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					SMU MBA

Preparing you for the Real World














Conducted in Singapore,
the SMU MBA prepares you for
the jungle out there.
    TO THE

If you value learning about how to think, decide and act        We also provide career services and development skills at the
in a complex and dynamic management environment,                outset that direct our MBA students towards the identification
I recommend that you consider the SMU MBA. Its                  of their professional interests so they are prepared for their
innovative curriculum balances learning about leadership        long-term management careers.
and communication skills with strong management
                                                                Our MBA programme is distinctive. First, it emphasises
fundamentals, analytic and creative thinking, action learning
                                                                leadership, creativity and communication skills. Such
and hands-on experience.
                                                                expertise is highly valued by companies, even though it
The SMU MBA encompasses the latest management                   receives limited focus in other MBA programmes. Second,
ideas and research coupled with proven approaches               fundamental finance, accounting and analytical concepts
in management education. Our distinguished faculty              are studied thoroughly prior to starting the programme in
comprises senior academics and industry experts who             order to provide a solid grounding in basic concepts. This
are familiar with the most current business concepts and        ensures richer in-class discussion and a strong platform for
are passionate about teaching. We are also committed to         starting the accelerated MBA. Finally, our service-oriented
creating opportunities for participants to interact with top    focus ensures that participants receive excellent individual
business leaders at our vibrant campus in Singapore’s city      attention and a stimulating learning environment from our
centre. The ties between the business and management            world-class administration, faculty and Career Services team.
community and SMU are extensive and growing. Our MBA
                                                                I strongly encourage you to join our programme and the
participants will have constant access to the strong business
                                                                exciting SMU community. You should find it distinctive,
network we have built.
                                                                different and extremely rewarding. You will definitely
The part-time and full-time programmes are designed to          gain both breadth and depth in our holistic approach to
train participants in leadership and management so they         management education.
can effectively lead teams and manage organisations
right after they graduate. Although we offer a general
management curriculum, participants can tailor the MBA          Professor Howard Thomas
to their interests through our elective courses by choosing     Dean
nearly half of their courses and participating in sector        Lee Kong Chian School of Business
focused activities.                                             Singapore Management University


    Singapore Management University is breaking new ground in the
    tertiary education landscape of Singapore. Since its incorporation
    in 2000, SMU’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
    have produced business leaders and creative entrepreneurs
    capable of excelling in our rapidly changing world. Its educational
    and administrative practices are modelled on world-class
    institutions, in particular the Wharton School of the University of
    Pennsylvania, which has played a key role in SMU’s development.

    SMU remains Singapore’s only national university focused on
    providing broad-based business education. Today, SMU is home
    to more than 7,000 students and has 6 schools – School of
    Accountancy, the Lee Kong Chian School of Business, School of
    Economics, School of Information Systems, School of Law, and
    School of Social Sciences – as well as 19 institutes and centres
    of excellence. Within a few short years, SMU has achieved wide
    recognition and respect in Singapore, Asia and beyond.

      7,000 Students
6 Prestigious Schools
               School of Accountancy
   Lee Kong Chian School of Business
                 School of Economics
        School of Information Systems
                        School of Law
            School of Social Sciences

            19 Institutes


Building on this momentum, the Lee Kong Chian School            practitioners selected from close to 300 faculty across SMU’s
of Business is rapidly establishing its credentials as one of   6 schools. SMU actively engages the business community
Asia’s top business schools. Established in 2008, the SMU       as recruiters, board members, donors, research partners
MBA values quality over quantity. Our selective approach        and guest lecturers. We have built relationships with over
ensures you receive unparalleled attention throughout           700 businesses, providing an unmatched connection to the
the programme. Courses are taught by professors and             business communities of Singapore and Asia.

 4                                                              700 300
                  Top 100 World Rankings of
                  Business Schools based on
                  Research Contribution 2006 – 2010
                  (University of Texas, Dallas)
                                                                 Business Recruiters                    Faculty across SMU’s 6 Schools

    SMU MBA?
    Asia is booming and many of the jobs
    created today are in Asia. Singapore
    has a vibrant economy with a low
    unemployment rate of around 2%.
    It is a cosmopolitan city where a third
    of the population are international.
    With lower tuition fees than Western
    schools, studying in Singapore gives you
    an affordable education, better career
    prospects and ultimately, a faster ROI on
    your MBA investments.

“The quality of education received from
 the SMU MBA programme is superb.
 The academic professors provide a
 solid theoretical foundation of business
 concepts. This complements the
 teachings of the practice professors
 and lecturers who have considerable
 real world working experience. As a
 result, we have a holistic view of
 business. When combined with the
 hard and soft skill courses, we
 are ready for challenges and
 Alice Chu, USA
 Class of 2011

    SMU is Singapore’s national business university and           Seminar-style teaching led by world-class faculty and
    is known for delivering a top-quality business                industry experts ensures you acquire the soft and hard skills
    management education.                                         necessary to be a business leader.

    Established by the Singapore Ministry of Education, SMU is    SMU has built relationships with over 700 businesses
    modelled after the Wharton School, which differentiates it    in Singapore and beyond. This enables SMU to engage
    from other Singapore universities.                            outstanding leaders from the business community to
                                                                  share their industry expertise and hands-on management
    In addition to a traditional hard skills component, the SMU   experience through regular industry talks and events to
    MBA programme offers a unique soft skills element with        enable you to develop a deep understanding of Asia’s
    leadership and communication as the defining qualities        key growth industries and their impact on an increasingly
    of the programme – qualities frequently cited as the most     complex global market.
    valuable skill sought by companies and often overlooked in
    other MBA curricula.                                          A smaller class size gives you privileged opportunities to
                                                                  form enduring relationships with your classmates and
    Combining proven methodologies from leading global            professors. Through one-on-one interaction with our
    programmes with the most up-to-date business concepts         academics, industry experts and Career Services team,
    and research, SMU MBA offers a real-world curriculum with     you also benefit from the intensive coaching and individual
    an Asian perspective.                                         attention that high calibre leadership development demands.

           “I chose to pursue my MBA
     education in Singapore because
     it is Asia’s business hub and the
  Singapore economy built on strong
      fundamentals, has always been
   among the first to recover from an
  economic recession. Being able to
learn in a multi-cultural environment
          in SMU further broadens my
       perspective of the fast-evolving
     business world. With many SMU
  MBA graduates accepted into good
 positions in reputable organisations,
   SMU has gained prominence as a
brand-name business school among
   corporate recruiters. Indeed I can
    see the ‘ROI’ from my SMU MBA
                 experience faster than
                       anywhere else.”

              Teewin Tientongtip, Thailand
                            Class of 2011

     An Accelerated Programme
     Choose from two programme structures: an 18-month
     part-time or a 12-month full-time MBA. Designed to
     minimise your time away from the workforce, so you can
     recoup your investment sooner, both programmes offer the
     skills and training you need to make an impact as a leader or
     entrepreneur in the global economy.

          Part-time                     Full-time

        18 12              -month
           Programme Structure
                                         Programme Structure

     A Unique Learning Experience
     By drawing the best and brightest together, the SMU
     MBA provides an international learning experience. Our
     student body is a melting pot of knowledge, perspectives
     and nationalities. Lively in-class discussions and active
     engagement form a key component of your MBA
     experience and give you an opportunity to learn together
     and from each other.

     SMU’s state-of-the-art city campus is located at the centre
     of Singapore – a world capital that embodies the dynamic
     spirit of Asia. Offering a wealth of amenities and services,
     the SMU campus is surrounded by cultural institutions,
     cafes, restaurants and entertainment hotspots that
     promises an enriching life outside the classroom.

“ The SMU MBA is a unique programme
  that balances soft skills with hard skills.
  This has changed my perspective on doing
  business, especially after taking a few
  courses on Corporate Social Responsibility
  (CSR). In the real world of business, it is
  not just about meeting your bottom-line.
  Forward-looking corporations adopt the
  theme of ‘doing good while doing well’,
  and this has been one of my motivations
  to join Unilever and pursue my current
  work in responsible sourcing. With greater
  awareness of CSR, corporations are
  redefining the way they do business.
  Hard skills will only carry corporations
  so far, but soft skills will go a long
  way towards helping corporations
  meet their bottom-lines and stay
  ahead of competition.”
 Venus Wei Nasi, China
 Class of 2009
 Capabilities Manager
 Unilever Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore

     Life at SMU is enriching in many ways. Our students             hands-on management experience. The interactive nature
     benefit from unrivalled access to senior academics and          of the SMU MBA and its relatively small class size ensures
     highly respected industry practitioners. We also attract        you will receive intensive coaching and individual attention
     accomplished, motivated individuals from across the region,     throughout the programme.
     creating a student body with diverse cultural, educational
     and industry backgrounds.                                       In addition, participants are given constant opportunities
                                                                     to interact with top business leaders and acquire a better
     Access to World-class Expertise                                 understanding of developments in a variety of industries by
                                                                     visiting our corporate partners. The extensive ties between
     The SMU MBA is taught by senior academics selected
                                                                     SMU and the business community are constantly expanding.
     from SMU’s 6 schools. Well versed in current business
                                                                     Through our MBA programme, participants have privileged
     concepts and among the leading experts in their field,
                                                                     access to the vast business network we have built over the
     our distinguished faculty earned their qualifications at
                                                                     last decade.
     established international institutions, and bring a wealth of
     research, teaching and professional experience from Asia        For more on our outstanding faculty, please visit
     and beyond. We also engage outstanding leaders from the
     business community to share their industry expertise and

57                  %
International Faculty
                                93                     %
                        Faculty with PhDs from Overseas Universities


The Advisory Board to the Lee Kong Chian School of Business plays an active role in the lives of our MBA participants.
Comprising some of Singapore’s top business leaders, the board offers invaluable advice on curriculum development,
internships, scholarships, exchange programmes, and employment of the School’s graduates.

Ms Jeanette Wong                             Mr Boris F J Collardi                      Prof Ivy Ng
(Chairperson)                                Chief Executive Officer                    Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Group Executive                              Bank Julius Baer & Co Ltd                  Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd
Institutional Banking Group                                                             (SingHealth)
                                             Mr David Conner
DBS Bank Limited                                                                        Chief Executive Officer
                                             Chief Executive Officer & Director
                                                                                        KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital
Mr Jonathan Auerbach                         Oversea-Chinese Banking
Managing Partner                             Corporation Limited                        Mr Ronald Ong
McKinsey & Company                                                                      Managing Director/Chairman/CEO
                                             Ms Maureen Derooij
Southeast Asia                                                                          SE Asia
                                             Group Chief Operating Officer
                                                                                        Morgan Stanley
Dr Beh Swan Gin                              Organisation and Client Coverage
Managing Director                            Wholesale Banking                          Mr Girija Pande
Economic Development Board                   Standard Chartered Bank                    Chairman, Asia Pacific
(Government of Singapore)                                                               Tata Consultancy Services
                                             Mr Fermin Diez
Mr Vicky Bindra                              Senior Partner,                            Mr Pradeep Pant
President                                    Regional Business Leader,                  President, Asia Pacific
Asia/Pacific, Middle East & Africa           Asia Pacific Human Capital                 Kraft Foods
MasterCard Worldwide                         Mercer (Singapore) Pte Ltd
                                                                                        Mr Michael del Prado
Mr Chay Yee Meng                             Mr Gay Chee Cheong                         Company Group Chairman
Chairman & Group CEO                         Director                                   Johnson & Johnson Medical
InfoWave Pte Ltd                             Hyflux Limited                             Asia Pacific
Mr Chong Lit Cheong                                                                     Mr Ron Sim
                                             Radcliffe Invertron Pte Ltd
Chief Executive Officer - designate                                                     Founder and CEO
CapitaLand Commercial Limited                Mr Edmund Lin                              OSIM International Ltd
                                             Senior Partner & Director
Mr Bill Chua Teck Huat
                                             Bain & Company
Managing Director &
Head Global Financial Institutions Group
United Overseas Bank Ltd

           “It is such an exciting learning
              experience here at the SMU
       MBA as there is a high degree of
       continuous intellectual challenge
              throughout the programme.
      The balance and dynamics of the
          learning experience, which not
     only focuses on hard skills but also
               on soft skills, interested me
         the most. The lively discussions
                  and lectures given by the
     world-class faculty are so engaging
         and impressive. The SMU MBA
     meets my goal of strengthening my
     business knowledge by giving me a
      business perspective with breadth
      and depth. No matter what career
        choice I make later on, I believe
          the knowledge and experience
       acquired will shape me as a well-
        rounded business professional.”

                  Josephine Nicole, Indonesia
                               Class of 2011


Many organisations in Singapore and Asia look to SMU when        Within the first month of induction, you will work with a
they are seeking to attract new talent. Career Services works    panel of career coaches and OCS to develop job search
with our MBA participants to map their career development        strategies. Whether you are looking for a career change,
and opens up new opportunities in targeted industries.           seeking to acquire new business knowledge to augment
Singapore’s first university to focus exclusively on business    your professional skills, or expand the depth of your
education, SMU has fostered unmatched connections with the       expertise, help is available.
business community in Singapore and throughout the region.
                                                                 Learning By Doing
Tailored Career Coaching for
                                                                 Through OCS’ structured internship programme, you will
Every Participant                                                gain exposure to the corporate and business worlds, and
The SMU MBA programme works closely with the Office              test out your career aspirations in your industry or function
of Career Services (OCS) to provide individual attention to      of choice. You will leverage on OCS’ extensive network of
every MBA student. We facilitate a comprehensive career          contacts to build your own networks in targeted industries.
management programme to help you make informed career
                                                                 SMU provides unrivalled access to the business
decisions. Throughout the year, OCS organises on-campus
                                                                 community, having forged close ties with over 700 business
recruitment talks, industry talks, networking events, training
                                                                 recruiters. This network extends from Singapore to the
and development programmes, and company visits to help
                                                                 region, and around the world.
you keep abreast of developments in various industries.

     The part-time programme is designed for working                               one at the start of the programme and one the following
     professionals. Core classes are taught Monday and Tuesday                     year. Elective classes take place during weekday evenings
     evenings (7–10pm) during the first 10 months. There will                      and weekends for the final 8 months. Our participants find
     also be two full-week sessions (Mon–Sat, 8:30am–7pm),                         this format ideal, as it attracts committed classmates and
                                                                                   enables them to complete their MBA in a much shorter time.

      MAY          JUN             JUL              AUG      to    APR                                              MAY      to    DEC

         Pre-study*                                  Core Subjects (11)                                    Electives of Participant’s Choice (10)

                                                                          Career Guidance & Personal Development

                                                Sector Focus Activities (Entrepreneurship & Family Business, Finance, Technology, Energy)

     * Undertaken before programme commences.

  Financial Accounting
  Introductory Finance
  Quantitative Methods

Core Subjects
  Leading Organisations & Teams
  Managerial Finance
  Financial Reporting & Analysis
  Marketing Management
  Corporate Finance
  Negotiating in Business
  Managing Business Operations
  Ethics & Corporate Governance
  The Global Economy & Political Risk
  Corporate Strategy
  Corporate Communication

Participants can choose from a wide range of electives based on their interests. Offerings range from Managerial Decision
Making to Customer Relationship Management to Private Equity and Venture Capital.

The full-time programme takes place over 12 months with internship opportunities starting in July. Core classes are conducted
during the day, with electives held on weekday evenings and weekends.

 NOV          DEC         JAN         FEB    MAR         APR         MAY        JUN         JUL        AUG         SEP         OCT        NOV         DEC

                       Business                                                                                      Electives of Participant’s Choice (10)
    Pre-study*                              Core Subjects (11)                                                      Internship Opportunities (from Jul-Dec)

                                                                    Career Guidance & Personal Development

                                            Sector Focus Activities (Entrepreneurship & Family Business, Finance, Technology, Energy)

* Undertaken before programme commences.

Pre-term Self-study
To provide a solid basis for this accelerated MBA and ensure
robust in-class discussions, participants are expected to master
pre-term self-study material covering financial accounting,
introductory finance and quantitative methods. Tutorials are
available upon request.

Business Foundations
This three-and-a-half day component provides a transition into the
classroom environment and context to the year ahead. Participants
review their pre-study material, attend a seminar on presentation
skills, and are introduced to the case method.

The SMU pedagogy fosters leadership and communication skills
through a seminar-style teaching environment. Class participation
typically accounts for between 20% and 50% of the course grades.
Lectures, panels and public forums given by distinguished guest
speakers support our highly interactive seminars.

Sector Focus
Sector focuses – Entrepreneurship & Family Business, Finance,
Energy, and Technology – are included to provide participants
with industry insights. They are incorporated into the programme
not only in the classroom, but also through company visits and
industry exposure opportunities offered throughout the year.

In consultation with Career Services, internships with leading
companies are co-ordinated to enable participants to gain
experience and build networks in their targeted industries.


     The SMU MBA is designed to bring out the best in Asia’s         LEADING ORGANISATIONS & TEAMS works to clarify what
     next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs. Intense           effective leadership means and how it can be practised,
     and accelerated, the programme is structured around an          covering concepts such as group culture, power, team
     innovative curriculum. A solid ‘soft skills’ base complements   building and team leadership. Building on leadership theory,
     the traditional ‘hard skills’ component, ensuring the SMU       case studies, and introspection, participants work towards
     MBA produces leaders with the cross-cultural sensitivities      discovering and developing their own leadership potential.
     that are essential in a global economy.
                                                                     MANAGERIAL FINANCE introduces the tools used in
                                                                     financial valuation and decision-making with an emphasis on
     Core Subjects
                                                                     application to real-world problems. Topics include cash flow
     With its strong focus on leadership and communication           valuation, stock and bond valuation, asset pricing models,
     skills, SMU’s innovative curriculum features a number           options, and market efficiency.
     of core classes traditionally offered as electives. These
                                                                     FINANCIAL REPORTING & ANALYSIS aims to train
     include Leading Organisations & Teams, Negotiating in
                                                                     participants to become informed users of financial
     Business, Ethics & Corporate Governance, and Corporate
                                                                     statements. This course will familiarise participants with
     Communication. MBA students must complete 11 courses
                                                                     accounting terminology and formats to comfortably extract
     that make up the core curriculum.
                                                                     the data needed to evaluate the health of companies and to
                                                                     make sound business decisions.

MARKETING MANAGEMENT introduces the critical                     rates and the effect political regimes can have on global
role of marketing in creating value for organisations.           business. Legal concepts such as contracts, intellectual
Concepts covered include pricing, segmentation, channel          property and securities law are introduced.
management, customer service and branding. Using the
                                                                 CORPORATE STRATEGY integrates material learned in prior
latest findings from businesses in Asia and around the world,
                                                                 core classes to better understand how companies create
participants will examine the discipline of marketing as
                                                                 long- and short-term strategies. Sustaining competitive
practised by companies today.
                                                                 advantage, optimising product mix and activities, and
CORPORATE FINANCE exposes participants to complex                assessing opportunities and risks will be covered, as well
financial concepts and equips them with the analytical tools     as analysing issues such as cannibalisation, network
to make strategic decisions on financing companies. Topics       externalities and globalisation.
include optimal capital structure, initial public offerings,
                                                                 CORPORATE COMMUNICATION presents a mix of
rights issues, mergers & acquisitions, corporate restructuring
                                                                 negotiation, marketing, strategy, process and leadership
and risk management.
                                                                 challenges that may arise due to cultural differences, with
NEGOTIATING IN BUSINESS gives participants a broad               the aim of developing participants’ intercultural managerial
understanding of the central concepts in negotiation,            competence. This becomes a pivotal leadership quality
and improves their ability to analyse the behaviour and          when enabling or leading corporations through international
motives of others in settings that have both competitive         changes, crises and mergers.
and co-operative elements. Through multiple simulations,
participants learn and improve upon their personal
negotiation styles.

conceptual framework and analytical tools to better
manage the mismatch between the supply and demand in
companies, and thus significantly improve their operational
efficiency. Cutting-edge theory, interactive learning,
and teamwork are used to explore process design and
improvement, production and service delivery, resource
planning, inventory management, and related topics.

participants with different business dilemmas and
encourages debate and discussion to prepare students
to face similar choices they may encounter in their careers.     Electives
The discussion is aimed at giving participants time
                                                                 A minimum of 10 electives is required to complement the
to consider their own values and expose them to
                                                                 core curriculum. Participants are encouraged to choose
potential differences.
                                                                 from a number of electives based on their interests and
THE GLOBAL ECONOMY & POLITICAL RISK introduces                   knowledge gaps. Offerings range from Managerial Decision
the concepts of government and law, and their role in            Making to Customer Relationship Management to Private
business. Participants learn more about the impact of            Equity and Venture Capital.
macroeconomic tools such as FDI, interest rates, exchange

     Diversity is a key strength of the SMU MBA programme.               Drawn from various national, educational and professional
     Creative, inspiring and close knit, our participants collectively   backgrounds, they truly embody the multicultural face of
     possess a wide range of expertise across many industries            Asia. And with an average work experience approaching
     including finance, energy, IT, media, manufacturing,                6 years, our participants benefit from sharing their
     biotechnology, engineering, shipping, education,                    knowledge through the enriching in-class discussions
     construction, law, government and the public sector.                encouraged by our seminar-style teaching.

     Average Age                                    Average GMAT                            Average Working Experience

     29.5                                          648.5 5.9
International Students   Women   Class Size

58                               60           26
     AS A MBA
     The Pulse of the City                                          just a few city blocks from City Hall and Dhoby Ghaut MRT
                                                                    stations, providing convenient train and bus connections
     Once selected, you will attend SMU’s state-of-the-art          throughout Singapore.
     4.5-hectare city campus in the heart of Singapore – a
     world capital that embodies the dynamic spirit of Asia. The
                                                                    An Asian Powerhouse
     campus boasts a gymnasium, swimming pool, dance studio
     and a range of food and beverage outlets, plus banking and     Singapore offers unique experiences that will prepare you for
     healthcare services.                                           life at the top in Asia. A long-time conduit between East and
                                                                    West, Singapore is an economically vibrant island city-state
     SMU has become an integral part of Singapore’s central
                                                                    that benefits from a rich multi-cultural society of Chinese,
     business district. The University has formed especially
                                                                    Malays, Indians, Eurasians and expatriates.
     close relationships with the business community, as well
     as the neighbouring cultural institutions. There are ample     Many multinational organisations have chosen Singapore for
     opportunities for you to make friends, network and acquire     their Asia-Pacific headquarters. And with good reason. A key
     new professional skills with an abundance of museums,          financial hub and a major trading centre strategically located
     theatres, educational institutions, art galleries, cafes and   at the centre of the ASEAN community, Singapore boasts
     restaurants surrounding our campus. The Esplanade,             outstanding infrastructure and an economic climate that
     Singapore’s iconic performing arts complex, is just a          balances innovation and prosperity with social and corporate
     10-minute walk away, while a 5-minute ride by bus or MRT       responsibility. Located at the heart of Singapore’s cultural
     gets you to Chinatown, Little India, Orchard Road or Clarke    and civic centre, SMU is perfectly positioned to tap into this
     Quay, the centres of Singapore’s nightlife. The SMU campus     extraordinary resource, providing unmatched opportunities
     is connected to Bras Basah MRT station, and is located         for networking and personal growth.

Images courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board

  Singapore is the best place in Asia to live, work and play.
  Quality of living worldwide city rankings, Mercer survey, June 2010

  Singapore is the world’s easiest place to do business.
  Doing Business 2011 Report, World Bank

  Singapore is the best business environment in Asia Pacific and worldwide.
  Economist Intelligence Unit, Country Forecasts, Dec 2009

* More information at

     Cost of Living*                                                   An international student in Singapore spends on average
                                                                       about S$750 to S$2,000 a month on living expenses.
     The standard of living in Singapore is amongst the highest in     This amount varies depending on your individual lifestyle
     Asia. Compared to countries in Western continents, the cost       and course of study.
     of living here is relatively low, and basic items like food and
                                                                       * Details at
     clothing are very reasonably priced.

     When planning your budget, you will need to cater for
     these items:
                                                                       Monthly Estimate
                                                                         Accommodation S$700–S$2,000
        Accommodation                  Utilities
                                                                         Food S$450–S$750
        Food                           Transport
                                                                         Transport S$150–S$300
        Clothing                       Telecommunications
                                                                         Miscellaneous (phone, recreation, etc) S$500–S$1,500
        Books & Stationery             Personal Expenses
                                                                       These figures are to be used as a guide, as expenditure will
        Medical/Hospitalisation Insurance
                                                                       vary depending on personal spending habits.

     Images courtesy of Singapore Tourism Board
    “Singapore has changed so much in
  the few years I enjoyed living here and
it is one of the most vibrant cities in the
   world. It has offered me opportunities
             professionally and personally.
     Its multi-cultural setting and an easy
         access to many other cities in the
            Asia Pacific region have greatly
             encouraged me to explore the
            unexplored. In many ways, life
          in Singapore has complemented
            my experiences at SMU. Multi-
           cultural, multi-faceted, my SMU
        MBA experience has enriched my
          professional and personal lives!”

                         Denis Cazala, France
                                 Class of 2010
           Corporate Facilities & ESH Director
               ST Microelectronics, Singapore

     SMU MBA Scholarships                                            Other scholarships that admitted students can apply for
     The SMU MBA programme offers a number of scholarships
     for both full-time and part-time students. Students can apply   BW Maritime Scholarships
     for scholarships upon admission to the programme. Award
                                                                     BW Maritime is a part of the BW Group, which is one of the
     amounts range from S$7,000 to S$15,000. There are no            world’s leading maritime companies involved in offshore oil
     bonds attached to the scholarships and students may be          and gas production and delivery of energy and other vital
     awarded more than one scholarship.                              commodities for more than 70 years (
                                                                     The BW Maritime Scholarship is targeted at SMU MBA
                                                                     students with experience and/or interest in the energy sector.
     Scholarships are available in the following categories:         The scholarship is for S$15,000 each and is bond-free.
       Community Impact                                              MasterCard MBA Scholarships
                                                                     MasterCard advances commerce worldwide by developing
       Sector Interest (Family Business/Entrepreneurship,
                                                                     more secure, convenient and rewarding payment solutions,
       Technology, Finance or Energy)
                                                                     processing billions of payments seamlessly around the globe,
       Academic Excellence                                           and building economic connections that accelerate business.
                                                                     MasterCard provides services in more than 210 countries
                                                                     and territories (
     Eligibility Criteria                                            To encourage more female students with strong leadership
                                                                     potential and a passion for community service to pursue
       Successfully accepted into the SMU full-time or
                                                                     postgraduate education, MasterCard Asia shall fund up to
       part-time MBA programme
                                                                     two bond-free scholarships per year worth S$20,000.
       Open to all nationalities
                                                                     SMU-APEC Scholarship
                                                                     Funded by Singapore’s Ministry of Education, the SMU-APEC
                                                                     Scholarship is awarded annually to candidates from APEC
                                                                     member economies who are admitted to the full-time SMU
                                                                     MBA programme.

                                                                     More scholarship information at

“Through the SMU
 MBA programme I got
 a chance to apply for
 the “MasterCard MBA
 Scholarships for Women”.
 Winning this scholarship
 has enhanced my
 confidence and it will
 not only empower me to
 make the career choices
 I cherish, but also have
 its essence in all the
 community work that I
 take up. This scholarship
 has helped me develop
 both as an individual
 and as a professional
 and I truly believe that
 this collaboration with
 MasterCard can help
 many women like me in
 accomplishing their goals.”
 Tanvi Sharma, India
 Class of 2011
 MasterCard Scholarship-holder

     Creating the Optimal Learning                                     Deadlines
     Environment                                                       The full-time and part-time programmes have one intake
     To maximise your learning experiences throughout the              each per year.
     programme, we seek to assemble a unique mix of highly
                                                                         Full-time programme                              Part-time programme
     experienced and motivated participants. In addition to
                                                                         (January intake)                                 (July intake)
     possessing the intellectual stamina to meet the challenges of
     this accelerated programme, the participants we select are          1 March (Round 1)                                20 December (Round 1)
     well-rounded individuals who possess a global outlook.              18 July (Round 2)                                29 February (Round 2)
                                                                         1 November (Round 3)                             31 May (Round 3)
     Making the Grade
     To be admitted into the SMU MBA, candidates should have           Tuition Fees*
     a minimum of 2 years’ full-time work experience (more               The current fees, inclusive of GST and all required course
     experience preferred), leadership experience and                    materials and books, are:
     potential, proven academic ability, and demonstrated
                                                                         S$59,000 (part-time)
     community impact.
                                                                         S$57,000 (full-time)
                                                                       The tuition fee will be paid in instalments:
     Submitting an Application
                                                                       For the full-time programme, payment will be 10% to
     Applications are to be made at
                                                                       confirm your place at admission, 30% before arrival, 30% by
     Requirements include:                                             the 4th month and 30% by the 7th month.
       GMAT                           Essays (5)                       For the part-time programme, payment will be 10% to
       Transcripts                    Résumé                           confirm your place at admission, 30% before arrival, 30% by
       Recommendation forms (2)                                        the 5th month and 30% by the 10th month.
       TOEFL or IELTS (If your degree was not taught in English)
     Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview as part   * Tuition fees don’t change once the student enters the programme.
                                                                         However, SMU reserves the right to increase tuition fees each year.
     of the admission process.

International Students                                              Student Accommodation
SMU welcomes international postgraduate students. We will           The SMU campus is conveniently located in the city and
assist in the application of student passes for all international   is well served by all four subway lines, buses and cabs.
students participating in the full-time programme. Foreign          Most students find their own accommodation. For more
candidates who hold employment or dependant passes may              information on SMU’s hostel facilities please visit:
apply for the part-time programme. Applicants must show   
proficiency in English. A TOEFL or IELTS test is required
if your undergraduate or postgraduate education was not
taught in English. More information can be obtained from and – SMU’s institutional code
for TOEFL is 9014.

                                                   “I chose SMU because it has a unique MBA programme
                                                  that teaches the soft skills which are essential to succeed
                                                         in a business environment – leadership, negotiation
                                                      and communication skills. In the SMU MBA, soft skills
                                                          learning is greatly facilitated by learning with peers,
                                                     and through a structured programme with constructive
                                                                   feedback. In addition, SMU MBA offers an
                                                    industry-focused curriculum with an Asian perspective,
                                                      a valuable combination of a participative style which is
                                                                      applied in the regional cultural context.”
                                                                                                          Adina Wong, Singapore
                                                                                                                  Class of 2012

     Am I eligible for the programme?                                Is the GMAT required and
      Individuals must hold a university degree and have             what is the minimum score?
      a minimum of 2 years’ full-time working experience to           Yes, the GMAT is required for all candidates (regardless
      apply for the programme. The GMAT is also a compulsory          of experience) for both the part-time and full-time
      requirement for admission. Above all, candidates must           programmes, as it gives us a base to compare candidates
      demonstrate that they have the commitment, experience,          from different backgrounds and ensure each of
      motivation, and potential to benefit from and contribute to     our students can manage the academic rigour of the
      the programme.                                                  programme. Although there is no minimum score,
                                                                      we consider scores above 600 to be competitive.
     Do I need to come from a finance or
     business background?                                            Can I apply before I have taken the GMAT?
      No, we admit students from all backgrounds and work             You can send us your application prior to taking the GMAT.
      experience, and look for diverse individuals who will           However, applications will not be processed without a
      enhance the classroom experience.                               GMAT score.

     Do you offer specialisations?                                   How do I find out more about preparing and
      The SMU MBA is a general management programme.                 registering for the GMAT?
      We do require 10 electives, enabling you to tailor your         More information is available at
      course work to your needs. For example, it is possible to
      take the majority of your electives in finance or marketing.
                                                                      SMU’s GMAT institution codes are:
                                                                      Full-time MBA: F8D-7V-17
                                                                      Part-time MBA: F8D-7V-35

                                                                     Are there any extra costs associated
                                                                     with tuition?
                                                                      No, there are none. Tuition fees include Goods and
                                                                      Services Tax (GST) and all required course materials
                                                                      and books.

Does the programme take students’ regular
class attendance into consideration for
 Yes, class participation is important, as it typically accounts
 for between 20% and 50% of the course grades.

Can I apply for a joint degree with any of
SMU’s other graduate programmes?
 The application process for all graduate programmes at
 SMU is run separately. Credit for courses taken in other
 graduate-level programmes will be considered on a
 case-by-case basis.

As a part-time student, do I get Career
Services support?
 Yes, Career Services provide coaching, guidance, and
 networking opportunities to all students.

Are exemptions available for core classes
I have taken previously?
 Certain core classes are not open for exemption such as
 Ethics & Corporate Governance, and Leading Organisations
 & Teams. Exemptions in other core classes where
 participants have deep knowledge are possible through
 examination or by agreement with the professor teaching
 the course. Additional electives or independent projects
 are required in lieu of core courses that are exempted.

SMU Master of Business Administration
Lee Kong Chian School of Business
Singapore Management University, 50 Stamford Road, #04-01, Singapore 178899                   +(65) 6828 1971/ 0995

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