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                 September - October 2012

                              photo by Kyla McDonough
Table of Contents
                                                              Strategic Planning and
                                                              Related Chatter on the Range
1 Message from Steven
2 BOG Candidates
2 Member Referral Updates
3 Financial Check
                                                              The label “strategic planning” can be related to many activities, but in its
4 In their Own Words                                          conventional practice it typically results in strategic programming.
5 Member Spotlight                This is more or less the elaboration of strategies           need to let the data determine your next steps.” While
7 Good Golf                       or initiatives that already exist. It’s important for        I believe data has a role to play, it can often lead you
8 Upcoming Tournaments            organizations to understand the difference between           down the wrong path. Data and research should
9 Overseeding                     planning and strategic thought so they have a fighting       guide, but equally important is the intuitive sense
9 Simply the BEST Golf Weekend    chance to take advantage of what the strategy-making         that comes from deliberating and synthesizing all of
10 Doug Hanzel                    process ought to be. And it ought to be about                the collective intelligence. After “drinking from the fire
10 Golf Instruction               capturing the collective organizational intelligence         hose” of information, it was time to ask:
11 A Family Affair                (staff and Board) from all sources (that means                  • What are the common themes?
13 Fall for Great Tennis          “soft” insights based on personal observations, the             • What are our biggest gaps or liabilities?
                                  experiences of others throughout the organization and           • What are our greatest challenges to overcome?
14 Laura Tuchscherer
                                  the hard data from research and the like) and then              • What are the biggest emerging ideas?
15 Youth and Family Events
                                  synthesizing that intelligence into a vision that maps          • What are the BFO’s (our Brilliant Flashes of the
16 Small Plates                   the future direction of the enterprise.                          Obvious)?
17 Blue Zone Menu Additions
19 Food and Beverage Events       OK, now that I’ve lost you by bringing up the                While it would be premature to share the responses to
21 Dining Calendar                riveting topic of strategic planning, you are probably       the questions above and the outcome of the meeting
22 Golf and Tennis Calendar       wondering what it has to do with chatter on the              (we’re still synthesizing), it is appropriate to share the
Back National Marketing Success   range. I’ll get to that in a minute, but let me first take   rigor and discipline your Club has adopted to guide
                                  a moment to share with you what your elected Board,          and drive our actions into the future. My point is that
                                  volunteer members and staff have engaged in for the          the plans, and resulting actions, goals and initiatives
                                  past two years.                                              we engage in are tied directly or indirectly to the
                                                                                               strategic thinking that happens in our annual and
                                  While there is nothing magical about a full day              subsequent strategy meetings.
                                  business meeting, the process of putting it together,
                                  organizing thoughts, data and research in order to           Again, what does this have to do with chatter on
                                  craft a vision and direction we should pursue, requires      the range? At a recent Golf and Green Committee
                                  several hundred hours of preparation. How so? To             meeting, a thoughtful Committee member alerted
                                  prepare for this meeting, we defined many contextual         attendees to a lot of discussion about the imminent
                                  inputs to consider and guide our decision making.            construction of a golf learning center and that
                                  Here are some of the contextual inputs:                      comments were running both supportive and non
                                    • Review and consideration of last year’s plan and         supportive.
                                      progress to date versus established goals
                                    • Self administered SWOT analysis – with                   Are we considering a golf learning center? Yes. As
                                      feedback from a combination of 38 current Board          a result of the strategic planning effort and the
                                      members, past Presidents and senior staff                resulting strategic thought, a proper golf learning
    The Club Line                   • Analysis of member demographic data and usage            center is under consideration along with many other
                    Editor            trends                                                   initiatives. One of the “aha’s” in the meeting was
    Ashley Moura Koncul             • Consideration of industry trends and best                that The Landings Club is in a very solid position
           Senior Designer            practices                                                compared to our competitive set; however, we had
        Natalia Contreras           • Competitive assessment - senior staff visited            some glaring liabilities and gaps that needed to be
                    Writer            more than 20 residential clubs in the southeast to       addressed. Most prominent in the discussion was
              Megan Hall
                                      compare features, amenities and costs relative to        the condition of some of our gateway assets like
  Membership, Marketing &
  Communications Director             The Landings Club                                        clubhouses, pools and other amenities including the
             Doris Gibson           • Consideration and review of relevant macro               lack of a learning center. I share this in the spirit
        Executive Director            trends – economic and societal                           of transparency but also with the desire to reassure
            Steven Freund           • Analysis of real estate trends locally and nationally    members that everything of consequential magnitude
                                    • Consideration of brand positioning – internally          Club leadership initiates must first be run through
  The Club Line is published
                                      and externally                                           the filter of the strategic plan. If it doesn’t support or
               bimonthly by
   The Landings Club, Inc.                                                                     is not in harmony with the plan, we will not move
     71 Green Island Road         At our 2012 meeting held on July 26, there was a lot         forward.
      Savannah, GA 31411          of data and material (hard and soft) that was digested
         ph: 912-598-8050         and considered both in preparation for the meeting           One of the collective qualities of The Landings
        fax: 912-598-2511         and on the day of the meeting. But here is where the         Club’s Board of Governors I have come to appreciate
   www.landingsclub.com           strategic thought starts. Some will boldly state, “You       is the utter absence of personal agendas. Of course
Pool golf during Simply the BEST Aquatics Weekend, July 13-15

  everyone brings biases; however, I have witnessed Board members
  cast votes I knew to be contrary to their predispositions for the
  purpose of doing what is best for The Landings Club. And so as                           By the numbers:
  we consider projects or initiatives resulting from the synthesis of
  our strategic planning efforts--whether it is related to upgrading                       Simply the BEST Packages
  facilities, branding our restaurants, proactively marketing our                          Our 2012 member referral program, Simply the BEST (STB), is
  Club to prospective members or building a proper golf learning                           proving to be a success. But don’t take our word for it - let the numbers
  center--they will be thoughtfully considered and deliberated and                         speak for themselves.
  ultimately approved or rejected by your elected representatives.
                                                                                           Website requests                                              264
  In closing, self-governance can be messy, but it is the best form                        Phone requests by non-members                                 36
  of governance. While many are focused on the national election,                          Member referrals                                              277
  please remember to get acquainted with the six outstanding 2013                          Walk-ins                                                      13
  candidates for the Board of Governors and cast your vote. Packets                                                                         Total        577
  with information and ballots will be sent to your home in early
                                                                                           Landings visits scheduled/held by STB referrals               70
                                                                                           Membership sales resulting from referrals:
  With appreciation,                                                                                                Golf                                 19
                                                                                                                    Tennis                               3
                                                                                                                    Social                               20

  Board of Governors Candidates                                                            Island Organization Challenge
                                                                                           Leading the Island Organization Challenge pack by weighted points:
  We are very pleased to announce the candidates for The Landings Club
  Board of Governors for 2013 to 2015:                                                     Tied for #1 Bunco Group and Minilanders each with 50 points (10
     • Maureen Brennan                    • Don Lieb                                         referrals each)
     • Bill Herr                          • Gene McDonald
     • Gary Hughes                        • Bill Sterritt                                  #2 Indiana Hoosiers with 35.71 points (15 referrals + 1 new member)

  Candidate information and paper ballots will be mailed to all Landings Club              #3 New Neighbors BAM with 14.19 points (11 referrals)
  members and should arrive by early October. Ballots will be due on Tuesday,              #4 New Neighbors Men’s Lunch Group with 11.22 points (11 referrals)
  November 6 by 5pm to the Operations Office on 71 Green Island Road.
                                                                                           #5 Girls & Boys from Illinois with 11 points (11 referrals)
  We appreciate the applications of a group of well-qualified members.
                                                                                           #6 Landings Club Nine-Holers with 9.57 points (1 referral + 1 new
  Your Nominating Committee:                                                                 member)
  Len Griffiths (Chair), Zeddie Bowen, Marilyn Brady, Larry Burk, Phyllis Carlino, Frank
  Liebgott, Ralph Mitchell, Bob Neumann, Jim Overton, Guy Randolph                         66 total referrals have been made by our Island Organizations
                                                                                           which have resulted in five new Club members!

                                                                                                                                     The Landings ClubLine | page 2
                           e ck!
             ia l Ch
      n    c
Fi na

                                                                          Much More Activity: July 4th at Oakridge
                                                                          Date - July 4, 2012
                                                                          Number of fireworks shot - over 3,500 shells
                                                                          Number of tickets sold - 7,000
                                                                          Longest continuous string of fireworks in the Savannah area
                                                                          spanning the entire Oakridge range - Priceless!

  Much More Activity at the Club
  Financial Check - How is The Landings Club doing?
  As we head into the fall season in the lowcountry, let’s take a        Also as of July, our financially critical Full Golf Memberships were
  moment to reflect on the Club’s activity so far this year. Here is a   at 1218 (in 2011, as a result of APMI, they were at 1249).
  quick look at the highlights year-to-date through July.
                                                                         In addition, we have made some major headway in our cost-saving
  Golf Operations continues to be successful with significantly more     efforts. Our cost reduction team set a goal to save $250,000 in
  activity than 2011.                                                    2012. To date, the Club has achieved 94% of that goal and the
   • Total golf rounds are up 7%                                         changes are all centered around process improvements that do not
   • Golf guest rounds are up 2%                                         affect quality. Some key projects include:
   • Golf merchandise revenue is up 12%                                   • Joining a buying consortium to lower costs with our existing
  And they are not the only department experiencing growth.               • Extending the life of key assets
   • Tennis merchandise revenue is up 30% from 2011                       • Holding insurance costs flat versus a budget increase of 5%
   • Fitness lesson revenue is up 7% from 2011 (driven by spa-related
    activity)                                                            While many areas of our Club are experiencing success, membership
   • Food and beverage revenue is up 4% from 2011 (driven by             growth and retention remains our biggest long-term challenge. Let’s
    Oakridge Steak & Pub)                                                use that knowledge to tell the story of The Landings Club and gain
                                                                         momentum with our 2012 member referral program, Simply the
  But as we all know, these numbers require a greater context.           BEST!
  Since March, the Club has grown nine Full Club Equivalent*
  Memberships (FCE). As of July, our FCEs were at 1766 (at this time     *Full Club Equivalents, FCE, is a metric used to report membership
  in 2011, as a result of the Ambassador Preview Membership Initiative   based on financial impact. For example, three social memberships
  (APMI), the Club had 1789 FCEs).                                       provide the same financial impact as one full golf membership, so three
                                                                         social memberships = one FCE.

  3 page | The Landings ClubLine
In their Own Words
What value does the Scholarship Foundation have for our employees? The Scholarship Committee asked one employee scholarship
recipient and one mother (employee) of a scholarship recipient to express, in the their own words, the benefit received from our
program. Kayla Martin, a three year employee, is a server at Marshwood, and Carla Moore, an eighteen year employee, is a trainer at
the fitness center.
                                                                         Master of Science in Rehabilitative Psychology. My ultimate goal
                                                                         is to help people who abuse drugs and alcohol overcome their
                                                                         addiction. I have been very fortunate to work at The Landings
                                                                         Club and I am very grateful for the opportunity the Scholarship
                                                                         Committee has given me.

Kayla Martin
In the fall of 2009 I moved to Savannah from Athens, Georgia with
little money and a big plan. After finishing high school I attended
a technical college to become a radiology technician. After a couple
years, I decided this was not my passion so I took a break from
school and worked at a country club in Athens. I quickly realized I
needed to pursue a college degree in order to get the job I wanted,
                                                                         Carla Moore (mother of Wynn Moore)
so I applied to Armstrong Atlantic State University, got accepted        I have worked at the Oakridge Fitness and Wellness Center for
and began a new chapter.                                                 18 years and it is a great place to work! And, of those 18 years,
                                                                         this is the fourth year my son, Wynn (pictured above), has been a
My time here in Savannah has been a lot of hard work, but very           scholarship recipient.
rewarding. Initially, I was anxious as it had been a while since I had
been in a classroom setting, but I quickly learned Armstrong was         Wynn attends the University of Georgia where he is majoring in
a great choice. I have managed to work part-time at The Landings         business with an emphasis in finance. He is a Hope Scholar with a
Club, volunteer, participate in extracurricular activities and remain    3.7 GPA and consistently makes the Dean’s List.
on the Dean’s List every semester. I was also given the Presidential
Scholar award for maintaining a 4.0 GPA for two consecutive              I appreciate all the time and hard work the Foundation puts into
semesters.                                                               this program to help employees or employee’s children further
                                                                         their education. There are many other things members could do
Working at The Landings Club has been a great experience. I              with their money, but instead they choose to show their generosity
have worked here for three years and been chosen as a scholarship        through this program. And the Foundation members volunteer
recipient each year. Without the help of the scholarship, I do not       their time interviewing candidates and collecting donations, which
know if I would have been able to do so well. The scholarship has        we all know is not an easy thing to do.
been very beneficial in helping me afford tuition and has been extra
motivation for me to do my best. I will graduate in December             Once again, I would like to thank the Foundation for helping
with my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. In August, I began an         Wynn and all the other recipients pursue their education. I hope
internship with Willingway Hospital, an addiction treatment center       more members will see what a great asset this is to The Landings
and my next step will be to apply to graduate school to pursue a         Club so we can keep the program going strong!

       Questions regarding the Scholarship Foundation may be directed to Bob Neumann, Chair of the Scholarship Committee,
                                            at bnneumann@juno.com or 912-598-0848.

                                                                                                                  The Landings ClubLine | page 4
                                   Member Spotlight:
                                 George Flanagan with wife, Marjorie, on their wedding day
                                 - December 28, 1947.

5 page | The Landings ClubLine
There he was, sitting in the dining room of          38-year-old woman who was at Hospice and             America” at
Marshwood, his favorite restaurant, his thin         dying. All she wanted was to see her three           the 25 Year
six-foot frame clad in khaki pants and a pale        children who lived in the Midwest, so we             Member Dinner
yellow dress shirt with a blue pen tucked in         asked how much they needed and we took care          at Plantation
the front pocket. His rimmed glasses were            of it. Another time I gave $1,000 to Ronald          Ballroom.
accentuated by his white buzz-cut hair, which        McDonald House to pay for entertainment for
was a silent nod to his days as a highly-            the employees, volunteers and residents. I love      “One of the
decorated marine in World War II (back               spreading joy!                                       highlights of
when it was still called “the service”). And on                                                           my year is
his left hand was a gold wedding band which          “I have four key employees and every Christmas       when Doris
he’d worn for the last sixty-four years.             and 4th of July, I give them a bonus,” said          [Gibson, director of
                                                     George. “I’ve been very blessed in my life so I      membership, marketing and communications]
“I am not old,” said George with a boyish            love giving back to those around me.”                walks over to my table and escorts me to the
grin. “I am in the diminishing years of my                                                                stage, so I can sing ‘God Bless America,’” said
youth.”                                              The other love of his life is his wife of 64         George (pictured above).
                                                     years, Marjorie. Due to health issues, she’s
And he’s not kidding.                                lived at The Oaks for the last four and a half       “I love being a Club member. This year on my
                                                     years. Every day, George goes to visit her and       birthday there was a surprise birthday party at
95-year-old George Flanagan and his                  each evening they play gin rummy.                    Marshwood in my honor. It was so beautiful.
90-year-old wife, Marjorie, became members                                                                I walked in to Skidaway Grille and there was
of the Club in 1974, which makes them our            “I live in Marshwood,” said George, “and in          Steven [Freund, executive director] and other
longest standing members. But George still           fifteen minutes I can be in her room [at The         staff members. They had it decorated with
manages to ramble out to the golf course to          Oaks] giving her a kiss. In the time she’s been      Marine Corps memorabilia and even had a
play nine holes of golf with a couple of golf        there, I’ve only missed dinner with her 27 times.    marine there in uniform. It’s hard for me to
foursomes.                                           That’s true love.”                                   be humble, but I was completely humbled. I
                                                                                                          almost cried.”
“On Mondays, our golfing group’s combined            When George met Marjorie back in the
ages are 354,” said George, laughing. “But on        1940s, he described her as “the most beautiful       Club members like George are the epitome
Wednesdays, our golfing group’s combined ages        creature he’d ever seen.” After a year of            of The Landings Club—generous, engaged
are 351 because we have a baby in the group          courting, they married on December 28,               and active, even at 95 years old.
who’s only 77 years old. The rest of us are in our   1947.
90s.”                                                                                                     “This is my home. As long as I’m rambling
                                                     “The secret to staying in love this long is to       about, I’m not going anywhere,” said George.
Though born in Kentucky, George moved                share. Share the good and share the bad; share       “Why would I leave? You wouldn’t leave
to Waycross, Georgia when he was just five           everything,” said George.                            heaven, would you? This is the most beautiful
years old. Through his work as a timber                                                                   place I could imagine and it’s a magnet for good
broker, he made his way to Savannah where            In 1974, after coming into a good financial          people. I’m privileged to live here.”
he then switched industries and became a             situation, the Flanagans decided to join The
field engineer at Fort Stewart. Eventually,          Landings Club.
he worked his way to being a Vice-President
at Hugh Jackson Construction Company,                “I was an avid golfer, so we bought a lot           By the numbers:
where he worked on the restoration of
historic River Street, among other projects.
                                                     and joined the Club. Ours was the 26th
                                                     house built in The Landings,” said George.
                                                                                                         Membership Length
                                                     “I wanted Marjorie to play golf too, but
                                                                                                         Of the first memberships offered by the Club in 1974, 13
“I’ve been very fortunate in my life,” said          she wasn’t keen on the idea. So I went and
                                                                                                         memberships are still active. The longest standing of these is
George. “When I was first in the timber              bought her everything she needed including
                                                                                                         George Flanagan who joined the Club in March 1974.
business, I received help during a difficult time    three lessons with a golf pro and asked her
and because of that help I made a lot of money.      to just give it a try. I told her if she didn’t
                                                                                                         Length of              Number of               % of total
That was the beginning of joy for me. Someone        like it, I could take everything back and it
                                                                                                         Membership             Memberships             Memberships
helped me so I wanted to help others. After that     wouldn’t cost us a dime.
I made it my life’s work to do just that.”                                                               35+ years                 28                   1% approx
                                                     “She loved it so much that it ended up              30 - 34 years             80                   3% approx
His life’s work manifested into Joy Boys, an         costing me $100,000 because she decided she
                                                     wanted a house with a fairway view,” said           25 - 29 years            181                   6%
organization that gives monetary help to
those in need, which he operates with his            George, laughing. “She was a wonderful              20 - 24 years            322                   11%
attorney and his two executors. The Joy Boys         golfer and is a lovely person. We’ve had a          15 - 19 years            493                   17%
are interested in organizations but are more         wonderful life here.”                               10 - 14 years            560                   19%
interested in individuals.
                                                     In addition to his golf game and                    05 - 09 years            686                   23%
“We’re delighted to help people whenever we          generosity, George is most known for                00 - 04 years            606                   20%
can,” said George. “One time there was a             his annual performance of “God Bless
                                                                                                                                 The Landings ClubLine | page 6
                                 Are You Ready
                                 for Some Good
                                 That’s right. It’s that time again –
                                 tournament season. As the island cools off,
                                 the competition is heating up with eleven
                                 member tournaments scheduled for the next
                                 three months. Anticipation is in the air – are
                                 you ready?

                                 “I think our tournaments are one of the main
                                 things that distinguishes us as a private golf
                                 club,” said Tad Sanders, director of golf
                                 operations. “The beauty of tournaments
                                 at our Club is the large membership and
                                 high level of competition. We’ve got players
                                 like Doug Hanzel, defending Men’s Club
                                 Champion and low amateur of the US Senior
                                 Open, playing our courses on a weekly basis
                                 and competing in our tournaments. You won’t
                                 find that at many clubs.”

                                 However, with six golf courses and a full
                                 schedule of upcoming tournaments in
                                 addition to regular member play, the golf
                                 course maintenance staff has their work cut
                                 out for them.

                                 “In the past, there was always a big push right
                                 before a tournament to make sure everything
                                 was perfect,” said Chris Steigelman, director
                                 of golf maintenance, south (Plantation,
                                 Palmetto and Oakridge Courses). “But now
                                 our philosophy is focused on keeping the courses
                                 in pristine condition on a day-to-day basis
                                 so there is better consistency for our members
                                 between daily play and tournament play.”

                                 Tyson Helsel, director of golf maintenance,
                                 north (Marshwood, Magnolia and Deer
                                 Creek), added, “Since we try to consistently
                                 keep the courses at their best, our pre-
                                 tournament preparations are centered on
                                 making them ‘extra shiny,’ so to speak. Just
                                 making those extra little touches that will
                                 make our members proud and impress guests
                                 and prospective members.”

                                 In terms of aesthetics and playability, this
                                 year a change was implemented to the
                                 second round of aerification, which occurs
                                 just prior to the first tournaments.

                                 “This year, we opted to do a less invasive type
                                 of aerification during the second round,” said
7 page | The Landings ClubLine
Helsel. “In the first round of aerification at
the beginning of the summer we physically
                                                    superb and create a much better experience for
                                                    our members.”                                        Upcoming
remove areas of soil and create holes. For our
less invasive second round of aerification we’re    Sanders added, “One of our goals was to              Tournaments
still making a hole in the ground, but it’s much    communicate more frequently with our
smaller and we don’t remove anything. It’s the      members about projects such as the work to           1-Day Member Guest - September 8
equivalent of sticking a butter knife in the        Magnolia, so we created the weekly Up to Par
                                                                                                         Twilight Golf - Par 3 Contest - September 14
ground.”                                            email which began in May, and we’ve received
                                                    great feedback so far!”                              Ladies Club Championship - September 18-20
Since they are not removing any part of the
grass, it is aesthetically much more pleasing,      As we near the busy tournament season,               Men’s Club Championship - September 21-23
but also doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness.           one of the biggest concerns is the drought           Moon River Classic (Ladies Member-Guest) -
                                                    conditions plaguing the country, including           September 27-29
“One thing we focused on this summer was            Skidaway Island.
finding small projects that didn’t cost a lot                                                            Men’s Golf Event - October 6
or use a lot of manpower, but made a huge           “We want to be sure our members know that
                                                                                                         9-Hole Charity Event - October 18
impact,” said Steigelman. “For instance, we’ve      we’re being good stewards of our environment,”
received great feedback from members on the         said Steigelman.“We’re being conservative            Husband & Wife Championship - October 27-28
changes to Plantation’s first tee. It’s all about   with water and keeping a close eye on our
the details. We want the aesthetics to match the    water levels. We also want our members to            9-Hole Championship Classic - October
playing conditions.”                                know these drought conditions won’t have any         31-November 1
                                                    long-term effects on our courses; they are purely    Mixed Member-Guest - November 8-10
With the grassing and bunker work set to be         aesthetic. You may notice some brown patches
completed at the end of September, it was           of grass, but the playing conditions will not be     LWGA Bouchillon - November 13-15
also a big summer for the Magnolia Golf             affected.”
                                                                                                         Men’s Golf Event - November 17
                                                    From member-guest tournaments to
“We’re working on schedule and on budget,”          Club Championships and everything in
said Helsel. “We’ve never done this much            between, our courses will be in full swing           Show us your competitive side!
work in-house, so it’s a great showing of what      (and pristine condition!) this fall. We hope
we can accomplish and it’s also saving us a lot     you’ll come out and enjoy the great weather,         Sign up for these tournaments by contacting
of money. Magnolia was previously known as          course conditions and camaraderie.                   Jason Griswold at 912-598-8050 or
being somewhat subpar to other courses, but                                                              jason.griswold@landingsclub.com.
with these improvements we hope it will be

  By the numbers:
  Magnolia Project
  • 36,500 ft of sod surrounding the greens/
  collars, 6.9 miles of grass
  (it would stretch from the main gate to the
  Sonic Drive-In on Montgomery Cross Road)

  • 24,000 bushels of Celebration sprigs

  Sand for bunkers:
  • front nine - 1269 tons
  • back nine - 1134 tons
  • 2403 tons total (this tonnage equals the
  weight of close to 11 BNSF train engines)

  Drainage in bunkers:
  • 10,000 feet of drainage pipe (1.8 miles)
  (it would stretch from Yam Gandy Road to #9
  green of Plantation)
                                                                                                        New grass growing on Magnolia #9 Fairway

                                                                                                                              The Landings ClubLine | page 8
What Are We Changing?
In October, we’ll begin our annual overseeding, but we’re doing               “Many courses, particularly resorts that can’t afford to be closed for eight
things a little different this year.                                          days, practice a shorter version of overseeding that has proven to be just
                                                                              as effective,” said Steigelman. “This two-day model allows play while
“In the past, during overseeding we closed down all six courses for eight     the seed is still germinating. We will still be Cart Path Only during this
days,” said Tad Sanders, director of golf operations. “We’re trying to        time, but we’ll watch the progress and hope to lift that rule sooner than
get away from that so we don’t inconvenience our members with no golf,        normal.”
especially when the weather is so great in October! Last year, we made
a change and overseeded three courses. We closed one course one week          Member satisfaction is always the main goal and using this new
and the other two courses the next week, but we never closed all six as in    model will allow members to spend more time on the courses.
previous years.”
                                                                              “We always want to balance course maintenance with member play,”
This year, after much research and discussion, the Club has decided           said Tyson Helsel, director of golf maintenance, north (Marshwood,
to make an even bigger change and try a new overseeding model.                Magnolia and Deer Creek). “But in Savannah some of the best times
                                                                              to play golf are in September and October because of the temperate
“We will be overseeding the fairways on Oakridge, Palmetto and                weather. The member experience was the catalyst for this change. We
Plantation,” said Chris Steigelman, director of golf maintenance,             wanted to find an effective way to overseed that didn’t sacrifice member
south (Plantation, Palmetto and Oakridge Courses). “Oakridge and              play.
Palmetto will be overseeded according to our traditional model and be
closed for eight days. Plantation will be overseeded according to our trial   Sanders added, “However, we’re not putting all our eggs in one basket.
model and be closed for two days.”                                            This is a trial run with Plantation. If it proves to be as effective on our
                                                                              courses as it has on other courses such as Savannah Harbor, then we’ll
In the traditional model, the course is closed for eight days so it can       discuss the idea of implementing this practice on more courses next year.”
be watered every three hours while the seed is germinating.

                                       Please see the golf calendar on page 23 for the Overseeding Schedule!

                                                                                                        September 21-23:
                                                                                                        Simply the BEST Golf
                                                                                                        Do you have friends who love to golf and would
                                                                                                        be a good fit for our Club? We have the perfect
                                                                                                        opportunity for you to tee off on a tour of our
                                                                                                        golfing lifestyle. Our fourth event, scheduled for
                                                                                                        September 21-23, will be a weekend on the links.

                                                                                                        • FREE access for your guests to play golf
                                                                                                         during the weekend (tee time(s) required)
                                                                                                        • A Golf Instruction Experience from
                                                                                                         2:30pm-4pm on Saturday afternoon
                                                                                                         hosted by Nicole Weller and the Golf
                                                                                                         Professional Staff
                                                                                                        • Blackjack Golf Wine and Tapas event at
                                                                                                         Marshwood on Saturday night (FREE for
                                                                                                         your guests)
                                                                                                        • FREE babysitting on Saturday evening for
                                                                                                          your guests through Parents’ Night Out
                                                                                                          (registration required)

                                                                                                        Register today at www.landingsclub.com!
                              To receive complimentary access to golf, guests must be accompanied       Registration deadline for this event is
                               by a member and registered for the Simply the BEST Summer Series.        Monday, September 17.
                                                                                                       Practice Makes Perfect!
                                                                                                       Doug Hanzel didn’t make it to the USGA
                                                                                                       Senior Amateur by sitting on the couch. If
                                                                                                       you want to play like a pro, then you’ve got
                                                                                                       to practice like one too! Check out these
                                                                                                       opportunities for golf instruction at Deer
                                                                                                       Creek and who knows, you might find yourself
                                                                                                       hitting the ball long and straight, just like

                                                                                                       After-School Junior Golf
                                                                                                        • Wednesdays Series - offered through October
                                                                                                           31, 4pm-5pm
                                                                                                        • Thursday Series - offered through November
                                                                                                           1, 4pm-5pm

                                                                                                       Get Golf Ready Level 1 only $99!
                                                                                                        • Fridays - September 7-27, 3pm-4pm (last
                                                                                                           day 3-5pm)
                                                                                                        • Saturdays - October 6-26, 10am-11am (last
                                                                                                           day 10am-12pm)
                                                                                                        • Tuesdays - October 23-Nov 13, 10am-11am
                                                                                                           (last day 10am-12pm)
                                                               Copyright USGA / John Mummert
                                                                                                       Get Golf Ready Level 2

Our Very Own Champion,
                                                                                                        • Wednesdays - September 5-26, 9-10am (last
                                                                                                           day 9-11am)

Doug Hanzel!
                                                                                                        • Fridays - October 5-26, 3-4pm (last day

                                                                                                       Short Game School
                                                                                                        • Friday, September 7, 10am-1pm
                                                                                                        • Saturday, October 20, 1:30pm-4:30pm
If you follow the golf scene on or off the island then the name Doug Hanzel should perk                TPI Group Screening
your attention. Hanzel, a 55-year-old Pulmonary Specialist, has the Club holding its breath             • Wednesday, September 19, 10am-12pm,
as he proves to be a fierce competitor on the national stage, as well as on our own courses.               with Nicole Weller & Jennifer Vacala
On his way to the USGA Senior Amateur in September, he has surprised spectators and
players alike as he weaves his way through tournament after tournament.                                Simply the BEST Golf Clinic
                                                                                                        • Saturday, September 22, 2:30pm-3:30pm
Hanzel began his whirlwind tournament tour in July at the US Senior Open Championship
                                                                                                       Dinner with the Pros
where he finished as low amateur, receiving an automatic berth into the USGA Senior
                                                                                                        • Nicole & Ty Weller - Friday, September 21,
Amateur in September. Then in August, he competed in the US Amateur where he made it
                                                                                                          5:30pm, Deer Creek
to the round of 32, beating competitors 20 years his junior.
                                                                                                        • Nicole & TBA Pro - Friday, October 19,
                                                                                                          5:30pm, Deer Creek
In an interview with the USGA during the US Amateur, Hanzel said, “Playing in the last two
Senior Opens has helped. [There are] a lot of crowds and a lot of pressure. As I look at this event,   Georgia Junior Girls Golf Day Clinic
I have no pressure. The kids have the pressure. Losing to a 55-year-old is pressure. The further I      • Saturday, October 6, 1pm-4pm
go, there’s no pressure on me.”
                                                                                                       How to Putt on Southern Greens Putting School
Just before he heads off to West Caldwell, New Jersey for the USGA Senior Amateur,                      • Saturday, October 13, 2:30pm-4:30pm
Hanzel will defend his title as Men’s Club Champion right here at our Club, September
                                                                                                        Start your golf lessons today!
“We’re very proud of Doug’s accomplishments,” said Jason Griswold, tournament coordinator,              Sign up for lessons or the above events by
“and we’re thrilled to have him, one the best amateur players in the country, as part of The            visiting http://landingsclub.uschedule.com, or
Landings Club family and a competitor in our tournaments. Congratulations, Doug!”                       contacting Nicole Weller at 912-695-5211 or

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The Landings Club:
                              A Family Affair
In light of the community’s 40 year anniversary, it seemed               Rasul Williams, a member of the wait staff. Or you might find her
appropriate to reflect on the Club’s own 38 year legacy of friendship,   on the golf course with “Coach Nicole [Weller]” learning the basics of
family and financial stability. Some members come here to retire,        golf. And still yet, she takes time to lounge with her “Nana” (Carol)
some members come here to raise a family and some members come           at the Marshwood Pool. She’s got a busy schedule, and she’s not the
here to do both.                                                         only one.

With three generations living in The Landings, the Bowens are one        Zeddie and Carol are highly involved in various committees at the
such family. First, grandparents, Zeddie and Carol, moved here to        Club and in the community. Among others, Zeddie has served on
retire. Then their son Jay and his wife, Tami, joined them to raise      the Fitness, Pools and Recreation Committee; Bylaws Committee;
their young daughter, Catherine.                                         Membership, Marketing and Communications Committee; and the
                                                                         Nominating Committee. And Carol isn’t far behind. She’s served on
The Bowens are the type of family that exemplify the spirit of           the Golf and Green Committee; Standards Subcommittee; Thriving
The Landings Club, the type of family that makes you smile               Golf Leadership Team; and as chair of the LWGA, just to name a
without even trying. Soft-spoken Zeddie warms your heart with            few. And, following in family tradition, Jay has served on the House
his mischievous smile, Carol’s positivity and kind nature give her       Committee.
a natural glow of happiness, and Jay and Tami both have a calm
demeanor that puts you instantly at ease.                                “It wouldn’t occur to me to not be involved,” said Carol. “We have a
                                                                         responsibility to give back to our Club. That’s one thing we love about
And who could forget little three-year-old Catherine? Rambunctious       being here – everyone is involved.”
yet sweet and gentle, she’s the perfect mix of sugar and spice and
everything nice. On a typical weeknight, there’s a good chance you’ll    So how did the entire family end up as Club members?
find her at Marshwood talking to her “BFF” (best friend forever)
                                                                         “We visited The Landings lots of times before we moved because we
                                                                         wanted to move somewhere we’d experienced. But we spent a lot of time
                                                                         researching all our options,” said Carol.

                                                                         Zeddie added, “We did a lot of Google-ing. At one point we’d moved
                                                                         to St. Simons [Georgia] from Richmond, Virginia. After one particular
                                                                         visit to The Landings, we were driving back to St. Simons and I took
                                                                         one look at Carol and said, ‘Let the campaign begin.’ We moved here a
                                                                         month later.”

                                                                         After they moved to The Landings in 2000, their son, Jay, came for
                                                                         a visit during the summer of 2002. While he was here, he met his
                                                                         future wife, Tami, whom he married in Whitefield Square in 2004.
                                                                         When they were first married they lived on Wilmington Island,
                                                                         but after Catherine’s birth in 2009, they quickly moved out to The
                                                                         Landings to join Jay’s parents.

                                                                         “This is a great place for Catherine to grow up,” said Jay. “We walk
                                                                         outside each morning and see mink, red-tailed hawks and all kinds of
                                                                         wildlife in our own backyard. We love all the animals. Plus, it’s so safe. I
                                                                         don’t have to worry about anything here. There is nowhere else we could
                                                                         live that would have this many amenities and be so close to downtown,
                                                                         where Tami and I both work.”

                                                                         “It’s just so beautiful here,” added Tami.

                                                                         Since joining the Club twelve years ago, the Bowens have seen many
                                                                         changes throughout the Club.

11 page | The Landings ClubLine
“Since joining the Club, the greatest difference we’ve seen is the
demographic change with more diversity in age,” said Zeddie.
“There are so many more children here now. It’s fantastic. We
love seeing all the kids out on the athletic fields and at the pools
having a great time!”

“It makes us feel young!” added Carol.

“We just love being here,” said Zeddie. “Everyone is so generous
and looks out for one another. You can make your life here
whatever you want it to be.”

“And we love that Jay, Tami and Catherine are so close,” said
Carol. “A lot of grandparents don’t have the luxury of being
so close to their children and grandchildren, but you can do
that here because there is something for every age group. I can’t
imagine being anywhere else. Where could we go that would be

The Landings’ 40 year anniversary is a great reminder of the
Club’s strong history, and families like the Bowens remind
us of all that our Club has to offer, no matter your age.

                                     The Landings ClubLine | page 12
Fall for Great Tennis!
Our golf courses won’t be the only venues        Last year was our biggest turnout to date.          implementing a strong vision for the future
bustling this fall—the Franklin Creek            Throughout the weekend we welcomed 80               of the tennis program at the Club. Their
Tennis Center will be heating up too! In         teams—nine of which were local and seven            goal is for tennis to be a game our members
addition to their regular slate of clinics and   of which were from our Club—resulting in            don’t just play and then go home; they want
socials, the tennis center will also play host   more than 700 players and spectators.               it to be social as well as competitive.
to the USTA National Men’s 55 Clay Court
Championship (October 6-12) and the              “The Super Seniors tournament is a great            “I think it’s very important to make sure tennis
USTA Super Senior State Championship             source of exposure for our Club,” said              has a voice in the Club,” said Randolph.
(October 19-21).                                 Randolph. “A lot of our members are able to         “That’s why I’ve chosen to be the Chair of the
                                                 play in the tournament and even more of our         Tennis Committee in 2011 and a Co-Chair
“After 23 wonderful years of hosting the         members come out to watch this tournament           this year. I want to make sure everyone knows
USTA National Men’s 40 Clay Court                than any of the others. It’s a great asset to our   that tennis can be just as vital to the success of
Championship, this year we will instead host     Club.”                                              our Club as golf.
the USTA National Men’s 55 Clay Court
Championship,” said Scott Mitchell, director     Mark your calendars and join us for an              “I’ve played tennis a lot of places, and I can
of tennis. “The Club has made the conscious      exciting weekend!                                   say, without a doubt, you’d be hard-pressed
decision to increase our national exposure by                                                        to find a better facility. We have the right
selecting tournaments that more closely match    In addition to these exciting tournaments,          personnel for clinics and instruction, and the
our target demographic.”                         the Club welcomed Laura Tuchscherer, our            right vision for the social component.”
                                                 new tennis professional/events coordinator,
Guy Randolph, co-chair of the Tennis             in August. For more information on Laura,           It seems to be a general consensus around
Committee, added, “We’re very excited to         see her full bio on the next page.                  the Franklin Creek Tennis Center that the
host the National 55 this year. We think it                                                          First Friday of the Month Socials with $1
will bring a great amount of publicity for       “We’re thrilled to have Laura on board,” said       beer and wine are a huge hit!
our Club and also provide a great amount         Mitchell. “We’ve received great feedback from
of entertainment for our members. We             members and we really feel she is the right         “We’re excited about the future of tennis at the
hope everyone will come out and enjoy this       person for this job.”                               Club,” said Mitchell. “We’ve seen an increase
tournament which will welcome players over                                                           in participation in our social and instruction
age 55 from around the country for six days of   Randolph added, “Laura is an integral part          events. Based on the positive feedback,
national-level tennis competition.”              of the tennis program. She’s highly involved        we’re continuing to develop our vision. The
                                                 with the clinics/lessons, tournaments, social       experience of our members is always our first
Following the National 55, we will be            events and the junior programs. Plus, she’s an      priority.”
hosting the USTA Super Senior State              excellent player! She has a lot of experience and
Championship for the twelfth time. This          a great vision that aligns with the vision of the   For more information about tennis at the
tournament brings more than 600 tennis           Tennis Committee.”                                  Club or any of the upcoming tournaments,
players and their league teams from around                                                           please contact the Franklin Creek Tennis
Georgia for a fun team competition.              The tennis staff and Committee have                 Center at 912-598-3500.
                                                 focused all their efforts on creating and

13 page | The Landings ClubLine
                                                    Please Meet:
                                                    Laura Tuchscherer
                                                    Tennis Professional / Events Coordinator
s                                                                                              Laura Tuchscherer comes to us from
                                                                                               Willow Oaks Country Club in Richmond,
                                                                                               Virginia. She has years of teaching and
                                                                                               coaching experience and also experience in
                                                                                               coordinating events.

                 October 6 - 12                                                               Laura is originally from Wisconsin where she
                                                                                              was a top 5 ranked junior. After graduating
    This national tournament will bring players                                               from the University of Notre Dame in
    age 55 or older from around the country to                                                1996, Laura worked for an interior design
    our Club for one week as they battle for the                                              firm in Hilton Head, South Carolina. A
    coveted Gold Ball Trophy. Though there is                                                 year later she moved to Martha’s Vineyard,
    no ranking requirement for this tournament,                                               Massachusetts, where she taught tennis
    it typically features high level competitors.                                             at the West Chop Club and worked as a
    This event is free and open to the public.                                                manager for the The Black Dog Bakery.
                                                                                              Laura then moved to Richmond, Virginia in
                                                                                              2000 to teach full time. She worked for two
                                                                                              years as the Assistant Pro at the Westwood
           USTA Super Senior                                                                  Club, six years as the Head Pro at Robious
                                                    Sports & Fitness and almost four years as the Tennis Events Coordinator & Tennis
          State Championship                        Professional at the Willow Oaks Country Club.
                 October 19 - 21
                                                    She participates in USTA women’s and mixed doubles leagues and was ranked in the
    For the twelfth consecutive year, more than     top 10 in Virginia.
    600 players (men and women ages 60 and
    over and 70 and over) will compete during       Laura comes from a large family of tennis players. She believes tennis is a wonderful
    the weekend. Winners of the tournament          activity that brings families together no matter what age or level. Laura has instructed
    will go on to represent Georgia at the USTA     everyone from juniors to adults and beginners to seasoned players and is convinced
    Sectional Championships. Admission is free      that it is never too late to start playing, learn something new or just have fun.
    and open to the public.

                                                                                                                 The Landings ClubLine | page 14
                                                     Youth & Family Events
                                                     For more information on any of these events or to register, call Youth and Family Activities
                                                     Coordinator, Megan Murphy, at 912-598-2558 or megan.murphy@landingsclub.com.

                                                     Parents’ Night Out                                Sweet Feet Soccer Program
                                                      Saturdays, September 8 and 22                    Mondays starting September 10
                                                      Saturdays, October 6 and 20                      Oakridge Fitness and Wellness Center
                                                       Oakridge Fitness and Wellness Center            2pm-2:40pm, $60/month, ages 2-4
                                                       5pm-9pm $15/child                               Sweet Feet features a movement education
                                                       5pm-11pm $25/child                              curriculum that cultivates a fun, creative,
                                                        Enjoy a night out while the children join      and positive environment.
                                                        us for some serious fun and swimming
                                                     with the youth event staff! A pizza dinner        Musikgarten
                                                     and snacks will be served.                        Free Preview! Thursday, September 6, 10am
                                                                                                       Classes begin Thursday, September 13
Pumpkin Splash!                                      Basketball Lessons with                           Franklin Creek Youth Room
Sunday, October 21                                   Mannie or Jeremy                                  • Family Music for Babies (0-18 months):
Oakridge Fitness and Wellness Center                 Help your child fine-tune their game by             Thursdays from 9:30am-10am
$15/child which includes a pumpkin                   requesting a skills and conditioning session!     • Family Music for Toddlers (15 months-3
5pm-7pm                                              $40/hour - group rates are available.               ½ yrs): Thursdays from 10:15am-
The kids will get to swim with the pumpkins                                                              10:45am
in the indoor pool at the Oakridge Fitness           We Plan Birthday/Pool Parties!                    • Cycle of Seasons (ages 3-5): Thursdays
and Wellness Center. Then they will choose           Let us make your event one to remember.             from 11am-11:40am
a pumpkin, dry it off, decorate it and take it       Parties can be held in one of our studios or      Children are naturally drawn to music. By
home for Halloween! Snacks and pizza will be         in one of the indoor or outdoor pools. Call       engaging your children in music classes
served.                                              the fitness center at 912-598-2558 to make        you are not only giving them a leg-up
                                                     your birthday party reservation.                  on their musical development but on all
To sign up for this event, please call the fitness                                                     other educational pursuits as well. Since
center at 912-598-2558.                              Soccer U6 & U8 Development                        Musikgarten involves the whole family,
                                                     Program                                           there are positive social implications as
                                                     Starting September 4 at the TLA Field             well. All siblings are welcome! All classes are
                                                     Practice on Tuesdays, 4:45pm-5:45pm               taught by professional musician and licensed
                                                     Games on Saturdays, 8am-11am
Haunted Putting                                      $175/child per season (Cost includes
                                                                                                       Musikgarten Instructor, Brenda Morie.

Saturday, October 27                                 instruction, games, uniform and a ball)           Columbus Day Holiday Camp
4pm-6pm                                              Our program is designed to not only help          Monday, October 8
Deer Creek Front Short Game Green                    your child develop but to love the game of        Franklin Creek Youth Room
$5/person                                            soccer and hopefully continue on to other         8:30am-4pm, $35/day
No sign-up necessary... just show up!                advanced programs.                                Children can join the youth staff for an
Don’t miss out on this incredibly fun evening!       To register, please contact Megan Murphy          exciting day filled with crafts, games and
Fees cover golf professional, props and trick-or-    (912-598-3521 or megan.murphy@                    swimming! Lunch and snacks will be
treats. Equipment available for use during the       landingsclub.com) or Jeremy Aven (843-860-        provided. Early and late pick-up is available
round. See how you fair on the holes named           8788 or aven.jeremy@gmail.com).                   upon request.
The Haunted Graveyard, Snake City, Pumpkin
Patch, Spiders & Skeletons, The Dark Abyss,
The Witch’s Cauldron and more!

                                                     The Landings Lightning Bolts finished the        • Christiana Freund - 5th Place (13-14 girls)

                                                     Summer League season strong. Overall, the        • Roee Perry - 4th Place (13-14 boys)
                                                     Bolts finished 4-2 in the dual meet season       • Gil Hope - 6th Place (15-18 boys)
                                                     and 5th at the City Meet just 20 points

                                                     shy of 4th place with a limited squad. Top       Another star in the water, The Landings
                                                     overall finishers within each age group          Club’s own Andrew Royek, competed at
                                                     include:                                         the GA State Meet held in Atlanta. Royek

                                                     • Daniel Birch - 5th Place (9-10 boys)           finished 8th overall in the state and was
                                                     • Nikolai Aksenov - 6th Place (9-10 boys)        selected to represent the State of Georgia
                                                     • Madeline Macchi - 7th Place (11-12 girls)      and the Southeast Region at the Zone Meet
    15 page | The Landings ClubLine                  • Ashley Meyers - 4th Place (13-14 girls)        in Dallas, Texas. Way to go, Andrew!
Small Plates with

BIG Flavor
Plantation Club will be featuring a new Small Plates Menu available Wednesday-Friday from
4pm-8pm in the Plantation Lounge. No reservations required. All small plates are $9 or less with
wine pairings available by the glass.

      Roasted Butternut Squash Soup with Avocado Oil, Grilled Day Boat Scallop       5
      Uppercut North Coast Sauvignon Blanc, California 6

      Mixed Baby Lettuce, Crystallized Mango, Sherry Fig Vinaigrette    4
      Canyon Road Pinot Grigio, California 5

      Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Bourbon Braised Kobe Beef Short Ribs    8
      14 Hands Merlot, Washington State 7

      Fried Goat Cheese Balls, Georgia Wildflower Honey, Cracked Pink Peppercorns        6
      Canyon Road Pinot Grigio, California 5

      Angus Burger, Tomato Jam, Horseradish Cheddar, Oatmeal Crusted Bun         6
      Callia Alta Malbec, Argentina 7

      Pan Roasted Beef Tenderloin with Rosemary Jus, Creamy Yukon Gold Potatoes 8
      Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon, North Coast California 8

      Anson Mill Stone Ground Grits, Georgia White Shrimp       7
      Canyon Road Pinot Grigio, California 5

      Crispy Brined Chicken Drum Stick, Smoked Tomato Sauce, Bleu Cheese, Celery Sticks        6
      Uppercut North Coast Sauvignon Blanc, California 6

      Tuna Tartar, Housemade Potato Chips, Avocado, Spicy Sesame Dressing       9
      Mont Pellier Chardonnay, California 6
      Angeline Pinot Noir, California 7

      Dessert Sampler          6
      Grilled Peach, Vanilla Cream, Candied Pecans
      Corn Panna Cotta, Madeleine Sponge Cake, Raspberry Sauce
      Mole Brownie, Salted Caramel
Making Our Blue Zone at The Landings:
Menu Additions (Yummy!)
If you’ve stopped by Plantation Clubhouse            Director of Club Operations, Gunnard                 our members to learn about the Blue Zone
for lunch recently, you may have noticed four        Cunningham, said, “The concept of a Blue             principles and how to incorporate them into
new additions to the menu. Each of these             Zone menu is a blossoming idea. There really         their lives.
items follows the principles of a Blue Zone          aren’t any existing standards for what constitutes
diet and is an integral step in creating a Blue      a Blue Zone item, so we have the opportunity to      “We have some exciting upcoming seminars
Zone friendly Club, but what makes them              take some creative liberty. We are able to evolve    in September including Disease Prevention
Blue Zone?                                           our own definition of Blue Zone and match            and Health Promotion (Recommended
                                                     it to our available resources and members’           Adult Screenings and Immunizations) and
In five cities scattered across the globe there is   preferences.                                         Introduction to Vital Living Coaching.’Then
a phenomenon of longevity taking place. The                                                               in October we have a two-part revisit to the
residents of Sardinia, Italy; Okinawa, Japan;        “Just like in the Blue Zones, we want to             Blue Zones with Blue Zone Overview and
Loma Linda, California; Ikaria, Greece;              emphasize a balanced, realistic diet filled with     Cultivating Resilience, Energy and Balance
and Nicoya, Costa Rica are all living to be          colorful fruits and vegetables, and less of a        (in your personal and professional life). All of
significantly older than the projected lifespan.     carbon footprint. This is about offering lifestyle   these events should be fun and educational. We
                                                     choices.”                                            hope you’ll join us!”
These areas are not identical, but they do
share commonalities such as an emphasis on           The long-term goals of the Blue Zone                 The Blue Zone principles extend far beyond
healthy food preparation, less red meat, more        initiative could include anything from a Blue        the dining room and into the community.
nuts, more dark fruits and less processed            Zone salad bar or wine dinners to an on-staff        Being social and maintaining a strong group
food. It seems easy enough, right?                   nutritionist.                                        of like-minded people is a huge part of living
                                                                                                          a longer healthier life.
That’s exactly the point. Blue Zone principles       “The Blue Zone concept is considerably more
are based on the incorporation of healthy            exciting than the ‘spa cuisine’ trend from the       “We’re hoping to help our members experience
eating habits rather than focusing on                1980s,” said Cunningham. “Fads like that             and enjoy the Blue Zone together. So we’re
deprivation like most fad diets.                     were all about eating things you didn’t want         excited to announce that during the October
                                                     to eat. Now we’re creating these delicious items     and November Super Saturdays at the
“When I suggested making Blue Zone menu              that fall in line with our interpretation of the     fitness center we will be offering Blue Zone
items, Chef Jessie [at Plantation] immediately       Blue Zone principles. The most exciting part         refreshments, such as smoothies,” said Walton.
jumped on board,” said Jamie Walton, director        is that those principles can be tailored to any
of fitness, aquatics, and youth recreation. “We      location.”                                           Skidaway Island may be quite far from the
are excited for the long-term possibilities of the                                                        Blue Zones of the world, but we’re starting
Blue Zone initiative.”                               However, the main focus will always be on            our own journey to becoming a health-
                                                     education.                                           conscious Club with members who live
Though the idea of a Blue Zone is still                                                                   longer, healthier lives.
evolving, the Club has the opportunity to            “In the past we’ve hosted Blue Zone seminars
make it its own.                                     with Dr. Jackie Huntly and a variety of              For more information on the Blue Zones,
                                                     other doctors,” said Walton, “and we hope to         Super Saturdays, and upcoming seminars
                                                     continue to do the same in the future. We want       contact the fitness center at 912-598-2558.
Save the Date!
Disease Prevention and Health
Promotion and Introduction to Vital
Living Coaching                                       Steven Freund’s Breakfast Smoothie
with Jacqueline Huntly, MD from
                                                      Our executive director has always loved             • 2 – 2½ cups of liquid (he uses a
Memorial Health University Physicians –
                                                      smoothies and frozen drinks. What follows              combination of low fat milk, orange juice
Family Medicine Center
                                                      is his favorite morning kick start. It makes           and even double strength, brewed green tea
Wednesday, September 26 at 6pm                        40 to 45 ounces. If you can’t consume that             - chilled).
Oakridge Fitness Center Activity Room A               much, cut the proportions in half.
                                                                                                          You’ll note there is no ice or sugar. You don’t
Please reserve your spot at 912- 598-2558             • 1 whole banana
                                                                                                          need sugar but if you are working with fresh
                                                      • 2 cups mixed cut frozen fruit (he uses
                                                                                                          unfrozen fruit, you may want to add a few
                                                         peaches, mango, pineapple)
Super Saturdays!                                      • 1cup frozen strawberries
                                                      • 1 cup blueberries
                                                                                                          cubes to chill the mix. Hit the smoothie
                                                                                                          button (or the highest setting) on your
October 6 and November 3                                                                                  blender and let it rip!
                                                      • 1 cup whole walnuts (3/4 cup, if chopped)
We will offer Blue Zone refreshments!                 • ½ cup unsweetened plain Greek yogurt              Enjoy!

  17 page | The Landings ClubLine
Vegetable Slider                                 Ahi Tuna Salad
House Blend Veggie Burger, Alfalfa Sprouts,      Pepper Seared Ahi Tuna served over Seaweed
Lettuce, Tomatoes, Goji Berry Relish             Salad with Sweet Soy, Wasabi, Sriracha
Served on a Whole Grain Slider Bun

Fish Taco                                        Goji Berry Salad
Seared Fish Taco, Fire Roasted Pepper Tropical   Baby Greens, Diced Apples, Chopped Walnuts,
Slaw, Fresh Pico de Gallo                        Sunflower Seeds, Sliced Figs, Goji Berries, Goat
                                                 Cheese, Yuzu-Thyme Vinaigrette

                                                                The Landings ClubLine | page 18
Food and Beverage Offerings
Beer & BBQ with the Chefs Under the Oaks                             Shrimp, Oysters, Cracked Crab Claws, Assorted Sushi, Poached
Marshwood Tennis Center - Friday, September 14                       Salmon Display, Beef Burgundy with Egg Noodles, Chicken
5pm Cooking Demonstrations and Dinner                                Francaise, Flounder stuffed with Crabmeat, Oysters Rockefeller,
$38 per person dinner, $17 for all-you-can-drink beer and wine       Steamed Mussels and Clams in Garlic Butter with Chopped
Please call 912-598-3535 for reservations                            Scallions, Baked Ziti, Fresh Grilled Vegetables, Roasted Red Bliss
Enjoy a BBQ cooking demonstration by all the Clubhouse               Potatoes, Low Country Boil, Steam Crab Legs with Drawn Butter,
Chefs Under the Oaks at Marshwood Club. Learn BBQ tips and           Asian Stir Fry Station, Carving Station with Prime Rib Au Jus
techniques while enjoying a cold beer or wine to complement the     Chef John’s Dessert Selections
meal. Each chef will demonstrate a different BBQ technique with
dinner following, so you can learn more about their cooking style
and ask your own questions. Sign up early!                          Blackjack Golf with Wine & Tapas
menu:                                                               Marshwood Club - Saturday, September 22
Assorted Cold Salads                                                6pm Arrival
Chef Jim - Grilled Pizza with Assorted Toppings, Grilled Lamb       $55 per person
  Chops with Gremolata Pesto                                        Please call 912-598-3535 for reservations
Chef Octavian - Grilled Squid with a Lemon Corn Relish, Smoked      An interactive golf game where all the players try to get to Blackjack
  Pork Loin with Beer Apples                                        and win prizes!
Chef Dusty - Smoked Scallop and Dark Rum Mojito Ceviche,            menu:
  Grilled Edisto Island Mahi with Smoked Tomato Salsa                 Seared Scallops with Melon, Mint and Cucumber Slaw,
Chef Jessie - Bourbon and Brown Sugar Glazed Hog Wing with              Cardamom Sauce served with Her Majesty Chardonnay
  Sweet Potato Molasses Butter, Grilled Halibut Cheeks with           Roasted Figs topped with Asher Blue Cheese, Baby Beet Greens,
  Chimay Ale Grande Reserve Barbeque and Walla Walla Onions             Star Anise, Red Wine Reduction served with Bone Dance Merlot
Chef John - Grilled Figs with Thyme Honey Syrup served with           Grilled Tanglewood Farms Blueberry Chicken Sausage, Roasted
  Lemon Olive Oil Cake                                                  Sweet Potato, Rosemary Glace served with Soldiers of Fortune
                                                                      Espresso Braised Beef Short Rib, Vanilla Mole, Cherry Chutney
End of Summer Seafood Buffet                                            served with 22 Black Cabernet Sauvignon
Plantation Club - Friday, September 21                                Beehive Cheese Company Barely Buzzed Cheddar, Sweet Grass
6pm Arrival                                                             Dairy Georgia Gouda, Cypress Grove Truffle Tremor Goat
$35 adults, $15 for children ages 5 -12, complimentary for              Cheese
children 4 and under                                                For more information on Black Jaqk wine, visit http://jaqkcellars.com/
Casual summer attire – Jimmy Buffett-style and jeans welcome
Featuring music and dancing with Savannah Steve
Please call 912-598-3535 for reservations                           Wine Dinner
buffet to include: Soup du Jour, Garden Salad with House            Plantation Club - Monday, September 24
  Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing, Tri-Colored Cheese Tortellini      6pm Arrival, 6:30pm dinner
  Salad, Freshly Marinated Artichoke Salad, Zucchini, Tomato and    $79 per person
  Cucumber Salad, Calamari Salad, Broccoli Rabe Salad, Cocktail     Please call 912-598-3535 for reservations
                                                                    arrival - Seared Shrimp Bruschetta with Grapefruit and Avocado
                                                                    Candied Pork on Plantain Chip with Tamarind Sauce served with
                                                                      Veuve de Vernay Brut
                                                                    first course - Jumbo Lump Crab and Avocado, Tomato and
                                                                      Cucumber Gazpacho and Bacon Powder Day Boat Scallop served
                                                                      with Canyon Road Pinot Grigio
                                                                    second course - Lavender Roasted Poussin with Baby Mesclun
                                                                      Grilled Cashew, Buttermilk Emulsion with Fire Roasted Bell
                                                                      Pepper Oil served with Mont Pellier Chardonnay
                                                                    entree - Angus Beef Smoked Veal Cheeks, Celery Root Potatoes,
                                                                      Local Organic Carrots with Balsamic Beet Jus served with Terra
                                                                      d’Oro Zinfandel
                                                                    dessert - Strawberry-Chocolate Napoleon, Caramelized Phyllo,
                                                                      Strawberry Basil Granita with Cocoa Nibs served with Silver Palm
19 page | The Landings ClubLine
                                                                      Cabernet Sauvignon
Philharmonic Transportation
Marshwood Club - Friday, October 19
6:30pm Bus departs Marshwood Club, 7:30pm Concert
$11 per person for transportation
Please call 912-598-3535 for transportation reservations                      Announcements!
Concert tickets must be purchased separately. To order concert
tickets, please call 912-525-5050 or order online at www.                     Club Closure
thesavphilharmonic.org                                                        Deer Creek – Wednesday, October 31, Murder Mystery
Join us for transportation downtown to watch Celebrate America! at            Dinner Only
the Lucas Theatre for the Arts.
                                                                              Save the Dates
                                                                               Second Sunday Burger Bar at Marshwood
Oyster Roast                                                                   Every Second Sunday of the Month
Marshwood Club - Saturday, October 20                                           • September 9
6pm Arrival                                                                     • October 14
$35 per person                                                                  • November 11
Please call 912-598-3535 for reservations                                       • December 9
menu: Oysters with Lemon, Cocktail Sauce, Hot Sauce and
  Saltines, Lemon Pepper Roast Chicken, Corn on the Cob,                      Oakridge Roast Nights
  BBQ Pork, Savannah Red Rice, Mac and Cheese, Lowcountry                      Every Sunday and Monday, Three Course Prixe Fix
  Corn Chowder, Crab and Shrimp Dip, Tossed Salad, Pickled                     Dinner - $37
  Vegetables, Green Beans, Corn Muffins

Celebrate October!
German Beer Tasting & Tapas
Marshwood Club - Monday, October 8
6pm Arrival
$35 per person includes Beer Tasting
Please call 912-598-3535 for reservations
menu: Bratwurst with Sauerkraut, Roasted Duck Dumplings with Roasted Mushrooms,
  Potato Pancakes with Apple Compote, Soft Pretzels with Mustard, Sliced Veal
  Roast Pumpernickel Slider with Spiced Carrot Puree, Baked Chicken Breast with
  Mustard Sauce, Bavarian Sausage Salad, Radish Salad with Bacon and Dill Vinaigrette,
  Rotweinkuchen (Red Wine Cake), Apple Strudel

Oktoberfest featuring The Rhinelanders Oompah Band
Plantation Club - Thursday, October 11
6pm Arrival and Member Bar, 6:30pm Dinner and Dancing
$38 per person includes all-you-can-drink German Draft Beer
Please call 912-598-3535 for reservations
soup and salads - Potato Soup, Warm German Potato Salad, Oktoberfest Cucumber Salad,
  Lentil Salad
entrees - Pork Weiner Schnitzel, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Grilled Bratwurst and Knockwurst with
  Creole, Brown, Malted Barley and Yellow Mustards, Sauerkraut, Sauerbraten, Spätzle, Red Cabbage,
  Bavarian Potato Dumplings, German Potato Pancake with Apples
chef john’s dessert creations - Apple Strudel, Lebkuchen, Black Forest Cake, Frankfurter Kranz

                          Save the Date for OAK-toberfest!
                          Oakridge Club - Thursday, October 25
                          6pm Arrival, 6:30pm Dinner
                          Please call 912-598-3535 for reservations

                                                                                                           The Landings ClubLine | page 20
                                   Dining calendar                                                                        Central Dining Reservations 598-3535                                         September 2 - October 13
                                          Deer Creek - 598-2553                     Marshwood - 598-2604                  Oakridge - 598-2601                  Plantation - 598-2525               Catering - 598-2530                  FC Café - 598-2566

                                                                                                                We e k l y D i n i n g S c h e d u l e
                                            sunday                                monday                    tuesday                        wednesday                            thursday                             friday                          saturday
                                  Brunch - PL                                                      Happy Hour - PL                  Happy Hour - PL                    Happy Hour - PL, MW               Seafood Night - DC
                                  Family Night Buffet - PL                                         Pasta Night - MW                 Prime Rib Night - MW               Thursdays Live - MW                   (can’t reserve lobsters)
                                                                                                   Catfish & Grits - DC             BBQ Night - DC                     Fajitas & Margaritas - DC
                                                          Oakridge Roast Nights                                                                           Plantation Small Plates 4pm-8pm - No Reservations Required

21 page | The Landings ClubLine
                                                                                                                             Cabana Bar at MW Pool - Daily from 11:30am-8pm
                                         Plantation Pizza-To-Go                                                                                                                              Plantation Pizza-To-Go
                                  2       september                  3 Labor Day - OPS closed      4                                5                                  6 Breakfast - MW                  7                                 8
                                  Brunch - PL                        Breakfast/Lunch- Café         Breakfast - MW                   Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast/Lunch - Café            Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW
                                  Golfer’s - DC, MW                  Golfer’s - See website        Breakfast/Lunch - Café           Breakfast/Lunch- Café              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL             Breakfast/Lunch - Café             Breakfast/Lunch - Café
                                  Lunch - OAK                        Lunch - OAK                   Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL            Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Lunch - PL, MW, OAK               Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL
                                                                                                                                                                       Dinner - MW, DC                                                      Lunch - PL, MW, OAK
                                  Dinner - OAK                       Dinner - OAK, DC              Lunch - MW, OAK                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                                                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                Dinner - MW, OAK
                                  Family Night Buffet - PL           Labor Day Cookout             Dinner - MW, DC                  Dinner - MW, DC                    Thursday Live - MW                Dinner - MW, OAK, DC               Parents’ Night Out
                                                                     and Cardboard Boat Race- MW     Franklin Creek Pool Closes                                        Roaring 20s - PL                                                     Ride to Philarmonic - MW
                                  9                                  10                            11                              12                                 13                                14                                 15
                                  Brunch - PL                        Breakfast/Lunch- Café         Breakfast - MW                   Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW                    Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW
                                  Golfer’s - DC, MW                  Golfer’s - See website        Breakfast/Lunch - Café           Breakfast/Lunch- Café              Breakfast/Lunch - Café            Breakfast/Lunch - Café             Breakfast/Lunch - Café
                                  Lunch - OAK                        Lunch - OAK                   Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL            Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL             Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL
                                                                                                                                                                       Lunch - PL, MW, OAK               Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                Lunch - PL, MW, OAK
                                  Dinner - OAK                       Dinner - OAK, DC              Lunch - MW, OAK                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                                                  Dinner - MW, OAK, DC               Dinner - MW, OAK
                                  Family Night Buffet - PL                                         Dinner - MW, DC                  Dinner - MW, DC                    Dinner - MW, DC                   Beer and BBQ with Chefs - MW
                                  Burger Bar - MW                                                                                                                      Thursday Live - MW

                                  16                                 17                            18                              19                                 20                                 21                                22 Parents’ Night Out - Fitness Ctr
                                  Brunch - PL                        Breakfast/Lunch- Café         Breakfast - MW                   Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW                    Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW
                                  Golfer’s - DC, MW                  Golfer’s - See website        Breakfast/Lunch - Café           Breakfast/Lunch- Café              Breakfast/Lunch - Café            Breakfast/Lunch - Café             Breakfast/Lunch - Café
                                  Lunch - OAK                        Lunch - OAK                   Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL            Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL             Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL
                                                                                                                                                                       Lunch - PL, MW, OAK               Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                Lunch - PL, MW, OAK
                                  Dinner - OAK                       Dinner - OAK, DC              Lunch - MW, OAK                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                                                  Dinner - MW, OAK, DC               Dinner - MW, OAK
                                  Family Night Buffet - PL                                         Dinner - MW, DC                  Dinner - MW, DC                    Dinner - MW, DC
                                                                                                                                                                       Thursday Live - MW                End of Summer Buffet - PL          Blackjack Golf & Tapas - MW
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Simply the BEST Golf Weekend
                                  23                                 24                            25                              26                                 27                                 28                                29
                                  Brunch - PL                        Breakfast/Lunch- Café         Breakfast - MW                   Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW                    Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW
                                  Golfer’s - DC, MW                  Golfer’s - See website        Breakfast/Lunch - Café           Breakfast/Lunch- Café              Breakfast/Lunch - Café            Breakfast/Lunch - Café             Breakfast/Lunch - Café
                                  Lunch - OAK                        Lunch - OAK                   Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL            Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL             Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL
                                                                                                                                                                       Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                                                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK
                                  Dinner - OAK                       Dinner - OAK, DC              Lunch - MW, OAK                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                                                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                Dinner - MW, OAK
                                  Family Night Buffet - PL           Wine Dinner - PL              Dinner - MW, DC                  Dinner - MW, DC                    Dinner - MW, DC                   Dinner - MW, OAK, DC
                                                                                                                                                                       Thursday Live - MW
                                      Simply the BEST Golf Weekend
                                  30                                 1       october               2                                3                                  4                                 5                                 6 Parents’ Night Out - Fitness Ctr
                                  Brunch - PL                        Breakfast/Lunch- Café         Breakfast - MW                   Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW                    Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW
                                  Golfer’s - DC, MW                  Golfer’s - See website        Breakfast/Lunch - Café           Breakfast/Lunch- Café              Breakfast/Lunch- Café             Breakfast/Lunch - Café             Breakfast/Lunch - Café
                                  Lunch - OAK                        Lunch - OAK                   Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL            Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL             Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Lunch - PL, MW, OAK
                                  Dinner - OAK                       Dinner - OAK, DC              Lunch - MW, OAK                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                Lunch - PL, MW, OAK               Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                Dinner - MW, OAK
                                  Family Night Buffet - PL                                         Dinner - MW, DC                  Dinner - MW, DC                    Dinner - MW, DC                   Dinner - MW, OAK, DC

                                  7                                  8                             9                               10                                 11                                 12                                13
                                  Brunch - PL                        Breakfast/Lunch- Café         Breakfast - MW                   Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW                    Breakfast - MW                     Breakfast - MW
                                  Golfer’s - DC, MW                  Golfer’s - See website        Breakfast/Lunch - Café           Breakfast/Lunch- Café              Breakfast/Lunch- Café             Breakfast/Lunch - Café             Breakfast/Lunch - Café
                                  Lunch - OAK                        Lunch - OAK                   Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL            Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL             Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL              Golfer’s - DC, MW, PL
                                                                                                                                                                       Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                                                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK
                                  Dinner - OAK                       Dinner - OAK, DC              Lunch - MW, OAK                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK                                                  Lunch - PL, MW, OAK
                                                                                                                                                                       Dinner - MW, DC                                                      Dinner - MW, OAK
                                  Family Night Buffet - PL           German Beer & Tapas - MW      Dinner - MW, DC                  Dinner - MW, DC                    Oktoberfest - PL                  Dinner - MW, OAK, DC
                                   Golf & Tennis calendar                                                                                                                                                           September 2 - October 13
                                       Deer Creek - 598-2551                   Marshwood - 598-2596                       Oakridge - 598-2540                     Plantation - 598-2535                      FC Tennis 598-2570                    MW Tennis - 598-2593

                                                                                                                            W e e k l y Te n n i s E v e n t s
                                               sunday                           monday                              tuesday                          wednesday                           thursday                                 friday                             saturday
                                                                      Jr Academy - 4-5:30pm, 5-6:30pm   1,000 Ball Drill - 7:15am             Stroke of the Week - 12-1pm       Open Play @ OAK - 10:30am-2pm         Morning Drill:                        1,000 Ball Drill @ OAK - 1pm
                                                                                                        Open Play @ OAK - 10:30am-2pm         Masa Sr. Men’s Doubles - 3-5pm    Rusty Racquets Clinic - 11am           4.0+ Only - 8:45-10:15am
                                                                                                        Rusty Racquets Clinic - 1:45-2:45pm   Jr Academy - 4-5:30pm, 5-6:30pm   Jr Academy - 4-5:30pm, 5-6:30pm        3.0 (first 6 only) - 10:15-11:45am
                                                                                                        Rusty Racquets Play - 3-5pm                                             Men’s Drill ‘N’ Play - 6:30-8pm        3.5 (first 6 only) - 10:15-11:45am
                                                                                                        Jr Academy - 4-5:30pm, 5-6:30pm                                                                               Cardio Tennis - 11:30am
                                                                                                        Ladies’ Drill ‘N’ Play - 6:30-8pm                                                                             1,000 Ball Drill - 11:45am-12:45pm
                                  2       september                  3                                  4                                     5                                 6                                     7                                     8
                                                                       Labor Day - OPS closed           LWGA: MW/DC SG@9                      Farm Team: DC @2                  9-Hole: MW @ 9:30                                                           Champ Blitz: PAL @1
                                                                      All Courses and Ranges Open       Open SG: MW/DC @1:30                                                    Open SG: MW @12:30                                                          Open SG: OAK @1:30
                                                                                                                                                                                Champ: DC @1
                                                                                                                                                                                Ladies’ Farm: PL @2                                                              US Open Tennis Event
                                                                                                             Franklin Creek Pool Closes                                                                                                                          One Day Member-Guest
                                          Landings Singles Golf
                                          9:30am - Plantation                                                                                                                                                                                                     9am SG - Oakridge
                                  9                                  10                                 11                                    12                                13                                   14                                     15
                                                                          Open Courses - MW/PL          LWGA: PAL/PL SG@9                     Farm Team: MW @2                  9-Hole: OAK @ 9:30                    Open SG: PAL @9                       Men’s Blitz: DC @9
                                                                           Ranges Close At 1pm          Open SG: PAL/PL @1:30                                                   Open SG: OAK @12:30                                                         Champ Blitz: PAL @1
                                                                                                                                                                                Champ: MW @1                                                                Open SG: DC @1:30
                                                                                                                                                                                Ladies’ Farm: MW @2
                                  USGA Women’s Mid-Am Qualifier                                                                                                                                                       Twilight Golf - Par 3 Tournament
                                          Palmetto                                                                                                                                                                           Deer Creek @5pm
                                  16                                 17                                 18                                    19                                20                                   21                                     22
                                                                          Open Courses - DC/PAL                                               Farm Team: OAK @2                 9-Hole: PL @ 9:30
                                                                           Ranges Close At 1pm                                                                                  Open SG: PL @12:30
                                                                                                                                                                                Champ: OAK @1
                                                                                                                                                                                Ladies’ Farm: OAK @2
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Simply the BEST Golf Weekend
                                                                                                                                       Ladies’ Club Championship (September 18-20)                                                Men’s Club Championship (September 21-23)
                                  23                                 24                                 25                                    26                                27                                   28                                     29
                                                                          Open Courses - OAK/PL         LWGA: MW/OAK SG@9                     Farm Team: DC @2                  Champ: DC @1                                                                Champ Blitz: PAL @1
                                                                           Ranges Close At 1pm          Open SG: MW/OAK @1:30                                                   Ladies’ Farm: DC @2

                                      Simply the BEST Golf Weekend
                                       Men’s Club Championship                                                                                                                                           Moon River Classic - Oakridge / Plantation (September 27-29)
                                  30                                  1       october                   2                                     3                                 4                                     5                                     6
                                                                                                        LWGA: PL/PAL SG@9                     Farm Team: MW @2                  9-Hole: DC @ 9:30                                                           Champ Blitz: PAL @1
                                                                           Open Courses - TBD           Open SG: PL/PAL @1:30                                                   Open SG: DC @12:30                                                          Open SG: PL @1:30
                                                                           Ranges Close At 1pm                                                                                  Champ: MW @1                                                                      Men’s Golf Event
                                                                                                                                                                                Ladies’ Farm: MW @2                                                             9am SG - Plantation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               USTA National Men’s 55
                                                                                                                                                         Oakridge closed for Overseeding (October 1-8)
                                  7                                   8                                 9                                     10                                11                                   12                                     13
                                                                           Open Courses - TBD           LWGA: MW SG@9                         Farm Team: PL @2                  9-Hole: OAK @ 9:30                                                          Men’s Blitz: MW @9
                                                                           Ranges Close At 1pm          Open SG: MW @1:30                                                       Open SG: OAK @12:30                                                         Champ Blitz: DC @1
                                          Landings Singles Golf                                                                                                                 Champ: MAG @1                                                               Open SG: MW @1:30
                                          9:30am - Deer Creek                    Plantation closed for Overseeding (October 8-9)                                                Ladies’ Farm: PL @2
                                                                                                            USTA National Men’s 55 Clay Court Championship (October 6-12)

The Landings ClubLine | page 22
                                               Oakridge closed for Overseeding (October 1-8)                                                                          Palmetto closed for Overseeding (October 9-14)
                                  Tee-Time Assistance 598-2677                                                                         Inclement Weather? For Course and Court Closings call The Landings Club Rain Line at 598-3450.
                                                                                                          PRSRT STD
                                                                                                          U.S. Postage
                                                                                                          Permit No. 59
                                                                                                          Savannah, GA

2012 Committee Chairs
finance - Ed Shapoff                              house - Guy Randolph           tennis - Guy Randolph
fitness - John Williams                           hr - Tim Lindgren              nominating - Len Griffiths
golf & green - Tim Lindgren                       mmc - Len Griffiths            rules infractions - Tim Lindgren

National Marketing has been
Successful in Attracting New
       Golf Members
The Landings Company has been working hard
to market The Landings in golf rich areas and it is
working! Since January of 2011, national marketing
has brought 68 home buyers to The Landings. 47%
of those home buyers have already joined our Club
as golf members! As a point of comparison, only
18% of home buyers during the same time frame
who heard of The Landings from sources other than
national marketing have joined as golf members.
While there is still hope more of these recent buyers
will join as golf members (when they actually move
here and get settled), it is already clear that national
marketing is a big boost for the Club.

  47% of Home Buyers Sourced by
  National Marketing Join the Club as
  Golf Members!
The Club would like to thank The Landings
Company for their success at marketing The
Landings outside the Savannah area through their                   “Okay, new game today - we’re going to
funding of national marketing. National marketing
can’t do it alone and member referrals provide many                      play by the Rules of Golf!”
of our new golf members, but national marketing is
a huge help.

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