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					                                                                                                         Volume 79 • No. 3

                                                                                 November-December 2006
                                                                                                      2006 Platinum
President’s Perspective                                                                                 Sponsors
                      “Never doubt that           IBM ThinkPad, I shudder to think what
                         a small group of         would have happened had I never relin-
                           thoughtful, com-       quished the typewriter. How much harder
                            mitted     citizens   did I make almost every aspect of my college
                            can change the        experience by stubbornly sticking to that
                            world. Indeed it is   typewriter (and oodles of correction tape)!
                           the only thing that    It is easy to get attached to the ways things
                         ever has.”               have always been, instead of looking to the
                      –Margaret Mead              future for the ways things should become!
      The mission of the Junior League is               We are entering a time of change for
really all about changing our world. With         our League. In January, we will launch
each woman whose potential is developed           Digital Cheetah, a web-based management
through our League, the world is changed.         system. This change will allow our League
Each dollar we donate to the community            to step into the 21st Century. We will be
results in change in that community. Each         embracing the technology that will make
smile and kind word we extend to each oth-        our League better and smarter. It will not
er changes our environment.                       change our mission, but it will certainly       evening our meeting will be at the First City
      A friend told me a story recently about     make our mission easier to achieve. We will     Club. First City Club is sponsoring this
running into another League member at a           be leaving behind that old college typewriter   meeting and providing beverages and food.
popular restaurant. The member spoke to           for a shiny new computer!                       I know it will be a lot of fun as well as an
her about what a huge help she had been                 At the November meeting, we will be-      informative meeting.
to her as a League member. My friend was          gin discussion of a new focus area for 2008-          Our December meeting is a downtown
amazed that she had, without even knowing         2010. Our Community Program Develop-            shopping night. A number of merchants in
it, made such a difference in this member’s        ment committee, led by Tori Chandler, will      the downtown area have agreed to donate
life. How often do we take the time to tell       direct us in small group discussions about      a percentage of their sales to our League.
someone what a great job they are doing?          where our League should place its focus         Look inside this newsletter for further de-
Instead it is often easier to focus on what is    next. Please be thinking about the changes      tails! I hope you’ll join us and spend a little
wrong in our League.                              you would like to see in our community          “change” to improve our League.
      Change can be very difficult for us. I        and how the Junior League of Savannah can             Change isn’t easy, but I am proud of you,
remember being in college and typing my           contribute to these changes in the upcom-       the members of our League, for embracing
papers on a typewriter. As an English and         ing years.                                      change and for your dedication to making
history major, that was a lot of papers. I re-          We will have a morning meeting at         the League the best it can be. Our League
ally avoided using a computer because it was      Headquarters at 10 AM with a wonderful          can change our world, and I look forward to
unfamiliar, and I’d always used a typewriter      cookbook swap (including wonderful treats       all that we will accomplish together.

that worked just fine. As I type this on my        from the Cookbook committee). In the
            Volume 79 • No. 3
          November-December 2006
                                                                          November Membership Meetings
           The Newsletter of the                                                    Monday, November 6, 2006
      Junior League of Savannah, Inc.

              1926-2006 ~ 80 Years                                                   This month you will have
                                                                            two choices to fulfill your meeting obligation.
              NEWSLETTER EDITOR:
                   Jamie Lane
                                                                               10 a.m. at Junior League Headquarters
            Katie Redding                                                           3025 Bull Street, South Wing
                 BULKMAIL CHAIR:                                     The Cookbook Committee will have samples from various
                   Melissa Wardlaw                                          League cookbooks available for you to taste!
    The Junior League of Savannah is an organization of
women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the                            Join us at the First City Club!
potential of women, and improving communities through               Social begins at 6:30 p.m. with food and beverages provided
the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its
purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.
                                                                                             by the Club.
    The Junior League of Savannah reaches out to women of                      The Meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. sharp.
all races, religions, and national origins who demonstrate an                    Sponsored by: The First City Club
interest in and a commitment to voluntarism.
    The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily
reflect those of the Junior League of Savannah, Inc.                   Both meetings will be fun and exciting- so choose which
                                                                               one fits in best with your schedule!
              President: Laura Hassell
            President-Elect: Tammy Ray

               Vice-Presidents:                                             December Membership Meeting
        Communications: Kristen Baiad                                               Monday, December 4, 2006
      Community: Annie Laurie Guerard
              Finance: Julie Allen
          Membership: Nanci Futrell
       Nominating Chair: Sally Akins
                                                                                    Chic Boutique Event
                                                                         5:30 to 8:00 p.m. with a social and reception at Il Pasticcio.
    Strategic Planning Chair: Tara Aikens
    Sustaining Board Advisor: Patti Lyons                              Enjoy a night highlighting the many stores downtown and
         Treasurer: Bettie Bohannon
                                                                      showing off the fashion, beauty, and style of Savannah. This
        Parliamentarian: Charla Hall
                                                                     event will take the place of our December General Membership
            2006 - 2007 COMMUNITY                                    Meeting, so plan to attend and you will receive 1 meeting credit.
               ADVISORY BOARD
                        Joe Driggers
                       J. Wiley Ellis
                                                                                             The Shops Include:
                         Kenny Hill
                     Dr. Thomas Jones                                        Bleu Belle                          Levy Jewelers
                        Betsy Nolen                                            Cherub                       Kitchens on the Square
                         Sue Ruby
                 Hon. Tammy Cox Stokes                                        Gaucho                              Terra Cotta
                         Joe Usher                                      Globe Shoe Company                 Paris Market and Brocante
                  J. Reid Williamson, III
                                                                          James Gunn, Inc.                        Il Pasticcio
          Coastal Columns is published by
         The Junior League of Savannah, Inc.                        A percentage of the sales made by League members at each of the
                Post Office Box 23545
              Savannah, Georgia 31403                                stores will be donated back to the Junior League! Save the date
               Phone: (912) 790-1002                                      and invite your friends to do some holiday shopping!
                Fax: (912) 790-1084
         Cookbook Office : (912) 790-0222                           A representative with David Yurman Jewelry will be at Levy’s and she
   The Silver sponsors of The Junior League of                        is offering a free piece of David Yurman jewelry to be drawn from all
Savannah are BB&T, Memorial Health, Callen
Trust, and The Savannah Bank. Chatham Steel is also                 the women who fill out a form that night! This is definitely an event you
a sponsor of The Junior League of Savannah.                                                      do not want to miss!
      2                                                                 November-December 2006
Thrift Sale                                            People To Know
Be sure to attend the January General                                           Finance Council Update by Julie Allen:
Membership Meeting where we will be                                                   Following the enormous success of Thrift Sale in October, November
presenting awards to our top Prize Girls of                                     is our Cookbook swap month. Come to the General Membership meet-
                                                                                ing to select from a terrific collection of swap books; the morning meeting
2006 and we will also vote to hold Thrift
                                                                                will feature scrumptious samples for your tasting pleasure. Also be sure
Sale in October, 2007.                                                          to stop by the Annual Fund table to purchase your new JLS tote and um-

 Treasurer’s Report                                                             brella in fashionable styles.

                                                                                 Membership Council Update by Nanci Futrell:
                                     The Treasurer’s         A big THANK YOU to Julie Walsh Elliott and her committee for a fan-
                              Report, which is         tastic Girls Night Out, it was a wonderful success! My thanks also to our other
                              printed in each news-    council members and their committees who are going strong with their place-
                              letter, reflects the      ments as our League year continues.
                              League’s budget for            We are sorry to see Jenn Lavanish (Transfers Chair) leaving our League
                              the fiscal year. Op-      due to her husbands’ job transfer. We will miss her and her dedication to our
                              erations expenses are    League. With that, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome Transfers
                              funded by our annual
                                                       to our League. I will follow up with you and any new transfers to our League while we are in transition
membership dues and annual fund income. These
                                                       to find her replacement. As a reminder, our next provisional class begins in January. REMEMBER
expenses include AJLI dues, audit fees, bank and
credit card fees, computer expenses, headquarters
                                                       – Membership Matters, and the membership council would like any feedback from you, as to how we
expenses (such as rent, utilities, telephone, and      can keep your JLS membership enjoyable and meaningful to you.
postage), and administrative salaries. The other
sections are funded by our fundraising activities                               Communications Council Update by Kristen Baiad:
and League sponsorships. Direct Community                                            The communications council has been hard at work on the JLS
Funding encompasses our community projects                                      Strategic Plan and updating the policy handbook. The tabloid, annual re-
and community assistance funds. Volunteer De-                                   port and yearbook are finished and look fantastic. We are continuing to
velopment and Education includes Provisional                                    streamline the process of publishing a professional looking newsletter and
training, Conferences, Placement, Programs and                                  we are working with Digital Cheetah to make significant improvements
Arrangements, Training and Education, Sustain-                                  to the website so that members can access important League information.
ers and Membership Development. Programs                                        We are looking forward to the New Year and are excited about our on-go-
– Community Involvement includes publications,
                                                       ing and new projects!
legislative affairs and public relations. Fund De-
velopment provides support for our fundraising
activities such as Thrift Sale, Cookbook, Annual                      Community Council Update by Annie Laurie Guerard:
Fund and Sponsorship Development.                             Community Program Development will be holding breakout sessions at
      In the Treasurer’s Report, both the monthly      the November general membership meetings both in the morning and in the
expenses and the year-to-date expenses are report-     evening. These sessions will be aimed at gathering information from the general
ed for each section of the budget and are contrast-    membership concerning where they would like to see the League turn its focus in
ed to the total budgeted amounts. The expenses         2008. The Done in a Day committee will be working at Isle of Hope Elementary
are derived directly from invoices paid during         School on November 4 from 9-5pm. They will be painting an annex room to the
the given month. The last column indicates the         media center and creating a “learning café”. In December DIAD will be stuffing
amount remaining in the budget.                        bags for the Angels and Elves program at Union Mission for 300 homeless families. Extra hands would be
      Copies of the budget for the 2006-2007 fiscal     greatly appreciated on both of these projects. The Senior Citizens committee will be painting the new center
year are available at headquarters. If you have any    on October 28 starting at 9am. This is a big job and all who are willing to wield a paintbrush for a good cause
questions or would like additional information
                                                       are welcome to attend. Don’t forget the Oatland Island Cane Grinding Festival on November 11th.
about the Treasurer’s Report, the League’s budget
                                                              Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club will be traveling to Charleston and the USS Yorktown on November
or any of our other financial reports, please contact
Julie Allen, VP Finance, at julieallen@earthlink.      4, to the Pirates House for a Christmas Party on December 10 and to Augusta’s Fort Discovery on January 13.
net or 598-7265.                                       Whew, we have a busy season!!!

                     Expenses:                           September ‘06              Budget ‘06 - ‘07           Money Used Thru                  Remaining
                                                                                                                 - 09/30/06                      Budget
 Direct Community Funding                                      666.87                    130,500.00                   2,419.17                   128,080.83
 Volunteer Development & Education                             417.39                     36,200.00                   2,042.71                    34,157.29
 Programs - Community Involvement                             2,114.92                    24,350.00                   3,559.21                    20,790.79
 Fund Development-Thrift Sale & Cookbook                      10,474.48                   56,875.00                   12,720.08                   44,154.92
 Operations                                                   47,941.70                  130,618.00                   72,685.26                   57,932.74
 TOTAL EXPENSES:                                              60,948.49                  248,043.00                   91,007.26                  157,035.74

     3                                                                          November-December 2006
Searching for a Cause
  The Junior League of Savannah has joined
GoodSearch, an Internet search engine
                                                 Hats Off To You!
with a simple concept and unique social          •    Stephanie Ritzert, Allison           •   The Auction Committee for
mission. GoodSearch enables you to help               Marrerro, and their entire               their hard work and dedication
fund hundreds of thousands of charities or            committee, for a wonderful and           to making this year’s Auction a
schools through the simple act of searching           successful Thrift Sale!                  huge success!
the Internet.                                    •    Katie Britt, for helping with        •   Gail Rountree and Leah Colby
  You use like any other               not just one, but two areas of           for a fantastic kickoff meeting for
search engine (they have partnered with               Thrift Sale! A big thank you for         the Georgia Historical Project.
Yahoo! to ensure great results) and each              arranging the Bod Squad and for      •   The Oatland Island Committee
time you do, money is generated for your              handling portions of publicity as        for their contributions to making
favorite cause.                                       well. She was there when she was         the Medieval Festival a success.
  Search and Support today ... Good-                  needed most!                         •   Jan Johnson for donating her
Search!”                                         •    All the husbands/brothers/               Tybee beach house twice for the
                                                      friends/boyfriends       of   our        live auction!
                                                      League members for helping           •   Julie Walsh-Elliott and the

You’re Invited                                        move furniture, appliances and
                                                      all kinds of things as we prepared
                                                                                               Membership          Development
                                                                                               Committee for a great Girls’
Maine Ingredients is the spotlight swap for           for and hosted the annual Thrift         Night Out!
November and December. Try the follow-                Sale.
ing recipe over the holidays for your guests
or take it along for a gathering.

Apple Jack Spread
8 ounces cream cheese, softened                Hilton Head Sustainers
4 ounces Monterey Jack Cheese, shredded        The Hilton Head Sustainers have many wonderful events coming up during the next few
2 teaspoons Dijon mustard                      months. The First Thursday Lunch Group will be meeting at the Rendezvous Restaurant
1 large Granny Smith Apple Shredded            near the Sea Pines Circle on Thursday November, 2nd at 12:30 pm. Please call the restaurant
2 tablespoons chopped chives                   to reserve your spot! Our first event to occur is a day trip to Daufuskie Island on November
1⁄2 cup finely chopped pecans                   9th. Nancy Ludtke, our hostess, lives on the island and will be showing our group points
                                               of historical interest, shopping and having lunch. Our Christmas Luncheon will be held
In a food processor or by hand, combine        Wednesday, December 6 at the Long Cove Club. There will be holiday entertainment and
cheeses and mustard, blending until smooth.    wonderful food! PLEASE remember to bring all non-perishable items or a cash donation
Remove to a medium bowl. Add apples and        for Deep Well. An Atlanta trip is being planned for the end of January 2007. The trip will
chives and gently combine mixture. Sprinkle    include 2 nights at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead. Activities include: the museum, the aquarium,
with pecans. Chill and serve with crackers.    theater tickets, dinner and lunch at the Capital City Club and plenty of shopping.
Yields 2 cups.                                 Happy Holidays from the Hilton Head Sustainers!

                                               What’s cooking with the Cookbook Committee
Little Leaguers                                We have many wonderful events taking place over the next couple of months. Please let us
                                               know if you are interested in volunteering or baking for one of the below events!
                                               • We are providing refreshments for the morning November meeting and featuring delica-
Suzanne and John Fogarty welcomed Thomas           cies from our swap cookbooks - Christmas ornament raffles will be held at each meeting.
Edward on July 26, 2006. He joins sisters          If you purchase a cookbook at the morning meeting there will be gift wrapping available!!!
Maggie and Ashlyn.                             • Stop by our booth at Christmas Made in the South at the Savannah Trade Center Novem-
                                                   ber 10th – 12th.
Shana and Shawn Pinkston welcomed              • We will also be at Effingham County High School November 19th for the Holiday Clas-
their little bundle of joy, Benjamin McCabe        sic Business and Craft Expo.
Pinkston, on September 14, 2006.               • On December 1st we will be providing the refreshments for the Preview Party for Senior
                                                   Citizen’s Inc. CALLING ALL COOKS – we are asking for volunteers to assist with the
Meg and William Fawcett and big sister             food preparation!
Elizabeth welcomed Mary Milner Fawcett on      • December 6th we will be at the Long Cove Club with the Hilton Head Sustainers – We
September 26, 2006.                                are offering free gift wrap with every purchase.
                                               • Look for our Ad in the Downtown Neighborhood Association Holiday Tour of Homes
                                                   December 9th.

    4                                                          November-December 2006
General Membership Meeting Minutes                                                                Provisional Update
September 11, 2006                               the sales will be donated to the JLS.
Welcome                                          Membership Council                               The Provisional Class has been busy at work
The meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm.      Mary Jo Halligan presented the Fall Pro-         in the last month! Not only did they partici-
Laura Hassell welcomed everyone and their        visional Class. Tammy Ray welcomed new           pate in and experience the excitement of the
guests and Tammy Ray read an inspiration-        transfers and Julie Walsh-Elliott congratu-      Annual Thrift Sale; they have been steadily
al piece. A moment of silence was observed       lated the member of the month. She also          learning about our wonderful League! Most
to honor those who died on September             encouraged members to attend the Member          recently, they learned the different aspects
11, 2001. The consent agenda of the May          Social.
general membership meeting minutes were          Community Council
approved.                                        Annie Laurie Guerard presented the Com-
Digital Cheetah                                  munity Projects and the chairs of its project
Julie Allen and Tammy Ray presented              gave more detail about what was happening.
Digital Cheetah, its benefits for the Ju-         Jan Johnson presented the Position State-
nior League of Savannah, and the manner          ments.
in which it has benefited other Leagues           Communications Council
throughout the country. There was discus-        Rebecca Hawkins discussed the new year-
sion among the members about the benefits         book. She encouraged members to contact
of Digital Cheetah. A motion was made and        her if they would like a paper copy of the
seconded to invest in Digital Cheetah. The       2006-2007yearbook.                               and requirements of Membership within our
motion passed with 128 for and 24 against.       Nominating Committee                             League. To help them better understand its
Finance Council                                  Sally Akins discussed and explained the          importance they were asked to take a survey
Stephanie Ritzert discussed the Thrift Sale      Willingness to Serve Forms and when they         on how they became Provisional Members
and presented a video highlighting some of       would be available. A copy of the form will      and how their experience has been so far.
the thrift sales in the past. Emily Cay talked   be available on the internet.                    Below we have listed some of the questions
about the upcoming Spanx promotion with          There being no old or new business, the          they were asked and their responses for ev-
JLS. If members shop online for Spanx dur-       meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.                 eryone to see.

                                                     Many Thanks!
ing the month of October, a percentage of
                                                                                                  1. What made you want to join the
The Concessions Committee would like to say a special thanks to everyone who graciously donated   Answer: Helping the community &
food for the JLS volunteers during the Thrift sale. We could not have done it without you!!!                 meeting people
                                                                                                  2. How did you hear about the League?
Applebees                        Dawg House Grill                Olive Garden
                                                                                                  Answer: Through Friends
Atlanta Bread Co.                Dominos Pizza                   Piggly Wiggly-Pooler
                                                                                                  3. How has your League experience been so
Bakers Pride                     Hardees                         Piggly Wiggly-Sandfly
Baldinos- Garden City            Hooters                         Papa Johns
                                                                                                  Answer: Fun!
Basils Pizza                     Johnnie Ganem                   Pizza Hut-Garden City
                                                                                                  4. Do you have friends or co-workers that
Baystreet Blues                  Johnny Harris                   Rude Rudys
                                                                                                     are interested in joining the League?
Bennigans                        Kolache Bakery-Pooler           Sams Club
                                                                                                  Answer: Yes
BoJangles                        Krispy Kreme                    Sophisticated Palate
                                                                                                  5. Would you prefer an in-League
Burger King- MLK Blvd            Kroger                          Sweet Leaf Cafe
                                                                                                     placement or community placement?
Carrabas                         Larry’s Giant Subs              Subway
                                                                                                  Answer: Community
Chick-Fil-A-Mall Blvd            Lips Pizza-Pooler               Texas Road House
                                                                                                  6. Name one word you associate with the
Chick-Fil-A-Pooler               Locos Deli                      The Exchange Tavern
Coastal Sail                     Lovezzolas-Pooler               Walmart-Pooler
                                                                                                  Answer: Community, Helping,
Coca Cola Co.                    Mellow Mushroom                 Wendys
Coldstone Creamery               Mrs. Wilkes                     Wild Wing Cafe
Dairy Queen-Garden City          Muthers BBQ-Garden City
                                                                                                  Spring Provisionals
Staying Connected                                                                                 We have our second provisional class com-
                                                                                                  ing up in the Spring! If you know someone
The Fall issue of Connected, the Association of Junior Leagues International quarterly news-
                                                                                                  who is interested in joining our League be
letter, is available online now. This newsletter is a valuable tool for communication. It lets
                                                                                                  sure to invite them to the January Member-
you know what your sister Leagues are doing and also provides news about ALJI initiatives.
                                                                                                  ship Meeting! Please email the names of
Let’s keep connected! We encourage you to distribute this newsletter to your members by
                                                                                                  your guests to:
email and by posting a link on your League website. Let’s keep members connected! To ac-
                                                                                         so that
cess the latest issue, Connected go to:
                                                                                                  she will be registered!

    November-December 2006                                                                            5
Placement 411                                     Legislative Affairs
Answering your Placement Ques-
tions concerning Volunteer Re-                    The Legislative Committee is excited to          cation of the many facets surrounding the
quirements and the Leave of                       kick off its work this year by first reaffirming     problem, encouraging that the judicial sys-
Absence Process                                   our stances. At our next membership meet-        tem continue to aid and support victims,
Submitted by: Lynn Stover,                        ing, we will vote on the position statements     supporting the reform of the
Placement Chair-Elect                             of the Junior League of Savannah which can       criminal justice system to expedite the legal
                                                  be found the yearbook located on our             process, and to encourage counseling and re-
What are my volunteer requirements as an          website. Here is a quick review...               habilitation to deal with specific offenders.
active member of the Junior League of Sa-         Aging: We will advocate to ensure that older     Environment: We will support the protec-
Our bylaws state: “Active members are re-         adults have the means to meet their physical,    tion of our natural resources.
sponsible for committing to volunteer service     intellectual, emotional, mental, social and      Historic Preservation: We will safeguard the
through the Placement Committee. Members          economic needs.                                  heritage of our community
are required to complete a minimum of 50          Children and Families: We will commit to         through research and advocacy for the preser-
hours annually for volunteer service place-       fighting problems facing today’s youth such       vation and appropriate use of historic struc-
ment.” (JLS Bylaws, Article III, Section 1B)      as reducing teen pregnancies, reducing the       tures. Revitalization and citizen enjoyment
Are you active with your placement assign-        infant mortality rate in our community, sup-     are our priorities for Downtown Savannah.
ment for this year? Have you met your place-
ment chair and other members of your com-         porting programs to help treat and prevent       Voluntarism: At the root of our beliefs, we
mittee?                                           substance abuse, and addressing essential        will strive to see that voluntarism remains
If your placement is not working for you as far   housing and education needs.                     effective in meeting the needs of our com-
as time and scheduling, or if you have ques-      Crime: We will work towards decreasing           munity.
tions/concerns regarding your placement,          crime by encouraging awareness and edu-
please contact Allison Newberry, Placement
or Lynn Stover, Placement Chair-Elect
(, to find a more
suitable placement opportunity for you.
                                                  Annual Audit
What is the procedure for requesting a leave      This past month we completed our annual          and disclosures in the financial statements,
of absence from the Junior League of Savan-       audit process with a presentation to the Board   an assessment of our accounting principals
nah?                                              of Directors by Joe Usher of Hancock Askew       and significant estimates, as well as an evalu-
The Bylaws state: “Any active member who          & Co. LLP. During the audit Hancock              ation of our overall financial positions. Our
cannot fulfill her placement obligations and/
or is unable to attend the required number of     Askew evaluated the League’s accounting re-      audit indicated a strong balance sheet with a
Membership Meetings may apply for a leave         cords to obtain assurance that our financial      7:1 ratio of assets to liabilities. A copy of the
of absence.                                       statements are free of material misstatement.    audit is always available in the VP Finance
(a) A member on leave is encouraged to            The audit included an examination of origi-      box at headquarters for your review.
      participate in as many League activities    nal documentation relating to the amounts
      as her circumstances allow.
(b) A member on leave is required to pay all
      financial obligations (annual dues and
      fundraising quotas). She is excused from
      volunteer placement, fund raising shift
      work, and Membership Meetings.
(c) The request for all leaves shall be submit
      ted in writing to the Placement Chair
      man one (1) month prior to the requested
      leave date. Leaves will be acted upon by
                                                     The Cheetah Spot
      the Membership Council and reported           The database safari has begun! Much has been accomplished with Digital Cheetah. After
      to the Board and committees.” (JLS By         approval at the September General Membership Meeting, our files were converted by
      -laws, Article III, Section 4)
How can the placement Committee assist              Digital Cheetah into useable formats for the web-based software. In addition, company
you in this process?                                         representatives met with committee chairs and other key League members over
From time to time, members find that their                                        a period of three days to begin the process of determining
circumstances warrant taking a leave of ab-                                           how the custom-developed database can best serve our
sence from JLS activities. If you need to take
a leave of absence, please remember that it is                                             League. The database will be up and running in
your responsibility to complete the Leave of                                                                 January, so watch The Cheetah
Absence Request Form (available by request                                                                    Spot for more information!
from JLS Headquarters or online at the JLS
website) and submit the form to the Place-
ment Chair.

    6                                                             November-December 2006
November 2006                                                                                               *Names denote member birthdays

     Sunday              Monday              Tuesday                Wednesday Thursday                            Friday              Saturday
                                                                     1                    2                   3                        4
                                                                                                                                          Isle of
                                                                                                                                      Hope Elementary
                                                                      Elizabeth Sams                           Christine Wright       Beverly Prickett

5                       6 JLS-HQ 10:00 am    7                       8                    9                  10                      11 Cane Grinding
                             Membership                                                                                                   Oatland Island
                           The First City
                              6:30 pm
      Melissa Byrd           Jamie Sumner                                                 Brittany DeMott                              Heather Burge
                                                                                                                                        Jan Johnson
    Marianna Barbrey         Maude Hinely                                Amanda Ware       Emily Johnson                              Carolyn Shervette

12                      13                  14                      15                   16                  17                       18
                          Communications     Finance Council            Community            Membership
                             Council          JLS-HQ 6:00 pm             Council              Council
                          JLS-HQ 6:00 pm                              JLS-HQ 6:00 pm       JLS-HQ 6:00 pm
                                                                                                               Emily Campbell
                                                                                                              Carrie Murray Nellis
                                            Stephanie McKeever                                                Julie Walsh-Elliott       Angela Hagan
                                                Kay Riley                Emily Dixon                           Shelley Wilkins          Paige Couper

19                      20                  21                      22                   23                  24                       25

    Jessica McClellan                                                                     Ginger Watson
      Estelle Morris      Connell Cannon         Starr Horn                               Debbie Hornsby          Katie Gillespie      Jennifer Smith

26                      27                  28                      29                   30
                           Board eeting
                          JLS-HQ 5:30 pm
                              Meeting        Annie Laurie Guerard                          Andrea Harris
                          JLS-HQ 6:30 pm      Karen Ruchalski                              Alycia Holmes
      Betsy Howard       Elizabeth DuBose      Cheryl Ducey                                 Ami Zipperer

December 2006
      Sunday                 Monday            Tuesday                Wednesday            Thursday                 Friday             Saturday
                                                                                                              1                       2
                                                                                                               Leslie Rae Cox
                                                                                                              Lauren McMillen           Anna Ruby

3                       4Chic boutique
                           Meeting          5                        6                   7                    8                       9
                                            Melinda Allen
                              event          Kathy Gitlin
                          5:30pm-8:30pm     Megan McGarty
                                            Melissa Francis              Emily Cay

10                      11                  12                      13                  14                   15                      16
                          Board Meeting                                                                                                       �   ����           �
                           17 Island Dr                                                                                                    ���                       �

                              6:30 pm
                              Meeting                                                                         Beth Concepcion
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      November-December 2006                                                                                            7
Endowment Fund                                                                                                           Contributors:
                                   Ensure the League of future generations
 Alive and Well                                                                                                         Lynn Brennan in honor of the
 November is American Diabetes Awareness Month                                                                         Provisionals “Red Team” for their
      Today, almost 21 million children and adults in the US have diabetes -- including 9.7 million women                     commitment to JLS.
 and almost one third of them do not know it. The burden of diabetes on women is unique, because the
 disease can affect both mothers and their unborn children. Diabetes can cause difficulties during pregnancy           Lynn Stover in honor of Dr. Donald
 such as a miscarriage or a baby born with birth defects. Women with diabetes are also more likely to have a       Gallup, Dr. James Burke and Dr. Snehal
 heart attack, and at a younger age, than women without diabetes.                                                     Bhoola of Savannah Gynecologic
      Diabetes is the fifth-deadliest disease in the United States, and it has no cure. Because of the increasing                 Oncology.
 lifespan of women and the rapid growth of minority populations, the number of women in the United States
 at high risk for diabetes and its complications is increasing.                                                    Stephanie Ritzert in memory of Ann Cyr.
 December 1st is AIDS World Day
      Almost half of the adults living with HIV and AIDS today are women. Over the past two years, the              Lizann Roberts in memory of Mrs. Bill
 number of women and girls infected with HIV has increased in every region of the world, with rates rising            Binns and in honor of Paige Case.
 particularly rapidly in Eastern Europe, Asia, and Latin America. In sub-Saharan Africa, women and girls
 already make up almost 60% of adults living with HIV.                                                               Laura Hassell in memory of Sima
      If you know anyone who is living with these serious issues, please consider honoring them by making a        Radetsky for Ovarian Cancer awareness
 contribution to the Junior League Endowment fund in their name.                                                                  month.

Use the form below and make your contribution TODAY!
Make checks payable & mail to: The Junior League of Savannah, Inc. Endowment Fund
P.O. Box 23545 • Savannah, GA 31403

I/We support the mission of The Junior League of Savannah and would like to contribute $_____ .
In memory of / In honor of _______________________________________                                            Levels of Giving:
                                                                                                              We are pleased to recognize donors who reach
On the Occasion of _____________________________________________                                              certain annual cumulative giving levels.
                                                                                                              All gifts are credited toward membership
Please send acknowledgement to: ___________________________________
                                                                                                              in one of the following giving circles:
Address _____________________ City ___________ State ___ Zip ______                                           Sponsor Circle          a gift of up to $500
                                                                                                              Patron Circle           a gift of $500 - $999
Contributed by: ________________________________________________                                              Benefactor Circle       a gift of $1,000 - $2,499
                                                                                                              Presidential Circle a gift of $2,500 - $4,999
Address _____________________ City ___________ State ___ Zip ______                                           Charter Circle          a gift of $5,000 and above

May we acknowledge your donation in League printed material?                        ❒ YES        ❒ NO

      Coastal Columns                                                                                                                   NON-PROFIT ORGN.
             from                                                                                                                           U.S. POSTAGE
the junior League of savannah                                                                                                                 PA I D
             P.O. Box 23545
                                                                                                                                          PERMIT NO. 468
        Savannah, Georgia 31403
                                                                                                                                           SAVANNAH, GA
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