan Collerman,
Carollyne Conlinn, Cam Ellison

Facilitator: Larry Saidman                  Minute taker: Susan McFee

Minutes Approval: Accepted as written – all green cards


Topic: Vision Statement - passed with all green cards

Background: In June we approved WindSong’s Mission of Creating Community: Deepening
Connections: Making a Difference Socially & Environmentally and today we take that further into the
vision. And after describing the Mission and Vision process, we arranged 3 short skits about Diversity,
the Environment, Connection and Support.

Decision: Newly adopted Vision Statement: “WindSong is a cohesive community of self responsible
contributors, who are valuing each other’s uniqueness, reducing our ecological footprint and sharing
what we’ve learned with other communities.”

(see attached proposal)

Topic: Training Budget – approved all green cards except for 1 yellow card

Yellow Card – “Concern is that a new language may happen within WindSong that may or may not
enhance our connection with each other.”

Background: A budget for the provision of communication skills workshops addresses two gaps in our
community: a lack of uniformity in an understanding of our current decision-making process and a lack
of an agreed upon process for conflict resolution. It also supports the requirement for new owners &
renters becoming full members of the community.

Decision: That, for the next three years, we add $2040 to our annual budget for the purpose of providing
regular training in communication skills, including facilitation skills, non-violent communication,
decision-making, and conflict resolution.
(see attached proposal)

Topic: Playroom Agreement – approved all green cards

Background: The Playroom has a whole new flock of children using it now and perhaps we can set up
guidelines as to how to use the space.
WindSong              Community Meeting Minutes                                       Date 2008 07 04
Question: Can the swing be available for children 3 years of age?
Vote on the agreement with the age of the swing to include 3 year old children.
This is a working document and is open to amendments.
Decision: The baby swing is for Age 3 and under. (only clarification made)
(see attached proposal)
Presentations – These had no discussion about them.

Agenda Item: Budget – presented with a 3.26% possible increase per household
(see attached proposal)
Action / Next Steps: up for decision at August community meeting / AGM

Agenda Item: Green Energy Solutions Proposal – Yonas Jongkind (Ralph presented on his behalf)

Purpose: Replacement of our aging furnaces and water heaters with a possible one-time increase of
under $10 per month.
Action / Next Steps: See Yonas with your questions (see attached proposal)

Agenda Item: Parking Proposal (Discussion)
Purpose: To work together in a co-operative way to meet WindSong residents’ parking needs as space
allows. And to ensure that we have the required 7 visitor spots available at all times.

Background: There are 55 parking stalls in WindSong, allowing for 7 visitor stalls.

There are 7 one bedroom, 20 three bedroom, and 7 four bedroom units.

If the one and two bedroom units were guaranteed one parking stall each, and the three and four
bedroom units were guaranteed two, this would require a total of 60 parking stalls, which is more than
we have. Therefore, we cannot guarantee any unit more than one stall, and we must work together
creatively to fairly allot the rest of the available stalls to those residents who need them.

Concerns: Propose an amendment that cars WILL be towed instead of MAY be towed if vehicles are
parked here without insurance.

Action / Next Steps: Mike Gillan shall research signs that may be required in our upper parking lot at
WindSong to advise people parking here without insurance.

Leslie shall take the feedback and meet with anyone interested in developing this policy further prior to
the August meeting.

(see attached proposal)

Agenda Item: Relationships & Responsibilities (Discussion)
Purpose: WindSong residents aspire to:
   -    relationships that provide physical and emotional safety for residents
   -    responsible conduct that safeguards our private and communal property
WindSong              Community Meeting Minutes                                 Date 2008 07 04
Do we share criminal convictions of the past or only the current?
Do we share behaviour concerns, as well as noise level concerns?
Keep in mind that full disclosure of Business Use of Common Space is a separate issue from the purpose
of relationships and responsibilities proposal.
Next Steps: Email Valerie or Andrea your comments or concerns and this will come back in Aug
(see attached proposal)

Agenda Item: Accountability Proposal for Discussion (Alan Carpenter)
"One of the most common sources of conflict in a community occurs when people don't do what they say
they'll do". Diana Leaf Christian.
This policy establishes a protocol for creating a system of accountability at WindSong.
Can the facilitation team take this and run with it?
This may impact how people participate at WindSong.
People who work in teams may pass on their tasks to others.
Next Steps: This shall be brought to August for decision.

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