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									American Legion                                Meetings: 2nd Saturday 10am                                         Office: 387-3373
Lakeshore Post 137                                                                                                Lounge: 387-1581
5443 San Juan Avenue                            Editor: Nora Marcantel, FALPA, NALPA
Jacksonville, FL. 32210                                                                     

                                                       COMMANDER’S REPORT
                         The Post 137 election of officers, for the coming year 2008-2009 is on Saturday, June 7th, between the
                         hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. While you are voting, take the time to think about the good of the Legion
                         and who will do the best job. Remember, the well being and future good of Post 137 depends on your vote!
        DENNIS           I was pleased to disclose the terms of the agreement with the JEA, which was formally approved at our May
      THOMPSON           General Assembly. The negotiations involved a permanent easement request by the JEA to accommodate
                         installation of a wastewater pipeline across the back of our property. This proposal included a 20’ X 568’
                         piece of Post property, with appraisals being obtained by both Post 137 and the JEA, which was somewhat
                         hectic and time consuming. The end result is that Post 137 was placed in a very favorable position from the
                         standpoint of a sizeable cash settlement as well as paving improvements here at our Post Home, with a total
                         value of approximately $154,000. I feel comfortable with what is being agreed to and wish to thank the
                         entire Executive Committee and the appointed Sub-Committee for their guidance and cooperation in this
                         matter. As a result of this project, the future of our Post now looks brighter than ever from the standpoint of
   Auxiliary President   the long term savings and working building funds for our own improvements.
                         The 2nd Annual Veterans Car Show held last month on Armed Forces Day was a resounding success. We
                         were able to raise considerable funds from the proceeds of car show entry fees, sale of t-shirts, food and
                         refreshments, as well as 50/50 drawings. All of the proceeds from the Car Show will be distributed for
                         Veterans Services on behalf of Post 137. Everyone involved in this event can be proud and I sincerely hope
                         the Annual Car Show event will continue to be successful for many years to come. Many thanks to the Car
                         Show Committee which consisted of Sammy Defranco, Barry Congressi and Ron Sorrels, for their hard
                         work and dedication to the project.
   S.A.L. Commander
   WM “BILL” KELLY       We were just below the 100% renewals mark set by the Department deadline of May 7 th; however, I have
                         every confidence we will surpass 100% by the time of the Department Convention in July. My thanks to
                         everyone for their time and effort in the membership campaign, particularly by our 1 st Vice, Eddie Dykes.

                         As many of you are by now aware, our 2 nd Vice, Danny Grant was recently hospitalized and underwent
                         heart surgery. Danny has always been very active in all functions here at Post 137 for as long as I can
      Chef de Gare
                         remember. As our Post Entertainment Chairman he has always done his absolute best in all aspects of
     JOHN KELLEY         being a “Legionnaire Extraordinaire”. He is by now well on his way to fully recuperating. I sincerely hope
                         that everyone will keep “Dancing Dan” and his lovely wife Vivian in you hearts and prayers for a speedy
                         recovery and return to Post 137.

                         Let’s continue to keep all of our Servicemen and Servicewomen in your hearts and prayers, wherever they
                         are in this Country’s War on Terrorism. They are being asked to do a very difficult job and are deserving of
                         out respect and support.

                         For GOD and Country
                         Dennis Thompson, Commander
Post elections will be held on Saturday, June 7, 2008 from 8 am until 5 pm in the Post Business Office. Make
sure you have your membership card. The ballot is as follows:
Commander:                    Fred Bergman
1st Vice Commander:           Gary Lafrance
                              Harvey Finn
2nd Vice Commander:           Dan Grant
3rd Vice Commander:           Barry Congressi
4th Vice Commander:           Lewis Gray
Finance Officer:              Myra Jowers
Chaplain:                     Tony Romano
Historian:                    Rick Wiggs
Sgt at Arms (vote for 2)      Ray Runyon
                              Jim Porterfield
Executive Committee           Bill Lomax              Terry Lee              Carl Jowers
   (vote for 5)               Jim Sisk                Bob Schupe             John Kelly
                              Tom Tercha              Norman Gentry          Larry Gilland
                              Emory Austin
Please come out and vote. Support the candidates of your choice. Absentee ballots are available until the day
before the election. Your request for an absentee ballot must be in writing and the ballot must be returned no
later than 5 pm on Friday, June 6, 2008.
Jerry Lepore, Judge Advocate, Post 137

                            POLL VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR JUNE 7, 2008

Per Post By-Laws, I am sending out a request for volunteers to serve as Poll Watchers. If you are running for
office, you are not eligible to serve. If you would like to spend a few hours as a Poll Watcher, please let me
know. I have a sign-up sheet in the lounge area. Please enter your name, contact phone number and the time
you can help.

I will also need volunteers to help count the ballots after the election is over. You may serve as both a Poll
Watcher and a Vote Counter.

I appreciate everyone that volunteers to help in these very important roles. If you cannot get to the Post to sign
up, contact the business office on Monday, Wednesday or Friday and leave your contact information.
Thank you, Jerry Lepore, Judge Advocate
       Sunday             Monday           Tuesday        Wednesday            Thursday                   Friday                  Saturday

1                    2 Rod & Pole     3 Steering      4                  5 Aux. Exe Mtg 6:30p   6    LEGION DINNER 7          Post Elections
    BREAKFAST        Mtg. – 7 p       Com - 6:30 p                         Gen. Mtg. 7:30p
                                                                                                         Steak                    8a – 5 p
      USMCCA                          Color Guard     KARAOKE
                      “Lite” Supper                                       V-304 Cheminot 7p             5:30 pm
    8:30a – 11 am                        7 pm         w/ Bill Scott                                                        Pool Side Hot
                         5:30 pm                                            Promenade 8p
                       USMCCA                           7:30 P                                                            Dogs 11:30 – 1:30
                                      DARTS                               For a Donation
                                                                                                      VICKI LEE
                          BINGO       Sign-up 7:00                          Bread Day                    8 p.m.           VICKI LEE
                          6:30pm      Play 7:30
                                                                                                                                  8 PM
8 BREAKFAST          9                10              11    Legion       12                     13    ROD & POLE          14 Leg Exe Mtg 9 am
    USMCCA                                            Riders Mtg. 7p     For a Donation              Steak Dinner              Gen Mtg 10 am
  8:30a – 11 am       “Lite” Supper
                         5:30 pm                      Dist. Boys State     Bread Day                   5:30 pm            Pool Side Hot Dogs
 Constitutional        USMCCA                            Orientation                                40/8 Grande-Cocoa
                                      DARTS                                                                                    11:30 – 1:30
  Conference                                          Moon Blg. 7:30p                                     Beach
                          BINGO       Sign-up 7:00                            S.A.L. Mtg                                  40/8 Grand-Cocoa Beach
   Post 250                                            KARAOKE
                          6:30pm      Play 7:30                                7:30 pm          PEGGY & HOSS
Registration 9am                                       w/ Bill Scott                                                      PEGGY &            HOSS
 Starts 10 a.m.                                           7:30 P
                                                                                                    8 pm                           8 pm
15                   16               17              18 Birthday        19                     20   LEGION RIDERS        21Pool Side Hot
    BREAKFAST                              Color           Covered                                   Steak Dinner         Dogs 11:30 – 1:30
                      “Lite” Supper
     Rod & Pole                            Guard            Dish         For a Donation                                   40/8 – Install Officers
                         5:30 pm                                                                       5:30 pm
    8:30a – 11 am                           7pm             7:30p          Bread Day                                           Rod & Pole
                                                                                                                              Offshore Trip
                         BINGO        DARTS           KARAOKE                                   GHOST RADIO
Happy Father’s
                         6:30pm       Sign-up 7:00    w/ Bill Scott                                       8 PM             GHOST RADIO
 Day “Dads”                           Play 7:30         7:30 P                                                                     8 PM
22                   23               24              25                 26                     27                        28
BREAKFAST                                                                                       CHILDREN & YOUTH            Dist Boys Stater’s
Ray’s Outlaws         “Lite” Supper                   KARAOKE            For a Donation         Steak Dinner 5:30p            – Arrive Noon
 Rod & Pole              5:30 pm                      w/ Bill Scott        Bread Day                   V.A.V.S. Visit     Commander’s Post
8:30a – 11 am          USMCCA                           7:30 P                                       Lake City – 4:30 P   Awards – 2 pm
     District Boys                    DARTS                                                          JIM CRAFT
    Stater’s Leave       BINGO                                                                                                 JIM CRAFT
                                      Sign-up 7:00                                                        8 PM
      6:15 a.m.          6:30pm       Play 7:30                                                                                   8 PM
29                   30
    BREAKFAST         “Lite” Supper
    Legion Riders        5:30 pm
    8:30a – 11 am      USMCCA                        June 2008
                         BINGO               Happy Father’s Day
Auxiliary - Thursday, June 5 , 7:30 p.m., during the general meeting.
Post 137 Legion - Saturday June 7 , 8 am-5 p.m. in the office.

                   CAME FROM GOD,
                   I CALL HIM DAD.              “HAPPY FATHER’S DAY, DADS”.
June is Boys State Month and Post 137 is hosting the 5th District Orientation in the Moon Bldg on June 11th at 7:30 PM.

June 22nd Ray’s Outlaws will prepare a buffet style breakfast for the boys very early in the a.m. prior to their departure at
6:15 am for Tallahassee. Good Luck to All.

June 28th the young men will return to post 137 from Tallahassee at noon.

June 21st the Rod n’ Pole Benders will be fishing offshore, maybe a fish fry follows????

To all the new members, “want to fit in and look like you have been around a long time”???…See Jim Porterfield, he can
tune you in on all the hats, shirts, and American Legion Paraphernalia. You will be seeking Emblem Sales or ask Sarah
in the office.
FOR THE FAMILY On Saturdays, during June, bring the kids, and let them enjoy a “FAMILY DAY AT THE POOL”. The
USMCCA will be serving grilled Hotdogs with all the trimmings, (chili, slaw, chips etc) from 11 am – 1:30 p.m. at the
SCREEN ROOM. Mom Dad let us cook for you and you just relax. We will be LOOKING FOR YOU !!
June 8th Constitutional Conference Fifth District will be held in Middleburg at Post 250. Registration starts at 9 am and the
Conference starts at 10 am. This is also the time for your District officers to be elected.

BINGO PLAYERS a survey was taken during May to find out what you like for your “Lite Supper” on Monday nights.
Please reply to the survey as your likes and dislikes are very important to the people who are cooking for you. Surveys
are collected at Bingo.

Everyone School is out in June. Please be careful and watch out for the children. Remember they are Children not
grown-ups. They play and forget to look out.

Happy Birthday to everyone born from May 22nd to June 21st. You are Gemini- the twins. You have two distinct sides to
your personality. You know where you stand, at lease for the moment. Happy Birthday, Dennis G.

Get well soon: We have on our list Danny G. and Roger M. ...You are both missed and we need you to mend soon. It is
wonderful to see that Sylvia G, Ron H. and Donna S. are all at home and doing well. To all that are sick, your loved ones
need you well, as do your friends at the Post. Editor
    At the May 10th meeting Membership Chairman Eddie                   above named volunteers, for taking the time, month after month, to
Dykes reported the following. During the month 15 new and               make our V.A.V.S. program a success.. Remember if you can’t make
transfer members joined Post 137. Of those members 3 were               our monthly visit with us, you can help in other ways. You can donate
                                                                        money, or items such as books, magazines, puzzles, clothing, etc or
present at the meeting and were welcomed into Post 137, Art
                                                                        support our program or support our program by just buying a meal
Belisle, Eric Coleman and Tom Parker. Legionnaires we hope
                                                                        during one of our fund raising dinners at the post.
you continue to attend our monthly meeting and become                       We departed post 137 at 4:30 pm and arrived in Lake City at
involved in a program or two. At this meeting membership was            5:30 pm. We had dinner at Beef O’ Brady’s Restaurant.
reported to be at 1511.                                                     We started BINGO at 7 pm “Thank You” Joe Kohten for doing
Editor ( for Eddie Dykes )                                              a good job calling BINGO). We gave out $100.00 in coupon books
                                                                        to the BINGO Winners.
2ND VICE REPORT:                                                            Refreshments were served at the close of the BINGO Games by
Dear Danny,                                                             post 137 Auxiliary and 40/8 Cabane 304.
    Everyone at the Post Home would like to wish you a very
speedy recovery. You are missed by all of your friends and co-             The following is a breakdown of the money spent and credits
legionnaires. Not a day goes by, that someone does not, ask how         given to our organization for April 25th.
is Danny? When is he coming home? Rest easy and take care.              Refreshments $72.00, to Aux. Unit 137 $36.00 & to Cabane 304
Editor                                                                  $36.00.
                                                                        Coupon Books $100.00, Phone Cards $8,000.00,
                                                                        TOTAL CREDIT $8,172.00, TOTAL Hours 45,
3RD VICE REPORT:                                                        TOTAL MILES 1,089. GAS ALLOWANCE $80.00.
    Happy June everyone! This is when we start a new year with
a new commander and some new officers. The last two years                   The following is the Post 137 Annual Report from May, 2007
were a lot of work but very productive. I, for one, believe that        through April, 2008
the next year will be a continuation of the good work already           1. Total hours: 690          2. Total miles: 16,698
done.                                                                   3. Coupon books: $1,000 4. Refreshments: $690.00
    Children and Youth will host the Legion Dinner for Danny            5. Items donated: Books/ Magazines, D.V.D.’s, V.H.S. tapes,
Grant on the first Friday of each month until he is able to take        Phone cards, Clothing, etc., $32,857.00.
over again. I’m sure you all know he has been pretty sick, as of        6. Total dollar credit $34,547.00
late. We will host the Legion dinner on the 6th for him and C&Y
will host the dinner on the 27th: Rib eye steaks on both                    A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to Billy Bob for his large
occasions. Don’t forget bingo on Mondays, darts on Tuesdays,            donation of phone cards, they really added up in a hurry, and to
karaoke on Wednesday bowling and bread day on Thursday                  Benny Combs, V-304 post 88 for his donation of $150.00- proceeds
and, dinner and music on Friday. The Tiki is open. Let’s have           from the quilt raffle on April 19, 08. Benny donated the quilt back
fun and support the best legion in Florida, Post 137!!!!!               to us so we can raffle it again. All proceeds will go to the V.A.V.S.
For God and Country, Barry Congressi
                                                                             Our next visit to the Lake City V.A. Hospital will be June 27,
                                                                        2008. We depart Post 137 at 4:30 pm. If you have books,
4TH VICE REPORT:                                                        magazines or other items to donate, please mark V.A.V.S. and drop
    On April 25,08 members of post 137 and 40/8 made our monthly        off at post 137. Remember, it is up to us as veterans to, take care of
visit to Lake City V.A. hospital. The following members participated:   veterans.
Lewis & Ann Gray, Joe & Patsy Kohten, Dale Prewitt, Carl & Myra         Yours in service, Lewis Gray
Jowers, Al & Josie Sciarratta. Thanks again, goes out to the
Our Thursday “Bread Day” program has been re-established here at our Post Home. Many of our members take
advantage of this program and I am delighted to see their participation. This project is the result of the hard
work and dedication of two Legionnaires who spend their time and efforts in seeing that bread products and in
some instances produce is provided to those who wish to partake of it. I am of course talking about J. W. and
Stanley who do this on a weekly basis at no expense to the Post.

Please continue to enjoy this program! I urge each and everyone who can to make a donation in the box
provided, in order to help cover some of the personal expense incurred by these Legionnaires in procuring and
transporting the goods to the Post.
Dennis Thompson, Commander


       During the month of April the
   Patriot Guard was very active.
   Unfortunately most missions were
   for funerals.
       However, on April 28th there
   was a Welcome Home ceremony
   for 35 members of the Florida Air
   National Guard. The ceremony
   was held on the FANG base at
   Jacksonville International Airport.
   Seven members of the PGR were
   able to come out and show support
   for these returning troops.
       Members of American Legion
   Post 137 were present along with
   the American Legion Riders
   Chapter 137.

       Welcome Home, Airmen.

   Rick Wiggs
The crazy weather has taken a turn and Summer has arrived. In April, Post 137 held a Luau. A lot of people
came out danced, ate, swam and had a good time. Some grass skirts were there, but there was a lot of doubt
about the ones wearing them. If you weren't there, you missed a good time, good food and friends.

The new Digital History Picture Frame is now on display. Digital is the way of the future and the future has
arrived at Post 137. Pictures of an entire year can be kept in an area less than 2 square inches. There is an
internal memory so that when a card is not being used, pictures of Post 137 will play.

I still have to figure out how to set up the memory (and a couple of other things), but when I do nearly 300
pictures will be stored for constant play. This display is unique and should be the first of its kind. Bulky photo
albums are dead. Come to your Post and see for yourself.
For GOD and Country, Rick Wiggs

What can you say except the marines mission has been accomplished!
On behalf of the USMCCA Officers and Boosters it was an honor to help such a fine young lady who has
proved she has a big heart and truly cares about helping the veterans and now has shown her willingness to help
others as well. With a “can do it attitude”, our own Honorary Dept of Fl. Jr. President, Miss Nola Marcantel, ask
for our support in helping her to raise funds for the “All Children’s Hospital Fund”. We gladly accepted.

Funds raised were:

    N. Florida Shipyards, Administration and Employees $260.00, Cross State Towing, Captains Butler
    and Cowart $40.00, American Harbor & Docking Pilots $50.00, Crowley Shipping Lines $50.00,
    Great American Advertising $50.00, FCCS Beta Club,$50.00, Ron Henningfeld $50.00, Home Post
    137 $25.00 plus postage, SAL Sqdn 137 $25.00, Rod & Pole Benders $231.00, A.L. Riders Chapter
    137 $740.00, Aux. Unit 137 $10.00, USMCCA $1,553.00, and balance of funds $2,366.00 from
    around the State of Fl. Posts, Units & SAL Sqdn’s. An additional $150.00 has been added to the State

With Nola’s “we can do it attitude” and the support units help, she made in contributions to the Dept of FL.
President, Linda Teasley’s Project, All Children’s Hospital Foundation the amount of $5,650.00.

Mrs Teasley indicated that each Lactation room cost approximately $10,000. She thinks that with this
contribution Dept. of Fl. may have enough to fund two rooms for the hospital. A Special Thank You to Mrs
Teasley for her support of this project.

It would be fitting to give a Hand Salute with a “Good, Job” added, to all who made it happen. “Semper Fi”.
For GOD, Country and Corps, Dennis Glisson, President
Grande 13, 14, 15. By the time you receive this Bugler I am sure you will be thinking what do I need to pack,
to go to Grande. I seem to pack the whole house and still forget something.
See you all there and I am sure we will all have a great time as usual.
Please Don’t forget! We will have installation of officers on June 21st.

Merci, Sandra Gentry, La Présidente

Merci, to our Dames and Voyageurs for V-304’s great turn out for our Grand Chef’s Homecoming.
Remember the Grande Promenade on the 13th, 14th, and 15th of June at Cocoa Beach.
Welcome and Congratulations to Ron Garland, our new Chef de Gare. Installations of our Officers will be 21
June. Social hour at 6:30 pm, dinner at 7 pm and installations at 8 pm. See you there.
Merci to Lewis G., Bill L. and Norman G. for the super job on
the kitchen. You guys are great. Now I wish to Thank each and
everyone for your support this past year. I think we have                 Are you 62 years old or more
accomplished some good things. Don’t let up because more                    and own your own home?
needs to be done. It has really been an honor to serve as your               Would you like to pay off
Chef de Gare. I will always cherish it.                                        your existing debts?
                                                                             Would you like additional
Yours in Service,                                                                monthly income?
John Kelley, Chef de Gare                                                   With a Reverse Mortgage
                                                                       Your current mortgage is paid and
JAGUAR FANS                                                                      You can receive
                                                                          a lump sum cash payment or
Ride the bus with us! A meeting will be held at the Post at 7:30           You can receive additional
p.m. on Wednesday June 25th for the Post 137 Jaguar Bus.                    Monthly income for life or
This will be the 14th year that we have chartered a bus to take us    You can receive a Line of credit and
from the Post to the game and back again. It is the best way to             With a reverse mortgage
                                                                        your payments are tax free and
go! We tailgate and have extra game day activities on the bus.
                                                                     You pay back “nothing” as long as you
If you are interested in riding with us, please be at the meeting.            live in the home and
If you would like to ride but can't make the meeting, contact          The home remains in your name.
Jerry Lepore or leave a message in the office. GO JAGS!
                                                                     For information on Reverse
                                                                     Mortgages and other loan services,
                                                                     call Fred Bergman (904) 505-4260
                                           CHAPLAIN’S REPORT 
     Hope all of our post mothers had a wonderful Mother’s Day. You are very special people and it is always a pleasure to
recognize you on your special day. Don’t fret Dads. Your pampering day is coming soon. Wishing you a HAPPY FATHER’S
DAY now.
     Our Post is looking better each day as improvements are being made regularly.
     Thanks to our House Committee, Tom, Ray, Bob and Barry. These guys voluntarily give their time and are always willing
to be of service wherever it is needed. When you see them, give them a word of thanks for the hard work they have put forth to
make our post look great.
     Thanks again for your support of our on-going projects. The 2nd Annual Car Show went off very well and the money raised
will go to a great cause.
     I would like to mention another project that is going on. The post has sandwiches on sale, each day at the bar. Thanks to
Ann, Debbie and Bill for their efforts in preparing these sandwiches. All money raised goes into the S A L fund, which
eventually goes to support our legion programs. Your support of this project would be appreciated.
     It is my sad duty to inform our members of the following legionnaires who have transferred to POST EVERLASTING.


Please keep these legionnaires and their families in your thoughts and prayers, and our sick and disabled.
For GOD and Country, Gene Odom

We held our regular monthly meeting on May 1st, 2008. Since 1st Vice Sue Rewis was a little under the weather, Secretary
Anita Lee read in the new members and they were voted on and accepted bringing our total to 92.13 %

Hon. Dept. Junior President Nola Marcantel made a request for a $10.00 donation to her project (All Children Hospital),
motion was made and carried.

Vera Stevens has not completed her report on the annual Firemen & Policemen dinner. The S.A.L. presented the Unit with a
check for $100.00 donation toward the expenses. We do know that we served approximately 520. This project keeps growing
every year and these guys are very appreciative. Good job Vera.

We held our annual Unit 137 Memorial Service for our departed members with myself, Chaplain Nora and Nola Marcantel,
participating; as always, our Chaplain presented a beautiful Service.
Emma La France stepped up to do our dinner on May 23rd. Thanks Emma.
Ray Runyan is taking over the Mothers Day breakfast for us. Much thanks to Ray, this is what we mean by Legion Family!!

Don’t forget our election will be held at the next meeting June 5th. If anyone would like to hold an office, please contact one of
our nominating Committee, Vera Stevens, Sue Rewis, or Nora Marcantel. We desperately need someone for 2nd Vice. We also
are planning to join with the Legion on June 28th to present our awards.
We mailed out approximately 2000 poppy letters. When the Editor mailed the monthly Bugler for May she also mailed out
approximately 2000 Poppy letters. Donations are really coming in. Thank you for your help.

For God & Country, Unit 137 President, Jeri West
                                            Sons of the American Legion
                                             Lakeshore Squadron 137
                                       Meeting Thursday, June 12th @ 7:30PM

This is the Last Report of the Legion Year for 2007-2008. The Legion Year runs from July 1st to June 30th so let’s recap
the year. Your Sons Membership should end the year at about 105% approximately 265 members, the 2nd Largest
Squadron in the Detachment of Florida. The Squadron has raised and given away well over $3000.00 to Legion Charities
such as Children & Youth Foundation CMN, Special Olympics, Legion Baseball, Shooting, Boys State, VAVS, NEF,
Police & Fire Dinner, and Ronald Mc Donald House. Thank you to all the Squadron Officers, Squadron members, Legion
Members and Auxiliary Members, who gave their time, effort, and money to make our Squadron the pride of Florida. Job
Well Done!

At the May meeting the Squadron officers and membership authorized the proceeds of the St. Patrick’s Day Dinner,
$250.00 to be sent to the American Legion Legacy Foundation, for those who are not familiar with this Charity it supports
a college scholarship program for the child of our military who’s parents have been KIA in the War on Terrorism. This is
a relatively new Legion Charity and I hope everyone of Legion Family Organizations get behind it, like us.

Nominations and Election of Officers will take place at the Meeting June 12th at 7:30. Please turn out and support your
Squadron, Remember your membership was granted to you by your Fathers/parents service at a time of war, show the
respect that that deserves. Participate.

Last but not least, with the end of the Legion Year Post 137 will be Welcoming in a New Post Commander, but saying
farewell to our Present Commander Dennis Thompson. Dennis has to be one of the hardest working Post Commanders
and did it to the best of his ability, thru good times and bad, through sickness and health, his utmost to better this Post.
Whether, it was Legion, Club, or any other Legion Family Activities he was there doing his best to see everything went
well. To you Commander Thompson a hardy “who raw”, A BIG Thank YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE!

For GOD, Country and Our Legion Family,
Bill Kelly, Squadron Commander

JOB SEEKERS             “ LOOK”          LOCAL JOB FAIRS

CAREER MARKETPLACE: June 10TH - FCCJ Downtown Campus
  Advanced Technology Center, Room T-140 and T-141
   401 W. State St. - Jacksonville, FL 32202
  Info call (904) 798-9229 ext. 2212 9 AM – 12:30 PM
MILITARY STARS CAREER EXPO: June 12TH - Morocco Shrine Auditorium
 3800 St Johns Bluff Road, Jacksonville, FL. 32245
 Info call (904) 684-0133 ext. 193 11 AM – 4 PM
CIVILIAN JOBS . com, JOB FAIR: June 26TH - Morocco Shrine Auditorium
  3800 St. Johns Bluff Road, Jacksonville, FL. 32245
  Info call (904) 801-4418 10 AM – 2 PM
  Pre register online at www.Civilian and you will have a chance to win an Apple iPod Shuffle to be
  given away at the job fair.
                                    Club Managers Report
May 7, 2008
Revenue for April 41,770.21 Expenses 35,153.98

Net profit 6,616.23

YTD. 12604.22
                 Monthly Transfer $3,000.
                 YTD. Transferred 6,000.

Shortages/Lottery 200.00 4-23-08
NSF’s Feb/Mar. 6 total 3 collected. Recommendation
Sams Club Plus Card Recommendation
Priorities for Operations
    1. New registers for Club
    2. Cameras
    3. New Computer for Club Mgr.
    4. Club Mgrs. Office Remodeled

Serving Veterans Daily,
Bill Kelly

                                               JEROME (JERRY) CROLEY, JR.
                                            REALTOR® /BROKER - SALES PERSON
                                                           DO YOU KNOW SOMEONE WHO IS
                                      COLDWELL             THINKING OF BUYING, SELLING OR
      HAVING A GET-                    BANKER              RELOCATING?
                                                              ANY CITY, ANY STATE, I CAN HELP!
         SPACE?                     WALTER WILLIAMS
    Contact: Mr. Bill Lomax            REALTY INC.
         for information            6983-5 103 rd Street
        about the use of            Jacksonville, FL 32210
                                    (904) 703-4616 DIRECT
      the “MOON BLDG”               (877) 482-4575 TOLL FREE
    or “La Chateau et 40/8”
        CALL: 778-2116              Please visit my web site:
                                              American Legion Post 137
                                                                       Veterans of Foreign Wars
                                    Loyal Order of Moose                 Fleet Reserve Assoc.

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