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YOTS Walgett Issue 4indd


									                                                WALGET OU TR E ACH
                                                WALGE T T OUTREACH

ISSUE 4 • MARCH • 2008                                                                               YOUR FREE COPY
    ur kids need good role                      replied, “Adults in this town have raised
                                                                                            the Virginia Tech in the USA - we later
    models. The adult                           kids badly and therefore the kids don’t     learnt that the shooter demonstrated
                                                have a chance.” Another youth stated,       that years of alienation and pain finally
community needs to step up                      “It’s the adults who are out of control     erupted with a horrendous act of
to the plate for the sake of                    in this town, it is the adults who are      murder.
our young.                                      brawling in the pubs.” Another young        There were years of signs that this
Youth Off The Streets receives over 300         man said, “In my community, physical        young man was in trouble. One of his
calls per month about kids in trouble. I        assault of young people is accepted as      classmates wrote, “He didn’t reach out
consult and advise many communities             the norm. Kids are belted black and blue    to anyone. He never talked.
across Australia who are in serious             for coming home half an hour late.”
                                                                                            We really just knew him as the question
trouble with their young people.                To thrive, children need social             mark kid”. His next door neighbour
It will be difficult for the readers of this    communities that nurture their              said, “He appeared like he had a broken
newsletter to understand that some              physical, emotional, intellectual and       heart”.
families are too dangerous to live in,          spiritual needs.
                                                                                            We need to read the signs of our
because I know our supporters (like the         According to psychologist, Urie             troubled kids and give them support.
majority of people in this country) have        Bronfenbrenner, the absolute minimum        Pain based behaviour - before it
raised their children and grandchildren         dosage of connection for each child         becomes pain unleashed on others
with love and devotion.                         is at least one adult who is irrationally   - should trigger a response that opens
However, over the past months we have           crazy about him or her. Many children       the floodgates of human kindness and
taken kids into care who are literally          are deprived of even this slim diet of      financial resources in order to restore.
being starved by their families and the         human nurturance. Psychiatrist, Edward
                                                Hallowell contends that most symptoms       As I am writing this, I read that a ten
parents just don’t understand they are                                                      year old boy was removed to his
doing anything wrong. We have been in           of troubled behaviour signal a deficiency
                                                in human connections.                       grandmother. He had been living with
touch with young people under the age                                                       his mother, who is a stripper, and her
of 16 who are being exploited sexually          When we received news about the 30          boyfriend, who is a convicted child
by adult males who are paying the girls         people killed in a schoolyard shooting at   pornography abuser.
sometimes with cigarettes and cans of
beer. We have had to rescue a young                                                                   What hope do our kids have
woman from a household where her                                                                      if they don’t have good role
stepfather was holding her as a sex                                                                   models and environments that
slave. In one Sydney suburb we are                                                                    are nurturing?
dealing with many teenage pregnancies                                                                 Hurt people hurt people.
and these girls have no support
whatsoever.                                                                                           (Native American Proverb)

In a country town a young man
approached me and stated, “If you bring
up a dog badly, it will bite. If you raise it                                                         Father Chris Riley
with kindness it will not hurt anyone.” I                                                             CEO and Founder
asked him what his point was, and he                                                                  Youth Off The Streets

         Email:                           •
                                  What is Ice?
    here is some evidence that “ICE” is       • increased alertness, confidence              • malnutrition and rapid weight loss
T   being used in your town.                    and libido, more energy, feelings of
                                                increased strength, talkativeness,
                                                                                               due to reduced appetite
Parents, and everyone involved need to                                                       • chronic sleeping problems
know a bit about this terrible drug.            restlessness, repeating simple
                                                acts, and itching, picking and               • reduced immunity and increased
“Ice” is the street name for crystal            scratching                                     susceptibility to infections due to
methamphetamine hydrochloride, which                                                           the person not sleeping or eating
is a powerful, synthetic stimulant drug.      • tremors of the hands and fingers               properly
Stimulant drugs speed up the messages         • speeding up of bodily functions,             • depression, anxiety, tension and
going to and from the brain.                    such as increased breathing rate,              paranoia
Ice is more potent than other forms of          body temperature, blood pressure,
                                                a rapid and irregular heartbeat and          • brain damage (there is some
amphetamines. It is more pure than                                                             evidence that amphetamines may
the powder form of methamphetamine              excessive sweating
                                                                                               damage brain cells resulting in
(speed).                                      • difficulty sleeping, reduced                   reduced memory function and
Ice often appears as large, transparent         appetite, dilated pupils, dry                  other impairments in thinking)
and ‘sheet like’ crystals that may have a       mouth, stomach cramps, nausea,
                                                dizziness, blurred vision and severe         • dental problems (from grinding
hint of pink, blue or green colour. Other                                                      teeth)
street names for Ice include: meth,             headaches
crystal, crystal meth, shabu, batu, tina      • abrupt shifts in thought and                 • smoking Ice can damage the lungs
and glass.                                      speech, which can make someone               • snorting Ice can damage the lining
                                                using Ice difficult to understand              of the nose
How it is used?                               • nervousness, panic attacks,                  • injecting Ice can lead to scarring,
                                                anxiety, paranoia                              abscesses and vein damage.
Ice is known to be smoked, swallowed,
snorted, injected or inserted anally          • irritability, aggression, hostility and        Sharing injecting equipment
(‘shafting’). Some people smoke Ice             ‘amphetamine psychosis’ including              increases the risk of contracting
using a glass pipe, while others heat it        hallucinations, paranoid delusions             blood-borne viruses, such as
on aluminium foil and inhale the vapours        and bizarre behaviour.                         Hepatitis B and C, and HIV.
(“chasing”).                                The variable purity of each batch of Ice
                                            increases the risk of negative effects and
What are the effects of Ice?                overdose.
                                                                                          Other effects and issues
The effects of any drug vary from person                                                  Due to some of the effects of Ice, some
to person, depending on the individual’s    Coming down                                   people may be more prone to practice
size, weight and health, how much                                                         unsafe sex. This increases the chances
and how the drug is taken, whether the      As the effects of Ice wear off, a person
                                                                                          of contracting sexually transmitted
person is used to taking it and whether     may experience a range of symptoms
                                                                                          infections and blood-borne viruses, such
other drugs are taken. Effects also         such as tension, depression, radical
                                                                                          as Hep. B and C and HIV.
depend on the environment in which the      mood swings, uncontrollable violence
drug is used – such as whether a person     and exhaustion.                               As well as health problems, Ice can
is alone, with others or at a party.                                                      result in family, financial, legal, work,
                                                                                          school and other personal problems.
                                            Long-term effects                             These problems can be made much
Immediate effects
                                            Long time use of Ice can result in a          worse because some people who
Soon after taking Ice, a person may         number of health issues, including:           use Ice can become irritable, hostile
experience a number of psychological                                                      and violent and/or experience other
                                              • high blood pressure and increased
and physical effects including:                                                           psychological problems.
                                                risk of heart related complications
  • feelings of euphoria, excitement            such as heart attack and heart            It is also dangerous to drive a vehicle or
    and well being                              failure                                   operate machinery after using Ice.
On the ground...
The Youth Off The Streets Walgett Outreach first Christmas party was held at
the Walgett Swimming Pool on Thursday 20 December.
Below are some happy snaps from the day.
Approximately 260 members of the community attended,           Santa paid a surprise visit and handed out presents ... one of
where they enjoyed a swim, BBQ, the PCYC van, and,             the highlights of the day!
everyone received a “Care and Share It’s Only Fair” calendar   Support from community members and service providers ensured
– an initiative of Barwon Cottage and Walgett Shire Youth      the smooth running of the day and YOTS would like to thank
Development to highlight family violence issues.               everyone who volunteered their time to help us out on the day.
                                            Outreach Programs
There has been a significant amount              provided information on healthy eating,        Youth Health Forum
of rainfall in Walgett in the last month         cooking, drugs and alcohol abuse, and          – Getting Back on Track
and this has had a direct impact on our          risk-taking behaviours. A big thank you
Outreach services. It rained on all but          to Jess Lovell – Reconnect, and Walgett        In March YOTS will be travel to Bourke
two of our planned outreach days, and            Community College for supporting us in         to participate in a Youth Health Forum
a fishing camp also had to be cancelled          running this pilot program.                    - Getting Back on Track – a community
due to rain in January.                                                                         focus on community health.

We continue to hold the Gingie                                                                  The objectives of the forum include
program at the local swimming pool                                                              improving the capacity building for
on Monday afternoons and Namoi on                                                               professionals working with young
Tuesday afternoons.                                                                             people; providing the best possible
                                                                                                support for young people and, providing
                                                                                                an opportunity for professionals to
                                                                                                meet, update knowledge, skills and
                                                                                                exchange information in the local
                                                                                                This special Forum is proudly sponsored
                                                                                                by the Centre for Aboriginal Health, NSW
                                                                                                Health, and has been jointly organised
                                                 L Copetown Dam fishing trip: (above) Thomas,
                                                 Leon and Todd, Ricky (below).
                                                                                                by the Youth Health Forum Organising
L Gingie Outreach on Mondays
                                                                                                Committee, Youth Off The Streets, and
                                                                                                Greater Western Area Health Service.
We are looking at options for an
outreach activity for the town kids and
hope to have activities running shortly.
                                                                                                Local Office
                                                                                                86 Wee Waa Street, Walgett NSW
We would like to congratulate the
young people who attended the                                                                   Phone: 0419 163 815 or
Healthy Lifestyle Pilot Program which                                                                  0409 719 428
completed in December. This Program                                                   

 YOTS Walgett Outreach would like to thank the following people and
              businesses for their ongoing support:
                           • Jess Lovell from Reconnect • Mantons Butchers
                      • Walgett Memorial Swimming Pool • Ted and Helen Russell
                  • Walgett Family Violence Prevention & Legal Service • Gilbert Nolan
             • The Dharriwaa Elders • Walgett Community College and the Walgett Community

               The Our Place, Walgett Youth and Young Families Project is funded by the
                              Australian Government under the National
                                       Homelessness Strategy.

PO Box 6025, Alexandria NSW 2015 • Tel (02) 8332 5000 • Fax (02) 8332 5050
ABN 29 100 388 412
Registered as a tax deductible gift recipient.
Charitable Fundraising No. 12611

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