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Eligibility To Sell Structured Settlements For Lump Sum Cash


									Eligibility To Sell Structured Settlements For Lump Sum Cash
By: Woodbridge Settlement Funding Actually, all structured settlement recipients have the option to sell all or part of their future payments for lump sum cash if they need to raise a considerable amount of money when faced with financial dire straits. Although it is an option they might want to consider as a last resort because of the difficult processes involved and the unforeseeable consequences selling structured settlements may have. Structured settlements ensure a periodic and reliable inflow of funds that recipients may need for ongoing treatment for injuries or perhaps other long term needs. If they rely on this inflow to maintain their quality of life, recipients may be giving up future stability for a present need. Furthermore, the lump sum they will receive usually has less value than the sum of the structured settlement payments. With so much at stake, structured settlement sellers ought to try other ways of raising money before selling all future payments. In some cases where the recipient is already fully compensated for all damages and has recovered from his or her injuries before the settlement is paid in full, the remaining future payments may serve the recipient better as a lump sum that may come in handy for paying for other necessities. Consider the Legalities Before Selling Structured Settlements. There are laws in approximately two thirds of the states which restrict the sale of structured settlements, and additional federal regulations apply to the sale of structured settlements. You should expect to have to obtain court approval for the sale, and most states have statutes in effect which regulate the transfer process. The insurance company that issued the annuities for the structured settlement may refuse to cooperate with the sale of a settlement, citing policy language and asserting that payments cannot be assigned. Also, when the negotiations take place, some contracts might put up the restriction on sale of the structured settlement. Since structured settlements help in tax savings, it might make the person liable to pay tax after the settlement is sold. Also, if the settlement is being sold to raise cash for an emergency, it is possible that the insurance company might make an offer considerably lower than market value. Licensed brokers and attorneys would be able to assist in selling a structured settlement in an appropriate manner since they are specialized in this field. It is important to take their advice before selling either a part or whole of a structured settlement as this might result in a bad judgment on part of the individual. Article Source: About the Author: Visit for more information on selling structured settlements and annuity payments.

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